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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa: university of buffalo sent more than five thousand student acceptance letters. the only problem they have not been accepted. their applications has not been thoroughly reviewed. david: buffalo said they deeply regret the unfortunate error in communication. doesn't make the people who get the letters feel any better. melissa: no. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we have to win by big numbers. we have system absolutely rigged. we have a system that is rigged. we have a system that is crooked. we have a system with a lot of problems. we have a system that doesn't allow the people to vote in many cases. and if they do voight, their vote isn't really representative of what it should be. deirdre: new york primary is less than 24 hours away, gop front-runner donald trump must win his home state. 95 delegates up on republican side. candidates make last pitch for
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candidates. senator ted cruz took all 14 delegates without a single vote cast. fox business senior washington correspondent peter barnes with me now from the trump tower in new york city. so, peter, trump is from this weekend's results but how many of his supporters that you're speaking with there are calling the system rigged as he does? reporter: well, we talked to one who was here today to meet with donald trump. pastor darrell scott, excuse me of cleveland. and he run as group called the national diversity coalition, national diversity coalition for trump. we asked him about this controversy over all the rules and this system, that trump is criticizing, our colleague matt fin caught up with the pastor in the lobe by here. here is what the pastor had to say. >> rules are being manipulated. they're not being followed. the original intent of the rules was not to prevent a candidate
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from getting in. the original intent of rules was through a fair process if we can't arrive at consensus candidate these are the rules we go to as a default. not we manipulate -- reporter: pastor scott has known donald trump for several years. it says despite the candidates blustery demeanor, he is a humble man, and person of faith, his group met today with candidate. it is not just african-americans but also hispanic-americans, asian-americans. muslim-americans and others. the group has defended trump from charges against racism, from time to time. pastor scott says the meeting was called to introduce trump to more of the coalition members but also to talk to them some concerns and initiatives for our communities. trump could talk more about the rules and about this meeting today. in buffalo where he is giving a rally in just a couple of hours from now. deirdre? deirdre: peter, thank you so
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much. fox business's senior washington correspondent there, as you can see him right in front of the trump tower. there are complexities involved in all of new york's 95 gop delegates. what is clear donald trump needs to win top 50% of the vote statewide to claim all the at large delegates. so here is a count, here is where we stand right now. donald trump leads new delegate county, 756. senator cruz, second place, 559. governor john kasich trailing with 144. there has been a war of words between donald trump and the rnc chairman about the delegate system. >> nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best planes and bring them to the best resorts anywhere in the world. doral. mar-a-lago. i can put them in the best places in world. california, i have something that blows everything away but it's a corrupt system. >> delegates are enfranchised by the voters whether it be at a
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convention or whether it be at a caucus or primary. that is how our delegates are selected. we're not a government entity. we're a political party. political parties have been nominating candidates through the delegate process for a very long time. this is the way we do it and we have right to choose the way we nominate people. deirdre: joining me now, from the trump event in buffalo, new york, former candidates for governor of the empire state carl paladino. we're glad to have you here. you know the new york machine well. you support trump. is the system rigged against him? >> well the system is rigged against the people's choice and has been for a long time. what donald trump is saying is, don't go changing the rules on me now that we're in homestretch of a race. the temptation and discussion about rule 40-b is that they
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will take away that eight-state requirementand allow guys like mr. kasich or even paul ryan or somebody else to win a nomination. that would be very unfair because they're changing the rule by which all of the 17 original candidates decided to run. adhere to those rules. deirdre: there is this discussion, i mean the rnc is meeting with some of the rules. the committee members wednesday of this week, in an idea to empower delegates which many people say would actually hurt donald trump, and help senator cruz. speaking of senator cruz, he was asked about the system. here is what he told viewers on "good morning america". >> senator cruz, how do you respond to what he is saying? >> donald is not a complicated man to understand. he doesn't handle losing well. there have been a total of five states that have voted in last three weeks. in those five states starting
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from utah, north dakota, wisconsin, colorado, wyoming, 1.3 million people voted in those five states and he lost all five. we have won five in a he row and donald is upset, so he is throwing a fit. deirdre: carl, as a donald trump supporter, do you see a point that did senator cruz make a point as donald trump just quite simply a sore loser? >> i don't think so. you know donald trump is a guy that is standing up for having proper rules and not trying to pull the wool over the people's eyes. for years the party's have played this game. they gave us romney. they gave us mccain. they marginalized the other candidates at the time, guy like newt gingrich or the others and that was, that was under rules that the people didn't quite understand. but donald trump now, to come out and tell the people that
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their votes maybe don't actually count, that the delegates selection process could be skewered, the delegates might be picked who will vote, for instance, mr. trump on the first ballot but not necessarily on the second or third vote, what he is doing, he is pointing out the illegitimate sy of those rules. that is, that is proper for him to do that. it is proper for him open up the underbelly of beast and explain -- deirdre: that is why a lot of people like him. >> that's right. deirdre: i want to ask you, carl on a personal note, for those that don't know your background as we do. you're a real estate developer. you crossed path numerous times businessman, businessman. why does donald trump, why does his candidacy make sense to you? >> because he is man can do things other people can't do. he is man willing to enter the arena, willing to fight it out and willing to do the right
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thing for the people. he is a man okay, of strength and people appreciate that. and that is kind of president that we need for future in america. we need anymore limp wristed people like obama. we certainly don't need a character like hillary who has been disingenuous her entire career. it is time for the american people to actually have a voice in what their government is doing. and that is what donald trump is about. deirdre: carl, i am sure he appreciates your support, both as somebody who understands the political system and somebody who understands the business world as a very successful real estate developer yourself. we thank you, sir, for the time. carl paladino, supporter for donald trump. as you can hear from a noisy event there in buffalo. you're looking at markets right now, the dow topped the 18,000 mark for first time since july. oil prices down overnight by 5%.
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did close lower, but a smaller drop than they started the day. in fact finishing $40 per barrel. key producers met over the weekend without reaching an agreement on output levels. jeff flock with me from the cme. jeff, i want to talk to you of course about those oil prices but dow at 18,000. crossing that mark for the first time just shy of a year. what were traders on the floor there telling you about that? reporter: oil traders here in chicago taking credit for the 18,000 dow. the oil traders thinking that they actually helped boost that. you can see it has been a rough day in the pits of the cme of chicago. take a look at intraday chart of oil. here is why they're taking credit for it. everybody thought that failure to reach an agreement in doha would be a terrible thing for the oil market. it was for a time. we got down as much as 7% but then rallied back stocks came back with it, led by oil company stocks.
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take a look at some of the stocks where they were at the outset and where they closed. chesapeake energy, was down 7 1/2% at one point. closed pretty much flat. marathon was down almost six%. closed up 2%. murphy oil, down 5% at the open, up 2% at the close. even transocean which is really been battered down 4% at one point, closed pretty much flat. they like to take credit for things here in chicago. oil traders saying they led the way to victory. deirdre: we like that mix of stocks and oil trade. thank you very much. jeff flock with us there, from the cme. do not forget to tune in tomorrow night. it is becoming a very heated new york primary race. lou dobbs, neil cavuto, myself, the whole team, we are all here starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll bring resultses and analysis as it all comes in. first donald trump said there would be riots. now he is hoping that there will not be violence if he does not win the nomination.
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we'll play his comments for you, you can hear for yourself. senator cruz top delegates guy, ken cuccinelli with me to just talk about colorado and wyoming as the one-two punch. iran's russian missile purchase, world's largest state sponsor of terrorism is literally parading them. former reagan defense official kt mcfarland with me for her thoughts. >> international inspectors will have unprecedented access. if iran cheats, the world will know it. if we see something suspicious, we will inspect it. if iran violates the deal, sanctions can be snapped back into place. ♪ ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> you are going to have very, very upset and angry group of
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people at the convention. i hope it doesn't involve violence. i hope it doesn't. and i'm not suggesting that. i hope it doesn't involve violence. and, i don't think it will but i will say this. it is a rigged system. it is a crooked system. it is 100% crooked. deirdre: donald trump said it could be a tough july. he is hoping his supporters do not become violent if he does not get the nomination. trump aides on sunday blaming party bosses for a corrupt nomination process. >> we're trying to let voters decide, members of the republican party, independents decide who the nominee should be, not the party bosses. that is system of 1920s. not 2016. >> bottom line ted cruz does well where party bosses set the rules and people don't get to go and vote. deirdre: with me cruz delegate operations director, former virginia attorney general ken
5:16 pm
cuccinelli. great to have you back, ken. >> good to be with you. deirdre: you obviously know the law. so every time somebody from team trump says that the cruz campaign is breaking a law, what is your answer? >> well, a few journalists like chuck todd, first gestapo tactics charge came up and stephanopoulous came up, name an example. none of their team ever have been able to name an example because they don't exist. this is difficult for us too. there is a lot going on in this race. there is a big cadre of grassroots activists motivated by ted's message of more freedom, economic prosperity from government and security here to get out and work, and not just go vote on one day in their primary, though they have done that too but to keep working to recruit more and more people into the cruz bandwagon. growing and hearing coalition
5:17 pm
ted talked about all the time that coalition is beating donald trump. he is frustrated by it. deirdre: ken, let me ask you this, a lot of people say, other groups i should mention, fine there is no laws being broken but the campaign, the cruz campaign is following the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. >> i don't, yeah i don't agree with that at all. we're doing just classic, traditional grassroots organization, motivation, again, ted is inspiring these people to come out and to show up and to participate and every republican can look back on 2012 and 2008 and they know, we got our clocks cleaned in the ground game. well ted cruz is running the best ground game in history by any republican candidate for president because he is inspired so many republicans to come out and participate with his message of security, prosperity and freedom. that is what we're riding. we're rideing that wave of
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people. ted noted, wins this month trump people have been complaining about, well over a million people voted in those elections. well over a million people. and -- deirdre: because the trump team says, colorado was unfair. obviously not pleased with what happened in wyoming. i want to ask you, this is actually exclusive to breitbart but i made a note of it. four colorado senate republicans basically put down an initiative that would have allowed a state primary this year. reportedly three of them are cruz delegates. so sometimes people read things like, oh, this system is rigged. >> well, of course, all of these systems were set last year before october. so in september of 2015. you may recall that ted cruz was at about 2% and 5% in the national polling at the time.
5:19 pm
nobody took him seriously. nobody thought trump would last this long. now they're only two contenders left. , hard to say the system is designed to -- ted is establishment candidate. he went to washington and did what he said he was going to do was fighting the washington leadership. he has done that he has paid a price for that. he bled for that. he carries it out on to the presidential campaign trail. he has track record to prove it. to demonstrate to people that he will take that attitude into the white house. he is the guy who will turn the place upside down. a lot of people support him for that. deirdre: let me ask you, rules committee of rnc meeting this week, far from decided, but at least on the table, at least idea of giving delegates more power right up front. >> yes.
5:20 pm
deirdre: a lot of people say that would hurt your candidate. senator cruz -- what is chances one to 10 changes will be made? >> i think chances of any change in the rules this week are very low. however, as a general matter the cruz campaign coming from senator cruz himself supports transparency, supports delegate central this is majority vote process. nobody's going to become the nominee unless they can get a majority of republicans and their representatives to support them. that is what senator cruz is spending his time fighting to do, spreading his message about economic growth, prosperity and greater freedom. that is making a lot of headway. deirdre: ken, thank you so much for the time. thanks for going to the reasoning for us. ken cuccinelli is with me there. don't forget to join us tomorrow night. heated new york primary race, lou dobbs, neil cavuto, we're all here starting seven p.m.
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eastern time. we'll bring results and analysis as soon as those figures start coming in. netflix beating earnings, making subscriber gains, missing on one key metric. if you look the stock is down more than 10% in the postmarket session. we'll give you more context on that when we come back. it is raising price of monthly subscription service by a dollar to 9.99 per month. russian warplanes buzzing u.s. naval ships in the baltic sea. there is now a new report that they're back doing barrel rolls around air force planes. we'll bring you more details and our military experts suggested response. also from russia, putin's team selling missiles to iran even though the u.s., saudi arabia, israel, all objected. almost every single u.n. nation says both countries, iran and russia should be sanctioned, now literally parading those missiles around.
5:22 pm
and international tensions, saudi arabia is warning the u.s., it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars worth of american assets. if congress pass as bill that allows blame to be attached to saudi arabia for the 9/11 attacks. we'll speak with former reagan defense official kt mcfarland about what she thinks of this high level economic threat. >> when the investigations into 9/11 began the primary question was it just a weird coincidence that 15 of 19 hijackers were from saudi arabia? the answers of course not. poor mouth breather.
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deirdre: rising tensions between the united states and saudi arabia. the saudi government threat inching to sell off billions of dollars in u.s. assets if america pass as bill that would allow families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue the saudi government. with me now, fox news national
5:26 pm
security analyst, kt mcfarland. great to see you as always. what should we do? this is essentially an attempt at blackmail. >> absolutely. here is problem with it. number one, there are 28 pages of september 11th commission report. they have been classified for 10 years. people thought in the 28 pages is smoking gun. the connection where the money come from, seed money come from al qaeda and september left ventth commission, i mean september 11th attacks. the thought it was always a part of the royal family. it is large and wealthy and some members subscribe to radical islam. they believe in isis. they believe in al qaeda and the caliphate and destruction of western civilization but the saudi government never shut it down. they knew it was there. they never turned it down. deirdre: even only 1% of the their operation. it is there, powerful and it is funded. >> absolutely. it is where the money comes from. we sort of looked -- they pretended we don't know anything
5:27 pm
about it and we pretended to believe them. why? because we had to because of oil and interests in the middle east that all changed now. for the saudis to come to us and say essentially we'll economic blackmail. if you do anything about this we'll pull the debt of the guess what, if they pull the debt, then the, they get away with it, or don't pull the debt because we give in the chinese will do the same thing. russians will do -- deirdre: that is great point. china owns 7% of our debt. >> yeah. deirdre: japan is very friendly to us. we have no reason to fear they would start selling but 10% of our debt is held, i we'll made this list. ecuador, venezuela, iran, iraq, libya, put that 10% with china's 7%, saudi arabia's 1% you start to talk about real money. you start with economic blackmail, and start playing blackmail you pay it forever. we go to the saudis and say, come clean with us, let the chips fall where they may. understand that you need us a whole lot than we need you right now.
5:28 pm
deirdre: especially oil dropping as it had since last year. >> yep. deirdre: so, kt, let me ask you, since we're on topic of international attention, russia not only buzzing some of our naval warships as we talked about in the baltic sea, but we're showing video now, these russian fighter jets getting very close to air force jets. they are just provoking and provoking -- actually, kt, you said this would happen, something like six months ago. you said in the last month's of president obama's administration every single bad actor would just come out and see what they could get away with. unfortunately you're right. you're used to it and you're right. >> the problem with the russian thing, we could slip into accidental war nobody wants. they buzz so close, it was like a -- deirdre: like a formation. >> it was 30 feet. not third yards. 10 yards away, one big wave the battleship moved a little bit, one wind gust, wing of that
5:29 pm
airplane we would have bumped into each other and potentially been in conflict situation. deirdre: but frequency seems concerning. >> much more. deirdre: talking about baltic say four days ago. we're talking about airspace. iran, also showing its military might. we know that russia sold them missiles, frankly russia was not to supposed to sell them. they sold them anywhere. >> correct. deirdre: iran having a parade to show them off. what should the administration be doing now. if anything? >> at this point what iran has is the ability to make nuclear weapons, make missiles that can carry nuclear weapons and nobody can stop that program. israelis can't bomb them. deirdre: that was quick. >> state of the art air defense system. now iranians have exactly what they want. they're going on their merry way. we gave them everything. money, signing bonus, so to speak, having weapons program, missile program, world approval and all of the countries particularly of europe rushing to tehran to do business with iran.
5:30 pm
deirdre: indeed. kt,. >> it gets worse. here is my prediction. >> russia will make more moves. china will make more moves, iran will make more moves. who knows what the saudis will do. it gets worse in nine months. deirdre: get you back to d.c. >> thank you. deirdre: kt mcfarland with me there. journalist michelle fields said xi never wanted the incident with donald trump's campaign manager to blow up as it did. prosecutors dropped charges against corey lewandoski. fields is considering a defamation lawsuit. our league eagle, lis wiehl will join me whether she has a case. the president's executive order on illegal immigrants face as supreme court challenge. this has huge implications for obama's presidency. we'll tell you what they are. >> i have got a pen and i have got a phone. actions where congress won't.
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deirdre: president obama's illegal immigration program faces its greatest challenge today. u.s. supreme court is hearing arguments in texas and 25 other state to file the lawsuit to stop the program. they have president obama overstep presidential authority. the idea the program, allow parents of u.s. citizens with lawful permanent residents to get working permit for three years to protect him from deportation.
5:35 pm
"fox news" legal analyst lisa neal is with me. the supreme court appears divided. how is this going to go? >> it's a 4-4 split. what happened is you notice it goes back to the state and the state of course, it would just stick with the state which really means that the state court ruling back in texas would hold which means the decision of the state would be there which means the obama administration can join if the decision does not go for it. it could also be the supreme court does not go with it in the supreme court did say -- could say we go back to ship standing. it means states, you really never had standing. you could never show an injury. you never should have been here in the first place. what does that mean? it means they should have never been here. that means that would be a win for the obama administration. would mean the legislation would
5:36 pm
move forward and a win for the administration. jim and it looks like is when you will see this come down. deirdre: some people who criticize the program said actually encourages people to get here, crossed the boundary and allow them to cut in line so to speak in front of families and filling out paperwork to. >> exactly and that's what the texas and other states are saying as well. deirdre: how will this affect president obama's ability to ask you stand a lot by executive action. what is this going to change? >> it isn't going to change much because it's in the last months of his legislation so this would obviously be, if it doesn't go through it's going to be hard for him to provide any more executive action. if it does go through i suppose it would need a feather in his cap. deirdre: i want to ask you about another question.
5:37 pm
journalist mitchell broke her silence in the first time she's commented since the battery charges were dropped against the trump campaign manager cory lankowski. >> yes, corey lied. donald trump lied. they went on this huge smear campaign against me and i think it sheds light on the character of the campaign and i think a lot of people were surprised by their blatant lies about me. it's the defamation, not so much the grabbing of the arm. in cors interview prior to the statement just saw he told us this. >> i picked up the phone and i called michelle. i wanted to find out what happened because i didn't know what happened. i never heard from her and from this day the campaign is never heard from her. deirdre: the sum total if michelle feels going through
5:38 pm
this defamation case that she actually have legal footage? >> she may have a defamation case against donald trump because she herself majors up a public figure in a narrow scope for this exact ring. donald trump on on the record and said she was making this up. rate he went out saying she was delusional and all of this kind of thing so he really sort of smeared her. the problem for her, her biggest problem is what about damages? she quit her job. she was not fired from that job so how could she say she was really damaged by this? deirdre: if you were representing her -- i think one of her editor stepped down another high-ranking member. >> the damages came after that damaging her reputation we are all talking about her and not the loss of a job. deirdre: we will continue the conversation after quick break. i will be back with more in former president bill clinton
5:39 pm
may be more than helping his wife on the campaign trail. clinton went after senator sanders supporters saying they plan to shoot wall street workers. senator sanders supported this are protesting george clooney's 300,000-dollar per plate hillary fund-raiser. the hollywood star missing the theme. my next guest says he's a hypocrite. >> the right to protest, they are absolutely right, it's in the scene -- obscene amount of money. it's ridiculous we should have this amount of money in politics. were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness,
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meem we saw some protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco and they are right to protest. they are absolutely right. it's an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it's ridiculous we should have this money in politics and i agree. deirdre: actor hillary clinton supporter george clooney agrees with senator sanders at the
5:43 pm
money he raised for hillary clinton is obscene. lisa neal is back with me. thanks for staying with me. to what extent is this hypocritical? >> of course colon he is talking about the citizens united bill that passed the supreme court decision that came back in january 2010. as we all know that allow for multiple thousands of dollars by citizens united to be paid through parties as clooney suggested. deirdre: brass tacks with practical purposes it allows an organization -- voting one single unified way. >> exactly multiple million dollars of money going through a supposed individual we can only give a certain amount of money so hypocritical i suppose so but everybody does it. what he is saying is we don't want this to happen and bernie sanders is want this to happen
5:44 pm
and hillary clinton is making money. they'll play the same game. deirdre: here's george clooney talk about how he is different than groups on the other side of the aisle and he made a reference to the koch or others. >> i think there is a difference between the koch brothers and us the difference is if we succeed in collecting an entire congress which would be quite a success and the senate and president the tax policy they would and that would probably cost us a lot more money quite honestly. the koch brothers would profit if they get their way. there's a profit for us. our job is to try and counter that in some way. >> so is the resistance between hollywood superstar having a private dinner which happens to be political and any business person? >> is sort of the same thing because clooney is hobnobbing with his friends.
5:45 pm
he doesn't need the money. it's not an official club. the koch or others are hobnobbing with their friends and getting unofficial jobs that way. it's really also do the same thing, isn't it really? deirdre: lis wiehl thank you very much. the average american spends more on taxes than food, housing and clothing combined. on this tax day we will bring you the results are many fox report on which states have the lowest taxes. also former president bill clinton may be hurting hillary clinton more than helping on the campaign trail. he said bernie sanders supporters may plan to -- wall street. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems.
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deirdre: it's tax day. illegal immigrants are receiving billions of dollars in taxpayer money by filing for a childcare tax credit. jerry willis right beside me with more. jerry, first and foremost for people who don't know what is a childcare tax credit? >> it's not childcare, it's an additional child tax credit. most people don't even know about this thing because it's really welfare. it's a means of getting money into the hands of low-income americans really aimed at people who are working but don't make a lot of money. unfortunately though it's getting into the hands of illegal immigrants and that has a lot of people in washington mad. deirdre: let me just ask you one people fill out the paperwork don't they have for example the social security number? >> no maam, there are no social security numbers not even the filers themselves. they put on a taxpayer identity number which mysteriously the irs allows for this tax credit.
5:50 pm
just to remind you a tax credit that's reducing your tax burden dollar per dollar. if you have no tax burden you are getting a check in the mail. there are people who got checks for $10,000 because they file for multiple years and asked for this credit. deirdre: it obviously makes everybody else who is following the rules feel a little bit foolish. >> this is an item that's real not in mainstream. this is for americans who are struggling and the inspector general who watches out for the irs, they want the irs to have in place a program in which they asked for social security numbers. this is what they had to say about the impact of this tax credit. they say the payment of federal funds through tax benefits as i'm describing appears to provide an additional incentive for aliens to reside and work in the u.s. without authorization which contradicts federal law.
5:51 pm
deirdre: it seems the government is saying as long as you pay taxes we are not going to be concerned whether you are here legally or illegally. >> let's not confuse the federal government and the irs. the irs is saying we can't track down these illegal aliens. we all do you want to tax money who make money here and the cop on the beat is saying saying you relate to be involved because there's money flying out of the treasury to people who should not be getting this money. deirdre: jerry will willis with me there. gerri willis with me there, thank you. he says the reds carry most of the burden and another former president bill clinton gaffe. he says bernie sanders supporters shoots every third person on wall street. he did walk that back. we will fill in the context for you. >> i think you find all these
5:52 pm
youngsters who are so enthusiastic just shoot every third person on wall street.
5:53 pm
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>> i think it's fine that all these youngsters are so enthusiastic for opponents. just shoot every third person on wall street and everything will be fine. >> can you clarify the comment? [inaudible] >> i was pointing out there's a unilateral explanation. deirdre: former president bill clinton making a comment that has landed him in the spotlight again. he took a jab at his wife's rival senator sanders and his supporters. this calms as mr. sanders of vermont senator continues to criticize hillary clinton arguing she would be soft on big banks because advertised to wall street.
5:56 pm
with me now economist steve moore. thanks for being here. what did you make of bill clinton's comments? >> you know there's an attitude on the left that it's bad when ball st. goes up and then the stock market does better somehow it's worse for america. that's crazy. bill clinton had a great record as president when it comes to the stock market. we saw the bull market expansion largest in history. i was pleased to see sub to the former president on wall street and say these are people that value. when wall street goes up your 401(k) plan, your retirement plan goes up. that's what america's all about and it's about time for prominent democrat to say that. deirdre: it seems like anchors are very easy targets for people on both sides of the aisle. >> that's for sure and look i'm not going to depend of what -- did during the great recession and the real estate market. there was a lot of blame to go around and i don't believe in
5:57 pm
bailouts that we need a vibrant banking sector. one of the reasons the economy is in creating as many jobs as we would like to see if banks are making the kinds of loans that they normally would and that's because we have lost a lot of community banks in this country and again i thought it was a fair criticism that bill clinton made a bernie sanders and his supporters. activists are somehow burning down wall street will make america more prosperous. deirdre: in theory you want leaders who build up and not tear down but i want to ask u.s. well because hillary is having a difficult time shaking these connections to wall street, that is hurting her in some polls and helping her another's. >> that's a big problem for her no doubt about it because on the one hand she does attack wealth and she attacks wall street. on the other hand she does look like a hypocrite he could she has taken so much money from goldman sachs and other big tanks raid it's a big problem for her.
5:58 pm
i think that's especially true in a political environment now where people want authenticity and genuineness. she doesn't alter process genuine plan on the one hand i'm taking this money from wall street on the other hand i'm going to regulate. nutrimax paying attention to it each candidate has in mind tax day data is showing up nearly half of americans 78 million households paying no federal tax, income tax this year. they'd also showing the wealthiest 20% of americans pay 87% of all income tax in america do you see a candidate who is willing to address that in a meaningful way? i know they'll have their talking points. >> first of all i have have to make a confession deirdre. i'm supposed to be an expert on the tax code and i had to file an extension on my taxes. look, i'm biased because we
5:59 pm
helped to write the ted cruz tax plan. i would say a flat tax. everybody pay 10 to 15% of their income or there will be no loopholes. it will be fair because everyone will be in the same boat he i think those statistics that you just recited that i have been writing about for years have been changed a lot. 80 to 90% of the taxes on income are paid by the top 10%. i think us americans have no idea about that. i'll bet if you asked these protesters and these bernie sanders supporters one percentage of income tax top 10% they would save 5% rated. deirdre: you just gave us an idea. thank you. >> people don't understand how much tax the rich pay. they don't pay their fair share.
6:00 pm
charles: the dow closed above 18,000 for the first time since july. donald trump looks like a winner. will bernie sanders be able to pull off an upset with new donald trump saying the system is still rigged and ted cruz saying he's just tired of trump whining. >> we


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