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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 18, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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good morning, everyone, we start a new week and it's a whole new ball game and politics in money. bernie brought in his biggest crowd yet. s' slipping in the polls. hillary dances in washington heights and looks to win the vote in empire state. and trump tries a new quote, crooked hillary. and he now has 51% support. ted cruz takes the wyoming delegates, he played by the rules, but trump says it was rigged. that's politics. now money, no oil production freeze. down goes the price. we're back to $38 a barrel, but stocks not down much. we may still challenge 18k today. the pope brings migrants to italy on his own plane. it's a humanitarian gesture and brings the holy father right to the center of europe's political crisis. 353,000 dollars buys you a top
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table seat at hillary's fund raising. an obscene amount of money say supporters who threw money at her mode cade. and the host george clooney agrees it's obscene. wow, it's a big day. "varney & company" is about to begin. >> to ecuador, over 200 killed from a quake along the coast. and the magnitude 7.3. nine dead from 6.5 in the same area thursday night. 1500 people injured in those two quakes. how, toyota says it's going to suspend much of its production of plants across japan this week and honda and sony suspending some production runs.
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nissan, operations will resume today. and the japanese stock market took a hit following those two quakes. we're looking for lower opening at today's market. opening at 9:30 this morning. it's not a major selloff though. down maybe 60 points. not a major selloff considering what's happening to oil, which is way down. no production freeze. that means the big supply glut continues and that's sending prices down to $38 a barrel. 4% lower today. all right, ashley. ashley: yes. stuart: this morning, the stock oil has been broken because-- >> oil is up what, a buck 75. the futures down about 60. not quite the webster ratio, but i think the lack of agreement out of qatar this weekend or yesterday is not that big a surprise, the market not reacting that much, but the certainly the price of oil is. they're pumping at full volume. stuart: it maybe makes me think that the dow wants to go up. ashley: maybe. stuart: the natural movement is to go up. ashley: i think there are other
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elements other than oil that are driving it right now. which we will get to. ashley: yes, we will. stuart: we want to get back to politics. ashley: always. stuart: all right. ted cruz won all 14 delegates in the wyoming g.o.p. convention. that's a small number, but no vote among the state's republican relationship. here is what donald trump had to say about it. roll tape. >> the system that's rigged. we have a system that's crooked. we have a system that's got a lot of problems and we have a system that doesn't allow the people to vote in many cases and if they do vote, their vote isn't really representative of what it should be. we have this delegate system which is a sham. stuart: all right, you heard it right there. joining us now is karl rove. all right, karl. >> hey, stuart. stuart: cruz played by the rules. he showed up and he won. no question about it. but it looks, and i repeat that, it looks like it's unfair to donald trump. what say you? >> well, it's unfair because he
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declares it unfair. wyoming has chosen its delegates to the national convention by a convention, rather than a primary or caucus, for decades. same with north dakota and a number of other states. so, you know, it's -- each state is given, under our federalistic system a chance to decide whether it has a primary, a convention or a caucus and then to describe its own rules. some states have winner take aum. some have proportional. some have winner take most. they have different-- when they're proportional, they have different thresholds and ceilings. so, look. stuart: it's all true. >> you're dead right, karl, again, it comes back to what are people going to say? what are trump supporters going to say? >> this is all politics. take, for example, nevada which donald trump won. it's a caucus not a primary. remember how everybody said deblasio has no mandate because what was it 17% of the electorate turned out and voted
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in the mayoral election in new york? well, in nevada roughly that same percentage of the republicans turned out to vote in caucuses because unlike a primary where you could go down the street to your local elementary and vote in the primary, it was caucuses in the evening, couldn't cast an absentee ballot. if you were out of town or your shift had you working during the time. caucus, you couldn't vote. so we had low turnout. one out of every six republicans in the state of nevada was able to attend. you had to drive across town to vote at the nearest location to you. as a result we had low turnout. trump won it. let's take another example. 37% of the vote thus far and he's got 45% of the delegates. talk about being rigged. if the people's expression was being-- if the people's vote was expressed, he'd begin about 37% of the delegates, wouldn't he? it is what it is. the rules have been in place in many instances for decades. every state had to publish its
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rules in total. he knew what the rules were by the time they got into it and for him to say we ought to change the rules because i'm not getting the outcome i want is a temper tantrum of a spoiled player. >> we hear you, you've given me a sound bite right there. karl rove, sorry so short, but this is a fast-paced day and we appreciate you being here. >> it is and a fast-paced program, varney, fast-paced program. stuart: i'm afraid it's true. you're slowing me down. thank you very much, sir. bernie sanders to a massive crowd, 28,000 people came to see him in brooklyn, his aides called it his biggest rally yet. the vote is tomorrow. here is hillary clinton, dancing, yeah, just see her there under the banner, okay? and with local new york city politicians, this was a campaign event. there was no huge crowd there. more on hillary for you. she went all the way to
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california fund raising, around-- you can see them now, about 100 bernie supporters showered her motorcade with a thousand dollar bills on the way to a fundraiser with george clooney. and 353,000 price tag for the couple to co-host the fun raising event. a mere single ticket, that was $33,000. ashley: a bargain. stuart: a bargain. >> a bargain price. stuart: with us, this is not going to play well. 353,000 bucks? >> no, it plays right into the narrative that bernie sanders and all of the people say about hillary clinton, that she's out of touch. bought by the establishment and big donors and kind of hypocritical. george clooney, to charge this. >> he said, yes, it's an obscene amount of money, but they're playing by the rules. >> right, they are.
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stuart: it's like ted cruz, playing by the rules to win wyoming and colorado. >> right, that's totally the system and the price-- i mean, the cost of campaigning today, especially now that it's dragged on for so long, going from state to state to state. hillary has a contest she never expected. she had to raise this much money. she's got to and bernie has to. stuart: it looks bad from both sides. with his average donation being $27, compare the two, i meaning bad for her. stuart: pope francis, he's taken 12 syrian my grants back to the vatican with him on his own plane. he had visited a camp on the greek island of lesbos and took these migrants to the vatican with him. joining us is mike huckabee. governor, i'm sorry, governor. >> mike is fine. stuart: governor. the pope is clearly being a humanitarian, i've got that, but isn't there a political angle to this, too?
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>> well, i think there is. and by the way, i have it and good authority that angela merkel is loading up about ten lufthansa jets and take them to rome that haven't worked out well. stuart: you know, that satisfies sarcasm, better tell them that. >> yeah, okay. so i was kidding about that. and by the way, you can call me anything you want 'cause most of what you would call me would be better than what other people call me when we're walking down the street. stuart: here is the thing about the pope-- let me get to the gist of the question. i think that judeo christian-- >> what did god order the
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isra israelites to build? a wall. it was not only to keep outside, but to create a culture inside. when we have a culture, particularly a religious culture, a spiritual culture, whether it's judeo christian, whether it's muslim, it's understandable you don't want to destroy that culture by pretending it doesn't matter. if it doesn't matter, then your religion is worthless. what europe has done, they've decided their history, their roots, it doesn't matter and we're seeing the effect of it and i think a lot of europeans are waking up to the fact, this isn't working out well. it doesn't end well. stuart: i don't think that you can call europe a judeo christian compliment anymore-- >> it once was. look at the churches now mostly museum, are tourist sites. they're not filled with worshippers on most sundays because europe has sort of drifted from what it once was
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and that is a place where people did have some allegiance, but they don't. and we're seeing the results. the further you weaken it, and the further you dilute its strength and authority, the more it continues to collapse. stuart: governor mike huckabee, thank you for joining us. one of those three applies. [laughter] >> all right, everybody. i've got to show you some video. this is a gymnast practicing a routine, okay. we're going to show you several times to see the whole thing. doesn't get the landing quite right. it's going to be catastrophic, obviously, but her coach was right there to catch her, not only that, he rolls over top of her and flips her to safety. owl in one motion. i think that's pretty good. one more time. he should get-- >> what a catch. >> he gets a ten for that all right. up next, the president visits saudi arabia, at issue were the 9/11 victims families can drag
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>> saudi arabia told that it will sell billions of assets destabilizing the system. if america reveals the 28 secret pages to the report. . ashley: there were 28 pages released saying it will reveal more detail as to saudi arabia's involvement in the 9/11 attacks. the obama administration has been lobbying hard not to have the 28 pages revealed as has saudi arabia. saudi arabia is very concerned if that comes out and to see any role in 9/11, it opens them up to lawsuits from the victim's families and anyone else and therefore, their assets in the country could be
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frozen, their threat is that we will cash in billions, up to $750 billion in treasury securities and other assets because we're going to-- because we don't want that money tied up in the courts in america. stuart: that's good stuff, i understand that. let's bring in katherine with the council on global security. katherine, the suspicion is that the saudis bank roll 9/11. is there any truth to this? >> it's more than suspicious. there's clearly evidence the saudies were somehow involved. the question is, was it key members of the government or more distant members of the royal family, but at this point everybody knows, including foreign countries, that the saudis had a hand in funding this. stuart: but at the moment, you could say that our government, the american government is protecting the saudies from the
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righteous wrath of the victim's families. you could say that, couldn't you? >> you absolutely could and we have been for years and it's an outrage. i mean, how is it that this, you know, the greatest crime committed against the united states, the perpetrators, the people who funded this have not been held accountable. and i think what's the saddest thing of all is that the families of the victims have not seen justice and i think it's an absolute outrage. >> you can understand on the other side of the coin, however, the saudies today don't want their assets, and they have vast assets, tied up by the american court system waiting for claims from victim's families. i mean, i do see their point of view. do you? >> stuart, i see their point of view, but i don't care what their point of view is. honestly. this was such a major event. it changed america, it changed the world. and by our not bringing the funders of this event to
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justice, i just think it's a tragedy. i don't care how they feel about it. >> if he sides with the saudies against the victim's families, he has surely a considerable political problem. >> i think you're absolutely right. and i hope that the american people stand with the families of the victims in supporting them in this request. i am ooh, this is so important for america and for the cause of justice. stuart: katherine, you make things very clear and we love clarity on this program and we appreciate that very much. thank you. we have breaking news on the earthquake, now, what-- this is in ecuador, right? >> it's going on in japan and in ecuador, a number of people have lost their life, according to the ecuadorean community minister has risen to 350. some of the areas they're trying to get to were blocked by mudslides and landslides and
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this is a number that more than likely will rise donald trump going off hillary. and he's got a new nickname for her, crooked hillary. she's not happy about that. reports that the production of the iphone is slowing. and production may have been cut by a third. there's a story for you. more varney in a moment. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> donald trump has a new nickname for hillary clinton. roll tape. >> all of this is mine, when i fly in it's on my dime. right, it's on my dime. and what does that mean? that means i'm not controlled by the special interests, by the lobbyists and they control-- they control crooked hillary. stuart: crooked-- he got to it right there, crooked hillary. well, ms. clinton is responding to that nickname, roll that tape. >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself. i look forward to running against him if he turns out to be the republican nominee, if i am the democratic nominee. what i'm concerned about is how he goes after everybody else.
9:24 am
he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i really could care less. i'm going to stay focused on the issues. stuart: okay, we heard it. kristen is with us still. it seems like donald trump is test marketing the latest insult. >> that's what he does, he's a master marketer out there and see if it sticks. he throws out the name and that's when people start to crumble. he did it with marco rubio, ted cruz. marc marco-- >> and jeb bush wickedly effective. >> i don't like it, i don't think we should have name calling in politics. it's like an ear worm, condition get it out of your head. stuart: only donald trump can do it. any other candidates in the
9:25 am
field at the moment introduced this nasty, nasty nickname calling, i don't think it would work. >> no, he's a showman, that's why. stuart: somehow trump makes it works. >> he's an entertainer and showman and knows how to get people riled up and stick. this is an incredible time in politics. stuart: will it back fire because hillary clinton is a woman and for the first time he's put this nasty label on a candidate who has been a woman. ashley: maybe, there will be some of that, overall it's effective. stuart: crooked doesn't refer to her gender. >> he's already bu bridge with women. stuart: the opening bell next. oil is down big. there was a showdown in the middle east and oil is way down. stocks, lower at the bell. >> 18-k, did i jinx it?
9:26 am
and two accounts what happened, judge napolitano will pass judgment coming up shortly. >> people, listen, listen to what's happening to your country. this woman is evil. she lies, she lied to my, to my face at a very, very hard time and she's been lying since.
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>> well, it's monday morning, the time is 9:29, 51, 52, 53-- five seconds from now we're off and running. we'll be down, 40, 50, 60 points. wait until you see the price of oil. we're down 16 points and counting. ashley webster is here. cheryl casone makes a welcomed return. scott shellady is with us in chicago and jack howe in new york. why do we have the sharp drop in oil not producing a very sharp drop in the price of stocks? jack, tell me. >> because the relationship between stocks and oil was imagined to begin with. stuart: no. >> oil is rock bottom and stocks all-time high. we thought there was something. oil profits in the u.s. economy are gone. there's no more at this point. if prices stay low, we get a quicker cut in production that could ultimately be better for
9:31 am
some of the oil companies getting healthier, i don't think there's much more to be lost from oil. stuart: scott shellady, the exact same question, why does today's sharp drop in e price of oil not reflected in the dow industrials. >> i'd say number one, oil is trading off fundamentals. fundamentally we had news over the weekend and that's going to drive oil down in the short-term. number two, i believe that most people out there are nervous, they don't want to be in stocks, but there's technically a decent reason you could build the kind of-- this in no man's land or white noise, and all time highs for no good reason and technically speaking i can't build a case to sell. one is trading technically and one is trading fundamentally. stuart: i take your point. it seems like the stock market wants to go up. ashley: where else is it going to do. stuart: buy a bond that pays you 1 1/2%, a bank cd, a quarter of 1%?
9:32 am
you're not going to do it. stocks. we're down a near 39 points. japan reeling from two quakes, big names like toyota, honda, sony, nissan, all affected. give us the latest on the earthquake in japan. ashley: in relation to the stocks here. toyota is suspending across the country not just in japan. honda is keeping production suspended at its motorcycle plant. nissan though says it's resuming operations today. the only one of the major car makers. sony also stopping production at a plant that creates those parts for smart phones, including-- >> nissan is a barely down. >> cars are barely down, but sony is getting hit. they've made a big bet on the camera chips for phone. they've been getting out of money losing businesses and concentrating on-- >> hold on a second, on the japan quake, now look at apple. the company that sakes the
9:33 am
iphone 7 camera module was hit to the japan earthquake. >> sony has been sinking a lot of money in the expansion. a lot of phones are going to dual cameras, and that's doubling the modules you need. they're putting a lot of money behind it and getting out of consumer electronics, where they're getting killed for years. stuart: that's part of the story. so i want to get back to the apple iphone. i am told, we've got reports, cheryl, that demand for the iphone is sluggish and there are other reports that say they feel' leveled down, moved down the production schedules. >> they have, and that's this story also out of japan, which jack was talking about. the suppliers, a report in the newspaper on saturday that the japanese suppliers got notices from apple, apple not confirming or denying, that they're going to actually be cutting back their orders. that means slowdown for the iphone and the other thing is that apple knew this was coming and trying to come up with other products in the pipeline and have not performed,
9:34 am
including the watch. so, this is-- and we should say that apple stock took a dip because of this. >> it's back to 108. we're down a little bit. >> one happy caveat, recycling the iphones, they made money for pulling the gold out of the iphones. stuart: 40 million for recycling. i think we've got a barron's bounce. they like gm and ford. ashley: modest. stuart: jack. >> see, i'm squinting, is there anything there? >> barron's, saying they're going up 25%? >> what's going to help car stocks. stuart: back it off. >> i have a theory, the next recession, right? the next recession, north american sales from 17 million down to 13, 14 million and everyone is going to say bring on the big losses at general motors. bring on the financial distress
9:35 am
and gm will say we can earn maybe $3 a share at the bottom of the cycle because there's tremendous financial restructuring at gm and ford. once people realize these are no longer the disasters they once were, they can earn at the top and bottom you get rising valuations. stuart: despite today's very modest bounce, you say just wait, wait, wait. it's going to go-- >> a couple of different industries, airlines and cars deserve a reset higher, they're significantly more profitable than they used to be. stuart: look at this, morgan stanley reporting profits this morning, i've not seen the numbers. show me the numbers in the stock. >> the stock is relatively flat. it's an underperformer when you compare it to the rest of the financials. and you see the s&p 500. today is up 1/3 of 1% and what we saw with morgan stanley, while the profits are doing well, enough to pull through. they're trying to give a better
9:36 am
than expected outlook and saying they've moved into wealth management. it's a little less than they've seen. >> thank you so much. federal reserve's william dudley announced something about upcoming rate increases. what have you got? >> the u.s. central bank absolutely in no hurry to raise short-term interest rates. stuart: and the markets come back. >> the markets come back. he said in part because we continue to face significant uncertainties and the headwinds to growth from the financial crisis have not slowly abated. he's been someone who has been pushing cautious slow approach to interest rate hikes. stuart: yeah, but the fed is underpinning this market and when they come out with a dovish comment about-- the markets, we're down 30 points. when oil is down a buck and a half. amazon is going to offer video services for a buck a month less than netflix. what have you got on that one, jack. >> structural advantage. what does amazon do besides selling stuff over the internet
9:37 am
and serving up movies? it stores data. right? netflix is it an amazon customer. because amazon has had a business of storing data that it makes money on, it gets that for free when it's serving up the video. that's a structural advantage that will help it to do netflix's business, cheaper than netflix would do it. stuart: amazon dropped to $500 a share. >> and you did buy it. stuart: 700 and now it's back up to 632. >> why didn't you tell me that was going to happen. ashley: we feel great about it. stuart: moving swiftly along. microsoft, i do own some of that and happy to own it, by the way. windows users, by the way, windows users, beware, it's the government issuing a warning about windows. ashley: office of homeland security and a cyber security, watch for the quick time player on the windows pc users. there's a couple of bugs in there. you click on a particular web
9:38 am
page or a particular piece of the software, tainted file as they call it, you could be compromised. this does not apply to the quick time on mac operating systems. >> apple hasn't been updating on pc's, they haven't been putting out security updates. basically apple saying, here you go, microsoft, good luck. >> well, thanks, apple. do they know i own some of the stocks? we've got reports for intel in for a big, big round of layoffs. >> thousands of jobs cuts coming and as jack mentioned they'll be reporting earnings tomorrow. we may get the announcement then. this, again, is a pc story. the mac versus the pc. and 60% of revenues from pc's. the pc market is kind of continuing to die off. unfortunately, this is the power of apple. stuart: they couldn't shift it? >> they're making more profits from pc's.
9:39 am
i like intel stocks, don't think about buying it before tuesday's report. i think they may have to set guidance lower. stuart: and 25-- >> i'd wait for the report. stuart: i'm not suggesting it will hit 25. brazil a voting to impeach the president there. we're using petrobra. and at 88, we're at 86 now, still up. and pepsi, nothing to do with the soda, they've got cost cuts and making a strong advance in snack sales in north america, up she goes. and gopro, new virtual reality products, but the cheapest virtual reality camera, be
9:40 am
aware of that. cheryl, another hit for the jungle book. >> the jungle book blew past expectations over the weekend. look for a long series coming out of these guys. this is john favro. and look at that. >> didn't you read the jungle book when you were young. maria: yes, rudeyard kipling. yeah, and i saw the original movie nowhere near as scary as that. look at that beast. >> kids want more action these days. ashley: settle down, stuart, settle down. cheryl: anyway. stuart: you like disney. cheryl: they did a good job. 300 million globally with this one. >> how about carnival cruz lines? they may delay the part of their cruises to cuba.
9:41 am
>> this is interesting, because cuba going back to cold war law does not allow cuban-born americans to go back to the island by sea. however, you can by airplane, so how bizarre is that and that bizarre law didn't change. carnival says unless you change that we may delay being the first cruise ship. stuart: congress would have to change the law. >> yeah. stuart: and let's check the big boards because we were down about 45. now we're almost at break-even level. you see? this market appears to want to go up. the price of oil, that's becoming a major market story for the rest of this week, we struggle back to 39.04 as we speak. and of course, we're following politics. new york votes tomorrow to primaries in the democrats and the republicans. cue up that awkward video of hillary clinton dancing to the mus
9:42 am
music. and there are two developments on hillary's e-mail scandal. napolitano will pass judgment. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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>> the supreme court ruling in favor of google's book scanning project. what's this all about? >> millions of books being put into an on-line library. authors challenged saying you're depriving our revenue, taking our work and scanning it and putting it up for people to enjoy. the supreme court had the lower court ruling that essentially says while it tests the boundaries of fair use, ultimately is allowed under the law. so google wins.
9:46 am
stuart: google goes ahead and scans every book ever written sooner or later, on-line for free. thanks. listen to this, i've got two headlines on hillary clinton. here is what she said over the weekend about the e-mail scandal. roll tape. >> of course i never endangered national security that's absolutely false and i've said it was a mistake, it wasn't the best choice. never endangered national security. got it. next case, benghazi, documents show she told world leaders two different accounts, one blamed the video and one terrorism. >> is her position worse now following the statements and these developments? yes, except i think the fbi has known about it, and it's just become known to us. if we start the e-mail, she is trying to create the narrative that there is no crime without any harm.
9:47 am
now, generally, that's true. but this crime, espionage, is the rare crime where the government doesn't have to prove intent and it doesn't have to prove harm. the president started this last week, two sundays going into his interview with chris wallace when he said she didn't cause any harm. that's a straw man because the government doesn't have to prove harm. the crime consists in removing the e-mails from a safe, secure place to an unsafe, knowen secure place. now, there's another issue here and that is the fbi is trying to find out if in fact she did cause harm. because some of these secret materials she e-mailed to her friend sid blumenthal was hacked by a former romanian intelligence officer. guess where he is now? alexandria, virginia, he's debriefing the fbi about what he saw when he hacked sid blumenthal's server. stuart: plus we do know the
9:48 am
know whether her entire private server was hacked. it could have been. >> it could have been hacked and she wouldn't have known that. stuart: she wouldn't have known. a real professional could get in and out of there without anybody knowing somebody would be in there. >> if they could show that, that would make the case stronger. but they do not have to show this. stuart: her position has not worsened exactly with the fbi, but in public it has worsened. >> i'll tell you how it's worsened with the fbi. the fbi monitors every word she says in public about this and when she says something that's materially misleading, she is attempting to gainsay and dismiss the investigation. she continues to antagonize the fbi by suggesting they have standards to meet which they don't. stuart: you're our point guy on hillary clinton and the e-mail scandal. now, when do we expect a decision from the fbi to indict or not to indict? when can they happen? >> i don't know.
9:49 am
originally director comey hinted, he didn't say, hinted that it would be may. may is two weeks from now. the democratic national convention is three months from now, so, i don't know. i don't know when it's going to come down. i do know that they are the tail end of their investigation. we know that because they have invited in her aides and once they speak with them, which i believe will be this week, if they come in. this is an invitation, you can reject it. they will invite mrs. clinton. once they invite her in, whether she accepts or rejects and that's the end of the investigation and the mountain of justice, they decide can it be presented to the grand jury. stuart: every single democrat who appeared on this show says the possible indictment is irrelevant, we'll go right on past it, it doesn't mean a thing. i'm not sure it's true. >> oh, my goodness, i can't imagine the public accepting that she would run for president while indicted.
9:50 am
i can't think that the public would accept it if she was pardoned. i don't think that the public is going to accept someone into the white house. stuart: you talk about someone being pardoned, a presidential candidate, it doesn't work. >> for espionage of all things, not jaywalking. stuart: judge, come back in the 11th hour. donald trump leading the pack in new york, he's got 54% support. major earthquakes in japan and then ecuador, hundreds of dead and billions in damage. the question, are the quakes linked? we'll have an answer for you, more varney in a moment. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> well, you can call this a dodgy moment at heathrow airport. and a plane landing, collided with a drone. what's the story? >> the pilots of the flight was coming from geneva to heathrow airport says the plane was hit by an object. he couldn't say for sure it was a drone, but that's the suspicion. the plane was looked over, no problems at all, but the question is, how do you find out who was flying that drone? there's no registration requirements in the u.k. however, if you're caught flying a drone near an airport in the u.k., you can face up to fight years in prison. stuart: so you don't know whether it was a drone or not or deliberately or not, that's the scary thing.
9:55 am
ashley: scotland yard is on it. a new maris poll has donald trump ahead of kasich and cruz is back in third place. look, trump has by far the highest negatives, something like 70% negative, and yet, he is handdown favorite to win in new york by a margin, how do you explain that? >> he's the king of this, and needs to win his home state of new york, he said multiple time when rubio, and cruz, and even kasich in ohio, if they don't win their home state, they should get out of the race. i don't think that donald trump loses new york, but even if he
9:56 am
does, he should get out of the race if he doesn't win his home state of new york. stuart: i don't believe there's anything such as a republican party in the state of new york, a republican party that would be recognized as a republican party as if i lived in ohio, texas, or even california. it's open season for a guy like trump to walk in and take the republican vote? >> i think more of a moderate base. i'm originally from new hampshire, and we have the massachusetts and those who walk in in our primary. i think it's a different base of the republican party and that's why it's so easy for him to kind of cultivate support there, but at the same time he needs over 50% in order to get all of the 95 delegates. what will be interesting is whether or not kasich can hold him to-- if he kasich gets over 20% he gets some delegates in some districts. and a look at whether he gets
9:57 am
out of them and-- >> trump wants the sweep. he's got to get 50% of the vote in each constituency, congressional district. >> yes. stuart: ashley, thanks for joining us, and i'm sure you'll be back when we dissect the new york results. >> thank you, stu. stuart: thanks, ashley. a quick check of the markets, we're now up 15 points, that's important, despite a drop in the price of oil. i still say we're on 18-k watch, we'll see. more campus lunacy, and why they feel this way. and the former contestant on the apprentice, he is blasting donald trump, and he says if his season of apprentice were held today, he wouldn't have gone on the show. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: good morning, california.
10:00 am
sounds like good morning, vietnam, doesn't it? [laughter] the gop primary will hit your state in a couple of months, june 7th way out west. tomorrow it's new york state that's voting. at this hour ted cruz is speaking in manhattan, he's trying to grab just a few of the delegates to prevent a trump sweep in the empire state. he did get all 14 of the delegates from wyoming over the weekend and again, just like colorado, there was no vote at the republican membership. also this hour the supreme court is hearing the first challenge to president obama's executive orders on immigration. twenty-six states say the president acted unconstitutionally, that he violated federal law. the markets have erased their earlier losses after a fed president said the fed will be cautious in raising interest rates. that goes down well. look at oil, till got a huge selloff after opec said no production freeze. the glut stands. we've got it all covered for you. hour two starts now.
10:01 am
♪ ♪ >> i think it's more than a suspicion. i think it's clearly known there's enough evidence that the saudis were somehow involved. the question is at what level of the government. was it key members of the government, or was it more distant members of the royal family. but, i mean, at this point everybody knows -- including foreign countries -- that the saudis had a hand in funding this. stuart: that was last hour. this is a very big deal. at issue is whether 9/11 victims' families can drag saudi arabia into court to explain the saudi role, if any, in the attacks. the president gets ready to visit saudi arabia this week. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here. all right, ralph, you say the administration puts the happiness of the saudis ahead of the relatives of 9/11 victims,
10:02 am
and you say, i believe, that this is outrageous. go. >> well, it is. and also to be fair, the george w. bush administration did the same thing. stuart, we think we have an alliance with saudi arabia. it is a master/slave relationship. nine times out of ten we do what the saudis want us to do. it distorts our middle east policy wildly. we use our military to support the most oppressive regime in the world. north koreans have more freedom than saudi women, and we allow the saudis to fund hate speech mosques -- stuart: that's the point. >> -- here in the united states. stuart: that's the point. i think you've got an editorial in the new york post, and you're making the point that the wahhabis of saudi arabia who do not want any integration of muslims in western society, any place else, they run the show in saudi arabia, and they run a lot of mosques in the united states. that's your main point, isn't it? >> well, y. and the thing people have to
10:03 am
understand about the saudis is they do not care about the fate of individual muslims. they care about islam in the abstract. and they will sacrifice any number of muslims to keep the faith pure, to push their wahhabi ideology. and, stuart, every single terrorist movement in the sunni-arab world today, al-qaeda, obviously, isis, ago nusra, they all have their roots in wahhabism. but the saudis have been brilliant. over decades, generations really, they've bribed their way into the american scene very deeply, you know? key corporations and individuals make profits here. they spread money around, they buy into think tanks. and as a result, they've had their way. so now they're throwing this tantrum because they don't want the 28 missing pages from the 9/11 report released, they don't want individual survivors and family members to be able to sue and, please, just one more point here on this, the saudis are now
10:04 am
threaten, as you know, to sell $750 billion of u.s. investments. let them. let them do it, because it would briefly dent our equities, it would cripple the saudi, already-hurting saudi economy. and by the way, time for revenge on the 1970s oil embargoes. we should embargo saudi oil, including third party swaps and subsidize american fracking operations until oil hits $50 a barrel. national security. stuart: all right. ralph is off and running, and he feels it. [laughter] we like it. we like it, okay, ralph? we like it. >> we don't like the saudis. stuart: ah, we like what you've got to say. thanks very much, indeed, ralph peters. whoa, look at that market. turned around and then some. we were down 40 points, now we're up 43 points. we've got a fed governor say we'll go easy on raising interest rates. but the price of oil off $1.16 at $39.20.
10:05 am
so we've got a decoupling of oil and stocks. disney, they've got another winner with "the jungle book," $103 million box office just this weekend. up goes disney to 100. and amazon is going to offer video service for a buck a month less than netflix. what have you got to say for yourself? >> how about that? disney is propping up the dow right now. good for disney. apple, a bit of a drag, but disney with that blowout performance at the box office this weekend helping to turn the dow around. also bill dudley at the federal reserve, that as well. stuart he made that statement, what, about 20 minutes ago? >> yeah. stuart: the dow was down 40, then it recovers -- >> no rush to raise interest rates. stuart: you know, we could go back on 18k rate -- >> 57, 56, yep. stuart: i didn't think i was supposed to do math on this program, but nonetheless, we are 56 points down, away. got it. now to the supreme court where there are protests outside including a mariachi band.
10:06 am
the court hearing arguments challenging president obama's executive orders on immigration. what's the latest on that, ash? >> well, it's interesting. the obama administration says the states who are fighting this have no legal right to bring this case in the first place. if the supreme court agrees with that, this issue is dead. essentially, what the president did back in november of 2014 went around congress, took executive action providing a shield for some four million undocumented workers, giving them away, shielding them from deportation and giving them a chance and a path to permanent work visa status. the people who say, wait a minute, you don't have the legal authority to do that, congress makes the laws, and that's where we're at in the supreme court right now. stuart: got it. i want to move on to politics. bernie sanders for a start. ooh, huge crowd in brooklyn over the weekend. democrat strategist alexis johnson is with us. those crowds, huge. 28,000 there in brooklyn.
10:07 am
but i looked at them closely, that's a lot of very, very young people, and there's no guarantee that they will, a, be registered to vote and, b, actually turn out to vote. >> watch it now, i cut my teeth on the youth vote in 2004 back when i was young. [laughter] i think -- [laughter] stuart: twelve years ago. >> and what we knew then is what we know now, that young people have gotten a bad rap on voting since the 1960s. but they've actually been turning out in larger numbers, almost 50% in -- stuart: the new york state primary tomorrow. bernie needs those young voters. do you think they turn out? >> i think they will turn out in the same numbers they've been turning out across the other states. you know, i think young people have different challenges around voter registration depending on the state, whether or not they're college students, so i think they get a bad rap because of that, but they're very engaged, and they're driving, you know -- stuart: if i was in college now, youngster, and bernie comes along and says, oh, free college, i think i might consider voting for that.
10:08 am
i mean, back in my youth i was on the left. i would have probably voted for it. do you think they understand what socialism really is, do you? i mean, you've grown up a little since 2004. >> yes, i have. [laughter] stuart: what is it all about? >> i think they understand, yes. i think bernie's definitely getting them with the free college debt. i think they understand what reality tv is on the other side, right? so we have a socialist versus a big reality tv star, and i think they're going to these policies that actually have to do with kind of where they are in life. they're the biggest generation, bigger, i think, than the baby boomers. stuart: are you with them? >> bernie? stuart: are you a bernie supporter? >> i'm actually a hillary supporter, but i think he's been a great conversation starter and moving her towards some issues -- stuart: moving her towards socialism. >> towards trying to find a path for everyone. i don't think that necessarily equates -- stuart: i will personally buy
10:09 am
you a ticket to denmark. [laughter] i have no problem with that. all right, hold on a second. how about more liberal lunacy on college campuses, this time it is the university of new mexico. a student group now says the official seal depicting a spanish conquistador and a frontiersman, that's racist, and they find it offensive. before we go to you, ashley, have you got anything more on this? >> there's been kind of a tongue in cheek revamping of the seal that shows the two standing on a pile of bones. the native americans say, wait a minute, this is racist. these people came to our lands, stole our lands, killed us, and then we're kind of, you know, flaunting them as heroes on the seal of the university of new mexico's university. so that's the argument. stuart: that's the latest. >> it's insensitive. stuart: okay. i want to play -- alexis, hold on a second. >> okay. stuart: you've got to listen to this. this is one of your guys.
10:10 am
i want to play a clip from alan dershowitz, professor at harvard. he's talking about free speech under attack on our college campuses right now. roll tape. >> in the 1930s when students at german universities tried to and succeeded in stopping left-wing speakers, jewish speakers and others, burned the books, and as justice jackson said at nuremberg, when you start by burning books, you end by burning people. and some of these repressives on college campuses today would burn books. if they disagree with them, they don't want you to read them. stuart: i've got to say i was shocked when alan dershowitz comes on this program and says it reminds him of the 1930s and the rise of the nazis. now, he's one of you guys. he's a liberal, he's on the left. he's basically with you guys, and he's saying this? >> i think that what the students are doing across campuses across the country -- i went to princeton, so we just finished grappling with around woodrow wilson, right?
10:11 am
there's a sense that schools have a responsibility to create a sense of belonging for their students. and when you look and you see these relics of the past carrying values that you know the university body does not carry now, it is incumbent upon us to challenge it. stuart: the real issue here, alexis, is do they need a safe space, safe from other people's opinions which they find offensive? that's the diametrically opposite of what a university should be. >> i think a university -- i disagree. i think a university is about interrogating multiple opinions -- stuart: well, where are the conservatives on a college campus? >> i don't know, are they not going to school? because they certainly have a voice there. stuart: wait a minute. you put a chalk mark up saying trump '16, and some of these kids are offended by it, they have to have them washed away. no free speech. what? >> i disagree with that. i disagree we racing partisan lines. but i do believe that a university has an obligation to interrogate its own history and
10:12 am
to create a space for everyone to feel like they belong in the space. and that's what i think that we're missing. i mean, drew faust at harvard made the same point. stuart: that's a long way away from when i went to college. [laughter] we do appreciate you being with us, thank you very much. the department of homeland security has a warning. windows users should immediately stop using a popular software program. we'll tell you what that's all about. microsoft stock, i do own a little, it's up today. ted cruz takes wyoming, and donald trump says the system's rigged against him. we're going to ask a trump supporter, is it time to stop complaining and start playing by the rules? more "varney" after this.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
stuart: breaking news for you on the fight against isis. ashley? >> yep. 200 more troops and a number of apache helicopters apparently headed to iraq to help in the fight.
10:16 am
there's a big push to take iraq's second biggest city, mosul, from isis. and mainly these troops are going to be used in advisory roles, but it's ramping up a little more. stuart: 200 more, got it. we're now up about 50 points, that means we're about 50 points from dow 18,000, 17,945 right now. look at microsoft. the department of homeland security warning windows pc users uninstall -- or delete in my terminology -- apple's quick time video player. jo, make this sample. >> if you have quick time on your computer, many people do, you should delete it off of your computer because the department of homeland security says that apple is no longer providing updates to this, so it actually has some vulnerabilities. there are two ways that hackers can hack boo your computer -- into your computer and steal your personal information on this front, and it's rare for the department of homeland security to issue this type of
10:17 am
warning -- stuart: yeah, that's the government. i agree entirely. >> yeah. stuart: do most people have this quick time on their pcs? >> yeah, many people do, because a windows pc can also run apple itunes, the popular way to listen to music. and if you've ever watched a video or if you've ever will bed to music on itunes, you may have in the past have had to install quick time. you want to get rid of it and make sure it's not on your computer. stuart: delete that thing. is that the same as uninstall? >> yes, it is. stuart: all right. you've got to teach me. >> anytime. at the ready. stuart: next case, ted cruz took all 14 delegates in the wyoming gop convention. no vote, just at the convention. donald trump thinks the system is rigged. roll that tape. >> yeah, the system that's rigged, we have a system that's crooked, we have a system that's got the a lot of problems, and we have a system that doesn't allow the people to vote in many cases.
10:18 am
and if they do vote, their vote isn't really representative of what it should be. we have this delegate system, which is a sham. stuart: okay. rigged, it's a sham. come on in, former senator scott brown, who at last count you were a trump supporter as i recall, last time on the -- yes, you are, you're nodding. okay. >> yes, yes, of course. stuart: why doesn't trump quit complaining, some would say whining, and play by the rules just like ted cruz played by the rules and won in wyoming and in colorado? >> well, first of all, good morning to you and your viewers. and in massachusetts in particular, we have the marathon, so a lot of folks are running, and i want to wish them all a safe and healthy race. that being said, listen, i don't disagree with you, stuart. these rules in these states, some of them have been in place for decades. and when donald or any candidate is running, the first thing you do is you actually go in a
10:19 am
state-by-state basis and find out, hire somebody who deals with this sort of thing and find out exactly what the rules are and then plan out your plan of attack. and, obviously, because of the newness of this campaign and the fact that, you know, it initially was a very, you know, limited amount of people in the campaign, obviously they should have done their homework in that regard, and they didn't. now we have others who are on board, others that are on board right now, stuart, they're doing that job for california and others. i don't disagree with you. listen, you get in there, you know the rule, you've got to go battle. politics is a blood sport and, you know, ted did a good job. he's very good at that caucus, you know, individual delegate type of thing. stuart: yep. >> he's got that type of ground game. i think in new york today a lot of that stops. stuart: well, donald trump's campaign has hired a lot of new staffers, show him how to do it right and winning according to the rules. and it appears to me he's trying
10:20 am
to come on a little bit more presidentially, if i can put it like that. >> i agree. stuart: i think he's been reading from notes. you would support that, i think. >> not only do i support it, i've advocated it for months, and i know others have as well. i'm not the only one. yes, he needesidential. his wife and kids say that. he needs to put out speeches using a teleprompter letting people know exactly what he thinks about not only the immigration issues, supreme court, our economy, our military, you name it. if he does that and starts acting more presidential and then picks up, obviously, new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, i think you're going to see a lot of momentum moving forward. stuart: yeah. scott brown, enjoy that marathon today. i'm sure it'll go well, and we appreciate you being here today. thank you, scott. >> yeah. i don't even like to drive a marathon, stuart, so i'm going to watch and cheer everyone on. [laughter] stuart: an honest man. thank you, scott. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: all right. now we've got three deadly
10:21 am
earthquakes last week, two in japan, one ecuador. we're asking a top seismologist at usgs is this a sign that an even bigger one could be coming? a lot of talk about that, and we'll address it. new documents show hillary clinton told two very different stories about the benghazi attack. we'll hear from the mother of one of the victims next hour. >> people, listen, listen to what's happening to your country. this woman is evil. she lies. she lied to my, to my face at a very hard time, and she's been lying since. poor mouth breather.
10:22 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
10:24 am
>>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: severe storms have dumped more than a foot of rain in the houston area in the past 24 hours? >> this is remarkable. in some places 16 inches of rain
10:25 am
in just 24 hours. at last estimate at least 70 subdivisions in the houston area are now under flood waters including parts of interstate 10 which is the major east/west route connecting california all the way to florida. that's a lot of rain. stuart: a foot in 24 hours? goodness me. and then there are two major earthquakes in ecuador, the strongest wake there in decades. that was saturday. 350 people killed, 2500 injured. mostly along ecuador's coast. in japan they're reeling from two quakes, 32 dead from saturday's 7.3 magnitude, 9 dead from magnitude 6.5 in the same area, but that was last thursday night. come on in, please, gavin hayes, research geophysicist. gavin, a lot of people are talking about these two earthquakes in a very short period of time. okay, separated geographically.
10:26 am
is there any link between the two? >> short answer is, no. earthquakes are a process, and sometimes random processes cluster in time. stuart: it's not like the same tectonic plates are shifting thousands of miles apart, that's to not happening. to what you're saying is if there is no link between the two, then we're not likely to be having a huge, mega-quake anytime soon because of these two first shocks? >> that's exactly right. the tectonic plates involved in these two earthquakes are different, and they don't make it any more or less likely that an earthquake will occur somewhere else in the world. stuart: can you make a prediction that after two earthquakes in japan we can expect more or one big quake in ecuador we can expect more? can you make that prediction? >> we can't make predictions, unfortunately. we can say that because of the earthquake in japan and the earthquake in ecuador aftershocks will continue in those regions, in the immediate regions around japan and ecuador, but nowhere else in the
10:27 am
world as a response to these two events. stuart: is there such a thing as a ring of fire around the pacific, and does that expression have any meaning? >> ring of fire's a very old term. before plate tectonics, but it's an expression of the active tectonics around the border region of the pacific ocean where there are many convergent margins that cause very big earthquakes like the ones we saw in ec ecuador and japan. stuart: gavin, you've done your best to reassure us all, and we appreciate that. no link between the earthquake centers, ecuador and japan. thank you, gavin. >> my pleasure. stuart: a new nickname for hillary from trump, he's calling her crooked hillary. lyin' ted, well, that caught on. i wonder if this will? we shall see. and hillary holds a big fundraiser in hollywood, even george clooney -- who hosted the event -- calls it an obscene amount of money.
10:28 am
you'll hear from him after this.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
. stuart: we are definitely back. watching for 18,000 on the dow because we're only 31 points away from it. one fed governor says they'll be cautious about raising interest rates. that's enough for the dow to go up 62 points and very close to 18k. higher profits at has bro. that stock hit a record high at the open. that was 88. still the leading performer in the s&p 500. up 4% as we speak. how about oil? no freeze from that opec meeting over the weekend. that means that supply glut continues and that sent the price down about a buck. 39.37 is where we are. let's go through all of our stories with lee carter,
10:32 am
ashley, and moore that joins us. this glot is not going to go away. no production cut. no refresh your recollection freeze. i think this is good for america's economy. what say you? >> yeah. i've been saying that for months. i just got back last week from being in oklahoma where people aren't too happy about the lower price of oil because that's the real oil patch in america. but, you know, $40 is still significant difference from $30, stuart. so remember i think we went below 30, didn't we? about six weeks ago or so. i talked to the frackers out there. i talked to the people that are doing the drilling. they say you keep that price 40 to $45, they can make money at that price. they can't make it at 30. so i think it's good for consumers. and the other thing is who is carrying the american economy right now, stuart? you know it's the american consumer, why is the american consumer spending? because they're saving money at the gas tank .
10:33 am
stuart: $40 a barrel, $2 gasoline. >> i'll take it. stuart: you'll take that? >> yeah. stuart: let me get to strictly politics for a moment. donald trump has a new nickname -- test marketing his new nickname for hillary clinton. >> i'm self funding. all of this is mine. when i fly in, it's on my dime; right? it's on my dime. [cheers and applause] and what does that mean? that means i'm not controlled by the special interest, by the lobbyists, and they control. they control crooked hillary. stuart: he eventually got to it. crooked hillary. that's his new nickname. why are you laughing? that's pretty nasty. >> it's really nasty. but he has just a knack for getting right to the heart of what people think, lying ted cruz, little marco, and now crooked hillary clinton. and it is playing to this larger narrative that's going on right now. the crooked politics. this whole crooked -- stuart: okay. will it work
10:34 am
the way low energy jeb, little marco, lying ted, they kind of worked. but here, he's referring to a lady. a woman as crooked. will it work the same way? >> there's been a lot of talk can a man go after a woman in this way? can he do it? and i think this is going to be a very effective attack because when you think about what the issues are people have with hillary clinton, the number one issue is i don't trust her. i think she's crooked,. stuart: what did she i'm staying on hillary for one second. bernie sanders supporters -- watch this. through money at her motorcade as she arrived at a fundraiser. it was george clooney's house in california. a single ticket cost $33,000. clooney himself said that is an obscene amount of money. roll that tape. >> i think it's an obscene amount of money. i think we had -- you know, we had protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco. and they're right to protest. they're absolutely right, it's
10:35 am
an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it's ridiculous that we have this kind of money in politics. stuart: he's having it both ways. but it's within the rules, and i'm going to pay it. >> who needs protesters? cite frankly it's an unbelievable thing -- he's out there throwing the event and saying you're right. protest and it's obscene. what are you saying? . stuart: who's side is he on? >> yeah. stuart: steve, i want to bring you into this. >> stuart, -- stuart: yeah, go ahead. >> stuart, i was going to say how about hypocritical hillary? because all she's been doing is raging against wealth and income inequality and she's raising all of her money from millionaires and billionaires and hollywood and wall street and so on. i think that's a big problem for her, by the way, come november. ashley: yeah. >> because it undermines her message that she's kind of a populous and a woman of the people when she hangs out with people like george clooney and people in hollywood all the time. ashley: i think it plays
10:36 am
perfectly into berni bernie sanders' narrative of who she is. it's perfect to have money thrown at the motorcade. $33,000 ticket. it's good for bernie sanders. >> absolutely. stuart: one more time. the money thrown at the motorcade. >> fighting for you; right? stuart: bernie sanders drew a huge crowd in brooklyn over the weekend. 28,000 is the last estimate we have heard. but my question -- they're all youngsters. i mean universally they're youngsters. are they registered to vote? and will they vote tomorrow? ashley: he certainly hopes so. stuart: he does, yeah. >> i think we're going to see a huge number of people go out to vote tomorrow. i do think that the energy, the ground flow the momentum we're seeing toward bernie sanders, the numbers are huge. i think a lot of these folks are registered because the system in new york you have to advance quite in advance but i think you're just feeling this energy. ashley: huge crowd. >> it's a big deal.
10:37 am
stuart: well, steve moore, i'm going to throw you what's called a softball question. do you think the youngsters in that crowd understand socialism? >> no. these are most people who don't pay much taxes. a lot of them have never had a job to speak of. and hopefully when they start getting into the labor force, their whole views of socialism will change. but i will say this about, you know, hillary. i think if she loses new york, and i think she may lose new york. i'm going to say that right here. i know the polls are saying she's up by six, seven, eight points. if she loses new york, she is so damaged, i don't see how she wins the nomination, stuart. i mean truly -- this is her own state for goodness sake and people are basically -- and it gets that issue of her not being genuine. because, look, i don't agree with a single thing that bernie sanders does. but i do respect him for believing what he says. i think hillary flip-flops on every issue. stuart: i've got a poll, by the way, where hillary leads
10:38 am
in new york by 17 points. that's the latest poll there. so we'll see how things turn out tomorrow. still with bernie sanders. he met with the pope this weekend. the pope says the meeting was not political. and anybody who suggested it was political needs quote a psychiatrist. well, listen to what bernie said. >> the top 1% of people on this planet now own more wealth than the bottom 99%. is . it is unsustainable, it is immoral, and together we have got to change that. stuart: steve, i think that bernie sanders was playing the pope. playing -- to follow his coattails, jumping on the pope's humanitarian record. >> i agree with that entirely and, look, i'm a catholic. i don't agree with anything the pope says when it comes to economics. i don't think ends economics or capitalism. but a smart play by bernie
10:39 am
sanders. look, the pope might be the most popular, you know, political figure in america today. he's beloved by catholics, even though i disagree with him on economics, i think it plays well for bernie sanders, and i think he's going to get a bump out of that. stuart: okay. we hear you. opec says "no" to an oil production freeze. jeff flock at the cme with more on that. jeff. >> apparently not as bad as we thought, stuart. you know, this market opened. if you take a look at the enter today, it was a bloodbath on oil, it got down to as much as 7%, 37.61 at its low point but now recovered. now down about a dollar. and we've got the contract flipping over in a few days. we will gain some as well. the oil stocks went down big time too. but now most of them have recovered. i'm looking at bp, pretty flat, shell down a little bit,
10:40 am
conocophillips is up actually. so all of this naysaying, a lot of people dumped out and now they're sorry they did maybe. stuart: jeff right there in the oil pit. we like that. thanks, jeff. and steve moore, we appreciate you being with us. a former apprentice contest said if he knew how donald trump would run his campaign today, he never would have tried out for the show. a different take from some of the contests we've heard who have been on our show. >> i don't think he's a facetious, i think he's a democrat. i like him as a person, he's the uncle that gets drunk at the wedding and embarrasses you. you still love him but wish he would shut up. >> america is speaking, voters are speaking, and it's clearly establishing that mr. trump is the person they're looking for. >> trump is that man. he is unfiltered, and he is bold and he does not shy away from controversy.
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> good evening 9:00 a.m. eastern, you're going to miss some great stuff. like this one. roll it. >> has sort of dripped from what it once was and that is a place where people did have some allegiance. but they don't. and we're seeing the results. and the further you weaken it, and the further you dilute its strength and authority spiritually, the more the culture continues to collapse. >> the saudis are now
10:43 am
threatening as you know to sell $750 billion of u.s. investments. let them. let them do it because it would briefly dent our equities. it would cripple the saudi, already hurting saudi economy these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding.
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10:45 am
. stuart: well, not doing too badly. dow is getting close to 18,000. look at those two stocks in particular. amazon is introducing a video service that will be a $1 perfect month less than netflix. so what have you got? you've got amazon going up $10 a share right now and netflix sinking by about 2.5%. big impact. new york state, yes, they vote tomorrow. and peter barns is in new york city. actually he's right outside trump tower. now, you've got the latest -- what is it? the poll. start with republicans and trump. go. >> all right. stuart. donald trump of course still holding a commanding lead over his rivals going into tomorrow. the very latest poll from merris chose trump at 45%,
10:46 am
kasich 25%, cruz down fro from the last poll just a little bit. trump hopes to win all 95 delegates here in new york on tuesday. but now says it's vital for him to win these delegates to help him secure the nomination. because he says as you know that the system is rigged and crooked against him. stuart. stuart: so he's got 45 to kasich's 25. more than doubles him. we'll peter barns, thank you very much indeed. now this. a former apprentice contest denouncing donald trump. roll that tape. >> i remember a different mr. trump over ten years ago when i first went on the season one of apprentice. i almost say it has been a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde transformation. if mr. trump and his current manifestation as a politician came about ten years ago, i would not have gone on season one of the apprentice.
10:47 am
stuart: all right. you saw him right there. his name is kwame jackson on the set right now. welcome, sir. >> thank you for having me, sir,. stuart: do you think donald trump is a racist. >> i've always thought that since his comments came out. stuart: what comment in particular made you say that guy's a racist. >> i wouldn't say what comment in particular. i would say there's a preponderance of comments. what he said about mexicans, the rapist, black lives matter movement. stuart: what did he say? >> he talked about black lives matter movement being something that should be usa sized, we should not be paying attention to it. stuart: why is that racist? just because he says this particular extremist group should be usa sized. is that racist? >> no. i don't think black lives matter is a racist grou g. stuart: well, is it racist for donald trump to say ignore them? put them on one side. >> nord i'm not saying that one comment. i'm giving you a series of events. donald trump has said many
10:48 am
racist things that i think are out there in the media alread a. stuart: i don't think of the man as a racist. i don't. am i a racist if i say, you know, i really don't like 11 million illegal immigrants living in this country. >> i don't think you're a racist. i think you're a zene phobe. stuart: really? >> racism is not standing out in your front lawn and burning a cross. racism has transformed over the years. and now it's much more subtle, it's. of more nuanced. so people think there's only one litmus test, if you call someone the n word or whatever, you can't be a racist. and i think people are afraid to use that term because it does have a lot of power. stuart: but you devalued the word if you use it all the time. >> i agree with that. i don't think i use it all the time. but i think donald trump is an example of that.
10:49 am
i think he's someone who has a huge racial blind spot. he doesn't have a lot of folks around him of color in executive management rolls on his campaign. and i don't think he has the perspective of a lot of minority concerns. he talks about the blacks and the hispanics and how he's going to take care of them. what if they want to take care of themselves? and also talk about the fact with donald trump's blind spot against blacks and hispanics poll numbers don't show that as well. stuart: isn't that exactly what hillary clinton and bernie sanders are saying? we'll take care of you? >> i think people should be able to take care of themselves. stuart: of course. of course. we've got people on this program, black folks saying stop trying to help us for heaven's sake. democrats are saying you need help. i'm going to help you. >> i do believe that there's a federal intervention arm in terms of giving people a leg up. i'm not saying -- is it racist for the federal government to convene? . stuart: no. no. no. is it racist hillary clinton to say you minorities over there, we'll help you.
10:50 am
>> i don't think so. no, i don't think that's racist. stuart: but when donald trump says black lives matter, stay over there -- >> that's one comment. and i mean i don't know if that's necessarily the best one reflecting it. i'm saying there's a history of racist comments against all kinds of people that donald has a blind spot to that he doesn'tene know he's racist when he's doing it. stuart: i think a lot of people would fall into that category. >> i'm not voting for a lot of those people either. stuart: before you go, can you tell me one society, anywhere in the world which has more than one race in that society which is not racist. >> i will say this. i don't think everything is racist. but race is involved in everything and let me tell you the difference. what i mean by that is just like gender, just like class, those are human triggers that allow us to see people in different context. so to say that race is something that we've all moved from, that's not true.
10:51 am
so every comment is not racist, but race is involved in as he went fair point. kwame thank you for coming. >> thank you. stuart: appreciate it. if you're careful, you will be back. more varney after this
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
stuart: . ashley: now this. tax return fraud is on the
10:55 am
rise and our next guest is a victim. he got a notice in the mail asking for more information on his return. the problem was? he hadn't filed it yesterday. congressman jim is with us. congressman, explain to me exactly what happened. >> good morning, ashley. that's exactly what happened. i received a notice from the irs, got back from dc one day, received a notice, and basically who was asking for more information on a tax return, 2014 tax return. this was in about may of 2015. what i thought at first was while the irs just made a mistake, i spent a few hours on the phone trying to get an answer. did not get an answer. finally talked to the local irs taxpayer advocacy office here in cleveland. they tell me there was a return filed in my name. when i got back to dc, i called the irs there and actually met with them, and they showed me the return that was filed. it was shocking when you first realize that somebody has taken your name and identity and filed a return.
10:56 am
ashley: and all they wanted was to get your return. you had money due to you. did you ever get the money? >> well, actually they were filing a fraudulent return that had a refund. i normally don't get a refund. but it was -- they actually had a w-2 from the u.s. congress. so it was dummied up and filed and they were asking for a refund. and out of country. ashley: i've got 30-second. i'm sorry this is so short. how can we protect ourselves? >> well, you have to be vigilant and careful. they got my credit information, they were able to file a return. i think people need to realize this is a big issue. people are looking to steal your identity and not only can they steal your idenrun up charr crad but file tax returns for you. so you have to be cautious. i have a bill out there that we're trying to get filed, and we already have filed in trying to get past which will help. one of the things is electronic filings. we want to be able to have
10:57 am
taxpayers opt out of that. ashley: frightening story. thank you so much for telling. we appreciate it, congressman for taking the time. more varney after this i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine
10:58 am
to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it should be used along with diet and exercise. trulicity is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes and should not be used by people with severe stomach or intestinal problems, or people with type i diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. trulicity is not insulin and has not been studied with long-acting insulin. do not take trulicity if you or anyone in your family has had medullary thyroid cancer or multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 or if you are allergic to trulicity or its ingredients. stop using trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as itching, rash, or difficulty breathing; if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe stomach pain that will not go away and may move to your back, with or without vomiting; or if you have symptoms of thyroid cancer, which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar.
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11:00 am
. uartall ght.11:0 ecisy he on e ea coas and ok at this. college is out with a new poll. from new york state and donald trump way out front for the republicans. hillary clinton way out front for the democrats. this is in new york. lee is the public opinion director. lee, welcome to the program. >> i'm good how are you? . stuart: i'm well. donald trump has a remarkable lead. 54 to kasich 25 and cruz 16 your poll. >> 29 points and he ploys to get if not all the 95 republican delegates. probably at least 80, 85.
11:01 am
he could shut out his rivals. and that starts getting him down to the 50%6f remaining dels that he has to win to clinch the nomination. . stuart: but he's got to get 50% of the vote in each congressional district to get all of the delegates. >> yeah. and so that's no easy trick. but he's likely to get the lion's share of the delegates and that starts driving down the number into the 50s of what he needs from here until june 7th. stuart: okay. >> when california and new jersey go. stuart: one more question on the republicans in new york. is donald trump extending his lead? >> well, we're seeing it stay about even. the movement has been underneath, which has been common this year. we see cruz's numbers have declined. kasich is now gotten into second place. but, you know, we don't have that much -- cruz doesn't have the evangelical, the tea party base as much in new york as
11:02 am
he's had elsewhere. kasich doesn't have the money to spend, and donald trump has the home-court advantage. so we're seeing a solid lead to trump right now. stuart: i'm laughing because i thought you were going to say we couldn't find enough republicans in new york -- >> in new york city you have to look hard -- stuart: yes, you do. >> but you do find them. stuart: tell me about the democrats. i believe hillary clinton has a huge lead over bernie sanders there. now 17 points. >> yeah. stuart: again, same question. is she pulling away from bernie sanders now? >> well, she was in double digits, she continues to be in double digits, and we expect that to be the outcome. and if she does what we expect her to do, she will only need 43% of the pledge delegates remaining. not super delegates. pledge delegates to clinch the nomination. so what bernie sanders needs is he doesn't need just a symbolic victory holding her to a five-point lead or something, he has to reset this and obviously the clock is ticking at this point.
11:03 am
so "fox 11 morning news" him. everybody said coming out of wisconsin it was going to be momentum. well, who remembers wisconsin when new york gets in the spotlight? . stuart: good question. i don't have a decent answer for you. lee, merith college. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure, stuart,. stuart: next story, ted cruz concept all of wyoming's 14 delegates. there was not a traditional vote. donald trump says that makes the system rigged. roll tape. >> you have a system that's rigged, we have a system that's crooked, we have a system that's got a lot of problems, and we have a system that doesn't allow the people to vote in many cases. and if they do vote, their vote isn't really representative of what it should be. we have this delegate system, which is a sham. . stuart: all right. strong stuff of course of course. joining us now fox news contributor georgette, ashley webster of course is still here.
11:04 am
georgette, you were a delegate from new york state to the republican conventions for years and years and years. you were a national delegate if i'm not mistaken. >> yes, i was. stuart: now, donald trump says the delegate system within the republican party is rigged, and you say? >> i wouldn't use the word rigged. however, i will tell you. it is an inside's game. after all the delegates in each state are picked by that state's hierarchy. in other words, the governor, the senators, the elected local officials their state legislatures. they come from within the party? stuart: sure. >> apparatus in that state. so if you call that rigged, it is designed to be that way. stuart: but what happened in wyoming and colorado, although cruz, yeah, he played by the rules. he went there, he made his speeches, he played by the rules. but it looks so bad.
11:05 am
trump can exploit this up and down the because he's got a point. >> this isn't georgette's reality check. this was never about the primary and the vote of the people. this is about the party picks the candidate, not -- stuart: in which case the party sinks. that's what happens. >> oh, well, they've been doing it for a very long time, and we've survived. we'll survive this one too. stuart: good question. stay there, georgette. i know you want to stay. oh, look at the markets because we're -- yeah, we're on 18,000 watch. of course we are because we're only -- i'm trying to do the math. 42.16 away from -- ashley: look at you. wow. stuart: thank you very much indeed. fed governor william says we will go easy on interest rate increases. that set the market up. forget about oil. it's way, way down. normally on most days, you would have oil when it goes
11:06 am
down, you would have stock down as well. but today -- that's not happening. we're down a buck 13. so with, ashley, your ratio of oil down a buck -- ashley: decoupled. i'll auto us that word like. stuart: yeah, we're down on oil. back to politics. that's where we belong. not playing politics. he took in three refugee families, flew them back on his plane to the vatican. here's governor mike huckabee this morning on that situation. >> understandable that you don't want to destroy that culture by pretending that it doesn't matter. if it doesn't matter, then your religion is worthless. and i do thank what europe has done is that they have completely decided that really their history, their roots, it doesn't matter. and we're saying the effect of it. and i think a lot of europeans are waking up to the fact this isn't working out well. it doesn't end well.
11:07 am
stuart: georgette, i had gone to governor huckabee and said, look, the pope is doing a wonderful humanitarian gesture and so he is. but there's a political element here. >> yes, there is. stuart: because judeo christian europe is disappearing. it has become a pain in europe and what the pope is doing in bringing in these immigrants is making that situation worse. >> this is a political pope. now, regardless of the good deeds that he does, we have seen him over and over again weigh in. i think right now this is a message, all those churches are empty all over europe. ashley: yeah. >> and he's trying to find a way to bring them back into the followed -- stuart: he's not going to do it like that. surely heavens. that's not going to work. >> it may not work. but he's got to do something. and this -- very active pope. this is a very active pope. and he's been politically active, he wants the power
11:08 am
that really goes beyond what a traditional pope -- stuart: well, consider this. i think that the pope and other christians should encourage a more muscular response by christianity to the muslim threat. that's what i think we should do. ashley: never going to happen. >> that's not going to happen. ashley: not going to happen. >> no. it's not going to happen. stuart: write off judeo europe. i'm not prepared for it to go down the tubes. >> that's not going to happen because it's discriminatory. stuart: bernie sanders getting 28,000 in a rally in brooklyn over the weekend. again, am i right? is it 28,000? ashley: 28,000. stuart: huge crowd. biggest crowd he's ever gotten. >> pulling in $40 million a month. stuart: yes. from tens of thousands of individual donors. >> that's amazing. stuart: that's a crusade.
11:09 am
>> that's a crusade that maybe we should think about the math on that one. stuart: we don't do math on this show. calculating close to 18,000. thank you so much, georgette. now this. senator bernie sanders praising george clooney after clooney said the amount of money he's raised for hillary clinton is quote obscene. howard kurtz is with us. i'm inclined to say that this is hollywood hypocrisy. clooney charges 353,000 to be cohost of a fundraiser and then says, yeah, that is an obscene amount of money. is that playing both sides of the fence here? >> well, it's always easy to make a charge of hollywood hypocrisy, stuart, but just to rally you up, i'm going to say that george clooney is being uncommonly candid. he's saying, yes, i'm playing this game, it's an obscene amount of money, but i have to help hillary clinton raise obscene amounts of money because everybody else is
11:10 am
raising obscene amounts of money. stuart: you haven't roweled me up yet. >> i'm working on it. stuart: i want you to comment on hillary's continuing problems. and by that i mean she doesn't seem to be able to get away from the scandals and the tripups and the little minor issues here and there. she's simply doesn't seem to get that message out there in a forthright fashion. am i right? >> hillary clinton has a whole host of problems except one. she can't generate anything resembling the grassroot excitement bernie sanders is with the huge crowds. on my street in brooklyn we had about 28,000 people, that's still a lot of people to turn out for a rally in new york city. she is actually moving to the left to try to get closer to bernie sanders on the issues while they both kind of exaggerate how far apart they are. she's got the continuing distrust on ethical and honesty questions on every poll. and not just the e-mail scandal. but all of that, she's way
11:11 am
ahead in the delegate map and therefore most likely the nominee. stuart: what i call a shift in the establishment media, a shift away from full throttle support of hillary. i think they're backing off a little. what do you think. >> i think the fact that bernie these has come to new york, and they can see up close the kind of excitement he generates has caused a reset here and of course won seven out of eight states. but hillary is probably going to win a very big amvictory and then everyone going to do the math. i know you say you don't do math on the show, and then say hillary is getting closer to winning the nomination. but, look, bernie sanders has set the argument. he set the terms of the debate, made hillary move to her left. he has done everything -- and he's raised an amazing amount of money for the candidate, not to mention a 74-year-old self proclaimed socialist. but put himself in the position to win, and i don't see that changing gloam there you have it from howard kurt without doing any math
11:12 am
whatsoever. howard, thank you very much indeed. >> good to see you. stuart: the supreme court challenge president obama's executive orders on immigration. judge napolitano next on that
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
. stuart: yes, the dow is approaching the 18,000 mark. kind of getting close. it's about 41 points away. it will be the first time in nine months it's hit 18k. a couple of stocks breaking to lifetime highs. johnson & johnson again. now at 110. and home depot at 135. new highs both. amazon trying to compete better with netflix. they've announced. can the has announced that it will offer monthly subscriptions to their prime video service, jo ling kent is here. amazon is doing this. >> your grammar is so good. it blows me away. stuart: let's not get into that. what's amazon doing to compete with netflix? >> amazon is breaking out the streaming service and this is
11:16 am
something the industry has expected for a long time. you can pay $9 a month and only get the streaming content. that puts them directly against netflix. so netflix, we can show you the price comparison here in case you're interested in figuring out what works best for you. a lot of people do both. and what we see here is increasing competition between netflix and amazon. one, you can see here between 8 and 12th a month depending on when you signed up. and then amazon prime video is going to be $9 a month. stuart: what about the the content? what do i get on amazon prime? >> it depends on what you want. amazon has its own original programming plus a lot of the shows you like to watch on tv and netflix has the same thing. it's a battle of content here as more and more people cut the cord. but you should also know today is that netflix is reporting earnings and we may see user growth depression here and that could certainly shake the stock a lot.
11:17 am
stuart: you mean they've got less signups than they want? >> the growth will slow down. stuart: is it amazon is doing this or amazon are doing that? >> depends on what country you live in. stuart: that's correct. in england it's amazon are, real english is amazon is. >> that's right. stuart: you're released. [laughter] >> thanks for having me. stuart: you're welcome. the supreme court taking up a case this morning that will probe whether president obama overstepped his powers when he used executive action. he was using that action to try to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. he wants it to stay here and by using executive action to stay here. napolitano is here with me now. what do you make of this? >> well, you know, it's a very unusual situation for federal courts to join the president to prevent him from doing what he wants to do. last time this happened was
11:18 am
1962 with harry truman where he ceased steel mills that were on strike and operated the steel mills to force out the strikers because they needed steel for the war and the supreme court stopped him said you can't do it. stuart: hold on for a second. we've been hearing a long time that the president has overstepped his authority with these actions. and -- the court now to the supreme court are challenging that and this has not happened since 1952? >> the challenge has happened but the president has not been enjoined during the challenge. so a federal district court judge stopped the president from enforcing his executive orders. appealed that. the united states of appeals stopped the president from enforcing his orders. the justice department has appealed that now before the supreme court. it probably is four and four. if it's four and four, the injunction stands because it does not disturb what happened below. it's not precedent. but the injunction will stand,
11:19 am
and this whole process will be fruitless for him. it's not going to be changed in the remaining eight months of his term. stuart: now, arguments will be presented today. lawyers will plead their case. >> yes. stuart: so we know what they're saying and we'll get some on the what the court will decide from the justices. >> the only member of the conservative side who might waiver on this is the chief justice because of those of us who watch him have come to the conclusion that he has a belief that it would be better for the court not to hear this than to rule four to four because it's such a profound issue. so the chief justice might persuade enough members of the court to say we shouldn't hear it now. it's not right, the state's don't have standing, some way to resolve it without voting on the merits. stuart: because the chief
11:20 am
justice, justice roberts was so burned by obamacare and the decision on obamacare. and previously burned on the florida vote in the year 2000 that he wants to remove completely the court -- remove it as much as possible from any political entanglement. is that it? >> he doesn't like the court to resolve political disputes. i would argue this is not a political dispute. it is a profound constitutional dispute. can the president change the law? and if the effect of changing the law is to enforce the states to collect more taxes and spend more money, he's basically saying to the states, you have to spend this money. if these people stay here, you have to make education facilities available for them, emergency rooms available for them, welfare payments available for them, the types of safety nets states provide whether you budget it or not or have the tax dollars or not. that's a constitutional issue. can the president enforce the
11:21 am
states to spend money in a way? . stuart: you and i would argue, no, you can't do. >> here's the president's compassionate argument. it's an interesting one. the people he wants to stay here are illegal adults who have had babies here. the babies are american citizens. so he says what should i do? if i follow the law and deport the paraphernalias, i have to deport the citizens, which is against the constitution. if i deport the citizens and not the parents, i'm breaking up families. stuart: so the court has to decide on that too. that's part of the argument. >> i think the court should resolve this on the merits. but the chief will be frustrated if it's 4-4 because that's not a resolution on the mets. does all of this make sense? . stuart: it does. it does it happen it makes horrible sense actually. >> always get gratifying outcomes from the court. stuart: no, we don't. >> we sometimes get foul balls and ways to avoid giving us a
11:22 am
solid answer. stuart: all your fault. thank you very much, judge, appreciate that. all right. next case. an american airlines passenger goes on a tirade. delayed 12 hours trying to get on a disney cruise. yeah, we've all been there. and you will hear my take on it in just a moment does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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. >> we're waiting all of our life for this. i'm waiting for this for a year already. [inaudible yelling] . stuart: frustration maximum frustration at the airport. you're traveling with young children, there's a long delay, and you're standing aaround for hours just for the tylenol tell you what's going on. that happened on flight 2240 from new york to miami. what you're looking at now is an irate passenger trying to
11:27 am
get to her disney cruise. it's 2:00 in the morning and the airline has not kept the crowd informed for many month hours. that's point number one. passengers understand that can erupt the plans. got it. but what they can't stand is to be kept in the dark. this is an example of airline management failure. we don't need a new law. we need competition between carriers so that they're offering full, prompt information is a selling point. our aisle fly with the guys who tell me the truth. and the second point is this. we now live in a world where the world can see you at your worst. cameras are everywhere. if you lose it, you may end up with your tantrum on full display on global social media. it may be entirely legit for you to lose your temper but that one incident may be laid there to everyone you know and millions you don't know and it will be on your personal record forever. interesting, isn't it? we have never enjoyed such a level of personal liberation. and we've never felt such
11:28 am
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stuart: we are two hours into the trading session. look at this spirit we are really close to 18,000 for the dow industrial spirit of 75 today largely because a fed governor, william dudley says it got to go easy on raising interest rates this year. that do not worry 74.10. looks like it wants to go out. despite what's happening with oil, which is way down -- it was down a bug and a half. maybe that is helping stocks as well. 3974. reports coming in at a bus explosion in jerusalem. don't like the sound of this. >> police say this may be a military attack if the result of other causes very unclear. obviously devastating result of this explosion. at least 20 people injured. the reports of fatalities. trying to figure out what the heck happened. 2002 may 2005, palestinians use suicide bombers on buses. hopefully this is not that kind.
11:33 am
stuart: we can't say that yet. ashley: we can't yet. stuart: president. stuart: president obama's executive order and immigration are being challenged today. the supreme court. here's what judge napolitano said about it earlier this hour. >> it probably is four and four. the injunction stands. it does not disturb what happened below. it is not precedent that the injunction will stand in this whole process will be fruitless for an edible and not change in the remaining eight months of his term. stuart: let me clear it out. if it is born it is four and four, it to their earlier which is the president can do this via david webb is at best. it occurs to me that this is the president's legacy at the moment. >> it is clearly one of his signature items. this is a president that's been rejected and refuted by the courts over 13 times different executive actions and orders because he has too followed the legislative process in the
11:34 am
branches of government. frankly to the republicans they are not working to come up with a solution. they are fighting the president so we don't get anywhere. i say this to the people for this immigration, the dream act and all these other aspects of it. when you actually get? they don't get anything. now you go to the real issue. the state of new jersey, a reporter couple years ago just on medical care and education for illegals. $2.7 billion. that's a small state. stuart: by timeframe? >> in a year. $2.7 billion on the taxpayer backed at the cost of this will go to the states. the entitlements, the different programs and what is the solution? stuart: 2.6 alien dollars. >> to add onto hundreds argument, right on track with that. i will add something for consideration.
11:35 am
we had these children. raise your children and tell 18 when they become a majority, you are out of the country and your children cannot sponsor. we haven't broken up a family but we've gotten rid of the illegals who have children here. >> just checking your hat in the ring, david webb. >> it is the force of law. stuart: good point to raise. donald trump has a new nickname for hillary clinton. crooked hillary. she says she could care less about what trump is sagging. >> she throws out the opening, always the businessman on that. either way, hillary doesn't care what anybody calls are because her march for power, which began way back at the rose law firm, the whitewater days. look at her over the decades. her march is for her achievement and democrats will back her on
11:36 am
the salt away. so she doesn't care what donald calls there. but if he can tie her to the actual issues that drive americans, the lie that she told when she says it was the video at one point, but she told overseas leaders that was not a video. tiger to those things that trigger the voters. i will get americans on her back. stuart: the crooked hillary might stay. staying on politics, ted cruz won all the delegates in wyoming over the weekend. there was no vote of republican membership. he just won. he showed up in one of the delegates. donald trump says the system is rigged. fox news contributor is in washington. mercedes, the rules in wyoming, the roles in colorado have been in place for a long, long time. from simply didn't play by those rules. he didn't show what. should he be whining now? should he be claiming that
11:37 am
things are rigged? >> look, part of the argument of the system benefits donald trump. it is exactly what many of his voters, his supporters believe in washington. it is like a sport. you've got roles. you got a play with them and it got to learn how to win. this is the two leg used. if you are trying to get obviously as many votes as you can in the states, at the same time you've got a support these delegates and make sure they are going to be the loyalty you. what we see right now in georgia is the fact that trump has lost a lot of delegates because cruz kidman and outmaneuvered trump on the delegates. trump may be on the first ballot, but the second ballot a lot of people that are delegates may turn -- and her crew supporters. stuart: it just looks so bad. how about this one?
11:38 am
liberals argued that the rich must pay their fair share. got it. on friday, we invited a college professor from a very wealthy family onto the program and she said yes. despite my very wealthy parents, the rich should pay more. just watch this for a moment. stuart: did your family pay an 83% tax rate? did they? >> now, but i sure wish they did. i sure wish they didn't hide their wealth with dynasty trust in a variety of other ways. stuart: get rich and unsubsidized -- >> it is not okay. stuart: your comment first, mercedes. >> well, it's the university bubble. the college professor most likely has tenure and has decided from a moral perspective over 43 million americans paid no individual federal income tax in the rich are paying a big
11:39 am
chunk of the share already. what we need is less spending to figure out entitlement reforms. figure out a way to span class and how the taxpayers have my money back. >> david, i know you're going to say -- >> i am dying on this. stuart: tax income in america. we don't tax the wealth. i've got a suspicion they want to tax wealth. >> either way, she does have tenure. she's been on the show in the past. a very nice lady, but she is devoid of reality. i master the same question. should we assess the wealth of your family and tax it? they have been hot. i asked them: the same question a week ago. why don't we assess wealth? bernie sanders said at one point he shall mimic a million dollars a year. you clearly make more than that. let's assess your wealth. i've asked all of these rich liberal heiresses and socialite
11:40 am
and businesses. let's tack your wealth. they are all afraid of it because their moral objection goes against their pocket. stuart: this particular professor was okay with her parents keeping their vast wealth. perfectly happy with her parents accumulating vast wealth, but not being taxed on not wealth. but the rest of us make decent money. we will take 83% of yours. >> yeah, it was so depressing to see it almost made it sound like she was a millennial all of a sudden. it was like well, we need to wealthy parents to be taxed more, but again, it didn't fit into the argument of the fact that wears that the fair share? are the wealthy pay their fair share? it goes back to the question of let's look at the matter of whether they want their wealth to be taxed. stuart: that's the whole ball of? >> can i interject a mercedes.
11:41 am
occidental college is the parents who have the means to pay for those students to go there to pay her tenured salary. what if we start taxing away their wealth? who goes to occidental? who pays your salary? >> to some degree i wish we did tax out because we drive the liberals underground. >> george soros would be running for another country. stuart: thank you very much. we appreciate it. to state department documents revealed that hillary clinton told world leaders two different explanations in the benghazi terror attack. in one instance blamed the video for benghazi. in another, blamed terrorism for benghazi. the mother of one of the big guns who was killed in that attack is next. >> listen what is happening to your country. this woman is evil. she lives. she lied to my face that is very hard time and she has been blind
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
doing well on the hillside jungle book this weekend. three-month high for a dow component. on the other hand, apple has been under some pressure. the iphone suppliers have some deductions. no wait 16 white house who speak. financials performing last week and taken it off pretty great. this is how they are performing for the month. see some big moves. morgan stanley also. this weeks btv spotlight features
11:45 am
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11:46 am
stuart: new information revealed that hillary clinton admitted that she knew the terrorists attacking libya in 2012 as planned. she knew it was land. ashley: these are new documents at hand by judicial watch. it's interesting because a low bunch of nuts that hillary clinton talking to world leaders in the time and days after the attack on september 11, 2012. for instance, september 12, she tells egypt's prime minister that the benghazi attacks quote had nothing to do with the film. three days later -- three days later she talks to egypt's foreign minister, refers to that very offensive film as the root cause. stuart: she contradicted herself within the space of three days and now we know because he got the documents.
11:47 am
clearly on september whatever of us, she told the leader of egypt, nothing to do with the movie. it was terrorists. ashley: yeah. stuart: thank you on ashley. patricia smith, her son was one of the four people killed the benghazi attack. welcome back to her program. good to see you again. would you please take us through it again? you are on the tarmac at the air force base, waiting for the arrival of yours on in his coffin. hillary clinton said something to you. take me through that story again, would you, please? >> hillary came out to me, gave me a big hug and told me it was the fault of the video. i asked her, what video? i didn't know anything about a video. she told me it was the video and if there was anything different that she would call and let me know. let me know what happened. she never did call. only four years later. she still has not called me.
11:48 am
stuart: breed now just found out that she did indeed tell of the world leaders that yes it was terrorism, but it was planned. it had nothing to do with the video and she knew that when she spoke to you on the airport tarmac. what you think now? what is your feelings about this now? >> my feeling is that she went on tv afterwards, telling everybody that i was the liar. there is someone here lining and it wasn't her. i want her to apologize to me for calling me a liar on tv because this is clearly not true. i want to know why my son was left to die breeding and diesel smoke, which is the most horrible way to die and she didn't do anything to stop it. she could have. stuart: you've played any role in this election at all?
11:49 am
not been difficult at all. has anybody to do to put you in front of a camera to say these things, to go up against them be contrary to hillary clinton? >> no. nobody has contacted me other than local radio stations and fox stations. i have talked to them. but it wasn't about that. stuart: how do you feel about hillary now the likely democrat nominee? >> she ought to be wearing stripes. i want to see this woman and stripes because she lied and the different things that she did say were very, totally wrong. my son is dead because of her. i would like to talk to her even though i know i would be the bad one and not. stuart: you want her to call you to straighten things out or apologize, one of the two.
11:50 am
>> she promised she would hear it and so did obama and all the rest of them that were there. i was crying. i was trying to find out why all this happened. all they would tell me, every one of them, was that it was the fault of the video. stuart: okay, patricia smith, i know this is extremely difficult for you. we appreciate you being with us today and telling your story. please come back. we appreciate you being here. >> any time. any time. stuart: patricia smith. we will be back with more in a moment. you both have a
11:51 am
11:52 am
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stuart: fascinating story. people with student loans that are not making their payments, many and find out the fault. though barton runs financial samaritan. this is a very interesting company. a student loans goes into default. you guys outlawed from the bank. you then turn around and get the student to pay off i'm not blown albeit at a reduced rate. and you make money doing that. am i correct? that's how the whole thing
11:55 am
works. how do you persuade them to pay? >> we do what no one else has ever done. we take adversarial out of it. this typically dead collection environment, running and screaming that somebody can't pay. since we know they can't pay, it doesn't do any good. stuart: how on earth do you get underpaid? >> they are underemployed. and maybe because they have so many other debt that we helped negotiate with the other creditors so they can reduce the total tech consumption and we also help them access social service. when we are done helping them, we ask them to pay. stuart: you are kind of a socialist service. >> we are a for-profit organization. but our real mission is to help people get out. it sounds corny. stuart: no, you are using the words american. you've helped 4.2 million?
11:56 am
>> 4.5. stuart: you have bought the loans it made people pay. what proportion do not pay? >> about 10%. stuart: and you can work with that? >> absolutely. stuart: do you scream them before? you've got x number of ones in the fall. do you scream the students in the students in the fall to figure out if they're likely to pay me some money and this is not. >> yes, absolutely. we do to diligence. >> not just anybody can come to you. >> we end up with the whole universe. some of them are not going to pay as well as others. stuart: wait a second time you go to the bank and buy all the student loan. you get them pennies on the dollar. you give them something and they're happy to unload all of this stuff. you then look at the portfolio in a bid sponge not likely to
11:57 am
pay off. but this bunch are likely to concentrate on them. are you making money? >> absolutely. they spend money, shame on you. we had a border collie and find out which ones are likely not to pay. you're getting away with some pain. if we can help 90%, we don't care that 10% had some more% had someone there hard to heart and get away with something. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, bill barton, a man who makes money i'd be in a samaritan. that's pretty good. you can come again. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> we started out this morning at 9:30 eastern time with a drop of 40 odd points for the dow industrials because the price of oil was down about 5%. but oil come back.
12:00 pm
>> look only dow57 cents. >> a mere 57 cents. who cares it's at 39. >> yeah. >> the dow industrials. i'm trying to do the math. 21.9 points left to get to 18,000. i think that's pretty good. i can do the math. can you, neil cavuto? because the time is yours. neil: thank you, sir, very much. we'll keep a close eye on that. we're watching that closely because that could all set concerns about dropping oil prices. if the earnings come in better than expected. as we get the report cards, they're going to be awful, they're going to be down, and that would represent the fourth straight quarter they were down. if hasbro is any indication, don't ask why, for star wars-related merchandise. in the meantime all eyes are on the candidates across new york state trying to get ahead of the primary tomorrow. donald trump has already called some weakened results


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