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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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spacex. the capsule that has inflatable room as deirdre talks, looks to be on path to go up to the international space station. so that is great news. aforementioned deirdre bolton is here right now with her show. deirdre. deirdre: this just in. prosecutors confirming several arrests have been made in connection with the attacks in brussels. one of them also a key suspect in november's paris attack where 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded. mohamed abrini believed to be the man in the hat at brussels airport where 32 people were killed and hundreds wounded. i'm deirdre bolton. this is "risk & reward." my colleague gerri willis is with us with details. what is the latest? reporter: here is the latest. a major break through in the brussels terror attacks and
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perhaps last november's paris carnage. under arrest 31-year-old belgian moroccan, mohamed abrini, trained by isis in syria and smuggled into europe with refugees. he was on europe's most-wanted list for his presumed role in the paris attacks last november which killed 130. police are looking whether he was third suspect in the airport bombing. seen as you mentioned with two others pushing carts loaded with suitcase bombs. his bomb didn't go of and he fled. according to fox news contacts in brussels, it almost certainly is him but not yet confirmed. his dna, his fingerprints have been found at a couple of apartments used by the terrorists. so, today in total, five people were arrested, including a man who authorities think might have had something to do with the brussels metro bombing. that was the bombing at the subway station which left another 16 people dead.
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so, deirdre, lots goings-on and news coming out and moving towards solutions on this horrible story. deirdre: gerri, thanks so much for bringings up to speed. gerri willis with the very latest from the press conference in europe. later in the show, former cia senior intelligence officer tony shaffer will be with me. we'll talk about the arrests and how europe and the u.s. are working together to fight terrorism. shifting to political theme closer to home, days before the new york primary, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will travel to the vatican next week. there are conference with topics including social justice and environmental concerns. fox news's ed henry with me. to be clear, the pope has not endorsed sanders and not even clear sanders will meet with the pope? reporter: that's right, deirdre. there is odd story coming out of nowhere. there is big dispute back and forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders who is qualified to be president and who is not. out of nowhere, we learned turns
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out bernie sanders next friday will go all the way to the vatican, leave new york. there is a debate in brooklyn on thursday, remember. friday, go to the vat can. this is week from today. then the following day, a week from saturday, he will come back to the campaign trail in new york because that is just a couple of days before the new york primary. obviously a lot of catholic voters in new york who could be important. the bottom line is, that i'm told by a vatican official that bernie sanders was invited but not directly by the pope. there was a "bloomberg news" report suggesting, quoting another vatican official suggesting that bernie sanders invited himself. had broken protocol in some way. what my source from the vatican is making clear, it is not a direct meeting as you say with pope francis. yes, this pope as well as bernie sanders have a shared agenda perhaps on the economy in terms of income inequality but there are obviously sharp differences between the vatican and bernie sanders on abortion, on same-sex marriage.
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a whole host of social issues. so it is being made very clear to me, it is highly unlikely bernie sanders will have one-on-one with pope francis. last thing he want to do get in the middle of this hotly-contested u.s. presidential campaign, deirdre. deirdre: that would be seem to be diplomatically wise. he had henry, got to see you as always. >> good to be here. deirdre: wisconsin radio show charlie sykes will be my guest later on in the show. i will will ask him what he thinks of sanders's trip. obama's campaign in a race to finalize regulations that affect all kinds of businesses. in is first seven years president obama issued close to 400 regular -- regulations deemed major. they are expected to have economic effect of $100 million annually. steve forbes, is with me. what do you think of a last-ditch effort to influence
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the way industry, it goes beyond businesses, actually, the way industries are running themselves? >> hi, deirdre. not uncommon for a president in the 8th year after two-term presidency to start using executive actions because you can't get anything through congress. that is not that unusual. what is unusual about this president almost all these dictates and regulations and orders are anti-business. we saw two big ones where we saw the stopping of energy merger. of course we saw what happened with these new regulations on taxes that prevented after the fact a merger that was supposed to happen between pfizer and an irish drug company. deirdre: steve, do you mind if i stop you there. >> you will see a lot more of those, you will see a lot more of those in the months ahead. deirdre: indeed but what kind of message does this send, well, to our own economic participants and to the world? we are supposed to be the symbol
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of capitalism, free markets and the reason that pfizer was interested in pairing with allergan because ireland has corporate tax rate of 15%. the u.s. has 35, 36%? >> there was a great piece in my former newspaper "the wall street journal" yesterday by the ceo of pfizer, basically saying the government is changes the rules in middle of the game. we're supposed to be a country believes in rule of law. pfizer spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to finalize the deal. government comes in says no, sir, you can't do this. this is detablizing a free market economy. basically sending message all over the world that america is not pro-business country any longer. i don't want to too much dramatize this because we're still more pro-business than many other countries but these regulations one after the other send a negative message. deirdre, i think this one of the things last three or four years that held back economic growth.
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investors are reluctant to invest and businesses are reluctant to spend when you have a government you don't know what they're going to do next. deirdre: steve, as you know better than anybody, it is really confidence, exactly what you just said, business leaders have to feel to be able to go forward and to be able to make decisions. right now it is very confusing landscape for them? >> it sure is. you talked about the pfizer deal. you know, the solution to that where you've got these companies leaving is just cut the business tax rate to make america more competitive. i think most democrats believe that and almost all republicans would be there. this president simply is more interested in being punitive to these companies rather than solving a big problem which doesn't just mean the companies are leaving, deirdre. as you know, it means the jobs are leaving with them! deirdre: so, steve, i have to ask you something that has very little to do with the economy but it may won day because if sixth time is the charm. spacex, elon musk's company, did
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it, they delivered this dragon, so-called dragon spacecraft to orbit and made first-ever water landing on an autonomous drone ship. so essentially, this was to resupply the missile, rather the international space station, and this basically means if you can reuse these rockets, space travel gets cheaper. it is all relative. and easier, right? >> you know, the interesting thing about it story is that spacex is doing this as a private company and, i've always believed, you know with private space exploration we may be able to proceed faster in terms of exploring these new horizons than if the government did it. hats off to elon musk for real breakthrough here and you know, my children may be able to visit mars or the moon. deirdre: part of the cargo went up, we were talking about this, was this 12-foot wide inflatable space house, and i mean elon
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musk said, listen if it works on international space station, it could work on the moon, it could work on mars. so maybe we we will take our future vacation there is. >> i think this is something that will happen sometime in the 21st century, whether the first half of the century or next. elon musk is a real pioneer and pushing the frontiers of this. by the way when you said you would ask me a non-economics question i thought you would ask me about that putt ernie els missed from eight ian inches away. deirdre: have to go down to augusta with a drink with ernie els. steve, have a great weekend. >> you too. deirdre: new poll says seven out of 10 people don't like donald trump. wisconsin radio host and never trump supporter charlie sykes knows why. he is going to tell me in his own words. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show did you know that
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i'm a #nevertrump guy? >> that i didn't know.
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deirdre: it may, it may hurt hillary clinton. keep in mind the fbi's criminal investigation is not a coincidence. this is coming through in intelligence source. so this hacker allegedly accessed the email account of hillary clinton's confidante, sidney blumenthal, one of clinton's most prolific advice givers when she was secretary of state. through the attack much blumenthal's account clinton's use of a personal account first came to light. charlie sykes, wisconsin conservative radio show host and
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never trump supporter is with me now. glad to have you on the show. thank you for your time. what do you think the chances are that the fbi is actually going to question this hacker? >> well i think it is very, very high they are going to question this hacker. this is not going away. there is no good news for hillary clinton for email scandal. this will hang over the democratic nomination flight. reality she is deeply flawed candidate and she doesn't have momentum and always possibility this story will blow up. with possible exception of donald trump i think any republican will be plausible and electable. deirdre: plausible and electable. before we move on to donald trump. sitting with my colleague ed henry, talking about senator sanders going to the vatican, to be clear not at the pope's invitation. sanders will be there for a conference, maybe meets the pope, maybe he doesn't, what do you make of that trip a few days before the new york primary? >> it is pretty obvious what he
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is trying to do there. having read transcript of interview with "new york daily news" he should spend time with finance people and people who know banking and economics because -- deirdre: that is surprising because it's a big issue. >> it is sus pricing. you would think he some substance there. remarkable you have two leading candidates for president in the last two weeks have been exposed for not knowing stuff that should be in their wheelhouse. deirdre: so, charlie, speaking of people not knowing stuff that should be in their wheelhouse, many people across this country replayed part of the conversation you had with donald trump where he didn't realize that you were a never trump guy. you had to tell him that live on your show. we want to just play a quick clip for people who haven't heard. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show, did you know that i'm a #nevertrump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> because, i thought it was interesting. people were wondering does donald trump know what charlie
5:16 pm
sykes said about him in the past. >> no. >> i give you credit either way, but i was wondering -- >> no i understand. i didn't know that but i assume you're also a intelligent guy. i know you're intelligent guy. >> is that your standard, if supporter of another candidate, not the candidate himself does something despicable it is okay for you personally a candidate for president of the united states to behave in that same way? i expect that from 12-year-old bully on the playground, not somebody who wants office held by abraham lincoln. >> but he started it. you just said is fine with me. >> we're not on a playground. we're running for president of the united states. >> i agree with that 100%. deirdre: i do give trump credit for staying with you because you were grilling him as is your job to do so but there is this new poll out that shows that seven out of 10 americans hold an unfavorable view of him. i know for you as a never trump person, that is not particular surprise but you do have to give him credit for honesty. he said clearly i doesn't know you were never trump and he
5:17 pm
stayed on the line and engaged with you. does he get any point for that? >> yeah he gets some points but what you saw, starting with that in next two weeks, kind of perfect storm of boarishness, bad judgment and incompetence. i think this is starting to catch up with him. boarishness, juvenile taunts. refusal to pivot to be more presidential which would be good idea before the wisconsin primary. incompetence not doing basic vetting. seeing story after story how the campaign is not doing some of the basic blocking an tackling in state after state, the origination. then the bad judgment, bad judgment at lashing out at women's looks. number of offensive things he said. decision to come in to wisconsin and attack scott walker. all of these things. answer to questions about abortion. answer to variety of questions that really kind of expose the fact, whether you think he is liberal or conservative that really donald trump has not spent 30 seconds thinking about some of these issues.
5:18 pm
and i think you kind of had the perfect storm coming together over last couple weeks. it is starting to be reflected finally in some these national polls. deirdre: charlie, i want to ask you though, people still love him. they say he is honest. they are pleased that he is not a career politician. and they feel like he is reflecting whether it is their frustration, their concern. there are a lot of people who say that is my candidate, singularly. do you not have some sort of respect at least bringing more people, as he has claimed under the tent? >> okay. now, this is in context of noting that 70% of americans disapprove of him including half of republicans. yes, he has got a base of support. it is very solid base of support but i think what we saw in wisconsin where you have smart, engaged, conservatives who actually understand what a real conservative looks like, they were not buying what donald trump was selling. when he brought his clown car
5:19 pm
into wisconsin it did not go well for him. so you're looking at, numbers that, i've been around for a while now. i don't think i have ever seen a major presidential candidate with these kind of disapproval numbers. when you're talking about, huge numbers women, conservative women, who are just repelled by the guy. yes, he is tapped into something but he is tapped into something that, i think more people are paying attention, to whether or not he has got substance behind some of the rhetoric, they're realizing okay, the circus was entertaining for a while but at some point we have to elect a president of the united states. that is what is being reflected in these numbers. deirdre: charlie, one last question. even for people who feel so strongly as you do, #nevertrump, is ted cruz, senator cruz likeable enough to compete against whether clinton or sanders or anybody else? that is to say the is the disapproval of donald trump enough to help cruz? >> yes.
5:20 pm
ted cruz is likeable enough in a campaign in which nobody is particularly likeable. by the time we get to november, nobody is going to like any of these candidates. what ted cruz will at least bring is, he will be able to intelligently articulate conservative ideas. i think that is going to be a contrast to the kind of incoherent buffoonery we get from donald trump. deirdre: charlie sykes, we are glad to have you here. thank you for your time. congratulations on the success of your radio show. we know it has numerous, hundreds of thousands of followers, millions actually. well "new york times" is hitting national border patrol council for endorsing donald trump, going as far to call it, just a big mistake. one of the border patrol's members is here to respond. >> i just got the endorsement of 16,500 border patrol folks. nobody ever seen anything like that.
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deirdre: "new york times" editorial board criticized national border council es endorsement of trump interest. calling it bizarre choice. "the times" wrote, mr. trump's immigration views are embraced by defiance ignorance, the taxpayer paid members are face of immigration policies of the united states is appalling. despite the union's apocalyptic warning, the border is more militarized as ever and arrests are at historic lows. border patrol council spokesperson, sean moran is with me now. sean, thanks so much for the time, what do you think, i will put aside the language of "the new york times," just the idea that the "new york times" weighs in on your decision? >> i'm sure they would have been
5:25 pm
pretty happy if we endorsed hillary or bernie sanders but since we disagree they like to call us names. deirdre: that being said, i will say that was the one paper that actually put the word criminal near hillary clinton's name in regards to the fbi investigation. we'll put that aside for the moment because i want to ask you about immigration, customs enforcement, saying deportations are on the decline. in fact we have some stats. you know them well, but for our viewers, over 235,000 deported last year, compared with 410,000 in 2012. so do you think that the situation is getting better? i think implication is, less draconian measures are necessary? >> no. i don't things are getting better. i think call it what it is, it is a lie that the numbers are down. apprehensions are up, they are up dramatically. for what you would term exotic illegal aliens, people from middle-eastern countries, special interest countries we call them, they are up
5:26 pm
significantly. so we're seeing people from pakistan, afghanistan, nepal, just places that we normally don't see regularly, agent now reporting that we're seeing more and more. so that is a concern. it should be concerning to the administration. deirdre: that is the biggest worry of all, right? we've seen in cologne in germany where some of the attacks that happened to local residents, young people on new year's eve were because of a refugee flow. we have seen now with the paris attackers and brussels attackers that many have disguised themselves as immigrants or refugees in need of help. i want to ask you with "the times" saying illegal immigration has been falling for years and more mexicans, so going back to a different group of people have been leaving the country than trying to come in. but i heard what you said about the other nationalities but i'm curious about mexico? >> we're still seeing numbers from mexico up.
5:27 pm
so i'm not sure what border "the new york times" is out patrolling but border patrol agents are up, assaults are up, apprehensions up across the board. central americans, mexicans, special interest companies. president obama create ad blueprint for open borders catastrophe, and that is exactly what we're seeing in europe. and god forbid, we spoke out because we don't want to see that here in the united states. and, so shame on "the new york times" for criticizing border security experts when they see a red flag and they call it out. deirdre: as is your job, shaun moran, thank you very much. national border patrol council. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: thank you for the time. sixth time is the charm as we've been telling you. spacex delivering the dragon to orbit and making first ever water landing on autonomous drone ship. this was spacex's sixth try to land on a barge. you see what is going on right there. they did it.
5:28 pm
economist steve moore telling me it is one small step for man and one giant leap for private industry. >> spacex is doing this as private company and i always believed, you know with private space exploration we may be able to proceed faster in terms of exploring these new horizons. deirdre: so new horizons that will make it easier and cheaper for to us travel to space one day. paris attack suspect, brussels attack suspect, mohamed abrini arrested in belgium. we'll bring you the very latest. the justice department announcing it is moving forward on a separate apple. we'll give you more details. former cia senior intelligence officer tony shaffer with me on both. >> before that attack, one of those people in texas, exchanged 100 messages with an overseas terrorist. we today have no idea what they said to each other. because they use ad mobile
5:29 pm
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is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. deirdre: the key remaining suspect mohammed abrini has been arrested.
5:33 pm
he may have been the man seen in the hat in the belgium airport. tony, glad to have you back. what does this change as far as the investigation? >> they didn't go far enough three times. he rented apartments after the paris attacks, so they didn't go far enough to identify, map and with impunity take him out. they have got to go further this time. they have to go to the second and third levels of connections. clearly they didn't do what they should have the first time and the second time. the third time. it's what are you doing? deirdre: what does it say to you that he seems like he has been
5:34 pm
hiding out in europe this whole time. he did not flee. it doesn't seem like it yet. does that show that europe is a fine place for people to hide? >> that is absolutely correct. if you don't have people in and out trying to flee. that means they feel center secure. that means they are planning a fourth or fifth attack and this intelligence officials have to ask, why was he loitering around? he was loitering around because he was trying set up the next attack. europe right now is not doing everything it can to stop these guys and they know it. deirdre: the childhood friend of abrini salah abdeslam is in a high-security prison. i want to ask you about a related link.
5:35 pm
this has to do with technology and fighting terrorism. the justice department says it still needs apple's help to unlock a convicted drug dealer's iphone in a new york city case. and the connection of course is the government successfully reached out to what we believe was and i israeli company to unlock the san bernardino killer's iphone. >> technology is advancing as rapidly has it can. terror groups and criminal organizations are always the first to adapt new technology. the u.s. gos in the past has -- apple i think damaged itself by playing hardball with the f.b.i. it's kinds of like back to the beginning. apple and the f.b.i. need to chill. they need to get in a dark room,
5:36 pm
close the door and hash things out. it's not good for the technology provider and law enforcement to be bickering like this. deirdre: a lot of people are saying congress needs to get involved. especially in california where so many of these companies make their homes so u.s. government can do the job it needs to do to protect the population while the companies feel like they are not betraying their customers. a new encryption that only the southeast offer and receiver would be able to unlock the code. this is obviously a potential tool. >> it's too things. it's great marketing because if people want their stuff encrypted you can do it.
5:37 pm
point to points encryption is effective if you have the key to those two places. basically you have encryption at both ends. even if you intercept it you can't break it unless you have the code at both ends. we have to be concerned the terrorists will be the first to adapt this. so even if you break that, there may be another layer of encryption. it's one of those things where you have to look at a government relationship with the provider and see if something can be done quietly behind the scenes. i think our government has done this before, they should do it quietly and congress should allow for laws to permit the government to cut deals for terror investigation and protect the american citizens. when you work with members of congress, and we invite them to do something along this line, congress doesn't move that fast, as you know.
5:38 pm
deirdre: it doesn't but if any issue requires speed and accuracy this is it. israel critic calling bill clinton a political liability after his clash with black lives matter protester. david webb is with me next. a report that 90% of political republican insiders say republicans will be heading to a contested convention in july. the rnc spokesperson is with me next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob...
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5:42 pm
election in july. according to politico which cited operatives and strategists. this is a huge shift from a month ago when only 50% of those insiders predicted it. do you through your own sources believe this 90% number? >> i think as we start to see more and more contests go by and we don't see one of the candidates reaching the 1,237. we have 100 delegates to go and it's it now possible for two of our candidate to get to that magic number. deirdre: but you have to prepare for the eventuality, so what are you doing now to prepare.
5:43 pm
>> making sure there is an open line for chiewn case making sure voters, members of the press understand the process making sure we communicate what the process looks like. and we are committed to that given we saw we launched that convention facts. to make sure they can communicate what the process looks like if we don't up with an open convention. deirdre: in 1976 that was the gop's last open convention. you had incumbents gerald ford and the upstart ronald reagan. i'm assuming that's not what you want if it happens this july. >> we have to be prepared for any scenario like if we do end
5:44 pm
up with a presidential nominee and go into an open convention we are working to make sure we have a good convention and it's an enjoyable process for the attendees and members of the press. cleveland is excited about it. it's going to be a good convention and we are looking forward to it. deirdre: let me ask you about the rule changes. we know dr. paul last cycle it was understood some rules were changed so he couldn't be on the ticket. are you working on rule like that for this one? >>er time we have a convention, going back to 2012, 2012 delegates adopted the rules by a majority vote. if you look at the rules, rule 42 state those rules are in
5:45 pm
place for that convention and temporary for the next convention. the 2016 delegates empowered by grassroots republicans are going to have an opportunity to write the 2016 convention rules. thanks for the time. liberal critic calling bill clinton a liability after his clash with black lives matter. for hillary clinton's campaign, there are many saying he i not this generation's candidate. david webb will react also. david webb calling out big cats for being hypocrites over north carolina's boycott for its bathroom law.
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>> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack absent them out into the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens, she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth! deirdre: a heated exchange between former president bill clinton and black lives matter. protesters while campaigning for his wife hillary in new york. with me now, conservative radio host and fox news contributor david webb. bill clinton is still commenting
5:50 pm
on this. >> he's back peddling like michael jackson doing the moon walk. deirdre: i almost nt to apologize for it, an wrote, i did something yesterday in philadelphia, i almost want to apologize for it. but i want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country. politic aside, what do you make of the statement. what are your thoughts. >> this is bill clinton's moment. he actually spoke the truth. his former staffer rahm emanuel, mayor of new york -- deirdre: mayor of chicago.
5:51 pm
>> mayor of chicago, is a failure. black lives matter pressured them, democrats and obama embraced them and they wanted less policing. last year this time 20,000, this year you wonder why crime is up. b & es are up, robberies, crimes are going up in chicago. this is a failure of leadership and policing. he's right. don't walk it back. own the fact that there are people are pushing for idea that caused the problems to get worse. deirdre: putting it in political context. will his comments help or furt hillary clinton? >> i think the people who support her will let it go no matter what because a lot of them are just dishonest or don't want to face the truth. these numbers are real numbers.
5:52 pm
those numbers are real people. they are community broken all across the country. liberal progressive politics. this is a business channel. those economics, those bad policies have left these neighborhood in these areas where they are in disrepair. newark, new jersey. houston, look around this country. look at the failures. look at baltimore. look at the economic policies and politicians. three, four decade. here is where we are. the people lose. the community loses. it's not a black-white issue. it many an economic disparity. where is stephanie rawlins blake with her policies in baltimore? deirdre: one of the black lives matter poster children is running for mayor in that city.
5:53 pm
i want to shift gears and ask you about tech. how do you see that. paypal is saying we are not going to open an operations center in north carolina because there is a transgender law they say per pet waits discrimination. this move is going to cost about 400 jobs. critics are saying paypal is doing this. but also is in countries with extremely questionable human rights record. >> choose your hypocrisy. which hypocrisy does paypal want. they won't go to north carolina because in america you can let your morality lead your business decisions. but they operate in other countries because they need to as a business and they willingly accept laws and code that are bad for women, bad for children, bad for gay people.
5:54 pm
malaysia one of them where the punishments are draconian, but yet they go after north carolina. north carolinians are better off without them. if they let their morality lead them they will end up doing business somewhere else that's more favorable to their morality. deirdre: tim cook, mark zuckerberg. >> tim cook is the new face of gay rights. the silicon valley people in san francisco want to expand with the government there this fmla paid for everybody 100% because they do it within their private companies. they want to put them on the people of san francisco who can't afford it. economic policies and economic
5:55 pm
effects from decisions people make. >> it's always great to see you. thanks so much. a dry cocktail hour regrettably so. forget your mid life crisis. my next guest says these are your best years.ook like? dr. ludwig is with me next. by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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5:58 pm
deirdre: some people grown about reaching middle age. but dr. robbie ludwig says they are the best years of your life. you have tips. some people grown and complain. i can't play tennis as much as i used to or as well as i used to. you say just go with it. >> you have to continue to transform yourself. human beings think they are finished products when actually they are growing and our personality continues to grow
5:59 pm
and change all the way through our 60s. and we tend to see things in a much more positive way. our characteristics get better. it's important to feel young and have better workouts and be productive. we have to get in touch with our adolescents energy and i think it's the most important thing because if we tell ourselves it's really over, we don't see what's available to us, and we are living longer. so if we miss out on this opportunity, it's a waste. and we have been trained to think cultural lit's a time of loss, and it's not. i want to get the message out there to say yes to life and yes to opportunities. deirdre: i haven't seen anythin. it's a great read.
6:00 pm
>> and tips if people need help. not everybody can see me in therapy. but it's like taking me home and having a therapy session. robi ludwig with me there. "making money" starts right now. charles: another tough week for the market. you will not believe what else driving stocks lower. he has rewritten the rules on how to run for president. , now donald trump is revamping his campaign. and bill clinton's war of words with black lives matter protesters. president obama going for broke in his war against capitalism. avalanche of executive orders do


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