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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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conversation does not end here, you can head to my facebook page and twitter account. tell me what you thought of the show. follow me at -- now head over to liz claman as we wait for paul ryan to speak to the rnc any minute from now. liz? liz: thank you. breaking news, we are just moments away from an announcement that will come in minutes. take a look. this is a live picture of the republican national convention headquarters in washington, d.c. the room is filling up as we speak. why? what is going to happen? speaker of the house paul ryan has called a sudden and formal news conference at the rnc headquarters. the expectation, folks is that ryan will formally rule out a white house run. now while he has, yes, you're not going crazy because you're not saying didn't he already do this? he has mentioned many times before, he's not interested in running for president. what makes this development unusual? again, stressing the formality
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of it. fact a news release went out saying please assemble to the rnc, the media rush there. filling up. we will take you live to the announcement as soon as it happens. but none of this is freaking out the markets. a sea of green on wall street holding onto gains of 172 points for the dow industrials. at the high. 178. close to that. oil, the main driver here, the rally in oil is forcing the markets higher. new 2016 high, $42.25 in the regular session here, slightly below that at $42.16 as investors gear up for next week's meeting between opec and non-opec producers like russia and venezuela in do ha qatar. we're keeping an eye on the oil, on the markets and the news that is expected to break in 14 minutes. team fox business at the ready. as soon as speaker ryan gets there, we're going to have it.
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then we will have an all-star analysis from on the record host greta van susteren and former senator scott brown, trent duffy, kasich campaign national spokesperson. also bringing in larry sabato of university of virginia, he is great at distilling for all that has happened, we are waiting for it to happen. take a look at live pictures, expecting the announcement to come at 3:15 eastern time, paul ryan, the speaker, pushed ahead an alternative to weigh an unlikely group of senator ted cruz and donald trump along with john kasich. i say unlikely, that's only speaking for chunks of viewers or voters who love one of these guys or doesn't like them. we sent it to blake burman, you can see him in the right part of the screen, we've got a second camera on him at the rnc where speaker ryan will get before the podium.
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what are you hearing, blake? >> it's a small room, trying to get out of the shot for you, here we are. we are in the lobby of the rnc on the south side of the capitol, if you've been to this part of the area. we're expecting paul ryan, the house speaker to be here in 15 minutes or so to give remarks being described to tamp down every last word, syllable, sentence, phrase, paragraph, headline, you name it that linked him to the past days and weeks and months to throwing his hat into the ring or forced into the ring at one point or another. if there is a brokered, contested convention here. of course, ryan tried to separate himself from this for months, and it's finally reached to where now we are here at the rnc, the apparatus running the show for republicans and ryan is going to come to the lobby in moments and say look, from what we are told, i'm out. i don't want to be a part of this, and, you know, move on
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for me and move on from my name. it is a packed room here as one might imagine, and you asked for a little flare here, the flavor. outside of the rnc i believe there is a little protest brewing as we could hear and see a couple dozen people starting to chant outside. not sure if it's specifically connected to this or people are trying to capitalize, there are protesters outside. democrats are trying to capitalize on this as well trying to link paul ryan to those at the top of the ticket potentially on the republican side. the democratic congressional campaign committee sent out this statement, quote, speaker ryan is desperately distancing himself from the fantasy scenario which he becomes the gop nominee, he would face an irreparably divided party thanks to trump and cruz and meet a certain loss this election day. liz: is it fair to say we have representatives from all the
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networks and cable networks? seems this is different from the announcements that speaker ryan has made before? >> reporter: yeah, speaker ryan normally has, and all house speakers do, weekly-type press conferences from the capitol, and those are joined by all the networks. today, 40, 50 chairs or so. next to our camera, ten or a dozen or so. this is an announcement that's going to be picked up wide, broadcast all over and i madge that is exactly how paul ryan wants it this afternoon. liz: blake, i don't know if this will surprise you, we blasted through the ceiling for the markets and i don't want to infer it has anything to do with what, the markets hate surprises, they like clarity. maybe the market feels we will see more clarity here. up 186 points for the dow jones industrials, all of the major indices jumping higher. let us get more whether the statement from speaker ryan is
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genuine and what it means for the presidential race. we bring in kasich campaign national spokesperson trent duffy and republican strategist matt schlapp. trent, to you first, the perceived effort to silence a growing chorus, singing paul ryan for president. what do you read into it? give us your sense. >> there is serious alarm among many republicans that look at november election, look at polls that continue to show neither trump nor cruz has any chance of beating hillary clinton. and what that does, liz, is sets off alarm bells, you not only lose the white house but potentially lose the senate, and depending the top of the ticket, you could lose more down ballot races and of course the supreme court. the simple fact that the speaker has to issue this is consternation among republicans in cleveland that say we need somebody else and that person is john kasich.
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liz: okay. matt, that is all very nice except that people are looking at that and they often say, perhaps he doth protest too much me thinks. do you think he's sincere, matt, or this is the case he took back when he was called to be speaker of the house, i don't want it, i don't want it, and suddenly he did it. >> look, i've known paul for 20 years, he's a smart guy and straight shooter. i don't think he was looking to be speaker of the house. i think it came to him. and i think what's happening this republican nominating contest is something none of us have seen in our lifetimes. he's taking the right, the smart move to say we're not seeking this. will people go to him after cleveland is opened after several rounds of voteing? sure, it might make clear his intentions he wants to be the best speaker and not be a presidential candidate. liz: trent, look, cleveland was going to be chaotic, if he kept
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the giant question mark over the process, that wouldn't add stability on this. john kasich is a man who feels and said it on cnn last night. give me the second or third vote, i'm the one that can beat hillary clinton. and yet, it looks like it will do a disservice to the psyche of many republican voters who happen to either like ted cruz or donald trump and many ways they are ahead of john kasich. >> i think that's right, liz, and that's going to be a challenge as cleveland unfolds, and as matt said, nobody can predict what's going to happen here. i think we know right now or going to find out in the days to come, no candidate of the remaining three is going to reach the magical 1237. it's up to the delegates to gather in cleveland. many may have been for another candidate that's not in the race. many are unbound. there's a lot to still be selected. speaker ryan's announcement does provide clarity because
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not only is he not going to run, but he is the chairman of the convention. he has a formal role in his staff. he needs to call the balls and strikes. it's good that he sends this message and i agree with matt. liz: folks, we're six minutes away from what has been hastily called a news conference at the rnc headquarters. we've got our cameras trained on it. this is where speaker ryan is expected to simply say please stop bring up my name. how does this work? we're desperate for jobs in our life. this guy gets jobs when he says i don't want it. >> you know why? liz: the best way to be asked is to say you don't want it in claysy and nice way. hours, from a man who did run with mitt romney, how does he say if his name comes up, i don't want it now, the great opportunity to be the president of the united states. >> he knows it's the wrong way to do it, liz he. watched what mitt romney and he and mitt romney went through in
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the general election. it's the appropriate thing to go to the primary voters and put your name before them. it would look like the worst form ofclusion if he were to have his name inserted into the process after all of the people voted and didn't get a chance to vote for him and look at him and see him perform in the debates and see how he's grass fed away from cruz or trump or as trent would say kasich as well. i think he knows there is something untoward about that and wants to make that clear. liz: i call it like that too, but trent, why from your political mind, why do you think speaker ryan is repeatedly dogged by these questions and this demand for him to put himself out there? >> i think it's because he's shown he's a capable conservative leader who has a good backing, a good level of support but shows he's willing to work, you know, across party lines to pass a conservative agenda. that's why he was able to unite republicans in the house behind his candidacy for speaker.
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that's why he's been able to get the house republican caucus working again, which the story of last year is that it wasn't. that's a great testament of his ability. liz: let me throw this out, it's not a surprise. the democrats in advance of this announcement are piling it on here. this was a statement, blake touched about it, from the democratic congressional campaign committee office speaker ryan is once again desperately distancing himself from the fantasy scenario in which he becomes the gop nominee because he knows that he will face an irreparably divided party thanks to trump and cruz and meet certain loss. the second line is interesting, perhaps if speaker ryan spent less time breathlessly denouncing these schemes and more time doing job as speaker, he wouldn't be poised to completely miss this week's budget deadline. and therein lies the issue, matt, of the other side saying they're missing deadlines here
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on key issues. >> you're right, liz. sometimes republicans miss budget deadlines, democrats don't pass budgets altogether ever. that's the pot calling the kettle black on a deadline. more specifically, this shows how silly the democrats are. hillary clinton is one of the most divisive political figures in the country, and that party looks like they have a looming preconvention fight to the end, and the idea this is a republican problem is wrong. the whole country is facing new politics, a new alignment in both parties, that could be healthy for democracy. liz: i want to point out the s&p 500. it is skyrocketing, up 22 points right now. i say skyrocketing because just a few minutes ago we were up about 15 points. so i think this is very interesting to see these moves with the dow jones industrials, with the s&p 500. we are pretty much at the highs of the session for all the major indices, and as we watch this, along with oil moving
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higher. this election season is certainly something that everybody seems to be focusing on. let's call it two, two minutes away from the speaker's announcement at the rnc headquarters. matt, looking at the messages between the lines, what else do you expect speaker ryan will say here, please be calm, we need to be sure cleveland comes down as a calm and measured issue here? >> i think the speaker -- i've known him a long time, a smart guy. the one thing i would caution him to not do is chastise republican activists who are by and large over and over supporting mostly either trump or cruz save ohio in this race. i think there's a message from grassroots activists across the country. they like the idea of an outsider who will upset washington when. officials inside washington or insiders in washington chastise
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activists that this is the wrong approach or too rambunctious or the tone is wrong, that's a big mistake. i hope paul stays away from that. liz: okay. i want to mention, we have reports of sizable contingents of democratic protesters, democracy spring protesters, and they are now demonstrating outside the rnc headquarters where this event is. they are demonstrating ahead of speaker ryan's speech. very loud apparently, and can be heard inside the room where speaker ryan will be speaking. we are moving a camera crew over there, i just wanted to let you all know. that just to give you both sides of all of this because this is contentiousness at the height but it is also democracy, and trent, looking at how the democrats may perceive all of this, again, this only divides the two parties, does it not? >> it really does, i think that's another message that john kasich was trying to pick
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up on his two paths speech. there's only one candidate left of the four because i don't think bernie sanders is going to make it across the finish line. if you look at four remaining candidates, kasich has a chance of uniting the country and getting us working together. if you take trump, cruz or clinton, you have the really erosive, corrosive terrible division that we've seen really for the past 16 or so years here in washington. that's, to what matt was saying earlier, the main driver of people's frustration in washington. they're sick of washington not listening to them. talk down to them, looking like it's broken, that's why you see the foment in both parties as we move towards a general election. liz: foment is a great word here. looking at how the media covers things, donald trump has been the one to call us scum, yeah? so the fomenting comes on both sides. i'm wondering, and perhaps matt, you have a better sense how the average gop voter may
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perceive that. i mean, he's getting great press coverage all the time. town hall after debate after town hall after hours of coverage, and initially it worked in his favor. are things starting to turn or do you get the sense because the delegate numbers show he's still in the lead? >> the race is maturing. what got donald trump into the position as the front-runner. he's the clear delegate leader and racked up most of the victories. what got him there is being unique, being different. upsetting the applecart. calling it like it is in front of the camera not just behind the camera. people like that authenticity. what gets him from this point to the nomination in cleveland is he has to demonstrate to the republican voters and operatives across the country that he can be their nominee and he will be their president and won't be reckless with the nomination, that he will work with everybody. that's what's before him.
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i often had said when he went to aipac he showed a different side of candidacy. that's what's important. he has to be that type of candidate in order to sew this up, but the real question, he likes the other role where he's the outsider taking people on, but i don't think that's what gets him in here to the nomination. liz: he said he would come out at 3:15 p.m. eastern time. we're at 3:17 p.m. no doubt there's a lot of discussion about what he's going to say or perhaps he knows. but the word is he will rule out white house bid, he will categorically say for the umpteenth time, i am not interested in this job, previous denials have not stuck. he has said it many times. but one of the things that a lot of people would not disagree with when he says, this trent, is this should be a nominee chosen through the primary and delegate process. he's not running, so it would really leave a bad taste in people's mouths if he's like,
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okay, okay, you pushed me, fine. shouldn't it be one of the three who stuck out of the process out of 17. there were 17. now there are three. >> that's right. he has said that he thinks that a person running for president ought to actually run and campaign and go to every state and meet with voters and give his reason and give their agenda for the country, he has been consistent on that, liz. that's why i think it's led to his decision today, which i think he made weeks ago. just the simple fact he has to say it again is the sign there is a consternation among the republican party, they are worried about what happens. you talk about what's going on with the markets, washington reads poll as much as wall street does. either they've calculated kasich or clinton, and i don't think the market is going to like the clinton administration any more than the obama administration, but they see
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it's not trump or clinton. >> i have to disagree. people who look at general election matchups with cruz or trump as the republican nominee versus clinton and say they can't win, there is a lot of time between now and november, and i don't think we know exactly what the mood of the country is. we do know this that state after state sent a message to washington. both on the left and the right that they do not like the way things are going, i think the republican party better grab that excitement of people that say we've got to do this in a fresh new way else we will lose. if we follow the playbook, we will lose. liz: we're waiting on speaker ryan. i apologize if i'm interrupting anybody. the second he comes out, we will take it. greta van susteren in the chair, a lot of anticipation for something we know he's going to say or believe he is and something he said many times. what do you make of this official announcement today? >> i've known speaker ryan for a long time. we talk about the packers
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because we're both cheeseheads, whenever i go to interview, i hang around his office a little bit. whether you agree with him on politics or ideology he's a straight arrow. i remember before the 2012 race, i said to him, are you going to run for president? long before romney picked him as vice president. he said i can't, i want to be with my family, and you're away for a year. he did agree to serve on the ticket, that's only a three-month commitment, from the time. convention until the election in november, but he said all along he wants to be with his family. he likes his job. when he said he doesn't want to be speaker, he didn't want to be speaker i don't think because he's a policy wonk, he sleeps in his office. he spends until late at night going over numbers about the budget and how to fix things and also one of his old heroes is jack kemp who used to be in congress, and likes policy, gets up early and exercise, there's a huge drumbeat and enthusiasm. maybe we'll see him in 2020,
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but he's not going -- i'd be shocked if he were going to run. if he's drafted. if convention blows up, that wouldn't surprise me, but i think he's coming out and talking because he can't get away from the tweets. there he is, liz, right there. liz: yeah, as we look at many, many events where he has gone before the cameras, here he is now, and as we wait and see what he will say, greta, the question becomes what is his future role for the gop? because this angry sort of electorate here, this angry group of people feel we need change and they like donald trump. >> liz, he's going to say the same thing he always does, and he just put out a video last week. he's fine on a political fight on ideology and issues, the guy doesn't like the personal rancor in the party, and a lot of people say that, but i believe speaker ryan means it, he wants to do his job, and
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he's not particularly complicated or not, but when someone has so much wind behind his sails and so much success, everyone thinks he wants more. he may want more later, but right now, the best i can figure out is he likes his job and he would like to score point meaning he would like to do it well and like to work with both republicans and democrats but, of course, he's not going to abandon his own ideology. he's a much more get along-type guy who wants to do the old-fashioned thing, his job. liz: imagine that. stand by. we've got the two-minute warning, where speaker ryan will get on the podium and make another formal announcement. this one seems to be extremely formal because the press were called. everybody has shown up at the rnc headquarters where he is expected to simply say please stop asking me to run for president. i am not putting myself out there. little color commentary here. outside, we have many
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protesters, mostly on the democratic side, we are understanding, there have been 85 arrests. here is paul ryan. let us hear what he has to say. >> afternoon. i just returned from a week-long trip to the middle east to meet with our allies and our partners there. we had important conversations about isis. the security threat in that region and those around the world. but i'll tell you it is really amazing how our politics has followed so closely overseas. i was asked about it everywhere i went. i'm also aware that while i was overseas, there was more speculation that someone other than the current candidates will emerge as our party's nominee. i want to put this to rest once and for all. as you know, i have stayed out of this race and remained neutral as chairman of the republican convention, my job is to ensure there is integrity in the process, that the rules
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are followed by the rule book. that means it is not my job to tell delegates what they should do. i have a message to relay today. we have too much work to do in the house to allow this speculation to swirl or have my motivations questioned. so let me be clear. i do not want, nor will i accept the nomination for our party. so let me speak directly to the delegates on this. if no candidate has a majority in the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary. count me out. i simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our party to be the president, you should actually run for it. i chose not to do this, therefore i should not be considered, period, end of story. i just think it would be wrong to go any other way.
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let me say again, i am not going to be our party's nominee, but i'll also be clear about something else. not running does not mean i'm going to disappear. when i accepted this speakership, i did so on the condition they would do things differently than they had been done in the past. for one, i made it clear that this would be a policy and communications focused speakership, and secondly, i made clear last year in 2015 before the primaries started that we would be putting together a policy agenda and offer a clear choice to the american people. that's what i told my colleagues i would do and that is exactly what i have been doing. look. there is a big debate going on right now, it's about what kind of country we're going to be. as speaker of the house, i believe that i have not just an opportunity but an obligation to advance that debate. as i've talked about this before.
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politics today, it tends to drift toward personality contests. not policy contests. insults get ink more than ideas, but we still owe it to the country to show what we would do if given a mandate from the people. we have an obligation to give a clear picture, a clear choice to talk about solutions. that's why i've been giving speeches. that is why i've been communicating a vision from what our party and our country can be, and that is why i'm going to continue to do just that. i believe we can once again be an optimistic party defined by our belief in the limitless possibility of our people. we want a party defined by solutions, by being on the side of the people. we want to take our principles and apply them to the problems of the day. embrace free enterprise and reject cronyism. promote upward mobility. provide solutions to those
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stuck in fighting poverty. offer a tax code that rewards work, not the well connected. a strong and focused military. a health care system that promotes choice and flexibility. a secure border. a government that allows people to fulfill their american idea. you know this great idea that the condition of your birth doesn't determine the outcome of your life? that's the kind of agenda we are building right now, and that is the kind of agenda we're going to be releasing in the next few months. this job provides a platform to communicate a conservative vision for our country, and i am intent on using it, and i'm intent on using this platform not for me but for my house colleagues and for those who believe that conservatism holds the keys to a confident america. this is a critical role that has to be played and i am a position to play that role, to prepare for the fall campaign with our eventual nominee that gives a clear and compelling
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choice to our fellow citizens to earn the mandate we need to get things right, to fix our problems and to get our country back on track. thank you. >> speaker ryan? a lot of people said hey, this is exactly what he said about becoming speaker and ended up taking the job. what are you saying to people who are skeptical of you and say you are going to back into the system -- >> luke, those are apples and oranges. being speaker of the house is a far cry from being president of the united states specifically because i was already in the house. i'm already a congressman. i was asked to take a responsibility within congress that i've already been serving in from the one they had. that is entirely different than getting the nomination for president of the united states by your party without running for the job. so completely non sequitur comparison in my book. >> so what happens if this goes to a second ballot since your in charge, and what happens, who prevents them, you, the chair as the convention from
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somebody putting your name -- >> il not allow my name. i am opposed to my name being put in place. the rules committee which is assembled by the delegates will decide what the rules are, i would encourage the delegates to put in place a rule that says you can only nominate someone who actually ran for the job. >> does that mean that you think that only the three candidates remaining? >> i'll leave it up to the delegates at the rules committee to decide that. i really believe, if you want to be president, you should run for president. and when we select a nominee, we should select among people who ran for the job. i'll leave it at that. thank you very much. appreciate it. liz: that was clear, but i'm going to point out one thing that sounded slightly different from all the other i don't want this job announcements that speaker of the house paul ryan has made in the past, quote, let me be clear, i do not want -- here it is -- nor will i
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accept the nomination to be president, count me out. the nor will i accept is very interesting here. i want to bring back our entire group of pundits here. we have greta van susteren, blake burman, peter barnes at a trump event in rome, new york, trent duffy from the kasich campaign. senator scott brown and matt schlapp with us along with ed cox, the new york state gop chairman. first to senator scott brown. tell me exactly what your gut feeling is? he sounded quite serious here. is he sincere? >> absolutely. i never thought he was going to run nor accept it. to think that there is some special person who's going save the party coming in at convention, it's not going to happen. kasich and trump will have the delegates and they'll be writing the convention rules as speaker ryan referenced and 40 b is in place and i think it will stay in place not only to hurt kasich because he hasn't
3:31 pm
won eight states, only ohio. but mitt romney and newt gingrich can't come in. it's going to be one of the two, trump and cruz, period. liz: trump and cruz. blake, what was it like in that room? blake burman? okay, he's just getting in a better position here. so i will take it to greta van susteren. right before he came out, you were saying i know this guy, a midwesterner, sincere at heart. what jumped out at you of his statement? >> what jumped out at me, the fact that the speaker of the house has to give this speech because no one in the media is listening to him. he said this so many times and the media cannot understand the fact that maybe someone doesn't want to be president, not right now. maybe someone does like to have his job, maybe someone thinks there is more mo do in his job, but the media thinks every single person in washington wants to be president. it's not true. the media won't listen. he said it so many times.
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i can hear the frustration in his voice. no matter how much the media says it, it's not so. he wants to be speaker of the house, something he maybe didn't seek so much, but the media ought to give it a rest and maybe something will blow up in cleveland at the gop convention, but i actually believe speaker of the house. he is not seeking it, count him out. he doesn't want it, and maybe we ought to believe some of these politicians when they tell us things. though admittedly we've heard other things. liz: sometime we believe them and others aren't quite right. peter barnes is in rome, new york, at a donald trump event. they were listening to a speaker there, they didn't hear the speaker make this comment. what do you get from the crowd about this? this has been a very, very important group of voters who feel that donald trump, if he's in the lead, should be the guy? >> reporter: yeah, a very good point to make with regard to
3:33 pm
that very issue, liz. look at polling data showing a head-to-head matchup between paul ryan and, say, hillary clinton. some of that polling data, including recent polling data shows that ryan would lose to hillary clinton in november. so the other side of this is not just the other side of the story is not just that ryan might have been at the top of the dream ticket for those in the anti-trump, anti--- the establishment anti-trump crowd, but the fact is that it's questionable whether or not he could even win the general election for the republicans. got to remember that side of the story too. liz: huge crowd in rome. rome, new york. everybody stay in place with the new york primary one week away, we have ed cox, the guy with the gop and the state of new york, he's going to give us
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his sense of what happened with speaker paul ryan. stay tuned, we're coming right back. dow jones industrials holding onto most of the gains, up 175 points. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink. your link to what's next. so what else is new? humm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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. >> i do not want, nor will i accept the nomination for our party. so let me speak directly to the delegates on this. if no candidate has a majority in the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primary. count me out. liz: speaker paul ryan just moments ago at rnc headquarters saying enough already. stop pushing my name out there. he said that he had gone overseas specifically to discuss the isis crisis, and people were more interested in talking about the election and,
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of course his name had been floated. he came back and paul ryan said i got to stop this, i've got tamp it down once and for all. let's bring back our team of watchers, blake burman at rnc headquarters. greta van susteren, matt schlapp is a republican strategist. scott brown, former senator and ed cox, the former gop chair. new york state is seven days away from the primary where, do you stand on who should get all of these? this is a big chunk of delegates. >> the greatest show on earth is shown in new york state, and a move of five or six percentage points can decide whether donald trump has a chance to get it on the first ballot or whether there is open convention. that's what's happening in new york and will be decided april
3:40 pm
19th by the grassroots of the republican party when they vote in the primary. liz: what did you make of what speaker ryan said? >> a serious man, a jack kemp protege. he wants to carve out agenda on which our presidential candidate will run. he wants this presidential election to be battle of ideas and as speaker of the house he can put forward an agenda that can get through the house, maybe to the senate and be on the new president's desk to be signed the first day of office. liz: the keys to the agenda, matt schlapp, conservatism holds the keys to fixing our problems. though right now it seems that the gop team here has a lot of problems because there's so much, i guess, discrepancy between what's fair, what isn't. donald trump is crying foul. ted cruz says we're following the rules and so much angst right now. did this clear some of it up? >> absolutely. first of all, the news made by paul ryan, he thinks one of the
3:41 pm
17 republican candidates who put their name in the process is open in the process. liz: hold on, you read this into that? >> yes. liz: he said only those running should be considered. >> that's right. liz: that's the three we widdled this down too, no? >> no, he was asked twice, you are saying beyond the three running? he said i want to leave it where it would. it leaves the door open potentially, the door is a crack for someone like scott walker, hometown governor. reason republicans look like there is so much chaos is let's face it, this race is incredibly close when it comes to delegates. urm the florida recount. the closer we got a look how close the returns were in florida. the more people saw the cracks and the flaws. that's what we're seeing in the republican contest. we haven't had a contest so close in so long, not in my lifetime and shows subjectivity and there will be judgment calls that have to be made.
3:42 pm
liz: bush v. gore, bush ended up winning as we know, scott brown, do you agree with that? >> first of all two, things stood out in the presentation by the speaker. he said he's in charge of the convention, wants to make sure he does that thoughtfully and thoroughly. he wants to put forth agenda that's going to make a difference for americans, and number three, one of the people that have run. i disagree with that. it's not one of the 17. it's going to be one of the three, really one of the two. as i referenced earlier, those two people with the delegates are going write convention rules and not going to allow somebody who's won one state with respect to governor kasich or no states and is now out. it's not going to happen. we're going to have one of the two. here's what i say to the never trump people. what if it's trump and cruz as a ticket where, do you stand? that's when tough decisions are
3:43 pm
made. liz: greta, you interviewed the two gentlemen. do you see that? there is so much vitriol between the two of them. >> that's the funny thing about politics. i'll never be a politician because i have a memory, someone saying the horrible things, i remember it. they come out and support each other and it's like go figure. we don't have video cameras, that we didn't take notes. we're nuts when we previously called the person worthless and saying this will be the greatest person for president like we in the media are stupid or forgot somehow. that's crazy. liz: peter barnes, the classic example was ben carson and the things donald trump said that were extremely nasty about ben carson and now ben carson is endorsing donald trump and looking at the crowd behind you, has there been a lot of discussion about delegates? donald trump has been very upset about what happened in colorado and south carolina where he felt it was an unfair situation, and up until now,
3:44 pm
he's been doing well and suddenly lost a few. >> reporter: that's right, and this speaks to ted cruz's organization and donald trump's up until recently lack of organization or lack of professional staff. he is now trying to fix that problem and get into the game on the delegate count. we were in albany last night, and we want to clarify for folks, this is the process by which they actually select the people who are going to represent the voters who have made their choice. so, for example, i forget which state it was, but donald trump might have gotten a dozen delegates in the contest in the caucus and the primary but ted cruz has been able to come in with his people and make sure that ted cruz supporters have got those slots, so then on the first ballot, they would vote for trumping are but on subsequent ballots when they're released and unbound they can turn around and vote for cruz. we're not talking about people
3:45 pm
selected already in the primaries and the caucuses. this has been the surprise to the trump campaign. i don't think they were aware that there was a whole other contest around picking the actual people who go to the convention and represent him and the other candidates. liz: what does this all mean for the democratic side, blake? outside, apparently the protesters were so loud that you could hear it on the inside. those were mostly as i understand it, democratic protesters? >> reporter: yeah, this is day two of protests here on capitol hill. the capitol is i don't know 100 yards behind us or the capitol offices and then you have the capitol building. you could see a couple dozen protesters demonstrators, they were chanting, it was loud. this is a very small room. we're directly in the lobby of the rnc, and you mentioned democrats, they put out a statement, the dccc, the folks
3:46 pm
in charge of electing downbound democrats trying to tie speaker of the house paul ryan to donald trump and ted cruz. not the first time it's happened, not the last time it's happened for any republican in the race as long as cruz and trump are at the top. liz: there you have it, the big announcement for the umpteenth time. blake burman, greta van susteren, matt schlapp, scott brown, trent duffy and ed cox. tune into fox business next tuesday, one week from tonight. poll coverage of the new york primary. 95 delegates on the gop side, ed. >> that's it. liz: neil cavuto and lou dobbs bring you the latest at 7:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us. the markets charging ahead. s&p holding onto 18 points of gains. the dow up 155 points. ♪
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. liz: as the markets continue to just pare a few of the gains here. congressman elijah cummings going after ceo michael pearson for many of the controversies surrounding pearson's company that he was running until recently, that is valeant. we've been telling you the soap opera story because it involves billionaire investors and drama. let's get to charlie gasparino. >> interesting trading play. i never give people trading advice, a couple of things elijah cummings said, he sent a letter to valeant saying that the company is refusing to fully cooperate with congress. i think pearson is scheduled to speak before the house subcommittee during the hearing. valeant employees appear to have used fictitious e-mail addresses in communications with the controversial, online
3:52 pm
distributor philidor, that is basically known, he said you did not disclose valeant's relationship with philidor until october 2035, and one thing he does not say. what law, if any did valeant break? i will say this, this is a play with a lot of hedge funds. they are saying it is trading at $30 a share. do we have a stock chart of valeant? up a smidgen, 64 cents. as of now, there has not been, aside from a lot of smoke and maybe some ethically challenged business practices, where is the illegality, is this a $30 stock if you cannot prove it to be doing something illegal? that's an interesting play. i'm just saying i don't tell people what to do. they have assets, as we
3:53 pm
reported on the table. forget about what ackman said as the bausch & lomb subsidiary, they can ipo half of it, this company, the question is, and i talked to a lot of hedge funds is not a $30 stock. liz: do you think bill ackman regrets going into valeant? >> he bought it at the top. liz: the top is $210. >> the question is now, is it worth $30? i just heard your last guests talking about paul ryan and the various scenarios. i think it was scott brown, who i love, a good friend of mine talked about a trump-cruz scenario, there is a better chance of jim kramer co-anchoring a show with low dobbs. liz: greta said, yeah, i don't see that. >> that happening than a trump-cruz ticket. put me on the record for that. liz: charlie gasparino, floating all kinds of ideas.
3:54 pm
>> put me on the record for that. liz: we'll have much more when "countdown to the closing bell." dow is up 145 points. six minutes to go before we hear the closing bell. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, . . . . and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
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liz where do you find out what billionaires think around what they're doing for their money. every friday catch fox business's new show, wall street week, 8:00 p.m. eastern. this week's special guest, bear stearns former executive, kyle bass. talking about credit bubble in asia reached atrophy level and how it will impact the u.s. markets. listen. >> whether that cause as brief minor recession, i think it is 40, 50% chance in the next year personally. liz: 40 to 50% chance of a brief recession? let's bring in jeff reeves, doagree with that? >> not at all. if i had to put a number i would say zero. the problem with comparisons to china, china doesn't buy
3:58 pm
anything from us. no reason to need china's economy booming to ship goods and services. donald trump talks about a trade deficit. we send a heck of a lot of stuff over there. i'm not that concerned. china's credit bubble is risk for investors sentimentwise but economically speaking it will not be a gigantic drag of gdp to see china go through further pain. liz: you say it is okay, be calm, pick great stocks in what do you think is great stock right now? >> i think are opportunity of good growth plays. i'm looking hedge against u.s. dollar. i like retailer macy's as turn around play. it bounce ad little bit off the bottom since december on hopes it will cut some cap-ex and do some restructuring in order to make its profitability better. macy's a domestic retail chain. not like walmart that has to
3:59 pm
worry about dollar overseas. walmart doesn't have headwinds with nike does, but steph curry and recent sponsors they got, footwear business is growing great. there is big tailwind behind it. you don't have to worry about the forex problems. liz: he says don't shove money under the mattress. imf was downgrading u.s. global economy overall for fourth time in a year? >> i know that is the thing. gdp is not great right now. we saw numbers slum aplittle bit. we went back to early 2014. nobody wanted to believe it was weather. everybody thought it was horrible quarter end of the world and return of another recession. we saw negative growth for one quarter and snapped back in a hurry. i don't think metrics we've seen across the board, more than 200,000 jobs created like clockwork. home prices still strong. builder confidence is still strong. it will take a heck of a lot to see recession.
4:00 pm
not that there aren't problems. nobody wants to see 1.4% gdp growth. it is not negative but pretty anemic. [closing bell rings] liz: that will do it for me. david and melissa, pick it up here. david: markets ending in the green off session highs. stocks getting a huge boost for oil settling at a new high for the year jumping at about 4%, to end the y over $42 a barrel. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis and this is "after the bell.." at this hour, donald trump set to take the stage any minute for a big rally in rome new york, as drama between him and cruz escalates. trading jabs over accusations of rigged politics and paul ryan formally ruling himself out of the race for the white house once and for all, so he says. speaking at rnc head


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