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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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down 150 points now up to 137. pfizer gain could not help the dow. [closing bell rings] swamped by worries about the global economy thanks to christine lagarde of the imf saying this recovery is just too slow. there is the closing bell. i hand it over to david and melissa for "after the bell." david: and stocks are dropping as concerns about europe, asia, new regulations at home weigh on the market. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." at this hour, voting in wisconsin is now underway. we're just a few short hours from the first results. tonight's outcome could change the future of the campaigns on both sides. every vote is critical for republicans. new polls showing the gap between donald trump and ted cruz has narrowed. for democrats, hillary clinton may be looking at her sixth straight loss to bernie sanders. anything can happen. it is all up to the voters. david. david: wisconsin going to the polls. let's go to straight to fox news's doug mckelway.
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he is at a polling location in waukesha. no gop candidate in the past 20 years won the primary without carrying this particular county. very important. doug, how is turnout so far? reporter: it has been really, really high. in fact we just got off the phone with the county clerk here in waukesha county said they are expecting 80% turnout. that is absolutely remarkable number. statewide they're expecting 1.75 million voters, absolutely unprecedented. we're at waukesha west high school, this polling place. first thing you see when you walk in here is registration table. same day registration. open registration, you can be a democrat and register to vote in the republican primary and or be republican registered to vote in democratic primary. you move down the line. tell them what ward you're in. give the name. check against computer list. have sign to verify that. show i.d., driver's license, even expired drivers license.
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you sign that form. they hand you a ballot. you move right over to this direction here. this gentleman is voting right here. when he is done he will put his ballot in this machine. voila you are done. you mentioned we're in all important county of waukesha county. waukesha is part of a triad of counties which circle milwaukee to the north and west including the what are known as the wow counties, we spoke to political eye sense professor who explain why. >> these are voters with high income, enjoy high level of education. they are people who do well in the international global economist. although everyone in wisconsin has been hurt badly in the last five years of the recession, these counties actually do very well. they're highly-educated and probably not open-minded to trump's brand. reporter: very unscientific
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sampling of voters who have cast their ballots here verifies that assessment. here is eileen. >> this is really hard election and i just felt he was the lesser of all the evils. i just felt from what i was reading and watching, that he just seemed like the better one candidate. reporter: she is referring there to ted cruz. she cast herbal lot for ted cruz. she told us she is democrat and registered today as a republican. back to you, in new york, david. david: a lot of those switch overs happening this year. dug, thank you very much. >> that's right. melissa: 42 delegates in the path to the nomination at stake in tonight's republican primary. trump's challengers are hoping to close in on his delegate lead and make it difficult for the front-runner to win the nomination. the outcome could make a messy floor fight at republican national convention even more likely.
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we have former wisconsin governor tommy thompson and kasich's national chair. thanks for joining us. the sound bite of the woman came before us, said she is registered democrat who crossed over to vote for cruz. which is kind of a statement you would never think you would hear. those things really in my mind don't seem to go together. at a time when -- >> don't balance, do they? melissa: people say wisconsin is very different. that maybe exemplifies it. why is wisconsin so different? >> we're a very independent state, melissa. you go back when kennedy was here, nobody expected him to win. he did. hubert humphrey, even though he was next door had setbacks here. you look back in history, and republicans and democrats alike vote very independently in wisconsin. you never know for sure. tonight even though polls indicated ted cruz it will be very close between he and the other two candidates and i still
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think that john kasich is going to surprise a lot of people. i think that john kasich will pick up some delegates here. i certainly hope so. i'm campaigning hard for him because i think he is by far the best candidate but wisconsin is always known for its independent streak and that shows more selection after election. melissa: especially in those people that we heard speaking before you. let me ask you, what is the number one issue right now in your state? is it the economy? i know manufacturing jobs are really important. a lot of news today about ford moving that plant to mexico and deciding to invest $1.6 billion down there. is that the type of thing that gets people to the polls in wisconsin? >> absolutely. the biggest issue is one of security. wii is let other people do it alone and not get involved ourselves. wisconsin people want to be secure in their homes and work
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place what is going on around the world wisconsinites are very, very concerned. security it is the economy. anytime you see a plant moving out of the state to another place or to another country it gets the attention of the wisconsin voter because we are in wisconsin heavily industrialized state. we have a lot of manufacturing jobs in wisconsin, those are all concerns to the voter in wisconsin. that will enure somewhat to donald trump. melissa: governor. thank you so much for joining us. wish we had more time. good insight thank you. >> thank you very much. good luck to you, melissa. thank you for having me. melissa: thank you. we'll speak with ted cruz supporter erick erickson and former presidential candidate ben carson supporting donald trump. you will hear from all sides. david: all sides represented.
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ted cruz win tonight could reset dynamics for his race for the nomination. john roberts is standing by in milwaukee with the very latest. hi, john. reporter: good afternoon to you. we're at ted cruz headquarters in waukesha. they have nine offices up and running. they're been here this morning, working phones to reach every voter. they want to make sure they don't leave any votes on the table. another group of folks in this room. they had some chick-fil-a and a little cake. there might be a little bit after sugar crash going on. they are still working hard. ted cruz in good position going really into march way behind donald trump. he is now ahead in a lot of the polls. here are some other ones show more of a mixed bag when it comes to ted cruz's chances versus donald trump's chances. donald trump as well barnstorming the state. spent last three days on the road, brought his wife melania into events.
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trying to fix small problem of that 47% of republican women wouldn't vote for him. he was hanging out early this morning and did a interview and town hall at a diner on "fox & friends" and went by a couple polling places, talking to the folks out there. but neither donald trump or ted cruz are able to shake ohio governor john kasich who continues to insist he is going to be in this thing all the way until the july convention. listen. >> i don't think he should be -- if you think of it, jeb did better than him, right? marco did much better than him. many people did much better than him and got out. he is stubborn guy. let him play the game. >> how do they go to a convention and pick somebody that can't beat hillary? great to be the nominee, but i think our whole purpose is to win an election. and, you know, i just we're going to continue to do it. i'm not going to be a pin shush shun. i'm not going to be a marshmallow.
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reporter: there is a lot of talk whether or not john kasich would be eligible under the rules of the rnc to contest for the nomination. i have done a lot of looking into this over past few days, yes, there is rule 40-b you have to have majority of delegates in eight states in order to have your name put into nomination. he is allowed to amass votes at this convention even if he doesn't satisfy the rule. first ballot, people who are dedicated to him, his delegates can vote for him. as delegates begin to become unbound they can vote for him as well. if he gets to 1237, he is said under the rule to control the majority of the delegates on the floor, he can petition the party to say i have satisfied requirements of rule 40-b, have his name placed into nomination. if he maintains that level of support he could become the nominee. donald trump, ted cruz both still saying, each one of them, it is impossible for both of them to do do it achieve majority of delegates before the convention. increasingly looks likes we could be headed towards a
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contested convention. it will really put the rules to the test. you can bet even though they're written on pieces of paper, they are heavily open to legal interpretation. melissa: there you go. david: don't forget, kasich is not a pin cushion. if anybody had any doubts he is not a pin cushion. melissa: or a marshmallow. david: john robert, good to see you. melissa. melissa: to the bernie sanders looking to keep his momentum going in wisconsin. jeff flock, in milwaukee on the campaign trail. jeff, still a lot of enthusiasm there for bernie? >> reporter: there is. john kasich says he leads in every national poll among republicans but that is true. you know matter who leads head-to-head battle no matter on who runs on republican side. that is bernie sanders. that continues to give him enthusiasm. he thinks he will win this state.
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i think hillary clinton thinks he will win it too because she wasn't here in milwaukee the last four or five days. today, where was she? she was in new york appearing on "the view," not even criticizing sanders, trying to take on donald trump more. but, as you pointed out at the outset of the broadcast, if bernie sanders wins today, it will be six out of seven of the last contests that he has won and he said that at a diner here in milwaukee earlier this morning he feels good about it. >> it's a beautiful day. we are hoping that here in wisconsin that there will be a record-breaking turnout. if people come out to vote, in large numbers, i think we'll do very, very well. and that is what we're hoping for. reporter: and, i can only say this. you know if he does get a win here, as i said, six out of seven, then going into new york, should he win new york, god knows what happens next.
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a lot of, you know superdelegates out there, people who can change their mind, they may be committed to hillary clinton at the moment but you never know. melissa: right. six out of the last seven. hard to argue with, jeff, thank you so much. fox business has got you covered all night long starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. neil cavuto and his special guests will bring you full coverage and analysis of all the results as they come out. david? david: there was a lot of economic news today. president obama holding a press conference to praise the latest set of rules aimed at cracking down on american companies who go abroad because the taxes are lower there. take a listen. >> when companies exploit loopholes like this, it makes it harder to invest in the things that will keep america's economy growing strong for future generations. it sticks the rest of us with the tab. and it makes hard-working americans feel like the deck is stacked against them. david: some people would argue with exploiting loopholes, whether they're just doing what is right for their shareholders.
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this on the same day that ford motor company announcing it will spend $1.6 billion to build a new plant in mexico, that will create 2800 jobs there over the next four years. the auto workers union firing back with this, quote, for every investment in mexico means jobs that could have and should have been available right here in the u.s., is another example what is wrong with nafta and why the tpp would be a disaster for the citizens of the u.s. tpp of course is a trade deal with asia. melissa: meanwhile we are just hearing from donald trump on this. trump has publicly pressured ford to drop its plans to build a plant in mexico. he says, this is disgrace. these job crushing transactions won't happen when i'm president. i feel like remedies for these things are very different, pretty shocking too. david: president obama punishing those who go abroad for jobs. others say we should provide
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incentives here so they don't go abroad. melissa: they should pay their fair share of taxes. that drives me nut. who decides what is fair. david: it ain't fair. melissa: secretary of state john kerry says iran is less of a threat now thanks to the obama administration. david: oh, really? melissa: as russia plans to ship iran a new missile system. you know all the weapons the navy confiscated yesterday? you can bet lieutenant colonel oliver north has a lot to say about this. he joins us next. david: has america lost its identity? are faith and values under fire? results from a new poll that shows very deep dissatisfaction among voters. >> donald trump says he will surprise everyone pulling out a huge win tonight. one of his supporters dr. ben carson will tell us how he will do it. >> we're going to win, win, win and you're going to say that was the single greatest vote that i have ever cast. when it comes to capability and efficiency.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: russia beginning first shipment of missiles to iran in coming days. after the u.s. navy seize ad shipment of iranian weapons. not everyone thinks iran is becoming more dangerous. take a listen. >> it is not as dangerous as ever because it will not have a nuclear weapon. so it can not by definition be as dangerous as ever. it is fair for iran to get what is deserves because it kept its part of the bargain to date with respect to the nuclear agreement. david: two big pieces of that joining me lieutenant colonel oliver north. fox news military analyst, host of "war stories." first of all colonel, iran is less dangerous, do you believe that. >> pure balder dash. designed to prop up whoever the candidate will be, the story you
4:19 pm
ran before the commercial break. putin's pledge to sheriff sa-300 missiles, arguably best in the world are not there to protect the people. they are there to protect iranian nuke and icbm sites. it will be done before the next president of the united states is sworn in. they know what they're up to. david: not just the missiles, by the way. they're dangerous what they're shipping overseas to rebels in yemen they got huge shipment of ak-47s. >> to houthi allies in yemen. everyone, saudis, u.a.e., jordan, turkey, pakistanis, israelis no iran is never more dangerous than it is today. saudis turks egypt are in process of acquiring their own nuclear weapons. one of the cornerstones of this administration's policy was non-proliferation. they will become the greatest proliferators they have ever seen. david: one thing kerry said they deserve, keeping their side of the bargain. how is testing these missiles which goes against the you know
4:20 pm
treatise and sending weapon is against u.s. navy is how is keeping their end of the bargain. >> that is not. that was in the deal. that is why they crafted the deal the way they did. it is closely linked to what is going on in north korea because you mentioned this before the break. the north korean nuclear program and iranians are work being hand-in-glove to build and test nuclear weapons and icbm. there is nothing in the iran nuke deal to even mention or recognize this is problem and it has been going on for years. it is now accelerated ever since this deal. david: there is a new information, excuse me for interrupting, colonel, that they now, the north koreans found a way of minute tourizing -- miniaturizing nuclear weapons. those mid-range weapons could hit anywhere in japan? >> some of the missiles are being tested -- remember they launch ad satellite.
4:21 pm
a light is nothing more than a ball could be a nuclear weapon. if it can orbit the earth it can land anywhere on the earth. this idea that the iranians and north korean peoples army has been out there but nobody in the administration want to talk about. some intelligence experts, robert levinson, retired fbi agent who disappeared in 2007, may have trippedded this irgc, prk connection. i wrote about that in counterfeit lies if it is true by the way. iranians think it is true. unlikely levenson will be ever seen again. david: wow, great to see you, colonel. "war stories" with lieutenant colonel oliver north, 8:00 p.m. and 10 p.m. we're very proud to be able to broadcast those series. melissa: they are recruiting fighters part of newly islamic
4:22 pm
police forensic department in iraq. photos released by the terror group shows isis members using magnify glasses and microscopes to solve crimes committed against it followers. it created the branch to show the caliphate it is legitimate and not a fantasy. hmmm. david: the panama papers story. how the massive leak could bring down iceland's government. they already got one member of the government. ted cruz hoping for a big win in wisconsin. cruz supporter, come out for erick erickson coming out for cruz, he says how he plans to reverse the trump tide. >> if we stand united, we are going to win this nomination. and we are going to win the general election. we are going to beat hillary clinton and we are going to turn this country around.
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melissa: you are looking at live pictures of a wildfire that is
4:26 pm
out of control in woodward county, oklahoma. the north central part of the state, this is according to emergency management. the fire is moving quickly towards the northeast businesses and resident are being told to evacuate. david: that is a big one. wisconsin is turning out to be a real horse race for both parties. voting is underway right now. ted cruz is banking on wisconsin win to shake up the race going forward but will it be enough to slow down trump's momentum? we have erick erickson, a ted cruz supporter and fox news contributor. great to see you. >> how are you? david: good, good. this is not your scenario of a good thing, assume trump pulls out a win tonight, does that make it over for ted cruz? >> pretty much. i think if trump can win wisconsin, then i mean trump has momentum going all the way, particularly given the organized opposition to him in wisconsin. you've got governor's opposition, about 100 prominent
4:27 pm
political leaders in the republican party there called for people to support cruz. if trump pulls out surprise win it would be very bad for cruz moving forward. david: from your perspective a good thing, if ted cruz wins tonight, that still doesn't mean he is going to get to the 1237 going to convention, right? that means best he can hope for is contested contention he wins in a second, third, fourth round, whatever? >> the cruz campaign says they may be able to beat trump to 1237. i think reality no one gets to 123if cruz wins tonight. on second ballot cruz can win. 1237 equal as majority of delegates to the republican convention. tough have a majority of republican delegates to support the nominee. so if trump can't get there, can't get majority support of the convention, on second ballot looks like cruz played his hand picking delegates around the nation. david: here is the conspiracy theory i here, eric. who knows whether she is are true.
4:28 pm
if it goes to convention the establishment will try everything they can to prevent either trump or cruz from becoming the nominee because they think neither one of them can pivot to the center or that it will be tough for cruz to make that pivot to the center. >> right. david: somebody like kasich would be less difficult. how do you argue that cruz can be considered an appropriate choice for a democrat or even an independent? >> well, you know, the problem here is that for the last seven years republicans told conservatives don't dream big, you can't stop obama, can't defund obama care and -- david: this is not obama. this is hillary they're going against. she has a lost strikes against her that obama didn't have. >> but you have a republican establishment that told conservatives don't dare dream the things and now dreaming of paul ryan. majority of the delegates who will be there are ted cruz delegates regardless who they vote for on the first ballot. really doesn't matter what the establishment wants. it is what the delegates want. cruz has done an impressive
4:29 pm
ground game in all 50 states, getting delegates committed to him on second ballot. david: pivoting to the center, he will have trouble doing that he is conservative. >> every candidate pivots to the center not necessarily on policy but message. you want to pivot to the center got romney and mccain and they lost. david: good point. erick, thanks for coming in. >> take care. melissa: white house has new set of rules to stop americans companies from setting up shop overseas to avoid paying taxes will it work? >> good question. trump has proved polls wrong. dr. ben carson is talking about how the campaign is gearing up for the fight beyond wisconsin. >> both cruz and trump are saying -- cruz is saying he is taking my voters. trump says he is taking my voters. yeah they're both right, i'm taking both of their voters. ct. ct. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you!
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. david: live pictures of voting in milwaukee and wash shaw, wisconsin. a crucial race for republicans and democrats. every vote counts. we'll follow the action all night long, melissa. melissa: there you go. four 1/2 hours until the polls close. donald trump helping to defy recent polls for victory in wisconsin. >> i have won millions of votes more than ted, but votes do matter. millions of votes. i have won many more states than ted.
4:34 pm
i am upto 22 or 23. he is at 10. i think we'll do well with a surprise tonight. melissa: republican front-runner playing defense over past week after series of gaffs overshadowed his campaign. he doesn't expect a loss to shake his momentum. joining me now, dr. ben carson, former republican presidential candidate. he is now a trump supporter. thank you for coming on our show. >> my pleasure. melissa: i want to ask you, what do you think is different about this particular week's primary in wisconsin? before this the never trump movement, seems like trump was able to shake them off and keep his momentum going but it has slowed down a bit this week. what do you think is different? >> well, we're getting closer to the actual election. people are finally, something advocating for a long time, starting to become serious and listen very carefully and going on, analyze it more for themselves rather than just listening to what other people are saying.
4:35 pm
i think that is a good thing. and i see the candidates spending more time. i see donald trump now going into restaurants and places, meeting face-to-face with the people, rather than just buy and rallies. i think it is really good to get face time with the people and hear your that is right. melissa: dr. carson you say voters are getting more serious. that is not boding well for your candidate right now. that is not a good thing? >> well i don't know that is necessarily true. i think when they start listening carefully to what he has to say, i had discussion with them today about supreme court justices. you know he has, very food thoughts about that. and is going to come out with a list very shortly i think conservatives will be extremely pleased list. melissa: what were some of the thoughts he shared with you? what was the conversation like? >> well he is obviously very interested in people who understand the constitution and
4:36 pm
want to interpret it as opposed to making new law. these activist judges who believe that the ends justifies the means. those are not the kind of people that have been helpful to us in preserving the freedoms that we have. he is extremely interested in our freedoms. freedom of speech. freedom of religion. and we actually talk about spirituality. he actually is becoming much more interested in those kinds of things. i think you will be hearing him talk about them, everybody will say, oh, he is just trying to get religious people to feel good about him but he has some really serious thoughts about those kinds of things. i think you'll be seeing that as the discussion goes further. melissa: he has struggled with women lately. i think you probably, if you have a newspaper, you turn on the tv you know that is true. what advice would you give him
4:37 pm
on that front? >> i would say be yourself. don't try to be anybody other than yourself. you know he has, a personal, very good record. you know you talk to the women that he has employed and that he has worked with. they have a lot of very wonderful things to say about him. as do the men. and i think that is something that is largely overlooked because it doesn't play into the narrative of somebody being mean and selfish. the fact of the matter is, you will have a hard time finding people who worked for him who have anything bad to say about him. melissa: okay, dr. carson, thanks for coming on. appreciate your time. david? >> pleasure. david: major development in the probe what has become known as the "panama papers." iceland's prime minister announcing he will step down after the massive document dump from a secret panamanian law firm about offshore shell companies and tax shelters. liz macdonald standing by in the newsroom all over this. liz, what is the latest? reporter: that's right, david.
4:38 pm
what happened was icelanders took to the streets in protest what the leader of their country was doing with offshore shell companies, he and his wife, used a shell company to invest in three icelandic banks that went belly-up. there were conflicts of interest allegations here. what we're tracking right now, we're counting at least 14 countries including iceland where the political class or associates connected to the political class in these countries for some reason using offshore shell companies to, basically profit or possibly move money out of the country. we're talking russia, china, pakistan, ukraine. we've got u.k.'s david cameron and embarrassing situation where his father was ewing an offshore shell company. david cameron made it part of his agenda in g8 summit, tax avoidance. we're watching number of
4:39 pm
companies in the middle east where they're using shell companies according to the "panama papers" to do things like evade u.s. sanctions. we're watching malaysia as well. this story is not just a tax haven or tax evasion story. it is about what are the ruling political class and associates doing with these offshore shell companies and moving money out of the company or using them to profit. back to you. david: elite -- thank you, liz macdonald. >> sure. >> last couple of days. we've had another reminder in this big dump data coming out of panama that tax avoidance is a big, global problem. david: president obama earlier today using the corrupt tax shelter story to justify a whole set of new rules meant to prevent u.s. corporations from resetting overseas to avoid high taxes here but is that a fair comparison and will his new tax plan work? joining me is dan henninger, deputy editorial page editor of "wall street journal." and her shades schlapp, former
4:40 pm
gw bush spokesperson and fox news contributor. good to see you both. dan, isn't there a big difference between a, corrupt politicians using tax shelters overseas and u.s. corporations going overseas because they want to pay less taxes? >> yeah. it is like comparing apples and on oranges, david. the "panama papers" is fascinating at the bottom of the story is greedy governments. all these political leaders and their cronies taking their accounts offshore. meanwhile they're running countries with extraordinarily high rates of taxation. iceland's marginal tax rates run from 37% to about 49%. the average person in these countries in europe and elsewhere have to take it in the neck but their leaders won't even pay their own tax rates. they move their money to panama and places like that. david: what is good for you is not good for me? >> absolutely. david: i get my money out in some tax shelter in panama.
4:41 pm
mercedes, the president's plan is to punish those companies, and so far it is only focused on a couple but you know how these things expand, to punish companies that go overseas for the lower tax rates instead of doing something much simpler. they do overseas because tax rates here are so high, highest in the world. why not just lower tax rates and lower tax complications here? >> that is what boggles my mind. it's a piecemeal approach the president is taking. it presents these obstacles to these companies, almost like making it seem like the companies are the bad guys. look, the companies are trying to compete globally. they want to be able to have a business environment that is positive and a place where it could be, america for example, could be investment company of the world. but when you have the regulations, when you have the restrictions that our government puts on them, high taxes, it really impacts them. we have uncompetitive international tax code that does not work. and congress, schumer and portman, both senators came up
4:42 pm
with a bipartisan framework that should be moved forward to help develop this healthy -- david: he had so many chances. by the way we used to be the mecca of business. companies, we used to have half of the 500 largest companies in the world used to be based in the united states as recently as the late 1980s. now it's a third. that number has gone way down. dan, the problem is the president did say, gave lip service to the fact maybe we should lower some of the tax rates and get rid of some of the deductions but sounds fine but why hasn't he done that yet? >> mercedes is absolutely right about this. the corporate tax rate in the united states is 39%. the oecd european average is -- david: we're looking 35%, but when you tack it on, it is more like 39. >> add in the state it is more like 39. obama had opportunity in the first term, as she is suggesting, there was bipartisan support to lower the tax rate
4:43 pm
but obama had some qualifications it never got done. we're going into the 8th year of his presidency and we still have a tax rate so high driving these corporations out of the united states. david: well, meanwhile the irish love it because they're getting billions, almost hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenue from these corporations. thank you both. appreciate it. melissa: the face of the gop, fighting to keep his party united. behind-the-scenes look at the republican national committee chair that is coming up next. plus, a new study on memory and gender. the differenceps between men and women and their ability to remember as they age. uh-oh. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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david: the split between the republican establishment and political outsiders is testing the unity of the gop as strategic fight for delegates intensifs. republican national committee chair reince priebus is tasked with holding the party while
4:47 pm
bryceing for contested convention. it's a big task. peter barnes has the details. hi, peter. reporter: priebus may be a party insider but one much his deputies said that makes him battle-tested and ready for cleveland. [shouting] when reince priebus gaveled in the last republican convention in tampa, florida, in 2012, he never expected the earthquake that his party has become heading into the next gop convention in cleveland in july. >> i think if anyone tries to make the case that they knew that we would be talking about a contested convention in april, i think they would be lying to you. so, no, i didn't expect it. >> he has been dealing with a steamroller front-runner who is punching it out with two other strong-willed competitors. priebus had to oversee a raucous eight months of debates, caucuses and primaries with some real punches thrown.
4:48 pm
a top deputy says the 44-year-old wisconsinite who started in politics as a high school campaign volunteer is the right leader for the times. steadied by a cool midwestern temperment and intimate knowledge of party and convention rules. >> he has been a former state chairman. he was former general he is the longest serving modern chairman in history. he has seen it all. he has been through a convention before. he has been tested on the state level and national level. he is balanced a lot of disparate interests. reporter: first elected national chairman in 2011 and now in his third-two year term, priebus is the ultimate gop insider in a party dominated by frustrated members clamoring for outsiders. it is probably the toughest job in politics right now. >> i think it is a tough job but after six years of being chairman, i sort of gotten used to, you know, just in many cases not being loved by a lot of people. reporter: he said he is also ignoring twitter these days,
4:49 pm
david. but, he says he is having fun with his front row seat to history and just taking it as it comes. david: all right, peter barnes. it is a tough job, no question about it. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: a new study highlighting differences in our brains as men and women get older. uh-oh. this is according to the national institute on aging. the normal decline in memory and intellect come with aging may occur earlier and faster in men rather than women. men also showed faster decline in cognitive abilities such as mental agility. no comment. i'm not going to say anything. david: we'll play the videotape. can't get no satisfaction. how voter discontent is impacting the race to the white house. ♪ you both have a
4:50 pm
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melissa: dissatisfaction from american voters that is not surprising. among all voters 57% agree that america has lost its identity. 62% feel their values are under attack. 57% say they are falling further behind economically. this is according to a new "quinnepiac poll." here now to break it all downs the brilliant, the beautiful, harris faulkner, co-host of "outnumbered" on fox news channel. >> that's it. i'm done. i'm retiring, with that intro. thank you. melissa: these folks are upset. >> yeah, these folks are people in america. let's not talk about them they don't live next door to us, right? let me tell you something about these people. some have seen the headlines today, melissa, new islamic state video calls out believers of the cross, i believe that is christians.
4:54 pm
if they feel like their values are unattack, particularly those religious values around the world they're absolutely right about that. they're not delusional. look at news headlines. the question becomes as you dig deeper into this polling, what do they mean when they are asked and respond yes to the question of do you want a candidate would say or do anything for change? we don't know. that is a great exit polling question. i want to know specifically what they mean. i know a majority of them think america lost its identity which you showed. what does that mean? does that mean the american dream is dissolving? does that mean after the recession, you guys talk about this on fbn all the time, part-time jobs they can get their hands on, two or three, are falling short of one job pre-great recession. i heard you report next to me on "outnumbered." we're due for another recession. melissa: yeah. >> they're not imagining what they're feeling. the question who do they believe can fix it. melissa: when you look at the numbers, so this, some of the questions really strike me of
4:55 pm
the trump backers, 84% want someone who will quote, say or do anything to fix the problem. what i hear in that they feel like in the past people would say or do anything to get their vote. >> they were right. melissa: it was a lie. and then they didn't do anything. this time they're like, i don't care what he is say something not pc if he will fix the problem. i want someone to fix the problem. is that how you see that or no? >> again specifically, do they mean say or do anything in terms of it is going to be untoward or they mean break with the norm that we've seen of say that you're going to do something, once you get into office become that politician and work your way to the middle? which there is a lot of value in compromise. we don't want to short sheet that, right? what are voters looking tonight in wisconsin particularly? it is open to independent voters. you can't just say this is about people in the republican party. plenty of democrats and independents feel this way too. they're also dissatisfied. big picture this you make your way into the general election.
4:56 pm
republicans have to be really careful right now. there is deeper discussion today about house speaker paul ryan being parachuted into the convention in cleveland if trump or cruz fall short. bernie sanders followers are looking disenfranchised if it looks like hillary clinton is inevitable with the superdelegates. the democrats have to be careful too. melissa: one person who is democrat crossing over to vote for cruz. that makes it unusual election. >> exactly. >> would never expect that. we have hard break. we have to go. >> thank you, melissa, great to see harris here. she has to come back. we're four hours from the polls closing in wisconsin. what today's crucial primary means for the main event in november. that is coming next. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart.
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5:00 pm
david: neil cavuto and all-star panel will bring you live coverage and analysis beginning at 7:00 p.m. we don't tell you what polls are day of voting but we can say they were getting much closer. it will be exciting. melissa: don't give it away. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the entire country, its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. >> he a fighter, and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> you're going to look back and you will be proud of yourselves and you're going to be proud of your country again. >> think about what this guy said. he sides he needs to get out because he is getting my votes and i want to have my votes! he is, this is not fair! >> i want your children and grandchildren to have exactly the same opportunities, to live up to their dreams. >> we beat donald trump by huge margins.


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