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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 8, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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now it is time for "mornings with maria". good morning to you. maria: happy friday, i am maria bartiroma, it is friday, april 8th, top stories at 6 am on the east coast, donald trump shaking up his campaign preparing for the possibility of a contested convention. teted cruz and john kasich goin on the offensiveve taking on trump's new york values. the war of words escalating on the democratic side of the race, bernie sanders and hillary clinton going back and f forth over their qualifications for the white house but former president bill clinton making headlines yesterday after a heated exchange with black lives matter protesters. >> you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matt. tell the truth. maria: the grouprotesting the criminal justice reform bill and a statement hillary clinton made in t 1990s when she referred to young kids in gan as, quote, superpredators was aild
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card chase on the streets of los angeles, robbery suspects spinning donuts, weaving dangerously, you won't believe how this ended with high fives and lfys. the bidding is on for yahoo, verizon looking at making an offer, howt plans to shake up the struggling internet company next. the enof an era. american idol crowning itsinal champion last night, a look back at the juggernaut of tv. looking at global markets,n 70 k average up halfback%, shanghai composite in china down 3/4 present, slight gains throughout europe across the board, up 2/3% higher with major averages on average. in the us you should dicate a bounceack from yesterday's selloff, we expect a broader average with the dow jones industrial average opening of 90 points. all those stories opening up this morning, joining me is dagan mcdowell, and the wall street journal's chief economic
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correspondent john hilsenrath. good to see you. we have a can't missineup. former republican presidential candidate herman cain is with us and lee steinberg joining us, the inspirion for the show and the line show me the money. fox news nday host chris wallace has an exclusive interview with predent obama this morning and i am f managing director chrtine the guard on europe, asia and the world economy cominup. donald trump gearing up for a possible contested convention. he hired paul been a forwho is well known in washington working on presidential campaigns of gerald ford, ronald reagan, bo dole, george hw bush and george w. bush, these changes as ted cruz and john kasich as the battle for new york heats up. >>ur friends in the media tell
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us that donald tmp is unoppable in new york state. oddly enough, our friends in the media are very crtable with a new york liberal who has supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chu schumer r decades. >> people think we will pick donald trump because he is not a politician. whevever. he will ve to spend the first hundred days trying to fure out where the bathrooms are. maria: joing us is former rudy giuliani aid and political commentator and attorney danielle mclaughli let's talk about your days with rudy giuliani as you see a move like this, donald trump bringing in the big gun shaking up his campaign. >> that tells me he has fallen out of favor, corey lewandowski, trump did not do what he needed
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to do, to go the distance. now he is playing catch-up. >> i agree, it was inevivitable for donald trump but the lack of organization will be problematic going g forward. maria: he makes the change in this important contest that is new york. dagen: does it signal that the campaign is acknowledging they won't get to 1237 before the nvention? the math is increasingly against him, he needs to get close to 70% of the remaining bound delegates to reach that level.l. there was so much focus on new york, ifou look at other contests it is closer and needs to get to the 50% market in the congngressional district in new york, pennsylvania, we talked about this yesterday. and 36% of the vote, and
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politics average. and 28% right now. >> so few delegates. and hotter and hotter. it looks like john kasich will come to a distant third. and on the rough belt, and all the delegates are from that pulation. >> it doesn't help ted cruz, it does not sit well. >> the campaign addressing big challenges, the problem with women voters. and at the top of the campaign,
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it is great. and it is a bit more than that. >> he said he accused ted cruz of being a trojan horse in illegal campaign activity. he had the perfect opportunity to be presidential, this is a new side of donald trump. dagen: there was a poll yesterday, 7 out of 1010 americs don'tike it. 69% and it has gotten worse. ted cruz and hillary clinton, they a not falling all over themselves, rosy cheeks in love with them either, it is 59%
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unfavorable. maria: there are a lot of negatives there. >> i have always considered it unfavorable, people who are really forim and against him. hillary clinton has her own issues with favorable, these numbers we have not seen in the leading presidential candidate. maria: what about bill clinton, the heated exchange with black lives matter protesters in philadelphia yesterday, want to get yo reaction, they are defending murderers and drug dealers, watch. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids pumped up on crack and sent them into the street to murder other african-american children, maybe you thought they were good citizens, shshe didn't, she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.
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tell the truth. maria: this is obviously a group the clinton campaign has had trouble with, bill clinton was popular with african-american community. >> both he and hillary have strong support in the african-american community. from clinton's presidency, the crime bill and other things within that period where we fought different sentences for all kinds of drugs that impacted the him -- the community. there is a love/hate relationship. i am not sure this is resolved anytime soon but hillary pulls well. maria: they saved her in this nominatition process. 70%, she did not have the african-american support, much more aggressively with bernie
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sanders. dagen: a couple of the black lives matter protesters disrupted a private fundraiser she was doing, it is related to a number of things, the crime bill, the violent crime control protesters say was disproportionate against black men but some language she use in the past, superpredator and in reference to people at risk, young people in the mid-90s, she sasaid we have to bring them to heal. back into the 90s using that against them and repeatedly on this campaign. it gets some attention. it gets them more attention to go after hillary and bill clinton, donald trump throwst off. interesting to see the president get upset. >> bernie sanders s been a an
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opponent of fixing sentencing reform because african-americans being disproportionately sentenced a longer prison terms for crack cocaine versus powdered cocaine and it is almost racist in a way what they have done. republicans agree with bernie sanders on that. i am one of them. >> i don't have a problem with bill clinton defendinger. i was happy to see him aggressively defending his wife. maria: supportive of bill clinton over the years. you inform rudy giuliani, vote for donald trump but a spokesperson later clarified this is not an endorsement. >> the mayor believes donald trump in new york is the best position. i disagree with him but that is the personal view. i will vote for john kasich, ted cruz has a way to go to show me he can overcome what happened.
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maria: why would he stop short of an endorsement? >> he is there. a lot new yororkers in high negatives. we want to see d donald trump b more presidential and show that he can be a uniting figure. hehe is a uniting figure but hes uniting everyone a against him. i understood is -- this weird -- maria: rudy giuliani is a delegate. has been advising donald trump behind-the-scenes s for a long time, his experience with 9/11 and counteterterrorism experien, it it was really significant. in new york, rudy giulianini ist convinced. maria: will he not campaign for him? dagen: make campaign
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appearance thought it was -- >> he would be doing what neeee to be done. mamaria: anything can happen. truly anything can happen. we will see. good to see yoboth. we appreciate it. a powerful tornado causing severe damage in the south. the unbelievable images to bring you next yahoo has a for sale sign on its web apps. one major company says it may be ready to write the check with a prospective buyer coming up.
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mari belan ahories reasinnew otagof t usse bomng susct known as t manith e ha cher casee hadetas. cheryl: belgian authorities are asking for the public's help, looking for the man in the hat, there he is, one of the brussels bombing suspects still on the loose in this new video showing the suspect leaving the airport shortly after the explosion, tracking him through the city as he made his escape.
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still can't find him. early-morning tornoes through southern georgia and parts and several injuries. three separate confirmed tornadoes touched down yesterday, the weather services wind speeds may have reached numb one 30 mph. finally this morning shares of yahoo jumping in the free market after reports say verizon's web business next week, wiwilling t acquire the company's japanese business to sweeten the deal. verizon and its subsidiary aol working with three financial advisors on the bid. the communications giant is serious about these plans, yahoo moved the deadline for its bid one more week down to april 18th that they want some time here, google a possibility, microsoft saying no way, not interested. this could be the final bid from verizon. maria: they have been pushing
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back on any deal. marissa mayer was pushing back on something but it looks like something is going to happen here becse they can't break out of this malaise. >> they have been working on restructuring, and the latest deal will get further along the process. dagen: she get the deal done or she doest have a job there. she has t to do something. maria: board members have stepped down, the company performance has heightened up. dagen: whether it is fair or not, what they had late last year, sitting on a throne and photogograph sitting on a thron at a company funded party. mari she hasn't fixed it but who has? dagen: i raise the issue, she has been heavily criticized and publicly.
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is it fair or not? >> who went on leave when she became ceo. she was in the spotlight when she became ceo. >> took away the ability, women were frustrated with that. the pr side is the strategic play. maria: she walked into i hate to say a sinking ship. >> at&t, comcast, microsoft, those are bad times. maria: verizon is terested apparently. take a short break, the ipo market comes to a standstill in the first quarter, levels unseen since the finaial crisis. what that says about the markets. i we finally seeing a break? are ipos going to pick up? selfys, high 5s, donuts on a
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maria: we are expecting a bounce back and stocks. the volatility so far this year taking a serious toll on the ipo
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market, first quarter saw the fewest ipos since 2009. my next guest says things should pick up soon. kathy smith, founder of renaissance capital, great to see you. ipos squat in the first quarter. to what do you attribe that? >> we are in a big winter freeze. you have to go back to 2008-2009 to see this kind of shutdown it has to do with overall market volatity. investors tend to hide in large safe places, they get away from and sell these companies that are the bread and butter of the ipo market. it was bad news. the market has stabilized since february 11th was the bottom. we have seseen strong performan of companies that have already gone public. we have an index that tracks the last couplple years of ipos.
6:24 am
it is still down for the year. the performance has been very good. that is sign thatositive things are happening. >> the wall street journal is reporting the coming ipo. does that tell us something about a few dynamic companies out there? and didn't say anying about financial stocks which are we going to see more financia ipos. >> everyone wants to live in hawaii. we are seeing one of the first icebreakers as we would call it the returns have become better, the first ipo we see priced next week is that. the exchange stands for better alternative trading and that is a significant company and we
6:25 am
expect to see significant companies, it wowon't be just a company. that is a company of $2 billion in revenue. the second-largest. that is a very interesting point. it is global. the point is since they tried d failed four years ago. >> their own technology failed. >> we will make it worork this time. dagen: if you look at it industrywide, which sector is the least appetizing in terms of ipos? which companies would have the hardest time going public? maria: and which might be easier? >> the unicorns are e the bigge challenge, the companies that had the business model of groroh
6:26 am
at all costs, and investors when they are cautious will look for the most solid b business model not a model for this topline growth only and they will look for attractive vuations and there has been evaluation in the profit market with those numbers versus what the public is willing to pay. maria: would you put uber in that category? that is the quintessential unicorn? >> uber may defy that formula but many others won't. we will look at air b&b, snapchat, so many of them, good headline companies, they need to have bottom line ane of the problems with looking at the set of privateompanies is there is not a perspective, there is a disconnect that will be very painful for startup companies, the pain is already being felt because they can't monetize and the venture community is not in business to hold the stocks forever. maria: investors are becoming
6:27 am
more value conscious and recognizing the company everyone is talking about, unicorn -- dagen: twitter has shown because of lack of ability to monetize. >> if investors are so discriminating and ipos so slow to get off to a start. >> we may gue the venture capital market -- dagen: public markets are very -- >> we have had some lessons learned in 2008-2009. the public has been cautious and corrected valuations. we haven't seen that in the private market. maria: we will watch the ipo market. thanks very much, good to see you as always. coming up the national debt keeps climbing. donald trump sayyou can make it stop. 's plan, is it too realistic?
6:28 am
we will ta about how much these economic plans are costing. a nightmare the green, golf legend ernie else got off to the worst start in masters history, we will show you.
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. .
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maria: good friday morning, everybody.
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i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday april 8th. top stories right now on the east coast. donald trump shakes up campaign prepare forking a possibility of a contested convention. main rival ted cruz going on the offensive. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that. maria: meanwhile the war of wordrds on the democratic side s well. hillary clinton and bern sanders back and forth over qualifications. robbery suspects spinning doughnuts, you will not see how th ended, with high-fives and selfie. struggling to sink six puts on the first hole, whether he recovered from that start ahead.
6:32 am
nikkei average in japan as was the hang senand many averages down fractionally. in europe gains across t board. two-thirds of a percent and 1% higher. in.s. a pretty good bounceback from yesterday's selloff. dow industrial to o open on 1000 points today. other says he e will expxpand federal programs mostly by raising tas. my next guest is doing the fiscal back czech and say both have glaring. mia, good to see you. i'm calling you on twitter the truth teller, mia. [laughter] maria: donald trump, let's do his plan first.
6:33 am
i've been reading what you studied about it. he says he's going to wipe away the debt in eight years, doable, mia? >> not even close. the plan that donald trump has put forth so far would actually double thehe debt under the eigt year term where he's saying he would pay off the interdebt and set aside you actually want to pay off the debt, first off, it is what creates treasury market, the backbone of the financial system here. but really what we are talking about is there a plan to balance the budget so we don't borrow each y year, cut taxes and not touch social security is just impossible. he said that he would sell some assets to do it. you can only sell an asset once and you still have the glaring deficits. so these numbers don't come close to adding up while i'm glad to hear talki
6:34 am
about the debt, 's completely at odds with the policies they put so far. maria: what would work. what in your opinion is necessary to actually make a dent in the debt, we know that much of the spend asking in the entitlements and we are t hearing about social security from any of the candidates? >> exactly right. to fix the challenges our debt is at record levels right now and projected to go faster than the economy going forward indefinitely. it's no mystery. the mostst important is to deal with aging population and healthcare programs. that's entitlement programs. those tend to be the areas that candidates don't like to talk abou in this campaign in partular, democrats who are talking about expanding the programs and republicans refuse to go touch them. one has come out to deal with entitlement reform. on the other side you will have to deal with revenues, instead
6:35 am
of talking mass reform we are talking about ssive tax cuts. we are taking many steps backwards instead of the real -- maya here is jon hilsenrath. jon: can the united states of america renegotiate its debt with creditors like china and other foreign countries,s that an option for paying down this debt? >> yeah, that's a great question, it's interesting question becse you kind of have to have a sense o of what e debtbt is. the first thing understand th the 1 19 trillion debt that people talk about, about a one-third we owe to ourselves in trust fund a good portion is owed to social security and other governmen trust funds.
6:36 am
of the $13 trillion debt and the portion that's owed to savers or abroad a lot wouldn't co due in eight years. youere to pay down all theebt, you would have to pay a prium so would cost additional premiums to pay premately. i don't see us renegotiating our debt deals. i see us renegotting our budget and looking at what o spending programs ar what are renew programs are and getting control of howuch we buy each year and controlling the debt that way. at would be workable. i'm not sure that ying the debt is discussionable out of the realm. maria: i want to talk abou sanders. he wants to raise $1.7 trilli in new taxes and taking ceo of neral electriche's a
6:37 am
self-proclaimed socialist and doing this op-ed and ss bernie sanders is wrong. is t deroyi theoral faic oamera. lovehis ote. th is om jf, ghas en busess r 12yearand have never been a big hit with socialist. we create wealth a jobs instd of calling for them in speeches. maya your take on bernie sanders in plan. >> okay, there's the berernie sanderers plan and t whole discussion we are hang about the economy, on the sanders an the good thing will say that the sanders campaign has tried to pay for what is unquesonably a massive expansion of goverent. they are looking at expanding the vernment by roughly 50% compare today where it has on the historically. to their credit, they put a t of detail, specific wayshat they would pay for it all of it raisingllions on top of that.
6:38 am
e sanders campaign has not talked about the debt as an issue at all and they use so many new revenues, tax increases are huge. they couldn't really happen in this political environment. but if they were to, there wouldn't be a penny left to deal with t debt. we look this as underpinning of a healthy economy. you can't have debt growing faster than the economy. you to deal with the debt. you can't use all of your revenues and spending cuts on other priorities or you haven't fixed the problem. more broadly for that. it's so unfortunate our discussion and fights in these campaigns e when what this country needs is a comprehensive plan to grow the economy that would look at economic growth and would look at lelegitimate issues of income iquality and share prosperity and wouldook at fiscal reononsibility.
6:39 am
it seems that candidates always take one of ose issues and fight againsthe others. we need businesses to help g grw the economy and create jobs. we shouldn't be making bad guys out of people who are helping the economy. we think to think about how to make it better. maria: very practical. dagen: i hope the president and all of his people surrounding people heard you say that, maya, they are going to do anything in their power to crushusiness beeen now and next january. maria: feels that way. >> yeah, it's really too bad with the hostile environment with administration and the business. we talked with business leers to talk about fiscal reforms and they have en so out and front to be able to help the problem. i would li to see politicians, business leaders and civic leaders working together because they affect all of us, the entire economy. we shouldn't be picking bad guys, we should be fixing
6:40 am
solutions. maria: somebody has to basically put t it out there that what ges doing, how much taxes they're paying otherwise it's just this political football that everybody just gets on board. it's like the line, the rich don't pay their fair share. morgan: i thought it was a brilliant op-ed. all of these are going to have and donald trump is bringing up in the campaign as it relates to nato. jon: also economic growth. people aren't talking about how you get economic growth and you can't pick a number and make that magically happen, you have to have policies. dagen: less than 3% growth for ten years in the country and we are wondering why wages aren't going up. maria: we are wondering why donald trump is to popular, maya. >> on the fiscal front you
6:41 am
cacannot grow yourself out of te problems. we heard candidates that make situation rse. they promise growth that we are not going to be able to achieve to fix the problem. we need a realistic discuson of how to grow the economy and what we can accomplish with that. jon: maya should be running for something. >> thanks, everyone. maria: coming g up from zero to selfie, how a high-speed chase turned into a a modeling opportunity for burglar suspects in california. next. don't forget to watch the second part of reform tonight. it was hot. garrett johnson, technology entrepreneur and republican founder austin petterson all taking the stage. that's the second part tonight on fox busininess network. back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, well, thi is bizarre a car chase through hollywood d yesterday. cher, good morning. cheryl: maria, had good elements of a good-car chase in los angeles. two burglar suspects in a convertible in the rain and spinning doughnuts as you just saw and hit what you see there on the screen. police staying back, because, that's what they do, they don't want to endanger the public, those guys kept on rolliling and clipped the tmz bus right there.
6:46 am
got a few selfies with them. no worrieswe are going to chill out for a while. police arresting them and d they didn't seem toto mind. all righght. it's over. typical day in los angeleses. spacex to resume deliveries in the space station, first attempt since rock failure, there'e's going to be 7,000 pounds of cargo includinanan inflatable module that can be used on deep-s-space missions. and this, dagen, i know you've been watching this, masters and jordan got on and he tooook six
6:47 am
balls in a hole. 14 shots behind leader jordan speed. rough day for him. it's unexplainable. he could barely speak out for that. maria: oh, my god. that was so sad. dagen: every time i watched him miss i'm like go, go. he was so close to the hole. it was the biggest cho i've ev seen in golf.. jon: he had the yeps. dagen: like charles barkley, you know, has the famous -- maria: he really does. he explains it like it's a baseball bat, i love you, charles. san francisco federal reserve
6:48 am
john williams making headlines, speaking with our own peter barnes, he thinks the economy can with withstand two more rate hike this is year.r. >> you see the number of two, three or four, four rate increases, again, it's going to depend on the data. if inflation continues to improvove, then clearly we shohd be raising rates gradually in the way people have written down projections. >> is it fair to say when you talked to reporters a couple of weeks ago you foresaw two or more rates this ar? >> that's my personal view of whwhat i would expect to be appropriate policy. maria: now, let's not forget economic correspondent with us this morning, john williams is coming from san francisco where perhaps the economy may not look the same as a real heavy manufacturing town, where you
6:49 am
see may see a different sentiments. jon: he's a little bit more bullish about the economy than yellen is and last night i was at an event with jet yellen, ben bernanke, former chairman. maria: with the big shots. jon: we talked about the risk of us going back into recession. donald trump is talked about this being a bubble economy. ththey all said, no, the economy isis doing well and we are not going back to the recession. this is all four current and foformer fed chairs. mari we may very well be bumping the bottom for a while. morgan: if you go to up state nenew york, people are used to e able to get a high school education, get married and have a nice family.
6:50 am
you've talked about this a lot, dagen. people are in the bubble if they don't realize that the real economy it's n what it was ten years ago. jon: this is not a great economy by any stretch. the point they were making, it doesn't look like we are going back into a recession. maria: why the meeting of the minds? jon: people should be excited about. maria: why the meeting of the minds? are they trying to come up with a sentiments change? you talked that the fed has been out of bullets and they've been criticized, dagen. dagen: they're worried about the individual status dedepending on who gets elected. jon: it's been under so much assault from the right and the left. i don't think that's why they were saying they've not going into recession.
6:51 am
maria:oming up, big changes, victoria secret as the brand who is wanting to ride rises. bringing a the former stars to celebrate, even the original hot the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. colorfully-diverse. beautifully-misshapen. cultivated for generations, it's the unexpected hero of any dish. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get your first two meals free
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the winner of se 15 is tred harvey. maria: earning the title of televisionon's number one progrm for eight consecutive while producing some of music's biggest stars, last night no exceptions.
6:55 am
ratings throin one final blowout to capture historic run. michael, good to see you. >> hey, good morning, maria, y u are my american idol, maria bartiromo. maria: you're the best. this is a real success stories of television. >> the only way to put it, this is probably the most successful franchise in the history of television, maria, at is peak, 30 million people tuned in, same day, same night twice a week for this show, those are super bowl numbers. lucifer gets about 10 million viewest over the course of thrhe days on multiple platforms. this show really brought people together, came around at the right time, not a lot of promotion.
6:56 am
came under the radar, shortly after 9/11. america was looking for a show like this where the family can gath around television and forget what was going on in the world. maria: yeah, you're righ it triggered so many copy cats you d all the shows come out and do similar things. micheal: many have tried but american idol has created real stars. kelli clarkson, jennifer hudson, carrie underwood. morgan: i audition for once. [laughter] maria: throw something out. [laughter] maria: ordinary people who may
6:57 am
not be big singers may get a shot. that's the whole pnt, chae micheal: american dream that people watched twice a week. goodnight, ameca, for now, kind of suggesting t that the sw might come back, you might have a chce to audition once again. morgan: i think i'm too old. maria: i love it. that's also on o option. thank you so much. have a great weekend. michael tamara. pay for ceo's shrank most since crisis, dagen. hillary clinton is tweeting about how much hedge fund. jon: right and ceo --
6:58 am
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winninsmile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. maria: good friday morning, everybody. welcome back. it is friday, right now your top stories 7:00 a.m. onhe east coast. donald tru shaking up his campaign prepare forking possibility of a consted convention. meanwhile john kasich going on the offensive with a series of new ads. >> john kasich will win the convention and defeat hillary clinton in the fall. want to stop the clinton machine and win the white house, your only choice is john kasich. maria: meanwhile the war of
7:01 am
wowords in the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton going back and forth over qualifications for the white house. powerful tornado causing severe damage in the south, unbelievable images. major changes to victoria secret. we've got the details coming up. the real-life jerry mcguire is here, how he is coming back from bankruptcy and signing a first round pick in this year's nfl pick. the famous line e is -- dagen: show me the money. maria: as you can see, nikkei avererage up half a percent. shanghai composite down, gains acss the boards. you have gai to the tune about half a percent on european averages this morning. in the u.s. expect to go bounce back. futures indicating higher, 90 points right now as you can see. all of that coming up. with me thisorning fox business dagen mcdowell, morgan
7:02 am
otagus and jack otter. one of the best lines. you had me at hello. former republican candidate jermain cain is with us. the inspiration of show me the money, chris wallace. christine also joining uon take of refugee crisis. the battle for new york is heating up. presidential candidates heatin up in the empire state leading up to the april 18th imary. 95gop delegates are up for grabs. 95. ted cruz going on the offensive taking shot at donald trump.
7:03 am
>> donald trump made billions of dollars buying -- >> he did it as ausinessman. >> he's part of the corruption, he's funded open-border democrats for 40 years and the people of new york are hurting. >> you have credibility problems with politicians, anso people think, well, we will pick trtrup beuse he's not a politician. well, whatever. he will have to spend the first 100 days figure out where the bathrooms are, okay. [laughter] maria: this coming just as the latest pls show that seven out of ten americans have unfavorable view of donald trump. an opinion shad across every race, gender and location, wow, 70%. candidates on both ses of the aisle unleashing political a targeting the empire sta. some hit home runs others misse the mark.olls ster and --
7:04 am
pollster, did i totally mess up the name? >> hard one. maria: let's talk with john kasich's brand new ad. he's targeting rival ted cruz because of the new york values comment this year. >> i think most people know actly what new york values a and i have to say they're not iowa values and they're not new hampshire values. >> john kasich unites to get things done. maria: whas your take onhis ad. do you think social security successfully? >> i don't think it's going to have much of aimpact because kasich numbers are low. what's his path? i think he would have to win 160% of the delegates to be the nominee. i'm not exactly sure what it means.s. it is a very effective very good ad. cruz is going to have a big
7:05 am
issue in new york. you see cruz and going to the bronx, she doesn't seem quite comfortable or as strong as he was in wisconsin. this isn't his place. he never expected to have to win new york or being here. the only reason to be here is from keeping trump from getting 50%. morgan: a little over 50%. kasich is 25 and cruz below that. if i can knock down cruz maybe i get closer to trump and get meement uim in new york. it's still quite a long shot. >> it's a real long shot. well, what is his real strategy, what is kasich trying to accomplish right now, is it to keep cruz z from getting any pah to a nomination, what is he really trying to a accomplish. morgan: maybe running for vp per trump. dagen: he said he doesn't want that job. >> how many peoplele say they're not running and all of a sudden i'm here.
7:06 am
dan: in terms of trump because new york is thbiggest media market in the country and the spotlight is on him leading up to the primary, can he do anything to turn around the unfavorable, can he do anything to turn his lack of connection with women in the country. he could really use the spotlight that he has right now to do some more serious work on the states and really in the general? >> yeah, i think absolutely he can. you know, unfavorable numbers are going up. he had a horrible three weeks. maria: past couple of weeks. >> everybody is saying because of the -- he has offended women and people across the board. with the biggest problem that donald trump did is he went off message. he took three weekaway from trying tpush forward what people were liking about him and whever youee a candidate do that, that's when he loses things. the most important thing that donald trump has tstart doing
7:07 am
is he has to start surrounding himself by the right kind of people that start make you thinking, you know what, this kind is reasonable. if he can start building idges, building coalition and bringing people that seem reasonable and maybe there's something to consider about this guy that i haven't seen before. morgan: he's not raising money. he has to personally pay for it. he's not really to willing pay for those people maria: would he choose a woman as a running me. lee: anything is possible. how manyny presidents and vps hated each other? maria: that's true. hillary clinton released two new ads that highlight hillary clinton's record of creating jobs and getting results in up atate new york. listen to this. >> when it comes to crting the jobs of the future, i can tell you that hillary will be an awesome present. hillary clinton made a
7:08 am
difference in every corner of new rk and that's what she will do in every corner of america. maria: will it help hillary? lee: we actually dial-tested this one last night. the comments that we got back, it was a prey okay ad with the democrats, it didn't do anything with independents and it wasn't targeted at republicans, let's be honest. the bottom line, some of t feedback was is this senator ad from 19-whatever. [laughter] lee: it seemed so old school and she can't get off that. what we've learned over and over again, people aren't voting on experience, people aren't voti on track record, but she can't seem to get off this criticism of people saying, you don't have the right experience, what have you done. people criticize her for that, but what they really want to see is what are you going to do for
7:09 am
us, what is the futu going to look likike. dagen: she was looking for a token. lee: i feel badly. that's happened to all of us. jack: i think she's playing small local politics, i see some coties in up state new york where e trump-bernie people e voters. i want to get some more that and get a bigger showingn new york. these ads are only showing in the irly localized areas. lee: there's no question. look at thjobs irought. remember, me, i used to be here. [laughter] maria: ted cruz's ad. let's eck out this one. tieing donald trump to democrats and corruption.
7:10 am
♪ ♪ ♪ maa: rather ban boost ted cruz's accomplishments, he's trying to hurt trump, will i it hurt trump. lee: hs going after how he use today support democrats, he used to the all this. that's something that trump supporters are willing to foive and it's over. it is something that, you know, a lot of -- cruz's base is true conservative, the real right-conservatives and that's something that they aren't willing to accept. that's reallplay to go his base is it going to swing? i'm not sure. certainly for those conservatives it's something that reminds them that trump is somebody that's not a true conservative. maria: donald trump was quick to respond. he released his own ad, watch this. >> everyone understands that the
7:11 am
values in new york city focus around money and the media. >> i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more hunly than new york. maria: well, there you go. lee: you kno it's like ted cruz says don't mess with texas. i would say don't mess with new york. dagen: punch to the nose hurts, doesn't it? morgan: that was a throw away line. dagen: maria asked him about it. morgan: it works in the south. dagen: you know what, just say what you mean. dodon't go after new yorkers, jt call donald he's a liberal that you're asking of being.
7:12 am
maria: new yorke don't like that. jack: a little bit of media that resinates in the south and does not work in neyork city. maria: another thing that new yorkers don't like. lee cararter. coming up a juror shake-up in victoria secret. show him the money again. the nfl agent that inspired jerry manager -- mcguire prepare forking his comeback. >> show me the money! show me the! ♪ ♪
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: welcome back, massive wild fires in oklahoma forcing governor to declare state of emergency. 60,000 acres have been burned forcing too evacuate. tornadoes early thursday damaging even destying some homes and injuring at least six people w. more on what we can expect for t this weekend let'so fox meteorologist maria molina at the weather center. maria, good morning to you.. maria: we are not expecting any rainfall across plaiains where e need the help with the fires out there. it's going t to stay dry throughout the day. across northeast we had rainin d behind that system we are now
7:16 am
dealing with colder temperatures and take a look at some of this, those are snow showers across parts of pennsylvania and new york state and as wewe head into the weekend, a storm system swing across to great lakes and mid-atlantic and briringing in some accumulating snowfall into saturday. highgher elevations and west virginia can pick up 6-inches. 34 right now in chchicago. 30's as s well in cleveland andn minnnneapolis. across the plains 90-degrees. 78 in dallas and low 80's in places like houston. maria: all right, we will be watching that. john kerry making a surprise trip to iraq meanwhile isis kidnaps workers in syria. cheryl: secretary kerry meeting
7:17 am
with iraq's top ministerhowing the u.s. support for the iraqi government. the visit comes as the prime minister is grappling with a political crisis as well as a fight against isis. meanwhile a neighboring syria, isis has reported kidnapped workers. syrian media reporting more than 300 construction workers were taken by the terror group. there are reports in just the st few moments that some of them have been murdered by isis. well, when north carolina enacted a law prohibiting people to use restroom of opposite sex paypal closed operations. it would cost carolina paying jobs. in 2011 pay pal opened in malasia that would estimate 50
7:18 am
-- 500 workers. different story there. that includes online shopping for victoria secret and teen line and victoria secret moving away from tradional catalogs, i'm sorry, gentlem, i'm not showing you the fashion show this morning. they're going to definitely restructure the enti company. they're going to go just lengerie. morgan: no more sweat pants? dagen: they're still doing that. [laughter] maria: i'm sure you have some of the video of the bras with the feathers. thank you, cheryl.
7:19 am
thanking a police officer for all that he does, a letter and a gift card. then hillary clinton trying to show new yorkers that she is just like them by rideing riding the subway. stay with us
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
maria: welcome back, police often say public service is a thankless job. not every day they are thanked for th keeping the peace. that's exactly what happened in one colorado chick fila when officer was approached by a 7-year-old boy holding a letter and a gift. they join me right now live from denver to tell this heart-warming story. good to see you hunter and ryan, welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. maria: officer ryan, i want to starwith you, tell us what happened. >> kind of a busy friday night and hunter here walked up an handed this note to me. it was folded up so i couldn't immediately tell exactlyhat it was but when i opened itp i saw that it was a handwritten note and it also included a gift card in it. and the note says, i wl read it, thanyou for your service, you walk the thin bl line, be
7:24 am
safe and go ho to yoyour family, and this is my favorite part, don't ev worry, i have your six. this means i have yo back. maria: how sweet. what a beautiful sentiments at this moment in time whe the nypd and police officers everywhere areeing fed with pushback and is wrong. nter, do you have a microphone on? do you want to tell us why you gavefficer that note? >> go ahead, teller. look up there. tell her. maria: he's s. >> go ahead, tell her why you gave me the note. maria: obviouslyomething at home he's being taught and learning about whayou want to do officer and that s to make you feel good. tell us the environment that this is all taking place in, officer?
7:25 am
>> well, it was a a very busy rerestaurant, it was a friday night,t was last friday night about 00 or 8:8:00 o'clock at night. we had a lot of cas for service, i just stopped in to try to get quick bite to eat and i was standing in liline and hunter sort of boldly walked up to me and just hand it to me. he was -- he was pretty proud. his parents shoulde very proud of him. dagen: hey, hunter, how are you sweety, i gi you big high-five if i was there. i uld give you a big high-five and maybe a hug. [laughter] dagen: made you sme. mari oicer, we are all huge fans of yours and we appciate your serviceo th great country and your -- you're a part of the world. hunter thank y for saying what soany of us are feelings. >> thank y. maria:ood to see you both.
7:26 am
officer and hunter joining u there. still to come butter if i fings. hillary clinton having hard time swinging card. jerry muire reinventi himself after filingor bankptcy. coming up. >> show the mon! jerry, you have yell, show me thmoney! show me th money ! the pursuit of healthier.
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maria: good friday morning welcome back it t is friday, april 8 your top stories right now 7:30 on east coaoast, donald trump shaking up his campapaig prpreparing for the possibility of a contested convention, ted cruz and john kasich going on offensive taking on trump's new york valueues. the war of words escalating on the democratic side as well, bernie sanders and hilla clinton going back-and-forth with sandeders taking a veiled shot aclinton's fund raising. >> -- the wealthy -- i grew up in a sense in, this movement you are my family, and we will win or lose this campaign on the backs of working families. >> one escapee from washington state mental health hospital has beenen caught the latest on manhunt coming up, uber on
7:30 am
hook for 10-million-dollar legal l settlement making payment over driver background checks, cocoming up the real life jerry mcgwiwire story is here, with us coming back from bankruptcycy and signing up a first round pick in this year's nfl draft, turning to markets this morning, the global action mixed take a look shanghai coosite down, and the nikkkkei in japan up in europe slight gains across the board looking at gains this morning in europe, of about half a percent t to 1%, with dax up almost 1% setting tone for wall street, futures indicating a higher opening for barrages i should point out that, we are pretty much shy of high of the morning right here gain of 77 points on dow jones industrial average, on campaign trail we go, , president bill clinton, getting into a heated exchange yesterday, with "black lives matter" protesters in philadelphia, saying they are defending murderers drug dealers. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang ladders
7:31 am
who got 13-year-old kids, hopped up on crack -- seine sent them m on streets to murder other african-american children maybe you thohought they were good citizens, she didn't. she didn't. you are defending people who kill -- >> tell the truth. >> joining us right now former republican presidential candidate fox nenews contributor herman cain, g good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> this is a competition about -- a what is your reaction to coents? >> the word he usesed was how would you characterize i would characterize "black lives matter" as working on the wrong problem the right problem, i is black-on-black crime, that is what bill clinton was saying, and in reference to his bill in early 1990s, where it was supposed to be a did he tierent for
7:32 am
people, going to jail committiting crimes now people have turned them around said all it did was cause more prisons built more people to go to jail i don't agree i am not defending bl l clinton's bill i am saying, he is absolutely right, when he challenges them, because they are working on wrong problem not right problem which is black-on-black crime. >> he trieto make the point that really well if so bad, how come, black poverty actually improves things got better, after the crime but you wonderr seven years in african-american community black poverty worse under president obama. >> crime bill had nothing to doith popoverty getting better it was economic boom of the 1990s that is what caused, black poverty to go down that is what caused more black people to get jobs and everybybody to get jobs, this is the message,e, that the "black lives matter" so-called
7:33 am
movement they don't get. when everything gets better for everybody, i it gets better for black people, you don't need a special program and you don't need pandering just realizwhat the big issues are that is going to help everybody, all of america. >> good morning, mr. cain i wanting to ask you comments senator own said yesterday on fox news he was one of the eaearly supporters of donald trump he was preaching republican party unit, yesterday said that we couldn't won in the fall without party unifying he was one of trump's supporters said he would be willing to support cruz whoever gop nominee is do you agree with senator brown sentiments. >> i do the republican party has a process to be on first ballot you have to have won 8 states in the primary, well ted cruz and donald trump have done that. whoever emerges gets
7:34 am
nomination legitimately i will support of them i agree wiwith scott brown. >> you don't think -- dagen mcdowell. dagen: you don't think somebody else it will be one of those two? >> let me put it to you this kay dagen if it is somebody other than one of those two shenanigans the taken place, shenanigans, at the convention to d drop in somebody else other than the two who have been out there working will destroy the republican pty. >> something has to happen here, what about the changes happening in the trump campaign? on, it looks like gearing for a possible contested convention is s it finally sort of sinking in n that he may not get the 1237 going into july convention? he is just hiring -- paul manafofort well-known in wawashington worked on presidential campaigns of engieral ford reagan bob dole both bushshes hw, and george w.
7:35 am
>> mathematically possible for donald trump to get to 1237, i think he is being realistic with backup plan that is he may not because there are too many things that you cannot predict with about 18 more primaries to go. so i think it is good idea, to plan for that just in case. >> what is a contested convention look like from your standpoint, let's say he doesn't get the numbers nobody gets the numbers we come into the convention, how do you think, things shake out? >> here is what i see things shaking out. the first baballot one gets 1237 -- no won gets there, there are unpledged delegates out there, as well as some delegates th have been captured by the candidacy who the suspendeded their campaign, so mathematicall if trump, or cruz, is close enough to that 1 1237 they might be able seal the deal, before they go, now, let's suppose that
7:36 am
doesn't happen, then it is up the delegates to represent the voice of the people. and as long as the delegates are given an opportunity to represent the voice of the people, rather than being g conned into voting some way the so-called establishment wants them t to vote, then, i believeve that most people are going to be fine with that, and you have a basis for uniteing the party, that is how, the republicans are going to win in november. >> who is doing the conning i think reince has been a fair are a a about it other of this process who is this establishmhment -- >> it is mythical. >> how about the club for growth -- > the delegates, o. >> no, no, no, they sent money, againstst trump in florida, trying to defeat him when if they support senior ted cruz then put the money
7:37 am
behind ted cruz. you have other individuals, and i am not going to geinto lling all names because i am trying to refrain fromhat, who have become the face of the anti-trump movement hohow about mitt romney when he gave his famous speech, that is another of the establishment. >> there are a list of others, so a list of others that are part of the establishment let me be clear, i believe reince priebus has been pushing the message of being fair i commend him m for that it isis t reince priebus part of this establishment movement anti-trump t trying to break up the party no. i admire him for saying we're going follow the rules we have a process, that t is going to play out it is not him it is people, who have a lot of money that are basically digging in tir heels simply saying, well, under no circumstances are they goioing to support trump, i am going to i am going to support the
7:38 am
nominee if the process p plays out fafairly. >> right. >> end of story. >> there are some states coming up, that there are proportional delegates right you look pennsylvania delegates there are no initially bound to any candidate, and fight for ka, 172 delegates also, will be fought, because, they can go any way do you foresee that perhaps happening ike loo if you go to o pennsylvania, maybe the delegates dedecide you know what i am not g going to go with trump on this round, what about that the proportional delegates. >> that is a possibility i keep emphasizing there are two many unpredictable things can happen between now and convention time. we cannot predict how some delegates are going to vote we cannot predict a lot of things so, i just want the process to be followed fairly. and reince priebus i am on h side, when it comes to that. if the people thatre if
7:39 am
estatablishment republicans who are popular republblicanans for whatever reasoson around a long time pushing, the divisionon in the e republican party. >> but the division and country, you've got two leing accounts bought have problems, both of whom ha favorability issues i understand you don't elect saying vote for him because he is not him. that is s going to be a problem, about bubut everybody these people have every right to spend their dollars, and run their mouths however they see fit. >> absolutely. >> sluabsolutelyly dagen you kni love you i have ever right to run my mouth i am running my how great on the other side of fox that are running their mouth spending their dollars. >> amen to that. >> great. thank you so much for joining us appreciate it. >> thank you, happy to be here. >> joining us there hillary clinton trying to connect with every day new yorkers having
7:40 am
trouble doing so mrs. clinton subway re many ended before it starring she had trouble scanning the card to get through turnstile did itit on fifth swipe a lot of new yorkers run into problems on first, dagen mcdowell you probably have run into problems. >> i have actually gone e through the -- the actctual rotating entrance not just a turnstile slammed my face into the metal grill, because i swiped it and it didn't work. so it happens. >> i hope she e has pureel with her don't touch my goal is to get in subway not have to touch anything. with my hands. >> my problem is when you swe it you g get this beep if itoes througugh if it doesn't you get the same beep, didn't ocr to have an ahh, you got to do it again you see all the time people slamming groin into the bar double over swipe it again, very easy thing to fix.
7:41 am
>> coming up forget a bull in china shop how about a bull in a west texas highway details on the escape next, whoa. >> watch these ladies -- 80-year-old showing off skills at shifted living home in peach agree georgia proving age is only a state of m mind, you go, girls. backn a minute. ♪ here i am, baby, signed sealed delivered i am yours ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪
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welcome back pop signaling path for major change in the catholic church cheryl on that. cheryl: comments are something else, maria this is
7:45 am
a major document resolve aed by vatican pope francis insists individual conscious should be guiding principles for catholics dealing with complexities of sex fair and reasonabling namly rejecting -- the emphasis -- 256 dm the joy of love, the pope makes no change in church doctrine seems sialing church should go easier on divorced cathols. >> mark alexander adams one of o mentally ill patients caped wednesday was prehended in des m moines, 23-year-old garr accused torturing a woman to get on the loss, tried to go home to spokane mom called 911 he ran away. >> uber reached a settlement over background checks for drivers the company agreed to
7:46 am
pay up to 25 milon dollars, to end the 2014 wsuit, san frcisco and los angeles had accused uber misleading consumers about streth of background checks, okay, rageing bull a on tes highway a bull escapes from a a trailer, ocourse, caught on ta i would never fail you you can see the bull falls head over out a trailer, takes off towards traff, happened, we should say trampled six peoplbefore mping the fence highway shut down police work to corral the manual back in safety so folks injured but okay sry moments in tas, back to you. maria: how do these things happen. animals are i mean bull strong bull riding maria very popular in tex, once out it is hard to get them back in. >> great video. >> running of the bulls, bulls
7:47 am
can kill you can hit artery in your leg. >> how many pounds do you think one of those. >> a few thousand. >> you have no idea. >> we had bull. >> we had a bull old blue growing up, my grandparents grey bull. >> this is happens when you don't grow up in new york. >>oming up next to new york are? . >> mcgwire joins us inspired tom cruisese film how he returned from bankruptcy droof his newest star client before wewe break "american idol" airing final show last night hit series going out with a bang naming the final champion to close out two-hour series finale. >> the winner of the american
7:48 am
o idol season 15 is -- trent -- [cheers and applause] when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being aore adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. inin new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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7:51 am
. maria: show me the money! . >> show me the money slow me the money. maria: 20 years since tom cruz uttered famous words now the sports agent inspired the film jerry maguire is back for second act after repulsion out of bankruptcy the real life jerry maguire entertainmenent ceceo lee steinberg great to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. >> you know ththe story is so good resesonated with so many people with thatovie tell us
7:52 am
your story first, because most people hear the story then you went into bankruptcy, and don't derstand how that happened after all the success you had. >> i started back in 1975 with the very first round of f the nfl draft, and ended uwith 60 first round draft picks in football some of them 8 very first pick i hit a period in the 2000s wherere i started to struggling with alcohol. and fundamentally lost my way for a while. in 2010, i went into sober living said if notothing else i will be sober i will be a good ther. and couple years ago we got refundnded now we have one of the top qbs in the draft, so i went to a 12-step program, i focud everything on being sober now i am six years
7:53 am
continus sobriety great relationships with kids that has been the comeback. >> a great story congratulations, that takes so much courage we are so happy for you now u respect theed a record amount of first overall picks in nfl draft, your currently working with university memphis star lynch tell us about that expected to go high in this year's draft. >> 6'7, he is he enormous incredibly strong-arm, athletic can get outside the pocket in football to quarterback krnt rooen rick paxs all that great family crash natural ader, and probably got the highest upside of any quarterback in the draft, he will go somewhere in the first round, scouting is in ll session had pro scouti day now interacting with teams ne couple weeks then the
7:54 am
draft the end of the month >>ro do you think he goes how manylients are you reesenenting trying to keep your list prettyight? >> wel i think he goes prpretty high ere are a number of teams that need qbs cleveland san francisco dallas, philadelph, and the los anles rams, number of teams denver, we're building the way always did athtics who are ro models go back retrace ros to the high school college, and professional community and set up a -- program that help quality life and so, i have five clients in th year's draft, and we will bui into the other orts as time goes on. >> y know what we have coved a lot on this program how many sports athleti do rely well great success then
7:55 am
lose it all reest quickly, of you obviously seen thats well alo the years. >> not a lot with our clients, becausee plan very strenuously for second career two plers for example minority owners of nfl teams, so a lot of it marias planning, and making sure, that from m the very beginning, meone is looking at eir skills -- >> aspects of quarterbacks have you reached o begin yourtruggling recovery working a program althese years, have you reached out to johnny manziel aall given his very public struggling with -- well witlife right now. >>n that situation, i have always thoughthat it is much more aut saving his life than resurrecting his s football career. >> i meant in termof life i dn't mean inin terms of his career. >> right, i thk -- he never called m and i was unable to
7:56 am
reh out to him he actually selected another agent his first agent left him. but what he has got to do first is if he has a problem of subance abuse went into rehab address that first put thatbove everything else when i went back to trto de with my drinking problem, briety was first in everything aft that i knew would i be ae to get back to career, but nothing is more importt than committing yourself to a 12-step prram, with unique fellowship. >> jack otter. >> two quick questions one i worry about these guys so much money still young inexperienced great marks for nancial advisors want to take advantage how do you protect them. >> nfl pa players assoation now scens those financial planners, and they do other sports, so i am only ae to
7:57 am
recommend someonfrom that list. and they are scrutiniz to try avoid what y are talking about acally some of my clients are so awaref those stories,hat they could be the all personrous first am. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> lee steinberg, be will we right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. >> good friday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is friday, april 8 your top
8:00 am
stories 8:00 am on east coast right now, donald trump shaking up his campan, preparing for e possibility of contested convention, ted cruz and john kasich meanwhile, going on the offensive. >> if you are a new yorker who do you have any like the famed libel policies of ant drew cuomo doesn't ke the failed liberal policies of chuck schumer hillary clinton, well then you should consider that in voting in in primary. >> you have to spend first 100 days trying to figure out where the bathroomare. >> war of words esescalating on the democratic side as we'll bernie sanders hillary clinton back-and-forth over qualifications for the white house a clinic connection to "panama papers" john podesta linked to russian bank mentioned in the leak we will tell you about it wild car chase on streets of los angeles to report, robbery suspects spinning doughnuts weaving you will not bloef have you this ended high 5's, ye.
8:01 am
>> mixed action in asia nikkei up as hang seng, the others fractionally lowern europe we the fractal gains pretty much across the board moves up, 1% dax cac quarante in paris higher better than 1% ft higher 3 quarters of one percent high of the morning in yoorp futures a bouncebook from yesterday selloff expecting dow jones industrial average to open up 58 points that as well high of the morning right now we will talk to key issues facing the global economyoming up, with managing director imf christine e lagarde coming up this morning join us for that interview all coming up with me all morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, maverickorgan ortegus "barrons" online editor jack otter, good to see everybody a greet t line coming up we begin with camign trail this morning in t top study the candidacy gearing up for battle royale in empire state ramping attacks on both sides blake burman in washington,
8:02 am
d.c., right now with the very latest, blake? >> hi. good morningng to you donald trump continues, to hammer ted cruz, over three words that cruz first spoke of alalmost three months ago, new york values. trump trying to keep cruz's comments in the forefront of the new york primary, releasing this social media video yesterday. >> every one understands that the values in new york state focus around money, and e media. >> i saw somhing that no place on earth could he handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. ♪. >> cruz spent last two days campaignining in new york, he is tryingo label trump as a new york liberal cruz appear last night on o'reilly factor. >> i know, i think people ross new york, and across the country know exactly what new york values means, and those are the values of liberal democratic politicians
8:03 am
who have been hammering this state. >> the only scheduled campaign stop today prolongation to john kasich, he will be in syracuse back to you. >> thanks so much blake burman bring in right now, chris wallace host of fox news sunday good to see you -- >> good to be with you. >> your ke on all this i want your interview coming up we see changes in terms of trump's campaign back-and-forth amongst all candidacy for new york your takeaway. >> well, in terms of trump's changes, long overdue, look, he did the hard part which was to make himself the vessel the voice, of people's discontent with establishment washington wall street whatever, but he hasn't pivoted and i think caught up with him to running a real presidential campaign and to persuading people that he is presidential i mean 70% of people have an unfavorable
8:04 am
opinion of him now 70%, that is one of the most unpopular general electionandidacy in history has to change tony broaden his campaign structure, he should have done a long time ago better late than never. >> you think the new campaign manager will make a difference how would you expect that ton to be tweaked. >> i don't know that it will make a difference because the problem i don't think that donald trump's problem has been hesitant been getting advice that he needs to cut the personal insults, and be more presidential, i think he just doesn't listen to it, now, mbe paul manafort i don't think new campaign manager i think crory lewandowski remains, but manafort has been around i knew him from reagan years in the 1980s, the key question is that is a question not an ananswer will donald trump listen to him if he does i think it will change it if he doesn't, won't make any differerences there. >> dagen. dagen: chris is it too late
8:05 am
though at this point in can you turn those some of that 70% around? in terms of people who see him unfavorably. >> absolutely, i think there are two reasons fifirst of all, because, i think people in america are open-minded, and i think -- here is trump has got himself a hole particularly last few weeks heidi cruz, on the corey lewandowski flap with that reporter, especially with those comments on aborortion, but if he were to make a -- we are all frustrated campaign managers if he were to make a series s of policy speeches and basically strike a different tone doesn't mean give up on any issues or soften issues but if he were to strike a different tony sening out nasty tweets about ted cruz's wife is not a totone as president it is childish if he can knock that off one other point a great catalyst people talk about
8:06 am
republican nomee whoever it is par will in shambles after ly conntion in cleveland there isne great unifieier hillary clinton if nominee republicans t on bioyou ared to tryo beat her not saying they will, t she will bng the party together. >> that makes a lot of sense, of course, we know e president hasn't come out, d basically endorsed but you ve an exclusive one-on-one with president obama airg this sday. last time you interviewethe esident was back in 2008 when he was still running fo offi, more than 8 years ago,o, whatid you learn we are showing video ofour last interview what can we expect this month 8 years lat, chris? >> well i can tell you we sa down withim yesterda in the university of chicago, where was pushing for garland supreme court nominee i can't tell you ieat partment because frankly theris an embargo white house embossed until 9:00 sunday morning i will tell you though it is a fasciting interview a ne making interviewe talked about his supreme court nominee, andhe fact the republicans are
8:07 am
blkingng it, we talked about terror, questis a lot of peopleave whether he is too ppen hearted in fifighting terror the ft that when terriblehings happen like san bernarno, or brussels, he sometimes seems slow to react, andaching this is gog to be the big news maker i ked him about hillary clton, you can remember last october on 60 minutes heaid e had done nothing with here private server to endaering security we leard 2000 classified, 22 top secret we talked about that, and als concern a lot of medium that justice whater the investigation shows up is basicallgoing to protect her, bause barack obama wants her to be his suck as you sayer, his answer to that is going to make news, on sunday and monday. >> and we know, that you know, the fbi investigation, right now, is at the point where they are going to or poised to ask hillary to do an interview. >> absolutely
8:08 am
her top p four former advisories from stateepartment have a lawyered up talk to them first and then when you'veot all the information you talk to the -- the not that she is official target but the person at the top of the investigation, that obviously is secretary clinton, and james comey fbi director made it clear he with apts to get it right and front but right is most important, so hes making no promise. this will even happen before the democratic convention i talked what if democratic nominee very interesting answer. >> from hillary to bill clinton chris, bill on company trail he got fired up, going after those "black lives matter" protesters, the first thing i thought of was, that interview you did with bill clinton when he got well he got hot, and started wagging his finger ayou i wanted to know looking at video of president clinic taking on protesters does that help
8:09 am
hillary clinton? >> does it hurt her do anything? >> well, you know more than that i think. the fact that he talked about the fact that the world has fallen apart the last 8 years i think sometimes clinton doesn't remember t that the 2008 election against barack obama is over because there e a couple comments he made last couple months in by he talked about terrible legacy of last seven years world falling apart last seven years, i think he sometimes forgets they are on same side with barack obama ieresting to see that is the thing bill clinton obviously still a master communicatorer unmiss ill. >> i am curiosity is president obama cognizant part of the tumult in democratic party part of the reason sanders doing so well his base is frustrated with him what he has not been ae to complish the past 8 years does he take personal responsibility for what is
8:10 am
going on, the mess in his own party? >> the reason i am smiling, is that is za will the last question i asked him, and almost exactly those terms, all this angry both in sanders voters and trump voters, this continued sense after 8 years, of barack obama, so many people still feeling that there have been doelup by establishment in washington, wall street, and does he and i used those words does he in that case take personal responsibility very interesting answer, to that question, i wish i could give it to you, but -- >> on sunday fox news tun. >> gooufth an embargo in n place till k 9:00, thanks so much. >> l legacy impact of the inings to 2016 presidential election obamama wallace fox news sunday interview airs sunday on fox news channel 2:00 eastern righght here join us f for that. coming up belglgian authorities appealing g to public to find brbrussels bombing suspect known
8:11 am
as the man in the hat shocking details before he carried out attacks battle for new york continues to heat up candidacy flooding into the state trying show how they are just like all new yorkers talk with former state gubernatorial candidate next, stay with us. ♪ all lignightlong ♪ ♪ yeyeah, all nightlg ♪ ♪ here's the plan. youou want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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8:14 am
. maria: welcome back new developments this morning in brussels terrorist investigation, tha and headlines. cheryl: good morning, well belgian authorities released new pictures of the suspect of the suspect known as we are calling him the man in the hat he was seen at the brusselels airport last month with two suicide bombers, before they died in the attacks that at a killed 32 people seen leavaving the airport on foot walk to go a nearby -- town intnto brussels prosecutors can see asking for help about him, formidables say one suicide bomber worked as a cleaner get this european parliament several years ago. >> "sesame street" introducing first afghan puppet on children's tv show, nonprofit
8:15 am
says will teach kids about hale living, means shimmering, that is the english translation, this story, russia's largest bank has been named in "panama papers" links to hillary clinton campaign. a campaign chairman john podesta took -- the brother listed as lobbyist for the bank, finally, we all -- car chase in los angeles this one got wired, two burglary suspects on the run in convertible in the rain, they had a really good time, they did doughnuts then hit a tmz tour bus wshshow will coming up 5 seconds, yes, they had a good time, and cops maria i lovdz kind of stayed back with car chases they don't want to endanger pub watching on television los angeles folks
8:16 am
some watching this on live television that is what do you in l.a. they saw the crooks come into jumped in hugged them took selfies guys watd for cocops to arrest them. >> -- >> the top down one of the guys was standing up in the car. riding around like in a parade. >> waving. >> i don't understand the hugs and selfies. >> people watching on tv, when they saw coming into their neighborhood on their -- hey let's go out say hello. >> did they the cops come get them of a i i think we see this video gets on hood hanging out kind of -- on the phone, pictures. cops came up all right kids it is over. >> a wild chase get back to "panamama papers" for a second we see john podesta is part of the story. >> does that hurt him she has -- hurt her does that --
8:17 am
>> -- people this story is sort of over most people's heads we really don't it is not acceptable these are like flexible powerful people around the world offshore accounts do you think it is -- >> all the kebs with t podesta group guilt by association i guess what this is simple way to explain what this looks like. >> something else to have to explain. >> people in treasury i talked to say they have been through .5% of this, they are going toake so much time this wiki on storeroids. >> late november this year. >> work through, like after november sometime. half million pageses, to your point, like -- going to take a long time. >> cheryl thank you a short break european union struggggling is to handle flood of migrants into europe we sit down with managing director
8:18 am
christine lagarde the impact on european economy her outlook for the globally story the economy modifies into your closest cofounder with us talking about how she is revolutionizing women's fashion, keep it rightht here. ♪ ♪
8:20 am
you shouldn't have to go far to get the help you're looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service.
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welcome back big money in fashion but t if you are looking for expensive labels without wraebing the bank rent the runway embracing the ask of the shared economy, by letting women, rent designer clothing so to is a% off, retail prices rent runway paired up with ubs to start a program to insider entrepreneurs to take businesses to next level bringing together with g-name industry leaders cofounder jenny, ubs head of community affairs executive communication good to see you -- >> talking earlier big fans of rent a runway. >> the idea entrepreneurialism what are entrepreurs facing in economy debating every day. >> we look at entrepreneurs there are a number of thing
8:23 am
women entrepreneurs in particularar lack mentorship the networks, capita a number of issues in particular that is why we targeted high growth impact. >> how come your story worked we're looked at clothes this is basically the clothes that people will borrow, or rent, for how come this resonated obvious you are one of those that have seen the success. >> well, thank you. i think part idea part execution so you have to have both going hand in hand, and having starred we renounce a challenge starting a business can be now look for wa to pay for learnings that we had mentorship to other women that was why we founded private endure working we have our classic business, and subscription business. >> rent whole wardrobe. >> completely. >> we talked earlier you were
8:24 am
making the comment morgan as well when you go to rent a rereason way you with an a black tie affair, now you are saying this is a much broader program. >> you can actually like if you have a very specific job and maybe your work clothes if you -- don't fit your everyday life youou can really rent things to you rent a subscription of clothing for your everyday, every day work life is that biggest growth area. >> it is so we realize that women not only have a need for special events in their live addressing up, but for every day, so women are going to work, and dressing up, kind of more than ever to look best gop your brand wearing something like this, pink, probably doesn't make sense to purchase it you can wear once or twis a year -- >> the pink jacket, again. >> it is so fun, and give you extra -- bouncing to take on power meeting that you have. >> what are the other sectors in this program you are seeing
8:25 am
term entrepreneurshipship. >> particularly for our program once again that we have a number of biotech entrepreneurs traditional media fashio we were surprirised by how many represented in the applicaon pool. >> looking at economomy dagen and i end of last year we were looking at how weak k trail was you made the point maybe the stores are weak but online is nonot necessarily weak. >> i think i brought up in the break that iou might disagree with me but i think that the fashion that they are putting out there, in the fall and really in the spring fashion has been weak, so it gives you a leg up because, you have already, a base of cloth wichl can choose from not operating on whims of the fashion industry. >> basic clothing we work with data we have with a worked the design xhbt to recreate styles th worked or to taylor things that we think customers are going to want, so excited abouout our collection we have
8:26 am
over 400 designers represented. >> greatat how is business who you would you characterize things. >> incredibly well we have core business, is stable and growing and now new business going to be major growth engine for the runway. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> good toee you, we will watch the program your facing a series of economic headwinds moneying them migrant crisis the vote to leave oe.u, christine lagardstate atreed hillary clinton trying to connect with new yorkers taking subway but will it resonate with voters a closer look, back in a minute. ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ ♪
8:27 am
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inned u.s. we're expecting a higher opening forhe broader averages andnd looking for a bounceback with the dow industrials pushed about 10 points this morning. the euro zone meanwhile stggling to address its largest migration crisis since world war ii entering europe's border in 2015 alone.
8:31 am
analysts are expecting that the influx of people into the eu will damage the overall climate and negatively affect the european jobs market. the managing directo christine lagarde. ms. lagarde always great to see you. >> great to see you, maria. maria: so much to talk about in europe as well as in china and i know you're releasing the world economic report next week, can you give us a sense of sort of the trends without going too specific? >> well, the trends are a little bit on the down side and what is most concerning is that we see risks on the -- you know, likely to be high on the horizo and bigger and those risks are the chinese slslowdow in growth, the lower commodity prices for longer, and the financial tightening that we're seeing as a result of monetary pocies across the globe, producing this effect both on exchange rate and on the--
8:32 am
on monetarypolicies. maria: i was reading your speech recently in brazil talking about how the global players need to come together in the face of all of these risks. have things worsened in just the last six months? >> yes, we think i has. o baseline is a little bit lower, but what we see is the downside risks are certainly higher and we advoce very strongly what we call the three-pronged approach and more cooperation between all the key players. so what we mean by that is structural reforms that people have been talking about, which is about time to actually get done, fiscal policy that has to be growth friendly across the board and i'm not advocating fiscal stimulus, this is not where we are for the moment, and third monetary policy that supports that. maria: i glad you brought up fisc fiscal stimulus. we have beeeen talking about monetary stimulus.
8:33 am
you've been encouraging u.s. officials to raise minimum wage. is that the kind of fiscal policy that you would look to to move the needle? >> it has more to do withh structural reform and we believe that, you know, having 50 million americans living in poverty, 40%% of whom actually have a job iss not particularly satisfactctory. and with growth cannot low, but not partiticularly high in the u.s., you know, north of 2% is okay, but it's not great and with the j job market where it is, we believe that it's time to actually look at thosose, yo know, minimimum wage issues wit a view to increasing growth, with a view to producingemand effect in the shorterm and hopefully, you know, supporting the economy. maria: look, people look t to yu for leadership in this regard, in terms of your recommendations, your suggestions. that's one thing, a year ago you were making a
8:34 am
recommendation about monetary policy. you saw where the economy was and you were public about it and said, look, we need movement on the part of the federal reserve, on the part of european policy makers, because you saw the economy was weak when in fact the whole talk on wall street was l let's raise interest rates. you were cautioning, don't move so quickly. >> yes, yes, we were. yes, we were, and you know, we are still saying today that monetary policy in the euro area, in japan, i'll come to the u.s. in a second, need to continue to be accommodating. those policies need t to contine to support and encourage growth. to facilitate borrowing and to have an impact on inflation, which is, you knknow, at rock bottom lows at the mont. in the u.s., we supported that the interest rates be raised-- >> gradually. >> not as early as -- gradually
8:35 am
and those be d ddependndent. i'm really pleased to see the latest fomc deliberations which iindicate a gradual slow pace of increase which will be data dependent. i can it's very important. maria: frankly, they did wait a while. you said that a while ago. we'll leave that for another japan. did they go too far in japan with negative interest rates? do you worry about negative interest. >> you have the combination of three arrows by the japanese authorities and what is quite surprising at the moment is despite this monetary policy that aims at bringing inflation up and supporting the economy, which should have the effect of lowering relative to other currencies. we're not seeing much of that a
8:36 am
strong pole by the bank of japan and ecb. we did carry on and be steady and get the support that's critically important of fiscal policies and structural reforms together. maria: there are those things and you mentioned this in the speech and that was known as terrorism. what is your take in terms of the impacts o of the migrants coming into europe and angela merkel and her leadership, but of course, there's a debate now and she's criticized from these, and what has been the economic impact from w what we'e seeing from europe? >> difficult t to say because it's early on, because to measasure the economic impacts f
8:37 am
the million plus refugees,, coming into europe, predominantly in germany and our study shows that if there is good integration, meaning language training,, skills, retraining eventually, and housusing support, facility to enter the job market, and the benefits can be quite ssignificant. and we figured it would be a plus .2% for the whole area, and .5%, so plus p point 5% fo germany alone. his is subject to proper integration and skill and training for those people who are coming, and so first and foremost, it's a massive humanitarian challenge which needs to be addressed everywhere, locally and syria with implements for peace at last. support to jordan and lebanon, which are two countries that are hosting so many refugees
8:38 am
and collectivee response by the europeans because they cannot just let one, however big and strong this countryy is, host the refugees of that area, which are not only, by the way, from syria. maria: exactly, not onlyy that it'sreating a debate across t world, even in the u.s. as well given that we know that the terrorists havee gotten their hands on a passport making machine and trying to infifiltrate the refugee flow. it's a hard answer and people are not sure about this. >> it's a hard answer, but it's a completely international challenge. it's totally interconnected and those networks, those terrorist networks have demonstrated time and again that they are well connected amongst themselves so we need to be as strongly interconnected and strongly together as they are and more. maria: what is you take on britain right now? we've got a referendum coming up june 23rd where they're deciding whether not to exit the european union. a year ago, people would have said, no way.
8:39 am
now, people are saying, wait a minute, they may actually leave. what is the implication as -- if britain leaves the eu. >> we're studying that particular proroject, but it's very likely to o be a net negative and a big concern because it's uncertainty, it opens the door to, you know, what will be the next regime in place for trade between the u.k. and the rest of the european union. what will happen to the financial center of london if it works in ice lays -- isolation relative to the content. >> it's uncertain not only for the european union, but for europe itself. . these are negatives on both sides. >> absolutely, absolutely. it's a difficult situation, but it's very much in the psyche of british people to face adversity and hang together rather than walk away. maria: meanwhile, all of this
8:40 am
gets wrapped up in politics during an election year, we know that in the u.s. are' just speaking at the women oof the world conference this week and you've got many high profile women ere. what' your take in terms of how women see this i in terms o this election? i want to ask you about tradede because this has been a political football all of a sudden. we thought that free trade was a positive for the global economy and now it's up for question and women are really having opipinions in terms of where the election goes in the u.s. are you hearing anything? what strikes you from the women in conference that you ask. >> i think the voices that i heard from the women at the conference were let's talk seriously about those issues, none of that nonsense sort of tidbits that people eventually use too rally against the others. i think that they represent a huge amount of opinions, votes, views, and i think they're a
8:41 am
little bit sick and tired of being, as you said for trade, a bit of that football between the various camps. they are a significant part of society and they are to often ignored. maria: you said trade has slowed down. >> yeah, trade had slowed down measurebly and has done so for the last few years, since the financial crisis. trade has not come up to the levels where we had it before and, you know, it's one of the two that can actually also reactivate growth. maria: do you worry thoughhat trade slowing down or open, open borders, really, and open free trade will impact jobs? that's the worry, obviously. >> you know, the impact of free trade has been extremely positive on a gbal basis. i mean, without free trade we would not have seen the number of poor miserable people around the world reduced to the point where it has reduced, it has created hundreds of thousands of jobs all around the world.
8:42 am
now, it's clear that it is shifting the cards and it is moving specializations and it's creating supply chains, but generally, it's a net positive for the globe. maria: and that's what we were led to believe for sure. it seems to me it's an issue ripping parties apartn terms of this election. ms. lagarde, it's a pleasure to ha you on the program. thank you very much, we'll look forward to the big meeting, imf meeting this weekend. up next, new york subway for the wiwin, hillary clinton tryig to get on that subway to show she's a real new yorker, repeatedly denied. and kobe brbryant looking to wrp up a nearly two decades career in the nba. and a 18 carat gold hat? wait until you hear the staggering price tag. back in a moment. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, hillary clinton and bernie sanrs sparring over who is the true new yorker in the presidential race. mrs. clinton in an argument having major issues getting on the subway. and sanders having a comical exchange with the editor of the new york daily b board. >> and ride the subway-- >> do you really? >> do you really? how do you ride the subway today? how do you get on the subway today. >> token-- >> wrong. maria: joining me right now is former gubernatorial candidate and trumphairman carl palladino. thank you for joining us. who is the real new yorker? is that going to resonate?
8:47 am
>> i don't thinkhat hillary was ever a new yorker. i'd give sanders credit he was next door. maria: she was the new york senator. >> she came to new york to be a senator. she obviously was-- didn't really suit the new york voters when she was there. she just occupied space and took the title and she's the one that promised 200,000 jobs in new york and we're still waiting for those 200,000 jobs. maria: and today she's campaigning in buffalo. obviously, that's your home turf. what should she be doing to resonate with those people in buffalo right now? how do you think she's going to be received? >> well, she's norma200 to 250 followers to show up at her events, but she is certainly not going to draw as mr. trump will draw next week. maria: dagen. dagen: what about trump versus cruz, carl?
8:48 am
i look at ted cruz and how awkward these interactions are after the new york values comment. i know that he's trying to den donald trump that 50% mark in this congressional district, but seems so awkward, i wonder why he even came and campaigned in the state? >> he's not only awkward, he just doesn't belong here. he's the guy that he wanted to tell us about new yo values and back when it came ti to vote for the sandy relief for 100,000 families in new york state, he called ia big boondogle. ted cruz is going to go over like a lead balloon. we're going to win every delegate in new york state, there's no question about it. we're going to win every congressional district by more than 50% and overall i think we're going to do 60 to 65% for trump in the primary coming up. maria: every delegate, that's a big bet to make, carl.
8:49 am
>> well, i attracted in my primary when i ran for governor, i attracted 63% of the republican vote and donald trump is just like i am, he's the same cut, you know, we're the type of people that are not afraid to get in the arena. he talks new york values. obviously, new yorkers are-- have been impressed for so long with this liberal progressive government that we have here, jobs have been lost. recently they increased the minimum wage to $15. maria: right. >> and the people have had it. the people are burned out and sick and tired of the leadership, a leadership that has one goal, to build the democratic majority annot really focused on the needs of the people donald trump speaks th language of the people. he's in the right place in the second amendment and right place on creatining jobs and th blue and white collar-- for instance, i live in south buffalo. south buffffalo is probably 80%
8:50 am
democrat. blue collar and white collar workers, your middle class all the way. maria: interesting. >> and iould say t that 75% of my neighborhood is going to vote for donald trump in the final, okay, including-- i'm talking democrats and independents and republicans. maria: right, right. >> so what we're seeing here doesn't necessarily --. maria: we'll see about that. you know, we've got the next couple of weeks to see if in fact donald trump does resonate the way you say, carl, good to see you, carl palladino joining us there. from the catwalk to the boardroom. changes coming to victoria secret to focus on best selling merchandise. then a preview of this weekend's barron's magazine. jack otter is going to release it in a minute. ♪ [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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>> welcome back. 35 minutes away from the opopening bell for a friday. let's ta a look at stocks on the momove this morning, we expect a higher opening for the broader averages. shares of gap selling off better than 8% right now. the retailer bigger than expected sales decline in march. it's blaming slow traffic during thehe easter weend. verizon is expected to make a bid for yahoo!'s web business, and willing to acquire the company's japanese business to sweeten the deal. and the company is giving dder for core access another week for proposals. victoria's secret is restructuring, l brand cutting 200 jobs, focused more on core purchase. shares down 11% in the last three months and also mong lower today. goodbye ruby tuesday, the restaura operator cutting its 2016 profit forecast ands
8:55 am
expecting slower sales margins and e decline of company-owned reaurants. coming up, final thoughts from our all-star panel today. take a look at ts, the l.a. lakers celebrating the retirement of ke bryant with a limited edition, 18 car gold c cap, made of lamb skin ad snake skin and eight were made, sold out on the website. the cost, 38 grand to wear this hat. back in a mont. ♪ i order b14. i get b14. no surpris. buying business internet, on thether hand, can be a roller coaster you're promised one speed. but do you consistentlget it? you do with comcast business. but do yo's reliable.lget it? just like kung pao fh. thank you, ping.
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♪ >> welcome back, final oughts from our all star panel. barron's magazine. >> i want to know why "sympathy for the devil" is associat with barron's, we'll talk about it later. and the former bond king, only managing 1.5 billion now, down from 1.5 trillion at the height. maria: oh, my gosh. >> and he wouldn't agree with christine lagarde, he would think that low interest rates aren't doing good any more and he would agree on the fiscal point.
8:59 am
but he tells us how he makes money for his investors in practically zero interest rate world, interesting. maria: it's about the economy and about politics, those are the stories. morgan. >> the big state priry, this bale for the republican nominee may tually come down to small states lilike colorado last night, where there was only three congressional delegates up for play, the cruz caaign went and got all three and the cruz campaign is playing for every single delegate and that's what this nomination may come down for. maria: see if it works. dagen. d did you have to super size the barron's cover to fit his ego on it? >> oh. dagen: is he a humbled man now with a smaller job, smaller portfolio and-- >> what was that paycheck, when he left th were fighting over the paycheck, $100 million or something. >> humble in the face of markets. so he may have an ego about his management ability and everything else, but the guy, like all really smart money managers, understands what he
9:00 am
doesn't know and just tries to, you know, to work it where he can, work it where he has a small advantage. maria: a good queson to bring out. jack otter, nice to see you. >> have a great weekend. maria: have a great weekend. that will do it for us, "varney & company" begins right now, stua, over to you, have a good weekend. stuart: maria, thank you very much. bill clinton unloads on black lives matter. good morning, everyone, it happened last night. the former president constantly interrupted by demonstrators claiming the clinton presidency hurt blacks,ould be a problem for hillary, who needs minority supporin the hotly contested new york primary. harsh words from all t the candidates in n fact and it's been what i would call a bad week for civility in politics. and it's been a bad week for business and the wall street journal says it's going to get worse. president obama is about to unleash a flurry of new anti-business rules and regulations, including overtime pay for management.


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