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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 4, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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the online poll. 80% of you said you believe the wisconsin primary will not change the narrative for the republican race for the white house. kennedy: we made it to monday. well done, us. i'm watching the badger state turn into an attention hog. tomorrow night could be a make or break event thanks to a rough week for the donald and a meticulous ground game for ted as the texas senator pownss on trump's troubles. trump is ahead according to the control clear politics average. a part of that big lead comes from the ladies. make may be famous for bill but ted is making lemonade as his
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wife juxtaposed next to the smooth and angelic melania trump. donald is trailing lyin' ted 19 points among the girls. donald had to walk back his act and admit to muir reason dowd that he made a mistake. here is how donald has traditionally described himself in terms of mistake and asking for forgiveness. >> i like to do the right thing. when you don't make some bad things you don't have to make such bad things. i have apologized to my mother years agree for using foul language. kennedy: it's forced donald to show that vulnerable some of the underbelly admitting he was wrong. >> i could have donnell without the retweet within et cetera, et cetera.
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kennedy: you know who loves the hype as much as the seething cruises? john kasich. he thinks those unbound delegates will sprinkle pixie dust on his face in cleveland. so that falling so souffle is hs ticket. >> people will spend less time on bieber and kardashian and more time on how we elect presidents. kennedy: if trump loses wisconsin by a significant margin but makes it impossible to seal the deal before cleveland, but if cruz wins wisconsin, it's still tough for him but not impossible to win his share of delegates outright to secure the nod.
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if john kasich becomes the nominee i'm sure usama bin laden and adolph hitler will go halfies in hell and start selling snow cones in hell. i'll speak to a radio host to put donald trump's feet to the fire. we'll have the latest, highest white house protest. the women's soccer team is suing for the wage gap. let's go on kennedy. the fate of the republican nomination may hang in
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tomorrow's balance in wisconsin. let's ask the party panel. catherine ward, joined by joe devito. the only man on the panel tonight. and molly eming way is here -- molly hemingway is here. molly, if cruz wins big in wisconsin, or moderately big does that mean we'll have a contested convention? >> wisconsin is a state that trump should have had wrapped up. these are his type of voters. blue collar guys and he's struggling. i think pulling a showing ted cruz will pull it off. there haven't been any primaries for two weeks. so all of a sudden the whole narrative of the race is changing. kennedy: it could be a month in between trump victories and we are not used to seeing him do
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anything but proclaim victory. >> he will probably do well in the primaries coming up in a couple weeks in the northeast. but he had a rough couple weeks. unless he dramatic team changes what he's doing, it will be rough. kennedy: we have seen a lot of cab light fodder. john kasich is betting on that to get the kids involved. the kids, the young people are going to stop paying attention to the biebers and kardashians. >> it many the most messed up version of the rock the vote thesis i ever heard. what the kids need to get him energized, a bunch of back room dealing and no candidates anyone likes to win in the ends. i hope that the nations youth stick with the kardashians and bieber. kennedy: i's the opposite when
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younger voters get involved with weird candidates like bernie sanders and ron paul, isn't it for the exact opposite reasons? >> when you ask trump supporters, why should the youth vote for donald trump. he's an outsider. some how kasich is trying to do his own version that. but it's not working. this is not going to be like school house rock. it will be darkness and despair. kennedy: you are right about kasich being an outsider. the -- insider. the outside is winning. >> did he see him yawning. that's the grip he has on the youth. if wisconsin is so important, why didn't scott walker run? ken from he is inserted into the
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polling he's winning in his own state. >> i like the shots of paul ryan. >> you can put ted cruz into a laverne and shirley photo an looks even more like grand a munster. -- grandpa munster. who gets the brett favre endorsement? >> has someone done that? the favre factor. kennedy: you have got to wear lee jeans or wrangler. in a recent interview donald trump admitted that retweeting this picture of heidi cruz was a bad move. i think he's kinds of hot. the rage does something for me. he said it was a bad news thing. i had to do it again, i wouldn't send it. marking one of the few times he
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admitted to making a mistake any capacity at all whatsoever. so how much did solution do you ski and the a -- so how much did the lewandowski and abortion comments add to the pattern and is it creating the cumulative effect so many people would assume would take place of trump's campaign? >> i think so. it's not that he thinks he did anything wrong. he just realized it hurt number the polls. kennedy: that's a good disconnect there. >> his moral come pass is wet were he's winning or losing. the lewandowski thing could have been handled so easily if the day after he had done some passive-aggressive dismissive tweet by the. and they are in a huge mess now and it could have been dealt with so easily.
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kennedy: you have three separate instances where he had to walk back or alter his initial reaction. even though this supporters say that's one of the best things about him, you never know what he's going to say. >> in this case it's just been bad judgment after bad judgment, and it's a time when he needs to be improving his game. he seems to have lost that instinct for where he needs to go. kennedy: is he ever really apologizing. he's giving an i'm sorry i got caught. i'm sorry you are such a delicate flower you are oh tented by me. the lewandowski is how to turn an accidental incursion into somebody's air space into a nuclear war.
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we have no idea what trump will do next, and i hope that in this case, in this metaphor the nuclear war is the end of the trump candidacy. >> at first i thought you were were going to pull the old sorry for having the hot wife. i think the things shooting first and asking questions later that helped him at the beginning is going to be a liability. we are used to the politicians lying and sort of smooth talking us. he doesn't know how to do that. he's learning his lesson. i don't know if it will be enough to stop him. kennedy: because everything is so strange, in two weeks he could win by 0 points. and believe me, i think he will tell us something about that if he does. so humble. tune in tomorrow night for fbn's
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live coverage of the wisconsin primary. we'll go to wisconsin and talk to a local fire brand about donald trump.
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kennedy: according to the real clear politics average of polls, bernie sanders is outpacing hillary clinton. the f.b.i. has suspended their review of hillary clinton and her emails. a spokesperson says the pause is to keep from interfering with the f.b.i.'s own probe. clinton said this when asked if she was worried. >> no, i'm not. i don't think anything inappropriate was done. i have to let them decide how to resolve their security inquiry but i'm not worried about it. kennedy: if you don't think bad things are bad, that makes you a bad person. so, katherine, whenever i hear the scintillating responses hillary clinton has to probing questions. i think to myself, is she trying
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to bore everyone? >> she is. there is a technique broadway actors have. they wear the same clothes every day at the stage door so the paparazzi won't come and take pictures of them because the pictures areless. hillary clinton blandly sells i am confident my emails won't prove a problem. and it kind of works. there is a certain level of coverage that is to be expected because she is a major candidate for the highest office in the land being investigated by the f.b.i. but she has done a great job of making no news ever. >> i'm trying to figure out what this is. is the state department us spending their internal investigation to give her political cover because they
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know she's fine or is she in such deep yogurt with the feds, we are going to back out of this because we are way out of our depth. >> the f.b.i. has dozen of agents work on it. it's interesting we don't have more coverage of this. they are very serious accusations. kennedy: does it show there is some slight of hand going on? >> if she were to be indicted during her campaign that would and massive deal democratic party has to deal with. everybody who is a federal employee knows if they had done what she has done it with be over by now. kennedy: superdelegates who say even if she loses in their state, they are still going to commit.
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how much does the superdelegate process suck? >> suck a lot or a little. >> i think the delegate process is going to get the hatred and distrust the electoral college got with bush and gore. the bernie sanders supporters, they are saying he's getting screwed left and right, the way the dnc messes with the debates. is hillary saying i believe i actually answered that question before people say anything? you really didn't. kennedy: saying i covered that is not enough an answer if people are still asking the question. if you have reporters asking the same question in different ways, that means you have not given satisfying answers. but i think people give into that with her and ask horrible follow-up questions. >> i think the state department's official take is it's an ongoing investigation so
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we have to step away. kennedy: is that like the principal backing off when they find pcp in your locker? >> it seems like the panel has much to talk about when they return a little later. speak of pcp, we are going to talk about marijuana. get ready for the maryjane-athon. we'll go to wisconsin to talk about a local radio host. has the donald trump controversy finally caught up with him in a pivotal primary? when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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kennedy: last week donald trump made a number of politically insensitive statements. will is blustering hurt him in tomorrow many all-important wisconsin primary? let's ask wisconsin's conservative talk radio host vicky mckenna. let's talk about the power of talk radio in your state. do you think he underestimated the media? >> donald trump doesn't understand the media in wisconsin. conservatives rue traditional media outlets with high kept i am. they get a lot of their information and most of their information from talk radio. so when you schedule talk radio show without finding out what wisconsin is all about, you are walking into a buzz saw. he didn't do anythingbut google
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wisconsin and he deserved what he got. kennedy: did you know thing had gone badly in those broadcasts before he hit the air with you? >> i did not. no, the trump people contacted me, and of course i'm going to put the candidate on the air. but to think he was going to get a cakewalk was a mistake by his team. i don't know if it was his team or donald trump himself. i think he thought he could come into wisconsin, not knowing a thing about our state. he knew nothing about the political recalls or the political warfare we have been engaged in. kennedy: what do you think his biggest weaknesses are? and are you surprised his weaknesses haven't been exploited. he's entirely unprepared.
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his biggest problem is being unprepared. when you come into wisconsin and you ask for tax cut saying our governor should have increased taxes and increased spending. if you talk to people who stood shoulder to shoulder with walker are patsies. they dent just get bumper stickers on our show, they get policy deep dives. it was a huge mistake underestimating the many base of conservatives and they can smell a fake conservative a mile away. kennedy: does ted cruz have a didn't kind of ground game more effective in a place like
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wisconsin, or is it because of donald trump's million steps and does it resonate with wisconsin's female voters? >> we can't identify the team on the ground in wisconsin from donald trump. ted cruz has an exceptional ground game. he hired some of the best people. he unless every inch of the state. he's working literally at the door to door level with some of his team members. donald trump is holding rallies. his biggest misstep for wisconsin voters. i think the gaffes he made about scott walker and the conservative reforms here. his gaffe on abortion did not sit well with a lot of people in wisconsin either because we have a very, very effective and serious pro-life movement here. but generally it's the ground game that's hurting him the worst and secondly that he underestimate our enthusiasm for
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our own conservative reforms that we got off the ground. kennedy: how important has walker's endorsement been for cruz in your state? does that mean something opposed to other state where sometime the governor endorsements don't add up to much in the end? >> governor walker's endorsement was huge. then he hit the ground running with ted cruz. i think it was a huge boost to the cruz campaign. kennedy: we'll see what happens tomorrow night. coming up, a car lot johannsen robot big enough to kill natalie portman. "topical storm" is next. to see" [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here.
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kennedy: watch this. it's actually disturbing. get a room, you two. oh, wait, i see you already have one. where is the other hand. it's sweet it's too sweet. is he maked with a cat? it's so gross.
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this is exactly why i'm a dog person. topic number four. a graphic designer in hong kong built the real life dream of a million frustrated teenaged a life-size scarlett johannson robot. watch her go. >> you are so cute. >> thank you. a milwaukee accountant cobbled together a life size hillary clinton robot. take a look. mek needs as an electronic aide for earth voyagers engaged in
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expeditions. kennedy: here is the real hillary clinton. >> release the cracken. keep your titan away from my cracken. topic number 5. i'm shot sure if i mentioned this on the show. but i'm a big "star wars" fan. if you saw the latest you know fluke skywalker is a pretty important figure in the galaxy, but not important enough for disney to spell the actors name right on his badge. that's mr. hamilton to you. this is unacceptable given the stature of a thespian like mark hamill.
8:38 pm
did you know he's also an accomplished voice actor? many of the actors in the "batman" series are the voice of mark ma'am i will. here is what his costar harrison ford had to say about it. >> well,l well, lisa, you don'td 10 years as a homicidal maniac without learning a thing or two about dynamite. kennedy: if you have idea for "topical storm," send them to me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation #topicalstorm. the u.s. women's soccer team wants parity with the men.
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[♪] kennedy: welcome back. over the weekend patriotic stoners gathered near the white house lawn to protest marijuana prohibition laws. it's lists along with heroin and lsd. more than 100 people participated. the party panel is back. katherine. i will start with you. you want the green sharpie? how much of this is about rescheduling marijuana?
8:41 pm
>> it's all about rescheduling marijuana. at this moment. one of the things that happened at that protest is they couldn't have moved 10 feet in any direction or what they did would have been illegal. it's now legal to possess it and smoke it in d.c. but if they crossed over into the national park service land directly across from where they were, right across the river into virginia, also illegal, and if they had sold it to each other at that event it would have been illegal in d.c. because we are so friendly in d.c., we just share. it's an incredibly elaborate patchwork of laws. the president does have the power to reschedule marijuana by himself. he can't say it's legal everywhere. but he could say maybe pot isn't quite as bad as lsd.
8:42 pm
kennedy: i have been reading on if you don't have to get permission from the federal government because it's schedule one which is the harshest scheduling. eric holder said i'll let congress work it out when they could just reschedule. even though stoners are super annoying, have we reached critical mass in this country? i didn't know you couldn't smoke pot in a national park. who doesn't like to get stoned and look at a geyser? we need for private guisers. -- private geysers. people i know who have their medical marijuana, they are like
8:43 pm
scientists. you ask what's wrong with them and they say i have got a thing. serious health issues at age 18. kennedy: you spend a lot of time in colorado, and you have been pro legalization. but what has turned your heart to rethinking? >> i always thought we should decriminalize or legalize drugs. i didn't know in colorado that marijuana was illegal nil was 15. the guy next to me asked me not to narc on him. i think it might be illegal. but now we have legalized it in colorado and the state is even more overrun with hippies than it was. i'm starting to think maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. >> gift another minute. as soon as it gets legal
8:44 pm
everywhere. it's going to be like pfizer brand weed. it will be really corporate. >> they will still exist. but you know -- >> it will just be the two bathtubs the farm surety cal industry likes to put together. kennedy: i was in one of those it was so arousing. philadelphia share jim kenny put out plans to impose a new soda tax on sugary drinks. the government getting involved in soda. do these taxes on soda and sugary drinks work? >> it's a sin tax on poor people. they punish the poor people for
8:45 pm
eating junk food. if you give them access to healthier food they choose the junk food. part of being a free person is you are free to make bad choices. when you let the government be in charge your health insurance and healthcare. then they have control. kennedy: it's an easy way to make a bunch of money from people who can't afford it. it's like taxing, but at least there was some slink between smoke and lung cancer. in the case of soda it's one of a million things people do in their lifestyle to cause obesity. you have seen that in all the states and cities that have done this. philadelphia is a corrupt city. it has been poorly managed with all this union debt and they are
8:46 pm
trying to make poor people pay for their bad decisions. >> so, katherine, is this a scapegoat? >> it absolutely is. you can't have it both ways. it can't simultaneously be true that soda taxes reduce soda con sum sun. and those soda taxes will raise 400gazillion gallon dollars. ken report u.s. women's soccer team wants to be paid just as much as the fellas. sounds fair on its face. our discussion is next.
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kennedy: key members of the u.s. women's soccer team have filed a lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation over the disparity in spay between the ladies and men. is this sexism rearing its ugly head in sports or something else completely.
8:50 pm
here to weigh in is hadley heath manning. hadley, welcome back emergency let's discuss thisdd welcome back. >> thanks, kennedy. when we talk about soccer, when we talk about the men's game about the women's game are we talking about the same thing? >> no, we are not. feminists who watch the wage gap and compare men and women's earnings typically use sports and hollywood as examples of places where men and women are paid differently. i would argue that's because the job descriptions for male and female actors and athletes are different job descriptions for different roles on different teams in different leagues. because they are so different we have to look at them as two distinct industries with different market conditions and demand and revenue are part of market conditions.
8:51 pm
there is greater global interest in men's sports than women's sports, they typically generate more revenue and the players are paid accordingly. kennedy: the women say we won three world cups and olympic tightals. we get a huge global audience. pay up or shut up u.s. soccer. but are the men bringing more in? >> it's a good question. the women who filed this lawsuit said in 2015 when the women's team won the world cup. if that's the case they could bargain for more pay. if the women's team in the united states is superior and brings in greater revenues, that may be the future of the sport. the women should be arguing for
8:52 pm
greater pay than their male counterparts. kennedy: maybe it's a cultural problem. maybe there is sexism among soccer fans. >> i don't know it's necessarily a question of sexism. it's the difference between men and women as athletes because it's a physical industry. if you compare male and female accountant, you will see a different wayne differential. but when it comes to sports men are doing something didn't from men. it doesn't mean they aren't work ever bit as hard it just means the working conditions and demand are different. men * men and women get paid the same in tennis tournaments and the women can win in three sets and the men have to go to five sets.
8:53 pm
the new york legislature passed a bill mandating paid time off for families with children or sick relatives. are there unintended consequences? >> this will create winners and losers. this is actually a law that goes further than a mandate. it doesn't just mandate employers mandate time off when they have a new child. it's a government-run insurance program like the social security program where workers have to pay in as part of the tax on each one of their pay checks. so we are all losers in that regard. kennedy: even if you will never take advantage of his benefit, you still have to pay for other people who will take family leave. reporter: employers know women are much more likely to take advantage of maternity leave
8:54 pm
than men are to take advantage of paternity leave. kennedy: how do family leave options improve without government interference? >> that's a great question. when we see a more robust jobs market we'll see employers offering more options, paid time off and maternity leave. but employers are forced to compete for us as workers, they will value us greater. there is no need for government to come in here with a one size fit all solution. kennedy: we'll hit the street to ask about running mates for the remaining presidential candidate. stay with us. >> bernie's running-mate should be al gore and they would worry
8:55 pm
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kennedy: let's bathe this baby and put it to bed. with donald trump frontrunner for the republican no nation. people have wondered who will be his veep. >> derek jeter made it clear he doesn't want to be trump's running-mate. who should take that job? >> kasich. >> anne coulter. they won't have enough energy and fire to anot hell out of anybody. >> up not running for president. he's running for president. >> al gore. then they can worry about climate change together and not ruin the country. they will be busy doing that. reporter: the video of this little bird landing on bernie's
8:59 pm
podium has gone viral and the bird has been adopted by the campaign as bernie's mascot. >> a bull in a china shop. >> sing to the sailors. >> what creature should hillari' mascot be? >> a snake. she is untrustworthy. >> this is a theme that has been used against me and my husband for many, many years. >> a sheep. because she is a follower. >> these things are dies. but she'll never die. >> never, ever. kennedy: the bee stings and she dies. thanks for watching the show tonight. i will be on with neil cavuto during fbn many live coverage of the wisconsin primary. email
9:00 pm
go ahead and load up my mailbox with vitriol before thursday. it will be here but know it. good night. >> a hard-charging real estate mogul who's ahead of his time... >> edmund was a real visionary. >> ...meets a cutting-edge furniture designer. >> there was a lot of synergy when the two of them came together. >> he fills one home with ultra-modern pieces. then another and another. >> they jumped on it. they puked on it, they came in from the swimming pool and sat on it. >> when he's gone, his heirs are in for the surprise of a lifetime. >> and it rachets up, and it rachets up. i'm sitting there next to my son, slapping his leg, going, "matthew! matthew! matthew!" [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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