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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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favorite traders, sfc alternatives. as close kicks in what a week of wary trading. [closing bell rings] the worst week since february. s&p, barely 2 1/2 points above positive territory for the year. a win is a win. david asman, melissa francis after the bell. have a great weekend. melissa: stocks ending the day slightly higher. dow and s&p 500 both ending the week down 1.4%. worst week since february. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." at this hour, a press conference just wrapping in belgium. major developments in the hunt for terror suspects linked to the paris and belgium attacks. several arrests have made. the man from the hat in the airport, well, he may be among them. early voting in indiana is underway. colorado is getting national attention for this weekend's state gop convention. more on key roles both will be playing for the race to the
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white house coming right up. spacex is gearing up to launch its dragon rocket bound for international space station. it is packed with science experiments and the first expandable room to be used by hypes in orbit. we'll bring you details and the launch live when that happens. melissa: back to breaking news developing right now, appears the third suspect in the brussels airport bombing, so-called man in the hat, may have been arrested today. fox news's greg palkot has the latest developments on this one. greg? reporter: melissa, literally in the last half hour we got information from belgian authorities after major terror arrest. let's underscore that. a major terror arrest. they confirmed they arrested a man named mohamed abrini. here is what we know about him. he played a significant role in the paris terrorist attacks last november which left 130 people dead. he is seen in surveillance video bringing salah abdeslam, one of the key logisticians down from brussels to paris two days
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before the attacks. he went back and forth between brussels, one terror hub, and paris, a terror target several times before the attacks. we understand he had contact with the players in the paris terror attacks after the attack. we know we he had contact with the mastermind as well. smuggled himself in with refugee flow going into europe and did his handiwork. now you mentioned the brussels terror attacks, which is what the brussels and belgian investigators are looking hard. reports all day he could have been, abrini, the hand in the hat, the third suspect at the airport bombing. two suicide bombers blew themselves up and killed all those people and left all those injured and all that carnage. thinking was perhaps abrini was the third person there at the airport. his bomb didn't go off and he fled. we don't know that for a fact.
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what we do know for a fact, melissa, this is highly significant as well, his dna was found in the bomb factory where those suitcase bombs were created that caused all carnage in brussels. his dna was found in the area in an apartment where the explosives and nails and chemicals were put into those suitcase bombs and where the bombers left from. so circumstantial evidence might point to the fact that abrini might have had a significant role in the brussels attacks as well. we don't know for sure. there were five people all told arrested today and what we know is the, another man is by the name of osama kryem. all day it was reported he might have been another suspect at the metro bombing. remember there were attacks at airport or metro or subway station in brussels on that terrible day last month. no confirmation of that. but we do know he too had contact with salah abdeslam.
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remember he is the paris attacker. he is the arrested paris attack suspect that was found in brussels just a couple weeks ago. he too, guess what? smuggled himself in with the refugee flow coming from syria after training with isis in syria, through turkey, through greece and then into paris and brussels. we don't know what kind of a role he had in the paris attacks. we don't know what kind of a role he had in the brussels attacks. they're guessing is from what the advance word from the belgian authorities that he did have a role in this terror. we certainly know he had contacts with a lot of bad guys. to sum up we'll know more information tomorrow. authorities said they would have more details tomorrow. there is buzz of activity around these arrests today. i think they felt they had to come out with something. it's a significant arrest. perhaps one victory for the belgian authorities that would have been under a lot of heat because a lot of people have been saying they're not doing a good job tamping down terrorism
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growing there and throughout europe. back to you, melissa. melissa: greg palkot. great report. we'll have more on this developing story later in the hour. david: back at home, ted cruz ending the week on high note, the senator hit a fund-raising record for the month of march following his big victory in wisconsin. ble burman is in d.c. with the latest on campaign trail. smiles in the cruz camp, blake. reporter: this was their best month, david, you're exactly right. ted cruz campaign announcing their biggest cash grab to date. cruz pulled in 12.$5 million in the month of march. they tout receiving donations from 240,000 supporters during that stretch. the announcement comes days of course after cruz won wisconsin's primary which he said tuesday night they raised more than a million dollars alone that day. it has been a good run here for cruz of the speaking of money, john kasich continues to focus some of his advertising dollars
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on cruz. the kasich campaign released another ad in new york today which folks right on the texas senator. in this one kasich is trying to make the case, he, and not cruz is the republican with the best chance of potentially beating hillary clinton come november. >> john kasich will win the convention, and he will defeat hillary clinton in the fall. want to stop the clinton machine and win the white house? your only choice is john kasich. reporter: kasich the only one on the campaign trail today. he has an event a little bit in syracuse, he will stay in new york over the weekend while cruz heads out west. meantime, donald trump, you see him there, he will reappear in new york soon enough. trump's campaign announced he will hold an event sunday in rochester. david, as you know that is in the western part of the state there in new york. polls show trump has a massive lead in his home state with 95 delegates in play. back to you.
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david: rochester, where my father was born. asman family has close connections there. we'll watch that carefully. blake burman, thank you, have a good weekend. reporter: you too. melissa: the odds of contested gop convention is growing. 90% of the gop insiders say neither trump or cruz will win the nomination on the first ballot in cleveland according to "politico." the trump campaign says there is no chance! we have byron york, "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. byron, 90% of gop insiders. what is the sample size? how scientific was this study -- 90% of insiders. what do you make of it? >> they shouldn't really use precise language of percentages. they talked to a bunch of insiders. it is true there was huge conventional wisdom shift after ted cruz won wisconsin. before that a lot of people were saying, gee if trump wins wisconsin he might be able to get those 1237 delegates required to win the nomination
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before going to cleveland. afterwards, everybody thought, well, it will be an open convention or contested convention. in fact, it is still very, very difficult. i mean almost impossible for ted cruz to win enough delegates before the convention. melissa: so a lot of people handicapping what will happen at the convention which brings paul ryan into the mix. show you this ad, ask you what you think of it on the other side. let's roll it. >> what really bothers me the most of politics these days this notion of identity politics. that we're going to win an election by dividing people, rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals an common culture on things that should unify us. melissa: so, byron, what the heck is this thing? i was watching it online. it is very compelling, it is well-shot, well-put together. it is political ad. what is paul ryan campaigning for here? >> exactly. it looks like a campaign
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commercial. paul ryan as speaker said over and over he has no interest being a draft candidate or putting himself up for nomination at the convention. then his press office or his office does something like this. this is not the kind of thing, by this, i mean this video you just showed us, this is not the kind of thing that a candidate who wants to step over to the side and not be part of the process does. it really raises speculation that he is interested in case we have a contested convention and there is no obvious settlement to it. melissa: i mean the candidates who are legit in the race should hire whoever made this ad and make their own ads because this is a terrific ad. so the latest conventional wisdom that i heard, they go all the way to the contested convention, whatever it is, but still decided on the first ballot. it is one of those things once they get there, whether it is trump or cruz, they will have behind the scenes worked it out one way or the other. it will seem like it will be a big thing and we get there, boom
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it is over. what do you think about that theory? >> that is something the campaigns have been thinking about. i believe everybody involved with the campaigns, believes if one candidate gets really close to the 123, that 1237 mark, might not be a huge fight. they will get it. if donald trump comes in and has 1215 delegates some people want to fight to the death but i think a lot of the participants will say look, he basically won this. melissa: byron, always a delight. thanks for coming on. appreciate it. have a good weekend. david? david: i love all the theories what will happen but who knows? david: indiana's primary is not until next month but hoosiers are lining up to polls. jeff flock is in hammond, indiana, where early vote something underway, jeff? reporter: got underway early this week and will continue to primary which is not until may third. the republican delegates in the state are important.
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these delegates will not be bound after the first ballot. they're all the more important to people like john kasich and ted cruz if they're trying to steal the delegates away to have victory for them on a second or third ballot. but, as we said, this is early voting. it is a month long. it is one of the most liberal early voting regulations in the country. comes before the no, primary which is the next thing on the card. they are not voting in new york yet but they are voting here. primaries come after that on the 26th. no early voting for those at least not underway yet. but here in indiana, the question is, who is going to benefit, who is the state going for? well there has not been a statewide poll. so we kind of don't know. some people say john kasich who is from neighboring state of ohio may have an advantage. donald trump did well in kentucky to the south so maybe an advantage for him. there is also a, evangelical piece to indiana. so maybe that favors ted cruz.
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i guess we'll all see, but either way, this early voting thing, some republicans have been criticized for, some people trying to tamp down the vote? here in state controlled by republican governor and republican legislature, a month of early voting. david: wow. that's a long time. jeff flock, thank you very much, "from the heartland." melissa. melissa: intelligence sources now telling fox news the extradition of a romanian hacker to the u.s., at a key point in the fbi's criminal investigation of hillary clinton's email use is not a coincidence. the hacker was allegedly able to access the email account of sidney blumenthal, one of the clinton's most prolific confidants when she was secretary of state. experts say now he is in the u.s. he may be able to help make the case that clinton's email server was compromised by a third party, one that did not have the formal backing and resources of a foreign
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intelligence service such as that of russia, china or iran. david: fascinating stuff. this guy was putting out information that was from emails from clinton, between clinton and blumenthal. somebody got in there. melissa: yeah, interesting. david: major developments in the hunt for terror suspects linked to the paris and belgium attacks. several arrests have been made. man in the hat for brussels airport bombing, he may, he emphasize may be among them. melissa: new poll showing more americans now have an overwhelmingly negative view of donald trump. we're going to hear from south carolina pastors, mark burns, one of trump's most passionate defenders. david: that should be interesting. is bill clinton helping or hurting hillary on the campaign trail? the former president making waves after a heated exchange with members of the "black lives matter." take a listen. >> see, here's the thing. i like protesters but the ones that won't let you answer are i got this m ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: it is breaking news at this hour. new round of terror arrests in europe. belgian authorities announcing arrest of paris attack suspect mohamed abrini. also believed to be so-called "man in the hat" after brussels deadly attack. chris harmer, senior naval analyst. chris, are the keystone cops as we call them over here, i mean, they can't seem to get anything right. are they finally on the right track? >> they are on the right track but a little bit timed late on it. if mohamed abreen any arrested in 72 or 9hours of the paris attacks. they might have gotten something useful as intelligence asset ordaining gel him to draw other terrorists out of hiding. it was not useful to arrest him
4:18 pm
this far after the brussels and paris attacks. only information he has is likely gone cold. likely all of his contacts, collaborators are know he is wanted man in the paris attacks and brussels attacks, they gone to ground. ditched cell phones, change the computers and cars. difficult to use this guy as intelligence asset. david: they mitted opportunity. they deal with terrorism as a law enforcement issue, not a national security issue that makes a big difference in the way they chase down these guys, doesn't it? >> it does, right now the overwhelming impression the europeans are just behind the power curve on this they are catching guys after they commit attacks. not doing a good job preventing attacks. doesn't seem the european security agencies are up to this dealing with national security problem instead after law enforcement problem. give you within example of that. 18 month ago we heard all kind of criticisms coming out of europe, not just news makers and
4:19 pm
opinion leaders, leaders of government and state criticizing the national security agency for metadata collection. you don't hear any criticism. now europeans see how necessary it is to prevent these attacks. david: chris, i have one question quick. i mean quick. that they are producing something called octogen. i understand very highly explosive material used to detonate nuclear weapons s that a concern or should be a concern to us? >> it's a huge concern concern. part of nuclear weapons program. in shocking turn of developments. iran is unrib negotiating partner. beyond parody that they are maintaining the joint plan of nuclear agreement. i think it will fail within months, beyond pair roadie. guideway to bit it. chris harmer. >> secretary of state john kerry
4:20 pm
making surprise visit to baghdad. to reassure iraqi leaders that the u.s. remains committed to the government and military. kerry pledging $155 million more in support and humanitarian aid to help the country. while the u.s. and iraqi military prepare a final assault to take key city of mosul from isis. david: government is not apparently taking care of business. wave of new regulations about to hit american companies. former cbo director doug holtz-eakin is sounding off next. spacex preparing for rocket launch for cape canaveral. one. supplies will pave the way for future migs to mars. ♪
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david: just a few months left in his term president obama's is teeing up a business-related regulations taking steps to expand government's reach over business even more than it already is. president obama already issued 392 regulations, each carrying economic effect of more than $100 million annually. this compares to president george w. bush eight year total of 358. clinton had less in his full eight years than obama already has. douglas holtz-eakin, american action forum, former cbo director. doug, sheer number of regulation, he has whole another year and he is above what clinton or bush had. >> quite remarkable actually. if you look at total regulation, not just major regulations, turns out they're finalizing over one new regulation every day during his time in office. the total compliance costs for the business sector of those regulation is about $770 billion.
4:25 pm
that is $100 billion a year. david: wow. >> you know, you and i both know if we had $100 billion tax increase every year you would expect the economy to suffer. it is no surprising we had such a poor recovery, the economy, even though it's positive who knows, it may actually be negative, we assume it is positive, still growing minuscule amount. quantity of regulations but quality of regulations some of which are really draconian, wants to reduce carbon emissions 32% over next 20 years. that could have enormous cost in the future for our economy. >> and it hits the economy right now not like you say, we'll do the regulation five, 10 years. businesses make decisions right now on kind of power plants they will build, investment decisions they will make. the notion that you're going to get new regulations not just ones we've seen already but for rest of the year that have significant impact, that gives
4:26 pm
everyone pause. one the cakishes of recovery is weak capital expenditure by business community. i don't think this is a surprise we have a president who says i'm here for the middle class. the best thing for middle class is vibrant, growing economy. they need to connect the dots and ease up a little bit. david: our founders saw power getting away from them, issuing all these things. that is why they have all the checks and balances. congress is supposed to make law. the president is supposed to suggest it. in fact the president is making tax provision laws this week alone that affecting businesses, costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. >> to me this is the definition after politically-driven manuever. look at two things he did this week. first to limit interest deductibility on loans between companies. it has nothing to do with so-called inversions. foreign headquartered company in siemens investing in the u.s.,
4:27 pm
they get hit by this that hurts our ability to attract international investment. second thing, they looked at history of allergan, what can we do to damage their ability to finish the deal with pfizer, they did it. anybody making a deal today, has to worry two years from now treasury will unwind the deal with new regulations. that is terrible signal to send in an economy not doing very well. david: another thing we worry about the effect of these 15-dollar minimum wages. you are one of the people calculated how many jobs that will cost. we run out of time that is the tease. we'll bring you back to talk more in the future. douglas holtz-eakin. have a great weekend. >> you too. david: thanks, melissa. melissa: how to seize the delegates from "the donald." one super-pac scrambles to dump the billionaire. that's next. former president bill clinton confronting protesters. the heated exchange that might spell trouble for hillary clinton's campaign. >> you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter.
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invest with confidence. melissa: bill clinton going off the script while stumping for his wife in philadelphia. the former president pivoting from his prepared remarks to spar with black lives matters protesters over his crime control act of 1994. listen. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders
4:32 pm
who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on to the street to murder other african-american children. you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. melissa: see people in the audience cheering there? is he helping or hurting his wife's campaign? ford o'connell, former john mccain campaign director. capri cafaro, democratic senator from ohio. we're having debate. >> go ahead. melissa: do you think that was contrived? are they being on both sides and bill go out and do that and bill say something different? >> bill clinton wants hillary clinton to win the presidential election but will not do it at cost of his own legacy. bill is about the aura of bubba. it is not 1994. the democratic party has move so
4:33 pm
far left he can't win it. hillary clinton sold her political soul for the nomination. it is pretty simple. melissa: capri, what do you think about that? i think they're trying to have it both ways. i think he believes what he said. i also think sending him out there to say one thing and her the other keeps everybody happy? >> i think it is interesting theory. not one that i necessarily considered, but i think you might have a point. to me, more likely that president clinton gets little bit unhinged. people get under his skin. he can't resist himself. he has to defend himself. if people challenge what he did in 1994, they also challenged welfare reform from 199. he will net let that stand. in his words, would hurt hillary clinton more in the primary. melissa: you think? >> than it could help in the general election from more moderate stance. obviously hillary is having a little bit after push and pull
4:34 pm
with progressive wing of the party. we see how well bernie sanders is doing. i think bill clinton's tussle with "black lives matter" might not necessarily help her in a primary. >> that is exactly right. i find bill:to be net positive for hillary clinton not in democratic primary because hillary clinton is nipping at hillary's heels. in general election, being tough on crime is definitely winner for hillary clinton. bill clinton is still your party's best communicator. >> absolutely. >> case in point, barack obama needed to lean on him in 2012. melissa: capri, they represent where the democratic party has gone. makes you wonder where hillary clinton really is? because bill clinton represent, you know -- >> more centrist. melissa: more pro-business. a lot of people comfortable with him. hillary clinton, is she part of that group as wall street assumes? that is why they give her so much money because they believe she is centrist like her
4:35 pm
husband? or is she true to these things she is saying which are more far left to compete with bernie? >> i think hillary clinton at this point doesn't even know. melissa: that may be true. >> as ford mentioned earlier, i think part of the issue if the democratic party truly evolved over the last 20 plus years. we don't see nearly as many middle of the road, moderate democrats, i mentioned dlc a few seconds ago, pro-growth democrats. don't exist, blue dog democrats are not out there. melissa: yeah. >> so the message of bill clinton doesn't necessarily have a place in the 21st century democratic party nearly way it did 20 years ago. melissa: that in itself is pretty amazing statement. thank you you guys for joining us. david: of course both parties are changing dramatically. donald trump on other side is beefing up his staff to prepare for delegate showdown at national convention. he isn't alone.
4:36 pm
anti-trump groups are shifting focus from ads to delegates. our principles pac is planning to sway delegates to vote against trump at contested convention. ken blackwell, senior advisor joins me now. ken, good to see you. first of all where do the money from principles come from? >> number donors across the spectrum of the republican party and conservative movement that want to see an open convention and who will prosecute -- melissa: that is not an answer. i'm told most of the money comes from the ricketts family. joe ricketts, td ameritrade founder and owner of chicago cubs. is that true. >> i'm sure, i don't know if it is most of the money. he is known contributor to our principles pac but the fact of mater is we have grass roots organizers going into the into these conventions really working delegates. melissa: right. >> we'll prosecute the case against trump at every turn with
4:37 pm
every potential. david: that is your higher goal, ken, right? your goal, number one is prevent donald trump that man from becoming the nominee? >> well our coalition is made up of a number of folks. my advice is make it, set the table for an open convention. play by the rules. play to win. and play to in fact have a nominee that is a true, proven conservative, and a long-time republican standard-bearer. david: some people are suggesting you're not playing by the rules. that you want to prevent him from getting nominee by not playing by the rules or get changing rules. trump advisor barry benefit said in "usa today." for them to spend millions of soft dollars to affect outcome is exactly shenanigans voters don't want to see. i'm sure he is talking about voters of both parties. >> whining is not becoming a
4:38 pm
strong man like trump or his operatives like barry. reality we're playing by the rules and we're playing to win. this is a contest. i respect the folks, trump campaign have brought on board. paul manafort is a seasoned veteran. and is a veteran but he is going to play to win. he will play by the rules. and he doesn't whine. i would hope that candidate stops whining and some of his apologists stop whining. we'll play by the rules. david: if he plays by rules, stops whining and gets 1237 delegates before the convention you would support him as nominee? >> then he is the candidate. david: okay. fair enough. >> he plays by the rules. david: good stuff. ken blackwell. thanks for being here. have a good weekend. >> always good to be with you. david: appreciate it. melissa: the second round of 80th masters underway and defending champion jordan spieth remains comfortably ahead at a cities ga national followed by
4:39 pm
paul casey. spieth showing no sign of slowing down there. is a lot of golf left to go. let's not jump ahead and jinx him like that. david: i can't help but to like the guy. he is such a decent character. you want to root for the good guy. anyway a pro-trump pastor getting pushback from his colleagues. like trump he is not shying away from critics on the campaign trail. coming up next, pastor mark burns is here to defend trump against the haters. melissa: space station astronauts are getting supplies in space. air mattresses, the blowup edition is so much better. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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david: the next frontier. spacex is about to launch a rocket with the first inflatable room to the international space
4:43 pm
station. deirdre bolton. is with us with details. t-minus 15 seconds. >> i'm very excited. you mentioned this house, it is an inflatable house, david, 12 feet wide. if this works, the idea to go up to the space station, essentially install it, inflate it up there, if it works there there are implications putting an inflatable house on the moon or on mars. the founder of spacex talked about these possibilities. this is very big day for him. they tried this back in june. essentially the cargo blew up. there was no accident to humans but not exactly what elon musk was anticipating. 50% of the weight, we're looking at video is so-called from the space house. david: by the way this is not video. what we're looking. live shots, about t-minus 10. let's listen in. >> engine ignition.
4:44 pm
liftoff of falcon 9 rocket, science for today and deep space exploration tomorrow. it has cleared the towers. >> all right. so there it is, david. maybe at some point we'll take a vacation on mars or the moon. of course this is elon musk's baby right? this dragon spacecraft. you will recall, pretty recently jeff bezos scored a pretty big win with blue origin. david: he did. >> he was able to make a rocket go off and land again. that is obviously the whole trick as well to making -- david: they became, by the way, that they're not rivals. clearly there has to be some rivalry. >> there are discrepancies, as far as jeff bezos and blue origin. the rocket didn't try to go higher than a certain level in the atmosphere. i guess if you're really into this, you could say jeff bezos had slightly easier target. the fact that spacex, launching
4:45 pm
and going all the way to the space station requires a little more technology. so. but it's pretty amazing if they pull it off this time. melissa: wow. david: sounds like there is a, there is a little bit of talk from the command center. let's see if we pick some of that up here. >> i don't want to talk over them, david. the fact that we don't see it exploding -- there we go. david: always happens. just when you think they're not going to talk they do. melissa: look at that. >> that is extraordinary -- >> total cargo you probably have all these stats, but 7,000 pounds worth of supplies. so if they pull this off, it really will be a feat of engineering. david: so far so good. and again, the government comes in and play as part of the role, even subsidiary roll. >> two minutes. david: two minutes into the flight, looks like it is pretty
4:46 pm
good. >> indeed, yes, so far so good. that particular part of the cargo does not look to be getting into any trouble this would be really a very big first. melissa: very cool. wow. david: all right. as it is going into, when it gets into the black there, you can't see blue anymore, you realize it's pretty well there. so, that's excellent. good stuff, deirdre. thank you very much. thank you for bringing that to us. >> glad to witness history with you. david: deirdre bolton. we will see more of deirdre at top of the hour on "risk & reward." melissa. melissa: i will try and follow that now. boy. donald trump's rocky road to the white house, seven in 10 people now view trump negatively. this is according to new ap poll but one pastor from south carolina is defending the gop front-runner. pastor mark burns of the harvest praise and worship center. he is a trump supporter. he joins me right now. what the do you think of that seven in 10 number, by the way?
4:47 pm
what do you think, why do you think people f your impression? >> well you know, melissa, i really think the media hases really good job taken sound bites and snippets what mr. trump said and really created a narrative of divisiveness and hatred and bigotry. it plays to people who don't really know mr. trump and had the opportunity to fellowship, partake with him personally like i have. melissa: so it is the damn media fault again. i mean we kind of hear that all the time. it is always our fault. it always our fault. what is it that you see in him that when you see him is different from the way the damn media portrays him? >> well, first of all, i typically don't communicate with people that cuss -- melissa: you know he what i mean. pardon me, then. >> i'm joking. god forgive you. melissa: thank you, i appreciate that. >> on serious note, donald trump
4:48 pm
he is a person that's real. one would not vote for the next pastor of the united states. we're voting for next president of the united states. as a pastor, as a shepherd, one of the things very important to me as father of six beautiful children we have a nation that is strong and nation that is protected. what took place in san bernanadino, california, we really don't want taking place across the country in small towns in america like in easley, south carolina. so donald trump is coming across as a person, really, what he says is what you get. melissa: yeah. >> some people, you know, can receive that, like the great state of new york. they get donald trump. they know him. they know that he is one of them. and some people don't understand him. my wife is from the north. when i first married her, she had a very forward, you know, mentality that i didn't understand here in the south. you know, we sometimes in the south will smile at you but stab
4:49 pm
you in the back. melissa: [laughter] >> but people up north, what you see is what you get. they just kind of tell you like it is. some people may not understand that. but his character, he is a human being, him and his wonderful wife and his children. they really, you know, great people. again the media is really good at taking bits and pieces of what donald trump said -- melissa: chopping it up and making people look bad. i like your point about new yorkers being straightforward but in the south you're more reserved and polite. bless your heart. people from the south says that doesn't mean what it really sounds like it means. pastor burns, we appreciate your time. i'm sorry. we're out of time. we have commercial break. next time. thank you. david: silicon valley getting political. tech companies railing against north carolina for its controversial lgbt law, but are they being hypocritical?
4:50 pm
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. david: well apple and other silicon valley companies give sanctimonious lectures and pull business from states that have laws that upset gay rights activists but some of the countries that these same companies do business in have far more restrictive laws about sexual behavior. for details, bradford richardson, "washington times" culture reporter. very important piece you wrote, brad. paypal, canceled a project in north carolina but paypal has some business in places like malaysia which do what to home sexual community? >> well in malaysia home sexual conduct is punishable but up to 20 years in prison and whipping. laws are much more -- david: whipping. >> that's right. david: they're okay with whipping homosexuals putting
4:54 pm
them in jail for 20 years but have problems about this bathroom law that north carolina has. >> that's correct. five years ago, paypal built a facility in malasia, identical one they were going to build in north carolina in charlotte. back then they did not say anything about the laws in malaysia concerning home sexual conduct punishable like you said by whipping. yet in north carolina they have pulled out and gutted their plan to build facility there. david: unbelievable. which cost american jobs. the situation is not as bad as there. they also do business in singapore. singapore i'm told you can get two years for same sex relationships in singapore, right. >> that's correct. their international headquarters are located in singapore where you can get two years. david: wow. >> there is no whip inning singapore but prison time is still pretty significant and much more severe than any laws in north carolina. david: let's give apple a little attention here. they of course have stores in saudi arabia. how does saudi arabia treat homosexuals? >> well unfortunately
4:55 pm
saudi arabia has this terrible tendency of publicly executing people who are caught to have committed home homosexual behavior. david: does apple have plans to pull out of saudi arabia for that? >> i'm not sure we reach them as comment. they announced law in north carolina as discriminatory. a lot of other businesses located in silicon valley, they hinted maybe the law will affect business plans in future. david: apple wouldn't pick up the phone when you called. how about paypal? >> i did get a comment from paypal. they said the law in north carolina doesn't align with their values and that is why they're pulling out of their charlotte facility but would not respond to questions about you know how anti-lgbt laws affected decision to build a plant in malaysia. they didn't respond. david: they couldn't deny the laws in malaysia are as they are, discriminate in awful ways against home homosexuals.
4:56 pm
>> didn't affect business plans. charges of hp hypocrisy coming from critics of paypal. david: charges, it is apparent, obvious hypocrisy. thank you very much. bradford richardson. "washington times" cultural report. good report. >> thank you for having me. david: bernie sanders, taking haim at the the at -- aim at the 1%ers. how the details of the rocket launch landed. it landed moment the ago. we have details for you. is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing.
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david: good news for spacex. the capsule is on its way to the space station. this is live view of it and the booster that put that thing in orbit actually landed safely on the water. as you might remember a couple of times it was tipping over, it didn't land right. a couple times it actually blew up. this time it landed perfectly. so they can reuse the booster for future missions. agood way to save money for
5:00 pm
spacex. the capsule that has inflatable room as deirdre talks, looks to be on path to go up to the international space station. so that is great news. aforementioned deirdre bolton is here right now with her show. deirdre. deirdre: this just in. prosecutors confirming several arrests have been made in connection with the attacks in brussels. one of them also a key suspect in november's paris attack where 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded. mohamed abrini believed to be the man in the hat at brussels airport where 32 people were killed and hundreds wounded. i'm deirdre bolton. this is "risk & reward." my colleague gerri willis is with us with details. what is the latest? reporter: here is the latest. a major break through in the


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