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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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here. i'll see you monday night. time to drink. bye. high five. ♪ ♪ good evening everyone. i'm lou dobbs. six days before the winner takes wisconsin primary and the latest poll puts ted cruz well ahead of donald trump. a brand-new marquette university poll shows cruz leading trump by ten points in the race for that state's 42 delegates. the poll shows cruz with 40% support compared to trump's 30 and kasich's 21%. it's been a week of mixed emotions and emotional swings for trump who monday celebrated the birth of another grandson and yesterday, is campaign manager charged with misdemeanor simple battery and today, trump generating controversy for these
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comments on abortion. >> do you believe -- >> but -- >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> ten years? >> that i don't know. >> why? >> you take positions in everything else. >> i do take positions in everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> trump since walked back his comments saying the abortion provider would face punishment, not the woman and the mess would get messier after all three candidates broke their pledges to support the nominee of the party. i'll take that with leading evangelical pastor, national review rich lowry and white house political director ed rollins and john bolten and wrap up the lighter side of politics with red eye's guests.
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cruz and trump hitting the campaign trail today making a pitch. >> women are not a special invest. women are the majority of the united states of america and every issue is a woman's issue. >> nobody respects women more than donald trump and nobody will be better to women and give greater security to the country for women and in that case for everybo everybody. >> it good both men think women aren't a special interest. 39-24%. joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute john bolten and republican strategists at rollins and fox news
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contributors. good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> let me start with the abortion thing. quickly walk back by the trump campaign. how much damage? your thoughts. >> i think it was a serious mistake. even tony parakins a well-respected leader at the family research counsel made it clear what people are familiar with have known for a long time. it's never been the notion that the woman getting the abortion would face punishment from those arguing the pro-life side. trump corrected the mistake that obviously minimizes the downside but the original mistake i think is going to haunt him. >> we have to point out that tony perkins, a terrific fellow is a cruz supporter as you might take into account. ed, your thoughts on this. how serious? how can he recover? >> the way he has to recover and if i was advising, which obviously i'm not. i don't want to think i'm smarter than anybody in the campaign -- >> by the way, i don't think
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this would be the night to put that up for a vote for them. >> it's very important he writes a script. this is who i am. this is what i want to do. here is where i want to take the country. trump is too much sound byte and impulsive campaigning. when 47% of republican women say wall street journal poll, never vote for donald trump you cannot win. that leads you to a landslide. somehow you got to bring the women back and basically understand their issues. >> let's talk about that. is it within his power to bring back those women at this stage of the primary contest it's about three months from the convention. >> he can pivot. he can pivot. i've had candidates before. i had christi witman losing terribly and we basically got her to focus on women and children and she basically won
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the race. right now there is a great insensitivity. >> you think it is recoverable. >> i think it needs to be recoverable. >> john, give us -- what -- you know, you and ed we might as well give trump high-powered advice here. what would you advice trump to do? this has been a terrible with the exception of the birth of his grandson, this has been a terrible, terrible two-week period for him. >> well, i think he's got to get back from his perspective to the issues that brought him this far and this stressing trade and immigration, those have been his two signature issues. i think this latest poll from wisconsin that shows senator cruz opening up a significant lead could spell a lot of trouble for him and i think the next several primaries really, if the anti trump forces are emboldened by this bad day or this bad week, i think he could come into the convention well below 1237 and i think that could really open it up.
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>> well, let's talk about this part of it then. this is really a contest between trump identified the middle class as a class that he wants to bring to the forefront and wants in foreign policy and branded his foreign policy america first. he's made it clear that trade agreements that do not benefit and as a consequence do not raise the standard of living for americans just aren't going to happen under his watch. these are powerful, powerful examples of issues that resonate with the american voter. he's backed away from them. how does he get back? >> well, i think he has to take the initiative for one thing and when you're faced with chris matthews asking you one question after on abortion after another -- >> can i interject on this. why a grown man or grown woman would sit there and put up with that kind of behavior ademeanor
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of the host is above me. this is a guy, i want to throw this up, this is a man that wants to be the leader of the free world and he's letting a talk show host badger him. >> chris in particular, i've got a long history with chris when he was tip o'neil's press secretary. he's the perfect foil to go punch his teeth in. he just is. there is certain people you don't want to do that. chris matthews is a liberal. it's a perfect place for a republican to go punch his teeth in. the critical thing for trump is to get back on the message, talk about security and the issues he has great knowledge about and get scripted here. i don't mean it in a derogatory way. he gave an extraordinary speech last week when he gave the jewish speech. he needs to basically if he reads a script, these are the things that matter and security, economy is important. >> you get the last word john bolton. >> i think preparation is
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critical here. he's gone a long way without a lot of preparation through many of the debates -- >> that is one of the grandest understatements in critical assessment of the candidate i think ever. >> i think actually preparation can come in handy. this question of whether or not a woman should be penalized for having an abortion is pretty basic to a complex and emotion l debate. he wasn't ready for it. >> yeah. john bolten, always ready for you. thank you for being with us. ed rollins, thank you. >> we always come scripted for your show. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. >> trump well ahead in the delegate counts but cruz and kasich plan on taking the fight to the convention. >> we have three great candidates. this is not finished yet. he is in a real fight. >> we take up the gop race for the white house and what it will take to win the nomination. our guest, former speaker of the house newt gingrich coming up after these messages. stay with us. when you think about success,
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. now we're going to introduce my next guest that met with mr. trump. he's one of the finest minds in politics today. best selling author 2012 presidential candidate himself and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. great to have you with us.
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mr. trump, not in any way daunted by the contest in wisconsin is his optimism well placed. >> look, i think good reason to be optimistic. he's a front runner. a poll came out this morning that said nationally he's at 50% well ahead of anybody else. on the other hand, wisconsin is going to be a tough state for him. governor walker just came out today and endorsed cruz and i think cruz has a real shot of winning wisconsin and the question is can he sweep the state. wisconsin you get a certain number of sedelegates. the question will be does anybody sweep the whole state or in fact do they split it up and then trump really needs to have some of the -- if he gets swept here, i think his momentum takes a deep it. >> it would take quite something for cruz as strong as he is running to sweep him through the congressional districts and the at large candidates.
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so we're probably looking at least at the conventional wisdom at what you're describing, and that is a split of these delegates. what we're watching in the run up to it is a major -- the life spat to put a nice label on it. seems like one of the most ill considered and unnecessary conflicts in modern day politics. >> yeah, it was dumb and it was a particularly dumb on trump's part. the initial attack came from a cruz super pac, which ran an ad attacking trump's wife and he took offense. what he should have said is look, melania was a world class super model on a professional shoot for a famous magazine and i'm very proud of her and she would be a great first lady. if he did that, he would look more statesmen like. instead he goes after mrs. cruz. i hope we'll get back to
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campaigning on much bigger themes and issues, which is what the country needs and certainly what the republican party needs. >> as we look at the issues of illegal immigration, we look at the impact, the consequences 40 years of trade deficits. terrific imbalance on global trade. policies not working for this country. and reducing our gross domestic product as a consequence. why in the world all of this brought him to the forefront as the day he stepped into the campaign and he has let it drift away from him or he's at least moved it to a different level of priority. >> yeah, i think his big issues were working for him and he ought to go back to them. the fact is the country at least on the republican side and the independent side is really upset and you have to admit, even on the democratic party side when bu bernie sanders gets 82%, 71% in three states last saturday, those are huge margins.
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>> incredible. >> that tells you that both on the right and on the left, people are really upset with where we are as a country and i believe should be and i think we need frankly a pretty big disruption in washington. >> you know, if you talk about the middle class, i've urged the republican party to embrace the middle close and what ails it. instead, over the course of the last 40 years, we watched wages remain stagnant for the middle portion of this country in terms of income, in terms of household net worth. and the jobs have been flying overseas or across borders in the case of mexico. and there seems to be an absolute refusal to look at the pain that has been inflicted by a host of policies and business practices and paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, those, they now seem hell bent on competing with the
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front runner and the nominee for president. >> well, i think in ryan's case he's actually trying to figure out how to create an agenda that's big enough and bold enough that it begins to meet the country's desire for change. i think he's tried very hard not to get directly involved in the presidential race and obviously unhappy with the tone of some of it but prank frankly most of us. you have a country where the reality is that between stagnant wages, rising health care costs, ever more expensive government, intrusive bureaucracy, people are angry and feel like the future they were once promised is disappearing and they want political leadership that recognizes their pain and their concerns and they get a new york, washington, los angeles lead that makes plenty of money out of the market but leaves behind 80% of america. >> is the republican party as we wrap up capable of making the shift in terms of its platform,
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its values, and frankly, its political momentum and energy to embrace the middle class working men and women and turn back the policies that have led to this result? >> well, i think we'll find out in the next few weeks. certainly if donald trump continues to pick up delegates and becomes the nominee, you're going to see a dramatically different party in cleveland at the national convention but think about it. even cruz who a year ago would have seemed to be the guy out on the extreme, cruz is now the establishment candidate because trump created such a total momentum that has changed the base of american politics. this is not what anybody would have expected a year ago. >> doing well at what others might call me, too, politics. >> that's right. >> newt gingrich. thanks for being with us. come back soon. up next, trump and his two opponents ditched the republican
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loyalty pledge. >> the republican party hasn't treated me properly in my opinion and they haven't. they haven't treated me fairly but i got millions of more votes and we have a movement going on. >> and that is the subject of my commentary coming up next. much more straight ahead. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey.
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good to meet you dennis. a few thoughts on the bruise l battle, the remaining for december stir rad does declaring loyalty to no one now. cruz kasich signed the pledge and at the time trump signed after he had he received assurances he would be quote treated fairly. the chairman held that commitment as a sign of party unity but all three republican candidates broke their pledge to support the eventual nominee.
6:24 am
>> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is? >> no, i don't anymore. look -- >> you don't? >> no. >> so the pledge you took is null and void and the idea of supporting whoever the republican nominee is, you say you will no longer guarantee -- >> i've been treated unfairly. >> i'm not in the habit that supporting someone that attacks my wife and family. i think that is going beyond the line. >> if the nominee is somebody i think is hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. >> for now there is not only no possibility of party unitunity, so-called leaders appear confused and incapable to adapting to most if not all of the populous agenda and for his part, trump has a da finishing authority and to lead, demonstrate he's in charge of himself, his campaign and his party. trump's often said politicians talk too much and don't act.
6:25 am
we're beginning to, well, see that, well, much of this is just not fair in trump's opinion. some would suggest that's starting to sound a little like complaining, even whining. overcoming it is the issue now. out smarting his opposition is the issue now. certainly not complaining about them. trump needs now to act, to lead, to rescue the party that is breaking apart all around him. i believe the anti trump republican elites are on the verge of destroying the very party he wants to lead. ironically now, i believe only trump can lead republicans out of this current turmoil and if he doesn't succeed in returning to his basic fundamental messages of securing or borders, controlling immigration, supporting middle class and small business, that international trade will always be fair to americans assuring working men and women their
6:26 am
government will actually one day work for them. if he can't do that now, he will hardly do better this fall. in politics, the process is often the result and trump has more people pulling for him to succeed than any candidate in recent memory. so my words tonight to mr. trump would be, so if you're going to lead, mr. trump, it is time to lead. you're the one who said america first. so lead. action. far less talk and no whining. and there is not a minute to spare if you mean to make america great again and you've got to start by leading the party, i'm not sure you really like too much. well, too bad. that's the deal. all you have to do is overcome yourself, the party you represent, the party that doesn't like you and yes, your gop and democratic opponents. we who've been watching you for sometime now to this point figured that's a pretty fair
6:27 am
fight. now go win the damn thing. our quotation of the evening, this went from marks who said, i refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. and mr. trump return to your sense of humor. it's served you well. we're coming right back. >> donald trump fired up, fighting back against calls to fire his campaign manager. >> they want me to destroy a man's life and the other two candidates, kasich and cruz said oh, he should be fired. fired for what? >> trump's not backing down. will it hurt his campaign? the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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joining us tonight, lee carter, communications strategist and editor of the "national review" fox news contributor rich lowry. great to have you both here and welcome to the broadcast. >> good to be here. >> trump today stepping at it on the issue of abortion, stepping in it many say by his handling irrespective of whether you want him to fire or to retain his campaign manager. it has been protracted and without resolution. what in your judgment does mr. trump have to do to right his campaign and make the most of the opportunity that is, what, just until tuesday for the wisconsin primary. >> he's got to get off his heeling. he's on on his heels for far too
6:32 am
long. this is the longest since the beginning of time. he spent too much time whining what's gone wrong now. he spent way too much time explaining what went time and time to pivot back. people want to hear how he's going to make america great again. his message needs to return back to jobs, immigration, how he's going to make us safe, enough with the rest of it. >> rich, you're no fan, obviously, of donald trump. but counsel him. i mean, you -- i know there is -- some of -- some part of you has to be gleeful about what you witnessed but if you were to correct him. >> well, on abortion question, it's just a simple lack of knowledge. anyone who has -- is real pro-life and been around the issue and thought about it thinks about this very question, who should be punished when you make abortion illegal and the answer that pro-lifers is never the women, it's the doctors and if you just tell the trump was cornered as soon as the question
6:33 am
came up, something he never thought of before, he tried to punch his way out of it by coming back at matthews over what catholics think about abortion and are you catholic and showed a street fighter instinct, which trump has in spades but what he lacks is policy knowledge and been able to get away with it for a very long time but eventually would catch up with him. >> what are the polls suggesting about his followers? how costly do you think this day in particular will be to him this week? >> i think this day has been costly but i think he can snap out of it but i think he has to snap out of it and quickly. he has got to pivot and own it and he's got to turn back to what he does best. which is to -- no matter what people think about donald trump and i think this is a really big misconception, when he starts leading and talking about what making america great again, when he makes the pivot. he gives a lot of people hope. he gives a lot of people excitement and enthusiasm and
6:34 am
needs to do that again. he needs to get off his heels. he needs to get off of this and explaining things away and how he's been mistreated and how bad this was. people have forgiven him for a lot worse than this. he should know better but a lot of people say what i love about him is not that he's a politician, that he's deep in policy. they are saying the exact opposite. that he's going to do things differently. what he should be doing is saying i'm going to get experts in policy but come at this totally differently. what i'm going to do is get jobs back. i am going to get the economy growing again. >> he's done so well. his message he's rocked back from. >> he needs to start owning the conversation again and done that brilliantly. right now -- >> you know, he just did it a few days ago. pointing to nato and saying we have got to restructure the alliance to deal with the modern challenges to this country. and then suddenly we're
6:35 am
involved. >> i think the problem with him is he's strong enough to be the strongest candidate in the republican field, but doesn't have the right qualities to unify the party. so he had this disastrous stand off. you saw it last night where trump is not going to support other guys and other guys aren't going to support trump and looks like the gop is headed to a train wreck one way or the other. >> let's keep in mind that that train wreck if that's what ensues is the responsibility of the gop elites. they have attacked the very man that is the front runner and campaigning actively against him and throwing their money into the fight against him, as well as supporting the candidates who oppose him. they will be running the convention and making the rules in which he will be seeking the nomination. so he could be forgiven, i believe, mr. lowry for feeling some pressure of prejudice among the establishment in this country and that's why is has said fighting for those folks, it is a rallying cry if indeed he can lead because lead he must
6:36 am
now. talk won't get him much of anywhere in my opinion. great to see you, rich. thanks so much. great to have you with us, come back soon. >> i hope, too. well, president obama today at an easter breakfast he chose to attack donald trump, mr. obama warning against overreacting to recent terrorist attacks, his usual, well, lecture, we'll spare you that and turn instead to the next guest. our next guest says president obama has once again assumed his role as defender in chief of islam. joining us tonight, a pastor at first senior pastor at first baptist church in dallas, one of the most influential evangelical churches in america and author of the book "detailing the rise of radical islam ".
6:37 am
your response to president obama. it is -- to me, my frustration is -- it is -- i don't even know what he's playing at. do you? >> yeah. yeah, look, let's set the context. on the heels of yet another horrific terrorist attack, this time in pakistan over easter, we have the president once again assuming his favorite role, not his commander in chief but as defender in chief of islam and i believe, lou, it's time for the president and others to wake up to this fact whether we're talking about brussels, paris, pakistan or san bernardino, these attacks share one common denominator. they were not committed by jews or hindus, they were committed by radical islamic terrorists and for the president to deny
6:38 am
this connection and demonize the rest of us that make this connection, it's not only shameful but endangers the security of the country. >> as we're watching the republican candidates, not one of them is making much of the genocide that's being carried out against christians, some referenced it with that question but as -- in the days following easter, one would have thought that we would have heard far more from the campaign trail that the fate would take mr. obama's chair. >> well, lou, i do think there is a reason you have donald trump and ted cruz at the top of the gop contenders. the fact is they are not shackled by political correctness and they are willing to make these bold policy proposels that are certainly no politically correct but designed to ensure the security of our country, and, you know, i think we're seeing what donald trump said a few weeks ago as being absolutely true.
6:39 am
there is something within islam that is engendering this hay trit -- >> don't you love the reaction of the national media and the left to significauggest there i something about islam when the record is clear over the course of 15 years of conflict? this is -- >> yes. >> this is striking the reaction to his remark. >> it is. let's be clear, we realize that maybe just 5% of the 1.5 billion people in the world or 1.5 billion muslims in the world embrace radical islam. that's 75 million radical muslims in the year. you don't have that with christianity, 2.2 billion christians, we don't have 100 million christians running around the world trying to chop people's heads off. i think trump is telling the
6:40 am
politically incorrect truth that needs to be told. >> on the issue of abortion, recoverable for donald trump? can he move forward and how should he do so? very quickly. we got 30 seconds, unfair to you but that's what we have. >> well, i think he clarified the issue in the right way but i thought it was interesting lowry said everybody pro-life understands you never blame the victim. look, if we really believe the rhetoric that abortion is murder, i don't think what mr. trump said originally is that out of line. i mean, women are somewhat complaisant in this if they murder their own child. the only reason they would criticize trump's original comments is because either they don't believe abortion is murder or so blinded by hate for trump that they don't allow logic to take its due course. i think trump ended up in the right place on this, seeing women as victims. as a pastor, i see that all the time with women who have abortions. we ought to concentrate on the
6:41 am
doctors. >> pastor, as always, good to have you with us, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. up next, donald trump proves he's loyal to his staff. >> i told them, i said you should never settle this case. you should go all the way. i think they really hurt a very good person and i know it would be very easy for me to discard people. i don't discard people. >> former trump advisor roger stone takes that up and much more. stay with us. we're coming right back. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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our next guest says the republican establishment is moving into high gear against donald trump. the media plan he says is an all out drive to rest potential victory from donald trump. and to take away delegates in wisconsin. joining us tonight former trump campaign advisor roger stone that worked for nixon, regan, author of so many books. we'll put them up on the lower third to save time. good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. >> i want to share with the audience a portion of an interview that sean hannity did with donald trump and this is donald trump revealing that he was contacted by no one in law
6:46 am
enforcement in the deal. roll that if we can. >> i think this was very unjust, nobody called h ed me, nobody interviewed me. i wasn't interviewed by the police. they are in a town where i have a very big investment. are these democrats? are these republicans? >> roger, are those democrats or republicans doing the policing and prosecuting in palm beach county. >> corey lou is entitled today in court. i looked at these films and it's inconclusive. this is an open question. at the same time, it's never a good thing when the campaign manager is a distraction from the candidate and his main message. >> let me interrupt you, roger, you may not be aware at the beginning of the broadcast we devoted about ten minutes to that video, surveillance video from the trump property that
6:47 am
shows the entire sequence of events, i shouldn't say entire, surveillance tapes have gaps. three producers of this broadcast and myself concluded that there is no video of him touching michelle fields. you can infer but the fact of the matter is there is not a single piece of video that shows the actual touching. >> well, i saw the video, lou and i watched it over and over again myself. >> do you agree? >> it appears conclusive but he'll ultimately be clear in trial. trump who doesn't run away from friends and a fight is supporting him. otherwise, this is a distraction. the good news for the trump campaign is i don't think there is going to be any mechanical decemb distraction. they announced former partner of mine, the sing the best vote
6:48 am
counter and convention strategist in the republican party, he's intently focused on all the delegate selection moving forward, both primaries, caucuses, party meetings and focused on the rules and credentials and focused on the establishments beginning to nibble delegates -- >> as long as they don't get picky. do you think they will get picky about the delegates? >> i do. there are strategists going around saying they think this can be stolen and are attempting to steal it. i think we're headed towards armageddon. wisconsin is the one state trump is running competitively. he's way ahead in california, new jersey, new york, pennsylvania. those are northeastern states. this is do or die for ted cruz. he's the one that must win wisconsin. theoretically, trump can get to 1237 winning those other states but not winning wisconsin.
6:49 am
it's more crucial for cruz. i do not under estimate the scott walker, paul ryan machine. they beat back two recalls. they beat back a state senate recall. >> ben were being -- i won't say dismissive but they were, i think, personally they were under estimating the governor's operation in his own state there. what do you think? >> well, but don't under esti donald trump. i spoke to him sunday to wish him happy easter. he told me no one will out campaign him in wisconsin. he's doing two stops. he was criticized for going to paul ryan's hometown but lou, he's going to where the republicans are. he's appearing in the two media markets where most of the republican vote is. it's only common sense. so i wouldn't count trump out in wisconsin by a long shot. >> i'm not counting him out at all. >> very competitive. >> who is -- okay. that's it. competitive and we'll find out what is most affected at garnering those votes.
6:50 am
you're feeling good. others coming into the campaign or is he standing pat? >> no, i think the convention operation is very different and specific animal. and i think it was an excellent choice. he did this for ford and regan and bob dole. he's a master technician. he needs it. >> rogers very quickly went through 40 years of republican history. thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you. >> roger stone. up next, millennials snapping selfies with hijackers, are you kidding? we're not kidding. we'll get an idea how -- by the way, the big guy there is the one wanting the selfie with the little terrorists hijacker. wow. anyway, we'll take it up with red eye's andy and cut out the
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a bazaar case of mistaken identity when an online payment to his dog walker was blocked by his bank. when he logged on, he was told to call the treasury department. they explained the payment had been stopped because he had written in the memo line for
6:55 am
d.a.s.h. d.a.s.h. as in islamic state. that's the name of his pit bull mixed pup and if you add an e, it would be the other name for the islamic state. he was just spelling dash, d-a-s-h. wells fargo and he got it resolved. dash. got to be careful these days. joining us co-host of red eye andy and correspondent for greg -- i used to know greg's name and former ms. new york usa. i have delivered another just elegant introduction to you both. >> thank you, lou. >> your reaction first to dash. >> you know, an e can kind of make anything bad. >> really? >> e. coli, ebola. you don't know how to spell my name, that's fine. >> i know how to pronounce it.
6:56 am
>> yeah, so i understand. it can make people a little nervous. the bank is taking the extra precaution. >> you're standing up with the big bad banks? >> i, you know, if they accidently put some funds into my account, that would be okay, too. >> i got ya. >> yeah. >> i would like to let you know our executive producer let us know it's not wells fargo, that's your bank. >> my bank. >> which is, by the way, also one of my banks. >> yeah. >> one of your banks. you like to keep -- spread that money around, lou. >> how many do you own? >> that's very funny. that's very funny. but at my expense, that makes it somewhat less funny. i'll turn more to the issue -- >> less likely i'll be here next wednesday. >> absolutely, i hope in all seriousness -- >> uh-huh. >> absolutely certain.
6:57 am
let's turn to the terror selfie since we seem to have exhausted the banking system. let's take a look at this. this is terrific. the ma l mill lean -- mel lean the man with the vest did hijack the plane and drop off a letter for his ex-wife. i like the way the authorities expressed it, less terrorist and more idiot. what does that say about the fellow with the selfie. >> obama is so happy this happened because now his selfie during mandela's funeral seems like nothing. >> that's right. >> that seems perfectly acceptable because this has now topped that. >> but will you ever forget, was it the danish prime minister? >> denmark, is that danish? >> that's a very -- [ laughter ] >> dash. wouldn't be here. i'll never forget michelle's
6:58 am
look as they took that selfie. >> i'm livid about this for the main reason i am is that this is not a selfie, a flight attendant took this photo. he didn't take the photo. it's a photo. it's not a selfie. people need to stop calling it a selfie. the other thing is this points out how the u.s. is not the only country where the postal service sucks. it's so bad there he had to hijack a plane to get a letter to his wife. >> excellent point. the other is everyone turns this into an examination of an entire generation because one big dude stands up and gets a picture taken with the guy that wants to blow the plane up. >> let's shame him and not the whole generation. >> by the way, in that circumstance at least he's in proximity, perhaps he was planning to just wrap his arms about the little fella. >> and absorb the blast. >> sure. >> what do you think? >> it's sure that's what it was. >> trump media coverage, we only got a little time and i don't want to leave too much time for
6:59 am
andy to exalt until the momein . your reaction to what is sort of a negative reaction. >> he needs now are more of the positive personal stories. we heard a few from a former miss wisconsin. those reasons why those individual voters really like him, that's what he needs more of. >> and he's a great guy, right? >> your boy is having a bad week, lou. you need to talk to him. need to set your boy straight. >> what would i say? >> i don't -- look, the problem with trump is strength talking off the top of his head is also his weakness and this week, it was a weakness. >> we had a terrific gesture, if i may -- >> if he dropped out? >> well, i think that's probably not the best thing for the country -- >> best thing for me, personally. >> maybe you could give him a call and see if you could -- >> awe, that would be nice. >> he does not take my calls anymore. >> well.
7:00 am
i wish i had the number. >> andy, joanjoann, i feel so br about the news after talking to you. >> as you should. >> i feel better because you joined us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. spina i know it's hard not to interrupt. >> are you disappointed by the likely republican and democratic nominees? >> what difference at this point is a may? john: we have heard so much from the republicans and democrats. now it's time to hear from the libertarians. the three toppling presidential candidate debate here tonight. in our two-part libertarian presidential forum. and now, john stossel. [applause]


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