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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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for that april fool's joke. [laughter] >> when he said april 1st, i was like, wait a minute. great conversation, everybody. gary, sandra smith, jack otter, joni courtney, steve cortez, have a great weekend. go carolina. i'll see you on sunday. "varney & company" begins now. over to you. stuart: maria, thanks very much indeed. hillary irritated, donald struggling. bernie has momentum and so does ted cruz and elon musk, tesla surging. and hillary wagging her finger saying i'm sick of the sander's campaign saying about me. >> and trump losing with women, evangelicals and conservatives. an of a meeting, he's trying to
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make peace with the republican party. tesla, stock of the day, it's up big time. a brilliant introduction of the model 3, every man's electric car. 103,000 ordered just in the first hours. here is how not to introduce a car, a porsche goes up in flames at the new york auto show. take a look first, no fooling edition of "varney & company" and yes, we are about to begin. ♪ >> whoa, this doesn't look good. here is how we're going to open the market this morning in about a half hour's time. it's steady as she goes on the jobs front. 215,000 new jobs created. but listen to this, 47,000 of them were new retail jobs. now, they don't usually pay a lot of money in terms of wages and there were 29,000 fewer manufacturing jobs, those are
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lost jobs and they send to be high paid, factor that into the opening of the market. tesla stock is going to open strong and i mean very strong. a big debut for the model 3, with a base price of $34,000 up from there. now the company says more than 150,000 of those model 3's have been pre-ordered, just since the release yesterday. how about mcdonald's, again, near all-time highs, that stock has been on fire, up 30% just since last april. fox business network, a poll, wisconsin, cruz, trum p and kasich. this was taken before trump's gaffe on abortion. trump trails with women, evangelicals and those who say they're very conservative. trump meeting with the
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republican party, trying to make peace and here is what he said about the meeting. roll tape. >> well, it was a very good meeting and we met with the staff. it's a unity meeting and i think they wanted to discuss unity and like discussing unity, too. stuart: it's a unity meeting. singing kumbayah why don't we. here an r.n. c chair, what he said about the meeting, listen up. >> i'm not really worried in record to supporting the eventual nominee or the party, they've all agreed to that by virtue in one days signing our data agreement. they're not going to get the data and the tools of the sea and run to be our nominee and tell me that they're not going to support the party. it doesn't work that way. stuart: i thought that was a key statement right there. we're not going to give you the tools of the rnc and support the nominee. ashley: if you don't play along.
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this whole kumbayah, trump saying, i like unity. it's the next headline, he's so volatile donald trump, we don't know what's going to set him off next, all of this hugging can go out the window quickly. an interesting meeting between trump and his inner circle and head honchos. and at one point he turned to their staff and not doing their job properly, ie, louisiana. and ted cruz was clever going around picking up those delegates that weren't committed. trump said how did it happen. he got out politically and he turned on his own crew and said you need to be better. stuart: i like when you said, you never know what's going to set him off again. ashley: that's right. you never know. stuart: it seems that trump knows he's in trouble here, behind in the wisconsin polls. fighting scandal all the way, and he knows he's in trouble, i think.
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>> there's no question. this is the first time we've really seen trump not owning his message and not for just a day or two days, it didn't start with this abortion gaffe, it started about a week ago or two weeks ago with a war of the wives. usually what he's been able to do is say, he's on his message and he pivots right back to making america great again and pivots back to his base and getting the moment tum and energy behind him. he is not doing that right now,s' back on his heels, he's defensive, and so, he had to do something now, and going in and having this meeting and saying, i'm having a meeting a unity meeting, i love unity, you know, i think that-- he had to do something and he had to get back, people back together and now he has to start trying to give a message, first time we've seen it. stuart: first time we've seen him step backward a little from the style. ashley: how long it last, i don't like to be a pessimist. >> and the question, is it authentic. the one thing we had about donald trump is authenticity and now, is it?
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>> well said. i'm going to break away from politics 'cause there's something going on with tesla's stock today, the electric car people. i'm going to say this, elon musk has done it again. lauren simonetti is here. that's an extraordinary introduction of the model 3. >> absolutely. excited to bring you this story. unveiling the model 3, pre-orders of through the roof. 115,000 in the first 25 hours, more than 130,000. many placing their orders without seeing the car. we saw the car last night. here are the specs, $the price tag, $35,000, less after federal and state incentives. car fast, goes from zero to 60 in 60 seconds-- >> six. >> at tesla we-- and of course, there will be versions of the model 3 that go faster.
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you won't buy a car for $35,000 or close even if you get no options. >> zero to 60 in six seconds. they will have competition, the prue yus at 24,000, chevy volt and the in you one, the bolt, which hasn't come out yet and the nissan leaf priced around $30,000. we've got to show you tesla stock, check it out. look at the bid-ask, 7, 7 1/2% on the news and maybe investors are thinking finally this is the car to make the company profitable. stuart: em i'm not saying anything. >> you laugh. stuart: because i've been down on elon musk, because his company is based on green tax credits, i'm not sure i like that. >> i hear you. ashley: i wanted to bring up oil, gas prices so low, it hurts elon musk and electric cars, saudi arabia said we're not going to freeze until iran does. that put the oil prices sinking
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fast down almost 4% on those comments. stuart: that's what-- now, this is important, that's why oil down 4%. yeah. stuart: the dow is going to open down about 120 points. are we on board with that. ashley: which ties back to the electric car story with gas prices going down it's a harder sell. stuart: but 150,000 pre-orders. >> and the sx, was expensive. that customer didn't care about the prices, but this customer does. stuart: i take it all back, mr. musk. let' go to the jobs reports. 215,000 new jobs created last month. the number i'll focus on 9.4 million. 9.4 independent contractor or temporary jobs created between 2005 and 2015.
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9.4 million, they're not jobs with solid benefit, anything, but. the former chief of staff under george w. bush, paul, those economists are questioning the quality of the jobs that are being created. i think we've got reason to question the quality of the jobs in the latest jobs report. >> you absolutely do. the numbers and the trend i think is going in the right direction, but the quality of the jobs, meaning full-time meaningful jobs which reflects somebody's skills and education, is really the issue. a study that came out and more data coming on this from alan krueger and lauren catz of princeton and harvard, they're focusing on the contract work force since 2005, the heaviest hit sector is women where you see near doubling of women in the work force across all sectors of education and background, where more and more women are going on contract jobs. so they're unat the time they a are-- they're untethered.
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>> i think that's why the president can claim it's a recovery. when you dig into the numbers, you understand were so many people feel this is not a really robust economy, a robust job market. and by the way, did i see -- i want to repeat this, 47,000 new retail sector jobs just last month. even though retail sales are flat, 29,000 fewer manufacturing jobs last month. high pay gone, low pay, here they come. that tells a story, i think. >> it's a huge story. that's why the quality of work ap the types of jobs are important. if you're strictly looking at the metric of numbers, then you can say it's going in the right direction and feel good about it. but it's more than that. it's about the sense of people being able to earn money to pay off loans, to buy houses. you have one of the highest incidents rates right now or rates of people renting in major metropolitan areas compared to home ownership. and i think this goes to that issue of what types of jobs do people have and how much money
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are they earning to meet their aspirations? because i don't think, i don't think that people should surrender their aspirations because of government policy that gets in the way of creating meaningful jobs that pay well. >> all right, we hear it. >> you bet. >> april fool's, it's april fool's day. >> yes, it is. stuart: and google played a joke on gmail users a lot are not april about. explain it. >> they created a gmail mic drop buttton, next to the send buttton. what happened, it's supposed to be it conversation and at the end of the e-mail you get a picture of the minion and drops the mic and ends the conversation. stuart: where is that? i don't see anything. >> like the minion, with a crown on. anyway, what happened was, people didn't understand what this was all about and started using it and got into trouble, like people applying for jobs. a huge backlash and people saying, i lost a potential job
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opportunity because it made me look stupid. when you send it, you can't get a reply, it ends the conversation, gosh, story, we thought it was a good idea, and took it down less than 12 hours after they put it up. one woman put up prayer requests for a sad story and used this by mistakes and this is what happened. stuart: do you remember the bbc show 30, 40 years ago, you wouldn't remember this. april fool's. ashley: i know what you were going to say, spaghetti. stuart: they had a guy clipping spaghetti off trees. it was bbc's april fool's joke. ashley: millions bought it. stuart: they thought it was true. ashley: spaghetti trees. stuart: the guy with the british accent. we can't ignore this, look at the futures market. we're down triple digits. a big drop in oil has brought stock prices down about 100 points on the opening bell. up next, police in belgium claim dozens of isis
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>> oil down big. a buck 42, reaching the $36 a barrel level. why is the stock -- there's a relationship, it's called the webster ratio, oil down, stocks down. oil down $1 a barrel. stocks down 100 points. it works again. ashley: i have a book coming out in the next couple of months. [laughter] >> the saudies says they're not going to freeze their output unless iran does it first. that's the story. according to one report, police in brussels say at least 50 isis supporters are working as badge handlers, cleaners, badge -- baggage handling staff.
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judy, it seems that any european countries have problems here they have substantial muslim minorities many of whom are working in airports and places look that. it's a huge problem. >> i wish this open letter from the larging police union in belgium was a joke. i wish it was an april fool's joke, it is not. it basically said they had been complaining for months about lax security. they said in an open letter to a flemish newspaper that they have asked for not only more weapons and better uniforms because they don't even have enough uniforms to go around for their 22,000 members, they had asked for perimeter, security check around the airport in december and that that request had been denied. this is from the head of that union. and they have not been able to get anyone to pay attention to security, to the fact that the company that hires people to handle baggage to do the catering, to clean up that these people are recruited from
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the very areas that are considered to be hot beds of muslim activity, islamic activity. stuart: this is impossible-- it is an impossible situation where 5, 6, 7% of your population is muslim. >> right. stuart: and they've become suspects in situation the like this. i had i-- i hate to say it, but they are. >> you must do security checks and you have to be certain that people who have access to the cockpits have been screened for islamist activities. they told that the belgium press, that there were people cheering after they learned of this. when it's coming from people who protect the airport, by the way, it's not just belgium. the same kind of security checks and double checks have now been going on charles default airpor--
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degault airport, they have questions of the loyalties of people who work there, it's a huge problem and a basic problem, if you can do this, what else can you do. stuart: should have been on the front page of the new york times. judy miller, former new york times. an irritated hillary clinton snaps at a reporter, she's sick of bernie sanders telling lies about her. >> i am so sick -- i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere,
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> ford motor company out with sales numbers, up 8% year to year, cheap gas fueling the numbers. best quarter for suv sales in ford's history. the f series, the big pickup truck, 9% increase in sales there, march and first quarter the best of the decade. not bad at all. hillary clinton, frustrated. that's an understatement, during a climate change activist, watch this again. >>
9:24 am
all right, ashley, did bernie respond? >> yes, indeed. here is what he said, the truth is secretary of clinton has relied heavily on funds from working on gas and oil industry super pac received from the fossil fuel industry. if secretary clinton wants to discuss this, she should agree to a debate in new york. stuart: she's rattled is she not. >> she seems to be, a little more than frustrated. this has been week of the meltdown. i think we've seen more than a few candidates on their heels, she's got to be exhausted on the campaign a long time, but you can't let your emotions show like this, you can nt. ashley: flustered. stuart: it was about the oil industry. >> right. stuart: the oil and the gas industry have delivered cheap home heating oil, cheap natural gas to heat your house, cheap gasoline, all of those enjo i had by poor and elderly new yorkers and they're railing
9:25 am
against the oil and gas industry. it makes no sense to me. >> i don't know when companies got to be enemy number one and the whole of the democratic party now, we're hearing anti-pharma, anti-oil, anti-banks. well, these are all services that we all live on and need and i don't know why it's gotten to be enemy number one. it's important that we have these services each and every day. aside from that, hillary clinton is clearly having issues. look what she's going through in new york, it's at play. we've got-- >> i think so. stuart: bernie is catching up with her. a few months ago he was 30 points behind. latest poll i saw 12 points behind. lee carter, thanks indeed. oil, the price thereof, is down. the news on oil is that the saudies are not committing to an oil production freeze until iran does. how about tesla, stock of the day, surprises everyone with massive pre-orders for its new
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car. the stock is about to soar and the opening bell is next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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>> we're going to open up this friday morning and we're going to open down. why are we going to open down? because the price is down and lose 90, maybe 100 off and running. we're off and running, 9:30 eastern time. check out where we're doing, down 23, down 32, we're off, we're going to be down. it's oil that's going to drag stocks down. the reason for the big loss, the saudies say they're not going to freeze output, oh, no, not unless iran does it first. in other words, the supply train keeps rolling. liz macdonald, ashley, scott, i want to discuss this relationship. oil down, stocks down. explain it. >> well, you know, traditionally or at least the last few months, they've been kinding trending in lock step,
9:31 am
some times more than others. the saudies aren't going to let the oil go until everybody else is beaten up or out of business. why would they do that? they're in the low price world domination and want to be the wall street of oil, and they're not going to stop. i think that's really what's got oil making a move in spite of a weaker dollar. i think that the stock market coming off today. stuart, we want to talk about 18,000 or almost all-time record highs, but if anybody can look at me without laughing and tell me that they're going to have an all-time record high with their own personal income and economic situation at home. something doesn't jibe and i think that stocks feel that. stuart: that's a good one. you were listening to that, what do you say? >> when you have oil, lower profits for energy companies and you should get higher profits for retailers, and that hasn't been happening. i think it's because gasoline expenditures are just lower as a percentage of household
9:32 am
budgets than they used to be, we're getting the bad on profits and not much of the good. the price of gas is now 2.06, going up a penny a day for what it's worth. i want to look at tesla, stock of the day. very nice pop. $15 higher, 6 1/2%, it debuted the model 3, huge pre-orders. liz, is there a problem under the surface liz: yeah, wall street talking about severe cash burn. tesla only has $1.2 billion in cash, five times the level of debt and also that tax credit, that $7500 tax credit that makes tesla's car for the masses cheaper is going to expire after it sells 200,000 vehicles, it's well on its way toward that and tesla needs to do more in disclosing how many of electric cars it's sold. stuart: pre-orders of 150,000 liz: if it hits, 200,000 or more, that's it, don't get the tax cut.
9:33 am
stuart: and the base price and then when you get on the car. general motors. ashley: general motors okay. the total sales up nearly 1%, but among the different models, buick 11%, impressive year over year and cadillac showing some nice gains, 6%. so, not as good as ford i would say, but still on the plus side. stuart: am i reading it correctly, up .9%, 0.9% year over year. so ford was up 8%, full 8%. >> the car makers are like companies in severe decline. so if we're growing, i think it's great news for the stock. stuart: okay, look at the big board, please, we're now down 103 points, three and a half minutes into the session, down 100 points. remember, we're coming off the best quarterly comeback for stocks since the 1930's. that's a rebound and a half. is it for real?
9:34 am
i'm not going to pass judgment on this. is it for real, jack? >> we need some earnings growth. where is the earnings growth? you want multiples to expand further from here, we don't want to get into the bubble territory, stocks are priced relative to earnings, show me some growth. i'll show you a case for a significantly higher stock market, but i think that returns are going to be ho-hum from here. stuart: in other words, we've about reached the peak. that's all you're going to get? >> prepare for slower returns than you're used to from here. ashley: i suggest, earnings have been dreadful recently, i don't have high hopes for the quarter that's just finished. the global economy is weak, as we know, i think it's inflated to be honest to you. >> tell you, the go-go momentum stocks are out of favor and some of the stocks are coming around. stuart: liz. >> bears are on the march and bulls are on the run here. the u.s. is still the tallest midget in the world when it comes to markets around the world.
9:35 am
stuart: how many cliches can you pack into one statement liz: as many as i can, no buzzer. [buzzer] >> i can hear shellady laughing from chicago. there you go. the chinese insurance company walking away from the starwood deal. give me the story, those two hotel chains-- >> i call it a mysterious deal. the insurance company formed back. it's 12 years old. stuart: 12 years old. ashley: multiple layers of companies and 30 companies across china. it's hard to get a handle on it and they say it's owned by more than 30 corporate owners and paid nearly $2 for the waldorf-astoria recently and a lot of people say their balance sheet is strained to the hilt, but what do we know really who is behind this company? we don't. stuart: we'll find out on
9:36 am
shortly on this program. dow industrials now down 111 points. how about that? let's see what else have we got here? we've got stocks to go? let's go with gold, best quarter in almost 30 years, that was the last quarter. down $17 today. a couple of big names we're watching, mcdonald's, close to an all-time high again. facebook, it's launched oculus rift and people are complaining about seasickness and oculus face. you put the helmet on and you have a red mark from that. >> rash. [laughter] >> it's the red mark liz: invest in johnson & johnson, they make dramamine. that's a jack pick. >> i'm usually much better looking, i just have oculus face. [laughter] e. stuart: sales down at blackberry, that's still around. down to $7 a share now. look at amazon, expanding, i
9:37 am
don't understand this, expanding dash buttons, liz. >> this continues and so do the cliches. this is key, amazon makes the dash buttons, they look like keychain bobs, that have the brand logo on it and lets you immediately order its hooked via wi-fi to the internet, you click that button and your bounty or whatever that is comes to the door. they trippled the number. now they've got a hundred dash buttons up by 80. and now you can order slim jim beef jerky, doritos, red bull and trojan condoms. >> i great you a great saturday night what you could order. doritos, condoms. you don't have to go to the supermarket and have the cashiers scream, hey, what's
9:38 am
the price for 36 tampons or 36 trojans, you do it from your house. ar he in shock now. stuart: i'm reading, actually. i've got a perfect segue, breaking news, fiat chrysler, you've got-- okay. >> i'm going to do straight news now. up 8% and watch this, u.s. car sales all in with trucks, 17.1 million annualized. that's pretty decent. ashley: the best in eight years, by the way. stuart: that is strong. 17, that's pretty good. general motors up .9. ford up 8%. and fiat chrysler 8%. >> everybody is waiting for the bottom to fall out here, but it's not happening. the sales continue. stuart: very good car, sir, got to say. the solar company, solar energy. the grim reaper, days are numbered. explain it. ♪ . nicole: there's the music. the stock is down 7% today. down about 90% this year, and now the department of justice issued a subpoena looking at
9:39 am
sun edison and they want to know what happened with the failed deal vivid solar. it's a deal that they backed out of last summer and failed to move forward. the hedge funds looked at this and wondered why. investors were upset by it. not only are they looking at the company, but also looking at one nonexecutive employee who may be guilty of wrongdoing. so that's a factor here. of course, solar panels have been hot, but not this one. stuart: got it, thanks very much indeed. quick look at starwood and marriott, two hotel chains. china's insurance company has abandoned its $14 billion bid for starwood hotels. maybe that paves the way for marriott to step in and make another bid. joining us by phone is ryan, a starwood analyst with can accor. welcome to the program. i'm not sure about the company,
9:40 am
anbang. they're spending billions around the world. i call it a mysterious company, what about you? >> it's fair, it's mysterious. it's an insurance company trying to grow the asset base outside of china and the ceo and chairman is married to the granddaughter of one of the former leaders of the political party and having navigating the mine field the way that few others could do. stuart: when chinese companies makes bids for american companies, they've got mysterious background, does it throw into doubt the whole idea of china money coming in and buying american assets? >> you know, i think it depends on the scale. we've certainly seen chinese money able to come in and buy things at a reasonable scale.
9:41 am
we haven't seen a scale anywhere near what anbang was offering. 4 1/2 billion. the officer on the table recently pulled by anbang was 14 billion. so about three times the size. i think on the smaller scale, it's doable. stuart: ryan, we hear you, thanks for coming on the show. appreciate it. final issue for everybody, france has millionaires leaving. what is that about? we've not numbers on this. >> from the south african outfit new world wealth. they're saying that 10,000 last year, millionaires left. it wasn't for taxes. they had been leeching, remember gerard depar-- went to russia.
9:42 am
and people there are saying you're putting political correctness over our security. ashley: 7,000 millionaires left since 2015 because of the terror attacks. stuart: i do want to wrap it up and scott shellady, we haven't spoken to him in ten minutes. wrap it up, lat word to you, scott shellady. >> i want everybody to get a grip and realize where we've come from and we haven't come far. we've eight months of almost free money, participation rate sales, we can't import any inflation and we want to keep talking about this stock market gaining all-time highs when again nobody can look at me without laughing and saying they're an all-time high in their personal economic situation or work economic situations, it just doesn't add up. something is broken. we're going to have to pay the piper some day. stuart: that's a pretty good last word i'd say. jack and scott, thanks, everybody. appreciate you being with us on a friday morning.
9:43 am
fox business out with its own polls, trump way behind cruz in wisconsin and that was way above the recent gaffe. trump may be in trouble? question mark. ♪ what's that sound, everybody look what's going ♪ ♪ stop now what's that sound, everybody look what's going ♪ ♪ stop, children, what's that sound ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit
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>> oh, stock alert. we're coming back, coming back, not much, but we are coming back, down 97 instead of 110. check the output. oil down, stocks down, that's what we've got. fox business network, a poll among wisconsin likely g.o.p. primary voters. cruz 42, trump 32, john kasich 19. that poll was taken before donald trump's gaffe on abortion. joining us, congressman a republican from wisconsin. congressman, i've had on this program in the last week, i've
9:47 am
had two radio hosts from wisconsin vigorously anti-trump. i've had a newspaper editor vigorously anti-trump. what is it about wisconsin that makes the voter so dislike donald trump? i know you're a cruz guy. >> yeah, i will tell you that i think that wisconsin voters have for a very long time now, even going back to december and january, talked radio in particular has not been favorable to donald trump. they don't view him as a real conservative and those voices have been dominant in every market. jerry bader in green bay, charlie sykes and mark belling, vicky mckenna in milwaukee, they have not been favorable to um interest p and that earned media he's been getting everyone where else pass back fired on him and exponentially helped cruz and kasich. >> in other states, trump has been popular with evangelicals, but in wisconsin he's losing huge to ted cruz among evangelicals.
9:48 am
>> yes. stuart: he's losing huge among women and among conservatives? >> yes, he is. and i think on the evangelical thing, that retweet that he did of heidi cruz mel and melania, i think that hurt him, as i go about green bay and appleton, i hear it repeatedly from g.o.p. voters that that was insulting to many of the evangelicals and to women voters, hurt him. stuart: and i think donald trump attacked the governor, scott walker, that's probably a no-no in wisconsin amongst republicans, isn't it? >> well, it is among republicans. i mean, the state assembly, state senate and the governor have done all the conservative wish list reforms that virtually every republican in wisconsin wanted and so to come in here and lie about the deficit has hurt him because he is now attacking kind of the favorite son right here in wisconsin in governor walker.
9:49 am
it was a real mistake for mr. trump. stuart: you've got your finger pretty firmly on the pulse of politics in wisconsin. at the moment our fox business poll shows ted cruz with a 10-point lead over donald trump, that was taken just last week or the early part of this week, i should say. in your opinion, is it possible that cruz could win by more than 10 points? that would be a real disaster for donald trump. >> i think even more than that. he could win by more than 10 points. it's possible that donald trump could come in third in wisconsin. governor kasich and ted cruz have something that has not been talked about much in the media and that is a superior ground game, with the grass roots, which is important to wisconsin voters and campaigning. and they are exponentially better than where mr. trump is. so it will be interesting to watch. stuart: headline in the wall street journal today, trump has met his waterloo and it's called wisconsin.
9:50 am
i like that one, i wish i would have written it, but i didn't. sir, thanks for joining us. we'll talk to you next week after the primary, thanks a lot. >> always good to be with you, stuart. stuart: sure thing. the campus lunacy spreading. students at kansas university distraught over pro trump messages written in chalk. they're feeling distressed, concerned. more varney after this. you both have a
9:51 am
9:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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9:54 am
>> and here is the state in play with your money. stocks down 92 points down on the dow. oil down about a buck and a half at this moment. the hit webster ratio. and now this, a group of students fearful of the trump name, chalk marks. a student at university of kansas, his name is eric. i take it you're not one of those afraid of the trump signs. have i got that right, eric? >> you would be correct, yeah. stuart: now i've got a question for you. let's follow this through. let's suppose the students afraid and requiring safe zones on the college campus, what happens when they get a job, speculate with me, eric. tell me. >> yeah, that's a good question. it's always a question of when does this stop? you talk to business leaders every day on your show and it's interesting, i would be
9:55 am
surprised to hear if they're prepared to have safe space in their work environment. i'm a catholic so i'm going to expect from now on at work during lent fridays during lent, the refrigerators have trigger warnings in face there's meat in there. i'm an immigrant so-- and the president of emery which had the chalk mark trump problems, he's gone out on the campus and putting in chalk for free speech. that's what he's saying, what you're seeing on your screen is something different. as of this morning, the president of emery is out there putting his own chalks up saying free speech. wouldn't you like to see the same thing at kansas university? >> well, yeah, and i think there is blame to go around. it's interesting, it's the environment on these college campuses and campus reform reported at emery, they're having their disagreement.
9:56 am
it's allowing students and faculty to feign this outrage over political speech. when does it stop? i'm not trump fan, but when i walk by the trump signs there are one of two things i can do, do what you're supposed to do at a college campus have a robust dialog and prepare ooh for the real world or like an adult, i can walk by it, it's chalk and shouldn't require a huge response from the university because it shouldn't be an issue. stuart: can you give me a rough idea the numbers on each side of this debate on your campus? how many students really do feel they need a safe space away from trump signs, and how many people on the other side, very much in favor of free speech? >> yeah, i would say the free speech still wins. the thing is that the students requiring a safe space and students that are fanning this outrage are louder and that's i suppose by the very nature of this issue, the students who don't feel the need for a safe space are those who are quietly able to go about their day and not overreact.
9:57 am
so i would say the good news about this is that most students are able to do this and that we are reaching a bit of a critical mass in the is sense that people is realizing this is ridiculous. i suppose the bad news then would be the students who are outraged by this might go out into the real world as we discussed realize that the real world does not have safe spaces and they're going to retreat to college campuses and be the professors and administrators of the next generation and it could keep going. stuart: well said, eric powell. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. thank you. >> glad to be with you, thank you. stuart: just as iran starts a new round of missile tests, president obama holds a nuclear summit. the nuclear deal with iran is in focus. french millionaires leaving the country in droves. why is that? because france has a migrant problem and a terror problem. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> a live look at hershey, pennsylvania.
10:00 am
governor john kasich about to hold a town hall. politics, front and center once again. the first ever fox business polls outfront, the two runners, that would be the two frontrunners, both losing ground in wisconsin and actually, both losing in wisconsin. all right, we'll bring you those polls. red arrows on stocks and oil. the saudies say they won't freeze production unless iran does. down goes oil, down goes stocks. oh, look at tesla, soaring on pre-orders of the new model 3. huge-- not as much as it was. politics and money dominate. here comes hour two. ♪ all right. we're going to get to stocks and get to oil in a moment, but first, we have the first ever fox business polls. let's have the numbers, ashley, starting with the republicans. ashley: republicans, in a vote for president, this is
10:01 am
interesting, on the wisconsin primary voters, clinton comes in at 49%, by the way to trump's 35%, but here we have op cruz with a nice 10% lead. 42 over 32, kasich with 19. so, we've seen this in other polls and this just kind of reemphasizes the gap. stuart: that's the latest poll. ashley: yes, march 28th and 30th. how about democrats? >> take a look at this, bernie sanders with a lead, 48 to 43%, don't forget hillary clinton has been in wisconsin, but put a lot of focus here in new york. so sanders has grown and is slightly in the lead. stuart: that looks to me like a bernie surge, bernie sanders surge in wisconsin and maybe also in new york. the hillary camp may be a little worried about this? jessica, democrat, is with us this morning. you were-- if you're a hillary supporter, i don't know whether you are or not. >> i totally am. stuart: are you worried in new york. >> i'm not worried, but she has
10:02 am
a 14 point lead, but we had a more than 20 point lead. she's from here though and i think you're going to see a battle between someone, you know of the progressive left and someone who won the whole state, and what hillary famously did as senator she went to every single county in new york and won a lot of republican counties back in upstate new york and that's where they're headed today and all the clintons are out for this. there's cause for concern in new york, wisconsin and on a national level. bernie sanders is running a phenomenal insurgent campaign. stuart: i think that hillary clinton, while she was noticeably irritated before being confronted by a climate activist and meeting voters. listen to this. that's pretty strong. i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. she's rattled.
10:03 am
>> i wouldn't call that rattled. that's terribly-- the sanders campaign, it's a very difficult line to toe here. i feel in a lot of ways, it might be controversial, but bernie sanders gets treated with more kid gloves than hillary clinton does. we hear about how loud she's talking, how soft she's talking. what she's done wrong, what she's accusing the sanders campaign of. you can't really go after him. bernie sanders is not a perfect person. he has a long legislative career he was against gay marriage and for civil unions. he's been on the side of the n.r.a. don't vote for ted kennedy's immigration bill. he's not the hero that his team makes him out to be and she gets railed on constantly. i understand the frustration, frustrated, yes, not necessarily rat theed. this is a woman who sat in front of the benghazi-- >> you look for rattled than she does. >> i'm not rattled i'm frustrated as she is. me and my girl are both
10:04 am
frustrated. it's not about his qualifications. stuart: she's not a great campaigner. >> she is not as good as her husband and not as good as barack obama and i thought it was a really telling, wonderful open moment where she admitted that. and she said that it's, you know, one of her weaknesses and everyone then ran with that. just because she's not as good as probably the best campaigner in history who she happens to be married to, doesn't make her a bad candidate. stuart: can't make someone a good candidate. politics is an art form. i think you're born with it. the ability-- >> and you're saying this woman isn't born with political skills. stuart: not the voters. she's not got that skill down, she hasn't got it. >> i disagree and i know-- >> she's not likeable. ashley: she doesn't relate to the average voters and struggles from crowds. she would much rather be at a distance than to go into a the crowd and shake hands. that's a big part of a poll ligs.
10:05 am
>> that doesn't mean she's going to lose because of it. ashley: she's hard pressed. >> when it comes to experience, hillary clinton for a landslide. stuart: i gave you an extra 90 seconds. >> and you can deduct it next week if i'm being crazy. stuart: and the excess. and the dow is coming back, we were down 120 almost and now down 65. wait a minute, we've got news from the manufacturing sector, liz, what happened liz: a better than expected read in the manufacturing sector. 51.8 and anything below is recessionary, but still, the jobs report came in strong, this number comes in strong, the market not really taking it to heart though. the u.s. cut 29,000 jobs in this report. stuart: the manufacturing report didn't help the market liz: neither did-- >> i take that back, the manufacturing report did help the market we're now down only 45 points
10:06 am
liz: that's a look at it. got it, okay. stuart: i want to take time to look at tesla. this is the stock of the day, or least it was a half hour ago. it's still up $10. huge demand in terms of pre-orders for the new model 3, base price $35,000, but it goes up from there, ash. ashley: right, you put $1,000 down and you can put in the order for it. well over 100,000, it's supposed to be available the end of next year and all the analysts say, believe it when i see it. nevertheless, the interest in this cars is huge. stuart: if they get to 200,000 model sales of the model 3 liz: all electric cars. stuart: all cars, then you lose the tax break liz: tesla needs to start talking. stuart: if you get to 200,000, you lose the tax break. they sold 150,000 pre-orders, they're pretty close to you don't get the tax break liz: they need to get into that
10:07 am
and how it affects this. stuart: i don't expect to hear that from elon musk. something that's important, a new isis threat on airports in europe. what's that about. ashley: this is interesting, came from a police union in belgium who said we've shouted for a long time there's not proper security, claims there are up to 50 isis supporters working at the brussels airport, catering, cleaning, baggage crew and sensitive areas and now it's sparked checks of other airports, charles de gaulle airport, they're saying, look, we raised this point months ago, we asked for a security cordon around the airport because it comes to light that we had this attack. stuart: this is an extremely difficult problem for europe with a very large muslim population. ashley: very much. stuart: some of whom are suspect.
10:08 am
it's a difficult discussion to have. why don't i bring in pete. you're a military kind of guy, but you understand what's going on in europe and it seems to me to be a dire threat to the security across the continent. >> the enemy has infiltrated at the doorstep. they've used the migrant crisis, but did it over the course of a decade. they not only have jihadists willing, but hide them before. and we're seeing in in germany, london, elsewhere, and concerns about soft locations, you can't build a perimeter around everything. at some point there's a nonsecurity space. and the enemy understands that exploits that. stuart: what do you do with a european condition, 3 or 4% of your population is muslim. you're trying to run an airport and if you employ muslims, they're immediately suspect. that's terrible to say, but it's the truth. if you've got 50 isis sympathizers at the brussels airport just attacked, how do
10:09 am
you run a secure company in that? i don't think you can do it. >> it's important because the countries focused on assimilation, haven't fully integrated them. and it turns almost to a racial or racist or reaction. they haven't inculcated this em and there are no good options. stuart: how do you? >> you've got to engage, have informants, have intelligence. ted cruz took criticism for patrols, but we are mae not at that point in the united states, but in europe there are certain areas where there is no civilian control other than those islamic societies and you need to go back by force and say either you're a member of french society or you're a member of belgian society or you're not. we're going to regain control of these areas. there's going to be contention. stuart: oh, fighting in the streets. >> either they do that now or continue to have a silent infiltration that leads to more attacks. stuart: what do you make of the president's plan to bring a lot of the migrants in north africa
10:10 am
to the united states. >> how can you say that's a good idea? >> you're saying don't bring them in unless they're processed properly or go further than that, don't bring them in because it's a numbers game and you if you get to a certain point where this minority has such numbers, you've crossed a tippingpoint. a very difficult argument to make. >> it is a difficult argument to make, but it's reality. in london the most popular boys' name is mohammad. 25-- they're having ten kids and folks in england are having one or two. there is demographics, they're playing a long game. they're thinking the next hundred years, and we're thinking the next tweet. and it's not that the modern muslims are evil, they're not, it's the mass population to swim amongst them. it's dangerous in europe. we have to be careful how to intergreat. demand assimilation, and buy into the american dream because they can and will. that's how you solve this. ashley: and david cameron
10:11 am
proposed that and got roundly criticized. he says got to know the language and get a job and be a part of society. >> to the american values, pledge of allegiance to it. stuart: in the last five minutes i could have been labeled a bigot. theoretically i could be arrested in parts of europe for hate speech. >> pathetic. >> say what you want about donald trump, that's why he's popular in many ways, he is breaking open the conversation. and political correctne nesnesn stifels the ability to have this conversation. stuart: show me the dow, we're positive. we were down 110 and now we're up. okay. the new fox business poll shows donald trump trailing in
10:12 am
wisconsin. coming up next, one of the few-- the first republicans in congress to endorse trump. what does he think now? . everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> well, we're all searching around for the reason for the day. why is the dow now up 9 having been down 110 about a half hour ago. we'll come up with a reason shortly. gold at its best quarter in almost 30 years, that was the last quarter, it's down 22 today, however, oh, but look at this. mcdonald's, another record high moments ago is at 127. new record high for mcdonald's. to the poll's please. cruz in wisconsin 42, trump 32, kasich 19. congressman chris collins republican of new york is with us. you, sir, was one of the very first, if know the first to be a congressional trump supporter. are you getting a little worried now? >> good morning, stuart.
10:16 am
always happy to be with you. what i'll say is, no, i'm not worried at all. at the end of the day, donald trump is the only candidate that's going to secure our borders, bring the jobs back, stand up to iran, russia and isis, no, nothing's changed in donald trump the executive being-- >> you support him because of his policy stands as opposed to you might think he's a winner and you jumped on board with a winner. you're a policy guy, and that's why you still support him. >> absolutely. the chief executive, we don't need another politician, chief politician in office, you see what the last seven of the years have brought under barack obama. we can't weather another seven and a half years so donald trump is the leader we need. stuart: you must be a little dismayed with his statement on abortion. i know he rolled it back, but that came as quite a shock. >> yeah, you know, stuart, he was sabotaged, that was a gotcha hypothetical question. they knew exactly what they were doing and donald got into that trap, went down the rabbit local.
10:17 am
he has walked it back, that was not the best comment that he made, but clearly, that's not what he really stands for, so, no, he corrected the record. stuart: you're in new york state, you're a new york state congressman in d.c. >> correct. stuart: a republican. i'm looking at the democrat race and i see bernie sanders closing the gap on hillary clinton. is it possible in your home state, our home state, democrats will prefer a flat-out socialist? that looks a possibility, doesn't it? >> well, let's face it, they elected bill deblasio in new york city, an another self-proclaimed progressive socialist. they're each trying to outprogressive the other. one thing about bernie sanders, he's exposing the weakness of hillary clinton, hillary clinton is not electable in november and we're going to unite behind mr. trump as our candidate. new york is in play and michigan is play, when you put
10:18 am
michigan and new york in play, that's bad news for hillary. you saw her lose her temper yesterday, she's beside herself that bernie is still in there dragging her left, making her less electable every day in november and her frustration has come through loud and clear. stuart: here is the big question, in new york, do you think that trump could beat hillary in the general election in new york state? >> it's going to-- stuart, it's going to come down to the five boroughs in new york city. he will win western new york as republicans do, as against governor cuomo a few years back. it's going to come to the five boroughs, to turnout. donald is well-known and respected in the five boroughs of new york city where most of the folks live. there is a very high chance he'll win michigan. stuart: that would be something that you've got new york in play in a general election, that would be something. >> unheard of for a republican.
10:19 am
stuart: absolutely, in my lifetime. chris collins, thank you very much for joining us. >> happy to be with you, stuart. stuart: next, we are going to talk about hillary's e-mail scandal, the fbi reportedly ready to interview her in a matter of days. she says she's looking forward to it. how about that? more varney after this. . >> they're more interested in her awareness of the espionage, the failure to secure national security secrets in which she participated than they are in whether or not she lied. but if she lies to them, that's another icing on the cake, another count in the indictment. en you think about, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
10:20 am
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even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we've got this just coming in from the sanders' campaign. he's breaking fund raising records. ashley: yeah, just broke the
10:23 am
record for march which he set the new record in february, and in march 44 million. look, his donations are in small increments. what's the average like 27 bucks for donations, that's a lot of people. stuart: awful lot of people, that's right. ashley: not bad. people feeling the bern. stuart: blackberry sales slump. and the smart phone business, the stock is, i believe, down. that blackberry, okay. i think we showed you a picture there of hillary on a blackberry. ashley: yes, yes. stuart: hillary-- another one. hillary clinton expect today meet with the fbi within days about the e-mail scandal. former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney arthur ahdidalaidala, the presif the brooklyn bar association, now, there's a title for you. >> i like being called the president. you could have played some music, da, da, da. stuart: wait a minute, look, hillary says, i want to talk to the fbi, i can't wait to talk
10:24 am
to the fbi. you haven't heard that from her before. >> sure, people who don't know what the heck they're talking about and i'm not saying that in a joking mannerment people who don't really know what they're saying because when you talk to the fbi, stuart, if you lie to them, you are subject to jail. many of my clients, my lower ranking clients, the penalties for lying to the fbi are more severe than what they're being investigated to, it's a five year jail possibility there. martha stuart, she went to jail for lying to the fbi. stuart: that was the-- >> and that's what happened. you cannot lie. you can lie, a new york state police officer you're allowed to high them to. you're not allowed to lie to a federal fbi officer. nobody in their right mind wants to talk to a fbi, and here she's talking to the director of the fbi, james comey. democrat administrations,
10:25 am
republican administrations and respected all the way around. stuart: two points, she doesn't have to answer all the questions she's asked, correct. she doesn't have to answer, she'll have a lawyer with her. >> she'll have three lawyers with her. >> judge napolitano frequently said now is the peak time of difficulty, of extreme danger for hillary legally at this very moment. do you agree with that? >> well, yes, that combined with what the actual evidence is that they've culled so far. what they're going to do. this is what happens in every investigation. i did it yesterday, literally yesterday morning. you walk in the room, there's usually investigators and prosecutors and they say, listen, mr.or mrs. so-and-so, this is the evidence we have. here is the paper work. before you do that, by the way you sign a document called the proffer that anything she says can't be used against her in the court of law, or can be
10:26 am
used for leads. she tells them something they didn't know they can use that to find more evidence and as they put things in front of her and ask her to explain it or what does this mean, connect this dot to that dot and they can go and go and go until they're done. and james comey, the fbi director will meet with the attorney general and he will make the recommendation, i think there's enough evidence to put it in front of a grand jury and see if we have an indictment or not. stuart: ooh, that's interesting. arthur i'm out of time, but that's interesting. thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: the dow, yes, turned positive. a big turn around on what's called the ism manufacturing report. please don't buzz me. french millionaires leaving the country in droves. we'll tell you what's behind that exodus in a moment. sack crre blre bleu. ♪ ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: what a difference an hour makes. one hour ago we were down 110 and now we are up 5. tammy bruce, liz and ashley are here. you are a bear, dead wrong. explain your self. >> i am not wrong. i am early. stuart: okay. >> what we have seen from the janet yellen speech which to me showed that she is clearly
10:31 am
scared to death of something, scared to death to raise rates, scared to death of somethi, we get the jobs report today, the jobs report at face value looks good. even the wage number seems to be better but the ultimate problem is this, it is that nothing surpasses what janet yellen says so we get an economic report. that economic report is too good, the fear in the market is that investors are going to assume that she is going to start raising interest rates and this is a rally driven by low interest rate. stuart: i don't think it was a particularly good jobs report. 50,000 new jobs created but 47,000 new -- 29,000 high paid manufacturing jobs were cut, gone. >> on face it looked like a good report but under the surface
10:32 am
what you said is true, there is structural weakness. janet yellen has indicated and believed there is structural weakness all along and that structural weakness causes investors to believe bad news is good news to celebrate these types of reports because the more you dig into them the more you realize this country is not only never really fully came out of the recession, any growth we have has been anemic at best and janet yellen is scared to raise interest rates. stuart: you think the market goes down eventually when all this that activity is washed away or we come to our senses? >> the quarter is over, we had one of the best rebound since the 1930s. what is going to happen now is earnings are going to come out, the market is scared to death of earnings, we have been in a multi-quarter -- stuart: 17,600 doesn't hold? >> it is completely unjustified
10:33 am
but there is always fuel behind it. the fed has been driving it, manipulating the market, affecting what is called psychology. market psychology is imperative to understand here, the collective thought that as long as the fed is on the side of the market the market will move up. stuart: you are still popular on this program. foxbusiness out with new polls. on the democrat side bernie sanders ahead of hillary 48-43. republican side, ted cruz 42, trump 32, john kasich down 19. deal first of all with the republican poll. it seems to me donald trump is in dire danger of really losing big time. >> he hasn't seem to have cared about wisconsin. first time he went to the state was tuesday, he has zero ground game. it is as if he figures he is on a roll and can rely on other states.
10:34 am
wisconsin matters. if we talk about psychology it matters in politics as well. ted cruz, i said this a couple weeks ago because of this ground game, this commitment will win wisconsin, these numbers are important because trump has not moved at all in months. this poll and the foxbusiness poll match in that you are looking at an open primary. trump says that won't matter because it will be independents and democrats who will vote for me. the market poll took that into account. those numbers include what you would expect in an open primary. you will see a bit of a blowout in wisconsin. he has been beaten before and it hasn't seem to matter. stuart: turn to the democrat side, hillary clinton was noticeably rattled or irritated, call it what you will, yesterday, she was confronted by a climate activist on fossil fuels and the funding thereof. she accused the bernie sanders campaign of lying. let's go to jeff, what do you
10:35 am
have to say? jeff: i thought that confrontation was interesting because i thought fists were going to fly. that was interesting. what she said, i rarely defend hillary clinton on anything but what she said is true in terms of now bernie sanders is taking these attacks on her. i would say she has no credibility first of all. when she says she is not lying there is the assumption -- >> he is lying, she knew the camera was there, we have 40 lobbyists for, every single one of them has a history with the fossil fuel industry, the oil companies. i love fossil fuels and i love oil but when she said i have donors who work for them, forget the donors. her bundlers, 40 of them are attached to the fossil fuel industry. stuart: both of them running away from fossil fuels, natural gas, petroleum, crude. >> they don't want competition because they are dinosaurs too. stuart: at this time every new yorker is benefiting from very
10:36 am
cheap gas, natural gas for your house, very cheap gasoline, very cheap home heang oil in these two democrats are trying to kick them out of the state. providing all these benefits to poor and elderly -- >> that is the problem. we were always told low oil prices, low gas prices would help the economy. this is the most incredible attack i have ever seen. stuart: they are arguing against cheap gas and cheap natural gas. >> her attack on call matches saying they are going to kill the coal industry and kill coal jobs. this is a no-brainer for american people who care about jobs, care about industry, care about being able to do business in a less expensive way because of affordable oil. >> what happens to the consumer when gas is up to $3 a gallon again? stuart: france, let's go --
10:37 am
reports of 10,000 millionaires leaving the country most citing the muslim tension within the country. >> france tops the list. this is news in the last few days, rejected a measure that would have stripped convicted terrorists of their french citizenship. the counterterrorism amendment they were considering after the paris attacks but people were leaving because of high tax rates, now because of terrorism. in france you are putting political correctness over security and economic security. ashley: i thought this was an april fools joke. how many people have money -- they would have been in monaco.
10:38 am
stuart: 10,000 of that. and numb $100,000 and they call it 1 million. stuart: the dow is up 36 points, that is a turnaround of 150 points, in 67 minutes. now look at tesla, made its debut yesterday, supposed to have base of $35,000 but there were massive preorders. is there a word about tesla? >> with $35 sticker price, that many preorder, with 35 to what i would anticipate, 55 or 60,000. tesla and elon musk has a lot of things going on in his life and the first thing you need to know, he is notoriously bad at managing his cash. he will burn through probably
10:39 am
anywhere from 10 to $15 billion trying to compete with the big car companies. >> they only have 1 billion in cash on their balance sheet. >> this brand was a major risk. it sounds exciting, it sounds thrilling but when it comes down to what they have to execute on this evolution to complete with a big car companies. they don't have as many units as they need to justify a stock price which has been so overpriced, it is psychology. elon musk is a great communicator. he gets up there and was ready to put my thousand dollars down and one of those cars because he said in his talk today that this car will be the best car money can buy and it is not even out yet. >> with these cars, a tax
10:40 am
credit. stuart: only 200,000. that is a good edge, numb 100,000 cars. stuart: would you buy one? >> their cars? no. with what hillary is going to do with electricity it won't be able to run. look at the share price -- chrysler town and country, down nearly 5%. the deal with the insurance company, there you have it. you want to pass judgment on that. >> we are talking about starwood and marriott, this is the chinese company, jc flowers, you your self were talking with analysts, they backed out of $14
10:41 am
billion offer for starwood and that paves the way for marriott to get back into this deal, vote on april 8th, marriott thinks it goes through. global presence, strong rewards program and popular and put together hotels, and the ritz-carlton and marriott names. global names, big global name. stuart: thank you very much. i would like to take you for a live look at hershey, pennsylvania, governor john kasich holding a town hall, pretty good crowd he has got, makes a headline, we will bring it to you. donald trump surprise meeting with the republican party yesterday. is the party ready to unify around him, the front runner? that is going a bit far.
10:42 am
of pay discrimination dispute in the world of professional female soccer. five members of the us team filing a federal complaint, they say they should be paid as much of the guy. we are talking to former member of the women's national team at 11:15.
10:43 am
ashley: republican congressman read ripples says donald trump doesn't stand a chance in
10:44 am
wisconsin. here's what you missed. >> that retreat of heidi cruz hurt him badly with evangelicals and female voters in wisconsin. as i go out and about i hear repeatedly from gop voters that that was really insulting to many evangelicals. >> one or two things, in a college campus, robust dialogue and prepare for the real world or like an adult i could walk by it because it is talk. it shouldn't require a huge response because it shouldn't be an issue.
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: new record high for mcdonald's, 12730 never been higher than that. how about apple? it was founded 40 years ago today, nobody bought it back then. i bet you know but he -- i wish i had. foxbusiness has new polls from wisconsin. 4843, republicans, ted cruz in front of donald trump, 4232.
10:47 am
gerri willis has been digging deeper into these polls. i want to know the women's vote among republicans. >> between donald trump and ted cruz, 19 points, maybe this has something to do with this abortion discussion. >> that poll was taken before the abortion gaffe by donald trump. i think it was. >> 40, 35. it is much more with women. stuart: there has got to be a spread there. it is a 47 point different. it is under 45. people under 45 in wisconsin,
10:48 am
and the only radio talkshow host out there. and trump, hillary in trouble. >> you are young if you are 45. just missed it. thank you very much indeed. donald trump with the rnc chair yesterday about supporting the eventual nominee. the new york times is trump is, quote, trying to defuse long-standing tensions. former george w. bush spokesman is with us now. donald trump really making nice, he is not doing well in wisconsin. >> donald trump is trying to make a relationship with the
10:49 am
rnc, saying the rnc treated him unfairly because now he is saying it might be worth investing in this relationship, if he becomes a nominee he will need the support of the committee, we won't have to deal with the committee, just a big mistake because the committee has taken the analysis, the data, grassroots, tools a nominee needs to succeed in a job. stuart: after this meeting, he said you are not going to get -- this is all the candidates. you won't get the tools of the rnc and tell me you are not going to support the eventual nominee. strong stuff, he laid the law down. you don't get help from us if you won't support the nominee. >> he had the toughest job in
10:50 am
politics having to manage what i would say is very emotional children in this process. he has been in contact with different candidates. 's goal is to remain neutral and the committee is the mothership and at the end of the day whoever the nominee is is going to have to go through the committee to make sure they have to have the resources they need to be battle ready against hillary clinton. stuart: the backdrop is donald trump is a shift, a nasty couple scandal that is losing in wisconsin, beginning to change his tone and making more outrageous statements about his opponents. do you send the same shift? >> important to move and evolve toward the president of
10:51 am
candidate, and raw and spontaneous temperament but at the same time there comes a moment where the disciplined presidential candidate needs to emerge, that is where donald trump should be shifting, to find a balance between those personality traits is what we are looking for. stuart: stay tuned, great for tv news. thank you very much for joining us as always. bernie sanders, hillary clinton fighting over who got how much from the wicked oil companies, why they are totally wrong. my take is next. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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10:55 am
and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: question to hillary clinton, will you promise to reject fossil fuel money? she replies i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i am sick of it. democrats are getting testy right before the important new york primary. what they are fighting about in this case is revealing. fossil fuels, big oil, those wicked oil companies. it sounds like an argument from the past, just as fossil fuels deliver huge benefits in the present. bernie says hillary took money from 57 lobbyists from the fossil fuel industry, hillary
10:56 am
responds they were just individuals from energy companies such is the level of debate. they are both running away from the industry that has done so much for new yorkers and america. how many homes are heated with natural gas? hundreds of thousands in new york state alone and they have all benefited from the lowest prices this century. democrats are running away from this. how about gasoline? new york drivers want to go back to $4 gas? they have been enjoying $2 gas thanks to increased american oil production. 4 people and seniors get most of the benefit from cheap energy yet bernie and hillary walk away from it. it is the energy industry, fossil fuels which has made driving and heating your home so much cheaper yet bernie and hillary are at war. who hates big oil the most? somebody should point out to the democrats that in recent years there has been a mass exodus of young talented people from
10:57 am
upstate new york. there are no jobs, no opportunity. instead of tackling this crisis, bernie and hillary are fighting about who gave how much to big oil. it is so yesterday, isn't it? io, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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11:00 am
stuart: almost 11:00 eastern time, we leave this our with what is going on with your money, specifically the stock market. we were down numb 110 points, we pulled all the way back to a gain of 50 as we speak. who is here to cover all of this? conservative commentator kirsten hagland, liz mcdonald, we were down numb 110, 115, now up 50. why the turnaround? liz: futures were really dow before trading. the manufacturing will come in better than expected, breaking a 5-month losing streak. watch the russell numb 2000 trending up, the us economy
11:01 am
coming and strong despite the downturn in oil. stuart: that is the verdict on the economy from those numbers. webster, that would be ashley, we were way down in the price of oil, why? ashley: we were going to freeze our output until it ran does first, that will never happen. they will keep pumping, continuing to keep their market share pushing oil prices down but i think i can safely say the webster ratio has been broken today because we remember where we were on this day because we have seen because of better economic reports correlation between oil and the market is broken and we have seen the dollar get stronger. liz: webster footnotes in play too. stuart: let's get to politics, 11:00 eastern time, new foxbusiness paul from wisconsin, senator bernie sanders leads hillary clinton by 5 points, wisconsin democrats.
11:02 am
who would have thought, don't laugh, could you ever imagine bernie sanders would now be challenging, leading in wisconsin. >> we can sit here and say how can this be, but when i graduated from college at emory university. i graduated from emory. so disappointed with the chalk incident but our president -- sitting there, you see what college students, their world is like, they love this guy, young people love this guy and he is ultimately the fulfillment of everything they are learning and universities which tend to be very liberal, so pro social justice, he is speaking the message they are listening to. i can believe it from that perspective but there is no chance he will be president. stuart: what are the latest numbers on his fundraising? ashley: he raised $44 million in the month of march which is a new record, he raised 43.5 in
11:03 am
february, he is averaging $27 per donor, 1.6 million people would be chipping into bernie sanders in the month of march, a lot of good cash. stuart: that is his record. i want to show everybody hillary clinton responding to a reporter who asked about big energy, big oil donating to her campaign. watch this. >> reject fossil fuel money in your campaign? >> i do not take money from people who work for fossil fuels. i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. of the one i am so sick -- pointing the finger. she is rattled, i think she is rattled, i think she is rattled because bernie sanders is getting close to her in the polls in new york state. >> absolutely. i don't think she thought she would have to fight as hard for this nomination in light of what happened in 2008.
11:04 am
i am so shocked that girl stood there and took it, she stood face-to-face with hillary clinton as she stuck her finger in her face and she took it. the message they are using, greenpeace is using to talk about how much money they received from individuals from oil and gas companies, not the corporations themselves that is illegal, bernie sanders has received $50,000 from people in oil and gas as well. bernie is not a saint in this and they need to make sure they are talking about that. ashley: hillary clinton is rattled, bernie sanders is gaining in the polls, leading in wisconsin, closing the gap in new york. stuart: this is new york state where we have cheap natural gas, cheap gasoline and the two leading democrats are railing against cheap energy. >> it is an ideology, not practicality, but talking points. stuart: are we done with this? moving on to the republicans, new foxbusiness paul from
11:05 am
wisconsin, ted cruz in the lead, 10 points ahead of donald trump. a lot of opposition to trump in wisconsin as we know from this program. ashley: he went after scott walker, he did, made some claims, busted budgets, those numbers were not accurate and we know scott walker endorsed ted cruz. the blunder, bombastic attitude doesn't go down well in wisconsin and the conservative base, he is losing ground. stuart: bill clinton campaigning for his wife in a new york city union hall, listen to what he said about wall street. >> hillary says i know my opponent says wall street is the only problem but that is not true. there are 50 to 70,000 fewer people working on wall street today than there were before the
11:06 am
crash. because of banks that failed and the bill president obama signed and next to the healthcare bill the most important bill he signed, the dodd-frank bill. stuart: that is interesting. is the former president actually happy bankers and people in the financial business are losing? liz: he has given a reality check that this did happen but i don't know. he was given a reality check of what happened. that is my impression. what is at issue is the clintons made 1 $53 million in speaking fees since 2001-2015. hillary clinton $2 million to wall street banks and they are still -- he is inoculating them. stuart: why is bill clinton happy?
11:07 am
ashley: he reigned in the big bad banks, putting regulation, 50,000 people lost their jobs, i think wall street is hillary's major achilles' heel. she held a gun to the head but has the bag open for the money. stuart: wait until they debate and bernie sanders said did goldman sachs pay you to say that? here he comes. liz: we don't know what was said. stuart: we have done the markets and politics, let's get to corporate stories. they unveil the model 3, it is called affordable, base price $30,000 but goes way up from there. big deal is 115,000 preorders in the first 24 hours. when do people get those cars? ashley: by the end of next year, and most analysts look at this and he has a habit of making deadlines, and a lot of excitement about this car,
11:08 am
bare-bones, some of the niceties push it up to 60,000 but there is a lot of excitement about this but it has to wait. stuart: you make a good point. as soon as tesla sold 200,000 of these cars, no one gets the tax break. liz: shows how much tesla is relying on the government with the cash burn, only $1 billion. stuart: would you buy a tesla? >> absolutely. if i live someplace where i could drive a car. stuart: you would buy an expensive electric car when gases $2 a gallon? >> yes because i believe in what elon musk is doing for innovation, his $5 billion factory is in nevada which is making cheaper batteries. tesla is awesome. stuart: he lives on obama's green energy subsidies. >> this is good for the future of our country, he is a great
11:09 am
role model for young people. liz: he owns 27% of tesla. every time he talks the stock goes up. >> the future of innovation, we have got to expand. i am all for oil and gas but we need to expand. stuart: facebook oculus rift, people are complaining of feeling dizzy, seasick and the head set that you strap on, leaves red marks on her face. i have been saying this all along. these things make you nauseous. you are a former miss america. >> i am not buying one of those. i believe in living in the real world. stuart: i am so disappointed, i want one. >> a fast guy that goes from zero to 60 in six seconds than standing there with a virtual reality head set. liz: expect health and safety
11:10 am
warnings on this one. stuart: i want dramamine. that is it for today's rapidfire round, thank you very much. to hillary's email scandal she is expected to meet with fbi director james comey soon. the fbi still has not recovered all of the emails from hillary. ed klein is here, the author of that book unlikable. you say the fbi have not got all the emails retrieved yet. why not? >> as of last week i was told -- what he discovered is technology department, encryption department is as obsolete as the fbi building which is falling apart. 1970s, the concrete is falling off the building, they have pneumatic tubes inside to do snail mail and this technology
11:11 am
department couldn't even crack the iphone. stuart: couldn't crack the iphone but this is different. you are saying they couldn't get into the server or hillary's computer to get all of it out that they wanted. is this the 30,000 emails she deleted? >> the so-called personal yoga wedding emails she talked about. stuart: do you think this holds up the investigation? >> no i don't. i think comey realizes he has got to wrap this up before the convention otherwise he will disenfranchise millions and millions of people. it will be wrapped up in six weeks. stuart: last time we were on the show you suggested maybe they will not press an indictment. did you say that? >> no. stuart: they will? >> i think they will. hillary has her lawyers talking to the justice department about
11:12 am
a lesser charge, to say it was a little sloppy, i shouldn't have done that and i don't think that will happen. stuart: that wouldn't happen because that would be a real around the political problem of indicting the likely democrat nominee for the president. >> james omey is the eliot ness of our time, really not going to let politics interfere with what he decides. stuart: it is up to the judgment of the justice department to say indict or don't indict. it is not james comey's call. and it is up to the justice department. and not listen to what james comey is suggesting, there will be hell to pay. stuart: do you think james comey would resign? >> he threatened to resign during the bush administration when things did not go right. i think he would resign and a lot of fbi agents would go with him. stuart: there is a headline.
11:13 am
thank you. the stars of the us women's soccer team filing a complaint, they say they should be paid the same as the men's team. a former player of the women's soccer team coming up on this program after the break. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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11:16 am
stuart: toyota down today, 2% loss, march sales figures down 2.7% compared to last year. a federal judge has overturned mississippi's ban on adoption by same-sex couples. >> the ruling because it was unconstitutional given the decision on same-sex marriage, mississippi was the lone holdout. the former governor of mississippi had a change of heart. he had supported and signed into
11:17 am
law this ban, they are living in happy healthy households. stuart: universal, got it. dow industrials up 39 points and now this. five members of the us women's soccer team are suing, not paid the same as the men even the world cup game brought in 25 million viewers, record for a soccer game and a lot of revenue came into the women side of the sport. retired goalkeeper for the team, good to see you, welcome to the show. i am in very good shape. it is friday morning. let me state my position. you bring in the revenue, you get the same pay as the guys, you are bringing in the revenue. >> i love that point of view. the interesting thing about this
11:18 am
lawsuit, us soccer from the time -- always had to fight over better pay and better conditions and more things from the women's side. the argument was you don't bring in the revenue. these new numbers, it is clear to see now that the women bring in the revenue and fiscal year 2017 showing the women, 6 to $8 million more than the men in fiscal 17. that is interesting. i completely agree they are moving forward to get equal pay. stuart: if they win they are looking for back pay, does that change the argument, they reach into the past and you owe me and they would be owed, would you
11:19 am
join the complaint. >> that i could get in there, that is interesting. i understand it. what we do with the suit, get the information they have been unable to get from us soccer and united marketing in the past with regards to marketing on commercial rights and tv money. the way they do it is bundle it all together with the men and women and haven't been able to see the marketing dollar is equal marketing dollar, that is something they want to see. stuart: as a guy born and raised in england i am a soccer fan but what i see developing in the world of soccer is the women, american women, best in the world by a long way. you agree with me again, don't you? >> a fantastic interview, i couldn't agree more.
11:20 am
we have been winning thing since 1991 and continue to do so. i couldn't agree more. stuart: i hope you are doing well in the soccer world. i think you have retired. >> i am retired. my career ended in soccer with a head injury, concussion, i am a concussion advocate and i go around the country talking to different universities about my journey, leadership and things of that nature. stuart: we are in tight agreement. >> i will come on in anytime you like, the best interview yet with you, thank you for having me. stuart: great stuff, thanks for joining us, see you soon. days away from the wisconsin primary next tuesday. ted cruz way ahead in the polls, here is the question, is that because so many women are turned off by donald trump? (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
11:21 am
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oh, hi! micky dolenz of the monkees here, getting ready to host the flower power cruise. (announcer) we're taking the love generation to the high seas and reliving the '60s. we'll celebrate that unbelievable era with the music that made it so special. there'll be over 40 live performances
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featuring eric burdon & the animals, micky dolenz, the monkees lead singer and cruise host, the 5th dimension, the lovin' spoonful, rare earth, spencer davis, three dog night, and many more! imagine enjoying all that great music on the fabulous celebrity summit, leaving fort lauderdale and making ports of call in jamaica and the bahamas. you'll be back in the days of bellbottoms, peace signs, and so much more, with special theme parties and 20 fun-filled celebrity interactive events. cabins are filling up fast, so come on, relive the era you remember so well. the flower power cruise, february 27th, 2017. let your freak flag fly. don't miss the grooviest trip at sea. stuart: look at apple. this is the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company.
11:25 am
ashley: steve wozniak and steve jobs had this idea, apparently bonded over hacking a long distance phone networks but they thought technology as becoming a cultural phenomenon from the beginning and that always remained with the way it developed. >> in december 1980, when cell phones were the size of footballs and the videogame. stuart: back to the gop and donald trump's female support problem. a new fox business poll in wisconsin, 46, trumps female support, 27. come on in, you have gone all out to exploit trump's weakness and several events of ted cruz
11:26 am
loves women, several events with ted cruz and various women. is that correct? >> good morning. the reason we are for ted cruz is while donald trump degrades and boules women and hillary clinton embarrasses women, ted cruz respects us and sees women as his partners. and ted cruz, was raised i very strong wonderful women. she got a degree in math, from rice university, pioneered the field in computer technology, and ted cruz chose to marry heidi cruz. a lot of people don't realize
11:27 am
heidi cruz has an mba with harvard business degree and many other degrees, and an awesome mother and this is who ted cruz -- stuart: was there an event the other day? ted cruz's mother for the first time on the campaign trail, she was there. >> yes she was. i was very pleased to moderate that event, had it in madison, carly fiorina, another strong, wonderful, gracious, brilliant woman who has aligned herself with ted cruz because ted cruz is happy to be along with strong women, respects them with his heart and soul. we h a wonderful women's event. heidi cruz was part of that. stuart: what was the reaction in madison? that is a radical place? i have been there my place and had to have a bodyguard as i told everybody yesterday.
11:28 am
what was the reaction? >> it was a very warm reception. women across america are discovering by watching donald trump that his mo and who he is, somebody who degrades women. even if he pretends to be something else for a while he always goes back to the same. you juxtapose that with ted cruz, he is in his heart and soul somebody who believes women are partners. and all issues are women's issues. he doesn't try to put us in a little box like feminists do. stuart: i think we know where you are coming from. we got that message and you laid it on is loud and clear and we appreciate that. >> thank you for having me. stuart: what is the title again? women for ted cruz? >> women for ted cruz. there are tens of thousands from all walks of life. thank you so much. stuart: thanks very much indeed.
11:29 am
california, the governor signed the bill on monday to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. after the break, a guest who says it could cost california 700,000 jobs, seems a little high to me. i will take issue with that. stay tuned, the debate is coming up.
11:30 am
♪ ♪
11:31 am
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11:33 am
. stuart: if you were watching this two years ago when the market opened, you would have seen the dow off 110, 115. look at it now. up 40 points. how about the price of oil? still down $36 a barrel. look at blackberry. their sales slped and gave an uncertain outlook for the smartphone business. down 5%. but we've got another record high for mcdonald's. and the record high moments ago was 127.39. wisconsin the primary vote in four days. blake burman on the ground. blake, you've got more approximately to break down for us. go. >> yeah., stuart, one of the things that's interesting here
11:34 am
in wisconsin it's an open primary, meaning voters can go across the aisle if they shoos also independence will be in play here for donald trump to amount what at this point might be a come back win between now and tuesday. he might need to lean hard on those independents. according to our fox business poll. here's how it breaks down. trump gets about 37% of support from independents who say they're going to vote republican. ted cruz, john kasich behind there at 27 perform interesting, stuart, the independents here surveyed in that poll break 50/50 here in wisconsin. democrat and republican. on the democratic side, one of the more eye popping numbers is something that we've seen. not just in wisconsin but all across the country on the democratic side and that is young support. coalescing behind bernie sanders. take a look at the numbers here. sanders gets voters under the age of 45 at a 69% clip to hillary clinton's 22%. and speaking of independents, stuart, i'll send it back to you on this.
11:35 am
gets 2-1 on the democratic side. stuart: dig into those polls, and it's fascinating. blake, thank you very much indeed. >> yeah. stuart: i'm going to call donald trump's statement on abortion a gaffe statement. i think he made a political gaffe. he didn't walk the comments back, though, but that gaffe as i'm calling it is red meat for the political left. mark burns is with us and mark is a trump supporter. you know, i've got a problem here. i don't see how you can square your christianity and you're a christian pastor. i don't see how you can square that with donald trump's use of profane language, obscenity in public. i've got a problem with that. you? >> sure. obviously as a man of god and as a believer and as a christian, i believe in the true message of grace. i do believe like the word of god states that we have all
11:36 am
sinned and fallen short of the grace of god. so as a pastor, it is my job to not simply judge someone by what they do but guide them and love them for who they are and where they are. that's why the same grace goes for homosexuals, alcoholics, or whatever. there's grace that says while we are yet sinners, jesus still died for us. so it's not my job to judge mr. trump or anyone else but to just love him for right where they are and bring them to the message of the cross. stuart: okay. what is it about donald trump that you like so much? >> well, you know, i think donald trump comes across as a person that's honest and that's really the big thing for me. he has made it very clear that he is going to be a defender of the faith of christianity. he believes that christianity and judo christianity. this is a judo nation, a judo christian nation that was founded on biblical principles
11:37 am
and one of the core values that has made america great and his desire obviously is to make america great again. so he's -- over and over again we christians have a friend in white house. stuart: now, you see a lot of demonstrators going after donald trump and call him a racist. a big oet. a racist. what do you say to that? will go to has been i think racism starts in the individual heart. to be honest, i'm from the south. i'm from south carolina. i have a caucasian wife. we have six beautiful brown babies. i'm from the south. the deep south. i know what real racism looks like. and to be honest with you, the only racism that i've been receiving here lately for supporting donald trump is from my own people. from my own african-american community. again, if we're going to talk about racism, it goes across the board. no white person has ever called me the n word. no white person has ever
11:38 am
called me sell out or coon just because i decided to vote for someone that i believe that's going to help the economy or this country and make this country great again. stuart: pastor mark burns. >> that's with the heart of racism. stuart: yeah, i understand. >> thank you very much. stuart: that was a message very well communicated and we appreciate it. pastor mark burns. appreciate it. come again soon, sir. thank you. california lawmakers on monday -- governor brown on monday will sign the new $15 an hour minimum wage bill. governor brown signs it monday. come on in, brian business and finance chair at kings college. now, i was telling the audience that you were going to be on the show. >> okay. stuart: you're telling us that $15 an hour in california will cost 700,000 jobs. i'm going to take you to test. that's a large number. >> it's a big number but, look, we really don't know what this is going to do.
11:39 am
this is a huge unprecedented increase in the minimum wage. stuart: but i take it you don't like the idea of a legislative minimum wage. >> even the people on the left say this is probably not a good idea to do at the state level. why? it's not going to make a difference to in san francisco where most make 10 to $15 an hour. but what about the fresno? that's where you can see the job loss here. so one of the problems is we don't even really know how to model this because we haven't seen this kind of increase on that large of a scale before. stuart: look, i can understand big job losses. i don't think i can go with 700,000 -- >> that may be high. stuart: but technology is going to wipe away a $15 an hour job. it's going to happen. >> the hidden secret here are the guys working the technology and automation equipment. these are the guys in silicon valley and san josé saying our business is going to boom. we can create technology and not have to pay the $15 an hour minimum wage.
11:40 am
stuart: in new york governor has included a $15 budget in his state. but it's less than that up state. what do you think of that? >> well, i think these phased approaches or tiered that wage raise minimum wage is costly. it's hard on the jobs. and it's a way to admit that. stuart: do you oppose any legislated minimum wage? >> yeah. i think the minimum wage is not what gets you to stronger economic growth, higher pay, better jobs for people. it legs those moves. it's the market supply and demand, businesses have to pay workers higher amounts of money. minimum wage tends to leg those developments. so i don't think it's the path forward. stuart: but it's the political success, isn't it? i'm going to buy your vote. eye got $15, an hour, vote for me. >> it sounds good but you can't put your policy forward with that. stuart: i'm with you all the way. >> good to be here. stuart: next a former texas congressman who says if hillary clinton is elected president, he is leaving the united states.
11:41 am
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks turned around
11:43 am
10:00 a.m. when we got a better than expected ism manufacturing number and that was on the jobs report today. more jobs added than expected. let's take a look at the dow up 55 points right now 17,740, the s&p up 5 and the nasdaq up 6. tesla announced their new model. already gotten a slew of orders. more than 130,000 for this more cost efficient vehicle. 35,000 for that one. blackberry under pressure. down six points. having a tough time making profit on that hardware division. valience downgraded. had a rough week and finally bac duong today but still to the week down 8% for the year. down 70%. solar stocks edison phone call on thafocusing on that one and the department of justice at that one.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: all right. i want you to take a look at this. this is the philippines and those are farmers -- violent protest. what's going on inspec. ashley: they're asking for the government. they want rice because people have been going hungry and this has been going on for days. more than 6,000 farmers battling as you can see there with government forces. there's been at least three people dead and gunfire getting out of hand. stuart: thank you, ash. we've heard of plenty liberal celebrities saying if donald trump's elected, they'll leave the country.
11:46 am
our next guest says he might move out of the country if hillary clinton is elected. come on in former texas congressman steve. steve, i don't believe a word of it. the liberals say they're going to leave and i don't believe if you will if hillary clinton is elected. you're laughing. >> i'm trying to change the narrative. we have -- i want to head up -- you have an administration here who's advocating nuclear zone frees in large companies you know is not even here. the largest company with nuclear weapons isn't even here. russia's not here. you have the president and our currently administration releasing terrorists from gitmo, they're extremely dangerous and you can't say the word and hillary's going to follow the same policies. this is a dangerous time. a very dangerous time and we're all kind of focusing on, you know, presidential candidate's wifes and stuff and i'm trying to take it back to real issues and talking about exactly why we don't want hillary in the office.
11:47 am
we're losing sight of what november means. . stuart: so you grab the headline with i leave the country if hillary's elected. but you don't mean it, do you? >> well, i'm going to be next door to alec baldwin and rosy o'donald. stuart: is it that bad? >> well, all joking aside, stuart, we're connecting the dots here. before 9/11 they said the major thing we did wrong was we didn't connect the dots. connect the dots now. we have mpr, government radio say the terrorist didn't understand how to make a dirty bomb. stuart: wait a second. hold on steve. >> yeah. stuart: you think there is a security threat. a life-threatening threat if hillary clinton is elected president. it's got nothing to do with economic policy or tax policy or all of that. no, to you this is a direct terrorist threat if hillary is elected. that's a very serious thing. >> yeah. well, you continue the policies of obama. anybody that goes over to the middle east right now, he's wrecked our relationships with
11:48 am
all of our allies over there. and they're fearful. they privately tell me. i met with leaders of the middle east. they're worried about giving $150 billion to iran who is dedicated to giving nuclear weapons and also funding korea's weapon's program and furthermore bill clinton negotiated -- i was in office at the time -- negotiated the agreement with north korea where bill clinton announced that north korea was going to be nuclear free. the same woman that negotiated that agreement also negotiated under obama with iran. we are in a dangerous precedent here and people don't realize policies matter and the obama administration's policies on nuclear weapons and dirty bombs and terrorists is horrible. and hillary will continue that. we're going to be in a very deep trouble and no one's going to connect the dots until after it happens. stuart: so you're semi joking about leaving the country if hillary clinton were the president. i take it if bernie sanders were the president, you would leave. >> well, this is april 1st.
11:49 am
but i just -- i just think, you know, i'm frustrated that republicans on our side are focusing on things that are not critical to this nation any future, and i'm afraid we're going to walk into a disaster. so i'm in a never hillary group instead of never trump. never hillary. stuart: who's your guy? >> well, i've been friends with ted for many years. he's -- quite frankly a brilliant guy. and passionate and just the way he is in public. but, you know, if it -- if it isn't him, i'm not going to sit there and walk. there's no way. . stuart: okay. >> i'm not going to walk. these issues are too important to turn our head. stuart: well, said, steve. thanks for joining us, steve. >> thank you for having me. stuart: next, john stossel at his libertarian forum on fox business. we'll tell you what the top three libertarians think about donald trump and hillary clinton back into moment ♪
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>> suppose none of you exists. you have a choice between voting for trump or clinton. who? >> i would choose nonexistent. [laughter] i don't vote. i don't vote for people that i don't believe in. >> mr. maccabee. >> you're asking me to choose between the case of measles and bladder infection. i don't know. i can't answer that. >> governor johnson. >> look, i would vote for the libertarian candidate if none of us were up here. i would vote for a third party candidate if none of us were up here. stuart: that was good. i mean that was kind of funny i thought there, and it was a clip from tonight's libertarian forum on fox business hosted by john stossel. fox business is the only place you can hear from the libertarian candidates. and john stossel joins me now. libertarians are well represented on fox business, aren't they? >> not well enough. we should be everywhere. stuart: so you've got the top three libertarian candidates.
11:55 am
>> based on a early poll. stuart: based on early polls. >> and then you asked questions of each of them -- >> for two hours. stuart: and guarantee that legalization of drugs came up big time, didn't it? >> yeah. i'll say the drug war does march harm than the drugs. it's not that stop people from hurting themselves. they just drive it undergroun u. stuart: what else came up? >> gary johnson admits using weed, the former governor of new mexico. stuart: as in marijuana? >> yes. that's what the kids call it these days. stuart: keep going, son. >> why should people elect you? he says i don't drink. millions of americans occasional choose to get high. stuart: if one of them is the libertarian candidate, if they take 1% of the vote, they will take that vote from the conservatives. from trump or cruz or kasich.
11:56 am
you are spoilers in this election. and if on the day after the election i walk into this studio, and i find that the libertarian has stopped me from getting a tax cut because we voted hillary clinton, i should be very annoyed. >> well, i'll be annoyed too. stuart: not as annoyed as i am. >> libertarians will take votes from hillary too. stuart: get out of here. >> and if take 5% of the vote, finally we'll have an alternative to these creeps next time. there will be federal matching funds and both hillary and trump want to limit our freedom. stuart: do you believe that the libertarians would take votes from the hillary side? the left? the collectivist side? >> downing people that support drug legalization or limits going to war are going to vote for -- going to take votes only from the republicans? . stuart: you want limits on going to war? >> i said that wrong. stuart: yeah, you did. you really blew it. >> you know, libertarians oppose the regulations.
11:57 am
so some people who -- i'm flipping this around. but will take votes from both parties. stuart: good luck. the special is tonight; is that correct. >> tonight and tomorrow night. one hour 9:00 p.m. stuart: and what you've got is three candidates lined and up questions going to them. that's how you've done it? >> i ask some, viewers and a few. stuart: don't take votes from conservatives and don't allow the collectionist to win the election. >> well, the liberals and the conservatives are the collectivist these days. stuart: we're flat out of time but what time is this special on tonight? >> 9:00 p.m. stuart: on this network. >> yes, it is. stuart: and the name of it is? >> stossel. stuart: no, it's not. >> the libertarian presidential forum. stuart: i'm doing my best here. >> i'm flopping around like a fish out of water. stuart: but thanks for being on the show. all right, everybody, more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: three hours ago we went on the air and the dow was down over 100 points. fast-forward to now and look what i am giving to charles payne who is about to take the con. charles, it's yours. >> thank you very much, stuart, have a great weekend. wisconsin, jobs, oil, tesla, china, and a third party ready to pounce. strap in. this is a very busy friday and welcome to cavuto coast to coast. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. well, here we are. we're just a few days away from that pivotal wisconsin primary and, by the way, don't forget neil's going to be covering it all for you right here live on the fox business network. and right now, though, we're getting fresh details from that brand-new fox poll from fox business, by the way. ted cruz holding a double-digit lead of donald trump in wisconsin. and the bigger win in the badger state. so does donald have a big problem particularly comes to women? morgan with how important is


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