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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that is terrible idea bu definitely -- david: no matter whayou are, go out the way to buy nicaraguan coffee. best in e world. melissa: you're tip of the day. david: that does it r us. have a wonderfulvening. "risk & reward" starting right now. deirdre: after wisconsin, double trouble. contested convention more likely for both parties. challenges to the front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton finishing strong in the badger state but senator ted cruz beat donald tru by a wide 8% margin. senator sanders added to the momentum against hillary clinton with s out of the past seven state wins. this is "rk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the wisconsin results make it clear that the race will be longer and have more bruises than previously thought. so here's where candidates stand now. donald trump in the lead. he needs 56% of the remaining delegates to clinch the 1237 to assure nomination.
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senator cruz needs 82% othe remaining delegates. now some say it is unlikely either candidate hits those marks though trump has closest shot. delegate s separation for both parties about even. hillary clinton and senator sanders abouthe same as the gap between donald tru and senator cruz. so the next contest two weeks away in new york. 291 democratic delegates up for grabs. 95 gop delegates in the pire state. donald trump holding a rally in his home state tonight. connell mcshane is on locaon in long island. connell we see roads he been blocked off. are police preparing for a lot of protesters to show up? reporter: i think they're prepared for more than they had so far. there are some protesters you can see behind me, deirdre, already before this donald trump ent which is highly anticipated event i should point out as after you wept through very nicel what happened in wisconsin last night and how
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imrtant new york is, with the 95 delegates. the trump campaign would like to take most or all of those delegates. i will talk about that in a second. show you the scene in oyster bay road in bethpage. this is 30 miles outside of manhattan d new york city. this dump trump crowd have gathered behind the poli care by raids. chanting donald trump has got to go. all the e thing you see at anti-trump protests. authorities here, nassau county police department, very experienced and well--run department, in a town like this, in municipality like this can deal with large protests. th are ready for more than what they have. trying to give you the best rspective you can, peopl widen out a little bit. middle of the street here, there is really plty of room for us to move around as media. protesters are gathered in an area where there could be, you will see it heres pete turns to his right, far more protesters here.
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they have room f for far more tn here at the moment. all the way down oyster bay ro up to route 107 where bethpage meets hicksville on long island. they're ready for march for. it is still early. we're told by protesting grorous ey would get here about now. they are arriving. we have seen donald trump suppters. they come up to the light. cross the reet. about a half mile, many on shuttle buses by the way. they make their way down to t gum man studios. -- when he speaks there will be a lot of attention and focus on his comments. what does he say for the loss wisconsin. what will reaction to positi monmouth poll that came in today? is ready to claim many of the 95 delegates avlable here in the state of new york on april 19th. most of these people passing by, those are mostly donald trump
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supporters. e protesters on one side. the donald trump supporters on the other side. so, we're going toead in, deirdre after we speak to you, to see what trump has to say for himself. the speech doesn't begin until 7:00 tonight. deirdre: we'll be checking in withou throughout the evening, connell. good luck. thanks for the report. meantime connell mcshanen the ground on long island, as you heard him say, you havtrump supporters on one side, protesters on the other. doldrumpmp is accusing the establishment of tryi to steal the election. after losing wiscoconsin to senator cruz last night trump's team released llowing statement. donald j. trump with sodod the onslaught of the establishment t again. lyin' ted kruse, governor of wisconsin, many conservative radio talk show hosts an entire party apparatus hind him. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses in
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attemptingo steal the nomination from donald trump. former speaker of the house newt gingrich was hear last night. he told me stealing the nomination as such is not possible. this is city of fantasies right now. people are sitting around having a drink making this up. they need to read the rule book and understand that mitt romney left us with a remarkably closed stem. not to the advantage of either trump or cruz, to go back and fix it. deirdre: fm the "national review,"onah goldberg with me now. jonah, great to see you. >> good to be hehere. deirdre: how sure are you there will be open conventn a contested convention in july? >> i'm not that sure. i put it as, i don't know 55% likelihood donald trump doesn't get to 1237. yeah. deirdre: donald trump lost momentum last night losing wisconn but this new monmouth poll shohows that trump will win new york, just t weeks away in a landslide. so if he does win more than 50% of the delegates in that state, he could aually win almost all
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ofhe available delegates for the empire state. so that would put him then on more solid footing to california, right? >> sure would. creates real conundrum for ted cruz because it is quite guable that john kasich rlly guy to holdonald trump under 50%, which really should be ted cruz's number one priority. becae if trump stays under 50% in new york, then he is not on path to get to 123. that is the only strategy ted cruz has for getting nomination is denying donald trump 1237.. deirdre: to your pnt, many say ohio governor jo kasich is spoiler so far and will continue to be so, really ohio governor john kasich will take more northeast votes, at least in theory than senator cruz, right? >> yeah. no, that is exactly right. and neither of these guys have figured out how to coordinate with each other in a way to work towards the common goal which is
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both of their common goals. i think literally kasich needs 12% of the remaining -- 127% of remaining delegates to get, he only won one state. they don't like each other or play nice with each othe their goals strategically speaking to do everything they can to divide resources in such a way to deny donald trump the nomination before the convention. deirdre: there are numerous calls on kasich to get out. we wt to play one of them. >> i mean, said it himself, just like a joke. kasich needs to get out because my people are voting for him. i think it is all kind of cool. i sit back and continue to laugh. deirdre: all right. because he is has the least to lose, right? let's put it out there. but on the other side of the aisle democrats could be headed for a contested conventn too. tucker carlson aually says democratic voters may get gypped. here is his comment. >> clearly an effective insurgent.
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here is problem mathematically he is much closer to hillary clinton in delegates that he understands. take out superdelegates a fundamentally non-democratic, undemocrattic part of this contest, evidence that the system is rigged which it is on her behalf, he is fewer than 300 away from her. we're moving crisis of legitimacy on democratic side. at what point do bernie voters wake up to realize this thing will potentially be stolen from them by the democratic establishment? deirdre: full count we'll put up on the screen so viewers can follow that. the delegate amount that hillary clinton and bernie sanders have, obviously tighter without these superdelegates but jonah, whether or not the system is fair or unfair with the superdelegates, that is what exists now. >> right. deirdre: unless theris a change to the rules which can be done it looks like hillary clinton still l has the lead. >> that's right. the rules are the rules and part of the problem for bernie sanders is that they don't have a lot of winner, maybe any, anymore, winner-take-all primarieand caucuses.
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it is all this proportional stuff. even if you get trounced in primary contest and two-way coest you still get a lot of delegates. and so that's the reason why sanders can not even though he had this great string of victories catch up with hillary. i think more likely scenario for a civil war inside of the democratic party, is if, this is big if, hillary clinton is indicted or criminal referral related to her server and party says, wait a second, she is damaged goods, and she is very weak front-runner, which is astounding try to put in someone else. wait a second, if its not hillary, it has to be us. you have a civil war and he runs as independent. it is chaos in the streets. deirdre: it is chaos. one interesting thing from exit polls, that bernie sanders is appealing a lot more to women. >> right. deirdre: either he is gegeing a w demographic. senator sanderspeaking of is setting his sights on new york.
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>> plelease keep this a secret. [laughter] do not t tell secretary clinton. she is getting a little nervous, and i don't want her to get more nervous but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. [cheers and applause] deirdre: so, jonah, if sanders takes new york, , what are the chances of that in your view, one to 10? >> i don't know. five, four, five, something like that. i don't know. i think, i think is possible. wherever sanders gets to spend time he cacan move numbers. one. few candidates in entire cycle can win new voters by cacampaigning which is how it is supposed to work. if he wins new york, i think it's a massive crisis for thee clinton campaign. deirdre: she almost has to go home, right? if you can't win your home state, i w want to ask our team, we had something up on the screen for our viewers to follow. they're only 12 percentage points apart.
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i mean, but on her behalf, i mean she did, she was reelected senator of new york. she has her home there. she has put her campaign headquarters there. there is the graphic i was looking for, jonah, so our viewers can follow, they're really not that far apart of likely votes. yeah, if she doesn't win her quote, unquote, adoptive home state that is problem for the party. >> it's a massive problem. the way it is supposed to work, once you have a clear front-runner with clear path to the nomination in both parties, normally what happens the winners start winning more. they build up their margins. there is bandwagon effect and hillary clinton it has been almost complete oppote. to some extent true of donald trump too. these guys have very hard ceilings. and clearly emotionally, the center of gravity in the democratic party is for bernie sanders and not for hillary clinton. deirdre: well ththe narrative, likability, but t also the mone.
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i want to ask you about this because it has become this kind of commonplace joke, $27 we heard on "snl" being his standard donation size, but hehe raisised an awful lot of money last month. more thashe did, especially if you add up all the small bits, she was already scooped by another candidate just thihis w. that is how president obama began that grassroots support. so she must be worried? >> she has got to feel like roy shieder in jaws 2 saying, god is my witness that's a shark and i'm not going through that hell again. she was supposed to be inevitable in 2008. she was crushed by a grassroots-fueled candidate by the name of barack obama. now she is getting threatened by this grassroots-fueleled candide in the the form of bernie sanders. it has got to be terrifying. even if she gets nomination, i think she still probably will, it shows you there is not a huge amount of participation and support for hillary clinton. there is this notion that somehow because she married
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bill clinton that raw political talent becomes community property. she is just not a very gifted politician. she is not a good retail politician. she doesn't arouse passion and energy that bernie sanders does. deirdre: jonah, glad to have you. topics oboth sides of the aisle. more than enough to go around. jonah goldberg fm "national review." >> thank you. deirdre: caught on tape, trump supporter attacked for holding up a sign. >> what [bleep] what? put the sign down, man. >> dude, just vote for trump. deirdre: youtube star behind that video shares his story about what happened? donald trump calling out ted cruz after cruz's wisconsin win. donald trump says, cruz is just the establishment puppet. cruz campaign national chairman, my guest next.
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liberty mutual insurance. dedeirdre: dononald trump unlead an attack on senator cruz. trump says the gop establishment is usingng senenator cruz to brk trump's momentum to geto open convention. in a statementrump released last night, he said quote, lyin' ted cruz had governor of whicis wisconsin, misdemeanor conservative radio talk show hosts and entire party apparatus behind him. tecruz is worries than a a puppet. he is trojan horse being used by party y bosses attempting to stl the nomination from mr. trump. cruz campaign national chairman chad sweet is with me now. welcome back. >> good to be back. deirdre: are you wary that senator cruz's efforts, whole team's efforts are, i'll used just so get to an open convention where another candidate would be chosen? >> not at all. i think this is just classic donaldrump distractition
5:18 pm
tactics. where you don't offer real solutions have empty slogans default to this kind of rhetoric. voters know if they look what has been happening, over last two weekeks there is major shift in the political terrain. look at last four states up in play, utah, 40 delegates up for grab, cruz got all 40, trump got zero. colorado, six delegates up for grabs, six out of six go to cruz, zero for trump. north dakota, 19 declared support for any candidate, 18 for cruz, one for trump. last night we witnsed a landslide victory of 3delegates going for cruz, only six for trump. out the last four states, very different states we've seen cruz accumulate 100 delegates and trump only seven. that is 94% in favor of senator cruz. i can see why donald trump is scared. deirdre: i will move on from the point, i want to say, idea even though it could be a paranoid one is not that far off the mark.
5:19 pm
karl rove came out calling for a fresh face.. there have been a lolot, a lot f chatter about speaker paul ryan even though paul ryan says i don't want this. i'm not a nominee. i'm not running. it is not that bizarre of an idea anymore. >> well you know, here's the bottom line. democracy in its purest form majority rules. so the way the rules are, you have to win a majority, meaning 50 plus one either in the primaries before the convention or 50 plus one at the convention. there is no way for the establishment to intercede and try to change the rules without the trump and cruz campaigns having to vote on that and we have alignment of ininterests preventing any kind of shshenigans in that regard. what i can tell you, we ok forward to straight up, transparent, 50 plus 1% contest we will beat trump. as he said before, he was looking forward to one-on-one contest with ted cruz. sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. that's what we've been seeing last four states with ted cruz
5:20 pm
accumulated d 94% of all availae delegates. deirdre: chad, as we go to the northeast. talking about new york just two weeks away but there is a few states, connecticut, rhode island, maryland, all of these are thought t to be more favorae to donald trump. the business community knows him a lot of businesses, almost especially in real estate have worked with him on one project or another. also senator cruz, your candidate, said new york values but in a very disparaging way and quite frfrankly probably offended a lot of people. how do you think senenator cruzs going to do coming into ththe these northeastern states? >> well,ook,k, the bottom line of new york is, i went to school at columbia. lived in new yorork over 1years. if you're republicanan or conservative i in new york you know exactly what senator cruz was referring to. the phrase, , new york values didn't't come ted cruz came from donald trump himself during m russert interview, acknowledged most of his lififee
5:21 pm
basically embrbraced new york liberal elite positions including supporting unrestricted abortion, even partial-birth abortion what he told tim russert. he stated that in the context saying i'm from new york. that is what, the elite new york circles i run in, that is where i come from. so, again, what nenew yorkers ae suffering under liberal policies, big government policies of overtaxation and regulation killing their jobs and reducing their take-home pay. they're excited to have alternative option that t senatr cruz can bring to the table on the ballot. what i will say donald t trump s got t to win over 50% in new yo. it is winner-take-all state. it is his home turf. senator cruz delelivered and won his home state. trump needs to win his home state. if he doesn't, another signal that his campaign is in real trouble. deirdre: but he is leading in most polls. chad, come back. more to talk about. chad sweet, cruz national campaign chairman. >> thank you. deirdre: well, from a hidden gun
5:22 pm
controversy to new york democratic senator chuck schumer's plan for federal investigation into this new gun, one that transforms from a cell phone to a gun, the creator of the product is with me later to respond. also, back on politics. last night's lose in wisconsin to two front-runners, we're going to put it alin context wi you. we found one radio host who is not afraid to support trump. she is with me next. at ay bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals ai-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good tmeet you dennis. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise.
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>> i think we'll win before getting to convention. bubut i can tell you if we didn, if we're 20 votes short or if we're, if we're, you knonow, 100 short, and we're at 1100 and somebody e else is at 500 or 40, because we're way ahead of everybody i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think it would be, i think you would have riots. i think you would have riots. i'm representing a tremendous,
5:26 pm
many, many millionof people. deirdre: donald trump warning riots if he has the most deletes and does not get the nomination. now after st night's results from wconsin, the odds of an open convention are high. lumnist charles krauthamer is suggesting that trump has strong hold over his supporters and can ha them stay home in november. >> he has tremendo power over his troops. if he decides to stand up and walk out, 1000 wl walk out after him. if he decides heill make real troue, and it will disrupt the convention -- deirdre: with me n, "boston herald" conservative comnist radio host, thank u very much. for being here. u are a trump supporter. what are your thoughts after wisconsin? well, i think it, role ok back on this saying it was a lile bit of a speed bump. as you know donald trump ntinues to be the front-t-runner.
5:27 pm
he i is still leading by huneds of ves, he h gotten 2.5 million more votes than ted cr. that is substantial. we know that going into new york he will run away with it big time. latest monmouth poll which you cited has him winnin52% of the new york vote. anything over 50 he get large haul of the delegates. you ha east coast contests i think donald trump will be very strong in. then there is california. i think it is still very possible that dold trump could get to the magic number before the convention. they say you knoit is roughly 56% of the delegates raining that he needs to get. this is certainli would think just a setba, a little bit of a speed bump. he will continue to have the good momentum moving forward right after new york. deirdre: okay. right aftenew yo, i want to know, if you think as a conservati radio talk sh host, if the branding of dond trump will become a proble >> don't think so. think about it.
5:28 pm
he is the front-runner. he is obviously doing something right. he is able to connect with millions and millions of publican voters who are extremely loyal to him. i've been at trump rallies wit 8, 10,000 people. i look around the room. i'm so impreressed with the divevertty that is there. i n't tell you how many women i see the, all ages. evevery ethnicity, blue-coar types of indiduals. he really appealto a broad swath of pple, including independents and democrats. that is a short cong and a chalnge for ted cruz because, ted cruz as you know happeals religioutypes, evangelicals. he is having troubleetting moderates and independents and democrats which will be critical in general should he get that far. deirdr i just spoke with cruz's campaign chair and we talked about donald trump calling cruz essentially an establishment puppet. here is the reaction from the camp. >> this is classic donald trump
5:29 pm
distraction tactics, when you don't offer real solution, you have empty slogans you default this to this kind of rhetoric. deirdre: adrianna, what do you make of that? i do see at least fromom where i sit donald trump trying to solidify a little bit. that is to say he will make a series of policy speeches. he is ying to, as his campaign calls it, mature the campaign a bit? >> that's right. i have to say there, there is some truth to what donald trump says. i think a lot of people believe that the establishment is just getting behind cruz basically as a faux friend. they don't really like the guy. they never did. otherwise they would have gotten on supported him early on. instead they supported candidates like marco rubio and others who are out of the race. many people including lindsey graham. lindsey graham said if ted cruz was murdered on the senate floor nobody wou come. own he is gettinbehind cruz. only reason people like that get behind cruz to stop trump from
5:30 pm
getting 1237. there is definitely truth to what donald trump is saying. ted cruz is just getting used. that it is possible in an open conventionhat the establishment could pull a stunt and try to bring in an outsider, a fresh face as karl rove e has warned. deirdre: sure. >> which would cause major revolt and upheaval in t party, no doubt about it. deirdre: thank you very much for the time. we're glad to have you here. adrianna cohen. >> thanks for having me. deirdre: she is with "the boston herald" and conservative columni. there is hidden gun controversy brewing. new york senator chuck schumer calling for federal investigation into this new gun that transforms from a cell phone. the creator is here to respond. also governor kasich says he will not drop out of the race. for the record he trails senator marco rubio's delegate count who suspended his caaign as you recall. one of john kasich's supporters is with me next.
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it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. >> just like a joke saying kasich need to get out because my people are voting for him. i think it's a joke and i continue to laugh. deirdre: kasich got 14% of the
5:35 pm
votes last night. 143 is the kasich total and he is behind rubio's delegate count. so what is case up's strategy to stay in at this point? he's having to defend it between the cruz camp and the trump -- camp. >> governor case up i saying i'm the on person who can beat hillary clinton or berni sanders. y should he get out. he continues to mobilize people across theountry. >> to your point, this question i yak university poll was released. but esseially to your point, this is the one, the fightor pennsylvania.
5:36 pm
i guess i'll ask about this first in the sense donaltrump will do well barring some unforeseen disaster in the northeastern states. but jock * is like to siphon off a vote from senator cruz. u are saying that's part of the game? >> he's not looking to take thing away from trump or senator cruz. 's looking to win, to get people behind him, to support him. i think it would be odd for him to give get out given those other two gentlemen don't have a viable path. deirdre: this is the one i was look for where this poll done by quinnipiac, in a general election kasich would win against hillary clinton and this poll was done in pennsylvania. so that is his argument.
5:37 pm
in the meantime, people are saying he has to win more than just his home state. that's not good enough. one state isn't good enough. >> i think he has a strong now that we are back on his turf coming back to the northeast, he has a better chance of picking up the evangelical states. when you look at his record of two terms as a governor. americans are looking for a strong leader. john kasich is that leader. that's why he's staying in this race. dearound worked in the white housuse. how has the party changed so how do you talto him. >> sit down and be frank and honest and say here are some of the things you need to do.
5:38 pm
he's receptive to listening to people who don't agree with him. he just listens to what the people are taling him. deirdre: that's an excellent leadership quality whether in business or politics. a pro-trump supporter attacked on tape. one youtube star getng into serious trouble for having a trump sign. >> you are a racist. >> i'm not a racist. i like his economic policies. reporter: trump habeen saying mexico will pay for the border wall. he's facing lots of criticism and lots of people saying as least he has a plan. we are back in two minutes. >> who is going to pay for the wall. who is going to pay for the wall.
5:39 pm
who is going to pay for the wall? [mexico]
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>> i wilill build a great, gat wall on our southern mexican border and i will hahave mico pay for that wall. deirdre: donald trump p outlines precisely how he would forcefor. at the center of the plan, cutting off billions in payments immigrants send back to mexico. trump says if mexico makes a one-time paymentor the wall the threat will be taken back. president obama dismissed the proposal. >> the proposal that we are going to track every western
5:43 pm
union bit of money sent to mexico, good luck with that. deirdre: legal experts say the plan is murky. donald trump's plan is to change a rule where it's in place as an anti-terrorism law. so $8 billion is the price tag trump has put on this wall. let's put aside the lel and political concerns. does that figure sounds right? >> i think you can build a wall with $8 billion. i think that's a plausible number. depends how high it will be. but, yeah, i think you can do it. >> we e just talking about following the money here, and i depend on you for that. mexico, key allies.
5:44 pm
some critics say this would hurt mexico's economy. something like $25 billion went back to mexico. the flip side is mexico provides the u.s. with tons of cheap energy. we import the most of gas and fuelrom mexico a canada. >> people think we get from saudi arabia. deirdre: is this wth annoying them do we get cut off from cheap energy? >> the american people want the wall. and they have wanted it for the a long time. the question of how yopay for this. remember, an important source of foreign aid to the mexican economy. mexican immigrants come to the united states and they send their paychecks backck to their families.
5:45 pm
that's a way to get money into the hands of people who need it. the question whether you can make that system work or intercept people's western unions transfers of money, possibly you could. deirdre: vincent fox was on with maria bartiriromo and csed a blue streak saying all sort of ex me tifs, this is not possible. >> i am not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. i am not. no doubt. i'm not going to o apologize. >> he's not too happy about it. mexico -- we import a lot more from mexico than they i am port from us. this is one of the things donald trump is concerned about. he wants to balance the trade between mexico and the united states. this is where he thinks he has
5:46 pm
leverage over mexico. his point is they need us more ththan we need them. therefore, they will have to pay for this wall. my own opinion as an economist, what we need most from members cove is a strong, healthy mexican economy. if mexico grows, it's many better for the united states. so that would be the advice i would give to dold trump is let's -- i actually believe nafta has been good for mexico. we could argue about how we expect jobs in the united states. but from mexico there is very little argument that has provided econoc development to that country. deirdre: steve moore with me and risk and reward. which supporters are more aggressive, trumpp supporters, bernie sanders supporters.
5:47 pm
one youtube star conducted an experiment. >> as soon as i put the bernie sign up the little fingers go to thumbs up. feel the berks rn, baby. they go to thumbs up it's amazing. a hidden gun controversy. new york senator chuck schumer calling for a federal investigation into this gun that transformed from a cell phone into a gun. creator of it is with me next.
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>> the latest greatest idea for a concealed gun should come with a speed dial because this iphone is a disaster waiting to happen. deirdre: senator chuck schumer talking about an invention that looks like a phone, but it's a gun. kirk, welcome to the program. what maid want to create a gun that looked like a cell phone. >> i have a situation in my own life. i have a conceal carry permit. i had a wardrobe mall funion where my jacket caught on the butt of the gu and the boy saw it and said mommy, mommy, that guy has gun. so sit was a little bit of a situation i felt like there had
5:52 pm
to be a better way to conceal and carry a weapon for self-defense. deirdre: did you take hassle from the restaurant manager? >> it was a quick scenario. and i didn't have any problem with the management. deirdre: senator schumer is suggesting your product is a security risk, is he right? >> no. i think all the hubbub around the negative side of this will prove to be inconclusive as far as where it came from. this is a lesson aimed at people interested in defending themselves. it won't become a security risk. >> can you just if you have it on you, will you hold it up where we can see? >> this is it in its closed form.
5:53 pm
to load the gun you pop the top open. when you want to use it, this is a plastic model so it doesn't deploy correctly. when you hit that, this handle comes out and then it becomes a gun. deirdre: kirk, come back. i want to talk to you about how you manufactured it and the pricing and business issues. will you do that? >> sure. deirdre: the ceo of ideal conceal. anti-trump protesters getting out of hand. one attackn tape. the man behind this video coucting a social experiment. he will be my next guest. so what else is new? how's yourother? umm..she's doing good.
5:54 pm
she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financiallan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listenen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip ipart of my life now.
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>> tngs are getting pretty violent. du, vote for trump. all you have got to do is vote for trump. >> he's s a racist, man. are you a racist? >> i'm not a racist. i like his economic policies. thumbs up. signs put a bernie sign out those little fingers go to thumbs up. deirdre: that's a youtube video by joey salads w wanted to see whose candidates were the most violent. what's your conusion?
5:58 pm
>> i came tohe conclusion that non-trump suorters which are mostly bernie supporters are extremely violent. deirdre: the bernie sanders supporters are more violent than the donald trump supporters? >> i came up with this video because i have seen all the bernie sanders supporters blocking streets, blocking ambulances, stomping and flags and crashing trump rallies and starting riots. they are starting a big stir. that's why i d this experiment. deirdre: that looks pretty dicey for you there. we are watching your video. >> oh, yeah. deirdre: were you ever actually afraid? >> i do video like thiall the time. i did a video two months ago when i got in a ring with a bull
5:59 pm
and broke my rift. my -- my wrist. this was a step down. deirdre: we showed what happened when you were hoing up the trump sign. whatat hapned when you held up the sanders sign? >> i got tons of thumbs up. i got two or three middle fingers i assume were hillary clinton or trump supporter. but noing extreme enough to even put in a video. deirdre: have you sent thelings to your mpaigns to say think is what i think of your pporters? >> iid not, but i assume the internet is alreaddoing that. deirdre: you got millions views in just a week. thank you, joey salads, u tube star with me there.
6:00 pm
the markets closed hher across e board. dow & p 500 and oil a big runup. up more than 5% on the day. "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: donald trump set to hold a major rally in new york within the nexhour. protesters gathering ahead of the event. is donald trump imploding. some are saying his statetement after the loss last night and the lack of organization on the ground are signs. bernie wasn't the on the winner last night. ted cruz celebrating after a big win in wisconsin. could this be the turning point in a gop race?


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