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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 9, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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that is our show. see you next week. [applause] appreciate you watching, doing extraordinarily well because of you, and the man next, lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. what a difference a few days and a change of state can make, from the disappointment of wisconsin to the comfort of his home state, and the commanding lead in new york polls. a brand-new emerson college poll shows donald trump with a soaring 34-point lead in new york. trump with 56% support on the emerson poll compared to ted cruz's 22%. and trump hasn't been on the campaign trail for the past two days. he's focusing instead on his businesses. even the "new york times" now acknowledges that gop
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establishment claims that he can't gain 1237 delegates are simply wrong. times admitting trump's path to 1237 is, in their words, not mission impossible. here is the times in the times's own words -- there are no reliable polls out of indiana but the real clear politics average shows trump with an 8-point lead in california. we take up the republican race with a very important trump supporter, pastor robert jeffers is here tonight. hillary clinton dismissing outright the notion she could end up in handcuffs, dismissing it is nothing more than a republican fantasy. listen to the former secretary of state as she weighs in on her e-mail scandal.
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>> they live in that world of fantasy and hope. they've got a mess on their hands on the republican side. that is not going to happen. look, they've been after me for 25 years and they have said things about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false but kind of ridiculous. lou: clinton may be the one having some difficulty coming to grips with reality. sanders, not clinton, has won six of the last seven democratic contests begging the question which is the more divided party, the republicans or the democrats? i'll take that up with ambassador john bolton here. and house speaker paul ryan stoking presidential talk with a campaign-style video complete with heroic camera angles and airblown rhetoric. >> what really bothers meet most in politics these days is the notion of identity politics. that we're going to win an election by dividing people, rather than inspiring people on
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our common humanity and our common ideals and common culture on the things that should unify us. lou: let me take my hand away from my heart as i collect myself, that sure seems more like he wants to be president than not. he appears to be panting at the prospect. in fact, i'll have a few thoughts on all of that later in the show. our top story tonight, hillary clinton laughing off suggestions her e-mail scandal could lead her to be led off in handcuffs. clinton says there is, quote, not even the remotest chance she will be arrested and said republicans are living in faintacy land if they think that will happen. but clinton's outward confidence may be hiding real concern. sanders is working hard to win new york, something that would throw the democratic party into disarray. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is in washington with our report. >> reporter: with senior
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democrats growing nervous their nomination battle is too nasty. senator bernie sanders abruptly reversed course, definitively saying hillary clinton is qualified to be president. >> of course, but the point is i would hope that we get away from these attacks, which, by the way, the media likes very much. >> reporter: except the attacks were launched by the candidates not the media, and within a couple of hours, sanders reversed himself again. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> reporter: in between bites of pizza on the view to show as a brooklynite he knows not to use a fork and knife, sanders insists he's ready to slash clinton again if necessary ahead of the april 19th primary. >> i come from the nice state of vermont. if we're hit, quee hit back. >> reporter: she cannot say why she thinks sanders is qualified to be president, instead focusing how she never said he was not qualified. >> i never said that about them. >> i know, i'm asking. >> reporter: as if there's not enough controversy, enter pope
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francis and questions about sanders' trip to the vatican next friday. one vatican official told bloomberg, sanders invited himself on a conference call on the economy because socialist views align with the pope. he was invited to the conference, though this official stressed given sanders' sharp differences with the pope on other issues like abortion, a one-on-one meeting is highly unlikely. >> the pope schedule by the vatican but i would be enthusiastic about it. >> reporter: clinton is waiting for her meeting with the fbi and laughed off a question from nbc's matt lauer about republicans wanting to see her get arrested. >> and they say this. they say this, they'll get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. >> oh, my goodness. >> there is a political perpwalk based on private e-mail serveer. >> there's not the remotest chance it's going to happen. >> reporter: more trouble for
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bill clinton, he apologized for the verbal clash he had with black lives matter protesters. he says we have to stop talking past one another. pressed on whether her husband needed to apologize, hillary clinton ducked that one but agrees we all need to listen to one another. lou? lou: i was listening carefully. matt lauer, did he reveal the republican sources that had the fantasy about perpwalks and handcuffs? >> he didn't name any specifically, i listened closely to the tape. lou: ed henry. new developments show it laughing matter. the romanian hacker extradited to the united states and sources tell fox news, the timing is not a coincidence and could be big trouble for clinton. this is the hacker who allegedly accessed the e-mail account of clinton confidante
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sidney blumenthal. it is through the hack that the e-mail came to light and cybersecurity experts say he could make the case that clinton's e-mails could easily have been compromised by a third party and that would make clinton's prosecution, they say, easier. on the republican side, good news for trump who holds a staggering 34-point lead in new york. trump significantly ahead in the race for delegates. 743 as of tonight. but cruz has secured 18 delegates in colorado. he now has 520 delegates overall. neither trump nor kasich securing delegates in the state of colorado at all. senior national correspondent john roberts has our report, starting with cruz's plans to stop trump from winning california. >> reporter: monday, he's off to california where, he hopes to end donald trump's chances of getting a majority of delegates before the july convention.
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>> everyone understands that the values in new york city. >> reporter: for its part, the trump campaign is attempting to end any hope cruz has of picking up delegates in new york state. replaying again and again this exchange from january's south carolina debate where cruz talked about new york values. while cruz linked new york values to money and media at the debate, he insists he was talking about liberal politics. >> i think people across new york and across the country knew exactly what new york values means, those are the values of liberal democratic politicians who have been hammering this state. they're the ones suffering for it, and as you noted, donald trump has been funding it year after year after year. >> you are not welcome here! >> reporter: one reason cruz isn't particularly popular in new york, though getting friends across the party. five of the defeated republican presidential candidates are backing him and he has three senate endorsements. big republican donors are taking a second look at cruz
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that all has the appearance of a forced marriage. >> cruz is the last man standing, in many instances, cruz was the second, third or fourth choice, now the best hope of winning in november and getting the nomination. >> john kasich will win the convention. >> reporter: john kasich is urging the party to rally around him, suggesting trump and cruz needs to accept whatever happens at the convention. >> at the end, you have to come together, you can't be a baby. if you don't get enough votes, you go on. >> reporter: with today's losses in colorado, they can collect a majority of delegates before the convention, beginning with new york state where they hope to win the lion's share if not all 95 delegates here, lou? lou: john roberts. dave aaron burke whose office will decide whether to charge trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski with battery claims politics is in no way a factor
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in his prosecutorial decision. here's one problem, aaron burg is an admitted supporter of hillary clinton and politico reports a former prosecutor, classmate of ted cruz and had a friendly relationship with marco rubio in the florida legislature. that may be the very definition of political and conflict of interest simultaneously. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. ted cruz findi little love in new york. >> well, god bless the great state of new york. [cheers and applause] . lou: evangelical christian voters appear ready to help donald trump get one of his biggest victories of the campaign so far. one of the most influential evangelicals in the country, pastor robert jeffres joins us next. a mustang convertible doing doughnuts, suspects taking
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. lou: donald trump's new top political strategist making a bold prediction.
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paul manafort today discussing the demise of ted cruz and trump's path to victory before the national convention in july. >> reality is ted cruz has seen his best day. the reality is this convention process will be over with sometime in june, probably june 7th, and it will be aparencto the world that trump is over the 1237 number, and at that point in time, when it is apparent, everything is going to come together. lou: joining us now, dr. robert jeffress, pastor at first baptist church in dallas, one of the most influential evangelical pastors in the country. a fox news contributor as well. pastor, great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: tell us about ted cruz's hopes in new york state for an evangelical victory? >> well, look, it is true, and we've seen this that as more and more gop candidates have dropped out, the more conservative evangelical voters who were splintered among a
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variety of candidates are now coalescing around ted cruz. no doubt about that. but the good news for trump is moving forward in the state's that are to come that really doesn't matter as much. new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, the evangelical vote is still significant but not as significant. frankly, ted cruz should have won the bible belt states for evangelicals most predominant. trump won those and those states look good for him in the states ahead. lou: look good in new york with a 34-point lead. my goodness, you couldn't ask much more going into an election. let's turn to, if we can, the thoughts you might have concerning the cruz comment about new york values. a lot of controversy around, it particularly in this state. your thoughts? >> look, ted cruz is not anti-semitic. i don't think he meant to disparagevery voter in new york, but let's be honest, he
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was probably talking about more than liberalism when he made the comment. remember, he was on the debate stage in south carolina, and could win over south carolinians by inferring the cultural difference between south carolina and new york. that backfired when trump masterfully turned that into a discussion of new york terrorism and eve 9/11. we've all said things that have come back to bite us in the posterior and i think he'll pay for this in new york anyway. lou: or worse, in point of fact. let's go to bernie sanders, who is looks like it's an unexpectedly tight race in new york with hillary clinton and off to the vatican, which is interesting, a democratic socialist, you know, he couldn't be much farther in opposition to the pope on a
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host of issues. your thoughts on socialism, the catholic church and this pope, and if you will, take us to church on the early days of the church and socialism itself. >> well, look, in spite of the pope's ambivalent feelings about capitalism, the pope recognizes you can't support the church if people aren't making money to contribute to the church. and look, i think the pope follows the scripture and saying society ought to take care of those who can't take of themselves. lou, the bible proves why socialism doesn't work. in the early church in jerusalem, you had the saints selling everything they had and giving it to the poor, the only problem is several months later, they became the poor. you can sell your assets but can only sell them once, which is why socialism isn't a viable, economic model over a long period of time. lou: pastor, always good to
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talk to you and also great to be churched by you, we appreciate it. robert jeffress, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you so much. breaking news now, the state department has finally turned over to the benghazi select committee more than 1100 e-mails, a friday document dump. these e-mails sent between hillary clinton's inner circle, among the circle. the benghazi committee demanded these e-mails by subpoena issued a year and a half ago. the benghazi attack, of course, about 3 1/2 years ago. and a short time ago, the obama administration also a document dump of its own, turning over thousands of documents related to the fast and furious gun-running scandal of 2009. the white house and the justice department successfully stonewalling congress on this for four years. we have yet to see the impact
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of these developments on the benghazi investigation or the clinton e-mail investigation. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, we wanted to have a little fun with our question tonight. forget how it worked last time. just go along with us. cast your vote on twitter on lou dobbs. and follow me on twitter -- links to everything at now, let's turn to a video that you're going to -- it's incredible. two california criminals turned their getaway into a joyride. this is, yep, that's their car and that's them. evading police, doing doughnuts in ford mustang convertible along l.a. freeways, taking a tour through hollywood.
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rainstorm and conflicts over jurisdiction between the los angeles police department and the los angeles sheriff's department allowed that chase to go on. they were having some fun for nearly two hours, until a flat tire slowed them down. they pulled over. met with a group of fans following the chase on television and on twitter. what happened next? well, they took selfies, of course, that's twhu what you do in l.a. in a rainstorm in the convertible being chased by police. when law enforcement caught up with the young many, they were arrested. the driver, a trained tactical driver for the u.s. marine corps. he was prematurely discharged in january, or perhaps you would say not prematurely. apparently the marine corps anticipated something like this. up next, speaker ryan has been insisting for weeks he's not running for president. >> it's not going to be me. it should be somebody running for president.
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look, i made a decision over a year ago not to run for president. i really believe, if you want to be president, you should run for president. people are out there campaigning. lou: maybe he's campaigning. his words certainly don't match his actions and that is the subject of my commentary coming up here next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the curious case of paul ryan and the race for the republican presidential nomination. as you know, i've said for sometime, the gop establishment has been doing almost everything in its power to wrest the nomination from trump or cruz and put their favorite puppet, if you will, in place as the nominee, with the prospect of a contested republican convention only growing by the day, it's no accident the national media is again pushing speaker ryan's name. the latest person to push the name, establishment senator, former presidential candidate lindsey graham.
3:27 am
>> if you parachute somebody in just on electability, paul ryan is a wonderful guy, doesn't want to be put in this position, i'm trying to get us the most viable nominee that could win without destroying the party. trump destroys the party. paul ryan would be a great candidate, he should run. lou: you would be forgiven if you think senator graham becomes a little more overheated on the subject of his party's nominee. graham sought the nomination himself but made the mistake of calling donald trump a jackass and soon declared no senator would convict you if you murdered ted cruz in the senate, and later shockingly decided to endorse, that's right, cruz for president. today he said he likes kasich but prefers cruz, but apparently has more room in his heart for ryan, and speaker ryan continues to deny he's considering mounting a bid for the nomination should the convention be contested.
3:28 am
but then why does the speaker appear in this brand-new video as if playing the part of a historical figure in a mr. smith goes to washington feature film. >> what really bothers me the most in politics these days is the notion of identity politics. that we're going to win an election by dividing people, rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals and common cult outer things that should unify us. lou: wow. wow! i'm inspired. how about you? ryan's aides claim that video is not a campaign ad, it just looks like one, it just feels like one, doesn't it? don't forget ryan has done the hamlet thing before for mass consumption. and just last month, ryan said he would not categorically rule out accepting the nomination. i believe both speaker ryan and the establishment will stop at
3:29 am
almost nothing to overturn the will of primary voters and give the nomination to ryan, who offers the elites the assurance he will listen very carefully to the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and, of course, the big money donors. donors like charles koch, who's reportedly committed to ryan's nomination and any contested convention of the here'sn old saying about such talk. there are fools and there are damn fools, it appears the gop establishment is about to give the damn fools their day. we'll see. our quotation of the evening from gerald barzen on fools and electoral power. he said -- now if that doesn't scare us, what would? we're coming right back. hillary clinton says she'll never be in handcuffs because of her e-mail scandal.
3:30 am
>> i will reiterate, because it's a fact, nothing i sent or received was marked classified. lou: the extradition of notorious computer hacker could mean headaches for mrs. clinton. we take it up with tammy bruce and susan crabtree next. the engineer is zipping down the tracks unaware there might be something in his way. we'll show you what happens mom!
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. lou: i just got to say it's great to have former president clinton back on the campaign trail. today following his contentious exchange with black lives matters protesters yesterday. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and send them out on the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth! >> tell the truth, and today we're telling the truth. the former president talking about, well, his regrets and the possibility of even an apology. expressing regret certainly for the heated exchange.
3:35 am
>> so, i did something yesterday in philadelphia. i almost want to apologize for it but i want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country. i rather vigorously defended my wife as i'm want to do, and realized finally i was talking past her the way she was talking past me. we got to stop that in this country. we got to listen to each other. lou: i was listening, i was listening to both of them. i think he had it just right. joining us the washington examiner chief white house correspondent susan crabtree, and washington times columnist fox news contributor tammy bruce. does the president owe black lives matter protesters an apology, tammy? >> no but operative word was almost. i think that means he doesn't think so either. look, he found his inner trump, didn't he? lou: i love that. >> with the truth.
3:36 am
donald trump is influencing everyone, but that is the bill clinton i worked on that '92 campaign. that's why he won, because he broke through the elements. the problem with that entire exchange is that it highlights what hillary clinton is not. so it reminds people, even democrats want people, someone, who is going to push back at the bullies and black lives matter is a group of bullies and clinton highlighted that in pushback against them. so they certainly don't need an apology, it was refreshing and important. lou: yeah, my only -- i agree with you, my only equivocation would be i don't like the use of bullies for adults. that's a man talking, that was a protester. she was talking. all adults doing their thing. susan, your reaction? >> i actually thought it was a disaster for the clinton campaign. here he is going off script. he hasn't been out there that much and the one time he does go out recently, he makes -- it's a debacle, he's lecturing
3:37 am
the real -- the only enthusiastic supporters, some of the only enthusiastic supporters that the hillary clinton campaign can count on. i just think he couldn't help himself. it's really not about his legacy right now. it's about his wife's legacy and barack obama's legacy, and to me it shows that he's unpredictable on the campaign trail and might not be an asset. lou: here's another word, i hate to be cantankerous tonight. legacy is for when everybody is dead, and you have a bunch of historians talking about what went on with the best knowledge they can assemble. this legacy shouldn't even be, it is such to me a nonsense word that we all indulge in our discussion of what is the news and the life we're all living right now. i want to turn, if i may, to the business with -- i just can't believe that speaker
3:38 am
ryan, tammy, and these socialistic heroic figure shots he had people shooting as he's talking to a bunch of interns and they make it into a speaker's video. your thoughts? >> well, look, he's of the generation where everything is on television, everything is dramatic where, it's not real. life with the obamas where you see yourself in one or two minute vignettes and this is -- lou: look at this camera angle, are you kidding me? who but an egomaniac -- excuse me, let me stand up. who but an egomaniac would even entertain such a thing? >> while we are a television and media generation, the fact is we are, as americans, we understand people. we care about individuals. lou: we're going a long way from speaker rye span and whether he's running for president. forgive me if i don't care what the countries thinking, i want to know what paul ryan is thinking. >> anybody in that position is
3:39 am
ambitious, they want more things. lou: even at the risk of supporting the will of the people and denying it? >> some of the people, in their minds, the people want their will subverted. you never know how washington is thinking these days. lou: you're going deep, you got the subconscious going. you're one to do it. terrific, susan, your thoughts. >> he's trying to stay above the fray. working on branding, trying be in the campaign and outside of the campaign at the same time. lou: does he want to be president? >> i think eventually certainly he does. he was running as vice president a long time ago, and this -- i love the dramatic music in the background, it was soft, it was nice, lulling. >> i want to be president. who doesn't want to be president? lou: i don't want to be president. >> he said he didn't want it. he didn't want the speakership and look now.
3:40 am
lou: he gets to play hamlet and the next thing, poof, he's something or the other. susan, you get the last word, susan. >> i'd like to see why he's look so calm and upbeat. i'd like to see how she depicted next year in the springtime when he has to pass a budget, have a debt ceiling fight. it's going to get ugly and he's going to get tested. lou: we don't have to wait. he's in the fight with his little omnibus deal that is a disaster for conservatives, they're going to fight him all the way because he was so quick to chum up to none other than barack obama. susan, thanks for being with us. tammy, thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: a quick-thinking train conductor managing to avoid disaster. the train was able to slow down just before colliding with the abandoned vehicle on the tracks. you know, i said conductor, but i meant engineer. >> i always get them confused. lou: one is the head and one is the tail. no one was injured.
3:41 am
the car's driver sentenced to more than five years in jail for obstructing the railway. that's pretty good. up next, five terror suspects arrested, one with ties to paris and belgium attacks. we take it up with former u.n. ambassador john bolton. stay with us, you don't want to when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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joining us, former ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise senior fellow, john bolton, fox news contributor. ambassador, great to have you here. let's talk about guccifer, extradited to the united states in the last month, and apparently with a high degree of interest on the part of the fbi and others in the e-mails of one former secretary of state hillary clinton. how is that going to work? >> excellent reporting by fox's catherine herridge and pamela brown. a lot of people are saying when is the fbi going to get off the dime, when are we going to get a decision by the justice department on hillary or her staff or what not? obviously, these investigations are supposed to be done in confidence, but sometimes things emerge that show the progress that's being made, and this guccifer extradition from romania to the united states, very important.
3:46 am
here's the guy who hacked into sidney blumenthal's e-mail account and was the first person to disclose really the existence of hillary clinton's private server. what this shows very clearly is the vulnerability of hillary's e-mail off that private server. here's a guy as far as can be told, he has no computer raining, he is intuitive. guess's people's passwords, no support from russia, china, iran, north korea, did all this on his own sitting in an insignificant little town in romania. if a guy like that can hack in and find out about this, you can only guess what russia's or china's possibilities can bring. lou: her private server and her private e-mails and public business were all hacked and compromised as a result. now when you talk about this
3:47 am
fellow, who, for one thing iexpect to see him without shoes walking through a little village in romania, and sort of holding his cap wondering what the world is all about? color me cynical, but my feeling is irrespective of whether he is that bucolic image in reality or whether he is an agent of one of the powers you mentioned, seems to meet fbi, the united states intelligence community should embrace him. put him in a comfortable little suite somewhere and say work away for the rest of your life for the united states of america. >> yeah, he may have more of a future here than he did in a jail in romania, but it's significant that the fbi and other security services from the united states questioned him in romania before he arrived here. this is not just a tidying up on intrusions into some of the famous people he's hacked. that would not be worth the
3:48 am
expenditure resources. this is closely related to the clinton investigation, another sign of the progress the fbi is making, and again all politics aside here, very serious for hillary. lou: you think this is a tipping point in the investigation. now eight months long without any effect, as a matter of fact, without even so much as an excuse me, mrs. clinton, we would like to talk with you over tea? >> it's coming, and the point of what guccifer can show is the exposure of the private e-mail account and the danger, the risk of the compromise and the evidence. remember, the petraeus investigation didn't get as far as some in the fbi wanted, there was a no harm-no foul problem. the fbi didn't get outside of the discussions between petraeus and paula broadwell. we have a guy from romania listening in to sidney blumenthal's e-mails. this is revealing information that guccifer brings to the
3:49 am
fbi. lou: one last question, she still hasn't been contacted, the feeling is if you were transmitted to us that the fbi would within a week be talking with mrs. clinton. she hasn't heard, she says, from the fbi. what seems to be the delay and why is there a greater delay than would be rationally expected? >> well, i think everybody anticipates it's coming soon. they've got to work their way through the sequencing of the potential interviews. that's very important undoubtedly as they flipped. lou: my lord, john, they've had eight months on its face! rudy giuliani says 13 federal violations. >> let me tell you, the fbi director said this week, he told it all in response to a number of questions, he said, we want to do it quickly but we've got to do it right, emphasis on the right. lou: you know what disturbs me, ambassador, why does the fbi have to make a choice between quick and right?
3:50 am
aren't both possible within the context of vast resources and talent? >> faced with the likely political interference they're worried about that may already be expressing itself through the white house through the attorney general. that's hard for anybody. but i believe that an indictment is coming, i think if they don't indict, i think the fbi will explode and things we don't even know about will find their way into the public press. lou: ambassador, as always, great to have you with us and to have your thoughts and your outlook. thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: a major milestone for spacex today. they successfully launched a dragon capsule to the international space station, but that was the easy part. for the first time ever, they also landed the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship off the coast of florida. an extraordinary, extraordinary feat. four previous attempts failed.
3:51 am
watch this. we're not rolling it backwards. this feat before your very eyes and it could mean greater cost savings for spacex with huge implications for the economy of space travel going forward. and british students making news with the launch of their own. they launched their toy dog sam to the edge of space with the help of a helium balloon. the gopro came back to earth. sam wasn't with the balloon. the students, however, say they are determined to find their furry mascot with whom they have been extraordinarily careless. i won't condemn them. i won't criticize them, i'm just going to say be sure you find sam. up next, hillary panders, trump pounces. >> she hasn't been in the subway in 20 years, if she was ever in the subway. it's so bad. the picture of her riding
3:52 am
around, it's called pandering, it's so bad. lou: i've got to ask, how many times do you figure the donald has been in the subway in the last 20 years? i don't know, just asking. take up the battle of new yorkers with red eye's tom shillue and town hall's guy shillue and town hall's guy
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wow. college already yeah! we gotta go yeah (sfx:car starts, car door closes) ♪for all those times you stood by me♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ and remember... ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ seatbelt. drive safe. call when i get there. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i...i love you. ♪for every dream you made come true♪ ♪for all the love i found in you♪ ♪for all the love i found in you♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪ ♪through it all and thanks...for, everything. ♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪ ♪because you loved me
3:55 am
chris capuano: you might feel like there's too many problems in the world or that, you know, you, as a 15-year-old, 16-year-old, can't really make a difference. giancarlo stanton: it's not always about you. it's not just one person, it's a group, it's a team. chris capuano: just that simple act is transforming someone else's life. giancarlo stanton: it's one of the best feelings in the world. margaret: it'll just make you feel so good about yourself. mauricio: i'd do anything to convince you just to be a part of this. lou: joining us now
3:56 am political editor "fox news" compact -- contributor and tom great to have you here. i have got to ask you, trump dominating the latest polls 56% support in new york according to the emerson pole. >> i think he's got to be around 55 to show everyone. i mean it's new york. it's made for him. not only is it his home state the people we like, we like to guys and mix it up here so you know his brash qualities whatever it is that people think are his negative qualities are positive notches for new york but for all of new england. i'm from massachusetts so the republicans up there, they like trump. they love child. it says something about, i don't know if the northeast blue-collar thing. lou: it's not enough to win.
3:57 am
you have to win with the heel and the other guys neck to. >> exactly. >> i know you've had a passing reservation about donald trump. how do you feel about looking at poll and you see cruz at a 25 percentage from that 56? >> there's no question donald trump or when new york area. lou: i want to be clear-eyed and have any questions about him. i'm just curious about the spread that you see. >> i'm about to answer that part of the question rate if you look at the delegates in and the way they allocate delegates in new york, it is proportional with a 20% threshold unless she goes to a 50% plus one winner and then it's a winner-take-all statewide and each individual congressional district. the va's are allocated by congressional districts. lou: how does this term into a seminar, analyze it for me.
3:58 am
>> delegates is the whole game here. lou: you are going through delegate apportionment. >> based on the polling. lou: and your conclusion is? >> of course donald trump is going to win the lion's share of votes in new york next week. the question is, or two weeks from now the question is will he win 50 plus 1% in x member of the congressional districts to really pull off a win. lou: if this is an algebraic question we will have to talk further. he wants to be president, right guy? >> i'm not convinced he wants to be president ever let alone this year but i saw the ad and you played part of it on your show as well. what i see that as lou is the speaker of the house trying to figure out and give a roadmap to
3:59 am
a lot of republicans in congress who are going to have have to run as something other than donald trump to be the nominee this optimistic sort of different approach to politics and i think this was ryan leading on that charge. i don't think this is some secret that your thing campaigning for president ahead of the convention. >> i have never seen a commercial for speaker of the house. that is the presidential ad. it looks like an obama commercial. lou: from the floor up it was amazing. >> there is no right and left. it's just ryan. it's amazing. he is running. it may not be this year but it's for four years from now. he's getting ready. lou: he is drawing on the 2004 obama's speech. an amazing genius to steal that far back. guy benson thanks for being with us and tom thank you. have a great weekend. and our on line poll monday 4% of you say the republican convention should all might consider donald trump r. ted
4:00 am
cruz to be the nominee. i'm sure the republican establishment is listening carefully. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. . >> i happen to think that the majority of people in this country are libertarian. they just don't know it. john: is that true? are you economically conservative and socially liberal? then you're a libertarian. >> it's the first nationally televised debate. john: in part one of our presidential forum, we heard these three libertarians debate. >> gay marriage. >> i met austin in a gay bar. [ laughter ] >> it was different from republican-democrat debates. libertarians focus on getting government out of the way. >> i didn't create a single job, government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does.


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