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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is wednesday, april 6. top stories at 6:00 a.m. both sides of the race saw them last night. ted cruz and bernie sanders scoring big wins in them. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> with a victory in wisconsin tonight, let me take this opportunity to thank the people of thing. we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. maria: big numbers. a big fight in new york. breaking down the delegate count. what it means for the convention come july. the government in the way business. going out with a bang, pfizer reported that walking away from its deal with allergan in the wake of the treasury department new rules. justice department will block a merger between halliburton baker hughes as well. a closer look at the regulatory environment coming up. a major setback in the war on
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terror. facebook what's up to an encryption for 1 billion users. oil moving sharply higher today. kuwait's oil minister says the agreement on a production freeze as possible. oil up 2.5%. rotter market look like this. dell industrial to it than 50 points this morning after the weakness yesterday. nasdaq, s&p 500 and the greatness morning. joining me this morning, fox business network sandra smith. heritage distinguished fellows a more in david avella. good to see everybody. big show ahead. and linux is learning. farmer clinton presidential campaign strategist with us. former house speaker newt gingrich and the ke restaurant ceo in the looser coming out. you don't want to miss any of that. who i kick it up with our top stories right now. bernie sanders and ted cruz taking on big victories last
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night. throwing support behind underdogs in each party. >> tonight is the turning point. it is the rallying cry. a call from the hard-working family wouldn't to wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice, a real choice. hillary, get ready. here we come. >> we have now won seven out of eight of the last is -- caucuses. [cheers and applause] out over this country coming young people are standing up and saying you know what, and we want to help determine the future of this country. maria: where are we now? the delegate count. ted cruz picked up 33 delegates on wisconsin 42. donald trump took him three delegates last night. donald trump up a total delegate count of 740 versus account for
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ted cruz a 514. on the democratic side, bernie sanders winning a 45 of wisconsin's 86 delegates last night. hillary clinton to carry 40 not including 1274 delegates to sanders 1025. joining us right now is robert fowler and former mccain pale and chief strategist for o'connell. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> are to be here. maria: what was your take away last night? >> nothing shocks me. last night told me more about donald trump. literally throwing away the nomination because he's waiting at. the good news is they got her to five support which means his core support is not waning. if he doesn't pick it up by new york by new york, he'll be in real trouble. maria: you have ted cruz resonating with evangelicals,
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conservatives. that led the day for him. the >> there's no question. donald trump sentence press release lion ted can go no further. in the ideal world, is no way way he can overcome donald trump donald trump has pennsylvania, new jersey, connecticut and new york where he is the favorite to win. ted cruz love a big problem in the northeast that is not going to overcome. you cannot connect with those voters that donald trump can, which make him jump more likely the nominee. >> let me make this one point. but talk about the singer for one moment. what donald trump said and what that tells me i do agree with you. it tells me here is a candidate who doesn't understand that it's literally throwing away the nomination. if he doesn't put together a better campaign infrastructure. >> that's true.
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>> ted cruz would have to get to 1237. >> all the major papers today have nothing to do with the ted cruz won in wisconsin. donald trump's plan to hold the ball. clearly he understands how to manipulate the media. he understands how to control the narrative. even the attackers had a win tonight, i'll let on new york and two weeks were donald trump over and they. maria: is wisconsin at this point in the rearview mirror and is at all about the northeastern dates? >> it's in the rearview mirror. no question that good night for ted cruz is one of donald trump loves it to be about his attack, he's not going to win. richard pointed out quite well people understand what they're going to get what donald trump. they were going to get a wall, jobs in the fight against terrorism. the last few weeks donald trump has been completely off the message. he's been on the defensive. let's not forget donald trump is
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still the front runner. >> used him up for four or five months. the last two weeks he didn't touch it at all. to quote yogi berra out of the lady hasn't lady hasn't sung at their side of the aisle. neither of these races is over. i think it's, and the democrats to me have a bigger problem. being rejected by voters. maria: what does changes this at least increases beyond that they are headed to a contested convention. donald trump puts out a scathing response to his life and stay. he pointed out again in that response as you pointed out. he called ted cruz were sent a puppet, he's a trojan horse being used by the party boss' nomination for mr. trump. he didn't just beat.
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he hit back hard as he's heading into new york. maria: you say this is a different path if this is what he's been doing all above. that hasn't changed. >> is fair to say for ted cruz as he's pointing out, this is a least a turning point for his campaign. on the democratic side, more momentum for bernie sanders. maria: do you agree with that? >> will he make a pillar clip is delicate teeth? going into new york where hillary clinton knows how to campaign, she's been to every county, she is favored to win there. pennsylvania, big state for hillary clinton. maryland another big state. really going to be hard for bernie to make a delegates to look at him to the convention even though his message seems to be resonating, damaged initially it would take her through the rest of the primaries in philadelphia as a nominee for the party.
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>> i disagree with that. if bernie sanders would pull out a win in the state of new york, and everything changes. maria: i totally agree with that. but is it even possible? >> the numbers don't say that. richard, does it keep your team up at night when they think about the fact clinton continues to do very poorly amongst younger voters finish is going to when she has to figure out some way to motivate them? >> i agree. there's no better motivator for young people to turn out in record numbers for whoever the democratic candidate is. that is -- that hillary clinton in november when republicans picked between two classrooms. ted cruz as part of the race can you donald trump seems to be
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swinging for the fence is. >> who would've thought a 74-year-old socialist would give hillary clinton the fight of her life. maria: we want to check out the exit polls on the results are in. over the keys to ted cruz in wisconsin? dagen mcdowell allover thought. reporter: good morning, maria. ted chris pine is super support among some strongholds for him the first innocent tire election cycle. 65% of the voters in this content. let's move onto evangelical voters. giving him a run for the money in the south by 55% of those evangelical christian voters but for ted cruz. we should point out he's done well with groups in the past, but scored all 10 pack of conservative evangelical voters.
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let's move to what matters to voters. the economy and jobs is number one at 32%. government and in a second if you can believe that. not enough top of the campaign trail about how to tackle government spending. terrorism is third with 30%. 6% for immigration. i want to point something out quickly mid-march contest we saw, this is exactly how the issues laid out. that is of course for the terror attacks in brussels. this did not change in wisconsin which is fascinating. so much more as the morning goes on. maria: we want to keep looking at numbers. it was clear that there is real support for ted cruz, for example. >> i kind of disagree with that pit the numbers say ted cruz had a great day. let's understand yet to make head start. a governor who was the most in part and purse was confident they threw everything including
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the kitchen sink at donald trump and somehow core supporters say with them. i think it tells us more about donald trump than it does about people unifying behind ted cruz. >> donald trump and his own political advisor is not smart. the minute he decided to make the campaign about scott walker he lost wisconsin. but he decided to make these visceral attacks against a governor that republicans in his state love, the race is over. sandra: i spoke to a wisconsin governor yesterday. he pointed out the same thing. don't forget this is coming off of what donald trump called. >> had just played scout walker down. >> you don't want a republican
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primary in wisconsin. we haven't mentioned is the net this morning. john kasich. there's going to be huge pressure now to get out of this race and make it a one-on-one between cruz. it goes to a two ballot convention. two of the most important people would be john kasich and marco rubio. we will have delicate to control it say who they want. >> you would think they would follow the leader. maybe not. sandra: donald trump still said that kasich is taking power away from him. is that true or is it more ted cruz. >> that's not true. i totally disagree with everyone on the panel. in the month of april, job that
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is going to her donald trump. it stops them from getting 50% in new york, it is john kasich. he actually has ted cruz and not donald trump. you want him out in april and i can in and june. >> 100%. the reason why disagrees with john kasich does his was the establishment. right now between ted cruz, not sure why, but they are. john kasich dropping out of the race was the republican establishment and the republican machine behind ted cruz meaning everybody against donald trump. in the ideal world, donald trump wants to keep us what is possible in the upper northeast where he'll be able to decide to do any type of advertising or any type of spending. he's going to be able to trot ted cruz because ted cruz politics does not work for northeastern states. maria: really great analysis. thanks, gentlemen. we'll see you soon. i know you had a comment about
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pennsylvania real quick. >> kasich looks like the only one that could be trump and the mania. maria: let's take a short break. popular servers that the encryption for all users or that's a billion people. it locks out terror investigations and national security concerns ahead. my new regulations are crushing billion dollars business deals. the administration out with a bang under regulation. back in a minute. ♪ [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points
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and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: welcome back it is sad that for the war in terror. facebook strengthening its messaging encryption for all its users. cheryl casone with the details. trim for good morning, maria. strengthening privacy 1 billion users by adding full end to end encryption on all communications with the measures ensure no outside source can read messages between users including terror investigators, police, criminals, even the company itself. the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agents to arrest and 21 people on charges they conspired to help 1000 foreigners fraudulently keyport resets over the past two and half years.
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university of northern new jersey yes it was called was set up as it in operation with undercover agents. finally the ford motor company announced ford motor company announced that it will build a $1.6 billion fact during the code. that's expected to employ workers by 2020. the presidential her by her donald trump released a statement shortly after the announcement saying the transaction is an absolute disgrace. honest politicians and the special interests are laughing in the states of all american citizens. we should say the president condemned the move by four. mexico also attracted not just volkswagen, toyota, honda kia. the story continues of mexico. maria: pics her. cheryl up next. the governments arose causing billions of dollars in deals to crumble. jay lo and brittany on the vegas ship. a new arena could bring stiff
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competition. the company taking this big gamble on las vegas next. the heirloom tomato.
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ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. maria: top stories this morning. pfizer reportedly walking away from the $150 billion takeover deal with allergan. concert in ireland 14% versus 35% in america.
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the obama administration introduce new tax rules as part of an effort to top companies surveyed had orders overseas. the justice department preparing to file a lawsuit to block another deal. to propose that spike in antitrust concerns. if you see you. looks like the administration wants to go out with a bang. they are creating a non-friend of his is environment. is that the way you see up with these deals? statement to two separate areas as antitrust law. that is grounded in american history. the biggest example had to do with the telephone companies. we can't just have one telephone come to me. we had to break down the bell system. there needs to be competition. the american economy is all about competition. whenever power is becoming one
6:24 am
person or one entity, the government steps in and sensible files lawsuit. maria: that's oil services. don't want too much consolidation. >> american government set up to prevent one corporation are becoming the mother corp. guys are saying that is the obama administration attempt to stop losing companies, stop hemorrhaging money. the question i have that needs to be researched as does the administration have the power to do it on itself without congress being involved. whether that happened tonight, size there is now not doing it deal. america was going to lose tens of millions of dollars and stop that from happening. credit must be given if you're looking at 12. >> shareholders take a real hit
6:25 am
here. maria: stocks plummeting yesterday. >> problem is president obama keeps thinking when we change the rules -- but don't change the rules. we change the tax incentive that has business business tax rate in the world. we are hemorrhaging companies. >> i think you care about jobs or president obama wants to say when i came in at eight months george w. bush thought. this is where we were. >> we created jobs by cutting the highest corporate tax rate. so i'm not >> the administration is sending a message. the newman think about taking tax revenue. speaking at the same companies and businesses that can not have felt the white house has been sending them for seven, eight years now. we are not business friendly.
6:26 am
we are not trying to grow business and not trying to create the best business friendly environment in this country. it's been an attack on business and businesses truly feel that. maria: if that wasn't the case of the rules on top of rules. they would go back to the source. >> if anything comes out of the obama administration, it is another bad economics. sandra: his speech on this because the ... in place of josh earnest during the daily briefing. he wanted to reiterate the treasury department plan. what got me was the demonizing of business we heard from the president. this was legal. this is not companies act teen only girl. >> why are you even slightly surprised. arthur aidala is bald. like wow. it's what he's been doing since he was running for office.
6:27 am
why are you even surprised by this. >> basically going around congress. read the constitution. this is what is annoying though many republicans. look, we want congress into making the laws. that's not the way it's supposed to work. maria: there's a lot of lakes to the story. thank you. >> i will be back. maria: arthur aidala comest you next hour. a 15-foot alligator with allegedly dining on cows at a florida farm. you've got to see these pictures. wait until you see the size of this modern-day dinosaur. the branded entertainment arena and the chamber of commerce spokesperson. journalists talk about the question on everybody's mind. it's a sports team coming to vegas? back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo. it is april 6th, top stories right now, 6:30 a.m. score one for the underdogs. ted cruz and bernie sanders took wisconsin last night. despite she's still looking ahead to the general election.
6:31 am
>> the fellow from new york, i wish he would get one of his powers and actually walk the streets. maria: paypal with details. las vegas opening new arena, how it's betting on the move to revoot liez las vegas. futures with higher opening. we are expecting the higher opening to be up in tridding, nasdaq, s&p 500 also higher this morning. checking the delegate count right now. ted cruz picked additional delegates last night. donald trump took home 3. donald trump with 740 delegates, on the democratic side bernie sanders won delegates. hillary clinton securing 31 including superdelegates.
6:32 am
not including superdelegates. hill has 1,274 to sanders 1,025. the candidates reacted very differently to the results. mike is live this morning on the ground. mike, good morning to you. >> and good morning to you, maria. everybody is still in the fight. ted cruz insisting that he defy the media and pundits that predicted that wisconsin would be perfect for trump and he's on the way to getting 1230 delegates before the convention. >> tonight is a turning point, it is aurallying -- a rallying try. of the 17 candidates who started the race, a terrific talented dynamic field, five have now endorsed this campaign. [cheers and applause]
6:33 am
>> donald j. trump, campaign issuing statement that reads in part, ted cruz is worst than a puppet, attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. over on the democratic side sanders, seventh win in eight contest. >> i don't know if the audience here knows it, i don't see any tv's here but it has been projected by, i think, all of the networks that we won in wisconsin. [cheers and applause] >> she took a much more gracious approach tweeting as follow, congress grates to bernie sanders and thanks to volunteers to poured for this campaign. last night's results mean that no one will heat the magic number of 237 delegates and we
6:34 am
are headed for a contest in cleveland. maria: we want to bring in former hillary clinton campaign strategist, good to you. what a night looking at the democratic side of the race. bernie sanders winning six of the last seven contest. he said, we won seven out of the last eight primaries and caucuses, what does that mean for the clinton camp? >> well, i think obviously bernie has momentum, on a roll. he really only picked up, you know, a handful of delegates, he would need 15 wisconsins to really pull even with her on the delegate count and therefore, i still the he has an outside chance and she still remains
6:35 am
favorite. >> clearly, hillary has a huge lead with the superdelegates, but i would ask you this question, you look at what's happened with hillary in so many states like wisconsin and michigan where she's not winning half of the democratic vote. bernie sanders is kind of crazy when it comes to economics, she appears to me as a pretty wounded candidate going into the general election. huh would you refute republican claims that the voters don't want just another clinton? >> well, i think there's no desire for trump, cruz and clinton has an uphill battle, i think, to establish her message to the general and the sooner he can put away bernie sanders and as soon as the fbi investigation can be put to bed, i just don't see sanders winning new york. that would be a big upset, i don't see it even though the polls are closed. i think it's a diverse electorate.
6:36 am
typical of the democratic party. across the democratic party she's still got, i think, a very substantial support of opportunity to put together her party and then talk to the rest of the electorate against candidates -- >> let me ask you this point-blank, what is hillary's -- what is hillary clinton's clinton to her message, why should people vote for her? >> look, she's out there for a message for fighting for us and she's going to get things done in washington because she has the strength of leadership and strong commander in chief. maria: what does she want to get done? >> well, look, i think she wants to get done jobs, she wants to do something with economics. look, i think she's getting a lot of moderate voters. when you look out there, she's probably the most moderate campaign out there in a lot of ways, even though she's been
6:37 am
moving more@left of the primary, the republicans have been so far to the right and extreme -- maria: hasn't bernie pushed her all the way to the left. she said she wants to put the coal industry out of business, she wants to make sure that there are more layoffs there. bill clinton basically said it's a good thing that we have seen so many layoffs on wall street. dodd-frank was the best regulations out there. she's pretty left too, she's pretty extreme. >> i don't think you can call her extreme. she stopped short of saying what he says about trade. maria: she doesn't like tpp, the trade deal? i don't think she likes it mark. >> we will have to see. maria: she said she's against
6:38 am
it. >> it's really look at the deals once in office. >> mark, let's go back to the democratic side, superdelegates right now may be pledged to hillary clinton, they're not bound at this point to have to vote for her and if sanders continues to get victories, is there concern in the clinton campaign or is there an operation to make sure superdelegates don't start switching, which did happen in 2008, people were with hillary clinton moved over to barack obama. as bernie sanders pointed out, he won six of the last seven contests and momentum matters, what's going onto ensure superdelegates are sticking with them? >> look, i think the superdelegates will stick with whomever has the largest delegate count coming out of primaries. there's obviously over 400 want to support hillary and very few for sanders. i don't think that's the point.
6:39 am
she has a 200 delegate lead. she only picked up a handful of delegates. she will probably win new york. big states remaining, new york, california and pennsylvania. we have to get realistic about what's happening here on the democratic side. maria: for sure, what about the realistic situation in terms of money. sanders topped for third straight month, $44 million in the month of march compared to clinton's 29 million mark? >> he is doing better with young people and male voters. he's very well liked across the country and he's got huge constituency, no question about it. maria: yeah. >> we came very close, there was a whisker between us and obama in 2008, i think there's more than a whisker between the two
6:40 am
here. maria: good to see you. thank you so much for your insight this morning. >> thank you. maria: the outreach, of course, one of the biggest things that's been trending, let's head over to dagen mcdowell. dagen. dagen: maria, so far donald trump has been ruling the internet, but not so much last night. ted cruz yesterday was the most searched than donald trump in wisconsin ahead of that primary. wisconsin the only state -- see that little bit of blue. it's a heat map for trump except a little bit of blue in wisconsin for cruz. the state that at realdonald trump, bernie sanders did. he was the top searched of all candidates on google yesterday and really put hillary clinton to shame in terms of interest
6:41 am
there. you have to be careful about the internet. there was a fake news story that was going around, passed around that the machines were flipping from cruz to trump. all the voter calls, the news director on the station had to say, we didn't get the calls, that's a fake story, stop spreading it. it's a way to at least fight back against fake news that's out there. what do you trust, fox business, hello. maria: there you go. do you think that the numbers, does that translate into votes, all of that red and then this little bit of blue for ted cruz in terms of the searches, what do you think? >> sandra: momentum is going to be everything right now. it hasn't been indicater and
6:42 am
it's interesting that bernie sanders topping the list of searches. anybody who is starting to look at the race, what, a socialist, they have to google it. maria: see it to believe it. >> i asked what is hillary's message, she didn't have one. they pivot back to donald trump. this is the big problem for her. she doesn't have a message with the voters. maria: is that resinating or is she actually winning regardless? sandra: i'm a woman. >> people don't want four more years. is that simple. that's what she's promising. >> we had never had a third essence of a presidency when things are bad economically.
6:43 am
that is the challenge that hillary clinton has. i'm not going to be a third term of barack obama. maria: she's not saying that. let's build on obamacare, let's build on obama's principles. take a short break, dagen, thank you for the insight. photos of this, check it out. an 800-pound monster, in april fool's day joke. hunters hunt down a 15-foot al gaiter that was allegedly snacking on their cattle. wow, it looks like he has a cow in his stomach right now. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. it is official pfiezer, incredibly -- which is legal, but as part of the breakup, pfiezer will pay $150 million. check out shares allergan right now. we are expecting a opening here. yesterday the stocks were under severe pressure. this would have been the largest ever healthcare deal. >> we don't know the exact connection between what obama
6:48 am
said yesterday, quoting the suspension of this deal, but i'm going to go back to what i said earlier. president obama fixed the problem, get the business tax rate back in america. i hate when companies leave the united states. this is dealing with the symptoms and not the problem which is our uncompetitive tax laws. maria: would limit company's ability where you can move headquarters overseas. >> there's no question stocks are hurt but you know who is hurt, american consumers. that's really who is hurt. certainly stock holders are hurt but people who are sick. sandra: and i go back to the president's statement of this. it wasn't acknowledgment that something was not working, companies are leaving. this is a trend that we have been witnessing for a long time. this is nothing new.
6:49 am
maria: very mad at this particular deal, tenth largest company in america. that's absolutely what moved their hand. paypal canceling plans to bring hundreds of jobs to north carolina. cheryl: good morning, speaking of jobs in this country or lack there of, paypal says the law violates values in principles that at the core of company's mission. paypal to high about 400 people in north carolina. this is a good one. uber driver from philadelphia to new york, take over the driving so he could get some sleep. that turned out to be -- [laughter]
6:50 am
cheryl: the guy didn't have a license, the passenger. the uber driver woke up to see that his car was being chased by police, gets worse, managed to escape the car and plowed the car to a guardrail. [laughter] cheryl: finally, maria, here is the picture again of nearly 20-foot long al gaiter. turns out the gaiter was killing the cattle. they had to use a farm tractor. maria: that is unbelievable. cheryl: 800 pounds. who knew that existed the wild. maria: 18-feet long. >> i guess as bart simpson would
6:51 am
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maria: welcome back, the city of las vegas about to open new arena in 20 years. the 20,000-seat set to open today. residents are excited that the open asking the precursor.
6:55 am
las vegas chamber of commerce spokesperson carra -- clara clark. >> good morning. we are excited about the opening of the t-mobile arena. it's good for economic growth and job creation. our expectation and what we are seeing is about $900 million in annual economic impact to the city and a creation of about 1600 direct induced and indirect job. that's good news for las vegas. maria: it sure is. companies are feeling less guilted about doing summits in las vegas. business basically shut down for vegas, is that a thing of the past or do you see implications right now? >> i think that's in the past. we in the last two years have had record number of tourists. last year about 42.3 million.
6:56 am
we are looking at new ways of growing that. one of the things we did see during recession, maria, is that our special events were resilient, even though people were pulling back on discretionary spending, they would still want to come to vegas for that special event whether it's the national rodeo or nascar weekend. it's one of the reason arena is so important. >> hi, cara, love vegas, by the way, vegas getting a sports team, that's the the issue, let's say an nba team would go to vegas, would call this gambling. >> it's important to note that
6:57 am
we are not the only city that has gambling. gambling and gaming is all across the united states. so i think we are in a different era and when those franchises are looking at possibility moving to vegas, they are looking at an opportunity to work through that issue. we are really hopeful about nhl hopefully picking las vegas for a hockey team. that would be great news for our city. maria: what franise, a hockey team, you think? >> we have bids put in and ownership group locally, 13,000 locals that have signed up and said they would be listen to buy season tickets. we are further down in the process. my understanding is we should know in the next few months whether or not moving forward.
6:58 am
maria: clara clark, thank you voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems, including: neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and low energy. in fact, if you sit most of the day, your risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as if you smoke. prolonged sitting even makes it harder for you to burn calories and lose weight. man #1: fortunately, there's a solution. inmovement, the affordable, award winning, standing desk. woman #1: an inmovement standing desk lets you move effortlessly between standing and sitting throughout your day. woman #2: inmovement standing desks are affordable; come fully assembled and fit right on top of your existing desk. man #1: inmovement standing desks are height-adjustable. woman #1: the retractable keyboard tray leaves your desktop free for papers and other essentials.
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7:01 am
fringe candidacy. maria: big fight for votes in new york. breaking down the delegate counts. 150-dollar deal, makes it much more expensive for a company to take headquarters overseas. another sign the government is getting in the way of business, block a merger, take a look and how it's changing, coming up. threatening to sue over twitter fight. starbucks opening the largest store ever for starbucks in new york city. oil prices sharply high this morning. kuwait saying oil freeze is possible. looking at a tremendous bound this morning. nasdaq, s&p 500 also positive.
7:02 am
all that coming up in the program this morning. with me sandra smith and fox new legal analyst arthur. [laughter] maria: 7:00 a.m., good morning to you. top stories, results results are in. cruz took badger state with 48% of the vote. governor john kasich with 14%. senator bernie sanders winning big with 56% of the vote while hillary clinton taking in just over 43%. the delegate count now looks like this. ted cruz picked up additional 33 delegates last night at wisconsin 42 total. donald trump took home 3 delegates last night. donald trump now has a total delegate of 740 to cruz's delegate count of 514. john kasich is 143. on the democratic side bernie
7:03 am
sanders won 45 out of 86 total delegates last night. hillary clinton securing 31, including superdelegates. clinton has 1,143 delegates to sanders 1,046. blake berman is live in wisconsin with more on this, good morning to you, blake. blake: hi, there, maria. this was a large loss for donald trump in the badger state as ted cruz beat him soundly by 15 points here. afterwards the trump campaign sent out a statement in which they said there was onslaught of the establishment. the kasich team sent out a memo, basically at this point they feel a strongly as ever that there will be contested convention come july in cleveland. as for ted cruz, no doubt about it, this was a major win here in wisconsin last night, maria, he
7:04 am
said in his victory speech just down the road in milwaukee that he feels the political terrain shifted somewhat nationally over the last two weeks. he feels it's been happening here in the race and victory speech last night, he set his sights not necessarily on donald trump, rather on hillary clinton. >> tonight is a turning point, it is a rallying cry to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. on the democratic side a sound well. he celebrated in wyoming speaking to a group of thousands there. six of the last seven states for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. and he was looking forward to new york as well.
7:05 am
>> we are going to win here in wyoming, i know a little bit about new york because i spent the first 18 years of my life in brooklyn, new york. >> bottom line, maria, this was a rough night for front runners. a million votes cast on the democratic side and a million votes cast on republican side and trump and clinton beat soundly here in wisconsin. maria: what a night. ted cruz celebrated big win highlighting all of the republican heavy weight who is have come to support his campaign. >> of the 17 candidates who started this race a terrific, talented dynamic field, five have now endorsed this campaign. rick perry and lindsey graham and jeb bush and carly fiorina. [cheers and applause]
7:06 am
>> and wisconsin's own governor scott walker. maria: joining us wisconsin congressman ted cruz supporter as well. congressman, congratulations to you. ted cruz did well. he is your guy. do you think it was largely support that he was talking about, the establishment guys like the lindsey graham of the world getting behind ted cruz or was it missteps that donald trump made in the last two weeks, tell us about the wisconsin supporter? >> you know, campaigns are about a lot of different dynamics and things that go on. here in wisconsin you have a battle tested group of conservatives that show up to the polls and recognize that ted cruz was conservative choice for america and gave him a resounding victory yesterday with a win of over 13 points over donald trump. it was pretty impressive the work that ted cruz did here in
7:07 am
wisconsin. maria: is it enough to take him to the rest of the contest coming out, which obviously are north eastern contests like new york? >> yeah, well, certainly you've got momentum though that ted cruz takes into new york. a lot of people were watching how governor kasich would do in wisconsin, would he break the 25% threshold and pull donald trump further, that might go really well for governor kasich in pennsylvania and new york. that didn't happen. the momentum is really moving toward ted cruz and i think those northeast states are going to have a lot to say here and i think ted cruz is going to do better than most people predicted a month ago. maria: we have a great panel talking about it. does everybody on the panel agree that this is going to a contested convention? >> if trump were to beat all the north eastern states, he is going to win new york f he were to win pennsylvania, for the first time in gosh, who knows
7:08 am
how long, california could be a huge state. i have a question for the congressman which is this, one of the things that shocked me, a big gap by donald trump, you don't go into wisconsin in republican primary and attack scott walker, isn't he the congressman beloved by voters? >> he sure is. 80% favoritability. it was a huge mistake because he wasn't just attacking governor walker, he was atalking the reforms that conservatives in the state and senate put in place. he was atalking conservatives in wisconsin. it was a big mistake. sandra: dana former secretary to bush, i think people are underestimating that endorsement of governor scott walker. that's another great point. we have been talking all along how important endorsements have
7:09 am
been in the states. >> even if cruz comes close in new york, that's going to make a huge statement. new york, new jersey, look, if trump doesn't -- he's supposed to steamroll. >> a lot could happen. sandra: arthur, we heard from donald trump's wife that when he's attacked he punches back ten times harder. if there's a contested convention, what does donald trump do, does he sue somebody? to study i was watching interviews of scalia.
7:10 am
does donald trump say, millions and millions and millions of people have voted for me, nobody has voted for mitt romney and you're going to make him the candidate and that's un-american and this could get scarry. the unknown factor. maria: do you think this goes to contested convention? >> it certainly looks like it's going to contested convention for sure. what donald trump is going to have to do is bone up on the rules. he's going to have to get to understand what the rules are at the convention and ted cruz has been out maneuvering him in every single state in that regard because he's going to figure it out. >> congressman, one of the big rules, you know this, maria, the rule from 2012 that you have to
7:11 am
have eight states to be in nomination and there's a furious mad rush among republican establishment, as you know, congressman to change that rule. as i see it as a republican, there's only two people who can win this nomination right now, it's either donald trump or ted cruz, as a cruz supporter i wonder if you're worried about the republican establishment changing the rules in a way that could not only take the nonl nation away from donald trump but also possibly from your guy ted cruz. >> well, the rules haven't been established for 2016 yet. the rules pb established by the delegates who are sent by the various states and the delegates would will be committed to one of those candidates. they will establish the rules for 2016. they haven't been written yet. >> you can't change the rules in the middle of the game. you can't just make up the rules
7:12 am
so that the guy you don't want to win doesn't win. it seems to me that will be robbery. trump will go through the roof if that happens. >> the republican conventions have always been set on the weeks right before the convention by the very delegates that are sent by the voters to represent them at the convention and they will be representative of donald trump delegates and ted cruz's delegates. not that anything is going to get stolen. they have to make the argument since none of them crossed the finished line. sandra: 1976 the last brokered convention. maria: this has happened. sandra says 1976. >> i was 9. i [laughter] >> a lot of us have not seen this congressman.
7:13 am
the results with in. dagen is on the exit poll today. dagen: i love numbers. so i'm all over this, maria, thank you so much. ted cruz won among very conservative voters and evangelicals, we talked about that. those were all-time high for him. he also won two groups or two questions that trump made -- these voters had been in trump's camp but not in wisconsin. people who feel betrayed by republican party politicians, 44% of these voters went for ted cruz. people who want a temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s., they also went from ted cruz, 49%. trump 43% there. trump needs to get to that 1237 in terms of voters. if he doesn't get a majority, 55% said that the gop should nominate somebody who had the most votes, delegates think best
7:14 am
is only 43% but trump he gets the favor bles among these people. so they tend to favor trump. we will talk more about the economy. economy is the number one issue even after the terror attacks in brussels. economy, government spending and terrorism. maria: no surprise there with the job picture where it is. stay with us
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, strong and wild fire in oklahoma. cheryl: threatening a town in north western oklahoma. recommending residents to leave their homes. fighting fire has been complicated by shifting winds. starbucks going big in the big apple. plans to open largest store in the world right here in manhattan. starbucks said it would set second roastry in new york's packing industry, two floors expected to open in 2018. starbucks has more than 90 stores in the new york metro
7:18 am
area. and finally, forget the lenova's buzzer beater, unprecedented fourth straight national championship, another perfect season for the ladies. ten rebounds in final college game, maria. even though your back et was -- bracket was busted, sorry about that. maria: i started watching, i have to admit it. sandra: i turn the games off because i know -- what? maria: look how exciting the game was the other night. >> they doubled the score of their opponent. 100 to 51. [laughter] maria: maybe it's coming.
7:19 am
if anything suggest it's coming, it's here right now, regulation nation striking again. have -- how the obama administration has been causing problems with merger. sarah palin is threatening to sue a female raptor of twitter fight overnight tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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maria: welcome back, we have had breaking news this morning. as we reported pfiezer walks away from 150-dollar allergan merger. that could come at any moment. fox business network adam shapiro with the details in washington, d.c. adam, i have been saying earlier, this administration is feeling like it's going out with a bang upping the regulations. >> it has stopped several deals over the last several years, deals good for shareholders but the obama administration says it's bad for business. the 35 billion-dollar bill is still in play between the number
7:24 am
one and three business. fox confirmed the justice plans to file a lawsuit. the deal first announced in 2014 included elements which had halliburton selling small portions of the businesses. that would have satisfy european mergers, federal regulators from the obama administration have attempted to kill in the past few years. there was the a,, -- at&t purchase. those deals were dropped when regulators stepped in or threaten to step in and fight the deals in court. halliburton chief executive said that the proposed merger would
7:25 am
be good for the industry and its customers because it would keep costs lower. i don't need to tell you in a time where oil prices have stopped. the justice department is looking at other high-profile mergers like the 54 anthem deal and etna merger with humana. we could get a ruling on that as soon as next week or two weeks, rather, maria, the judge in that case is not happy with the federal government. maria: well, we would see about that adam. i know it's two different stories here. the antistories with the baker hughes corporation and pfizer deal.
7:26 am
maybe they are going after mergers that are bad for customers. there have been several deals that the administration has taken a big club and gone bomb and stopped. maria: adam, thank you. arthur is with us, what's your take on this from a legal per spect -- perspective on this? >> for viewers at home mention what adam just mentioned. the statements-office -- staples-office depo deal. maria: they control pricing. >> it's a fundamental part of culture and economy to allow competition and the antitrust laws, that's basically what they're there for. and obviously the obama administration i don't think they're focused not even 1% on the shareholders. they don't care about the
7:27 am
shareholders. they care about people who are going to buy books for their kids in a staples or office depo and that's just how an example of how it plays out to everyone else. maria: the pfizer-allergan issue is different. when ceo came on our program, came on this show and i said to him, what was your effective tax rate last year, 4%. you cannot compete with that when you're at 35%. >> you're right, exactly. the companies have a fiduciary duty if they can cut their tax rate that much. why don't we give them incentive to come back here. we will be right back. sarah palin threatens to sue a aura -- a rapper over tweets.
7:28 am
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. . . . maria: welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, april 6 top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, score won for underdogs ted cruz bernie sanders, took
7:31 am
wisconsin last night, and the momentum headed into new york, trump is here in home state today, and offered details on how he plans to have mexico pay for his wall, president obama, however, now shooting back. >> the motion we're going to track every western union you know, bit of money being sent to mexico -- you know, good luck with that. maria: sarah palin threatening to sue rapper azaila banks over a twitter fight changing the way we watch sports twitter striking a deal with nfl yahoo! is teenage up with major league baseball more coming up markets this morning higher after yesterday's weakness indications dow jones industrial average 30 points up, s&p nasdaq better on morning right now turning to top story results are in, wisconsin, cruz, ted cruz took badger state with 48% of the vote last night, compared to donald trump's 35%, governor
7:32 am
kasich won 14% of the vote in wisconsin. on otherside of the race senator by these by these 56% of the vote, versus hillary clinton taking in just over 43%, here is the latest delegate count ted cruz picked up additional 33 delegates last night that was out of wisconsin 42, donald trump took home 3 last night, now donald trump has 740 total to cruz's totally count of 514, 143 for kasich democratic side bernie sanders winning 45 out of wisconsin's 86 totally delegates hillary clinton securing 31 in superdelegates clinton 1743 sanders 1056 not including superdelegates hillary clinton 1274 to sanders 1025 joiningus democratic strategist and boston herald columnist good to see you thank you so much for joining us. >> your takeaway good to see
7:33 am
you sir. >> thanks, there is a mirage that people are using the word momentum to describe what is happening on democratic side it mirage in this regard there are constants to say that hillary clinton does very well, in primaries where did democrats only some think democrats should pick the democratic nominee bernie sanders does very well mainly in caucuses few primaries where open to anybody, republicans independents whoever voters largely white good for hillary upcoming state think about it pennsylvania new york, new jersey, california, democrats only diverse, bernie sanders, wyoming kind of fits his mold last night for all momentum hillary lead from 700 to 687, not exactly what you would call anything that is kind of real measurable compare to republican side i don't think
7:34 am
there is i mean people want to sort of analogize two races, but there is a there is a chasm spraying them looks like headed to a mess republican convention if bernie sanders, puts arm around hillary like she did around obama democrats in good shape. maria: not mirage when you look at money he raised a lot more than hillary clinton has, and he won in according to him he won, 7 out of the last 8 primary caucus contests. >> that is not momentum that is a happenstance of the calendar she starts winning in issuing peninsula new jersey got momentum those states kind of fit the kind of model that hillary is appealing to again has over 2 1/2 million more votes than -- >> is this starting a major issue, which is voters in these states are rejecting hillary clinton running
7:35 am
against a about about about socialist er aren't voters saying we don't want another clinton hillary is extremely dangled. >> '08 hillary clinton won california, texas, florida, new york, pennsylvania ohio does that mean voters were rejecting barack obama? hell, no all states went with biggest states they went for hillary clinton in primary, so i'm seeing. >> i did not listen to. >> if i was republican want to projection on to other party the mess my party has, but that is that is what is going on. >> no question republicans have a mess democrats a big mains on hands too they have got a product you are trying to sell voters don't seem to want. maria: yeah, how do you see it jump in here? >> yeah, absolutely, you know i think momentum is on bernie's side as you he points out maria he won the majority of the past or 8 contests, he also raised 44 million dollars, march, out fund raised hillary clinton by 15
7:36 am
million just one month, he also has what, 20,000, people at his rallies i mean he has enormous momentum, and he there is a chance he could win new york, which would be a major blow to hillary clinton's campaign. >> for right now all intents and purposes still looking at hillary clinton leading on democratic side. what do you think their view is of the gop possibly odds being raised last night with ted cruz wide marginal victory of the gop towards a contested convention? >> look i think that after light the winner was the democrats i will be honest with you because i think hillary clinton could beat ted cruz in a general. i know cruz supporters don't want o to hear that. donald trump has proven he can attract more independent voters democratic voters would take away from hillary clinton have in a general, and so i just think donald trump is a better chance of beating hillary clinton. in a general, so last night you know, if cruz gets momentum, and we're headed
7:37 am
towards broke erined convention donald trump losses nomination i think we see a the democrat in the white house i hate to say it. >> why? you don't think cruz can beat hillary? >> i don't believe that he can, of course, i could be wrong, but i think donald trump appeals more to mainstream. maria: i can'te. >> appeals to democrats appeals to independents, a lot of conservatives he appeals to blue collar workers, he also appeals to women now last night, is an anomaly i have to say cruz came in stronger with women in wisconsin, than trump so that is something trump has to work on, as you know maria this past week he had a bad week especially with women, he had a couple of missteps definitely hurt him in wisconsin, but my takeaway for donald trump is, let wisconsin serve as wake-up call he needs to rejaust his campaign stop attacking people talk about
7:38 am
substantive issues strongest immigration, renegotiating trade packets and more those are his strengths when he gets down in gutter starts attacking people it backfires i think we saw that yesterday. maria: we certainly are seeing messages that you mentioned, trade, and -- and immigration resonating with people that is really where it is for him thank you very much both of you we appreciate it see you soon, 2016 election has been all about social media outreach as well what were big things trending last night, dagen on social media reaction this morning. dagen: google last night maria, the candidate triggered most searches on google was oldest of all bernie sanders he swamped all the candidates, in terms of people who were searching, for candidate information about wisconsin primary. but if you put the -- ted cruz against donald trump ted cruz actually was more searched than donald trump, in wisconsin. c1 yesterday. but it was only in wisconsin.
7:39 am
wisconsin wisconsin the only state this is according to google trends, where real donald trump or donald trump was not leading in google search history so trump is the red, so trump cruz that little blue do the represents wisconsin this morning some interest easing a little bit top stories trending right now, fourth place on google is information about your republican and democratic candidacy in wisconsin top trending story amy schumer taking a shot at grammar manager for putting her in a plus sized issue. >> big story that is global! . >> headlines. >> yeah. >> -- trying to take out glamour, straight ahead one of the largest restaurant chains to make changes that could have you make more informed public choices in ordering, yeah then there is the 15 dollar minimum wage getting into that as well, be sure tune in 8:50 a.m. joined with
7:40 am
man behind the scandalous carls, jr., commercials will reveal which ones helped his company turn up the heat, coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ it's all right, ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back okay subway shop posting calorie counts on boards across the country. cheryl: chain says new boards with calorie counts are expected to be up in all 27,000 stores in u.s. by april 11 decision by subway as many
7:44 am
restaurant chains would itted food and drug administration's final guidelines company posted calories 4,000 stores and cities new york has required that but, now, we are going national how would you like to own chair rulings set in when she wrote first two harry potter ef noeflz one will when old oak chair goes on block in new york possibly for thousands of dollars, according to the auctioneer world wide web rawling says come feest that she had living in government housing in scotland in 1995. and, finally, this a twitter feud between sarah palin and 24-year-old rapper azalea banks may be heading to court fight erupted yesterday concluding made-up palin kwounts banks tweeted pail shinn be sexually assaulted
7:45 am
palin said banks should use platform for good instead of insults issued a statement to "people" magazine saying that she expects to take legal action quote, are on behalf of all reasonable women of every age race, and political leaning end quote maria, don't believe everything you read on the internet, you might get sued the end of it. maria: i don't understand this, they said s&p shouubpoen sexually assaulted. >> run a train slang for group sex not appe what bags but on banks put on kind of apologized one thing banks credit for unlike donald trump chief of staff k accused assaulting reporter publicly apologized said i was duped i believed story frs true i thought it was when i found out it wasn't accurate took it back all silly things i said i'm sorry if i caused emotional distance the compact
7:46 am
words that a lawsuit from -- sarah palin which include from pr point of view common sense point of view banks did right thing in terms of -- >> it is too late, how o do you read something on internet suggest somebody should get assaulted i'm sorry i don't think there is -- >> i am just reading, not exactly my -- area of expertise i use term run a train slang for group sex not yep a i think saying sara should have voluntarily -- >> why. >> this is how people this age talk, i know. >> running a defamation from twitter. >> good question i don't know the answer to that when in public domain hard to bring lawsuits and win. >> i think it is -- >> i don't get. >> it you are a young kid here come on. >> listen, i -- >> i think -- >> all right coming up it may have been game of the century,
7:47 am
but the ratings don't show it what audiences did not come out for at monday's historic ncaamen mens basketball championship game take at a look at this two ninja turtles in the stands at the new york yankees home opener yesterday john al veer in legend seat behind home plate two won hbo costume contest more on that did sanitira smith see them in person? is that you right there? >> in the stands. >> we'll be right back. >> it was scary. >> ♪ it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever.
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♪ welcome back villanova ncaa win over north carolina might have been been greatest game ever the ratings weren't there the details on that sports headlines good morning to you. >> good morning, maria amazing game, villanovamens championship win might have been most exciting end to go ncaa final the lowest tv ratings ever for ncaa men's final, 37 point of view% off -- nearly 10 million off from
7:52 am
last year's total, it also broke the record for the lowest ratedmens in icaa championship in 2009, a game 10.8 ratings monday's game 10.6, now you don't need cable tv, you don't even need to be in the united states, next nfl season fans able to watch thursday night nfl games on twrt, beat out several others for this bid to stream 10 games next season twitter paid roughly 10 million dollars for this do not control all the advertising in fact only 20 of 70 ingame ads can be sold by twitter as major league baseball fans are strategic games free on yahoo! for the first time one free game every day, oh, and -- hear about -- the patriots fans filed suit in federal court yesterday in o boston suing nfl because league punished favorite team docking draft picks as a result of the deflate gate
7:53 am
scandalized, about elite tanker patriot season ticket holders says 7-year-old so distraught by the decision she will no longer attend patriots' games with him. >> that is a reason to sue! -- >> this makes lawyers look great this is -- excellent resource judges would be working on these types of cases? come on give me a break, lawyers out there, have a littleable credibility file in a proud manner. >> you got to believe. >> it only thing maria i am going to let's say just defend a lawyer who filed this the ticket holders today ridiculous amount of money what they are basically saying the owner did not fight hard enough he succumbed, worked out a appellee deal with roger goodell the commissioner. >> fans are not going to get anything given to them because of something done to their favorite team -- >> not going to map. >> could be spoken about on "mornings with maria." >> [laughter]
7:54 am
>> okay there is a national spotlight or five minutes now -- >> solution tell team not the deflate the ball, oh! ♪ those ratings -- >> poor ratings, obviously two crafty semifinal games. >> a family program. >> what about the fact that this wasn't the first -- >> this is. >> on a major. >> this was first one on cable tv. >> right. >> -- that hurts. >> that i think plays a large role during tournament there was average six million viewers on cbs 3.3 million on turner neshgtworks two east coat schools a work night, game tips off 20 after 9:00. unless you go to the villanova north carolina might turn off -- >> if you didn't watch that game you missed one hell of a basketball game. >> even i watched it i missed tend i watched -- >> -- that is a point.
7:55 am
>> super bowl biggest program kicks off 6:30 pm eastern, if game is important enough -- you will watch the it but too late kids wanted to watch had to go to bed. >> don't let kids go to bed -- >> man! . >> not too late for west coast think about that owe kn. you know. >> okay. >> -- from -- all sports world stuff. >> we did. >> warriors lost again they needed to win -- >> they need to win each final four games in order -- >> if we didn't match major ncaa game i don't know we watched warriors. >> are you are a baseball fan. >> you know, yankees fan, huge. >> where were you yesterday? >> you know i know you know well when i was allowed to go into justice scalia's chambers after he passed away everything the way it was on
7:56 am
top left-hand corner of desk two huge new york yankees stickers underneath his -- go -- yeah. >> you watched the game. >> yeah, but talking, like about baseball not popular likes it? >> thank you for bringing the story, jared max arthur aidala good to see you, still to come former house speaker newt gingrich with us on possibility of a contested convention looking more like it you know the ads andy on the alleviate carols, jr., commercial you don't want to miss it. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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welcome back i am maria bartiromo, wednesday, april of your top stories right now 8:00 on east coast, front-runners on both sides of the race falling last night, ted cruz, bernie sanders, big wins in wisconsin. >> incite is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> with a victory in wisconsin tonight and let me take this opportunity to thank the people of wisconsin. we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses --
8:00 am
[cheers and applause] maria: big numbers in a big fight for votes in new york next two weeks we will break down the delegate count coming up what it means for the conventions come july pfizer announcing its about official walking away from 150-billion-dollar deal with allergan, the stocks on move this morning coming in the wake of the new treasury department rules announced yesterday we are getting into this, sign government getting in way of business? the justice departmentps trying to block a merger between halliburton baker hughes this morning, closer look at the environment how it is changing. going into the end of the obama administration, a major setback in war on terror facebook rolling out full end-to-end encryption for one billion users, carls, jr., out with latest racy ads how this helps burger sales later this hour, yeah. >> taking market action higher expecting for broader averages take a look the dow jones industrial average to open up 40 points with markets,
8:01 am
trading up, after yesterday's losses all coming up in the program this hour, and with me fox business network sandra smith staph moore gopac chairman david a great show you the so much for being here, we've got top stories right now, ted cruz, bernie sanders taking wisconsin. cruz won badger state 48% of the vote compared to donald trump's 35%, governor kasich, had 14% support, on the other side senator bernie sanders had nearly 56% of the vote in wisconsin yesterday, about those hillary clinton came in at just over 43%, all right the count ted cruz picked up additional 33 delegates last night, that was out of wisconsin 42 total, donald trump to 3, that brings donald trump's total count to 740, versus cruz' 514. and kasich 143. democratic side bernie sanders, won 45 out of wisconsin's 86 total delegates last night, hillary clinton
8:02 am
securing 31. including you are surley delgz clinton was 1743, sanders 1056 when you strip out soourl delegates hillary clinton has 1274, versus state your name and address, please 1025, blake burman standing by right now owing brookfield wisconsin with the latest. good morning to you blake. >> hi maria good morning to you as well ted cruz was the last one here, in wisconsin, among all the five candidates, and he took advantage of it on the republican side, not only winning here in wisconsin, by 13 points last night, but then after delivering a 20 minute speech, in it he tried to make the argument that he said the political terrain shifting last two weeks he said he feels now more than ever that he will get the 1237 delegates needed either before or during the republican convention, in july. right off the bat, cruz tried to make the argument that this race after wisconsin is now headed in a new direction.
8:03 am
>> tonight is a turning point, it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hardworking men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> one sincerity stories locally in wisconsin is the voter turnout here yesterday, state officials anticipating 1.75 million voters statewide, that number got all the way up to some 2.1 million voters believed the highest turnout dating back to at least 1980 on the republican side, just for context in 2008 roughly 400,000 voters here the race was wrapped up that the point, in 2012 that was about 800,000 just shy of that, ma, yesterday here in wisconsin, about roughly 1.1 million people voted in the republican primary. back to you. maria: thanks so much blake burman with latest there, the results are in, we want know
8:04 am
what keys to ted cruz and bernie sanders' victory last night dagen on exit poll data. dagen: good morning what were most important issues, for let's start with gop voters, in wisconsin. economy and jobs number one, but really evenlyly defied government spending second, terrorism this is really the breakdown you saw say after florida, and ohio primaries in the middle of march so this has not changed after terror attacks immigration down in single digits 6% there, terrorism, not a worry for democratic voters in the state of wisconsin. take a look how this falls, academy jobs 37%, 9% concerned most concerned about terrorism, this is democratic voters here this poll question is ripe for next guest when asked, what if trump doesn't get to 1237 that magic number in terms of those of delegates almost 6 out of 10 wisconsin voters, think the gop should
8:05 am
nominate the candidate with the largest number of delegates, so, minority there, don't think they that delegates know best if you will. i want to point out, that of these voters they tend to favor trump. >> there you go. >> they want most votes, that is interesting. >> basically if you don't get the majority, they think that the nomination should just go to the candidate with most so let's. >> versus moet delegates. >> big story here is donald trump had a lousy two -- miserable last two weeks, i mean two weeks ago after he won arizona i think i said on your show that lady sung this is over it antiover. >> it ain't over on dmkt side. >> newt gingrich, joining the conversation, mr. speaker always a pleasure thanks for joining us. >> good to see you -- >> so this morning, a lot of people saying that cruz's viblth victory in wisconsin a momentum shift you don't see it that way? or do you. >> i think certainly the size of the victory helped him tremendously.
8:06 am
and i think that it has to trouble donald trump and his team a great deal. now, the question will be, when you go into new york, next, there are some congressional districts trump will find himself in a real fight overall probably carry state handily way headed in the polls the challenge for cruise how do you take this new momentum and turn it into enough votes in places like new york, and pennsylvania, you can ultimately get to california? not clear that he can do it but last night was a very good nice for cruz frankly, a very bad night for donald trump, be the for reason as hillary clinton on other side if not wonderi wondering. >> does it thank youing a convention. >> i think two people likely upon nominated donald trump, ted cruz under the rules that romney imposed last in time, you can't get nominated unless
8:07 am
you carry can earn a the votes of at least a majority 8 states. you can't get nominated, if you are not nominated you can't be counted, so all this speculation about somebody showing up ain't gonna happen. >> mr. speaker. >> i mean i want to that is a critical point you just made, we all know there is a plan being hatched now by the republican establishment that changed those rules in the middle of the game, and -- you know. >> do they think they can get away with changing the rules now? >> yeah -- >> for a second, the with overwhelming numberof delegates are either ted cruz or donald trump supporters. >> not going to allow the rules to be changed, not going to favor ted cruz or donald trump. >> i hope you are right about that. >> what do you think newt. >> as they know very self-important people in new york and washington, rushing around from cocktail party to
8:08 am
cocktail party sharing with each other magic incite that somehow they will be in charge they have always been in charge, they don't understand, this is a genuine revolution under way. >> exactly. >> over 80% of the delegates, are going to be economied to either trump or cruz do you think trump and cruz go oh, why why don't we change rules ironically imposed by romney people, for the purpose of control? so, the very people who designed rules are getting bit by rules they set up, and there is zero possibility that trump and cruz are dumb enough to let them change it so it is not going to happen going to play under rules as in you. >> i hope you are right. >> -- >> especially since the followers voters will get angry, that will create chaos. >> look, i would get angry. >> the whole idea from handful of people in the back room, in this day and age, are trying to impose their will, would be
8:09 am
goofy. >> yeah. >> i said earlier, that the team i said, it reminds me when i first sat down to wall street floor of new york stock exchange group thought no, no, no, you don't understand you can't know this same thing. >> small group of people think they know brert. >> mr. speaker this is david, you being a historian, founding fathers rerejoicing as states having control battling state-by-state to decide both apparents no mopart going to be. >> a movie coming out in may george washington spending time with founding fathers i would say they would be split i think hamilton would be shocked at popular uprising jefferson dancing every day thinking so wonderful the people the risen up i think the right analog is a generation later with andrew jackson who is the first real populist to win power in america, i think what you are
8:10 am
seeing, look, cruz a year ago, would have been seen as extreme outsider unacceptable antiestablishment trump normalized cruz, so, you now have trump and cruz and here is this poor establishment here drifting away from base, and all of a sudden they are discovering you can't be establishment if you are not established. >> we got to cover two things before you go, newt i got to ask you about government, and really clamping down on big deals pfizer walking away from its deal with allergan, but before i get to that, clinton is hitting sanders hard in a politico interview quick on your takeaway from the stow democratic side confident race last night, sanders winning so much? >> well -- >> if he could win by more than 10 points it was significant i think he won by 12, i also -- people talk about folks won't vote for trump a report this morning, 25% of the sanders people say they will not vote for hillary, nobody is covering
8:11 am
the gap that is growing in democratic party, new york is going to be i think very big for both parties, sanders raising so much more money than hillary, doing it, by the way, in a populist way online 27 dollars at a time, he is now i think out raised her by 32 million dollars last three months. maria: exactly. >> -- to compete. >> that is right he will be able to compete, in a way that will be very interesting, by the time you get to the primary two weeks from now. >> mr. speaker talking about, the -- this new rule coming out of treasury yields department yesterday, announced new rules making more expensive harder to acquire companies overseas and move headquarters to another country for lower tax rate, like clockwork pfizer announced walking away from the deal allergan 150-billion-dollar deal is obama administration, trying to go out witha bang here in terms of the regulation before new president comes in. >> steve moore will understand as well as anybody in the country, this administration decided that mitterrand's
8:12 am
original socialist effort to create he isolated french economy was right they are adopting antijobs appetite business rules, stupidity is unmatched, all it will do is weaken american economy guarantee that capital flees country teaches foreigners not invest in u.s. because we have so -- >> tax rate, right? >> there are so many things you can do to bring business back, none of which acceptable to the socialists who currently occupy white house. >> all about the corporate tax rate being the highest in the industrialized world. >> this is donald trump, and ted cruz have both focused on this in campaigns, and about speaker, this is sandra i would ask you as we leave things off who is best fit to be the as it would stand today the democratic nominee hillary clinton, on gop side? is it donald trump? is it ted cruz? the polls say john kasich. >> well, i think the person who is going to be best suited to beat hillary clinton is the one who gets the most
8:13 am
delegates by time we get to cleveland. >> this is a game of constant learning ted cruz a better candidate that i than six months ago, donald trump is a dramatically better candidate this can he was kasich great i don't see how he gets to nomination i think he could be vice president but very hard to see, how is past two to win the nomination. >> always a pleasure to have your great analysis newt gingrich there. >> donald trump rallying against ford over new 1.6-billion-dollar investment in a factory in where else? mexico, later fast-food chain carls, jr., making a name for it's gone risque a burger commercial ceo weighing in, on this fight. come on, burger commercial. really? >> that is -- really? >> i really want a burger right now after seeing that [laughter]. ♪ ♪
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> welcome back, then this donald trump is attacking ford moet over plans for fords new plant in mexico, cheryl casone with that and headlines right now good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria will probably knew this was coming gop presidential front-runner waist nothing time responding to ford's announcement, trump released a statement saying this transaction is a disgraceful dishonest earnings per share politicians special interests that control them laughing in face of all-american citizens, ford does say 1.6-billion-dollar factory is expected to reply 28 hundred are works by 2020, again, in mexico. also this headlined governments coun minister is not resigning, can tradition digging statements the government says he has proposed his party vice chairman terminally take over the prime minister office is landed leader caught up in so-called "panama papers" scandalized 11 million documents from panamian law
8:18 am
firm showed asset hiding arrangements of rich and famous. >> the u.s. immigration costumes enforcement relevant to 21 that ask they aspired confired so help more than 1 thoun foefrpz keep veezes two and a half years the quote as set up as sting operation with undercover agents, most of those so-called students ultimately probably going to have visas revoked and deported feds have been doing a big story here. >> thank you. we are going to take a break facebook flipping the encryption switch on one billion euros, the terrorism investigators we are going to take a look at that with a what it means for safety later pfizer waubs away from 150-billion-dollar deal at allergan is the obama administration creating unfriendly business environment for large corporation, back in a minute.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ maria: welcome back forget apple facebook beefing up message encryption, but could that added security administrators be havana for terrorists national security concerns talking about right now we've got jo ling kent on the story. jo ling: good morning, maria
8:23 am
also, messages on facebook they will be encrypted end-to-end encryption for more than one billion people using service means every form of communication from messages phone calls videos the file transfers, the photos will all be encrypted by default cofounders said in a blog post while we recognize the important work of law enforcement, keeping people safe, efforts to weaken encryption risks exposing people's information to abuse cybercriminals hackers rogue states, recently the ceo punctual sided with apple in battle with fbi, saying he supports tim cook to secure apps telegram popular with some years other secure apps as well so it is a very popular among chinese pro democracy activist used across
8:24 am
the board not just chatter from me to you. >> ramping up in technology sector everybody saying what do we need to do to make sure our data, users is safe. >> what do people do that is so he confidential, are this -- is this -- >> after -- month something they don't want out there. >> what we find is not just friendly communication but lots of groups that chat, one of the most powerful features of it so you are looking to activate a group have a protest or do maximizing, that may be for extra private that is what it is for often so this is a business competition, issue, now. >> a big in a country that valleys personal liberty, it is a big conversation for our country to have, because speaking with a general yesterday who talked about as they start war bamming out
8:25 am
battles, 2030, 2050 more boston marathon bombers more san bernardino fighting next round, of terrorism war trying to figure out how to defeat guys now this. >> what is interesting that is they are saying that they won't be able to deencrypt the stuff that people are sending back-and-forth puts them in same camp as apple, apple argument that -- >> we also saw fbi crack that code with outside help. >> right. >> going to say that i guess we should say we are in favor of technology to advance but at the same time the government -- >> has. >> that is right advance abilities to break into encryptions, right. >> that is a good argument because if you think about it also on cyberhacking side of things protecting our creditor numbers our basic personal healthy data i do want the government to advance more be more innovative because they have been so behind on that front as well -- >> now important debate to
8:26 am
have, thank you so much up next multibillion-dollar merger grounded by the o government is obama administration, driving business out of the country? what it could kiss a u.s. economy next from ham burgers the race yee commercials andy puzder joins us on his company's push to turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started.
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>> good wednesday morning, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, april 6th. your top stories 8 a.m. on the east coast, frontrunners on both sides of the aisle falling last night. ted cruz and bernie sanders scoring big wins in wisconsin and sanders says he's already looking ahead to new york. >> the fellow who is from new york, i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and actually walk the streets. >> the top story in business, pfizer walking away with the $150 billion deal with aller gen in the wake of rules announced yesterday. another sign of the government
8:30 am
getting in the way of business? and between baker hughes. out with a racy ad and helps with burger sales-- burger sales? and the dow is expected to open up 25 points or so this morning and we're looking at the results. the top story is ted cruz and bernie sanders taking wisconsin. ted cruz won with 48 compared to donald trump's 35% and governor kasich 14%. and hillary clinton came in just over 43%. check the delegate count right now where do we stand. ted cruz picked up additional 33 delegates last night out of wisconsin's 42 total and donald trump additional 3 delegates. he has 740 delegates to ted
8:31 am
cruz's 514 delegates and kasich's 143. on the democratic side, bernie sa sanders winning these delegates. and sanders has 1,056. when you strip out super delegates because they can go nen way, hillary clinton has 1,274 to sanders 1,025. the results are in. and we want to take a look at what voters were thinking about. the major voter groups that propelled cruz and sanders to victory. dagen mcdowell with the exit data. dagen: let's focus on the ladies, who do they love? donald trump, much has been talked about his comments about women. and ted cruz was 48% of female vote and kasich with 15%. moving on to the democratic side. if you're a lady and you vote
8:32 am
for hillary clinton? that's a question and that's a statement. not in that state you didn't. 49% of female voters, 49% went for clinton, and 50% for sanders, of course he won big time when it comes to younger voters, but this maybe is a problem down the road for secretary clinton, maria. maria: we'll see about that. women have been the one sticking point and trump has not been able to get them. we'll see. >> in the republicans, the biggest concerns i have in terms of winning in november with ted cruz or donald trump, can they win? is this gender gap going to be so gigantic. ted cruz won the women's vote in wisconsin he has a gender gap when it comes to the general election. sandra: this isn't just a republican problem. hillary clinton is struggling with women as well. maria: that's right. on that note, let's go to town is with us along with julie. good to see you. thank you for joining us, both
8:33 am
of you. when you look at exit poll data when it comes to wisconsin women, what's your take away? >> well, women, traditionally on the republican side, donald trump has not only been not able to close the deal with women, but he's struggling with women. the exit data is interesting because he's struggling with everybody in wisconsin except for self-identified moderates and liberals and he and ted cruz split independents 40% each. otherwise he got crushed by women, by more educated voters, by less educated voters, high income, low income, a shellacking of donald trump in wisconsin last night. maria: but, guy, we know what's about to happen when donald trump hits the northeast states, new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, he's expected to be back on top. >> well, definitely new york, which is his home state. and if you look at the polling there, he's got a very large lead in new york. whether or not cruz gained some momentum here or the so-called never trump movement gets some
8:34 am
momentum, ahead of new york two weeks from now remains to be seen. it's pretty important, right at this moment if you look at real clear politics numbers, trump is floating around that 50% mark in new york. if he hits 50 plus one it becomes winner take all. if they hold him beneath that mark, then it's a proportional delegate allocation process. that will be interesting to watch in the next few weeks, for now, julie is right, a drubbing of donald trump in wisconsin across the board and lost two-thirds of women voters and tellingly 58% of republicans in wisconsin said that they would be either concerned or scared if donald trump became president. that's his own party. >> why aren't republicans, both ted cruz and donald trump, talking more about the economy? you know, for the last two weeks, it's been all about the sleaze factor, whose wife is prettier than the other and every poll shows that the american people care about the jobs and economy.
8:35 am
i'm not hearing that message from the republicans. >> well, the message is there, particularly from ted cruz, but what does the media cover? the media loves the tweets. they love the acrimony and the shots back and forth and makes for better tv and better sound bites and better prints. both guys are talking about the economy and john kasich, god bless him down there, is talking about the economy as well. what makes headlines is salaciousness and excitement and that's one thing that donald trump is good at. >> it makes me chuckle to hear my democratic counterpart say let's not talking about our side. he dodged the question, julie, i asked you. and in the election, he has the momentum and everybody should rally around him, what is hillary clinton's campaign doing so the super delegates don't leave her, when they say, well, maybe sanders is our guy.
8:36 am
>> and momentum, she's about 249, 250 plus delegates ahead of him it's virtually impossible for him in the contest coming up, a lot more ethnically diverse. >> in 2008 the delegates for hillary and-- >> i'm talking about in pledge-- she's leading by the pledge delegates by 250 as a result those people can't go anywhere, that's not the super delegates. for hillary coming up, new york, new jersey, california, pennsylvania, much more diverse states and as a result, much more beneficial to her than the primarily white states. >> and bernie sanders is catching up in new york. >> it doesn't matter, she is going to win. >> we'll see. maria: are you saying the super delegates don't matter? >> they matter at the end of the day, but right now they have no reason to go quote unquote against the will of the voters. sandra: you're saying there's no race on the democratic side.
8:37 am
>> bernie sanders has the moment to go, the momentum, what he doesn't have is the math. he doesn't have the votes, he doesn't have the projected votes coming up in the diverse states coming up and doesn't have the pledged delegates which are not negotiable. maria: go ahead, guy. >> i think it's important to point this out. julie's analysis as often is spot on here. if you're a bernie sanders supporter, a young bernie sanders supporter right now, listen to what you're hearing from your party. you're hearing this every single day, bernie sanders has no chance. the race is over, look at the super delegates. maria: the math. >> the special elite people. it's in the tank for hillary clinton. they've paved the way for her. bernie sanders keeps winning and winning and 90% of voters last night. 82% of voters who value honesty, go figure. and what bernie sanders are being sold every single day by the democratic establishment is, you don't matter, this is a fool's errand, it's going to be
8:38 am
hillary, the coronation is on. and i would be furious. >> there's no math. same to say that trump keeps winning almost consistently and ted cruz, and-- >> and yesterday he didn't, but every race for the most part, i don't know how many elections going back and you can't say that. ultimately you and i-- >> i can though. >> what happens, you need a certain number of delegates to clinch the nomination, she's leading among pledged and super delegates. >> most people want the person who gets the most votes to win. that was on the republican side, but on the dem side as well. people feel like they want a fair shake. >> and they feel that the is it i am is rigged too. maria: that's what i'm saying. >> the super delegates on the democratic side. >> on the democratic side, i think the people think the system is rigged. >> lets me say this, i'm opposed to the super delegate system on the democratic side. >> me, too. >> and on the republican side that somebody like paul ryan is going to come in at the
8:39 am
convention and it's got to be either trump or going to have to be-- >> back you up an and says that-- >> the voters will get upset because it feels like it's a rigged game. maria: all right, guy and julie, it's a pleasure. we'll take a short break and hen regulation nation, why the government is making it hard to do business, putting the kibosh on $180 billion in deals alone. and the international space station is soaring over the earth's horizon over a 24-hour period. we'll be right back.
8:40 am
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>> welcome back, breaking news this morning, pfizer is walking away from the 150 billion dollar deal with aller gen, the department of justice is signaling an anti-trust lawsuit aimed at blocking another deal on the baker hughes deal. that could come at any moment. and adam with the details. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. keep in mind the $35 billion deal between the two oil service giants is still in play. it does, of course, face that giant roadblock after fox confirmed the justice department is planning to file at any moment to file the lawsuit to stop the deal between allergen and maker hughes. and elements had baker hughes
8:44 am
telling off portions of the business and that they opened would satisfy european and u.s. regulators who previously expressed concerns the merger would be anti-competitive. now, this is just as we've talked about one of several mega deals. several regulators attempted to kill or successfully killed in the past few years. general electric tried to sell off to electrolux and comcast corporation attempted to buy time warner cable. maria, as i wrap up. there's another deal that's been getting headlines right now, it has to do with staples and its purchase of another office supply company. that deal has been in federal court and it is being held up by the federal government, but we could get a ruling in two weeks. the federal judge has shown a problem or at least displeasure with the federal government's argument and that deal may go through. maria: adam shapiro, we've got those three different sectors that we're looking at this
8:45 am
morning for potential upsets. we know, steve moore, that pfizer has already said it's walking away from its deal with all allergan, and they paid 4%, 4%. >> at 35%, and the rest of the world is at about 20. so that's like a 15% tax disadvantage. maria: american companies can't compete with that. >> but i want to circle back to the ftc ruling, they're blocking a record number of mergers under this administration. those mergers tend to, first of all, they benefit shareholders, number one, and number two, they make companies more efficient and in many cases, you know, they talk about monopolies are going to raise prices. often after mergers they lower prices because they're more efficient. maria: the logic, they're talking about jobs. they say, look, when the companies get together, they cut jobs and they're competing with international firms. >> exactly, and these are energy-- hal burrton is merging with
8:46 am
another company and, here is how they're hurting. >> they're hurting with the pfizer deal, they're hurting patience. my mother is law is fighting right now, and there's a human side for what the federal government is being mother may i with their regulation. sandra: it's so important to say, not my view, but jack lew, he says the reason we have to bring that money back here and make sure they're doing business here and not relocating overseas is because you're using our laws, our rules. maria: but they're not bringing the money back. they're not bringing the money back. okay. get on sandra, get on sandra. they're not bringing the money back, that's the point. they're getting the money overseas. sandra: you're preaching to the choir here. i'm letting you know their reasoning. >> the corporate tax is costing jo jobs. maria: okay.
8:47 am
we'll take a short break. sandra: i now that. maria: not going to solve that one. if you're running out of the juice on your kindle. amazon looks to put your fears to rest, all you need is sunshine. and these racy ads will definitely want you to have, i don't know, a burger. the dke restaurant gives us a taste of the sizzling strategy with these. i really want a burger right now.
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>> welcome back. 40 minutes away from the opening bell. stocks on the move this morning. we're expecting a higher opening for the broader averages. wall street journal reporting amazon's new kindle will come with rechargeable cases to extend the battery life, the solar powered kindle. we're watching analysts cutting earnings on some big banks headed into the first quarter earnings season. and wells fargo, u.s. bancorp from a neutral to a buy and other analysts saying it's going to be an ugly quarter for banks. we'll see. and known for juicy hamburgers, charles, jr. has made a name for itself enticing americans with famous names from paris to
8:52 am
kim kardashian and the man behind the steamy hot ads, andy, good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> good to be here, thank you. >> i want to talk to you what's going on in the business, $15 minimum wage before that, i know that sex cells, but, wow, i've seen the reaction to the commercials and the gorgeous women. is it really making people want cheeseburgers? >> well, i tell you, when we introduced the burgers a week or two before the ads run so people in the restaurants can get familiar how to make them and customer reactions, when we run the ads, sales go up. and they have an impact on sales. >> there you go, guys. it's working. >> two thumbs up. >> i know steve loves the ads. maria: we've been enjoying them all morning teasing the segment. talk about the consumer today and what you're seeing, largely
8:53 am
speaking from the economic landscape if the sales are good, things are doing well, we had a lot of restaurants last year and opened up restaurants in the united states and worldwide. we're seeing positive consumer reactions to, we're in a segment, the premium brand in fast foot and in brand and quick service, when the economy is doing okay or when the economy is doing slightly less than you'd like it to do. we have black angus beef and bake our buns in the restaurant and have all natural beef and chicken so people can come to us as opposed to going to higher priced brands when the economy isn't so good, but things seem to be very well for us. >> then how do you react as a company because you're obviously in the fast food restaurant, industry, how do you react to the higher minimum wage talked about in california and new york and many other states are talking about the same thing, $12 or $15 an hour.
8:54 am
maria: just talking about new york and california passed bills to gradually raise the minimum wage in the next couple of years. >> we have few restaurants in new york, but a lot in california so we're about 92% franchise. our franchisees absorb a lot of that. the problem with the minimum wage, it hurts our sector, because we find jobs for working class people and lower wage jobs and give people an opportunity to get in the work force and ladder of opportunity. you do have job cuts and a trend towards automation when wages go up because labor becomes nor expensive and makes automation less expensive and you have marginal businesses, barely profitable, whether they're restaurant or clothing stores or wal-mart. when the wages go up, the marge nat businesses close and fewer people have jobs and income. so the minimum wage increase to
8:55 am
$15 an hour, that's a huge, huge increase. it's going to hurt the state of california in particular. i mean, jerry brown was out just a few weeks ago with his budget summary that said raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would cost the state $4 billion by 2021. it would cost a reduction in jobs and could cause a recession and would send the state back into deficit. so it's bad for a lot of people. >> andy, quickly, it's david. if you announced a month ago that cke is going to move from california to tennessee, what led to that decision? we've got right now three offices, two in california one in st. louis and we need-- i wanted to consolidate those offices as we've become more highly franchised, we really don't need three different offices so we're going to close our office in santa barbara, california and close in st. louis and open in nashville and consolidate those office there is, but we'll keep our office
8:56 am
in anaheim, california, and so we aren't closing any restaurants in california. the idea was to consolidate. >> what david was getting at, isn't it also about taxes? companies leaving high tax states in droves, even individuals. david tepper, the hedge fund manager going to new jersey and it's going to impact the state coffers, because new jersey relies on personal income taxes, 40% of their revenue. >> let me make one thing clear, the restaurants pay taxes on where they are. so as far as the company, the company's not going to get any tax advantage by moving to tennessee. the individual officers of the company, the individual employees will get an advantage by moving to tennessee because tennessee has a zero state income tax and for high income individuals in california it's about 13%. so there definitely is a tax advantage to individuals by moving, but it doesn't really help the company very much. >> good to have you on the program. thanks so much.
8:57 am
>> good to be here, maria. thank you for joining us there. we'll be back. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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8:59 am
welcome back, busy show, final thoughts, steve moore. >> both parties are going to the convention. this has been the most exciting election ever. maria: going to the convention. oh, even-- >> even dems. >> interesting to see the democratic platform and try to move it left and hillary clinton defend it.
9:00 am
maria: we're a long way away. thank you so much for being here today. great show, see you again same time same place tomorrow. have a great day. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. bernie wins big. he's got momentum. trump loses big and he's no longer on a roll. good morning, everyone, socialist bernie sanders won by 13 points. he took wisconsin with a last minute surge. a huge win among late deciders and he's raising more money than hillary clinton and he's closing the gap in new york. donald trump lost by 13 points. self-inflicted wounds did him in with women and conservatives and now he's lashing out, says the establishment ganged up on him. ted cruz says wisconsin is a turning point. he's still behind in the delegate count, but he has momentum. hillary clinton appears rattled by her wisconsin loss. she must win new york, but that's in doubt.


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