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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we first thought and no vaccine until november. "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: today the markets were a roman candle. the dow squandered a 150-point rally. alcoa reported after the bell, it missed. establishment rules befuddling outside candidates and the will of the people. donald trump is fired up about how many delegates ted cruz received over the weekend. the gop turmoil and is all this anti-trump rhetoric helping propel hillary clinton into the
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white house? >> it rye mains to be seen what happens from here. already thousands are expected to be at the donald trump rally in new york. peter bans is outside with the crowd. reporter: a lot of people filing into the times union rally. people rear are fired up, trump supporters are fired up. they are excited to see the candidate come up here. they want to listen to what he has to say. but many of them have made up their mind. we have 100 protesters who do not like donald trump and they are out here exercising their first amendment rights. tensions are definitely high with the two side, the pro actual' and anti-trump folks
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yelling against each other. i spoke to one trump supporter and asked why he was coming out tonight. it's the first time he has been to a political rally. >> i have never been to a rally before so i wanted to see what the hubbub is about. i support trump because he sounds like i sound. i know that's not popular these days but he answers the questions the same way i answer the questions. reporter: then he went on to tell me the answers were not from a politician. and that was the theme here. i spoke to several trump supporters. trump is not a professional politician and that's what they want to see in their nominee and the next president. charles: the rules of the gop delegate race have donald trump
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very upset calling the entire nomination process crooked. >> the system is corrupt on it's worse on the republican side. because i'm up millions of votes. i'm up millions and millions of votes. we have got a corrupt system. it's not right. we are supposed to be a democracy. we are supposed to be -- you vote and the vote means something. charles: joining me now byron york and gillian melcher. byron, you have been writing a lot about this. in some cases the system helped donald trump. but this back end process seems to be befuddling him. but it's been out there for a while. >> as far as colorado is
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concerned, everybody knew going in what the rules were. it wasn't corrupt, it wasn't crooked. and on the other hand it wasn't democratic. the whole setup in colorado seemed to be designed to attract people who were only activists. you had to go to a precinct caucus and a county caucus and state caucus. the type of people trump has been attracting. you just heard that man who said he had never been to a political rally. that type of person won't go through that long involved process. >> even if it's not colorado in a more intricate system. we saw in colorado trump is picking up delegates. in michigan. >> i rannically kasich and donald trump picked up delegates. >> i read that article and i
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disagree a little bit with the reporter. the people of south carolina, the republican party there did it the right way. they held a primary. they were bound by the results. in colorado, i don't get it. it's a swing state we have got to have. obama won it in 2012. you want to bring out people. and you do that with a primary. that's how on you grow the republican party. they didn't have a caucus, they had a convention. you couldn't have hired a firm top think of a way to limit the amount of people involved than they did in colorado. charles: it's not necessarily the real pulse of the gop itself. >> john q public may feel sympathy for trump but i think
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he's misplaced overall. we need to go to closed primaries. trump benefited handsomely from this system. and trump is wrong. we are not a democracy. we are a constitutional republic and the states make the rules. hillary clinton in 2008 got more votes but still lost out to barack obama. he ran his campaign on the cheek taint has come back to bite him. charles: the system is the system. i'm glad he brought up trump. but is it fair, who should have known the rules, ultimately is it fair to the person voting? does their vote count? >> i think it's necessary. if you look to madison raising
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talking about how factions rise up and democracy is no check for tyranny. he says you can suppress the cause, people's desire for liberty or go from methods to a represented democracy. charles: what about on the grass roots level. shouldn't it just be one person, one vote in and even thought it' the rules, is it somewhat unfair? >> it's the same way having a representative would have a check on it. you have this tiny very vocal faction pushing it through. >> i have one question. unfair compared to what? unfair come fired russia? unfair compared to a democratic situation? what is this unfair compared to?
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is it unfair to john q public because they haven't taken high school civics? charles: people thought or feel when i go to vote, my vote counts. mat overpeople around me feel the same way. our voice should be heard. the popular vote is the most fundamental part of this primary process. the guy who wins the popular vote gets all the delegates. winner take all by congressional districts. the guy who wins a popular vote in a district gets the delegates. delegates should be connected in the system to the will of the voters. i think what you saw in colorado is the sense they were not connected and that's why there is so much anger. charles: i saw the survey much
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pennsylvania delegates. out of 162, they maybe surveyed 100 of them. a lot of the delegates have taken it upon themselves to decide what is right or wrong despite what the voting might be. >> the way pennsylvania is set up. not only do you vote for president, you have to vote for the individual delegates and who knows who these people are. they have got to bring in new people and the old silent majority. expands the base of the republican party, and you do that by involving people in your election process. that's how you have win elections and build the republican party. charles: a lot of he will materials in the republican -- a lot of elders in the republican party say. >> here's the problem. the establishment still has a lot of sway because of the
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rules. we don't have a perfect system on the republican side. i just don't know what the right answer is. my concern is we have the enthusiasm on our side. >> the most story for every one of those who slept through high school civics. you are not in control of this process. also, the heated race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is next.
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charles: gop candidates continue to chris cross the empire state. there are so many things going on. the general election.
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now it's in new york. and all the things going not republican party. i have got to start with that. there is a civil war within the gop that it don't think can be healed. i don't think he no matter how it is will be able to heal the divisiveness i see going on right now. >> it's definitely a huge challenge before it has to be healed. the fact that we can elects hillary clinton as the next president of the united states if we can't figure out how to come together. the candidates themselves will decide what to do when the party comes back together. >> i'm seeing so many people fighting for the cause for decades being throind the bus. i'm i'm seeing hashtag never this western, never that person. what about the notion it should and heal. maybe it shouldn't coexist.
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the ideologies have changed so much, there is an old conservative guard and a new forward-looking party. >> after 8 years of barack obama to break up the party to come out of this weaker than we were and not take what is, there is so much more enthusiasm and voter participation, to not take that and run with that to a huge victory in november would be devastating for the country. charles: what do you make of the notion, some people have been purchase for a long time. no one will admit to being part of the establishment. the so-called establishment has been saying we need a big tent. what do you make of the fact people are saying what's happening right now will hurt us long term. >> we have a lot of issues that to our core as a party are strong principled positions that
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a lot of develop kralts agree with us on. with our messaging we have to figure out how to communicate our message ground just talking top each other. we can't tell sell out and stop being who we are and be principled republicans because we are so desperate to get democratic votes. this isn't about change hog we are to become them. let's be ourselves and win the election that way. >> i always thought the idea of the constituents for a particular president was weird. ultimately we all should be that president's constituent. if the president of the united states is doing a great job we all should be benefiting. >> we should be rooting for the president of the united states. and rooting for the governor. when they succeed your state an. we have a president of the united states who success for
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him in many ways weakens america. charles: you spent time in the military and the question of waterboarding came up effort to weekend. what do you make of that? >> i believe waterboard is is necessary. if we have the ability to stop another terrorist attack on the world trade center, if it's going to save american lives. it's absolutely necessary for us we can't worry about being politically correct. the point where we are sacrificing national security. it's an important technique that worked. to right out all together is not in the best interests. american security. charles: we have breaking news for you. during an interview vice president biden said he would like to see a woman he atlantic.
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what do you think? did he just endorse hillary clinton? we'll be right back.
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>> this country is ready for woman. there is no problem to elect a woman in this country. i would like to see. i don't mind -- i'm not getting into that -- >> i would like to ask you one more question. >> the president and i are not going to endorse. we said let the party decide. charles: that was vice president joe biden. he clarified it once his representative tried to cut the interview. but it's obvious where he stands if he gets into the race.
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laura bush making comments about a woman president. it's starting to get back to that we are ready for a womb in the white house. >> where is carly fiorina when you need her. it's whatever the popular vote decides. as republicans we don't have super delegates. so we'll let the public decide. charles: sometimes the public is swayed by this. it's time for a woman. that resonates with a fair amount of devoted public. >> i'm sure it does but i hope people pay attention to the messages and the values and issues the candidates are standing on, and they make sure they look past the surface arguments to greater details. charles: joe biden always has gaffes.
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i wanted to go to an article you wrote today, kelly. you wrote that the vitriol toward donald trump makes it easier for hillary clinton to make it into the white house. do you want to explain further? >> this never trump movement is so counter productive. you have radio talk show hosts come out and say he could never vote for donald trump and urging his listeners not to do so to protect conservative values. not voting for donald trump if he does secure the nomination is a vote for hillary clinton. do you think hillary clinton is going to uphold the constitution and her stance on expanding executive power. she is for stricter dunn control. she doesn't wanted to deport anyone, practically. and she could be serving her
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first term from a jail cell. charles: i'll pose this question to jenny. i'm not sure if it's officially never trump, but i know you are no fan. >> the tea party patriots citizen's fund says wheat work through the primary process. and let's have a nominee come out of it. charles: if donald trump is the nominee will you vote for him. >> we don't endorse candidates. charles: i didn't say endorse him. i said if he's a nominee. >> from visiting 14 states around the country, our supporters do not want to see hillary clinton in the white house. we don't make endorsements without our supporters -- i cannot tell you what my supporters will do if that happens.
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charles: jenny, do you agree a no vote for donald trump, is an actual vote for hillary clinton? >> i don't agree that it's a vote for hillary clinton. before we even get to the general election we have to get throughed the primary. there are a lot of arguments to be made as to who should be the nominee. that's where our efforts are focused. charles: kelly? >> it sounds like jenny is hoping for a white horse scenario. and we need to go with what the popular vote tells us. charles: we are awaiting a donald trump rally. then the protesters, those are the signs. they are lining up as well. we'll go live to the scene because it's getting lively. a .
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charles: we are awaiting a donald trump rally where thousands are expected. john roberts is live on the inside. john, it looks electric to me. >> there are a lot of people here. they are make an awful lot of noise. this is a show the depth of donald trump's support. the building we are in would
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hold about 20,000 people. it's about half full right now and he's a half-hour away and people are still coming in the building. he had a bad weekend in colorado when ted cruz took all 34 available delegates. he had a bad week when he lost kansas city by a substantial margin. but the new polls in new york state show him leading ted cruz by almost 40 points. if he were to get 54% in every one of the congressional districts he would take all 95 delegates which would help him more to this idea of getting a majority of the delegates, 1,237 before the convention starts. the big problem going forward is going to be california. we'll spend a lot of time there between now and june 7.
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if he can beat donald trump in california, donald trump's mathematical possibility of getting the 1,237 before the convention literally evaporates. trump trying to create momentum. charles? charles: peter barnes is live outside the rally. what's the latest out there? >> still tensions running high here between trump supporters and trump protesters. and you can see the protesters across the street over there. they have been holding their signs and chanting, over 100 or so or more of them as folks have gone the off of work and have their tone free speech area set up by police. but you can also also d you cano see lots of trump supporters.
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we have heard some waving and chanting "usa" against the protesters. we did talk to several trump supporters. there are democrats and independent here. i talked to one supporter who says he likes trump and doesn't even want to consider his own senator from his own state hillary clinton. listen. >> this year we need someone to get in there who is not owned by any special interests. they can't control him. hillary we'll have another four years of obama which other than the -- i have been in the lumber business 30 years and i haven't seen things this bad. reporter: the folks are pouring into this arena.
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charles: donald trump facing increasing heat from the press with the boston globe publishing a fake front page. "deportations begin." trump firing back. >> here is a paper that was sold for $1 a little while ago. that's wait's worth. it's a very sad thing. it's sad for the paper. it used to be consider it used to be considered a major paper. now it's a throwout. charles: he feels in many ways the boston globe went too far. >> you give them points for creativity. but it does feel like to a high school paper stunt other onion or something like that. this is trump's standard
6:34 pm
critique, any time somebody goes after him, he says they are failing. but in this case he has a point. they took it too far. >> i spoke to the editor and she tried to defend this. u.s. soldiers ordered to kill isis families. >> this is a guy who holds back. this shows the editor is side and i every single major media network is talking about it. charles: they did get the visibility they wanted. >> but everyone is talking about trump again so we win. charles: the markets are down as the trade war goes on. they say mort most part this stuff is factual.
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>> it's weird to do it on april 9 instead of april fool's day. i think donald trump is pieced because this is the boston globe doing this game. i have got to give them credit for that. charles: one i those would like is new libel targets the press. >> this is in massachusetts which is one of donald trump's strongest states. i think he hit an actual majority, just short of it in massachusetts. of course he wouldn't new hampshire primary. so he has been strong in that region.
6:36 pm
so i think that's part e. reason behind the strength of this attack on him. charles: do you think this kinds of thing helps him or hurts him. i know he's your guy. >> the head lights, "the deportations begin." that's what people are voting for him for. charles: what about people who are undecided? >> i don't think it helps or hurts. we are talking about him on every major media network because of that article. >> i agree. i don't think it changed minds but it gal extra nietds both sides. -- i it galvanized both sides. charles: we have a new policing under president obama race relations are at an all-time low. the black vote in the governor
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and click to activate your within. charles: we elected the our firstlack president and guam says race relations have never been this low. centurylink. your link to what's next. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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that's why i run on quickbooks. details. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. >> there are no black people. there are no white people. there are no hispanic people. there are no asian people. there is only one collar that matters. that's the color of red, white there's intrk crowd chants "blue"] charles: we see a new gallup
6:41 pm
policies race relations are at a new low under president obama. this has doubled since 2014. the highest since they began tracking this in 2001. would donald trump be able to improve race relations or would they get worse? the narrative in the black community among spokespeople in the black community is donald trump doesn't like black people and he's going to make things worse. >> you are right. i think it's so important that as long as race relationships, blacks against whites, whites are racist to blacks, and as long as that's the narrative that's played out in america, then you are going to continue to have the divisive united states of america.
6:42 pm
you would think with an african-american sitting president, that some of the outcries, some of the movements taking place like the black lives matter movement and other groups that raids up would not have taken place under a sitting black president. which leads me to believe that really racism is in the individual's heart and not within the policies of the government. as an individual, it's up to you to decide whether or not someone dislikes me for the color of my skin. will that affect my future thinking and decision making? dr. king, and those that fall to overcome where they were to where they are going to. charles: i think the problem felt like the election of president obama was a step toward that more perfect union
6:43 pm
with respect to being a color blind nation. i think the president has decided to fight a whole lot of battles of yesteryear and opened wounds that were already healing and it backfired miserably. >> absolutely. there is no question without a doubt in the black community. i'm not speaking for all blacks. there is a lot of chatter within the black community that have been completely dismaid and let down by the first ever sitting black president, you would think he would have been a unifier. donald trump is coming at it from a different approach. as long as we are focused on the color of our skin and not the contents of our character, then we'll consistently have a divided nation. donald trump comes on the scene where he is saying, and this is write interpreted, there are no
6:44 pm
black people doesn't mean there are no black people obviously i'm black, there are no white people, there are no hispanic people. hard in, i'm not focus -- in other word i'm not focusing on the colors that divide us but focus on the colors that unite us. charles: why do you specifically think donald trump will be able to do that with the mainstream media and black leaders calling him a racist before he gets an opportunity to show what he can do. there u go. it's about the narrative of the media that has been played out. it plays from the media that again keeps the rhetoric divisive. it keeps people looking at the tv when you say a leading candidate, republican party is a racist.
6:45 pm
a bigot. if people give him a moment *. charles: we are sort of finished with the time but i want to say thank you. i appreciate it. it's unfortunate that this poll is out. and i think america in general, so many relations are falling apart. we do need a leader and we appreciate you coming on the show. we'll see you real soon. goldman sachs, they agreed to pay another $5 billion on the same claims where they misled mort gaining investors. the zika virus, is it more scary than we thought? and jordan spieth's meltdown. we'll be right back. month here.
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charles: the market gave up early gains. it felt like the market was gramming. it feel like it has been looking for a catalyst. it has been consolidating gains. and it's a good thing to digest. we are up 13% from the february lows. but it's something to squander these good rallies. back-to-back sessions. 150-point moves, something over the yellow flag. they missed the consensus on revenues but crushed earnings. you can see the to be is lower after the close. we'll see how that works out. in the meantime for all the anxiety about this market i continue to like the fact that investors are buying blue chip
6:50 pm
names. only 15 touched new lows. for me that's a key parameter. on the upside, the dow jones industrial average has to close above 17,800. if it does, that's when you load up. make sure you register for free for my daily market commentary at goldman sachs wants to setal lawsuit that claims they misled investors during the mortgage crisis. goldman also paying $875 million to resolve claims with some states and credit unions. a lot of people hoping maybe this is it. the stock was up 1.3%.
6:51 pm
as we learned flue information about the mosquito-borne zika virus is worse than we first thought. the virus has been linked to premature birth, blindness and small brains in south america. researchers don't know how many babies have been affected. but they end up with birth defects and they are working on drugs and vaccines that may be affected. donald trump is having a big rally in albany, new york. it looks like it hold 17,000. trump protesters throwing things at pro-trump attendees. we'll take you there live whene
6:52 pm
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charles: the arena that holds 17,000, about half filled. but it's a huge crowd. peter, how's it look out there? reporter: folks are still lining up top get into these event. and the protesters are also lining up. we have seen exchanges between the pro-trump folks and the protesters threw something at some of the pro-trump folks just in the last 10 minutes or so, and all of a sudden we saw the police mobilized very quickly on horseback, came right in between
6:56 pm
these barriers here. i have got to tell you. trump is not the only politician in town. bernie sanders was here as well. i talked to a police spokesperson who says we have been dealing with there is for quite some time all today with multiple political folks coming through albany. so we are ready and trained for all this crowd control and protesters and anything they have coming at them. they showed it, too. police came in. they settled the everything down quickly. before you know it the police moved out. and it lasted probably less than a minute. >> donald trump building momentum as he continues to hold a commanding lead in new york and pennsylvania. but will it be enough to clinch the nomination? rejoining me now.
6:57 pm
adriana cohen. i know mathematically. i keep reading different things, donald trump needs 57% or 52% of the remaining delegates. but he has to win big in new york to avoid a contested convention. >> if he gets over 50% he will get all 95 delegates, then this momentum is back on track. new york is huge for him. in pennsylvania he's leading strongly in pennsylvania. i think we'll see strong victories for trump through the northeast. and that will regain the momentum for him and away he goes. charles: you say a contested convention gives us a nominee, newt gingrich.
6:58 pm
i believe these next 8 days are so critical for donald trump to regain that momentum with paul manart at the helm. if they can get to 50%, i think he can finds another 50 delegates if they can get to 1,187. charles: no matter how you have feel about any of the candidates, we can't remember a time that's been this electric on both sides. 2008 was all about obama. both sides of the aisle, 400 protesters now if you washington, d.c. wants better access to the process. they want it cleaner, fairer. people are waking up on both sides of the aisle. they realize how fair this thing is and they are engaged. >> people are waking up.
6:59 pm
but the question is what happens after this election. it's a lot better than talking about jeb bush's policies because we would all be asleep. but basically trump has to get within 50. trump can't just win 50% in new york, he has to win 50% in each congressional district to get the 95. he needs more than 81 delegates in new york. charles: do you think he will have the amount of dell gates needs? >> i don't see him getting to 1,237 and i'm a trump guy. if he gets to 1,1100. the republican party will lose in november if he doesn't get the nomination. they just won't come out and vote.
7:00 pm
charles: we are trying to keep it fair and balanced. if you can't see the show, make sure you dvr. the man himself, lou dobbs is next on fox business. lou: i'm lou dobbs. great drama unfolding, the establishment is working its will on both political parties, favoring hillary clinton and the democratic party, and scowling about the process of a democratic socialist who has won seven of the last eight democratic party contests. and the gop he lets beating donald trump at their game denying the will of the rank and file leaving donald trump complaining the republican selection process is both crooked and corrupt. trump outraged that ted cruz


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