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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  April 10, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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and avoid taxes. copa ironically cpa is the ticker symbol. >> stop him from singing, please, john. >> i own delta, lt bet per. >> thank you for joining us. the cost of freedom continues right now. all right, for get fired. is donald trump now saying you're hired? hi everyone, i'm neil cavuto back just in time before charles dane takes credit for this show. meanwhile, i don't like him. little too good for my -- >> lunatics running the insane asylum. >> thank you very much. not on my watch. anyway, donald trump may be learning and has to spend some to get some, signing up seasoned political operatives ahead of what could be an ugly and nasty contested attention. something charlie gasparino says he should have been doing all
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along. glad to see all of you. saw you on "bulls and bears" doing an excellent job. jonas, you mentioned there is no given here mr. trump. you have to start doing what ted cruz has been doing. >> all along, with an apparatused and organization that goes to every state, that goes into louisiana and even though donald wins the state he steals delegates because he knows how to play the rules or by the rules. today he's in, cruz is in colorado with his team, he's setting camp. he's going to get a lot of them. >> these are delegates that are uncommitted, open and the idea is well, can i move them my way, and then cruz is the questioning them whenevgetting them any way can. >> okay, anyway, you know, in new york it's interesting. why is everybody laughing at
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this? let me finish my point. >> because let me say a little bit more, charlie. >> what i'm trying to say is in new york what cruz will do with his organizations' not going to win new york he knows it but his idea is to keep donald below 50 and pour proportionally take some delegates away. >> there are 95 in new york, right, and a lot of the other states work the same way. if you can drive down the win i understand the math behind there but it still shows donald trump moving forward with more delegates than ted cruz. >> that's true, but we got a long way to go, right? i have to respond to something charles said. yes, charlie, he does need to hire people. he does need experts on the ground. what he really needs are people that he will listen to, because he tebnds to make his own decisions and getting him into trouble. blessing out that he gave ted cruz after he won wisconsin was astonishing. he's got to stop that and turn around and move on. >> he didn't do that and we're talking about the campaign's
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response, kabal and the establishment, all that. not an opportunity to be magnanimous but he remains popular and the idea being he can gobble together a lot of delegates in the meantime. will it be enough he doesn't need to do this convention snuff. >> there's a book that donald trump may have to read called "art of the deal: political style." political style, because ted cruz to charlie's point has been running circles around him. initially donald trump complained lawsuits, it's not fair, but here's a man who has made his money in a rough and tumble world of business where nothing is fair and none of the rules are written in stone. so he's finally trying to get up to speed. the big question, is it too little too late? people will be shocked. pennsylvania you can go right now, 20 delegates already said i'm going for trump. 19 said i'm going for cruz. certain amount that already said i'm going to vote -- people haven't gone to the polls yet. the game behind the game is where it's at. >> i like what you said, because we'll cover the primaries and if
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it was a done deal they wouldn't want to. this is very, very good. let me get your lead of this, ben, if donald trump doesn't get the 1,237 on the first ballot he's not going to get it in sequential ballots. do you buy that? >> i buy it very, very much. i think as you say about oil, i think we reached peak trump. unless something miraculous happens for him i think he has shown himself to be an amateur. why didn't he hire the seasoned operatives and experts long ago? >> do you think it's too late? >> i think it may well be too late. i'm not sure, i don't know the future. it may well be too late. did you know my esteemed boss and chairman here that at his speeches mr. trump pitches his golf course and his hotels as part of his political speech? that shows a certain cheapness. he's a cheap guy and should be spending his money on getting the nomination if he really wants it.
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>> being cheap, say what you will of it and spending a little money, your idea has been it's going to cost him. >> i thought he was going to flame out a lot earlier. he didn't, one of the reasons why he didn't because there were 16 other candidates. he's flaming out now and -- >> we'll see about that. >> i don't think you can get 50% of a minority, which is what the republican voters are. he can't even get 50% of that by hawking his golf courses, his steaks, his vodka. >> i want to focus on the numbers right now. he has a prohibitive lead and i understand what everyone is saying if you pick off uncommitted or slates of delegates you could make coddle together dozens of delegates that would still lead you, that is ted cruz, you know, close to 200 shy of the guy in front of you. so how will that help ted cruz? >> well i don't know that it helps ted cruz so much as it hurts donald trump.
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this is about the republican party's rules and the rules are that if you don't come into the convention with enough votes then it moves on to another series of votes so he easily could lose this because let's face it, most republicans don't want this guy. >> that's true. >> some of them like ted cruz even less. you know, it's a choice -- >> why they may pick somebody else. >> what do you think? >> reince, the gop chairman is under a lot of pressure. at this point he said it will be one of the three remaining candidates. that leaves kasich in the nix. trump supporters most could deal with cruz coming out of the nomination. they might not like it initially. no one can deal with kasich and you talk about pitch forks and torches, let it be someone like a so-called fresh face. >> i disagree. >> why do you disagree? >> disagree entirely. kasich is the moderate, the unifier. kasich is the one who wins in the polls. >> i'm not talking about that
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though. >> and by the way, trump's big boasts how smart he is, if he was so damned smart with money why didn't he spend money getting seasoned political operatives from the beginning? nobody is scared of his lawsuits anymore. nobody is scared of your lawsuits, mr. trump. >> the voters not who we think might be the best candidate but the voters in the republican party will be okay with a trump and/or cruz. anyone else i think is a disaster. >> i don't know. let me ask you this, gerri. republicans in general no matter who they choose, they face serious headwinds. barack obama's approval rating is back at 50%. other. s by almost all voters of the adults in the room. majority of those voted to see in as a unified force. i'm not saying that to cast liberal or conservative bent here. is that something republicans should pay attention to as well
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as the improving economy, steadily gaining jobs, month in, month out. say what will you with quality of jobs and the middle of this, republicans raucous about who they hate the least. >> republican candidates are all over each other and focused on how to fight best among themselves and they're not looking at what is more important which is the broader economy and to your point, it may look good on the surface, but what's really going on? since barack obama took office, net incomes are down, net worth is down. the proportion of people owning homes is down. >> he's not running. you realize he's not running. >> i understand that. i'm just saying that, ben stein you're a good student of history. the approval rating of the president in office, even though he's not running, does a lot to affect the outcome for the guy who he is. i think with ronald reagan with george bush sr. in '88. >> couldn't agree more.
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i personally do not care for mr. obama to put it very mildly but obviously people like him and we're going into the election with a very, very strong economy, very, very strong, despite the nonsense trump says about it and it's going to take a unified republican party to have a chance to win this election and we've been tearing ourselves to pieces. >> if there's one thing we learned from the republican party in the last two years the establishment whether it's donald trump or ted cruz. >> in a is neil's point. >> the establishment has lost at every turn, eric cantor has lost, john boehner has lost. you cannot just throw in there some establishment guy and think you're going to unify the party. >> adam that was the fear expressed, right, among i guess between cruz and trump they've got 80% plus of the delegates. even if it's kasich, there will be hell to pay.
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>> agreed. where i thought you were going, neil, this bodes very well for hillary clinton, assuming that she has been nominated. >> i was saying that as well. >> it depends on the candidate. i'm telling you, if you look at the real clear politics averages which i hate to be citing all the time, she doesn't beat cruz by that much. she's up by three. >> she's got the wind at her back and by the way if it's bernie sanders, so does he. >> suppose she gets indicted? >> well, that's a wild card. >> toot toot not too wild. >> when we come back, a lot of times they just disrupt society. remember when they got up there on stage with bernie sanders? bill clinton taught his wife and democrats a lesson how to deal with it once and for all. >> here's the thing, i like
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protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's a simple rule. >> today on "forbes on fox" protest in france turned lug pi pro-socialist protesters angry at france to change strict labor laws to boost employment. depending on who wins in november, we could see this right here. are they right or wrong? we debate at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. business" have a good day, everybody.
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>> all right, well if any of you watch this show and of course you do because you're watching now, you know we were among the first and still among the very few raising questions about some of the tactics and messages used by black lives matter activists. well, guess who is challenging them now? >> this is what's the matter. i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack, and sent them out onto the street to murder other african-american children. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> you don't see that every day. charles? >> amazing. absolutely amazinamazing. i stood up and cheered with him. stwl now you're going to vote for hillary. >> hillary ain't bill. >> why doesn't see do that? >> it's so bad that the next day he came out with not an apology but tried the chill out. >> i didn't mean to lecture.
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>> i remember when black lives matter, one the tactics stand over people while they ate indiscriminately. i tweeted about that and got crushed. you talk about crushed, same thing on thursday, when i let my show -- shameful -- >> what do you mean? >> diners are eating and they'd stand over you while you're eating. >> i'd still eat. >> for some people it was intimidating. here answer the point, though, their tactics obviously you're going to argue about. what bill clinton said about hero worship of a drug dealer let's be honest about it, stop it, we can't do that. >> and separate the truth from the craziness. what do you think of that? >> real quick i think you can have a discussion about police brutality, but you also must say black lives matter, i want on monday morning after 25 black people killed, 25 other black people in chicago to talk about that, too. >> good point. >> listen, i thought clinton was brilliant on this score. his first comments on this not
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the retraction later. i thought he did a great job. it was brave. it was to the point but you have to look at how democrats, who were seeking the highest office right now, are reacting to black lives matter. we saw bernie sanders cede the stage to black lives matter and leave. >> it was a security threat. they got up on the stage with him. having said that, ben stein, i wonder if for bill clinton it reminded them, the sister soldja moment with bill clinton running for president drawing the line for some of the crazies on the far left, but now it's quite the opposite, it's sort of wanting to keep them loyal to you, the crazier they are the better on the far left. >> to me it staggers, it just staggers me that president obama, a black man, has not taken a stand against the gangsters, the cripss and bloods. 20,000 suicides, almost all the rest are black people killing other black people with guns.
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no word, not a single word against the bloods or the cripps from mr. obama. the democratic candidates don't dare say a word against it. the fear of the black lives matter people by the democrats is just terrifying. it's, there's a whole grip of thugs out there terrifying the politicians. there's something desperately wrong here. all lives matter no doubt about it. it's very sad the way many black people live in america but the police are not the ones at fault and the black lives matter people that refuse to allow politicians to discuss it and the politicians are too cowardly to discuss it are a disgrace. >> are we done with bill clinton, we're not going to hear this type of thing again, adam? >> yes, that's true. i admire the way charles explained all this and i wonder if i'm the only one listening, wishing that bill clinton were running for president. >> well, i was going to say this. there's two issues here. >> real quick. >> substantive issue which i agree with president clinton on, former president clinton but
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also, he's an effective campaigner. >> very much so. >> this is how difficult it will be for the republicans to beat hillary clinton if she does not get indicted, that guy is going to be out there. that guy scares me as a campaign per >> he makes a very good argument and frames it well. in the meantime, big business and big trouble because the when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your dautegh the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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sometimes, there's a reason to feel paranoid. what is the deal with the white house's constant attack on deals. on the plan move to hook up and going after a all these tax
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inversions to blocking halliburton's deal. see a pattern here and the wave of regulations on the way now on top of the thousands of regular laces here now? i would think that alone has you giving up the liberal banner. >> no, i actually see this as democracy in action, neil. if there's one thing i admire about donald trump's campaign is that he's appealing to voters. president obama won two elections. promising to do some of these things. >> redoing my executive edict. all existing corporate law. >> in some cases, writing regular laces for legislation that's been passed and requires regulation. >> i don't remember obama talking about corporate inversions on the campaign trail that much. >> i would say this. there's a downside to this. especially some of these companies that want to domicile in ireland or where ever.
6:54 am
they're looking to save money by lowering their taxes. they're going to lay off people. >> so, what happens then? >> the corporations of america are owned by american, employed by americans. the idea they're attacking, that president obama is attacking corporations as if they were isis, some enemy, makes no sense at all. corporations are american and when you depress their stock price, you're depressing people's plan to retire. >> in obama's mind, they are the enemy. capitalism and the -- >> i know that. >> and the american military is the enemy to mr. obama, too. this is a guy with a very wrapped sense of priorities. >> ore and over again on fox. >> i've always remind ed people
6:55 am
that -- in 2017 and he's already been very effective as far as you know, whatever. getting his way. we have months more and you're worried and thinking about neil's, do you just shelve them? >> the president has a couple of more months where he can continue, but who is surprised here? the president's put in place almost 400 major regular laces since he's been in office, costing $100 million. >> it's like when you get a new tie, take out the old. >> number is 439. each of them cost 100 million. by the way, i mean, labeling cranberries to show there's sugar in it, cranberry juice, overload. >> gets to the paradox of the o pam presidency. he's such an effective president and does such bad things for the economy, i believe. it's a paradox. >> he's extremely --
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>> we're out of time for adam to respond. jerry, i want to thank you both. very, very much. very, very much. me audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. very, very much. me
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and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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stocks will go up, crack down. charles. >> starbucks can survive anything. >> adam. >> vanguard's small cap index. always a good idea. especially now. >> interesting. ben. >> spider's index always a good idea. especially now. the results of the indexes have
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been so great. it's incredible. >> i want to thank you all. the cost of freedom continues now with david. on the place for business. fox. violent clashes in france. socialist protest ers slashing out to loosen bureaucratic red tape that's crippled businesses there and led to high unemployment. this as socialist bernie sanders continues winning votes and demanding more bureaucratic red tape right here. just a preview of coming attractions. hi, everybody, welcome. let's go on focus with steve forbes who's in l.a. today. thanks for coming.


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