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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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help him and donald trump boost already prohibitive lead in the polls. good weather can do that. that assuming people won't vote if there is little rain. that is cynical read. that is just me. see you tonight. trish regan to take it for the next hour. trish: we can handle a little rain. neil cavuto, i will see you tonight live. neil: excellent. trish: as we count down to the winner. breaking today, everyone, voting underway in new york's critical primary. donald trump looking for a big win on his home turf and bernie sanders hopes to break his winning streak and crush the momentum. new yorkers casting votes today. we're seeing pictures coming in to us from mineola, new york. a lot at stake forrepublicans. 95 delegates are on the line. if trump takes home more than 50% of it he takes them all. if hillary clinton wins big
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tonight she can all but stop bernie sanders. plus in fox business exclusive, heidi cruz is here. my big interview with the republican senator's wife, why critics are wrong about her husband and having small children on the campaign trail and what she would like to focus on as first lady. the threat to harm our economy if 9/11 lawsuits are permitted. in the face of such threats, why is our president still going on this trip? why won't he release redacted 28 pages from the 9/11 report which may implicate the saudis in that horrific attack? new york representative peter king will join me. donald trump says the nomination process is a rigged game. does he have a point? or is this really a bunch of sour grapes? we'll ask trump spokesperson, katrina pierson. donald trump hoping for a big win in his home state. if he gets more than 50% of the
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vote he will get the whole shebang, 95 delegates and keep -- the convention alive. >> tomorrow we're going to show ted cruz who hates new york, hates new york, when you look at that debate, the way he talked about us and new york values here is a man turned down sandy money for his this state and plenty of other money. we had lots of things coming into new york and he voted against. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. trish: ted cruz not really in the running now, after panning new york values. didn't help him much at all in new york state. he is campaigning in pennsylvania today, hosting the primary next tuesday. with their thoughts on today's vote, executive director of the new york democratic party and basil smikel and conservative gina loudon. do you think trump will lock this up? 95 delegates in his pocket.
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does this set him on a better path towards the nomination which some are saying could be in doubt now? >> trish, very exciting day in new york. i would be lying if i didn't say i were a little jealous you're there and i'm not. it is a big day for donald trump. expectations are all on him. he has to perform today. he has to do extremely well. if he doesn't get all 95 he needs to get really close to that. we'll be watching. >> do you think he will do it, basil? >> i think he will because i don't, i think donald trump, the name recognition alone, the kind of message that he has up state, the particularly if the rust belt, parts of upstate new york i think message resonates. trish: why does it resonate here and not as much in places like wyoming? >> he would be considered a hometown person number one and number two i think upstate -- trish: that could work for or against him. people have been around him for a while. >> that's true. trish: he talks the way he talks.
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>> can't afford to live in any of his housing. that's true. trish: could work either way. >> that's true. he will go upstate, he will give the same refrain around the country. the game is rigged. you have no way, no one tried to help you get into the middle class. when he talks to folks up state, syracuse, rochester, lost a lot of lobs to manufacturing, historically for some voters that will resonate. democrats tried to come back, chuck schumer and hillary clinton in the schumer, tried to combat that narrative in upstate new york. but i think for people looking for that kind of energy from the republican side, donald trump's their guy. trish: mitt romney, who, let's face it is absolutely no fan of donald trump's, really went on a limb there getting a lot of criticism being typical establishment type when he tried to urge people not to vote for donald trump, here is what he is saying about the prospect of donald trump getting the nomination now.
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>> i think that depends on whether or not mr. cruz and mr. kasich both stay in the race aggressively through california. if they're both going at it aggressively, right until the very end, then i think it is very likely that mr. trump wins on first ballot. trish: in other words cruz and kasich, in romney's view, anyway, are wiping out chances of anyone other than trump as the nominee? >> you know, let me translate for just a moment. those words from mitt romney, trish, are precisely how we know that the establishment is in the business of making both kasich and cruz spoilers in this race. do not, i only see two-ways that a smart man like ted cruz would be in this race at this point. one, he will have to sell his soul to the establishment. i don't know what he will trade. i'm not pretending to know. there will have to be something and big and meaningful. or only other way to allow himself to be used.
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i think he is too smart for that. especially after new york and northeastern states, trish, i'm afraid ted cruz will be nipping at heels of kasich and no better than a spoiler. trish: why does case i can stay in? any theories on that, basil? >> number one, i think he believes, i guess, it's right, establishment republicans he would be their person. you know his, my guess is his strategy to push donald trump to a place where he will not get number of delegates required and there will be a fight. trish: i look at that i question how anyone can win if it gets to that point. you have mcconnell and to your point, gina, establishment types, mitch mcconnell quoting i'm increasingly optimistic there may be a second ballot. he doesn't want 1237 going to donald trump. if our delegates have late tutude to make decision on second or third ballot will be interested in who can win.
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so, you know, this seems to be very much a movement, gina, towards getting that second or third ballot, i just question what that means for the party. i mean, my goodness, if you're the candidate that wins third time around, what happens to all of those voters who voted for trump or voted for cruz? don't they feel like their vote sort of didn't mean anything because the establishment, so to speak is the one that comes in and picks the candidate in the end? >> well, mcconnell's statement, trish, of evidence of tone deafness of establishment to begin with. they honest to goodness do not realize, trish, they just can't exert their power and control because we're all idiots again. i think really he believes that. otherwise why would he be say anyway, except what most republicans want? he just doesn't get to say that anymore. i don't think that has occurred to him yet and i don't think it will occur at convention. trish: isn't that part of what is going on? there is this monumental shift
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now, a move in some ways towards more populist kind of tone. you have the establishment types have been pushing things like free trade, and you know, immigration, for example, and i mean, this was, this was a big platform of marco rubio's, who wanted to bring more people to this country. while some of their goals may be noble in theory, reality, it hasn't worked out so well for your average republican. >> no. i think the point is really intesting, which is that who actually speaks for the republican populace right now? is it anyone that actually is in power in the republican party in the senate? is it mitch mcconnell? is it an elected leader? i think what we're seeing, to your point, saying this a long time. what about those voters that are saying we don't want to hear from any of those folks that are in power right now. we are speaking by other feet. trish: right. i think, we saw precourse source to this, gina, with the tea party movement. >> sure. trish: now of course the,
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imagination that donald trump has captured of american voters. very much i think as continuation of that. we're going to see you guys a little bit. do not go anywhere, basil, gina. battle between donald trump and republican party keeps raging on. donald trump insists the nomination process is rigged system. party insiders say the rules are the rules. you have to get to 1237. >> the rules are clear and they have been put out for about 160 years. the rules are clear. it is up to the states to set the rules and they have done it. so, you know, i think some, we need to move on from complaining about the rules i think. trish: meanwhile donald trump's campaign says that ted cruz's campaign is bribing delegates by giving them lunches, trips, hotel rooms. is this really a rigged system? or does ted cruz have a simply a better ground game? joining me right now trump national spokesperson, karina
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pierson. welcome back. >> hi, trish. trish: i know you think it is rigged. donald trump thinks it is rigged, but is there any credit you can give ted cruz in terms of what he has been able to accomplish on the ground, do you look at that at all and say gee, we should have done that? >> no. simply because mr. trump wants to win because the people want him to represent them, not because of the bells and whistles he could provide to individuals. mr. trump is talking about the rigged system, he is specifically talking about the delegate process. the rnc would have you believe that the states have put in place a mechanism for grassroots, i use that term loosely in this case, for choosing these delegates and that is simply not the case. these are party operatives put in place by a system designed to prevent outsider candidates from being successful. the reason mr. trump has been successful thus far, he is not your typical outsider politician. trish: talk about colorado for a
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moment. i'm with you on colorado. i think that is extremely unfair. why is donald trump just talking about colorado recently? why wasn't that highlighted early on? your critics and critics of him, katrina, the rules are just great as long as they're working if his favor. as soon as they're not, there is whole other ballgame that needs to be talking about. had colorado gone for trump he would have no problem with that system. to what did you say to that? >> that is hindsight. we can't talk about a system that takes place until it actually takes place. that is what happened here. again specifically with colorado, even if we had 1,000 paid staff on the ground in colorado, they had already decided who these delegates were going to be just like in indiana and just like in wyoming where you have a system where people get out and vote, donald trump tend to wind handily. these are the backdoor party rules we're talking about now in the delegate selection process. for example in colorado, playing
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by the rules, trish, if your delegates are not even allowed on the system or on the ballot to be voted on to begin with. these are the type of things we're seeing in that scenario. trish: katrina, what do you do here on out then? the system is the system, i don't think you are able or he will be able to get reince priebus changing system. reince is quoted he wants to keep the system in place, you have to get to 1237. so can you get to 1237 and what happens if you don't? >> yes, we do believe we'll get to 1237 and you beat the system. i think that is really important, why you've seen someone like paul manafort brought in to oversee the process. now that we realize they're not following the rules exactly. that is what will help us moving forward. you will see more money spent in state like california, for example, to sort of widen the margins, that will really help mr. trump make his case. trish: it is important, the criticism all along that donald trump, you know, has all the personality in the world and all this charisma, and people get
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excited and vote for him but he is not following through with the sort of basic day-to-day stuff that you have to do if you're running a campaign and, katrina, doesn't he owe it to his supporters now to work on those things? >> well, yes. i think what you're seeing now the campaign expanding, not just to go ahead and lock up the nomination but move forward in the general election process. we want people to know that we're very serious about mr. trump winning the nomination and essentially winning in november. that is some of the changes that you will see. we'll have policy speeches. we'll spend more money in advertising just to drive up the margins to get is had message out to more people maybe aren't watching a lot of able news networks. trish: katrina pierson, thank you so much. >> great to be here. trish: i want to hear from you all, what do you think? do you think this rigged system? or is the cruz campaign outmaneuvering trump rum in terms of the delegation fight? head over to my facebook page. you can like it.
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tell us what you think. we'll get the conversation going there. plus coming up president obama heeding to saudi arabia amid uproar over the threat to harm our economy if 9/11 lawsuits against the saudis are allowed. if the trace of such threats are is he going on the trip? why won't he release 28 redacted pages from the 9/11 report which may indicate that the saudis were involved in those horrific attacks? new york representative peter king joins me. plus in fox news exclusive. heidi cruz is with me. my big interview with the republican senator's wife. why critics don't like her husband and having kids on the campaign trail and what she would like to focus on on the campaign trail. i will see you here. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up.
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trish: big win in new york today would put donald trump closer to nabbing the 1237 delegates he needs to lock up the nomnation but what if he doesn't reach it? should he still get the nomination, if say he gets 1150 delegates? republican congressman peter king of new york joins me with his thoughts. congressman king, good to see you again. >> trish, great to be with you. big day, let me ask you. trish: big day, let me ask you this. former new york mayor rudy giuliani said if trump gets close, gets close, the rnc should go ahead and change the rules to give him the nod, do you agree? >> i don't think they should change the rules. delegates were elected for purpose to pick candidate they think has best chance of winning to win tore the republican party. i'm not endorsing donald trump. i'm not part after stop trump movement. i don't support ted cruz. i don't think he should change the rule. it is majority.
2:19 pm
if you don't get majority, to me if you don't get nomination, if he gets that close it is up to him to make the case why he needs to get the balance of votes he needs. suppose it is 1000, 900? where do you draw the line. to me the rules are rules. trish: good point. >> everyone knew you had to get a majority. trish: he has to get 1237 or all bets are off. that said, that said, according to you, if you gets close to 1237, say at 12:30 one he will -- 1231 he has to work aggressively to seal the deal? >> yes. basically make argument to delegates, if i don't get it, donald trump doesn't get nomination, it will cause a split within the party. if they don't fully support him or endorse him, makes more sense for the party to give him nomination. mate it this close. nobody else has come close he should get it. arbitrarily wave the rules is to me the wrong thing to do. trish: do you think, as you say he should make the argument. do you think that is important argument and one you would
2:20 pm
support. >> if donald trump comes that close and he is nominee i would support him. i would have -- trish: let me jump back, you don't like ted cruz. on this show you said it first. >> right. trish: congressman king, you would rather take cyanide that wind up having to vote for ted cruz. >> yeah. trish: we know you don't like him. but you know, if kasich's not the guy and you have a choice between donald trump or ted cruz still not going to endorse donald trump. >> no. in that case i would go for donald trump. i wouldn't be enthused about it, but certainly go for him. i've had contact with donald trump over last several weeks. he dropped me a note on particular issue. i have nothing against donald trump. my problem has been he is making statements some of which are really wrong, saying george bush lied about iraq or knew about 9/11. saying john mccain was not a war hero. also talking about, casually talking about south korea and japan having nuclear weapons. having said all that, he has tapped into something. i like way he goes after you people in the media.
2:21 pm
i love that anyone who fights with the media i think is terrific. trish: careful, you're on with one of those media folks right now. >> [laughter]. yes. trish: let me turn to the president's trip to saudi arabia. this trip is coming while saudi arabia threatens economic fallout if congress goes ahead and passes 9/11 bill, i should remind everyone, would allow victims of the deadly terror attacks to sue saudi arabia. there is also a push for the obama administration to release 28 pages of sealed documents from the 9/11 report. i want to get your thoughts. >> right. trish: congressman, watch what the president said when asked if he had read, if he had just read those 28 pages. >> i have a sense of what is in there. jim clapper, our director of national intelligence, has been going through to make sure that, whatever it is that is released is not going to compromise some major national security interests of the united states. trish: okay. he has a sense of what's in
2:22 pm
there but clearly hasn't read it. >> yeah. trish: i know you have been a champion for 9/11 victims. new yorkers went through so much during the awful days. what do you think? should those pages be released? >> i read the 28 pages. i took time to read them. that is up to the president. let me go back to the second point first. i am sponsor of bill would allow 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia. chuck schumer and john cornyn in the senate. i'm sponsor in the house. i do believe the legislation should go forward. on issue of 28 pages, this is more of a constitutional issue. that comes in the purview of president. whether it is president obama, president trump, president cruz whether or not it is in national interest to release 28 pages. i have seen them. this comes within national security and national defense. i think president as commander-in-chief should make that decision. trish: congressman, you have read them. >> right. trish: you have read them. if you were in the president's
2:23 pm
shoes i would have them released? >> because i've read them i can't comment. if the president releases them i won't oppose it. if don't release them i won't oppose that either. it is up to the president. i feel strongly as far as the 9/11 families lawsuit against saudi arabia, again i am sponsor of the bill in the house. i've been fighting for this for several years. since terry strada, one of the leaders on this, her husband grew up in my district. i know his mother and father very well. he was killed on 9/11. to me the families and family members are entitled to have the lawsuit go forward. saudi arabia as hell of a nerve they will retaliate. they need us for defense. they need us a lot more than we need them. that is heavy-handed tactic will lose saudi arabia whatever support it has in the congress. trish: what do you think of the president being over there, continuing his trip and not supporting your legislation? >> well, again as president that
2:24 pm
is his prerogative. i would hope he would tell the saudis to knock it off as far as retall ages. -- retaliation. if he is not supporting the legislation, at least make some of the information public. it is wrong for 9/11 families here at home, it should not be a friendly voice to it saudi arabia. shouldn't be a lot of hugging and kissing and all business. and president telling the king to knock it off. trish: very quickly, before i let you go, who did you vote for? >> i voted absentee for john kasich. trish: thank you. >> thank you. trish: coming up, my big fox news exclusive with heidi cruz. i sit down with the republican senator's wife why critic ticks are wrong -- critics are wrong about her husband. and having kids on the campaign trail and what she would focus on as first lady. see you here. ♪ (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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>> in a foxbusiness exclusive interview i sat down with heidi cruz, wife and senator -- wife of senator and presidential candidate ted cruz. i asked about the division and the republican party, whether her husband can overcome them. here was the response. >> five candidates endorsed ted for president and these are from all parts of the party, from jeb bush to carly fiorina to rick perry to lindsey graham to scott walker. this is a great thing as a strong sign, signal to the country. trish: a lot of people said this is a guy who people just didn't like a year or two ago within the party. the establishment couldn't stand him. he was the guy he blamed for the government shutdown and now they are rallying to his side. is this a vote for your husband or is it a vote against trump? >> the great thing we have seen
2:29 pm
in this election is this is democracy at work. this is the movement of the grassroots. these are elections we have been winning, we swept the last we 5 elections. trish: this has been such an unusual campaign. does it surprise you? what do you think of a heated rhetoric? did you have any idea when your husband said i am going to run for president that you would be listening to some of the rhetoric that you heard? >> it has been easier on us as a family because he is a very patient person, he does not personalize things. he is focused on the issues was politics to him is about getting things done for other people, not about his personal attacks or making things personal. trish: you have to make the division. >> he does that so well. if i am ever thinking, if it doesn't bother him as a candidate why should it bother me? trish: how do you go out on the
2:30 pm
gun -- campaign trail and deal with the children? >> it has been important for the family we do this together. trish: i ask that because the political life, you are signing up for a lot, your family is signing up for a lot. you have to want it too. >> it does have to be something that if you are going to enjoy it you both have to want to do it. what has unified ted and me is not so much -- it is serving others. there are a lot of things that go along with that. public policy is an enormous area to do that. i grew up the daughter of a dentist, smalltime dentist with a small business who spent his free time doing mission work. my mother grew up in a missionary family. ted's family was different but focus on making a contribution to the world. trish: when you met your husband did you have any idea you would be here today that he would be running for president?
2:31 pm
we have seen video of him, he always had aspirations along these lines. did you know about it? >> i had no idea we would be here today. i did know this was a person who was an optimist, going to question the status quo and do things if he needed to that other people think are impossible. trish: that with heidi cruz. let's talk about what she might want to do is first lady, she wants to work hard for our education system in the united states. she is a big believer in school choice and wants to give more opportunity for kids in america through education. coming up the democrats square off tonight in the empire state. 247 delegates are at stake and if hillary clinton can win big tonight, she could stop bernie sanders. or will bernie sanders ride his string of victories to once again come out on top? that is next. it's more than the cloud.
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trish: both democratic candidates call new york home, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton is expected to be the winner tonight, it could be very close. how close it is is the story to watch. can sanders get close? the clinton campaign is warning bernie sanders that if she wins big tonight it is all but over for the socialist. there you go. >> the map of the primary is pretty overwhelming. senator sanders has a very steep
2:36 pm
close to impossible path to the nomination. i think tomorrow, we will see secretary clinton taken important step to the nomination. trish: sanders need 70% of the delegates if he hopes to be the party's nominee. can he do it? can the senator's the momentum persuade clinton's superdelegates to join his team instead? >> this is a campaign on the move. this is a political revolution sweeping america. from coast-to-coast, this is a movement getting the establishment very very nervous. [cheers and applause]
2:37 pm
trish: larry david in my head when i hear him every time. back with their thoughts on all of this, given your position in the democratic party in new york i will start with you. is bernie going to drop out at some point soon? >> i don't know. he is raising $45 million a month, has amazing crowds at these rallies. it is not just about his calculus but it is about how do you take -- tell your supporters you need to give them a soft landing to and tell them okay, i didn't win, you now have to go and support our eventual nominee, hillary clinton. trish: a process when you'd drop out you do this gradual moment in? >> you have to plan for it. it is a process and the truth is a lot of folks are concerned about whether his supporters will go out and support the nominee in the general election and he will play a pivotal role
2:38 pm
in getting there. trish: might they go out and support donald trump? i will be the first to tell you donald trump and bernie sanders have extremely different economic plans, one is a capitalist and one is a socialist but both of them have tapped into something. a woman the other day said to me she was a big bernie supporter, she couldn't bring herself to vote for hillary clinton and she might be able to vote for trump and i thought you are a bernie supporter, how do you vote for trump? what has me thinking is there may be some commonality is this is someone who is gravitating to a personality if you would. i ask you, could trump scoop up some of those bernie supporters? >> no question. i heard this again and again and polls reflected such. you have an antiestablishment movement on both sides of the aisle and in some ways both empathize with the other about how hard it is, truly, to work
2:39 pm
the establishment that is so completely entrenched. we all know that hillary has this in the bag, no question hillary is the nominee. it doesn't matter she can only get 1000 people at her event and bernie get tens of thousands, it doesn't matter. there is a sentiment that says maybe if we just get an outsider in we can fix the system and that is where the bernie supporters and trump supporters connect intellectually. trish: people want someone who can shake it up. and get something new, disruptor, fixer, outsider for sure. as we look at getting closer and closer to the convention, hillary's campaign getting increasingly frustrated with sanders was your point that this guy is raising tons of money, has tons of support, can't get out of it tonight but she seems to want him to. when does the pressure get to
2:40 pm
such a point that it is in everyone's best interest? >> as your intro you said he has to get 70% of the delegates and all the remaining contest. in 2008 she didn't get out until june, she was closer to obama than bernie is to her now. i think after certainly after new york, but i would think after next tuesday we have pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island, a lot of these states, if she picks up most or all of those states the conversation that needs to happen pretty soon. trish: head of the new york state democratic party, that conversation needs to happen soon unless he pulls off a miracle. thank you so much. coming up, your favorite media critics, why hillary clinton and bernie sanders are actually not that far apart on the issues. does that mean hillary clinton is a socialist too? we will ask him right after this.
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trish: time for a check of the market, the market is up 30 points, the tao inching towards all-time highs, the index remaining above 18,000 for most of the day. oil prices, good news, also on the rise. a lot of folks are looking at a
2:43 pm
barometer of economic health, a big indicator for the overall market, why this is a positive sign, 4108, up $1.38. the nation's biggest health insurer says it will only stay in the obamacare exchange next year because of the higher risk that comes with obama care customers, united health saying it could lose $175 million on its obamacare this year. we will be right back with howard kurtz.
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
>> wait a minute, i have stood on the debate stage with senator handers -- >> you didn't answer the question. >> i did. >> can i please -- >> i say something that is not there. trish: a battle from new york ramping up with all those attacks between hillary clinton and bernie sanders but despite the angry rhetoric my next guest says clinton and sanders are much closer on the issues than people realize. fox news analyst and media buzz analyst howard kurtz joined me. good to see you. what are you telling me? hillary clinton is a socialist too? >> she is not a socialist but they are both liberal democrats. it has gotten louder and more
2:46 pm
bitter but when you drill down the positions a classic example, bernie sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15, hillary clinton wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 but is okay with $15. example after example, certainly bernie in his rhetoric is much tougher, going to break up the big banks come his plan is yada yada yada according to larry david but when hillary in the cnn debate challenge her what has she done to show she is in the popular of wall street taking all the wall street donor money, he couldn't come up with a single example. trish: you think when it comes to bank regulation he is just talking a good game and these are nothing the talking points, he hasn't done anything and when it comes to things like the socialist policy for the economy, minimum wage type things, they are basically both very close to each other. i am going to counter this by
2:47 pm
saying in some ways hillary strikes me as more the moderate. let's not forget this is a guy who in 1970-something told the burlington free press it should be a crime, you shouldn't be able to make over $1 million a day, the government should take everything beyond $1 million. let's not forget socialist economic policies are rooted in more and more and more for the government and while hillary is a democrat is also part of that. is she really that extreme? or maybe you are telling me bernie is not that extreme. >> bernie's rhetoric is pretty extreme but if you look at his record as a senator how much of this has he been able to do or accomplish? one of the reasons i say this, obviously hillary clinton is a more centrist, incremental, practical politician where bernie is leading a movement.
2:48 pm
also, she has been singing more of a socialist tune even though she doesn't do the lyrics, the music is different. bernie says recall is for everyone, hillary says that is pie in the sky but later she comes up with a proposal to give more federal money to the state which in turn would enable students to go to college without having to take out a loan. trish: is this because of him? is he forcing her further and further to the left? >> absolutely. that may hurt her to some degree in the general election. bernie sanders, hillary clinton is winning this nomination, he would need to win 70% of the delegates but he may be winning the argument because she has moved toward him on issue after issue, at least enough that she can neutralize what he says. trish: my theory on this from the beginning is he doesn't necessarily really want to win but he wants to push as far left as he can possibly get her and he may be succeeding in that. thank you so much, howard. don't forget you got to watch
2:49 pm
how we on media blues on the fox news channel every sunday and check is column on hillary and bernie online. voters in five states head to the polls in one week. will this lock it up for him or we going to a contested convention? stay with me, back in two. you both have a
2:50 pm
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trish: as you may know, as you should know, new york primary day, john kasich and ted cruz are looking ahead, they want to forget about today, to next week's big contest, voters in five states, polls in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island, 118 gop delegates are up for grabs. polls have trump ahead in pennsylvania and maryland and
2:53 pm
connecticut but even if trump wins all five contests next week, he still won't reached 1237, the number of delegates he needs to get the nomination. joining from the washington examiner, anderson with me, fox news contributor and heritage foundation fellow steve more. good to see both of you guys, your take as you crunch these numbers and look at the path to the nomination can trump get it? is there a way there? >> there is a way there but it will require him doing very well in new york, it will require them to do very well in the other northeastern states you mentioned that are coming up and it will require him doing very well all the way through june 7th when california votes. that is the final piece of the puzzle, the big prize at the end and until that day comes we won't know for sure if donald trump can or cannot hit that 1237 necessary. we have a month and a half left to go before we know for sure what the convention will look
2:54 pm
like. trish: more fun times ahead. as you look at california, keep in mind it is a very diverse state, how does trump fair there? >> polls have him pretty strong, he has come out strong in california. i don't care what the delegate count is, if he wins california, new york, he has won florida, illinois, michigan, virtually impossible for the republicans to deny him the nomination at that point. trish: even if he doesn't get -- >> doesn't matter. how do you give the nomination to someone who -- trish: you would say i will quote the establishment, krista may elaborate, he didn't hit 1237. got to play by the rules. >> here is the thing. there are only two people who can be the nominee at this point. it will be ted cruz or donald trump. trump will say -- i like ted cruz and would love to see ted
2:55 pm
cruz win the nomination. trish: it could be someone else. john kasich could come in on the third ballot or the fourth ballots. >> he hasn't won any states. trish: you don't have to. that is part of the problem. the rule steve is referring to is you have to have a majority of delegates from each state say affirmatively they plan to support you in order for your name to be entered into nomination. what is unclear at this point is does rule 40 count each successive ballot? in the first ballot only trump and ted cruz meet that threshold but on the second round of balloting of people i then released does trump fall below the threshold? does ted cruz fall below the threshold, being john kasich or some white knight, paul ryan, i think that is silly, i take paul ryan at his word he wants nothing to do with being part of
2:56 pm
the nominating process beyond what he has to in running the convention but i think ted cruz is underrated. if donald trump doesn't come in with 1237 that cruz -- ted cruz is positioned not only to have folks that are loyal to him -- >> the ground game. trish: what is your take? are we going to a contested convention your view? >> we may. it is doubtful because donald trump looks like a big charge. my point is if they deny trump the nomination, the republican party can't possibly win in november. trish: i agree with you that the republican party would implode because there would be such animosity towards the establishment, more than we have even seen yet. thank you so much. we are going to be back with more after this.
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
trish: don't forget to watch coverage of the new york primary, kicking it up at 7:00
3:00 pm
:00 pm eastern on the foxbusiness network. i will be there, maria, neil, david, the whole gang. and my facebook page, let me know your thoughts on today's show. we love hearing from you, liz: it is early but there is steady turnout and lots of reports that it is growing steadier by the minute on this primary day in the empire state. voters across new york casting ballots in a presidential nomination process that has been anything but routine. the two front runners, both new yorkers, donald trump and hillary clinton expect to end the evening victorious, but the exact outcomes could be vastly different. the billionaire businessman way ahead in recent polls and if trump gets more than 50% of the vote there is even the possibility that he could sweep the state's 95 delegates keeping on track to nab the magical


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