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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  April 10, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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moves in the opposite direction of stock prices! is this a good stock if you think we're in a bubble? >> i like the name, but i do like this one. >> thank you very much. that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here. the nber one business blog continues with cashing in. president obama mocking donald trump for saying if mexico doesn't pay for the wall, the immigrants in the u.s. transfer back to their home land. >> the notion that we're going to crack every western union you know, bit of money that's being sent to mexico you know, good luck with that. people expect the president of the united states and the elected officials in this country, to treat these problems seriously. they don't expect half baked notions coming out of the white house. we can't afford that. >> so, the president says we can't afford trump's plan, but we're doing nothing about illegal immigration costs us
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more. welcome to cashing in. our crew this week, jonathan, eric, ebony and morgan. and ra, start with you. the president claims trump's plan will hurt, not help. what say you? >> i don't think we can take the president as his word. this is the same president that said there is no ib with the bodder. that the border's secure, remember? jay carney used to tell us all the time there was no issues even though we watched the footage of people flooding over the border. also, when the president says we can't track any payment, that's just not true. we've seen his irs track conservative groups very, very well, so, i think the president in order for him to concede that trump has a point, he would have to concede his administration is wrong about the border being secure in the first place. something he won't do and i applaud him for at least trying some thing. we've wasted so much money on other things like line dancing lessons. space pizza funding.
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the study of alcoholism in prostitutes. i think they can come up with a doll lors, not only to pay for it, but the cost of doing nothing with illegal immigration far outweighs and is much greater than just sitting on your hands. >> whether you like trump's ideas, his plan or not, at least he's trying to do something. >> yeah, he's trying to hurt trade and that's a real negative to this economy. i mean, essential ly, i don't know, i thought the gop was supposed to be gins regulation and against taxes and that's a lot of what trump is supposing here and he's supposing it against trade. trade is by definition, beneficial and whether it's the deportation force, which is going to cost 20 years and $200 billion or his paris proposal, which is going to increase the cost on everything americans buy, i think this proposal as obama talked about, to track every money transfer, not only is it debt remental to the
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economy, the police force that's going to be required to track yet another area of american business. this is a negative for the economy. >> what about you? when you think president obama is right to say hey, don't try anything. at least he's doing something. again, jonathan doesn't like the plan. if i have other plans that don't line up, at least we do something. got to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants. >> sure, but i think by doing something, we need to do that is consistent with conservative values. that is not by ingesting the federal government into people's private personal banking records. so, there is, i'll give a wonky answer here. there is a precedent where the treasury department can stop from going to other countries. the treasury department where i used to work does this with somalia, for example. any american citizen living in the u.s. cannot remit to somalia because they're worried about terrorism finance. there is a precedent, but you have to have it amended, or issue an executive order, which
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i've been critical of president issuing too many. so, yes, i would like something to be done, but i would not like something to be done that's not consistent with conservative values and principles. sxwl what do you say, ebony? >> i think the president has every right to his opinion? i think he's not the only one who thinks the wall idea is haf banked or wonky. here are the other things. i agree with and ra and you that something needs to be done. so, i do applaud trump for having the no with all to do something different. certainly, i think the president -- >> john, let me throw this at you. john, you deal in oil. you know the oil market. i propose what about doing this. so, there's a benchmark price for oil that's traded every day. we know what the price is. we buy two million barrels of oil per day from mexico. pale pay them that price, whatever the price is, but the top 50 cents of that goes into
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an escrow account bill that will pay for the wall. won't affect one thing. just affecting how much money we pay mexico for the oil. >> i think you're taking, you're looking at it from a nationalist perspective. we don't buy anything. america doesn't buy oil. individual americans buy oil. >> our companies don't pay mexico the full whatever it is. $38 a barrel. they pay 37.50. that's easy to administer. >> again, if a tax on trade, not in the wall -- >> not a tax. >> it's a cost. >> let's just, when i say tax, use the term more broadly. it's interference on trade. anytime the government gets involved, whether you want to hire somebody from a foreign country -- >> it doesn't affect the demand or the supply or the price. who sets up the escrow account? private company? >> the government. >> well, you answered my own
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question. >> it's exact price of oil that any american company will pay the mexican seller, the price of rural oil. it's just 50 cents of that price goes into an escrow account. there's no government interference other than setting up an escrow account. >> what does the account go for? because if i'm buying oil, i don't want to fund an escrow account. i don't want to pay for a wall. >> i guess i don't follow. >> the point is, let's do something. >> absolutely. mr. yes, we can president is say, no, we can't. even though his proposals need to be fleshed out a little bit more, he's coming from a place of yes rather than no, so everybody else is coming at trump say, no, that's not conservative enough. i'll tell you this, having illegal immigrants in this country that are not paying taxes, that are funneling money back to mexico and we're doing
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nothing about that, sitting on our hands is not what i call conservatism. at all. >> to kind of a con vaa luted trade on oil. there's been that migration of mexican immigrants since the 2008 financial crisis. so, the notion that people are pouring in and more people are leaving from mexico. if you want to solve the problem with drugs, for example, then decriminalize drugs. if you want to solve the problem with entitlement, let's worry about entitlements, but this notion to build a wall is to me, obama is right. >> we're just making sure that money that is earned in the united states of america is not funneled across the border by illegals. that is not exactly what i would call a nonconservative position. that's conservatism at its core. and i agree with andrea on this point, that something needs to be done and that's better than doing nothing. she's right about that. the other side is we want to
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flush out some of this and i think we have to anticipate unintended consequences to some of the things mr. trump is suggesting, such as would that be hurtinging mexico's economy so badly that we will see an increase of some of this illegal immigration that has resended right now. >> and the administration is not being candid about the numbers coming across the border. they are saying record number of deportations. it's just not true. >> morgan, is there a way to pinpoint the people who are illegal sending money back? is there a way to stop those money transfer sns. >> sure. all mr. trump has to do is deport all the illegals he said he's going to deport. 11, 15 million. i think we can solve this and everybody on this panel can be happy. mr. trump said he would deport 15 million, so do it. >> barring that, say that's not the plan. the plan for the wall. >> i think he's in trouble if he doesn't do that. gl that's the plan. >> we've talkeded about this wall. who is going to pay for the w l
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wall? yes, gi tet get the other part, if you want to deport, whatever. but paying for the wall, morgan, you pointed out where you can't send money back to somalia, i assume that's blanket. >> so, essentially, the u.s. treasury has cut off the u.s. dollar into somalia, which has hurt. >> is there a way to pinpoint illegals doing it can you force them to show an i.d? >> yes, theoretically, yes, you can take western union any of the banks doing transfers and you could go in with compliance departments, the federal government, the federal reserve. yes, you could -- hold on a minute, john. what i'm say iing is this is an aught tear yan approach and i just don't agree with the panel. >> how is this -- >> you could use that money as well. that's a middle ground. a robust guest worker program where you take that money.
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>> how is this moving towards a free economy? >> we'll pick that up at another day. >> coming up, politics and profanity. a woman giving the governor of florida an earful over spending cuts, but should we be speaking to anyone like this? sfwl you don't quar about working. i'm not talking to you. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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from a latte to a verbal assault, a woman launching a tirade over governor rick scott over his policies. >> you cut medicaid so i couldn't get obama care. you're an [ bleep ]. you don't care about working people. i'm not talking to you. you don't care about working people. you should be ashaped to show your face around here. >> a million jobs. >> great. who here has a great job? or is looking forward to finishing school, you really feel like you have a job coming up? >> wow, morgan, a reporter asked the woman if she thought this was an appropriate way to confront elected officials. she said, yes. do you agree? >> constitutionally, she has every right, but a couple of things struck me. first of all, where was the management? i think someone should have came over quickly and gotten rid of that woman because not only was
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she being rude to the governor, she was disturbing others. secondly, i thought who in the world raised this woman? it doesn't matter if you disagree with an elected official, if i was her mother or father, i would be totally embarrassed. somebody needs more home training. >> look at that laptop, probably an l $00,000 laptop. six or $7 cup of coffee and she's complaining that rick scott cut back benefits so she couldn't by obamacare. >> i think the screaming obscenities at a politician in a starbucks is probably not the best way to get your point across. also, if you're sitting in a starbucks, expensive cup of coffee hurling insults at a governor who has taken a ton of heat for taking money from the government. he had a tenuous re-election for doing the things the woman said he wasn't doing. when he asked for an extra shot, i don't think that's what he meant. >> he got one. >> if i were the governor, i would have said i'm happy to
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meet with you in my office. >> i don't know. do you want her in your office? >> i don't know. make no mistake, that is not my style, but i think it was fine. when you run for public office and put yourself out there in the public, particularly one that's beholden to the people, you have to expect maybe not that per se, but you've got to pecht people to heckle you and be really dissats fied with you and your performance. it was nasty and not classy, but i think she was right. >> is this the fallout of a democratic socialist run for president on the left side there? i mean, she feels so entitled, why are you cutting back my benefits? i need more benefits. they want everything. >> well, you know, i think it was pretty uncouth and probably not the best way to get support from her perspective, but i don't think it was as outrageous as giving out a sitting senator's cell phone number as donald trump did when he struck
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out against the political ruling class. there's a way to protest, but i think the message like that going to really disrupt. whether it's blm or occupy wall street, this isn't the way to have a political debate. >> here's a statement from rick scott's consultant, she says quote, people with radical views tend to not like civil debate. a self-proclaimed anarchist rudely yelled and curseded at the governor, it's a free country, but it's not surprising that an anarchist prefers shouting over conversation. quick thoughts? >> i think it was fine. i appreciate the statement. certainly, but i don't think it's fair to kind of lump the idea logical part in. whether it's a praise. criticism, take the good with the bad. >> i grew up in the south. in florida and i'm just amazed that people could be so ill mannered. maybe it's my southern side
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coming out, but it's shocking to me. i think somebody needs more home training. >> and rick scott has taken, she's going to scream, at least needs to get her facts right. governor scott came under fire for accepting money. especially for obama there is care. she's not prepared and she's being rude. >> bless her heart. >> bless her heart. coming up, sound the alarm. saying it creates controversy, but proving there's a huge gap between political correctness and common sense in america. you debate, we decide. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
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by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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merle haggard. have a good day. gasping over this gap ad. the gap apologizing for the ad. many outraged because it shows a white girl leaninginging on a black girl, but no one said anything about this ad. it shows the opposite from earlier. a black kid leaning on a white kid. now, was the first acist or americans just looking for things to be offended about? >> of course it wasn't racist. many time, when you're in an underrepresented community, we're very sensitive. many of us, around what that looks like and the message it conveys, the irony here is the mother of the little black girl who happens to be a white woman named brook smith, tweeted out the girl that's resting on her, that's her sister. >> got to love america. >> and one of the -- gap, i
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think they pulled that ad or apologized. should they be doing is that? >> i don't think they should do it. but look, ebony brought the facts. don't let facts get in the way of a good story. as someone who used to be involved in a dance troupe, i was the smallest and youngerers member. this is what they do. they would have their arms on my shoulder, my head, they would throw me around on the stage. when you're the littlest one x this is what you do. >> if they do that, that forces other businesses to do similar things. >> total -- the left is grasping at straws here. just to think the worst they can about american business and culture. >> morgan, final thought. >> you know what really matters in the world? there's about 1.2 billion people who don't have daily access to electricity. almost 800 million people who don't have access to running water. that's what matter, not a stupid ad. coming up, m
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. head on over to see jonathan's stock pick and juan williams has a new book out this week. we the people. it's a great read and i can't wait to talk to juan about it when he joins us again soon. time to wake up, america. trump and cruz are the only two
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left who can get to the magic 1237 number before the republican convention. trump needs 56% of the remaining delegates and cruz needs around 82%. technically, still in it ch ted cruz needs a lot of help to get toefr threshold, now u, there are many reasons to back cruz. there are the right reasons and there are the wrong ones. my good friends mark and glenn are backing cruz because they see the constitutional conservative in him. i like that about cruz, too. that's the right reason. however, the trump crowd isn't interested in cruz, they just hate trump. that attitude will divide the party and ensure hillary clinton is potus 45 in november. then the worst reason. it's the establishment. the d.c. elite class fearing trump would derail our power, influence and money by backing cruz, they're hoping for a contested convention and at that type of convention, who knows what they're up to. maybe even nominate someone not currently running. think i'm kidding?
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listen to karl rove suggest one of the ways to pick the nominee in a contested convention maybe through a quote fresh face. >> donald trump excites a lot of enthusiasm, but also e ensites a lot of anger, within the republican party and outside and a fresh face might be the thing that could give us a chance to turn this election and win. >> a fresh face? are you kidding me? for 18 months, these guys will have worked 20 hour days for your votes. they've left families behind, halted their careers to earn your trust and vote, not to mention the thousands of staffer, aides and volunteers who have done the same and you want a fresh face? no joke, the establishment. don't want a fresh face. we want somebody that we voted for because in america, our vote counts. i don't care about some silly rule y'all keep pringing up. stop the shenanigans because i'm watching you, but in the event
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you get that rules committee that steals the nomination from trump or cruz, i can frit much guarantee there will be a >> i'm bob massi. for 32 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas. i help people with all sorts of real-estate problems, from trying to save their homes to closing major deals. eight years ago, 6,000 people a month moved here, looking for employment and affordable homes. little did anyone know that we would become ground zero for the american real-estate crisis. now, it's a different story. the american dream is back. we're gonna meet real people who faced the same problems as millions across america, and we'll dive deep into a city on the rebound because las vegas was a microcosm of america, and now vegas is back. [ woman vocalizing ]


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