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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i love that. melissa: can't be real. first one and the last one. who would grover washington be? david: i liked your picks. melissa: talk eye? i don't know. -- hawkeye? i don't know. that does it for us here is "risk & reward." >> lure looking at live feed of fund-raising event for donald trump on long island. former gubernatorial candidate, carl paladino is who is at the podium. you can hear the crowd cheering for him. trump may comment on his campaign manager corey lewandoski being cleared of battery charges. so we'll be bringing you back to that event as soon as donald trump start the speaking either way. a few hours ago the florida prosecutor made this statement. >> this office will not be filing charges against corey lewandoski for battery. while the evidence in this case is legally sufficient for the police to have charged
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mr. lewandoski, it is not strong enough to meet the legal burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. it is unethical for us to file cases when we believe there is not a good-faith basis to proceed. >> this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the trump team says that a big overhanging issue has been resolved. so here is the full statement. corey lewandoski gratified bit decision to drop the misdemeanor charge appreciates the thoughtful conversation and professionalism by the palm beach state attorney and his stave who carefully reviewed this matter as well as mr. trump's loyalty and support of his colleagues and his family during this time. the matter is now concluded. for context, this is what started the controversy. trump campaign manager lewandoski allegedly grab ad reporter, michelle fields while she was covering a trump event last month. here is a new video, just released today, that the
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prosecutor's office showed and you can see michelle fields in an area assigned to journalists. she chose to leave that area and approach donald trump. with me now is trump's senior policy advisor, steven miller. welcome back. we're glad to have you with us. how much of this issue has been a distraction to the campaign? >> well, first of all it is great to be back. and let's not even think about the past anymore. let's talk about today. let's talk about tomorrow. let's talk about policy. this issue is put to rest for good now. i came on your show earlier and explained how the allegations were false. now we can all move on and put the false allegation behind us. >> i do want to move on. i do have a lot of policy questions and delegate questions as well. i want to just spend a few more minutes on this because mesh shelled fields said this about -- this about a potential apology. for those asking, the office the prosecutor asked two weeks ago if i would be okay from apology from corey.
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i said yes, but haven't heard back about it. the prosecutor's office issued this today earlier. i'm going to paraphrase it. essentially the prosecutor's office just said that in general, an apology brings people together. we may have have that sound now. >> the apology, in a case like this, obviously would be encouraged. it's a good thing to have it. we always appreciate when people take responsibility for their actions. deirdre: why didn't lewandoski just apologize. he said this akin to being jostled on a subway system. >> the allegations were false. media that cover it unfairly should apologize to mr. lewandoski on what he is has been through and his family has been through. i want to seize this opportunity
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to talk about policy affect lives of millions of people where this false allegation distracted from in the first place. deirdre: lewandoski, has less an less to do with the campaign. we know trump hired paul manafort. a three-decade veteran. he is a known strategist. he so-called delegate getter. what are the campaign goals in the next 10 days? >> well, i disagree with the premise of the question but i do agree with the fact that we're extremely excited to have on board paul manafort, a seasoned, experienced political leader who is going to help us get to 1237 and that is going to begin in real measure, or in dramatic fashion with a victory in new york adding a huge tranche of delegates and exploding our already insurmountable lead in the popular vote of 2 million to even greater heights. deirdre: so steven, if paul,
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you're saying is running, is calling the shots at the moment for the campaign. so any -- >> no. that is not what i said. i disagree with the premise of the question. again i'm not here today, and i love coming on this program but i'm not here today to talk about the inside politics of campaigns that nobody cares about. paul has been brought on to lead our delegate operation. we are thrilled and excited by what he is bringing to the table. i disagree with the premise of the question in this role changing and that role is changing but we'll have a huge victory on tuesday night and it is going to be a victory on issues. upstate new york, in many places they have lost half their manufacturing jobs since 1990. we're talking about that. we're talking about things affecting real people. deirdre: people are interested in inside baseball of campaigns and i understand that you can not always share what is going on but i want to ask you about going on, inside the campaign versus the rnc. we know that reince priebus defended the validity of the delegate system against donald
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trump's comments of a rigged primary. here is the rnc chairman. >> it is clearly not. you know, look, all the candidates have the rules of the game. there were no complaints about that system, at least in colorado. i have to respond though if the party of which i'm the chairman of is getting attacked especially when it is not true. this is going to blow over. this is, i believe this is some frustration that is bubbled up. the rules are not being changed. deirdre: steven, rnc chair saying no complaints in colorado. we know donald trump tweeted out about a march in colorado tomorrow. so he said big protest march in colorado friday afternoon. don't let the bosses take your vote. so will people show up and what can they really change? >> well, now we're getting down to it, aren't we? this is great. let's talk about what is at issue here. what is at issue is the idea of one person one vote in this country.
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the idea that a colorado soldier goes to iraq, risks her life to secure iraqi elections. we all remember purple fink ir. then the party bosses in colorado decide and we don't like the way they vote and we won't let that soldier and other coloradans vote in our state. deirdre: steven, you had to talk about this before, the idea the rnc said, listen we put these rules out for every campaign. they have been public actually since last year? >> wrong is wrong. but let's get even deeper into this. let's drill down for a second here. you have a situation where the rnc changed its rules actually some time ago to say that delegates in states should represent the will of the people. now what we have happening here is the opposite. ted cruz, who won only two primaries outside his home region no democratic path to the nomination, won't catch up in
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popular votes or primaries or anything. i has been mathematically removed from serious contention with democratic means. he is trying to recruit what people call double agent delegates. deirdre: but it is legal. it may not be -- >> i'm going to get that though. deirdre: it is legal. >> a lot of terrible things that happen in washington are legal, aren't they? a lot of corruption ted cruz complained aboutwashington is legal. stay on this for a second. so what you're doing you're seeing campaign that has been eliminated by the voters, going into districts to say we want to recruit double agent delegate, violating spirit of the rules by saying they're going to vote bense what the people in that district decided. because three and four delegates are chosen through party conventions or by the party itself. now, here's the big picture though. we're going to work with the rnc, when mr. trump is president and beginning now, to reform the process so it's more fair and more representative. so we're not in conflict with
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the rnc we're saying let's work with the rnc to have a more fair system that people can trust and believe in. that is the difference between our campaign and cruz campaign. because cruz is celebrating back-room dealing. we're saying give the people the choice. deirdre: so do you think at this moment, steven, donald trump has to run his campaign, i would say paying double attention because the system is against him? is that a fair statement? >> i'm saying that the system has been against him from day one. look at all the special interests dollars flooding into this race, flooding in to support his opponents. so of course the odds are, you always had an uphill climb. we have exceeded expectations every step along the way and broken into a huge delegate lead and huge popular vote lead. we'll keep pressing that lead beginning on tuesday. we're going to fight for every last delegate. we'll do it fairly, honestly, openly and celebrate voter participation. unlike ted cruz we'll not celebrate disenfranchisement.
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we're not going to celebrate canceled elections. we'll celebrate wisdom and judgment of american people, who want fair trade deals and secure borders and who want american workers to come first in this country again. deirdre: steven, should the game, should donald trump somehow realized the game was being played when you talk about spirit of the law, versus letter of the law? should he have understood a few months ago about following the letter of the law? >> well that line of argument would make more sense if we weren't leading in delegate count, having overcome insurmountable, would have been historically insurmountable financial obstacles in terms of special interest money. we defied expectations before with the best campaign team anyone has as assembled. we will continue to defy expectations. we will lock up this nomination beginning with an amazing victory on tuesday night on issues, on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, on a national interest agenda to
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push the people of this country first for a change. deirdre: steven, when you talk about change, people say donald trump wants to wind back the clock a century when america was less connected and when people want cheaper labor for themselves that is what they will do. how will he address that issue. >> we'll move forward, not backward. we've been moving backwards four decades on trade policy! new york has lost three in four manufacturing jobs that existed in 196. that's called moving backwards. every time a factory shuts down. every time mom or dad can't pay the bills, every time a steel plant closes that is moving backwards. we'll move forward by bringing manufacturing book to america by enforcing trade rules. isn't it funny? ted cruz talks about the rules, but ted cruz doesn't want to enforce trade rules. ted cruz doesn't want to enforce immigration rules. would be nice to enforce immigration and trade rules. when you talk about enforcing
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rules, rules help people's live if we were to enforce them. deirdre: stephen thank thank yo. trump policy advisor. you're looking live at a event in new york, bits of national anthem there. we are waiting for donald trump to start speaking. of course we'll bring you there live as soon as he does. just to recap florida prosecutors deciding not to charge his campaign manager with battery. he may respond to that and of course we'll probably have plenty of other comments. we'll bring you there as soon as he starts speaking. in the meantime former republican presidential candidate dr. ron paul says the rnc conspired against him in 2012. that rule that was made, that rule change blocked his influence at the convention. he is my guest next. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management.
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>> you're looking at a live shot of a trump event in new york. we're starting to wait or will be waiting for donald trump to speak. just as reminder, florida prosecutors deciding not to charge a member his team, corey lewandoski, with battery. so he may respond to that he may not. but in any case we'll get to you that event as soon as he starts speaking. meantime former republican presidential candidate ron paul says the rnc is getting what it deserves. the party parse ad rule in 2012 he and numerous experts say was done to keep him off the ballot. the gop's rule 40-b requires candidates to win delegates from eight or more states in order to have their name on a ballot.
5:17 pm
the previous number was five states. we have dr. ron paul on the phone. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you. deirdre: you said in the past the rnc changes the rules when it suits them. more or less like any governmental organization. do you have sympathy in this way for donald trump or do you see your situation as completely different? >> well, i have sympathy for people following the rules and sometimes he is following them it's a little bit confused about the rules. in a way it is so confusing that if they go back to the original rule, it would actually hurts trump. and he is the outsider right now. so i don't know whether this is sympathy. but i would sure like to see a better system, so there they are sort of playing games with it. what i'm so surprised at. four years ago when this was going on, they were doing this to us, we beg and pleaded to get some coverage. i'm getting so much more coverage four years too late.
5:18 pm
it was going on then when the rules were changed. today it is a bigger deal because the republicans are on the receiving end and it is getting a lot more attention. deirdre: dr. paul, when you were saying this isn't fair, i have won more states you're giving me credit for, what was the response? you felt like there was crickets. >> there was no response. they just marched on. we didn't have quite the money and forces to do anything about it. it had an effect on outcome of election. not like we had a couple dozen people. we knew the system and we knew the rules. we knew a lot of these primaries were just straw votes and that you went for the delegates. you know, i had 22 out of 28 delegates in iowa but nobody would ever remember i won iowa. deirdre: did anybody from the rnc out of curiosity sit down with you kind of a gentleman's agreement, listen, we really want mitt romney to be the nominee. we think he has a chance.
5:19 pm
he is the best voice for party, we hope you understand or was it just done and you had to react? >> no there was no contact with anybody that had any authority coming from republican party or from romney. they just, it was sort of marched over us. although we had significant numbers, they knew that they could just change the rules and we were getting no support, no public support. there was nobody knew about it except our supporters, our supporters knew about it. all you have to go do is look at some of the films we had, how strongly they argued our case and fought it but they were just going to -- you ought to see when boehner ruled on this changing rule. that is so dramatic. he was reading from a teleprompter that had what he was supposed to say before the vote was finalized and you know, it was just, they ran over us roughshod and they had, some pictures there where our delegation from texas, our side
5:20 pm
was trying to give it, one of the other delegates came up, calmly woman stood in front and covered the mic. what are you going to do, hit her? you can't do that. deirdre: right. >> they just did it. closed it out. i never like politics. but i like it a lot less now especially after all that. because i was into this for very special reasons on trying to spread a message which i thought we were having a great deal of success. so the success is measured by votes. the votes are important for me because it reflects whether they care about the message. deirdre: dr. paul, if you feel like being charitable, do you have any words of wisdom for the rnc? >> well -- deirdre: you don't have to. >> i'm not even into that. i don't really care about partisan politics because i see everybody is one blog, one blob. they all support the things that libertarians like myself don't believe in. their foreign policies are not that much different.
5:21 pm
i'm convinced hillary could run as republican because she is so hawkish and people would vote for her. so, no they're all interventionists. deirdre: right. >> believe in planned economy. you asked, you mentioned this about trump supporting tariffs on trade but i don't even like the wto supporting the tariffs. we put on huge tariffs on china's steel but it is just managed, managed trade that we don't like. we want free trade. so i consider myself one of the very few in washington ever considered free trade instead of managed trade in having the special interests regulate it, you know to their certain benefits because i really believe in free trade. deirdre: right. >> so the people have been conditioned, republicans and democrats. they believe in managed trade, managed economy, federal reserve managing interest rates. if necessary take them to negative interest rates, and you know, military force around the world. the empire.
5:22 pm
it is all there. very little concern about civil liberties. take trump and other people, they're not interested in sill lib pers. a real shame as far as i'm concerned. deirdre: dr. paul we're glad to have you here on that program. we want to continue to happy this voice. it is not unique but we need it. >> thanks a lot. >> dr. paul, with me there. you are looking at a live shot of a trump event in new york. so we're waiting for trump to, he may or may not address the fact that corey lewandoski, his campaign manager has been cleared of battery charges. we'll bring you to the event live as soon as he start the speaking. meantime the dow rallied hitting a five-month high, erasing this year's losses. our financial expert will tell you if he thinks the rally is real. after ripping the rnc for a rigged system, donald trump's team is holding meetings in d.c. with lawmakers. one of the people who is shined
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. deirdre: you are looking at a live shot of a trump event in new york. we will get you there as soon as he starts speaking. big news of the day, his campaign manager corey lewandowski cleared of battery charges in florida. trump may comment on that. also the dow closing at highest level since july. financials posting a five-day winning streak. financial expert jonas max ferris with me now. great to see you back. is this rally real? >> not that real. it was basically a relief rally that we're not having the massive defaults and global chaos, it was looking like we were heading down a couple months ago. when we were at $25 oil, there was hundreds of billions of dollars of oil defaults that were going to happen. you see it now, like wells
5:27 pm
fargo, a lot of banks taking hits from energy loans but nowhere near the debacle if we went into the teens. that commodity crisis is basically over and this is a relief, doesn't mean corporate growings are going. they're not doing that well. you can't have the stock market go up as much as it has recently without that coming along. deirdre: because you mentioned that, jonas, you mentioned the earnings but corporate america has borrowed so much that it appears healthier than it really is. what are your thoughts on that? >> it has been a backdrop to a lot of earnings growth to essentially what people do, you refinance, borrowing, increase your product picture with that. it's not that rates go up any time soon but it's over to some extent. and the low wage game might be over for many companies, too. the picture is improving dramatically in the employment area. we haven't seen wages go up a lot. it's possible now that it looks
5:28 pm
you saw it 1973 levels, that far back, you've got to go for unemployment filing. if you see wages come up, could be at the expense of corporate profits and not influence prices which is unusual, such as they can keep low interest rates, we don't get inflation, but profits stay a little lower than recent years and earnings go up for workers, that's not great for investors actually. deirdre: jonas, come back, tons more it talk about another day. jonas max ferris with me there, financial expert. the trump team went to capitol hill to meet with house republicans in a kind of unity effort. with me now someone who was there in the room, pennsylvania congressman tom moreno. welcome, glad to have you here. >> thank you. deirdre: how was the meeting? >> a good meeting, a strategic meeting, planning meeting to tell what we've accomplished and where we're headed forward. deirdre: and obviously, you support trump. was there a discussion about
5:29 pm
the magic 1237 delegates, the chances of making it, especially with help from your home state of pennsylvania? >> yes, there was. this 1237 is obtainable. it's an uphill battle, but it's worth fighting, given the fact that the numbers are showing for trump very good in pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, and that's going to be a tremendous boost. deirdre: so what are you doing on the ground to help that effort? >> well, i am the chair of the trump campaign for the state of pennsylvania. my colleague next to me is my co-chair, and we've been doing a lot of groundwork. we opened offices across the state. we have volunteers coming in. people are delivering signs, making phone calls, knocking on doors and getting more volunteers involved in this race, and let me tell you something, it's not only republicans. deirdre: it's not. okay. so you're seeing perhaps what we saw in massachusetts, which
5:30 pm
is to say that 20,000 people registered as republicans who are formerly democrats just so they could vote for donald trump. >> that's correct. we're about in the 60,000 now in pennsylvania, maybe even more. it's a phenomena to a certain extent but if you think about this, people are fed up with washington, insiders, career politicians. my question has always been how's it been going for 30 years with governors and senators and career politicians being president? not well. deirdre: okay, so congressman, i want to ask you, we're monitoring an event, a fund-raising event where donald trump will be speaking momentarily. someone else is at the podium. there are tons of protesters outside of that event. how do you help a candidate who has tons of support from people such as yourself but also has some of the highest negatives ever seen on record, something like 70% with women, half the population of the u.s.?
5:31 pm
>> well, we have, from my perspective and colleague's perspective, we should be giving advice, sharing with donald what we hear from our constituents, and as far as people protesting, i support the first amendment, people have a right to protest. the instigators and the violent people should be arrested and these people probably aren't even voters, they're there to stir up an issue. deirdre: sometimes they are recruited by craigslist. congressman, we have to leave it there. >> okay. deirdre: thank you. >> my pleasure. deirdre: pennsylvania congressman, trump supporter tom marino. we are waiting for donald trump to take the podium. we will get you to the event as soon as he starts speaking. more gruesome images such as these may be seen. a magazine sponsored by isis says president obama says yes to negotiating with terrorists. find out the tactic that isis claims showed the u.s.' vulnerability?
5:32 pm
and russian jets provoking one of our navy ships. russian president putin slamming the u.s. for having quote, unquote imperial ambitions. thomas mcinerney says the administration's laid-back foreign policy is letting our enemy get the upper hand. >> a few months ago when you were asked what was the biggest geopolitical threat facing america. you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. and the 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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. deirdre: we are going to take you right now, you can see donald trump at the podium. he is speaking at a fund-raising event. listen in. >> and i will tell you i've been all over this country, and our country's in trouble, but we will make america great again, and it's going to go very quickly. [cheers and applause] >> very, very quickly. i want to start off by thanking john and the committee and everybody. i know this is a record. i hear it's a big record, like a record by a lot. and so this is your all-time record, and we like that. right? we're part of it. you know, in coming out today, i wanted to do a little work, and don't be depressed, what's going to happen is these numbers will turn around quickly, okay? they're going to turn around
5:37 pm
quickly, but i ask a few questions about suffolk, i've been here my life, and people are leaving, but we're not going to let them leave anymore, when i say people, i'm talking about companies, not going to make it so easy to leave anymore. we can't do that. but i asked them to do me a little work and just a little bit, so we're talk about how we're going to bring it back and it's going to go a lot faster than people understand. you know, i'm self-funding my campaign so i don't have to listen to all of my donors and all of my people. [cheers and applause] >> that give me money and say here's money, go g elected and after you're elected, do what we're telling to you do. it's not going to happen, okay? we know that whole deal. but few regions of the country have been hurt worse than suffolk. you know that. i don't know why. it's so beautiful out here.
5:38 pm
it's like one of the really beautiful places, but it's jobs, and they're moving into mexico. they're moving all over. that's not going to happen for long. according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics, suffolk nassau region of new york lost more than half its manufacturing jobs since 1990. that's not good, folks. i can't believe it. i know some of the guys in this room. they're so tough. some of the tough guys i know. i can't believe you guys would allow that to happen! what the hell? are you getting soft? they're getting soft on me. i don't believe this, right? they know what i'm talking about. also, according to the bureau, the region has lost 30% of its manufacturing since just 2001. crazy. and you know, a big part of it, folks, is the fact, and it's such an important thing, the fact that the politicians
5:39 pm
aren't fighting for our country anymore. they don't fight for us. [cheers and applause] >> when you look at china, when you look at japan, when you look at mexico, you look at vietnam, you look at so many different countries all over the world, they're devaluing their currency, they're so much smart than our leaders. it's like a great football team in the nfl playing your high school team. i like that sound. i like that. but it's like a great team -- you can't do it. we need our best people. i know the best people. we know the best negotiators in the world. we have great people. we have the greatest business people in the world right here, right here! we don't use them. we don't use them. we are going to start using them big league, and by the way, we don't want to ever forget, we're going to have strong borders. we're going to have a wall. the wall's going to be built. you of course know who's paying
5:40 pm
for the wall. right, who's paying? we're going to stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth. we're going to do so many things. we're going to get rid of obamacare, get rid of it fast. no good. doesn't work. your premiums are going up. you see it, 35, 45, 55%. every year. it's crazy! now we're going to get rid of it. we're going to get great health care at a much smaller cost. better at less money, right? [ cheers ] >> always protect our second amendment, you know that, right? right? [ cheers ] >> so you look at this and it's one of those things. now john and some of the people, you have great people out here. you have great, great, and you really do, you have some really good politicians, they know what's going on. wow. i'm not going to read this stat.
5:41 pm
too negative. the hell with that. [cheers and applause] >> i mean, that was a bad one. i couldn't read it. i want you walking away happy. we broke the record, i want you walking away happy today. wow! there's some bad things going on. so we're going to be really smart, and i'm going to talk about trade. when i did this, who knew this was going to happen with trump, right? and i'm one of you. who knew this was going to happen? but when i announced on june 16, and i didn't -- my wife and i were coming down on the escalator. a couple of people have seen the picture, i said let's do it, they're doing the iran deal, so bad, so pathetic, i looked at it, i looked at the way they negotiated. i said these people don't know what they're doing. how about that deal? we give in $150 billion, we get nothing. the prisoners don't get released. they should have been released
5:42 pm
before we ever started negotiating. it's an insult. that's right. no deal. it means you get up and you walk. you get up and you walk, and we never walk. we're going to end up, and you see the manufacturing, you see the people, build that wall. what's more important to you, the wall or the trade deals? we'll talk about trade because you know this area, they want business coming back in. i see what's going on, i know what's going on. i come here, i have many friends from this place, i have to tell you, and they're tough. these are tough. i have tough friends. let me just tell you, we're going to bring it back, bring it back fast. you probably read and you probably saw ford building massive plants in mexico. ford motor. you probably saw -- think about it, i'm sure you saw the
5:43 pm
carrier air conditioning fired 1400 people, 1400 people, and they moved to mexico. what do we get out of it? we get nothing out of it whatsoever. these are great people. i spoke to some of them. these are great people. they got knocked off like you've never seen, it's not happening. here's what we're going to do. carrier, your companies, you can do any country. nabisco, big plants, big plants in chicago. they're moving to mexico, everyone they're moving to mexico, moving all over. moving everywhere but here [booing] . >> here's what we're doing, take carrier as an example. they'll be making air conditioners and we call them and say good luck, enjoy new plants in mexico, have a lot of fun, but every single time you make an air-conditioning unit, you're going to cross a strong border now. no longer a swiss cheese.
5:44 pm
we just got approved, endorsed by 15,500 border patrol agents, which is phenomenal. first time in history they endorsed a presidential candidate. just got endorsed by sheriff joe from arizona. do we love sheriff joe? [ cheers ] >> we tell carrier here's the story, folks, i hope you enjoy your plant, but here's the story. every time you make an ac unit, it crosses the border. you pay a 35% tax on that unit. okay? believe me. believe me. now the free traders -- and i'm a free trader, but our people don't understand free trade. our leaders have no clue, and to have free trade, you need smart people. we don't have smart people at the top. we don't have people -- we don't have people! and i'll tell you the truth. you take a guy like lyin' ted cruz. lyin' ted, right?
5:45 pm
lyin' ted. you know, he talked about new york values. did you see the debate? he talked about new york values. >> lyin' ted! lyin' ted! lyin' ted! lyin' ted! >> i love this. look at this woman. woman for trump. women for trump! you better believe it. we're going to do great for the women with trump. thank you very much, very nice. here's the story. so lyin' ted cruz talked about new york values at the debate, and he talked about it with anger and really hatred. i mean he was trying to make a point against me. boy, did that hit him hard. he's doing very well. right now, he's i guess number three in the polls in new york and many of the other states.
5:46 pm
and nobody even knows who number two is. they don't know. >> lyin' ted! lyin' ted! lyin' ted! lyin' ted! >> isn't it amazing the way some names just stick to people. i know plenty of my friends in here, right up there. they've got little nick names that we gave them, too. they are better than lyin' ted. lyin' ted comes in with the bible held high, you know that? he puts the bible down and starts lying all day long. we tell carrier air conditioner, we tell them. folks, sorry, 35% tax, you move -- deirdre: that is donald trump speak at an event on long island in new york. he made some comments, you heard the crowd saying lyin' ted. of course, donald trump opening with his statement saying make america great again, saying
5:47 pm
that politicians are not fighting for this country. some of the sthabs he touched upon, drugs, fighting the drug war, fighting obamacare and making reference to the wall and trade saying that he is a free trade candidate. that is some of what donald trump has been talking about there at that fund-raising event on long island. in the meantime, on a larger international plan, two unarmed russian fighter jets flew aggressively close to a u.s. naval destroyer in the baltic sea.. >> on the deck, below the bridge wing.. deirdre: officials say that same flight profile was used as if an attack were under way.
5:48 pm
russian president putin clearly wants to send a message to the u.s. on russian tv he said the u.s. must abandon its imperial ambitions and treat russia as an equal partner. retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney is with me now. thank you as always for the time. is putin just trying to secretbution for our support of eastern european economies? >> well, i think he's trying to do more than that deirdre. he's humiliating and mocking our president. i have never seen in over 50 years, a fly-by that we just saw yesterday of 11 passes on a u.s. warship. i don't believe that that has ever happened before. russian fighters flying 11 passes on a u.s. warship. that was in nato waters, on a nato mission. so not only are they trying to humiliate our president and the united states, they are trying
5:49 pm
to humiliate nato. and i believe destabilize that particular region in the baltic states. >> and to say to the baltic states, understanding the u.s. and nato has your back, but guess what, we're closer and we can still basically hurt you? >> absolutely. look, they could sweep in, in those baltic states overnight and take them over, and frankly, we wouldn't have any forces over there that we could do anything, those are very dangerous signs. i'm not saying he's going to do it but he is certainly weakening the resolve of our nato allies. deirdre: to look at putin, i woulsay, this seems as if he is playing a very weak hand very well. would you agree? >> i would say he's playing it brilliantly, deirdre. absolutely brilliantly. deirdre: so the u.s. response is often or has been in this administration, overly calm, critics would say. shouldn't we just go and put more ships in the region just
5:50 pm
to say you cannot do this? not be aggressive, but increase our presence? >> absolutely. and what we ought to also do is build up our forces and nato forces in that region in eastern europe. when i was a vice commander of chief of u.s. airforces in europe. we had 4,000 tanks, armored vehicles, tanks in europe. today we have 0 permanently based there. putin knows that, there is nothing to stop him from sweeping across if he wanted to. i'm not saying he's going to do that but intimidating our allies. deirdre: retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney, we love having you for the bigger picture and important issues. thank you, sir? >> thanks, deirdre. deirdre: glad you are here. got heated last night, megyn kelly confronting the reverend al sharpton for not correcting the record on ferguson. >> if you and i talk to the same witnesses and the d.o.j. talks to the same witnesses and
5:51 pm
they don't believe them and you and i do, it doesn't make us wrong it means -- >> you don't talk to all the witnesses the d.o.j. does. it's a crime to lie reverend al. >> watch it with calm down. deirdre: what else they had to say? a cop shot in the line of duty, authorities call it an ambush in texas. a deputy shot six times during a routine traffic stop. sheriff david clarke is with me, he's saying a war on police is being waged and the president is a big part of the reason. >> the cast of abc's scandal is set to appear at a fund-raiser for hillary clinton later this month, unless she loses in new york in which case she'd like to speak with the folks in how to get away with murder? [laughter]
5:52 pm
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5:55 pm
. >> the reverend al sharpton at an event ahead of tuesday's new york primary. both hillary clinton, bernie sanders courting the african-american vote. >> the report from the department of justice specifically says the following -- on page 11, the evidence does not support finding that wilson was unreasonable in his fear that michael brown will once again attempt to harm him and gain control of his gun. >> if you and i talk to the same witnesses and the d.o.j. talks to the same witnesses and they don't believe them and you and i do, it doesn't make us wrong, it means -- >> but you don't talk to all the witnesses, the d.o.j. does. >> megyn calm down. >> watch it with calm down. deirdre: so reverend al sharpton going toe-to-toe with megyn kelly about young african-american, the one shot by the police in ferguson, missouri august 2014.
5:56 pm
the riots that followed. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is with me now. sheriff, welcome back. what do you make first and foremost of that exchange? >> first of all, i continue to be insulted that the media continues to go al sharpton as if he's a go-to guy, and that you have to get by him to secure the black vote. look, we have a kaleidoscope of views in the black community. it's small but growing. the vote remains monolithic but the fact is al sharpton is a charletain and doesn't know what he's talking about, he doesn't speak for this black man and this black man's vote isn't going to anybody he endorses anyway. i thought he was badgering her toward the end. deirdre: former new york mayor michael bloomberg, there are a lot of leaders who did not include him in conversations for, i guess, i'm assuming, beliefs similar to yours. >> well, they still continue to roll back his way when they
5:57 pm
want to get what's going on in the black community. i thought the finger-pointing he did and grabbing the mic and shoving it back in her face was wrong. not going to make a huge deal out of that. trump couldn't have gotten away with that. another white politician would have done that to a black reporter, pointed a finger within inches of her face, telling her to calm down and shoving a microphone in her face. i'd like to see what would have happened if dana lash or laura ingraham would be interviewing him. >> fair point. >> i want to ask you since it's all in the political context, hillary clinton talking about white privilege. this is at sharpton's event. here is hillary's comment. >> we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility rather than assume our experiences are everyone else's experiences. deirdre: so sheriff, when you talk about the media going to reverend al sharpton and you hear from hillary clinton for a
5:58 pm
lot of people in that crowd, it feels like she was pandering to them. >> well, i think it's worse than that. her and bernie sanders are whoring for votes is what they're doing. they think they have to go through al sharpton and the action network to get the black vote. i find that insulting. i realize it's how the mechanism works, but we can slice into that by looking into the diversity of black views all across the state of new york and all across this country. mrs. bill clinton knows a thing or two about privilege, sure, sets up a secret server, potentially compromises america's secrets and doesn't face criminal charges. lies about what happened in benghazi as to what caused it, this video, and told the family that nothing happened. she still remains the front-runner in a presidential race after all of that. that is privilege. deirdre: that is privilege, sir. i want to ask you because you are on the frontlines, you are working with the community,
5:59 pm
what would you tell a politician or a community leader such as yourself, another one even of here, what is the most important thing to understand about young african-american population right now? >> well, right now, they have to look at their lifestyle choices. better lifestyle choices. i talk to young black men all the time. that's the first thing that comes out of my mouth. make better lifestyle choices, stay away from alcohol and drug involvement. stay in school. better things like that lead to better outcomes. to sit up there and make excuses for the abhorrent behavior we see out of young black males only encourages that. talk responsibly to them. they get it. and they might at first push it back a little bit, but in the end, they know. but just to continue to -- deirdre: accept personal responsibility. >> and act like this is okay, doesn't help. deirdre: sheriff, always,
6:00 pm
sheriff david clarke with me there, thank you. donald trump wrapping that event as you can see, it was a fund-raiser on long island without commenting on the charges against teammate lewandowski being dropped. charles payne is here with more.. >> breaking news, brand new "fox news poll" has donald trump surging to 18-point lead over ted cruz. also with record support for the republican nomination. donald trump now leads the pack at 45% followed by cruz at 27% and kasich at 25%. but hillary clinton losing her lead. the democrat race tightening, she's only two points ahead. 48% to bernie sanders at 46%. now, this of course, compares to 13-point lead she had one month ago. john kasich performs best in a head-to-head matchup against hi


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