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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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not that there aren't problems. nobody wants to see 1.4% gdp growth. it is not negative but pretty anemic. [closing bell rings] liz: that will do it for me. david and melissa, pick it up here. david: markets ending in the green off session highs. stocks getting a huge boost for oil settling at a new high for the year jumping at about 4%, to end the y over $42 a barrel. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis and this is "after the bell.." at this hour, donald trump set to take the stage any minute for a big rally in rome new york, as drama between him and cruz escalates. trading jabs over accusations of rigged politics and paul ryan formally ruling himself out of the race for the white house once and for all, so he says. speaking at rnc headquarters
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press conference moments ago. david: before we get to donald trump and all that, let's go to peter barnes at trump's rally with the very latest. what is happening there, peter? reporter: hey, david and melissa. we're waiting for donald trump to show up, he is running 20, 30 minutes late. this hang far on outskirts of rome is packed. several thousand people are chanting trump, trump, and usa, usa as speakers trying to stretch to buy time for him to arrive. we expect to hear a lot more of trump from trump in particular. as you know he says he is counterpuncher. if he gets punched he likes to punched back. somebody who punched this morn in new york was ohio above john kasich, without mentioning trump by name, lit into him. here is what he said. >> some who feed off of the fears and anger that is felt by
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some of us and exploit it, feed their own insatiable desires for fame and attention. that could drive america down into a ditch and not make us great again. reporter: okay, i expect we might hear him counter punch to kasich. he doesn't like to let toes things go unanswered. we also are probably going to also hear him repeat his charges that the delegate selection process in republican party is rigged, and he used the word last night at a rally in albany, nearby albany, he called it a dirty system. so i think those are a couple of things we'll expect to hear from trump when he gets started here in a few minutes. david and melissa, looks like set of beginning of patton, where general patton walks up
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with the american flag behind him. it ipretty dramatic for donald trump. as soon as trump begins to speak we'll take you there. melissa. melissa: donald trump continues to blast what he calls a rigged primary process in colorado after ted cruz swept the state, taking all 34 delegates up for grabs. >> they talk about delegates. and i'm hundreds of delegates ahead but the system, folks, is rigged. it is rigged, disgusting, dirty system. melissa: never one to mince words. bret baier host of "special report" on fox news. bret, is it fair to say colorado favors the party infrastructure or the insiders? or the establishment? is that fair. >> well, i don't think you would call ted cruz the establishment really, even though many establishment figures are now backing ted cruz.
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i think it benefits to be organized. that is definitely clear in colorado. and listen, to ted, to donald trump's point, there are many people on the ground in colorado who are very upset with this, very upset there wasn't even a straw poll or primary or caucus where everybody votes. but they set it up this way, month and months ago, this would be a convention at county level, then at the state level to choose delegates. franklthe cruz people were very prepared for that they were ready to go. they out maneuvered the trump people. that is the bottom line. senator cory gardner republican from colorado who won convincingly last election there in the u.s. senate, if you can't handle colorado gop convention how will you handle isis among other things? so i think you're seeing that pushback to some of trump's comments but clearly people on the ground are upset, melissa.
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melissa: do you think this is a case of, we're only really seeing sort of how archaic all these rules are in each state because we have an outsider or somebody who isn't organized in there, and that is highlighting it to a national audience, maybe for the first time? would that be a fairway to say it? >> i think it is just because we have a race. we are now counting every delegate up to 1237. because we are so focused in on that, every state and its arcane rules and how they do it differently is becoming a factor. very much each delegate is going to count whether he get there or he doesn't. if he gets to the majority, 123, in cleveland rnc will not take it away. if he has the majority, boom, it is over. if he comes up short, you go to second ballot really anything can happen.
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although what can happen, according to paul ryan today, that his name will be put into the nomination. melissa: what is your take? you are somebody that watched this up close for so long, when saw paul ryan out there, what was your gut reaction. i think he was getting a lot of pressure inside of the house caucus, to say are you really doing this boss? melissa: yeah. >> or a lot of pressure even from his overseas trip with foreign leaders where they are saying, are you guy? he is saying i'm not going to be guy. notice what he said, melissa. it should be someone who ran put their hand in the ring. guess what, that is 17 people at beginning of this process. melissa: that's right. >> you have a lot to choose from beyond three still in the race. melissa: that's true. that is a great point. bret baier, that is great point. we'll bring you the rally as soon as it happens. david: as melissa mentioned, paul ryan making a announcement moments ago from the republican
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national committee, ruling out any speculation that he will be the party's president. blake burman standing by with very latest on this. blake? reporter: hi, david. paul ryan tried to make it as loud and clear and as public as possible, that he as speaker of the house wants absolutely nothing to do with the potential nomination of the presidency on the republican side. this has all come into focus the last couple days, weeks, as it has become more clr the potential of a brokered convention is a possibility at some point during the republican convention in july, if nobody gets to 1237. the thinking is, if this gets past a second and a third ballot, then at that point as more delegates come free, establishment, more mainstream types could throw up somebody like paul ryan and get a more mainstream candidate in there. it's been chatter out there for weeks into months. paul ryan tried to put an end to it today just a little while ago. >> i chose not to do.
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therefore, i should not be considered, period, end of story. i just think it would be wrong to go any other way. so let me say again, i am not boeing to be our party's nominee reporter: slight little problem here for ryan. it is almost six months ago to the day, david, and paul ryan said, i'm quoting here, i will not be a candidate, end quote, as it related to then being the sneaker -- speaker of the house. paul ryan at that point said he wanted nothing to do with it. we know how it played out after that. he added stipulations. a few weeks after that he was elected by house republicans as the next house speaker. he was asked todays, essentially why we should believe him this time around he wants nothing to do with the presidency. take a listen. >> apples and oranges. being speaker of the house is far cry from being president of the united states, specifically because i was already in the house.a congressman. so i was asked by my colleagues
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to take responsibility within congress that i have already been serving in from the one i had. that is entirely different than getting the nomination for president of the united states by your party without even running for the job. reporter: perhaps the biggest news here from paul ryan speeds the fact he says he is out, he said the nominee should come from one of the 17 people who has already is running or has ran in this race but would not say if it should be the final three left still remaining. david and melissa, i will leave you with one quick anecdote here, as i was coming over, my cab driver said where are you going. i said rnc. he said, who will it be cruz, trump or ryan? no matter what ryan says today, speculation will follow. david: absolutely. blake burman, thank you very much. if he is not running for president what is the speaker up to? here to weigh in, dan henninger, the deputy editor of "the wall street journal." dan, a very big pr effort for something.
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he took this tour of overseas. he has commercials running. what is all this about? >> i think what today is all about, david, is that paul ryan is trying very, very hard not to make himself a distraction in the presidential sweepstakes. try as he made people keep putting his name forward as speaker of the house which i understand he genuinely did not want to do, and for now the presidency. this race -- david: hold on a second, dan. because before, when he said he wasn't going to be speaker of the house he didn't come out with all the ads at the same time suggesting that he would be a perfect speaker of the house. now he says he doesn't want to be president but we have all these ads coming out he would essentially implying he would be a great president. why? >> i don't know if it is implying that. david: what is the purpose of it? >> trying to protect his policy agenda in the midst of all this i think he also understands you have a very volatile presidential race going on. you have candidates out there
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like mr. trump claiming that the process is unfair and what leaders like paul ryan are afraid of, is that the trump supporters or cruz supporters may get so upset they stay home in november. i think he is trying to give them a clear shot to the convention in cleveland and taking himself out of it. it is going to be hard to do in the media environment we live in. but i think that is essentially what ryan is trying to do. he is not part of the story. david: so why the ads? >> i think the ads were simply intended to protect the bonefides of the house and house republicans policy agenda. it is not intended for him to become a candidate for presidency at all. david: however, if there is a contested convention and if it goes to the second or third or even beyond that rounds, might his name be thrown in the ring? >> abs shoutly it could be thrown in the ring. i think at that point if they get to forth or fifth vote and looking for someone, obviously a lot of people would like paul ryan as a presidential candidate i think it would be
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very difficult for him to say i simply refuse to take, to be drafted by this convention. if that is the will of the convention and that is where we're going, david, if donald trump and ted cruz can not convince those delegates or john kasich they should be the nominee, they're going to go to someone else and it could well be paul ryan. david: for all of his protests today he is not running you say if he is drafted and in a fourth or fifth or whatever round, he would accept? >> david, this is the presidency of the united states. anybody who gets into public life, whether they're running for the town council out in podunk or house of representatives, if your party says we want you to be our nominee i think you're going to accept. david: dan henninger at "wall street journal." dan, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: totally undermining what the speaker says a couple minutes ago. all right. the battle for new york intensifying for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the two democrats trading harsh jabs as the primary for the empire state nears.
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a new poll shows clinton leading sanders by 14 points with 55% support, compared to 41% for sanders. fox news's ed henry joins us now. ed, we were talking about this during the break? reporter: that paul ryan is running? melissa: no, that is terrible. it has been a whole year to the day since hillary clinton debuted the first ad. i remember she was there in the blue jacket. she said i am running for president of the united states. that was a year ago today? reporter: a year ago today. pretty bumpy ride. still has a lot fib investigation. some fits and starts on rope lines, with saying with activists bernie sanders symptom lying for my record. there is frustration, i think she thought this would be wrapped up by now. poll after poll here in new york, including "fox news poll" she has a double-digit lead. i think big picture there is big delegate lead.
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they can't put this democratic socialist away yet. melissa: people said no one ever run on this side without winning every state we're in. that is because it was usually over. >> right. melissa: by the time these races come around we generally know who it is going to be. let me ask you about new york. >> sure. melissa: bernie sanders comes in the end and closes. this is the pattern, she starts way up. reporter: you're absolutely right. i have traveled around the state after state with both of them, is the idea that these double-digit leads evaporate and bernie sanders closes pretty well. so, number one, i would look at what's beneath the headline on the nbc poll today, saying double-digit lead. it also said among new york democratic primary voters 30% who support sanders say they will never support clinton in a general election. we hear a lot in the media and political world about the never trump movement. that may be real or may not be.
4:15 pm
they might hold their nose and stay home or might vote for trump after all if he is nominee. on democratic side, the point is hillary clinton likely to get this nomination? sure. she will have a lot of work to do as well to repair this rift you mentioned with bernie sanders. to get these progressives from staying home. if she doesn't get them turning out it gives republican as much better shot. melissa: who would ever thought it would be contentious convention on both sides. good fodder for us. not for the candidates though. stomach aches for them. david. david: heated battle for the republican nomination may be bubbling over. some delegates in indiana are getting threats from trump supporters. details coming up. melissa: dropping the gop. why this man is burning his voter registration, renouncing the republican party. more may follow suit. i love the drama. david: health officials sound the alarm on new dangers of the zika virus. why they now say the virus may
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be a bigger threat than we already knew. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than wannishly thought. -- initially thought.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. david: don't worry, we haven't forgotten about that rally in rome new york. the stage is set. the crowd is anxious to hear donald trump. he is set to arrive 15 minutes to half hour. we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. okay. melissa. melissa: delegates from indiana are being told to watch their packs. state delegates say they received threatening messages from trump supporters after they expressed reservations about the republican front-runner. wow. jeff flock has details on this one. jeff, break it down for us. reporter: every day it is something else, isn't it? early voting already underway in indiana.
4:20 pm
it is getting nasty. the case specifically of one delegate named greg dunne. he is chairman of howard county republican party in indiana. that is kokomo, indiana. he has been pretty outspoken anti-trump. his facebook picture he is he and john kasich. he is getting messages. you story sorry, blanket at this blank, i hope worse for yours. mr., if satan had lead on donald trump and one delegate away from being nominated i might vote for donald trump. otherwise maybe not so much. another delegate, kyle babcock questioned whether trump could be elected, a post on his facebook said, wrong side, kyle. i hope your family is well. your name and info was sent to me on a list going public. think before you take a step down the wrong path. pretty angry stuff out there, to their credit the trump campaign
4:21 pm
disavowed these messages an threats and trump campaign chairman in indiana, we have some pretty stupid people in this world. worth noting, melissa. you know these delegates they will be bound if trump were to win them in the primary they would be bound on the first ballot but in indiana they would not be bound after that. sounds like a lot of these delegates if they get to the second ballot are not trump backers. melissa: wow. pretty crazy stuff, jeff. thank you. david? david: moving to another state nearly a month after the missouri primaries we can now officially declare donald trump and hillary clinton winners of the hawkeye state but very close with trump picking up 12 more delegates after besting ted cruz by just .2 of a percentage point. look at that. hillary clinton beating hillary clinton also by a slim margin, very slim, the same one as a matter of fact, .2 of a point. "politico" saying democrats each get 34 delegates. when you get the superdelegates,
4:22 pm
clinton takes home 46. can't forget that. melissa: yeah. she has got hate mail. donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton's email scandal. >> she is being protected by the democrats, which is a disgrace but she is going to have to live with that when she runs because everybody knows that she is guilty as hell. melissa: plus, the severe storm is bringing softball-sized hail to texas. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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melissa: so donald trump is getting set to take the stage any minute now. we saw them come out and adjust the microphone just a moment ago. so we think he is nearby. there is a big rally going on in rome, new york, and trump is accusing the republican party of rigging the system. you've heard it. no doubt that will be a big part of his comments this afternoon. meantime while we wait, david, i send it over to you. david: we're not losing track of
4:26 pm
that we'll play it as soon as it begins. president obama's defense of hillary clinton emails is not convincing donald trump. take a listen. >> talk about liars? i think hillary might be worse than ted! her whole life has been a big fat beautiful lie. a lot of people say there is no way she could escape the email scandal. let's see what happens, folks. i say she es it because she is being protected. david: will she get out of other email jam before the election. joining me, former district attorney of the southern district much new york, andrews mccarthy. will she get a pass before the election. >> i don't think this administration won't indict her. that doesn't mean the fbi won't recommend an indictment. i caution the people not to expect the justice department to take any action. i have a feeling attorney
4:27 pm
general lynch will simply put on it, and not want to be deciding it one way or another. there is no timetable that forces her to act. david: the president said on sunday, "fox news sunday," at worse, i'm paraphrasing her, at. that is the worst thing. but even if that is the worst, if you're sloppy with top secrets isn't that illegal? >> sloppy is guilty. the standard -- david: under gross negligence. >> gross negligence, right. it was interesting. he said she never intended to harm the country. that would be interesting if we're saying she should be convicted of treason. nobody is saying that. what they're saying is, that she violated the rules, that everybody who has a security clearance, knows about. that, govern handling classified information f you're trusted with classified information, you well know that you can not transsubmit it in a way that it either ends up with unauthorized person or an unauthorize the place. david: now there is also the question of the clinton foundation, whether or not she used her position as secretary
4:28 pm
of state to satisfy the concerns of clinton foundation donors. we have heard that that is part of what the fbi is looking into, because some of her emails discussed that in a vague way. we don't know about the 30,000 she deleted although they may even have those. do you think that is part of the investigation still? >> i think it is, i think it should be but i also think it would be terrible if the whole investigation was held up by that which is much more complicated thing to investigate. david: so in other words, it is easier to prosecute her under the secret provision than it would be under whether there was quid pro quo for clinton foundation? >> david, if you have a top secret document, it ends up place it is supposed to be or doesn't. if it is in possession of unauthorized person and you're responsible that, it is egregious, but harder to prove. quid pro quo -- david: whoever is the republican nominee, if she passes up to the
4:29 pm
election cycle, september, october without an indictment, is it still grist for the mill? do you think there is enough what we already know about to bring up against her in the presidential campaign. >> oh, of course. i think, it will be an issue in the campaign. i think what we just heard from donald trump, wasn't so much, a commentary on hillary per se as it was to set up a campaign theme. david: she says, you know what she says? hey, justice department looked at it. looked at every corner did. they found nothing. >> nobody is going to buy that. it is obama justice department and it is attorney general lynch, who might want to be attorney general lynch in the hillary administration. you know, if she got the chance to do that. david: andrew mccarthy, good to see you. melissa? melissa: from rivals to running mates, donald trump dropping big hints on possible vp list. should he win the nomination, but his top picks might not be
4:30 pm
willing to accept the job. >> i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. i'm just, i'm not interested in being vice president. i don't mean that in disrespectful way. i'm not going to be vice president. david: plus bill clinton's tough crime fighting policies from the '90s haunting his wife on the campaign trail. we'll talk about his almost apology what he said to "black lives matter" coming up. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty tual insurance. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension,
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david: donald trump about to hold a campaign rally in rome, new york. there is a lot that he can talk about. i would say number one on the list whether or not the republican party is being fair to him. of course all that discussion about delegates from colorado yet to be resolved. a lot of issues to be referred to. of course the convention coming up and how he plans to go about getting delegates before the convention happens. get enough delegates to win the nomination. we'll bring that live to you as soon as it happens. melissa. melissa: donald trump has a lot to say about his republican rivals. >> kasich can not make america great again. can't do it. he can't do it. rubio. [shouting] i have many friends in wisconsin. i fully understand wisconsin. i wouldn't say that your governor loves me, because, i, no, i knocked him out. the. melissa: same rivals the from
4:35 pm
the time runner is considering as potential vp picks, interview with kirsten powers, dropping names like marco rubio, john kasich, scott walker. talking about them in a different context. with very rebecca berg, "real clear politics" and dan hen henninger is back as well. rebecca, my favorite response was scott walker's, to hear his name uttered by trump as possible vp was sort of breathtaking. even in the realm of politics, you had to wonder as he was lobbing those molotov cocktails at his opponents, how would he later say they could possibly be potential veeps. is it all politics or what do you think, rebecca? >> just the way donald trump operates. certainly when attacking these rivals of his or former rivals he wasn't thinking about them as potential running mates. it is possible he is only just started thinking about them as potential running mates.
4:36 pm
i think the common denominator with all three of these men they would be legitimatizing running mates for donald trump. he will look someone who makes him look more like a serious politician. someone who has more credibility among what we would consider establishment republicans or republicans who have been around the party, who have served in office. so he will probably be looking for a lawmaker but these men certainly not suggesting that they would be open to that. melissa: dan, call me jaded, okay? >> okay. melissa: but when he was saying all of these things about marco rubio, and i mean, rebecca says, maybe he wasn't thinking about them as potential running mates, i think he absolutely was. he was just thinking about beating the hell out of them first. later in politics you make amends. when those guys said they wouldn't ever be vice president, i didn't believe them either. i would think after they got booted out of the race they would think about coming back.
4:37 pm
none of this means anything, is my bottom line. are we all jaded? >> we are all jaded. there is saying in politics, some of this may be pay back the way marco rubio responded in clip. could marco rubio sounded more uninterested in that clip than being donald trump's running mate? had fact when you think about the phrase, donald trump's running mate, almost an oxymoron, like a contradiction in terms. if you're going to be running with donald trump, you're going to be riding in the back of the bus. you're not getting much attention. politicians, if nothing else crave attention. so he may have some difficulty talking with one of these major league politicians running with him. melissa: i don't know about that, rebecca. vice president, one heartbeat away. one election next time around. if it goes well you have the legitimacy to run. we see people who hate each other and tried to kill each other on campaign trail come together because they're all inspired by same ambition for
4:38 pm
power and presidency. i don't believe anyone would turn him down? >> look, donald trump is completely different animal than any nominee we've had before. and so, it is not only consideration of, will it look good for me to be someone's running mate, is that a resume' booster? this is about politicians brands moving forward. someone like marco rubio, who is very young, scott walker who is very young, they have their whole careers ahead of them, they could certainly run again in 2020 if they wanted to. i'm sure they are thinking about it. how would it help them to be donald trump's running mate, when they think he is so antithetical what the republican party would be. melissa: it would help them if he won and they became vice president. i understand. it absolutely cuts the other way. you think it is unlikely. other people that don't. that is what makes it a race. guys, thank you so much. over to you, david. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders
4:39 pm
who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on to the street to murder other african-american children! you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter! i did something yesterday in philadelphia, i almost want to apologize for but i want to use it as an example of danger threatening our country. david: hmmm. former president bill clinton close to apologizing for his earlier blast at the "black lives matter" folks and criticism of crime fighting policies he helped implement in the 1990s. so is the clinton camp trying to have it both ways? for more, manhattan institute heather mcdonald. also contributing editor for city journal. heather, did clinton say anything in that first part that he needed to apologize for? >> of course not. this is example how far we have changed politically in the obama administration era. clinton was speaking the truth, common sense, that it is correct to stigmatize criminals. there is nothing wrong with calling somebody who murders
4:40 pm
children a super predator. and now, in this era, that is so politically incorrect, we have to worry about hurting the feelings of gang-bangers. david: his policies put a lot more people in jail. and that is now viewed by progressives, and hillary clinton said so on the campaign trail, of course so has bernie sanders, as a bad thing, more people in jail. but haven't more people in jail led to less crime? >> if the homicide rate had remained what it was nationally in 1994, there would have been over 100,000 black lives that were taken. david: one one how, wow. >> over 100,000. that is what is the result of proactive policing that is under attack from "black lives matter," and longer sentences for violent felons. david: reverse of that would be if we got rid of all of those rules and regulations that led to those lives being saved. would we have 100,000 people dead that are now alive?
4:41 pm
>> well we're seeing that happening already. the crime gains of the last 20 years are eroding under relentless rhetorical and physical assault on police officers that is emerged from the "black lives matter" movement. crime in the top 50 cities, homicides are up nearly 17% last year. chicago it is going through the roof. officers are backing off. david: hillary clinton says that is because of guns from vermont. take a listen to that clip. >> most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in new york come from out-of-state. and the state has highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. david: so she is trying to make the deduction that if it wasn't for guns from vermont would we be have less crime. >> it is amazing! vermont hunters are not responsible for drive-by shootings in harlem.
4:42 pm
let's make this very clear. the people who are responsible for those shootings are the shooters themselves. this is the knee-jerk reaction of the democratic party, to avoid talking about personal responsibility. what's result, real cause of crime and drive-by shootings is the breakdown of the black family and unless we have the guts to talk about that, we are going to continue with this effort to change the conversation and demonize cops. david: heather macdonald, manhattan institute. >> thanks, david. david: melissa. melissa: coming up, how serious is the threat from the zika virus. it is worse than initially thought? a serious hailstorm hitting the lone star state. how bad was it? >> there were probably about golf sized, golf ball hail coming through and destroyed the frikin' cammer. all the windows were broken.
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4:46 pm
waiting for that trump rally in rome, new york. by the way, role is 40 miles away, due east from syracuse. a lot of folks there are from syracuse. this is an old airport donald trump will be landing into. as soon as that begins, again, he has a lot to talk about, very hot under the collar what happened in colorado, all over the country with the republican establishment. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. meanwhile the centers for disease control stating that the threat from zika virus is quote, scarier than we thought. jonathan serrie with details how serious the threat from that virus is really is. reporter: the type move seat toe that most easily transmits the zika virus is more prevalent in the u.s. than previously thought. it shows the mosquito can be found in 30 states, that is up from 12. mosquitoes are spreading zika in
4:47 pm
mexico, u.s. territories there are no reports of zika-borne transmission on the u.s. mainland that could change as many states are just now going into their mosquito seasons. >> everything with the virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. we hope we don't see widespread transmission in the continental u.s., we need states to be ready for that. reporter: the greatest risk is unborn babies to infected mothers. in addition to small head size, federal officials think zika is linked to series of conditions including from mature birth and blindness. adults show mild to no symptoms but there are reports of rare neurological problems in adults, including form of paralysis called guillain-barre syndrome. president obama asked for congress, $2 million for zika control.
4:48 pm
but they first asked them to use money for ebola. >> the money from ebola account will help us further but still not what we want. when the president asked for 1.9 billion, we needed 1.9 billion. reporter: health officials say funding is needed for multiple disease threats including zika and ebola. back to you. david: jonathan serrie, thank you very much. incredible images out of texas. a massive hailstorm pummeling parts of the lone star state. quarter-sized to golf ball sized hail. a school outside of dallas closed because of safety concerns. damaging a at least two vehicles and the storm is expected to weaken as it moves eastern. donald trump supporters are so loyal they are threatening to leave the republican party for him but what is making them so angry? more on that coming right up. >> i'm been a republican all my
4:49 pm
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. david: still waiting on donald trump. this is griffis international airport, it is in rome, new york, about 40 miles from syracuse. donald trump's plane will arrive there. he will start the rally as soon as he gets there. he has been delayed. we don't know whether it is weather. as soon as he begins to speak we'll take you there immediately. trump is not only one issue with delegate allegation in colorado. lair which wayne lindsey wanted to become a delegate for trump. he is concerned that party is ignores members concerns.
4:53 pm
>> gop caucus currently in place in the state of colorado, is archaic, confusing and too easily manipulated. so that the gop can get the outcome it desires instead of the outcome that the voter desires. david: trump's campaign is now warning mr. lindsey may not be the only trump supporter leaving the party. rebecca and dan are back to weigh in. rebecca, rush limbaugh has probably been more generous to donald trump supporters than anybody. he has not come out to support donald trump or another republican but he was attacked today by a supporter and it was a very dramatic confrontation where the supporter was saying, you have betrayed your principles by essentially agree ing with what the republican party done in the delegate allocation which is not entirely true but if rush limbaugh can take abuse for being anti-trump, where does this thing go? >> it's really not clear and the
4:54 pm
onus is certainly on the republican national committee and the candidates themselves to try to explain this process to people. i mean, the republican primary process and really the primary process for both parties isn't usually under the spotlight. these are arcane processes, super wonky in detail that really never even mattered to people, to regular voters because the popular vote usually matches up with the delegate allocation and nominee is easy and we move on from there but it is different this year for obvious reasons and so there is really no simple way to go bit. david: right. >> the candidates have to have organization as ted cruz did in colorado and donald trump did not, to explain this to their supporters and kind of hold their hands and lead them along but republican party also needs to explain why these processes are in place in the first place and maybe in the future take another look at why they are the way they are, and could they be changed. david: dan, the republican party has to address concerns of people that feel
4:55 pm
disenfranchised. a lot of republicans that are trump supporters feel that way. your colleague, peggy noonan, these people whose needs are too easily dismissed by those not in favor of trump. >> i guess. i think their feelings may be too easily hurt as well. david: their anger is justifiable dan. they are angry at establishment. >> no, david they're angry over colorado, anger over colorado is not justifiable david. those rules existed before the presidential -- david: but the establishment is, dan. they were part of the tea party revolution. they didn't feel that their concerns that they brought forth to the as part of the tea party were addressed by the republican party. they weren't in favor of mitt romney. they want ad conservative. they feel disenfranchised. don't they have the right to feel that way. >> they certainly have a right to feel any way they want to feel. but let's cut to the chase, david. if those people stay home because their feelings are hurt, they are guarantying a third barack obama term or a fourth
4:56 pm
obama term in the person of hillary rodham clinton? is that okay with them? david: how does the republican party address them? they are such a sizable part of the people who will be voting republican if they vote at all, rebecca? >> i think you do what rebecca says. explain how the system works to them. david: rebecca, we'll have you back to provide your answer later but we have run out of time. thank you, both, rebecca and dan. >> thank you. david: bernie sanders and donald trump, like you have never seen them before. you don't want to miss this coming up. i'm mary ellen,
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
david: said as soon as it happens we would bring it to you. donald trump in rome, new york. >> we love this area. many, many friends up here, folks. [cheering] in terms of the state we have all been suffering together, you know that, right? [cheering] but it is going to change and we apologize for airplane hangars but they're the only things that hold our crowds because something is going on. [cheering] the fact is there's a movement going on and it is happening all over the country and it is people like yourselves. and we're going to turn our country around.
5:00 pm
we're going to take our jobs back because they're going, they're going by the thousands, every single week and they're going to china and they're going to mexico and they're going to any country that touches us with a trade deal because our negotiators have no idea what so every what they're doing. okay? [cheering] so we're going to turn it around and turn it around very quickly. i just, you know, in coming up i wanted -- do you mind if i take this coat off? do you mind? [cheering] come on! there are some warm people, they're warm. they're warm. and we will not use carrier air conditioning to cool it down. because they're moving to mexico. we're not going to use them, right? not going to use them.


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