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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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terrorists anywhere. more has to be done to protect our homeland. >> i'm leif babin. >> and i'm oliver north. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump unexpectedly clearing his schedule to focus on the new york primary in less than two weeks. trump canceling a friday press conference in california, skipping the colorado republican state convention saturday, a campaign spokeswoman confirming the front-runner will instead be campaigning throughout new york. part of the reason that trump may be able to do that is because he's leading ted cruz in all of the polls in upcoming primary states, including new york. a brand-new field poll out of california shows trump with a seven-point lead over cruz. a washington post poll out of maryland showing trump with a
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ten-point lead over governor john kasich, cruz running third. this week could hardly have started better for cruz, but his wisconsin win hasn't produced momentum in any other state to this point. and new york is downright hostile to the senator from texas. qult the new york daily news" didn't mince words with its front page saying, take the fu train, ted cruz. cruz not trying to win new york but trying to block trump from winning 50% of the vote and taking all of the state's 95 delegates. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that. >> well, i'll take all of that up with the former republican chairman of the party, van hipp
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among our guests, and i'll talk about who's better for jobs, the economy with david sokol. also bernie sanders doubling down on his criticism that hillary clinton isn't qualified to be president. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street, with greed, recklessness, illegal behavior? if secretary clinton thinks i just came from the small state of vermont, we're not used to this, we'll get used to it. i'm not going to get beaten up, lied to. we will fight back. >> my next guest says senator sanders' comment is now haunting him in new york. joining us the former chairman of the south carolina republican party, van hipp. good to have you with us. i mean, ted cruz has walked into, i mean, retribution itself, for those inane remarks
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he made in your fair state. >> yeah. he's trying to finesse it now saying he was talking about anthony coupan anthony weiner and governor cuomo. i don't think it's working. i look at the latest polls, he's actually running third in the polls behind john kasich, number two. and kasich is actually -- his super pac is spending seven figures to remind people what he said about new york values. if trump can hit 50 and cruz comes in third, i think what happens in new york could basically take away all and any momentum he had coming out of wisconsin. >> right. obviously, what he wanted to achieve was momentum coming out of the best performance he could imagine in wisconsin. and he has just run into a swamp in new york. and it all centers around that utterly unnecessary remark he
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made. >> yeah. >> i mean, trump is, you know, generally the creditor of blame for not following a script and being spontaneous. it's obvious cruz regrets that one. >> absolutely. i was there. that was at the fox business debate in charleston, north carolina. when he said it, i couldn't believe it. and it was probably trump's best moment in the debate, when he reminded the people of this country how the people of new york came together and we were all new yorkers on september 11th. but with john kasich, john kasich is helping donald trump with those ads. it's going to be a fun next 12 days. >> it is. you know where kasich finishes is immaterial, basically. and the trump strategy is critically important to him. do you think he's doing the right thing, not traveling to other states, who have contests coming up, some of them somewhat distant, like california, that doesn't do anything until the first week of june, but focusing
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on new york, you think that's a lesson of wisconsin? >> he has to do it. it's an opportunity to hit the 50, get on 95, and if he does that, his folks think he has a chance to get to 1310. i believe if he gets to 187, within 50, they have a shot to pull it off. i do think bringing on paul manafort was a good move. this guy counted delegates for gerald ford, for reagan in '80 and he was lee atwater's business partner. probably should have been brought on board a long time ago. >> what about the ground game? you would have thought trump had learned his lesson seeing what happened to him in iowa without a ground game. can you comprehend why he does not want to have a ground operation? >> i can't. let me tell you, that will be key for the general election if he's the nominee. there are two weaknesses trump has had. first of all, is the strength of his message, bringing jobs back home --
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>> by the way, that message he backed away from for two weeks. >> that's what got him to the point of being the front-runner. two weak answers, i think had he addressed these early on, he could have already sealed the deal. number one, the lack of a campaign infrastructure to capture people who want to get involved, and that includes the delegate selection process. there's no senator -- sinister motive afoot. they've been in place for years and years. secondly, the data analytics, the technology. had he had the kind of technology that a cruz or kasich had, he would have won a state like new york, lou, by ten points instead of three, proportionately gotten more delegates. i think paul manafort is the key guy to address that. >> the support he's got, the energized support of so many millions of voters, they have to be pulling their hair out because he has refused to go there. it appears he's going there. by the way, van hipp talking about the analytics and the get out the vote technology that the entire republican party has
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failed to deploy and have ready. van, as always, good to have you with us. thanks so much. >> great to be with you. bill clinton stumping for his wife today in philadelphia. he was repeatedly interrupted by black lives matter demonstrators. in one fiery exchange which lasted several minutes. clinton ripped those protesters saying they were againing the very criminals who were killing the very lives they say matters. listen. >> now, wait a minute, wait a minute. now you're screaming. let's do another one. whoa, whoa, whoa. wait a minute. i want to deal with -- come on. i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out into the street to murder other
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african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> tell the truth. and at that same event, president clinton took a not so subtle swipe at president obama. clinton said unlike when he was president, quote, a lot of things are coming apart around the world now. end quote. a few weeks ago clinton slammed what he called the, quote, awful legacy of the last eight years. end quote. well, the state of affairs not much better in europe where the illegal immigrant and refugee crisis turned violent again today. clashes breaking out on the greek border with macedonia. dozens of people, mainly men, were demanding borders be open. officials are giv 11,000 refugees and immigrants there two weeks to leave voluntary, to
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voluntary move to army-built camps or they will be expelled by force. and the vatican today confirmed pope francis will meet with refugees on the greek island of lesbos next weekend. they have encouraged them to, quote, open their hearts and doors to refugees. more than a million have already entered europe. and chaos has ensued in a number of countries. we're learning more today about how the fbi was able to crack that cell phone that belonged to one of the san bernardino terrorists. speaking at kenyon college in ohio, james comey confirmed the bureau bought the technology. >> it is simply not the case that if apple wrote software for the killer's phone, it would inevitably be at catastrophic risk, not that we're at catastrophic risk that the
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government has purchased a tool to allow access to the phone. >> if it's that simple, why didn't the fbi just buy the tool in february and avoid a very public month and a half long legal battle? comey also asked about the fbi/clinton e-mail scandal investigation. >> the fbi because we aspire to, and i think we are, three things. we're honest, we're competent and independent. we're not perfect. we're competent and independent. and i've stayed close to that investigation to ensure that it's done that way. that we have the resources, the technology, the people and that there's no outside influence. >> if there's no outside influence, why, then, has this investigation already taken eight months? and secretary clinton still hasn't been contacted for an interview. republican presidential candidates turning their attention to new york. the next primary battleground. but does ted cruz stand a chance on trump's home turf? former reagan white house
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. joining us now former reagan white house political strategist, ed rollins. senator cruz lamenting that some media types had not called
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correctly the race in wisconsin, so i want you to know that ed rollins, sitting right here, let's move in tight on him with that camera, ed rollins -- can we try to move in tight on mr. rollins? there we go. he correctly called the race against all odds. as usual, was 100% right in the outcome. >> thank you. i've been around the game a long time. i can pretty much read what's going on. what's going on is cruz had a big night. he now has momentum and that doesn't mean trump can't still win this thing and doesn't mean trump isn't the front-runner. trump has to change his tactics and strategy in the sense of where he's getting killed are these delegate fights. you may win the state, you may have the state delegates committed to you but you have to pick the right people and they're not doing that. >> one thing people aren't paying attention to, which of course we will be paying attention to on tonight's broadcast, is the democratic contest is far tighter than the
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republican contest, but the national liberal media doesn't look at it that way and, therefore, most people would be shocked to find that out. >> she would basically be in the ditch and people would be throwing dirt on top of her if it wasn't for the trump/cruz fight. the front-runner who was getting 60-plus% when she first started is struggling, struggling. this guy isn't going away. he has a lot of money. >> he has more money than she does. >> that's right. and you knock the superdelegates, and i hear it's nothing but chaos in the campaign in brooklyn, and her husband who has never run a campaign this bad before. >> with trump, getting shellacked in wisconsin, he went back, had three appearances, i believe, on monday in wisconsin. and was whipped by 13 points, which suggests his internal polling is either messed up or nonexistent. >> he has no polling. he has no pollster.
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he has no media team. he reads the public and says, why should i spent money on polling when i can read the individual polls. you need polling that you for things you can't see in the public polls. the campaign needs to be overhauled dramatically. if he doesn't win it on the first ballot, and he still could, i think it's going to be a very tough race for him and i think cruz has a very good chance of winning on the second or third ballot. >> really? what would be the reason? >> the reason would be that a bunch of the people being picked as trump delegates in these states, which are picked by local officials, are pledged to go for trump the first ballot, as they have to by law. but when they get free, which about 70% get free after the first ballot, they're committed to cruz. cruz's people are going out right now and saying, i know you' you've got a vote for trump, but will you vote for us on the second ballot, and a lot of them are. >> jeff dewitt, the treasure in
11:18 pm
arizona, is also the campaign chairman for the state. they're in their delegate process in arizona. speaking to him briefly before the broadcast, they're in quite a battle there to make sure that what you're describing does not happen in arizona. >> this is going on everywhere. arizona is a better state and trump did very well there. this is what he's cry babying about, saying they're stealing his delegates. they're not stealing the delegates. they just know the rules and the trump people aren't in there fighting, which they should be. you see about chaos in the campaign. he needs to quick knocking cruz, go out and push his message and try to win this thing. >> cry babying? cry babying, ed? >> that's what last night was, cry babying. he talked about a trojan horse. it was a stallion that ran over him last night. >> by the way, for the trump campaign, if you're paying close attention to mr. rollins, and you should be, that's a fine
11:19 pm
time, golden gloves champion -- >> also totally neutral in this race. i'm trying to call it the way i see it. >> totally neutral. when you hear cry baby from him, you can take cry baby to the bank. ed, it's great to have you with us. >> thanks much. the folks of red bull taking to the skies of austria for their latest aerial stunt. prepare yourself. this is amazing. the pilot flying sal l ining sl a wind farm at nearly 200 miles an hour. the maneuver popular among skiers, of course, but this is the first pilot to ever complete such a stunt through a wind farm. i can't even believe this plane can do this. up next, bernie sanders has, well, i don't know if he started it, but he's in an all-out war now with hillary clinton. the gloves are off. >> you know, if you want to question my qualifications, let
11:20 pm
me suggest this, that maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madame secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in modern history america. and in my commentary tonight, i'm going to gently explore what's happening suddenly in the democratic contest for the party's presidential nomination. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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a few thoughts now on the democratic battle for the presidential nomination and it is now a battle. the left engaged in a profound conflict. finally, the democrats divide in what, well, a deeper divide, if you will, a potentially mortal contest within their party. hillary clinton taking sharp aim at bernie sanders after his big win in wisconsin, questioning whether the candidate is even a democrat or understands the issues he's talking about. sanders fired right back.
11:25 pm
>> secretary clinton appears to be getting a little bit nervous. she has been saying lately that she thinks i am, quote/unquote, not qualified to be president. i don't think you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. >> and clinton has good reason to be getting a little nervous. sanders has moved two points ahead of clinton in the latest mcclatchy/maris national poll and he's closing in on her with pledge delegates as well. excluding superdelegates, sanders has 1,030 delegates, hillary's lead is now 25% more pledged delegates. trump has 44% more delegates than cruz. given sanders' recent and mounting victories, clinton
11:26 pm
clearly hears pounding feet of another senator who was gaining on her eight years ago. yes, an upset in new york is now a possibility. some say it's on the verge of likelihood the way things are going. and if sanders achieves a victory in new york, it would change the algorithm for clinton and the democrats and throw the race for the presidency wide open. our quotation of the evening, given senator sanders' advancements and improvement in the race, we should turned to socialism itself. admittedly he's a democratic socialist but let's direct this. our quotation from lady margaret thatcher some 30 years ago, who said, socialist cry, power to the people and raise the clinched fists as they say it. we all know what they really mean. power over people. power to the state. up next, ted cruz ramping up his attacks on donald trump.
11:27 pm
>> donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. he likes to yell and scream and insult and curse, but he has no real solutions to bringing jobs back to america. >> we're going to find out about that. we'll be talking with the trump campaign from the great state of arizona, jeff de ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing,
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head state treasurer, jeff dewitt. great to have you here. >> mr. dobbs, great to be with you. >> lou, if you don't mind. you're in the middle of the delegate selection process right now. we have been told that you guys are just getting run over by the cruz campaign and that they own all of those delegates that you worked so hard to deliver for donald trump. what's the truth? >> well, the truth is, we don't have any of the national delegates selected yet at all. we're selecting 100 state delegates. basically, if you control 601, you'll control the slate that goes to national. >> how are you doing on that? >> we're doing great now. we have a great ground game. one of the meetings i worked for myself, we got 58 trump in. so, we're doing very well. again, they've had good meetings, too. >> how is your sense of how it's going to work out? is trump going to have the delegates he should from the state of arizona at the
11:32 pm
convention in clean lavd? >> i believe he will have the delegates from air. i think it's a moot point. if you add up, donald trump can still get to 1500 delegates. he needs the minimum 1237. by my spreadsheet, he could get 1500. he won't, but -- >> he has to outperform incredibly. >> mathematically he could get there very easily. >> mathematically is something that's eliminated kasich and we're on the cusp of cruz being rejected. >> i hope he takes his own advice because he's been saying so kasich, get out, you can't win, you have no chance. i hope we play that tape on april 26th because that's when it's going to happen to him and he should take that advice. >> my thought is we could take that tape and play it 24/7 and would have no impact on his decision. i love the fact what cruz
11:33 pm
said -- no, rather, trump said kasich was a stubborn man. i thought, you could say that's true of all three of these candidates. where do you think this thing is headed now? trump is underperformed in his polling in every state. think is true. massachusetts, and florida. so, he's got to do -- do serious stuff. i want to show everybody -- we just got this in from bethpage. this is donald trump showing everyone how he'll handle that remark by ted cruz about new york values. we'll see how he handles that in the new york primary. here's donald trump just now. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values, like we're no good. like we're no good. and i started talking to him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible
11:34 pm
bravery by everybody, our police, our firemen, our everybody. >> just an introduction to what ted cruz is going to have to face in new york. it's going to be a tough road. >> ted is cruising for a bruising in new york. he's going to get obliterated here. and i think he would have anyways without comments like that, but, obviously, that's going to get played. and new york is a great city. it's a vibrant city. i've had fun even hanging out here today. and they take that very seriously here. the new york values is that they're going to punch ted in the nose over that comment. >> this is a wonderful state with wonderful people in it, but like any other state in the union, but maybe a little more so, you know, an insult is laid down as an insult and the response will be appropriate. as we look at what's coming up, and you mentioned the friendlier
11:35 pm
aspect of the primary battlegrounds that now face them. where do you think it ends up? and if we take even erick erickson talking about a battle after the first ballot of the convention, tell us what happened after that. are you satisfied that they're going to be -- the delegates are going to be sufficiently committed to trump at the convention to hold with him through the nominating process? >> i don't think we could get past a first ballot, i really don't know. he might not get 1237 delegates to secure the nomination. let's suppose he gets 1210 delegates or 100 delegates and he's short 37, that's a floor, it's a ceiling. there are 350 unbound delegates already. all that trump has to do is secure themying number, 37 delegates of that. on the first ballot. it won't get past that. >> you'll have them secured before the convention?
11:36 pm
>> we're working hard to do it. i think that we will. >> are you guys going to have a ground operation? i mean, it's like fighting with one arm behind your back. is the man going to build a ground operation in these remaining states? >> lou, we have one. it keeps getting reported we don't. but we have a great ground operation. i think we're just quieter about it. >> well, you know, the hell with quiet. you better make some noise. great having you with us. joining us tonight the ceo of teton capital. he was chairman aameritus as well. great to have you here. >> great to be here, lou. let's first start with what's going on in this -- we've got a front-runner in the republican party who says we got a bubble economy, a recession is imminent. your judgment is one. country's foremost businessmen? >> we've had had a lot of headwinds, for sure. i don't think we have to go into
11:37 pm
a recession but we have to turn back this set of policies where we're putting so much weight on american business through regulation, administrative orders, the uncertainty of what's next. things like yesterday where the white house stops a merger that's perfectly legal under the tax law and retro actively changes the tax law. you know, america was known as a country that had a rule of law that people could depend on and made it one of the best investing places in the word. all of that affects where your economy goes. >> where is business leadership? we're not hearing from the chairman ber of commerce, roundtables, ceos about this new treasury rule against inversions, as they're called? and it seems that when he breaks -- he being barack obama -- decides not to enforce on immigration law that's convenient to some parts of corporate america, so there's -- and then when there's something like this, there's still a
11:38 pm
silent, silent leadership in our business community. >> i think it goes back to the fact that we have become a country that deals with politics either through destruction or division. and business leaders are scared. i can't tell you the number of dinners i've had with business leaders and you say, can't you say that publicly? well, politicians will come after me. they're worried about businesses coming after them, the irs come after them, which we've seen targeting individual groups. that's a problem. >> that is a problem. that means there's fear throughout the country. if our business leaders are scared of this administration, which is lawless in so many ways, whether it's immigration, of whether it is trees that are not addressed as such. for example, the iranian nuclear deal, that's a treaty, but no one will whisper the word treaty because that would require senate approval.
11:39 pm
it's extraordinary. and working men and women in this country are scared to death. they haven't had a pay raise in real terms for nearly 40 years. where are we going to muster the courage here? >> the reason this is happening -- america, by the way s exceptional. you and i aren't exceptional but america is exceptional. it was built on three premises. freedom, free enterprise and human kindness. that's what the founding fathers built our constitution around and every element of our society. every one of those three pillars of our country are under attack. freedom being if you don't enforce the laws, i don't have any issue with any hispanic person or any race. who come into the country illegally, enforce our laws. all the different things government is doing to try to socialize our society takes away those freedom. freedom of enterprise is under attack. we shouldn't have class warfare. success in this country is what was intended. >> right now we're watching
11:40 pm
warfare, you know, within the class. i mean, when you've got the republican establishment trying to stop donald trump, trying to in some ways, it appears, to use ted cruz has some sort of tool of deflection so someone else can be inserted, that is the gop elite, i mean, the country is getting very concerned. it's being reflected in so many ways. you talk about the politics of destruction and division. we're watching hbo put up the clarence -- justice clarence thomas -- what would you call it, docudrama. it may be utter fixes. >> fantasy, i think. >> hbo was doing this at the worst possible time. this concerns you. >> they're doing this on purpose. this gets to the civility we lost. we used to debate issues. you and i could skr an argument. my dad who is a rural nebraskan sought us to sit and discuss
11:41 pm
them. we can argue without being disagreeable. the clarence thomas confirmation was one of the most despicable times in our history. one of the finest human beings, phenomenal background. he was accused by one person, uncorroborat uncorroborated, to attack his person because the left realized they can attack his resume, they can't attack his background, so they found a person to make something up that was uncorroborated. 100 other people testified on his behalf and he almost wasn't confirmed over that. >> the left still exall thes anita hill, even though she was absolutely dismissed by both the evidence and the testimony in the hearing. >> now hbo is saying, let's run a movie that's a fantasy. if you look at it is, it is absolutely -- i've seen the script just a month ago. it is make-believe. they're promoting a movie they this is an important issue of
11:42 pm
sexual harassment. so, we have t have a movie about it. that's not why they're doing it. they're doing it to apply pressure to a conservative supreme court justice to see if he'll resign so the left can appoint a second. >> both you and i know, you know him very well -- >> he's a fabulous human being. >> a terrific man and a great, great public servant. david, we've got to call it here. >> all right. >> you get the last word. >> well, if there is a movie that should be aired, it's about a president committing sexual harassment in the white house, but that movie shouldn't be aired either. hbo is doing our society a disservice. we have to get back to where we deal with facts, arguments and not have this policy of destruction just because we don't like someone's views. >> it would be nice to see business leaders who had the courage of david sokol to stand before cameras and say exactly what they mean. we proosht you doing it here. >> thanks, lou. glad to be here. a rant doubling down on its posture and provocations
11:43 pm
following its nuclear deal with president obama. former official isn't a bit surprised. >> the iran deal was supposed to be -- a iran is going to change its behavior. we'll welcome into the world community. we'll give them $100 billion. we'll let them go on their nuclear program eventually but they were going to change. they've changed. they've doubled down. >> k.t. mcfarland joins me next here. stay with me. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even a stag pool party.
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new threat from iran over its missile program. an iranian military leader borrowing from president obama's own rhetoric. iranians warning any interference by the 80s would quote, cross a red line. such provocations becoming disturbingly more. they say iranian needs less negotiations and less mifls. joining us now, former pentagon official, fox news security analyst k.t. mcfarland and contain yo looking to see if the
11:48 pm
administration swengs alley misled the senate, and specifically the united states to the iranians. >> i spent all day kaiflly looking at what the iranians said during negotiations and what secretary clinton, president obama said, and secretary kerry said during negotiations. i think tlirz a possibility even it's worse that iran is cheating. i think there's a distinct possibility that the administration told the american congress one thing and they told the iranians something else. so the iranians are, in fact, following what they think is the iran deal. >> either way, either way, the bizarre reality is this. that there has been no document put before the united states congress called a treaty with iran. the entire thing has been subtrifudged from the very beginning. and to the release of $100 billion in frozen assets to the
11:49 pm
iranians. now this gross conduct by the iranians, whether it's launching icbns, whether it is a running ak-47s and 50-caliber machine guns and rpgs to the hootie rebels in yemen. >> it is the most significant foreign policy of the obama administration. no matter how this turns out, i think they have enabled iran to get nuclear weapons. in addition to that they have made them be the power in the region as well as the world's leading sponsor of anti-terrorism. >> the president looks to be right now -- i'll put this it this way. the congress is investigating whether he's a neighbor or fool. let's turn to nato. donald trump says realign nato. we're watching now the immigrant
11:50 pm
crisis, the illegal immigrant crisis, refugee crisis in europe tearing apart europe. we have a june vote in the uk as to whether they'll remain part of the glorious eu. this is a mess. nato, in which the united states is spending two-thirds of the money spent, providing so much of the materials, so much of the ordinence. is he right? >> what was he to do? it was to prevent the russians from coming into europe. is that still the objective? >> apparently not. >> we've also used them to fight extremism in afghanistan. >> wouldn't it be more correct to say we've used nato as a fig leaf. >> yes.
11:51 pm
trump makes certain sense saying, if it's the first role, let's renegotiate the burden sharing. >> well, here we go because a great deal is going to happen, both politically and geopolitically here as we witness what you always call interesting times. we've got them. k.t. mcfarland, thank you. the california highway patrol in another wild chase. a runaway chihuahua, there he is, with the california highway prolman on the motorcycle, trying to lead him aground. it led to the temporary closing of the oakland/san francisco bridge. the fury escaped capture four times before workers took him to the national humane society, which they nicknamed him charlie. red eyes and elite and
11:52 pm
joanne, well, they know pop culture like nobody else. and they are going to educate me here next. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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joining us now, the co-host of "red eye," and correspondent for the greg gut feld show, former miss usa, joanne.
11:56 pm
>> wow. you're on it, lou. >> i have to be honest, i'm better with joanne. >> it's her first time on the show. >> it is. >> we're all nervous. >> how many times have i had to apologize to you guys for something or the other. you intimidate me. let's get right to it. charlize theron, a very attractive actress in every way, i'm sure, she says she's too pretty for some rolls. that this happens to all women who are too pretty. your thoughts on this. i mean, this is a major discriminatory -- >> let's start with a beautiful actress. >> let me take this one. she's not wrong, right? there are certain roles that won't go to -- >> what happened to makeup? >> they still have makeup. >> no. but if you -- she's not wrong
11:57 pm
when she says there are parts, as she puts it, have more gravitas, they don't want to give to someone who looks like a model. >> people like us, andy knows, we tend to be distracting, is the thing. if we're trying to do a mediocre role, you know, people will be blinded by our beauty. >> i think that's -- >> i included you in this. >> i didn't argue. that's why i can't argue. >> no, but truthfully, everyone in hollywood is better looking than the average person, even if you're playing an average person or an ugly person in a movie, you're still up there. >> i had the opposite reaction. my thought has always been, movies are filled with beautiful people. >> they are. she wasn't say, oh, woe is me, i'm really pretty. she's just saying there are certain types of roles -- roles that oftentimes get nominated for oscars or whatever, where they don't necessarily want someone who look like a model. >> you weren't actually implying that people who are attractive physically, compellingly
11:58 pm
attracted, like gravitas, then talent overcome. >> no, we just have to work harder to prove it to people. >> bigoted people think that. >> you know, having resolved that, i want to go to the tsa and the fact this fellow spent $47,000 to recreate a tsa app for which the tsa paid ibm about $350,000. i mean, that's outrageous. >> i wish i could say i was shocked they spent that much, but a government agency overspending, that's not unheard of. >> so, you're striking at the very content of what i was saying, this session. i can't argue with you. >> i do wish, though, if you're going to make an app, have it be a useful one. tell me how long the line is going to be and maybe some meditation practices because my stress levels get high. >> i have a feeling you didn't look at the video with the app. >> it's an arrow. >> but it points right or left.
11:59 pm
you can't put a price on that. >> george mason law school, we have to deal with this one. i can't believe this. they were going to antonin scalia school of law and they didn't look at what the acronym spelled so a kerfuffle has ensued, with a quick fix. >> yeah. they're not changing it to law school, so they separate the ss, which i just say, parents, don't name your kids names that start with a vowel. you run into trouble. >> good advice. his name was gregory, so just change it to the antonin gregory school of law. problem solved right there. it was a double snafu but they solved it before it went totally fubar. >> well done. i wish we had time to explore with andy his emotional state when it comes to donald trump and his new strategy, but --
12:00 am
>> wisconsin, baby. >> bravo to the people of wisconsin. >> there you go. >> andy levy, always, well, fair and balanced, joanne, thank you the following is a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. (the mamas and the papas) ♪ and the sky is gray -♪ i've been for a walk -♪ i've been for a walk (narrator) it was the dawn of a new age filled with long hair, bell bottoms, tie-dyed t-shirts, and new attitudes. innocence gave way to a new consciousness about ourselves and the world we lived in, and there was a new music for the new times. ♪ don't you want somebody to love ♪ ♪ don't you need somebody to love ♪ ♪ it's the time of the season ♪ ♪ when love runs high ♪ ain't it beautiful


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