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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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when it comes to donald trump and his new strategy. >> wisconsin, baby, bravo to the people of wisconsin. lou: joanne nosuchinsky. 93% of you have said donald trump will best serve this country by destroying political correctness. good night from new york. kennedy: hi, there, middle of the week, i'm watching a couple of cocky campaigns recoil from badger bites as wisconsin dealt punch and blows. hillary the tip kale wet blanket of after think sat back and let bernie sanders ignite, excite and delight a group of
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progressive zosm byes. and there is plenty of jam to spread on your crescent roll. first look at what ted cruz did right. >> tonight is a turning point, a rallying cry, a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. kennedy: paul ryan is running for president? ted used an effective strategy he will have toto replicate. he will have to get big names in upcoming states. an haso insure donald trump keepeps saying really stupid stf especially about women. the third one is beyond his control. but with trump's campaign admitting they are not changing strategy at all. it's possible we could enjoy
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donald stepping in hot piles of abortion and assault. he's raising more money and subtleoubts about her ethics and fitness by implying she is nervous. >> please keep this a secret. do not tell secretary clinton she is getting a little nervous and i don't wants her to be more nervous. but i think we have an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. kennedy: it won't matter much. although senator sanders is riding madame second terry into the ground. he has 1,007 to her 1,079. and lord only knows what unethical horse trading is gng on with the super d.s to sell
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their souls so mrs. clinton can buy the white house. we'll always have wisconsin. on the show donald trump finally reveals how he will make mexico pay for that big ridiculous wall on the southern borderer. dr. ron paul joins me and. i'm interviewed living legends that is buzz aldrin. second mano walk on the moon. stay here for it. i'm kennedy. i'm kennedy. ted cruz trounced dodonald trump in wisconsin. so how did he do it? and can he keep the momentum alive? let's ask tonight's party panel. katie after thrich, gavin
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mcinnis, and matt welchch, "reason" magazine. and host of the naught welch show. it's a great episode. someone has to start somewhere. for ted cruz the race night have started in wisconsin. is it a turning point for ted cruz, a turning point against donald trump or some weird confluence of events that won't happen again. >> think it's a little much to call it a turning point. i don't think this will change the course of the election. i don't think voters in upcoming states are going to dumb -- dump trump in favor of ted cruz. i don't think that we are turning a corner. i think that wisconsin was really an anomalin the sense
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we are not going to see that happen again moving forward. kennedy: there were so many factors that played to ted cruz's advantage. eveven though he probably liked it, it's going to be difficult to re reply car it those things. a lot of people are talking about trump hitting a ceiling in wisconsin. is your boy finished? >> it doesn't look great for my boy. but someone said i canleep with the chick from wkrp. i go to the bedrooexpecting lonnie anderson and bailey is the edge of the bed. i won't particular cruz out bed for eating crackers. a little more lonnie. kennedy: but she is mary anne to trump's. >> m my fear is i go into the bedroom and lerks s nesman is in
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bed. kennedy: a lot of ople said wisconsin was imrtant because ted cruz won. it meant we are much more certain to go to a contested convention. but now it seems to make new york for important. >> it will be a great bloodbath on both sides. the number to watch is 50%. if he gets 5.1%. if he gets 49.9%? every county in new york, he gets 61 delegates. kennedy: today a monmouth poll revealed he's just above 50%. >> just at 52%. ted cruz it getting up toward 40%. but this is trump's home turf.
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kennedy: lord only knows what's going to hapappen ththe next two weeks. did last night's result inch us one step closer to a contested convention? 80% of trump supporters, they don't want any part of that. they think that's the biggest bowl of malarkey nonsense they have ever been served. >> you guys get in the numbers of stuff, huh? kennedy: forget the numbers. >> all i know is i want trump becaususe i hate politics. i want to throw a bomb into the white house metaphorically. you guys have done your research, your 50%s and everything. we trump supporters is an f you vote. itit's not about numbers.
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kennedy: if he doesn't get enough f you votes to get the number of delegates to get the nomination. >> the only hohope for trump iso appease women bebecause they control the political spectrum. if someone does something illegal they should be punished. it was the worse thing he ever did because women are hysterical and go, i do something bad and i get punished? placatate the ladies and tell tm what they want to hear. kennedy:y: he had a horrible wek with heidi crews andnd michelle fields. >> we can go into how they lied. >> it many no longer about the toucuching. it's about the reaction to the touching. >> are you okay, can you
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breathe? >> when you look at whwhat donad trump has to do to get to this nunumber. if he doesn't get to this 50.0.% inew york he will whine and say it's not fair. what people need to understand is if you want to be the reblican nominee you get to 1,237 before the primary process is over before the convention. and if you don't you go to the convention and battle it out. kennedy: he could get to the 1,237 in if the pry primary caucus state or use his art of the deal negotiating skills to paint a beautiful picture with his tong. >> before this elect most people didn't know any of this. they didt know about superdelegates and delegates and the 50 percents. so dad are coming off the couch saying what's going on? what is this again? he has gone the people
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interested in this process and the average american is saying this stinks. kennedy: i think people will say that even if they are not donald trump supporters. >> it's the dan has been done, the exit polls in wisconsin showed even trump supporters and cruz supporters, somethihing lie 35% won't vote for the nominee of the republican party. that's astonishing. the crackup has already happened. it doesn't matter who is going to get nominated. but the damage is done. kennedy: we are going to do more damage. coming up. bernie sanders buried hillary clinton in wisconsin. if s doesn't pull off the new york primary, is her campaign six feet under? the gop is desperately fighting
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trump and themselves. stay right here.
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kennedy: shhh ... hi, hillary clinton is limping from her defeat in wisconsin to her next primary in new york. if she loses in her adopted home state to bernie sanders, is it lights out for the clinton campaign? the party panel is back. katie pavlich, gavin mcinis
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and matt welch. this is a must win for who? >> bernie. it will create a huge problem for hillary. she was the senator from new york. if he wins new yorork we are creeping towards a situation where bernie might have the same number of normal delegates. if that becomes true through california and elsewhere, you are talkining about the democrac front runner. they may not flow hillary to the general. >> it could get stranger on n te demomocratic side than the republican side. can he closehe gap? bernie sanders is 11 points behind. >> i wouldn't underestimate him. he's from brooklyn. he has somewhat of a ground game.
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he's raising a ton of money. i think hillary especially in new york thought she was entitled to it because she was the senator here. i think he could close the gap and not lose by 10-plus points. it's momentum. if you look at the exit polling, it's not just an issue of democrat voters. democrat voters say hillary clinton is untrustworthy and she is a liar. if she can't get out of her primary without leaving those word behind to describe her. she has a bigger problem than when this process is over. kennedy: i don't think bernie sanders -- >> the me government, the more problems. >> hillary clinton will be able to implement more government. >> there is a way bernie sanders could influence government a lot, and one is through foreign policy.
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but he sits above the regulatory agencies. right? the united states government has 4 million employees. he's the boss. how do you think he's going to run the va or epa. >> he had the chance when he was chairman of the board on the senate and there were plenty of people who died on his watch. >> he would rather talk about the evil koch brothers than talk about the lousy veterans administration. kennedy: you make it sounds like he would be distracted. >> regulation stifles as much economic activity in this country than anything el. there is no democratic accountability for it. >> at rse sanders would say it's working. june stossel is showing a tape
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saying bread line is a sign the commission working. >> hillary is more free market because you can bribe her. who are the economists who think the economy is good. e guy who sees in two directions. >> bill kristol? you are not talking about krugn, are you? he was a big va apoll justs. >> a lot of liberals say the va is proper sile payer healthcare can work. kennedy: shame on alof you. the panel returns inin just a little bit. tall, beautiful and oscar winning actress charlize theron says it's tough to be a tall, beautiful actress and get serious movie roles. boo-hoo.
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donald trump revealed how he will make mexico pay for the great warm along the southern borderer. dr. ron paul joins me to talk about how he's going to take on the donald. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. being hacked and intellectuall. about businesses that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the gital crimes unit to fight cyb-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualizize information
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so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. kennedy: in 2012 dr. ron pauaul scared the republican establishment so badly, they made a new rule entirely to stop candidates like him from making it to the convention floor. it's wall 40-b. previously a candidate need only five states to get on the ballot. but now they need 8 it was to make sure ron paul supporters
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didn't upstage mitt romney. welcome back, dr. paul. >> thank you, kennedy. kekennedy: how did you feel abot it back in 2012? >> well, i think what i was thinking back there is they scare easily. i didn't see myself as a tremendous threat. we had the rules on our side and we were getting the delegates and we should have had a chance to be nominated and have a speech, but they got intimidated. that's on you intimidated they get with issues. the rule was written to ex duluth collude me fr h having even a little bit of influence on them. now they are really in aox because they don't have an easy answer. if they exclude trump p now they will be in trouble. if they allow it to happen, they
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think they can't control him. they created their own problemem and you can't feel too sorryor him. kennedy: these are some of the unintended consequences we talak about when we diuss libertarianism. you don't know where it's going to rear its ugly head,nd it's getting ugly on the republican side. is there something t that feels vindicatated? i know a lot of your supporters in 2012. i remember being at that convention, and they were so upset and so passionate of those delegates who were ready to do battle for you, and they felt so thwarted by the republican party. is this vindication for you and your supporters? >> in many ways it is. before it shows the short comings of the party leadership and how easily they are intimidated and they don't want to have a set of rules. the only thing that can counter act is a full force of the
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voters themselves which is very difficult, because the establishment, the people that corol the party control the rules. likewise people are angry with the democrats, too. they have these surdelegates. you can do w well, but we have superdelegates in case the race is close and we n assign it and the establishment always wins. what happens if you have a libertarian, the republicans aren't a whole lot different than the demrats. so who really gets a choice. kennedy: we could be on the road to two contested conventions. bernie sanders is saying the same thing. donald trump explained how he would make a 2,000-mile borderer wall and compel mexico to pay for it. he said he would threateten to t off transfers of money to their fafamilies in mexico unless the
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country makes a one-time payment toto build that wall. what do you think? >> i think it sounds like theft. and i think it sounds like something illegal. it sounds like it's immoral. there is $24 billion transferred to mexico through remittances and he says he's going to get $5 billion or $6 billion. it does great harm to those companies that transfer this money. because they have been doing this for a long time. this whole idea of attacking remittances and turning that into a political positive when it many such a negative thing. i ththought of the remittances s the best way to o have foreign aid. let people come, and they take their money back and they -- the populace said they have the money, what are they going to do with it? they have to buy american goods.
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but the economics of this is just so bizarre to think that they can do that. but a lot of people will buy into it and say there is a way to pay it. believe me we are always being taxed d one waother other. if these people are set up in the e-vererify system, and d thy are buying things, and they do pay sales taxes s and fuel taxe, itives them an emotional investment in mexico. if you cut that off, what arepey are not arving in mexico. they are not going to come to the united states. if you think we e have an immigration problem stop re-mittanses and you will see hohow many more people are crossingng the border. >> we e have to remember where he's getting his authority. he's gepght it from the patriot act. he's claiming he can use that as the authority.
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i think he's completely wrong on that. kennedy: coming up ... maybe you can help me figure out if this kid has mastered mirror trickery or he's a super being. roboticcats. "topical storm" is next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and eck out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine!
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kennedy: a dolphin steals your purse. come to me and wll mount manaes. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. a young man from oregon named kevin perry has the internet scratching i corrective head about a ball and mirror trick. get ready to have your mind blown.
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particularly if you are high. how is he doing that? i read several theories. it's a separate guy filming his hand. the other is it's a stop action animator. but i know the truth. he's a witch. only a witch c throw a ball through a mirror. you don't believe me. you think this is. >> the example of me trying to rally an angry mob to ll old peasant women? look at this and see. witch! now get yourselves together in a mob. you have been hustled. topic number two. this green night was sent in by
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topic number 3. here is a domestic chores tip. lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners are entirely different machines. but if you were a kid and confuse one with the other. let him figure it out himself. give it one good pull. is it nearly there. do us a favor. put it in t wall and see if it start in the wall. press the button. one, two, three. we have liftoff. kennedy: is that mike myers? let's watch the dad use an actualal lawnmower.
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and then he got flattened by the truck. so fun. topic number 4. jamie rendon wanted to do some mexican sport fishing so he dropped his line off the coast of los cabos mexico and snaird what looked like the spawn of a human baby and a shelled turtle. what you are about to see may disturb you because they shouldn't be forcing babies and turtles to mate. baby and shell turtle. look like it. well, i'm no bo andist but it's actually a swell shark. some people ca it the alien fish. they would be humanoid.
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and we are not stranger to odd sea species. let's check in with our favorite marine biologist for their thoughts on this catch. >> oh, my god! holy [ [bleep]! kennedy: holy [bleep] indeed. topic number 5. we all know the robots are the natural enemies of cats. now, we have proof. watch. it's my unholy death. the cat realized it's in grave danger of being automated by a small box that basically does
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the same thing. it sits around ignorining people and sucking up money because cats are effectively broken. i'm so sorry. broken toasters with fur. you know what i like? dogs. dogs and cupcakes. okay. there we go. mommy is all better. if you have anything you want to see in the "topical storm." tweet me on kennedynation. find o why justin bieber's hair is getting accused of racism. buzz arin will be here to
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kennedy: a recent gq interview charlizeheron said how many roles are out there for the gorgeous gown wearing 8-foot momodel? what he meaty roles -- does this mean today vine has an advantage over katie? >> i'm a 7. and you have only been an 8 for 10 years. you spent the ninth as a 6.1. now absolute power corrupts absoluly. now that you are hot you can't
8:41 pm
wait to lord it over. kennedy: that's hardly accurate. katie, you are hot. and you are smart and you are blond. are you in a cultural disadvantage. >> what i she talking about. if they didn't hire beautiful people to work in hollywood, she wouldn't be working there. she is complaining about thing that don't existst. kenned remember r the time she was dying and speaking swedish? >> i saw her in monster where she was a hideous beast. i was prepared to defend her in this because it makes plausible sense. but monster happened.
8:42 pm
you get to use makeup. halle berry does it. kennedy: in monster's ball they got to ugly themlveses up. >> they are never playing themselves. she acts likike you walk i intoa room to play yourself in a movie. you are not. >> pretty women do tend to be stupid because they don't have to be smart. everyone invites them to partrties. whatat about these two. katie grewew up in the middle of nowhere, totally secluluded, didn't know she was pretty until high school. we already explained kennedy. joanne nosuchinsky had a back brace most of her middle school.
8:43 pm
pretty women tend to be dumb and that's why viewers don't take them s seriously. justin bieber is catching flack r his new hairstyle. justin bieber has racist hair. is that true? >> he's appropriating hippie culture which i think is much more offensive. kennedy: i saw a blond asian woman on the subway. should i have said something? >> i don't spend time on college campuses for obvious reasons. keedy: restraining orders? >> whatever. when i went to college white dudes with dreads and white chicks with dreads than there were black people. >> it's not blacks that are
8:44 pm
guess aappropriate. no one in africa has dreads. they have shorts and a ski boot and ugh and they are stoned. their cull tires out of it. kin * my heart is aroused. >> i don't care with justin bieber's hair is. kennedy: i love the idea that justin bieber went into o a saln and spent probably 3,000 dollars on that hair and everyone is saying he's racist. the moonuzz aldrin,n, he's the and the next man to walk into my heart. donald trump hasn't just affected politics, he all he changed standup comedy. stay put.
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kennedy: look at that. buzz aldrin a decorated astronaut along with neil armstrong, the second man to walk on the moon. he reflects on his life in his new them our. "no dream is too high," life lessons from the man who walked on the moon. >> i c read, t. kennedy: when you came back from the moon, you had to go in quiewrn teen. did you find that you had any susuper powewers. >> but why?
8:49 pm
kennedy: did you inhale moon dust? >> there may be germs up in and we mightring them back. you might have gotten sick, see? kennedy: i might not be here. >> you were, you are not that old. kennedy: i was born in '72 within a few years after the big moon landing. did your body change when you came back. did you feel different? >> yeah. there is a little balance you haven't had that much gravity. and so maybe you have been coming back and floating after you had a little bit of gravity. then you come back in the atmosphere. you get a few gs coming back. kennedy: did it make you more macho.
8:50 pm
>> fighter pilots are always macho. kennedy: y you talked about experiencing alcoholism and pression when you returned. do you think coming down from the excitement of that sort of exploration that would have been hard to imagine a decade before you guys went? was it something about the moon itself that changed you? >> my first book or biography, i talk and he writes. i do that frequently. was entitled, "return to earth." not journey to the moon." anybody can do t that. but this is the return to earth. because that was more difficult, really. and after i had been named ta crew, i came home and told my wife. and i am on the apollo 11, and it looks like we may be given a chance to land.
8:51 pm
but, you know, i really would just as soon be on a later flight, because thisis one if we are a success could get a lot of publicity. kennedy: w were you a shy perso? did you not want that publicity? >> i didn't want that much. kennedy: do you think the government is hiding aliens from us? >> we araliens. we came back. kennedy: you are wearing a shirt that says get your ass to marches. when y get your ass to mars? >> that would be crazy? me, i'm an across h -- an i'm an
8:52 pm
octe gerks nerian. so i have to leave it up t somebody else. by got to teacach them. i have got to get them motivate kennedy: still very involveded n the space prograram. >> i he a better plan than ybody else. >> do you like the idea of private space exploration? >> it's not either/or. it's not the moon or mars. so we know how to do them when they get to mars. it's all in the book. kennedy: "no dream is too high." >> i'm learning. and i ain't seen nothing yet. kennedy: coming up, jimmy failla shows me how win or lose donald trump has affected american culture through comedy.
8:53 pm
you won't believe how he's affecting those clubs. now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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kennedy: jimmy failla, a frequent g guest on this program and a successful new york-based ststandup comedian. he says behind closed doormost standup p come is support donald trump for a reason you may notot anticipate. he s says the trump-effect is sending shock waves through comedy. >> this is amazing. kennedy: we heheard about the trump-effect in voting and politics. what is it in comedy? he's as fertile as everyone predicted. but the gold has no shelelf life because the controversies keep coming. kennedy:y: you have to keep writing. >> if you are an active comic it's amazing.
8:57 pm
if you tell a builild the wall joke, it's like toto free bird. but he forces you to stay aggressive.. kennnnedy: small hands and building a wall is so two weekes ago. nothing has a shelf life. rememember everybody hammered chchris christie? ththat's gone. nobody e even knows it happened. he gave out lyndsey graham's phone jump. he gave out a candidate's phone number. he gave out bernie sanders's beeper. people don't know that. kennedy: who's page me. >> comics like him. they like him more than they think. kenned you say there are pro-trump come is. are they pro-trump because they want him to get elected so they can keep writing funnytuff in or philosophically they you
8:58 pm
voter him. he's desensitizing to us language. you know how we have this culture where if someone says a bad word they ha to lose their job. kennedy: or get disinswrietd a college speech. he says 10 things a speech. so for that reason we want him to keep going. that part is helpful. >> we talked about how heard it is for come toiks go on college campes. you will get banned and protested. >> the people whwho wrote this name in chalk at emory college. they are knitting quilts, lighting candles, weeping it out. it's embarrassing. he shined a light on howowe embabarrassing our culture has become with micro-aggression and safe spaces. kennedy: in one college the dean was like this is a violent racist act. it's like, really?
8:59 pm
for writing trump 2016. that's where i think he's amazing. highly cyrus was supposedly the wrecking ball. he's the wrecking ball. kennedy: what if he got nude and got on her wrecking ball. >> we have 7 months to go, i'm not ruling this out. the man is on twitter sat 3:40 in the morning. in that regard he's driving topical comedy. because every day he drieflts narrative in this country d is calling out the dance numbers. you know that wewedding dance ty do where they like- the hustle. bus stop now. one stop now. he's doing that. small hands now, build a wall now. he just keeps going. keedy: he's going out and people are listening, filling comedy clubs.
9:00 pm
kennedy: you are amazing and i'm glad you are here. come back again. the j train. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can followow me on twitter d instagram @kennedynation.battleo er. in at kennedy -- nation. or email me at on custer's last stand. >> white cow bull was the sioux warrior that shot at the officer. >> his life's work becomes this woman's strange inheritance. she's convinced d it's wor millions, but will anyone buy it? >> was he an artist or just sosomeone who documented a side of history? [ dodoor creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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