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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 12, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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ashley: hasn't been this high this year so the last time was september 4th so it is dragging the market higher. before thank a lot, neil cavuto, all yours, take it away. neil: i love you to death but you realize the idea of guests is to get them to come back? charles: now you tell me! neil: getting a lot of nasty emails. great job. we are going to be talking to ourselves a lot after charles payne. i am neil cavuto. i don't know if it is earth shattering but possibly america shattering. paul ryan is expected to rule out that he is seeking the presidency of the united states. this is the same representative paul ryan who repeatedly ruled out becoming speaker of the house and now he is speaker of the house but this time he says he means it, he will choose a venue at the republican national committee in washington to make sure everyone knows it. blake berman with more.
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>> reporter: we are being told paul ryan, the reason for this john's to the rnc he will make up 3:15 a few hours from now is to put to rest once and for all the notion that he could potentially be the republican nominee for president of the united states. paul ryan's name has been thrown out in recent days, weeks and months as it becomes clearer to some that the potential of a brokered contested convention is possibly on the table in cleveland and if that were the case, who might emerge? for establishment types, whoever that might be, there is the hope or thinking for some that it could be paul ryan, speaker of the house who would play a role at the rnc convention because he is indeed speaker of the house. ryan is today as i mentioned going to say enough is enough. put this to rest.
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he is going notably to the rnc, not doing this from the capital, choosing his hometown, going to the center of it all for republicans. the republican national committee which right now is running this process for republican candidates. you did mention one of the things that will hover over paul ryan throughout all of this, he said i am not going to be the speaker of the house and now he is indeed the speaker of the house. many will question whether or not today's announcement amounts to much of anything. i was going through some notes, october 8th, as republicans were trying to court paul ryan to the house speakership here was his quote, he said while i am grateful for the encouragement i have received i will not be a candidate. i continue to believe i can best serve the country as chairman of the ways and means committee, the very next day there was a statement put out by the ryan folk saying chairman ryan appreciates the support from his colleagues but it is not running for the speaker, we know how
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that ended, paul ryan is indeed speaker of the house but today he will try to end any and all speculation that he could possibly run for president. one last thing i will leave you with, keep in mind one of the chatter surrounding a lot of this, paul ryan just went to israel last week for the first time in a decade. he gave that speech to interns about the state of politics and that had many people raising the question what is he trying to accomplish? then there was a video that followed that, 30 or 40 seconds, that a lot of folks thought was a campaign video, paul ryan will try to put the foot on the brakes and say enough is enough, i now move on. neil: obviously delineate between protesting and not protesting too much but we understand paul ryan is saying he wants to be crystal clear that he will not allow his name to be put in nomination. that begs the issue should the party turn to him is anyone's guess, would he turn it down like he did for the speakership?
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>> and of course as we know, in 2012, he didn't turn down the second job so if he wanted the second job, with you at some point in your career want the first job? all these things that follow ryan, he is a young man with a long career ahead of himself or his choosing at what point he decides to get in these are all questions that follow paul ryan. neil: later on today he will be at the republican national committee at west point. no doubt trying to resurrect any concerns in the press corps that he might not mean what he says. from the hill, columnist extraordinaire what do you think? does he mean it? >> i think he means it. i was going to write this column tomorrow. i think paul ryan knows the
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party is in pieces. he is talking about positive politics, talking about republican policies in very obvious ways trying to exert leadership and releasing videos which have led people to believe he is running for president but i believe he is doing it because he wants to save the republican party. he is trying to find the soul of what the next republican party will be and wouldn't run for president in today's republican party when he is such a young man and knows it is 12 years to figure things out at least. i don't think he wants to pick up the pieces of this mess and if he was named in cleveland he could lose his speakership and where would he be? i think he means it, you are right, in the party, beg him to consider this as john weiner and others begged him to be speaker, people basically told him there is nobody else and he did it in a way that he could still go home on the weekends and see his young kids who are growing up quickly, his father died when he was 16, he is very set on being
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a present father in the short time he has with his young kids before they grow up and go to college, he has a long career ahead and it doesn't mean he will never run for president but i don't think he wants any involvement in this hot mess. neil: i want to bring leif babin into this, senior political reporter ashley, hadley will join us in a second, on this issue that he means it and he has confused some, pointing to some of these in statements that have been made that give the appearance of a guy who is holding out the possibility he might jump in or be dragged in by the party. or the party needs him. any of this sense from the party that that would look too obvious? don't do it? >> paul ryan all along has said i am not interested in getting into this race. time for that was a long time ago and i do think as the party is fracturing in the sense that there is this never trump movement going, trump is the
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front runner, ted cruz is picking up delegates. it doesn't look good for the party. maybe the party is saying to paul ryan we need you to come out and definitively say you will not take this to the convention, you will not become a nominee, you will not become a candidate for the republican party because it is very interesting to me that he would make the statement that the rnc. noting his political ties and going over there and to say i am not running is definitely something it looks like a party might be saving to make it seem like this election can't be stolen from the voters. the 20 could he be considered for a number 2 spot again? >> anything could happen in july. this is the wild west. anyone could be considered for anything. we should be prepared for any surprise and shock but paul ryan, as i said, has built a career on a solid foundation as a policy wonk and serious
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thinker. he probably wasn't begging for the vp spot but he was chosen, people told mitt romney because of paul ryan's physical roadmap, he was such an insurgent conservative that he would be talking to the ticket, paul ryan again as i said has the longview and many people will tell him please be part of the ticket, be something, whether it goes to eight ballots or not, imagine a scenario in which -- i believe he knows this is the wrong time for him. neil: another thing that has been raised is he has not kept secret his views of donald trump without ever naming donald trump, sending remarks from presumably donald trump so i imagine donald trump gets the nomination if he goes on to become president, what kind of relationship would that be on the hill with two guys who might not -- >> donald trump did come out and say i forget which election night was that paul ryan had
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contacted him and given him a phone call that pretty much that i am looking forward to working together, whatever it may have been. neil: i remember donald trump adding that we will get along, what is good for him. i just thought is there a message? >> yes. i think there is. i think it is going to be a clear message if donald trump is the nominee, let's say that ends up happening, i think there will be a real struggle for him in congress because disapproval is so high. anything can change in the general election, numbers can change, polls can change. at this point it is a very fractured party. there will be a lot of trouble trying to unite congress, paul ryan has been seen as the ultimate unifier. neil: you are a student of history, not as if -- jimmy carter got along with tip
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o'neill, they got some stuff done, not as much as they would have wanted but there is a history of a fractured interparty relationship. >> there is but having gone through an open convention where people try to ziploc trump and having gone through campaigns, they lose a bunch of house seats, what if they lose the senate to democrats and trump is president? how good is that foundation? we don't know. this is uncharted territory. neil: thank you both. hadley is the colorado gop delegate getting into colorado but the argument as you heard, it has got to be someone in the arena. one of the three in the arena now and more to the point who are leading in the arena, donald trump and ted cruz, anyone else if it came to multiple ballots would not be greeted favorably down the road. do you agree with that?
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>> i agree there is so much distrust among voters in the various camps within the gop branch that to add another name to the conversation at this point would spell trouble for party unity. in addition to thinking about candidates and which we prefer republican voters have to think about which candidates will appeal to the broadest base so we can be competitive in the general election. neil: you are a colorado state gop delegate. you know all of the back and forth over colorado whether it is a democratic state, whether delegates are anointed little kingpins, you would be a queen pin. how does it work and who did you ultimately commit yourself? >> it is a four step process in colorado. i am new to the state of colorado. like a lot of people i moved here, this is my first primary season or caucus season in the centennial state. on march 1st i attended a precinct caucus with my neighbors. there were few of us there but
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we elected one o the precinct l county level to represent my precinct there. at the county level -- neil: you are brand-new to the state and become a delegate. not too shabby. >> you do have to be registered with the party for at least a month in advance so i was there, i talked with my neighbors, we discussed the candidate on on march 1st it was a different race. a lot of voters in my precinct and the neighboring precinct were in favor of marco rubio at that point. that is one of the pro-plaps. of the 20 who did you ultimately commit to? >> i told him voters in my precinct to follow the race, i would hear them out and representative at the county level. even at the county level we didn't have anything binding us as delegates to a particular candidate over another. neil: the 34 of you are going i guess -- >> i am not a national delegate, just a delegate to the state
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convention. neil: you are not in the elite 30, you didn't make -- >> that is right. there were 3800 of us in colorado springs ground around july because i am expecting -- there are reasons. neil: if you think -- 34 delegates, do you think they stick with ted cruz when this is done or what? >> the pledges these candidates made to us, the voting delegates at the state convention that some of them pledged to vote with ted cruz on the first ballot, some pledged they would vote for him on the second or third or any potential following ballot at the rnc convention but the most important take away from the process in colorado and we have a feisty debate about whether or not this is the best process, some would like us to move to a primary system, a different debate is whether or not the process we use this year is fair and open and equitable to all the candidates. my experience was if you show up
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at the precinct level you had every chance to move along, every chance to participate at every level and there were supporters from trump's, ted cruz's camp, john kasich's camp at the state convention in colorado springs. no party bosses were there to regulate who could participate and who couldn't, it was up to is the voters on precinct night. neil: thank you very much, continued good health, be safe, be well, thank you very much. we are going to be hearing from paul ryan probably in the next couple hours, we don't know exactly but when he speaks and the speaker rules this out, we will go to him but i want you to see if you are good at body language. look at his eyes, whether he blinked and compare what he said he would never ever ever entertain running for speaker of the house and i want you to compare that to things i told you about going on a diet and i will make it stick. that is your homework assignment. you're late for work.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: do you see what oil is doing? up $41 a barrel, gas prices shooting up on that kind of news. they go up faster than they go down. what is going on here? >> psychologically we have the 40 level. that was important last week, it failed to push lower when it's pushed the support level at 36, big reversal but there are two head winds pushing crude market down that stops flowing, china up 10% in the last month and the dollar down at the lowest level it has been in almost a year. that will give the crude markets relief and make these short guys struggle one more time. neil: you might as well look at oil like an internet stock.
12:19 pm
it is stomach wrenching. where do you see it going? it has extremes in one direction, now looking at extremes in the other direction. >> a lot of that volatility is in your head when you overthink what oil is doing, look at the price action and oil traded sideways between 38 and 43 for almost a month recently. now it is pushing to the upside, that target is 48, a breakout here and begins at 48, right at the psychological, $50 level and people start getting a little more optimistic about the oil market. neil: and analyst over the weekend said he could see $85 oil. do you? >> not in the near term. these increments, let's look at around $10 level, 40 is important, 50 is important, it will take a lot of pressure off
12:20 pm
of people that believe oil should be lower. things get overdone like you talk about, and emotional market got over done on the downside, we didn't need to be below 30 and got over done on the upside a couple years ago. let's find a peaceful middleground somewhere but 50 is a near-term target to shake out these heavily committed sure people that don't believe we should be back here at these levels. neil: good having you. let's assume oil continues to rise gas prices, north, hillary clinton in the middle of a race she wants to win. the political fallout there. forbes opinion editor, you have to step back and get the lay of the land, higher gas prices going into the fall campaign, would be the head wind of whoever the democratic nominee is. >> yes in theory but remember in 2012 when barack obama was reelected oil was at 86 and the economy was worse than it is
12:21 pm
today. the problem was mitt romney did not make enough of an argument by his economic policies would be better so it is up to trump or ted cruz or paul ryan to make the argument against hillary next time. of the 20 it depends what you are used to in the mid-80s or whenever it was. now we have gotten spoiled where oil was collapsing. and gas and a $2. >> in texas the price of gas is in the $2 range or one dollar range, the average person, where gas prices were a few years ago and perceive the gas prices are still relatively low. the question, is the economy going to continue to do better? that is a struggle on a macro
12:22 pm
level. neil: good having you. he is the hedge fund manager who has been hedging, he is leaving the garden state because he says doing business there hasn't been a garden and now a governor has to make of the revenue he will lose after this.
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neil: valiant shares coming up a little bit today but as charlie gasparino was reporting, they are down a whole lot today down 70%. that is what it says. 70%. good to see you. they are trying to get the outgoing ceo to congress. charles: when this guy does go there, don't want to put yourself in a perjury track.
12:26 pm
that is one thing that is interesting to hear. people are ascribing negative motives to this guy not wanting to show up. the bottom line is no potential defendant once to give a statement to prosecutors or congress where he can be opened up. even if he did nothing wrong. neil: can he bring a lawyer with him? charles: if he can advise him but the bottom line is this. you still open yourself if you misspeak, if you don't want to give away if you are not sure if something is confidential. talk about michael pearson here. neil: anymore egregious than the guy -- he was brought in on stuff -- the same deal. charles: i am not investigating this likely sec and the justice department and congressional investigators what they are worried about with him is necessarily illegal.
12:27 pm
he jacked up prices. we 20 didn't jacked them up deterring guidance. charles: he was not indicted for that but are a separate thing. neil: it looks egregious because it was so awful. charles: this is all about buying companies, rolling them up into valiant and raising prices of the drugs he bought. neil: they can do it but it is morally a little -- charles: i don't think it is illegal. you are asking my opinion? i would say this. i think the drug industry and the fda process and barriers to entry to copycatting drugs is a joke. i get it. if you want to maintain intellectual property rights, what you are doing with aids patients or cancer patients they open this up for competition with generic drugs and other
12:28 pm
people can basically -- neil: a lot of people can't get their hands on those drugs because the prices have been quintuple. charles: someone invented the chair, he did not own exclusive rights to the chair. it was duplicated, chairs are pretty cheap. some of that should go on with drugs i think. neil: what about -- charles: i will be gone tomorrow morning and be on the beach by noon while you are sitting here in this wonderful new york weather. i will be on a beach. neil: really? charles: my phone -- neil: -- charles: do phones work in the caribbean? neil: yes they do. you deserve the break. charles: can we skype each other? neil: got to get to my kids's class. it is his class at school. don't know what we are going to
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skype about. charles: i would skype it with steve lee. charles: marco my god. one lifetime. line up. there we go. meanwhile, alcoa is having problems from china and it hurt their profits. everything going beautifully after this. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's ..
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him neil: all right.
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alcoa is down a lot. it has been taking a lot of heat. its quarterly profit collapsing. a lot of that has to do with is missed abroad not looking very good. i don't know how this woman does it. bright and early fbn a.m. and she is still at it. what's going on? >> we saw the profit dropped 92%. that is an astronomical number. the bad news is down 4%. the forecast going forward for consumption or aluminum is dropped. overall they are not seen the demand from china, not seeing demand from boeing and as a result they have weaker pricing. we see out code being hit in that moves the international monetary fund. they lowered their forecast as commodities are part of it as well. let's look at earnings. the season in the last 24 hours in overall the experts looking at earnings for quarter over quarter to drop about 9%. that is terrible.
12:34 pm
part of that is because of the china slowdown in the weakness commodity prices and emerging market. let's move onto the energy or which has been abysmal. chesapeake, williams, marathon, all done between 50% and 75% roughly. 9% for the general s&p 500 is up to what is happening in energy. delicate squash 105%. moving onto materials, alcoa would be a representation. you know what else is? copper, gold and the like and that will get hit hard. seventeen cents a share down about 50% in the last 52 weeks. then there's the resilience consumer in america. we see many of those with an up arrow for this group. they may have earnings that comment about 11%. last but not least let's bring in telecom. a lot of folks on some of their shares. likely to grow slightly about 5%. in the kick earnings season here
12:35 pm
we are awaiting under pressure. >> thank you very much. kind of laid out here the possibility of the fourth consecutive quarter. gary kaminsky joins us as senior advisor. we go to wall street week which is back to avenge an, what is going on first off with this earnings situation. should we worry if you look at a fourth straight quarter where things are contracting? >> great to be here and great to have wall street week part of the family as well. let's talk about what nicole pointed out, which is estimates are down anywhere from 9% to 11% on the s&p 500 in terms of earnings. heavily impacted by what's happening in the energy space. the take away is alcoa was priced as a disappointment. the stock action today tells me and you always have to look at the stock action as it relates to what the expectations were and what the reality is that
12:36 pm
things are expected to be bad. individual securities will be impacted specifically based on how bad they are as it relates to guidance and what they gave in terms of what their expectations were. the quick answer is earnings will be down. that is priced into the market. individual securities will be impacted on their own company specifics. >> we are looking at a strong market today almost 150 points. you have an investor that is very worried. i want to play this and you can tell us what's going on. what are his fears? >> asia has a giant credit bubble they've been built in the last 10 years or longer that is kind of reached its attribute level and it's going to happen over the next two or three years. whether that causes a minor recession is 40%, 50% chance in the next year. neil: scary stuff.
12:37 pm
gary & co. friday at 8:00 p.m. that is sort of a party. everyone is off to the races again without all this unsettled stuff out of the way. he seems to think otherwise. >> cluster member kyl is one of the very few people in this country that call 2000 early. he also talks on the show about the executive committee in 2006, which is some fascinating stuff. what he has said and what he has said all along is a slowdown in a shed he calls the china slowdown not a soft landing of a hard landing of what is happening there is not only impacting what is happening with many companies as he pointed out now with alcoa, there really an impact on the overall u.s. economy. so he does say that there is not necessarily in the trump camp, the donald trump can we are absolutely 100% going to have a hard recession later this year, but definitely what is happening in asia is slowing down u.s. profits and has a good probability of creating recession in the states.
12:38 pm
neil: in the meantime, you see opportunity in other areas to look around. you've been looking at interest rates. tell us what's going on. >> while we are looking at the stock market today, that is all because once again the fed has hinted that we are going to move slow wednesday away and that has a positive impact on the stock market. i mention before we came on air what blew my mind today as i got word from a trader that we printed a 3.03%. 30 year mortgage today. 30 year mortgage, 3.03%. a real disconnect in terms of the stock market which is levitating again because of the fed and the bond market, which i've always found over the last 30 years is much more reality. we are showing the 30 year fixed at 3.65. there is a print today at 3.03 on a 30 year mortgage. interest rates continue to say
12:39 pm
and tell the message that the economy is very weak and not growing at all very strong. neil: real quickly, good for housing? >> at for housing demand. as has been a question along, the mortgage rates are there. our people qualify in the mortgages want them? neil: are not going to believe anything anthony scaramucci says. he says he's the star of the show. maybe you are. >> great to see you. anthony has got more hair than me so we will give him that. neil: that's it. thank you very much. wall street week a pm on this network. an iconic name of some iconic guys. getting some updates about brussels, what happened and all the others. he can keep track of this. they just arrested two more on that attack. after this. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view.
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>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks around 160-point. the dow jones industrial average is a period and it's back into positive territory for 12015. the nasdaq up 25 right now. the worst reformers that downgrades to speak to 2%. also coming in to pressure.
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>> welcome back to "cavuto: coast-to-coast."
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from breaking state news. mark stucker birkin stephen hawking announced in a million dollar investment in a new technology called breakthrough star shot. they want to send a raft of many robotic spacecraft designed alien life. they've just announced this in new york city and there were three elements to this dory. a postage stamp sized chip that caused the price of an iphone would be paired with the second im made of nanotechnology and they would be sent out via powerful laser beams to travel 1000 times faster than the current spacecraft is able to travel. it could get to the nearest star to a galaxy and about 20 years. looking for extraterrestrial life here, but they have not done any yet. the launch still several years away, the big rick a news in the world of space exploration. back to you. true to real quickly, the fastest we've ever gotten into
12:45 pm
space and it would still take 20 years. >> that's exactly right. neil: okay. progress is everywhere. thank you very much. we are getting disturbing news. new satellite photos showing fighter jets on another of these contested islands in the south china day. a good time for this next gentleman, congressman, when it rains it pours. here we go again. they're been filled by a competitor or an aggressor. they are building on a post. why does it matter? allies look at a retreat defeating japan, south korea. this is a problem. right now we can't go because china had assured of their
12:46 pm
defense is and yet once again the administration by its retreat the vacuums are being filled. neil: what he thinks a republican president would do? the chinese are weighing this is pain i'll do anything. >> this is an american issue when you put a red line and that should mean something. we as a country would pay a price. when we walk away and a great mason as ours him away very great responsibility. neil: the entire island of cuba prevents chips. would we -- we should be doing the same with assignments. >> the islands are violating international treaties that they need to go to the u.n. also when you watch this develop watch this development can you give watch this development can you give them 12 knot of miles as it did suffer. when a cisapride tour date in the united states?
12:47 pm
at what point in time to get involved? when feelings get endangered as they are today? it's not too late, but it is walking away from obligation. when you form a vacuum, they are being filled. same thing in the middle east when he put a line in the sand we don't do anything about it, and we watch the icbms with the launch of iran with icbms would destroy israel written in hebrew on the side. we are not concerned. we don't stand against that enemy take the next president to do a quarantine as john f. kennedy did for a blockade against iran. neil: real quickly, a couple of four suspects gathered in brussels and in the airport attack. do you think given the fact they are the cells all over europe that it is actually too late? they are everywhere. it's not a matter of syria or iraq. they are everywhere. >> a terrorist network is not just those that squeeze the trigger or strap explosive vest.
12:48 pm
it is all those that would turn a blind eye, provide assistance to port. one out of five terrorist attacks are drugged. remember when the president said we are afraid of women and children. this is why the refugee problem continues to be an issue. it is that we don't want refugees. we want to make sure the vetting of the refugees is done properly. right now it is accelerating and thinking about releasing terrorists who have explosive experience. experts to africa. it is outrageous. neil: come back and do it all again. congressman, thank you very much. if we find out more on that, we will keep you posted. in the meantime, the latest we have is the missiles are there and it does sound a little bit.
12:49 pm
it's a little different. of course i was closer to home. this is close to getting dangerous. more after this. you both have a
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neil: you are looking at scenes from the last "cavuto: coast-to-coast." not likely. tough matter, you probably know the name. it is everywhere. that will be the last time you do that. but there must be something to this because it is all the rage in this young man is all the rage. tough mudder ceo. the bottom line is these are not
12:53 pm
your typical venues. what you do? what is the purpose? >> at the race, challenge, 10 to 12 miles with obstacles. to have prevented five miles. neil: military style obstacles. >> crawling under barbed wire, a 12-mile event with electricity. neil: is there something easier to do? when you present this plane to the investor to the investors come you outline it like that? we're going to electrocute people, have them get wrapped up in barb wire, and go. >> investor show we've now had 2 million people do the event and we are now expanding to asia in a very big way. events in china and events in the middle east and uae with img. we been in europe for a couple
12:54 pm
years. neil: i am thinking is that beyond just appearing here? is something bigger down the road? >> right now with the licensing partnership. they have significant results on the ground. world-class organizations because they know they can put on event safely and promote them. get into asia and the site to now be big enough and mature enough to go into that. neil: can you expand the presidential candidates? you say that there are no losers here. but if you are the last coming through the barb wire, aren't you a loser? >> it isn't like that. it's all about team. neil: the team isn't going to say look at this. >> i don't know who your friends are. but most people work together. they get through it and it isn't about the race element. neil: who books you?
12:55 pm
is the corporation plan an event they want something unique? these things would frighten me. i would say i'm feeling a head cold coming on. >> the truth is tough mudder is the drive and people of all shapes and sizes. neil: you do them in bizarre locations. >> we need space in this day, in europe. neil: how did they get to you? that process alone. >> part of the experience has been in the car, driving out and when you finishhe venue one of our sponsors as anheuser-busch. neil: at the very least. one of our partners coming on board helping us put together the training program. neil: what if they get out of it? >> tough mudder is a great experience to come and activate. you've got people tattooing the logo onto them. if a tribe. i think it shows the people -- my mother would be very disappointed if i did.
12:56 pm
tree into doing now with that harvard background what you would be doing? >> i thought i would be a management consultant. that the world is expanding with tough mudder. we did it last or that event than it has exploded with us. neil: last year euro for 100 million. >> it could be worse, right? the companies are trying to do something more than just make money. we are trying to get people off the couch to live happier, healthier lives. that is what it's all about. neil: you didn't take a good restaurant to restaurant, that kind of stuff. >> you can see us on facebook. we are now live streaming with them. 7 million people tuned in to watch us. neil: everybody knows it's wild. tough mudder ceo. [inaudible conversations] >> i think it's going to work in
12:57 pm
china as well. we will see. neil: well, it is amazing a cold problem and not a bad way. a lot more including paul ryan. i think you should go through a tough mudder course. does he really mean what he says? after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity.
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it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. neil: they are done allocating the misery delegates, donald trump 37 when all is said and done, ted cruz 15, the big runaway victor, ted cruz 34 delegates, a good chunk of those lost in the latest run for missouri. they were separated by 0.2%, the rewarding of the delegates goes differently than that but donald trump gains an edge. i have not heard any reports of donald trump complaining about these results but i will keep you posted. ted cruz, we will keep an eye out. paul ryan a couple hours from making it official.
1:01 pm
he is officially not interested in running for president of the united states or seeking out the republican nomination, to put to rest these rumors that he is toying with the idea. >> according to sources, put all the speculation to bed once and for all. paul ryan is at the top of the antiestablishment anti-trump dream ticket. i will be curious to hear the reason for the timing. he has said he is not interested but that led to speculation he was playing hard to get in this process, he played hard to get when folks started talking about him as the next speaker of the house after john weiner left. paul ryan feeling compelled to absolutely positively stop the
1:02 pm
speculation as we head into the new york primary, and delegate delegates and get the convention organized. waiting to hear the word. neil: what gop strategist think of this? he is trying to make it clear i am not interested but i can also remember when he said the same about being speaker of the house. >> we know what happened. he is the guy now, he may well be a reluctant president. he is the guy who comes off of the floor, i am personally looking forward to that. it will be a welcome refreshing change, none of us know what to expect. i am ready for paul ryan to say count on me, do this. neil: others say once you have been tested in the arena and gone through the ordeal of running for president we had 70
1:03 pm
republicans doing so, we are down to the last three, none of them, there will be hell to pay. do you agree with that? >> he didn't need to participate in the primary. the loss for donald trump signaled paul ryan can take this, he can do this. unless trump is able to come out of the ashes he has a chance. there is a path for him here. neil: how do you know that? you pay more attention than i do but by my math donald trump lost the state but still leads by quite a bit in terms of delegates, you could make the argument donald trump leading by 2 million votes is doing okay. he could make the argument there is no arguing with me being challenged. >> he needs to get close to 60%, close to 50% of the delegates out there. hitting the magic number of
1:04 pm
1,299 delegates before we get to cleveland is likely not going to happen. that is the number he needed to clinch the nomination out right. neil: are you saying if he comes up shy, he is not going to make it? i probably would agree with that but the fallback would be one of the other two candidates in the race, you don't think it is anyone's guess after that? >> it is anyone's guess, people are talking about going to a fourth ballot and if it goes to a fourth ballot you know what will happen, paul ryan's name will come up and when he comes out how can we not take a more sensible practical option? neil: i know what you are saying, a lot of angry people, no thank you. >> the rules are not going to be set until a week out of the convention, if this is anyone's ballgame it is a malay, trump is
1:05 pm
shivering because he knows the stop trump movement is big. talking about why there are whispers with speaker ryan coming out and being in contention, there is a big meeting coming up of high up donors in the gop world. neil: if he is eventually the nominee? >> i will not support donald trump. i am part of the never trump movement. he is toxic. i would like to support someone -- neil: if he is the nominee will you not vote or vote for hillary or bernie sanders? >> i will have to give my vote to the clintonian policies that i know rather than what i don't know and vote for hillary. neil: we will watch closely the gop delegate. meantime back to the democratic side all those democratic voters who think it is republicans who have the infighting battles, a third of bernie sanders supporters say they will never go to hillary clinton if it ever turns out she is the nominee.
1:06 pm
a like number of her supporters a simile reluctant to go to him. rebecca berg, that sounds like a contested convention there. >> this is why the clinton camp and hillary clinton herself want to resolve the primary prior to the convention. it is so vital for them that bernie sanders get out of the race. that he doesn't have any sort of viable path to the nomination, why carry out the fight into the convention? she needs the convention to bring the party together, unify the democrats for the general election and ideally would want to start that pivot right now but bernie sanders is holding on. neil: i do not see any scenario in which bernie sanders is they are right, i should pull out. he has won 7 of the last 8 contests, some by big margins of is a little closer. he would argue i am mister momentum. by the way i stand a very good
1:07 pm
chance of preventing her from locking this up when we get to philadelphia. you say what? >> i agree with you. what we hear all the time now the refrain is momentum, bernie sanders's team has momentum, hillary clinton's campaign arguing the math is on her side. bernie sanders's campaign is holding on to the hope that the superdelegates who are unbound on the democratic side into the convention, holding out hope the superdelegates will turn their way. the likelihood of that is very small, i would argue. many democrats are making the same argument at this point but bernie sanders has the money to continue and there is nothing to keep him from keeping on this campaign except for hillary clinton and the good of the democratic party some would argue. he is only newly a democrat so he doesn't bear any obligation to the democratic party as a whole. neil: which party is more dysfunctional, more screwed up?
1:08 pm
>> that is a tough question. you could make the argument for both. i think the democrats probably are going to have a much easier time at the presidential level in this election cycle, just by virtue of having an easy choice at the convention, hillary clinton will get the nomination and she has a pretty standard record for presidential candidate running a general election so there's less drama but you look at the future for democrats what bernie sanders's candidacy in the success he has seen has done to illustrate the divide in the democratic party which is not getting smaller, it is only getting wider and in the democratic party and the republican party there is distrust of institutions and distrust of lawmakers in washington and that is something they will have to address. neil: over 1000 delegates if you look at the committed delegates, she only leads by 200. superdelegates make it a different math but look like a race to me. thank you very much.
1:09 pm
oil is moving more, stocks, the crude up $41.73, gas prices falling, we have stocks. always wonder when we see something like that how long that lasts, the stock market, we like high oil prices. what is the point at which they say we don't?
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
1:12 pm
neil: the outgoing share of valiant pharmaceuticals have some explaining to do, the stock could still tank on the year. it is at 17%. congressman elijah cummings, a key member of the committee that wants to talk about raising key drug prices is calling the
1:13 pm
outgoing ceo's refusal to cooperate troubling. what is the latest on this? dave: this is an attempt by politicians to continue to bash on businesses being responsible for the slow economy and everything else wrong with the world. valiant has not had a good business model. the reason the stock price has gone from 2 $62 in august to $32 today is they have a terrible business model of taking on too much debt, they buy up drug companies, by of these drugs and turn around and sell them for five times what they used to be selling 4. that takes off a lot of customers including hospitals and individual some of whom couldn't afford the drug. it is a bad businessman, the market with him, brings down the stock value and he is as you mentioned at the opening the outgoing chairman of the
1:14 pm
company. business takes care of its own. when they have a bad business model they don't need politicians to tell them that. the market disciplines demand the board of directors if they are responsible will discipline them. the market is disciplining this company but the politicians went in on the action because it looks good for them to hold scalps of businessmen on the hooks. this guy is a bad businessman, had a bid business model but you don't need politicians to come into the mix at this point. neil: they ruin it for everybody. everyone starts to think all these guys lift prices at 1000% and that is how they do business when that is far from the case. but there does have to be some explaining about ceos who do this. how do you handle that? dave: what political committee has ever explained the reason
1:15 pm
for which businesses do things? when politicians get into the mix they make things worse, more complicated than they were before. the market disciplined the company, the ceo responsible for the bad business model is on his way out, i think that has taken care of itself. if you get politicians in the mix they will throw in all these new regulations, grandstand the condition of the company, the condition of the industry itself and i don't that is going to help. neil: david asman, thank you, my friend. now we have this whole zika worry going on, the zika virus is everywhere but it has already given people pause about traveling anywhere. between that and what is going on in brussels, paris, that could make for a very weird summer. hey dad.
1:16 pm
hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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1:19 pm
neil: this leaves nothing to guess. satellite images of chinese fighter jets on one of these contested islands, a dozen in the south china sea they just occupied. they said they are great but they militarized them, cemented them down, made runways and jets to go with the runways but they are not even hiding. to let you know what they are doing. virus fears building everywhere, zika the latest threat that was dismissed early on. now it is more widespread than earlier thought. good to have you with us. how big a deal is this stock? everyone is freaking out about it. >> it is a big deal because we are going to see this virus in our country, in many states this summer.
1:20 pm
unfortunately we have the mosquito living here among us. it inhabits new york state, northern new jersey, these mosquitoes are breeding and many will be infected with zika and they get infected by people coming back from endemic countries like brazil or the polynesian islands. it was a bit of a worry, more of a worry then ebola was when we had that problem last year. neil: a lot of people i talked to were planning a trip to south america, is that overreacting? >> i think it is overreacting, 80% of people infected with the zika virus don't even know it. may be a low-grade fever you wouldn't know you were infected. if you are pregnant on the other hand, and the second trimester, we do not know when this virus is most lethal neurologically,
1:21 pm
and the placenta, if you are pregnant, and show symptoms comes home, and that is a concern because he would infect the wife or girlfriend. neil: who is most vulnerable? >> most vulnerable is the fetus in the pregnant female, there is one sexual difference with regard to transmission of the virus, and chances of having a condition like microsoft which is the small skull and the brain condition, but children particularly babies below the age of 2 and children below the age of 5 can have a little bit more of an infection that was more of a problem, hire fever, joint pain, muscle aches and mom must take a child that is experiencing these symptoms
1:22 pm
particularly if they had been on an endemic area take it to the doctor and get them tested. neil: all good words, thank you. in the meantime the women's soccer team is angry, not over their performance, their performance has been exemplary but how they are paid even though they are champs, not much.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
jo ling: i am jo ling kent with business headlines, boeing shares are up 1.4%, this after the iranian government says boeing offered to sell the government explain on a recent trip to iran, obtained government permission to send these talks, require more approval to make the sale, all this days after airbus agreed to sell he ran 118 planes with $27 billion according to reuters. shares of the we vuitton's parent company taking it after they met - missed sales expectations. they revealed the november terror attacks in paris and slowing tourism have hurt their sales but softening demand out of china not helping the equation, stock down 3% today. disney seeking permission to fly drones over its theme parks at night, drones are currently allowed only to fly in the area during the day. the mouse is flying for an faa
1:27 pm
exemption, wants to fly 50 unmanned aircraft at once. we are watching disney stock, it is up. neil: that company is now officially scaring me. thank you very much. >> we want to bring light to this issue not only for us and the inequality we face but as a paradigm shift for women's sports and ultimately women in general. neil: the women's soccer team is threatening a boycott over a substantial pay gap. connell mcshane and dagan mcdowell, their beef, qualified -- at a minimum, we are not even getting a fraction. dagen: connell can go through the complaint because he knows women soccer better than i do, i am serious, i am not joking about that. but there -- neil: i admire that. of the 20 nothing to offer.
1:28 pm
with between the plea blue and women won the world cup. they had the highest televised soccer match for us television and the top 5 players, make numb $100,000 each year, the top five -- neil: a legitimate one. connell: the men generate more revenue for the world club, and -- neil: with their success? connell: the world cup by revenue generated, as an event. made money for the federation last year, they are not as successful, lost money for the federation but there are some ridiculous inequities in all of this. a soccer term for an exhibition every year, men get paid to
1:29 pm
lose, which seems ridiculous, the women don't get a dollar if they lose the games and sports illustrated, the men earn $14,000, and 1350, and -- neil: for women's games? connell: the highest rated gain but in general it might be higher. dagen: players said they tried to negotiate with the federation for years and haven't gotten anywhere. is at the federation or the people doing the negotiating on their behalf? connell: there could be something you need to negotiate. neil: that is the way the world is. in the middle of the march madness, the yukon women's team uses it all but they didn't get a fraction of the attention as the men. connell: the women get a lot more attention. dagen: women's basketball doesn't get the eyeballs of men's basketball. connell: they sell out stadiums.
1:30 pm
stayed last week in philly, and -- dagen: daughters play -- connell: went to the world cup with my daughters. dagen: he blames it on his daughter's every time there is a female soccer player, connell goes all and boy and is all over her asking for autographs. connell: it is true. neil: a ponderosa. dagen: won't where a jersey -- tell the audience what you said to me in the break? neil: i am not. it is an acquired taste. look at the time. we have energy shares that are up but solar energy companies that are down, gerri willis trying to construct the problem or deconstruct. what is going on? gerri: deconstruct.
1:31 pm
look at this, look at sunedison down 97%, solar city and son run, talk about half of their value over the course of the year. we are not far into it. what is going on here? this is an industry the federal government said we are going to stand behind this and a 30 year business take care of it, it will be a big fat tax credit and recently extended until 2022, these companies can't make money, dig in for a second into sunedison, $11 billion in debt, they are under investigation and the wall street journal says it is likely they will file bankruptcy so here is an industry that should have the wind at its back. the revenue growth over the last few years has been massive. they can't bring it to the bottom line because they are growing too fast, federal help
1:32 pm
is not what you thought it might be. neil: thank you very much. if you are buying at all you are probably knowing anyone is going to check you out of the airport and screen anything, the screeners are everywhere but have you ever tried to screen the screeners? it might scare you. in fact it will scare you a lot when you listen to this guy, former administrator, sounds to me that only a few airports are up to snuff or make sure people are up to snuff. >> reporter: we have a situation where we have little -- tens of thousands of people that work at airports from baggage handlers to fuel leaders, caterers, people that work in concessions inside terminals and when they show up to work they access the secure area of the airport without going through the screening tsa puts airline passengers through.
1:33 pm
this is a clear security gap exposed with a conspiracy to smuggle guns from atlanta using a legitimate passenger who was carrying guns smuggled to him by a baggage handler. for many years this has been known as a potential security gap and one that the airports, tsa and airlines need to figure out how they are going to close. neil: maybe we have gotten into this before, really heinous attacks oftentimes get a little help from the inside. we don't know what happened in brussels, you wonder about that, airport workers in the no. how real a thread is that? >> i think it is a significant threat. to be fair these are people subjected to criminal history records checks, those checks are updated on a periodic basis. neil: when you say they're updated what are they checking?
1:34 pm
>> you are trying to find the individual who showed up with a clean record and period after that committed a crime or did something that would raise terrorist suspicion so you recheck them against various databases on a periodic basis so it is not just done and five years later you find out you have a bad guy but you never checked again, trying to illuminate that kind of situation but at the end of the day it is not enough because these are folks that come to work as everyone does and airline passengers do, they have backpacks, may have lunch pails, may have toolboxes and they are carrying these into secure area of airports and no one is having a good hard look at what might be in their. neil: scary stuff, thank you very much i think. we should all be aware. when we come back i don't know if you are as big a fan as i am
1:35 pm
but i was surprised the guy behind it, his own dad was a brewer, a bad idea for him to get into it. boy oh boy, sam adams of boston new york company, all the rage now, remarkable story of tim cook next. not everrance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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1:37 pm
>> new york stock exchange. lori rothman mature fox is a worry. the dow kind of knocking on the door of 18,000. a ways to go, but 19 right now. 142 points for a 10th of 1%. broad market that recorder with% and the nasdaq up half a percent at the moment. one thing investors look into our son comments put out by the international monetary fund kind of pressuring european partners to give greece a break on its overwhelming dad. we will see how that unfolds throughout the session. oil is looking at the price of cruz. the days three and three-quarter% gain. not a winning note today is our backs down about 3%. deutsche bank with $64 to 70. we will get you back to "cavuto: coast-to-coast" after this.
1:38 pm
1:39 pm
neil: welcome back, everybody could the dow up 137 points. things are getting a lot of scrutiny this week. that is not all, but a good number of them at the same time. a lot of folks are concerned about funding. we are keeping an eye on all of it, but by and large the market is doing a-ok. if it doesn't do okay, you can just get drunk.
1:40 pm
not that we would want you to do that. the man behind saddam on. if you look at his early career when he came up with this idea, his own dad, a brewer thought, you know what, send coming you can do better things. multiple degrees in harvard. your smarty-pants. the reason for you to do this. that was jim coates then. this is jim coates, the multibillionaire now with the great vote, quencher rubbers, business lessons learned over a or two. good to have you. >> and i share some liquid assets? i've been a little trouble, but there's always liquid assets, neil. neil: do you drink a lot of your product? >> yeah. i still taste a sample of every batch. it's one of the first things i do in the morning as i will taste -- neil: in the morning? >> is your palate before you've
1:41 pm
ruined it. neil: now, when you start around the mid-80s, and you are doing very, very well. the idea of the specialty brewers dissent in the united states with not thought to be good at. what were you trying to prove? >> i have a simple thing. i wanted to prove a small independent american brewer could make some of the best in the world. i named my ear sam adams because i hoped it would start a revolution just like sam adams started a revolution. wouldn't sam adams be proud today? >> how do you feel about hamilton getting a broadway show? >> he would rather have a sub one. neil: you did a lot, but your dad is in a very special. >> he finally came around and
1:42 pm
took me up in the attic and gave me a family recipe which became the boston blogger and help launch this whole craft resolution. neil: how was it selling to the skeptical folks coming out, maybe german, but not american. >> it was hard in the beginning. i talk about learning to sell. i had all these great degrees. they had a beautiful office in boston harbor on the 33rd floor. i got into the elevator and went down to the street with cold in my briefcase and a slave of cops and i started cold calling on bars in boston. and they were various tactical. all i talk about in the book, my best sales call ever, a guy pulled a gun on me. after that, you know, when
1:43 pm
somebody turned me down i said that wasn't so bad. at least they didn't put a gun on me. neil: you are very diligent about it. i have a lot agreed. i will tell you drink in on the air as a form of protect free speech. so sam adams -- neil: let me get a sense from you. your commercials is your voice. how did that happen where you are doing commercials for sam adams. >> i can tell you retreated someone for airtime on the radio station and austin. i looked into it and you have to get talent and pay residuals and the company was like for people. i don't have to keep track of residuals. can't i do it myself? they allowed you to do it for your own product.
1:44 pm
neil: you sound like this is an event. >> it took beer to a much higher level. everybody thought someone was cold, fizzy and came in a canon you could crush them under four had. this beer into the world of good wine and treated beer as a culinary variants, as a quality experience. neil: you know to notice about billionaires? they never eased up. even when they're successful, they arch still evolving. all evidence suggests you are as well. why is that when you could just sort of coast? >> what fun would that be? i have been getting up every morning for 32 years and i am excited because i got to do what i really wanted in life. i got to do something i was really passionate about.
1:45 pm
we have grown for those 32 years and done well, but i think we've been able to grow because we have kept that hard in that passion and pride of a craft brewer. neil: is it true you don't flip over negative people? >> explained. neil: people who are negative. they see a lot of reason why you can't do something good >> it is something i did learn from my dad, either practical by. every problem has a solution. doesn't mean you can find it in yet, but it's out there. neil: get you ignored his doubts. >> i did because i believed in the. >> u.s. can learn for you. he got out in 1948 when they were grinding up all the little guys. neil: and now we've got a couple
1:46 pm
behemoths. >> people don't realize that today 90% of the beer aid in the united states is made by two big intergalactic brewing conglomerates and one of them is buying the other. that is how crazy it is. what would i do if i had the spy of the money? i want to keep making so i would go by a brewery. either to have a brewery. why not keep what i have. neil: you fall to the same pressures on them. they are dealing with, you know, the drought in europe. prices are going up. is there a limit to how much americans are drinkers in general bullpen? >> i think americans will pay for quality. the issue is not hard to get them to buy a beer for $15 to pack. how do you make a beer that is good enough to be worth it? i'll give you an example.
1:47 pm
they make a beer called samuel adams utopias. it sells for $200 a bottle. we make 15,000 bottles a year. we celebrate probably make we have to ration it. scalping on ebay. it's an amazing beer. it is 60 prove so it is the strongest -- neil: why does he pay that much? >> has this got good taste. neil: i see, i see. continued success. a remarkable story. you stuck with it. how much you drink a day? >> two or three beers a day. neil: i think it's a lot more. i'm kidding. 30,000 sam adams in the last two years. neil: quench your thirst, business lessons learned over a beer or two. gothic americana. sam adams, outside of getting a broadway show, it doesn't get better than this. after this. [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
1:48 pm
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neil: when it comes to the whole hillary clinton e-mail and, michael mckay's seat told me that gross negligence is not a defense. is it a distinction as what? >> stick with it. there is no distinction. hillary clinton put classified permission on his server that was not secure. she caused it to be put there. there's no distinction at all. going further if it's information that relate to national defense, whether she acted with gross negligence is not a defense. in fact, that is a standard under that law. that is a felony. neil: so it is not in bed.
1:52 pm
just a thought. that's bad enough. judge napolitano, the expert on all things come in the best scholar right now. >> the more expertise from judgment kc, but i fully agree with him. this is the rare federal criminal statute which may be proved by showing intent. they may also prove by negligence. this is for the president looked up in his interview with chris wallace. the president says she was careless. that opens the door. carelessness is a specie of negligence. gross negligence, repeated acts of negligence with a high probability that an unhappy about qualcomm. the unhappy event, the exposure of national secret, whether hacked or not. the removal of them from a secure venue to an unsecure venue constitutes the crime. neil: when the president says they were secure, things that got out
1:53 pm
>> it doesn't matter they got out. the removal of them from a secure venue to an unsecure venue. neil: battle mom wanted action. where the fbi itself would've acted. >> the fbi is conduct in a thorough investigation is a can. as recently as last week they cost to be extradited from romania. a hacker who hacked into sid blumenthal's e-mail said women all, mrs. clinton is confident to whom she passed on because he doesn't have a national security. clearance. they want to know if he succeeded. they don't have the proof. they will have it even worse than doc as we say. neil: brady think all this is going to go? >> the evidence of her guilt is overwhelming. it is presented to a grand jury, the grand jury will indict. there is no question about the
1:54 pm
law enforcement legal bona fide that was gathered lawfully and it's overwhelming. the question is very well in the justice department for an sorry to say in the west wing of the white house to prosecute this person who is the leading candidate to represent democrats in the race for the president be at this point in time. neil: -- >> the president was giving mixed signals. telling chris wallace is going to be treated like everybody else, there's no way. that issues matter,, if she gets a break because she's hillary clinton, you will see a reaction on the part of the fbi that will rival watergate. neil: °-degree-sign. judge, thank you very much. in the meantime, some headlines coming out on mark zuckerberg. jo ling kent.
1:55 pm
reporter: mark zuckerberg make it some comments about his developers conference in california. here's what he had to say about trans candidacy. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distant the people they label as others. from blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, reducing trade and in some cases around the world, cutting access to the internet. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" zuckerberg has been very pro-immigration. the republican front runner, also will be to stop right now. announcing they will put chat box inside messengers. that'll buy you to make transactions inside facebook messenger and now has 900 monthly active users. you will be able to order flowers or concert ticket or anything you want as if you are talking to a real person, but it will actually be an automated lot that is owned by a
1:56 pm
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neil: all right. so a little over an hour away from paul ryan making it official, or at least this time saying all this hullabaloo that i was trying to nab the republican nomination, not so. he's going to be doing this at the republican national committee offices in washington, not a government venue. that is by design to send a message to republicans, look elsewhere but me. of course, all this begs the issue what if we go to multiple ballots and they can't agree on a nominee?
2:00 pm
would he entertain such a plea? remember, he resisted becoming speaker of the house, and now he's speaker of the house. we'll see. trish regan -- [laughter] to you. trish: we're going to be watching for it. thanks so much, neil. okay, breaking right now, the speaker of the house, paul iron, he is heading -- paul ryan is heading to republican headquarters expected to make a statement to shut down these rumors that he may become the party's nominee when the republicans hold their convention in july. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." all this news about speaker ryan trying to shut down the chatter coming amid new polls that show donald trump with a big lead in new york. here we are just one week away from the state's all-important primary, and if donald trump can maintain this new york lead with a win of over 50% of the vote, he will take home all of the state's 95 delegates, and, hey, he needs every single one he can get. he's got to get to 1237, because the entire process could change. something that's youing


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