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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> tightening. stuart: it's huge. >> but sanders is from new york -- >> he's a brook brooklynite. connell mcshane -- >> good to be sheen. good to you you. cavuto coast to coast, and an election alert is how we start things off. good to be with you. everybody says they have a jam-packed show, we really do. trump under pressure in wisconsin, his rifles have been pounce -- rivals have been pouncing on the abortion comments from yesterday, a barrage of attacks coming from radio hosts, very important in the badger state. we'll talk about that. stuart was talking about the polling, just about a ten-point lead in the latest polling out of wisconsin for ted cruz over donald trump. the trump camp coming back and saying, listen, don't read too much in to just one poll, and to that point, fox has a poll coming out, fox business network on lou dobbs tonight unveiling
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some new numbers, so that will add, certainly, to the conversation. for now we'll go with what we have and start it off with wisconsin radio network managing you would to have andrew beckett. andrew, thanks for coming on, i didn't know about how influential radio is in the wisconsin. the radio discussions and talk and kind of the anti-trump sensement, is that why cruz is surging so much, do you think? >> trump got a very icy reception when he did appearances on several talk radio stations, talk radio shows, rather in the state earlier this week. got hit very hard with charlie sykes in milwaukee, very influential conservative talk show host here in wisconsin, did appearances on several other stations as well, and they really kind of hit him on a lot of the issues that he's brought up on the trail, a lot of the attacks that he's done and kind of called him out on them. connell: didn't seem hike, and i think this was the case in the chris matthews interview as well, that trump was necessarily
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prepared for some of the questions or for some of the angles the hosts were taking. to the extent that you could tell, is the surge for cruz or the falloff for trump, is it real in i know that one poll shows ten points. do you feel like it's true in. >> it's purchase been considered -- pretty much been considered the gold standard for polling in wisconsin, and it's been what a lot of people look to to get the pulse of the electorate here. it's been very accurate in previous elections, especially during the recalls of governor scott walker or here a couple years ago. it has pretty accurately predicted those results. connell: maybe the walker endorsement, maybe that helps too if you're cruz. what about if you're trump? i mean, can he get back from this? i know the answer, technically, the answer is yes, but it could be tough the next few days. is it something trump can come back from by tuesday night, do you think? >> i think it's going to be a
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very difficult road for trump in wisconsin. with cruz polling up ten points before walker's endorsement even came out, i think that walker's pretty popular with conservatives here in wisconsin. that same marquette poll showed him 80% approval rating among republican voters, so i think what he has to say does hold some power with republican voters who will head out next tuesday. connell: andrew beckett, thank you for starting us off x we'll talk more about the influence of radio in the state of wisconsin later on. the controversy over the trump comments yesterday, you know, on abortion and, you know, talking about whether women should be punished as opposed to doctors being punished if in a hypothetical abortion was illegal in this cup. what trump usually does in the situation, he changes the subject. i think he tried to do that a little bit with the tax documents that he released last night. blake burman's been covering the campaign in wisconsin. i don't know if it's working, blake, is it?
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>> reporter: well, connell, i've been e-mailing back and forth with the trump campaign on one, and they insist to me this morning -- this afternoon now -- that one thing the tax document release has nothing to do with the other, the abortion comments and controversy yesterday. let me kind of walk you back through the timing here. it was yesterday afternoon donald trump did this town hall with chris matthews of msnbc when he was pressed and made those comments, and probably an hour or so later after those comments were revealed on twitter and the transcripts and the like, the trump campaign sent out a statement in which they did the 180, clarifying those comments, walking them back a little bit. just a few hours later, last night, that on donald trump's web site pops up this press release saying, showing a tax document that, indeed, he is being audited for several years of his tax returns. the accusation or at least the thinking by some is that the trump campaign was trying the say, hey, look here not over there, but they said to me flat out that is not the case.
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here's what they point to, connell. tuesday night donald trump did a town hall on cnn with anderson cooper, and they say anderson asked donald trump to produce this document. he asked trump, you know, some people are suspicious about you being audited, can you prove it, and trump said, yeah, i'll give you a piece of paper showing it. the campaign says, look, 24 hours later, we did just that. that is when i asked them, i said, so you're shooting down any possibility that posting that document has anything to do with the comments that donald trump made, and that spokesperson said to me, absolutely. we didn't distribute it, did we? if we wanted to push it out, we would have. so their official line this afternoon, connell, is that these are two totally separate issues, the timing here in many ways pleatly coincidental. -- completely coincidental. that letter was dated march 7th, so they have had that letter for a couple weeks, but they're saying they put it out now because of the question on tuesday. connell: thank you, blake.
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and, boy, either way playing defense, no doubt, as we were talking about is something donald trump has not had to do a lot, but he's doing now. president obama, meantime, this nuclear summit in the nation's capital, and he's meeting with leaders from across the globe. obviously, north korea's a big topic, china, the chinese president on the sideline, that would be a big topic as well, and peter barnes joins us from you are newsroom in -- excuse me, from the north lawn of the white house. hey, peter. >> reporter: hey, connell. one of the other big issues here is keeping nuclear weapons and materials out of the hands of terrorists, a very high, extremely high priority for the 56 leaders attending this summit especially because of the recent isis attacks in paris and brussels which has shown isis' capability for wide attacks, big attacks on major population centers. last week the leaders agreed to add a potential meeting here on fighting isis including keeping them from obtaining nuclear
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weapons, and there have been new warning signs of isis' efforts to obtain nuclear weapons and materials, most recently in belgium where investigators found a video of a high ranking belgian nuclear official that had been taken by an isis operate we've. the leaders -- operative. the leaders want tighter security and control of nuclear materials for one thing. there have been 2700 reports of missing nuclear and radioactive materials over the last two decades. at this summit some smaller countries are expected to announce new efforts at protecting these material, or but it's unclear how much major progress the leaders will make on this issue because russia has boycotted this meeting, saying it didn't want to come, it didn't see much value in these discussions, can work on this issue and others through other nuclear forums. russia controls nearly half of the world's nuclear stockpile. connell. connell: yeah, that changes things a bit.
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peter, thank you. peter barnes at the white house. and to bring all this together, what we have been talking about, these nuclear concerns, obviously, that's a campaign issue as well. i know there was a lot of talk, and we've already gotten into it, about trump and his comments about abortion, but also raising eyebrow withs were some of his comments about these nuclear issues. watch this. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using a nuclear weapon? >> i would never say that. i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not taking -- >> you're going to use it in europe? >> no. i am not taking cards off the table. connell: well, trump we're told today meeting with his foreign policy team, and we have here in the studio with us former navy seal and trump supporters, carl. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. connell: with the abortion commentses, minus the content of what they talk about in these interviews, i wonder sometimes in just watching the discussions whether mr. trump is as prepared
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as he should be for some of these issues. what do you think? you support him. >> look at the number one rule of negotiating, never take your biggest card off the table. the nuclear card is a huge card. do i hope we have to use it? absolutely, i never want to use a nuclear weapon, but that is the one thing that these people really are afraid of, and if they thought even in the back of their mind that we would use one, the isis fighters, they might stand down significantly. connell: others argue that that is the one card, even hoe they exist, the president, for example, today working on stopping nuclear proliferation, that that's the one card -- and matthews brought this up yesterday -- that you do it, actually, do take it off the table. >> why would you take your biggest card off the table? last time we used one, it gave us decades and decades of peace. i advocate not to use one, but it saved a lot more lives than not using them in hiroshima and -- it's a risky card, and i'm thankful i don't have to make that decision.
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connell: to the example used yesterday, one of these other world leaders saying, you know, is he serious? do we want that? maybe we do. that's your argument. >> we need to set the threshold now because if i'd known there was going to be a multi-national fighting force chopping people's heads off, burning people in cages, you would have said, no, that's not possible. what is the threshold for a nuclear weapon? that way when the time comes, we know what to do. connell: as we said, you're a supporter of trump, and you probably heard this argument the last couple days that, boy, i wonder, is he fit to be president? because was he prepared to answer that question, the abortion question, does he use the language of the middle east that other diplomats have used over the years? it just doesn't seem like he's ready, that's what the argument is. you've herald it, what do you say to that? >> we've gotten the longest war in american history because we're afraid of offending terrorists? the diplomats and the current
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president haven't gotten the job done. donald trump's stance is america fist, peace through strength, much like ronald reagan. connell: he's been tripped up in the week. >> he has. look, you're running for president of the united states, you take a lot of questions every single day. look, mistakes happen, i've done it too. connell: carl, you're not running, not yet at least, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. rough start to the year with the stock market, we all know, but over the last month or so that's a pretty nice rally. look at the latter end of that chart, everybody likes that, nicole petallides wrapping up the quarter at the new york stock exchange. >> hey, connell. remember when the dow earlier this year was down nearly 2,000 points. right now as we're finishing the first quarter, the dow is up 1.8%, the s&p is also gaining, the nasdaq is still negative. the s&p is up 1.1%. some of the leaders on the dow have been verizon, caterpillar, walmart all up 12 %, 17%, and
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the best sector is telecom, utilities, consumer staples, those have led the way. we've also seen commodities bouncing back. take a look at the nasdaq, which remains negative as i noted, down over 2%. don't forget on february 11th at its lows, it was really hovering around that bear market territory. so it has come back a long, long way. so that has helped everybody feel a little better. and that was at the time when oil was below $27. today we're looking at oil, it's in the $38 range. so it's been extremely volatile, and as commodities have bounced back on a weaker u.s. dollar, that has helped equities along. and last but not least, i've got to bring in gold. gold is headed for the best quarter in nearly 30 years. gold year to date up 16.5%. connell. connell: all right, nicole, thanks. good to see you. this rally that nicole talking about to wrap up the month and the quarter, what's the political impact of that?
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if the market keeps going up, big trouble for republicans in november? we're going to talk about that coming up. and also more on trump and the abortion comments from yesterday. he backtracked eventually in a statement. will the backtracking help? that's next. ♪ ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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from the state department, hoping to get them in a federal hearing. the group's president telling deirdre bolten he's getting stonewalled. deirdre: what would you consider an even more solid victory that you find in susan rice's e-mails? >> what we want are the e-mails that weren't turned to over by mrs. clinton to the government. remember, she only turned over half the e-mails. we don't know, for instance, what government employees other than huma abedin and hillary clinton used the clinton e-mail server. we don't know where records are that were withheld from the government and the american people by mrs. clinton. connell: as luck would have it, deirdre bolten, conducting that interview -- >> magically appearing. connell: i don't know if neil do that. >> the president in that clip, he's suing that government under the freedom of information act saying we want more information, we want to see the rest of the e-mails, and we want to know
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other than hillary clinton and huma abedin, her longtime aide, who else had access to her e-mails when they were set up under this private server. so the green light. they had a small victory yesterday. essentially, it means that they may -- emphasis on may, it's not decided yet -- may be able to interview as many as eight other people including hillary clinton herself. connell: so the timing is interesting in terms of today's big news -- >> yep. connell: -- is this report, we don't know if it's true, but they're getting close to the end of the fbi investigation, and mrs. clinton herself along with some top aides may be interviewed by the fbi director. >> under normal circumstances, this is supposed to be separate from the fbi investigation. but judge andrew napolitano has told me he thinks there is a nine out of ten chance that this information gets out before -- he even says may. so time is very much ticking on that. as far as judicial watch and their goals, they got this green
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light yesterday, so april 15th is when we find out for sure whether or not this group will get access to those depositions with these aides. but i think larger, since we're talking about wisconsin, i mean, this just points to the trust gap as everybody talks about it for hillary clinton and the fact that, you know, there are a lot of things done offboard. we know brian pagliano who set up that server actually pled the fifth at first and then was granted the sort of fast track immunity. so he's definitely going to be included. connell: we'll watch it tonight, 5:00 on "risk and reward," eastern time here on the fox business network. 15th of april versus the 19th for new york primary, so keep these dates in mind. san bernardino iphone, meantime, and the controversy seems to be just beginning because the fbi is attempting to unlock another phone. that's next. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier.
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>> welcome back, i'm jo jo ling kent with business headlines from coast to coast. mcdonald's stock hitting record highs on news it is expanding in asia, up almost a point there. the world's largest restaurant chain adding more than 1500 outlets in china, hong kong and south korea over the next five years. the stock is up almost 7% year to date. and shares of coca-cola which is served at mcdonald's globally is hitting its fourth lifetime high in a row. and speaking of burgers, chipotle may be flipping patties soon, they filed for a trademark for a chain called better burgers earlier this month according to "the wall street journal." executives say they are p developing the chain before the problems with nor provirus last year. stock is up about 1%. and the fbi has agreed to unlock more apple devices, this time in a homicide case in arkansas. the prosecutor requested the fbi
12:24 pm
unlock an iphone 6 and ipod used in a murder case of a married couple killed last july. four teenagers have been charged and await trial there, and this comes just days after the fbi announced it hacked into the san bernardino iphone after bringing a case against apple's refusal to do so. connell? connell: jo, thanks, good to see you. filling in for neil today is a pleasure because i get to speak to people like melissa francis, here in the studio right now, about donald trump which we were talking about earlier, surprise, surprise. >> yeah. dominating the headlines. connell: and whether or not he has a problem with women voters. we know what he said yesterday, and we know it was a misstep on abortion because he had to backtrack and change his statement, punishing women versus abortion was illegal punishing doctors, for example, or people performing abortions. >> right. connell: that's not it, there are other issues that have been plaguing mr. trump. how real is this problem? is it being overdone? what's your thought? >> i think it's very real. i don't know how he really turns
12:25 pm
it around, you know, with the misstep yesterday it seemed clear that he hadn't really thought through the pro-life position. and to me, it made me wonder if he's even really pro-life. immediately i talked to mike huckabee afterwards, and he instantly said, no, that's not how we feel about abortion. connell: right. >> the woman is as much a victim, she's been pressured, you know, however he, you know, spoke about it, he instantly knew what the answer was where donald trump tripped over this and had to backtrack. he was following this logical argument if something's illegal and someone breaks the law -- connell: they should be punished. >> right. he hadn't really thought it through, and this has been the case in a bunch of different instances. connell: which is interesting because he's been able to skate by without being affected by the fact that he doesn't get into the specifics on the issues. >> right. connell: but with women cnn had him 73% unfavorable, nbc and the journal had the number around 70%. and surely you can bring in, as the argument will go, people
12:26 pm
that are angry in the rust belt and maybe new voters will vote more you, but how many do you lose? >> yeah. at this point, it seems like he would have to get 70% of white males in order to win the election. if he gets no women i don't know how he turned around specifically with women. he has time. so if he listened to advice, i mean, the one thing i would say is that if he pivoted back to the issues that got him here in the first place, most importantly security -- connell: right. >> -- that kind of wipes other issues, well, at least -- connell: but you got to be ready because you know people are going to ask you about them. you've got to be ready for the questions, right? >> oh, without question. and i think he might be humbled a bit by this incident, and he might start to take advice or think through things before he says them. but, you know, i don't know. i think he's got to get back to isis and security in order to distract women from what he said about them. connell: good to see you. >> you too. connell: we'll be right back in just a moment.
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talk stocks when we come back.
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connell: so there's some breaking news here before we talk about the markets, fresh comments from that nuclear summit in d.c. from president obama. let's listen to the president. >> because of the topic of this summit, nuclear security summit, it's not surprising that the topics most on our minds is the issue of north korea, and we are
12:31 pm
united in our efforts to deter and defend against north korean provocations. we recognize that our security is linked, that we have to work together to meet this challenge x we also recognize that -- and we also recognize that it is important to the entire international community to vigilantly enforce the strong u.n. security measures that were passed in light of some of the ballistic missile and nuclear activity that pyongyang has been engaging in. connell: all right. moments ago that's president obama, you heard him talking about north korea and the resolve of the nations there at that nuclear summit to defend against the provocations, as he put it, coming from the north koreans. peter barnes has been covering all of this, we spoke to him earlier in the show. let's go back for a moment because i saw another headline about climate change, peter. maybe you can fill us in on this statement that just came out.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: that's right, connell. president obama will be meeting with chinese president xi to talk about north korea and other issue including climate change. ahead of that meeting, the two presidents have announced that the united states and china will now actually formally sign that big climate change agreement that 100-plus nations reached in paris back in december. they're going to sign it respectively on april 22 end and take their -- 22nd and take their respective domestic steps, i'm now reading from the statement, quote, in order to join the agreement as early as possible this year. they encourage other parties to do the same with the view of bringing the paris agreement into force as early as possible. and as you know, the agreement has been welcomed by folks concerned about climate change is at least a good first step in trying to control global greenhouse gases. but it's been criticized by some as even more modest perhaps
12:33 pm
among other things it does not have a binding enforcement mechanism. so we'll wait for that meeting between xi and obama at around 2:00 eastern here in washington and probably be some tape from that as well a little later this afternoon. connell: peter barnes there at the white house. the binding part is always interesting, right? the dow up today to 17,746 as we continue to watch the markets u more so because of the calendar here as we wrap up the month and the quarter and do so on a nice note in terms of the rally at the latter end of that chart. let's bring jared levy in to talk a little bit more about where we are. it's obviously been a good month, right? terrible start to the year. now what? everybody's trying the interpret the next step here, how much the fed matters, how much commodities matter, the election, all these things matter. where do you think we are? >> yeah. and, obviously, all these things matter. it's a question of when and how much do they matter, you know? just some statistical data,
12:34 pm
looking back last year earnings are now 10% lower. so the average company is making 10% less now than they were a year ago. but the markets are exactly where they were last april. so logically, that's sort of a problem. yeah, we have the election, you know, perhaps a republican candidate could bring a rally, but we don't know who the president's going to be until november. so for now, connell, i think the best thing for investors to do is take a step back and realize, a, you've got the sell in may go away thing which we're about a month and a half away from that, and the other thing is markets are a little pricey here. china's still a risk, the fed's still a risk, and oil, by the way, goldman sachs, morgan stanley, bank of america, all of them believe oil's going to stay below 40 at least for the red mainer of the -- remainder of the year, and i find it hard to buy stocks at these levels and generally speaking. connell: yeah. ited had fallen so much, to get to 38 where it is was even quite the climb. maybe it hangs out there. >> right. connell: so you kind of play
12:35 pm
around in the market? it isn't something you'd be selling like crazy, right? >> don't go dumping stocks, obviously, but i think the best thing is to hook at your specific portfolio and look at the p.e. ratios of the companies, the sectors you're in. telecom is hot right n want to be somewhere, look to telecom. rotate out of some of those big, expensive tech names and move to maybe a big dividend play, a defensive play, because when it gets ugly, that's where people are going to gravitate to. connell: quickly on the election, it's not a huge market topic, i'm sure at some point it will. and that's conventional wisdom if a republican gets in there, it's not a normal year, not even a normal republican race. does that still apply? >> i think to an extent it does. connell: okay. >> obviously, right, if trump comes in that's a very -- it's a wildcard, right? because he's got a lot of unconventional tactics that i think would be market-positive. but, again, i do think that holds true, and i think the traditional sort of republican
12:36 pm
in the office will be good for stocks. connell: fair enough, jared, thanks for coming on. jared levy. brings us to charlie gasparino. a lot of people talk about the stock market being up being good for the incumbent, so maybe that helps president obama's approval rating. i know it's up around 50 -- >> that's something to brag about, dow 18,000, and that's something that he desperately wants. connell: and not only him, but hillary. >> they want to say, listen, we took the market from 6,000 to 18,000 even though we know it wasn't really him. we have a very weak economy, this is, a lot of it's based on interest rates. but i will throw a couple of things out for the viewer. i don't give investment advice, but most of the major hedge fund managers, they're all short right now. they think the market is overdone. they still are very, very skittish about this market. think think it's going to -- they think it's going to go down. there is a contrarian view that as long as the fed doesn't raise rates, we're going to be bouncing around 18,000 no matter what, so you might as well be
12:37 pm
fully invested for now. one other thing to throw out in terms of political event risk, you have a democratic party that's moving very far to the left, beyond where bill clinton is. hillary clinton is going to have to, and they're going to adopt in their platform many of bernie sanders' postures. that is generally not good for the markets. you have a republican party that if donald trump wins -- connell: more populist, yeah. >> it's more than that, it's protectionist. connell: right. both parties are going to be anti-trade. >> i'm just telling you, you are talking about a nightmare scenario for the markets potentially. connell: the nightmare scenario was '08. that was right up on an election. i mean, that was a market -- >> actually, that was a nightmare scenario, but you bought when obama got in there, you made a lot of money just based on easing. but i'm saying in terms of event risk, you have a very protectionist republican who's all over the place on taxes. some rich people and some investors he wants to tax, some he doesn't, and he's very protectionist which is usually not good for the market.
12:38 pm
you have a democrat who her instincts would not be protectionist, but the party has moved so far to the left, its platform will be protectionist and higher taxes. connell: the bet will be for people who support her, well, when she gets in -- >> i'm just telling you, once you have a platte form, some of that you have to take. i'm just telling you, the markets based on both the front-runners, listen, she might not be the front-runner. she might get indicted. donald trump might lose in a contested convention. i'm just telling you there is huge political event risk for the markets. connell: largely because of trade. >> trade and taxes and stuff. they're both all over the place. connell: thanks, charlie, talk to you soon. charlie gasparino. with the quarter coming to an end in the markets, not moving so much today, but over the quarter, i mean, we've had some movement. tech sector, look at these stock, yahoo! and paypal, facebook, those are nice moves. tech winners for the this quarter, more. the best and the worst, next. ♪ ♪
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connell: business alert as we're back with you on "cavuto coast to coast," that would be the stock market and the s&p 500. i promised before the break, nicole, we'd have some winners and losers for the quarter, but i don't have them here, so maybe you do. >> i do. and people are feeling pretty great about their 401(k) s and their iras or at least better than mid february when we saw stocks plummeting. let's take a look at some of the
12:43 pm
winners because you mentioned them, connell, freeport-mcmoran, newmont, urban, these were winners on the s&p 500. freeport-mcmoran, for example, in the materials sector, sold off interest in a metals mine, that strengthened their balance sheet. the laggards, williams, vertex and big moves to the downside. we have 54% moves to the downside for endopharma. the trade commission looked at them and others more illegally brocking lower cost versions of some of the branded drugs. now the dow, it's positive for the year, and we're looking at the dow winners, verizon, caterpillar and walmart. verizon's up 17%, caterpillar up 13 percent. walmart, well, the only good news is they're returning cash to shareholders with a $2 annual dividend. american express, boeing came under pressure, all down roughly 13%.
12:44 pm
we've seen the investment banks getting hit hard, and there's no doubt they've been hurt with bonds, stock, commodities, a very accommodative central bank, janet yellen talks about lower rate hikes, and that's weakened the dollar. connell: interesting. thanks, nicole. we do have another business alert about this company, valeant pharmaceuticals which continues just a dramatic plunge. this year, just this year, the stock is down 73%. gerri willis in the newsroom and, boy, you wouldn't want to be an investor, right? [laughter] >> yeah, but lots of people are are, right, connell? this is fascinating. valeant is asking for more time to file its earnings report. it wants to file may 31st as opposed to april 29th. and it's asking lenders for permission to do so because if you don't file, you're in big trouble. the people who lend you money can come down and close you down. they are having serious problems with accounting, with business,
12:45 pm
and let me tell you how complicated it's gotten today. the stock, remember, down 90% from its highs this year and down marginally, kind of flat today. quebec regulators are saying, you know what? your principals, your ceo, your directors can't trade shares of this stock until you make some -- we want a filing. we want a financial filing. also going on william ackman is out there. you remember him, the activist investor so heavily involved in this company. he's now out begging the lenders to this company to be patient. also going on big questions about who would even sign off on these financial reports. remember that michael pearson, the ceo, resigned december 30th, he said he was sick. the cfo, howard shiller, stepped up but was accused of inproper conduct, so he stepped back. he even continues sitting on the board, and the company itself asked him to resign, and he wouldn't.
12:46 pm
i've never seen a story like in this my life. michael pearson back in charge but for how long? the company does not want him as ceo. lots of questions swirling. will they get an extension? probably. it's likely. so they'll just -- connell: what a mess. they're so angry about it, gerri, they're put your hair over the microphone, and that's how things ended. jerrygerri willis in the newsro. the drop in the stock is absolutely dramatic. speaking of dramatic, this campaign for president, and i promised we'd get back to it. this is interesting, there are three candidates, right, on the republican side? there they are. we have three owners of businesses coming up. they all like republicans. but they all like different ones. they'll tell you why coming up. ♪ ♪
12:47 pm
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12:50 pm
connell: election alert. yes, sir, we said we would assemble this panel to talk about the republican candidates for president, all three of them x how they a-- and how they affect business. we have three business owners with us to talk about respective candidates with whom, you know, they support. butch amali is a trump guy, restauranteur, and he's here in the studio with us. another restaurant owner is sam who's a cruz guy. that's sam in the hat. and a doctor who is a kasich guy. man, have to keep all of this straight because then you'll get angry with me if i, you know, get the wrong candidate. this, let's say it right away, this campaign, everybody calls it silly season, all these topics that get talked about. we have lost the issues, butch, to some extent for whatever reason. so, you know, taxes, whatever issues a business owner wants to talk about, maybe they haven't got talked about as much. i think that's true. for trump, why would he be good for your business? >> he's a businessman.
12:51 pm
he understands business, what it takes to make a payroll. he knows about taxes, how obamacare's lousiest thing ever put out there, try and repeal it so we can save money, get the economy back up there. he's an outsider. of he's not a guy that's in the us what and part of the coffee clutch -- copped -- connell: not beholden to anybody. fair enough. we'll come back to you on that. sam, cruz. okay, he's a political guy. he's a lawyer and a political guy. why would he help your business? >> well, i support rafael cruz. his father came here as an immigrant, worked as a dishwasher, didn't have two pennies to rub together, and i'm also an immigrant. i came here -- connell: so you relate to him in some ways. >> no -- yeah, absolutely. i also worked as a dishwasher, worked up to waiter, opened a place called sojourn on 79th
12:52 pm
street and a few other places on the upper east side, so it shows that hard work prevails. now, trump, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth -- connell: don't get butch worked up here. i've got to go to d.c., to to the the case for kasich, and then we can come back and maybe try to, i think it's interesting, the first two guys haven't gotten into business issues as much. butch says, well, he's a business guy, but it's still the personality, that they identify with the candidates. how about you and john kasich? >> yeah. i think it's less on personality but more so on substance. i think john kasich is more middle of the road, probably where most of america is today, more centrist, and he's also taken a stance on potentially reducing corporate taxes which is a good thing for small businesses, making the ability for companies that actually earn income which is a lot outside the united states to make it easier to repatriate some of that.
12:53 pm
and also for new entrepreneurs and small businesses, let's say that are making less than two million to maybe pay less. connell: he's not catching on, right, for whatever reason? >> well, you know, kasich in general is probably not catching on next to the other two. you know, time will tell as we get closer to the convention. but he really takes a more middle of the road approach as opposed to the extremism and the rhetoric that trump and cruz br sometimes alienates focuses. connell: that's what gets folks angry. butch? >> he's a politician. kasich's another politician. we want a business person -- connell: how is it going to help your business to have an outsider? a lot of people say i'm sick of these politicians -- >> he understands business, what it take toss pay taxes, what it takes to have health insurance, what it takes to work from the bottom. he took his father's business and brought it to a different dimension. connell: some people say he doesn't understand policy and how -- there oh, he understands everything, believe me.
12:54 pm
connell: now on the cruz side of things, does he have the understanding of business and what you do every day? you identify with his personal story, what about policy wise? how will he help you? >> he's got a 16% tax that right across the board, i mean, basically as a small business owner, i could be treated the same as the exxon corporation, and i'm just a small guy here. so, i mean, i could really relate to that. connell: you're getting hit with a lot of taxes? >> small business is very tough. fortunately, i'm doing well, and somebody like donald trump, i mean, he was born on third base and beliefs he hit a home run. >> i don't know about that. connell: that bothers you on a personal level, right? >> i'm a hard working american, and i came here with nothing, and i worked my way up. now donald trump, you know, his dad took care of things for him. >> donald worked very hard, and he has a lot of -- >> not saying he's not a hard worker. >> he's at 15 percent. he's even doing better than cruz.
12:55 pm
cruz is another politician. do we want that in the white house with again or a business person that's going to take care of our economy and bring jobs back to america and put money in the street? >> well, he's failed on many occasions. what happened to the university, trump vodka, he messed up atlantic city. >> were you successful in your business every time? i wasn't. people have errors in life, and they work through it. that's what he did. connell: go ahead, doctor. >> i think, look, my position on trump which really angers me is, you know, he's obviously a successful businessman, but his take in terms of immigration is completely flawed. he doesn'tens his position -- his position on h-1bs is false -- connell: right. >> he has no clue what he's going to do to fix obamacare to make it easier for employers who are going to dump. he doesn't have an answer. neither does cruz. >> he said he wanted the take it out. >> so who is left? they have no credible answers to
12:56 pm
be able to address these issues to get businesses back in the running. trump -- >> i disagree. >> -- and cruz are clueless, absolutely clueless. >> trump is not clueless. far from. connell: the immigration issue is one we hear from a lot of people, so, you know, business -- >> well, he's just like the wall around mexico is an item that he just was set to hold people back. not to send all our jobs away, not to bring people in to take jobs away from americans. that's what he's looking to do. connell: have to run, guys. could have kept it going, but thank you. don't miss this fresh read we have tonight from the fox business network. fresh poll, lou dobbs will deliver it to us on his program, 7 p.m. tonight from wisconsin. that'll be interesting to see how it compares to some of the numbers we saw earlier in the week. ted cruz just wrapping up an interview with one of the top radio hosts out there. watch this. >> of my view that nominating
12:57 pm
donald trump would be an absolute disaster, that it would be a disaster for republicans, it would be a disaster for conservatives, and it would be a disaster for the country. connell: all right. more on this interview and the campaign push out of wisconsin. we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking ..
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1:00 pm
connell: we are back here on "cavuto: coast-to-coast." connell mcshane and four substitute today. we are getting word and that an outside super pac is rushing in to help the child campaign pumping in a million dollars in wisconsin commercial spirit that's kind of interesting. to the point about radio, ted cruz just wrapped up in an open todd sykes. he just interviewed cruz. jeff flock in the middle of milwaukee is there with the aforementioned charlie sykes. take it away, jeff.
1:01 pm
>> in the studios, the biggest microphone, the biggest talker in the state and may be the most famous talkshow host and the state right now and maybe the country at the moment, charlie sykes. we just talked to ted cruz. you are very influential in this day. you say you were a genuine conservative with conservative principles and he said donald trump is not. >> donald trump is not a conservative. whether his position on taxes or contributions to democrats in the past. it is not just that is not a conservative. i think he distorts the conservative message. he's kind of the cartoon image of what liberals say about conservatives. >> you're afraid he's going to sector movement that. he's been successful with governor walker turning a few states. >> this is a saber is a state where we take conservative principles seriously. we have done conservative reform. and then donald trump comes in and basically placed every
1:02 pm
stereotype that the laptops of conservatives. >> yesterday with the abortion. same issue. for 20 years were not xenophobic and donald trump does love that. >> you just interviewed ted cruz. you talk to him outside uniting the party. let's listen to what senator cruz had to say. >> we will continue working to unify the party and even if donald trista testerman goes home, a great many of his supporters, if we have a fair battle at the ballot box and at the convention with the delegates elected by the people voting common a great many voters and supporters will remain energized. reporter: do you think that is real estate? >> i don't know. nobody knows what's going to happen.
1:03 pm
the degree of the animosity in this campaign is reflected in the degree of animosity and disorder. i talked about the width of hate that comes from his campaigns. reporter: but if trump is not the nominee and it is perceived that it was stolen from him, do those people just disappear? >> that's a good question. they have to make it clear it's not stolen. a plurality is not a majority. if she shows up with 1237 delegates at the nomination. if he doesn't, he does not the majority and is not entitled to it. that's the real problem we have right now. if donald trump is the nominee, we'll have a lot of folks who have been the foot soldiers of the conservative movement. when i say i've never trump, i am never trump. you will lose a lot of conservatives. you probably see a third-party conservative candidate as well. that's the big question. is there anyway to republican party can avoid a split? reporter: connell, this is the
1:04 pm
man who has been never trump before trump was never cool. they take their great conservative seriously in the state of wisconsin. they are concerned that this movement is somehow irreparably damaged by donald trump candidacy. >> it is fascinating. really learning about the influence of radio in the state of wisconsin and the influence that this man, charlie sykes. >> we should all be so lucky to work in radio. charlie is better dressed than most radio hosts. connell: thank you, charlie and jeff. let's stay on this topic with the wisconsin congressmen who support ted cruz joins us now. i'll ask you a little bit because this charlie sykes is talking about this with jeff, the idea and senator cruz becomes the nominee and it would most likely come through a contested convention this summer in cleveland, what happens to
1:05 pm
the party, how energized her supporters, what is your view on that? >> is trump windsor cruz wins? connell: shop becomes the nominee through a contested convention. >> trump is not a supporters are largely conservative. i think it would be willing to get behind ted cruz. on the big issues people care about. some of the trump supporters have a lot of friends who are trump supporters in a little bit misguided. if ted cruz gets out there on immigration and welfare and that, they will fall in line behind ted cruz. connell: there is a theory that they would be so angry. we are in a third-party, right? >> that would be a problem obviously to do that. when i talk to trump supporters, charlie is right. we don't know if donald trump is. he's a work in progress.
1:06 pm
i'll donald trump does himself what he is. if you listen to the forum the other night for the debate, he doesn't give straight answers to questions that they'd be able to give. i think his supporters want to believe that trump will be cutting spending. they want to believe that trump will be good on immigration. they want to believe trump want to believe trump will be good on welfare and therefore is ted cruz or whoever grabs the nomination, ultimately chomping to get behind him. 's connell: is not a paul ryan or mitt romney received flooded out there? >> i am pro-cruz and other people still in the race. i was picking cruz model they had a trump, ahead of rubio. it is a last-ditch anti-trump effort as much is looking for
1:07 pm
someone who has a history been a principled conservative. connell: someone might come in and grab the nomination is what you said. >> that i don't know. obviously nobody can near 50%, who knows what will happen. connell: congressmen, thanks. congressman glenn crossman, ahead of the fed. let's talk about markets for a few minutes with a few minutes the stock's closing escort her on an up note when you look at. the last couple months have been strong. we have our money guys have assembled here. jonas ferris and steve lee is here. all great. so where is this market? you go first. >> short-term we are okay. unless he gets an outlay member tomorrow, but for no gain in employment. no gain in the wages down. the market is going to probably continue to head out. but not in great fashion. i think we are probably on borrowed time at this moment.
1:08 pm
my messages gather those rosebuds while you may. maybe i'm talking to myself. connell: buried deep. this economy of the mass. profits are down. we really can't get ahead of spain. where where's the growth? or it dividends down three, four, 5% on an annualized basis. this is no way to run a business or a country. right now, lots of money flowing in. i think we will be okay for the next few months. connell: we would interpret how all this will affect the election. >> i think the stock market has made its recovery on the fed not raising rates. the 30 happening. it is clear will not get higher rates and rampant inflation. the earnings are not there. they are going down. i will not continue for very long. either the earnings will start picking up in a few months and
1:09 pm
catch up to the market or the market is going to fall back to where earnings are which is down 5%, 10% including energy over the last year. we run out of steam basically. connell: we have been talking this whole show about factors contributing to the latest rally the markets. gasparino is here last hour and his main point is that this is bad news on both sides for the conversation being had. yet republicans, especially trump coming forward with an anti-trade message that might be antibusiness, anti-markets and to hear more and more thoughts on the democratic side that hillary clinton is pushed to the left by bernie sanders. but for the markets either way. is there something to that? charlie is crazy is what you're saying. >> charlie is one of the brightest guys around to be honest with you. i have all the respect in the world for charlie. don't put me in a corner.
1:10 pm
the markets basically now that's what is being said in the campaign means nothing. absolutely nothing. anyone that thinks trumble build a wall up and on the brooklyn bridge. he will not build a great big ball. i think the markets will see through this. a minute ago i agree and i said the same thing. if profits are down and i doesn't give us a lot of running. now what yellen said there was really interesting, basically not going to raise rates until i see higher commodity prices. higher commodity prices will boost profits. if you look for a correlation, black-and-white between profits and anything else, your best coral it is commodity. >> i think it's going to get killed because it's the only work project that everybody essentially -- most of the want to have it translate doing well.
1:11 pm
i'm not saying it's a policy. you are right about one thing. let's talk about what we can agree about. the part that is dangerous is the trade terror. >> i agree. >> that probably won't get through. that's why there's not as much negative market reaction. >> but it depends where it goes. you can take the trade for in a way that would become very popular think it gives liberals behind it. the direction wouldn't just be manipulating the currency. it would be something a little bit more running sweatshops. products are being made dangerous and we need to have regulations there that we had
1:12 pm
here. >> it becomes the major issue. trade wars this country is kaput. we've got to spend money on infrastructure. >> like a wall you said isn't going to get dealt. >> wall would be wasted money to be very honest with you. we have agreed over 100 years old, china has the smart grid that can run wind, solar and natural gas. we don't have -- china has vertical monopolies on rare earth, germanium, all of which we need to run a future country. they are not for sale. connell: jonas, jonas. >> over central planned ideas which a city built of nowhere. >> all the cities of nowhere hopping to border shanghai. have you ever heard of the internet of things? 150 million. we are so complacent, so behind
1:13 pm
in this country. we don't get it. >> are you saying we are not doing a good sense of listening? >> we're not doing what eisenhower did. we are not building an interstate highway system. we are wasting a lot of money. >> i told you guys five minutes ago to wrap up the safe bet. >> i'm sorry, connell. connell: i'm joking. >> this is what happened when he gets their baby boomer versus millennialist. connell: i should talk to scaramucci and get you guys on my show, too and see how works out. the show has been doing great on wall street. >> thanks a lot. connell: speaking of china, the chinese working on long-range missiles capable of hitting enter in the united states. all they need is stephen leeb to stay around for this story.
1:14 pm
>> scary -- and he's got a recognize. connell: it is a tease. we've got to go to commercial now.
1:15 pm
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1:17 pm
connell: grenada's news alert has been talking about china. a fair distance from the studio. my goodness. the nuclear summit, peter burns reporting last hour and said that president obama would be
1:18 pm
meeting with the chinese president. i made that, china is set to deploy long-range missiles capable of reaching the united states. we prevent former army special forces veteran mature lieutenant colonel scott manta talk about this. how concerned -- to what level of concern to the stories were a headline pops out. how concerned should we be about that? >> thanks for having me on first of all. we should always be considered when his headlines pop out. we just saw the other day that north korea was doing similar battling. in this environment right now with the u.s. is perceived to be so weak, we can expect that. i don't get overly concerned. i'll be honest, i get more concert with the nuclear summit out there in the capacity of those fallen in the hands of groups like i said. that's right get more concerned about the nuclear threat than a
1:19 pm
big nationstate by china. connell: that's what they're trying to do, cut down on the possibility of nuclear materials getting into the obvious wrong hands. what are we not doing that we should be doing on the rock? >> the president is fond the right track. it is faltering with president putin not commenting. i don't think you make many more games. i think a pragmatist on a professional soldier we should make the assumption that many materials are accessible to groups out there and at some point these things could be accessed. i don't think we are doing enough there. we are so busy following the antics of politics that i don't think we are considering how serious cases is in their doomsday mindset to get their hands on this. two of these guys were surveying nuclear facilities before the brussels attack. connell: that is a real threat.
1:20 pm
he said we are perceived to be weak i presume. so even if that is the case, the threat of a nationstate, like china actually firing a missile at the united states. that is not so much a thread is getting the hands of a terrorist. when trump brought up nuclear weapons, we don't really mean that. we may have been on the table, or we don't really mean they are on the table. it's a terror threat, right? >> i think so. as a soldier, who has the will, who has the capacity to do something like this? china does have the capacity. do they have the will as a nation need to do a preemptive logic in the united states? i don't see it. when you look at isis and they believe on their watch they will usher in doomsday, return of the apocalypse and these guys get their hands on fisher or nuclear materials, they will absolutely use it. i look upon capacity and think the american people should do
1:21 pm
the same thing. connell: that's scary. thanks for coming on. fifteen dollars minimum wage. that debate is now on the way. taxpayers on the hook. we will find out for how much next. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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connell: we have headlines from "cavuto: coast-to-coast." goldman sachs among the big winners in our market today. the stocks of 2.7, 1.9 respectively for the quarter the biggest losers get that kind of interesting. down big time for the quarter. cash flow closing out the month with a gain of more than 20%. that's ahead of the test model coming our way out late tonight. some news coming in. gold headed for the best quarter in nearly 30 years. those are some of your business headlines at this hour. up by $6 in today's strip.
1:25 pm
california close to raising the minimum wage up to $15 an hour. we've heard so much about this. eventually it could cost tax payers billions and billions of dollars according to a new study that liz mcdonald has been into. liz: one that he says 700,000 jobs after $3.5 billion. nobody really knows the impact of this minimum wage hike. what are we talking about? california moving to raise it to $15 an hour. by 2022. that is at 50% increase of where it is not now. all the studies he looked at about the minimum wage impact is usually smaller increases. not 15 bucks an hour. this is a new standard for the nation. a 50% increase. i will tell you something bernie sanders would be huge. whether it be a push to more automation?
1:26 pm
that is certainly the case. texas a&m as they increase. the slower employment growth over time. >> we know the ordinance and we've done stories on it for years. at some point has to go up a little bit. that number is tough. liz: that looks moderate compared to $50. they need to be paid more and that's understood. >> some say get rid of it altogether. liz mcdonald era. an update on the millennial who took the photo with the guy on the plane, egypt air. there is video of this odd ordeal. we will show it to you. we put dagen on this.
1:27 pm
fox business will give you a fresh read on this. a fox business paul tonight at 7:00 with lou dobbs. we will be right back. you focus on making great burgers,
1:28 pm
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1:30 pm
connell: donald tom has been taking some heat in wisconsin and other places.
1:31 pm
the financial support while she is suffering from incurable disease. it was quite a moment. maybe not getting as much attention with everything else going around and going on. he called at the most beautiful moment of his campaign so far in the campaign trail. watch this. >> i just want to say thank you. you saved me in so many ways. in recent years i've been struggling with an incurable illness and i might home care now. in those states in the hospital i received from you a hand written letter that says to the bravest woman i know. i am here right now to thank you in person. it's my biggest dream. [applause] connell: so, we bring in wisconsin radio host. i know we were talking earlier about the influence of radio.
1:32 pm
a moment like this under someone like you, like charlie sykes who attacked two is not a fan of trump. a moment like this in another campaign would have an effect, with everything else going on doesn't seem like it is. your thoughts. >> i actually lay a great dad normally a moment like that would have a profound effect that the razor close. unfortunately for the trump campaign in wisconsin, there's been other overshadowed moments. it was a very nice moment. she was clearly isn't here. there are bad happening simultaneously in terms of news coverage that wiped that moment off the radar screen in terms of how much attention it got in our state. there were some ugly moments at a rally in james delta i really have kind captured the attention of television and newspaper
1:33 pm
media. connell: is always so much going on with the trump campaign. we talked about other issues earlier in the show. still others may but we won't get to today. all of the coming together in wisconsin. wisconsin has all this attention to itself now with the state voting on april 5th in a molded onto get on to new york and other states. what is it about wisconsin? something about the state where trump is struggling? maybe the radio industry is hurting it. or is it a coincidence and troubled with women, the abortion comments that have been a time wisconsin is voting. >> i would say this. there are rarely specific things about wisconsin. with regard to the other people at the event, remember we had the uprising here. a lot of big protests. we had a lot of yelling people. folks confronting one another on a daily basis, sometimes hourly basis.
1:34 pm
that was not done in -- i don't think anybody on either side of the aisle once repeated. when you see shades of that, instantly people recoil at the because i was there hard time to live through in our state in terms of day-to-day family interactions and talking to friends. i think the abortion comment may have an impact on him in our state. we have a very strong and very effective grassroots pro-life movement in our state. and what he said doesn't resonate at all with the pro-life movement and they are very serious people. mostly wealthy have been wisconsin is a group of grassroots organizers and grassroots activist that have been brought together in a coalition that was still kind of fragile when scott walker eventually became the nominee and eventually became the governor and then was expected to the coalition that brought
1:35 pm
wisconsin from a blue state red state. we are not technically red state. we are basically a purple state. not one that had ever been solidified. when donald trump comes into wisconsin and trashes the walker reforms in sort of mocks our situation, we don't take kindly to that and we don't let people get away with that easily. connell: it's been fascinating for all of us to watch the unique politics. vicki mckenna is a talk show host out there on the radio. we all know how influential radio is in wisconsin. another story of the convention. some companies are almost pulling out. it seems early to be talking about this. for sponsors for the republican convention don't want any part of it. >> let's keep it very simple. an activist group called color of change has launched a petition drive to pressure companies in the past have
1:36 pm
donated to republicans and democrats. this year, and pressuring them to the republican national committee to help sponsor the convention in cleveland. here's a quote from color of change in the petition. any sponsorship of a trump let convention will be an endorsement of his hate filled racist rhetoric and runs counter to the values of your company. who was getting this petition? among the companies making now, coca-cola donated $660,000 to the republican last time. according to "the new york times" from a distant $75,000 to the republicans and democrats. google, at&t, adobe systems and cisco are designated by color change as companies pressuring to pull out of the convention. they don't just give them money. no services, no money.
1:37 pm
at&t was announced as a partner in cleveland. i spoke to the head of the organization doing this. they promise all kinds of boycott and challenges to the companies should they not pull out of sponsoring or helping the republicans. the other issue at hand is donald trump. think back to 1968 and the riots in chicago. we have riots in that period of time. the companies being petition to pull out, do they want their brand associated with the candidate who has said if he's not nominated, there will be riots. this is msn so many ways that have traditionally donated to republicans than democrats they been targeted not to donate this time. i spoke to emily lauer. she said the phrase 54 million of the 64 million been made.
1:38 pm
more money to host a political convention ever been raised before and most of it than the bank. republicans does seem to be worried about this petition drive. >> another angle we haven't taught us. up until the convention is that there wasn't enough to watch. we had to its cleveland. tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern, brand-new fox business poll. lou dobbs will unveil it on this program. the marquette poll from yesterday getting all the attention of the template made from cruise overturned. the fox business poll will show wisconsin. we'll find out tonight. but they bored real quick. a lot of movement today the markets up by 6.5, almost seven points. a pretty big quarter for stocks. we will talk about it next. back in 90 seconds. at mfs investment management,
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>> good afternoon from the new york stock exchange. the fox business brief wrapping up the final trading day. up about 2%. though this today is the smallest trading range on the dowd november 2014. probably a little quiet ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. the employment reform after eight or d. eastern. the end of the quarter also brings some index reshuffling and portfolio reshuffling. we may see things pick up in terms of action towards the closing bell. for now, we are seeing a couple stocks they're hitting lifetime highs. donald said 7% in the quarter right now 1.15%. coca-cola coming off a little bit earlier. nasdaq down to -- for the quarter of 2%. whole foods, micron disappointed. more "cavuto: coast-to-coast" after this. ♪
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. connell: albright. the old picture is worth a thousand words. this guy on the plane with a potential terrorist everyone was talking about the other day. we add video. video emerging from the plane itself. egyptian air, the one that was hijacked. not only did this guy take a picture with the hijacker, the crew was more -- kind of cool and collected it looks like.
1:44 pm
dagen mcdowell joins us here in the studio to talk about this. dagen: he took two photos and the flight attendant as well took the photo. you will see they grow up big and britain. the flight attendant later seems to make the hijacker a cup of tea and then she sits down with him. apparently there is a report -- we were using the gentleman as an example of how millennial star self-centered, self obsessed and egotistical and arrogant. but apparently, according to the pilot, the copilot of the plane that they were using this as a ruse to get photos of the hijacker and ben sandman to authorities. in egypt. dagen: this is why it the copilot told "newsweek." i was sending everything back to cairo and sending everything to
1:45 pm
cyprus. i was just taking pictures of him. connell: they were in the air still at this time? dagen: this is when they were on the tarmac. in cyprus is where the plane landed. >> they are always sending text messages. do those pictures get to anybody? dagen: the copilot told "newsweek" they were sent back to cairo. so they would know who he was. it's still kind of crazy. take one, but not two. if you follow, mr. graeme, which i do sporadically, he was making anchorman faith in front of the apollo theater. connell: i was doing it for the campaign trail.
1:46 pm
dagen: he was wearing trousers. nobody listening on the show. like stephen leeb. they will suspend college sports contest indefinitely after this week. dagen: two words, game over. because it is gambling. connell: that may see my script and see if they could like to comment. dagen: two words came over because it is gambling. connell: dagen mcdowell joining us. the bidding war just heating up between marriott and the chinese company for starwood. we talk about the story before with everything going on with china. our next guest says the move is personal for the chinese. that is next.
1:47 pm
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connell: news alert out of washington. his story today that president obama and the chinese president are meeting today at the meeting should be getting underway as peter barnes told us quite shortly. we will follow that throughout the day on the global warming we had talked about earlier and if there's anything more on that we will bring it to you. the chinese marriott are in a bidding war and they want to buy the whole tile company starwood. it is a story we've talked about before. now as i said before with everything going on with china it becomes a more interesting story. it is personal for the chinese company. >> at it definitely ego in the chinese have been buying up real estate housing and hotels for years and they get their money outside of china into u.s.
1:51 pm
dollars. we all know that. i think they can out that not only economics. marriott an american company has been getting and they are an actual tug-of-war. but i think they can retire because of the currency war. we know how this to be portrayed and they do, too. that's what they want even more. priced as a matter of this of thing. >> price matters. the price matters more to marriott than it does to audubon. it is not a hotel company. it is actually a mid-level insurance company. do not recently the waldorf astoria for around $2 billion. on this trade, on this purchase it is not so much price that matters. marriott is 13.6 billion. dagen mcdowell is that 14 million. and soft rehash to start with more upside than marriott.
1:52 pm
but my wife keeps asking me is if the chinese windows bid, while the chinese acceptor starwood points. connell: that's a good one. she's thinking the right way. you don't want this to go away. spend them out. is this the chinese government story? i guess it always is. >> the chinese government has been restrict the amount of money so there's definitely concern. if i'm starwood i am concerned anban doesn't have enough assets as collateral if they can enforce the contract is difficult to make the deal happen whereas marriott has the dollars. connell: bloody thing happens? a >> i think mary apple pushes high as they can. we are to the point where it makes sense and anban could still reach higher. the question is whether starwood decides to go with anban with the litigation risk. connell: so much more than a straight story.
1:53 pm
just finding out and we've been talking today about the guantánamo bay detainees and how they are re-engaging in terror prism according to some stories. and we have the pentagon announcing a dozen more transfers heading this weekend to africa. republican congressman from virginia joins us on this. what do you make of this? >> most americans are very concerned about isis. it seems sometimes the present is more concerned about releasing terrorists from guantánamo bay. what we do know is that those detainees released, dirty% of them either be engage in terrorism or are suspected of reading engaged in terrorism. of all of the detainees that have been at guantánamo bay, and no detainee has been missed mistreated, tortured or has ever killed an american. some of the detainees released have killed americans and that is the fact most people are concerned about. connell: you know the argument
1:54 pm
on the other side that this does help relations with other countries and also makes us safer because essentially people don't hate america as much as things like this happen. you say what? >> is kind of a fallacious argument. one of the concerns we have is when people commit terrorism we want them locked up. we don't want them recommending this again. it doesn't make sense to have to recapture them and that makes people of americans more. may 28th, 2010, i had one of the first provisions that stop the president for bringing terrorists to u.s. soil which is what he first wanted to do. he needs to be careful about releasing them in other places around the globe. >> we do have terrorism trials here in new york. authorities manage them and they go on. people are compared to been sent to jail or whatever happens. the trial state laser may have
1:55 pm
taken place on american soil. >> with the president doesn't tell you is the fact the moment they hate u.s. soil, these terrorists could increase and enhance constitutional right they wouldn't get if we prosecuted them in guantánamo bay. they can sometimes make it very difficult to use the evidence we used when recapture those terrorists terrorists and other places around the globe. the final thing he doesn't tie you as if you house them in u.s. soil, you basically put a target on every elementary school, shopping mall, retail store. we'd rather have been at guantánamo bay. connell: what do you think will happen if the republican is elected president? will guantánamo bay exists going forward? are we too far down the line? what will happen if a hypothetical republican becomes president? >> at the republican becomes president he will have a shift
1:56 pm
in priority. you and i won't talk as much about wonton am a bay and terrorists there. we will talk about the fact will finally have a strategy and the commitment to make sure we are actually destroying isis or that is what most americans want to see and what a republican nominee would get for us. connell: thank you, congressman for some state of virginia. another quick look at the market. 4.5 points of the doubt. 17,000 in the big picture and in the quarter. a good couple of months for stocks. more coming up.
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. .
1:59 pm
connell: count on "cavuto: coast to coast" with breaking news. when we get new tweets we show you new tweets. rand paul, major announcement of former presidential candidate, when will we make the announcement? tomorrow. reed along. stay tuned. we will. rand paul coming out with endorsement. wait until you sees what
2:00 pm
lou dobbs has to say in fox business network poll. everyone talking about the marquette and lead for cruz with trump. let's see what fox business poll shows. lou reveals that. we have live coverage the which is primary at 8:00 p.m. -- wisconsin. now trish riege goon. trish: donald trump made talking about women being punished for illegal abortions. he is walking back his comments. kind of unusual for "the donald." i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump getting pushed by let-leaning msnbc, about a hypothetical issue of abortion. he later says doctors should be ones to face punishment. his enemies are out to get him. we have political implications


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