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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 7, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: we took it to the last second, my time is up, neil, it is yours. of the 20 sullivan sues, interest rates are coming down again, you know the drill when stocks selloff, bonds and treasury bills look very attractive and rates are coming dodown a little bit in and out of 6 week lows but the story for the timing seems to be this nonotion that we could be in for a worrisome quarter of earnings, not only expected to contract about 8% on average, you heard that before but it would continue a string g of such developments for the fourth quarter in a row. we keep a close eye on that.
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in our neck of the woods i can see new york city, new york, the focus of all this attention for the big primary on the 19th where you have candidates going back and forth at each other. the weekly standard, mike warren will let me ask you about the republican race and how ted cruz might be regretting those ne york values comments he raised on the foxbusiness network, coming back to hunt him now. do you think it will reaeally hunt him in less than two weeks. >> he will be hearing a lot about it from local media in new york. they will ke a lot of hay about those c comments, ted cruz will defend them saying peoplele know what i'm talkg about, libeberal values, andrew cuomo and bill diblasio, i talked to republicans in new york who say this is the hill of beans, nothing going on here and others
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say it will come back to hunt him and will b be a problem if he wants to hold donald trump below 50%. neil: the media is holdiding a field day, the new york daily news, i am wonondering outside of new york city could that register? those not familiar, there is part of new york that has s nothing g to do with new york state where that might resonate and he might be wise to campaign more upstatate than in the bronx, brooklyn and so on. >> ted cruz has a problem in the upstator western new york close to buffalo which is that is big trump territory, god the endorsement of a big player in republican politics in that part of the state so o ted cruz is stuck between a rock and a hard place. the thing you are seeing him do is going to places like he was yesterday on the east bronx, and
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never - three delegates, all those congressional delegates get three delegates, if ted cruz can peel votes from donald trump in places where there are a lot of republicans, a couple hundred of votes there is a benefit there, western new york or upstate new york, a ground for cruz to gain in. neil: this poll that came out, a lot of ththat before the wisconsin, it is a one and done phenomena in but tighter than the numbers were showing because it is a fairly tight race in california. it is an end of all this in june. how do you think that goes? >> we saw this happen in wisconsin which we haven't seen
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in other states, people who were supporting john kasich actually make a conscious effort to say my vote counts more against donald trump if i go to ted cruz. this could be happening in new yo. the biggest difference in new york and why it might be a problem for ted cruz ithe republican voting base in new york is me moderate, more like where john kasich is then ted cruz, ted cruz had the big endorsement from scott walker in wisconsin, there is nobody like that, cafornia is a place for the phomena and to happen. neil: good seeing you again. we focus on dislocation and problems on the right. bernie sanders went there, he went there with this. >> $15 million, for your super
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pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disaster us war in iraq. [cheers and applause] neil: they call it taking off the gloves. former aide to president obama, corrine jean-pierre, good to see you again. i am wondering if democrats are having their own little civil war. whwhat do you thi of that? >> really unfortunate. republicans were having their civil war, sanders underned the democratic party by making those comments yesterday, last night. it coulde detrimental to the party. in 2008 hillary was able to turn
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her voters around at the convention in denver and say she conceded and say it is time to be behind barack obama and there was a coalescing that happened. you can't take back not qualified or unqualified. neil: once you go there it is hard to dial it back. i wonder if something else is going on. a lot of campaigns have advises and maybe sanders's folks are telling him you have to o go for the jugular, you won six of the last seven contest, you have to do this but you ve to be i am on fire. what do you ink is happening? >> he has the momentum and optics is evererything in politics, exactly righght. here is the problem, bebernie sanders lost this election on march 15th where you had those critical primary s states where it was michigan -- not michigan,
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missouri, ohio and illinois and evereryone expected him to do well and that was his lasast stand, i think to really play w with these pledged delegates we have been talking about. now as we keep hearing the math is not there. he needed to do something -- neil: you think even now it is not there? i heard an argumenent that he could do enough damage to prevent hillary clinton from getting to the numb 200383 delegates she would need, leaveve her shy of that even with superdelegates. i haven't crunched the numbers but i wonder if there is method to that and whahe is hoping to do whether the justice department or the fbi moves on this or not to slow her momentum or do what republicans other than donald trump are doing toto donald trump slow his momentum. >> he can flow her momentum, new york w will be very close, you see numbers tightening up in the poll and new york like no other
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state, he had 18,500 people show up in the bronx, diverse crowd, his first diverse crowd coming out of a rally. the line in the sand is definitely here in new york but the math is just not there. hillary clinton is in a better place and barack obama was. neil: she is on more comfortable putting. as a democrat who worked with president obama, do you worry that she is facing a challenge from a 74-year-old socialist independent senator? that has got to be disconcerting. >> it definitely is. it was completely unexpected. we all had it wrong about trump and sanders. we didn't think -- he was a protest candidate that would die down towards thehe end of the year, he really touched on
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enthusiasm, and the regur establishment politician and in politics for 30 years and resonated his message of inequality, the 1% really cut throrough. i think that is a problem. his base, his critical voting base our young people, progressives and independents and hillary clinton is going to need that like barack obama did in 2008 and just like he did in 2012 with the young vote. this concerns me about the statement he made last night. at thend of the day in july it is hillary clinton. neil: she did not say ththe same about him. corrine jean-pierre, i love that. good seeing you again. connell mcshane is waiting for john kasich. the state of new york, if polls are to be believed he is ahead
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of ted cruz. coelell: that poll looked pretty good all things considered. we are waiting for him to arrive in the bronx to meet with voters to do retail politics new york style. when he arrives in the little italy section of the borough he will talk to was for a few minutes but that is what you do in the bronx you get yourself a cannoli, mike's delhi is behind us, have a sandwich. john kasich is not the only one focus on this state. we will talk to him when he gets here but donald trump at his big rally last night out of 1000 packed in, talking about how close to home he is and how comfortable he feels at home. no special events considered. in the bronx in upstate new york, later on ibrooklyn, all about the 95 delegates whether you are john kasich or other delegates in new york. the john kasich campaign they hope to win the state out right but even if they don't 27
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coressional districts whether john kasasich or ted cruz youou fight for your delelegates in each district. john kasich feels good about westchester county and areas that are morore affluent north of here and where h he was last week he will go back next weekend we wiwill talk to him about that and the delegate strategy. is only way of gegetting the nomination is to get to an open and contested convention. this july and convince people to go for him. we will talk to him about that. this is what i call cavuto -- neil cavuto country. the pizza stratus mountain -- down the s street, italian flags, you would be right at home -- neil: : i don't know w why we spent someone named mcshane here. thank you very much. that was bad planning.
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take a look at stocks down 151 poinints. janet yellen, the federal reserve chairwoman is meeting or having conversations and alan greenspan, at 5:30 p.m.m. eastern time. maybe you wouldn't want to be. it is up. hanging meet on the ceiling, youou would go. when you think about success what does it look like? >> what surprises as we inch closer to a contested gop convention? brett behr joined me on the next kennedy. r by being a more adadventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world?
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whatever your definition of success is helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that i is cyber-crime. d it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we u the microsoft cloud to visualize information so w we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud trust and security are paramomount. we're building w what we learn back into the e cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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neil: gas prices are jumping even though oil prices are collapsing but if you are keeping -- i am sure you are --
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$.20 a gallon from a month ago. we are lower than we were a year agbut maybe we were getting prematurely spoiled because apparently we need the money with all the money we are paying in taxes. interesting survey out of the tax foundation iant to relay with craig smith who follows the stuff everywhere, mower americans are spendingng money on taxes than food, clothing housing, suffice it to say everyone's tax burden, please, federal, and local. the fact is you are paying more, the percentage of your income taxes than you do on all this other stuff. that can't be good. >> they do it every year. it reminds me how out-of-control
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the government is. and federal, state and local sales tax, excise tax, property tax. that is a moving target and it moves back each year. >> in 1910 it took 19 days to pay your taxes. it takes 1 days and if you add borrowing, put another 16 days in. here is the point. when you take that amount of money out of the system and out of the hands of productive people that will care about that money and spend aninvest and save it properly and put it in a profligate government that is wasting money and abusing money and giving moneyo people who
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don't deservit, we should be outraged as a nation. to quote one presidential candidate is disgusting that a single mom is now paying more to the federal government then she is to house, clothes and feed her family. neil: there is no doubt we have seen jobs recovever, more jobs that i d don't doubt but it is the quality of jobs, the income withth those jobs and the tepid nature of this recovery. it is not a political statement, just looking at the numbers. thatat expins thengst out there but republicans particularly are bad at doin that, positing the way youou did in the case of a single mom forking out more on taxes than she is getting for all herther creature comforts for her and her family. they don't do it. they always botch it. >> you are right.
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messaging is important. here is frightening, you have a socialist by the name of berniee sanders who wants the taxes to go higher on everybody including that single mom. he won't say it in his speeches but th is how it shakes out. neilil: bernie sanders was honest enough to say after hitting the upper income that to pay for everything he would have to go down to the mile class but he told the middle class you will get lots more back than you are paying in but the numbers don't add up. >> if you like your doctor you can keep your ctor. if you like your plan y keep your plan. we know the government is big on promises and short on delivery. in looking at the e internal data on this report, it is very interesting because it is hitting hard-working people. when you put that in the backdrop of what is happening on the dow and what happened
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tuesday and wednesday when they arbitrarily changed the rules and filed suit against halliburton i love what you said, you probablyon't remember, i am paraphrasing it but when jack lou changed rule 7874 and rule 385 to stop the inversion of pfizer and allegan he basically said if you do things by the book in america and send money out of the country i will stop it. but if you come into the country illegally and want to send tt money out of the country i am okay with that. neil: an illegal a act, the president of the united states, he cannotrace or act when he can and the other is changing a very legal accounting method that has been allowed for years and reverse it. >> in 2007 the treasury did a
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study on inversion and looked at the effect it would have on unemployment. it didn't increase or decrease unemployment and it didn't increase or decrease gdp. it has no net effect on this economy but what if we reduced that ridiculous 35% rate to 15% or 20%? neil: a moot point. >> we would knock that $19 trillion debt down in a tweet in your period like that. neil: there is nothing patriotic about losing money, nothing patriotic about having your shirt handed to you year in year out. >> how does e ceo tell the shareholder i am not going to this so it will take money out of your teacher's penensions and union pension because even though it is legalal. of the 20 they are not framing everybody because that is where they bought it and frame it in a
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way that it is populist rhetoric that doesn't get us anywhere. always good having you, thank you very much. >> good seeing you. neil: craig moment of sanity smith i call him. the dow down 166 points, interest rates are coming down. i don't want to extrapolate too much but i wonder if this is a spillover from the maneuver to change tax laws. ththey are not even signing anything. it is just done. i am wondering if that is washington stepping in to stop big deals, some of which were agreed to a long time ago retroactively. kind of bizarre. i am looking at it thinking i don't know if this is delayed reaction, but i know where money is going. treasury bonds treasury bills, i think they call that safe haven time. more after this.
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>> what will you do when they catch you? what will you do if they break you? if you continue to fight? what will you become? neil: really? we are doing this again? in december we are going to have another one of these star wars, it is a preqequel, which means it happened earlier. why couldn't this one have happened before the disaster that we saw? i know everyone gets mad, when we show the stuff, shut it down stop it. i want you to stop all movies right now with the ridiculous outfits and getups.
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stop it. coming out in december. on and on we go. i don't know. that is just m he has no fury like a ceo scorned by a socialist running for president of the united states. all it took was just a melt to hear that they were describing the moral fabric of america and he s sort of let loose.. the way any ceo would let loose via an e editorial. the latetest from blake berman with what is going on here. >> reporter: bernie sanders sat down with the d daily news editorial board and was asked about corporations he says are destroying the national fabric and wanted to get very specific with him. he singled out general electric for greed and selfishness but they are shutting down plants, sending jobs away,y, paying nothing in taxes as sanders put it to the editorial board.
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jeff melt -- jeff imelt put an editorial in thehe washington post and went after sanders, none too please. i wl quote from him. ge has been in business 124 years and have never been a big hit with socialists. we create wealth and jobs instead of just calling for them in speeches, we take risks, innovate and produce in ways that today sustained 125,0,000 jobs. he took a swipe at sanders for not visiting the ge plant in vermont. sanders was s giving a press conference a little while agago, talked about corporate greed today he did not he went after veririzon. >> and bring them abroad were people will be paid pennies an
12:29 pm
hour. that is ununacceptable, that is part of the long-term greed we are seeing on the part of corporate america. >> maybe pure coincidence he chose verizon instead of ge, steer clear of ge a little while ago. jeff imelt, whenanders's opponent was running, donated to clinton and ge and emploloyees gave up numb 170 grand to clinton. from what we can find, no specific dononations from it imeltt to sanders. neil: sanders s is going after verizon for taking advdvantage of shifting call-center people. >> call centers. neil: thatat might not be a sympathetic audience. anyone who has called a call-center particularly a cable company, you wait a long time. that might backfire on him. >> as sosomebobody moved and had to
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call a calall-center, you do wait a long t time. neil: in the next day, if you are from fox, press 2. >> if you want a human hang gone rever. neil: thank you very mh, pick your battles lying up. we have john kasich in the middle of this. in new york he is secondahead of ted cruz and doesn't connell mcshane know it? he caught upup with the ohio govern a short time ago. >> a big cheer as the governor comes in in the little italy section of the bronx, shaking hands with college republicans from my own alma mater which is across the street and once he walks through we can talk to him for a few moments. we talked a moment ago new york has become such a focus of the
12:31 pm
campaign that we are looki at it more than we did in the past and this section candidates that are running for local ofce, governor, mayor, they are here all the time, local pizza places, and they talk to people about the campan, the governor has an uphill battle if he wants to capture the delegates, 95 are at stake in new york. he wants to get as m many as we lk about last time as he can, doesn't mean he has to w the state outright but has to do willg these invidual congressionadistricts and take three delegates per dirict if you take 50% of the vote i can come over here if you want and talk to you on neil's show, "cavuto coast to coast". everybody ems to be talking about your strategy. what is it? 95 in new york? how do you feel about this?
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>> we don't predic everybody needs to get delegates. i have been saying for weeks that we are headed to on open convention. it is exactly w what is going to happen and it is going to be exciting. from your point of view, what typef work is being done right now? aa second ballot at the convention. >> one of the main strategists a big group of people. i am just a candidate. i tried to get my way through the day i do notet too much into process. connell: you are were there for the state of the state last
12:33 pm
night. another state you can win. >> accumulatg 3d delegates. maybe we will get degates here. >> some great italian food down here. you are missing the masters here. >> i do not know. if the wind is blowing it will take a good bridgeame. >> you are more up to speed them the delegates. >> a little well known. i found out when i first got there that they bet on you. i forgot about it. i hit my drive out by the sand traps. i wanted to hit a seven iron. we were arguing
12:34 pm
i realize that he is betting on me. i knocked it in the hole 482. >> wow. how about that. you should be really shocked. i think governor john k. going national. selling you up here in the bronx. that is the story. we will have more on the rest of the candidates later on in the day. >> thatas a golf analogy. >> you have to be so careful. >> you are great. thank you veryuch. he is pulling second in new york. all of the cpaigns giving
12:35 pm
their stats and how they see thisoing their way. they make a prettyredible argumentor picking up another couple hundred delegates they say. i do not know if that is doable. a golf analogy. they could do it. i do not kno how that goes to securing the nominatio what do you think?? >> i thinknk that he is in fantasyland. he is trying to help deny tromp from getting to 1237. he will not win eight states. the only people that could change that rule are the delegat and two are the delegates?
12:36 pm
>> he is not on the ballolot. it is only two guys. what happens? marco rubio has nearly 170 delegates. more than what kasich has now. my understanding is on the first round the state has to bow with who won the state. on the second ballot, that is when it sort of was a free-for-all. neil: can kasich be pt of that? >> not unless the rule changes. >> it will always be tromp and cruz trumpet andnd cruz. >> i think that he is auditioning for your job. >> many are. they are not going to do that. getting nowhere with these guys. we will expand it out.
12:37 pm
other parties that have had this conundrum where they have tight finishes. ron paul getting so close to mitt romney. itannot be changed unless the delegates vote. >> a number you need for a nomination. that is a rule that i is pretty fixed. >> it is pretty fixed. it is up to him to seal the deal. >> that group that tromp group whatevert is, that is unfair. they will be upset. >> there have been a majority of
12:38 pm
delegates. voting to change the rule. neil: his delegatates would not do that. >> well, i would not think so. neil: the non-tromp side. the hope that there is enough support. >> i just do not see how it is going to be possible. those people want tromp or cruz to get the nomination. >> bryan murray. do you remember him? he wanted to kick tromp out of the gop. i guess you are kind of warning us. how would you describe it? >> i rather have some cannoli's after lunch. >> rate decorating. we are looking at john kasich ght now. very popular in this state.
12:39 pm
mo so than ted cruz. what roles could kasasich play in new york? >> remember, new york is a personal state. twenty-seven iividual contest going on right now. organizing some of these districts that include the bronx and manhattan. you have an opportunity to reach out to republicans. you talk about a 20% turnout across the state possibly. you end up in a situation where you have 10,000 people in the district. a campaign can be run that way. that could be something to pick up. >> let me ask you about k sick again. the understanding is, he hurts cruz jus being in the race.
12:40 pm
who says, though, if k sick were out, all of his votes would go to cruz? >> i talking about new york or the other contest? >> in new york, the comments that he made before. he had a poorer reception in the bronx yesterday. now more than 60% of the votes going forward. if he wins new york out right that number drops down to just over 50%. it is a unique situation herere in new york. ted cz really maybe hitting a wall at this point. >> it sounds like you kind of warmed up to tromp a little. what is going on?
12:41 pm
>> i never usesed the word hate. what i was doing that day was someththing i think was right at the time. that is wha really matters right now going forward. the enthusiasm you are getting from western new york down to long island yesterday donald trump was at bethpage, the reception was unbelievable. people are still talking about it. something that new york republicans are really waking up and turning out with record numbers. i think trump wins big in new york. the question is rather trump or cruz can organize to tryo spin and pick up a few delegates at this point. >> thank you very much.h. i appreciate it. and interesting number from
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neil: this is getting kind of weird. mandatory fees to help funds. undocumented students. i cannot get my hands around it.
12:47 pm
what is going on here? >> i wish i could get my hands around some of the pple that came up with this idea. this is a perfect example of why parents ould not be paying this much four college. this is an idea that give a scholarship fund to illegal immigrants, some of them are kids that were brought in, they were brought in by their parents. they havave been here illegally. coming out of the $2$28,000 a year tuition that people at preott college have to pay. e people that are paying are usually the parents. this idea was proposed by students and faculty. they just have to reach for their check book and keep paying. it is not a lot of money. we are talking about $30 a year.
12:48 pm
you know how these start neil. i used to have to pay the amt thousands of dollars. that was originally planned for two dozen people. now it hits millions and millions of people. the reason that thiss important is because taxpayers pay for it as well as parents. all of student loan debt is being unpaid. eventually, it will accrue to the taxpayers. they are doing so in the basis of student loans. taxpayers are doing this as well. stuart: thk you very much. a little scary if you think about it. it normally leads to a lot of ds gone bankrupt and or their parents. we are all stepping in something. after t this. ♪
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neil: you are welcome mcdonald's. i do not see the thank you card with theoupons in the mail. i think i have something to do with this. i told h you reallyant to do those eakfast and watches all day long. did not get any credit for it. that is what they did. again, mcdonald's. no, i am gting. every time they talk about that, it you should at least sniff around. student borrowers are hurting. seriously hurting. maybe on the bnk of, well, defaulting on their loans.
12:53 pm
taxpayers, are we? pardon. >> it seems as though that could be the ce eventually. i do not think that that is the case now. the notion of people not paying their student loans. >> interesting. >> 60 days or more links. that is an interesting argument.t. they will be forgiveven. >> pandering and saying whatever she needs to to attract those younger voters. neil: what do you make of thihis? i think that it is a lot of bernie sanders. i also tnk that we c cannot put all of the weight on that. >> the sanders phenomemenon.
12:54 pm
you could argue that they ar overwhelmed and they do not know what to dodo. >> there is nonot a reason to give every single. that a applies to college a loan. neil: did you take out loans? >> i did take out loans, but i am paying them all back. neil: what makes youou different did these guys? >> i am paying them back. neil: a lot of people are behind on their mortgages. maybe this is something to hold over from the meltdown. >> i absolutely agree with thahat. a number of individuals that went to college graduated. continuing on so they can get these. they have been looking for decent jobs. they could not buy o one.
12:55 pm
[laughter] by the way, on the right and the left. we live in and entitled so society. the government will step in to help. >> it definitely is. they do not understand what it is that they are signing up to. neil on. >> i do not think they really understand how huge it is and how much it will affect them. >> the interest that we windp having. it is a crazy rates. neil: to you take out loans? >> yes i did hear it still paying them back. if bernie sanders comes resident, perhaps there will be no one cared. neil: what do you tnk?
12:56 pm
>> considering the fact that we have not hit. the policy that is enabled. people walk more and bernie sanders is speaking to that. >> mcdonald's. neil: thank you both. we have been mentioning it about 400 times. it is really coming back to bite test crews on the high need. after this. ♪
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>> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. you are from new york? yoyou might not. [laughter] i promise you in north carolina they do. >> when the north carolina chapter came down, we rebuilt downtown manhattan. everybody in the world watched. everyone loved new york. i have to tell you that was a very insulting statement. >> new york k daily news cover. new yorkers do not forget. could they hold it out for ted cruz? former senator of the fine state of kentucky. senator, always good to have yo
1:01 pm
it is influencing people. i am sure ted cruz is mama is already going about this statement. i think the important thing that is appealingbout ted cruz to new yorkers and everyone else is where he stands on the issues. looking for cacandidate to reduce the size of government to expa opportunity, to give us an interest rate out of the tax code, ted cruz is your man. i do not know whether ronald rean loved taxes are not. i never asked. i know we had a program that i believed in with all of my heart. neil: i kind of knewhat he was saying
1:02 pm
i always felt from the moment he said it he realized how dumb it was. hurting him particularly in new york. that does not surprise me. i think that it will hurt him here. he could at let in new york, senator. what do you think of that? >> well, you know, i think that there are clichés about new york. i worked in new york f for nine years. there are new york values. hard work, fierce competitiveness. i understand. what is important here is whatt do the candidates propose to do
1:03 pm
about the massive problemss facing the country? you look at the two choices. were really down out to two choices. ted cruz is right on the issues. he does not knowow where he is. some of these are conflicting fofor ted cruz. he has uphill math here. no one will be near the 1237. hurtsts donald trump more than it hurts ted cruz. do you buyuy that? >> first of all, i think everybody has made too much of who is going to have the most delegates when you go to convention. if you do not have the majority,
1:04 pm
you do not have the winning hand. guaranteed. th, in essenceof what it will be. i thi that hacruz's chance of being the nominee are as good as donald trumps. neil: if we get to a second or third ballot, it helps your candidate more than it does donald trump. >> i think that that is right. i think that cruz has done a bett job of building grass roots. he will get most of the delegates to other candidates that have dropped out of t way. trump will go ththe convention. not the majority. i think ted cruz, would take a
1:05 pm
fit the-50 that that ted cruz will be the nominee. neil: a real riverboat gambler. >> can i say one more thing about new york? i think ted cruz is in a position, almost in a no lose situation. i think that people expect trump to win. he has all the pressure. he needs to win by a big majority. if you made a stupid statement somewhere, this is good of a place than any other. too serious a conontest. >> making bad statement. stuart: senator, thank you. >> i have made plenty of them.m. neil: this guy has ver made a stupid decision. charlie gasparino.
1:06 pm
[laughter] neil: what is going on? everyone is going after cruz. crews have his own tax plan. >> oh, guess. new york values to criticizing. new york republicans and conservatives. it is not that big of a deal. new york we a public in and conservatives know that the mayor of new york city and governor, they k know what he means. they are sick and tired of it. i think that donald has a lot of problems with new york republicans. neil: the lalatest poll. it was pre-wisconsin. >> a 5% margin off error. >> what do you thinknk?
1:07 pm
what is cruz going to hit him on? two things. we have to hit him on being, you know, being soft. for nobeing enough of a friend to israel. the israel palestine question like who is our friend. donald has a record of bei very pro-srael. acquitted on some of the questions involving the palestinians. they were hit him on all of h attacks on women. neil: in other words, the same strategy that worked in wisconsin. others have been telling me that it is not going to work in new york. charlie: donald should be winning bidder in new york cared iowa's thought he should be winning bidder in arizona.
1:08 pm
>> who are kasich supporters? >> i think mainstream republican. new york. neil: where would they go? >> i just think that it is funny that they all go to the bronx. >> we have been covering this. neil: did you talk to mike? actually very good. i think that it is hysterical. there are three republicans in the bronx. i have news for you, they are not impart chester.. they are not in arthur neil: not the bridge. charlie: the other.
1:09 pm
anyway, i think cruz belieieves that h he has good ammo against donald on israel. their game plan is just to keep them under 5 50 and whittle away delegates. basically going to the convention to deprive them of the majority. charlie: it is a long issue. neil: very good. >> i like mustard. >> instantly identifying it. we will go to, right now. he is there right now. i am sorry. okay. connell is right there. any blowback. eating with a fork and knife. did that come back to haunt him? >> it is amazing. t's not talk about that. it is funny.
1:10 pm
bunch of people just came up and said, watch what you are doing. you cannnnot do that. you cannot do that. by the way, great to see gasparino paying attention to our coverage here roughout the day. >> i will tell you what they say in the bronx. >> the irish guy there. >> all right. >> writeter cross the street. >> you will get thrown out headfirst. [laughter] >> you have people coming in to see him. yes, there is a big crowd.
1:11 pm
kasich, will we spoke with him last hour, you see the struggle that cruz has had. the new york values. the donald trump rallied. the huge reaction that a cop. kasich sees that. he thought he could do better here. listen to this. >> how do you feel about this state and how many delegates you can capture? >> we are running second, i think, here. i can perform pretty well. we will see. i have been sayiying for weeks that we were headed to an open convention. i i think a lot of people questioned that. the delegate race around the country. a political operative.
1:12 pm
mccain romney. all of the republicans working on the second ballot. i have to tell you, i think you wanted to talk more with donald. the leaderboard at theasters going right now. with that said, he continues h campaign. on august 3 avenue. i know you have made a number of references. we could bring you home lunch. i do have a bit of could always here for you and gasparino. >> my buddy owns a bakery. >> unbelievable. >> i am not kidding you. i know that it is ge.
1:13 pm
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. you been wanting to share some news with you. tesla is down today. advanced orders for 325,000 of those subcompact miles coming out. that is a $14 billion commitment on the behalf of 325,000 different customers that were so jazzed. they are ponying up $14 billion
1:17 pm
worth of sales th just amazes me. then there is mcdonald's. that amazes me. benefiting from my recommendation. the stock has been seeing nothing but this. it is off to the races again. an all time high. ju saying. all right. both are interesting. one was considered dead me. that would be mcdonald's. the other was considered overrad. a san frcisco president. today, you are going to be seeing our peter barnes. market moving event. do not forget. give us a hint about where the federal reserve is going.
1:18 pm
all right. jamie dimon is talking more about market volatility. paying attention to something like that. he is seeing part of the same thing. what is going on? >> very regulated banking set there. the more erratic and volatile it will become. it is specifically among the administrati. it does not punish crimiminals. it punishes innoce is this people. regulation says everything you do is guilty until proven innocent. it always leads to distraction. >> when i hear jamie dimon to your point, you mentioned this ahead of a lot of people.
1:19 pm
is he telegraphing something? let it be going on record here. i warned you. >> jamie dimon they opere with guns to their head. regulators that go to work every day in jpmorgan's office. jp diamonds office. even an investor like all of us. deciding where we put our money. it is what is the politics her the biggest sector on these highly regulated sectors of the economy. it is always negative. the regulatations against don trading, for example. the cost higher for every investor. antitrust regulations. allergen and pfizer.
1:20 pm
it has a real negative effect. particularly in finance. >> have you seen the latest star wars movie? >> i cant say i have actually seen it. are you in it? neil: no. no. the new one is cing out. it is a prequel, i guess. i know how you stand on this. the movies are stupid. i want them to stop now. what do you think? >> george lucas is planning a massive exam. the box office dollars rollining. that is a n-answer. i admire how you orchestrated that. >> thank you.
1:21 pm
that is the prequel. the fallout from that after this. ♪ when you think about success what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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1:24 pm
>> welcome back. coast to coast. google is expanding driverless car testing. tting the road in phoenix arizona. googles driverless car hit a public bus. the national traffic safety administrationays it is now working on new guidelines for cars. the market may be down today. mcdonald's is hitting anothe lifetime high. make donald ock has now hit 10 new lifetime highs. the stock is up 8% year-to-date. whis wored about a ceo plan. disney has star wars on horizon.
1:25 pm
the epode for prequel. fecity jones. i bet you will be in line. >> no, i won't. it ia prequel. they are trying to make more money. >> i understand. thank you very much. tax day is just around the corner. you shld also know that going through the whole process. i k you a lot of questions about the kind of healthcare coverage that you have or do not have. gerri willis is here to give you a primer on what else. >> that is right. how approiate. tax day is on a monday this year.
1:26 pm
let's talk about the obama care panel. this year it will be 325 for adults. to percent of household income. why would you be charged this? because you do not have healthcare coverage. it is an obamacare penalty. 2.5% of income. look out. here is how it comes. where the government helps you pay for your healthcare. if you do not have coverage. who is in charge of tracking all of this. we delayed the mandate. or employers for this year. they have to pay $2000 per
1:27 pm
employee. you have a business with fewer employees. after that, you have to start paying up. just a couple numbers about this tax year. peoplele in america, they will pay 3.3 milln in federal taxes. 1.6 trillion in state and local taxes. th i $5 trillion. 31% of the nation's income. this is re than we pay for food, clothing, housing. the essentials. we are paying more for taxes than we are for that. >> great news. i have been telling you about these refugees here in the united states. a lot of lawmakers are divided over where exactly they are gog. ♪
1:28 pm
. .
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1:31 pm
neil: all right. remember when the government and apple were coming to loggerheads here about unlocking a phone. they found out we can unlock this phone? apparently it was just that phone. a lot of new ones not so easy to do. lizzie? >> that's right. neil. fbi director james comey speaking at kenyon college in ohio, that the technique to into the san beanadino terrorists
1:32 pm
work iphone, only works on older models, not the newer models. listen to what director comey said. >> everyone knows this. this is bit of a technological corner case because the world is moving on to 6s. it doesn't work in 6s. doesn't work in a 5s. we have a tool that works on narrow slice of phones. reporter: we know law enforcement has dozens of other cases they're working on that invovolves apple iphones. the e question is, is that constitutional fight between apple and the fbi over? it looks like the answer is no. we know that the manhattan d.a. says he has 175 iphones he nes to get into to solve crimes including homicide and child kidnapping. aclu says there are five dozen more cases across the country. apple may need to basically -- fbi and law enforcement to get into these other phones so. that fight isn't over. also what is happening too
1:33 pm
neil, that basically they go to criminal interrogatory in court where fbi is in separate fight with apple getting into an iphone. the fbi may need to reveal in the evidentiary proceedings there, how it got into the san rnanadino terrorists iphone. in other words, the fbi and law enfoement may need to answer questions from opposing counsel what the technique was they used to get into the terrorist work iphone. so we're tracking the story for you. it is not going away, neil. back to you. neil: great job. thank you very much, lizzie. reporter: sure. neil: the president is heading to california tonight toto do a little fund-raising to see if hollywood can help democrats take back house e and senate. they have a good shot at senate. jeff flock with all the details. reporter: president, neil, is on his way to chicago as we speak to talk at the law school to talk about the supreme court. then on to california and huge fund-raiser tonight. look at some people in attendance.
1:34 pm
typical hollywood luminaries on democratic side. barbra streisand, james brolin the actor. j.j. abrams, "star wars" director. it will be hosted by alan horn, chairman of disney studios. this is 5,000 a ticket fund-raisers at his home. 15,000 for a couple. if you want to co-host it, do that f $3300. if you want to meet th president with a vip reception that will cost you almost 6thousand dollars. this is to benefit the democratic senatorial campaign committee as you point out it has a shot from the senate. this is the pitch from the senate, essentially. if these crazy republicans are nuts enough donald trump, take a look what happens in the fall. we need only look at polling the head-to-head hillary clinton, donald trump, bernie sanders, donald trump, both of those right now show double-digit leads. one poll has sanders upbeating trump 24 percentage points.
1:35 pm
the point is, if it is that bad of a bloodbath in the fall, that translates down ballot, at least in the senate, and maybe even in the house if it gets crazy enough. that's the pitch for big money for the democrats in the senate. neil: 15,000, to get that -- reporter: but put you down for the vip. 67 grand. neil: joe piscopo and i have 15-dollar entry fee at the olive garden. reporter: you're italian though. isn't that owned by greeks? neil: you got me on that, jeff. welcome sir,. >> hi, neil, how are you? neil: you like charlie gasparino recognized where john kasich was. > two weeks ago. going to the st. joseph's celebration new orlrleans st. joseph and all the. chaz palmenttieri we go on a plane, usually fly j jetblue.
1:36 pm
this time they sent a plane. david greco -- neil: you're on private plane. >> i don't generally do that. neil: when is last time you flew commercial? >> when i took the kids to florida last week. it was jetblue. but i got extended seats. there you go. we on the plane with all the italian guys on the plane. john eye ol' la from national italn-american foundation. david greco, he brings out a feast like you saw. john kasich, he wasn't eating. i wouldn't be talking to the press. i would just be eating. neil: got in a lot of trouble eating pizza with a fork and knife. >> he and bill de blasio. neil: i was told later on he was eating, right? oh, he is eatiting now. >> will you please pass on to connell if i say, eat something, mike's deli. neil: connell was looking g for corned beef and bbage. i told him you're wasting your time.
1:37 pm
what do o you make of the kasich phenomenon? great governor. good human bei. >> yeah. neil: what's he doing? >> can't get a handle on it, so capable probably more than anyone to be president of the united states as governor of ohio. he will not do anything. he is hanging in for one reason. because the convention is where? in ohio. he just wants that little luster. but he is, he is great but just can't -- in new york he will be in newew york. i don't think he -- neil: he is second in the polls in new york. >> yeah, yeah. neil: that is kind of wild right? >> he will take delegates. if there is that bloodbath we keep talking about in cleveland indeed, donald is shy by 50 or 100. no one is voting, it is end of republican party. neil: the argue, success of donald, trump is in trouble, right, that is the fear? >> hard -- neil: you like trump? are you supporting trump? >> not supporting anybody. neil: people like this, you are supporting somebody. just not saying it. >> i like donald because i know donald. neil: been on your fine show and you tip your bias.
1:38 pm
>> i do a little bit. a lot of people, teded cruz called donald my guy. i'm not officially supporting anyone. i like donald trump when he comes to new york, no one should even show up. donald will smoke it. it will be great. can i tell a story, inside line? do we have time to do that on "cavuto"? neil: please. >> i don't mean to break confidences. when we go on 0 the answer. all people come on, judge napolitano, you come on the show. giveme creditsability. i say that with respect. neil: you don't need credibility. >> you were in new hamhire. i was in your studio in new york. then you did a great interview with trump. i'm waiting this watching, forgive me, i hope i'm not talking out of school i hear you and donald talking back and forth after interview. there is commercial break, donald, thank you, neil. my sons are big fans. you go, thank you, donald. donald says to neil cavuto this, is humility of donald trump, how do you think i will do tomorrorow with the primary?
1:39 pm
thatas a like a little kid asking you. neil: : that was last interview we had. >> i think he walked for some reason. then, your producer cas, three minutes, joe. i'm wawaiting. she calls me back, neil, did you know this happened? she calls me back, joe you will not believe what happens, dodonald trump just c called the studio back after interview with neil joe piscopo in the studio? yeah. give joe my best. i've known him for years. used word. sweet. he is sweet guy. that is smart man. a caring man. that is why i like donald trump. neil: do you think he will survive the hit in wisconsin? >> absolutely. i think it's a blip. il: what do you think of the fact he ripped ted cruz after losing? was that necessary to do? >> no. neil: you're gracious is. business acumen -- >> he was in long island. i heard it in the voice of my listeners this morning. pumped. 12,000. 6,000 on the outside.
1:40 pm
neil: do you think he should have been nice >> absolutely. neil: : you know what -- >> senator cruz, stay tuned on piscopo, there is another smart man. he is incredibly smart. neil: you're tryg to ingratiate yourself with everyone. thank you, my friend. you're next governor of new jejersey. telling you. >> but i'll tell youou what,t, it will not cost $66,000 to meet me. neil: just 66. we'll see you at the olive garden. you were great, my friend. joe piscopo. nonene better on that show, all the others since losers. stick around. you are watching fox business. the dow, as joe was talking, is tanking.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> good afternoon, from the floor of the new york stock exchae. i'm lori rothman with fox business report. gold, treasurys l you havep instor not looking to take a whole lot of risk today. glal growth concerns coming back in as major worry here. let's look at lf stocks. you know the masters gets underway today, and most lower with the exception much nike. nike shares up a quarter of a percent. look at dicks, off morthan 2% right now. here isomething interestin if youlot golf related and sports related shares agait performance of s&p 500, they virtually mirror one another.
1:43 pm
golf stocks, sports stoc, s&p, in tandem. your golf game may determine future of stocks? not really but fun to look a patterns. stocks are down,he dow off 121 points despite better than expected initial jobss repororts coming in this morning. join "cavuto: coast t to coast."
1:44 pm
neil:: we have that new video
1:45 pm
coming out of brussels that seems to show the suspect, remember the guy in white who was leaving on the street, we don't know where he went. the fact he was le to run out of the airport, in fact two colleagues died in those attacks in belgi now a chase for where and how he got out and who might have worked with him. and all of this, on the very same day, the first syrian refugees are arrive in the uned states. bush 43 defense officiaial, peter brooks with us. peter, on this new tape, what do you guys look for on stuff like ththat when it comes out? >> i mean you're obviously going to look for any sort of signs that might allow to you identify, identify this persoson. i mean you can use biometric data. you can try to look what is it going on in the background, what is around him, thingngs along that line. you're looking for anything, you're going to look at this for quite some time to see if you can get something that will give
1:46 pm
you a clue and lead to something big. neil: obviously you look for those working with these guys. obviously it wasn't just these guys. that is sometimes a multi-month, even multiyear search, isn't it? > it can be. think about you had the most wanted man in europe responsible for the paris attacks, , basically arrested a week, a block from his neighborhood home. it can be very, very difficult. there are probably many people i'm not a law enforcement person, neil, per se, probably many people on most-wanted lists around the world that seem to be ablele to evade. we're talking about people that seem to be unfortunately quite clever and they're probably trying to evade and thought about these things in advance. this is very difficult and may take some time. good information sharing and street work will become critical. neil: comes at a time when first
1:47 pm
wave of syrian refugees are coming to the united states. president set star get for 10,000 refugees by end of september. >> yes. neil: how closely are we screening these folks? >> that is my concern, neil. this should be a humanitarian cision, not a political decision. we shouldn't rushing timetables. once the u.n. refugee agen hands somebody off to us from syria or somebody place else in the world, someone persecuted, takes s 18 to 24 months. i understand a thousand already have come since last year. these are the newest a after the surge effort. talking about 10,000 by september. i dodon't think it should be driven by timetables. it should be a thorough, rigorous screening of these individuals before they're allowed to come to the united states. we don't want to come with a situation like they had in europe where people were flowing into e europe with little scrutiny. we know what happened since then.
1:48 pm
neil: peter, thank you, always a plpleasure. >> thank you. neilil: as peter and i were wrapping up there "usa today" is reporting that supervisors instructed schedulers at va to alter vets waiting times for care in at least seven states. we don't know much more than ththat. of course it would feed the argument that our vets, not only wait a a long time, some we're ld, died waiting for that care. but now "usa today" reporting this was rampant in seven states where thee bosses at va a wereates. doctoring the documents. we'll have more after this. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée,e, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
[laughter]. neil: gary player, 80 years old doing that at augusta. hole-in-one. john kasich told us something even bigger? >> i played at augusta years ago and i found out, when i first got there that the caddies bet on you. and i forgot about it until we got to the 18th hole, i hit my d drive on the sand traps on the left. i said to the caddie i want to hit 7-iron. he said,d, no, you need to hit 6-iron. i argue, i realize he is the about on me. i hit a 6-iron knocked in a hole with a two. first two at august is it in 50 years. >> wow. >> you should have been really shocked. should have fallen down in that story. neil: golf stories i don't believe a word of it. i want to see e the tape. we'l'll see there, augusta,
1:53 pm
masters, that that belg with a gene jacket, ralph? thatat s starts -- they don't have -- talking to imaginanary friends here, folks. you don't need to know. you what you neeeed to know campaign is in full throttle. we talk about a lot of fighting back and forth on rerepublican side but democrats are putting up the dukes lately y with bernie sanders saying hillary clinton isn't qualified to be president. a race to win back superdelegates which my next guest is one, superdelegate supporting hillary clinton. christine pelosi. good to have you back. >> thank you, neil. good to be with you. neil: same to you. first off, bernie sanders went there, he actually said she is not qualified. she didn't return the salvo. what is happening? >> well, what's happening is we're getting down to very exciting primary contest in new york and then throughout thehe midwest, out to california, my home state. looks like we'll count this year. so we're excited about that, but
1:54 pm
i also think that a couple of these tabloid headlines aside, the real dethat you see in the democraticarty is a debate about breaking down barriers so we can all rise together as hillary clinton says or bernieie nders's theory of case, which if you solve income gap, then all those other barriers are going to naturally fall away. i think most voters have responded to hillary clinton's message but -- neil: you're right. it is always a moving target -- >> excited to make this count. neil: granted it is moving target. he has won six of the last seven contests. she leads by a lot in new york but that is comment that might come back to bite her in the general election, right, when her chief opponent says she is not qualified to be president. do you think that is something that democrats have to worry about now, that we focus so much on infighting among republicans and all, that you guys have some problems? >> well, i'll say this it is opening g day for the san francisco giants, world
1:55 pm
champions, even year. i'm here in my orange before i head to the ballpark. i wrote a piecece this weeks about lessons from politics and baseball and frankly the most important one that could say to all democrats and frankly to the republicans too, don't boo the home team. that is what the other side is for. one thing to make the team better about, you don't need to boo and be sportsman like. neil: those are words to live by. christine, one thing that sanders folks have been raising the role of superdelegates. you and i chatted about this last time you were here. >> sure. neil: folk like you, political operatives or congressman and senators, making this much more prohibitive race for bernie sanders than need be. what do you think of that, the idea that if she does get over ththe threshold, thanks to those superdelegates because it is much tighter if they wen't factored in? >> well, neil, as we discussed i think all superdelegates ought to join me on te democracy.
1:56 pm
i was pleased to hear former president bill clinton say a week ago in new york he will use his superdelegagate vote for the winner of the pledged delegates. thank you, mr. president. all the superdelegates should. neil: that is not a daring statement, right? >> i think it's important that more of us who say that the less mysterery and mystique you have about who we are and what we do. i will say this. the person who wins the democratic nomination is going to be the person who wins the pledged delegates. right now that person is hillary clinton. neil: all right. >> she knows better than most people the position bernie sanders finds himself in rightht now because eight years ago she had just w won some primaries at this time. neil: you're right about that we'll watch it closely. we'll watch it closely. >> barack obama was prohibitive favorite, went on to be nominee. i think superdelegates are sort after distraction. neil: they're a big one. i don't want to jump on you my friend, we have to go to the break. because weave to pay our bills here. thank you very much
1:57 pm
then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as eay as you can. it's going to papay off in the future. if we all start savinga little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenenges.
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>> it's the chart of the day. neil: look at that. mcdonald's raising to new highs. dow not raising to new highs today. ever since i told mcdonald's trish you should know this, go breakfast all day, they have never looked back. th never looked back. >> you should be on their team. that was a brilliant move. i now w go to mcdonald's breakfast all day. thank you, neil. surveillance of coming t to us of brussels airport attacker man in white that remains at large. they threaten to throw an infant a little baby at the police if they're deported. all of this as the political


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