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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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if the arab countries want to put a frfreeze on production. that will only help u.s. explorers and we become energy independent. [closing bell rings] liz: armstrongng flooring at the nasdaq. david: we have weak-kneed fed. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this. is "after the bell." the rates for white house rolls on. campaign on the trail in new york and pennsylvania, two huge make-or-break contexts with 116 delegates on the line for republicans, 50000 for the democrats. donald trump at this hour not wasting anytime after his loss in wisisconsin. he is holding a big rally in bethpage, new york, this evening. they're expecting a lot ofof people, both supporters and protesters.
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you're looking at live pictures of trump supporters boarding a shuttle bus to take themo the event. we'll be there live for update. david: first let's updatate you where the candidates stand. despe a loss in wisconsin, trump is still towerering for te fight in the republican nomination. ted cruz stands with 517 delegates. that is 200 delicate behind the donald. cruz needs 82% and kasich, ohio governor needs 124% which of coururse is impossible. melissa: look how the gop race playing out across the country. donald trump winning 19 states,. southeast. ted cruz has nine state victories, including las night's win in wisconsin. kasich prevailing just one state so far, his home state of ohio. david: now the contest shifts to the empire state. fox business's connell mhane in aforementioned bethpage
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new york where donald trump is about to hold a campaign rally a little later tonight. connell. rerepoporter: they're expecting 10,000 for the donald trump spee. the bus you alluded to in broadcast behind me is shuttling attend east, 10-mile drive. this was a northrop grumman facility. used to be a hub for employment, now a studio, grumman stutudios where they film tv and films the like. you have to say they like the what came out of the monmouth poll as the race shifts to new york, does so with new yorker donald trump comfortably in the lead according to this poll. 52-25. ted cruz well behind at 17% in the state of new york f those nuers hold, that is important, if trump talks about it, usually does when favorable poll, that
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means trump could pick up most if not all 95 delegates on the 19th when the state votes. these are supporters lining up. they're on their way to the bus. this young lady and rest will have to catch the next bus when it arrives here. obviously at event you will have a big g media contingent. we see some merchandise being soldere, normally at any kind of a donald trump event around the country. we e expect a fairly large continuing end of protesters. contingent. this is oyster bay road, normally busy road in bethpage, 30 miles outside of new york c city. this area is set up for protesters. they arrive mostly bottom of this hour. they have been organizing online and twitter and other social medidia. not many of themem are at all here. what we do have e very large police presence. local police commissioners said they wouould have anywhere, few hundred to a few thousand protesters. if they get a few thousand,
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south oyster bay r road to route 107 where bethpage meets hicksville on long islaland, thy could house all protesters here, keep it secure from m the even. half mile drive where donald trump speaking 7:00 tonight. two big events. protesters here, trump event inside. a lot of attention on both especially what happened last night, david, in wisconsin. david: will be interesting. my heart g goes out to the folks in bethpage. they're in for quite a show. thank you, connell. good to sesee you. melissa. melissa: republican candidates turning their attention to new york. how crucial is a win in the empire state? ed rollins, former reagan political director. monica crowley online opinion editor at "washington times." they're both fox news contributors. thank you both for joining us. we move here to new york where ted cruz accused donald trump having new york values. he said it in a way not to be
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nice. yuck, he has new york values, yuck.. now he is asking new yorkers to vote for him. ted cruz. >> trump has new york voters if he maintains 50 percent plus he pretty much wins everything. if drops below the way rules here, goofy rules as all these rules are discovering are goofy -- melissa: we are discovering that. intricate and goofy. >> five of us knew what they were before. now the world knows. melissa:ight. >> the way it works each of the congressional delegations, if you get 20% you split guy plurality two of the three. someone gets 20% they get one. you could walk away with big chunk of delegates being a loser here. if you get above 50% you get them all. that is the goal here. messa: yeah. >> this is the biggest state right now that cast its ballots. trump certainly has to be viewed as home favorite. melissa: monica, what do you think hahappens from here? ted cruz comes off last night
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and he says i had a big win. it was a state where donald trump was ahead. and then fell behind. ted cruz overtook him. so feels like a change of momentum. on other hand we're coming to new york, seems like cruz gets crushed? >> if you look, each of the candidates so far remaining in the race has won their home state. john kasich won ohio, ted cruz won texas. donald trump absolutely has to win new york, it is his home state. the question as ed points out, how much. the win for ted cruz yesterday in wisconsin was very big for him. it does reset the race to some degree. then we go two weeks later trump's home state. he is winning big. if these polls hold up he can maintainhe narrarative he still has momentum still on winning path. you go into other mid-atlantic, northeast states, penennsylvani, rhode island, maryland, delalaware, connecticut those ae trending to trump. he has big leads in those states. if that holds he can c continue narrative. the problem then for the trump,
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the pendulum swings back to the midwest and northwest, states like indiana and nebraska where ted cruz is polling pretty well. ted cruz might after those races assuming he is wins, this race is being reset once again. melissa: this is going on forever, as you just pointed out. we have no i idea who is going o prevail. on the other se, when you look at democrats, is amazing to me, hillary clinton losing six out of last seven she is still winning. i can't get away with the fact democrats say this is incredibly rigged system where voter doesn't coununt. >> i would not want to be in brooklyn with their stratetegis. people tearing their hair out. fortunately i have no hair so no big deal. i hear former president t bill will be chewing them up pretty big every day. she doesn't do well with men. i think she will be nominee because of superdelegates. he won't go away. like a bad piece of gum on her
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sh. she can't get rid of it. melissa: you think she wins no matter what? superdelegates in her pocket. some superdelegates went to obobama been promised to hillar. same thing could happen this time, what do you think? >> there is also fbi primary. melissa: she needs to win that as well. >> who knows what will happen there. the delegate math is very byzantine and complex. ed rollins is one of the few people in americwho actually gets it, understands it knows how to master it. >>on'tike . a psonn 20ho dersod byztineelege mathnd inonopresent the itedtate hilly clton id s leaed heless sin '08 maybe shhas,aybehe hn't. ybe methg donaldrump shld lrn orepuicanide. messa:hankto bh ou. vid,ver you dad: wt a par-poor, f primy? monica, my goodness. [inaudible]. let's take a deeper dive into democratic fight for delegates.
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bernie sanders 700 delegates behind hillary clinton. the senator needs 68%, a large trunk of remaining delegates to get party nomination. hillary clinton needs 32%. wow. melissa: looking at broader map of the united states, sanders winning most states in the north. clinton is performing stro i david: it is indeed. we'll look much deeper in all this. both candidates campaigning in pennsylvania where 210 delegates at stake. fox news's ed henry in pittsburgh with ththe very latet on campaign trail. ed? reporter: bottom line bernie sanders did have a big night. six contests in a row. he has momentum. he has money a as well. he outraised hillary clinton in month of march by nearly $15 million. that means he is sticking around. he says it is on to new york, april 19th. here in pennsylvania the wk after with wind at his bk. hillary clinton saying not so fast.
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new york, in particular, she is jumping on comments he made to the "new york daily news" editorial board a couple days agsuggesting that the gun manufacturers involved in that tragedy at sandy hook should not face lawsuits. clinton saying that that answer and some other answers in that interview with the "new york daily news" shows sanders is simply not doing his homework, watch. >> momentum is starting the campaign 60 to 70 points behind secretary clinton. momentum is that within the last couple of weeks, there have been national polls which have had us one point up or one point down. >> think what you saw in the "new york daily news" raises questions for voters, front page. news, my biggest contrast with senator r sanders, gun manufacturers rights and immunity from liability against
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parents of the children killed at sandy hook. it is just unimaginable. reporter: so game on, now, new york. 247 delegates for democrats at stake on april 19th in that primary. here in pennsylvania, 210 delegates. so sanders, big picture here, has momentum but still far behind clinton in terms of delegates. new york and pennsylvania, if he can stage big comebacks here, that can really help him in the mathematical game. david: our ed henry. how ticked would you be if you were bernie supporter, saw him win six out of seven votes and see him so far behind. melissa: i'm surprised wdon't hear more of a outcry. david: we'll hear it from bernie supporter later this hour. melissa: good. david: threats from missile strikes from north korea and iran m be coming more of a reality. we'll lolook the role foreign policy plays in the election. melissa: when you thought donald trump may be changnging his ton, he came e out with brand new
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attacks aimed at discouraging voters from supporting ted cruz. >> if he wants to engage in insults he is welcome to do so. he likes to yell and scream and insult and coors. but he has no plan to bring real jobs back to america. david: your tax dollars at waste again. this time the department of homeland security. ram trucks are reaching new heights when it comes to capability and efficiency. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-size pickup. ever. so what does that mean? it means ram trucks give you the best of both worlds. so go big. and go far. because the best never rest.
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here to weigh in, ric grenell, former u.s. spokesman at u.n. and also fox news contriributor. good to see you, rick. did it bother you concernsbout everything is happening in the world which h frankly are awful, doesn't rate very high in the concerns of americans? >> right. i i mean it is shocking but we w in the ohio it polls that for the democrats, health care was the number one issue which is also shocking. i i think when it comes to politics, it is all local as we know. nanationally when you look at et polls or what interests voters nationally, terrorism, and safety, national s security, foreign policy ranks right up there. david: of coursese things could changeover night. if there is, god forbid a terrorist attack here or even in europe, right before a primamary elecection that could really tun things around, no? >> yeah, i meaean you're exactly right. even saw it here in califofornia with sanan bernanadino isis inspired attack.k.
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we immediate had in southern califofornia big focus on apple iphone. peopople were very concerned abt that our politicians were missing g that and talking about gun control and other issues. the publblic brings politicians back around when there is a crisis. paris attack, brussels a attack, make americansns uneasy and they want s safety first which is god news for the republicans. david: when n you look at all te problems, we t talked about ira, nonorth korea, of course russias still, they're aittle quiet, but you get the sense putitin is up to something, of course the whole middle east is a aflame. one hahas to blame the last administraration. at least they did nothing to prevent it f from being aflame. do you thihink voters would do e same? hillary was secretarary of stat. that was her job? >> look, one thing happening with hillary clinton she is not getting roughed up o on foreign policy because frankly berernie sanders is weaker than she is. he can't take it to her when talking about the russian resest
4:18 pm
policy, which truly davivid, was the biggest disisaster. it set bk our u.s. policy, strategic policy on a a varietyf different issues. you look at iran deal which is another disasterer. bernie sanders does not bring up to hillary of the thosose are issues that a republican, whether trump, cruz orasich as nominee, they are g going to tae it to hillary clinton and she es going to get roughed up. davivid: right. >> her supporters have even been ininterviewed and when people s, what's hillary clilinton's strength as secretary of state or on foreign policy, and they buckle. they havave nono idea what to s. david: time and again when people ask whether owe reilly or whoever, they just can't answer. for me, isis i think is scaririt thing happening in the world right now. what they are doing. their increased control in various s areas of the world. the arab spring, they grew right out of the arab spring which the obama admiministration with hillary as secretary of state encouraged. >> no one should be surprprise d
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weak policies encourages our enemies. this admininistration took seven years for them to labebel the syririan atrocities as genocide. now that they have lababeled th, isn't it i ironic that the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.n., who wrote a book on genocide, who critiqued the bush administstration not doing enouh in sudan, who won pulitzer prize on critique of genocide has been left to tweet and go on seth meyers other night? a a total fafailure and hypocrie for rising to her jojob on thehe backs after genocide, yet does nothing when she has the power. david: got hard break. who would you fefeel of all the candidates most comfortable with as commander-in-chief? >> the thrhree last t remaining, and two democrats? john kasich. david: interesting, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: disturbing details out of europe. european border agency now admitting what many have feared. it can not fully track the flood of refugees pouring in, adding, there is, quote, a staggering
4:20 pm
number of europeans that have joined terror groups and returned to the continent amid the migrant wave. i think we knew that. terrifying still to hear them say it. david: another thing to worry about. obama administration taking aim after at another merger after pressure of new rules killed merger between pfpfizer d allergan. are you businesses in trouble? could put nomination in nds of delelegates at the convention. what could that mean for donald trump? >> he has tremendous power over his troops. if he decides to stand up and walk out, 101000 will walk out after him. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great ratates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. david: the justice department is suing to block a major merger in the oil industry. mergerould hurt consumers,
4:24 pm
making this second obama administration casualty in the business world in two days. pfizer dropped it is bid for allergan last night t after the administration announced yesterday new rules to try to stop corporations from going abroad to avoid paying higher taxes. adam shapiro has details. adam? reporter: david, the justice department says now that the baker hughes-halliburton merger, would, this is actual quote, eliminate significant head-to-head competition in the oil field services industry. now early wednesday morning the department of justice filed the antititrust lawsuit to block the deal. halliburton, baker hughes issued a statement almost immediately. they are promising to fight the department of justice and proceed with the $35 billion merger between those two companies. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch says says the merger would put competition at risk in too manyny markets and harm amamerin consumers. lynch fired a warning shot against others considering other megamergers.
4:25 pm
in d days ahead we'll continue o stand up for fair deals and free markets. >> the companies require free markets. and markets where businesses can form cartels and create monopolies, and manipulate prices with no oversight can hardly qualify as free. reporter: haliburton and baker hughes say their deal is pro-competitive and will allow the company's customers to benefit from more flexible, innovative and efficient oil field services of the department of justice says the proposed merger one of those deals so antitrust risky, they never ought to make it out of the executive suite or corporate boardroom. david, think of all different potential deals killed by regulars or at least threat of going to court. there s the at&t, t-mobile potential deal. there is deal in court. staples fighting for ability to purcha office depot. federal government says it would be anti-competitive but the federal government may actually
4:26 pm
lose that t suit. we'll get ruling potentially next two or three weeks. david: halliburton is standing its ground. pfizer turn tail and ran today. but halliburton -- you know who is happy in all of this? the lawyers, they will make out like bandits, aren't they? good to see you, my friend, adam shapiro. melissa. melissa: here to weigh in on the obama administration push to regulate corporations,onathan hoenig from capitalists pig hedge fund. i think the left does a great job dressing it up like companies will get together, they will be monopolies, going to collude and raise prices. they don't, the public doesn't undetand, with the health care deal looking at allergan and pfizer, by making them pay more taxes or making th more inefficient you raise drug prices. so what they're doing is making it more expensive for people to get life saving drugs by dropping these deals.
4:27 pm
where did i go wrong there, jonathan? >> even more broadly, could make it more, melis, the government is using force. that is what this is here, force against t innocent business people. so this isn't government going against al qaeda or isis. it is going against productive companies. this is the type of preventative law, they say all business people are essentially guilty. then, unless they give them a sanction to merge to grow, expand businesses to avoid paying more taxe this is tremendously beneficial productive entities. only government gets in the way of preventative type of law but makes it destructive and immoral as well. melissa: when you look at the oil industry what is going on there, for examp, you ve prices falling so quickly. you have companies going out of business and people losing jobs. by coming together they can find some efficiencies and keep people working. keep things this b business and wait out boom and bust cycle of
4:28 pm
oil industry. they manage to paint it exactly opposite direction. the companies will get together and raise prices on people. hodo you battle against that, against ththe rhetoric that is incorrect? >> people think there is no coetition in the oil market, look at most corners where one gas station on one corner for $1.90. and other for 1. the 0 1/2. these are businesses incredibly competitive. they often need to grow to become more efficient. think about investment required in oil field projects, oil services projects. government gets in the way. to your point ultimately raises costs for consumers who are the ones that make the companies productiontive and successful to begin with in the first place. melissa: that is the ultimate argument. what they're doing is raising the price to you, but so hard to make sometimes. jonathan, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. david: how is it good for consumers? supposed to be protecting consumers. go figure.
4:29 pm
new york state of the race, donald trump leading the pack but ted cruz is energized after winning wisconsin. >> the interesting thing about polling it can change and it can change qckly. three weeks ago o in wisconsin e were 10 points down. we just won a landslide victory winning by 13 points, swsweeping the state. melissa: plus your tax dollars not at work sadly. you're about to pay uncle sam and the government is payg employees for not working. oh. hi...i'm pamela yellen. you may have read my bestselling book "the bank on yourself revolution". over the last 25 years, i've researched more than 450 financial products. i found that one of the best-kept secrets to help you plan for your retirement is the home equity conversion mortgage. it's a line of credit for homeowners age 62 or older. and it's offered by a company you can t trust- one reverse mortgage, a quicken loans company! call onene reverse mortgage now to get the details. their licensed experts will tell you if you're eligible, show you the line of credit
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melissa: donald trump staying silent after his loss in wisconsin last night except for this statement f from his campaign. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse beingng usd by party bosses attempting to steal the nomination fromm mr. trump. trump's campaign says it is recalibrating its message to voters but the statement suggests t that may be more of e same. here to igh in, boris epstein, former mccain aide, lee carter, gop communication strategist. kind of says he will change tone. comes out sounds about the same. to be fair a couple days ago, he puts out a plan how he willayay for the wall, fell on deaf ears. everybody says give us facts and policy and -- >> it was a good plan. melissa: think of what you want, it was talked about 30 seconds. >> he doesn't need to change. doesn't need to pivot.
4:34 pm
rewind the clock three weeks, what he was doing before. running on policy and plans, people loved it. talking about making america great again. talking about great big wall. talking about immigration. talking about bringing jobs back, things that mat toward american people, a lot of them. whether we like it or not that is the truth. three weeks ago he went off message. stopped talking about policies, started talking about women. started talking about wives. he losost it. melissa: what he has been doing before or has damage been done to women? i think that is really essential question people are asking today. >> it is just a stumble. he lost iowa too. after iowa everyone said he was done. they said he would not win one primary. gop said he would not win one primary. he is well on his way to the nomination. it's a stumble. he has been expected to lose wisconsin for weeks if not months. he did. melissa: you bring up iowa which is interesting point. after that he changed his tactic.
4:35 pm
he realized he did not have ground game in iowa. he thought people would show up en masse. the fact t cruz had infrastructure, it made a difference. he made a change. what would the change he should make right now if comparing to iowa? what change? >> concentration on his policies. you talked about the wall. that was a good, detailed plan. he has done the same with health care. same thing with foreign policy and aipac and nato. biggest chanange on concentratin on policy, on deils, going away from ththe personal stuff. once he said i maybe shouldn't have sent tweet about heidi uz you know there is a pivot. as a fact, that inside the trurp campaign right nowow there is conversations that hey, it is stumble. we're well on the way to the nominanation. new york, northern states, new jersey, california. messa: what you said inside without question, that is what you would ve to say. i know they're planning to come out with more specific details like we heard on the wall. i'm wondering though if that's a good idea? it sound like a good idea.
4:36 pm
what we say we want but it is not what is necessarily been done so far. >> as a messagg strategist, language strategist i hear people all the time i want more facts. i want more detail. you give it to them. ey are snoring. that's not what people want. pure, authentic, raul, real trump. people le about him his authenticity. he can not lose that he can not. he has to be who he is, who he is, who he is. has to do it perfectlynd purely and better th he has done it before. he has to start surrounding him well with righght people to balance him out. that moment,ou see him with carson. start to say, hmmm, that is interesting. start to see him with more people yin and yang. have to sigh more of that. he can put coalitions together. i casee him partnering doing these kinds of things. he has to be who he is. he can not change that. melissa: a lot of good advice. i'm sure he is watching. we'll send him the clip. david: here is something
4:37 pm
columbia would be mad about. you make it, they take it. knew cases of wasteful spending. department of homeland security funded by your tax dollars. some.. cases examined could make you cringe. gerri willis standing by at the newsroom. what have you got? reporter: this is unbelievablel. take a look at this. administratively, right? this is adnistrative leave they take because of rest, vacation, you're in trouble with the federal government, put you on paid administrative leave, investigate criminal wrongdoing, maybe administrative wrongdoing. you come back to work if you're eared. now we're finding that 116 emplees of dhshs between the years of 2011 and 2015 had, were involved in gegetting administrative leave. we were paying them $19.8 million in salars and benets. and some of these folks, let me tell youone person earning $344,000.
4:38 pm
they were off work f three years. the inveigation went on and they were eventually reinstated in their position. basically got a three-year vacation, david. and didn't have to pay a thi for it. so we're sing this being abed over and over again. let me make clear here i'm not faulting fedal government workers. i'm faulting their bosses who are handing this out like every single day it seemlike. shington is thinking about trying to take care of this. capitol hill, there is talk of a bi passing would limit administrative leaveo two weeks. apparently the office personnel management has said, hey, we have to slow down on this. this is exactly, exactly how our tataxpayer dollars are wasted every single day. david: vy easy to hand out other people's money, very eas thing do. gerri willisthank you very much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. melissa: hillary clinton son the attack she might be getting little bit nervous. the former secretary of state amming sanders on his loyalty to the democratic pay.
4:39 pm
we'll talk to supporters on both sides of the democratic aisle. that's next. >> with all her advantages she can not shake a 74-year-old socialist. this is bad news. there are two billion people
4:40 pm
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david: hlary clinton ratcheting up rhetoric with democratic opponent, even suggesting he is not real democrat. >> he is relatively new democrat. in fact i'm not even sure he is one. he is running as one. so i don't know how to quite to characterize him. i i will leave that to him. david: he is not a democrat, whwhat he is? where is hillary going with this? is there a way for bernie keeping up with momentum after last night? harlan hill, democratic strarategist and bernie sanders supporter. jessica tarlov, shoen consulting senior political analyst. she is hillary clinton supporter. jessica there is implication
4:43 pm
he, what she doesn't say that is -- okay, he is not a democrat. is he suggesting that he is mo socialist than democrat or what? >> reallnot saying not a true-blue long-term democrat. she was goldwater girl for 20 minutes when she was 17. hillary clinton has been fighting for democratic causes since she was in college. she is bringing up bernie's inconsistency in this. we know he is independent. he has been an independent senator the whole time. ucuses with the democrats but i do believe, bernie sanders does believe in the same things that we do but i think the larger point that she was trying to move to is at bernie sanders -- david: not one of us. >> not just that he is not one of us. davi that is what she said. harlan, put it very simply, back in the days when i was growing up called red bating. there was a certain amount, i think of red bating here, suggesting he is not democrat -- red baiters didn't say the word communist but not going there.
4:44 pm
not saying communist but socialist. >> coming from a candidate co-opted b bernie sanders messae on everything frfrom trade to foreign policy in couple cases. my real question who is hillary clinton? when i look at her trackecord, time at state, time as senator, i think that she is neocon. she is to the right of many republicans. there has never been a war she didn't support going back to goldwater, you mentioned it goldwater. david: by the way what do you think about the fact that he has won six out of the past seven contests she is so far in the lead? what is bernie supporter think about all that. >> she is not that far off in the lead -- >> you can take them out because they matter. >> they matter because dnc and democratic establishment rigged the game to favor establishment candidates. everything from coin toss to superdelegates. david: does looks like the fix is in. keeps winning these primaries -- >> winning -- we can't argue with the fact that pledged
4:45 pm
delegate system is not what is corrupt. talking about superdelegates who already pledged for her, yes they could change their minds like in '08 for obama. obama came into the convention as front-runner at t this point. bernie sanders is far from the front-runner. he won a lot of primaries anand caucuses recently. they haven't b closed, first of all. winning primaries with largely white populations. >> youngoters. david: it is true that hillary clinton got less votes in the primaries in 2008 against president obama and he got the nomination. so this has happened before. >> president barack obama also had enthusiasm of young voters.. they're not here for hillalary clinton. >> are you saying you will not turn out if hillary clinton and ted cruz stay at home. >> ted cruz or donald trump no? i wi either stay home or look at one of them. >> that is insanity to me. can i add one thing. david: i'm afraid not. harlan, jessica, thank you. melissa. melissa: there is special guest this weekend on
4:46 pm
"fox news sunday." >> the president, while in chicago will tape an interview with chris wallace for "fox news sunday." first time that the president has appeared on that program as president of the united states. obviously mr. wallace has well-established reputation for asng tough questions. so, i don't think anybody is expectining a softball interview he. lissa: oh, no, they are not expecting that. they won't get it. you can catch that exclusive hard-hitting interview sunday fox 2:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. eaststern. i love it. david? david: don't love this. sad news in the world of country music, legendary singer-songwriter, merle haggard onone of my favorites of all tie passed away. he was known for such hits as mama tried. working man blue's. i want to listen to the music. the e singer was battling pneumonia with a ambitious touring schedule. his death came on his 79th
4:47 pm
birthday. rest in peace, merle. ♪ you both have a
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david: even though trump leads in the delegate count what happens then. two very different views from two very smart gs last n night. take a listen. >> he has tremendous power ovovr his troops if he decidedes to stand up and walk out, 1000 willl walk out after him. if h he decides he will ke real trouble, andnd it will disrupt e convention, i don't mean, with violence but i mean with protests, demonstrations, boycotts, you can see ththat. >> it ain't happening. you either get ted or you get donald. live wit.
4:51 pm
and either one of them can beat hillary. that is good for america. david: so who is right boris and ed are back with us. ed, one of those go guys is right, one is wrong? >> i think one sense the two guys are the two guys going to bebe chosen. going to be cruz or going to be trump. if trump feels, his people file cheated out of the process, feels cruz cheats them, try to go outside of that to ird party and or screw around with the rules i think his people are dedicated. i think hipeople will walk out. if it's a fair fight and lose couple hundred votes or win by couple hundred votes my sense both sides put it togegether. otherwise it is chaos. dad: boris, besides the walk out, there are suggestions that there are riots in the streets. i don't think done and wants to associate his brand which he care as lot about for ever with violence in the street. >> not going to incite violence. not going to incite violence. the key is this, look at numbers.
4:52 pm
he still has a very straight path1237. can get there by winning enough through the primaries and if 50 short or 75 short. remember there are six weeks between the last primary and convention. 150 or maybe 323 unbound delegates. if you're 50 short, 75 short. all you have to do is lobby, use power of the deal to get those. donald trump is very able to do that. if anybody he can get that done. david: ed, 56%, how many delegates of those remaining donald trump needs to get. he needs 494 out of the 882 that are remaining. is that possible. >> it's possible. i think number is little higher because some likpennsylvania isis not a pledged state. each delegate gets electednd total freeholders. you can swap things off. can ay mar-a-lago with boris here. you can have great foursomome. >> not that good of a golfer. >> when ford and reagan battled
4:53 pm
it out, mississippi delegation pledged to reagan 30 delegates. next thing we know chairman of the mississippi party is sitting next to the e queen at state dinner. 30 delegates wept to ford. lots of things you can do. trump has all resources to do that. cruz will do the same thing. >> contested convention nobody shld want. for party it is bad things. we should unite behind leader. david: democrats certainly want it. >> fox wants i it. >> they want communist or socialist. we as party of republicans don't need that. we need to win to beat hillary, concentrate on that. if there is contested convention i'm confident, i know for a fact trump is putting together a pretty strong delegate team. will be able to get there at convention. david: ed, there is conspiraracy theory if it goes to any kind of contested convention, neither trump or cruz will get it. establishment will step in to prevent either one of em. >> no way. no way. two of them combined control convention. they can set the rules. they can do whatever they want.
4:54 pm
david: i thought it was committee of the establishment setting rules. >> no. there are two members from each state geget chosen and you have 112 rules members. they basically have to pass rules that have to be passed by majority of the delegates. majority of the delegates are cruz a and trump. why would they want kasich or anybody else to have opportunity to get in. >> final word, quick. >> remember who other options are, romney who lost twice already or paul ryan who lost his home state in wisconsin in 2012. it will be trump. if not likely cruz. david: boris, ed, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: protests have begun at trump rally in bethpage, long island. connell mcshane is live in bethpage with details. connell? reporter: few momore people gathered than we spoke. pua number few dozen. we're e hours ahead ofrotests. we'll come out past the police lis if they allow us, south oyster bay road,ormally a busy
4:55 pm
street here in bethpage on long ian groups of protesters, anti-trump for all kinds of different reasons, whether it be immigration, certainly number of pro women's groups, gathering anti-trump and commentsnd policies he put during the campaign. we have be fair, overall number of protesters is still quite small. show people down the seet, how much room the police ha put to allothe protesters to father. and you w will see, as you looku here, they were expecting far more people to gather here. we'll stay on this side and me back. right now as i say,ouple dozen people. with that, david, melissa, we'll go back to you. we'll go iide in a little while observe event itself. there wi be far more people i assure you there. authorits told us 10,000 plus are expecting to see donald trump speak in his home state. melissa: faiair and balanced depends on howow you frame willy
4:56 pm
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melissa: new buzz for starbucks. the coffee chain planning build largest store in t world in manhattan. dad: that should be interesting. ssivive 20,000 square foot space. melissa: tt is huge. david: modeled on the seattl rosier, mple rare high-end blends and learn about the press. i would love to do it. i haven't done the calculation. i should have before i came up. square footage of real estate in manhattan, how do they possibl make iup? how can they makup by seing cups of coffee? melissa: selling coffee five bucks a cup. david: sws you what the profit margin is. melissa: terrible id. definite should not do it. i will probably take my kids to check out. i won't let them to have any coffee.
5:00 pm
that is terrible idea bu definitely -- david: no matter whayou are, go out the way to buy nicaraguan coffee. best in e world. melissa: you're tip of the day. david: that does it r us. have a wonderfulvening. "risk & reward" starting right now. deirdre: after wisconsin, double trouble. contested convention more likely for both parties. challenges to the front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton finishing strong in the badger state but senator ted cruz beat donald tru by a wide 8% margin. senator sanders added to the momentum against hillary clinton with s out of the past seven state wins. this is "rk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the wisconsin results make it clear that the race will be longer and have more bruises than previously thought. so here's where candidates stand now. donald trump in the lead. he needs 56% of the remaining delegates to clinch the 1237 to assure nomination.


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