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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: i hate to do this, but we are living with a giant sinkhole in florida. i'm also giving you 100-point rally on the dow. charles: thanks a lot. "cavuto coast-to=coast." less than one week away in all three gop candidates are now backing off their pledges to support the party nominee. moments ago in wisconsin, donald trump piled into his party. take a listen. >> republican party hasn't treated me properly in my opinion. i've got millions of more votes and we have a movement going on. charles: blake irvin in wisconsin at how this all plays out on the campaign trail. >> hi, charles. good afternoon to you.
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donald trump will be here several hours from now for an event. the northeastern part of the state. this has become forefront once again. i'll take you back to the summer. you remember when donald trump the poll numbers started rising and people started realizing us and did his sisters candidate on the republican side. many republicans from establishment side were concerned and borderline scared about whether or not is donald trump did not get its way might heed the fact and announced an independent bid. the pledge was conceived from that and after that. all the candidates at that point including donald trump had said yes they would indeed eventually backed the republican nominee. donald trump signed the pledge and conversely the candidates not named trump said they would support whoever the republican nominee eventual will be. fast-forward to last night. three candidates in the race as a no.
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they were asked about the very pledge and donald trump flat out said that no at this point the pledge does not pick for him. ted cruz kind of dodge the question about whether the pledge means anything and john kasich added stipulations to it. take a listen. >> andersen, as you mentioned, i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> at the nominee is somebody i think is really hurting the country and divided the country, i can't stand behind them. >> donald trump also added to that by talking about ted cruz. some background here in wisconsin has been basically taking all of this in the ted cruz in top walker. walker of course endorsing cruz. speaking of the pledge, if ted cruz doesn't want to endorse him or get behind him, he doesn't really care.
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>> i watch it tonight with you and i watched a tormented he wasn't asked in that question. i don't want to have and be tormented. let me tell you i don't want to support. i don't need to support. i wanted to be comfortable. >> at life in appleton as i mentioned. this is the paper valley hotel, the radisson hotel. the event scheduled to get underway at 2:00 local time. you can see the crowd starting to line up in the hundreds here. the wines ferment on the blog. trump north of us outside of green bay. back to you. >> blake burman, thank you very much. someone as these primaries begin to ramp up and we get towards the finish line. politics reporter caitlyn hughley burn out how will they deal within the party because everyone is looking insane at least i know i can speak for
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myself. it seems really in hindsight. the gop nominee and everyone who ran for that spot should support the eventual nominee. >> you can argue the rnc brought this on themselves. remember how big of a spectacle that donald trump sighting of the pledge was last summer. what i think is so notable now is ted cruz and john kasich backing away from the pledge. just a couple weeks ago ted cruz is still in testing that he would support the eventual nominee. the question becomes heading into cleveland, how does this party possibly unite around an eventual nominee when you have two other candidates saying they couldn't afford the front runner of the party right now. >> the interesting thing is they all have different reasons to integrate, different rationales for not supporting a nominee. two weeks ago things were slightly different. john kasich separating the adult
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in the room. once you say and the adults in the room and go back and say that i picked the toddler. they put themselves in his boxers and it's hard to escape them. >> that's an important point about ted cruz. the developments around his wife have changed the game. kasich is really hoping to get to an open convention. that is his only hope of securing the nomination. he can't get the necessary delegates at this point so he hopes to get to an open convention in contest at. there is a certain amount of hypocrisy here. all this time the candidates have been saying they would support the eventual nominee while colin trump -- say enough is that means. to then turn around and support him doesn't make much sense. charles: again, it's interesting because ben carson did them on and support donald trump. trump had some hard things to say and look at it as being part of a game if you will. you would think some of these folks who have been in this
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longer than cars longer than carson would look at the same way. this is all part of the nominating process. people have bruised feelings. some may be true, some not true. they are fighting for the ultimate job in the world. >> that's an important point. other things to consider is the party plot line. you have ted cruz arguing and john kasich to some extent that trump is in a conservative. he's not a republican. being able to support the nominee doesn't necessarily -- doesn't only about the campaign tack ticks. it also involves the party platform and the candidates positions. ted cruz and 79 have not consistently are sufficiently conservative. i can see them trying to make the argument and other officials. charles: as i watched this whole thing above, initially they were saying he is conservative and later on the majority i've seen say it's probably not conservative in the old
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definition of that, but perhaps the gop, the grand old party should be moving to different norms and should not necessarily be about conservatism. that should not necessarily be the platform. if that is the case, is the best to consider maybe this becoming two separate parties. this is the beginning of a real break here. >> it is not far-fetched to think that. the whole irony of the situation as the pledge was designed last summer to prevent trump for waging a third-party or independent leaving the party. now the concern from the trump campaign that may be cruz or kasich or mitt romney has even said he could not bring himself to support trump and if he were the nominee he would write someone in. the irony is a third-party or independent. i wonder if these other rivals stopped him from doing this. >> i think you could break the
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gop into three parties. that is how divided the ideologies are. >> you're exactly right in represented by three candidates. charles: i think it's been too quiet. we will have to hear sooner rather than later you. with all the controversy surrounding trump's campaign, how are voters reacting? they are watching closely and it may not be good for donald trump. what do you see? >> charles, if you look at the poll numbers and favorable ratings that donald trump has received in the past span of two weeks, we see a trend of voters leaned closer attention to donald trump and many of them not being fond of what they are singing. donald trump has long been the recipient of a tremendous amount of exposure in the news and media. but now that voters realize he's really the indisputable republican front runner that is that in the delegate race and he
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could very well become the nominee and go up against the democrats in the general election. they are really beginning to pay close attention to the interviews he's doing, town halls on big networks into while the controversy surrounding his campaign. what we see in polls as they are not reacting well. donald trump had in historic low last week and currently has the highest negative favorability rating of any candidate in the 2016 race. >> carries that the llama for the donald trump campaign. his core followers, every time anything happens deemed controversial, and they make it stronger. these were behind them if you like donald trump last week or last month, last month, you love him even more today. the big challenge i suspect and oppose this all the time is are there enough core supporters right now to win the general election? i'm not sure that the case. how does he go beyond and avoid some controversies in the future
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in keep that sort of excitement among the core? >> well, you are bright. the fact that perhaps there isn't enough supporters who aren't a part of the core group of loyal donald trump supporters who would maybe get behind them in the general election is certainly correct. you still have to candidates in the razor may be trailing trump in delegates, but they are picking up states. john kasich in ohio, ted cruz in a number of contests. there is still a number of republican voters who are wary of the candidacy and perhaps reluctant to support him. now realizing we see donald trump taking steps to appeal to those republican voters who were among his loyal supporters. he plans to open up an office in d.c. next week as early as next week, trying to establish relationships with republicans in congress, tried to get some of those more establishment
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republicans behind his candidacy. he's taken a significant step in denouncing violence that happened at his rally. previously he said there might be right if i am denied the nomination and now he's saying i don't condone this violence. i do want protests like this happening. he's really taken steps to reach the voters who aren't a part of that core group. i think it's going to take a long time and the gradual, gradual movement to really get them to embrace his campaign in tuesday after clay. charles: a blot assay unfavorables and things like that don't matter. certainly like to see them start to move the other direction. thanks a lot, gabby. really appreciate it. up next, he is rallying. right now you can see he's got more following. here is the thing. wisconsin saying things about wisconsin particularly scott walker and the endorsement of
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ted cruz that some people think that hurt him. also i ran later saying that the souls, not just tax or the future for his country. how should the u.s. respond? we've got that coming out.
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charles: vice president joe biden weighing in on a 2016 race in an interview to billboard magazine. when asked about the aggressive tone on the campaign trail, here is what he had to say. not only undermines the work that president obama and i have done it undermines the work of the majority of republicans and democrats and the antithesis of everything this country is about. when i first read that going to break i just chuckled a little
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bit. we are less than one week away from him in primaries and it's an all-out battle among the candidates. yesterday wisconsin radio show host: sites telling me don't think the trump will win the state and he explained why. take a listen. >> in wisconsin we take conservative principles seriously. we have pretty well honed meters. this is a state that seen a lot of conservative group warned, a lot of conservative it to reappear in one of the differences is not just our cultural stability. we know what it takes to accomplish them. i just don't think of the term it wants in terms of donald trump. he's a bad mix for wisconsin. charles: independent women's forum's. listen, obviously sites and a lot of other conservative radio host and wisconsin. there is no love lost between them a donald trump. we know that scott walker fought a lot of battles there. wisconsin is also the state
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people believe is the home of progressivism in unionism in the united states and this is an open primary. a lot of the folks can change the outcome of the gop primary. >> that's right. all the factors you mentioned will play an important role. the real clear politics average over the past month. trump and cruz neck and neck at 32 or 33% without 923% of the vote in wisconsin. not the first time the nation has turned our eyes for a political battle, but this primary is important for a couple reasons. first of all, if cruz manages a solid win in wisconsin, that would force trying to get a lot of those or in fact all of the remaining winner take all state that he wanted to reach the total to avoid a contested convention and also the badger state represents battles between conservatives and people who are not so conservative. what we see now has many states
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elected gop representatives endorsing ted cruz, coalescing behind ted cruz and this'll be the first primary battle with those establishment republicans have started to throw their support behind cruz. charles: i find interesting for the most part almost every state i've looked back, one category that his work for ted cruz and that is the people who call themselves very conservative. the poll seems to be getting smaller and smaller with respect to the gop. maybe there's a big ship come in where conservatism doesn't count as much as it used to within the party. >> well, certainly those principles have been at the core of what the republican party represents, even if candidates over the years haven't been 100% loyal to those principles. what we see in wisconsin at the elected republicans have stood their ground under important issues of public unions and also when it comes to obamacare. one of 19 states that has not gone to the medicaid expansion
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program so conservatives in the state of wisconsin are holding true to the principles. that's one of the reasons why many of them have problems. charles: and monica trump supporters say scott walker, paul ryan, they are proxies for rhinos or establishment. but you are saying maybe the story is all wrong, that these guys are not establishment and are conservatives. >> that's right. this election season has been interesting and the irony is that so-called establishment republicans coalesce around ted cruz, here's a perfect example of someone who's really built his political career on challenging the gop establishment because he has the presence of someone like mr. trump who presents himself an hundred% as an outsider. he sees it as a feature that he doesn't have as many political endorsements. we see the outsiders versus antiestablishment in the campaign cycle. >> it's wild and crazy but a somewhat fun thing to watch. thanks. appreciate it.
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>> i am jo ling kent. this is the first verdicts in the 2014 recall. in a statement released by gm, the company says the accident was minor and had nothing to do with the ignition switch cases. may not come a battle between apple and fbi isn't over yet. fbi isn't saying you how to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone. according to reuters, a brooklyn drug case may source the agency to share. court filing shows the justice department will decide whether
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ripple tried to force apple to open this new phone over the next two weeks. this happening if apple stock is exiting bear market territory. hitting its highest point of the year yesterday. gas prices just hitting their highest level of the year. his aaa fuel gauge report says the average price of a gallon of regular hits $2.5 today. prices have been rising for 22 days great things to stronger demand that a seasonal job in refinery production. still cheaper compared to a year ago. thirty-eight cents a gallon more compared to last year. charles: thank you very much. first it was hospitals not law firms. hackers are hitting biggest law firms in the country. gerri willis with more on what these hackers may want. why are they doing this? >> hey, charles. that's right. this is a fascinating story. hackers breaking into law firms all over the country and some of the biggest. lots of law firms as well.
12:25 pm
hackers are stained with blood type more and what is more they broken into lots and lots of other law firms. these firms representing the big wall street companies. fortune 500 companies. you got to think they have access to details about mergers and acquisitions come to details about bosses. all the dirty secret and just a plain old simple secrets of these companies would be on view to the packers. this is investigated by the fbi and the manhattan u.s. attorney's office. what they don't know is that the bad guys got away with. it is just not clear yet. as i said, lots of important data and information available to folks once they get inside the closed doors to what's interesting here is these law firms knew there was a problem. they were told by officials as much of the year ago that they were being targeted. they even formed an organization to prevent this. 75 firms coming together to try
12:26 pm
to hide most vaults can i make it more difficult to get into law firms. clearly it didn't work and now we are cleaning up the mess. here's the take away from this. the hackers originally started with low-hanging fruit. individuals than retailers, the irs. now they are going for the big corporate america and who knows where they will go next. charles. charles: the law firms are looking at a lot of lawsuits. >> you know, just to clarify here, folks are saying they didn't get anything important. there's a big defensive pr campaigns going on by law firms. we have yet to see real details. >> they are doing a lot more than they are in the public face. thank you very much. still ahead, details emerging about possible warnings from our fbi to the dutch police. plus iran's supreme leader saying its missiles, not talks saying its missiles, not talks that will be the future for his, ve
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charles: new details on the brussels terror attack, the fbi warned dutch police about terrorism before the bombings. paul wolcott as the latest details. >> absolutely. that report coming out in the past day or so, the dutch past
12:31 pm
the word to belgium about these bombing brothers and the airport attacks, one more sign of perhaps people here not doing what they should, and how involved the united states is in the probe into the attacks. belgium, four dead and 12 injured, america is the hardest hit country for the big reason for the fbi being involved. phones have been seized from the attackers. us officials not only looking for the infamous man in the hat, the guy scene with a suicide bomber at the airport but also hunting for a suspect seen with the metro bomber. not ruling out those two suspects could be one person, the subway attack happened an hour after the airport attack that took place three miles apart, the guy could have gone one place to another and terror
12:32 pm
commuting, bizarre. word of the attacks, even been worse, maps and pictures in the prime minister's home and office found on terrorist computers, maybe they were planning another attack, still it is already bad enough. the metro is not operating completely up to normal. word from the airport's they won't be operating at numb 100% for months and months. finally there is another report knocking around the last couple days that text message received by at least one young person in brussels, islamist activity, it appeared coming from an anonymous isis supporter calling on the person, the young person, there had been concerns that not only he was getting it but a lot of other young people. we made some calls, that is not happening as of yet. we had been to this area, we can tell you recruitment is a big
12:33 pm
concern. there are radical mosques, islamist activists and in person they are doing some pushing and social media being used by isis. a big concern about the attack happened and more concern about preventing another one. charles: they talk about lack of communication from the us and the netherlands to belgium. missiles trumping toxin he ran, the supreme leader saying those who think the future of he ran his negotiation and not missiles are ignorant or traders. military contributor chuck nash on the future of iraq. the so-called supreme leader backing the revolutionary guard and taking a hard line with respect to it is all about might, muscle and maybe being an offensive threat to the world. >> the iranians are not fools. they understand strength and
12:34 pm
weakness and they see us and the rest of the west without the political will to stand up to our words. we are so in love with our soaring rhetoric and want to believe what we are saying that we are disregarding the fact. the iranians are not fools, they are acting on it. they don't care what we say, they care what we do and we should recipient with what they do. stuart: charles: once the supreme leader tweeted this out, the former president of he ran went against him saying the future is in dialogue, not missiles, not long ago we felt, some people felt america missed an opportunity to help the moderates within a ran, provide tools and enough help to have an internal revolution. is this a positive sign that someone is speaking against them?
12:35 pm
>> what we have to do is separate the way things work in the west from the way they operate in a ran. they have been running a very effective information operation campaign to split and define the language so moderates and conservatives or radicals, when in fact to run for election in a ran, you would be allowed on the ballot and it is the supreme leader and senior leadership who defines who gets to run. there are no real moderates. it is a ruse. it is good cop bad cop and they are using it effectively and have been since 1978. stuart: charles: when we hear about these things from north korea we write it off as this nut job, technology is getting better and they know what it is but when it comes to ran, against this un resolution, there is no doubt what they want, their aims,
12:36 pm
their ultimate goals in the region, no one can question that, what should we be doing? >> you are spot on. it is not exactly what the irani and are doing in their test facilities, it is low-key at this point. they are funding operational expertise the north koreans are doing. they are building next-generation ballistic missiles, testing nuclear weapons and the iranians are on site for every one of those tests. we can wag our finger at a ran. they are outsourcing that work to north korea, the pressure needs to be on north korea and china. the president is at the nuclear security summit, going to have bilateral, the only one that will take place, with the president of china. last time they talked was about the south china sea and everything. this time with the nuclear summit, it ought to be about how do we get control of your
12:37 pm
youthful board in north korea because they are about to cause major problems for you and us. charles: china has to be as concerned as we are. really appreciate it. stocks starting to back off a little bit but we are still well into the green, janet yellen comes to the rescue saying we will slow down these rate hikes. what should that mean for the market and can we get 18,000 on the dow. possibility next.
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charles: stocks head hire though we have come off from earlier highs. nicole: there is plenty to look at today. stocks are leading the way,
12:41 pm
names like apple, cisco, jpmorgan are leading the way. as we continue this momentum to the upside, the major averages, tao and the s&p hitting highs of 2016 on the heels of what janet yellen had to say which they see the rate hikes but not anytime soon. stock winners in the s&p 500, the cruise line is like carnival cruise, royal caribbean, they have been able to charge higher prices, and have lower fuel prices, revenue move tire for the first time in five quarters, and on the nasdaq we are seeing cruise liners once again. and that is up 2% with positive
12:42 pm
comments from analysts. then you bring it back to the dow which is in positive territory, had to move to the upside, when you talk to the traders they seem bullish for different reasons. been willis and kimberly guilfoyle on the floor of the stock exchange, momentum is to the upside and down moved to the highest level of the year and the s&p as well, 335 names, they have up arrows and sectors in the month of march helped things along, energy, tech and material, and the nasdaq, this is the foreign in the side of people who have been investing. it is to the downside like small caps with the russell. haven't participated in the broad-based rally but they talk about oil, fuels about oil, the weaker dollar helping things along, but the economy is picking up and you might see strength in the dollar once again. charles: stocks continue after janet yellen signaled a slower pace of rate hikes. scott martin, chief market
12:43 pm
strategist, we closed the high yesterday but we were not up 300 points, we were up 97 points and had a good rally out the gate but starting to fade here. does the fed have the credibility or firepower to propel a sustained rally? >> no. that is why the market is doing what it is doing. it felt cheap and easy, and seeing what the fed is talking about, have gone back on everything in december, hiking rates a quarter point, put it back in this jack burns from meet the parents circle of trust where the markets are the pb 0c, european central bank, bank of japan, the fed has it all under control so stocks can rally, bonds can rally, everything is okay.
12:44 pm
charles: they did point out janet yellen talked about global risk but here at home the economy is not doing that great considering $3 trillion haven't done anything for main street, sold some cars, no arrows in the quiver but the rate hike the last three weeks have been all about a mea culpa, what dictates the market, who are we rooting for? do we want a strong job number or more mediocrity? >> that is an awesome question. it seems like the market once to say here is a bad job number, coming and help us, it is baseball season nearby, like a performance-enhancing stimulus or performance-enhancing drug providing here in the us and worldwide driving markets, not the economy. that is scary because that will
12:45 pm
come home to roost. we had a preview in august or september last year, another preview in january or february, it will happen again. there will be another dropped. charles: you write it out, understanding the market is cyclical. from time to time. >> no insight to jump in or jump out because i don't like that strategy. i think massageing around the edges if you are balanced adventure, the stock allocation, and that is the stuff when the market goes down. charles: general mills at an all-time high, if someone did that in their 401(k) they are not doing too bad. >> there are other ones too,
12:46 pm
general mills is boring, facebook is hanging in, you can't protect the best stocks, having that balanced portfolio, doing better at night. charles: one of the favorites is balanced but the ultra hot, every year they say this is the year of the big crash and a year goes by but is this a year, you are pretty convinced this is a year we will be more challenged as investors that we have been in a long time. >> we are due for a down year, i saw your interview with mark father and even he is getting bullish. i will give you this little nugget. i think gold could be the best-performing asset class, crazy amount of stimulus, interest rates are negative so that is a safe haven. charles: it would be, see you
12:47 pm
soon. still ahead a lot -- a live look at hillary clinton holding an event in harlem. why is she focused on new york today? setting its sights on wisconsin. every day you read headlines about businesses
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charles: donald trump doesn't get the magic number many of those delegates will become free agents on that second vote. james rosen with more on where these unbound delegates could go. >> allegation of the delegates to the national convention this summer is so complicated they could allow a candidate who didn't prevail in a given primary to capture the majority of the delegation to the convention, donald trump vowed to file a lawsuit and an entirely challenge over reports that is near -- ted cruz despite losing the louisiana primary to trump march 5th could draw the supportive enough unbound delegates to overtake trump in the delegation by as many as ten
12:52 pm
delegates. >> have you made no preparations for contested convention? >> one of two things are likely to happen. >> have you made no preparations? >> we make preparations for every contingency. this is a campaign that makes preparations for every contingency. >> reporter: so much of this delegation is taking place as you might imagine at the state level where state conditions are not complicated, people are being wined and dined, instantly hypothetical terms. one man who has seen it is martin blackwell, the national committeeman from the commonwealth of virginia and attended every gop convention dating back to. >> my perception is the ted cruz campaign is better organized in the states to take part in the
12:53 pm
election of delegates. >> to win over these unbound delegates and cultivate second balance supports from others, there is no choice but to ingratiate himself with the beast of foul odor, the republican establishment. charles: would that explain why something like ted cruz would be open to endorsement from jeb bush or scott walker, it is strange bedfellows but they have infrastructure still in place. >> ted cruz will be unwilling to cross in that quest, willing to make amends with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell famously called a liar on the senate floor, ted cruz told me he won't oh, quote, on bended knee and t republican establishment in washington. charles: good to see him put some boundaries out there. wisconsin is set to voting six
12:54 pm
days, most candidates are focusing on the badger state, hillary clinton holding an event in new york, touted her post against donald trump and bernie sanders. take a listen. >> i competed across our country, i am honored to have received nearly 9 million votes. [applause] >> that is more than 1 million than donald trump has. [applause] >> half 1 million more than bernie sanders. stuart: connell mcshane is at her event in harlem. how critical is new york for hillary? >> reporter: a lot more critical than a lot of people thought. the fact that we are here and she is here doing more than fund raising at this time in the election cycle, she will fit in a couple fundraisers in new york
12:55 pm
as is par for the course but she is wrapping up this event at the stark apollo theater in harlem. as she was in their speaking, she talked a lot about her time as a senator, serving the state, talking about the time after 9/11, money for 9/11 first responders as an example, she served alongside senator schumer. she wants to win big and is trying to play upon her roots here in order to do it. he or she is moment ago. >> did i learn a lot serving the people of the state. now i am once again asking for your confidence and your vote. connell: hillary clinton with 700 delegate lead over bernie sanders in the race overall but think about new york, 291 delegates at stake when the vote comes here on 19 april. that is why she is paying
12:56 pm
attention and why bernie sanders is paying attention and on the republican side john kasich as an event and many of those candidates will pay attention to new york for the first time since 1988 when it was michael dukakis and jesse jackson in the democratic primary. charles: maybe we will get a debate between bernie and hillary in brooklyn of all places. looks like a nice day in harlem. maybe i will take the squirrel ride home tonight. next, more marco rubio trying to hold his delegates and what it means for other candidates still in the race. marco rubio another kingmaker.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
charles: welcome back to "cavuto," all eyes on donald trump following his campaign manager. peter barnes is following the latest. adam: a rally in wisconsin just
1:00 pm
finished, trump continued his defensive corey lewandowski following yesterday's release of the videotape of that incident with former breitbart reporter, acknowledging that he touched michelle fields as the video shows, but that he did so reflexively and unknowingly to protect trump. trump stepped up his attack on fields saying she exaggerated when she tweeted she almost fell to the ground. the video does not confirm that. >> what kind of a country are we in when they go to john kasich, what do they do? >> i would fire him. >> go to ted cruz, i would fire him. you need somebody who will be loyal to the country and yourself, somebody who will fight you. if she really did go down, if he did do something like that he would have been fired before she
1:01 pm
ever got up. >> reporter: fields tweeted about trump seriously, just stop lying. charles: donald trump is showing loyalty to his campaign manager but all three gop candidates are not showing loyalty to the gop, they backed away from the are in c pledge. loyalty pledges, and it is a quagmire no matter which way we look at it. >> for the first time yet, donald trump said he was not being treated fairly, but he has a point, there is an active plot to give the nomination to someone else in a contested convention but despite him winning the south, northeast, winning out west. he is pretty angry. the good news for people worried about a third-party run is a lot of states like texas have sore loser rules. if you run to be the nominee in a place like texas as donald trump has done you can't get on the ballot as a third-party
1:02 pm
candidate. he could play a spoiler role for republicans or democrats, no third-party candidate could win the presidency. charles: these general elections typically decided by one or 2 million votes, not in a country as large as ours, if someone orchestrated a third-party run, one of these establishment votes, not necessarily a big-time person but someone with a well-known name, could that dent the chances of the gop nominee? >> if someone were to run third-party, they could be on balance, and republicans moving the convention, they get better control over this and third-party candidate could get on the ballot and more states than they otherwise would be able to and whether it is donald trump getting the nomination or someone disenfranchising
1:03 pm
millions of republican primary voters, republicans have a difficult time winning 2016, third-party run would crush them. charles: the are in c put a lot of pressure on donald trump to take the pledge out of anxiety, doing enough to heard the eventual nominee, he is ahead of his rivals, what role do they have in trying to fix this? they have mishandled it from the beginning. >> could have caused more trouble, now that he is in charge people are going berserk, people actively planning to move all the electoral votes around for the nominee and put donald trump in power, that would cause a massive rebellion in the republican party. if they think they will lose donald trump they should take it on the chin. charles: when i speak to and establishment type, they say
1:04 pm
rules are rules, donald trump knew the rules, understood when he came into it, and there are more people in the primary process who did not vote for donald trump and to agree not listening to them because of the plurality but not a majority, but also unfair. you go with that narrative at all? >> no but when i hear people say that, when i hear them say that i admire the cold-blooded this of it. they are not pretending but they follow up and say something like maybe john kasich who won a single state, he has not won 50% of republican voters, 5% of republican voters, their logic is twisted but i appreciate the honesty, the rules are the rules, we will beat him that way. before if ted cruz were to win wisconsin or state like california, he should not have a
1:05 pm
chance at the nomination? they should not hatch it out for a long time, or not and give it to donald trump, in the past they did this with other candidates. >> ted cruz is the only other candidate who has a claim to the nomination. if he can win in wisconsin he can catch up and get within striking distance of donald trump. it is not over in the first ballot. he would have a shot, but the republican party to take up paul ryan or john kasich or marco rubio and put them ahead of either of these candidates, you have a massive rebellion in voting. charles: i think there will be a massive rebellion either way. the gop establishment in their arrogance and egos have shot them put in the foot -- shot themselves in the foot. i asked earlier in the show, we could see the beginning of two
1:06 pm
parties, could this be the crack that separates this into up your conservative party and a more evolved gop? >> in the future you will see that. donald trump is -- the states he is competing in, he is not remaking it like ronald reagan did in a conservative image but a more populist donald trump image. you see the democrats going further left. it would be interesting to see a right wing party, left-wing party and a party that is a dealmaker like in a lot of other foreign countries. charles: i heard those are better systems. i never believed it but we may find out one way or another. marco rubio may not be running for president anymore but he has a lot of influence on the right. the florida senator is making sure he can keep these delegates
1:07 pm
that he has won before he dropped out. this is a move that could keep donald trump from clinching the nomination to gary bauer on whether he can do that or not. a lot of people are beginning to emerge, powerbrokers or kingmakers and marco rubio appears to be one of them. >> it is an incredible process and when you talk about all these possibilities you get into all the arcane rules of the convention and the rest of it. many states, particularly primary states, have rules in the party that say if you won 15% of the vote you get 15% of the delegates, and you can't release them. on at first ballot the state is obligated to cast their votes in the way the vote spreads down in the process.
1:08 pm
we have to wait and see how that plays out. the most important thing has been touched on a couple times already in the last hour and that is simply this. whatever the party does at the convention they have to be cognizant of the fact that if it looks like they are disrespecting millions of voters who voted for the first place and second place candidate, donald trump and ted cruz, giving it to somebody completely different, that is a huge perception problem that would scream unfairness at the very time the public in both parties is upset at the establishment, upset and washington, feel they are cheated and want to have a fair voice. whatever changes are made in the rules, there are changes that do not obviously tilt the outcome of the convention toward or against one candidate or another. charles: the first round of
1:09 pm
voting the delegates pledged to the candidates during the primaries, after that, anyone, calling them unbound, complete free agents. a lot of them know -- they are indebted to the establishment, or the establishment themselves, they are between a rock and a hard place. they may go with the public rebuke and criticism that goes with ted cruz or donald trump. >> one of the things to keep in mind is if that is obviously done, overlooking the first two candidates, i am strongly for ted cruz, i believe he can beat hillary clinton but if neither he nor donald trump get the nomination it will be like fighting over control of the engine room on the titanic. i would hope everybody whether they are an insurgent, populist, traditional reagan conservative
1:10 pm
like i am would begin every day by saying two words that help clarify a lot of this. hillary clinton. hillary clinton. if they handle this in a way that results in her election everything conservatives care about, populists care about will be down the drain probably for good. second amendment rights, religious liberty rights. you can play political games but this is about the future of america and the direction we will move in. one thing i know for certain is if we get four or eight more years of the policies barack obama -- charles: your point is well taken. republicans knew that going in and this battle is already the titanic. the establishment is the band that will play until it completely sinks. thank you very much. think we are not doing enough to fight against isis?
1:11 pm
mark zuckerberg is weighing in on this. wait until you hear his solution next. >> the countdown is on for the wisconsin primary. what surprises may be installed? i will talk to craig got filled and more on the next kennedy.
1:12 pm
1:13 pm
1:14 pm
charles: take a look at the big board, not far from 18,000, not far from the all-time low, we are a long way from where we started, for worst year in the history of the stock market. mark lederberg is weighing in on the recent terror attack saying the only way to defeat isis is to create, quote, a world where everyone feels loved. the deputy secretary of defense under bush 41 says that is not enough. is he just misguided or this the coombe by our feeling from the ultraleft that if you hug enough people and make them feel good
1:15 pm
they won't blow you up with a suicide vest? >> this is a credible position for him to take at least among 12-year-old girls, that is the prevailing view. it is laughable what he is saying. anyone over the age of 12 who doesn't understand that these guys no matter how much you try to embrace them, they are going to try to cut your head off. it is an ideological enemy, won't be persuaded by expressions of love and passion. god bless mister zuckerberg, let him have his opinion but i can't do anything but laugh. charles: president obama shares the same opinion. what i am hearing from people in europe is the west, america, looking at this the wrong way, these bombers were lured into europe on the promise of economic opportunities from a continent with a zero present birthrate, needed them and when they got there they provided
1:16 pm
nothing for them. do you by any of that? >> no. these people were lured in, made by uncle a merkel who take the european union like multiculturalist semi socialist view of the world and inviting anybody into europe. what they are getting is terrorism, not just terrorism but a huge economic burden. we see what is going on in europe. they do not share it matters on antiterrorist matters, they are content to let these people operate between nations smuggling arms, they are getting what they are not prepared for. i won't say they deserve it because nobody does but these people are so willingly willfully and prepared. it is the politically correct approach to counterterrorism and
1:17 pm
the european union is not up to it. charles: european countries moving to dismantle colonies, isolated neighborhoods where their own police forces are reluctant to go, they find a way to forcibly dismantle that, in america we had kids in new york city saying the pledge of allegiance because there was a lot of anarchy being brought in from europe at the time. should there be a serious effort to force assimilation among muslim people in european countries? >> i think there could be some effort made to force them to speak the same language, pay taxes, what we are not necessarily doing here. the real point is they can't force these people to assimilate. muslim populations or portions of them are coming in with the identity they want to keep, they do not want assimilation because
1:18 pm
they don't think -- anything they do they believe to assimilate will threaten their religion. that is why the deep ideology that is islam is a real problem for all these nations and for us. charles: really appreciate it. the fbi may have to drop the case against apple but the privacy battle is far from over.
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
jo ling: business headlines coast-to-coast, good news for mobile apps snapchat, fidelity investment raises estimated value for the company after concerns that snapchat is overvalued. as the company releases new features, estimating evaluation is $16 million. another tech company, google, records show the government ordered google to unlock dozens of cell phones to access data
1:22 pm
after the justice department said it hacked the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. the company that assembles apple iphones is agreeing to buy sharp corporation for $3.5 billion, they own 66% of that company. all this is happening after months of rumors and delays and possible massive price cut, the original price, billion dollars, scheduled for saturday. charles: the fbi after hacking into the san bernardino shooter's phone, a lot of uncertainty remains because more than 1000 smart phones and devices are marked without access to evidence. tim summers on where these cases go. one thing with the fbi and another when local police
1:23 pm
department say we want the same key but i am sure they are asking for it but will they get it? >> that is a tough question. here is the situation. the fbi has shown they can get access to these devices. now companies like apple have to ask what this means for us. we will see a lot of indications of apple making their devices come in the future. charles: tim cook, first of all a heckuva selling feature for regular folks and terrorists and criminals but having said that, the fbi has got the key, why not solve crimes that they are associated with? >> here is the thing. when we think about what is going on with the situation in belgium, the belgian government asked about devices they have and whether the fbi can help
1:24 pm
with those. the interesting point for the fbi, they have no legal obligation to share with apple how it got into these devices. before this is how they do things, apple has asked the fbi where did you get this from? a lot of scuttlebutt about this company in israel having helped them but apple and a lot of libertarians also saying this key has been made, it will get into the hands of the bad guys, the more the fbi shares at the more likely it can come to fruition. >> definitely a concern. sources i communicated with, this might be a situation where the fbi has dealt with private
1:25 pm
entity and potential company in israel but at the end of the day many of the manufacturers that produce these devices are not aware of the holes in them so the hacking community is where the fbi and companies are finding out about a lot of these flaws and the hackers share or sell those to the fbi or apple or google. charles: maybe apple should have contacted the israeli companies before -- the bill was less than 300 grand. don't know if that was a total payment but there was a bill or invoice from the federal government. they should have gotten a lot more. on a final thought, where do you see this going? this privacy battle will rage for a long time. it became more intense after the ed snowden affair. where do you see it going ultimately? >> there is a recent pew study that showed 50% of americans felt the fbi should have gotten
1:26 pm
help from apple but there were another 38% who said we don't think apple should have to help. a terrorist situation, emotions are high, the government should have all the evidence and information, consumers are itchy when it comes to their private information. charles: we have major news coming up. we have a poll, it has been leaked and share it with you. showing ted cruz with a huge lead, 40%, donald trump in the 30% range in this poll, john kasich edging up at 21%.
1:27 pm
it will create a lot of fireworks and we will discuss it when we come back. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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1:30 pm
charles: well come a new park which poll showing an interest in a tight race in wisconsin. jeff flock is with those numbers. reporter: yeah, charles. we can confirm from the university -- marquette university to law school on the
1:31 pm
democratic side you were reported to the republican side earlier. the democratic side now, bernie sanders with a 49-or a 5% lead over hillary clinton. it is worth noting when marquette pulled wisconsin voters, hillary clinton was up by 53 points. the last poll last month showed sanders up by one. she now is following the great performance last weekend in the three states meet up by four points as well. this in addition to what you reported earlier on the republican side. cruz 40, trump 30, 7921. begin at 21 points by the way. big primary here. i bernie sanders rally here in kenosha, wisconsin or senator sanders got a very warm welcome. this campus rallies are pretty amazing. he was light on hillary clinton, maybe easy, but he did again
1:32 pm
mentioned the speech mentioned the speech issues made on wall street, the one that gains in excess of $200,000 a pop and again called on her with such a great speech. let us know what was in there. take a listen. >> next tuesday there will be a primary election. it is an extremely important primary election. i hope that we break wisconsin turnout history. i hope you come out. thank you all very much. reporter: palace talking about turnout. obviously they do a lot better when there is a turnout. he also did: secretary clinton to release the transcripts of his speeches made on wall street. there you go. charles: jeff, i've got to ask. it didn't sound right. october hillary clinton had a 53-point made about sanders. in october, 53.8. now ahead by four. absolutely amazing.
1:33 pm
thanks a lot, jeff flock. wisconsin voters making up their minds in changing their minds as they head to the polls in less than a week. we just talked about the new poll now shows ted cruz searching in the badger state. the lucky journal sentinel spirit patrick, your newspaper has come out and endorse out and endorsed kasich as the gop candidate. he is hanging in there at 21%. can you ignore the surge that ted cruz is made in your state and what do you make of that? >> at the use development for cruz to be he is now. the republican establishment in wisconsin is very strong in opposing trump. almost all state legislators oppose him. talk radio is your united against him. they put up the big front they all seem to be getting behind cruz. they use development for him. charles: what major paper go with cruz over the other two? >> i'm a rep order.
1:34 pm
charles: i didn't get a chance to breathe the announcement. help me out here a little bit. >> well, they are saying he's a common sense kind of conservative who can govern. and congress he's been in ohio governor. here in terms of the early favorite fight he came into her editorial board here they liked what they had to hear. charles: the thing is wisconsin has been such a central important state in the country's history with the active politics. the birth weights of progressivism. its been a battle of unions and scott walker over the last few years. is there a sense that it can actually have a major role now in dating or who will ultimately in the white house. reporter: well, we are the only state to as the primary and we are often indicative of where the country goes as a whole.
1:35 pm
i think there's going to be a lot of attention although not quite as much of a swing state of florida or ohio. we can be a key state. if this poll and cruises to win wisconsin, that's a big development for him and the remainder of the primary. jeff flock said that hillary clinton had a 53.8 in october. if he wins the state, he just won three in the last round. his argument for being the democratic nominee is also big time. >> yeah, wisconsin is a lot like michigan. similar demographic spears sanders was able to win. he definitely could win wisconsin. he's ahead in this poll. he's very close. but i still think when you look at the big picture, the delegate count, it still looks like clinton is a much better condition than he has. it would give momentum and help them at the case.
1:36 pm
charles: patrick marley, thank you very much. appreciate it. switching gears for a moment, taking a look at this video. a black student confronting a white student over his decision to wear dreadlocks. adam shapiro with more. reporter: san francisco state university, fsu, refuses to discuss their investigation into what appears to be a racially charged incident caught on video and going viral. when i called them yesterday, i asked if this is a real video. they are investigating this. in the video and african-americans that confronts a wasted with dreadlocks. the african american student the white student of cultural appropriation and blocks the way students attempts to leave the wasted masks if he cannot have a hairstyle because of your culture. the african-american students as the outcome and grabs the white student pharmacy attempts once again to move away. within two would have been.
1:37 pm
[inaudible] are you egyptian? [inaudible] charles: of the white didn't file the complaint with campus police and the university said the incident is under investigation. in a statement of fox news, fsu says that her most free speech this is not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others. the white student, by the way, corey soler goldstein, a dj, also a student and posted a statement on facebook which says someone within an activist group thought she could attack me based on my box. that is not okay. university declined to comment on what kind of disciplinary action may be taken against the african-american student and although they defined incidents which can be causes her discipline like intimidation or harassment, the schools and arts
1:38 pm
for student conduct do not define consequences for violating the discipline code. we do know with a young woman is. we are not identifying her life not been able to reach her. she has not had a comment as of yet. charles: really crazy thing. i hope corey keeps his dreadlocks. thank you. this just now breaking. california another step closer to the $15 minimum wage passing key legislative committees. the gop in shambles after all three candidates vying they would consider pulling out and not supporting the nominee. was this move completely unexpected? we will talk about it when we come back.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
>> and nicole petallides at their fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average at extra two points.
1:41 pm
we admit to the highest level of 2016 on the dow and s&p up sticks on the nasdaq is up 16 right now. that being said we have several names in the dow jones industrial average hit a lifetime highs. mcdonald's, coca-cola very common. these means are at all-time record highs today. quarterly profits are good news for lulu lemon and also carnival cruz lines. both of their names of 10%. carnival again in more than three. some of the other cruise lines as well. they are going to eliminate about 4500 jobs. that is down. halliburton up 2.2%. 50% upside potential. fox news, see if there are 5:00 a.m.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
charles: donald trump taken back his pledge to support the gop nominee but he wasn't the only one. kasich was the last one to withdraw his support. charlie gasparino. >> i'm not going to support anybody. i've been treated unfairly. go back to univision. charles: the bottom line after going through all this, the fact they put so much pressure on donald trump to sign the pledge in the first place.
1:44 pm
>> he's got a really good case. charles: think about this. the gop goes after him not thinking he will win by thinking he could be something of a spoiler. >> according to his old ex-campaign the same thing. charles: that's a different topic. he signs the pledge under pressure and i've got the establishment and a whole lot of other people plotting to go against him. >> let's rewind the video tape and look what happened in between. we've gone to rallies that turned into riots. we got to playing ftse with david duke. he didn't say when the person said are you going to accept his endorsement. the night before -- why did he say it again. by not distancing himself, he clearly was trying to say, you
1:45 pm
know, i do want to get that portion of the electorate. charles: i also understand that a certain point the candidate will you keep asking the same question over and over again. it's disingenuous. >> we have to forget all the crazy stuff. he done some crazy stuff, the megyn kelly's death never ends. that is absurd, kind of crazy. but in the pledge was floated around, with their fine print. if you do crazy stuff, this is all lost. >> anybody in their right mind would set if you run a limited campaign that can backup not support you. charles: what about the political party and their right mind that just lost the last election that has your enthusiasm and a chance to rejuvenate the party. >> that controls the house and senate. charles: how crazy would it be
1:46 pm
for them to kick out the guide? >> remember, the republican party has the housing panic. they have legislatures, a lot of governors. they are throwing out a guy that is causing a big mass. charles: at donald trump doesn't get the nomination for whatever reason, the gop party and a presidential level will be in trouble for years. >> they will lose to hillary and i think they will probably keep the house in an era charles: not talking about the polls. just knowing that he will put -- >> how do you know he does? charles: there is evidence he would put new york in play, a highland plate. >> i understand he has a lot of support in upstate new york. then suffered from population decline. i believe in science.
1:47 pm
vaccinations to work. there's a degree of global warming. it's a matter of science and every single poll says he gets crashed. charles: the samples that have them not winning initially. did you see these polls that just came out? killer clinton was reading bernie sanders i 53 points. >> i'm saying when you have a candidate that in each state average is 38% of the vote, it's a very weak republican candidate. charles: but it's got a million more votes than its predecessor. >> that's true. he's brought other people to the polls for his opponents. donald is a double-edged sword. he basically riles the base. some of that is good. i agree with some of his positions. he does some crazy stuff which makes it ain't my god -- charles: gerbil thing i miss is the image or the presidential
1:48 pm
aspect. >> there are certain policies i agree on. i would ask you on policy, have you ever really given straight answers? does he give detailed answers on certain things? charles: he would be the first guy affected. sometimes cute slogans and bumper stickers. >> with all due respect, president obama, i am no fan, but he answered every question in great detail when he debated john mccain. charles: i can tell you right now that ted cruz movement of this tennis ball should have the trump camp -- >> i will say this. i will say this, trump loses wisconsin and pennsylvania. he has a very uphill battle. charles: charlie gasparino, thanks a lot. did this guy get millennial for that name? his like with them, i'm going to get my 15 minutes of fame one
1:49 pm
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. charles: breaking news right now. french prosecutors saying they just found an arsenal of weapons and they've arrested a man at his apartment outside of paris. it suggested is actually planning an imminent attack is more enough for you as the day goes on. yesterday serious hijack situation in the egyptian airline taking an interesting turn. look at this. i don't know if you've seen again. this is a passenger on the plane in the middle of the chaos actually snapped a selfie with the hijacker. defending his actions as stating he was trying to use nature fold in the face of adversity. does this get millennial --
1:53 pm
[laughter] >> go ahead. what are you doing, dude? charles: we could be blowing up in a minute, bulimic at this. >> you can't even blame his age. i think it is big dude over confidence. we have a big guy like that, they have attended the -- apparently he went up to one of the stewards inside can you translate? i want to take a picture with the guy. he was even texting his friends, sending messages, saying look at me. charles: i really tell you. we've heard a lot about this selfie culture. i can tell you right now japan is ahead of us when it comes to technology and they have dared young adults, men come across theaters aren't even interested
1:54 pm
in x mac anymore. it's happening in europe and america. what is going on with this selfie culture? dagen: the self obsession and arrogant narcissism, did it start before social media? was it right into the parent with the participation trophies? you are so wonderful, so perfect. or is this a creation of social media. on easter, how do you celebrate easter? well, i put myself in a bikini and take selfie and say happy easter. i wear a pastel colored bathing suit and celebrate. palace oliver and to grant. news alert, easter is not about your chest. charles: i'm sorry i looked at some of those. but honestly, dr. keith at the think this is a cultural
1:55 pm
situation that when the boat, the rise and fall of the american empire is written, there'll be a big chapter on this. dagen: buckley, it seems like kids and young adults everywhere around the world are participating unfortunately. i'm reading stephen ambrose's d-day and it goes to self-sacrifice. are you going to sacrifice herself and even your life for the greater good of this country? the danger is we are no longer there. europe certainly is. charles: the three young men come in three americans on that train you took down the guy who's going to kill a lot of people and put their lives at risk. they took action. they didn't take a selfie at the sky. this guy is british. two distinct differences, reactions. dagen: again, what if this guy was a danger to the people on the plane? if you could get that close, why would you take a photograph in data doing something to
1:56 pm
potentially save the lives of others? maybe they knew he was a coup can make a tell them they're waiting for authorities or may be it was about you and nobody else. charles: how many selfie have you taken? >> i don't take many because i don't photograph that well. there is something i find -- i have some on facebook, but i find it something uncomfortable. i generally look ugly, which i think is a message to not take photographs of yourself. charles: i only pulled the trigger on one. i forget where i was. i wanted to go my whole life without ever doing a selfie. stocks continue to gain ground yesterday. coming to the rescue. solutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately.
1:57 pm
there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. . . . .
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charles: hey, guys, don't forget
2:00 pm
to catch my show tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we're going to discuss a lot of things we discussed today and even more. meantime, here is trish regan. she will take you through the next hour. trish. trish: indeed i will, thank you so much, charles. breaking this hour, brand new poll numbers with voters in which is, with donald trump falling to second place behind ted cruz and bernie sanders beating hillary clinton. all three republican candidates backing off their loyalty pledge to support the eventual nominee. more reports are surfacing that the republican party wants to change convention rules to prevent a donald trump nomination. i'm trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. breaking right now, marquette university with new poll numbers. ted cruz with whopping 40%. donald trump coming in second at 30%. john kasich gets second at 21%. with 42 delegates up for grabs,


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