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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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you've got wisconsin in the upper midwest, an industrial, midwestern state. you've got colorado, a purplish to blue, more libertarian-leaning state. what we're seeing a breadth of support across the country as republicans uniting behind this campaign. what is clear today, is that we are headed to a contested convention. nobody is able to reach 1237. i'm not going to reach 123and donald trump is not going to reach 1237. we're going to arrive in cleveland with me having a ton of delegates and with donald having a ton of delegates and at that point it is going to be a battle to see who can earn support of majority of delegates elected by the people. i believe we will have
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tremendous advantage in that battle because the party is unifying mind our campaign. of the 17 republican candidates who started the ray, five endorsed our campaign. rick perry, lindsey graham, jeb bush, scott walker, carly fiorina. that is tremendously wide diverse coalition, geographically and idealogically across the party. and republicans we want to win. if donald trump is nominee hillary clinton wins and she wins by double digits. if donald is the nominee we lose the senate and we may even lose the house. and if hillary clinton is elected president, the consequences for the country are disasterous. the supreme court is lost for a generation. the bill of rights, religious liberty and second amendment are put in profound jeopardy. we continue to be buried in trillions more in debt, we continue on the same path of economic stagnation and misery
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we've seen the last seven years. we continue abandoning our friends and allies includes the nation of israel. and if hillary is elected president iran will get nuclear weapons. posing an enormous national security threat to our country. republicans don't want to see that happen. americans don't want to see thatp happen. that is why republicans are unitings behind our campaign. that is why i think we'll earn the nomination by earning support of majority of delegates in cleveland and why as we continue to unite americans across this country we'll win the general election and beat hillary clinton in november. and with that i am happy to answer questions. >> senator, you concede you won't hit 1237 before the convention. you talked about deeper party unity. for the sake of your party are there any condition under which you get out of the race before the convention? >> the only condition in which i
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would leave the race is if it was clear there was no path to victory. at this point we are headed on a path to victory. this is about winning and changing the direction of this country. at the end of the day this is not about any of candidate, it is not about me, it is not about donald trump. it is about bringing jobs back to america. it is about seeing the wages rise for the working men and women. it is about protecting the constitution and bill of rights. it is about keeping this country safe. for seven years we've had a president who hasn't been able to do that. people are fed up and ready for change. >> senator cruz, walk us through the path you see because it clearly will run into more trouble next tuesday in those five primaries. you have month of may. do you think may is your firewall against trump, because i don't quite see the math as you see it. >> well that is not surprising. but i would note at every stage in this primary folks in the
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press reported that we couldn't win and we won over and over and over again, going back to iowa where almost every network reported we couldn't win iowa. and then we won a resounding victory in iowa. going back not too far to wisconsin where everyone in the press said we wouldn't win wisconsin and we won a landslide victory in wisconsin. now net weeks, it is entirely possible donald trump may get some additional victories. that the polling numbers in some northeastern states look encouraging for donald. but after next week, this race goes out west again. this race goes to states like indiana, and nebraska and south dakota and montana. which are a real problem for donald. donald has had great difficulty winning west of the mississippi river. indeed, if you look at north dakota, and colorado and wyoming, donald skipped those races all together. he refused to show up and he
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lost in crushing landslide defeats. that is ominous storm cloud for the trump campaign when the race moves west again and final state to vote will be the state of california, 172 delegates. the big enchilada. i believe we'll do very well in california. our organization on the ground is incredible. you know the strength of our campaign is the grassroots. we've got over 260,000 volunteers. and california is going to decide this race. and i'm very encouraged how we're going to do in california. >> follow-up on the question by mpking you this. victories and fact he still has a path to the primaries are and you don't how does this impact your ability to win states in may and continue to win delegates when voters are looking knowing -- [inaudible] >> i'm curious, did you ask the same question two days ago? donald with three weeks in a row
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of crushing landslide defeats to cruz, how does this impact your ability to go forward? [inaudible]. >> but the funny thing is twitter feed is one thing. it is covered on the news has been breathlessly, but new york, goodness, donald will do well in new york. of course he did well in new york. you have to win a majority. and i do not believe donald has any path to winning a majority. this is a decision that the people are going to make. james? >> senator, a numb number of your delegate victories so to speak working system, the state, county, congressional districts, and mr. trump as you know has decried this as rigged process. and you have responded to criticism in essence is whining. nonetheless, would you acknowledge that to the layperson out there, who is not well-versed in all of this, it would seem somehow not quite kosher that someone could win a
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given primary or voting contest but not pick up the majority of delegates? most polls for example, show that republican voters they would prefer to see at a contested convention simply the person who won the most delegates get the nomination. how do you address this criticism that all of this intricacy is somehow anti-democratic. it does seem to resonate, right. >> james, no it actually doesn't. it resonates only with the hardcore trump supporters. donald doesn't like losing. he doesn't have handle it well. when donald loses he lashes out at voterses he lashes out at people. donald had very difficult three weeks where he lost five elections in a row. you're right, donald has been whining a lot but donald also hasn't been telling the truth. donald claims these are quote, voterless elections. and unfortunately far too many folks in the press just repeat his absurd allegations.
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in the five states that voted, over 1.3 million people voted. to put that in context, more people voted in utah and north dakota and wisconsin and colorado and wyoming than voted in new york. now donald whines about it is unfair that he doesn't get more delegates. well last night in new york donald got fewer votes in new york than i got in wisconsin. and yet, the delegate rules give donald many more delegates for winning new york than i got for winning wisconsin. now, that is the way a representative system of government works. you don't hear me up here complaining and whining, gosh, it is so unfair. that new york republicans have their votes count more than double what texas republicans have them vote.
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in texas i received over twice as many votes as donald trump received in new york. that ses the way the system works. and that the important thing to understand, the reason that donald has been complaining so incessantly and the reason why his media surrogates repeat those complaints is because he losing at ballot box. donald has a hard ceiling of 35 to 40%, any state outside of his home state he has a very difficult time breaking. and what the last three weeks demonstrated is that the party is united because we don't want to hand the general election gift wrapped to hillary clinton. >> just follow up real quick. you say this is only resonating with hardcore trump supporters. but polling i'm mentioning which i'm sure you're familiar shows that a majority of a large majority of republican voters want to just give the nomination to the person who has had the most votes, the most delegates. they don't want to see a contested convention in this
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sense. is that only hardcore trump supporters in your mind? >> we want to win. republicans want to win. going back to 1860, every republican nomination has been decided the same way. since abraham lincoln the very first president. first republican president. abraham lincoln, by the way under that standard would not have been the nominee. but the rules of republican party from the day it was founded have been in order to win the nomination you have to earn a majority. now there is a reason that you have to earn a majority, to be a strong and effective candidate you have to put together a majority, assemble a majority. why do you think it is that donald is investing so much time saying it is unfair to expect him to earn a majority. the reason is simple, james. he can't earn a majority. he knows he can't earn a majority. donald is niche candidate. he gets about a third of the votes in any given state but he can't expand that to being a majority.
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to win you have to have a broad tent. to win you have got to be able to bring in voters other than the hardcore base of donald trump. it is why he is investing so much time trying to convince the media, let's get the requirement of majority. let's let him win with less than a majority. well that is not the way democracy works. and by the way, that is precisely why in poll after poll after poll, hillary clinton beats donald trump by double digits. precisely why in poll after poll after poll for the last four months i either beat hillary clinton or i am statistically tied with her. and i am leading her in key swing states throughout the country. including especially beating hillary with young people. listen what we're doing right now, the path we're on, it isn't working. and i will say there is such a contrast between the focus of the press and the focus of the people.
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if we have a gathering, there are what, 40, 50 people in this room. if we have a gathering of 40, 50, people in any room of america of actual voters their questions will consistently be how do we bring jobs back? how do we turn around small business? how do we stop jobs going to china and mexico? how do we raise wages again? i'm a young person, i have student loans. i can't get a job. how do we fix that? those are the questions american people ask. the friends in the media ask about process, nonsense stories. and there is a reason for that. the trump campaign wants to distract from substance. 41 days, does anyone here know what 41 days is? >> between california and the convention. >> that may be true, i don't know the math of that. >> it is. >> it is 41 days since we had a republican debate. 41 days since we had republican
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debate because donald trump is unwilling to stand on stage and debate because he can not defend his positions or his policies. he has no substantive economic positions. his proposal for massive terrorists, massive tariffs to raise taxes on the american citizens would be economically disasterous. when it comes to foreign policy he proposed withdrawing from nato the day before the brussels attack. he has proposed reducing our military aid to the nation of israel. these are hopelessly naive and apparently he didn't pay the light bill. these are hopelessly naive, weak and isolationist foreign policy positions. in a debate, donald would actually be called to defend his positions. and let me point out, our friends in the media seem perfectly content with not having debates. i don't recall seeing on fox news a debate countdown in
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the corner, 41 days and counting. why is it that hillary clinton and bernie sanders respect the vote voters more than donald trump? hillary and bernie had a debate. they're scheduling another one. what us did it say about hillary clinton embodiment of imperial washington arrogance, ask more willing to schmidt to the voters and appear at a debate than donald trump? donald concluded the people of new york didn't deserve a debate. you know what? i think the people of pennsylvania deserve a debate. i think there ought to be debate before the vote next tuesday. i think as journalists, each of y'all has an interest and for that matter a responsibility ensuring that someone who may be the next president of the united states actually articulate what their positions are, and defend them. that is the democratic process. i believe the next president is going to be someone who shows respect to the voters.
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who doesn't demand of the voters that they raise their hands and pledge allegiance to him, but rather who goes and stands in front of the voters and answers their questions and looks them in the eye and works to earn their support. someone who doesn't threaten and cajole and threaten violence, but rather comes and says i want to fight for you. and i'm applying to work for you. that's the way the process is supposed to work. >> one more question. >> you did not mention john kasich at all. the ohio governor got more votes and more delegates than you did. how do you deal with him in this process going forward? is his candidacy hurting your ability to get the majority that you need? >> absolutely. several facts are clear. number one, john kasich has no path whatsoever to the nomination. he has lost now, i think it is 31 states. he has won a total of one, his home state. his plan apparently rests upon
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losing 49 states, going to the convention and having all of the delegates say the guy that lost every state in the union except his home state, that should be our nominee. that quite simply is not going to happen. what john kasich is doing he is helping donald trump. indeed mitt romney just a few weeks ago put it very simply. the mitt romney said a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. now it may be that john is auditioning to be trump's vice president. but a trump-case i -- kasich ticket loses to hillary clinton. and so, nationwide, 65 to 70% of the republicans don't want to see donald trump as our nominee. they recognize if we nominate donald, we lose, we hand the race to hillary clinton, which by the way, is why so many network executives are thrilled with the donald trump campaign.
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because most of the network executives are card-carrying partisan democrats who are ready for hillary and donald trump may be the one person on the face of the planet who hillary can beat in the general. and so at this point john kasich is an honorable and decent man whose only role in this election is as a spoiler. and what we are seeing happening, what we saw happening in utah, what we saw happening in north dakota, what we saw happening in wisconsin, what we saw happening in colorado, what we saw happening in wyoming, is republicans recognize if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, there is one candidate and only one candidate who has any plausible path to beating donald trump. and that is our campaign and that is why republicans are uniting behind our campaign. >> thank you all. >> senator -- [inaudible] washington cartel and -- melissa: that was ted cruz live in hollywood, florida, where the
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rnc is having a meeting right now about the rules saying there is no candidate that is going to get to 1237. also talking about how everyone said he couldn't win in iowa in media, he won in iowa. i don't remember that way but -- david: there were a lot of things i just heard i'm sure michael goodwin would like to opine on. "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor. we're pleased to have him here today. earlier in the day ted cruz talked about how afraid trump is, how very afraid, that is kind of hard to believe, isn't it? he is assuming donald trump is on the run and he is the steady one. >> look, david, what we just witnessed was a man in panic mode. donald trump's victory in new york yesterday was much more convincing than anyone had predicted. cruz got zero delegates out of a big pot, 95 delegates to be awarded. cruz got zero. i think what he is trying to do there is change the conversation
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lest mow men tum carry him through next several states, pennsylvania included. he is ahead in most of the polls. cruz is looking down the end of the line here and seeing that there is no path for him to get there. and if he doesn't pick up his game, he is not going to be able to stop trump from getting the majority. david: one thing that trump could do he could never do, get democrats to cross over and vote for him. cruz, i can't imagine the democrat ever voting for cruz but trump already receive ad lot of democratic votes. and he brings people out. last night in new york, yesterday, was a closed primary. so you couldn't have independences or democrats running. look at numbers. we put together numbers last night, actual votes counted for donald trump. 524,000. compare that with mitt romney in april of 2012. 118,000. four times as many. three to four times as many for donald trump. he is bringing out voters. >> look, i think overall
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something on the order of 57, maybe, now even 60% increase over 2012 in republican primary voters. that is an enormous jump. the democrats have declined in most states from what they did in 2008. so clearly i think the republicans are motivating more voters to come out but some of those numbers i think we have to be careful about too. in new york, for example, the democrats yesterday, about twice as many democrats voted, voted, twice as many democrats as republicans voted. david: true. >> makes new york a very difficult state for the democrats. again we have to be careful, independents were not allowed to vote in either primary yesterday. so trump presumably could bring some independents but i think trump's main problem going forward unite the republican party first. he has got to begin to do that. david: speaking of that, is there any chance that somehow, after all of this is over with, all the animosity, et cetera
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cruz an trump could get together, cruz could support trump or other way around? >> you would never say never because these marriages are only made at the last minute when both parties need them. they are truly marriages convenience. i'm thinking ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. bush called reagan's economic plan voodoo economics. democrats picked up but didn't help them in the election. >> cruz and trump could it happen? >> i could say it could. wouldn't say never. david: michael goodwin. thank you. melissa: cruz is pointing fingers and trump and media, media of course pointing out new phase in the race. hear to weigh in on cruz's blame game, howard kurtz, host of "media buzz" and fox news medial analyst. howard we heard it again. trump said, i'm sorry cruz said it just now, earlier on he said lapdogs in the media want to say the race is over. amazing to me everyone thinks the media is against their
4:22 pm
campaign. it is on the side of the other guy. have you noticed that? we could do a segment and go on twitter say you're obviously in the tank for trump and obviously in the tank for cruz in same segment, people will accuse you, it is crazy. >> every week. melissa: what do you make of that? >> trump is no fan of the media either. melissa: right. >> i heard senator cruz make this charge before. he said network news executives, are card-carrying partisan democrats. they want trump to win so he will be weakest candidate to lose to hillary. i'm afraid i'm not buying that. you might want they want trump to win because better ratings and better box office. melissa: right. >> striking ted cruz saying media covering all the boring process stories. maybe. cruz's whole rationale for his candidacy is process story. he will not get to 1237 on the first ballot. if trump doesn't and he can flip enough candidates he can win on second or third ballot. set one pushing idea you have to
4:23 pm
got to major in math to understand how this is going to play out. melissa: bring out your truth meter a little bit about the media. he was saying since you're our media expert. cruz just said everyone in the media said that he couldn't possibly win iowa. that is not how i remember it. he was, people how the thought he would win iowa because he had good ground game. trump was saying that he could get ahead because he had all the momentum but there was this question about the ground game. he is sort of rewriting the history where the media was on bunch of different races, no? the. >> ted cruz was absolutely the favorite going into the iowa caucuses where he was better organized. that is how the media reflected it. look, it was two weeks ago cruz won a big victory in wisconsin, all media chatter was trump was in trouble. he made a lot of mistakes. abortion answer, going after the senator's wife. so the coverage of supposedly we all love trump turned against trump. last two weeks he toned it down. he is not insulting anybody on twitter.
4:24 pm
gave a short speech last night. didn't call him lyin' ted. called him senator cruz and he won most of the 95 delegates and getting closer to the goal so the coverage is starting to reflect that cruz may not like that but he has this refrain that it is media's fault, lapdogs in the media. donald trump certainly doesn't consider most of us in the press to be his lapdogs. melissa: he has said so many of the same things. truth of the matter it's a business and trump driven interest in ratings. he has gotten coverage because of that he feels a lot of that coverage has been negative. i mean it is, no matter what you do you can't win for losing. there you go. go ahead. >> some of the coverage of cruz has been negative as well. he does have a point there. melissa: thank you so much. howard. david: we'll be back to this in a moment. president obama right now in saudi arabia amid a flurry of controversy. we'll take you there for a live report coming up. melissa: there are criminal charges in the water crisis still plaguing flint, michigan.
4:25 pm
one flint resident said he and her family are still bathing in contaminated water. they hope more charges are on the way. we'll speak to her what is going on right now. the that is coming up. ♪
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melissa: president obama in saudi arabia trying to smooth over recent tensions with the mon cashingky's king salman. as the u.s. considers release of 28 classified pages of congressional report many believe ties members of the saudi kingdom to the 9/11 attacks. fox news's kevin corke standing by in saudi arabia with the latest on the president's visit. kevin? reporter: always great to talk to you, melissa. you're right. this is controversial time for the president. he comes here with number of again today items. he -- agenda items. he makes his fourth around likely last as commander-in-chief at a time washington and riyadh are at odds over a number of hot-button
4:29 pm
issues. this is clearly going to be a important and key ally in the region but given what has happened over the last several months the president is here on a bit of a damage control trip if you will. the president did have an important meeting today meeting with saudi king salman for about two hours. that is usually twice as long. they are usually meeting of an hour or some the minute talked about security cooperation as you can imagine but also the growing threat posed by iran. that had u.s. officials reassuring saudis and gulf cooperation council partners they can count on u.s. senator. >> on iran i noted that the united states shares with our gcc partners the view that even as the nuclear act order verifiably prevents iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, there are many more issues to be concerned with regarding iran's behavior in the region. reporter: put it mildly there is defense secretary ash carter. meanwhile the 28 pages of that
4:30 pm
much talked about congressional 9/11 report still reverberating around the saudi kingdom, at issue frankly is the question. was the saudi government aware or did it provide material support for the 9/11 attackers? we don't know if those are in the papers but many people around the globe and the country think they should be released. among those, texas senator john cornyn. >> my view let the chips fall where they may. let's bring justice to the victims of the for the 9/11 families to deter terrorist attacks on our own soil. reporter: keep in mind there has been a move congressionally we're speaking of to hold accountable foreign governments accused and later found responsible for committing acts of terror on american soil. right now that legislation appears to be on a bit of a hold or a little bit of a stall in congress. the president made it clear he
4:31 pm
would not support that. in fact he would veto it if it ever made its way to his desk. the concern among white house officials it something like that were to pass it could damage a key relationship here in the region. this is story we'll keep an eye on for you. back to you. >> kevin corke, thank you very much for the report. david. david: we have all want to see what's in there. donald trump wrapping up a rally in indianapolis. what is he doing there when five big states vote before them? we have the answer to that. the fight over the republican convention rules beginning today. we saw ted cruz at top. hour talking just about that will the party be able to avert a public fight in cleveland? ♪
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melissa: donald trump holding a big rally in indianapolis, indiana. there are five big state primaries coming up on tuesday. indiana, by the way, not one of them. why is he there? jeff flock is there to tell us. jeff? reporter: you said it, you know. big five primaries that he probably will do pretty well in. if you game out the rest of the primaries from here to the end, just base it on we expect will happen based on the polls, he still needs indiana. that one is up for grabs. maybe he is here still long after this rally ended. he is still up there signing autographs. a woman came up to me showed me signed her shirt. he also kissed her. so, clearly pulling out all the
4:36 pm
stops here. 57 delegates in indiana. and the key thing is this about these delegates. they have already been picked by party elders. they are not all trump fans. but if he wins popular vote, those delegates are committed to him on first ballot. if he doesn't win on the first ballot, on second ballot and subsequent delegates would be unbound. john kasich said he got half to commit to him on second or third ballot. this is important state. trump beginning to leave. we see people pulling out. he spent a lot of time here. this is his first stop after the big win in new york. listen to what he told the crowd here by the way. >> the place that knows me best, gives us that kind of whatever is really nice. they know me, the good, the bad,
4:37 pm
they know me. and they're tough, they're tough like you, they're tough. reporter: he said they're tough here in indiana too. this may be tougher for him. big evangelical piece in indiana that may appeal to ted cruz and establishment in indiana, big backers of john kasich. so, indiana, up for grabs. no polls, melissa have been done in indiana. no idea -- melissa: playing in the background, you are can't always get what you want. >> we thought about that too. but you do get what you need i guess. melissa: thank you, thank you, jeff. all right, david. david: preview of my next guest. donald trump striking back in the empire state let's talk about all of this with gerry seib from the "wall street journal." jerry, first of all this is guy who nobody expected to get 90 votes. he got 89 delegates out of new york. i don't know anybody who thought he would get that much, do you?
4:38 pm
>> i think even he was surprised by it. i think that's right. on other hand new york would always be a good state for him. that was discounted. the striking doctor margins were something. david: this was such a smashing victory went beyond his own expectations i think. here's the irony of it all. we talked about this before. i want you to explain it a little bit. bernie sanders he of course did not do as well as he was hoping. he spent $6.8 million on tv, radio ads. that came to $9 a vote. hillary clinton spent less than that, 3.million on tv and radio ads. that came to $6.60 a vote? you know how much donald trump spent in $67,000. didn't get to 100,000. that was equivalent to 13 cents a vote. how does he do it? >> well he has become the master of what is known in the political profession as free media. this is to say you show up on local multiple tv stations, radio stations and national cable tv networks and spread
4:39 pm
your message without spending a time. this is -- dime. this is track others will try to use. david: good one. >> that will have to be reconsidered all over. there is chicken and egg question, david. is he getting all free media because he is rising in the polls because he is phenomenon or is he a mom that mom none because he is rising in the polls. david: we know why, because he is donald trump and he is great entertainment. that is why people tune in to watch him. he is not taking anytime. there were times after big wins in the past where he has sort of sat back and rested for a couple of days. he is right back at it as we saw. he is not taking anytime off. >> well, they want to put this away now. i think they know they are in a favorable position. indiana, where he is today is not a good state for him in the way states coming up next week are. ted cruz will make his last stand in indiana. it is conservative state with
4:40 pm
voters you would think be drawn to ted cruz. what the trump campaign wants to look very impressive next week with five states coming up. block ted cruz a little later in indiana. cruz into california in the position to wrap it all up. david: very quickly, trump endorsements, i grew up in d.c. i know the town well. d.c. politicians love to follow groundswells. there is clearly a trump groundswell right now. will he get more endorsements out of d.c.? >> he will. politicians know how to figure out which way the wind is blowing. there will be some of that. it will be interesting to see how much of that. david: jerry seib of "wall street journal." of "the wall street journal." nobody knows the town better than he does. gerry, thank you. >> appreciate it. melissa: michigan public employees could face jail time for their part in the public water crisis. residents say the water is still not safe. we'll speak to one of them coming up. >> if the governor really wanted to know what it is like to deal
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we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. melissa: new developments right now in the flint water crisis. two state workers and one flint employee are the first to face misdemeanor and felony criminal charges for misleading federal and state officials on the safety of the water. the crisis is not over for residents of flint, who say the water is still not safe. joining me now, melissa mace, a flint resident and founder of, what are you fighting for? melissa, thanks for joining us. i want to get right to it. the governor plans to drink and cook with the water. at same time you recently made a video thaw posted showing the water, i think we can show it to our audience, showing water going into your bathtub, you say there are so many fumes coming off of this water, you have the window open, that it burns your
4:45 pm
skin. describe to us what the water is like now? do you think it is safe? >> no, i recorded that video last monday i believe. it reeks of chemicals, it burns your eyes, your nose, your throat. when i take a shower, my hair false out in handfuls. i break out in a rash. you cover it up it makes it worse. this is happening all over the city. we had to reach again outside of the state to find us get answers. mark ruffalo and mark smith from water defense answered that cry. melissa: the governor says he plans to drink and cook with the water. do you think his health is in jeopardy doing that? >> no, because again he, we don't believe him. the residents don't believe he will only drink flint water. we don't know where the lead levels are at, even if it is filledterred, if over 150 parts per billion peop are not safe with the waters. is es not showering with it or
4:46 pm
doing his dishes or laundry with it, 30 days is nothing. that is slap in the face for us that suffered two years now. melissa: to be fair, video, the water looked clear to us. you tooked video. posted it online. it has been through many different iterations to get to us but it looks clear. >> it is, you can see through it, it is blue-green. there should never be a hint or hue to your water. i've been told it is copper from our copper lines. i've been told it could be anything. the biggest thing it is like this over a year and no one is able to give me answers. why friday we're having a big press conference with water defense to get the answers. >> what do you think about the attorney general's office announcing felony and misdemeanor criminal charges against some state officials? i mean does this, are think too low in the food chain? would you like to see people higher up charged? is it meaningful to you? >> i think it's a good start. it means a lot to us because it is true, what's been done to us
4:47 pm
is a crime. we need to hear that. but i think they are low on food chain, i would like to know who told them what to do. were they following orders? who was it. melissa: thank you. melissa, keep us updated on your fight. >> thank you. melissa: david? david: incredible story. fans of alexander hamilton can relax he will be staying on the 10-dollar bill. andrew jackson, there he is, his fans will not be happy. is bernie ready to give up. why some democrats are calling for bernie sanders to drop out of the race. >> tonight, a little less than a year later, the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight! [cheering] i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company.
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melissa: big news in the world of money. treasury department announcing that alexander hamilton will remain on the 10-dollar bill. thanks in no doubt to the hit broadway musical bearing his name. instead, changes will be coming to the 20-dollar bill. replacing former president andrew jackson with, harriet tubman, african-american woman who led hundreds of slaves to freedom of course you know who she is. she will be the first woman on u.s. paper currency in 100 years. good for her. david: bernie sanders suffering a massive loss in new york. now with no chance getting enough delegates to win before the convention, hillary's supporters are calling for him to drop out. should he? will he? joining me mark alderman, public strategies chairman. and harlan hill, democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter. mark, should he stay in or move out? >> i think bernie has every right to the take the campaign to the convention but i think he needs to look at his endgame.
4:52 pm
he needs to run respectfully and talk about policy and not personality. and this on a note he can be proud of. david: harlan, one thing that was really beginning to hurt hillary nationwide, not necessarily in new york last night, but where bernie's attacks on her connections to wall street. whether getting paid for speeches by wall street firms, or getting money from wall street. look at this. the exit poll from new york yesterday, among democrats, 63% say that wall street hurts the u.s. economy. only 30% say it helps the u.s. economy. that was really hurting her. >> no doubt. this is no surprise to us sanders supporters. bernie has been asking her for a long time, release the transcripts and she refuses to or the tax returns. david: will he continue with that message against her. >> he absolutely should. hillary's campaign manager robbie mook said the campaign will come down to trust not just primary election but general election.
4:53 pm
when you look at polling people overwhelmingly do not trust hillary clinton the 60% of the americans do not trust her. if we're talking about the define issue of this campaign why is she losing on it? i think one of the important issues she is losing on as it relates to trust is wall street. david: well, mark, not only do democrats hate wall street but a lot of republicans do. i think the majority of the republicans polled in exit polls last night also think that wall street does more harm than good. this charge was sticking and hurting her and could hurt in the general in the november. >> well, wall street has a problem. in new york, of all states, wall street, among a majority of republicans and democrats, was seen as hurting the economy more than helping. david: right. >> bobby kennedy said in politics you have to hang a lantern on your problem. i think wall street should think about hanging a lantern on this problem and engage with both parties and with main street to talk about something that's clearly an issue.
4:54 pm
david: they can do all the talking they want. their solution is to just to spread money around to everybody around see whether that helps them when it comes to legislation. but harlan, why has bernie not touched the email stuff? >> i do not understand it. email, benghazi, she has 30-year track record of lies, deceit and fraud. i don't know why he litigated this court of public opinion. it blows my mind. david: he is not going to. >> but donald trump will. he is inevitable nominee on the republican side. he is well-equipped to. david: mark, if donald trump does that, how much of that sticks? clearly her distrust figures have been going up over the past year. isn't a lot of that because of revelation about her emails? >> hillary clinton is not going to get indicted for her emails, that it is hurting her. that wasn't the question, mark. hasn't been hurting her and won't donald trump use it against her. >> donald trump will use everything he has against her. david: you're probably right.
4:55 pm
>> she is formidable -- >> how is she formidable. everybody says she is great with african-americans. when you look at african-americans under 50 bernie sanders wins them. only demographic she carries people 65 and older. so you know, look this is problem for her. going into the general election. she needs to reconcile with these people. not even attempting to do that right now. david: final word to mark, quickly. >> she does. she needs to show senator sanders and his supporters all of the respect and deference that they deserve and she is going to do that just as senator obama did for her eight years ago. david: i got to say, it is fun to watch on both sides, democratic and republican side. mark, harlan, thank you very much. good to see you both. >> thank you. melissa: shares of mattel dropping after-hours down more than 6% after the detroit company missed expectations on first-quarter earnings. mattel citing sales slumps for iconic brands, barbie in particular. barbie line report ad 3% decline in growth sales compared with
4:56 pm
14% decline a year earlier. barbie is not a hit she used to be. david: did you have a barbie? melissa: no i didn't like barbie. i did horrible things to it. david: paul ryan had a special message for stephen colbert when he appeared on "the late show" last night. >> still no. >> that's a maybe? >> no, it's no. >> like a no-no? or one of those, no i don't want to be speaker of the house but i will accept it if you give it tg me nos? then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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4:59 pm
>> the nomination should go to someone who actually campaigned for it. for me that door is closed. >> got it. but is the door locked? [laughter] >> it is bolted shut. >> i see. is it there is key under the mat by any chance? >> no, there's not. before you ask, there isn't one of those little windows on the door you can punch through and turn the handle like a burglar
5:00 pm
in those home security ads. [laughter] david: i love it. that was great. melissa: it was very funny. there was more to it. david: he can do that with you will at candidates. keep bringing that to you. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we are headed on a path to victory. about winning and changing the direction of the country. at end of the stay this is not about any of the candidates. donald whines it is unfair that he doesn't get more delegates. well last night in new york, donald got fewer votes in new york than i got in wisconsin. you don't hear me up here complaining and whining, gosh, it so unfair that new york republicans have their votes count more than double what texas republicans had voted.


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