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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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the east coast. fire storm on the campaign trail, donald trump on the hot seat after these comments on abortion. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> 10 years? >> that i don't know. >> you take position on everything else. maria: he walked back on the statement f abortion is illegal, is the doctors not the women. an imminent paris attack in france. arsenal weapons, passports, all in his fbi. now that the fbi cracked the
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phone of shooters, it is now to help unlock other phones. in the south this morning tornado touching down in oklahoma last night. more severe expected. we will have the forecast for you. markets, final trading day of the first quarter. shanghai composite up a fraction, most of the major averages lower, however, in europe we have across the board this morning. oil prices are falling. dax index down between two-thirds of a percent and more than 1% in paris. futures this morning look like this. the broader market expect today open lower today. 27 points on the dow, nasdaq s&p also weaker this morning. we are looking at modest declines at the open at this point. checking first-quarter performance, dow up 1.7%. s&p 500 just shy of 1%. nasdaq the loser of the year, up
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nearly 3%. we are looking at the winners and losers. all this coming up this morning and here to break it down with me fox business dagen mcdowell and michael block, good to see you guys. we have a lot to talk about this morning and great show. donald trump presidential campaign national spokesperson ca trinnia is with us, former presidential candidate and nebraska senator bob carry joining us and former presidential dr. ben carson will weigh in. special treat ferrari ceo is with us. we will see the new ferrari, can't miss that. do join us. the top story this morning and that is the fire storm surrounding donald trump. the republican front runner pressed at msnbc town hall last night over stance on abortion. if abortions are illegal should a woman be punished for having the procedure. >> do you believe in -- do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no, it's a principle?
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>> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman? >> yeah. >> ten years? >> i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> it's a very complicated position. maria: trump released statement clarifying comments. if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld the legislation or any state committed to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing the illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible. not the woman. the woman is the victim in this case as the life in her womb. i am pro-life with exceptions. joining me right now is the daily politics reporter betsie. your take on last night. >> maybe the first time in the
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campaign cycle we have seen trump change mind on policy issue. women deserve repercussions, no, they don't, not at all. since he entered the race last summer he has never been adamant never standing down and never sticking to his guns he actually took a step back. that means he's worried. it's a big deal. maria: when is it going to be too much in terms of his comments and people, you know, understanding where he stands on these? do you think this is a bridge too far? >> i think it certainly is and the fact that he released that statement and kind of had to eat crowe over over the comment, conservative. that said, of course, part of the reason for the walkback i believe because there was a instant and noisy from pro-life activists on the right, just about every major pro-life organization said this is ridiculous, we don't agree with
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this and in fact, cruz pounced on trump, if trump was actually pro-life, actually cared about the movement he never would have said something along the lines. it's a big liability. maria: dagen mcdowell putting the opinion and the position aside, the idea that he just comes out with whatever is in his head -- that's concerning. dagen: at this point in the election cycle the fact that he has been in the lead for so long, the time long ago came for him to stop winging it. maria: exactly. that's what i'm saying. dagen: this is -- this is an issue that anybody who a novus interesting in politics and future, at home these are the conversations that people have, how they feel about these critical issues. maria: right. dagen: when facing this question from chris matthews, what was interesting is what he initially said a left-wing liberal stereotype of people that are
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pro-life and so that was why you had such a reaction from the pro-life movement. wait a minute, wait a minute and then you add on top he has a problem not being popular with women. this doesn't help him. it gives the democrats more to put in ads down the road. maria: absolutely. >> can donald trump temper his views and in a general election if he is to be candidate can he move the center, he just scashed that -- squashed that. what is he going to do, flip-flop? is romney really pro-life. that may have helped him with the middle. didn't help him enough, of course. maria: yeah. day after day and more commentary to explain.
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betsie, let me move on. new report is saying that the pentagon is plan to go release a dozen guantanamo detainees in the next few weeks. what's your take on that a major take of where the detainees lands, several states don't want them? >> we have seen report that is some of the detainees might end up going to colorado, which is a major swing state. if republicans are able to make this an issue and sort of telegraph to voters that the obama administration and policies are resulting in terrorists in their home state, it's possible that that can be a winning issue for republicans into the fall. more people are worried about terrorism, the more they feel like national security is concern. the better that tends for republicans in general. hillary clinton might be able to counterbalance that given her extensive national security experience but at this point, people who are concerned about terrorism tend to vote
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republican, gitmo or emptying of gitmo is good news for gop. maria: stay with us because i want to get your take on this as well. bernie sanders' name may not appear on the washington, d.c. primary, this is saying due to paper error. this is till june 14th, can they resolve the matter and what do you believe is the reason behind this? >> it's so embarrassing to have a mistake happen. you literally have one job and it just undercores every concern bernie sanders, reporters have by the way he's being treated by insiders. it sounds like this is the kind of thing that should be fixable. maria: when you think about the fact that debby came on and had to defend i'm not just all in for just hillary. now you have something like this
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bernie sanders' name not even on the ballot, they call it paperwork error. dagen: they are all in for hillary. and people will get more and more desperate as they see bernie sanders get more and more support. remember, yesterday, he came out ahead in the latest wisconsin poll. and the more that the support build for him, more contest that he wins in the coming years. look out. >> i think he could win wisconsin very easily here. you know, what's going to happen next, they are going to get to a convention and lose delegates, what's going to happen here? this is so obvious and debra can say whatever she wants, we know the real story with the dnc. i don't know what to say. [laughter] >> it's obviously a liability for hillary clinton and what's interesting about the new poll that dagen mentioned involving wisconsin that bernie sanders doesn't just lead he leads by statistically number of percentage points.
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the margin of error 3.3 points. he has a 4 point lead. that's a major problem for hillary clinton. she has to get this locked up and locked up quickly and the long bernie drags it out the more time worrying about what comment she's going to make about the dc ballot and the less time on donald trump for comments on women. he's slowing her down and massive liability. it's a problem for her. maria: for sure. we will see you soon. don't miss our complete coverage on the wisconsin primary, we will preview everything you need to know until the votes are cast next tuesday all week right here on the fox business network. dozen of airport workers in a 24-hour strike. demanding wages, how this may affect your travel plans next. sink hole, 60 feet deep opening up in the middle of a florida neighborhood forcing evacuations of nearby resident. all that and more coming up wits
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as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me... shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. maria: welcome back, the main suspect in france has been charged. cheryl casone with the details and the other headlines.
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cheryl, good morning. cheryl: 34 french national charged with membership of terrorist organization after he was arrested near paris in a police raid that revealed he had an arsenal of weapons and explosives stashed away. new details have come out on what was on the recovered laptop that was thrown in the trash after the brussels attacks last week, contained images of the prime minister's home and office along with a floor plan. back here at home a 24-hour airport worker strike began overnight with security officers all walking off the job, workers calling for better wages and union rights in the wake of recent terrorist attacks also calling for better emergency preparedness. eight different airports including jfk, chicago, philadelphia, washington among many others. officials say that do not expect the strike to have significant
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impact on travelers or daily oarncións, we shall see today. finally this, maria, a sink hole a 100 feet wide opened up in florida neighborhood yesterday forcing the evacuation of several nearby residents. no injuries have been reported but the evacuation affected more than 20 people from six different homes. maria: unbelievable actually. cheryl: i know. maria: several people injured after several tornadoes near tulsa, okay o last night. thousands of people without power. fox meteorologist maria molina now in the weather center with that, maria, good morning to you. maria: good morning, we saw multiple reports of severe weather across parts of the plains and eventually moving east ward. here is a look at where some of the tornadoes occurred or were reported across arkansas, oklahoma and also into parts of kansas. again. >> a very significant storm with dangerous severe threat for weather. a lot of moisture with the storm already.
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we have rain as far north as part of great lakes and down here across places like mississippi and louisiana we have tornado watch and encounters environment that potentially could bring down a tornado, and the risk area today is widespread from the midwest all the way down to the gulf coast. the greatest risk will be right here across places like alabama, mississippi and also extending into parts of tennessee eventually tomorrow the massive storms continues moving east ward and stay tomorrowy out there anywhere from the gulf coast and up and down the eastern u.s. with the threat again with more severe storms. we are expecting multiple rounds of storms across parts of the south, we are expecting flooding to be a potential concern because we could receive as much as 6-inches of rain in a short amount of time. looking for that threat in addition to the severe weather and with the storm system we are seeing sharp contrast in temperatures. very warm and humid, you could see temperatures in the 70's
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already in places like new orleans and in houston, behind it much colder. 29 right now in the city of denver and stay cool across states of high plains as we head later into this morning. maria. maria: thank you, wild weather. preventing isis from obtaining nuclear material. we will preview. futures indicating a slower opening. we come back quarters of gains. coming up, my next guest say party is over and investors should be ready to sell. back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, u.s. stocks trading at highest level of 2016. investors looking at tomorrow's job report. dow and s&p 500 are trading higher in back-to-back quarters. i want to bring in david to talk about the quarter. good to see you. >> good morning. maria: joining us this morning with the fed and economic part
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of the story. we will get to john momentarily. david, how is the quarter, does this tell you how it is in the year? david: the big selloff at the beginning of the year, we had all the forecasts. maria: panic. >> bare market and recession and now we have rallied 12%. nobody -- well, as much about a recession and now a lot of forecasters are coming back with higher numbers through the end of the year. we think we are still in a trading range. we think we have been for two years, 1810 and 35. we can have the debate how we had a bare market. we are now towards the higher end of the trading range. investors in the second quarter need to be prepared that we could have a down stroke in the second quarter. it's a matter of what you hold and what you do in portfolio as
6:23 am
an investor and that looks at defensive issues. we really like right now for two reasons. one yields are so low, negative yields around the world. we get a dividend yield and provides better downturn. maria: it is true, michael, they have faded. >> michael: you saw atlanta fed tracking so not quite a recession but definitely stuck in the mud. with that, david, so you like the income stocks, a preferred stocks, something that you like a lot. i'm assuming you like value over growth in terms of more defensive play? david: right.
6:24 am
we have the battle between fundamentals and the fed and central banks around the world. there was a lot this quarter. janet yellen this week, we get into earning season, start to look at fundamentals again, some of the numbers you talked about. they'll be some concern coming back into the market. >> that was part of gdp, do we think it's going to be better with the data that we are seeing? i don't think so. maria: you said it was going to be down 9%. david: we are on track for the worst string of negative quarterly earnings since the financial crisis. >> what's hilarious with stocks higher, well, eventually we come -- maria: you know, dagen, the stocks that you want to own are down the most for no good reason and the reason is because hedge
6:25 am
funds have been forced to sell them. dagen: right. maria: they are liquidating because of hedge funds are under pressure and in ordinary times -- the stocks they don't want to own which are way overvalued are continuing to be overvalued. dagen: you have -- they look really crowded because i've heard this repeatedly from individuals who were concerned about the market, maybe concerned about the economy, mcdonalds yesterday, coca-cola, at what point do you say, hey, this value stock has an unattractive evaluation on it? david: right, for a reason. you could almost make the case that these are the new momentum stocks because they are so attract i have to this environment and valuations are high but i think it's still an
6:26 am
attractive sector. maria: did that play into everything? it rallied stocks, commentary on greed and gradualism in terms of raising rates. >> the discount rate, not only yellen but what central banks are saying all over the world, interest rates are going to stay very low for a long time, not just for the next year but the years into the future, that makes the value of future cash flows greater and that's why stocks are rising. >> jon, is 2016 off the table effective what janet yellen said, we had talk between the statement and her speech of the economic quality the other day and that's been blown out of the water. is 2016 off the table now in. >> we ought to take the benchmark, two rate increase that is they penciled in their
6:27 am
forecast for the year. you know, i'm looking at june as a month when they might go but it's -- she always says it's going to come down where the data hold up over the next few months. inflation numbers are showing signs of a little bit of lift but she wants to see that that -- that's sustained. she's suspicious it might not be sustained. maria: it's interesting that you say that. do you buy into that as well? it's true. she was a lot more dubbish, meaning, she wants no rate hikes. dagen: some people thought that if she was more dubbish, you misread the statement. david: they are at 2 now. maria: times they are going to raise interest rates? david: right. we are looking at one hike, that's it. maria: you think it's june or after the election?
6:28 am
david: june or after the election. maria: do you agree with that? jon: let's look at the unemployment numbers tomorrow. we are under 5%. unemployment is reduced, is falling all over the world. i realize that there are a lot of fussy thing about those numbers but i don't see how they launch another program where an environment where unemployment is continuing to fall and the inflation numbers are showing a little bit of lift. that doesn't happen unless we are back in the sink unless the economy is slowing and possibly going into a recession. maria: all right, we will watch the numbers tomorrow. 205,000 jobs created in the last month. not great. it's basically what we have been seeing, right, jon? john: it's what we have been seeing. they don't want to move quickly. if we continue to see improvement, they move in a tiny
6:29 am
gradual fraction. maria: for sure. david, good to see you. up next donald trump says he won't rule out using nuclear weapons on europe. this has global leaders descend on the nation's capitol for summit. back in a minute here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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do not ..
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tree into it thursday morning. i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 31st. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump on the hot seat again of on the hasidic and on the hot seat again of her comments at the use of nuclear weapons. >> i am not taking cars off the table. maria: the fbi investigation reportedly completed. she could be interviewed by the agency in the coming days. keeping medical information safe from a ransom or attack within the health system in the washington d.c. area. it's helping unlike other phones. what this means her cases across the country coming up. the final day of the first quarter. we are going to check out where we are in the first three months of the year. let's take a look at what's going on right now. and your appointments across the board this morning.
6:33 am
oil prices lower weighed on stocks at the ft 100 down two thirds of a percent. the cac in paris down one and a quarter% and the dax and 70 points. that's two thirds of 1%. features syndicate in a lower opening in the u.s. as well. looking up modest decline. first-quarter performance so far. dow jones industrial average scored a win for the first quarter of 1.67% despite the drama at the beginning of the year. s&p 500 shed 1%. the nasdaq down for the year so far. 3% if president obama holding an international nuclear summit. the gold curb the spread of nuclear weapons across the world. from one or donald trump are doing yesterday he has other ideas when it comes to america's nuclear arsenal. >> i am not taking cards at the
6:34 am
table. joining me right now is columnist and fox news contributor. always a pleasure to see and talk with you. >> what a pro you are. great to watch you work. >> he said is not taking anything off the table. >> i understand the attraction to mr. trump. when he won't take off europe, and they get to travel. they really becomes a problem. for other people attracted to him, i understand that. their problems are attached to are attached as to the world, the nature of the choices he made. at the same time can the nation is unsecured, the border is open. we know that it could secure nation how much progress we can make. ted cruz has great answers as well. clearly mr. trump has hit a chord. i think at this point as we get serious and closer to november,
6:35 am
and we are close to april 1st. this will happen in the blink of an eye. maria: it's not necessarily about his position on issues but the recklessness of him spewing out things. nuking europe. >> stylistically with reality television we are used to people being more aggressive, be not politically correct. they were mistaking being reckless or being not politically correct. we do realize that they received other candidate like ted cruz a bit more unlike precedent breaking you can have some dignity. you can have a few of the future. you can be an iconoclast and actually a decent person who doesn't embarrass you. that is what most americans want, but they also know this is their chance to get it right and we don't have time to make a mistake. maria: that's true. dagen: example this has been a frequent guest on this program. he is a national cochair.
6:36 am
he said it's more a statement of a possible issue as opposed to a declaration of policy to leave a lot of things on the table for discussion as to having a definitive positions. his supporters know that and people on the fence know that. >> that is interestingly refreshing about what it brings up in the conversation. people do appreciate that because we see collegiality where nothing is discussed and people get away with so much. this makes everybody go wait a minute. and then you have that conversation. that's incredibly valuable. this is where my being agnostic still think then, but if the election were today i would be voting for mr. cruz. maria: agnosticism is fine but it's almost like a foreign-policy smorgasbord. he wanted to port these people? take a plate of that. and over here we have this mutually assured destruction from 1965.
6:37 am
what came up yesterday and this nuclear thing. let's get some clarity here. >> something has to happen and not to the american people are looking for. maria: do you think that'll be his running mate? >> would be terrific. i think that -- he has the experience in washington, she could necessarily bring california. it would be a nice balance if it is hillary clinton if she's not indicted it would be good talents. maria: the fbi completing the e-mails. newburyport is the fbi with the justice justice department prosecutors will conduct interviews with hillary clinton and key state department officials to determine whether to file charges against the secretary of state. we discussed this last week when i was reporting agents were telling me the time is now. they are going to be interviewing hillary clinton.
6:38 am
she could either say yes or no i don't want to incriminate myself given the election. >> she has approached this in the beginning that it's no problem. there's nothing to incriminate herself about. she will talk to them. both the clintons have gotten away with so much for so long. they believe they will get away with this. 147 nations that do not an entire spectrum of issues. the fact that there will be interviews tells you that there is an issue. we hear internally there's many fbi agents if there agents if there is not up to something posts already can attain in some fashion that there will be people inside absent in speaking publicly against it. even if she's not indicted, this will stop. there will be people who complain about that in major issues within the fbi. dagen: it would get up one way or another. you could have people quit the
6:39 am
fbi, quit the justice department, directly or through leaks. expose what's going on. >> the buyer of people running for president should be lower. you will always attacked. in fact it should be higher. we want to give people the power in the world, should we expect them -- is the rule of law, not the suggestion of love. this is the thing that makes people question the nature of politicians and our government if it's not for them but only for us, how can we trust you? that's a brings double champion. maria: we might learn a lot of new information because they are interviewing a lot of for aids. that's a risk for her with so many people. suddenly we are not immune. what does this mean for my bias? hillary clinton is due where they are done in board and get the ultimate prize. any people or john.
6:40 am
the rest of the visor in front of them. are you going to go into the volcano for bill and hillary? dagen: if they check you into it, you love. the 2000 may change. >> now it's loyalty. we will see how far that goes. >> thanks so much. thelma's complete coverage of the wisconsin primary. we'll preview everything you need to know. next tuesday a week on the fox business network. most women are just trying to live until 78. this grandma has not only accomplish that, but she, but she's hitting the gym and dead lifting twice her own weight. just weeks after explaining how it's impossible for anybody but apple to unlock an ios device, the fbi is on the high street. but we are providing a prosecutor in another case.
6:41 am
ratings were in the fox business network and "mornings with maria" breaking the record in the first quarter of 2016. we just had our best quarter ever. congratulations. go, team. dagen: do we like what we do? no, we love what we do. maria: that's right. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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6:45 am
san bernardino terror attacks. the devices belong to two teenagers accused of killing a couple in their home 30 miles north of little rock. the government spent $6 million on a plane that cannot fly. the plane was supposed to be used in drug smugglers in afghanistan and instead on jackson the delaware airport. the 500 was purchased by the dea and essentially cost taxpayers $86 million because of ongoing maintenance after repeated delays cost overrun problems. even if the plane could fly, it would be if any is because dda has not stopped flying missions in afghanistan. finally, take a look at this video that's gone viral. surely web from east alton come as annoyed as seeing dead lifting 225 pounds pages 78 years old. she never picked up a wait until she was 76.
6:46 am
she's now hit the record for her age group. she joined the gym two years ago. her granddaughter wanted her to join. she can barely get up stairs. now she's dead lifting and setting records. i love her. dagen: i worry about her back. maria: never too late to get started. time to get to the gym, mom. the concerns of the security of americans mental coworkers after major virus forced the shut down. winter coming to "saturday night live" head "game of thrones" start your day in question. for his hosting duties this weekend. >> it's beautiful, you know. >> they are very beautiful. you know what? >> yeah? >> they are almost as beautiful as gwen stephani.
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maria: welcome back to market the infraction or lower. stocks on the move. it's almost about 1000 restaurants in china could the fast food giant looking for an investment partner in asia to speed expansion of smooth over press history. mcdonald's one of the other stocks in the dow industrials did a lifetime high in 2016. have fun edging higher. the company set to unveil its newest electric car called the
6:51 am
model three is the first mass-market car with a price tag of $35,000. there's the stock this morning looking higher. chipotle will be a stock to watch. tackling breadmaker developing a better burger. they will help struggling chain recover after an ongoing food safety crisis. let's talk about that life in the regulatory environment coming out. the hospital hack attacks and ongoing threat. the memorial hospital the latest to be targeted. asking for 45 day clients are $18,000 to release the lock. this comes week after similar ones at other medical institutions in california and kentucky. my next guess no stranger to the dangers of keeping people safe. good to see you. thanks for joining us. we have to talk about hacking.
6:52 am
keeping data safe. this has to be one of the biggest things. >> i spend more time and energy on bad as one single item. i proved yesterday $39 additional expenditures just to continue the update what you do. you encrypt the software still one of the oppressed is encrypted, with traveling is encrypted. maria: what about perpetrators. >> they come from all parts of life. trained to attack to russia and china in terms of wanting data. >> medical data and medical information is worth more than some normal checking account because they can file false claims and do a lot of things with it. there's a lot of fraud. trade to how much more money in terms of their spend on this type of security?
6:53 am
how much more money are you spending your over year in terms of increases done about how much playing you are doing. >> we looked at 40, $50 million in any given period of time. we have outside consultants, technology, committees of the board, credible people in die. we have someone joining us now to have at the aspect that came out of the military and is responsible for checking the military data. you want that kind of expertise. maria: obamacare has created a lot of debate. i want to ask you in terms of the impact because they talk about the cost of obamacare. you look at some other firms. blue cross blue shield said the cost to care for individual policyholders have been 20% higher than patient and employee race groups.
6:54 am
>> we've maintained a very low cost guaranteed reserved, we were a net payer in every state in which we operate it. it's a function of least day at the low wind. the people on medicaid to lose eligibility and jump on the plane. we've moved up to 500,000 lives this year and is working very well. it's a matter of having your strategy and working with it. there are flaws in the side of the program after the election will be fixed and be a decent program. maria: move on to the deal you are completing. the $6.3 billion. this is a new era. >> is very transitional. they moved us from the largest medicaid provider by number of enrollees. here's a strong position. the critical mass we are
6:55 am
recognized for being a $40 billion with 2% 3% tax and our business who don't vote for maybe 3% to 4% pretax profit. they put us in medicare now and government services. it's something we're interested in helping. we have capabilities to do it. this is very important transitional move. >> michael, do you see more consolidation in this industry? >> i said three or four years ago they were before players and will be one of them. i think we talked about what we spend on i.t. security. but we spend on new i.t. systems. we are the new system that looks at the data. you can look at a million files in five minutes. the consolidation will come at the lower and where they don't have the resources to do that
6:56 am
kind of development. >> in that situation you need that scale. you need the skill to get larger. >> you don't get critical mass, you're not going to make it. maria: do you see any substantial changes after the election? candidates are talking about rolling back obamacare. >> people can sit down and get serious about what needs to be done is supposed to talk about it. a lot of political talk. the reality is we are going with the right incentives to young people. a lot of things we can do to make a very strong and make it work. single payer is not the answer. maria: and he's got the goods to further without being the number one and medicaid. good to see you. congratulations. joining us there, ceo at 17. donald trump spokeswoman katrine pearson is at best. nebraska senator bob kerrey and dr. ben carson.
6:57 am
ceo edwin fenech, you don't want to mess want to miss what he has been failing today. back in a minute. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: happy thursday. good morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo.
7:00 am
top stories in 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a firestorm in the campaign trail with five days until the primary. donald trump on the hot seat after these comments on what he thinks the consequences for women should be if abortion was made illegal in the future. >> you believe in punishment for abortion? >> the answer is that has to be some form of punishment. i don't know. i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. maria: shortly after the comic, trump walked back saying that if abortion is illegal, it is the doctor who should be punished, not the woman who has the procedure. spokesperson katrina pearson will journey straight ahead. this amount the latest poll in wisconsin. ted cruz pleading with 40% of the votes. donald trump is now 30% support. kasich in third place with what
7:01 am
is happening on the ground. we will take you there live. hillary clinton and bernie sanders turning their focus not to wisconsin but new york. clinton facing the latest effort e-mail. all of all of it coming appeared to spat over twitter handle doing good for the flint community. by dr pepper donated 21,000 bottles of water to the crisis stricken city. features indicating a lower open for the broader averages come in the final day of the first quarter although we are well off the lows. dow industrial expected to open down four points at the open. let's check first-quarter performance. the last three months obviously no shortage of volatility. after all that worry, we are ending to close to where we began the year. the dow jones industrial average up 1.67%. s&p 500 up 1% and the nasdaq down so far this year nearly 3%.
7:02 am
all of god after all that panic at the beginning of the year. looking up winners and losers coming up in the program. join me to break it all down, transfixed and run a trading partners michael block. lots to talk about today. dagen: and our ratings. maria: and our ratings, too. you can assign it. presidential candidate bob kerrey and dr. ben carson and edwin finn mac joining us today to celebrate record numbers for the fox business network. campaign trail tops final chunk by 10 points in the fault either wisconsinites tramples onto his lead in new york. blake irving on the ground in appleton wisconsin the details. good morning to you, lake. reporter: hi, good morning. this part of of the state in this hotel were donald trump held a rally yesterday. there is a potential shift in
7:03 am
the badger state according to the market by university paul why they read respected in wisconsin. ted cruz now but here in wisconsin getting support from roughly 40% of republicans here. donald trump a 10-point that their day. that is a 21-point jump for ted cruz in this poll since late last month. they continued to hit a cruise in this day. he gave a little bit of a view of how he might see a potential cruz presidency should it get to that. >> he doesn't have the temperament to be president. he does not the talent to be president. he would be one of a lousy president. that i can tell you. there will be turmoil all over the place. reporter: wisconsin ever so important on tuesday.
7:04 am
42 delegates in play. all eyes will shift it to a string of primaries and then includes new york were 91 delegates are up for grabs. quinnipiac university shows donald trump leading huge bear. 56% support that nearly triples the ted cruz and john kasich. a couple things in play. one of the obvious trumpets from new york, but also do not so subtle. you'll remember a couple months ago that ted cruz reference to new york values when he was talking in iowa. that might be coming home to hit him as new york is just around the corner as well. maria: yes, i remember well. they're on the ground in wisconsin. for a broader donald trump quickly walking back to a statement he made early wednesday to a hypothetical question that if abortion was illegal in the united states in the future and women who have the procedure should be punished. later he settled those who performed the procedure should be punished.
7:05 am
let's listen in. >> you believe in punishment for abortion. >> the answer is that has to be some form of punishment. >> for the one n.? >> yes, some form of punishment. i do pay positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. maria: trump released a statement clarifying his congress. if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal in the federal courts upheld this legislation under state and federal law, orthodox or any other person not the women. the woman in the victim in this case is the wife in her room. my position has not changed. i am a pro-life with expectations. joining us right now. >> i want to start off with the comic donald trump said they
7:06 am
should be some form of punishment. what punishment is he referring to? >> maria, have to, have to applaud you for setting this up correctly because a lot of people are leaving out the concept this is in fact a hypothetical question about a potential ban on abortion. when mr. trump was speaking, conversationally he was talking about the legality of such things whether abortion or anything else. the answer is simply yes. that's exactly why mr. trump clarified after the fact because he didn't distinguish the difference between the woman and the physician performing the illegal procedure. >> we're having a discussion earlier about this every day stood up having to correct her walk back a statement. this donald trump worried that you're bordering on recklessness in terms of speaking out about issues without thinking them out so you don't have to come back and clarify?
7:07 am
>> is not so much of a worry because mr. trump has been forthright, upcoming the campaign has been not politically correct and he's been spoken, that a scripted politician. predication like you have times where this was an interesting discussion where he said something about clarifying distinguishing differences. you will have the plain man on the street. the difference is that this donald trump. there have been campaign that i spent doing some had to issue a correction and wonder if there's an outbreak firestorm with immediate didn't just talk the press to report something that seemed outrageous, even though there was an immediate clarification here. maria: i am just wondering and after one of the immediate clarification and can't do will change his way of doing things. he says that people are again what's on his mind.
7:08 am
given the political environment. i recognize he wants it back and make sure to clarify to say if it were illegal in the future. i'm wondering if now after many of these situations it is becoming in passing him. you see ted cruz leading in wisconsin. >> yes. i do not donald trump is aware and honestly it doesn't matter what he says or doesn't say. they try and make a headline revolving around donald trump. the polls in wisconsin has shifted and is tightening. after wisconsin, it is not so much as type as mr. crucified. there's going to be a competition the rest of this week. >> returning mr. trump's comments to mr. matthews yesterday and their attraction, the clarification if you will have a round-trip year.
7:09 am
donald was really pro-life innate understand how to respond to the topic. his donald trump pro-life? >> well, yes. he's reiterated that yesterday with exceptions. i will also point out that type of question that chris matthews gave his very typical of a progressive journalist that tries to trap a pro-life individual at into saying something they could use after the fact because there is still an unsettled issue around personhood which has been discussed in all the states for that matter. maria: wet if you keep falling for it? he fell for it again. >> is not a lawyer and is not a scripted politician and it was conversational. this was in a policy shift. this is simply a ms. peake a discussion had.
7:10 am
it could've been abortion or anything else for that matter. in this case it was about abortion and clarified immediately. dagen: katrina, what are you doing to win over more female voters. he has problems with popularity among women. according to some polls. what are you guys doing to get women on board? >> i think our policies are extremely important here. we do know the divisiveness with gender is on the left, but we now see that on the right as well. we do try to push mr. trump's policies with regard to national security and education. even though women may not like the tone of mr. trump or have a personality conflict, at the end of the day when our jobs are important to women. education and security are important to women because his numbers have always been low, but every election he's been winning women.
7:11 am
maria: it's interesting you mention education. the commentary yesterday or early this week was also taken to task when he said the top three things in terms of what's important. it sounded like democratic talking points. you also said housing. it comes across as if it was a policy that was simplified out. it comes from a democratic talking point. >> that's a great point. housing and health care and security were actually the top three as the priorities for him. in reality, it is going to take a federal action to push education back to the states. it's going to take federal action to overturn obama carried we privatize the industry. from the perspective of donald trump, these are federal issues right now today. >> now we are talking. okay. maria: that there is obviously a federal issues.
7:12 am
in terms of the priorities, economy, jobs, national security in terms of the american people. people are trying to understand what donald trump sits on a number of issues. as he speaks about it enough thought into it, people wonder if in fact he's actually reckless. >> again, he is conversational with us in the apex beach which was done really well. he's wanted to do more of that. education is a big height of the economy and so is health care, which is why he mentioned those two being one of the top priorities for the federal level. there's a lot of things mr. trump has been talking about, whether terror or we can trade for that matter which also impacts the economy and jobs. mr. trump is the only remaining republican candidate not receiving a government paycheck today. it is in his best interest in the interest of his empire to the country to be financially
7:13 am
successful. maria: katrina, good to have you on the program. thanks so much. katrina pearson. following the latest developments leading up to the program for complete coverage of results. we will be previewing holiday happenings. directing prize at the south this morning after that went from tornadoes heard at least 10 people. good weather ahead affect your travel plans. we will take you to the reconnect with patients. hot or not facing backlash after a controversial two week% from the travel account at the state department. we've got the latest. stay with us. vo: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain,
7:14 am
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maria: welcome back. several people injured after tornadoes touched down over tulsa, oklahoma last night. bipeds and people without power across the northwestern part of the state. maria molina and the weather center with the story. >> good morning. tracking this massive storm that brought severe weather across parts of the planes. i want to share with you tornadoes in where they were. one across kansas, multiple repairs across oklahoma.
7:17 am
kansas, oklahoma and arkansas. lots of older persons to their weather including damaging winds and large hail and continue moving a story. where the threat for additional tornadoes this morning across places like mississippi and louisiana were a tornado watches in effect through this morning. as they head into the afternoon and evening hours, we could be more severe weather from the midwest down to the gulf coast. a very widespread area here under the threat for possible severe weather in the greatest risk area includes parts of tennessee, kentucky, mississippi and alabama where we could be stronger tornadoes that could be on track. a big concern out there. make sure you have a way to get weather warnings today and tomorrow the storm continues moving eastward and could bring storms, some strong to severe like the east coast and onto the gulf coast. the southeastern u.s. because you expect multiple rounds of thunderstorms bringing in heavy rain, the threat is there.
7:18 am
we could potentially pick up six inches of rain. very significant out there. the month of march has been very rainy out there. they picked up a lot of a lot of rain we've been talking about fighting for several weeks. but the storm system, another story is much colder behind it. you are a very chilly. 29 great on denver. only in the low 30s in rapid city. very warm, very humid in temperatures will get rather warm today in new york city a high at 70 degrees, close to 80 in raleigh, north carolina. maria: austin, 70 degrees in new york. a fatal construction accident in india to report. cheryl casone with the latest headlines. >> the pictures coming out are pretty troubling. eight people killed, dozens injured after a portion of an overpass under construction collapsed in eastern india. many cars seen under the lash out the concrete.
7:19 am
rescue efforts are underway for those trapped under the debris. residents say the overpasses that under under construction for 2009. the world's largest money manager purportedly slashing hundreds of jobs at "the wall street journal" says blackrock plans to cut 400 jobs in the next few weeks. that's about 3% of employees. they manage more than $4.6 trillion in assets. we will see a performance today. finally, the state department took some heat for each week i posted travelers to be aware scams. nine of 10 in the u.s., not a 10 overseas. beware of the board into buying expensive drinks or worse being robbed. the backlash came quickly when twitter user said this was a necessarily sexist and some have been offended by an earlier tweet.
7:20 am
that's what the state department response. if you're not a hot guy in the u.s., don't think you are overseas and don't buy people during services because of their broad. dagen: it's really about women is what they're talking about. on a scale of one to 10 the state department gets a negative they. >> this is what they're focused on? everything going on with spring break? thanks, john kerry. do it in his voice cometh even funnier. maria: that's the right plan. this is what they're focused on. a new poll shows tight grooves of the pack for the republican nomination. does donald trump have what it takes to win the badger state? one young star of the los angeles lakers is in high water after releasing a video he shouldn't have. jared max joins us with all the scoop in the details. back in a minute.
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back. l.a. lakers trying to rebuild trust with team and fans. jared max at the details on that. everybody wants to know. >> they are getting very close to the record or golden state was pushed to the brink last night. the second game in as many matches in the nba record for the most wins in one season. lawyers needed overtime in salt lake city to defeat the jazz. one of 3-96. golden state 68 and seven. they need to win five out of seven to bring the chicago bulls
7:25 am
single-season record set 20 years ago could the next day mr. meyer at home versus the boston celtics. los angeles lakers rookie guard d'angelo vessel not a popular mandate days. the video he secretly recorded three months ago found its way to the internet. the video shows russell talking to his lakers teammate. his buddy asking him about his relationship with women aside from that with his fiancée, w rapper iggy azalia. basically admitting infidelity with a 19-year-old woman he met at the club and now everybody and his mother is against russell it is 20 years old. yesterday apologized saying he is sick over this. russell told vertigo i'm sick. i'm sorry about the video. i can't repeat myself enough i'm not. i'm sorry i reported that video and i'm sorry and i'm sorry. last night's game in los angeles, russell was good full text firstly by lakers fans
7:26 am
every time he touched the ball. he said he needs to rebuild trust. with his teammates who were shunning him. that makes sense. is this a millennial prank caught a ride or system of the trip comes to the nba. maria: he's sorry he's recorded it. to put it on the internet? and then is he sorry he put it on the internet for everybody to see? >> he says he's sorry. he doesn't know how it got on the internet. dagen: why does everything have to be documented as for the month 20 some things with selfie and video. there's a level of self obsession and he's a basketball star. even among people just sitting in the basement. it's astonishing. >> the secret recording comes into question. he's averaging 14 points a game. does this mean that lakers look to get rid of them as he becomes a problem?
7:27 am
maria: can ever bring back the trust of teammate? look what adjusted to his friend. dagen: if you win, if you play well. >> this has never happened in my lifetime. for the first time in my lifetime. now pointing from canada is going to play in the stanley cup playoffs. the national sport of canada hockey. seven out of 30 teams in nhl, not one represented. the last one was eliminated last night. carey price got hurt in opposite. russia not doing any major tours. what is happening in canada? maria: jared max. what it means for his thoughts next. john kasich may have explaining to do. it's not installed. this time it is outraged over the way he eats pizza.
7:28 am
details next. with a fork? come on, john kasich. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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maria: meanwhile, a. >> new york reactor to go that terror took foiled a man arrested out paris unprecedented arsenal of weapons, passports cell phones in his apartment, we will tell you about it. steyn loan debt from wall street to main street to appeal potential employees, a
7:32 am
stock to watch metlife a big victory in court a judge ruling the company is not too big to fail company previously deemed systemically important what that means for regulators. >> the broader markets futures higher opening we were expecting this we have soon a reversal of this morning we are looking at market up even if by a from beingion first quarter performance the end of the first quarter today, the dow jones industrial average off 1.67% last three months s&p 500 shy of 1%, nasdaq loser so far this year down 2 and two-thirds percent looking at winners and losers so far this year, as we look ahead -- next on to 2016 trail we go wisconsin primary days away, new numbers ted cruz leading the pack presidential nomination, the marquette law school as we shows crewed in front of trump double digits
7:33 am
40% trump trailing behind 30% john kasich 21% -- the polls have bernie sanders opening up a 4.lead over hillary clinton in wisconsin. want to bring in washington bureau chief craig gil bert. >> going into wisconsin characterize what you are expecting, given where these numbers show, now cruz in the lead. >> yeah, medium less than saying a long time that things might turn against donald trump, as the field shra nk on or two giving anti-trump vote wisconsin may be place that is actually happening, if you look at donald trump's numbers his 30% share that he had in new poll, is the same as he had a month ago, but ted cruz is able to double his support, because that the support for rubio carson others that dropped out went to kasich, and cruz and not donald trump negatives high kind of appears
7:34 am
to be hit a ceiling. >> yeah, so do you think it is because he had a couple bad weeks feels like talking about negative stories around him resonating with people that is what you would attribute this to that he had a tough two weeks? >> trump, though i tribute it to a tough two weeks also to democrats in wiscons dynamics there is a lot of local factors one of them is the governor, who was a candidate against donald trump, donald trump came in here, after the governor endorsed his opponent, and ripped his record, he had done last fall, there the divisions within the republican party wisconsin are not as steep as they are in a lot of other places. so i think donald trump is seen by some skrvz some republicans as did he advicive there is radio opposition to him percentage style doesn't go over as well in wisconsin as other places a confluencech
7:35 am
factors i think did i to overcome. >> a divide a regional divide among republican voters in wisconsin, dagen polls show trump getting best rates north and west remains deeply unpopular in southeastern states, i wonder if that will cost the state? >> it is remarkable, to think that we are talking about the same party, the same state. and you could have don ton with positive rating in one part of the state, and negative 40 in another part of the state the problem for donald trump highest negatives in most important republican counties in the state. >> craig how much help has the endorsement of governor scott walker helped ted cruz? will it help him given the real strong network works governor walker facing that recall vote he has got a real network of support within the state how much does that help him in. >> yeah, well a lot of people may be aware that governor lost a lot of ground in the state since he ran for president he used to be about 48 or 50% approval, now you
7:36 am
ditch down to high 30s starting to bounce back, a little bit perfectionism but among reps remained pretty popular, approval rating has been around 80% among republican voters he does have a network, and there is a lot of cohooegs good morning activities and the republican party, and again, when you talk about the southeastern part of wisconsin turnout rates are just off the charts, that is where republicans primary tend to be won or lost that is where cruz is doing well trump isn't right now. >> we talked about what trurn might be doing to make to create a divide here what is cruz doing right, er has 10-point lead, what is he doing right in wisconsin how might that carry over to other states? >> well, you know, funny i don't think cruz was necessarily a natural candidate for wisconsin he has done brert in southern states, done better with evangelical voters not a huge he a evangelical population in wisconsin not nothing-like iowa cautions but kind of
7:37 am
inherited strange enough but inherited some establishment report odd when you think about it, and it is a pretty you know the republican electorate is very, very conservative, so he tapped into that, i mean, i think a lot of it is circumstance a lot of it is some strategic voting, and strategic decisions on part of republicans, to get behind him, as a way to stop trump. maria: let's talk about the radio talk show host because this is a major theme in wisconsin you mentioned it a minute ago the power of the conservative radio talk shows especially charlie, that interview with donald trump made a lot of waves, i mean, how is it possible that donald trump went on charlie's show not knowing charlie was part of the hashtag never trump movement? >> i honestly don't know photocopy he did three talk radio interviews that day, it was like, running into a buzz saw every one of them was --
7:38 am
remarkab remarkably adversarial two other hosts, you could see trump kind of taking aybak one point said to one host i didn't know talk show hosts i thought they were impartial funny he was sort of shocked at pushback not just on campaign trail but would ideologically it came as a a surprise to him, and maybe because talk radio some cases much more supportive of him, in other states, but you know, again we talked about wisconsin, it has got its dynamic with divergely politically i don't think he got briefing on this. >> after wisconsin moving to northeastern states, where he may very well take the lead again, in places like new york, new jersey, connecticut. pennsylvania. >> exactly, one thing to watch
7:39 am
is the delegate haul no matter in statewide vote wisconsin,allocates most by congressional district we talked about his strength in northern part of the state there is at least three congressional districts he has a chance to win even if he losses statewide, so he could come out of here if he losses, still with delegates. >> wacky delegate allocation, [laughter]. maria: whacky a democratic or republican side. >> wisconsin one of the to have youest to parse. >> good to see you. >> great to be with you. >> craig gill bert joining us, presidential candidate john kasich not scoring points in new york, with pizza etiquette governor caught in queens eating his slice withed knife and fork finishing the remaining with hands you have a reason for this. >> yes -- i was -- running for president -- >> listen, this dude number
7:40 am
one, i never eat pizza with my hands in new york city because of you touched god knows what getting into pizzeria number one, two if you are running for president how many hands has he touched, there is not all the -- >> not the pureel in world enough to get rid of germs on that man's hand to partake with knife and fork have at it. >> i am a fan of when in rome you are in queens pick up with hands -- that is what do you. >> if you don't want to touch it if it is a paper plate you can fold the plate eat like that not actually touching the pizza not using a knife and for.k. >> is that the first presidential candidate to eat with a fork and knife donald trump sara pailen caught easing pizza with fork and knife in times square he 2011. >> favorite he is a well-known germa phobia the fact he can work a rope line the crowd the
7:41 am
way now is a testament how serious used to not like shaking hands. >> favorites of all time john kerry 2004 goes to pat steaks as for swiss on sandwich. i like how you make kerry sound like thurston -- >> oh, my god, by the way, we are following the markets this morning want to tell you about, the-financials one group to watch in a particular ge we tell you when we come right back, a survival story after a midair collision rue ainz skydiver's parachute on creamer. >> walking off the job how it may affect the your weekend travel plans, stay with us.
7:42 am
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maria: welcome back, airport
7:45 am
workers across country walking off the yob this morning, in a nationwide strike, cheryl casone with details on that one. cheryl: tell you what starting to get pictures now what this is going to look like today this is a 24-hour airport worker strike began last night cross united states, service workers cleerngs security officers bag gage handlers walking off the job, workers calling for better wages, union, the wake of a terrorist attack also calling for better emergency preparedness expect to see more throughout the at a, strikes are planned 8 different airports, but saying they do not expect trick is to have impact on travelers or daily airport operation we shall see huge airport, philly d.c. we will coop you posted what we learn. >> planes are filthy are you doing your job in the first place. >> going to get fill theyer today. >> a warning. >> meanwhile, details have come out about what was on the recovered laptop that was
7:46 am
thrown in the trash, after brussels attack last week investigators reveal images of a prime minister's home and office with floor plan. >> this is incredible, this is a story of survival skies over florida check out video, two skydivers collided, it shows them spiraling down to earth out of control for several minutes, this is a gopro camera the camera hits ground both men injured one critically say they want to keep skydiving. >> say in, that is -- rethink that. >> finally a michigan woman used twitter handle to help residents of flint as they deal with we are the crisis, a handle at diet dr pepper thought it was acute tried in past to see if company wanted to buy it only offered merchandise, then she got the idea to offer it to company if they gave bottled water to the residents of flint, well dr. pepper took her up delivered
7:47 am
41,000 bottles of water last month for that twitter handle company always get so criticized for being evil dr. pepper this is amazing for people. >> i think favorite story of the day i love this story. >> could have sold it for probably a good amount of cash, didn't. >> shows good samaritan showing social media can be put to good use. >> i think a it is a nice move bn dr. pepper better by miss hussein a great story. >> we are glad -- we like we like up lifting stories babies doggies. >> financials earlier ge capital is now asking the government to remove important designation ge now you know why because metlife had a huge victory yesterday. >> for the american taxpayer, too, huge victory for companies pushing back on unending regulation thanks the
7:48 am
dodd frank bill fighting winner. >> a editorial in the journal ge metlife probably good o movers today health warning with student loans we tell you about a brand-new perk employers are offering to attracting millenials back in a minute. s changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. [alarm beeps] ♪
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7:52 am
workforce joining us igan, ceo george disgood to see you. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you for joining us, george, your firm obviously is putting people to work, first i want you to how jobs market looks. >> i can jobs market choppy it is shifting sects to local disenter mediation going on. >> movement. >> you said we reporting it that millenials are increasingly really important part of the workforce, so companies trying to respond to that huge generation with different perks. >> well, you know, the millenials for the first time in 2016 becoming largest piece of the workforce that is a shift leaders have to change with them have you they communicate with them how you inspire them, is to i think it is less about perks i think more about competition how you are going to get these worker talent best and brightests into workforce. >> do they need to be coddled
7:53 am
is there sense of intaiment young mourning workers should she be thankful they have a really good job quite frankly. >> you know it is a really great question i think overblown i think the millenials get a short shrift i think they want pie, purpose, identity engagement that is what they want want to be aspired a different one the old command and control, when new person comes in you got to grind your way up to the top, that doesn't work any more look at citigroup changed floor plan don't have walls don't have doors, has open arena for people to communicate, used to have old annual reviews do they like me or not? general about the electric deloitte microsoft away from annual reviews they want feedback how did i do today on the project. >> gets to coddling thing like could they be -- gratification
7:54 am
and prays maybe not how do they handle negative -- >> i think a lot of corporate leaders are finding if you get them more engaged they get more productivity out of them why white a year to say well i know you are not really up to snuff, you have 11 months of less than perfect productivity. >> what about this story about student loans, i mean, are kaenz coming up with new way os the pay off loans a theme in the election bernie sanders says going to have college become free. >> well you know, when gardened with engages in wove we talk candidates in pulse we found out a lot of millenials not worried about retirement used to be pension package, the biggest issue they have is how much loan, debt do i have i think innovative companies are coming in i think fidelity was one came up with this sitting there saying, wow let's address the most urgent need getting this loan off their back, and you will get more loyalty, and less turnover, so -- companies are picked up this policy, you
7:55 am
know, the liquor not going not doing anything to help private sector picking up slack are employers that you talked to heard about pushback, to doing this fidelity has done it are there companies pushing back he he do you think more pervasive. >> i think the companies that are not going to push back are going to lose. i think, you know, if you look at you know always trying to talk diversity in the workforce there is only 17 female ceoicecefortune 500, the hire men and women at beginning huge attrition if not addressing needs different things in the workforce then you have to going to have turnover. >> what are you cutting in terms of benefits there is no money is not free, if you are a business, so if you are going to for give, pay off the loans for somebody, what do you lose in terms of benefits. >> right, maybe you are not now a self-directed flow
7:56 am
401(k) o not putting in pens not comatching, shifting going to shift benefits to, most immediate need. >> that is a negative if they don't do comatch a big positive having match in 401(k) let me ask you before you go jobs numbers out, this friday, and you are in recruiter, so i want to know where are jobs right now, where do you see the biggest opportunities our viewers some figuring out where they are going to work look for help what do you see? >> there is a big shift right now i think going into a service economy, we are going to health services business services, a lot into data, analytics, big dapervasive, we have to figure out for midtier how you retrain get them engaged in a new academy thecon. >> services and health care businesses. >> that is big where jobs are the business standards of for a while.
7:57 am
>> i think, look, technology disintermediation there, those things huge, but if you know if you are in financial services, inc. we are mentioning at the break, disintermediation in financial services markets because of technology you get a gain one side but a wills loss on the ot. >> regulation as well, by the way, we're doing thing with systemically important thank you so much tune into jobs in america special tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. eastern fox business network identifying, where specifically jobs are in america, still to come ferrari north america ceo with us former presidential candidate nebraska nebraska senator bob kerrey and dr. ben carson. stay with us. ♪
7:58 am
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entitled. . . >> maria bartiromo happy thursday it is thursday, march 31, final day of the first quarter, now your top stories 8:00 on east coast a firestorm on campaign trail five days until the wisconsin primary, donald trump, on the hot seat again after comments what he thinks the consequences for women should be if abortion was made illegal, in the future. >> you believe -- >> do you believe in perquisite for abortion yes or no as a principle. >> this has to be some form. >> for the woman. >> yeah there has to be. >> what. >> i don't know, i frankly do
8:01 am
i take positions on everything else a very being complicated position. >> after comments trump walked back on statement saying if abortion is illegal, it is the doctor who should be punished not woman who has the procedure, coming up this hour dr. ben carson, on that, the fulfillment bi investigation, into hillary clinton private e-mail server reportedly complete james comey reportedly will interview hillary clinton himself, fbi cracked iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters it is helping unlock other phones, what this means for cases across the country mote live a win in too big to fail battle ge capital on heels look to go do the same, what this means foreregulators with former painewebber ceo later this hour, rob report revealing car of the year it is a fast one, we are giving you inside look at the ferrari 488 gtb wait till you see this check out
8:02 am
futures, indicating a mixed open for broader averages negative positive, mixed defrost declines open final day of the first perform after all that worry in the beginning of the year all of that panic, ending just about where we began dow jones industrial average up 1.67% last 3 months s&p 500 off 1% nasdaq loser down nearly 3%, in last 3 months we will look at winners and losers so far this year coming up, here with me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, and rino trading pattern would you likal block a jam-packed show lots to come repuican presidential front-runner donald trump receiving strong criticism after his response to a hypothetical question last night, about if abortion was illegal in the united states in the future, blake burman live on the ground appleton wisconsin with details. >> good morning to you as well, we were in appleton wisconsin northeast part of the state second of two
8:03 am
campaign stops for donald trump yesterday the other one in green bay, in the middle of those two stops, trump held a town hall style even if it was moderated by msnbc chris matthew, at certain point in that event, there was the issue of abortion, that was raised, and matthews pressed trump not only about abortion, but banning abortion, and what the potential hypothetical punishment should be. that led to this exchange between trump and matthews take a listen. >> do you believe. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion. >> yes or know as a principle. >> the answer is -- that -- there mass to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah there has to be some form. >> 10 years? . >> that i don't know. >> why not. >> i don't know. >> have you position on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it is a very complicated position. >> shortly there after trump came to appleton within minutes a period of transcript released set on out a
8:04 am
statement walking back those comments, here is what they said quote, from trump, if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal, and the federal court upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law the doctor or any or person upcoming in illegal act upon a woman would be held legally spinning not woman the woman he says a victim in this case as life in her womb my position has not changed like ronald reagan i am pro-life with exception, immediately after this critics on both sides democrats and republicans immediately starting to pounce, john kasich ted cruz over the last 12 to 18 hours tried to make the argument, that essentially saying they feel that donald trump is not prepared to talk about and take on the issue that matter most to conservatives on the other side hillary clinton tweeted out, saying she felt this was horrific, and telling. maria on the ground in wisconsin a new poll shows
8:05 am
trump might be slipping here a bit, that poll has ted cruz with 40% support moneying republicans a 10 point edge over trump, 19 over john kasich back to you. maria: big numbers, blake thank you very much blake burman this morning in wisconsin, ahead of the primary tuesday night fbi reportedly completing its examination of hillary clinton's e-mails fbi with justice department prosecutors will reportedly soon conduct interviews with hillary clinton and key aides to determine whether criminal charges should be filed, against the former secretary of state. joining me from democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton spore bob kerrey thanks for joining us. >> nice to see. >> you seems an important moment in this time, because on one hand, hillary clinton can say, yes, i will speak to you yes, i will explain it all, what happened. with me having my own server, or no, i am not going to speak to you my lawyer says, this might incriminate me important election year, both are not good. >> no never good to have fbi in pegs of your serv-- in positn
8:06 am
of your investor even if not running for president running for president not good to have it going on in this particular case i do think a very difficult time to explain why you put a investor in your home my own view of it is, case you didn't want to fulfill requirements of the administrative procedure act especially the freedom of information act we won't have money were it not for benghazi committee i am not a big fan of the bepgz committee but they unearthed that she had done this a tragic error would you make a case classification, system needs to be changed both interfere with capacity to do the job, but her response was i just didn't want to have two cell phones which was -- i think falls false on face. >> is that big enough to unwind her candidacy we all know it is obviously you want a server in basement why you did it you don't want the
8:07 am
government to be reading your e-mails tracking e-mails the only thing any other reason? >> it isn't the government she is government official the law says, that the public has a right to know what communications are going on. >> -- and can submit a foia, significantly congress exempted itself in 6 when they passed that law, but that is the law. and if you don't want to abide by the law it seems to me what you have -- particularly if you are secretary of state you should make an effort to try to change the law rather than trying to circumvent it i think what happened here as to who are not unravels campaign has not thus far i have no opinion whether or not this is a criminal indictment, who knows. >> people who sxor her within campaign if this comes up they dismiss it outright they think people are crazy for talking about it is that in and of itself dangerous to her when in november, even getting the nomination? >> yeah, it potentially dangerous creates a talking
8:08 am
about whether or not john kasich ought to eat piesra with a fo rk or hands this particular issue i think is important issue i think, issue far better still would be if secretary clinton would say foia is a problem, classification system is a problem we have to change it, in order for is to be able to do our joshing, and if congress doesn't think so put itself under foia but that is not going on we are not to having a conversation about procedure act foia classification as ied does for citizens capacity to have high expectation that they executive branch is going to function well. >> foia freedom of information. >> very good. >> make sure everybody understands what you are talking about. >> it is in 67 act. >> senator why isn't secretary clinton bringing that to life then why isn't she focused on saying here is what is right and wrong, maybe we should talk about doing this as well just not what voters care about? is it not what she should be doing what should she be
8:09 am
focused on. >> i don't know they have chosen a different course than the one i just advocated myself so i don't know, i think they are hoping to get beyond it likely they will be able to if no indictment out of department justice if gi doesn't open up a criminal case -- >> the information is getting out one way or the other if there is no indictment it will be -- people will quit -- you have more than 140 some odd gi agents on this, i would gus looking another more than just server looking at clinton foundation as well, again there is no telling what is in there. >> it is possible, honestly i don't know, my own view is, that department justice oftentimes fbi ap times away time resources trying to get indictments one of the reasons we have so many people in federal prison should not be there that is a separate point of conversation. i just i cannot i will repeat i can't predict what fbi is going to do. >> other side reuters poll shows nearly two-thirds
8:10 am
americans mow belief torture can be justified to exattract information from suspected terrorists, it is reflecting the public support for donald trump outspoken policies on water bordering your thoughts. >> i am not sure i was not seen details of the polling so i am not sure that is exactly what he meant -- you can ask me a question 10:00 at night to answer differently than answering on television. >> you don't believe in polls. >> i think if people understand, that if we tortured people first of all, a violation geneva convention whoever does it subject to international law secondly you find yourself, putting our own people at risk as a consequence of doing it. so i mean i think you got to be careful not getting crazy, imposing hand interrogation what trump said in that regard i think there is a piece what he is saying is right, which is, you know we are under attack they declared war on us you have got al-qaida al-shabaab, it will about an, a whole --
8:11 am
>> isis a whole laundry list part of islamic extremism using in fact, torture, and killing civilians as part of tactics. >> did on the conversation is different when you look at sort of the obama administration, as well as the secretary clinton, what is happening on the republican side it feels like national security and issues about terrorists are front and center but not the case, when it comes to the administration certainly, and even secretary clinton this is not -- >> i don't honestly think that is fair i think, the most important thing, that -- that -- the president did, the president obama did when he took power in 2009 was to continue the bush administration's position that our policy there is no refuge you can't set up shop in afghanistan or some place be safe they have been criticized by human rights community for using drone attacks on people all over the world who have declared they are going to kill americans regardless
8:12 am
where they are the continuation of that policy oftentimes under reported i think it is very important, it is like, by the way, regardless of how this election turns out, i think very important foreign policy achievement. >> optics last week brussels dip obviously fatalities tragedy president obama at cuba barrel games during doing the wave, in argentina o doing the tango. >> look, always going to have adjudication positions president off doing something, something terrible going on you think he doesn't care has a baseball again i don't think that is a terribly fair ofrgs. >> good to see you thanks for joining us donald trump scales back on controversial comments during a town hall last night, trump spore are former presidential candidate dr. ben carson coming up to respond chipolte may get burghers to bounce back we will bring the full story, stay with us. ♪
8:13 am
♪ so get ready, so get ready ♪ ♪ chov.
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8:15 am
. . maria: welcome back we are getting first footage from inside the egyptian plane that was hijacked this week cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: this is pretty interesting, guys. this cell phone video shows a british passenger next to alleged hijacker before
8:16 am
pictures with him video was shot one flight attendant taking several pictures the photographer plane hijacked flying from alexandria to cairo tuesday the video shows a very calm scene onboard the plane police describing suspect as psychologically unstable, having tea with flight attendant, by the way -- >> most people probably would not confuse rhode island inis landed a video promoting ocean state nearly did two minute video a well-known lighthouse train station in providence before iceland's capital the video part of reported 5-million-dollar campaign -- boy, you were talking about burritos to burgers chipolte for better burger to open bargainer restaurant chipolte expanded with southeast asian food chane pizza rea,
8:17 am
referring from e. coli outbreak that slowed down business, chipolte had worst quarter since went public i like the burger idea they maybe they can start fresh. >> trying to recover, but i mean -- do we believe that the safety, have been changed, i mean, have been -- >> i i have a te chipolte last week i guess i feel safe. >> cheryl is doing well, good, you know -- exactly, about knock on wood. look, how well do they brand better burgers come back a classic corporate pr you know, spin machine at work here see how they go i am skeptical up against heavy competition mcdonald earlier making all-time highs because executing so good luck. >> amazing how burger wars have just -- really, evolved bigger shake shack -- fat burger in-n-out burger i say
8:18 am
that faced over chipolte very late to this game. >> over. >> so thank you. >> days after unlocking iphone with no help from apple bureau fbi is helping a prosecutor unlock a phone a my knowledge homicide investigation is privacy on back burner when it comes to national security dr. ben carson weighs in on controversial comments republican front-runner made in a town hall last night, we'll be right back.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
in murder cases around the country. jo ling: quite a story fbi agreed to help prosecutors unlock iphone 6 ipod in a homicide case arkansas, according to the ap a husband and wife we are told at home near little rom july four teens 18-year-old directionally charging, played a not guilty to capital murder, l.a. times reporting prosecutor cody highland asked for a delay in the trial, 24 hours after the gi said it got into the san bernardino iphone without apple's help the prosecutor reportedly said fbi littlerock field office agreed to help unlock both devices we reached out to highland and apple neither commented days after they were able to drop in san bernardino phones dropping case at least now for apple shares apple near unchange premarket. maria: this is about unbelievably could be pandora's box dagen right in
8:23 am
apple was afraid fbi would open it they opened it hacked into this phone and now want to get all other phones. >> right, apple -- is getting you know, bit in the i said other day in the behind because threw hands up said we're not helping you not that i remember there is a story "th wall street journal" that google has been odeed to open cell phones, in at least seven states, 63 instances. >> found, it is unclear, like what happened but until late last year it was common place, even for apple to work with the federal government and helping exattract data from phones it was only recently that apple said no more, so that is why it was a shock to the justice department, fbi, that apple took this stand. >> i want to know, asked prosecutor in arkansas did they reach out to apple to try to get the phone unlocked what
8:24 am
is the situation there? because they haven't commented on the details of the case but the fact that they went straight to the fbi 24 hours after san bernardino's phone is unlocked is very telling perhaps there has been a lack of collaboration there but also perhaps not we don't know apple consistently says we do work with government we have -- requests all cases remain completely locked. >> i am tweeting out quote from ben franklin, when i found this quote, dagen, were those would give up essentially liberty to purchase a little a temporary safety deserve net liberty nor safety ben franklin. dagen: that is true. >> safest but privacy. dagen: longer term -- >> privacy trumps all there is fourthsth ament reasonable search and seizure need to come to common ground how do you enforce laws protect privacy. >> is common ground needed if fbi can get into these phones
8:25 am
with warrant, at this point in given the arkansas case, talking about, a 66-year-old couple, murdered by a guy that they raised as a grandson if fbi able to unlock a phone -- does it matter as much theoretically -- if they have that. >> legally -- >> legal going to matter because again, there was a court order in san bernardino apple said we're not helpinging you nightmare sorry not helping i valid court order valid search warrant it will be a problem because apple is making its adding more and more reciprocatiencryp phones and cloudy becoming some point impossible for fulfillment bi to get -- >> apple said impossible fbi were able to get it. >> -- >> technology of all. >> glad fulfillment bi in phone on own without apple's help because you know that is what you would expect the government can in fact. >> been able to get information. >> i am happy to see --
8:26 am
>> big coconut cream pie meet the face of apple. >> that is what it looks like. >> far from over. >> i agree with you. >> you want to say something. >> not just apple it is samsung you mentioned google everyone apple made a stand maybe gained fans in the ben franklin crowd, but look this is what it is gi will keep figuring it out that is their job. >> apple sticking to business model. >> read my ben franklin quote a few days until primary polls show donald trump losing ground to rival ted cruz former presidential candidate dr. ben carson weighs in on trump's campaign for the badger state, call it jefferson jitters why some heavyweights are informs about participating in the summer national convention this is getting bigger. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:27 am
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and do good or similar name. i am maria bartiromo. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. are days away from the wisconsin primary.
8:30 am
donald trump is trailing ted cruz. trump also facing a firestorm of that comment at a town hall meeting yesterday. joe biden wade and saint trump makes me sad. dr. ben carson coming up it by scores of land and is today detailed battle. a look at what this means to regulators in the financial year, now. looking for a new ride. the current day stands at $250,000 for the night. if he had a sniper style, what about a ferrari? the car of the year here for you. an inside look at the hot wheels from ari. markets this morning. features syndicate markets opened higher. a volatile morning. the dow jones industrial average opening 10 points. jobless claims hit in the state up 11,276,000. the estimate was 265,000.
8:31 am
we are looking at flat opening for the broader averages this morning. the last trading day of the first quarter. checking performance on the market in the last three months. dow jones industrial average up 1.67%. s&p 500 shy of 1%. down 2.67%. what a beginning of the year quite volatile and panicky and would end the quarter where we begin. let's talk about this. a top performer so far this year. >> people talk about the market that we are unchanged the end of the quarter. that's like going to a baseball game, showing up in the sixth inning and say nothing, nothing. good. i didn't miss anything. if you look at factors that income utilities, telecom. income stocks are doing well. but where's the growth?
8:32 am
we see the initial jobless claims number ahead of consensus. at 31% year-over-year. the economy still has issues for chicago pmi later. somebody's regional manufacturing servers have been better. it's not going to change the industrial production that does not look good in recent months. train to the markets are facing headwinds. chicago pmi at 945 eastern this morning. lower earnings for the investment today. the ipo story in the first quarter with surrenders. dagen: about the volatility with the worst start to the other for stocks it if you look at the end of the quarter and look at those numbers, goes to the average individual of how you should not traitor from that kind of volatility. if he sat back and said i've got a broadly diversified stock or folio, not retiring for 30 some odd years. i can ride this out. you've are in the green if you did nothing.
8:33 am
>> long-term investment holding incomes are you trading around the big wargame. that's what we do. maria: we will see what happens at the open. our top story this morning. republican front runner donald trump quickly walking back to a statement he made up a hypothetical question. if abortion were illegal, should women be punished for it. donald trump supporter dr. ben carson. good to see you, sir. thanks for joining us. >> u2, thank you. maria: we've been having a debate about this. i realize some of trump walked back from the comment. the whole idea of answering something without taking it out, is it becoming too much at this point for supporters? we see them like in the post when it comes to wisconsin. what is your take? >> well, there's no question that he's not a politician, has not been well schooled in
8:34 am
political speak. but what people have to understand and i think a lot of them do understand is that you really have to give a person a chance to ask them what they are talking about and you have to look at their life. you know, it's a combination of things. will people say things they may later want to clarify? of course. especially when they're taken by surprise. i have done it. pretty much everybody does it. the people best at it are those who are polished politicians. they learn very quickly to listen for the buzzword, catchphrases and what to say in order to cultivate support. maria: i understand what you are saying and we all know donald trump is not a politician. that's part of the brilliance. people like the fact that they are hearing on his straight talk from him. but there's also a question about leadership. so when you talk about someone
8:35 am
who's leading the free world or perhaps might lead the free world, you want to have a confident and in fact things are being fought out -- well thought out before discussing them. >> without question. you should also give people a degree of comfort to know that someone like ken can save some name that isn't quite right in very quickly realize that and also be willing to listen to other people who can help him reframe that. if you just doubled down on it, that would be a different story. >> dr. carson, mike boettcher. we can agree mr. trump is not dismissed as political operator. he speaks off the cuff quite a bit. i know you want to focus on the issues as well. how important is wrote the raid as part of the gop platform and mr. trump platform? what is mr. trump's appeal as you endorse him from supporting him. is this the most important
8:36 am
issue? >> i'm glad you brought that up. the fact that the matter is the real issue is are we going to be a culture of life for a culture of convenience? what are actual values? and what we think about the value of each individual and each human being and are we willing to invest will be needed in order to cultivate the best in all of our people? there's a large group of downtrodden people in the united states of america. and they are used as pawns for political purposes. we need to start thinking about how we actually cultivate those individuals, cultivate those sites to make them valuable and part of the fabric of success in this nation. the more people would have to paul, the bigger the dry, the more difficult it becomes to be successful but the more difficult it becomes to realize
8:37 am
the potential god has put in each one of them. maria: do you think we understand donald trump style view? >> no, we don't. the unfortunate thing is we've gotten to the point where we expect political speech. donald trump, like myself is very much against political correctness and political speak. let's just actually talk about the issue. let's actually put the values on the table. this is one of the things many on the left don't want to do. they would much rather call you names didn't sit down and discuss the issue in depth and the reason they believe what they believe. very frequently you ask and they don't know what they believe. you ask the people. you see when they go to the rally from ask them why are you here, why are you against this and listen to their answers.
8:38 am
>> good point. we did have some negative comments from vice president joe biden. he spoke with billboard and the vice president said when i listen to some of the stuff donald trump says, it just makes ything makes him sad that doesn't agree with what he has to say. that is the sad part really. look at our universities, places where people are trying to shut down people who don't agree with them. that is not a pluralistic society is about. a pluralistic society that is mature and strong and thriving is one where people are willing to discuss their differences and try to reach accommodation. train to do you think this is a wise move at the northeastern states in terms of their primaries, dr. carson? hillary and bernie sanders in new york. they are looking past wisconsin. do you think that's the right
8:39 am
move to the contest we have? new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, et cetera. >> that is a political move, political strategy. every single state is utterly important because they contain americans. the interest of americans is with the leaders need to be concerned about. they shouldn't be as concerned about philosophy as they are about the cares and needs of the people. we are supposed to serve the people. maria: dr. carson, good to have you in the program. thank you for weighing in. we will see you soon. don't forget our complete coverage all week including next tuesday, april 5th. right here on the fox business network as we take you through all the happenings in the importance data wisconsin primary. by the country's biggest companies are growing nervous about sponsoring the convention in july. later, no stopping for artists
8:40 am
and the state public debut. coming up, we take you inside the iconic brand back in around backyard. right back in a minute.
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concerns over the republican convention this july. this time it not about the delicate power. top companies discussing the role there were plenty considering the divisive comments. companies including apple, google, wal-mart are assessing plans for sponsoring the convention. the chairman and chris christie supporter joe brando with a, who now runs the route nine d. technologies. i want to talk to about security as well. thank you for joining us. does it surprise you with that corporations say maybe i should not launch in the convention in july. >> when you deal with a
8:44 am
high-profile person like donald trump, who was they could make a layer country and career out of extended various soundbites and hyperbole against a concern and yesterday with the abortion issue. one step forward, two steps back. the last time i said he has to be more specific on policies yet there is no granularity with him. the closer you get to the election ,-com,-com ma the more demanding the american public is in terms of policy. maria: you wonder if this'll hurt them in the general election. >> i think it will. dagen: in the sun that shines a light on how is not popular with them at this point. he can turn that around if he focuses some of the right things. >> in the way the republican party created tribe. not live in a little bit to the center someone asks the question are you pro-life or pro-choice, the responses i'm pro-choice, but my choice is pro-life. i'm not here to take your choice and nor should these candidates.
8:45 am
i think that's what's got a happening. the american people want a centrist and they want fairness. they don't want ideology. maria: that's right. >> mitt romney try to do what you just described so eloquently and 2012. given the center back is going to be difficult from here. >> without getting glandular, he is capable of surrounding himself at the right to get to policy and the more presidential. frank that i'm concerned about when you think you're at the smartest man in the room, you are generally the doneness. maria: essay by having the corporation, you have to listen to people around you and adopt what they tell you. >> i've run a big company. 20,000 employees. 95% of the time i want to hear from you, even if you disagree. when you're in the five, i'll let you know if you're in the
8:46 am
five. 95% of the time i want to know what you have to say. maria: that may ask about regulation. we want to know how the regulatory environment has changed. this morning we're breaking news. g o. u.s. government to lift the too big to fail designation that is systemically important. a judge ruled that metlife is not systemically import. big debate about whether insurance company should go on the too big to fail moniker. >> my personal opinion is the approach is all off. not about the size of the institution. if you have a concentrated position that could create a systemic risk for instant credit default swaps with no load on the other side. if leveraged in the middle. what they should focus on their positions that are so large and concentrated they should have a systemic risk in the market place. in the last of the questions. it's not about size it is about
8:47 am
the protocols and your safety nets your safety nets you have within some limits on your trade investment. maria: you wonder if the pushback will stick and we will see more from the fact there. before you go, route 90 technologies in a technologies in the situation we find ourselves in today. how do you characterize hacking and how bad things have become a should mark >> i don't think the american public appreciates the depth and breadth. what do jpmorgan chase, target, home depot, sony, irs have in common? the answer is they all got hacked. the alarming point is they are exploited despite spending a billion dollars collectively on their firewalls. as a nation, firewalls are passive, automated and what you do it as a state sponsor on the other side with the well-trained person in china going against our enterprises. the beauty of why i created this
8:48 am
company are agreed to lead it is because the uniform doesn't fit anymore. we have 25 of the 35 masters of church matters and they've never been trained in cyber. we have to interpret the data differently than firewalls today. it is a huge threat. take down the energy grid, financial services. that's why we bring america down. we have to be very, very cognitive. trade too good see you. michael block, always a pleasure. luxury at its finest. for it in our backyard. our ceo will be with us. the nuts and bolts of this iconic beauty that 12610 car of the year. the gratings iran. the fox business network and one in santa maria breaking records in the first quarter of 2016. we just had our best quarter
8:49 am
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and with the vehicle suspended from power lines. police say speed may have been a factor in the crash over the weekend. the driver apparently ran up the wiring on the paul and the car spun around it. it took rescuers nearly two hours to pull the woman from the car. she was not badly injured however. the archdiocese of new york raising funds by auctioning off a pope mobile. this fiat 500 large jury told francis around new york city back in september. according to the bidding site, the current bidding price sitting at $250,000. finally, superheroes in a houston rocket game. teaming up with superman to take down the rockets mascot that's clutch at the denial that it. the mascot sustaining very serious damage. the superheroes come in the tiny ones one. still the calm, maria is going to put the pedal to the metal. she is going to be in the robb
8:54 am
report 2016 car of the year. i dared her to get and then just the way. we shall see. we will be right back. ♪
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maria: welcome back. the ferrari 488 named the report 2016 car of the year. as you will be seeing right now, it is a real beauty. we thought this is the perfect opportunity to show you what this luxury sports car icon is all about. joining me right now outside of fox headquarters is the ceo of ferrari, edwin fennec and editor in chief brett andersen. good to see you both. thank you for joining us. this is the car of the year. congratulations to you, edwin. tell us what was so special and whys of car of the year. >> the car of the year is unusual in that we are comparing cars that you wouldn't normally compare one normally compare one-to-one. sports cars, luxury sedans, sports utility vehicles as part of the next. what we ask our readers who are the judges to do is choose the car that is fulfilled the idea that the designers set out to attain. so it is a challenge for the
8:58 am
judges from that standpoint because every car offers a different kind of aches. you ultimately, they decided that for larry realized its concept for this vehicle in a way that no other vehicle present state. maria: industry. i've been to this card to your event and there are so many fantastic cars at this event to actually be chosen as part year has to be a huge thing or u.n. for rory. >> there was significant in being the one to blame the amazing prizes something field even more. maria: said this car retails, i say loosely, for $245,000. tell us about their futures, white is so spectacular and worth $245,000. >> from our perspective it's the beauty of the car which you can see. for rory has a dna, a unique idea that informs all other cars
8:59 am
throughout history but is realized perfectly in this. i like edwards speak to it, but amazingly engineered drivetrain, beautiful performance. this is a car you could take on a racetrack and also drive to work cheered maria: we are joking, who is going to drag this on the streets of new york city? >> we have a young lady who is doing that for us. everybody's expecting performances from ferrari. we increased 100-horsepower, which is the 458, which is a significant increase. we also provide technology in order to make it easy to drive. maria: how fast is the car go? >> 205 miles per hour. maria: but her pride. 5000 miles per hour. congratulations to you. thanks so much for joining us. you've got to go check out this car.
9:00 am
$245,000. someone makes the top of the robb report 2016. thanks for joining us today. stuart, take it away. >> i certainly will. good morning, everyone. it has been a bad week for donald trump, a bad week for the republican party and it's only thursday. punish women for having an abortion. that is what trump blurted out in an interview. a media uproar appeared within hours he offered a clarification. women are big and good to play. it got into the interview unprepared and created a major gaffe. behind with women voters in 10 points behind, trapped out faces another firestorm. the republican party hopelessly split after what the candidas have said about each other, unity of his near impossible. on our program today, the trump debacle. hillary clinton and purdy sanders had a field day in the stock


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