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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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political and legal. deirdre: lis weihl, thank you. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." "making money" starts now. charles: it was like a lazy summer day when the stock barely bunld in an uneventful seg. ted cruz keeps racking up delegates, even in state where he was whipped pretty good. polls show senator ted cruz has a comfortable lead in wisconsin but trump is gaining. we'll look at how ted cruz is going to work this out. gop insider karl rove calling for a quote fresh face for the
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party. forker gop candidate dr. -- former gop candidate dr. ben carson will join us. >> does it mean he's perfect? no. he has main detects, just like the -- major defects, just like the rest of us. but he's willing to listen to people. there is a humility issue that could use some polishing.ves ine government anymore. everybody believes that we are weak on the world stage, we are not doing things that make sense economically, and he's probably the person who most likely to do that. are there better people? probably. charles: dr. ben carson, he says
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donald trump is the best man for the job as commander-in-chief. in the meantime, senator ted cruz, his ground game and infrastructure posing a serious threat. not just in wisconsin and others. but in elects that we thought were done and over with. joining me now the man himself, dr. ben carson. welcome to the show. you know, this is what everyone loves about you. you are a breath of fresh air. but sometime has anyone in the trump camp said you are a little bit too honest? when you talk about donald trump having major defects. that's not typical endorsement speak. >> the fact of the matter is, i'm a very honest and plain spoken person. i don't think people have totally gotten used to that.
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but added after that, like we all are. but certain of the media will just grab the fir part of it and say carson says donald trump has defected. that's what they do. that doesn't work on people who are well informed. but it's effective for people who are superficial. that's the reason our founding fathers said our freedom and system is dependent on a well-informed and educated populace. they knew people who were superficial would be easy to manipulate. charles: don't you find it intriguing that the more tv stations and social media, perhaps the less educated a lot of folk out there voting are. >> they look for the head lines and listen to what people say. think is problematic. you know, if we don't make a
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change in this and become more informed, i think our society is in huge trouble in the future. charles: i hate the term low information voter. someone doesn't read what you read and believe in what you believe doesn't mean they are low information. i think that's a slight that kind of bothers me. but should the president of the united states have something special that the rest of us don't? should he or she maybe just be held to a higher standard than the rest of us? >> without question. as i articulated in the past, anybody running for that office need to have a lifetime of extreme accomplishment. not just an average person. i think that should be one of the criteria, what has this person accomplished? what odd have they had to face and overcome. what have they done for the country itself that demonstrates
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they are not a selfish person. those are lodge cal thing for voters to look at. if they looked at them i think they would have an easier time making a decision rather than just look at personalities and things the media thinks are important. charles: we have entered the area where charm can get you into the white house better than a resume. you did bring up humility, is that one area you would like to see donald trump get better at? did you talk to him about that? >> yes it's important to be able to say, you know what? there may be other people who know more about this than i do. i'm going to listen and see what they have to say. i'll take what they have to say into consideration. and he will do that.
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but, you know, it will be good for him to actually say it. i think that would help people. i think it would help them if he would indicate for instance who is going to be working with. and particularly what kind of people and maybe some specific names for supreme court nominations. i believe he will be coming out with those very soon. charles: i think everybody is waiting with bai bated breath. >> people have to recognize along the questions candidate are asked are thing the president actually can't do. they are not within his purview or range of powers. all of them should be free to say that's not something the
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president has jurisdiction over. charles: over the weekend you headed up to north dakota. can you tell us about your experience? being on the ground and watching machine and being part of that machine, trying to woo folks, how was that? >> well, first of all, when i land in north dakota, i said hooray. it was number 50 for me. it was very cool. it was cold, but the people were incredibly warm. and very receptive. and i had an didn't to talk with the potential delegates and explain my rationale. i think we moved the needle, and it's good. but the key thing for me is that we must have a process where the will of the people is respected. whoever the people choose,
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that's the person party need to get behind, not the other way around. charles: did you come away from north dakota feeling that way? 18 are in the cruz camp. are you satisfied with that outcome or do you think the system needs to be tweaked a little bit? >> i don't trust those numbers. i think we'll see what happens when we get to cleveland. i don't believe those numbers. i believe there is definitely some movement there. charles: in arizona, ted cruz is really getting a lot of delegates. there is something in this process that lns toward the power brokers. we know the republican party has said this in not so many word. for the most pair it's a club, they are in charge of the club and they get to make the rules.
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i don't think the american public realizes that when they pull those levers. >> at the beginning of this process everybody was talking about having an outsider and how the people are excited about an outsider. now we have an outcider and everybody is -- we have scene outsider and everyone is trying to say we don't want an outsider. we have a traditional person backed by the party. the people i think are probably going to be a lot smarter than anybody thinks. and i believe they are waking up rapidly and they will make the determination. charles: congratulations on north dakota. i lived there for 2 1/2 years and they have the best people up there. in the meantime we have breaking news. a tourist helicopter crashed in tennessee and there are multiple fatality reported.
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though there is no official confirmation of how many might be dead. smoky mountain helicopters said five people died in the crash. the group was on a sight seeing ride east of nashville. emergency responders are responding to the scene right now. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. gop insider karl rove calling for a fresh face for the party.
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donald trump people to go for ted cruz and the ted cruz people to go for donald trump. charles: the on thing that will be harder is if someone gets this nomination not named trump or cruz, i think it will be a disaster. charles: that's karl rove, the ultimate in establishment insiders suggesting the republican party might need a fresh face to get the party to unite. many thought he was talking about fall ryan. >> so you are not fresh face karl rove was talking about? >> i would like to think that my face is somewhat fresh. but it's not for this conversation. i'm not running for president, period, end of story. charles: bob, let me start with you.
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i know that it feels like this is happening in broad daylight. you are a cruz guy,eed, adrianaa trump guy. >> i'm tag gnostic. charles: i x we know it's anti-establishment year. so if anyone gets this nomination that's not named ted cruz or donald trump, it will be a disaster, no? >> it will be a disaster. i think where donald trump and ted cruz agree, that is the establishment is not going to control that convention. hopefully ted cruz can get to 1237 before the convention. if he doesn't, you have to let that process play out. but if anybody comes out not named trump or cruz, i think it will be a train wreck.
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it feels like we keep hearing there is going to be a name, perhaps someone who wasn't in the race that emerges from this convention. >> i'm just so angry when i hear things like that. what it does say is what's the points of having elections. what's the points of millions of people going out to vote for their candidate whether it's basketball can or donald trump. people have -- whether it's ted cruz or donald trump. people have waited outside in the weather for hours to see their candidate. it's wrong to rob them of the nominee one of them deserves. it also nullifies the will of the voter. i agrieft will be a -- i agree that it will be a big revolt if the establishment pulls one of
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these dirty tricks. charles: they have say this is our game, our role. that's the epiphany for the american public. it's their clubhouse and they can make the final decision. >> they can make the final decision and it should be matching what the people want. if they think they are going to do something different, they are fools. i don't know of any fresher face in politics than donald trump. i know ted cruz is a fresh face right now. karl rove fall people is the least fresh that we have in this political scene. he's also been wrong, the establishment has been wrong. this is beyond the notion of we docket because we have the rules. there is a difference between what they can do and what they should do.
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people like me who are agnostic and recognize the good in both trump and cruz, people like me will have a pitch fork so they have better watch out. charles: tomorrow you don't want to miss our special coverage of the wisconsin primaries. minute to minute. it's fantastic stuff. tomorrow night it starts 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. some candidates are looking beyond wisconsin, as you can see, this is john kasich in new york holding a town hall meeting ahead of the state's primary. i want to mention the breaking news. a tourist helicopter has crashed in tennessee. there are multiple fatalities reported. an emergency official says five are dead. it happened in east tennessee. the group was on a sightseeing ride as part of a popular activity 200 miles east of nashville. emergency responders are on the scene.
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donald trump predicted a massive recession. and he intends to eliminate the national death debt. here is what he said to gretta by the last night. >> the very rich will end up probably pay paying more but there is an incentive for them to invest in the country. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders wor? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> we are losing our money and we have been for years. we have had bubbles and when they burst it's not a good thing. we are going to go into a massive recession. but if i'm president it won't happen. it will be a mess. you can't continue to lose the kinds of billions of dollars on every single thing we do.
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charles: that was donald trump speaking at a rally in wisconsin highlighting the poor conditions of our economy. let's bring in brian bee bren b. >> i agree with donald trump. i think the economy is a mess. we are at 2% growth. the federal reserve said first quarter this we are we'll have 2.8% growth. charles: that was up from 2.6%.
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are we in such a deep hole, if you erase the deficit, $19 trillion plus the next 8 years? >> i'm an optimist. i think there is so much low-hanging fruit after 7 years of barack obama. you can do so many things. build the keystone pipeline. get rid of the tax code and you could do that within the first month in office and get the 4% growth. if you get that growth that debt and deficit will come down big time. charles: government inherently spend more than they take in. even if we go to 4% and the coffers fill up we have to make sure we don't spend that. >> deficits will be growing the next 8 years. $7 trillion in new debt if we don't do anything. you can cut all the discretionary spending in the budget and it wouldn't get you half of the way there.
6:25 pm
it can't just be growth. it's also got to be cuts. if you don't do anything about entitlements you won't cut the deficit. charles: it never seems to cop out that way. when you hear social security reform, older voters say no way, i'm not voting for this person. >> there are things you can do on the margin to reform it. charles: what do you think, david? >> i don't think donald trump is speaking to you. i'm not seeing the recession. he's speaking to a lot -- it's a placid recovery. as far as if he's right and we are going to have a massive recession. it makes prediction number two impossible. you need a 2.5 trillion dollar surplus each ander year of his presidency. and that's not likely to happen.
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>> i'm not saying you can only get to a balanced budget by making the economy growing faster. i'm saying as a precondition if we don't get to 4% growth. we ought to do something about social security and reining in obamacare costs and closing down corporate welfare tax cuts in the tax code. growth denominator and get rid of wasteful government spending. charles: i agree with all of you guys. we can get 4% growth. answer that phone, steve. ted cruz. attempting to snare some of donald trump's arizona delegates. how about the art of the deal, the political version. r
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charles: ted cruz attempting to snare some of donald trump's arizona delegates. cruz snagged delegates in north goak, colorado and louisiana. so does trump need a lesson in the political art of the deal? adriana, trump is your guy.
6:31 pm
but i have got to tell you something, ted cruz is hustling winning delegates in states he contested an got beat up pretty good. >> shout-out to ted cruz because that's what candidate should be doing. that's what donald trump should be doing. they need every possible delegate at the convention if neither one make the magic threshold. charles: you don't feel they are stealing from donald trump? >> they earned the delegates. if they are allocated those delegates they belong to the beneficiary. but after a first ballot i cast, it could go to the second ballot, then the ballots could be loosened up. that's where some of the delegates can flip than that's what we are told ted cruz is doing now. we'll see if donald trump is doing the same.
6:32 pm
charles: from what i read ted cruz is doing a good job flipping these delegates. >> the establishment doesn't like ted cruz either. so he has to take is future into his own hand. the key for donald trump is he has to win on the first ballot. if he doesn't, it's unlikely donald trump will be the nominee of the republican party. right now his play is round one. he has to win this thing. >> ted cruz is plaguing the long game on this. it's a smart ground game. with donald trump not getting on with this, not being ahead of the ball on it. that's worrisome. we are talking about somebody who will be managing huge a swaths of the u.s. economy. if you can't get those
6:33 pm
procedural rules down during your campaign, that's cause for concern. >> donald trump surround himself with -- donald trump surround himself with good people. perhaps he those would be moved in on a wave with the delegates in the state an began to believe the nature of media alone. but now he knows that can't be the case. this is where ted cruz is hungrier than mr. trump. this is what drives you or doesn't drive you. hillary clinton can tell you when it comes to delegates. she lost effectively to barack obama in 2008 because even superdelegates began switching to mr. obama. so people's mind can change throughout the process. charles: he can turn it around.
6:34 pm
do you think it's enough? is it too later on do you think he can get it back on the game and figure out the rules of this particular game and start to sell it? >> it's not too late. he's leading in his delegate count by 300. he will take new york, he might take pennsylvania and membership began. mr. cruz was leading mr. cruz by 10 point, now it's narrowed to 5 to 6 points. so it's possible donald trump could get the 1,237. right now he needs 53%, 54% of the remaining delegates. that being said he needs to stop having bad weeks like he had last week. he botched the response on the abortion comment. he needs to self-correct and have only winning weeks in terms
6:35 pm
of messaging and his ground game. charles: he brought melania out with him. that will help. also acknowledging the retweet is a step in the right direction. don't miss our special coverage of the wisconsin primaries. tomorrow night starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. the wisconsin primary could make or break ted cruz or hurt donald trump. we are talking about the battle for the gop nomination. tomorrow means everything. we'll be right back.
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charles: ted cruz is discussing how tomorrow's make or break could put cruz on the path to the nomination.
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charles: senator ted cruz has been rake in the endorsements. he joins now governor scott walker on the cruz train one day before the wisconsin primary. the proms showing this race is start -- starting to tighten up. what made you decide on ted cruz above the other two candidates? >> when it's all said and done, i think everybody knows i haven't been on the trump train at all. if we want to have a contests convention where we can have a chance for someone who can actually win in the fall and win in november, we need ted cruz to win in wisconsin. ted is a staunch conservative and staunch constitutionalist which are the things i admire about him.
6:40 pm
i'm look for a big win for ted cruz. charles: numerous polls show him performing best against hoik. why wouldn't you make a consideration for him? >> i would have made a consideration for governor kasich. by's not been able to move up enough in wisconsin to win it. so diverting votes away from ted cruz to governor kasich is neither tactically right nor do i think it' right move for the republican party. governor kasich has a shot to make his case in pennsylvania and new york. and i think ted cruz has the best shot of winning. i think he will win relatively easy across the state of wisconsin. charles: i know wisconsin has picked the nominee for the last 50 years or so. do you think this is a turning
6:41 pm
point and where it becomes more serious and everyone becomes quote-unquote more presidential? it's hard for people to see where he wins after this. >> i think there is a lot of energy. if he comes out here tomorrow in the high 40 percentile, that will break the aura of donald trump. we'll see how donald trump does if he learned the lessons of the mistakes he made in wisconsin. there have been a myriad of mistakes he has made. we'll see how he adjusts. it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. i think a lot of momentum will happen. charles: maybe a month ago donald trump had a significant lead. now the last two polls show donald trump within 6 points and
6:42 pm
10 points. how worried rough that donald trump has seized the momentum. >> i don't think we are worried at all. we have a sophisticated talk radio station in wisconsin. they have been fully behind senator cruz. and the grassroots are battle tests because of all the work they have done with governor walker. the more ted cruz criticizes governor wearing and talks about wisconsin being failure, i don't think he will be able to drought support. charles: donald trump criticizing in walker. >> that's a huge mistake. charles: would you be prepare toned course him and help him gain it white house? >> no, donald trump cannot win in november. we talked about polls. charles: you would abandon your own political party?
6:43 pm
>> i always put my country before my party. i don't think donald trump has the requisite skills or the temperament to be president of the united states. charles: you think hillary clinton is a better candidate? >> i think they both have disqualified themselves. we'll have to look for something else. i believe a vote tomorrow more donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton because she beats him by 11 or 12 points in the fall. charles: a non-vote for him is a vote vote for hillary it's tough when your party forced donald trump to take this pledge and more and more gopers saying they won't vote for him if he's the nominee. that's a tough one. i understand you are you standing on principle. but it's a tough one. thank you for joining me tonight. maybe after the results. by the way, you don't want to miss the "kelly file."
6:44 pm
megyn sits down with ted cruz ahead of tomorrow's wisconsin primary. here is a sneak peek. >> last week the fox news poll had donald losing to hillary clinton by double digits and had we beating her 47-44. among young people it had me beating hillary by 14 points. >> 23 usual just going to go to atlanticability, that's john kasich. >> john kasich has lost every state other than his own state and he's mathematically eliminated from the race. charles: you can catch the whole thing tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. charles: is donald trump
6:45 pm
regrouping in the group of female voters.
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charles: ted cruz make a rather dramatic comeback with republican women in wisconsin. a couple weeks ago ted cruz led republican women, but in a recent wisconsin poll cruz is winning by 15 points. have his snafus foils his chances with women in the badger state? adriana, donald trump is bringing his wife out on the campaign trail. as soon as i van case up to it, she'll be out there as well. >> there is a lot of women who
6:49 pm
support crumb. i have been to trump rallies with 10,000 people there. i can't tell you all the women i see there of all ages and all backgrounds. it's not just men who put him there. yes he had a bad week. he made some mistakes. but all politicians do. it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride. he should top talk consider stop talking -- he should stop talking about abortion. he should talk about the failed obama administration policies. he should say if you elect hillary clinton what's going to change? he should talk about how under the trump administration he will create opportunities for women.
6:50 pm
charles: we probably agree on that with respect to president obama. but you might disagree on women. >> all issues are women's issues. there are women who show up at trump rallies. no republican has won with women since 1988. trump's polling with women right now is abysmal. charles: wasn't always this way. he was doing very well. he stepped tonight for sure. dose have to do more, though? i know it might be smart to pivot. does he have to do more to clean up what happened in the last two weeks and let time fade it away? >> i think it will be difficult to overcome what he has done in the last two weeks. he has a history of misogynistic
6:51 pm
statement and he just reinforced it. i think that carelessness reinforced that opinion people had about him hurt and it does long-term damage. charles: ted cruz has never come across as the guy women would -- they were never truly rah-rah for. he's working hard to what them o woo them in. >> if you look at the past couple polls, like the quinnipiac poll, trump beat cruz with women. trump is still ahead despite having a bad week. cruz isn't exactly wowing over the female vote. >> if you look at the negatives, it's 47% of republican women can't see themselves voting for trump. with cruz it's 3 in 10.
6:52 pm
the negativity in addition to the support, that's an important thing to look at. >> i think at the end of the day most republicans, men and women will get behind the nominee. they won't rote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. so we'll see these numbers change depending on the outcome of what happens in cleveland. charles: hillary has terrible support among women and she thought that would be her strength. we are less than 24 hours from the wisconsin primary. so more to battlele for the badger state. we'll talk about it next.
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6:55 pm
>> i'm more interested in giving you the vision and when both trumpeting cruz today said i'll co-opt hasek is taking my votes
6:56 pm
somebody said well wait a minute if you are taking cruz's both talking you take trumps both and i said well because i can win both -- both boats because i understand the fear that trump voters have. >> i'm going to give hoiler. that was kasich telling supporters at a town hall in new york that he could win votes for donald trump and ted cruz but trumpeting cruz complained about kasich team and their one day before the wisconsin primaries and there's a new poll from investors business daily that shows john kasich the only gop who can beat hillary clinton aback by a wide margin. will this mean anything for tomorrow or for that contest the convention? tammy i will go to you first. paul has kasich at 45% and hillary at 88%. is that a move toward points? >> look kasich is the dinner guest that never leaves.
6:57 pm
he's an interesting man, why would you want them to leave? we have seen with polls that they can adjust it they stun what they want to see. this is the title for people's minds. we have seen in this process the polls can show a trend. here's a man who ends in a fourth -- three-way race with his own base. this notion that he will become superman in the general election is absurd so here's a people at the focus on. the message is that the candidates are now sending hillary is relatively untouched. nobody has touched bernie sanders. it's an artificial argument on the national level and i've said from the beginning whoever is the gop nominee will win the presidency because it is about not just trump, independents and democrats everyone realizing they have been taken for a ride. >> they should when there is absently no doubt. you are trump guy. the same poll shows that if we take cruz at -- a complete
6:58 pm
flip-flop from before you don't have to believe the polls but you do see a trend where ted cruz is picking up momentum. at some point trump has got to shoot them down. i know new york is the spot but how important is tomorrow? >> tomorrow's very important and by the way john kasich would be a great vice president for donald trump radios the talent in the skills. let me say this with all these pulled their large number of independent voters and first-time voters coming out. i believe tomorrow donald trump is going to win wisconsin and he is going to cruise no pun intended to the nomination. >> bob vander plaat do you agree with that as well? >> probably not. i think will have a good night tomorrow night in wisconsin but i also agree john kasich is kind of human nature we always like what we can have. mathematically he can't get there and he shouldn't be in the
6:59 pm
race prior this is a head-to-head matchup it let cruz battle it out and let the best man win. charles: this may help ted cruz in new york doesn't help ted cruz? >> all the internal polling shows a head-to-head matchup cruz beats trump easily so he says it takes votes away from cruz and trump doesn't want him in the race. let's see who wins the race and that the republicans have a chance at that point. charles: then how do you see it shaking out? >> kasich has fewer delegates than marco rubio in rubio is completely out of the race. what i think the storyline we will look for tomorrow is obviously can trump close that gap and can he get close to winning in wisconsin and in many regards because of the way the map is shaping outgoing for this is ted cruz last stand previous big victory is a threat to stop the trump domination. charles: this could be the end of the republican national
7:00 pm
committee as we know it if trump wins. charles: iraq as thanks a lot. fantastic appreciate it guys and at home we appreciate you watching. catch me every single night and if you can't watch -- now lou dobbs the man himself, next. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs republican presidential candidates tonight trying to win over voters ahead of tomorrow's primary election in wisconsin. those donald trump and ted cruz are crisscrossing wisconsin while john kasich seems to have accepted he will be in third place in wisconsin so tonight he's in new york which votes two weeks from today. >> house and the people trying to get in. something is going on, folks. something good is going to happen tomorrow, remember that. >> if we stand together as one united we will win this nomination and we will win the


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