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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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maria: we're a long way away. thank you so much for being here today. great show, see you again same time same place tomorrow. have a great day. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. bernie wins big. he's got momentum. trump loses big and he's no longer on a roll. good morning, everyone, socialist bernie sanders won by 13 points. he took wisconsin with a last minute surge. a huge win among late deciders and he's raising more money than hillary clinton and he's closing the gap in new york. donald trump lost by 13 points. self-inflicted wounds did him in with women and conservatives and now he's lashing out, says the establishment ganged up on him. ted cruz says wisconsin is a turning point. he's still behind in the delegate count, but he has momentum. hillary clinton appears rattled by her wisconsin loss. she must win new york, but that's in doubt.
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sum it up, a contested convention for the republicans now very likely. the democrats go far left, they are sharply divided. what a day. the frontrunners lose, seven months to the election, still no certain as to who the two parties will nominate and "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> let me be perfectly clear, i think richard nixon said that, make it perfectly clear, there is no relationship between the election and the market. today looks like the dow is on track to end its losing streak, maybe, but look at pfizer, officially killing the allergan deal. score one for the tax man. pfizer will stay in the u.s. and continue paying the world's highest corporate tax rate. how about oil driller baker hughes. the justice department is
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preparing to file a lawsuit to block the merger with halliburton. more on the government there. and baker hughes up a fraction. how about this the price of crude oil, russia is okay with $45 to $50 a barrel oil if and when there's a production freeze. speculation about an output freeze good enough for an extra 84 cents per barrel. i want to show you this, this is a-- this is interest rate, a key barometer, the 10-year yield all the way down to 1.7%. that indicates a very slow and troubling world economy. all right, that's the markets. now let's get to politics, shall we? wisconsin voted last night, senator ted cruz and bernie sanders got big wins. roll tape. >> as a result of the people of wisconsin defying the media, defying the pundits, i'm more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1237 delegates needed to win the republican nomination.
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>> a lot of these super delegates are going to be looking around them and there are going to be saying, which candidate has the momentum? >> at the convention in cleveland, together we will win a majority of the delegates. >> do not tell secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous and i don't want her to go more nervous. >> hillary, get ready, here we co come. stuart: all right, a big day, big show, look who we have for you. fiscal times columnist liz peek. jeff dewitt, media center president bret bozell and ashley welcome back. to you first, big loss to hillary. she has the support of the media how come she lost by 13 points. >> here is the problem with hillary clinton. the saw it in 2008, you saw it on the book tour. the more you saw her, the less
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you like her. and she started this campaign-- >> nasty guy. >> it's true. she didn't show her face until she was eating at chipotles and that kind of thing. she has to campaign because of bernie. it's troubled times for her. they're omission, not covering the scandals. it's her personality that's hurting her. stuart: donald trumplost to ted cruz by 13 points last night. immediately his campaign lashed out and here is part of the state. ted cruz is worse than a puppet, he is a trojan horse used by the party bosses, attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. jeff is with us, trump kind of guy. he's blaming the establishment, but you know, his wounds in wisconsin were self-inflicted, weren't they? >> well no, i mean, even the people that are anti-establishment, but for ted cruz got the willies last night
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when they saw ted cruz thanking the likes of jeb bush and lindsey graham and the support he has from mitt romney now. ted cruz is now the establishment candidate. stuart: wait a minute, repeat that, you think that ted cruz is now the establishment candidate. >> absolutely. stuart: and really, they're just rallying around him, right? >> that's the party boss's way to take down donald trump is to rally around ted cruz. stuart: i say following up on that, there's no way around a brokered convention in cleveland. no way around it. >> on the projections that we had, we didn't have any delegates coming from wisconsin. and our projections, we can get there and not have a brokered convention, 1292. stuart: a new poll from pennsylvania, trump is leading. ashley: he is. this is a likely g.o.p. likely vote voters, 39%, cruz at 30%.
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and 4% margin of error. stuart: the next big primary though, that's new york, that's a big test. it's under two weeks. liz, you know bernie sanders could win, couldn't he? >> it's possible. hillary clinton used to have a 20 point lead now down to 10 and apparently shrinking fast. the question will be black turnout. this is a state that has a high percentage of black voters and hillary is doing everything she can, she's visiting black churches and schmoozing with black leaders to get that up. otherwise, bernie sanders who only gets a third of black voters could take the state. stuart: bernie sanders has raised more money than hillary in the each of the last three-- >> amazing. stuart: the gap between hillary and bernie is closing in new york. >> absolutely is. it's closing nationally, too. you know, winning six-- he has momentum. winning six contests in a row. >> i went out at the top of the show and said hillary is rattled.
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am i a bit strong saying that hillary is rattled? >> i kind of think she is and she's basically-- >> jeff dewitt is nodding. stuart: come on, she is rattled. . >> she's saying, here we go again. >> listen to what hillary clinton told politico. he's a relatively-- referring to bernie, he's a relatively new democrat. in fact, i'm not even sure he is one. >> who cares? i mean, the voters don't care about party affiliations. stuart: i wouldn't call that a harsh attack, quite frankly. >> a stupid attack. >> that might help him, actually. >> i just find it curious you have a democrat running as a republican and a socialist running as a democrat. stuart: it is intriguing, isn't it? that's why we're so interested in this election. big win for ted cruz, point that out. 13 points up in wisconsin.
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brent, you've endorsed ted cruz. the media in wisconsin all for ted cruz, the media in wisconsin made a difference. >> i think it did. it wasn't what trump did with the heidi cruz pictures, it's how he doubled down on it and then acted like a third grader, he started it first. i think he handled it very, very poorly. all he needed, all his campaign manager need to do was call that girl and say, sorry, didn't mean to pump into it you, sorry, but what the public said this man is incapable of apologizing for anything. didn't like it. stuart: jeff. >> you know, one thing not reported about that, the campaign reached out to her many, many, many times and she didn't take the call. so don't think that that call hasn't been attempted. stuart: self-inflicted wounds did him in. i've said it before. >> i think wisconsin was the. pr storm. as you pointed out shall the entire media was against him, they have the government and establishment rallied around him and that's the place to
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make a stand. that's not going to continue as we move to the northeast. stuart: in eight minuteswe've dealt with hillary clinton, donald trump, bernie sanders, liz, you have say that the republicans want a moderate candidate, could that be john kasich? >> no, not john kasich. a lot of republicans are looking for a brokered convention and hope somebody comes in. >> i personally find paul ryan a much more acceptable candidate than ted cruz and donald trump, it will be a blood bath. ashley: the polls havekasich beating hillary clinton handily. >> that's true, but he's failed to inspire anybody. >> it's not going to be kasich, if it goes to a brokered convention, it's because of him. there's going to be-- anybody other than kasich. stuart: i think it's going to be trump or cruz.
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it will be madness to have some third party, not necessarily john kasich, anybody else. >> trying to stop cruz and stop trump at the convention, both of them will walk. stuart: i'll give the last word to you. you ever you're a trump guy and kasich finished? >> kasich was finished a long time ago, it's bizarre he's in the race. he should be long gone. the one thing, the magic number of 1237, that's a floor not a ceiling. even if let's say donald trump gets to 1220, just short. he could win on the first ballot because that's the floor, but still the other unbo to vote for him. keep in mind that's still going to play as we go into the convention. stuart: i think that was a pretty good start to the show. the all-star cast and shifts, it's incredible. stuart: thank you, everybody.
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this is my way of moving on to something totally different. that's different. that's a giant alligator found in florida almost 15 # feet long. ashley: oh, my goodness. stuart: a couple of farmers found it in a cattle pond, eating the life stocks. it could be the largest gator found in florida's history. >> it's a dinosaur. >> a john deere tractor had to pick it up. >> next, obama's legacy with african-americans, our next guest is a staunch liberal and he says the president did not come through on his promises. this weeks btv spotlight features
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for the full interview go online.
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>> a new foundation for growth and prosperity that will put opportunity within the reach of not just african-americans, but all americans, all americans. of every race, of every creed, from every region of the country, we want everybody to
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participate in the american dream. stuart: that was an inspiring speech. it was president obama in 2009. fast forward to today and our next guest says things did not work out, black folks actually lost ground under president obama. joining us is tavis smiley, pbs host and author of "50 for the future" lessons down the road. >> nice to have you on the show. >> an honor to be here. stuart: i say what you're missing here is economic growth. president obama went for fairness, spread it around. if he'd gone for economic growth, everybody would have been better off. where am i going wrong? >> i'm not sure you're necessarily wrong about that. i think the historians are going to debate whether he should have started with economics first or health care policy. that's a debate for years to come. the point of the book i wrote, we did a version a decade ago, we found the past ten years
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black people lost ground in every major economic category and every major category black folks. and there is-- his loyal constituency didn't get that and that saddens me. stuart: because of the basic obama policy, all government all the time. private end prize will be tightly regulated and teach people taxed more and you run up the debt ap didn't work for anyone except the super rich. >> the rich get richer and poor get poorer. the gap between the rich and us expands. i like what bernie sanders is saying and respectfully why i disagree with you. we haven't focused on poverty and economic immobility so the rich and lucky continue to do better. we talk about triple down, as the rich do better, a rising
9:17 am
tide will lift all boats. that theory doesn't hold. stuart: it does. economic growth raises everybody's boat. if you have-- >> and everybody's shot at moving up the food chain. you and i are very alike, we both come from humble backgrounds, come to america and succeed. america doesn't work without strong economic growth. >> i'm all for growth and also for fundamental fairness. a rising tide lifts all boat. if you're in a dinky much less diddling around in the world then you're really in trouble. stuart: and hearing an american use the word dingy. >> you have to have something to rise up in. furthermore, if the tide comes up too fast then you get taken under anyway. so the notion of a rising tide lifts all boat-- >> could some black folks vote for donald trump?
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>> every election some black folk vote-- mitt romney had percent. >> i thought donald trump went-- you're entitled to it, i've called him before and call him again a racial arsonist, he's setting fires. i think he's unrepentent. we'll see if it disciplines himself enough. i don't think that fortune and game fixes the flaws. donald trump has been seen and hear what the american people have to say. stuart: i want to get to your book, ten seconds. [laughter] >> it's sharely about the american dream which we both share. am i going to get something out of this if i read it? >> you absolutely will, you and everybody else. it's a book that's a good gift for college graduates and high school graduates right now. and a gift for those who are stuck, whose dreams and aspirations are unreallized.
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stuart: we were stuck in our 20's, weren't we? both of us, you know who got me out of a mess. >> who did? >> ronald reagan, gave me a tax break. >> you know who put me in a mess? ronald-- . [laughter] >> hopefully the book will inspire people and lift people to make about eter choices and better lives. i want people to get the most. stuart: great to see you on the show. if you're not careful, you'll be invited back. thank you. >> thank you, stuart, my pleasure. stuart: hillary clinton appearing on "the view," the hosts proceeded to fawn all over her. that's not an exaggeration. i don't understand why people do not like her, neither does hillary. just watch this for a second. >> i know you and i find you so warm and lovely. >> the standard campaign line-- i'm sick of it. >> there are people out there who have this idea that you're not trustworthy, that they
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don't like you for some reason. >> what difference at this point does it make? [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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>> this is the only way to put it. it was an all-out hillary clinton love fest on "the view." listen. >> i know you and i find you so
9:24 am
warm and lovely and well, yet, there are people out there who have this idea that you're not trustworthy, that they don't like you for some reason. why is that about in your opinion? >> you know, joy, obviously i've thought a lot about it, people say she's serious, she's reserved, i don't really like her, i don't understand that, i've been pretty much the same person my entire life. stuart: can you say softball? liz peak is with us, wanted to comment on this, i was surprised. no, i wasn't, no, i wasn't surprised. it was just so extreme. >> i think the question is was that a pep talk or commiseration? i'm not sure. stuart: good one. >> what an incredibly dopey comment, for any literal american to wonder why hillary clinton is considered untrustworthy? give me a break. let's start with, i don't know, where, monica lewinsky and end up with benghazi, in between
9:25 am
there are a lot of data points. >> hillary clinton is not warm in public. she doesn't have that touch when she's working the road. ashley: we were saying, everything she does has been calculated. >> it is like a computer processor for her brain thinking, this is going to appeal to that focus group. by the time something comes out, it's so structured and unbelievable, she is viewed as inauthentic. >> as of this morning, i think she's vulnerable to bernie sanders in new york in the primary april 19th, there is vulnerability there, there's a week and a half to go, a long time to repair your fences. >> i agree that's why she's left wisconsin and has been in new york. new yo new yorkers barely remember hillary clinton the senator. i don't think that the fact that she represented this state plays very much. stuart: thanks very much, liz. we're going to stay with hillary, she's got a big problem, several, actually, that would be voters underage 45. some ugly numbers coming up on that and on the markets, investors really, they're
9:26 am
ignoring the election. stay right there, you're about to watch the opening of trading the day after trump lost big and a socialist, bernie sanders, won ig. openi opening bell is next. ♪ .
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stuart: 10 seconds should be opening held this wednesday morning. we are in a flat ever so slightly lower open. we are now opened precisely 9:30 p.m. where are we going? of two, up five. pretty flat. joining us this morning, ashley webster, welcome back. let's make him a busier. all of us together. i want to start with politics. this question for everybody. i don't think there's any impact on the market this morning we saw last night is gone then. >> ui )-right-paren hillary clinton will be the next president, more of the same. whatever that means for you as a voter, we are in a period of -- stuart: they couldn't care less. no impact.
9:31 am
>> none. stuart: and the impact of any kind for an election last night? >> absolutely not. no big surprises and hasn't changed anything in the goal. trim to the barents people put kasich on the front cover. jack cannot does with that. >> not just because you can't because you can submit their peer stuart: you said is the best of the gop but he can't win. >> of the plaintiffs win, forget about trump. true to be absolutely cannot win. he's hoping to be the golden boy that appears when all else fails i may turn to him. >> let's not pretend the convention is a democracy with our constitution. he's been assured to a contested convention. you won't get a majority of the votes in the first half and this time the sun and the delegates will be released beard when
9:32 am
people look at yours in a head-to-head competition against hillary clinton, who can win? truth camping. if you want to win, i think kasich has to be your guide in a chance people come around. stuart: you have 20 seconds. back to the markets, please. look at oil. russia says it is okay with 45 to $50 a barrel oil if and when there is a production freeze, it is easy to say that. absolutely meaningless. it is good for a dollar a barrel upon oil. >> i have to agree. all this talk about production freeze we've been talking for four weeks and nothing has come of it. still to this day, iran will keep pumping up to 4 million barrels a day. i don't know how you could get a production freeze at that type of production or a freeze at all without coming on line. stuart: i wonder if the
9:33 am
relationship between oil going up in stocks going up, or look down, stocks down. if that relationship broken for now? thirty-five dollars, $36 a barrel. >> i don't think short-term and side impacts. better corporate profits in the energy sector. stuart: i think we've done that to debt. the webster ratio is broken. look at this. halliburton and baker hughes. the justice department we are told is preparing a lawsuit to break up their proposed merger. >> it first came up november 2014. the government upset the merger of these two in the field would lead to higher prices and lower innovation. trend to higher prices? ashley: gas. competition leads to higher prices. stuart: energy companies are struggling. liz: they know better.
9:34 am
ashley: 45% since the first deal was put out there. all the things, staples and home depot, comcast, time warner looking at that. a few distributions in cisco from buying u.s. goods. a long list over the last 18 months of the justice department jumped in and said no. stuart: pfizer wanted to take over allard in and then notifies her offshore to lower taxes. in comes president obama says no, you're not going to be there. it's unpatriotic to do that. books like the government is always getting in the way of private enterprise. >> it's got to be a two-part deal. how about doing some in with the corporate tax code the first of august to raise that much money and second of all forces companies with high rates to go overseas to stuart: president obama will never lower in attacks ever. ashley: he's doing that because the rate is so high.
9:35 am
stuart: don't you realize that? listen to this. they are unpatriotic. big names we watch every day. all lot of them are all-time high set this week. to start with mcdonald's. up about 10 cents. how about 90 new high earlier this week or this morning it is down 16 cents. how about coca-cola? another stock that had a high of 9 cents a day. 46 on coke. our favorite tech names that will be apple, amazon. amazon has just come up with a solar powered candle coming out. netflix and facebook, where are they? do we have them? i want to move on. hold on the second. let me give facebook. what is this talk, serious talk about the messenger app. what app. what is the story?
9:36 am
liz: they have everything encrypted on the meaning employees can even get an too encrypted messages, video or text data sent over. basically they are saying we can't break it. this is key because what app is reportedly used by the terrorists in that attack. stuart: i would've thought it was good for facebook as they couldn't tell their billion customers or whatever it is, your private matter what. liz: it's not just iphones. nokia clamshells. anything you do is bigger than the apple a vi. stuart: it seems like a plus for me. let's give facebook at some point. cue the music. there you go. pacific sun up a little bit, but we are nonetheless putting it on death watch. and update plays. you think of a lot here. something is wrong because the
9:37 am
company now says they expect to file for bankruptcy. looks like a big deal of 35%. yesterday their jobs over 70%. last year 90%. in 2014 dropped 14% and just joined a bunch of retailers under pressure filing for bankruptcy. the list includes quicksilver, and also cachet. don't forget their strategic options. retail business is a little bit tricky. the big percentage terms. i stock with a $5 million value. do you get big percentage moves. stuart: that is what they're left with. nicole, thank you indeed. look at this ad from the gap. it is hard to believe this, but the way person has their elbow -- ashley: as problematic when the
9:38 am
black child is positioned to be a white child prop. this is what they see. they've apologized. they are not suspending the campaign. liz: what is interesting, the mother who is the actress, they are maybe sisters. so the one it's been leaned on, they are both sisters. actress megyn ray donovan treated same as it's not a problem for me. she is the mother. those two are related. they are sisters. >> i've got attacked my daughter. we live in queens. children of different colors. they aren't always leaning on each other. we have to put a stop to this racism. stuart: take a look at the olive garden. there's an interesting story.
9:39 am
activists gone on to the garden board, take it over actually. turn garden around. liz: people don't know what they're doing running companies. they think about what people want? they want cheap italian food. they want a good deal in good food. so they made alcohol cheaper. you can get half off if you are standing at the bar waiting for a table. they also made the breadsticks tastier. after seven minutes they turn into rebar. they told the waiters you donate to drop them like pixie sticks on the table. they figured out what people wanted and they delivered. ashley: bread strikes and alcohol. that's not going to turn around the whole restaurant chain. >> wall street renewed cheap booze color the better breadsticks? stuart: serious stuff.
9:40 am
ford motor co. will build a factory in mexico. 2000 jobs go there. donald trump is not happy. they said the ridiculous job crushing transactions will not have a when i'm president. come back in. but he think of trump going after for now? >> you have to look at this thing in the big picture. ask why are they doing this? they have to be competitive. how do we become competitive? if he's going to mexico we go to mexico. let's find out what the source of the problem is. address the problem and get these companies to stay here rather than looking for avenues to make money elsewhere. stuart: the voice of reason from chicago. we are down about 40 points in the first 10 minutes of business. then we have donald trump. he wants money being sent back to mexico it is that as leverage to make the mexicans pay for the wall. the u.s. government estimates
9:41 am
the total remittances from mexicans in america back in the cow, $24 billion last year. >> i don't know how it's going to pay for it if he deports all these individuals. stuart: mexico come you don't get this money. we have to pay to regulate out with more pure. stuart: true. liz: you were kind of liking the idea. stuart: look, how many years have we spent st. louis got to do something about the border? liz: agree with that. stuart: it is porous and everybody knows that. build a wall of the mexicans will pay for it. we'll say no, that's awful. can't have that. get out of here. last word. >> i'm sorry, but this is a idea. it is heard in the wrong people. the wall is a idea. you need a worker verification
9:42 am
system. they force immigration law and talk about it. stuart: we are laughing because the crack you may have heard was my chair. i was so excited about the wall that i got my feet stuck in the chair. check the big words. dare i say we are coming back here and we were down 4030 seconds ago. the elections again. can't resist. donald trump and hillary clinton losing support with key demographics. trump losing women, hillary clinton losing young people. that's our problem ahead of a new york primary. more "varney" in a moment. ♪
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not much movement this was a morning. we have decided the election plays no role of the market this morning. that will change later this year. as of now, no one back from the elections. stay on the elections and focus on donald trump. a problem with female voters. his wounds in that area are surely did. lisa booth this year. i want to know if that was self-inflicted but women are permanent. >> will know in a couple weeks. look ahead at new york. they are potentially insurmountable. these are self-inflicted wounds given his recent comments on the issue of abortion. last night he won women voters now is a problem. donald trump did poorly among different groups of republican voters. one thing import regarding women is also pointing to hillary clinton's problem. 58% of women have an favorable
9:47 am
viewpoint. 68% have an unfavorable view point. stuart: 50% of women have been favorable view of hillary clinton. >> vehicle across the country, the majority of women voters also have an favorable viewpoint. this is a woman who is running as the first female president of the united states. she's been playing the gender card as well. stuart: the women voters, the women issues if you put it like that is emerging as the key fact during this election of women voters. >> we are. i speak as a woman myself. we care about every issue under the sun. maybe it the bombastic and their characteristics of donald trump. we will see. new york april 19th could potentially represent a new chapter. stuart: i've been accused of being bombastic but no.
9:48 am
newt gingrich, very interesting analysis. he is saying forget it. it's either trumper cruise on the republican side. that day. it is laughable the idea somebody else will come along. no telling what does dave. nobody else would get this. it's either cruiser term. >> was the republican party engulfed in flames essentially taken care of same and throwing it on top of the fire. at a time of the republican party so split, does a great disservice to talk about all by herself when coming in. we started out the 17 candidates. how many new faces can there be? stuart: you can' outside. >> at such a rejection of the message republican are sending. stuart: you were up very late last night watching result. thanks for being with us. democrats have almost three quarters of voters under age 45 went for bernie sanders.
9:49 am
three quarters. liz: all so they went for sanders to do one. what is happening he's up against the east coast race is now trying to get the word out to younger voters and he's got to register. these are close races. you have to be a registered democrat to vote on the east coast new york, connecticut, pennsylvania and maryland. that's an issue. he needs to get the register to keep it going. stuart: the boat has gone overwhelmingly for bernie sanders. who do use those which to hillary if hillary is the candidate? liz: that's the issue. wisconsin is an open primary meaning if you're young and independent you can go for bernie. but you've got to register in this east coast dates. interesting stuff. stuart: can't get enough of it. or keep going. a lot in mississippi allows some
9:50 am
businesses to deny service to same-sex couples based on the owner's religious beliefs. the judge i'm not asked. -- next. you both have a
9:51 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
9:52 am
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9:54 am
based on the business owners religious beliefs. judge napolitano here are important subject. under what circumstance is defended his death anywhere in america have the right to deny service because of same-sex people coming into the store. >> generally not unless you have a state that has given me the affirmative right to do so as mississippi as bad. it is probably uncarved additional and i will tell you why. the supreme court has held can instantly that religious beliefs may not be used as index used for not obeying and the general of the land. suppose someone's religious beliefs prohibited them from serving a person of the opposite raise. obviously you can't use religious police to justify that kind of discrimination that is probably the basis for the challenge of the statue. signing it yesterday or this
9:55 am
morning and a federal court in mississippi. what is unique about mississippi is in new york where we are now common in new jersey where you and i live, there is a public accommodations law in which the state affirmatively prohibits public accommodation, stores and shops and restaurants and hotels from discriminating on the basis of race, gender, creed, nationality and sexual orientation. mississippi does not have the public accommodation law. this lot that was enacted yesterday or is coming into existence today does not conflict with another mississippi law. this is going to focus the federal court on the government of the city. like a laser beam. stuart: the justice department has filed a lawsuit which will stop the merger of halliburton. i find that remarkable. energy can't did is in trouble. why would the justice department stopped in getting together to make them strong?
9:56 am
>> i can't justify it. i fully agree with you. the constitution indicates the shareholders have the ability to do it. the justice department likes to stick its nose in the tell people how to run their business. hopefully a court will agree. you talk about a lost that will take a long time to be resolved. stuart: the courts will wind their weary way through. the justice department has established the policy. you can do this. >> the justice department under republican government would withdraw the lawsuit eight or nine months from now. if mrs. clinton's 60s president obama, he will see this being brought to the hill. >> you are a former judge. you are a lawyer. is this taking me down? >> when can we speed up the legal process so you are not tied up in court for years and years.
9:57 am
>> you that something i fully agree with you on. those judges agree with you. we are too litigious. there's too much litigation in this country. there's too much profit in this litigation. in my view not everybody agrees with me. now that everybody in my profession agrees with me. >> you don't file -- stuart: we do have rules against frivolous litigation from the litigation causes the loser to pay. not like you have an inkling. stuart: totally wrong again. ted cruz, did he beat donald trump or what? 13 points. trump's attitude towards governor scott walker may be one of the reasons why he lost so they. hillary clinton appears before a
9:58 am
friendly audience of the view. she says she's got no idea why it's untrustworthy. seven, the second hour coming up.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> do not tell secretary clinton, she's getting a little nervous and i don't want her to get more nervous. >> hillary, get ready, here we co come. >> oh, yes, you heard it, last night's winning candidate going right after hillary rodham clinton. next stop, the new york primary which is less than two weeks away. more on that race coming up. first this. the markets absolutely no impact from yesterday's election at all. it's not a factor in the market today. the dow is down 24. the price of oil, $36 a barrel, 36.80.
10:01 am
the webster index, ratio. ashley: has to happen sometime. stuart: you've got oil up and stocks down. the ratio is broken. you're finished for now. [laughter] 10:30 this morning, the latest read of oil we have in storage, that could change the price shortly. the justice department says they're suing to block the merger between baker hughes and halliburton. ashley: they say it's ridiculous and will fight it in the court. the government says it will lead to less innovation when you take them the oil services are low and it's not healthy liz: higher price on what. stuart: apparently the market likes it, even though the merger is denied. maybe they didn't like the merger. it's one minute past eastern time and taking my time getting
10:02 am
to politics. new york votes in less than two weeks, bernie sanders is within single digits of hillary clinton, after a win last night, hillary could be in some trouble. juan williams is here. why are you laughing? >> no, no, no, every time i come in here, you're always poking me, like we've got the monkey in the cage and i come back to at that talk to you and i learn something. stuart: you agree that hillary is in real trouble here. >> no, you know the saying, eagles don't chase flies? you know that saying. stuart: hillary is the eagle and bernie is the fly, are you kidding? >> bernie, trump, everybody is chasing hillary. and that should tell you something, hey, what's going on? the clinton campaign says the
10:03 am
media narrative is making it as if bernie could catch her. he'd have to run the table and then the northeast states and go out and win california and wouldn't be enough and then seduce the super delegates. stuart: i'm hearing that some of the delegates are shorting to shift ground a little, not quite so sure they'll go down the line with hillary clinton because this is the machine. this is the democrat machine imposing its will on an electorate that's having none of it. >> is that right? how about let's not-- let's look at the vote totals. who has more votes, hillary or bernie is this answer hillary. stuart: who won the last six out of certain contests? bernie sanders? >> guess what, are you independents allowed to register same day and pretend to be democrats, like bernie sanders a pretending to be democrat? oh. stuart: and with the party line. >> that's hillary's talking point for this week and going after him as a phony democrat. so i come to your show and i
10:04 am
try to bring the real deal, stuart, i don't hold back, if i'm on the party, i'm prepared, bring the a-game. stuart: we're brothers? >> we both work for fox. and sharing my health care plan, you see,'s not on obamacare. the rich have another way of taking care. stuart: oh! what's this book we've got here, we the people, the modern day figures who have reshaped and affirmed the founding father's vision of america. you couldn't get a smaller title than that? >> he's slowed down the show, after the prompter. this is a book written for stuart varney because it talks about people who shape american history and kept the vision of the founding father. stuart sees the cameras on the lamp post and alexander
10:05 am
hamilton says, stuart, you live in a country that's under constant survival? yeah, for red lights. how do we allow principles and allow gays to marriage and women exercise such influence they're running for president. you see the change and the anxiety. stuart: america is a work in progress. nowhere changes move faster than united states of america. that's what i love about it. >> that's the genius of the constitution and founding father. they built a structure like steel. stuart: we'll ignore that we've gone the wrong direction for the last eight years, and we'll go in the right direction next year. >> read the book. stuart: how much is it on amazon. >> i don't know, i wrote it.
10:06 am
stuart: and if you buy it on amazon, if i buy it hard back and-- >> i didn't know that, you come here and educate me every time. stuart: you're done. >> all right. stuart: hillary clinton on "the view," did it turn into a love fest or what? watch this. >> i know you and i find you so warm and lovely and authentic, yet, there are people out here who have the idea, you're not trustworthy and what is that in your opinion. >> joy, i thought a lot about it, people say she's serious, reserved and can i really like her? i don't understand that, i've been pretty much the same person my entire life. stuart: juan williams is here and there's your candidate, juan. meghan mccain is with us. >> hi. stuart: hillary authentic and caring.
10:07 am
>> the problem with "the view," there are no real conservatives on the show anymore and i used to like "the view" when elizabeth hasselbeck was on and launched my career, many lifetimes ago and it's a tragedy that the show has turned into basically a liberal love fest where hillary clinton will go on. i'd watch, basically get my teeth drilled than joy behar. stuart: a certain section of the voting public maybe, but for the vast-- you can tell a softball when you see one. >> yes, already got the audience, older generation of women and locked and loaded. the millennial women i'm sorry, are not watching the daytime television. go on "the talk", "the chew", and i don't know if it will work, but-- or "varney & company." >> yeah. stuart: what do you think of that? that was a love fest, wasn't
10:08 am
it? >> look, right now, right now democrats feel like they've got women lined up so coming to meghan's point. republican numbers with women, the party is in trouble and by the way, another reason we're brothers, immigrants. stuart: you're an immigrant? >> well, i was born in panama, my mother brought me here. >> your dad diseases me about the fact we were born in panama, and i think you were born, was that mars? yeah, that's right. [laughter] >> it surely wasn't venus. [laughter] all right, juan, you're not done yet, going to a commercial break. ted cruz says a turn point in his campaign. does he have a chance in new york? what do you think? because he made a comment, didn't he, about donald trump. he said you've got new york values, that was a putdown.
10:09 am
>> it was a serious putdown. stuart: i don't think that that does ted cruz much good in new york state. >> it's a bigger story than that. i don't knowing that h-- i don't think that his appeal, conservatives values even in new york, with the structure that exists. wall street is life blood in new york and he goes after wall street. stuart: there's such a thing as a conservative in new york? >> there are several of them. stuart: but a republican is much more like a conservative democrat than anything else. >> much more socially liberal, but there are a lot more conservatives than the media gives us credit for. >> last night's win for ted cruz is considered is win in the establishment, nontrump people are gravitating now towards ted cruz, would you agree with that? >> there was a time when ted cruz made me anxious and i'm not always been the biggest fan of his, but i will take
10:10 am
anything other donald trump. trump's numbers with women, i don't know how we come back from that at this point and any other candidate except trump is one a lot of us are looking at. how he ends up in new york. i don't know what the mass crossover appeal is either. stuart: i'm distracted by the chortling from my leftist-- what are you laughing? >> the republican party is fractured, but the people who are going like meghan to cruz, she didn't say it specifically, they don't like ted cruz, but they're in a stop trump. >> i liked carly fiorina and ultimately, right now in the primary season you can say a lot of things and kowtow to a demogra demographic, but the things and comments that you say about women the chickens come home to
10:11 am
roose. >> malcolm x and meghan mccain. >> you always say that. stuart: john kasich? >> i am so sick of john kasich. he is running just simply for ego, simply for vanity, he is not above the rest of us and he's taking the gem demograph ic away from ted cruz, i'm sick of talking about him. stuart: should he drop out? >> 100% he should drop out. stuart: why would i ask a leftist brother of mine if he should drop out? >> i work here as an analyst, brotherly love aside. his theory is there will be an open convention and republicans are going to be seeking more of a unity candidate, then he hopes he can be that candidate. of course, when people are talking this week about ryan
10:12 am
and tom cotton. >> and he has only won one state. stuart: all right, everybody, we're done. self-inflicted wounds for donald trump in wisconsin, he took on the state's very popular governor and boy, did he lose big time. we're talking to wisconsin's lt. governor in just a moment. >> it was spectacularly stupid to come into our state not understanding what our body politics looks like, not understanding the coalition here, not understanding here in wisconsin establishment this and establish that. back in 2007 we kicked the establishment to the curb.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> i've said it before and i'll say it again. no impact on the primary in wisconsin this morning. we're down 32 points. ashley: no impact.
10:16 am
stuart: no impact. repeatedly. look at harley davidson, one investment firm says it's a rather dim outlook for harley sales in the future and down it goes by 7%. how about this one, too. facebook's chief mark zuckerberg announcing facebook live. you can create and share live videos with anyone in the world right from your phone. look, i think i could do that now. i do that every day with my grandkids. i don't know what's new about that, but the stock is up 113, facebook. new york, that's the next stop in the election process. voters head to the polls here april 19th. one week later, the 26th, five more states vote, including pennsylvania. we're starting to get some polling numbers. pennsylvania, what's the results. ashley: pennsylvania, okay. trump is in the lead, but it's a close race, trump coming in at 39%, take a look at numbers for you, ted cruz at 30%. and there we have john kasich who's becoming, according to meghan mccain, the pain in the neck blocker i think she called
10:17 am
him. and i think the pressure is growing on kasich to drop out. >> trump has a 9 point lead, and 4% margin of error, not a run away. stuart: it's a long time before. here is one of the reasons that donald trump lost in wisconsin, he attacked the very popular governor of wisconsin, this guy, scott walker. roll that tape. >> we don't need leaders who talk about how bad things are. we want leaders who are going to inspire not only our party and country going forward, that's why we're celebrating a tremendous victory for ted cruz, the next president of the united states. stuart: the moral of the story is, mr. trump, don't attack a popular governor. i'm not sure the correct form of address, madam lt. governor, is that it? >> rebecca will be fine. stuart: i'm a formal englishm
10:18 am
englishman-- former englishman, i'm not sure i can. >> one of the reasons that trump lost, he attacked a popular governor and the radio people didn't like trump and said so vigorously and c, he offended women throughout the state and that's a triple whammy against trump, isn't it? >> it is. i'll add a "d" to your lineup of reasons and change how you put it, stuart. you said the reason trump lost. i'll actually say the reason ted cruz won and i think the number one reason, the part d to your four part series there, is because wisconsin voters are really independent, but last night they were also pragmatic and i heard meghan mccain's comment, it's very clear that voters are starting to decide, this is a two-man race and wisconsin voters decided to consolidate a race that the
10:19 am
candidates themselves have not yet consolidated and when you see it as a two-man race, they said, we're going to be pragmatic about this, we are going to be practical and get behind the guy who has the best shot at winning and the best shot at gaining moment couple into the next state and that's ted cruz. stuart: is ted cruz popular? and i use that word quite deliberately. people voted for him mainly because he's not trump, or is it really-- i know you're laughing, but is he intrinsically popular? does he bring out the crowds who will cheer, let's go with cruz? is it like that? >> well, it was last night, i'll tell you that much. you're asking a public servant who put her name on the ballot a few times, one more time than i would like to say with that recall election, whether elections are a popularity contest and honestly, i believe they're not and i believe that
10:20 am
ted cruz has true and adult solutions that have been well articulated. i think the which is was electorate saw that and i think the american electorate will see that. ted cruz has always had the best tax plan, now as the conversation moves to jobs and security and freedom issues, you're going to see ted cruz rise above what has been a bit of a spitting match over the last several weeks. stuart: he's certainly got momentum now. and thank you very much indeed for joining us, an honor to have you on the show. >> my pleasure. stuart: how is this for government wasting your money, taxpayer money, federal workers getting paid six figures for paid leave, even when they're being investigated for criminal activity. we've got some examples for you in a moment.
10:21 am
10:22 am
you pay your car insurance
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>> i want to show you the interest rates-- the yield on the 10-year treasury, look, this is important, this is an indicator of the state of the world economy. that's a historically very low number. 1.73% indicates real trouble with the global economy. that's why the dow is off. fresh examples of government waste, i know you're waiting for this. outrageous cases of paid administrative leave given to people who are actually under criminal investigation. gerri willis is here with case number one. case number one, a federal law enforcement official on leave for three years, my friend. three years while they investigated charges of criminal and administrative misconduct. he was paid $455,000 to sit at home. your taxpayer dollars at work, my friend. stuart: he was on
10:25 am
administrative leave. the whole time. stuart: next case. >> another staffer, listen to this on leave more man three years ago, $340,000, this is salary, this is benefits, he was found there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute him so he came back to work. he sat at home doing nothing on our dime. stuart: if i was the union representing these folks, i presume they are a unionized. i presume they are. >> yes, you're right. stuart: i would say due process, you can't just fire people just like that. i demand due process. >> well, moo i friend, three years, too long. come on. even the office of personnel management says that's too long. goeng is-- congress is saying that's too long. there's a bill to reduce this to 14 days. we've paid employees in the department of homeland security 19.8 million dollars for people sitting at home waiting to be decided on, prosecuted, et cetera.
10:26 am
now, let me be clear, i am not blaming the employees at all. it's the administration that is doing this. they're the people who are making a wrong move. stuart: if you can't fire somebody in government and they're not doing well, you put them on administrative leave, keep them quiet, get out of the way, costs me nothing, just costs the taxpayer a lot of money, that's it. >> that's absolutely wrong. stuart: yes, it is, welcome to the show. gerri willis, thank you so much. stop shaking your head at me. check the price of oil? where is it now? it might change. moments from now we are going to get new numbers how much we've got in storage, the supply-demand ratio, that number, 36 a barrel could change. we've got the architects of ronald reagan's economy is with us. what does he think of the governor hand meddling in mergers as they have just done? back in a moment.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
otherwise a market situation that is seeking equilibrium. stuart: i am with you, john. that threat to the supply is always out there. when you get a lot of oil there is always going to be a threat to the supply line. we've got 500 million barrels of the stuff in america in storage. the potential to drill for a whole lot or without brilliant
10:32 am
crackers in or at the code in texas. why are you laughing? >> if you divide 500 million by 20 million barrels a day, that's how much storage we have. 20 into 500. that model a lot of storage protect the nasa can universities of the world outside of our borders. stuart: are you still clinging to that prediction of yours that has we're back to $80 a barrel by the end of the year. was that? >> i was there. i haven't changed my view, but a lot of it will depend upon decisions made by the deputy crown prince and whether or not he and putin can somehow do a deal to restrain production. freezing is not enough. stuart: do you make anything of that? it would sound crazy to have the saudi skid along with the russian and whoever else is in this picture to limit production. that would seem unusual.
10:33 am
>> most countries urged currently shooting the toes off their feet, there roams the period by spending all this money to maintain a low oil price. it makes no sense whatsoever in a rational world that they are doing it. stuart: you are clinging to our beds. i think it's $200 per year up to now. no way related to $80 by the end of the year. you've got $200 that says yes we will. he does know what he's talking about. used to be the president of shell. that's why he's on the show totally wrong on his prediction. thank you indeed, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: two cases of the government blocking business deals. pfizer can no longer buy allergan. pfizer has tried to buy the company and move at all overseas to avoid high taxes here. the department of justice is suing to stop the halliburton
10:34 am
baker hughes merger. look who is here to comment on the dead hand of government. former reagan advisor george gilder. he planned to vote, didn't you? is the government doing the wrong thing here by stopping a so-called inversions and breaking up potential mergers? >> all of this is a reflection of a policy in the united states that cast sclerosis regulatory sclerosis that can the american economy and as long as we are overtaxed in an over regulating, our economy domestically, companies will try and go overseas to save their profits and futures. stuart: where regulating and taxing so much that it really is that bad.
10:35 am
>> on top of that, we have a scandalous money where we are trying to replace these come in a day can't manufacture in the united states with financial or station, what i call finance where you try to replace rail production with finance and real saving with credit. stuart: let me paraphrase this. the economy isn't really going. it is the money that's growing for the federal reserve and other central banks around the world. that you see is a huge problem. >> are socialized in the u.s. economy. covertly socializing through the operation of the federal reserve. stuart: let me ask you this. if the republicans won in november of this year. i don't care which were public and that a republican one and
10:36 am
may impose tax cuts on individuals corporations, tax cuts across the board. would we get 4% growth by the end of 2017 or earlier? can we get there? stuart: sure, if we really change policy, we can radically change the growth path demonstrated throughout history and throughout the history of the world than with other countries, israel, new zealand completely turned around the united states turned around after the second world war against all the economists. stuart: we have had economists on the show was that bernie and hillary clinton will spend a ton of government money. that will stimulate the economy. i walk in the 5% growth, will it? >> absolutely not. that is the problem. we have a huge overhang of debt and credit and we've debauched
10:37 am
the money. money is a signal. interest rates guide investment. interest rates to register potential future returns. when interest rates are zeroed out, there reflects the sclerosis of the economy that's imposed by what i believe is a covert socialization of the u.s. economy by the obama administration. bypassing the congress and employing the sad, which is increased its balance sheet fivefold without any real impact on growth. stuart: where have you been the last eight years? >> i wrote a book -- stuart: at the moderate have you on the program. quickly check the big board. down 35 points. we have the price of oil going up this morning, but stocks are
10:38 am
down as my way of saying the ratio was broken at least for now. two politics, please. her defenders in wisconsin addressing the crowd after winning very bit last night. watch this. >> we are headed to new york. i know a little bit about the first 18 years of my life in brooklyn, new york. [cheers and applause] please keep this a secret. do not tell secretary clinton pitches getting a little nervous. i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. stuart: next-line chance to win new york. he does have an excellent chance to win new york, doesn't it? or am i stretching things here?
10:39 am
>> new york is not what they call. bernie sanders will come out of new york. when are those with a significant number of delegates. stuart: and saying he could win. do you think could? >> absolutely. stuart: is it likely he will? >> his comeback from from a deficit before. he could win new york. >> limits how you why she's not as nervous as many with you. she's last six contests. one word, superdelegates. then they break this down. right now you take just a pledged delegate, bernie sanders is 268 delegates behind her. 247 up for grabs. you add those superdelegates is a different story. tracking him a 700 delegates. here's the thing. superdelegates can change in rates units in 2008.
10:40 am
hillary clinton have a superdelegates. barack obama started chipping away in the superdelegates shifted. we are seen new york super delegates coming out and verbally saying there is no weight even if bernie sanders wins new york we are sticking with hillary clinton. stuart: it is her home state. >> no, it is thought. stuart: ted cruz has been critical of new yorkers and their values. remember this? >> i think most people know what their values are. >> i am from new york. >> you are from new york. you might not. i promise you in south carolina they do. everyone understands the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focused around money and the media.
10:41 am
that's not going to do them much good in new york. >> at the time he was in south carolina. as they all do pandering to the demographic. has got to him not. he's in third place in the polls behind trump and kasich. that's a sad day. i don't expect to see senator cruz doing well in new york. he did very well in the end and that to the narrative this thing on the forward. i believe 75% likelihood of a contested nomination process at this point. that is huge. stuart: very, very likely. i could do with a british accent as well. thank you very much. holly david finn, excel off. why is that, nicole? >> the most actively traded stock on wall street down seven, 8%. according to a couple of analysts, they are looking and
10:42 am
doing channel checks that about 50 retailers. what they are finding is not good news. they are lowering sales because they believed harley davidson is losing market share, particularly to another branch. dolores and they make the brand they just took over and they look a lot like harley. stuart: guess, they do as a matter of fact. i knew that a long time ago. thanks, nicole. hillary clinton appears on the view. she says she has no idea why people don't think she is trustworthy or genuine. you are going to your next pay check out this picture. this could be the largest skater ever found in florida's history. it is gigantic. but precisely how big it was after this.
10:43 am
♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new bu the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations
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with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. ashley: "varney & company" starts every day at 9:00 a.m. sharp. if you didn't tune in, shame on you. this is what you mix. >> lakh people had lost ground in every major category. i clearly want to not lay that exclusively at the feet of mr. obama. he is the most loyal can ditch and seated in any ground over the last 10 years beside me in a way i can't describe. stuart: that's's the basic obama policy which is all governmental to time.
10:45 am
i then oppressed have a regulated. rich people will be taxed more and he just run up the debts. it didn't work for anybody quite frankly. this gap between the rich and the rest of us continues to expand. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here.
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stuart: the dow has just turned positive if we are up 2.5 points as we speak it thank you ver muchch indeed. the price of oil is not nearly $1.40. oil, stocks turn around and start to gout. hillary up. hilly clinton stopped by to view yesterday or why turn into, i am going to call it a love fest. watch this. >> i know you and i find you so warm and lovely. an authentic. and yet there are people out here who have this idea ththat u are nonot trustworthy, but they don't like you for some reason. what is that about in your opinion? >> you know, obviously i've thought a lot about it. people say welshes serious, she is reserved. can i really like her? i don't understand that. i've been pretty much the same person my entire life. stuart: the former spokesperson
10:48 am
for george w. bush is with us. you heard that. i don't think that does hillary a lot of good because it is just so sugary, so over-the-top, so sophomore. i can't believe that hillary's best interest. >> for hillary clinton, she's a career politician. she is a political bubble pitch you can't dig her out why people don't see her as an authentic figure. and then you have joy and all of these liberals ought to show who are basically making her -- it is like a fl-good party. it is the cheerleading squad trying to prop up the captain of their squad. so what i find is that if the credibly disappointing to watch hillary clinton go one better, try to be this worse bind teeniest candidate. what a way for you? i see hillary clinton and makeover number 100. they keep trying to figure out how we can make her more authentic good that is something
10:49 am
you can't make a person be. it's who you are. stuart: but go to the republican side. newt gingrich says forget about any third party, and a third candidate. it is either trump or ted cruz spirit that if it did the game is over. it is one of the other. would you agree with that? >> i do believe this is a two-man race. when you look he delegate count, he's beating john kasich. viously, john adina flick in a pennsylvania and other states to have a good showing. a good showing at not enough. he's got to win states. trump is w in the league. you have cruz with the momentum it jt came out with a national poll today and reuters werted cruz is slightly above donald trump. the way the ocess works out in the convention it back iit doeso to a contested convention as the rules committee will lely be made up of jordi delegates to support
10:50 am
either tru candidacy recruits candidacy. stuart: i have some breaking news here. hillary clinton to t about the pfizer allergan deal bng lled off. tranter we just got this. hillary is you can see here. glado see pfizer is calling off the merger. we need to close the loopholes of the corporaon escape paying taxes. strt: pay their xes. you can go overss come you can't take a batch of lower tax rates. tough luck to u.s.a. stockholder. sorry i cut you off right there. i do apologize. we will bring you back roasted here that the province. the election process is working and is working area well. that is my opinion. that is my take next. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
10:51 am
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10:54 am
stuart: the electoral process is working and working very well. you don't hear a statement like that very often, especially with the selection. it talks about backroom fixing an establishment of both parties stealing the election. look at the process so far. the primaries or caucuses. but the problem? think about this. where else in the world do coders get in and that float and all the candidates who have to
10:55 am
present themselves in every part of the country where they have to engage in countless debates on live tv. a long series of knockout state by statate elections. it is face-to-face retaill politics that goes on for at least a year. i can't think of another country where politicians present check to do such a a grueling and relentless tests.. not only that, in america the candidates have to establish an organization, a campaign in every state. they have to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and they have to respond to challenges that served by the minute. the electoral process here is a tough task as it should be for the most powerful office in the world. but it's working. the amererican process has allod a total outsider, donald trump to upset the apple cart. amazingly in america at the price allowed a socialist to get close to the presidency. in fact, you can think of very
10:56 am
opness of the primary system has created all this new interest in politics. tens of millions get to help choose the final two. every state gets to play. anyone could put money into it. it's a wonderful thing. america is an exceptional country and it is our brilant electoral process keeping it fresh, and aging and yes, exceptnal. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of y your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor hav prepared for this. and when the best offer r means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is s this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the r right financial partner, progress is possible. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar.
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10:59 am
stuart: 10:59 a.m. eastern time. we have a turnaround. why would that be? i willll tell you why. the price of oil goes up. the stock market goes up. liz: no one expected that. stuart: 5 million barrels. >> that is correct. let's get to politics.
11:00 am
bernie sanders. a big win over hillary. he has momentum. he has won six of the last seven primaries. to discuss this, liz, myself, tucker carlson. liz, to you first. but america elected a socialist? are we there? >> a shockingly large amount of voters are there. 19% of republican primary voters. wow. how did this happen? you and i go back a ways. >> shaking the faith of any people in markets. there was never a counter market to explain why it happened. a market economy is the best for everyone.
11:01 am
stuart: would you leleave ameria in a socialist white house? >> a lot of people are thinking along these lines. stuart: they are as split. almost split their two? >> i totally agree. bernie 169. you said this on your show all morning. the truth is, the democratic settttlement may be ttling that for bernie. >> going into this, thehave it fixed. >> people would be screaming to high heaven. totally corrupt and totally ununreported, in my opinion. stuart: the democrats always come through to win.
11:02 am
>> it is organized along a set of ideas. maybe true, maybe not. the democratic party is a party dedicated to gaining power and exercise. i agree with your analysis. >> economic development and politics. pfizer killing its deal to buy our gent. the second issue here. hillary clinton loves this move to stop american company. glad to hear pfizer is calling off the merger. we need to close loopholes. >> it has been immigration from america. do think that companies that have thrived from america -- i think that it is rl. the government and the policies are driving companies offshore.
11:03 am
what are we doing wrong that people want to offshore their business? >> lower the tax rate. instead, wanting to keep increasing regulations. the president calling this deal unpatriotic. that is what is going on. >> want to get back to the hillary versus bernie fight. listen to what she said about him in a political interview. world that tape. >>o you think you goes to sleep a democrat? >> i cannot answer that. he is a relatively new democrat. i am not even sure that he i is one. i do not know quite w to characterize that. i will leaeave that for him. >> i am not quite sure if he is
11:04 am
a democrat or not. author message. does not know how to get the rest of the party back. people like bernie because they think that he is authentic. a complete nosedive. >> he is authentic. redefining the republican party. is it probable? >> is it a probability that bernie wins new york? >> i do not think it is a probability, i think that it is
11:05 am
entirely possible. what is a superdelegate? who ected them? becoming ambassador to belgigiu. they are not the results of a democratic toss this. >> i like they'll jump. >> and new zealand, clearly. >> he beat john 13 points. he is not the establishment guy. he is gathering establishment support. trump is kind of a mediterranean tribe. >> you are not making a deal on cruz. >> what do you say?
11:06 am
>> i do not know how i am supposed to comment on that. >> surprised by the trump campaign attack. what i have been arguing about four months is that if you are ing to be the leader of the republican party, it has to be something really simple and really profound. if he does not want to unite the party -- stuart: awfully tough. that is, obama has made it possible for them not to faces. what does it mean to be a republican? stuart: hehere is the direct quote. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. a trojan horse being ud by the party buses. attemptingng to steal the
11:07 am
nomination. does this sound like he is trying to come together r at al? >> i would have had a totally different approach. >> he has the most delegates. >> i wouldld have been calm and cool and collect it. i am about to win the next six.. scared by issuing that statement, to me. he does not need to be. he probably will win the next five or six states. that should be a big deal out of wisconsin. >> i think that it was a mistake. >> i could not agree more. it is actually distrsing. trump represents real issues and actual frustrations. he is the front runner. he is company gleefully taking out. stuart: move on to california. san francisco becoming the fir
11:08 am
city in ththe country to pass a family leave law. you want to explain this. it was and that low wage workers. you can see their ges cut when you have a newborn baby. the higher income families were taking advantage of it. not low-wage families. estimating $32 million hit two businesses in the city. stuart: all bunesses in the city. all businesses across the world. away you go. >>inimum wage across this great country. >> it is a massive boom. jackson hole and portland. scottsdale.
11:09 am
seattle. only rich and poor will live in california. >> the republicann party. we believe in families. we b believe in promotg people staying together. we will have to come up with our own policy. people are having childrenen and families. >> it is so much easier. >> i have four kids. i never took a day off. your poor wife. >> i did that, too. >> so did i. occasionly. >> you know what, you will see what i mean. there is meaning and supporting
11:10 am
your family. >> i am trying to squeeze everything in. morgrgan, thank you very much, indeed did you make him again. gog backck to west confident. trump and clinton were the losesers. common david hayaynes from the milwaukee journal sentinel at. the man who bashed trump. whwho else did heashed? did you bashed hillary? >> we did bashed hillary on secrecy. >> you kind of wine. >> you have to remember you have to endorsed john kasich. stuart: you pass judgment on both sides.
11:11 am
who do you want to be the next president of the united states ofmerica? does your newspaper say i want, we want this person. >>ot at this point. we have toto look to see who the two parties put out. in the end, it is likekely to be hillary clint. >> you are playing it close. overall, wisconsin is moving t o the right. governor scott walker has a tremendous campaign infrasucture in this day. buildup in his fight against the union a couple years ago. they delivered for ted cruz last night. >> what do you make of your state which gives a 13-point
11:12 am
when. you know where i am ming from. it is astonishing. they get a 13-point when to a socialist. >> a very polarized state. have very strong conservative very strong liberals. still a factor in the democratic part bernie sanders last night one. he did everything he had to do with liberals in wconsin. the results show that. >> very interested in what you are doing for the state of wisconsin. the united states of america. >> we will do, stuart. mumuch more on the bernie sandes surge. a supporter joins us next.
11:13 am
demoats as split as republicans. ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> will you look at this. we're we are beginning to move up a little bit. what is that allbout? the price of oil. big gains there. oil goes up, stocks up. then we have bernie sanders yes, he is a soclist. he is surging. eight democratic strategist. a bernie supporter. he is on the show with me. are you a socialist? >> i certainly am not. >> you are a bernie sanders supporter. as a docrat, this is how dyer my choices are. i have to go with him over, you
11:17 am
know, a candidate like hillary clinton. >> hillary is that bad it would make you a capitalist. what is so wrong with hillary? >> there has never been a war that she did not support. every candidate on t the support is your file. >> the nuking out vietnam. she supported the invasion of iraq. that is pretty far to the left. that is pretty good stuff. >> she has to to get through to the democratic library process. this is not to hillary clinton is.
11:18 am
>> that is why i do not trust her. stuart: you do not think that she could win? >> a democrat in the white house. >> i do not know that that is the case. looking at international policy. a whole host. the whole benghazi scand. the e-mail scandal. i do not trust h her. >> that is what i do. democrats are as split as the republicans are clrly split. >> catastrophic for democrats. >> i think that there is still time to reconcile.
11:19 am
>> no affiliaon between hillary amber and a sanders. she has this hit list. the same thing is true now. >> other bernie supporters like yourself that would not cross over and vote for hillary clinton. a lot of democrats that i talk to. that is how dire the situation is. >> to you believe in economicc growth? >> social issues. >> this is why i'm willing to cross over. stuart: it is what we need. it is the glue that finds us together. >> i cant afford him even if you are e on food stamp.
11:20 am
he is for raising taxes across th boa. it is a real problem. stuart: if you are not ceful, you will, the program and co-anchor. >> thank you very much indeed. we appreciate you being with us. the price of oil is up about a buck and a half. i wiwill tell you now. no relationship between what is happening on the market this morning and what happened in politics last night. coming up, more liberal lunacy on campus. this time in camp this. disagreeing with classmates. now she is being accused of violating a safe space. details coming up. ♪ you both have a
11:21 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7.
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: 52-point g gain for the dow industrials. that is what is happening on the market this morning. more lunacy on college campuses. i know you are waiting f for ths one. a studt from outut of the meeting because she raisised her hands. >> she is a university student.
11:25 am
they w we talking about what she felt with dan and i submitted boycott of israel. she said wait a second, we try to talk this through. >> you have violated the state's rules. trying to shake her head. hitting again. >> an opposing point of view. >> according to the safe space rules, indicating agreement. stuart: i really thought that this nonsense was restricted to a few campuses in the united states. >> free speech. stuart: of course they are. they shut you up. >> the parents are ping for thisunacy. that is the problem.
11:26 am
stuart: i am going to move on. ted cruz won by 13oints. becoming t establishment candidate. e favorite guy on this program. he is comingp next. tch this. a journalist maye making contributis to democrats contributions without knowing it. what is that allbout? we will tell you. ♪ at abank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. kind of like social media equals anti-social.ct. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
11:30 am
>> no change on the market. the price of oil up about $1- $1.50. i do want to show you this. quiban barometer. they yield on the 10 year treasury. 1.7%% is exceptionally low. that is what he is pointing to. let's get onto on to ted cruz's penguin and was confident. albright. i do not know why you are laughing. i am sure you are very happy about the result last night. if the republican party coalescing arounund ted cruz as the guy to promote because you
11:31 am
do not want trump. >> i think that there are some that are. some that are still rolling out hope that hasek will keep cruz or tromp, either one from making it. i thk that that would be helpful. for common core. a lot of the things that establishments are for. some are saying mamaybe it is te to drop out. the establishment choice. grudgingly endorsed ted. still taking shots at him. they are not happy about him.
11:32 am
stuart: a wealthy guy. >> realizing the danger we end up nominating donald trump. having higher interest rates though more you make. he is for having govovernment everybody's insurance. supporting all of his life. as bad as ted is, it would be worse for the republican party. do you think that he started a downturn? a lo of people to do every little thing. let's face it, he survives some
11:33 am
tough things. making fun of a disabled guy. when you start tweeting out the garbage that he has any starts coming after a guys wife, people have started realizing. this is the turning point. you disagree with me. i will, after your wife. i will, after your family. i will use the fulll force. people started realizing, holy cow. the justice department. trump will be doing the very same thing. going g after those that disagr. stuart: how do you get cruz people convinced tromp voters, that they should cross over and
11:34 am
come to ted cruz. is not the establishment guy. how do you convince tromp voters to come on over and support crews? >> i do not take that you do it by supporting. too many things that trump said originally. i think people need to be aware of what type takes trump is using. for example, blaming tromp or tromp laming cruz saying those super pack, totally controlling the super packs. he is a total bucket of the super packs. get it right. you see the way he comes after people's families. when he goes back to the abortion position heas had his entire life and to criticize and prevent, you think that he will not go after your family? your wife?
11:35 am
your husband? you are sadly mistaken. people do not understand what is at risk here. i think we need to wake up and see that that could easily happen again. stuart: a republican from texas and a cruz guide. >> thank you. stuart: still on politics. donald trump says s he won't withhold payments that they send back to their families. he will use that threat as leverage to make mexicans pay for the wall that he talks about. >> the long history and diplomacy. we will hold up the money unless you build the wall. how do you think that wiwill go down.
11:36 am
>> what authority will the president have to stop all of these transfers. there is a lot of money going back and forth against the united states and mexico. not only permissible, but beneficial. trying to find the money that the illegal aliens are permittingng. it is not at all clear to me. >> western union, for example. what do you think the impact would be if he actually did this? >> if they were stopped, obviously, the people earning the money will go for some other way to get it back across the border. either that or they would have to endnd up going back to mexic.
11:37 am
>> what i am getting at is you are a diplat. this is our neighbor. what does that do to the relationship of neighbors? >> it is obviously not tererriby good foror it. in this case, it is not at all clear to me that there is any authority to do what he is threatening to do. i think that that weakens his posisition if that turns out toe right. i think too often, thenited states does not start out strong enough. if your position is built on sand, that is not a strong weight to stand.
11:38 am
>> 2800 jobs in i would've thought that that played into donald trump's hands. >> maybe so, maybe not. it wants to benefit from latate wage r rates in mexico. rather than in the united states. that is the choice. if you look at employment inin e auto industry across the board today, it is way, way down. that is the choice. any businessss will make it. we encouraged them. under nafta to encourage investment in those wild foreign countries. mexico and canada. stuart: john bolton.n. not a trumpuy. mr. ambassador, we appreciate you beining here.
11:39 am
journalists may be contributing to senator bernie sanders without even knowing what they are up to. do not even know they are doing it. that is the story here. full details. >> 700,000 union journalists. the "wall street journal." television and so on. this is a group that endorsed bernie sanders back. >> if you are a journalist -- >> correct. >> yes. they can do that. >> they cannot get out of this. >> a one for-four and that recent ring. >> exactly. >> for now, pay u >> erratically supporting.
11:40 am
stuart: a warning. southern california. blackouts are underway. weill tell you whyn a moment. muims who say they have wrongfully been put on thehe teoriswatch list. judge napolitano on his way. ♪
11:41 am
nicole: i have your fox business brief. the dow jones indusial average
11:42 am
moves higher. this is the latestnergy inventory report. the ost in oil as well. chevn, pfizer and merck are the leaders on the dow. continuing to block the merge. this h been a $35 billion deal. the macau revenue. the whole grougoes down. working on investments here. a self driving mapping company ♪ your iurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car rlacement,
11:43 am
we'll plplace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
11:44 am
stuart: look herere. oil of a dollar in the house. we will take it. a warning for r residents of southern california. be prepared for rolling blackouts. the gas leak you may have heard about. liz: it started in october. they have been battling it. not just two weeks in the summer.
11:45 am
three weeks of rolling blackouts. l.a. to san diego affect did. stuart: why do you have a blackout when new you affect power plants because of a gas leak? >> dreaming of this capacity. they neeto test i blackouts on rodeo drive. a serious subject. eighteen muslims he filed a class action lawsuit. they werfaced on the terror watch list. unconstitutional. judge napolitano heard the word constitutional.
11:46 am
>> i just walked in on my own. i hardly use that word. the designation of their names was done in secret. by no public standards. let's suppose that your fan base , your fan base in honolulu wanted to give a speech there. you cannot get on the plane. you lost the enormous speed. >> you have a case if you can pierce the secrecy under which you were put on the no-fly list.
11:47 am
demonstrating that it was done arbitrarily or unconstitutially. ethnic or religious reason. because there truly is evidence, they have a basis to stop you. do have to find out why and how you got on the list. >> it would not necessarily be evident th you were about to blow up a p plane. a phone number was found on your cell phone. >> it would have to be something far more serious. the government prefers to keep a secret. a federal judge willing to do this. >> i want people that dodo not belong in the list to be able to
11:48 am
get off of it. speak to one of our people was on the list. it took him anymore mess amount of time. >> famously. edward moore kennedy. these people thought that it was him. stuart: judge andrew napolitano. these people do have a case and they hope you win. gogovernment secrecycy. >> i do not hope that they went. the government has a right to create this. has to do it by acceptable rational known standards. >> they cannot publish those standards. >> a rolole for secrecy.
11:49 am
>> i know you have bad things all over the planet. this awful movement that creeps around in secrecy. it must also protect the rates. the values in the constitution. judge napolitano on e right. any moment now, hillary clinton will be speaking up the union event in philadedehia. if she says something interesting or jermaine -- what are you laughing about?
11:50 am
[laughter] >> if you are not indicted, withdrawal. check the big board. >> look at it now. the oil relationship is back. $1.84. the dow will give you that. the next case. president obama back for business. looking at his track record after this break. ♪ [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
11:51 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at
11:53 am
switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:54 am
stuart: you are looking at hillary clinton speaking at a union event in philadelphia. she just said that america is strong when unions are strong. she talked about a relative of her. that is hillary speaking right now to a union crowd. to the markets. up 81. 17685.
11:55 am
pfizer and allergan. adam shapiro is with us. if i may persist, havinbeing good for business are bad for business. >> bad for businesses that wan to unlock shareholde valueue. trying to block more these deals. you have the justice department say. illuminating significant head-to-head competition. filing the antitrust lawsuit. however in issued a statement. procding with a $35 billion
11:56 am
merger. firing a warning shot to your friends and family. continuing to stand for deals and free market. they say you a are dealing with procpetitive. not good enough for doj. >> you read english well. [laughter] stuart: the dow is up 89 points. more varney after this. ♪
11:57 am
11:58 am
>> hillary clint addressed in a union eating and she says that unions are strong, our country
11:59 am
is strong. tuning into that he is see there's been a highlight coming out of the dead meanwhile, a minute left on this program and i have a question for you too. what was the most fascinating item of ms. from the wisconsin primaryy night? >> eight out of 10 web for sandand not hillary clinton. even if there is 45 or younger, he faces close primaries. neil: eight out of 10 voters didn't go for sanders. >> 45 and under. 73% went for sanders. 45 and younger. that w millennialist. neil: thank you. >> cruises big win in wisconsin and maine that trump can smash his way to the northeast and california is still going to
12:00 pm
come up short in the delegate count. they are contested convention going to be great. can it be interesting. neil: our time is that good it is yours, sir. >> thank you very much. the post-wisconsin. you know what i've got here? it is they poll in new york. i can't tell you athis poll said for another hour. how many think i can stick to that embargo? not many. meanwhile, young ralph getting a ttle nervous. i have here the new york poll numbers,s, which aretunning, stunning. welcome, everybody appeared really good to have you. coast--coast focusing on why the big apple and the eire state is an


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