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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 20, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> all right. a big thank you for robert wolf for joining us. and that will do it for us. "varney & company" and more on the presidential election now. stuart, take it away. stuart: come inside, maria. good stuff. maria. maria: thank you. stuart: thanks very much. and check out those election results last night. sure looks like trump versus hillary in november, doesn't it? good morning, everyone. no question about it, the two frontrunners won big in new york. trump won by 35 points. hillary by 15. two big winners means, two big losers. bernie sanders, what happened to the adoring crowds? his socialist campaign is in serious trouble. he lost big. ted cruz came in third, he won no delegates. his only hope now is a contested convention. he lost big. this morning, the bookies are
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shortening the odds on a trump, hillary contest, they think that's how it's going to work out. to the markets, oh, it's been fun checking stocks recently. we're 200 points from the high for the dow. we will go up this morning a little at opening bell. afraid a downer for you, life expectancy is declining. ♪ . ashley: the grim reaper. stuart: death watch indeed. you can't make a joke out of this. suicide, alcohol, drugs, first decline in life span in a long, long time. we're still here. we have a stock market rally and a wild election to cover and, yes, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> ♪ if he knew someone to call, here's to the losers, bless them all ♪
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>> oh, wicked, wicked, wicked. to the losers. that's frank sinatra's "to the losers" and that's where we're going to start this morning. first big loser is bernie sanders. his socialist policies, roundly, soundly rejected in new york. bernie sanders's campaign consultant is here this morning. socialism lost last night. your candidate's campaign is in serious trouble. do you accept that? >> no, the campaign goes on. there's still a thousand more delegates to be decided upon and look, hillary clinton won our home state, a lot of us thought that was going to happen. stuart: it's bernie's home state. it's far more his home state than hillary's. >> well, hillary was elected senator twice there. 42% of people in a closed primary with lots of reports of voter suppression still came out and vote for bernie sanders, no, it's not the end of the road or the campaign by any stretch of the imagination. stuart: do you feel to any
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degree socialism was rejected in new york. >> this thing of continuing to call bernie sanders's policies as socialism is ridiculous. stuart: why? he described himself as a democratic socialism, i didn't use that word, he used it. >> there's differences between socialism and democratic socialism. democratic socialism has worked in the world. and he's given a voice to people disenfranchised. new york is a closed primary and those who are independent couldn't vote. and 25,000 people at least surprised in brooklyn and all kinds of reports of voter irregularities throughout the day and we go on with a thousand more delegates to go. stuart: we hear you, thanks for being on the show. i do think that your campaign has hit a really serious roadblock and i as a capitalist, ex-european don't
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like socialism so i'm going to call it a loss for socialism. i know you disagree with me, thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you. stuart: let's get on to the republican side. ted cruz finished third? didn't get a single delegate in new york state. and trump says cruz is mathematically out. ep -- ebony williams is with us. he needed a big win, donald trump, and he got it. 60 plus%. the biggest in the campaign. ted cruz tried to get a couple of delegates, that didn't work for him. he didn't even come in second place, he came in pretty car behind john kasich. stuart: there are reports this morning that some republicans are saying, look, trump won big. if we take it away from him now and give it to somebody else, we're lost. we are lost. >> it's interesting you say this because i have a shift in the narrative from the rnc.
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i've watched the rnc leadership, a month, two months ago, the rules are the rules, the threshold is a bright line in the sand, if he doesn't come to it, we'll take it to convention. i've seen reis prebus come out and say that might not be the best for the party. stuart: and the other way around, losers first and the now the winners. the biggest winner 60% of the vote and walked away with 89 delegates. it was the biggest margin of victory for any republican in any primary so far. j he have dewitt chairs the trump campaign in arizona. all right, politico reports that many feel that if trump is close to 1237 delegates he must get the nomination, music to your ears, isn't it? >> absolutely, stuart. it's what we've been saying and great to hear that everybody's coming around and realizing
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that that's the way to move the party forward and that's the way to win in the fall and the sooner we get that done and come together, the better chances we have of beating hillary come november. stuart: we're not there yet, are we? the republican party is not singing kumbayah at this point, are they? >> well, i think they're coming around. when you realize that john kasich couldn't even win 50%, not even half the voters in ohio. ted cruz could not get 50% in texas and donald trump got 60.5% in new york, and that's one of the most important things. do your own people, your own states support you. stuart: hold on a second. donald trump is the only one to break 50%. stuart: i've got a tweet coming from donald trump. ted cruz is mathematically out of winning the race, now all he can do is to be a spoiler. never a nice thing to do. i will beat hillary. again, if that's not music to your ears, i don't know what
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it, jeff, run with it. >> it is absolutely and correct. ted cruz was telling john kasich he had to drop out because he was mathematically eliminated and now he needs to take his advice and get out of the race. i'll give you one more, tie in the market. i think we're only 200 points off the high, the markets are excited that donald trump is going to bring jobs back to america and about his economic plan and give you one more prediction, i say the day that donald trump gets 1237 delegates is the day the market hits new highs. stuart: if ever i heard wishful thinking, connecting donald trump to the market. >> thanks, stuart. ashley: the associated press saying that a senior strategist from bernie sanders say that the campaign, will quote, step back and decide what his intentions are, but they still believe that bernie sanders is making a contribution by,
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quote, bringing independents and young people in. stuart: that's very important. the words, take a step back implies a rethinking of the campaign in light of last night's huge loss, a big deal. >> here is why, if you look at social media, facebook, snap chat, bernie sanders is popular, you can't win an election on social media. the step back is to turn the popularity to voter turnout. a lot of voters and first time voters are not turning out to the polls or what have you and that's what's affecting his margin in victory. stuart: let's get to the other winner, the other big winner was hillary clinton. no question about it 15 points ahead of bernie sanders. she won every minority group. if you look at each segment of society, she won the lot. am i to conclude that pandering wo
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works? the these-- . and that's won against barack obama by something close. and we realized that her winning in other groups, she's able to do what bernie can't, duplicate a more traditional democratic party base. he does well with whites, with young people, but hillary seems to be doing a better job of duplicating the coalition. stuart: well, she's got hot sauce in her-- >> i hate that. i know she said that in 2012. really? are we voting for people because she replicated beyonce's lyrics? it bothered me, stuart. stuart: you stay there. politics not having a-- no matter what, not having a good feeling about it, not yet. personally, i think that
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investors will be happy to see the socialist candidate lose big, that's just me. we're down, virtually flat for oil stocks. oil, down a buck this morning, down to $40 a barrel. 1030 eastern time in an hour and a half: and the latest read. >> looks like a lower open for intel. they are cutting 11% of the work force globally. it's transitioning from pc's to the cloud. it's much more of a shock for this old line company relative to the stock, which is down 50 cents, maybe. and united health, it's pulling out of obamacare, the stock went up yesterday when it broke and it's out of the losing it, a billion dollars a year. and what do we have next for you? i will tell you, republican congressman who said he'd rather take a cyanide pill than vote for ted cruz.
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he's on the show. hillary certainly sounds like a candidate gearing up for the general. listen to this. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. it's becoming clearer that this may be one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime. >> nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting and that's what's going to happen and you watch, we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. it's a race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight.
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>> wait a second, this is new this morning, this is from the sanders' campaign. ashley, the ap is reporting that bernie sanders, the campaign wants to take a step back. ashley: this is interesting, they're quoting strategist tad
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divine on the sanders' campaign and bernie sanders says the campaign, quote, will take a step back and then decide publicly what his intentions are, but goes on to say they still believe they have a contribution, bringing in independents and young people, but the term taking a step back implies, at least according to this, that they're thinking about what's our next half. stuart: and by the way, ed henry has just-- our own fox news's ed henry, white house guy covering the democrat campaign, he says that tad divine in the sanders campaign has said that after next tuesday, when there are five primaries, they can they can reevaluation after that date. ashley: okay. stuart: whatever that means. that's wide open, whatever that means. wide open. it's a very big deal for the campaign. bring in, please, congressman peter king, congressman from new york. congressman, i'm going to pick up on something you said earlier.
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you said you'd rather take cyanide than vote for ted cruz. that's strong stuff. does it now mean that you support donald trump? >> if it came down to donald trump and ted cruz, i'd support donald trump. i voted for john kasich during the primary, if there is a contested convention, i think that john kasich should be considered. i think after last night's victory, donald trump is going to get the nomination, i don't see how he can be stopped. stuart: well now. >> a victory. stuart: this is important because you're a senior republican. dare i say that you're part of the republican establishment, i hope you don't mind if i say that, and now you are saying, okay, if it's going to be trump, it's going to be trump. that's a shift and i think that's important. >> the reality is that donald trump and i've had differences with him on a number of issues, including trade, including john mccain, including the iraq war, issues such as that, having
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said that he is tabbed into something with the american people, still in the gaps and get substance to the positions he holds and articulate them better. a choice between donald trump and ted cruz. i'll go it donald trump. if it's a choice between donald trump and hillary clinton, i would support donald trump, the nominee of the party and he's tapped into something. he can either run a strong campaign or in the election, where there's not 15 other people on the stage, he has to know what he's talking about, he could fizzle out. he has the charisma and ability it's up to him to fill in the gaps and get solid people around him. stuart: he's hiring solid people, professionals in the campaign and last night his acceptance or a victory teach, he need to be speaking occasionally from notes as opposed to off the cuff. it seems like he's trying to be more presidential.
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did you pick that up as well? >> the fact that he said governor kasich and senator ted cruz and not lying, and he's got to get people around to discuss foreign policy. for instance, he said we've got to get our troops out of korean after the burden on the u.s. actually as shown yesterday, it saves the money having them in korea, because they're paying. he doesn't have to just sound like the guy at theened of the bar, but someone who tapped into american people and concerned about and able to address them more coherently. >> thank you very much indeed for being with them. thank you, sir. >> all right. now, we've got news on that boat that sank, carrying refugees in the mediterranean. >> these are a group of migrants trying to get to earn
9:19 am
eastern italy. they were filled, up to 500 people may have died and drown in the mediterranean. it was a repurposed fishing boat, according to reports, with overcrowded and sank in the mediterranean. stuart: 500 people? >> up to 500 africans, hope to reach. stuart: that changes the migrants story. >> since the balkans have shut down the route from syria to turkey to greece and europe, it's a fear that they would go across libya into italy. officials say no, it's not going to happen. it is happening and having dreadful consequences. stuart: dreadful story. i've got a new story on life expectancy. and it's taking an unexpected decline. we've got that story.
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staggering number of people committing crowd, they're not-- >> the number of criminal aliens in the united states not in custody, know the separated from society is larger than the city of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> we are following big breaking news from the sanders campaign. ed henry, fox news, is reporting that tad divine, bernie's top aide, he says they will reevaluate the campaign after next tuesday's five primaries. ash, did he say something about changing the tone? >> the question if he changes the approach and lessens the attacks on hillary clinton. if he stays in, which party leaders have been asking him to do, layoff. stuart: okay, now, what does this sound like to you? >> this sounds to me, especially taken what ed henry is saying reevaluating until next tuesday. what are they going to do with this convention, is it going to be a political statement or give her a run for her money. and they need to decide the intentions into july.
9:25 am
>> there are issues where he does do well, and the trade issues are the problem here, he keeps pounding this and it could be harder for her to recover. >> if he changes the tone, if he stays in, he's more friendly to hillary. >> it's more-- >> he would like just a lies of his support. so maybe this is-- yes, this enthusiasm and momentum. >> the bottom line is that he's going to win anyway-- i'm sorry, she. >> what kind of condition will she be in there. stuart: and what about the e-mail? >> don't bring up the department of justice. stuart: i won't. >>. [laughter] >> and the exact moment a tornado hits a shoe store. customers run for cover and things fly off the shelves, there go the shoes. this is last friday that it happened, the footage is just
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emerging now. up next, i still say the market just wants to go up. where else are you going to put your money? we are one big rally away from an all-time record high for the dow and you'll watch this thing move in a few minutes. [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
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. stuart: we've got what, 15 seconds to the opening bell. a tad lower, 8, 9 points. that's it. but we're well above 18,000. five seconds to go. they start clapping and cheering and carrying on down there. and now, it's exactly 9:30, ladies and gentlemen and we're off to the races. not quite. now we're up 11 points, i'll definitely take that. ashley: there we go. stuart: i just way the market just wants to go up and that the election results so far have no results so far on the stock market. let's see if everybody agrees with that. we've got cheryl casone, ashley webster, shah galani, a san stechich. i say that the elections had no
9:31 am
i am pa kt-- impact, on the markets. >> it's had no impact on the market whatsoever. stuart: dan, any impact on the market from the election? >> i don't think we've seen any and even if we see the final two candidates, looks certainly to be clinton. if trump were to be the candidate, i don't think much-- as shah says there's a lot more being done than elect a president. stuart: come on, everybody, can't we at least behind the big loss for the socialist, bernie sanders? isn't that good news for wall street. ashley: it is, but the fact that he lost in new york and hillary clinton will win the election, i think the markets know that. stuart: cheryl. >> i'm just looking for somebody to pound the table and say socialism has no place in america and we're very happy-- the candidate, bernie sanders
9:32 am
la lost last night. >> i'm surprised he's gotten this far. >> he's reevaluating. stuart: this is a capitalist society and capitalist program or what. ashley: nothing to do with the markets. >> lower for intel, they're cutting 11% of the work force, trying to transition from pc's to the cloud. they're down 21 cents. ashley: they're going to save 750 billion, million this year, 1.4 billion in savings by the mill of next year. that's good. you know we've been doing this for every day for the past week, mcdonald's, show it, please. we are at another all-time high. who knows if, will you go to 1:30? >> yeah, today. look at yahoo! please, there's a sale coming up, the whole company is up for grabs and
9:33 am
it's up a buck today. 2%, what he is going on? >> the earnings showed the cracks in the foundation of this company. she's had four years to turn this around. this does not look good. basically, they spent millions on acquisitions and that's what she's done and hasn't gotten anywhere, they've broughton in katie couric, they have got potential suitors, they won't say who it is. at this point, they're trying to sell the business, an internet media business, what do they have after that. stuart: they say somebody would come in, take a look at the books and say, yeah-- >> it's up 3%. >> what is somebody willing to pay? it's the first time the quarterly revenues were below a billion dollars, 800-- whatever someone is willing to pay. stuart: i like the idea of yellow pages owned by cerberus,
9:34 am
the grocery store. big losses last session, netflix were down what, 10%. a weak subscribers output. down a fraction, but down to 93 on netflix. look at ibm. they've reported their 16th quarterly drop in revenue, bouncing back just a tad today. watch out, look at microsoft, near an all-time high. and down to the tune of 5 cents. yes, i do own some of that stock. how about angie's list. lost money, down again, $7 a share on angie's list. lower profits and sales at coke. where is the stock? >> well, this dow component is to the down side today. down 3.7% for coca-cola. people don't want the fizzy, unhealthy drinks anymore. they're not seeing the demand. for the fourth straight
9:35 am
quarter, they're worried about russia and abroad. here is the bright spot. they're saying is the teas, the juices, waters, smart water, vitamin water, and fuze tee. >> i take it that the loss today is hurting the overall market and it's a much more solid rally. we're up in the early going, how about united health. the biggest insurer in america and it's pulling out of obamacare. they don't like the big loss, they are going to pull away from that. cheryl, we're seeing obamacare. cheryl: they're lost over 2 billion and say enough is enough. they're pulling from the new enrollees, coming under
9:36 am
obamacare, they're killing the company,e said it in 2008, debating obamacare and went to the supreme court, and what we talked about cost control, they didn't do that, they just said you companies are going to suck it up and insure these people. stuart: it's all-time high. >> one of the-- >> getting out of obamacare, but about that? look the a tesla, i believe it's lower than earlier after consumer reports highlighted some quality issues with the model x. so, it's down $3. what's going on? >> the model x is the stuff stuff electric vehicle. my goodness, if you want at the list of complaints. the upswinging falcon wing
9:37 am
doors don't open properly, the in infotainment, the win shield, the screen lamps, and lights can hurt your depth perception when you dry. tesla is good to take to them and get it fix. those cars $138,000, you expect the windows to work properly. stuart: well, the stock is down $3. look at facebook, it's considering adding a tip jar of sorts to let them make money. >> it's a way for facebook, a dog needs rescuing. you can put up a tip jar, it's
9:38 am
going to a website outside of facebook, we're seeing it in portions and facebook would keep everybody inside the facebook and they could take a cut of the donations or transaction fee. it's like kick starter. stuart: i've got an investment firm who raised their price target for facebook, 111. >> raymond james. >> from 125, it's got an outperform rating. that's a big raise in price target. shah ga yanni, are you in favor of facebook. >> yes, they could do a revenue share with subscribers on site. you post something, that creates an ad and revenue off of that. it's interesting with the tip jar. >> first of all, all businesses, it could be great.
9:39 am
>> that's it. >> it could get into abuse. stuart: why is the stock down 15 cents? >> cheryl's shoe if under. stuart: by the way, the dow turned negative 2 points. this is a big story, would you pay a fee to sit in the window seat or the aisle seat, anything, but the middle seat? that's what's happening on airlines today. they're shoe horning you into the middle seat unless you pay more, that's going on. >> delta, american, united sources say they're going to do that. when you buy the ticket. if you don't pick a seat they'll wait until the end and you'll get the middle seat. if you pay extra then you can get the window. southwest charge you $15 if you want to be in the early boarding group for them. that means that you could get
9:40 am
the better seats. $15 for each for a better seat. >> the middle seat or next to the-- . you want it, pay for it. no problem for me. >> and got to have time for this, the royals, the british royals, not the kansas city royals, oh, no, the royals visited the "star wars" set. >> that would be interesting if -- >> they care more about the kansas city royals than the royal family. anybody agree? the royal family is more important. >> i think that people love the royal family. american have whatever-- >> wait a second, we've left dan stechich out in the cold in chicago. >> he's here. stuart: who is more important, buckleham royals or the kansas city royals? >> stuart, i'm going to
9:41 am
disappoint you, say kansas city. stuart: don't forget i'm an american now. we're down a third and-- . the staggering number of illegal immigrants committing crimes, hundreds of thousands are them. they're at large, they're not detained. we've got the story and trump campaign spokesperson here on varney after trump big win. will he support donald trump in a general election? good question. we'll ask him. ♪
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♪ >> liza minelli, a lively rendition of "new york new york", and it's portraying hillary to pennsylvania where the primary is next tuesday and the two of them are gearing up. you've got it. come sir tray gowdy of the foreign affairs committee. he says the number of illegal immigrants convicted, but not tried, and they're on the loose, about 3500 people. and congressman gohmert. doesn't that report make you want to vote for donald trump in. >> no, it makes me want to talk
9:46 am
about the guy who was wanting amnesty, i think that cruz is the answer and getting half of as many votes-- . he can't win. >> who can't win. stuart: cruise can't win. he can't mathematically can't win the delegates required. >> thank goodness, yeah. ashley: come on, lucie, if you take the nomination away from donald trump, with the victories and delegates and votes and give it somehow to cruz or anybody else, that republican loses hands town lose it. >> the republican party, when he can't get half as many votes in new york. look, cruz got 104 delegates in texas, trump in his home stayed got half as many votes as
9:47 am
hillary, 89 delegates, so, and by the way, there's a reason, stuart, you have to get 1237 because you have to show you can get a ma jo are the and thank goodness the reasoning you're proposing was not what had aped at the republican convention when lincoln was nominated on the third ballot. nobody got half of the delegate ballots on the first and-- you have to show you can make agreements and be the ultimate choice with half of the republican party and still the rules. stuart: two minutes, a few minutes ago, congressman peter king, republican, new york, says look, if it's not john kasich, he supports kasich. >> i will support drum p. now that's his -- secondly, we've got reports there are
9:48 am
establishment republicans who say that if dronald trump is closed i can see the pattern, a number of people saved. if i get in the red zone you have to give me a touchdown. it's such a violation of all that's fair. you've got to get to 1237. we shouldn't be breaking the rules for donald trump or anybody else. we have golf to have a candidate that can beat hillary clinton and who is honest. no, i had no problems getting fully behind trump if he was the winner a few months ago, the more dishonest he is about his opponent dead cruz, the more he's making it, finally he'll come together instead of continuing to divide it. stuart: we other you tonight on the program.
9:49 am
>> thank you, appreciate it. >> on the table today, over there, families of 9/11 victims who want to saw the saudis for their alleged role. the family of a journalist killed by isis syria, they've filed a suit against syria. t the pandora's box may be open and we'll talk to the judge after this.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> now, we brought you the story of 9/11 victims who want to sue the saudi government and there's the president arriving in saudi arabia. they want to sue the saudi government allegedly the saudi government was involved in 9/11. a new case of a journalist killed by isis in syria, i believe it's a he, his family wants to sue the syrian government in american courts. this, of course, opens up the pandora's box of everybody and anybody bringing suit against foreign governments. no doubt judge napolitano is for the expansion of legal power, but you're not-- let me tell you how the law works, a 1976 statute every country has sovereign immunity except for, exceptions, one is
9:54 am
extra judicial killing where the government itself kills americans. if that country is on the state sponsor of terror list, saudi arabia is not on that list, syria is on that list. how do you get on that list? the president or the secretary of state or the secretary of the treasury can put the country on that list and thereby expose them to litigation. stuart: yeah, but they want to change that law so that victims can sue in american courts a foreign government. >> a country that's not on the list, correct. so president obama, he's not going to do it because he's in saudi arabia as we speak, could put saudi arabia on the list, on his own. this is an effort by the congress to say saudi arabia is now exposed for official government acts related to 9/11. stuart: look, here is what i don't want to see and what i suspect is going to happen. we open up pandora's box and
9:55 am
everybody and anybody can go to court in america and sue foreign governments or the american government for alleged nuking somebody or droning somebody without express congressional permission or something. you know what i'm coming from. i don't want to see the vast expansion of legal arguing, i don't want to see the legal criminalization of american's foreign policy. >> an interesting argument. it's the president's argument, an argument that a lot of members of congress accept, but appears as though a majority of both houses of congress are in favor. as i was walking in i was getting an e-mail, the ranking house intelligence committee is in favor of the legislation that we're talking about and declassifying the 28 pages. stuart: okay. >> how about declassifying the 28 pages. should the american public know what the commission concluded
9:56 am
about saudi arabia or-- >> i was talking about, yes, of course, we should know, but i don't want to see an avalanche of lawsuits. if those 28 pages are released because i haven't seen them, i believe that the pressure to change the law will be even greater because i suspect there is some damning information in there about people who are high ranking members of the saudi government awing their personal cash, know the using government cash, to fund the monsters that perpetrated 9/11. stuart: looks to me like president obama will not reveal the 28 pages and he doesn't want to see the legislation go forward, which would make lawsuits more easy. >> all right, the 28 pages is entirely his, the congress can't do anything about that, the american president has so much power to classify or declassify, he could classify-- he could make the recipe for ketchup top secret if he wanted to and there'd be no--
9:57 am
that's . stuart: i believe he could veto that-- he might veto it, there might be enough votes to override that veto and it's up to federal judges about the cases which is the nightmare scenario from your point of view. stuart: lots of billable hours for lawyers. >> a lot of innocent people getting redress who are-- for people who had family with their heads cut off. stuart: is there any appreciation for the school of economics? >> mitt romney, he can't make sure that donald trump could be
9:58 am
the nominatiee, and his niece ia delegate and she's for donald trump. interesting conversation at the dinner table. and "varney & company" hour two starts in two minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> all right. right there, it's 10:00 eastern time. we're just getting the latest numbers on existing home sales. if you're a realtor, this is a number you want to know about because it's the state of the housing market. ash. ashley: got it, 5.3 million on adjusted annualized rate, which is exactly what was expected. which is better than february, by the way, we dropped off a cliff in february so stronger in march. >> we're selling on an annual basis, 5.3 million existing homes. that's the number we've got. more comment on the state of the housing market in just a few moments.
10:01 am
check the big board, we're a half hour into the trading session and we're up again. wednesday morning, we're now at 18,064. look at mcdonald's, yes, another all-time high. getting awfully close to 130 on mcdonald's, all day breakfast, all you can eat fries, maybe that can work. facebook one raised up to 137 a share, it's up fraction at 112. apple, four day longest losing streak, now it's up 31 cents, 107 on apple this morning, i've got big political news coming to us from the sanders campaign. fox news's ed henry reporting that bernie sanders' top aide says sanders will reevaluate the campaign and geraldo, rivera is here. what do you make of this? reevaluate the campaign?
10:02 am
ments he should revevaluate because it's been a grumpy old stoner uncle and. stuart: he's a socialist. >> he's a socialist and not a democrat i think is why he was trounced because the democratic primary in new york state, a closed primary, you have to be a registered democrat and the vast bernie army that went through the parks of brooklyn and manhattan are not. stuart: that's interesting, are you telling me that new york state soundly rejected bernie because of his socialism? is that it? >> i'm telling you that the democrats, the democrats in-- the registered democrats. remember, if you're an independent you had to change your registration last october. you know, so you really had to put some forethought in the crowd. the bernie crowd is not one to give it a lot of-- >> next tuesday there are five more states, primaries in five more states. it looks to me at this moment there's no stopping trump and
10:03 am
also no stopping hillary. in other words, it's hillary versus trump in november. >> it's bye-bye bernie. cruz is old news. now you have the matchup america has wanted since last june, last july. you have the right-left. trump versus clip ton, he is that's what it's going to be and should have been and now we'll clear away the, you know, these token obstacles. stuart: everybody's been aghast at this election campaign, but i think it's working out pretty well. i think they're being heard. >> let's trump picks something like john kasich. and hillary clinton someone like john booker. there you have the-- donald trump's tone is more
10:04 am
presidential, referencing senator cruz rather than lying ted and that's why bernie should exit, because he is hurting, and-- the reevaluating ever the campaign. ashley: it's a big deal. stuart: it sounds like it could be a retreat from the campaign. i don't want to put words in anybody's mouth. i think it's looking bad for bernie. >> he got toasted yesterday. stuart: yes, he surely did. stay there, geraldo, i'm sure you're going to interject for the rest of the show. >> me? >> donald trump, huge winner in new york last night. he got 60% of the vote. michigan republican party chair, rona romney mcdaniel is here now, wait a minute, you're part of the romney family and you're for donald trump? an interesting dinner conversation.
10:05 am
>> we have an interesting family and uncle mitt leading the charge, but i'm the chair of the michigan republican party and i pledged myself to the majority vote of michigan, which went for donald trump, as chair i remain neutral, but-- >> what makes it about trump and what you dislike about your uncle's position. >> in my heart i support the voters of michigan and it's important for me who say as chair that i'm going to listen to them and their will because they don't understand this process and-- >> wait a minute, in your heart. do you like this guy? i know he's brash and found of foul-mouthed on occasion, insults, left, right and center. in your heart do you like that? >> in my heart, i like anyone who is going to beat hillary clinton and that's our republican nominee. stuart: do you think that trump would beat hillary in november in a head to head matchup? >> look at the turnout, the enthusiasm on our side, the voter turnout is up on the
10:06 am
republican side, in michigan we have 1.3 million republicans come out. we're going to beat hillary and any of our candidates are going to do it and we've got the will to do it in the republican party. stuart: that was a broad statement. any of our candidates are going to do it, trump will wipe the floor with hillary, you're going with that. >> may i just say first about ronna and her statement, it sounds like talking points. it is not. it's the essence of democracy. that's what trump is complaining about, that other states are not operating the way that michigan is. michigan, the primary was decided, there's a majorities winner and the delegates are pledged to the majority winner and that's the end of it. what trump is complaining about how ted cruz went sneaking into wyoming and colorado and other caucus states and rounding up delegates, increasing his delegate count even as his popularity is plunging. i think that ronna is an excellent and michigan an excellent example of democracy work. stuart: we're all here saying
10:07 am
kumbayah and geraldo rivera and free market capitalists, and last word to you, ronna. >> thank you for your compliment, i'm going to put that on my wall in my office, we're proud of how we conducted ourselves in michigan, i recognized the will of the voters in our state and i'm going to represent that in cleveland as their chair. i want to know how the conversation goes around the dinner table. that would be fascinating. come back and tell us, with you. >> i'll wear google glasses next time. >> we'll take that. i want to ask you again, geraldo, do you think that trump could beat her? >> i think that trump is very easy to underestimate. for example, when he did the new york g.o.p. gala inthe grand hyatt hotel, he started off reminding people that the grand hi hotel used to be the dump called the hotel commodore, it was a cancer on 42nd street, hookers, drug
10:08 am
addicts, homeless people, a real rot in the middle of-- he took it for no cash, got a 40-year tax abatement, 20 years later, in 1996, he did this as a 27-year-old in 1976. in 1996, he sold his half interest, $143 million he made. stuart: wow. >> so he is a guy who-- you're a free market capitalist. stuart: i am. >> he takes advantage of the market, he makes a ton of money and look at 42nd street today. stuart: what's wrong with that. >> it's a tourist mecca. >> it's the republican way and the more he emphasizes that. stuart: i'm sorry to interrupt, geraldo, i want to carve out 30 sektsdz seconds for this. "the washington post," united nations is now saying as many as 500 migrants feared dead in a ship wreck in the mediterranean coming from where was it libya? >> libya to italy. >> there's no government in libya and that's the burden
10:09 am
that hillary clinton must bear. they didn't plan for the day after gadhafi. >> and this makes the migrant crisis so much more sharply a humanitarian catastrophe. that's what it is. >> and how the world deals with it. stuart: 500 people. >> the story of the next decade. stuart: all right. now, i've got to get to the existing home sales number, we got it from ash earlier. 5.3 million on annual rate, that's the selling rate of existing homes. jason meister our real estate guy. 5 million home sales per year. >> it better, but the trend is not looking good. there's a pessimism in the market right now. last month the numbers were abysmal. so i would caution everyone to take note of this 5.3 million and it's not-- the sentiment in the market is not good. we overbuilt over the last seven or eight years, interest rates have been near zero for too long. free money has driven the
10:10 am
development and we'll have too much inventory. >> mortgage rates, i can get a 30-year fixed rate loan below 4%, that's astonishing. and i mean, so why aren't we buying more homes? >> employment, employment is 10%, real unemployment, not 5% we hear every day. explain the existing home sales, and people buy homes with their jobs. we need an economy that's growing again. we have a gdp that's been at below 3% for far too long. we need a guy like trump. stuart: chuck into politics, why don't you. you're a trump supporter. >> i am. stuart: you're a new york guy? >> i like the brashness you talked about earlier. i think you could take it to his real estate roots as geraldo was talking about the hyatt. he made the hyatt great again and this is a guy that speaks forcefully and directly like new yorkers do. we've had too much both
10:11 am
political establishments that dug us deeper into debt. we're just-- we need change. i think that trump presents that change. stuart: we've covered all on this program, housing starts, housing sales, the stock markets, trump, clinton, bernie, we've got it all and jason meister, thank you, appreciate that. good stuff. to texas where the sixth person has been found dead. ashley, dramatic assisted living rescue there, what's up. ashley: yeah, this was an assisted living facility in the houston area for alzheimer's patients. we're looking at some video now, it was over 1500 water rescues. more than 40 seniors were rescued at one point from this assisted living facility. bringing them out one by one by wheelchairs and putting them on military vehicles, just one incident-- or example, i would say of a drama that's going on. the good news is that the waters are slowing receding and
10:12 am
the schools open for the first time. stuart: what a human tragedy, that's what it is. donald trump says that the system is rigged, but he will make sure he gets the delegates. >> we don't have much of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> well, we're moving up nicely here, now we have a 22 point gain, 18,075 is where we are. how about financial services, the discover card growing its loan business. the stock is the best performer in the s&p 500, a 6% gain. look at this, three dow stocks again hitting lifetime highs. we've got mcdonald's almost 130 earlier. united technologies and j & j.
10:16 am
j&j again all time highs. president obama just wrapping up a two-hour meeting with the king of saudi arabia and as we reported last hour, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee says we should declassify those 28 pages in the 9/11 report. ashley: we're talking about democratic congressman adam schiff. he said in part releasing the redacted 28 pages of this earlier report with any redactions necessary to protect intelligence sources and members, would help address speculation that these 28 pages provide proof that a saudi government or saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks. let's have some transparency and have a look. stuart: let's see it all. here is donald trump addressing the new york crowd after his very decisive win last night. >> even though we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught, impossible to catch us, nobody
10:17 am
should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. and that's what's going to happen, and you watch, because the people aren't going to stand for it. it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called, you vote and you win. stuart: you heard it, crooked system, it's rigged. you heard it. our next guest says he knows how trump will get the $1,237 delegates needed to take the nomination. ed climb is with us. commenting this time on the trump campaign. >> what's he going to do to get those 1237, something special? >> very special. there will be somewhere between 135 and 200 unbound delegates at the republican convention who can vote for whomever they want and donald trump and his new campaign manager, who have put together a black book, which is identifying each and every one of these people,
10:18 am
their wives, their kids, their cousins. stuart: really? >> their hobbies, what they like, what they don't like, and they are going to make a very big pitch individually to each and every one of them to come over to donald's side. so, at the moment, there's what, a minimum of 136 unbound delegates. are they unbound on the first vote or do they become unbound on the second vote. >> they're unbound on the first vote. stuart: so right upfront. >> let's say he goes there 50 to 100 shy of 1237. there are 136 or even more unbound delegates that he could bring over and get over the top. stuart: now he's got a professional on board with the campaign going through each and every delegate to see if they can pull them over beforehand. however, is the establishment going to sit still for this non-trump people, sit and take this? >> i don't think so. according to my reporting,
10:19 am
we're in the 12th round of a 15-round heavy weight battle between donald and the establishment. he's ahead in points, but you know, the establishment has not laid down yet. mcconnell, mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader says there's going to be a second ballot. john mccain is not going to go to the convention. people who have been working for donald trump have been black listed by the establishment and said, told, if you work for donald, your future in the republican party is over. so they're still fighting the fight because so much is at stake, stuart. stuart: yes, it is. >> we're talking about thousands and thousands of lifetime republicans from the rnc down to committee chairmen, to patronage, to people who, for instance, do data mining, consulting, campaign workers, a lot of people have a lot of money at stake here. stuart: i suspect though, and
10:20 am
according to some reports, politico, that if donald trump is getting close to the magic number, some of the establishment are beginning to say, okay, we can't beat him, join him. some are beginning to turn in that direction? >> and i think that that's what paul is going to tell them. listen, the people have spoken. you can't ignore democracy. >> ed cline reporting today on the republicans for a change. thank you for joining us, ed. always a pleasure, thank you. >> 28 republican senators are calling on president obama, stop funding the u.n. frame work convention on climate change. don't want our tax money going there. they're not skeptical will global warm being, oh, no, this is about alestine. we will explain it for you. the nation's biggest health care provider pulling out of obamacare, so much for affordable. >> affordable, there's a reason, affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable.
10:21 am
if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor, period. we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan period. you're late for work.
10:22 am
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10:25 am
not appeal to anyone over 25? somebody once said, if you're not a socialist by 25, you have no heart and if you're still a socialist after 25, you have no head. be that as it may, bernie's soccerism is not attractive to anyone who has any experience of socialism. collectivism is unamerican and we believe in individual freedom here don't we? could it be that new yorkers heard bernie's call for taxes on the middle class and told him to stick it at the ballot box and the free stuff, vote for me and i'll give you this. it's an obvious ploy to buy votes with taxpayer money. and could it be that bernie's national call for ban on fracking is seen for what it is. a call on poor people. to cheap gas for our cars and
10:26 am
homes, and put them out of business, who would pay for that, poor people. >> why would they deliberately vote for people who would raise their energy bill. this is why bernie lost, at the ballot box, socialism lost. i find myself a refugee from socialism, i found that collectivism was ruining my home country, i jumped ship and embraced individual liberty. i love it here. so i am delighted to say that bernie's candidacy is just about done. socialism has no place in america.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> political news this morning.
10:30 am
after the big loss last night. and after next tuesday's primaries. she is going to reevaluate the campaign. it is 10:30 eastern time, just getting new numbers on how much oil in storage in america. 2.8 million barrels. ashley: just a little shy, already have a glut. we are not falling it down. and that is a market moving number.
10:31 am
this time of the season keep in mind we are in maintenance. through the peak demand season, the trend is your friend, the supplies are building, they continue to build. and stuart: that is a further decline in the price of oil. with what we have seen over the weekend. the shia side and sunni side of opec continue to fight for market share the rest of the year. in 2017. the pullback in us production, indeed happening by the end of the year, we are on trend to be below $8.4 million a day, which
10:32 am
where the peak was last year, keep in mind imports from canada are up 30% to 40% year over year so when production gets pullback a lot of us will be mitigated by one canadian production and the glut remains on the global market. stuart: thanks for joining us, bottom line is $10 million extra in storage in america, not much influence on the price which is down $.60, stocks not much change, 8 or 9 points, 18,062. lower profits, lower sales, coca-cola the biggest loser of all the dow 30 stocks, down 5%. ipo trading today, mgm
10:33 am
properties. ashley: like casino resorts and operating $21 yesterday in the initial public offering, the first full day of trading and up nicely, the same percentage of 22 of $22.52 owe it raised over $1 billion which is pretty good in the ipo market. ashley: hillary clinton didn't just win big last night. she won huge among minority voters. yesterday point -- democrat congressman gregory makes about hillary's alleged pandering to black voters. i have to have a special tone of voice, watch myself when i am talking to a black person? >> you should be conscious as i am of all my constituents. stuart: especially to you? so you can understand what i am saying. >> understand issue within position. stuart: we are joined by an old friend of mine, murdoch, welcome
10:34 am
back. it seems like it was pandering, hillary clinton was pandering, don't know if you agree with that or not, she won hands-down among minorities, she won 70% of black voters and 60% of hispanics. >> she plans to continue the policies of obama. and as black folks go, the symbolic virtue of the first black president the results were like people who are generally terrible. it has gotten better but laborforce participation, black folks down 2.4%, it is up 1.6, household income down 1.5%, everything but unemployment, hillary clinton says more of the same. stuart: whether you are ted cruz or trump guy, you voted for ted cruz.
10:35 am
>> do you think donald trump could leak into hillary's minority support to queue a guy who creates jobs. >> might have early on, visuals of people beating up black folks at his rallies, black folks going to white trump supporters, some say they are agitators but visuals are very negative. and how they dig out of that. stuart: an article in the "national review," nothing to worry about from middle eastern refugees. think again. that is the title of your article. i want to talk about that but first the dreadful news, 500 people reportedly died on a boat that sank going from libya to italy. that is a whole new dimension to
10:36 am
the humanitarian side of the humanitarian crisis. what do you mean we have nothing to fear? >> an enormous tragedy and i feel terrible for those people, us policy under obama and hillary clinton, that might not have happened. it is largely responsible for creating the mess over there but there is a problem here in the west which is these refugees, most find peaceful peaceful and isis said openly they want to mix in refugees, we found one guy who was involved in the attack in brussels, one of the two guys at the subway station that was blown up, another guy apparently showed up with a fake passport, one of the people who blue himself up in front of the stadium in brussels. stuart: you don't want those refugees. >> in brussels -- i don't want them here. stuart: the death of those 500 people increase pressure to bring them here. >> it will but it is important for policymaker to understand
10:37 am
negative side who came from somalia. trying to get across the mexican border and join isis and syria. it is a problem for us and we need to be careful letting in people, there are others who want to blow us up. you got to be realistic. stuart: come again soon. united healthcare companies, that is a big deal, they announced plans to drop out of most obamacare exchanges, stocks hit a new high. gerri willis is here with her new book titled rich is not a four letter i want to know, united healthcare leaving obamacare, what does that mean for the average person here. gerri: even higher healthcare prices. republicans wanted to repeal this law. it is horribly written and crafted law, the nation's fastest growing entitlement, 24
10:38 am
new, it is not working, the reorganize perspective, hard to remember this now, the president introduced this legislation six months into his first tenure in office. the economic disaster turned into a recovery, to reorganize the economy which was what obamacare is. stuart: united healthcare pulls out, they said they are going to do this, can't take the losses. is that the gradual rolling end of obamacare? >> it could be difficult with big players pulling out. this is important today, this is one of the many liberal policies hurting people's wallets. directly from my new book rich is not a four letter word, if you are feeling poor, less
10:39 am
hopeful about your financial prospect and worried about the future you can blame liberal progressive policies of president barack obama and his allies. i am not cutting anybody any slack here. i believe this administration has been responsible for net incomes falling lower, what we know today from pew research is a fifth of americans have negative net worth, negative net worth, a fifth, 20%. stuart: i will read the book. what is it called again? >> rich is not a four letter word. thanks very much, appreciate you being with us. lower sales, lower profit at coca-cola. nicole pedallides at the exchange, what is the stock. >> reporter: the stock of coca-cola making the dow jones industrial average negative, the dow component, 17 negative tao points. if it were not for coca-cola the tao would be positive and declining sales for four quarters in a row.
10:40 am
the only bright spot is the water, vitamin water, those things, don't have snacks like pepsi. stuart: we hear you. what did you say? snacks like pepsi. stuart: i want that. no i don't. how about this? a group of republican senators calling on president obama, stop giving money to the un for climate change. this is not about global warming, this is about palestine. we will explain it for you. new statistics on life expectancy falling for white people in america. we will tell you what is behind the drop off. more varney after this.
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: we are 9 am sharp every day, here is what you missed. >> if he has substance that he holds. and donald trump and hillary clinton. >> a guy who only gets half as
10:43 am
many votes. as hillary clinton would be a problem. stuart: he can't win. >> the republican party will lose if he can't even get a majority of his own party. between 60% to 70%. ere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. when you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here.
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10:45 am
stuart: we are showing you krispy kreme not because we like the donuts but they are replacing pinnacle entertainment in the s&p small-cap 600. they are 5% on that one. president obama committed taxpayers to funding the united nations climate change plan which includes funding for in countries including palestine. problem is palestine is not a country. this is not sitting well with our next guest, republican from wyoming, what are you going to do about this? >> and he is significantly hurting the us economy, so 28 senators sent a letter to secretary john kerry demanding he follow the law, obey the law, and in the united nations, this
10:46 am
climate change initiative, framework conference on climate change and here is why. the law of the united states is very specific, any you an organization that recognizes the so-called state of palestine is not eligible for any us money and on march 17thhe ste o paleine nd oto ts grn clate itiave a bece a mberf t un amewk coeren. strt: u thk yocantop thmone >>e st theoney frothe united nations organization which recognized, and the usable information act, that was in force. >> i want to ask about united
10:47 am
healthcare. and it was next year, stock is gone straight up. and ask about this. listen to what she said. >> when you force insurers to chronically oh people and healthy people for the same price. it doesn't work. stuart: and it is going away. >> i agree with her. something has got to give. only in the united states could government come up with a plan they make people buy a product and people who have bought it say it was hurting them personally because it wasn't a bad deal and having to sell it, we don't want to sell it anymore because it is a bad deal for them too. in the insurance business, you have to raise your price
10:48 am
dramatically or get out of the business which shows the president's promised to the american people are broken. and continue to grow up, choices go down and the co-ops have failed. over half of them. what we are going to see is an additional collapse of consumer choice. stuart: we have the collapse of obama care, collapse of consumer choice, an extraordinary mess. what are we going to do, realistically what are we going to do about this, side toward collapse? >> we have a republican president, to repeal and replace the obama health care law with individual choice, with state healthcare choice plans so individuals can make those choices but candidate hillary clinton wants to build on obamacare. we need to repeal and replace it with patient centered care because the president's plan is based on coverage, care, as a doctor i focus on care.
10:49 am
stuart: thanks for joining us. stuart: next case, one of the top life insurers paying its customers for making healthy choices. we tell you how you get cash for eating your veggies after this. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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stuart: you buy a life insurance policy and if you can prove that you eat healthy food you get a discount. joining us now is the president, john hancock insurance, he is the guy offering this discount on life insurance. do i have to prove i am eating lots of fruits and vegetables? do i have to bring you the receipts? >> actually what we have is a network set up where you have 16,000 grocery stores across the country and you use the existing store card that you have and automatically get credited when you buy those healthy fruits and vegetables and other thing that those grocery stores and the way it works is you save up to $600 a year on the groceries themselves but you also get points, vitality points, save additional money on your
10:54 am
insurance premiums and the network of retailers we have across the country. stuart: that is called relationship marketing. the customer, the client, the grocery store all in it together. >> a lot of people talk about win/when in business. if you do that, and encouraging them to live a healthy life, and give some of it back in the form of premium and discounts at the grocery store. stuart: i want to ask about this report about life expectancy for white people taking an unexpected decline. there was an increase in suicides, drug overdoses and
10:55 am
that kind of thing. this is a real departure, something brand-new, i never heard of this before. >> if you think about our lifetime there has been a dramatic improvement in life expectancy in the us and a lot of other well-developed countries but the truth behind the big headline number is the us has been doing less well than other countries and has been for a number of years really slowing down. i am not surprised to see results from the survey that was done today. the reality is most causes of death, the vast majority are caused by a few behaviors we all participate in. stuart: this is a lifestyle problem, lifestyle getting to people especially prescription e and lifestyle literally killing us. >> 30 years ago the leading
10:56 am
causes of death were accidents and infectious diseases. we have done an amazing job eliminating those or reducing them significantly and now the leading causes are caused by how much we eat, what we eat, how much we exercise and whether we smoke or not and those are things that are behavioral-based the we believe we can encourage our customers to take small steps, take the stairs instead of the elevator, by the healthy fruits and vegetables, see the doctor regularly, don't smoke, obviously help them with a long healthy life and that is it. stuart: we understand that and sounds like an interesting product, good stuff. the president of john hancock insurance, thank you. big win for trump in new york last night. dare i say he is starting to sound more presidential, trump's
10:57 am
spokesperson joins us on that. hour 3 of "varney and company" is three minutes away. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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11:00 am
stuart: late developments on the election, fox news reporting bernie sanders is, quote, taking a step back from the campaign after his loss in new york. in washington, ashley webster is here, gretchen carlson also with us. what is being said about this pullback from the campaign? ashley: after next tuesday's primary on the east coast or eastern states, the sanders campaign will take a step back and reevaluate. and henry also saying interesting to see if there is a change intoning bernie sanders's campaign, less attacks on hillary clinton which is what the democratic party is asking him to do.
11:01 am
pullback on the attacks. stuart: a democrat, emily, what is your response to this? that was a serious move. 's bernie sanders lost big-time last night, lost by 15 points. now they say they will reevaluate the campaign after tuesday, five primary last -- is he pulling out? >> i don't think he is pulling out, he will stay in until an end of the primaries in june. and when they lose funding. and they got the rhetoric in the last few weeks. and and it is almost improbable. and the of coming contests are in more diverse states which are
11:02 am
better for clinton. the only category sanders won was white males. you can't win a full presidential primary. >> there is something on the democratic side called superdelegates. last time around some of them switched, many of them switched from hillary clinton to barack obama. that happened at the convention. why not? the momentum is behind bernie sanders, 28,000 people in new york city. one reason he may have is keep in mind new york was a closed primary which meant you had to be a registered democrat or republican, tons of independents love trump, surprisingly he won by a landslide but a lot of independents love bernie sanders. when you talk to people it is amazing, i might vote for sanders or trump. the same group of people. and superdelegates -- >> in place for the establishment for hillary
11:03 am
clinton but they could turn. >> that strategy is going after superdelegates is what sanders's campaign manager articulated after the loss saying he understand there is not a path forward with regular delegates which are elected by his voter. superdelegates are extra invested in the party. >> that is his only one. it is counter to where he has been running. he is running this grassroots of the people and saying i can't win of the people so i will try to grab people who are superinvested in the party even though i never invested in the before and by his supporters don't turn out, this is a strategy that is counter to what he is saying so far. stuart: we have a theme that we will hit throughout the hour, the actress susan sarandon is a bernie sanders supporter, she says women are, quote, shamed into voting for hillary.
11:04 am
role that soundbite. >> so many statements, don't get me wrong the idea of a woman president, i hope someday it can be the daughter of someone who is not rich, not married to someone who was president, that can happen in this country and the only person not connected to the machine, that is why i am so excited because there has never been a candidate nor will there be another candidate in my lifetime who hasn't taken money from wall street, super pacs, fracking, i want someone with that moral commitment. stuart: moral commitment, no money from wall street, those we could capitalist. >> you ever thought hillary clinton was not going to be the nomination, talking about the coronation of her because one of the main things way back when -- stuart: i thought bernie sanders had this momentum, had a real shot. >> 18 months ago everyone was talking about the coronation of hillary clinton and one of the big parts of that was the first female president, she would get a ton of women to vote for her.
11:05 am
one of the biggest shocks to her campaign is what you just saw, someone like susan sarandon or rosario dawson if you are not a celebrity but a democratic woman supporting sanders a fascinating thing she said was she won't guarantee sanders is not the nominee she will vote for hillary clinton. she put out there she might vote for trump. stuart: she did? >> which is what we were talking about. people who like sanders could also like trump. stuart: get into this briefly please. >> women are bullied into supporting hillary, that is not the case if you amassed 10 million individual votes, people don't feel bullied, i am sorry susan sarandon does feel bullied, that narrative early in the campaign, the fact that she would be the first female president, it was out there and it was a strong narrative. since the discussion moving forward, barely mentioned by the campaign even though the rhetoric on the other side is so
11:06 am
misogynistic her campaign barely talks about it. stuart: i will let you get away with it but the campaign on the other side is not misogynistic. to the republicans, misogynists, hatred of women i believe. donald trump winning and won huge in new york last night, much closer to securing the nomination. here is what author ed klein said last hour. >> there will be somewhere between 135, and 200 and down delegates at the convention who vote for whoever they want and donald trump and his new campaign manager have put together a black book which is identifying each and every one of these people, their wives, their kids, their cousins, what they like or don't like and they are going to make a very big
11:07 am
pitch, individually to each and every one of them. stuart: that is a pitch for unbound delegates who are not bound even in the first ballot. >> there are numb 130 of them but he is ahead in connecticut, 48, ted cruz is 19, connecticut, maryland, pennsylvania, delaware, those could all be trump victories, and 1237, very close and those delegates are on the first ballot. stuart: that is the path to victory, windows primaries, get some delegates on board and get close to 1237, check in the unbound delegates and you are home free. >> establishment republicans are saying it is tough to give it to them. stuart: we have been reporting that are morning. >> learning something. you might start, airlines might
11:08 am
start charging extra for a window or and i'll see. nobody wants the middle seat. charles: the southwest charges to get on early because they have a free for all system where you could get on early and have a better chance of getting a window seat but no one wants the middle seat. in order to avoid it they will charge more, american, delta, united. stuart: you would pay. >> it is so crazy, gas prices are way down, they are still nickel and timing us to death, no food no matter what time you get on. stuart: you got 10 seconds to tell me whether you would pay to get out of the middle seat. >> depends on my mood going into that, hands on my wallet. stuart: there is no -- let me tell you that. and thanks for joining us.
11:09 am
except that about misogyny. thanks very much, good to have you. check the big board. we are up 23 points, 18,075. mcdonald's is more interesting. it is a new high. close to 130. all-you-can-eat fries, breakfast all day, can't beat that. facebook, an investment firm out there says that stock will hit $137. right now it is 112. facebook going straight up. that stock has been on a four day losing streak, the longest since november has broken it just up $.65, lower profit, lower sales of coke, biggest loser of all the tao 30, steepest loss for that stock in a year and a half is down 4.5%. 60% of the vote, congratulatory
11:10 am
speech, victory speech, in tone sounded much more presidential. that is my value judgments, and a professional running the campaign these days. spokesperson from way back. the more presidential trump, the professional trump. >> what you are seeing is the donald trump. remember early in the campaign he was fighting 16 candidates, the media, lobbyists and special interests, mister trump was at home and it was a resounding victory. i have to point out to the viewers that this is a first-time politician that won 60% in his home state where is even a sitting senator in ted cruz and sitting cover in john kasich couldn't break 50% in their home state. this was a huge victory for donald trump. stuart: you have been there since day one, june of last year when he came down the escalator in the trump tower, made his
11:11 am
pitch to get things going. you were there from day one. would you mind if i said the campaign way back then was kind of fly by the seat of your pants, make it up as you go along? do you agree with that? >> i wouldn't agree so much with that but i will say it was a new campaign, people involved in the campaign haven't had a ton of experience particularly when running a presidential campaign and when you are not a conventional candidate and don't have a conventional campaign you can say it is flying by the seat-of-the-pants but that was the campaign of the people, regular people helping a regular person run for president of the united states. stuart:. >> technically that is not what he said. he talked about illegal aliens, coming across the border. stuart: murderers and rapists in the same sentence. >> not at all.
11:12 am
mister trump was being honest in reporting what the department of homeland security was reporting and after that the media said what they wanted from that. stuart: he has a professional staff on hand, and three new top people, do you feel a little pushed out. >> not at all. i am very excited. the campaign is growing and mister trump will win the gop nomination and we have to grow if we want to be successful and running against the clinton machine and the liberal media, and to know how this machine works, i am really excited. stuart: congratulations on a huge win last night. katrina pearson, thanks very much. earlier today we have been bringing you a truly dreadful story, 500 migrants feared dead in the mediterranean. just off the coast of libya and
11:13 am
trying to get to italy. ambassador john bolton is on that next. this weeks btv spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug
11:14 am
discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online.
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: there is a dreadful story coming to our attention, 500 migrants feared drowned in the mediterranean, they were trying to get from eastern libya to italy. the boat apparently sank. this was a couple days ago. ashley: trying to figure out where this boat went down but it was an overcrowded fishing boat smugglers used, just a disastrous situation. we have seen this time and again. stuart: this could change the dynamic of the migrants story. a humanitarian tragedy of this magnitude change of people thinking about what to do with the migrants lining up by the millions to get into europe, the pressure will be on, let them in and help them get in.
11:17 am
>> this is a stunning tragedy in its scope but let's not forget it is the beginning of the summer sailing season from north africa into southern europe so some kind of tragedy like this although perhaps not of this magnitude was predictable and i do think whatever the other arguments it will now be used from a humanitarian basis to say they have to let them in and stay and the problem is although asylum is supposed to be temporary until the crisis that gave rise for the requests for asylum disappears, these people in europe are not leaving. stuart: very soon, later this week the president arrives in europe and is going to -- angela merkel, keep the migrants coming in and going to britain where he will join prime minister david cameron and say you guys stay in europe. how is that vote going? >> it is pretty close although
11:18 am
the remaining voters down in recent polls. i think it is a mistake for britain to stay in the european union. most americans think of the e.u. is a big free-trade zone. if that is all no one would object to it but it is a political project and for most people from the beginning to illuminate nationstates and create a supernational body in europe. this is the antithesis of democracy. decisions are being made in brussels the british parliament rubberstamps nearly half the economic legislation agreed by bureaucrats and diplomats in brussels. parliament has to say yes unlike in america where congress can reject and administer of agency regulation, one country's parliament in europe can't do that. people call that the democratic deficit. it is key for britain to get out. america would benefit, the west would be stronger, the european union may europe less than the sum of its parts. stuart: i am smiling because i am with you, sovereignty.
11:19 am
>> we know from the constitution we the people are sovereign, not the bureaucrats, not the government. stuart: the british parliament has been sovereign and now it is not. i got to raise this issue. there are forces in america which want to make it available. a lawsuit available so that american victims of 9/11 can sue the saudi government if we find they have some involvement in 9/11. i think opening pandora's box to international lawsuits and i don't like it. >> a very bad idea. the basic claim is the saudi dated al qaeda in the 9/11 attacks which they did as when the taliban government in afghanistan aided al qaeda, that is an act of war against the united states and our response should become editor it to an act of war not wanting 1000 lawsuits. the issue should be what is best for the united states and if we waive sovereign immunity to allow lawsuit against saudi
11:20 am
arabia there are 192 countries around the world that will start waving sovereign immunity against the united states. we will be lost in litigation all around the world. stuart: we could be put on trial in foreign countries because their government on trial here, we don't want that. >> tim cook, the ceo of apple is a cia agent and apple is an extension of the cia. we know this, the documents are in cia files. if i could sue the united states and get those documents. if you think that is crackpot that is just the beginning. stuart: you have to go in -- i understand your antipathy. i want to see what the 9/11 report says. >> i think the first step before everybody goes further, let's declassify the 28 pages protecting sources and methods and see what it says but those who think the saudi's were involved let them say with a straight face the george w. bush in the aftermath of 9/11 knew of
11:21 am
saudi involvement, saudi government involvement concealed from the american people. is that what you think? put obama aside. bush made the decision to overthrow the taliban and, he was obviously interested in knowing anybody who helped al qaeda. did george bush cover of the saudi involvement? i don't believe it. that is what it comes down to. stuart: good stuff. appreciate you being here. fidel castro, cast of characters on the show today delivers what many consider his farewell address saying in so many words his time is up. back in a moment. the e-class has 11 intelligent
11:22 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ stuart: our producers are going to like it. fidel castro making a rare
11:26 am
appearance hinting that his days are numbered. grim reaper music. ashley: we are pouring it on a bit thick. bright blue athletic top, he said i will soon be 90 years old and i will go where 90-year-old people go. this is the last day of the cuban communist party get together they have every four five years and he has made a rare public appearance saying this will be my last but he went on to say the us is still the enemy. they want to rid cuba of communism and despite president obama's overtures about improving relations the bottom line is politically and economically cuba will continue to be -- stuart: i wonder if he believes in an afterlife or is he a total atheist all dressed up and nowhere to go. hillary clinton and donald trump were the big winners in the new york primary yesterday. we got that.
11:27 am
jo ling kent is with us, looking at exit polls about the different parties and their attitude towards wall street. tell me, what do democrats think about wall street in new york? >> when asked if they thought wall street helped or hurt the us economy going forward 63% of democrats say wall street hurts the us economy. before we comment on this i want to show you the republicans because shockingly they agree on this. 48% of republicans believe wall street hurts the economy and this plays a big role in the new york economy, take center stage but more importantly for both parties the economy is the number one issue. stuart: they bought the myth that the 2008 financial panic was all wall street's fault, their fault, they were bad for us and still at it, they still believe it. >> there is ongoing distrust of
11:28 am
wallstreet and what it brings to the economy but what i feel about the status as the data is it is bipartisan and earlier in the evening there was a majority on the republican side saying they believe wall street hurts the us economy but if we look at all the primaries i covered so far the economy and jobs always among the top two issues. stuart: i hope these people check out there 401(k) and how much it has gone up because wall street has rally. getting into opinion now. >> perhaps people think wall street and bank for different from the market. there may be that dissonance their too. if you look at the data you see that trend. stuart: a ray of hope. thanks very much. fcc commissioners told by the white house to keep quiet of an obamaphone fraud. one of those commissioners will join us in just a moment.
11:29 am
11:30 am
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stuart: big development on the campaign trail. there are reports that bernie sanders will be taking a step
11:33 am
back from his campaign. big deal. jessica tarr and megyn mccain here with of course ashley webster. they are going to take a stab at. if this is after next tuesday's primaries, then take a step back, reevaluate the campaign. that sounds ominous. >> it does, that bernie sanders isn't dropping out of this race. they should be reevaluating how it messages resonating in diverse state. big population states. that is like next tuesday -- ashley: use the word step back, means you're not moving forward. >> it also meant and 70 years old come i'm exhausted. i went to the vatican for the day and i need a moment to recoup at home. >> is not doing very well right now anyway. >> crimea river appeared my father was in the 70s. it's a tough game and that's the point. he's doing so poorly with minorities. that's why his first two drop
11:34 am
out. hillary clinton earned this one way or another. i'm so sick of these conspiracy theories that do not exist. >> what she said. >> his supporters are acting like it or not so landing. he is doing so poorly with minorities. it's a fair election. he is losing. the yen. stuart: how about united health care? the health insurer has announced they are going to leave most of the obama carrots changes next year. jessica, that is obamacare. that is the president's legacy. this thing is spiraling out of control. it is collapsing. >> there is no -- it is true. stuart: that's the single biggest beast of domestic -- >> at the signature issue but not all there is to the obama presidency. but yes there's problems in that site they are reforming that.
11:35 am
she's talking about in contrast to bernie sanders medicare for all. we have the law. it's importantly got the law passed paper will never get anything passed again. we should build on this spirit is going to purchase insurance across state lines. >> it is still not the baseball are. just saying. and bernie doesn't get minority voters. people need to stop shaming women into voting for hillary. roll that tape. >> there's been so many statements. don't get me wrong the idea of the one president i know will happen and i hope someday will be the daughter summit is not rich, not married to someone who is the president. the only person that's not
11:36 am
connected to the machine and that's why i'm so excited because there's never been a candidate nor will there ever be a candidate in my lifetime who hasn't taken money from wall street, super pac, month and so, for hacking. i want someone without moral commitment. >> sounds a bit like identity politics. >> eloquence biggest lushes touting all these women that are basically saying if you're not voting for hillary clinton and it's the worst for anything ever. legitimately i want go and see her movies. i think she's making a point but she's got an agenda of her own. stuart: i have 30 seconds. if anybody doubt it is going to be hillary versus trump in november of this year? you don't like the idea that you think it's possible? >> jessica. >> increasingly likely. i think you look is so close to
11:37 am
the 1237 it will be hard to deny. when susan sarandon does that, she's actually been as condescending towards women and those who are saying she's a woman. it's usually distracted. the factual ticket back, that trump is the best alternative to bernie sanders is really sick. look at her boss made a record. we need your help, susan. stuart: every now and again i lose control of my own program. >> sorry. stuart: jessica, megyn commits a new mac or a match. next case, fcc commissioners told to keep quiet about obama phone fraud. come and fcc commissioner object type. will you explain what happened? obama phone, the whole idea 6 million free songs out there, et cetera, et cetera. there is fraud in that system. you were told to keep quiet
11:38 am
about it in here and fcc commissioner. >> that's correct good march 31st the fcc voted to dramatically expand its program to cover internet access. however, a month before that we were told about a serious investigation with millions upon millions of dollars. we learned about the fraud back in october 2014 the investigation had wrapped up in the middle of 2015. but we were not going to be on to say anything about it until april 1st at the earliest. conveniently one day after we voted to expand. stuart: badness, hiding it from the public when there's a problem going on. doesn't the administration want to offer highly subsidized internet connection? would he say about that? >> that's basically where the program is going.
11:39 am
they have other advanced communication services to be more affordable. and the american taxpayer money is hard on the line, we need to be responsible and that is not the program we have today. >> correct me if i'm wrong, but we are all paying for this in our telephone bills. that goes towards discounted internet surveys. the pc aligned with universal service fee, that is the phone -- that is the tax that pays for this another program. it's gone up before the fcc defended the program. stuart: how can we do anything about this? >> part of it is going to depend in a future sec committed to fiscal responsibility and restraint. part of it is congress exercising oversight. yesterday the house energy and commerce committee passed
11:40 am
legislation but a remarkable step that is. ultimately the american people weighed american people weighed in with elected officials and agents and officials like me to let them know we want there to be accountability in the program. stuart: what do you say to the argument that poor people need a phone and internet connection if they're going to get out in society and look for a job. there's nothing wrong with a little subsidy. >> it's increasingly critical for all people, especially low-income americans to have internet access. the question is how we have a fiscally responsible program that gets us to tackle in the program we have on the table is not. we are wasting millions upon millions of dollars to people who don't need it. the waste fraud and abuse have to admit there is bipartisan political support for the program in the future. stuart: ajit pai directed to the pointedly just love that. thank you.
11:41 am
>> thanks for having me. stuart: next case, supreme court ruling in favor of victims of iran and sponsor terror. talking about $2 billion. judge napolitano on that max. -- next
11:42 am
>> and nicole petallides with their thoughts and street or the dow jones industrial average of 46 points at 18,100 that play. of one quarter of 1% gain in
11:43 am
four points. the nasdaq also within a pair of air. let's take a look here. united health ibm leads the doubt today. we are watching by a common dish network. it turns out the viacom could lose more than half its value. it's worse to suspend if it does not reach an agreement with fish. viacom to downside over the last 52 weeks. dish also a separate 30%. tupperware on their quarterly report still not as much as analysts had predicted. cut those numbers in january. that's under pressure. better profits than expected. le. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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11:45 am
train to the supreme court delivering a big tree to families of the seven iranian sponsored terror. the ruling could be worth $2 billion. all rights, judge napolitano is here. let me get this clear. this is the iranian sponsored terror of the 1980s. this ruling does not mean that american families, victims of 9/11 can now see the saudi's. that's not the case. >> this is the construction of the 2012 statute which permitted the lawsuits to proceed against iran in the area. the congress, not the president
11:46 am
to find an astute government says the state-sponsored terrorism. and the congress that there's 1.75 billion a bag of iran account in city bank of new york in the plaintiffs can have the 1.75 million. they are to prove the case. who is the congress to get involved in the middle of litigation? the supreme court said kessler, this is congress and the president dealing with the foreign policy of the united states in choosing to exercise some foreign policy through plaintiffs lawyers by having them sued. they're for the 1.75 billion on the bank account will be distributed within a week to the 16 plaintiff family. do you really oppose it or not? stuart: certainly not. the funds not. the funds that doesn't open a pandora's box. wait a second, it is going to do that. people are now going to say if
11:47 am
you can see the evidence for what they did, why can't you see the saudi's? >> that's an argument the president will have to confront. the argument will best dressed at the earliest of the pages. here is what is not happening the gloom and doom that stuart varney predicted would happen, the lawsuits going the other way. people in serious suing the united states. people in my ransom and the united state. stuart: not yet had >> or not the system is like it have a civil war going on. the fear, the gloom and doom you raise. the coldhearted gloom and doom. stuart: i want to protect america's interests. i do want the criminalization of america's foreign policy. >> is interesting you say that because that's one of the things the dissent said. it's a chief justice and justice of and justice são tomé or. sort of political opposite.
11:48 am
they are basically saying since when the foreign policy of the united states is further by trial lawyers. stuart: they said that? arch liberal on the panel? >> in the chief justice as well. stuart: i am an agreement with sotomayor? >> yes you are. stuart: they are all trial lawyers. aren't they? >> there's a lot of them. it's a very unusual case. it's only happened about two times in american history were the congress has designated in assets and yes i can't think united states and casey's plan to spend. if they do when they get the asset. it would have to be the same day we have the argument for the 9:00 hour. >> i don't even know what's coming. stuart: tomorrow we will talk
11:49 am
t.a.r.p. >> great piece by senator graham. stuart: quiet on the set. [laughter] stuart: i want a gavel. donald trump winning big in new york. more states to convert these but trump's next campaign stop is a rally in indiana. jeff flock is live at the state fairgrounds. as i understand it, trump is behind in the polls. is that correct? >> well, that's not correct because there is not than a is not than a poll done in indiana since last year. we don't know who's ahead or behind. here's what we do know. by the way, look at this line pretty incredible as usual. i see a lot of hillary clinton t-shirts in this line. unfortunately they say hillary for president, not for president. 57 delegates at stake for republicans. here's your headline. they party been chosen. 57 delegates chosen by the party
11:50 am
will be bound on the first ballot. either way i i show you this line. incredible. 57 delegates chosen by the party will be bound on ballot one. but they are free on ballot to and john kasich says he's already tied up more than half of those delicate who say on the second ballot they would vote for him. he's here to make his case that he, you know, the casey's make an all bond the votes should count or something. stuart: that's good stuff here that's a very impressive line to get into the trump rally. big c. looks down there as far as the ike see. thank you very much. we'll be back later in the day. next up for the primaries, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, delaware. we will tell you who has the edge next.
11:51 am
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11:55 am
appreciate it. >> great to be with you. stuart: the gop primaries in these five states, big picture rabbit altogether is trump ahead overall in most states? >> yes. we only have polling in three of the five states. anywhere from 15 to 22-point. he's in good shape heading into next tuesday. stuart: that is a considerable leap. that implies is going to grab a whole bunch of delegates next week. is that accurate? >> 172 delegates at next week and it's looking like he added 89 last night. he could add another 92 is total was to get around 935 roughly by the end of next week. stuart: i begged her not popular the republican establishment. then they go to the democrat side. i know your average polls, what is the average joe in the side state to hillary clinton and?
11:56 am
>> again, we don't have polling in those states, but a new pullout in connecticut, hillary clinton up nine points. 5142 in the state of connecticut. are looking good for her well for next used day. they may get the calls that will incorporate what happened last night in new york. right now all these polls are new york polls. stuart: it sounds to me like you don't express opinion on this, but it sounds like we are heading towards a trump versus clinton november showdown. that's the way it looks. >> if you are betting money that is where you put your money in your previous correspondence. indiana is critical. if the republicans have any hope of stopping get into 1237 otherwise he's going to get to the number and wanted on the first ballot. stuart: i do want to look forward to california. what is the pull him looking now in california?
11:57 am
>> showing trump up 18. a bit more than some of the eight, nine coins. so he's in good shape there. again we will be getting more data out of california i'm sure in the coming days. trump has a comfortable lead there as well. >> i know you don't make value judgments. i know you're impartial arbitrator here. look at the polls. i got that. have you ever seen like this before? this trump phenomenon never before? >> know. i've been doing this for almost 20 years now and i've talked to people who have done it a lot longer than that. nobody has seen anything like this. it's a particular case of an individual making a moment in time for the electorate is so anxious and trump is breaking all sorts of -- every political role we thought we knew. stuart: astonishing. i love it.
11:58 am
real clear politics. thank you very much. the dallas 18,100. who would've thought. back in a moment with more "varney" for you.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: what a guy, what a guy. i am giving neil cavuto 18,100 on the dow. it is yours. neil: thank you are a much. we are sort of reassessing exactly like the upper hand. i have a feeling that the donald trump big he does say and i quote ted cruz inside a bun in the race. now all he can do is be a spoiler. never a nice thing to do. i will beat hillary. answer ted cruz. >> donald trump won in those states.


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