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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> and tips if people need help. not everybody can see me in therapy. but it's like taking me home and having a therapy session. robi ludwig with me there. "making money" starts right now. charles: another tough week for the market. you will not believe what else driving stocks lower. he has rewritten the rules on how to run for president. , now donald trump is revamping his campaign. and bill clinton's war of words with black lives matter protesters. president obama going for broke in his war against capitalism. avalanche of executive orders do
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could be the final blow. paul ryan keeps saying he's not going to run for president, but a new video has people wondering if he is prepared to jump in during the contested convention. >> we want people to succeed and reach their potential in their lives. liberals and conservatives will disagree with one another on that. let's have battle of ideas and a contest of whose ideas are better and why our ideas are better. charles: 90% of so-called experts in the republican party insiders believe we are headed to a contested convention. this according to "politico." this as a survey of pennsylvania delegates have already decided what they are going to do and you guys in pennsylvania haven't
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even decided how to vote yet. does your vote even matter anymore? van, you are our establishment guy here. a lot of people learning about the process who probably have gone out and voted for decades, and a lot of them are shocked, many are dismayed. >> let me tell you, in pennsylvania, they have had 90,000 new people switch parties to the republican party of pennsylvania. if i'm with the pennsylvania republican party i look at this as a trust we have with those voters. you will honor that trust and honor how they vote it's the way to build the republican party of pennsylvania. in most states the delegate selection process is different. and it's been around a long time. 20-30 years.
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so it's incumbent on the campaigns to understand that process and take advantage of it. >> let's face it. there are little nuances. >> i didn't quite get the title. charles: you know what? i'm elevating everyone. i took the grass roots guys to establishment, now i'm taking you to an office you almost want. we are learning that the delegates are not committed to the people who -- to who the voting public chose. >> at vast majority of them are bound on the first ballot for whoever their state voted for. so i think on the first ballot, it's really up to donald trump if he can close this thing out, he has a queat opportunity to win on the first ballot. but if he can't get to that magic number it will be tough on
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the first ballot where things come unbound. we live in a republic, not a democracy. the rules on the rnc are much more democratic than the democrats have. if the democrats had the republican rule, bernie sanders might be the nominee right now. charles: there is something to be said about the superdelegates. people are learning the game is played a certain way. it may hurt donald trump and it could hurt ted cruz. it feels like it's not fair despite what pete snyder said, we do live in a republic. but most people think it's a democracy. and it doesn't work that way. >> it is a democracy, if you don't meet the 1,237, then we move on. >> you are prepared to snatch this from the person that gets
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the plurality of the votes but not necessarily the majority of the delegates? >> you have to hit 1,237. if you don't you go to the first ballot within across ballot and third ballot and we see who wins. >> i like the rules. here's what's happening, america on both sides is getting a very real-time education of what this process is like. i think you are right. thinking one voice, one person. it's just not the case. these rules are at play. these superdelegates are very real. you better ask bernie sanders if you didn't already know. this is an opportunity for our country to be more educated on the ground game that need to be at play early on. charles: i have got breaking news. select committee on benghazi
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trey gowdy released the following statement after the committee received from the state department a production of 1,100 panels of record including files stored on network folders used by $senior employees. emails from cheryl mills, jake sullivan, huma abedin, susan rice, and patrick kennedy. a lot of people wanting answers to benghazi. usually those friday dumps are not necessarily newsworthy. this is a bombshell. in the meantime, van, do you think this could have an impact on the election? >> yes, that could have a big impact on the election just as f.b.i. director comey is finishing up with his investigation. we are talking about going to the convention.
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i believe if trump goes to 1,187 we'll find out what the art of the deal is about in cleveland. we heard benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. forr for the most part hillary clinton has been able to dong it. hillary clinton has been able to dong it. this could change the entire look for the elect on both side, couldn't it? >> it could. this is right out of house of cards. you combine that with the great reporting from your colleague catherine herridge, the fact that we extradited the hacker from romania who is sitting in alec an dria, virginia working with the f.b.i. you have two bombshells that can mean major thing to this race and you have got to know that joe biden is sitting in the bullpen warming up his arm,
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cackling like no one's business. there is a lot of time on the clock. we'll see what happens with this. charles: you are the legal expert on the panel, good thing we have you. >> i think the timing is pretty telling. it's pretty much friday night for all purposes. charles: the obama administration did not want to hand these over. we believe we -- i represent the public on this one. there has got to be something in there, some smoking guns in there. >> you are right to say "we." it's not a republican thing. america wants answers. number one, yes, these emails will be telling, and also james comey is not done with it. she has to be interviewed and so does her senior leadership. charles: is there something in there that proves the tories we heard from the administration
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have been somewhat tainted and outright lies? obviously would hurt hillary clinton. who would it hurt on the republican side? >> i think it will help the person who eventually wins on theth ballot. absolutely. there is a huge problem in america when the president plead the fifth and conceals information. obama ran on the premise he would be the most transparent president we have had in the modern day. but we have seen the opposite with fast and furious. the va hospital. and the -- >> hillary is beating bernie with leadership and experience and losing with trustworthiness. you can't say you are the most qualified leader when we don't know what your leadership looks like. charles: maybe now the american public will find out. at home you don't want to miss
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fox business' new show with hosts anthony scaramucci and gary kaminsky. >> everybody at government levels because it was an illegal use of information. but for the broader public, people look at it and say this is shedding light and bringing entrance parent i. sunlight is the best ininfection and the. charles: then stay tune for part two of john stossel's libertarian convention. donald trump trying to revamp' his campaign. it's a different story when it comes to getting those delegates. is it too little too late? we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social.
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charles: donald trump revamping his campaign. trump 2.0 comes as he decide to skip colorado's campaign. the senator has picked up 15 delegates in that state so far. joining me now, christopher bedford, set us up here. help the audience understand one behind the scenes ted cruz has done extraordinarily well
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but trump as an outsider, his whole campaign has been driven by his personality, by who he is. he hasn't devoted resources until recently to trying to win back room deals, the colorado caucuses. things get very complicated. and cruz is starting to gain on him in that. charles: the slate of potential delegates in colorado, some hadn't paid basic fees. now it look like donald trump will be committed to that. >> he absolutely has to get a grip on his ground game. but this is the interesting thing about donald trump. he never played by the consultant's rules and he doesn't try to make a door out of a wall. he knows a lot of these states
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where the establishment is going to control the delegates that come out of there. it's not that's delegates. but it's not that colorado doesn't matter, but the reality is that donald trump is never going to get the blessing of the establishment and the party. he knows that. so why would he be batting his head against a wall trying to do that. charles: but he has to get these delegates. you may be able too to rewrite the rules of popularity and free tv and having a fresh face. but the back room deals are still back room deals. he talks about filing lawsuits. now he's bringing experience and management and he will unleash them. i guess the question i does ted cruz have a lead on him? >> he has to win new york big.
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bringing in paul maniford as a convention manager was a good move. should have been done a long time ago. we saw the brilliance of maniford's people. a as leweis that was voted down. so as a seasoned veteran professional. he should have had someone like that a long time. after california, if nobody has got -- has got 1,237. i would look for cruz and trump to take a page out of ronald reagan's playbook. look for cruz and trump to name their vice presidential nominee before the convention.
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charles: i think john kasich will be waving his hand at both campaigns, me, me, me, me. coming up next. sheriff david clark and bill clinton versus black lives matter. we have breaking news for you. spacex did it. went into orbit and came bookmaking its first ever water landing on a drone ship. this is theirth try to land on a barge and they did it. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree.
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whewhat does it look like?ss,
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is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. >> i like protesters, but the ones who won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's the simple truth. they are very very afraid.
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i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on to the streets to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. usual defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth! charles: that was a fiery bill clinton receiving all kinds of criticism. but in response to that harsh feedback, he stopped short of actually apologizing. take a listen. >> so yesterday in philadelphia, i almost want to apologize for it, but i want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country. charles: he was attempting to defend both his own record and
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his wife's record. i think it was brillant. joining me is someone i think agrees, shaffer david clark. when you saw a democrat, his wife running for president, saying to black lives matter something we heard center few politicians on the left say, how did it make you feel? >> charles, hell has frozen over. the man that the congressional black caucus said was the first black president is out parroting sheriff david clarks narrative on this subversive group of renegades called black lives matter. bill told the truth but he kind of stepped tonight. i would like to be a fly on the wall the next time he and mrs. clinton get together. she is pandering to this group trying to get their support and he comes along and tells the truth. i'm surprised the gop and the
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rnc isn't already running ads using that clip you just played. you don't do it in suburban areas. you do it in urban areas incessantly. here is what bill clinton says about black lives matter. charles: the replies anger we when black people say, there are white criminals, the sort of why don't we ever talk about white on white crime. we are talking about black genocide. the amount of black people killing each other over the weekend. in our neighborhoods we do often glorify drug dealers. >> that's easily swatted away. when you look at the rates of crime. they like to bring this up, whites kill whites, too. when you look at the race. what happens in the black
6:25 pm
community dwarfs what happens in other community. bill clinton told the truth. but he told the truth. he even used the word, "the truth." that's what they are talking about here. they created this monster and breathed life into this monster called black lives matter. when you create a monster and have to feed the beast. and when you can no longer feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you, and that's what we are seeing here, it's so fantastic. charles: one university canceled a party with a kentucky derby theme because some other students claim it's racist because it goes back 100 years. are they ever going to draw the line with this because it gets more absurd every day. >> the snowflakes on these college campuses are offended by anything. they are offended by the fact it
6:26 pm
might be cloudy in the morning. when you tolerate this stuff on the collection campuses. i'm talking about the college presidents and boards. they just continue to push. this is a totalitarian movement. they have no tolerance for anybody else's view. they are look for a phantom reason to be offended. it's high time the university presidents get a pair of stones and start pushing back. get back to class, open a book, and start to learn something about the tens of thousands of dollars they are spending on education and do with that stuff on -- and deal with that stuff on their own time. charles: can there be a counter victimization movement within the black community that could be successful? >> sure, but it's got to be led.
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you are not going to find many people to have the courage to step out and do it. if any republican said what bill clinton said yesterday, they would be called a racist. it will be interesting to see if bill clinton becomes a racist because that happened to him after he went after barack obama in 2008, and he was very hurt by that. charles: you are looking at presidential candidate john kasich looking to drum up more support in syracuse, new york for the april 19 primary. he's polling second. only 27 points on donald trump. president obama finding a wave of new rules and regulations. we are talking about knock out businesses.
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charles: the obama administration just hand the house republicans reems of documents all about the controversial fast and furious gun running operation. the decision to hand over the documents is an admission of failure by the administration.
6:32 pm
it ran from 2009 to 2011 and involved a plan to track guns from low-level buyers through mexican drug cartels. president obama is planning regulations to target every business. we are talking labor, health, financials, almost every aspect you can think after earlier this week administration smacked regulations and corporate tax inversions and also would like to break up a deal in the oil and gas industry. eboni williams, john burnett and gillian mercer. you are one of my favorite investigative reporters. >> i'm heartbroken. i spent the week interviewing wyoming coal miners.
6:33 pm
because of the clean power plan, more than 450 wyoming coal miners lost their jobs last week. it's heartbreaking talking to these families. one of the dads said i am not above flipping burgers and cleaning toilets. but these are jobs people can have coming out of high school and a stroa casual college. charles: they were good-paying jobs. jan, i thought about you with the small-scale gun sellers. there were so many onerous rules and regulations perhaps putting them out of business. >> not necessarily. the things barack obama has come up with are supposed to be under the guise of curbing gun violence but you and i know none of the things he will propose have to do with gun violence. guns are the most regulated industry in the country.
6:34 pm
there are 22,000 to 32,000 gun control laws on the books in this country. the gun regulations are starting to look like the tax code. >> they are talking about small dealers. since a person has gun. they want to sell it to someone else. background checks. this is onerous. these are small-time dealers and sometimes they are not professional dealers at all. >> he's talking about dealers below the store level. all of us that have business store fronts we have to have a federal firearms license. it's the mom and pop guys selling beguns to their friend and neighbors and relatives and he's going to regulate them. charles: one of the things they are work on is labels to let people know about the sugar added to cranberry juice.
6:35 pm
there is no end to the domination of the obama administration over our lives. >> we have become a nation of excessive laws and labels now. this is pro growth if you are a lawyer, lobbyist. charles: but if you are not. everyone should understand as of right now, president obama has enacted 439 regulations that will cost tries $100 million or more. that shatters the records established out there. >> everything he's proposing is. >> the label. a label on the general elect. beware of big brother and big sister and vote for a republican. >> i hear what you are saying, john. but america voted twice to elect president obama. whether you like him or we don't. that is the case. so i don't understand the surprise, shock or awe around this effort to regulate whether
6:36 pm
it's sugar or whatever. >> we can talk about the tax inversion rules that he's pushing this week. with this we are talking about the democratic process. lou said he did not believe this was legal. the department of justice counsel did not issue a memo saying it's legal. within a month he put this forward again. louis saying it's not probably legal, then immediately acting on it. charles: he never liked the idea of capitalism. he feels pulling ourselves up by the booth straps is a myth. >> this is one of the problems with the democratic parties. you can't penalize the
6:37 pm
stepchild. there is an effort here, and i might be misguided. although maybe good spirited trying to curb gun violence. they feel the need to do something. charles: anyone born in america has boots. period. that's one of the rules. if you are born in this country you are blessed metaphorically or not you can pull yourself up by them. you don't want to miss "fox news sunday" this weekend. chris wallace is sitting down with president obama for the first time since he took office. they will discuss the upcoming elect and filling justice scalia's seat. >> have you made a commit to the stick by garland through the end of your term. or say hillary clinton is the newly elected president, pull him and let her make the pick. >> we can't have a situation in
6:38 pm
which the republican senate simply says because it's a democratic president we are not going to do our job, have hearings and have a vote. >> are you saying you will stick with merck i can garland through the end of your term? >> yes. charles: socialism versus capitalism. bernie sanders is very exclude thinking -- socialism will never win. we'll tell you why next. by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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charles: capitalism certainly the answer? i'm not sure g.e. is the perfect role model. but we'll discuss it.
6:41 pm
charles: bernie sanders
6:42 pm
continues to cite sighs capitalism specifically criticizing g.e. peter morisi, i thought it was shrewd the way bernie sanders picked general electric. i view them as a crony capitalist company. but the argument over which one is better to me is not even an argument. >> i agree with you. gevment is a crony capitalist company. it has a cynical view of america. how, capitalism is the greatest engine of progress ever conceived in the mind of man. it's wholly unethical of bernie sanders to cite size capitalism but then want to tax capitalism.
6:43 pm
he's like the rich kid wanting to spend his father's money but is critical of how he got it. charles: a lot of americans, this is a big populist theme on both side of the aisle, in 1995, gevment had 49% of its revenues outside of this country. last year, 55% outside of this country and 62% of its workers. the rate of revenues increased 38% outside of america and the revenues increased 100%. >> they may not be the best poster child. but when we are living in a day and age where a socialist could be in the white house, when you have our president going down to cuba and telling the cuban people there isn't a differential between capitalism and socialism.
6:44 pm
when bill clinton finally gets frustrated. charles: this is a huge topic and i think it could sway the election. the average american is saying too many of these large corporations are moving their jobs away from this country. >> it's true, most americans feel like they are getting screwed. we need to make sure we cut out the loopholes and get rid of the incentives that make this a pig-infested crony capitalism in america. but we can't be cow t kowtowinge socialists. if it's jeff it's. charles: are these businesses between a rock and a hard place? or will they be like ford and
6:45 pm
say we are going to do this whether it's popular or not. >> ford is expanding in the united states and creating more jobs. jeff immelt is a champion outsourcer. this administration and the bush administration allowed the companies they liked to ma no lies. -- no monopolize. jpmorgan and the rest stuffed hillary clinton's pockets and barack obama's pockets with campaign contributions. charles: have a great weekend, guys. pope francis today said capitalists should look to their own consciences. the pope and those changes next.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. charles: earlier today pope francis demanded the church shift from its emphasis of doctrine to the complexities of sex, marriage and family life. kristen, i know you are in d.c. at an event called "united cry." it feels like that's similar to what the pope is try cexhortation. that's what the pastors will be praying for at the lincoln memorial.
6:50 pm
it shows a lot of the but the basis of change and growth in this country comes from the family. a lot of liberal catholics were upset he didn't go further in redefining marriage. but he did a lot of what he said he was going to do, justice and mercy for all families. charles: the pope said dogma must guide catholics in their family life. and i believe religion and the belief in god has to be the glue to bring it back together. by the is a lot of the socialist liberal policies in the this country that caused the family to break apart in the first place, charles. while i do think compassion and mercy are incredibly important.
6:51 pm
this represents a shift, if you will, with this pope in his invitation to bernie to come to the vatican and his words against donald trump. i think he ought to be careful. if you look at the things that impact families, a lot of the more liberal policies, a lot of socialism, a lot of communism is what hurts families and hurts people. charles: to that point, kirsten, the role of religion, the role of god, we see in this country even on evangelicals aren't necessarily always on the same page necessarily. it feels like we are in a desperate situation and people are grasping at straws or trying to find different ways.
6:52 pm
we should respect that. at the end of the date higher power isn't man or a system or institution. it is as many christians believe, it's god. when you get those rights from someone more than yourself. that's the person who gives you those rights. the government doesn't give you those rights and they can't take them away. charles: there is a new ad out by speaker paul ryan. it looks like he's looking at the oval office.
6:53 pm
will he run? will he be inserted? tweet me your thoughts. president paul ryan to the rescue. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. .
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . >> we all want to be prosperous, we all want to be healthy, we want everybody to succeed, we want everybody to reach the potential in their lives. if liberals and conservatives disagree with one another, no problem on that. let's have a battle of ideas, whose ideas are better or why our ideas are better. charles: whoa, did that get to you? did you feel it? want to pull a lever. he may get the job anyway. for someone who says he doesn't want to run for 2016. this new ad by paul ryan looks like he's got his eyes set on the oval on.
6:57 pm
speaker ryan says he's not running for president. he did say the same thing about the current job he held and had to be wooed in it. back with me, eboni williams, van hipp and jan morgan. jan, you created citizens for donald trump. we talked earlier in the show about behind the scenes, in pennsylvania, 19 delegates said they're going to go with trump on the first ballot. 19 said they're going to go with ted cruz on the first ballot. have you 25, 30 who says we'll go with the person nominated the first time but after that it's all -- we'll do whatever we want. in other words, feels like the fix is in already. >> we've known that for a long time. i didn't create citizens for trump. citizens for trump is a national organization, it's been around for sometime. they recently named me their national spokesperson. charles: i'm sorry, jan, congratulations on the job! >> everything is coming out on charles payne's show. i'll tell you what this is about. at a time when donald trump was
6:58 pm
having worst couple of weeks ever, the rnc wanted to play good guy/bad guy, he's dodging bullets, missteping, the guy riding in on the white stallion to save the republican party. it will be a disaster if ted cruz and donald trump, one of the guys do not walk away with the organization, it will be suicide for the rnc. charles: you spent time with donald trump yesterday, right? >> yeah, it was fun. we focused on education, business, criminal justice reform, things of that nature. charles: what do you feel if none of the candidates have the 1237 magic number and we get 90% of the insiders say it's going to happen anyway and go round after round, you said it's going to go deep into many, many rounds of voting. who's going to come out in that? >> this was a great ad, better than some of the candidates' ads, and when you look at it, it was missing only one thing.
6:59 pm
one critical thing, that was a donate button. [ laughter ] >> i tell you what else it was missing, van, missing somebody who has gone through the rigors of trying to win the white house. >> if this goes past the first ballot, all bets are off, the establishment may get more than they bargain more. if it goes multiple ballots and don't look at current crop, they would look to someone palatable to trump, cruz, kasich, who stood up to the establishment, wants to secure the borders and under that scenario, it's more likely the delegates turn to a newt gingrich as opposed to a paul ryan or mitt romney. the establishment may get more than they bargained for. >> dropped the ball. charles: i know, newt has been looking presidential too, eboni? >> i agree with john on this one. the republican party looks like they are plainly ready to embrace whatever backlash or consequences come from hoping to thing wide open and respectfully to speaker ryan, i can't give him much credibility
7:00 pm
on this issue, said he he didn't want the job. charles: you heard it first, newt gingrich will be the republican nominee. [ laughter ] >> have a great night. appreciate you watching, doing extraordinarily well because of you, and the man next, lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. what a difference a few days and a change of state can make, from the disappointment of wisconsin to the comfort of his home state, and the commanding lead in new york polls. a brand-new emerson college poll shows donald trump with a soaring 34-point lead in new york. trump with 56% support on the emerson poll compared to ted cruz's 22%. and trump hasn't been on the campaign trail for the past two days. he's focusing instead on his businesses. even the "new york times" now acknowledges that gop


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