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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. catch me every single night and if you can't watch -- now lou dobbs the man himself, next. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs republican presidential candidates tonight trying to win over voters ahead of tomorrow's primary election in wisconsin. those donald trump and ted cruz are crisscrossing wisconsin while john kasich seems to have accepted he will be in third place in wisconsin so tonight he's in new york which votes two weeks from today. >> house and the people trying to get in. something is going on, folks. something good is going to happen tomorrow, remember that. >> if we stand together as one united we will win this nomination and we will win the general election and beat
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hillary clinton in turn this country around. >> why would i get out when i'm the only person who beat hillary in the fall? lou: cruz is the leading and most of the polling over the past two weeks but there is a bolt of lightning that is that the gop race today and there is new hope for trump and his voters, a brand-new arg poll out of wisconsin shows trump now with the template lead over cruz, 42-32. arg poll is an outlier but trump has been saying he quote could surprise tomorrow. also tonight the mainstream liberal media showing its bias. media elites up in arms last week when donald trump stumbled on whether women who have abortions should be punished comments but there's little outrage after hillary clinton managed to upset pro-choice and
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blue were alive folks with her references to a fetus is an unborn person and offended both sides of the abortion debate. >> the unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights. now that doesn't mean that we don't do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to you now help a mother who was carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy. lou: carrying a child. abortion rights advocates say clinton shamed women by characterizing the unborn as a person or pro-life groups say if a fetus should be considered a person it should have constitutional protection. that's hardly a ripple in the national media. as a result however we will take up the media's double standards tonight. we will be talking to former reagan white house political director ed rollins pulitzer prize winner for the near post michael goodwin of "the weekly standard"'s fred arnson and also
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among our guest tonight realclearpolitics rebecca bird and trump spokesperson katrina pearson. our top story tonight voters in wisconsin ready to go to the polls tomorrow in the great state of wisconsin and on the final day of campaigning john gidding great news for polling company arg. trump with a 10-point lead over cruz in the final arg polls. or in a trump holding to bounce back after typical week in the campaign now calling on one of his rivals to drop out of the race. "fox news" senior national correspondent john roberts in wisconsin with our report. >> it is a position donald trump is both unfamiliar and unhappy with. an 11th hour fight for her when that just weeks ago looked like a sure thing. >> if we do well here, folks it's over. >> a boon to trump's popular it was self-inflicted.
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number of errors cultivated with a meandering series of statements on abortion all of which his campaign had to walk back to. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no is a principle? >> answers there has to be some form up on his men. >> for the woman? >> there has to be some form of punishment. i said the woman because it was asked hypothetically. i also directed it and i made it airy much so that i think everybody is acceptable to everybody. women go through a lot. they go through tremendous punishment of themselves and i wasn't sure people would understand it so i clarified it. >> the stumble of rare moment for controversy hurts not helps trump gave his chief opponent ted cruz and opening. >> a few weeks ago the media was saying wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump to win and not a good state for me to compete in but cruz has been battling his own problems headlines clearing extramarital
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affairs. town hall with david kelley to be broadcast at 9:00 cruz broach this head-on. >> have you committed adultery? >> i have not. that is complete and utter garbage. while cruz and trump aimed most of their fire at each other in recent days they both turned their sights on ohio governor john kasich. kasich has won just one primary but says he's staying in through the convention. >> he is one in 30. he out to get the hell out honestly. >> john kasey cannot be the nominee mathematically. >> kasich insisted away primary. >> the reason why trump said basically for me to get out, i mean think about what this guy said. he said he needs to get out because he's getting my vote and i want to have my votes. it's just not fair. the cruz and trunk campaigns insist because john kasich with likely won't be meeting the requirements of the majority of
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delegates in eight states in its nomination he won't be eligible at the convention but that's not correct. if there is no nominee chosen after the first ballot those delegates began to become unbound and you can vote for anyone who makes the constitutional requirements to be president. if kasich or anyone else for that matter a masses enough votes they can meet the party requirements and if they hit the 1230 delegate threshold become the nominee even if they have never gone through the primary process. lou: john thanks very much, john roberts. on the democratic side hillary clinton says she is quote absolutely confident that she will be her party's nominee but it's certainly not a smooth count to the democratic nomination. clinton may very well lose in wisconsin and this week and she under fire for controversial comments, guests on abortion. "fox news" chief white house correspondent ed henry in new york tonight with our report.
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>> hello new york. >> one day before the wisconsin primary hillary clinton today was a new york where she is campaigning for five of the last six days. a sign she is conceding the badger state to bernie sanders and is a bit nervous about locking down the april 19 primary in her adopted home state. >> all trump is said the wages are too high. he is fired, that's funny. >> sandor spent another day in wisconsin and continued ripping clinton. >> i'm not a candidate who goes to the unions, the goes to work and goes to a fund-raiser with wall street. >> clinton got air cover from new york's governor andrew cuomo who suggested sanders is all talk. >> would not need ideas that sound good. we need ideas that are good and sound. clinton spent the weekend for over a series of issue starting with what observers called condescending answer about young
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voters when asked on nbc's "meet the press" about why she lashed out at a greenpeace activist. >> i feel sorry some passion of young people who believe this. they don't do very research. on abortion clinton managed to upset some liberals by calling an unborn fetus a person buying a conservative by thing that person does not have constitutional rights. >> the unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights. that doesn't mean that we don't do everything they possibly can in the vast majority of instances to help a mother who is carrying a child. >> clinton added fbi has not yet contacted her about its investigation but she's willing to talk ever checked the criticism she was not transparent except one of clinton supporters former senator bob kerrey suggested a newspaper interview clinton tried to e-bay to public records law saying quote i have no doubt the server was set up so the secretary wouldn't have to
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submit to that law. >> they are still debating about debates. one clinton proposal for a debate in new york city has been debating head-to-head with the ncaa men's basque ball championship. the sanders camp rejected that and now they're talking about april 14. sanders had a rally already schedule. the mayor has neither been. he's a clinton supporter but he says look at sanders will debate clinton on april 14 he will issue sanders a new permit for another rally. lou: thanks very much at henry reporting. new love pens tonight iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism. the u.s. navy confirming it intercepted and seized in iranian ship in the iranian city loaded with weapons bound for booty rebels in yemen. the cache cash includes 1500 ak-47 assault rifles, 21, .50 caliber machine guns, 200 rocket-propelled grenade launchers. all of this marks at least the
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third time in two months that such a shipment has been intercepted. in related news congress investigating whether president obama misled lowe there's about concessions he granted to iran under his nuclear deal. house intelligence committee member congressman is leading that investigation. he says they ran is set to receive greater sanctions relief than the administration had promised or revealed to congress. pompeo adding quote we are now trying to determine whether this was an intentional deception on the part of the or new levels of disturbing acquiescence to the iranians. we will be taking that up with katie mcfarland later here tonight. turning to the illegal immigration and refugee crisis that has seized europe greece supported more than 200 illegal immigrants back to turkey under a deal agreed to last month. that move meant to help curb
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illegal immigration into europe through the so-called balkan route which involves crossing into greece. these are the first deportation since more than a million illegal immigrants entered europe through that very same route last year. we are coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. ted cruz and donald trump urging john kasich to drop out. >> kasich shouldn't be allowed to continue and the rnc shouldn't allow him to continue. the. lou: hasek isn't quitting he says as we near the opening of the polls in wisconsin. we take it up with ed rollins and michael goodman today join me here next. this chihuahua loves the california highway patrol on the low speed chase across the bridge in san francisco. it was video. it was video. we will show you the video when at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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lou: joining us now former reagan white house political director republican strategists ed rollins pulitzer prize meaning colon as for the "new york post" michael goodwin "fox news" contributors. great to have you here. let's start with a 10-point polls suddenly donald trump
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edison of the dennnis outlier. what do you think of it? >> it may very well be accurate or it may very well be an outlier. the end of the day trump is made this kind of comeback come back when he was down 10 points in last two weeks without doing anything other than appearing on stage could be one of the greatest upsets ever and i think you'll make in the nominee. if for some reason this is an outlier poll and cruz comes back and i think he will missed him by my prediction. i don't think he will -- lou: to be clear --. >> ed is wobbling all over the place. just to make it even i'll bet you it's perfectly legal and i will buy you lunch at cruz wins. lou: it's always legal. >> i have no horse in this race. lou: michael you wrote a piece in which he said you know you may not even have a chance to make a decision about what you said you were going to do which is consider voting for donald
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trump three do you feel that possibility is closing here or do you think it's now open? >> look, the last week's been a very rgh week for trump and it comes at a very bad time. i think they gang up against him is now reaching its peak with a lot of the super pac money going against him and only three names on the ballot he has to outperform what he has been doing in the polls show him performing except for this one today performing under his average of 37. he was 32. >> five and six-point leads for cruz. this one but 10-point complete reversal of that. >> i just thought last week had really dented trump and i think he was doing this to himself. no one was doing it to him and he was giving them the rope. lou: he's that kind of fellow. you use the expression in your
11:18 pm
op-ed he's doing rope adult and it looks very much like that. the only way he could really fit that definition would be for him to win tomorrow. >> to knock out george foreman. my fear for his candidacy has been he's playing russian roulette with five shells in the gun. >> that doesn't sound fair. he's tapped into an extraordinary environment out there. he's a performer but he has not got the substance and he has to bring women home and the thing that bothered me last night was he says i don't care if these guys endorse me. doesn't understand if you don't bring the party together there is no victory. lou: this party if i may send say gentleman looks like a mess no matter what perspective of trump's presence in it, give the thing to cruz, whomever this party looks like it's thing run
11:19 pm
right now by some people who went through a anti-management and a leadership seminar somewhere along the way and paid close attention. >> i have to say i'm neutral in priebus. i don't know him. he is to me not that important a figure frankly but when i see him talk i don't know if he's telling me the truth or not. one day i think he is trying to be neutral and the next time i hear him talk i think he really is trying to take it from trump so i just can't figure them out. their size a kind of clause in their. lou: go on line and look at the social media. there aren't many people out there in the republican party whether they are for or against trump or cruz to err in any doubt about the gop establishment is trying to do. tonight they see donald trump is running this party among hispanics and women. lou: like these guys have done such a good job. >> i'm not defending them.
11:20 pm
i am giving you what they would argue is their perspective. but the party destroyed before teddy roosevelt destroyed in 1912 and came back and destroyed it on more than one occasion but i think this one has the potential of the don't bring it back together of having severe alternative damage. lou: what about reince priebus announcing his books will be in charge of the rnc no matter who the nominee is? what has back? i thought the nominee got to make a few decisions there. am i wrong? >> is darkly you could try to remove him. it's probably not easy. what we have done in the past as we have put someone in to run the day-to-day operations. that was in 1980 and the key thing here is trump is made it clear he is not going to spend his own money so he has to use the party apparatus in the general election. lou: that might influence him. what do you think? >> i think if he does well in wisconsin tomorrow we are down to the short strokes in terms of
11:21 pm
the delegates if he does well tomorrow than he should be able to secure the majority for the convention. that will solve a lot of these problems but if he doesn't then i think he either went of on the first ballot or he doesn't get it. >> i would agree with that and last week we thought 42 delegates will go to cruz. he didn't come back in 1/2 of them are better than that -- lou: so the expectations right now trump you think is poised to at least one data element is not the primary. >> going back to rope-a-dope no matter how hard you hit him he keeps coming back and no matter how hard he hits himself he always comes back. lou: ed rollins and michael goodwin thank you very much. here's an example of how the population of the country is rapidly changing. american schools are now buying prayer rugs from muslim
11:22 pm
students. in st. cloud minnesota for example a fifth of the students there are muslim, mainly somali. the school district there is doing everything it can to accommodate muslims but there is no evidence that it or any other school district is doing the same for christian students anywhere in the country. it is a straightforward double standard if ever there was one and no outcry about it at all. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is which candidate do you think will better serve the country by destroying political correctness? a, ted cruz, b donald trump. >> john kasich. we left a bernie sanders and well, mrs. clinton for a reason. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news. a reminder follow me on twitter like me on facebook follow me on instagram "lou dobbs tonight". the california highway patrol in
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another wild chase it a runaway chihuahua, there he is with a california highway patrol man on a motorcycle trying to run him to ground. the chihuahua led the chase, fled to the temporary closing of the oakland sampras a skull bay bridge. the furry fugitives avoided capture four times before was scooped up and taken to a local shelter. workers there named him punch, an homage to the show chips. two months ago a highway patrol had to chase down a white pony and in a unicorn costume that had escaped from a child's birthday party. up next, that's all we got on that. up next donald trump says he should get the republican nomination if he wins the most delegates but rnc chairman reince priebus is now leaving the door open to the possibility of a nominee in the race now. >> if you get into multi-ballot
11:24 pm
can -- and engine is possible that a person can be nominated that is not one of the three. lou: the rules in and the rules should depend on well who gets gets -- the convention rules committee and that's the subject of my commentary. going to be exciting. it's going to be electric, not boring stuff like reince priebus made it sound. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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lou: a few thoughts on republican battle for delegates and it's turning into a battle rate 1237 delegates are needed to clinch the republican nomination and donald trump now leads the field with 736 delegates followed like cruz with 463, kasich far behind with
11:29 pm
143 and it's mathematically impossible for him to do anything. according to delegates in tomorrow's wisconsin primary cruz is started declaring victory in another state over the weekend. north dakota where republicans elected the state's 25 delegates at a weekend convention and they are not done to any candidate but cruz with a majority will support him. if the battle for delegates extends far beyond north dakota the "washington examiner" reporting the cruz campaign has targeted working to revert delegates in her summer which trump won overwhelmingly. delegates in the winner-take-all state are bound to trump for the first ballot in a contested convention so cruz is looking to deprive trump of delegates in two states won by trump last month. trump vowing to file a lawsuit over delegate selection in louisiana and in tennessee where the campaign is accusing republicans of trying to stop for a trump of delegates from being part of the same delegation come july.
11:30 pm
this political stuff is tough but the rnc firing back today and you know this is not going to surprise you one bit rate they are defending their process >> it's the job of the campaign to go out and you win the delegates and then you get your personal run and when he wants to have it maintain a commitment if you force long as possible hopefully for all the balloting but that's part of the process. lou: the process, both the way sean spicer says that,. trump has reportedly chastised his own team for failing to be prepared for the delegate fights in order to to win in a contested convention he will need to win those fights with a trump team has begun to take the threat seriously to preserve his delegates and prevent establishment from subverting the will of the voters. now that is a good idea. the quotation of the evening on petty partisan politics is often the foundations of great events
11:31 pm
as well like winning and losing elections. this one from plato who said one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up and governed by your inferior. we are coming right back. stay with us. the frantic never trump gop elites aren't giving up on speaker ryan as their preferred nominee. ryan says he doesn't want any part of that job but is that just part of the planned? weekly standard's fred armstrong says here next. and this surfer about to share his weight was some unexpected guests. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. lie joining me the executive editor of "the weekly standard" "fox news" content -- contributor fred barnes. we have a lot to go through here. let's start with that outlier poll has the aag up 10 points. >> we will see. maybe it is a trend, a late trend in this race. it would mean that donald trump who is behind by 10 points in polls for several weeks over the past week when he was supposed to been doing so terribly gained ground and is now ahead. that doesn't make any sense. lou: april 1 through the third
11:36 pm
so that was a lot better. matt for him certainly. >> yeah i know but things don't make a lot of sense. happens all the time in politics. that's what i like about it. this means that infrequently it doesn't. lou: maybe you just solve the mr. politics for all of us who are watching with one eye open. because we can't stand it half the time. the idea that trump and cruz agree that kasich should get out , your reaction? >> well kasich doesn't want to get out. i think it's a fools arrant and nothing is going to happen attend as well something magical happens when delegates arrive at the convention. i have been to conventions going back to 1976. i've never seen it occur but it will take magic for him to win the nomination that's for sure.
11:37 pm
lou: i love what you just said because i was also, i go back to 76 and what was supposed to be magic turned out to be raw political power on the screen and for him to say it's going to be fine makes him sound like attract a disneyland for crying out loud. i don't even know what to make of the man. >> let's take a look at wisconsin and where trump is headed. if he wins wisconsin today he said the nomination is his pretty much. what do you think of that statement? >> it certainly is more important to ted cruz then it is to donald trump. cruz needs to market his campaign but trump has a pretty good fallback position. in a couple of weeks there's a new york primary which is obviously going to win probably by large amount in the week after that we have primaries in rhode island, connecticut and maryland and delaware,
11:38 pm
pennsylvania, states that provide -- it could be a sweep for trump and all of those so cruz has to win in pennsylvania really and the expectation is that he will win. the voters will decide tomorrow. lou: i love it when the vote days get here. we find out how smart everybody is in the lead-up. let's turn to hillary clinton. nothing near the squall that was kicked up about trumps abortion remarks which he relatively quickly walked back. she calls a fetus a child, a woman carrying a child. she refers to the unborn person and brings on her legal skills, the constitutional rights those of an unborn person or a child that is being carried. that to me is by orders of
11:39 pm
magnitude far more disruptive to the orthodoxies of the right and the left, pro-life and pro-abortion groups. what do you think? >> well i think she has got a mixed position here. she talks about a child and yet she is -- that child and any time during the nine months in the womb. that seems a little cruel to me. lou: yeah and the national media seems cruel to me that they didn't see that was as big a deviation at any point. >> lou you know perfectly well the media sees abortion as an issue that republicans are always going to get in trouble on so they always ask republicans questions in debates about abortion rate they never asked democrats. lou: i have got another few too. perhaps this is going to get me
11:40 pm
in trouble that i'm going to take a risk because they happen to generally believe it. i think the pro-abortion forces don't want to have a discussion about abortion because we have to look absolutely clearly that our conduct, our behavior and the values that we are insinuating into our society by being automatically pro-abortion. what do you think? >> i agree 100%, very well said lou. lou: thank you sir. i will take that as a high compliment coming from you. appreciate it. fred appreciate seeing you and we will talk to you soon, like tomorrow. there is an election i hear. fred aren't we cle sandra. a surfer getting quite a surprise. watches three dolphins decided to drop in. whoa. the surfer at first hanging back to make sure they were sharks which i thought was a good idea but then he surfs to the water with him once he realized he is swimming with the dolphins. that had to be a thrill.
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up next, iran doubling down on its posture and provocations following its nuclear deal with president obama. former -- kt mcfarland is a bit surprise. >> we are going to give him $100 million in let him go in the nuclear program and eventually but they were going to change. they change, they have doubled down. they are now the largest state sponsor of terrorism not just in yemen but around the world. lou: k.t. mcfarland joins us. stay with us, we are coming stay with us, we are coming right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
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lou: new threats from iran over iranian military leader are wearing from present bombs on rhetoric. the array needs warning any interference by the united states would cross a quote red line. such provocation is becoming disturbingly frequent. iran's supreme leader recently said the nation needs less the cushy asian and more missiles. iran has only intensified its ballistic missile tests under the nuclear agreement reached with the obama administration. joining us now former pentagon
11:46 pm
official "fox news" and national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and contemporaneously the house intelligence committee is opening an investigation into whether president obama and his administration intentionally misled congress about the contents of the deal and the assurances by the united states specifically the present of the united states to the iranians. >> i spent all day carefully looking at what the iranians have said that they do random initiation said what secretary clinton and president obama said that secretary kerry said during negotiations and after. i think there's a possibility that iran is cheating. i think there's assessing the possibility of the administration told the american congress one thing and they told the iranian something else of the iranians and factor following that they think is the iran deal. lou: either way, either way the bizarre reality is those, that
11:47 pm
there has been no document put before the united states congress called the treaty with iran. the entire thing is than subterfuge from the very beginning through the release of the $100 billion in frozen assets to the iranians and now this gross conduct by the iranians whether it's launching icbms, whether it is running ak-47s and .50 caliber machine guns and rpgs to the houthi rebels in yemen. >> it is the most significant foreign-policy decision of the obama administration the iran deal. it's going to affect generations to come because however this turns out i think what the administration is enable iran to get nuclear weapons but in addition to that they have enabled them to be the hegemonic major power in the region as well as the world's leading sponsor of state terrorism.
11:48 pm
that is going to affect everything. lou: the president looks to me right now -- looks to be right now, well i will put it this way the congress is investigating. i don't see any middle ground but let's turn -- donald trump says ray line angel. we are watching now the immigrant crisis, the illegal immigrant refugee crisis in europe tearing apart europe. we have a june both in the u.k. and the remaining part of the glorious e.u.. this is a mess. nato and the united states is spending two-thirds of the money spent providing so much of the material, so much of the ordinance. i mean is he right? it seems on his face that he's right? >> nato was formed 65 years ago to prevent the russians from coming into europe. is that still the objective?
11:49 pm
we have in last 15 years nato fighting islamic extremists in the middle east. lou: you say we have used nato as a big-league? >> in afghanistan and nation building. what is the goal of nato and it makes sense to say let's renegotiate the burden sharing. lou: here we go because a great deal is going to happen both politically and geopolitically here as we witness what unifies called interesting times. k.t. mcfarland thank you. a pint-size crimefighters to tell you about. this is a terrific story. and easter egg hunt stopped when children saw police helicopter searching for two suspected -- two suspected burglars. those are the kids. they formed a human arrow to help guide police in the direction of where they saw the bad guys go.
11:50 pm
the bad guys, they were arrested shortly after. ingenuity, that's great. kids. that's amazing to me. i love that story. up next, donald trump, he defends his behavior on the campaign trail. >> if i were president would only have 20% of you that would be here. let me be unpresidential just for a little while longer and maybe i will be a little bit on presidential as i beat hillary. lou: when he is right he's right. rebecca bird and katrina take al when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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lou: melania trump joining her husband on the campaign trail. it start at 8:00 p.m. tonight. east coast time. she joined trump for an interview on the sean hannity show. listen to her here. >> what advice throughout his campaign have you given your husband. what would you like him to change a little bit. i said before, tweeting and being more presidential.
11:55 pm
he has a great nice and he can be pretty presidential. but he cannot and when somebody attacks hip. if he sees somebody attack him he will punch back 10 times higher. lou: you can catch the full interview with melania and donald trump. that's just hannity is the show title. joining us now rebecca bird and katrina pierson. rebecca. everything looked like it what you pretty well frozen in time in wisconsin. the last two polls before today 5 and -- and 6 point advantage.
11:56 pm
and arg has trump ahead. >> in our polling average we still have ted cruz with a slight lead over donald trump but it's not a commanding lead and it's not going to be a commanding outcome, i think in wisconsin. ted cruz is hoping to win by a few points there. but this won't be the dominant victory that would be the end all-be all for any these candidates. lou: does your internal polling suggest -- your candidate is out there talking about it's going to be a delightful surprise he believes tomorrow in wisconsin. what do you make of it? >> we have always said that yes, wisconsin, is competitive. but we are definitely competing in that state.
11:57 pm
in trump had self events over the weekend and will continue throughout tomorrow. we are pretty confident we are going to do well. this is not a do-or-die moment for the trump campaign. how, it is a do-or-die for the cruz campaign. if we don't win wisconsin, we'll do very, very well which will still be a blow to the cruz campaign. lou: what do you make of reince priebus going to great trouble to say a brokered convention when the candidate he's talking about is paul ryan and paul ryan says there won't be a can't who hasn't been in the primary contest for the party's nomination. what do you make of it? >> my sense of what reince priebus is trying to do and one of his great challenges is to try to clarify what the rules of
11:58 pm
the convention are. most voters haven't paid attention to this. before every convention the party actually goes in and rewrites the rules. but certainly there won't be any rule where they could write a rule that says a candidate has to be running for president to be considered for the nomination. so you are right. we are working with kind of an abstract concept here. lou: cruz and trump are going to be the folks with the greatest influence on that rules committee, are they not? >> absolutely. which is why all this talk of some white knight candidate coming in at the last minute and sweeping the convention off its feet is a little bit silly. lou: i'll bet you the trump and cruz people would call that
11:59 pm
white knight a barbarian at the gate. >> rebecca is right, voters aren't aware of the rules. you hear the rnc essentially trying to mitigate their damages. but republican voters note rules were changed the last go round to try to keep the ron paul people from beating mitt romney. there is no question they will change the rules again. lou: every four years we get treated to that. are you confident the trump campaign will be able to manage the delegates and the rules committee? >> i do. we are confident we'll have the delegates win the nomination before we even get there. lou: that would simplify matters extremely. thank you very much. rebecca bird, the simplicity of it all. thanks for being with us. reback, thank you.
12:00 am
the online poll. 80% of you said you believe the wisconsin primary will not >> we made it to monday. wisconsin during up to be the prettiest princess of the primary. tomorrow night could be a make or break event thanks to a week for the donald and a game for ted as the texas senator pounces on donald trump's troubles by six and a half points according to the realplayer and 10 real clear politics. and ted is making lemonade from the fallout of the his


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