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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: all right. it is weird. it has been almost two hours since the president announced he will go after these corporate diversions. >> it is. we may hear more. thank you so much. voting underway. donald trump gaining in the polls. hillary clinton racing for her sixth loss. i am tricia regan. welcome to the intelligence report. voters are casting their ballot. saving 42 delegates. plus, ms. trump campaigning for her husband. saying this to sean hannity.
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released by the super pack. watch this. >> i think that it is not they are that they are tracking. >> hillary clinton in hot water. >> does not have constitutional rights. trish: though politically correct term, at least for liberals. we will talk about that. political correctness. take a look at this picture. it is from a new gap bad. members of a dance group talking about girl power. it has a lot of people really mad. trying to figure this one out.
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it was not easy. you will not believe why activists are so angry over this one. it is his lead against ted cruz. a trumpet or a locking up the nomination. a few tested convention in july. donald trump pulling out all of the stops as his wife hits the campaign trail. the mac he cannot stand the attack scene. he will punch back 10 times harder. >> will she help him with women? brad blakeman. former advisor.
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he has a wife. a daughter. can they help him right now to stem some of the losses? too late for milan yet and his wife. of course, his daughter had just given birth. i think tonight wisconsin is to cruz what florida was to rubio. it is a must win. i think it makes it even more difficult for trump to get the 1237 necessary. probably headed to a contested convention. >> you look at the amount. closing the gap there. just in the last couple of days. despite some of the comments last week. what do you think?
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>> i think that brad is exactly right here at none of them will get what they need to get. trumpet trump is in the best position to do that. you have all of these variables pulling. you cannot really figure out who is going to show up here at these blue-collar democrats. these new people feel like speaking when they show up. it will be interesting to see who actually shows up. trish: that is an interesting point. case eight at 143. brad, why doesn't basic get out? john kasich is hoping to be a
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broker at this contested convention. combining for a vp slot. >> how angry are republican voters going to be? no one is happy then. i went to vote. i stuck my neck out for this guy. are they going to be motivated? >> absolutely. it is our democracy. the bedrock of the republican party. they went and showed up to vote. the regional level. representing their state. having to her not having to.
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that place is going to erupt. buying a lot of popcorn. sitting back and drinking some beer. trish: campaign advisers as well. let's talk about the effort that ted cruz's engaging in to try to get some of those delegate votes. ted cruz knows, those that are broke and contested convention, those delegate can switch their vote. >> psalm is a little late to the game. surrounding themselves with people that actually know the rules. this is a specialty. a constitutional lawyer. you have to ... i then cross the t's. he has been working them. he knows that they are freed up.
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something that trump has not done. getting the folks to line up delegates that are now on the committee. >> you organized. he does not have the charisma that donald trump has. he has the organization. what does trump need to do to catch up to cruz? can he? >> bedrock party politics. donald trump has thrown the ball time after time. you have to block and tackle. it is the organization that goes into the organization. understanding how the committee works. it has really been a big benefit to cruz.
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>> let me ask you about paul ryan right now. some kind of contested convention. he will be the one that you speak out. >> we are dealing with a corrupt system. a system that is not there. i do not care what it says. if i want, i should get more delegates. >> paul ryan essentially saying knock it off. >> people put my name in there. if you want to be president, you should go run for president. that is the way i see at. here we go. i do not want to be speaker. i love you guys.
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i will not be a candidate. he goes on and on and on. brad, will we take him at his word? >> paul ryan becoming the nominee. casting aside by all the millions of people that went to the ballet. we are not going to have a very good time in the general election. paul ryan would have to be coming out after the ballet. people do not like watching sausage being made. this would be the worst-case scenario for republicans. trish: is that kind of a suicide mission for anyone to come in and be the seventh or eighth pick? >> i love some sausage.
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it is not really a pretty sight. it will be one of the three. probably one of the two. it will probably be donald trump. if they do not pick him, you watch trump. he will vote as an independent if they really screwed him over that had peered. trish: crew supporter turned trump support her. she will be on a little later in the show. she is packing her bags to go to that convention. a lot of people out there that feel that way. we have lots of cover here. the worst week ever last week. after a series of controversy.
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maybe the joke is on the media. how we kurds is here in-house. taking a look again. they are talking about girl power. specifically this image. they say that it is racist. take a good hard look. we will talk about this. what am i not seeing? ♪
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even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. >> i blame this tremendous dishonesty in the media.
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>> a disguise it to make it look as bad as possible. very, very dishonest. >> donald trump blasting the media again. last week by wreaking an internal campaign menu. they could not wait to label the week the worst week ever. america is sick of them. just reminding voters why they hate the washington this alice mahon. how we, good to see you here in the house. we have a big night coming up tonight. how many times in this campaign have we heard? he will implode now, really. i am guilty of that. i think that he has had so many.
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>> making up some ground. this is the one of the reasons you are seeing out on the campaign trail. wanting to stay home. now, making the rounds. >> looking at the unfavorables. what a great guy you are. you are not some half crazed female hater does not hurt. some of the controversies have to do with the comments he made. as well as the dustup and demand. even donald trump says that he made a mistake. >> i saw that. when the campaign advisor, america is sick of them, well, he is right about that. i will give him that. trish: there is an element of
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truth in that. this is a good argument for him to pursue. does not trust the media. presenting it self as unbiased. actually having a serious bias to the left and a serious bias to donald trump. >> conservative commentators. not believing he is a real conservative here and. >> he slams five different before practice. look, the reason this memo was written and leaked, trying to rally the troops. hopefully, to close the gap. look, i am the first to say, media people being unfair to donald trump. taking him out of context. for independent journalists, he
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has had a rough couple weeks. that is true. >> the huffington post, for example. it seems as though some members are absolutely deaf to what is happening out there in the real world. >> loving the policies. you have to acknowledge, regardless of what happens tonight in wisconsin. he connected in a way that none other were able to do. you think that it is corrupt. not blowing things up. >> it is a great is this term. >> i think i have been very good. nasty e-mails and tweets because
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people feel like he is their guy and they do not trust the media. >> thank you very much. we will see you tonight. fox news channel. every single sunday. take a look at this gap bad. talking about girl power. their love of dancing. this ad is racist. they are outraged. do you see the racism here? i admit, i was a bit of a loss over this one. what is wrong with it? why it is racist and our latest installment of political correct has gone totally insane. that is next. ♪
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be back take a look at this new gap had. members of an all girls dance crew. talking about girl power in their humanitarian work. it turns out, a whole lot of people. this ad is racist. they are furious about it. take a look again. tell me if you have any idea why people are calling this racist. they say the african-american girl is being used as "furniture." as a prop. as in armrests. yes, that would be very racist. what do you think? am i missing something? >> you are not missing anything.
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there are some people in this country that will see racism in everything. a child of color, it is racist. what this highlights is this. we have four adorable young girls who are doing what they do best. they are enjoying their god-given talents. they are being highlighted because they are part of a circus act. it is a great show, from what i understand. these kids are entertaining people with their god-given talents. that tells me that anyone can achieve success. >> this idea that it is racist. i thought, all right. maybe because there is no limit in the picture. that was not it.
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the caucasian girl on the right is in a classical ballet pose. no, that was not it either. finally some pointed out to me this whole furniture thing. let me show you all this gap bad from last year. take a look at that. her elbow on a white girls, you know, head. no uproar about that one. again, why are people like this? >> you are not supposed to find that i had. they cannot have it both ways. she was pulling from the series. she brought all of this emotion into the story. going down to this ad to make it all about racism.
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>> this is why people are so sensitive to all of this right now. you cannot take a nice picture of four kids and put it into an ad. justin bieber. apparently, he decided we are dreadlocked. why people should not be wearing this hairstyle. this is a new word. cultural appropriation. it is not appropriate. >> it is pc going wild. justin bieber can do whatever he wants as long as he is not harming anyone else. talking about this ad. who cares what hairstyle he has. that is the thing. it is really taking hold. people are being sensitive about the most ridiculous things.
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>> let's not forget, part of the beauty of this company is we take a little bit and we absorb it. there are trends. there are styles. really, across the board. there is another one. a very pc gone wild story. and all women school. just furious that their commencement speaker will be madeleine albright. they are angry at this because she is a white feminist. you cannot make this stuff up. >> the campus environment has really gone off the rails. parents are spending a lot of money to educate their children. it is crazy. >> it is. coming up.
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hillary clinton and bracing for her sixth loss in the past seven elections. the front runner on the ropes right now. being blasted by liberals for using the unborn person in an abortion discussion. a politically correct term. you know, sounds less personal, i suppose. in trouble over this one. that is next. ♪ meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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baird. trish: hillary clinton is bracing for her sixth loss. paul's heading into today's primary. holding its right lead. >> a large voter turnout. we will have a bounce going into new york state. i do not want to get her any more nervous and charity is. liberal act of this attacking hillary clinton for these comments she made about abortion. watch it.
2:33 pm
>> the unborn person. does not have constitutional rights. >> liberals, apparently you are not supposed to say unborn person. the politically correct term is fetus. and unborn person acknowledges that the unborn baby is actually a person. pratt, this kind of feels like a mistake. a liberal talking point. >> it is not going the way she thought it was going to go. supposed to be the token candidate. bernie has caught fire.
2:34 pm
by march, she would have this buttoned up did snapping at reporters. really getting under skin. trish: she really got in the face of a female reporter. just inches away from her pointing with her finger. yelling. i thought, if a man had done that, if trump had done that, my goodness. all hell would have broke loose. does she need to kind of cool things down right now? i am asking this to you. >> absolutely. the popular quarterback in high school. they have the best car. very popular. we are giving her what she
2:35 pm
wants. they are not happy about it. twenty points behind in wisconsin. seven last election. people have frustration all over america. bernie sanders is tapping into that. people are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. trish: do you have any problems at the fact that he is a socialist? sending this company right down. >> keeping jobs in america. socialism or democrats. ready to level the playing field. >> how are you going to feel? >> are you talking about my paycheck? >> you want to give more.
2:36 pm
>> mark my words. i think that it is time that americans wait. an economic policy. it has enabled him to see this ride. it is because people are fed up. taking the time to understand what he is actually talking about. the burlington free press. making over a million dollars a year. that is the outcry. these are not economic policies that our country was founded upon. brad, back to the question at hand about hillary clinton. getting in the reporter's face. what do you think? is she at risk of showing a little too much temper out there right now?
2:37 pm
i think she is worried about the fbi caucus. to be held in this election cycle. look, the entire democratic party is put on their head. we will have a contested convention did remember, it is the super delegates that supersede the will of their people. trish: does that fright in you at all? basically, giving it to hillary, even if sanders is successful. >> sure. >> i think that that is why there is so much frustration. bacterial point. we should not have a super
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>> let's check these markets for you. reacting to a negative assessment on the global economy. christine lagarde warning today that the global economy remains too slow. shares of disney, we are watching this today. demanding everybody stocks a takeover by biker. the current ceo and on task. a new person to take over when either retire. all 27,0 stores. the fda has held off. this identity.
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>> said to dissent. they look at the establishment. joining me is dan morgan. the real responsibility of the convention battle.
2:43 pm
support from ted cruz. >> officially, yes. i think that that is not a big surprise. so many times. >> and now, you find yourself defending him again. what a you worried about and what are you willing to do? >> this is about the voters. we feel like donald trump is representing us. feeling like he is representing them. we do not want our votes to be disenfranchised. as you heard on fox business earlier today, one of the leaders was talking about special meetings. figure out ways to get around those two candidates.
2:44 pm
possibly bringing someone else. the bernie sanders side. tired of the voters sending an message in. >> people do not like the idea of washington controlling. they want to know that their vote counts. nonetheless, the rules are the rules. they are changing the rules midstream. >> it appears that the other person is losing. i think you should fix it. you do not change the rules in midstream. >> i agree. there has been a lot of chatter about that. >> is he comes out at 12, say, 25.
2:45 pm
per the rowboat, it is supposed to go back to the floor. they get a chance to vote again. >> yes. there are some delegates who are representing people that voted for trump. it is not going over so well. >> cruises working map ready well. >> we look at that is stealing. we say you are representing us. your vote says you are supposed to place your vote for donald trump. we expect that. trish: you are going to go to cleveland? you are going to go to the process there? >> it will be a peaceful protest. i think that there are people in mass numbers that plan to be a part of this. just absolutely disgusted with a few people with the our onc
2:46 pm
deciding who is going to represent us. >> i think that you will see ted cruz people there as well. >> they wind up nominating ted cruz. who will you vote for? are you going to sit this one out? >> no. no. i would not sit this one out. i will vote for the republican nominee. if they go when and move ted cruz and donald trump aside, i think you will see a serious revolt of epic proportion. >> we are going to be okay. that is what they are talking about. that is going to be problematic. trish: a suicide mission for any other candidate. speaker brian. john kasich.
2:47 pm
i do not know how you would against hillary. so many themselves. feeling like the whole thing was rigged. this speaks volumes to me. look at what president obama said on national television today. getting calls from all of these world leaders. not only donald trump, but ted cruz. i would like to know the list of those world leaders. world leaders that then a fitted tremendously. they know that donald trump or ted cruz will get in there. it will not be so plush. it is the art of the deal. >> i think, actually, you are right. quite an impact on some of those. thank you very much.
2:48 pm
our special coverage. both parties. kicking off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i can tell you, it will be a big night. deportation of migrants have halted in greece. halted. a million plus migrants flooding europe. back to you. ♪ you both have a
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trish: deportations. one day after they begin.
2:52 pm
they cannot support migrants that are applying for asylum. it takes about three months to process their applications. it sure does not seem like it will be much of a solution. he is also a trump campaign advisor. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. they are trying. they are trying to figure out what they are going to do. some really bad decisions to welcome with open arms. is there anything that they can do at this point? >> this is a very unique way to help migrants move in.
2:53 pm
a very unusual political asylum process. before they hit european soil, before they get to europe and beyond, what is happening in the middle east. refugees inside turkey. why have they not been moved. protected and helped for them. who has organized the march. that is number one. the refugees originally coming from syria. headed towards more secure area. why is it that they are inside syria all the way to greece. there is a political reason. trish: it is front and center.
2:54 pm
i point to the more than 1000 assault. there is another sexual assault coming out today. a 14-year-old boy locked in these public swimming pools. he was assaulted by two afghan migrants in the shower after. they came out every day. and that yet these migrants are able to stay. >> these incidents are terrible. this policy of integrating.
2:55 pm
this could happen in slow motion. i go back to the original process right now right here. these migrants, if you ask them, the conference in brussels, along with syrian representatives. the members asked him what do your people want. we want to go back home. who is making that decision? this administration and governments. they want to rush through europe. >> 1000 refugees. what are you advising? donald trump. >> i can disclose i have met him
2:56 pm
even before i became an advisor for foreign-policy. asking many questions. other experts. the idea is, well, room moving almost, forcefully removing tens of thousands. you have to have the discussion there. there is an area that is the size of lebanon. it is free. you can support them in. >> do not bring them in. >> thank you very much. we will be right back with more after this. ♪ is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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. trish: all right, the conversation doesn't end here, you can head to facebook page, twitter account, tell me what you thought of today's show. by the way, what do you think? was the gap ad really racist? can we show it again? do we have it up? tell me what you thought on
3:00 pm
this one, and remember the exact same inverted ad was released just last year. you can go to my personal page or my show page, and do not forget to follow me on twitter. i'll see you tomorrow. liz claman over to you. liz: my back is inverting from lookinga the kids! trish, thank you, stocks are losing ground at this hour. why? the international monetary fund told wall street something it did not want to here. if global growth gets weaker it will endanger. we were down 141. a better picture right now. a jittery market is rushing into buy gold. in wisconsin, the 2016 campaign trail is far from fragile and weak, it's exciting and compelling as voters in the badger state take to the polls right now. you're looking at a polling


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