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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for wating. and remember... >> it's just money. can't take it with you. we'll pass you over to lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox news. lou: good evening i am lou dobb, donald trump unexpectedly clearing his schedule to focus on new york primary in lune -- in less than two weeks, cancncels s a friday press conference in california, a campaign spokeseswoman confirming he will be campaigning throughout new york. part of reason that trump may be able to do that is because he is leleading ted cruz and all of pololls, in upcoming primarieies states including new york. a brand-new field popoll out of california shows trump with a 7 point lead over cruz. washshington post poll out of maryland, showing trump with a
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10 point lead. over john n kasich, cruz running third. this week, hardly have started better for cruz, but his wisconsin win, has not produced momentum in any other state to this point. and new york is down right hostilto the senator from texas. the new york daily news covered, didid not mince words with its front page, take the fu train, ted, and cruz trying not to necessarily winew york. but to try it block trump from winning 50% of the vote. and taking all of the states 95 delegates. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that. lou: i'll take that up with former chairman of republican party in south carolina. our guest, also, i'll talk
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about who is best candidate for jobs, the economy, middle class with the ceo of tea time -- tee time capital david sokol. and bernie sders doubling down on his criticism that hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you raise millions of dollars from wall street an entity whose greed, recklessness and illegal behavior hped to doe stro destroy our economy. we'lget used to it ft.t. i'm not getting beaten up or lead about. we'll fight back. lou: i'll have will put report for you on the battlcoming up. >> our top story, battle over new york, voters, ted cruz, trying to win over religious voters to donald trump's home turf, a lot of new yorkers still hold a grudge over the texas senators infamous quip
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about new york values, real clear politics polling average for new w york shows trump with a 31 point lead over cruz, 31. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts in brooklyn with our report. reporter: running thirin latest new york pollted cruz courteed -- voters, reminding voters that donald trump once rubbed elbows with liberals. >> now, our friends in the media tell us that donald trump is unstoppable in neww york state. oddly enough our friends in the media a are comfortable with the new york liberal who is supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton, and chuck schumer. for decades.
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reporter: the appeal to religious conservatives will not win a landslide, mt jews in new york identify as democrats, cruz is trying to keep frump below 50% in new york, a threshold where he coultake home all 95 delegates, but cruz run into a buzzsaw of criticism over what he said at south carolina debate about new york values, including this new ad from kasich campaign. >> i think most people know what new york values are. >> i have to say, they are not iowa values, t they are not new hampshire value, everyone knows what n york values are. >> ted cruz divides to get a vote, john kasich uned. reporter: kasich is campaigning hard, encouraged by new pollspennsylvania that show he is only republican that beats bernie sanders and buries hillary clinton. >> everyone now knows we're going to -- a convention, delegates who can win in the fall.
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i am only one that is win in the fall. >> unbelievable. reporter: to collect majority of det gals narrowing, donald trump made his campaign moretain stream, appointed paul -- who engineere president ford's over reagan to head up a new dc office, they will hold regular meetings with supporters to capitol hi. to beef up staff for final push to california. sources close to the campaign tell me that fact that donald trump is beginning to hire shington insidessers, is a sign of his unconventional ststyle of campaigning is not getting him where he needs to be. this is a little bit of a protest going on here at a ji john kasich, vepght event. let me continue what i was saying.
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donald trump has been bleeding delegates from ted cruz, he needs to stop the glow of, that you about can his team in new york get along with these washington establishment insiders, we'll find out. now here -- i have not seen this before at a john kasich events, he is the kind of gentler candidate, they are trying to shut him down, pretty soon they will l get him out of here. interesting to see him tryry to shut down montel williams. stepping out of the way. >> kasich. kasich. kasich. kasich. lou: they are shouting there. there is something spectacular about a anti-kinder protest. and in particular, trying to take on montel williams, who
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-- well, he is n not likely to fail to hold his own against any number of protestotors. >> kasich. reporter: it seems to be there was a fellow in here, who said he was undecided voter, he shouted as a republilican, voter who was herere. the repupublican voter started shouting b back they know each other. just got into a dust up here. lou, it is really incrededible year in politics. here in the uniteded states and you know, as they sasay, politics ain't beanbag, here in brorooklyn it ain't. lou: and through out new york state, as senator cruz, and governor kasich are finds out, great to s see you, thank you so much, john roberts reports from b brooklyn. lou: tensisions blairin flaring on dem greating g side, hilly clinton, and bernie sanders engaging in anan all out war of words over who is qualify or less quaualified to be president.
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sanders has momentum after his big wiwisconsin win. but clinton is maintaining a 10 point lead now in p polls, in her adopted home state of f new york. and it turns out that t both candidates, don't know how to ride the new york susubway. that is part of the e news tonight. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our hospitital. reporter: hillary clinton n and bernie sanders have been boasting their battle is far more high minded and less negative than the republican sparring match, today theyey broke into open warfare, over who is qualilify for president, who is not. >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualificatioions madame secretary, you voted for the war in iraq, thehe most disastrous foreign policy blunder. >> a silly thing to say, but i will trust the voters of new york who know me. reporter: she rode the new yoyork city subway, she tried to take the high road after helping topark fight by refusing wedednesday to answer
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whwhether sanders is qualify to be president. >> i think he has s not done his homework, he had been talking for momore than a year, about doing things thahe had not really stutudied or understood. reporter: on wednesday issue night, sanders escalated thahat spat. >> i don't think that you are qualified if y you get 15 million dollars from wall street, for yourur super pac. reporter: clinton allilies fired back, senator barbara boxer tweeting, bernie's attack, was beneath hihim, she is the most qualify person to ever run for potus. despite outrage, if you remind tape to 202008, hillary clinton and her husband, suggegested then barack obama was not qualifieied to be president. >> i have said that senator mccain will bring a lifetime of experience e to the campaign, i will bring a lifetime of experienence, and president obama will bring a speech h me
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gave in 2002. >> give me a break. this whole thing is a biggest fairytale. reporter: it might seem like a fairytale for hillary clinton to ride subway to try to connect with average v voters, shshe rarely close through the turn styles. >> it is so convenient, the best w way to get around. rereporter: that was also an effort to poke sanders who got tripped up when he tried to sound like a every damon -- every day, man, he used token, but they got rid of these years agago o for me metro card. reporter: clinton a slam had less impact when she ststruggleed and did not appear too familiar with that metro card, yeyesterday in philadelphia, a hot mic caught her fretting about an enthusiasm g gap with or crowd. >> we have to get enerergy going. rereporter: campus upset, that when cbs news pressed sanders,
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sandy hookok families for apologizing for -- lou. lou: getting ugly, ed henry thank you. >> bill clclinton stumping for his wife today in philadelphia. he was inripped by blalack lives matter demonstrators. which lasted a several minutes, clinton ripped those protesteters saying they were defending very criminals who are killing the very lives they say matter. >> wait t a minute. wait a minute. now you are screaming. let's do another one. we, e, woe. wait, wait. i want to deal with them all, come on. no. i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders, who got 13-year-old kids, hoppeded up on crack, and send
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them out on streets, to murder other african-american children, maybe you thought they were good citizens, she didn't. she didn. you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matt. tell the truth. >> tell the truth, president clinton took a not so subtle swipe at president obama, saying unlike when he was the president, a lot of things are coming apart aroundt world now, a few weeks ago clinton slammed when he called awful legacy of the last 8 years. well state of affairs not much better this europe. the illegal immigrant and refugee crisis turned violent today. clashes breaking out in greek border with mass don' macedonia dozens of people, were demanding borders be open. officials are giving some 11,000 refugees and immigrants
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two weeks to leave voluntarily. to move to arm built camps or they will be expel by force. vatican confirming this pope francis will meet with regees on greek island next weekend, he has eurchle urged europeans to open their hearts and doors to refugee more than a million have already enred europe, and chaos has ensued in a number of countries. >> we're learning more about how the fbi was able to crack that cell phone from belonginged to one of san bernardino terrorists. speaking at canyon college in ohio, james comey confirm they bought the technology. >> it is not the case that if apple wrote software for the killer's phone it would be at risk, any more than we're all at catastrophic risk now that the government has purchase a
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tool, that allows court authorized access to the phone. lou: if it was that simple, why did fbi not buy it in february and avid a public month and a half long legal battle? comey asked about fbi a clinton e-mail scandal investigation. >> of fbi because we aspire to, 3 things, honest, competent and indedependent, wee not perfect. i have stayed close to that investigation to insure it is gun that way weaker re-- to en hurry it is done that way, we have resouources, there is no outside influence. lou: then, why then has the ininvestigation already taken 8 months? and secretary clinton still has not been contacted for a interview. >> we'reoming right back stay with us. >> it is really the way to win a state, ted cruz doubling
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down on his new york values insult. >> let's be clear the people of new york know what those values are. >> donald trump is not having any of it. >> talking about new york values, hatred. with hatd of new york. >> cruz is not doing well in new york, trump is leading the polls in every upcoming state primary. we take it all up with former chairman of south carolina republican par evan -- van hip. >> and perfect driving coitions, except for a fallen tree across a highway on a plieppe blind curve, we haveesults of what happens next on video after these important messages. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it owing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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11:20 pm
got i don't think that is working, here is what is interesting, the polls, he is running third in the poll behind john kasich. and kasich is actually his super pac is spending 7 figures to remind people of new york what he said about new york values. if trump can hit 50, and cruz comes in third. i think what happens in new york could basically take away all momentum he had coming out of wisconsin. lou: he wanted to achieve was momentum coming out of the best performance he could imagine in wisconsin. and he has just run into a swamp in new york. it does, it all centers, round that unnecessary remark he made, you know, trump is you know, generally creditor blame for not following a script.
11:21 pm
it obvious cruz regrets that one. >> yep, i was there, that of the fox business debate in north charleston, south carolina, i could not believe it, that was trump's best mome in the debate, reminding people how people of new york came together we were all new yorkers on september 11, john kasich is helpingng trump right now with those ads, it will be a fun next 12 days. lou: where kasich finishes is basically immaterial. the trump strategy is important to him. do you think he is doing the right thing? not traveling to other states, who have contests coming up, some distance like california. that does not do anything until first week of june. but, f focus on new york, is that a lesson of wiscsin? >> i think he has to do it, he sees this an opportunity to hit that 50, get on 95, if he does that, his people think
11:22 pm
they have a chance to get to 1310, i think if he gets had 1187, they have a shot to pill it off, bringing on paul is a good move, he counted delegates for ford, and reagan, he did a good job. he was lee atwaters business partner, she probably should have been onboard a long time ago. lou: what about the ground game? i would have thoht that trump learned his lesson watching what happened to him in iowa without a ground game. it you comprehend why he does not want a ground operation. >> that is going to be key for general election, there are two weaknesses, hisis strength is message of bringing jobs back home. lou: he backed away from this for two weeks. >> that got him to being front-runner his weakness has been two. i think had he addressed tried early on he coulhave sealed
11:23 pm
deal. number one, lack of a campaign infrastructurere. to capture people who want to get involved that includes delegate selection process, no senator, septembe sinister motive afoot, they have been in place for year, and second, data analytics, technology, he had the kind of technology that cruz or kasich had, he would have won state like new york by 10 point points. lou: and you know, the support he has got, so many millions of voters, they have to be pulling their hair out, he refused to go there, it appears he is going there. van, talking about the analytics. get out vote technology that republican party has failed to deploy and to have ready. vagood to have you with us. >> lou great to be with yoyou. lou: b breaking news,
11:24 pm
spokeswoman for rudy guliani said that former new york mayor will vote for donald trump in the new york primary in less than two weeks. this, they say, i love this, the jewel yawn -- julian guliani people said not a official endorsement for trump but he will vote for trump. he would like at left 50% in new york, vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that republican convention should consider only trump or cruz to be their nominee? cast your vote on . >> heart stopping moment out of australia, dashcam pictures.
11:25 pm
show a semitruck charges toward a driver who stopped on the side of thee road, semi tracho-- driver slams on his brake, he comes trailer with second to spare, regains control, slips past the parked truck, man. no one hurt. thanks to some quick actions by that semi driver. >> up next, bernie sanders has -- i don't know if he started it? but he is in an all ought war right now --al ou right now with hillary clinton. >> maybe american people might wonder about your qualifications when you voted for the war in iraq. the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. >> i am going to explore what is happening, in the
11:26 pm
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lou: as a fi thoughts on democratic battle for presidential nominion, left engaged in conflict. the democrats divided in what a deeper divide mortal contest within their party. hillary clinton taking sharp aim at bernie sanders. after his big win in wisconsin. questioning whether the candidate is a democrat or understands the issues he is talking about. sanders feared right back. -- fired right back. >> secretary clinton appears to get nervous. she has been saying that she thinks that i am quote, unquote, not qualified to be president. i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15
11:31 pm
million from wall street through your super pac. lou: clinton, appears has good reason to get nervous, sanders moved two points ahead of clinton in latest national poll. and he is closing in on her with fledged ge -- delegates as well, he has 1030, and clinton has 1280, hillary clinton lead is 25% more pledged delegates, trump has 44% more than cruz. given sandnders victories, clinton must hear echos of pounding theme of another senator who was gaining on her 8 8 years ago. yes, unset in new york -- an upset in new york is now possible, some say on verge of likelihood. sanders achieves a victory in
11:32 pm
new york that would change algorithm forever r clinton and democrats and throw the race for presidency wide open. our quotation of the evening, we should turn to socialism, he is a democratic socialist. tonight, quote from lady mark margaret thatcher, socialists cry power to the peopl and raise a clinched fist as they sait we know what they mean, power over people, power to the state. >> up n next, trump blasting ford over pls to build a new plant in mexico. who would be the best j jobs president? i take thaup with ceo of tee time capital, saved so col, he will join me near
11:33 pm
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lou: joining us ceceo of private equity firm, teton capital, david sokol. great to have you here. >> glad to be here. lou: let's first start with what is going on in this -- we have a front-runner in republican party. who saidid we have a bubble economy. that recessions imminent. your judgment is one of for
11:37 pm
-- fore most cld men. >> we don't have to go to recession but t we do have to is under back this set of policieses where we put so much weight on american business through regulation. administrative orders, the unceainty of what is next, thing like yesterday, white house stops a merger that is legal under the tax law, and changes the tax law. american was known as s a country with a rule of law that people cod depend on. all of that affects where the economy goes. >> where is business leadership here? we dean hear from chamber of commerce, and rounund table or individual ceos about this treasure rule against inversioions as they are called. , hahad -- it seems when he breaks, he barack obamama.
11:38 pm
>> andnd in then when there something like this,s, still silelent leadership in our businessommunity. >> we have become a cocountry that deals with politics through either destruction or division, business leaders are scared. i can't tell you the number of business dinners i had, say one thg, you shouldn't youou say that publicly, the answer circumstance the government will come after me. thatat is a problem. lou: that is say problem. and also, that means there is fear throughout the country. if our business leaders are scared of this administration. should is lawless in so many ways, whether immigration, or whether it is treaties not addressed as such. for example iranian nuclear deal that is a treaty. but no one will whisper ththat word, thatat would require
11:39 pm
approval from the senate. its and working men and women, they are scared to death, they have not had a pay raise, in realerms for 40 years, where are we going to musmuster courage. >> america i is -- second -- was built 3 premises. freedom, free enterprise, and human kindness. every one of these 3 pillors in our country are under attack, freedom, if you don't force the laws, i don't have any issue with any hispanic person or any race tcome in legally enforce the laws, if you change tax laws retro actively, all different things that government is try to try to socialize your soety, takes away those freedoms issue free enterprise is under attack every day.
11:40 pm
we should t have class warfrfare. lou: we're wching warfare, you know, within the class. when you g got the republica establishment. trying to stop donald trump trying to in some ways it appears to use ted cruz,s some sort a tool of flection, , so that someone else could be inseed. that is g.o.p. elites, the country isetting concerned. you talkbout politics of destruction, and division. we're watching hbo put up the justice clancthomas dock you dram-- fantasy i tnk. lo at worst possible time, i know this concerns. >> you they are ing it on purpose, this gets to civility we latest be we used to debate isissues, we could have an argument, my dadas a rural
11:41 pm
nebraskan, taught us to sit and discuss thins and argue over them, we could argue without being disagreeable, clarence thoma tom 1991, one of finest human beings. you know greatests judges, phenomenal background, accused by one person, uncorroborated to attack his pers, left realized they could not attack his resume or his background, they found a pern to make something up, a hundred other people testified on his behalf, he almost was not confirmed over that. lou: left still -- anita hill, you know she was absolutely dismiss by evidence and the testimony. and the hearing. >> now hbo says let's run a movie that is a fantasy, it is absolutely i have seen the script, it is make believe. they are promoting a movie,
11:42 pm
they say this is aimportant issue of sexual harassment. we have to have a 5 about it that is not where they are doing it they are doing it apply pressure to conserervative supreme court justice to see if he will resign so lt could appoint a second. lou: we know him well. >> fabulous human being. lou: a terrific man, david, we have to call it here, you get last word. >> if there is a movie, that should be aired it is about a president committing sexual harassment in the white house, that should not be aired either, hbo is doing society a disservice, we have to back to arguments and make them fairly, and the facts. >> it would be nice to see business leaders who have courage of davi sokol to stay what they mean. >> thank you, lou. lou: good to have you here. >> we're coming right back with a lot more to take up.
11:43 pm
stay with us. >> donald trump preparing for a contested convention, hiring seasons political operatives. will it deliver moreotes? hehere next. > and speeding awaway in a fannie car. -- fanancy car, it might like to some like fun and d games, but the driver of this mustang, gave it just a little too much gagas, we'll show you what happens nenext here on "louou dobbs tonight." stay with us, we'll be right back. when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll savthe day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gon pay! not so fast! i cover more th just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut!
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lou: joining us chris plant. and ebony williams, thank you. >> let m me start with trump, washington post in a nudud news article saying with great pride, thamexican government, going after donald trump with everything they got, their headline i mexico standing up to this on one -- gringonamed trump, what is going on. >> washington post, you know, editorial page is different
11:48 pm
from other can tent -- content, they will side with anyone, i don't think they arere on the trump camp. mexico will come after a u.s. presidential candidate in washington post -- side of mexico. these are interesting times. lou: one citizen up again government, washington post sees this as an act of courage by the government of mexico. >> nothing about it was surprising, they will take the side of mexico, they are very antitrump. lou: i don't mind that, but they are antireason, and ant antiproportion. >> lou, do you think they are ain't reason? lou lou: how in the hell could you say, they are standing u up? against donald trump. those poor darlings. you show me a government that goes after 5 drug cartels that
11:49 pm
are runnings country, then we can talk about a profile encouraged for mexican government. >> i, free with agree witith that, i think they were talking in a limited cope. -- limited scope. talking about vicente fox, he is abrasive, and he is going to be dealing with trump. lou: he is cowardly, he after agreeing to debate me o -- illegal immigration, and border security, did not do it. >> backed out. >> they are swapping out their ambaador here in washington with someone more aggressive. who will go on -- watch for him on sunday morning talk shows, he is beingng since up like a cartel hit man to go after donald trum trump. say thank you for being here,
11:50 pm
when he is done, with character asisis -- assassination, he will try too build a case, you don't want donald trump because the mexico government is angry. lou: who would give the government of mexico oh, yeah and obama a administration, government of mexico carte blanche to intervene in u.s. presidential politics. >> do we not acknowledge how good this it for donald trump, he bolsters the argument that the world is afraid of a president trump, i think this is a very good media political thing for donald trump. lou: ebb no. >> just as economy planned -- as mexico planned. lou: just as they planned. ththey better get that checkbook rey. if ebony is right, gets that checkbook ready. charles: i say good luck, if he can get them to pay there are that. >> did you know that united states is participating, cooperating with government of
11:51 pm
tunisia in building a 125 mile wall on the opportununit -- tunisia border with libya, we're working that the government to build a wall. >> i think the take away is clear. walls work. and sooner the better, right in. >> well, walls work, they have always worked. the obama administration believe its will work in tune -- tunisia to keep terrorists in libya. they think a wall will work there 92. lou: ebony. yoget last word. >> i did not knonow what chris was spiking of, that is disappointing. >> disappointing.
11:52 pm
>> that is nonsense, i don think that wall thing is most economic way to do it. lou: all right. >> those in tunisia don't think it nonsense. lou: we shall continue this soon. >> but. >> driver of a ford mustang leaving an illinois car show, he put his pedal to the metal, he latest control, a fish tail, and a fender bender. crashing that another car, up next, patriots fans suing nfl. we tell you why. we will ta the case up with attorneys. they are next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adadventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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lou: joining us now, two of the very best and two of my favorite attorneys, lis weihl, and rebecca good win. the aclu acerting itself once again. i don't even understand it. how they are suing the u.s. government over unreasonable bonds pled on illegal immigrants inustody. >> it's very clear and established. the fifth amendment entitles
11:57 pm
aliens to due process of law and deportation hearings. but it's also well established bit spvment supreme court? 2003 that the due process of law does n not mean they cannot be ld while the deportation hearings are continuing. i'm talk o out of one side and e her side of my mouth. lou: i have never seen that happen. so there are laws to be held. but these are people who are in a proceedings. so they are deemed innocents until proven guilty. lou: apriori, they are in the country without a visa. the person is picked up for murder youon't know that he killed him. >> lou, you have the right of innocence until proven guilty.
11:58 pm
lou: but you still have the right to hold them. >> what about to hold them unfairly. one of the people that they cite, a honduran hairstylist who has been held for threyears because he can't afford a bond of $3,000. that's a lot of money if you are a honduran air stylist. lou: what is wrong with you attorneys and judges if you can't move a proceeding ahead. here's what i want to understand. we hear that so and so couldn't sue the government because they didn't have standing. how doeshe aclu which is just
11:59 pm
another non-profit, how does it get t standing? >> they represent all of these people. lou: can't i sue the government because i'm representing all of america. >> you can. they will help you. if your civil liberties -- >> you will be doing fine. lou: sevenen patriots ns suing the nfl. >> they have no standing. the honduran hair r standing. he has -- tear stylist, he has standing.
12:00 am
lou: that's it for us tonight. pastor robert jeffers and ambassador john bolton with us morrow evening. good night from new york. kennedy: that music means it's time to start the show and end the ek. i'm watching the democratic race and wawatching both brain dead fighters tap dancing in between wind mills. both candidate look like they are actually showing up to fight. the wisconsin showdown has turned into a throwdown as each is trying to disqualify the other with a series of new barbs. >> she thick i'm quote-unqte


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