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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david: neil cavuto and all-star panel will bring you live coverage and analysis beginning at 7:00 p.m. we don't tell you what polls are day of voting but we can say they were getting much closer. it will be exciting. melissa: don't give it away. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the entire country, its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. >> he a fighter, and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> you're going to look back and you will be proud of yourselves and you're going to be proud of your country again. >> think about what this guy said. he sides he needs to get out because he is getting my votes and i want to have my votes! he is, this is not fair! >> i want your children and grandchildren to have exactly the same opportunities, to live up to their dreams. >> we beat donald trump by huge margins. [cheers and applause]
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huge margins! deirdre: we are just four hours from polls closing in wisconsin. we have you covered. we have an all-star lineup. two expert guests who know the system well. former house speaker, newt gingrich and former rnc spokeswoman, lindsey walters. we are representatives from each campaign. trump campaign senior advisor barry bennett. from the cruz camp, national spokesman, ron nehring. and former representative pete hoekstra who supports ohio governor john kasich. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. it's a pivotal election cycle. up for grabs, 42 delegates on the republican side. perhaps a potential change in narrative. for the past 30 years wisconsin has always gone with the front-runner from both parties but tonight may break that pattern. as one analyst says, wisconsin is cruising and feeling the bern
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jeff flock is in wisconsin. this is open primary. if they want one they throw out the one they don't want to use. what does this mean for tonight? the. reporter: makes it awfully hard to handicap it but as you report, i think, deirdre, possible these voters behind me at this milwaukee voting place could hold the future of this campaign in their hands. first to the front-runner, gop front-runner that is, donald trump. he was behind by 10 points in the latest state poll. another one came out showing him ahead. he stayed in the state this morning. he was in waukesha at a polling place. he got into trouble for entering a polling place within 100-foot barrier. i don't think that will cause him any ultimate problems. ted cruz may cause him ultimate problem in the state tonight. if he can pull this off, cruz says total reset of the race. john kasich by the way, not in the state today, in new york instead. moving to democrats, well, hillary clinton, speaking of not in the state, she was on
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"the view" today. she was campaigning in brooklyn today. not in new york, perhaps, lowering expectations here. latest polls show her behind but by a very small margin. she is still running a big ground game here. she is still running ads here. bernie sanders thinks he can win big here. he said if we get a big turnout today, and it is a beautiful day in wisconsin, we've seen a lot of lines at various polling places across the state, some of them reporting as much as 80% turnout. he says if he gets that kind of turnout he will be a winner. the clinton campaign, taking some steps to try to step up their attacks against sanders because he has done so well, her campaign manager saying that sanders campaign is trying to overturn the will of the voters. making a point she has won a lot more votes than he has in this primary. here is what sanders said to that, also in fund-raising email out of this, saying their attack of the past week are nothing
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compared to what we can expect if we win in wisconsin. could be reset on both sides, deirdre. deirdre: jeff, we'll count on you for coverage with jeff flock there on the ground in milwaukee. polls show current front-runner donald trump faces an uphill battle in the badger state. >> tomorrow's vote, you will look back and you will say say it was the single greatest vote you ever cast. that is when our country became great again. we will make america great again. thank you, wisconsin. i love you. go out and vote! deirdre: former house speaker newt gingrich is with me now. spiker, great to have you with us. some people call it turn around tuesday. are we going to be a witness to a make-or-break moment in this race? >> well i don't think it is make-or-break for either of the front-runners. in a funny way more make-or-break for the two big challengers.
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if bernie sanders were for some reason not to win tonight, it would be a disaster for his campaign. he has to win just to keep momentum going. ideally for his purposes he ought to win by 10 points or more, to build some kind of psychology going into new york which could be very tough for him. same thing on other side. deirdre: to your point, i mean madison, wisconsin, loves bernie sanders. >> oh, sure. deirdre: say hypothetically, if sanders beats clinton in her adopted home state of new york it, would be embarassment for her? >> no. that would be a disaster. i think bernie has to win tonight to keep momentum up. he probably will win. question will be size of victory. kasich said if he lost ohio he would drop out. marco rubio dropped out when he lost florida. i don't see how clinton could lose new york and really in the long run survive as front-runner it would be a shattering blow. she is ahead something like
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eight or 10 points. we'll see what happens. two weeks to see it get turned around. amazing thing about sanders he is raising vastly more money than she is. he has built a small donor base. it is an astonishing how many people give him money every single month. deirdre: president obama back in the day, as you mentioned amounts of 20 or $30. >> that's right. deirdre: i want to shift gears, speaker, if you don't mind, to the gop side. this recently in. seems if trump will plan a spee. we don't know exactly when they will start. the idea is to mature the campaign. i'm borrowing from his spokesperson, essentially a maturation of the campaign. he has had a rough week. i wrote down ideas. nation's military. education reforms, supreme court justice picks were the top three subjects.
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is this enough, does the series, plans the series, is it enough if he gets beaten very badly by senator cruz in wisconsin? >> depends what badly means. if he were to lose wisconsin way cruz lost south carolina where he got zero delegates, if trumps come out of here with zero delegates -- deirdre: that sun likely. >> that would sort of start tell everybody. >> if he loses he gets some delegates. he keeps adding until he gets to 1237. if he gets four, six, eight, one more step. next big stop is new york. he is ahead more than two to one in new york. ahead by 18 points in pins vain. you have to look and think, he has a pretty good couple weeks. i believe he would have been better off three weeks ago to start these speeches. his aipac speech, done with with a teleprompter, serious, substantive, very well-received,
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was a model for him. and if he would give a series of those it, would elevate his campaign, make it more exceptable. i think broaden the potential appeal. deirdre: it would also allow him to give more precision when he has time to think about it. we saw about abortion. made a statement. walked it back. modified it. it will give him a chance to clarify himself on some of these issues. dr. ben carson endorses trump. this guy is not a politician, kind of give him a break. at this point in the campaign he needs to get a few more precisions out to the public. i want to ask you because you brought up the delegate number. is governor kasich of ohio there to be a spoiler? >> he is a bargainer. he which bring a block of votes with him. could be close enough that he could be a guy who decides
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between trump and cruz. there is no reason for kasich to drop out. he has every right to run. i don't think he can get nominated under the rules. you have to carry eight states to be nominated. i think from june 6th, after the last vote in the primaries up until the time of the convention in july, kasich could be a significant player in negotiating to see what finally works out. if neither of front-runners end up with majority on june 6th. deirdre: we have this exchange, hopefully we can find it in the control room, governor kasich is saying essentially i want my votes. both cruz and trump called on him to drop out. can we find that, team? >> kasich, i don't think he is a player here. the guy is 1-32. jeb bush was doing a lot better than that. they were all -- many people were doing better. it is called you get out. >> if you lose 49 states, you ain't going to be the republican nominee.
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[applause] as of yesterday we have now beaten donald trump in 11 states across-country. i'm hopeful after wisconsin votes tomorrow that will be 12 states across the country. [applause] >> look, nobody is going to win this going in. there will be an open convention and it will be -- deirdre: speaker, that positive, no one will win this. it will be an open convention and it will be cool. what are the chances of that on scale of one to 10 as see it now? >> zero. deirdre: okay. good clarity. >> for this reason. there could be a contested convention between trump and cruz. but nobody else is going to get nominated. deirdre: so no paul ryan, no matter what karl rove implied by a fresh face? >> look the rules of the republican party going into this convention require you to have won eight states to be nominated. the only two people who will meet that are ted cruz and donald trump. nobody else is going to meet it.
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so, they're not going to be able to change the rules because the two guys who have 80% of the delegates don't want to change them. you know. so, somebody is just not -- this is city of fantasies right now. people sitting around having a drink making things up. they need to read the rule book and understand mitt romney left us with a remarkably closed system and not to the advantage of either trump or cruz to go back and fix it. deirdre: all right. get out of the pub and read the rule book. thank you very much. >> great line. >> former house speaker newt gingrich with me there. thank you, sir. >> thank you. deirdre: we're hours away from the polls closing in wisconsin. we're here all night on fox business. neil cavuto. lou dobbs. we'll bring results as soon as they start coming in. that happens seven p.m. eastern time. by the way exit polls will be published this hour. early, early looks. we'll tell you what we see. we'll bring you the results as soon as they start trickling in.
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trump's campaign is announcing a series of policy speeches on military, education, supreme court picks in the coming weeks. senator cruz telling megyn kelly that donald trump has a problem with strong women. donald trump's senior campaign advisor is with me with reaction to both topics in a minute. ♪
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>> have you committed adultery in your marriage? >> itch not. that attack was -- i have not. that attack was complete utter garbage. donald, makes him feel tough and very big man to threaten people. in particular he has a problem with strong woman. i don't know why that is. but it seems to really bother him. deirdre: senator ted cruz last night on "the kelly file, feeling a question about
5:16 pm
extramarital affairs in response to a story in "the national enquirer." with me trump's campaign senior advisor barry bennett. barry, welcome. you know trump. i work alongside of him. does he have a problem with strong women? >> people should meet his daughter. no, he doesn't. deirdre: yeah, she's amazing. everybody who knows her knows that. we take your point. donald trump has been absent, more strategicgy here in two key counties in wisconsins, one war senator cruz has support from governor scott walker and others. trump has no scheduled events this evening. so what is the plan forward if he loses wisconsin? >> well, you know, two weeks ago we had no anticipation of winning any delegates in wisconsin. tonight i think we can pick up a couple which would be great. something like three, six or nine delegates to help you on the way to 1237. deirdre: out of curiosity, is that coming from the north?
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i know he has support among blue-collar workers. i know he has support among more rural population. >> it is up state in more rural areas. deirdre: so, if he does though, i hear what you're saying, pick up a few delegates but not the majority, the path, bottom line to 1237 narrows. he becomes under more pressure to win in the northeast which is probably not that difficult for him to do but are you worried that establishment republicans karl rove, someone else, calling for a fresh face, will somehow upset his stride if he doesn't make that magic number? >> if you look at new york which is couple weeks now, the next primary, we're up 56%, leading by 36 points. pennsylvania, 48%, leading by 18 points. you know all these northeastern states, rhode island, connecticut, maryland, pennsylvania, we're doing very, very well in. we're going to rack up a lot of delegates. deirdre: so, barry, let me ask you something about the tone of
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donald trump's campaign. you probably just heard my conversation with former speaker newt gingrich. he made reference to this plan of a series of policy speeches. here is what he told me. >> i actually believe he would have been better off about three weeks ago to start these speeches. his aipac speech, done with a teleprompter, serious, substantive, very well-received, was a model for him. and if he would give a series of those, it would elevate his campaign, make it more acceptable. i think broad the potential appeal. deirdre: so, barry, do you think donald trump could have saved himself some hassle on the first page and secondarily, propelled the campaign a little bit faster had he been doing more formal speeches on military, on education, on supreme court picks? >> you know i think you have to do both, right? you have to put some meat on the bone. that is part of the process. you have to do that.
5:19 pm
but you know, people have been underestimating donald trump for a long time and a lot of them are currently not running for president. deirdre: all right. here we are, right? to your point, has the most delegates as we have been showing our viewers throughout the past few weeks. barry, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: barry bennett joining me there. he is the trump campaign senior advisor. wisconsin polls closing just hours away. fox business has all the coverage through the night. neil cavuto, lou dobbs, myself, the team, we will bring results as soon as they come in, starting 7:00 p.m. eastern time. donald trump known for his fighting spirit. he is now criticizing ted cruz's voice, saying it is tough to listen to. cruz's national spokesperson is my guest next. he will respond to that and president obama's criticism of cruz's immigration plan. >> i do have to emphasize that it is not just mr. trump's proposals. i mean you're also hearing concerns about mr. cruz's
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>> i wish he could talk normally, every once in a while. do you ever hear, i'm the only one that has proven i can beat donald trump. remember in the debate? >> yeah. >> i beat him five times! and i looked over yeah, but i have beaten you 22 times. you remember that? deirdre: tension is high ahead of the wisconsin primary already underway. candidates exchanging barbs. here is a response from senator cruz. >> donald trump recently questioned whether your governor can ride a harley. i think scott would be happy to give donald a ride. maybe give him a little side cart he could hold on to.
5:24 pm
[laughter] [applause] you're right, it would mess up his hair. [laughter] actually i don't know that it would. [laughter]. it might be that 100 miles an hour, that might not move. deirdre: cruz campaign national spokesperson ron nehring is with me now. ron, great to see you back. >> thank you. deirdre: the latest fox business poll shows cruz leading in wisconsin. if he wins the next contest is new york. cruz openly mocked new york values. so even if he wins wisconsin, how can he carry the ball forward? couple things. first that is a great question. first let's talk about wisconsin. wisconsin is resetting of the race. it is much more similar to michigan which donald trump won than it is to iowa on the other side which ted cruz won. so what you see here is a state which is not as evangelical. it has a different set of issues. more of a manufacturing state.
5:25 pm
and what we see tonight is a further consolidation of the republican base, particularly that volunteer activist, engaged republican base behind senator cruz and abandoning, stepping away from and rejecting donald trump. so that sets the stage going forward for the remaining states. our campaign has been built around a-state model from the very beginning 50 state model. california will vote last june 7th. we've been organizing since august last year. we're well ahead of the game there. you see this in other states. we've been preparing the battlefield for some time. deirdre: essentially what you're saying one of the litmus test, sorry to cut you off, you're saying this isn't just the base that is familiar and supports ted cruz. you're saying this is really important for your campaign because it represents a much wider swath of people which shows he can be unifier? >> that's right. remember that this is an open primary state in wisconsin. people in the media have speculated that ted cruz can't win in an open primary state.
5:26 pm
i think we'll do very well despite that tonight. the fact this does represent that consolidation of the base. in national polls we've seen further consolidation behind senator cruz as well which is very encouraging for those states remaining to vote. it is nine inning game. we're at bottom of the fifth. we have a long way to go. deirdre: a long way to go, but as he goes into the northeast, i take your point. you have to go one day at a time, one state at a time. today is clearly about wisconsin but senator cruz has to have a blowout night tonight, to carry him into the northeast, where, let's face it donald trump has a much larger name recognition and there are a lot of people in the business community in the northeast who know him personally or know his brand very well? >> well, couple of things there. i don't think that what the margin winds up being tonight in wisconsin is going to have a tremendous impact what voters in new york or connecticut or reed island choose to do but we found for example, look at state of maine. don't get anymore northeast than
5:27 pm
state of maine which we won. donald trump went to maine. we went to maine. both candidates competed and we came out on top. it is mistake to underestimate senator cruz's ability to connect with voters. that is what he has had here in wisconsin. he and heidi traveled the state together with governor walker and other supporters, carly fiorina and others. they have gotten a chance to know who senator cruz is. once you get to know him he is strong candidate both in terms of personality and what he offers country in terms of principled conservative leadership and record we can trust. deirdre: we wish you luck. ron nehring, thank you for the time. >> you bet. deirdre: cruz campaign national spokesperson. early exit polls will be published this hour. we'll tell you which candidates might be taking the early lead. we'll bring you that data as soon as they are released. tonight's wisconsin primary is pivotal. newt gingrich says it won't be make-or-break for the front-runners but could be for the challengers.
5:28 pm
senator cruz says people will revolt if the gop establishment ignores the will of the voters. national committee's top spokesperson with me next. also to weigh in on the new controversial report that claims campaigns are trying to buy delegates. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. . >> this fever pipe dream of washington, that at the
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convention they will parachute in some white knight who will save the washington establishment, it is nothing less than a pipe dream. it ain't going to happen. if it did, the people would quite rightly revolt. deirdre: gop candidate senator cruz with a warning to the republican party. karl rove, one party leader who called for a fresh face at the july convention. many people link that comment with speaker paul ryan. national spokesperson for the republican national convention is with me now. lindsay walters, welcome, glad to have you here. is it fair to say that the idea of a fresh face, that that ship has sailed? >> i want say, deirdre, i'm pretty confident that our eventual nominee will be one of the three candidates currently rung. if you look at how the process works to have a third party parachute in is going to be difficult because the three candidates currently running are going to have the
5:33 pm
representation on the floor. so i can say confidently i don't think it's likely that we will have an outsider candidate come into the race. deirdre: okay, so unlikely, fox news bill o'reilly making a prediction if donald trump specifically doesn't win. here are those comments. >> the issue of white grievance not going away, and trump will maintain a very loyal level of support. many of his supporters, as i said, are furious, and mr. trump does not get the nomination, the stay home factor in next november's vote is likely to be substantial. deirdre: what do you make about those comments? >> i think if you look at any one of our candidates, they're very qualified to be president, and we're going to come out and unify at the end of this. whether we end up with governor kasich, senator cruz or donald trump, the party is going to
5:34 pm
unify behind his -- looking forward, we're up against hillary clinton and bernie sanders -- >> should have been more precise in my question, what i meant about bill's comments, the idea if trump doesn't win, people will just stay home? >> i think you're going to see the voter turnout be high. look at what we've had. look what's going on tonight for instance in wisconsin. wisconsin looks like the highest record voter turnout since the 1980s. the enthusiasm has been on our side going through the process and will continue. we've watched it build and you will see that through the general. deirdre: on our show yesterday, i want to ask but the mechanics. arizona state treasurer jeff dewit commented on reports that ted cruz is stealing candidates. i'll play his comments and we'll talk. here they are. >> absolutely, it is 100% correct, and quite frankly, i'm really disappointed in the way the cruz campaign is conducting itself.
5:35 pm
i've been working the ground game here for donald trump to get our delegates done. we do the national selection on april 30th, and yeah, the cruz campaign is really turning into a campaign of misinformation. deirdre: so in essence implying stealing delegates is what i should have said. to what extent do you have to pay attention to this now, it's a very fine line between wooing and crossing the line into ilillegality? >> there's a lot of organization that goes in on part of the campaign when it comes to the delegates and the ground game. that's up to each individual campaign and those delegates as how they go about that process. that would be up to the state party rules and how they handle the individual delegates, but the individual candidates and campaigns have a lot of organization to get the delegates in line and in row heading into cleveland. deirdre: lindsay, thank you for the time.
5:36 pm
a big night and a few more months to go until july in cleveland others lindsay walters is the national spokesperson for the rnc. >> thank you. deirdre: we are watching which candidates are taking an early lead. the latest exit polls have been published. jo ling kent with me in two minutes with all the latest data. trump and cruz pushing for casic to drop out, accusing the ohio governor of tying up their ropes. >> he's 1 in 30, ought to get the hell out, honestly. >> here's the situation, the reason trump said kasich needs to get out. think about what this guy said, he needs to get out because he's getting my votes and i want to have my votes! this is not fair! >> a kasich supporter responds. also counting cars host turned trump supporter danny coker is here on why he is
5:37 pm
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. deirdre: wisconsin voting is already under way, polls close at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the state has historically been fairly quick to release its vote counts. jo ling kent has early indications. jo, what are you seeing? >> reporter: deirdre, thank you so much. we're looking at early exit polls. three pieces of data we're getting in, in the early stages of voting. polls don't necessarily close until 9:00 eastern time. 8:00 local in wisconsin. we're looking at wisconsin republicans, if it is cruz versus clinton. 65% of this early exit poll data, those republicans of
5:41 pm
wisconsin say they're going to go for cruz. 18% would go for a third party. only 7% say they would vote for clinton. but keep in mind, these are republican voters. we want to show you trump versus clinton as well. you can see 61% rather would go for trump. 16% would opt for a third party option, and 10% would go for clinton among wisconsin republicans. and, of course, we always want to look at what is most important to voters in these primaries, and no surprise here, the economy, spending, are the top two. government spending at 32%. the economy and jobs at 31%. terrorism, though, at 29%, and the wisconsin polls close at 9:00 eastern time, and we'll bring you more of the exit polls as we get them in the next hour. deirdre: looking forward to the coverage, jo ling kent, thank you. >> sure. deirdre: three gop candidates
5:42 pm
fighting in the wisconsin primary this evening. donald trump and senator ted cruz separately calling on governor kasich to drop out. >> kasich, i don't think he's a player here. the guy is 1 and 32. at a certain point in life, what you do is say i'm 1 and 32 and you do what rand paul did and a lot of them did and you get out. >> someone is not electable if they can't get elected. >> that's what donald trump says about you. >> john kasich has lost 30 states. lost every state other than his home state and mathematically eliminated. if you lose 49 states, you ain't going to be the republican nominee! >> with me, former michigan congressman, kasich supporter pete hoekstra. pete, great to have you back. what is kasich's strategy at this point? people who want to criticize him say he's there as a spoiler. you are working with him. why is he staying in the race?
5:43 pm
>> john, very much believes we're going to get to a convention where we're going to have a multiballot convention. john is the only republican candidate who consistently beats hillary in a november match up where. when we get to a multiballot convention in july and john has momentum going into that with the states still out there, republicans are going to nominate the person that they believe is most equipped to be president and most equipped to be -- to beat hillary clinton, and that person is going to be governor john kasich. deirdre: so congressman, what do you say to the people who say he would have to get, if it's a mathematical impossibility. i heard what he's saying is counting on july and counting on neither, donald trump nor senator cruz getting to the number that can't be disputed, 1237? >> you start taking a look at the numbers. most people are saying the pathway for ted cruz is very, very narrow, and probably unlikely that he can get to
5:44 pm
1237, using his rationale. he should get out of the race. the only one that has a path but a difficult path is donald trump. we believe that how when governor kasich starts gaining that momentum in the northeast, that donald trump's door is going to slam shut and we're going to have a multiballot convention, and, you know, then we'll see what happens. deirdre: you have to admit in the northeast, that is a strong spot for donald trump, even if governor kasich does well there too, most people know trump's businesses and most businessmen have been linked to him in some way. >> that's right, so john is going to have to connect with the voters just like the voters in ohio. 64% re-election. he won this in the primary. the thinking is absolutely right does. john have to start winning primaries moving forward? absolutely. to demonstrate to the delegates in cleveland he can be elected? absolutely. john has to start doing better, and we believe he will.
5:45 pm
deirdre: okay, on that note. he actually spoke with greta van susteren last evening. here's what he said. >> both of them say i ought to get out of the race because i'm winning their votes. >> okay. >> i agree with them. nobody is going to win this going in. there's going to be an open convention. deirdre: what about senator cruz's comments that voters will revolt. we heard donald trump use similar language before, if the person with the most delegates, the so-called moral majority isn't the nominee? >> that's not how the process is set up. like i said, what we are electing that the point is all three candidates are going out there to elect delegates. working the states to get their people selected. those delegates will be free to vote for whoever they want on the second, third or fourth ballot moving forward, and at that point in time, the criteria is who comes into cleveland with the momentum to win and who comes in and has the capability to be a great
5:46 pm
president. at that point in tierj the process says the delegates will select. there is nothing that says the person with the most delegates going in. no rule that says the person who's had the most votes going in. we're electing delegates to exercise their best judgment if we go to a multiballot convention, and that that's where john is going to do really, really well. deirdre: congressman, thank you for the time. >> great, thank you. deirdre: congressman pete hoekstra joining me from michigan. wisconsin polls just hours from closing. fox business has you covered for the rest of the night. neil cavuto, lou dobbs, mice, the team is here. official results are coming in around 7:00 p.m. eastern time. donald trump increasingly gaining support from hollywood. one of the very popular "counting cars" stars, danny koker, there he is. with me next, on why donald trump is his candidate? >> this is automobile sex right here.
5:47 pm
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5:51 pm
trump. so the numbers are growing, made a quick list for you. scott baio a guest on the show, willie robinson, kid rock, jon voight. welcome, congratulations on the long running success of the show. >> appreciate that. deirdre: people know you from tv, may or may not that you own successful businesses in the las vegas area, some related to cars, as a businessman and celebrity. why are you supporting donald trump? >> because i am a businessman it. gets right down to that for me. i own a count's customs, the rock 'n' roll club, the tattoo shop, recording studio, i'm involved in the business community. so from my perspective, i believe it's time that we have someone that is a businessman start to straighten things out. for me, i look at this nation should be run as a business, as a successful business, so i'm looking for a successful
5:52 pm
businessman to fight for me. he's been extremely successful. i realize there's a whole lot of controversy with this man, everybody says okay, he plays this side, plays that side. whatever. he wins all the time. play both sides for me, brother. win for the nation. win for all of us, please. because it's time for us to get back on track. deirdre: when you talk about getting back on track, do you feel it in the economy? for example, he said a recession is coming if he's not president. he's talked about the national debt, a lot of economists say maybe the numbers don't add up but talking about moving it lower. are those the issues important to you as a business person? he said maybe rich people have to pay more in taxes, you will more than likely be affected? >> i understand that, i don't mind paying taxes, i mind the misappropriation of the funds. so as a businessman, i would love to be able to continue to tribute, but please don't punish me for being in business, for being successful. seems that's how things are
5:53 pm
structured so much now. i'd like to be rewarded for being successful. in that rewarding i can pass that on and create more jobs for more we'll. those are things we should be doing as a small businessman. deirdre: scott baio also a guest on the show, a celebrity who came out in support of donald trump. here's what he told us. >> this is not a shot at them. i don't think they have the will or the nerve to attack hillary the way that our nominee is going to be attacked. i think donald trump doesn't care. i think sdroichl a street fighter, and every time that we say that we as republicans want to be above the fray, and don't want to get down and dirty because that's not who we are, we get creamed. you got to fight to win, they fight to win, but we don't. deirdre: exactly what you said, he has the fighting spirit, going to do the best for this country? >> absolutely.
5:54 pm
scott baio is right on the money. donald trump had me the moment he said we don't have time for tone. the second that that happened i was like you have my undivided attention, brother, tell me what's on your mind. once he laid it out, i'm ready. deirdre: danny koker, host of "counting cars" and as you heard, a supporter of donald trump. critics continue to attack trump for disparaging comments against women. melania trump defending her husband saying he treats people equally. conservative black chick crystal wright agrees. she's my guest next. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet.
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5:57 pm
>> no matter who you are, a man
5:58 pm
or woman, he treats everyone equal. he's a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. deirdre: melania trump says her husband treats everyone the same, men and women. crystal, you agree with that. the fact is he does see everybody equal. >> he does. look at his businesses. he hired and promoted women to high ranks. ivanka trump, his daughter manages one of his businesses. trump talks bluntly to men like he does to women. if you hit him he will hit back 10 times harder just like melania said, whether you are a man or woman. deirdre: senator cruz says trump
5:59 pm
doesn't know how to deal with strong women. >> when strong women like rosie o'donnell pick a fight with him and call him names, he fights back. when he felt he was unfairly attacked during the first presidential debate, he let a certain anchor know about it. i don't think he has a problem with strong women. did i like what he said about abortion and punishing women? no. but for so-called liberated women who want to be treated like men, you shouldn't have a problem with donald trump, he's treating you like men, equally. deirdre: they say he's not a trained politician, he's a businessman so there will be a learning curve on how to
6:00 pm
communicate with the public. the policy speeches he's giving, will that help solidify his support? >> i don't know if it will solidify ... deirdre: we have to leave it there. sorry. we'll come back. charles: the night we have been waiting for. 42 republican delegates up for grabs. on the democratic side they are chasing 86 delegates. we'll have the details for you with our special election covering. >> we have the latest early exit poll data. it's very early. i want to show you how women republican voters are indicating their choice. trump made some comments that


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