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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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. trish: all right, the conversation doesn't end here, all weekend long. just go to my facebook page and twitter page, tell me what you thought of today's show. i can check out my personal facebook page -- liz, over to you, have a good weekend. liz: and you, too, trish. no joke. take a look on april fool's day, the republican and democratic front-runner showing vulnerability in respective presidential races. on the republican side, donald trump suddenly the underdog in the badger state after a week of campaign trailand new "fox business poll" showing senator ted cruz with a ten-point lead in wisconsin, and yes, that includes milwaukee. in the democratic corner hillary clinton skipping wisconsin altogether. campaigning in her home state of new york where she is trailing bernie sanders by five points in the battle for wisconsin. will cruz and sanders be able
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to turn a wisconsin win into momentum? we'll ask katrina pierson how mr. trump is handling this bumpy week on the trail? what happened behind closed doors during the rnc meeting and why is trump m.i.a. on the trail today. the anaconda ad, ted cruz supporter and former reporter on that ad and the lyin' ted pile-on and how the snake goes around the neck. the nuclear summit with more than 50 world leaders, wait until you hear how he describes the iran nuclear deal today. likes the jobs report, the dow jones industrial average near session highs. more than a 200 point reversal after initially falling when the labor department announced the unemployment rate kicked up
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to 5% but the economy created 215,000 new jobs. charlie gasparino switched his story, new news on how the clinton campaign plans to thread the needle on wall street, and we'll show you tesla's hot new ride. so hot elon musk is updating stunning reservation numbers for the model 3. less than an hour to the closing bell. time to gun the engine and start the "countdown." . liz: this is interesting, the dow is up 96 points at the moment. the high of the session, up 103. low down 117. huge swings today. the markets playing a bit of april fool's head fake for investors from high to low and low back up to high. the dow, we keep having to change the scripts, it has swung more than 217 points. right now on the high part of it. the s&p moving higher half a percent. the nasdaq looks darn good. up 37 points.
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that's pretty much the high of the session. seconds ago the high was up 35 points. april is traditionally the best month for the dow and saw a dip of as much as 117 points this morning. after the strong jobs report, heightened interest rate hike fears can you see for the past ten years, the gains for the dow in april look the best. did you buy a new car last month? somebody out there did. auto sales have shifted into high gear making march the best month for the industry in ten years. we've got the names, ford, honda, fiat and chrysler and nissan plus gm seeing sales increases, the exceptions were toyota, a 3% sales decrease due to weak car sales and volkswagen as the company continues to reel from the emissions cheating scandal. big movers, blackberry and
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walgreens books alliance, it's not all bad news for the company. blackberry software and services department is showing signs of growth, huge turnaround of ceo john chen. wall green boots alliance up 3% after target raised the credit score, we're standing at $86.75. a lot of room there. wisconsin voters vote in just four days in a brand-new "fox business poll," we're doing polls, senator ted cruz leading donald trump in wisconsin does. this spell trouble for the billionaire businessman? it mirrors it on the democratic presidential side, turning up the heat for the coveted bite of the big apple. senator bernie sanders touting brooklyn routes, would it be enough to take clinton?
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blake burman on the ground in milwaukee. the new "fox business poll" took people by surprise, both front-runners look to be under attack in a way, right? >> reporter: exactly right, liz, have you both front-runners, donald trump, hillary clinton, having to make a comeback in wisconsin over the next couple of days. you've got trump down ten. hillary clinton down five. let me show you a couple reason yes both of those are trailing when you dig deeper into the numbers as it relates to donald trump. women. women voters. women republicans go for ted cruz. this was taken before trump made the comments about abortion. we'll see if that has any effect whatsoever for trump on tuesday night. then you go down over to a very conservative republican. this is a group that ted cruz was expected to do very well with early but was actually pulling neck-and-neck with
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donald trump in the early states, but here we are in wisconsin and cruz is cleaning up. 61% of republicans who call themselves very conservative backing cruz. that is a 36 point edge over trump. we haven't even mentioned john kasich, liz. he is running three of three here in wisconsin and many places all across the country. we did hear from him moments ago, he's been campaigning in the northeast and took a direct shot, one of his toughest shots at ted cruz saying cruz does not have a record, he says cruz's only record is shutting down the government and making people upset. kasich fighting back today. on the democratic side in wisconsin, hillary clinton down five. a couple things that are not working in her favor. people under the age of 65 going for bernie sanders. we've seen that time and time again and yet again in wisconsin, and men are going for bernie sanders, 19% more than hillary clinton. this is an open primary, liz,
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lots can change between now and tuesday. liz: i am telling you everything changes moment by moment. fascinating, blake. thank you very much for keeping us up to date. it's constantly changing. as we talk about all of this, where is donald trump right now? he has no events scheduled before heading back to wisconsin tomorrow. the billionaire candidate staying out of the spotlight after a turbulent week on the campaign trail. first he had to deal with campaign manager corey lewandowski getting charged with battery on a reporter and stumbled on major policy questions regarding not just abortion, nato issues, nuclear weapons, as well as the abortion situation two days ago, and now another poll. our brand new "fox business poll" shows donald trump is trailing ted cruz in wisconsin. bring in katrina pierson, national spokesman for trump's campaign. great to see you. >> hi liz. liz: where is trump today why, no experiences in wisconsin? >> he's preparing for six events in wisconsin.
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he may be there tonight. mr. trump is full of surprises. i heard you mention the nato comments and the foreign policy comments and those really were not fully discussed in the media simply because it was reported that mr. trump, mainly by senator ted cruz, wanted to pull out of nato. that's not correct. donald trump wants to reengage nato and update their mission and not withdraw. i wanted to make sure that was clear. liz: i'm glad you did, i'm glad you did. what is also clear, though, is there is a lot of conjecture, he is laying low because of the abortion brouhaha, and i thiet continue to hammer the story, but it is still part of the national discussion after he said women should be punished for having illegal abortions. the question really is, did the gaffe force him to change his strategy at all and have you spoken how he fixes it, if he misspoke, what does he do to fix that? >> he did put out a statement.
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i think we're all clear that mr. trump doesn't hide from anything, he is actually preparing again, like i said, for six events coming up in the state of wisconsin. but there were clarifications sent out in the media, and the reason it's still a story is because it's donald trump. that's what the media likes to talk about. with regard to the words themselves, there were actually two statements, one because you had media outlets, not yours, reporting that donald trump issued or declared a ban on abortion, and that simply did not happen, and then the second clarification came out simply because when he was having the discussion about a hypothetical context of a ban, he wanted to make sure his words were clear, that he does not support punishment from a woman having an illegal abortion but the practitioner committing the illegal act. liz: okay, so now -- i still don't get it. if you're talking about throwing doctors in prison. it's not working in the midwest because ted cruz is ahead in
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wisconsin. so you've got these issues, and first it was, now you've got -- let's reverse it. he believes what he believes, but you now have immigrant groups, some of them against him. you have anti-klan groups against him. you have pro-choice people against him. katrina, there are not going to be much left except jews for jesus folks who he keeps offending people? >> not offending people, the truth is inherently belligerent. and we have somebody not politically correct, going to speak the truth. he's been doing that from the beginning and has been winning. we have one state where a candidate in some polls have pulled ahead. that's not to say that's what it look like in the rest of the states. new york, pennsylvania, mr. trump is poised to do very well moving forward. it's senator ted cruz that has to worry about the state of wisconsin, not donald trump. liz: okay, i agree with you. if donald trump is the fastest runner, should absolutely be allowed to win.
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was that discussed in the meeting with the rnc yesterday in d.c.? what happened in the meeting? was the abortion issue brought up? was this you guys better be fair to me brought up as well? >> well in that meeting, mr. trump made it very clear he does want to unite the party. this is not his first meeting in washington, d.c. with party leaders. that's what the meeting was about. they discussed a number of issues that were off the record, and mr. trump is committed to bringing the party together. more importantly, this is an opportunity, liz, as you know, when you don't know someone, it's very easy to project and to criticize, but when you meet them and look them face in the face and get answers to questions, then you have a better idea where they're coming from. people have realized mr.rump is serious about the nomination about, becoming president and about uniting the party. liz: funny you say that, in the beginning, people were saying he's not serious about this, he's doing it as a pr stunt.
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you're here to say today, he is extremely serious about that and cares, and once you get one-on-one with him, people say that about hillary clinton, too. she's very stiff and people don't like her on the big stage, and yet when they get one-on-one with her, they don't feel that way. that doesn't work every time. does he have to send his message in a more clear and acceptable way? >> that's what he's doing. only been a politician for eight months, he's going to continue to be trump. he is learning how to navigate political waters and more importantly political media. he talks about that a lot. the difference between mr. trump and the other republican candidates is he's the only one that doesn't receive a government paycheck. mr. trump is personally invested in this country because his entire legacy depends on making america great again and keeping it fiscally responsible. liz: that is a big turnon for a lot of his fans. >> a lot of people. liz: katrina, thank you, i know we come in here and push back a little bit. that's our job.
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we appreciate you dealing with that. >> absolutely, any time. liz: six events, katrina says he's preparing for starting tomorrow. katrina, thank you. >> thank you. liz: much more on the battle for wisconsin. later ted cruz supporter and reporter ken is going to join us, we'll talk about the ad that came from the kasich pac that i'm calling the anaconda ad with the weird snake-like thing wrapping around ted cruz's neck. closing bell 47 minutes away. starting with goldman sachs and visa. did the march jobs report shove the fed closer to the next rate hike? we're heading straight to the floor show to trace the choppy market reaction where we are now and where your money's going. dow up 101 points. elon musk building the drama before unveiling the tesla frame model 3. the sedan for the masses, watch.
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>> do you want to see the car? >> yeah! >> we don't have it for you tonight. >> oh! >> i'm just kidding. of course. april fool's somewhere. [ laughter ] >> we're going to show you the sweet ride and how tesla fans and investors are reacting to the announcement. plus how many people really plunked down a grand to reserve the next top car? changing by the minute. that's next on "countdown." i know what i can expect from usaa
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not the other way around. . liz: take a look at this. breaking news, thousands of tesla fans far and wide lining up to put down 1,000 bucks each to reserve their order for the new tesla model 3. elon musk, the ceo of tesla unveiling the latest tesla model to an excited crowd in hawthorne, california. this is the el cheapo model, less expensive. starting price of $35,000. preorders for the car, far exceeding expectations of 100,000. in just the last hour, elon musk tweeted this -- tesla shares are surging 3.75%.
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we've got that at the highest level in six months. and credit suisse says hour 100,000 reservations is an undershot. we need to raise. that sure do you. they're at 198,000. forget going out like a lamb, coming off one of the most dramatic quarters since 1983, kicking off like a bull with a better-than-expected jobs report. and auto sales are on track for their best month in a decade. is it time for the bull run or will the bears rear heads on a fed rate hike? right to the floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, cme and the nymex. tim, to you and looking at this number. market really first didn't like it and likes this jobs number and more. what do you think happens in the next week? >> that's a great question because we'll be right into the teeth of earning season in a couple of weeks and nobody is really looking for a real robust earnings season. today it's nice to have the
3:20 pm
market up to start the quarter with. the caveat is we've had so much money that needs to be invested the first day of the month. we've had many times in the last six or eight months when a first-day rally gets reversed within a couple of days. the positive is we've separated from oil. oil is down 4%. the market's shrugging that off today. another caveat is the transport index, which has been one of the best leading indicators for the market for the last year and a half has not been reversed, and it's still, it's down a little bit today. really watching this 7820 level. liz: for the transports. >> the 200-day moving average for the transports, weaker next week. liz: i'm wondering why it's weaker, we can touch upon oil. this is a first time in a couple of sessions where the market is down and the market is considerably higher.
3:21 pm
the transports down nearly a percent. oil moving lower, at the beginning of the session oil at 4% swirling around a production freeze and the recount, remember that? we shuddered ten more rigs. we're at lowest since november of 2009 and the markets are moving higher. why? >> well, as it should. the issue with oil is a supply issue, not a demand issue. demand is still there. so the whole oil correlation with the stocks is ridiculous in my view. in long-term it will play out. liz: i don't understand when people say this is outrageous and ridiculous, but it's the voting machine that is the market. why fight that? >> i do agree. but if you look at today's action, why is the market up today? obviously because they don't think the fed is going to do anything any time soon. the economic data is better, reasonably good over the course of the last two months and that's what people are paying attention to.
3:22 pm
as the first guest mentioned, earnings season is only a few days off, if we don't see decent earnings, maybe the bear will come in. as far as the fundamentals of the market are in there. they're okay, the calamities that we were looking for two months ago don't exist at this point. doesn't mean they can't come back. overall, it's pretty good. liz: to jeff, at the nymex watching oil and you she price and you wonder is 35 the next level or 40 the next level? >> i'm looking at the glass half full right now. what you look at the market today, pretty much quantifies about a half retracement off of the moves over the last month or so. now, again, the market is under tremendous pressure, not getting any help from the rhetoric that's coming out here. in fact, what's more disconcerting from the inventory figures, the gas, which is the leader this time of year behaved miserably today. that's the one that dragged this down more than anything.
3:23 pm
i don't really think this market has given up the ghost totally here, as a matter of fact, as a trader on monday, if the market comes in lower, should be buying with two hands. this market will probably kick back up more so than go down to new numbers. i don't think the 35 is coming so soon. work our way back to 40 first. liz: i hope not, i like cheap gas. good to see you guys, thanks tim, dan, jeff. have a good weekend. to add to those three names, anthony scaramucci and gary kaminsky on what the second quarter will bring you and your money? you have to watch "wall street week." you can see the legendary show here on the fox business network at 8:00 p.m. eastern. these guys are with us. and stick around for "stossel." a libertarian presidential forum and he defines what a libertarian really is. not what you may think it is. that's tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. dow is up about 92 points with
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the closing bell ringing in 37 minutes. president obama using interesting words to describe the iran nuclear deal. peter barnes live in d.c. next as the president meets with world leaders for the second day of nuclear summit. how would you, and i'm interested to know, how would you characterize the iran nuclear deal? remember iran tested missiles with the words israel must be wiped out written directly on them. tweet me -- listen, our facebook page has more than 19,000, and shooting for 20,000. love for you to join the liz claman army here. "countdown" is coming right back. there are two billion people
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i recommend that every homeowner who qualifies consider getting one now. call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. liz: it was 24 hours ago during this show we had to break in with news of a shooting rampage in richmond, virginia, authorities have identify shooter, 34-year-old
3:29 pm
james brown iii from illinois. at this time authorities still do not women were injured in the shooting they are expected to recover. liz: president obama today praising the iran nuclear deal. as a quote, success. but many including members of congress are still very concerned over the wiggle room that the deal gives iran to work on nuclear weapons. undefect -- undetected by inspector, peter barnes is joining us, what is president to say? >> this was president's invention, announces he wanted to create the nuclear security summits in 2009. first in 2010, they are now held every two years, of course, he will announce there has been progress.
3:30 pm
at this latest one, with four nations disposing of some nuclear material since 2014 summit, and 27 nations agreeing to implement new measures to mitigate insider threats, for example employees, this morning president met with leaders of 5 other nations that joined the u.s. on the iran nuclear deal, saying that it is working. that iran is complying, closing off quote, every possible path to a nuclear bomb. but with iran continues to test those ballistic missiles and possible violation of u.n. resolution, the president was quick to talk tough on iran. >> except for limited exceptions u.s. trade embargo on iran remains in place, we also continue to infers sanctions pertaining to iran support for terrorism, human right abuses and ballistic missile programs, that is u.s. policy.
3:31 pm
reporter: now in about 20 minutes, the 50 or so leaders gathered here will discuss the. forth to fight isis. a lot of the nations are members of the coalition fighting is es, including steps to make sure that isis and other terrorist groups do not obtain nuclear weapons. liz: some people cannot get over the fact that iran is already tested missiles with the worlds, let's wipe israel off the face of the earth written on them, how is that a success? peter thank you very much. looking at closing bell about 29 minutes away, this friday, first trading day of 2/2, turn down the sheets marriott may have a new partner but visitors giving the deal a thumbs down. shareholders of starwoods and marriott to vote on a merger, critic the complaint
3:32 pm
that the price tag it too high, starwoods down, and marriott down. up next, ted cruz stumping in pennsylvania and wisconsin . but is the texas senator intention rally ignores voters in new york? home ice for donald trump? ken is up next to answer that question, and more on count down. stand by the dow up 96. wild-caught alaskan salmon.
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get your first two meals free at >> good afternoon from new york stock exchange. stocks are rallying about at session highs for the dow, up about 103. this morning, american jobs report in line, wage growth 3/10 of a percent pretty good but gains locked in after
3:35 pm
march manufacturing report that came in stronger than anticipated. crude oil is coming down, gains were limited earlier by a 4% drop in crude prices. interesting finally stocks in oil prices moving in opposite direction. a huge change from the patterns of late. quick look at shares of sun edison away down today off about 9%. this after struggling solar company received a department of justice subpoena regarding some of its transactions, "countdown to the closing bell" continues. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up ouet ed
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liz: scorched earth on campaign trail as john kasich and ted cruz show up in pennsylvania, they will head to wisconsin tonight, john kasich had this to say today.
3:38 pm
>> senator cruz will not do well anywhere in this part of the country, not in new york, not in pennsylvania. liz: this as a kasich super pac released what i decided to call an canada ad. -- an con-- anaconda ad, with a bizarre nose thing, twisting around ted cruz's neck. and then donald trump's lying ted cruz. we bring in ken cuccinelli, the latest is john kasich requesting, he cannot directly, requesting they take it down. but regardless. suddenly a pile on. with john kasich and donald trump calling ted cruz a lying ted cruz. it is obnoxious. but why is it sticking right now? >> i don't think it is sticking. looking at fox poll, ted continues to rise. that has been a steady progression. it because he is talking about
3:39 pm
his economic agenda not drawing pictures of fake noses. in his tax record, and his tax proposal, lead to economic growth and more jobs, the more people learn about john kasich the less they like him, he raised taxes in ohio, increases obamacare that is a baseline issue in the republican party against ted cruz who is leader fighting expansion and existence of obamacare. ted's focus on economic growth and job creation is something he is not going to be derailed from. >> hardly derailed, he now leading in wisconsin, which is really interesting considering that donald trump has been leading in many other states, yet he has made real missteps, biggest one the situation where he said women should be punished for illegal abortion. katrina pierson was on the last hour, saying they should punish the doctor or person
3:40 pm
who performs the abortion, either way it is not working in the midwest for donald trump. i'm not sure that ted cruz feels much differently, can you articulate his position. >> donald's comments reflect someone who has not thought about the pro-life position, he threw out there is not been the the position of all of us including ted cruz in the pro-life universe. liz: you don't punish the woman, right. >> that is right. that is right. and it tells you that this is not what he believes, this is a new position to him. you know, people can question or believe how much he will stick to it, if he got to that point, but ted cruz there is no doubt about his sticking to his position, that is what so many people love about him so much. that is why there is so much enthusiasm. at the same time ted has reached out to expand his
3:41 pm
coalition to win over 50% of republican party over to be the nominee, he is on his way. liz: as a business network, we have a jobs number today, decent. >> it was better than expected. liz: you have a stock market that likes it we're up 108 for dow industrials. perhaps that puts him in awkward position to say that economy is horrific. not great. >> no, no. look back over 7 years of this presidency, it is a disaster, the worst post-recession recovery sense world war ii, ted cruz has been focusing on his jobs agenda and how to get real economic growth, not this anemic -- this report looks good in context in rest of obama presidency. because the rest of the presidency is so bad. ted cruz is committed to a high growth presidency that focusing on getting more americans back to work with better paying jobs, that is ha he has been talking about in pennsylvania, wisconsin and the country.
3:42 pm
liz: moving from pennsylvania and wisconsin to new york. will he skip new york? >> no. liz: he said about -- hold on, he said about donald trump, he has new york values, i'm a californian, i said, what the heck is ted cruz saying about new york values? if you are running for president, you are running for president of the united states, every state, right, ken? >> that is true. liz: not just texas or alaska, and oklahoma. >> and territories. liz: the territories. american samoa. >> we're all over. look, that was at a time -- remember when that all came up. that is when donald trump was casting himself as something defense from than he is in iowa he made comments that we point out about that we're that were deeing oner t de-- derogatory from a perspective
3:43 pm
of iowa. i think it was effective it reminded people who donald trump really is. we'll compete in new york. we're already in new york and competing, ted is running everywhere nationwide, this is not a you know one-state candidacy like john kasich. this is a nationwide can't dasy that aims to -- candidacy that aims to inover american. liz: ken good to see you thank you. >> thank you. liz: ken cuccinelli, former virginia attorney general, keep it here for your wisconsin primary coverage, this is an exciting one. i am so glad to be part of it, i will be on with lou dobbs, neil cavuto, and fox business next tuesday we'll have the poll results until the winners are named. coverage of wisconsin primary next tuesday beginning 8 p.m. eastern.
3:44 pm
>> the dow getting back up to highs of the session, up 111, with closing bell 17 minutes away. >> virgin america putting itself up for shale -- sale. charlie gasparino is about to break the news on who the buyer might be, a fox businessfl exclusive, he is breaking story right now, next. mars ands provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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liz: 12 minutes to go before the closing bell rings, market 123 to upside is just a point bely the highs of the session, a massive swing we've seen today, a solid job number. labor force participation looking slightly better, i stress slightly. >> breaking news in airline industry, virgin america put itself up on market for sale,
3:49 pm
a deal is about to take flight, charlie gasparino with the exclusive news. >> i will say, i thought deals would happen then last minute due diligence they do not do it but bankers are saying. the sale of verge inamerica -- virgin america is likely, a airline headquartered in san francisco is likely to happen early next week, the day that bankers are telling us possibly monday. who'll buy it? we know there are two essential bidders, maybe a third the, merge. but right now two, jetblue, alaska airline, and here is why bankers say jetblue is in. just watch this, not predicting. but lay it out there for people, an arbitrage game that goes on. they think jetblue is good, is a union issue. there is a lot of an.
3:50 pm
liz: can we put up jetblue stock on the move. >> up or down. liz: up. >> it is on this -- this is what the bankers are saying. i'm not saying they are buying but bankers are saying they in pole position, they have same type of fleet, airbus, they. they jetblue and virgin america would combine that. both have airbuses. in is also union issues in terms of flights, and things of that nature. when you mix and match, the type of fleet. this is what i have been told, a lot of people put jetblue in the pole position. but alaska is in the bidding, this is another reason why they are in pole position, according to sources at jetblue, senior executives are planning a trip to san francisco on monday. liz: a-ha! >> i'm just telling you, this
3:51 pm
is what is bouncing in the market. we should point out that virgin america is based -- >> on the west coast. >> yes. so, anyway. there have you it. it is an interesting story. we don't see too many airline merger stories. you know the feds --s -- >> a few years ago we did. >> but feds don't like it with price competition they are worried about. liz: local attorneys don't like it other -- attorneys general, that is what i said. >> you corrected me on that, stocks are moving as if this is happening soon. and we hear, pole position, but bankers, are saying that you know, if you are going to lay odds, lay odds on jetblue. liz: culture, you know virgin is sort of wim --
3:52 pm
>> do you think that richard bronson would feel comfortable with a jetblue fit. >> i think he would, but more of the airlines fit better, i'm not an expert, what do i know? i fly first class. liz: that is fancy. >> well, they have the same fleet, airbus. when you have different type -- you know you usually,'s good to have like one time of plane. cost efficiency and things of that nature. here we go, hay see what happens monday, i keep hearing monday. but we'll see. from bankers, the companies are mum, mum. >> charlie. charlie break its right here. liz: attorneys general as i tell him, closing bell ringing in -- >> owner the week. liz: alaska airlines could swoop in. >> fed focusing on that unemployment rate it ticks slightly higher.
3:53 pm
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liz: markets very close to highes of the session. clearly people with money like the job as march report. let's bring in moody's chief economist john lonski. start with you, john. does this report push the fed close to rate hike sooner or much later? >> i think it pushes a rate hike out further at some point into the future though today in response to this report, the possibility of a september rate hike came back into view. chances are if there is rate hike in 2016 it may not be until december meeting. liz: december, where we have 64% chance.
3:57 pm
like a possibility we would see that rate hike. only 30% until then. >> something else happened today. auto sales came in under expectations. well under expectations. that sells me consumer spending may be peaking. with the u.s. economy dependent on u.s. consumer last thing we need a rate hike. liz: auto sales at 10-year high. joe, where are you investing in what the fed might do or is that a follow's payment? >> it is very tough to figure out when the fed will raise interest rates. we think the banking sector has got beat up there. are good opportunities there. as interest rates rise, september, december, longer term view, we think there is real opportunity there. a jpmorgan for example, has good dividend yield. while you're waiting for the
3:58 pm
stock price time prove, we think it an opportunity there. we also think housing is strong. you see the consumer confidence numbers are strong. manufacturing is improving. our opinion is, that the consumer is going to be here for a lot longer yet. liz: okay. well, joe just outlined some positives, but, john, you're saying we don't want, right, raise rates into what appears to be a very tentative economy. do you see it that way? i just want to make sure i'm understanding exactly how you're categorizing it? >> that is how i see it. real gdp growth in 2%. down from 2.4%. 2015. we have early estimates of first quarter real gdp growth, less than 1%. down from 1.4%, the final quarter of last year. the upside for this economy is quite limited. you got a nice report on employment but a lot of those jobs are coming from
3:59 pm
lower-paying categories. despite 5% inemployment rate the average wage is rising no faster than 2.25%, 3%. in the past 5% unemployment would be joined by wide growth in excess of 3%. liz: yet we have 195,000 people plunging down a grand a piece to reserve a tesla model 3, joe. i look at that. that is certainly fascinating. look at that consumer what do you see? >> what happened to the stock prices of gm and ford today? down sharply. liz: they were down sharply. tesla is higher. joe, your last thought putting money in stocks versus hiding them in treasurys? >> i think the stock market has a way to go. this recovery lasted a long time but it continues to plod forward in the right direction. we think there is real
4:00 pm
opportunity here for the economy to continue moving forward. therefore, stocks are a good bet. liz: joe, john, great to see you. [closing bell rings] we close out the first trading day of month of april with no april fools. with a swing more than 200 points. let me hand it over to david and melissa. david: a decent job report sending stocks higher despite oil moving lower. i'm david asman of the happy friday. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." after this hour, ted cruz in control. we expect the senator to begin speaking at a conservative conference in pennsylvania any minute now, after taking a commanding 10-point lead in our brand new fox business poll. okay you guys want to advance up where you want me to go there? all right. we're going to the nuclear summit right now. where president obama is speaking.


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