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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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lou: andy levy, and joanne, i feel so much better talking to you. kennedy: happy day of the hump. i'm watching the fresh cooling corpse of the republican party jiggle with the death quivers. since the three amigos will no longer do battle on a formal debate stage voters have to settle for a town hall. mr. trump tried to blame lyin' ted for all the wife troubles. >> i thought it was a nice picture of heidi. >> you are running for president of the united states.
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>> i didn't start it. >> that's the argument of a 5-year-old. >> that's the problem our country. kennedy: the party didn't get started until the party died. >> the pledge you took is null and void? you say whoever is the republican nominee, you say you won't support the nominee. >>ive been treats very unfairly. kennedy: a few months ago donald trump was all pledge happy. it looked like this. >> what you do have is my word. it's stronger than oak. if donald is wriggling free from
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the party bondage. he also busted free. >> if donald trump is the party nominee, would you support him? >> let me tell you my solution. donald will not be the nominee. i'm going to beat him. i think nominating donald trump would be an absolute. >> donald trump said he would not pledge to support whoever the nominee is, he would have to wait and see. and ted cruz wouldn't answer it. >> maybe i won't answer it either. kennedy: no, john, you are the principled one. maybe he wants to shuffle
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through ohio on his zamboni. i will support the nominee if i'm the nominee coming out of the convention. kennedy: the on thing certain is the death of the republican party as we not, then i feel fine. greg gutfeld joins me to comment on the ultimate selfie. donald trump is condemning nato. and what happens to republican delegates if donald trump doesn't have an outrate majority by the convention. james rosen hates all and you have a front-row seat. [♪] looks like the gop loyalty pledge is dead. new poll in wisconsin makes
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things very interesting in that state. it's got ted cruz at 40%, donald trump at 30% and john kasich at 21%. dave mcdonald is with us at the fox business network. democratic strategist and former dnc councilmember is here shed life on the left. i want to know from you -- ladies in black. is this the death of the party? everyone moving toward a contested convention and moving away from the pledge? >> it's developing it was dead already, i think. the fact that you had donald trump who in that town hall yesterday sounds a lot like a big old liberal. the fact thate is still leading in the delegate count and he talks about what is the role of
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gotter than national security. healthcare. or education. or housing. i think it's the government's job to make sure everybody owns a home. but i think you are seeing such a fracture. that this is the kind of easter bunny that's been broken. he's an individualist. do you think he's trying to kill the party? >> on one side i think he's trying to break down the party because he is bringing in a whole new group of people who have been abandoned by the democrats and republicans, the working class white people who have never voted before. you talk about trump sounding like more similarities. do you think the pledge is a bad
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idea? >> reince priebus with a name that sounds like something you could spring. i don't even want to think where that's located on the human body. he's so juvenile. if you want a pact with friends, you have to spit on your hands and shake. you don't sign a document. the gop was so concerned with trump running as a third party candidate. now they are going to run their own third party candidate and break their own pact. kennedy: there will be six third party candidates. it will be interesting. the last third party candidate to get anywhere electoral college votes was george wallace. >> i thought were talking about the comedian. let's talk about a new quinnipiac poll. it revealed the trump effect.
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people either agreed or disagreed with a particular statement. but after adding trump's name to the statement people agreed or disagreepped much more strongly. is donald trump like political pcf? does he scramble everyone's brain? >> no matter what he says, if trump's names attached to it, his loyalists are yes, i will buy that. i don't know if that's good or bad for the party. kennedy: is he more polarizing than islam? the fanatics of radical islam. >> if there was trump islam, so many people would be into islam. kennedy: it would be a great mosque. solve the problem right there. is his polarization a fatal flaw or great brand. >> it's great for him, terrible
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for the republican party. >> it's great if you are but not if you are trying to get people to vote for you for the presidency it's a one-syllable word. the t always looks great. >> i want to you forecast a little bit. we have wisconsin looming next week. the corey lewandowski thing has been eclipsing the news cycle which is not beneficial for him. he likes to be in control. how dramatic do you think it will get? and what will you see this weekend? >> if they were smart they would try and throw some water on this little fire and put out the smoke. but the thing is -- kennedy: which fire. >> the cruz surge in wisconsin. i don't know what he can do to
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offset cruz's momentum in that state. trump needs to win that state to get to 1237. >> bernie sanders is going to do great in wisconsin. his politics work wonderfully for the democrats in that state. kennedy: we have so much wisconsin coverage. don't this fbn's live coverage. the party panel returns to discuss thoik firing off an openingal voaf attacks with her new campaign ad. it's kind of a weird one. dread locks on white people. culturally insensitive or bad grooming.
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kennedy: hillary clinton released an attack ad against donald trump. >> new york, 20 million people strong. we don't all look the same, we don't all sound the same either. but when we pull together we do the biggest thing in the world. so when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning against one another. well, this is new york and we
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know better. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. kennedy: hillary, make sure you use robot voice when you record this. a wisconsin poll has sanders beating hillary clinton. she is attacking donald trump. she is vulnerable in new york. is this democratic slight of hand going to work with voters? >> i think it's sneaky strategy. she is trying so hard to show she is the inevitable candidate. it's not working with all the voters. it's working for the superdelegates who came out today in new york and said we don't care what the voters say, we are going to side with hillary because she is my
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friend. aka patronage. they want jobs from her and access from her. kennedy: they will probably do that because they are soulless and corrupt. i mean that in the best way possible. it looks like she picked her attack strategy against donald trump. the muslim ban and building the wall. she makes it seem like he despises multi-culturalism. >> no, because she is so worthy. she need to -- she is so untrustworthy. donald trump knows exactly what he says. and he created more jobs in new york than she has. she is an interloper. she grew up outside of chicago and lived in most of her life and came up here and luckily got
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elected too the senate. you talk to construction workers, they know where the work came from. kennedy: she is playing long ball in new york with donald trump, a state she has to win. is she wrong to take her eyes off the bern? >> with it comes to trump and muslims, i don't agree with his muslim ban. she has killed muslims. when it comes to bernie and hillary, i lot of analogy, she's not authentic. this ways people see. she is a microbrew owned by budweiser. but bernie sanders is an authentic microbrew. >> neither one of them are miller high life. but in brooklyn -- >> that was the first thing i
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ever drank in my life. cruz is like flat testy. he doesn't even have punch. what do you drink when you have an upset stomach. >> cruz says who put foam in the soda. kennedy: the party panel returns for more. watch your kids' stomachs because lunches are getting federalized. greg gutfeld is here to talk about the guy who took a picture with his own plane hijacker.
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kennedy: campus police ... i can't wear dread locks because of your culture? are you egyptian? kennedy: greg gutfeld is the co-host of th of the five on thx news channel. >> i it okay to hate both of those people? do i have to pick a side? she is clearly obnoxious. but it's true, white guy with dreadlock, you try to avoid
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them. they listen to bad music. they rarely change their underwear if they are traveling abroad, and they are always the guy who need to sleep on your catch up. there is -- sleep on your couch. there is only one good guy with dreadlocks. at a certain point if he want to get a job in the real world, yes. both the female and the mail will be -- the female and the male will be replaced by robots. they won't be dealing with other people. how can you complain about appropriating culture. it's not owned. it's not owned. >> how do you prove cultural ownership.
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everything she is wearing has probably been appropriated from 100 different cultures. yank the weave. that's a weird comment. kennedy: this week a lovelorn egyptian man with a fake bomb vest hijacked a flight and rerouted it to cyprus to mend things with his ex-wife because that always works. one passenger sum manned the counsel and approached mustafa. he went through a translator and asked if they could take a picture. technically not a selfie, but is it technically pray are you? this is such a strange story. you look at the picture. the kid, 26 years old.
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he went up to the flight attendant to translate. don't you feel bad for the hijacker there? >> think is the one they can he didn't expect on a hijacking. i think peter o'toole, this is great. he got close to the hijacker and human eyed himself which is an important they can to do. he said wait i have got to kill this nice overgrown idiot. this guy, he threw caution to the wind. i hate flying. my idea of throwing caution to the wind is having half a xanax instead of one. i have to say this guy, i admire him. and you know what? i feel bad for the hijacker. you know he's not a terrorist. love does weird things to men.
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>> how many times have you wanted to strap on a vest to make things right. >> if i had a dollar. on the flip side i'm sure the end justifies the means. but if this guy had explosive ask and he were mentally unstable. this could have pushed him over the edge. he could have been scared by the guy. if this ended badly we wouldn't be doing this story. we would be talking about a horrible thing. the fact that this didn't happen -- it was a happy ending allows us to do it in the segment because it wouldn't be that way. but ben, to quote his friend is a wild man. is he a health and safety industry? >> i haven't read his wiki
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panel. gregg: he's one of the few guest on your show who does research. kennedy: thank you for coming. kennedy: if i could culturally appropriate your blue eyes i would. miley cyrus' wrecking ball as you have never heard it before.
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kennedy: when it's raining cats and dogs, come to me and i'll swhield my mammal umbrella. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. if you are like me. you spent a lot of time hoping
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leonardo dicaprio gets devoured by a bear. so far no luck. but there is an oscar-winning film in which he fight a bear, and the good people in honest trailers can explain it for us. >> starring academy award winner leonardo dicaprio and sexual harassment. mixed with the occasional burst of extreme violence to wake you up that will shock you, then bore you. then get so over the top it's one scene away from becoming jackass. kennedy: that's amazing. the grizzly bear was terrifying. the behind the scenes foot and of how they made the bear is astonishing.
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have you seen that? topic number two. let's keep with the bear scene. be sure to explain whom numbers to your kiddos before they head to the zoo. they might misinterpret a gps saying bear right is different than bear right move to the right. >> are you scared of the bear? there is no bear outside. who told you there was a bear? >> what did it tell you. they said bear right. it said bear right. kennedy: it seems right. it's fun to traumatize your
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children. it's easy to get words like that confused. one time a captain let me steal his vessel and he yelled hard to port. the kids were not attacked by bears. though i don't know why they would be frightened. remember that last cutie they saw. it's rubberneck metal bear. turn it off. topic number three. everyone loves a buzzer beater and a close finish in a basketball game. watch this nail biter has two kentucky middle school teams battle it out. but did it go in?
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oh, my god. oh, my god. is fran drescher there? there is only one explanation for this. he got the ringback. he was invisible. and he's a miss chicago vows bastard. it's not precious to make some kids lose such a heartbreaker you greasy hobbit gone bad. topic number 4. what would miley cyrus' "wrecking ball" video sound like without music. would it wreck the song? one sound design student recognized the sparse creepiness
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for a class project and it's so honest. it really ads something, watch. -- it really adds something, watch. kennedy: every time i watch that video, she is kind of the donald trump of music. full red lips. pen chants for attention it's stunning. there is nothing worse than getting the wrong order, especially at your favorite pizza place. especially when you have ordered half cheese, half bacon and they have given you half hamburger. what do you do when you have been if he lone yulsly robbed of your fairchtd pie? you call the cops.
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if you are really serious, you call 911. >> they don't want doubl -- kennedy: that's awful. she was so upset she knew if she wobbled back to empire pizza they would have called the cops on her. she had already eaten hatch it. sure the order was wrong. but still pretty delicious. if you have any weird stories of you would like to see in the "topical storm." our neon lights are always on twitter. use #topicalstorm
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kennedy: the federal government is taking steps to find schools that don't comply with michelle obama's school lunch programs. the government says fines are a way to get schools in compliance.
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they welcome meals lining this or this. wow. my stomach juices sure are churning. so i will start with you. high standards. insuring high standards at gun points. what a wonderful message to teach children. we'll force to you eat what we put in your body. >> every time the government regulates food, it's always the best. look at history. michelle obama started her "let's move" campaign which was suppose to be calories in, calories out. coca-cola attached to the campaign. and they are making kids fatter. they attached themselves to her program like the tobacco
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companies attached themselves to nicorette gum. kennedy: they are not even calling them fines,er in calling them assessments. >> this is a road with good intentions that lead to basically tummy aches across the country. the rules are so impossible to execute at the ka tear yeah level that you have had a huge jump in food waste. essentially children are throwing this food away. we laugh at these photos becauses kids aren't eating well and it's a huge waste of money. >> if you get the federal fund you have to take the food. my daughter's old school district in california, they were throwing away 2,000 breakfasts aa week. the kid weren't eating them. but they had to serve.
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i realize there are good intentions, but is this the function of government to impose these draconian laws through coercion? >> i think what frustrates me, it's not about intentions, it's about how do lobby yiforts and companies shove certain really poor quality food down the throats of kids and get them to be addicts early orand say it's not high-fat, but it's high sugar. >> way to blame private company and not the government. >> i think most of the government is in the pocket of big business. kennedy: it's easy and cliche' to blame monsanto. they water the grass with
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gatorade. >> it's the nutrition rules they can't execute decent rules based on the rules because they have them bound. >> this is lobbied by monsanto. >> the yeelt rolls, i know you are gluten intolerant. but damned if they weren't the best things on planet earth. kennedy: the co-founder of napster, he's promoting an idea called the screening room where customers could forego theaters and pay for his service that would allow people to watch movies on opening day on their televisions. but there is a lot of resistance to it.
12:43 am
>> part of me is we have to come together at a society and be friend. that would help with all the violence that happens in this country. but thin went to see the movie "the witch." there was a man behind me burping. i never had the experience before. so i think he has a good idea. >> pizza belch. kennedy: if you watch a movie in your house you can get any cocktail you want. sean tucker has billions of dollars. he has powerful ally. i would love to not wait in line. >> main companies tried to do this up until a year ago. if netflix can't do it why does sean parker think he can fight the season mass and the big theater companies.
12:44 am
kennedy: he's giving 20% to distributors. >> they tried the same business model with directv. kennedy: people are clamoring for this. >> they will pay for it. >> i would pay $20 to $25 for a movie ticket and have to tell a woman her purse didn't pay for a movie ticket and you need to move it. kennedy: the show must go on. thank you guys so much. donald trump says he's okay if japan has a nuke. a brokered contested convention. that could be looming. that means an underground shadow
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kennedy: donald trump raising questions about nato. >> thank you to is obsolete. thatn't might can't be fixed. the united states cannot afford to be the policemen of the world anymore we have to rebuild our own country and stop with this stuff. kennedy: is he the man to rejigger in and is he right? let's break it down with people who know about national security and foreign policy. pete, is nato obsolete? that's his first claim. >> it's not oriented on the same threat it once was in the soviet
12:49 am
union. russia remains a threat. putin would love to reinvigorate their power centers. kennedy: but donald trump admires putin. >> he's right that you have to reconfigure for the threats of today. also these countries not spenting on their military and contributing little. it's an alliance. kennedy: the cost on america's shoulders. that burden, he's right about that. he throws an awful lot out there, so maybe he doesn't get called on everything. but do you think he's right about that, that we bear so much of the cost? >> the sentiment is right. but this specific proposal is the idea to shut it down and build something new i think is misguide. i think it's also short cited to focus too much on this kind of financial element of national
12:50 am
security and make it too mercenary. for whatever amount of money we put in we reap tremendous benefits and it gives us our military advantage in the world. >> i understand that argument. i don't necessarily agree with it. i do agree with the assertion people have to invest in their own safety. personal responsibility is one of the tenets of a happy life. >> they effectively leveraged. to pay for their welfare states and live under our umbrella. >>it is lame, but we can say we don't want to be the policemen of the world. but we'll be the sheriff of the world. if we pull back we are seeing other ideologies. kennedy: gillian, you say one of the problems with nato aside from the cost is these countries can't agree on how to deal with isis.
12:51 am
and islamic terror. >> it's tearing them apart at the seams. germany, u.k., france, belgium, they have been bickering since the paris attacks in october. still no cohesion. there is some bad patterns developing with intelligence sharing and coordination. it's being ramped up in the meade aftermath of terrorist attacks which is the wrong time. we need to be doing it consistently. a lot of rough edges before we invigorate the client. >> he does have some logical points here. but let's move to the i will logical. donald trump indicated he's open to allowing other nations to develop their own nuclear weapons. who should be allowed to have the bomb. obviously we are not going to put the genie back in the battle. he says he's against nuclear proliferation.
12:52 am
then he's saying because north korea is run by a maniac perhaps south korea and japan should have that capability. >> whether it's south korea or japan or germany be if we had done it based on cost order payment. we invested in places that are our allies that contribute to the world and we can use as locations to project power from. but to just say everyone should have nuclear weapons. i know that's not exactly what trump is saying. but global zero, as if we are going to get to none. a world where we can keep those most dangerous weapons out of the regimes that pose the serious threats. >> the approach is too mercenary. it's not about the cost it's about back up allies who are vulnerable. if you think our stature is
12:53 am
diminished. wait until we turn our backs on long standing allies in central asia like japan. it's not just iran. kennedy: i think there is a difference between turning your back and actually arming people. once you made body congress you can't go back to holding hands. >> we can hold hands after the show. kennedy: so much to look forward to. very appropriate. james joins me to explain how unbound delegates can make the convention a total free-for-all *. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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kennedy: let's wrap this baby up. the slugfest that is the gop nomination is entering a fight
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for their delegates. if nobody has the number of delegates needed in the first round, the delegates can vote for whoever. we turn to james rosen. let's talk about the shadow campaign. it sounds like a batman plot. >> for weeks now, maybe a month and a half, the republican campaigns have been engaged in a quite struggle of on the ground level at the state level to try and nail down support from the people who are going to serve as delegates to the republican convention in cleveland this coming july. there are some states where the allocation of the delegates and who becomes those delegates, the process is so hopelessly complicated you could have a situation in louisiana where donald trump won the primary there on march 5. but he might not capture a majority of that state
12:58 am
delegation to the convention because sometimes these delegates are award, are chosen as a result of state conventions. each one of these 50 states, their process for choosing these delegates is an elaborate pachenko machine. ted cruz's machine has a leg up in the cultivation of state party activists who serve on the ground level. kennedy: we heard how hillary clinton has essentially the democratic convention sewn up because she has so many superdelegates. what else the difference? >> it's a term of art. these unbound delegates are creatures by and large of the state party organization. that right there could put donald trump at something of a disadvantage if this becomes a contested convention because he asserts his independence from the republican party
12:59 am
establishment, if you will. ted cruz who also likes to do that is readily recognizable as a creature of the establishment because it's a united states senator, and you have seen ted cruz do pretty well until caucus states where more depends on these grounds level activists. so if it gets to a second balance thought in cleveland, at that point on the second ballot it's still the case that 43% of the delegates will be bound to the candidate to whom they are pledged. kennedy: there are so many rules. are primaries useless? >> no, because they generate sound and pictures and ad revenue. kennedy: nailed it. thanks james rosen. thank you for watching. tomorrow we are going to have kt mcfarland.
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