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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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get h out! connell, stay right there, i ha to hand the show off to lou. again, 12,000 people in there, very, very excited. amazing da amazing situation we're going through this election process. now, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates tonight turning their attention to new york, the next primary election battle coming up less than two weeks from tonight. donald trump trying to put h hi loss in wisisconsin behind him, lding a big rally in bethpage new york tonight. that rally is set to b begin ths hour, it will start momentarily, and when he does move to the podium, we'll be there with our cameras and microphones. some 18,000 of his supporters have requested tickets to the trump campaign eve. we'll have it for you live from the graum an studios venue when
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trump does take the stage. cruz's victory, resounding 36 delegates compared to 3 that go to trump. >> tonight is the turning point, the rallying cry. the call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. as a result of tonight, as a result of the people of wisconsin defying the media, defying the pundits, i am more and more convincnced that our campaign is going to earn the 1237elegates needed to win the republican nonomination. [cheers and applause] . lou: there were no congratulations from the trump campaign. they released a statement that said -- so much for congratulatio. the presidential race closer, however, on the democratic side, where senator bernie
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sanders won big in wisconsin, which means he's now won six of the past seven contests, and the front-runner, hillary clinton, you will not be surprised, says, she's had enough of senator sanders and his supporters. >> there is a -- a persistent organized effort to misrepresent my record, and i don't appreciate that. and i feel sorry for a lot of the young people who are fed this list of misrepresentations. lou: we'll be taking all of that up here tonight, and among my guests, former reagan white house political diirector ed rollins, prominent conservative erick erickson, and senior trump adviser stephen m miller and the head of the trump campaign in arizona, jeff dewit, and we'll be covering ththe light side of politics wih
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andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. our top story the war of the left versus the left. sosocialists versus progressive. last night the underdog socialists came out on top. sanders scoring another win, a 13 point victory over clinton in wisconn, but clinton still has a significant lead in the delegate count. 1749 to sanders 1061, if you include the super delegates, and we did there, but we won't later. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: while hillary clinton has b been trying to jup ahead to the general election, and focus on ripping republican donald trump, today she was forced to turn her attention back yet again to bernie sanders. questioning the socialist loyalties to the democratic party. >> he's a relatively new democrat. and, in fact, i'm not even sure he is one. >> reprter: and charging sanders is not doing homework
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on policy ideas that are not realistic. >> and like a lot of people, i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> reporter: sanderselped clinton make her poi in an editorial board meeting with the "new york daily news" where he was unprepared not knowing the details of the core of his campaign. whether he would have the power to break up big banks. >> i think the administration -- >> reporter: clinton maybe lashing out because beyond sanders double digit victory in wisconsin are danger signs. fox news exxit poll shows he crushed it among young people. he carried men by nearly 30 popoints and most shocking he edged clinton among women by on point. >> momentum is that within the last couple of weeks, there have been national polls which have hads one point up or one point don. >> > reporter: and momentum for sanders here in pennsylvania,
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where both candidates are campaigning ahead of the april 26 primary, a new "quinnipiac poll" shows clinton has a slim six-point lead. her frustration is boiling over, just days after she accused sanders of lying about her record. >> i know that senator sanders spends a lot of time attacking my husband, attacking president obama. i rarely hear him say anything negative about george w. bush, who i think wrecked our economy. >> reporter: what clinton has going for her is before pennsylvania, the race runs through new york, where sanders is gettg pounded. he was skewered in the daily news for other comments in the editorial board meeting. >> he would place gun manufacturers' rights and immuity from liability against the parents of the children killed at sandy hook is just unimaginable to me. >> repoter: sanders aides are clarifying that in the first year of his administration, he woul work with regulators to break up big nks. not quite as revolutionary as
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advertised. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. so much, not quite as advertised in this presidential primary season. joining us former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins. as senator cruz lamenting that some media types had not called correctly the race in wisconsin, so i want you to know that ed rollins, sitting right here, move in tight onn him with the camera. ed rollins, can we move in tight on mr. rollins, there we go. he correctly called the race against all odds, and as usual was 100% right in ththe outcome. >> thank you, i've been around the game a long time, i pressure can read what's going on. what's going on is cruz had a big night, he has momentum and that doesn't mean trump can't still win this thing and doesn't mean that trump certainly is still the front-runner. trump has to change his tactics
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and strategy in the sense of where he's getting killed i e delegate fights. you may winhe state. you may have the state degates committed to you but pick the right people, and they're not doing that. lou: one of the things people are not paying attention to which we will be paying attention to on this broadcast tonight is the fact that the democratic contest is far tighter than the republican contest but the national liberal media doesn't look tat that way, and therefore, most people would be shocked to find that out. >> she would be thrown in a ditch and people would be throwing dirt on top of her. she is the front-runner getting 60+% when she started this race, struggling, struggling, struggling and this guy has not gone away, he's got money. lou: more money than she does.. >> you knock the super delegates out and everything i hear is chaos in the campaign in brooklyn and then the ultimate campaign strategist in the world, her husband, who has never run a campaign this bad
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before. lou: and with trumpetting ellacked in wisconsin, he went back, hadad three appearances, i belilieve, on monday i in wisconsin, and was whipped by 13 points, which suggests his internal polling is either m messed up or nonexistent. >> he has no polling, no pollster, no media canteen. he reads the polls and has no internal pollster. why should i spend money on polling when i can read the public polls. you need individual polling because you track certain things you don't see in polls. the campaign needs to be overhauled dramatically, and if he doesn't win it on the first ballot and still could, i think it's going to be a very tough race for him, and i think cruz has a great chance of winning on the second or third ballot. lou: really? and what would be the reason? >> the reason is a bunch of the people being picked as trump delegates in these states w whih are picked by localfficials
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are pledged to go for trump the first ballot as they have t to y law, but when they free, 70% are free after the f first ballot, they arere committed to cruz. cruz's people are saying i know you got to vote for trump but will you vote for us on the second ballot and a lot of them are. lou: je dewit, the treasurer in arizona is the trump campaign chairman for the state. he's going to be joining us here. they're right now in the delegate selection process in arizona, and just speaking to him briefly before the broadcast, they're in quite a battle there to make sure that what you're describing does not happen in arizona. >> this is going on everywhere. and arizona is a better state and trump did very well there. this is what he's cry babying about, there stealing the delegates. they're not. the other side knows the rules and the trump people are not in there fighting the way they should be, and maybe they will. there are all kinds of stories about chaos in the campaign. quit knocking cruz, push his
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meage and try and win this thing. if he doesn't do that. he's gotot a serious contender. lou: cry babying? cry babying, ed? >> he talked about the trojan horse, the trojan horse was a stallion that ran over him last night. [ laughter ] >> b by the way, for the trump campaign, if you are paying close attention to mr. rollins, and you should be, that's a five-time golden gloves champion. >> who's totally neutral in this race. >> and totally neutral, but when you hear cry baby from him, you can take cry baby to the bank. ed, great to have you with us. >> thank you very much, my pleasure. lou: ivanka trump, is tt correct, is taking the stage in bethpage, new york. there she is, by the way, bringing her daughter,, a new mother and presenting another
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grandchild to donald trump, and back on the trail. here she is! >> a great asset. >> we have seen this time and time again right here in new york, more times than i can list tonight. we saw it when he took over wallman rink in central park, a projec that had failed for almost a decade too get built, despite many attempts by the city,nd then completed it within three months, and under budget. [cheers and applause] >> we saw this time and time again as he built tower after tower in new yorkrk city. many breaking global records for height and scale, and forever altered and beautified the most beautiful city scape in the world. [cheers and applause] >> and we saw this most recently when the city asked him to complete and operate t fairy point golf course. a project that spanned over two --. >> i want to bring in ed
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rollins, you're listening to ivanka trump, donald trump's daughter she's had me at talking about the city scape at new york city. she is terrific! >> i went to the oping of trump with friends of mine involveed in the campaign, anan she was far better than he was. i saidhere's a future potential candidate. i think she is a a critical advisiser, she got his abortion answer straightened out and one of the few people he listens to. lou: you know, why didn't somebody straighten out hillary clinton's abortion answers when she started talking about an unborn child. her mistakes were far worse than anything trump did. unborn child, unborn person, she turned both sides of the pro-life, pro-abortion conflict on their heads. >> she's having a hard campaign. really having a hard campaign. lou: and gets very little attention, apparently. good for her. apparently, she's thrilled with that. let's listen to -- you know what we're going to do, we're
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going to take a quick break. we're gng to come right back. when donald trump takes the stage, you're looking at ivanka trump setting up her dad and doing so beautifully and compellingly, i think we can say. extraordinary. she just had a little baby b over a week ago! i'll tell you, impressive. we're coming right back, you're going to impressed with everything to llow. stay with us, we'll be right back. >> cruz scoring an impressive 13-point win in w wisconsin but front-runner trump says cruz isn't winning honestly. >> then you see the dishonesty, you see where i louisiana and find out i'm not supposed to get as many delegates as a person they beat? lou: t the "washington post" sas trump is turning to policy speecheses now. we take it up with trump's senior poolicy adviser stephen miller here next. and these wind turbines are about to become the perfect
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. lou: donald trump tonight
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holding a rally at grumman studios, that's the venue in bethpage, new york, trump being introduced by his daughter ivanka. he still has not taken the stage, but when he does, we'll be going to him at the podium. my next guest says trump is leading because voters feel betrayed by their party. joining us is stephen miller, senior policy adviser for donald trump. stephen is a former top aide to senator jeff sessions. stephen, great to have you with us. we're looking at what looked to be a heavily attended event. i want to ask you first, what happened in wisconsin in terms of the message by donald trump? i seldom heard him talking about the issues that had been, to me at least, appeared to be the foundation of his success in the campaign so far. >> well, first of all, great to be hehere, and we are going to
7:19 pm
focus on the issues you're talking about relentlessly as we h head into new york and the rest of the state. i think you're going to see a laser-like focus on trade, immigration and foreign policy. that's where the voters are, that's where our campaign is. that's how we're going to win this nomination. lou: and donald trump, stephen, i don't know if you can see, just steppeped to the podium. we're going to be going to bethpage and to donald trump right now. we'll continue with stephenen miller on the policy issues. and here is donald trump. ♪. >> thank you, t thank you, everybody. unbelievable! unbelievable! [cheers and applause]
7:20 pm
. >> trump! trump! trump! trump! >> thank you so much. lou: we'e're told 18,000 ticket had been requested f for this event that you're watching live from bethpage, new york. here we go. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. first of all, it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home.. [cheers and appplause] >> we love new yorrk. we love new york and we are all together going to make america great again, folks. [cheers and applause] so i was driving over from manhattan, , and d i passed que. i love queens. do we have a lot of queens? i grew upp i in queens, i grew inin queens, and i us to play
7:21 pm
-- i usesed to get here at like 2:00 in the mororning to play a round of golf at bethpage. you all know what i mean, right? but i i love this city and i loe this country, and we a are goin to sttart winning again with our couuntry because we don't win, we never win, we never, ever win anymore, w we don't win wit our military, we don't win on trade. we don't w win on heath carere. we d't win on anythng, we are going to start winningng again, folks. so in coming up, i said to myself and i said to some of the people when we are in the car, i'm campaigning and putting my own money in, righth? and all of these people that are running for office, they're like off the troughgh. they take money from all the special interest when they
7:22 pm
can't make proper transactions for you. and that's going t to stop. it's going to stop. you look -- you look -- yoyou look at what's happening - >> i love you, too! i love these people! these are my people. lou: donald trump, happy, obviously to be home, and so he should be. not only does he have an animated, energetic rally going there. thousands of people,, obviously, thrrilled to be there, b but a w monmouth pololl has h him up inw york and above 52%. it's rather impressive these latest polls. let's reteturn to sttephen mill, if we mamay. donald trump's senior policy adviser. steph, he's talklking about, just a as you suggested, the issueses thatt had been the
7:23 pm
foundatio of the success of the campaign t this point. you mentioned lalaser-like focu. his focus on that seemed drifift away. he seemed distracted by a host of events. some under his control, some not. over the past two weeks. tell us about your s strategy gogoing forward. >> wellll, as you've maybe seen we're going to be doioing a series of policy speecheses, getting into more d detail abou the issues s that have animated the campaign and have been att the center of this election, and again, i would really say three of the big issues are foreign policy, trade policy and immigration policy, and lou, this is something you cocovered so much. but in those three areas, the political class has drifted far away from where the vototers ar. whether it's receckless interventionism, shipping manufacturing jobs overseas or whether admititting such a larg number of migrant workers that you can't earnn a fair wage in america. lou: and i think there are a lot of peopople who willll say,
7:24 pm
they heardd stephen miller enumerate those principal issues again, they're going to be thrilled to hear donal trump talking about it because his disistraction for whatever the reason overr the last t two weeks. some of it of his making and some of it not of h his control there h has been no debate unde way on those i issues which are so crititical to the country's future, so i think a lot of people rightt now wouould be cheeriring loudly the returnn o trump to the foundattion message. as we loo at what happened in wisconsin, do you consider it an anomaly within the 50 statess what transpired there, or is there some underlying compelling dynamic at w worork wisconsnsinin that you and the t of the campaign should be wary of as you move to new york and beyond, ultimamately to o the califofornia primary to wrap it all up? >> i think it's important to
7:25 pm
recognize that wisconsin was always going to be a very favorale state for ted cruz, and that he also had the susupport and it mattered a lot really.y. he had t supportt of the state gop. ththat's not a small thing. to have the actual infrastructure of the wisconsin state republican party throughg its govevernor, who's won three staatewide races in four years, that matters a great deal. that was always going to be a favorable state for ted cruz. keep in mind, the trump campaign has won i thinknk five of the last eight contests, and the clinton campaign has won i think onene of the lasast seven contests. lou: that's correct. >> we're outperforming by a very great degree the democratic front-runner for the nomination? >> but as i know whether we'e'r talking about policy or whether we'rere talking about politics r the logisistics of a campaign ad its strategy, you're also surrounded in every possible way within the body politic
7:26 pm
from the media, from your opposition within the republican party, to the left, to the moderate deemocrats it. matters not where you turn. youuys are in the cross hairs. you should expepect no quarter - here earlier ed rollinss referred to dononald trump as a cry baby, h he's talking about the delegates of the fight. >> i'm'm going to disagree with mr. rorollins, but rather than getttting into a tit-for-tat between m me and ed, what ii wa to say, you b brought up a realy great point, a great point. lou: let's cease on the rarity, shallll we? >> we'rere up against the donor class, the washington, d.c. magazine editors, we're up against t the punditry, we're against the entire ininfrastructure of what we've known as the establishment. and that's not a a complaint,
7:27 pm
that's an observation. so for peopople out there who care about the, that you andnd have been discussing tonight, they have to realize the reason why people are trying to s stop donald trump is because theyy know he threatens doominance of trade, immigration andnd foreig policies that have bee so damagingng to this country. lou: so damaging and also that will be at the exact -- at theh exact line between whomever the nominee of the democraticc party is and donaltrump, presumptively at this point, or whomever the nomiminee is of th republicann party. all the mre critical because none of this matters if the general election can't be wwon. >> and note with respepect to m. clinton on the demoocrat side, what we're going to do in the general election is we're going to expose how hillary clinton's policies are so extreme t that they will basically wipe out the middle class of this
7:28 pm
country. you may rememember recently, hillary said barackk obama didn't go far enough on executivee amnesty. that kind of position shhould make her and will make herer unelectablee if it's exposed and if you force the media to talk about it. shehe's actuaually very vulnera because of how far to the extreme left she's gone on issues of borders and sovereign. lou: in your opinion, a i know you're not the straategist for the campaign itself, but is it not your sense that as donaldld trump made a gafffe talklking about abortion, but hs was a small foothill by comparison to the peak - -- >> the hillary comment. >> the unborn child and unbborn person by the statements by hillary clinton. >> i'm so glad to have the opportunity to talk aboutut tha for even a second. lou: sure. >> hillary's comment the othere day was unreal, and then when
7:29 pm
shshe added to it, this is the part people may not even know, she added to it a statement later that t the unborn chhild s no rights up until even the moment of conception. lou: right. >> again, puts her s so far outside the mainstream of american thoug. the idea that the millisecond before a child is conceived, that there's no rights, no protectionses of any k kind and any circumstance, puts her in the tiniest minority of thehe american elelectorate. lou: and obviously stements that she would -- we don't know the origin or the cause of the statements, we know they've never been uttered by h her before or m many people otherwie whose statements have been recorded but the national media gigiving her an absolulute pass they focused like dogs on fresh meat around donald trump's statement. stephen mill, we appreciate your being with us. we hope you come back soon.
7:30 pm
a lot to talk about, and we're delighted to hear that the campaign is about the issusues that matter to millions and millions of americanans once more. > i'd love to come back a an time. lou: you g gotta deal. andd by the way, folks, stepheh miller working as assistant to senator jeff sessions, one of the greatat americans. credentials galore is the wayay we would put it. stephen miller, thanks for being with us. > thank you. lou: sure to vote in tonight's poll -- links to everything at loudobbs.m. the folks at red bull taking to the skies of austria for their latest aerial stunt. prepare yourself, this is amazing. the pilot flying slalom through a wind farm, at nearly -- look
7:31 pm
at this! 200 miles an hour. the maneuver popular among skiers, but this is the first pilot to complete such a stunt through a wind farm. i can't even believe a plane can do this! we're still, by theway, watchin the trump rally and one eye on the windmill and that incredible daredevil pilot. any news devepments we'll go righ back to bethpage, new york,herere donald trump is rallying his troops. we're comin right back with much more. stay with us. trump standing up to the battering assault of the gop establilishment. trump's home state of new york isp next. an he repel the anti-trump elites? we take it up with conservative commentator erick erickson here next.ase is about to turn from law enforcement to life saving rescue. all caught on dash cam.
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. lou: as you're looking at live pictures of donald trump with his basic campaign stump speech right no we'll be going to him live when he moves to a policy issue or starts to break into anykind of news, a lot of good news for donald trump with wisconsin now
7:36 pm
in his rearview mirror. aew monmouth univesity poll out of new york has trump at 52%. he is leading john kasich who's in second place in new york with 25 points. that's a 27-point lead. cruz trailing, he has only 17% in new york. of course, he is the author of the famous new york values insult that he delivered. that's going to take some mang up. i guarantee you. a new "quinnipi pol out of pennsylvania has trump leading there 39% to cruz who has 30% support, kasich in third place, 24%. pennsylvia with a primary on april 26. joining us is erick erickson, the editor of the resurgent, rad host, fox news contributor, all-around great
7:37 pm
amererican and thanks for being ith us. >> thank you for having me lou: you got to feel better, trump was petep inwisconsin. >> a little bit. moving fward in new york tucker -- it is favorable for trump now. trump heed forward is good, the rules get weird from here, lou, and take for example pennsylvania, if trump wins the whole state in pennsylvania, he gets the 17 delegates not 71 because for reasons no one seems to know, pennsylvania decided tha50 some odd delegates wille unbound and can vote for whoeverhey want to vote for. lo i'll put it this way, we won't reference his money or abili to bring considerable influence to bear, but i wl say that he will have attractive propositions for all of the delegates who find themselves unaligned with h to coider, is that a fr way to put it? >> i think so we've already had s getting pl rides and other things.
7:38 pm
we'll see w what he's able to d the problem is cruz does have a really good grod game i states, so they canan't get to 123 cruz is going to stack the delegaes on the dk for a second ballot. lou: yeah, we're going to be talklking with jeff dewit,he treasur of arizona here about theattle that they have under way right now, asou well kn, erick. >> right. lou: selecting delegates and the battle that it is some question about howair everybody is playing. what's fair when it cos to politics when it comes to campaign time. >> it's politics. lou: actly. the view that cruz is going to be able to d well through these nxt ates, particularly the northeast, unfriendly ound for him as a fundamental conservative. what dyou think about the idea now that we're hearing so much talk, speculation, even blather, about an ope
7:39 pm
contestedconvention, is it avoidable in your judgment? >> i think people are getting th terms confused. contested convention is like surgery, arere y going too have appendectomyr open-hart surgery. under a contested coention, it can be open or brokered. lou: our audience is very sophisticated. at's why i used open, contsted and brokered altogether. >> it probably will go to cruz. l the guys in d. were dreaming after telling conservatives don't dream about any o this stuff,and cruz and trump are going to stack t rules committ. you're going to have the most delegates, each state gets two plus 100 people cruz and trump, there's noay they get rid of rule 40 which says you get eight stas, no one that hast w eight states ca be considered. lou: don't say that to rein priebus or paul ryan, they are rather committed to that idea. >> they can kee dreaming. liste i'm friends with these
7:40 pm
guys but not going to happen, if cruz and tmp go in with the most delegates, having won the most states an turn bac of the hand to them, the cruz and trump people can ally ther and suddenly they're in control. lou: what's your outlook right now? my outlook right now is it probably is gng to go to open convention, if you take t average win thus far, 48% o the delegates, needs to up that to 58% of the delegate wins and probably not going to be possible for him. we go to a conveion, and probably scond ballot. lou: and cruz is sitting out there. he would have to -- incomparables have toet about 9 of the remaining deletes. >> right. so i don't think cruz can get on 1237, but at this oint, neither can donald trump. lou: going to be fascinating to wat this. >> it' a fun time to be a political observer. lou: it's a fun time to be an erican watching democracy work. erick,reat to have you with
7:41 pm
us, erick erickson. >> thanks. >> a missouri police officer, we want to show you this video. it's extraordinary. went from chasing a suspect to having a responsibibility and te courage to save his life. the driver lost control of his vehicle during the high-speed chase, actually thrown from the car. the officer then rushed to him, performed cpr on the suspect. he had no pulse, and he performed cpr unt the medics could arrive. the suspect who took off after being pulled over for just a noal traffic violation is expected to fully recover, and our congratulations to the police officer who demonstrate every day that all lives matter. up next, ted cruz ramping up attacks on donald trump. >> dononald has no solutions to ththe problems we're facing. he likes to yell and scream and insult and curse, but has no real solutions to bringing jobs
7:42 pm
back to america. lou: we're going to find out about that. we'll talk with the head of the trump campaign in the great state of arizona. treasurer jeff dewit. he sees things very, very differently and he's our guest nex the lighter side of politics, andy le and joanne nosuchinsky join usus. can't wait. stay with us, we'll be right back. whenou think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adve? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. when you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world.
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. lou: joining us now, arizona state treasurer and the head of the trump campaign in the state of arizona, jeff dewit. great to have you with us. >> mr. dobbs, it's a pleasure to be here. lou: lou, if you don't mind. you're in the middle of the delegate selection process right now. we've been told you are getting run over by the cruz campaign and that they own all of those delegates that you worked so hard to deliver for donald trump. what's the truth? >> theruth is we don't have any of the national delegates selected yet at all. so we're selecting 1200 state delegates, if you control 601, you control the state thatt goes the national. lou: how are you doing on that? >> great on that right now. we have the lead and have a great ground game there, and one of the meetings i worked myself of the 63 slots for the state delegates. we got 58 trump in. were doing very well. again, they've had good
7:47 pm
meetings themselves where they've taken some. lou: what's your sense how it's going to work out? is trump going to have the delegates he should, from the state of arizona, at the convention in cleveland? >> i believe he will have the delegates from arizona, working hard at it. i think it's a mot point. if you add up right now, you know donald trump can get to over 1500 delegates. he needs the minimum 1237. by my spreadsheet he gets to 1354. lou: he will perform incredibly. >> mathematically he can get there easily. lou: mathematicay eliminated kasich, and on the trump of gettg kasich eliminated. >> he has been seeing it kasich, get out. you can't win, you he no chance, and now i hope w play that tape on april 26 because that's what's going to happen to him, and he should take that advice. lou: my guess is we could play
7:48 pm
that day and night 24-7 and wouldn't have much influence on his decision-making, nor want it on anyone else. i love the fact that cruz said he was -- no, trump said kasich is a stubborn man, and i thought you could say that's true of all three of these fellas. where do you think this thing is headed now? trump loses wisconsin, loses it badly in point of fact. he's underperformed against his polling in nearly every state. i think this is true save massachusetts and florida. so he's got to do serious stuff. i adopt to show everybody. we just got this in from bethpage, this is dond trump showing everybody how he's going handlele the remark by te cruz about new york values. we' see how he handleses that in the new york primary. here's donald trumpust w. >> do you remember during the debate when he s started lecturing me on new york
7:49 pm
values, like we're no good. like we're no good. [booing] >> and i started talk about him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody, our police, our firemen, our everybody! [cheers and applause] . lou: just an introduction to wha ted cruz is going to have to face in new york. it's going be a tough road. >> ted is cruising for a bruising in new york. he's going to get obliterated here. i think he would have anyways, without comments like that, but obviously, that's going to get played and newew york is a grea city, it's a vibrant city. i've had fun hang out here today, and, you know, they take that very seriously here. the new york values are that they're going to punch ted in the nose over t that comment. lou: yeaah, you know this is a wonderful stateith wonderful people in it, but like any other state in the union, but
7:50 pm
maybe a little more so, you know, an insult is laid down as an ins response will be appropriate. as we look at what's coming up, and you mentioned the friendlier aspect of the primary battlegrounds that now face them, where do you think it ends up, and if we take erick erickson talking about a battle after the first ballot at convention, just, if you will, jeff, tell us what happens after that? are you satisfied that the delegates are going to be sufficiently committed to trump that he's won, at the convention, to hold with him through the nominating process? >> i don't think that we can get past the first ballot. i really don't. what everyone is talking about he might not get 1237 to secure th nomination, butremember, let'suppose he gets 1210 or 1200 and short 37, that's a floor,ot a ceiling. there are 350 unbound delegates
7:51 pm
already. all that donald trump has to do is s secure the missing number. 37 delegates ofhat on the first baballot. it won't get past that. lou: are you going to have them secured before the convention? >> we're working hard to do it. i think that we will. i think that we will. lou: are you going to have a ground operation? it's like fighting with one arm behind your ck. is he going to have a ground game? >> we have a great ground operation, i think we're just quter with it. lou: the hell with quiet. make some noise! jeff dewit, thank you. >> thank you for having me. lou: up next, actress charlize theron, my wife says i don't know anything about pop culture, how wrong could she be, complaining she lost out because she's too dog gone pretty! red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky know pop c culture
7:52 pm
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loulou: joiningng us now, andrey and joanne nuchinsky. i'm better with joanne. >> it's the first time with her onhe show. lou: how many times do i have to apologize to you guys. you intimidate me. charlize theron -- a very attractive actress in every day, i'm sure, she says she is too pretty for some roles. and this happens to all women who are too pretty. your thoughts on this. is is a major discriminatory. >> she is not wrong. there are certain roles that won't go to somebody who looks like a model.
7:57 pm
lou: what happened to makeup? >> she is not wrong when she says there are parts that have more gravitas that they won't giveve to someone who look likea model. >> people like us who are beautiful tend to be distracting. if we tendnd to be a media role. people will be blinded by our beauty. i included you in that >> that's why i can't argue. >> everyone in holwood is better looking than the average person. even if you are playing an average person. you are still up there. lou: my thought has always bent movies are filled with beautiful people. >> she was just saying tre are certain kind of ros that get nominated for oscars tt they don't want someone who looks
7:58 pm
like a model. lou: you weren't implying people who are physically attractive lack gravitas to overcome. >> we have to work harder to prove it to people. >> it many bigoted people who think that. lou: i want to go to the tsa. sent $40,000 to recreate a tsa app that the tsa paid ibm $350,000. so you are striking at the very content of the suggestion. >> if you are going to make an app, have it be a useful one. tell me how long the line is going to be and maybe me
7:59 pm
meditation videos. >> it's an arrow. >> it points right or left. you can't put a price on that. lou: i can't believe this. they were going -- the antonin scalia school of law, and they didn't look at what the acronym spelled. so a kerfule ensued. they changed it to law school to separate the ss. >> his mididdle name was gregor. they have solved the problem before it went fubar. lou: andy's emotional state.
8:00 pm
when it comes to donald trump and his new strategy. >> wisconsin, baby, bravo to the people of wisconsin. lou: joanne nosuchinsky. 93% of you have said donald trump will best serve this country by destroying political correctness. good night from new york. kennedy: hi, there, middle of the week, i'm watching a couple of cocky campaigns recoil from badger bites as wisconsin dealt punch and blows. hillary the tip kale wet blanket of after think sat back and let bernie sanders ignite, excite
8:01 pm


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