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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website -- there. you are all fantastic. guess who else is fantastic? tom sullivan. he's next. >> and good evening, everybody. i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs this evening. all the presidential candidates are in new york tonight. five days before the state's critical primary. the republicans attending a black tie fund-raiser for new york's republican party. this gala event marks the first time that trump, cruz and kasich altogether since they decided to abandoned so-called loyalty pledge of support whoever becomes the party nominee. as for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding their first debate in more than a month, and hillary may be feeling the bern. the vermont senator's campaign says he drew a record crowd of
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27,000 people at a new york rally last night. i'll take all that up with republican strategist karl rove. also tonight, good news for the trump campaign. florida prosecutors confirming that campaign manager corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted on a battery charge. part of the reason for that is because new surveillance video showed that reporter michelle fields broke a secret service protective bubble around trump and slightly touched the candidate. at that point, officials say lewandowski reached out to protect his boss. >> these circumstances, it is not uncommon for a candidate's inner circle staff members known to the agents to assist in clearing a safe pathway. >> i'll discuss that case with some of the best attorneys in the business, lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, later in this broadcast. our top story this evening, donald trump widening his lead in the republican race for the white house. brand-new "fox news poll" shows
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donald trump jumped to an 18-point lead over ted cruz with 45% support compared to cruz's 27. but the real shocker, check this out. may be that john kasich is now within striking distance of cruz. just two points behind. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts has our report. >> what did you guys talk about? >> step one in the trump campaign reaching out to the congressional supporters. >> reporter: facing an increasingly urgent battle over delegates and influence in washington, the trump campaign assembled friendly members of congress in an attempt to expand trump's circle of support. >> we discussed how we can get donald trump to be president. that's it, and get more of our colleagues involved in that and who wants to be interested and who wants to get involved and how do we do that? >> reporter: ted cruz never won popularity contests on capitol hill but has three times the support from congress than trump does, including the man
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who helped him win iowa congressman steve king. >> ted cruz working on this hill for a long time. his network and relationship is good. i think this is an attempt to try to catch up on the part of donald trump. >> reporter: increasingly, it appears trump needs to help with the party if he hopes to become the nominee. under the delegate rules winning alone won't get him there, a fact trump can't seem to swallow. >> what i'm saying is give it to the voters. republican folks have taken their vote away, they didn't have the right to vote. >> reporter: what trump and much of the public is beginning to learn for the first time is, when it comes to picking a nominee, getting votes is not all that matters. >> there is no popular vote. there are delegates at the convention, there are results from primaries and caucuses. what people need to hear out there that are trump supporters, these are the rules, and it's how we've always done this. >> reporter: one candidate not complaining about the rules, john kasich, for him all about nabbing delegates from opponents. kasich is diligently working
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congressional districts around new york city where there are few republicans, places where he might not need a whole lot of votes to keep trump under 50% and pick himself up a few delegates. >> we're going to pick up delegates and have momentum, and so we're very copacetic. we're getting bigger crowds. look, for the first time, people are starting to hear this message. >> reporter: while his supporters insist he has good relations with capitol hill, ted cruz continues to antagonize the establishment at a town hall meeting in buffalo, new york today, doubling down on charge from last year that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is a liar. makes you wonder if ted cruz does manage to stop donald trump from getting a majority of delegates, will the establishment stay with ted cruz or may they run to the more friendly arms of john kasich? >> good question, thank you, john roberts. on the democratic side, bernie sanders managed to draw thousands of supporters to a washington square rally in hillary's adopted home state of
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new york, but not just the large crowd that has everyone talking today. hours before the candidates are set to square off in a new york based debate. the vermont senator was forced to disa vow a surrogate's crass comment. ed henry has our report. >> senator bernie sanders. >> reporter: while his rival hillary clinton was holed up in debate prep all day. bernie sanders tried to cut into her lead with african-americans by addressing al sharpton's group hours after sanders held a massive rally that his aides say drew 27,000 people to lower manhattan. >> you're going to have a president who is prepared to take on the billionaire class, not take their money. >> reporter: clinton's campaign manager quickly raised questions about whether the crowd was really that big? >> the park service is staying was significantly smaller than that. >> reporter: the superb on sanders tonight to shake up the race, and aides are giving one
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clue about a new line of attack at debate in brooklyn. one day after each candidate met with striking verizon work esanders aides noted clinton took $225,000 from the company for a paid speech in 2013. clinton got testy when philadelphia journalists pressed her about releasing transcripts about wall street speeches ahead of the pennsylvania primary later this month. >> i urge senator sanders to release his tax returns because of course he hasn't. >> the question is will you disclose the transcripts of your speeches. >> no. i want to make a broader point because i've told what you my answer is. >> reporter: the conservative group american crossroads out with a new digital ad suggesting the attacks will only get more intense in the general election. >> i want the facts out. >> i want the e-mails out. >> reporter: clinton may have fodder in the debate after this attack by a sanders surrogate health care activist dr. paul song backfired.
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>> medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democrat whores who are beholden to fix pharma! >> reporter: after song struggled to clarify, sanders struggled to fix it -- . >> reporter: in a new fox poll we asked who has the integrity to be president? 70% said sanders does, only 48% said the same of clinton. tom? >> ed, thank you very much. appreciate it. vladimir putin speaking out on president obama's recent interviews with fox news sunday. the russian president's first praised mr. obama's comments on libya but quickly countered remarks with a warning of america's, quote, imperial ambitions. white house correspondent kevin corke has a report. >> reporter: it's very good that my colleague had the courage to make such statements. not everyone can do that, only
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a strong man can do that. this is good. >> reporter: that from russian president vladimir putin after his hours' long call on international broadcast during the president's candid interview on fox news sunday. >> worst mistake? >> probably failing to plan for the day after what i think was the right thing to do in intervening in libya. >> reporter: the apparent peer-to-peer empathy was short lived. putin used the broadcast to warn of u.s. imperialistic ambitions and nearly repeating the mistakes in libya in another war ravaged country across the mediterranean sea. >> it's bad that this series of mistakes continues. a similar mistake was nearly made in syria. >> reporter: white house officials say putin's attempt to draw a parallel between libya and syria is off base. >> i'm not aware that the united states came particularly close to a scenario in which
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the united states is prepared to remove president assad from power using military force. >> reporter: president obama has advocated cooperation with the russians on a range of issues, including iran nuclear deal and the war against isis and syria. but analysts say the administration would be well served to consider the two very distinct faces of the russian leader. >> president putin is trying to offer friendship to the united states, help us out in syria and elsewhere. while at the same time, he's undercutting u.s. leadership, undercutting nato, our most important alliance. >> he's clearly trying to reestablish russia and make sure everybody understands world power. >> reporter: experts believe russia's military provocations like wednesday's dangerous fly by of a u.s. navy destroyer are a sharp reminder of the tenuous about the cold war foes.
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about the fly-by, a russian interior minister said -- also tonight sources told fox news that the head of iran's revolutionary guard quds force is in russia for meetings with leaders. it's expected they'll talk about shared technology, the pathway forward in syria as well as increased arms sales between moscow and tehran. we know the trip is a clear violation of u.s. and u.n. sanctions, including a u.n. travel ban. tom? >> thank you. kevin corke at the white house. at the u.s. navy today, taking part in war games in the south china sea. it's an effort to counter chinese aggression. 5500 american and philippine soldiers took part in the drills which included firing six long-range missiles. defense secretary ash carter announced more u.s. forces and aircraft will be rotated through the philippines to
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boost american presence in that region. the development comes two days after we learned that china deployed fighter jets to a disputed island in the south china sea. i'll take that up with general jack keane later in the broadcast. up next, trump campaign adviser says he's confident that trump can get the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination. >> i don't see how we don't do very well in new york. i don't see how we don't do well the next week. i think we're have on a dmried glide path. we have to talk to the voters. >> can trump secure the nomination by june 7th? strategist lee carter takes that up with us next. when you booked this trip,
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people don't like that, because that means they have no control. tom: trump currently leads cruz by more than 200 delegates but battling to hold onto the delegates in several states as the prospect of a contested convention grows. joining me now lee carter, communication strategist and lee, let's start with this business about donald trump. is he saying it's the process, it's the process, and steve king was in the last segment, a clip of him in washington today saying there is no popular vote. this is all about delegates. i think it's driving people crazy. >> this process has been so illuminating. i think for the first time this is going on -- in recent memory going on so long, that we're looking at each and every race and seeing how different. is it bound? unbound? is it open? is it closed? do you have to register before? can you be an independent and vote? this is so confusing, i had no
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idea, i thought i was represented. colorado was a symbolic moment saying wait a minute, the people get no vote? this is crazy. whether or not the rules are published or not doesn't matter, because people feel they don't have a voice. tom: it's been quite a few decades but there was a point there were no primaries and the power brokers in the parties would select their own candidates, and so a lot of our historical presidents came through that system, some better than others. but once they started the primary system they basically are implying you have some power, the power to the people, and last time i checked, the constitution does start with the we the people stuff. >> of course, what's so fascinating is everything has changed in the world. used to be businesses rule everything, they put all the information out there, and we were completely beholden to business to get our information. now the internet. people have more and more power and expect to have more information at their
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fingerprints and expect to have more and more voice. the same thing in politics, people are seeing it more and more and seeing the rise of the establishment and the right and the left. and people want to see change there. tom: doesn't it come down to fundamentally people are angry about government failing them, the economy dragging, the polls show people think the economy is lousy? and the wages are down, and they're going -- i want to have a hostile takeover of the republican or democratic party. >> i think absolutely, but i also think they feel that nine out of ten say that the government doesn't represent them or best interests. most people think the folks in washington, d.c., the politicians are acting in their own best interest, not the best interest of the average american person. tom: i know, i used to believe in the easter bunny, too. at some point you go no, they are in power for themselves. come on. >> sure, they're saying i want a new flavor, something totally different. this isn't working.
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i've heard the promises and platitudes and something different has to exist out there. we've got to have change and not hope and change like 2008. something that's totally different. we've got bernie out there, and the rallies of the people out there. doesn't look like he's going to win. hillary is getting a run for her money that nobody expected. trump on june 25th when he entered the race thought would be here today. look at polls today, 45%? everybody said he was going to top out at 30%, and then 35% and 40%. here we are at 45. tom: all the way along. today's news, corey lewandowski not prosecuted by the florida prosecutors. does that make any difference how people feel about the candidates? >> i think every little bit matters. there were three weeks trump was on his heels and started with the michelle fields issue, and then we had the battle of the wives and then we had the abortion gaffe, and i think all of that was just a mess, and i think now we're starting to see
11:20 pm
that get erased. the most important thing is trump returns to core message. making america great again and about bringing the politics back to the hands of the people and really about getting the establishment out of it. tom: they'll have a few more messy weeks before it's over. >> no question. we're going to be up and down right up until the jeengz exactly. thank you for coming in. >> any time. great to be here. tom: be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. the delegate-rich new york primary coming up quick and ted cruz still trying to shake his comments on new york values. >> when i talk about new york values, what i'm talking about are the liberal democrats. tom: does cruz stand a chance in trump's home state? and what about the democrats? can bernie beat hillary? we take it up with eboni williams and chris plante here
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. tom: we're monitoring political protests in midtown manhattan. hundreds of people outside the grand hyatt where donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, all attending the new york republican annual gala. there have been scuffles already with police. looks somewhat orderly right now. little trivia, the grand hyatt hotelf the first building donald trump built in manhattan, many decades ago. interesting how things go around. joining me the host of the chris plante show on wmal radio in washington. chris plante, of course, and attorney, radio talk show host and fox news contributor eboni williams.
11:26 pm
where do you want to start? let me start with the question i asked lee carter, and eboni start with you on this, does the corey lewandowski pass by the prosecutors do anything? is it something people will somehow think, give a pass to the trump organization on? >> well, i would say this, tom, i think it's helpful. it validates to a certain extent trump saying this is a witch-hunt, this is all wrong. no facts here, corey did nothing wrong. some of us in the legal community felt that was risky, you never know what a prosecutor is going to do. the prosecutor saying we're declining to move forward with the prosecution does validate trump's position, we will see the political impact of that. certainly, if it does anything, it helps him. tom: chris, what kind of feedback are you getting on your show from the whole business? >> puts out a fire they needed to put out. it was a sideshow all along. michelle fields may still have more to say about this as we go forward, but the fact there's
11:27 pm
going to be no trial, no jury, no circus no call to put cameras in the courtroom. we can forget about, and that's good. tom: we're not going to have a trial of the new century. >> the misdemeanor trial of the century. right? [laughter] >> i enjoyed the people v. oj so much, i wanted more. >> it was excellent. more gavel-to-gavel coverage. tom: speaking of things that were changing, the "fox news poll" that came out about an hour ago, this isn't all that interesting for donald trump. he is looking at a big gain in pennsylvania. what's interesting is john kasich is two points, two points off of ted cruz's heels. eboni, is john kasich finally catching fire? >> look, what's happening is people are looking at what's going to happen in november. and at some point we've got to get past the convention, we're a long way from the summer what's going to happen in ohio.
11:28 pm
the general election becomes a major, a major concern, and with kasich being the only one of the two that is consistently beating hillary clinton in a head-to-head matchup, people are giving john kasich a second look. tom: chris, this obviously, if you look at the numbers, john kasich is splitting the anybody but trump vote with ted cruz? >> i think that's true. also we've gone from 17 to 3, and natural going to get a larger share. and what's happening is because we've gone from 17 to 3, he's getting more air time. people are paying more attention to him, you can hear what he has to say, and he's almost a cool cup of water compared to everything else that's going on. and, of course, the hillary-bernie numbers are amazing out of today's poll too. tom: that's another thing, that's becoming a much tighter race. the new york primary is really going to -- well, everybody thought that hillary had it by a long shot. look at that. right on her heels, and this is
11:29 pm
-- obviously, she's not letting anybody see her sweat, you know she's sweating. >> this doesn't surprise me, the reason is we've seen bernie sanders in this race come back from the 10, 12-point deficits in large scale. he wasn't that far behind to begin with, and this surprises me not at all. tom: chris, the pushback, the republican party is saying these are the rules, play by the rules, lot of people in the real america are saying, but i thought my vote counted. are you getting this pushback on your show? >> we are, it's very mixed and to a large extent it depends whether you're a trump supporter or cruz supporter or possibly a kasich supporter as well. these are the rules. we have a complicated system, electoral college. ask al gore how he likes that. two senators in wyoming and two senators in california with 500,000 people versus 33 million people. our system is complicated and if you're going to run for
11:30 pm
president, you should know the rules state by state, follow along. they gave out a three ring binder with all of the information and this is the way it's done. tom: however, the members of the golf club want to overthrow the old guard. that's what's going on here. the old guard made the rules but the young bucks want a new set of rules for the golf club. chris plante, thank you. eboni williams, thanks for coming in. an escaped chimp? how do i switch to this story? leading zookeepers in japan on a wild chase. cha cha climbed a telephone pole in hopes of avoiding capture. he climbed along the wires before he was shot with a tranquilizer gun and recaptured. the zoo investigating how cha cha was -- there is cha cha going down, nice catch, able to make his escape. coming right back with much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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>> is karl rove really warming up to donald trump? some reporters say yes, but what does karl rove have to say about all of this? he's our guest next. and this daredevil is about to bring his hand stands over 200 feet above ground. incredible video when
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11:35 pm
hillary clinton as a scandal-plagued modern day richard nixon. >> what i have stated from the beginning to be the truth has been the truth. >> i want people to understand what the truth is. >> i am confident the american people will come to realize, i have not violated the trust. >> i am confident by the end of this campaign people will know they can trust me. >> the entire story is this. >> i turn over everything i was obligated to turn over. >> i want the facts out. >> i want those e-mails out. >> i'm sorry. i just happened to let you down. >> i'm sorry, i take responsibility. tom: wow. quite an ad. the ad is part of a five figure digital buy, days before new york voters head to the polls this coming tuesday. american crossroads was founded by our next guest, joining us to analyze the 2016 presidential race former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush, fox news
11:36 pm
analyst, karl rove, friend, everything else included on there. karl, for a couple of people of our vintage, we remember the richard nixon story. there's a lot of voters looking at this and this is a history book item. >> yeah, what's interesting is, and first of all, let me be clear, the ad was the brilliant creation of others. what's interesting is that crossed radios has been doing a lot of work over aide or nine months what hillary clinton's vulnerabilities are. what's interesting is all the old scandals, the rose law firm, the travelgate, all of that kind of stuff is largely unknown to millennials, the younger voters, but once you start to talk about it, they look for the -- they look into the history of it. tom: they'll google it, they'll go online. >> they'll google it. so the architect so to speak of this particular ad was taken with our language, reminded him of what nixon had said, he went and looked at the footage and
11:37 pm
sure enough it matches up. my suspicion is if she's got a problem with young people, it's they don't think she shares their values, that she's not honest and trustworthy, that there's something shifty and unreliable about her, and this, we tested this ad, it's got a great impact, and digitally we're aiming it at the millennials causing them to think, hey, as you think about your vote next tuesday and think about the election as a whole, remember who she is and what she sounds like. >> i presume, then, you're assuming that hillary is going to be the nominee for the democrats, and yet everybody scoffed at that. tuesday could be a big deal for the democrats. bernie's coming on. >> yeah, bernie's coming on. here's the deal. she has 496 super delegates supporting her, he has 31. that means she's got 1771 i think is the total number, and he has just over 1100.
11:38 pm
tom: yes, but don't the super delegates can waiver and go with whoever seems to be the winner. >> yeah, i think that's right. the super delegates flipped from her to barack obama in 2008. i think the super delegates are looking at bernie sanders and saying do we really want a democratic socialist as the nominee of our party? remember a lot of these are party officials, party elected officeholders, they're looking to win and look at bernie sanders and say really? the country is really to nominate a democratic socialist? and barack obama was a democrat, he had spoken as the keynote speaker at the 2004 convention. bernie sanders was elected mayor of burlington, vermont, 30 some odd years ago, he served a decade in the house. he's in his third term in the united states senate. never run as a democrat. never attended the democratic national convention. this is the first time in his political career he's been there. there's not a lot of enthusiasm for him among the elected democrats that make up the
11:39 pm
house of lords, the super delegates in the democratic party. tom: we haven't had a chance to talk about this. i'm curious about your response to all the polls that come out. i know it's early, the polls show everybody but kasich loses to hillary on the republican side, and now all of a sudden, "fox news poll" out about an hour and a half ago, kasich is coming on, right on ted cruz's heels, hey, if he can beat hillary, i'll go with him? >> you need to be careful about national polls versus individual state polls. national polls include people in the 38 or 39 states that have already voted, who so -- if he's got more people in ohio and florida and texas and arkansas and mississippi voting for him, it doesn't matter because the delegates have been selected. this is what kasich is planning on. the question is going to be will we get a peek next tuesday in new york? is he going to be the number two guy to donald trump? donald trump is going to have a
11:40 pm
fantastic night next tuesday. 95 delegates are up. rules. if he gets all the votes he gets 14 delegates and 27 are split by congressional districts, if he gets more than 50% of a district, he gets all three. if two people get more than 20 and nobody gets more than 50. they split them 2-1. how many districts is he going to come up short in? it's unlikely he's going to come up short in 10 or 15. if it's 10, he takes 85 of the delegates and somebody else takes 10. tom: will be a big number if your numbers are correct. we got to talk forever. they're yelling at me to go. karl rove. >> great to see you, man. thanks for having me on. tom: thanks for coming on. two english daredevils may be in hot water after completing this stunt. these climbers risked their lives when they performed hand
11:41 pm
stands on top of a crane 220 feet off the ground. city officials not amused who called the act idiotic, the construction company responsible for the crane has since contacted police who are now investigating the incident. up next, putin offers rare praise for president obama, but is anyone buying his charm? we'll ask general jack keane. that's next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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. tom: north korea expected to launch a new intermediate range ballistic missile capable of hitting guam and the philippines. that according to two u.s. defense officials. the move comes as defense secretary ash carter is currently visiting the philippines. last month north korea fired two ballistic missiles, one of which blew up shortly after liftoff. joining me now general jack keane, retired four-star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news military analyst. the old rule never underestimate the enemy. people snicker about north korea. is this getting more serious? should we not underestimate them? >> north korea has been getting
11:46 pm
serious for sometime. obviously, they have nuclear weapons but attempting to weaponize the weapons and put them on intercontinental ballistic missiles which would have the capability to reach the united states, eventually they want to reach the entire continent of the united states. that's dead serious stuff. secondly, developing missiles to put on submarines that can be moved out and not detected. that's the most sophisticated ballistic missile delivery system that we have in the united states inventory. so yeah, this is serious issues here, and they'll be backing more dangerous, make no mistake about it. tom: because kim jong-un is a young man, he's going to be around a while. how are we going to stop this? as they advance, he's a young man and wants to do, this somebody is going to have to change the regime, don't you think? >> well, the people are so repressed there, it's unlikely that they'll be able to rise up and do something about the regime.
11:47 pm
the key reactor here is china. they really do not want a unified career, they do not want the united states on their border as a result of that. and they're playing a game here that's very dangerous, trying to support balance for north korea despite their erratic behavior and the danger they're presenting. china is a player, we're working with china but haven't made a lot of progress. the other thing that's dangerous about this, all this technology in terms of weaponization of missiles and nuclear weapons is all shared with the iranians. that is a dangerous situation. tom: it is indeed. let's move over to another dangerous game that's being played. that is, we've seen the video over the last 24 hours of these russian planes flying over our navy ships, and it begs the question obviously somebody must have seen them coming before, wouldn't you think?
11:48 pm
the captain of the ship or regional radar have this? or did they decide not to do anything, or do you think they didn't see them coming? >> they saw them coming. we have radars that see them take off from their airports. no, we have great technology. the aircraft aren't armed. they were obviously harassing us, but what -- you got to look at what the strategic issue is here. somebody harassing our ship at sea in the baltics but what they're truly trying to do is intimidate the nato countries we have alliance with. that ship just came out of the port in poland, training with polish helicopters, a big training exercise taking place in poland that the united states is supporting next month, they want to weaken the relationship between the united states and nato at large. the europeans have weak leaders as we already know and putin is strategically interested in breaking this alliance apart, which would be a huge victory
11:49 pm
for him. so right now it's all about applying pressure, but tom, he's also conducted 18 exercises in the last three years, most of the exercises have involved war in the baltic sea with the united states and nato. so they are dead serious about what they're doing. tom: so what should our response be general? >> we've got to put significant number of troops back in eastern europe in the baltics in poland and czechoslovakia. we're putting some increased numbers now that have been authorized in the budget, unfunded i may say, but that is not sufficient. that is not going to be a deterrent to putin. that's not truly going to get the kind of attention he needs and we need to get the feckless europeans off their back sides and putting up the resources necessary to protect themselves. this requires u.s. leadership and frankly the u.s. leadership has not been anywhere near as strong as it should be on this issue. tom: general keane, good to get
11:50 pm
your advice on these matters. >> good talking to you, tom. tom: trump's campaign manager vindicated after prosecutors say reporter michelle fields invaded the secret service bubble around donald trump. >> she makes her way beyond the press area and gets right next to mr. trump, actually makes slight contact with mr. trump, and you can see he recoiled and that's when mr. lewandowski comes and grabs her arm. tom: now michelle fields is threatening to file a lawsuit of defamation. does she have a case? attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes colwin decide here next.
11:51 pm
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when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get your first two meals free taupe * prosecutors continue building a case against the man who is accused of killing will smith. a lawyer for accused gunman cardell says he was not the aggressor, and a witness saw will smith with a firearm the night he died. he did have a remember sistered gun in his vehicle but family says her in carried it.
11:55 pm
this one at first blush, you think order rain. they knew each other, then it sounds like road range with two guys with guns. >> withstand your ground laws in place, that make it self-defense. was he going for the gun? there is also in the video you hear somebody saying i have got a gun, i have got a gun. is that will smith saying that, instigating that? so the killer has to retreat. then uses his gun. that make it self-defense under that state law. >> the ballistic experts will say there are seven shots in will smith's back. how could he have been the aggressor. i think there will be an issue where those bullet were. tom: one of my many jobs when i
11:56 pm
was a young man, i was a highway patrolman. in the training we had to go into a place where there would be somebody who was going to jump us. this thing jumped out. i unloaded my pistol, six shots in half a millisecond. when you are scared you pull that trigger. the training was don't lose all our bullet in one shot. all he had to say was i was scared for my life and unloaded my gun. >> it will boil down to the ballistics and t witnesses. his wife was shot i think twice in the leg. so she was there. she said will smith was not the aggressor. >> the lesson to be learned from this. even if somebody cuts you off, ...
11:57 pm
>> just let it go. it's not worth it. tom: let's do the corey lewandowski. michelle field says i'm not going to get a prosecution out of this case. does she have a case defamation? >> she may have a better case she may be a public figure in this instance when he made her a public figure. the vortex. so for this instance she is a public figure. >> it has reckless disregard for the true natural malice. >> you have to show actual malice which is recklessness. >> put her down and ruin her life. tom: why would you say more of a case against donald trump? if you look at the video he's
11:58 pm
oblivious to what going on. >> defamation is what happened afterward. what he said. i think she just made it up. he trump is obviously a bigger name and bigger character. >> he saw the tape and said. >> here is the thing when it gets to damages. she quit her job. she was not fired. tom: that's important to know. >> to me that's important to a jury. damages she quit her job. tom: then what are her damages? >> how did her reputation get injured when she is the one who pulled the plug. >> defamation is not only injury of your reputation. but injury. >> i hate to say this and this maybe will have no bearing on
11:59 pm
the case. is a jury going to like her have much? is she a very likeable plaintiff? tom: i don't know, everybody gets dressed up and looks nice in court. then you get into the jury, do you like donald trump? do you not like donald trump? he will get toe up all kind of political questions. this won't go before a court for a long time. >> she has a couple of years. defamation is one year. can you imagine if he's president? it will be great. thank you, lis weihl, mercedes coleman. in our online poll, 95% of you say the rnc is engineering the biggest voter disenfranchisement in american history. that's pretty big.
12:00 am
not a surprise. i hear a lot of that as well. thank you for joining us. the weekly standard's fred barns will be my guest. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: welcome to the end of your week. the end of my week. i love having you here. i'm watching the rise of the left as bernie sanders idea start to catch on with working americans. bernie is standing in solidarity with unions. here is the fiery bern in his own word. >> the largest corporations in this country.


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