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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in those home security ads. [laughter] david: i love it. that was great. melissa: it was very funny. there was more to it. david: he can do that with you will at candidates. keep bringing that to you. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we are headed on a path to victory. about winning and changing the direction of the country. at end of the stay this is not about any of the candidates. donald whines it is unfair that he doesn't get more delegates. well last night in new york, donald got fewer votes in new york than i got in wisconsin. you don't hear me up here complaining and whining, gosh, it so unfair that new york republicans have their votes count more than double what texas republicans had voted. deirdre: that was ted cruz
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moments ago outlining his path to victory despite losses last night. there is meeting of the republican national committee about the rules. it is happening in hollywood, florida, senator cruz is there. john kasich is planning to be there. donald trump is absent though he is sending a deputy. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. cruz hinted that they are heading to a contested convention. >> what is clear today, we're headed to a contested convention. nobody is able to reach 1237. i'm not going to be able to reach 1237 and donald trump is not going to be able to reach 1237. deirdre: peter barnes on the ground in hollywood florida, where the rules meet something taking place. peter, what's the latest? reporter: deirdre, the rules committee will take up some of these possible changes for rules for the convention at a meeting
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tomorrow afternoon. lot of republicans bigwigs are here. john kasich arrived. ted cruz is here as well. both taking time off from the campaign trail. some of the proposed changes and ideas are kicked around. they felt it was time to personally lobby some of these republicans. it is considering changing some party rules for the convention in july. without getting into the weeds on some of these specific rules, there are some party leaders who want to make it easier for a not-trump candidate to be considered because they think that trump will lose in november to, to the presumptive democratic candidate hillary clinton. so they're looking for someone who might come into the convention with fewer delegates or maybe a white knight like a mitt romney type of person. one of the rules in the cross-hairs says that no candidate can be considered for the nomination unless he or she
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has won at least eight states or territories. that rule would hurt john kasich, who of course has only one his home state of ohio where he is the governor. but we talked to one committee, rules committee member today said that he thinks rnc will probably not do anything and just wait until july for the next meeting before the convention actually starts. listen. >> i think it's highly unlikely that the rules will be changed to allow someone other than our two leaders in. i mean i can't predict what the convention rules committee will be doing but it will be made up of mostly cruz and trump delegates. when i hear talk about a fresh face or that sort of thing i become very skeptical about that because we're here on the ground dealing with the rules committee. quite honestly, neil, i don't see that happening, now or in july in cleveland. david: >> really? >> i think we'll go with trump and cruz, let's get on with it
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and let's win in november. reporter: peter feman talking to neil cavuto on the news channel just moments ago. reince priebus, the head of the republican party also telling members of the rules committee that he does want to delay any specific recommendations on possible changes to the convention rules until the convention convenience in july. deirdre? deirdre: peter, thank you so much. thanks for staying with us despite some stormy weather, windy weather. peter barnes there for us in hollywood, florida. that is exactly where the rnc is meeting right now. well ahead of next tuesday's contest in northeastern states there is a big focus on this meeting today. now speaking of math, last night in his victory speech, donald trump said he is the only candidate with a chance to become the party's nominee. >> we don't have. of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just bp mathematically eliminated.
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[cheering] so we'll be going into the convention no matter what happens, and i think we're going to go in so strong. deirdre: after last night's new york primary donald trump needs 58% of the outstanding delegates. senator cruz would need a little more than 100%. governor kasich 162%. cruz national spokesperson ron nehring is with me now. ron, welcome back. we are glad for you to be here. >> thank you. deirdre: i want to ask you about cruz's comment in a minute, but just mathematically focusing on the number it is impossible for senator cruz to get more than 100% of the available delegates up for grabs. when he says we're going to a contested convention, on what grounds? >> well, that is that based on upon the projection that no candidate is going to get to the necessary majority of the delegates in advance of the convention. and that means we go to a first
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pool lot and then, most of the delegates, big chunk of the delegates at that point are free to vote their conscience. we know at that point, many of those delegates will coalesce behind senator cruz because they identified senator cruz as champion on issues that bring them to politics in the first place. we may have slightly longer series of balloting than happened any convention in 20 years but at the end of that process i think senator cruz will most likely be the nominee. deirdre: ron, let me ask you though, you say it is not possible for a candidate to get to that 1237 number, donald trump, at this moment is on track, as we mentioned. he has to get only 58% of the outstanding delegates. he is heading into a super tuesday three, if you like. you know these contests, just as well as we do. pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, rhode island, delaware. so he is heading into contests where he has a great name
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recognition and a lot of support. why do you think it is impossible for him to get to that magic number? >> i think it is unlikely he will get to that number. he is not gaining altitude that he needs because he doesn't win a majority support of the republican party anywhere other than his own state. and he is not getting majority of the delegates because he is not earning majority support within the republican party. that is why he will not reach the number. that is why he spent so much time whining and complaining about the process and blaming other people for his losses. math in this entire dynamic changed over course of last 2 1/2 weeks leading up to new york where we had five victories in a row, winning 102 delegates. we go into new york donald trump wins 89. we were ahead otherwise we would be if not for five victories leading up to new york. bottom line for everyone watching this is going to be a very competitive process all the way up through july, through june 7th, when states like
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california, new mexico, and montana vote at end of the day. we've been organizing in california since august of last year. we're well-prepared. trump campaign in california is absolute basket case. we'll do very, very well there. deirdre: when you say an absolute basket case, are you talking about the fact that your campaign has been there for about a year, and trump started a few weeks ago, arguably a few months ago with ground infrastructure, is that what you mean? >> no. actually he started about a week ago, discovering there is an america west of rocky mountains. i served as chairman of the california republican party for four years. i know how difficult it is to organize the state. delegates awarded on done congressional basis. you have to run 53 congressional elections. while he can pour advertising money at last minute it takes a while to build up infrastructure and relationships. we listed 50 and current former republican elect the officials in california come on board. we built out a strong slate of
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delegate for our delegate slate required under california law. we're we'll prepared for this contest. donald trump like some other undertaking of his, very haphazard, random poor management that we see in the party of the campaign reflects this, that does not leave him well-prepared for california. deirdre: so, ron, i want to ask you, i was just writing this down quickly. with this meeting today in hollywood, florida, the cruz campaign goals being in the room? >> overall we believe it is not proper to change the rules in the middle of the game. there are people all over the map who want to change the rules in one form or another. some people in washington, d.c. who you know, have various fantasies about nominating people who haven't run for president at all. that is not going to happen. i don't think the committee will take any action. reince priebus, rnc chairman and i we served on republican national committee served on
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wisconsin party as well, and as you reported he doesn't see any changes are likely. the opportunity to inform members of the republican national committee what is happening in the campaign. there are all the chairman of the state republican committees and territorial republican committees are there. that is a good opportunity to let people know what's happening. to see we don't see any changes detrimental to our campaign. basically means we should not change the rules in the middle of the game. deirdre: ron, thank you so much for the time. we love having you here, ron nehring, cruz national spokesperson. the rules are being considered. republican national committee gathering in hollywood, florida. this is the last meeting before the party's convention this summer. senator cruz as you know meeting there. we are monitoring the situation now. rnc spokesperson will be with me in a few minutes to share what she heard in the room. pennsylvania the only state in the u.s. has loophole primary, candidate who does not win the popular vote, could in theory pick up a lot of
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>> the idea is in pennsylvania for example, cruz will make up a lot of ground. he is not likely to come in first, even second, may come in third he could still get the majority of delegates. >> the keystone state has unique primary rules. there are 54 unbound delegates. what's unique about pennsylvania, is voter see as list of names, some of which may be recognizable, others might just be random. so as an example, senator cruz could pick up a lot of delegates even if he doesn't get the popular vote.
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connell mcshane with me now from philadelphia. connell, now we understand why senator cruz was in pennsylvania, even as new yorkers were still voting last night. but what are the chances that cruz successfully gets those unbound delegates? >> well, it could be a strong as anybody else getting them especially with the organization that he has. i should point out right off the top we're here in philadelphia today to cover hillary clinton event. former secretary of state just entered this church behind me addressing supporters there in small but loud group of protesters outside voicing their displeasure with her policies. we'll be here over next couple days to talk about republicans. pennsylvania is really, really interesting. more unbound delegates to your point here than anywhere else. tell you specifically what the cruz campaign is doing just a second. first some background. you have 71 delegates that you mentioned. that is statewide in pennsylvania. now with 54 of them being unbound that means they can go to cleveland and vote the 54 for
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whoever they want. leaves only 17, 17 delegates that go to the statewide winner in the state of pennsylvania. only 17. small number. so what are the campaigns doing. they really can go out and try to get people loyal to them to run to be delegates, just like a candidate would run. and then, they can get the word out to their voters to vote for that particular delegate. to that point about the cruz campaign, check this out, we got our hands on some literature going around with the cruz campaign, first with the word trusted on top of cruz literature. how he shares the values of pennsylvania and what not. look at as we zoom into the official slate ted cruz is putting out. this is telling what he supporters to do, go into individual congressional districts. you live in congressional district 4, deirdre. you vote for marilyn gillespie? who is marilyn gillespie? we have no idea.
5:17 pm
they want supporters to vote for her sew she can vote for him. that is complicated. deirdre: thank you for bringing numbers even with the background noise. connell mcshane on ground for us in philadelphia. 'd of these primaries next week, here is where the candidates stand now. after last night's new york primary donald trump clearly in the lead. only candidate with a mathematical possibility of making 1237 before the july convention. with some moving parts the rules are more important than ever. with me now, rnc national spokesperson ruth garrett. welcome back to the program. we know you have meetings today. you have meetings in hollywood, florida. what is happening? what discussions are on the table? what potential rule changes might we hear of? >> right i think it is important to remember this is an ordinary meeting we have. we have them three times a year.
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rnc hosts them for committee members to come for training the state party or going over the budget and passing resolutions. there is discussion on rules. however chairman reince priebus made it clear that we want to leave those decisions and those conversations up to the delegates in cleveland. deirdre: in other words, just to be 100% on the same page with everybody, there will be no rule changes as of today, as of everything that was discussed there. if there are going to be changes they will be announced in july in cleveland? >> well i think it is also important to remember that rnc doesn't make any changes. the rnc generally every four years makes recommendations to the rules, to the convention rules committee. and they are purely suggestions and recommendations. those are voted by majority vote by all of the delegates. however they are recommendations. chairman reince priebus said even those recommendations they want to leave up to the delegates in cleveland. deirdre: just to recap, no
5:19 pm
recommendations have been made today and none will be made until july in cleave land? >> chairman priebus has been clear about that. that he wants to leave the recommendations up to the delegates in cleveland and so right now we're conducting regular party business that we do three times a year where the members come together and discuss things like the budget resolutions. yes, rules committee generally. however we want to leave that conversation up to the delegates in cleveland. deirdre: so, ruth, obviously i take you at your word but we do notice that senator cruz was there. senator, or rather governor kasich was intending to be there. we know that donald trump sent a deputy so why would all three campaigns show up if there's nothing particularly significant on the table? >> well, we know that, we know it is election year. we know it's a big meeting. we had the spring meeting and
5:20 pm
summer meeting right before the convention. we know these, that the candidates want to speak to these members. there is 168 members also delegates. it is important to speak to them and make their best pitches to, why they should be the candidate of our party. so of course the candidates are well welcome to come to speak to the why they should be republican nominee and eventually president of the united states. however it is just a regular party meeting so. deirdre: okay. ruth, we thank you. we're glad for the update. thank you as well for joining us in stormy weather. ruth cara joining us from hollywood. >> it is windy. thank you, deirdre. deirdre: okay. the cost of votes, new york democratic results are in. we'll tell you how much each candidate spent. sanders got about the 750,000 votes. spent more than 6 million on tv and radio ads. that comes out to $9 per vote. clinton on the other hand, well she got a million votes, spent less, about $3 million on tv and
5:21 pm
radio ads. if you break it down, 3.62 per vote. money does not always guarranty success. saudi arabia made an economic threat against the u.s. over 9/11 bill that could open the country up to lawsuits. the president did move forward with his first international visit. we'll connect the dots for you and ask colonel alan west what he thinks. >> the american people send their greetings and we're very grateful for your hospitality. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime.
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>> i and the people are grateful for to you, mr. president coming to the king dom. >> we're greatful for your hospitality and not only for this meeting but also hosting the gcc summit -- [inaudible] >> thank you, mr. president. the feeling is mutual between us
5:25 pm
and the american people. deirdre: president obama in saudi arabia beginning two-day visit holding talks with the king. so the president plans to discuss counterterrorism efforts in the fight against isis. the visit also meant to ease tensions with the country over the iran nuclear deal and again a bill that could allow 9/11 families to file lawsuits against members of the kingdom. on our last show judge andrew napolitano said americans are not being told everything about the saudis involvement with the 9/11 attacks. >> we now know from information that's leaked out it has to do with the relationship of people in the saudi government using their own funds, not using saudi government fund to sponsor the people that caused 9/11. why shouldn't the american people know about that? deirdre: retired colonel alan west is with me now. sir, thank you for the time. how do you see this visit right
5:26 pm
now with some different, important parts of the agenda? >> well, good to be with you, deirdre, and i think the most important thing president obama needs to go and operate from a position of strength and not appeasement and compromise. without a doubt he is really angered the saudis with his position and his stance with iran but he needs to stand up for the american people because those 28 pages need to be declassified. and we need to know exactly what was the involvement of saudi officials and members of the house of saud with financing and supporting and resources, and 15 of the 19 co-conspirators of the 9/11 attacks. we need to take rightful actions once we understand the truth. deirdre: so colonel, let me ask you. the judge told us last night from a legal standpoint, this could get a little bit tricky. that is to say, if you u.s. families can sue, members of the saudi royal family, in essence it would be possible potentially
5:27 pm
for the u.s. governments to be sued for damages that we are perceived to have done overseas. does that make sense? >> no, it doesn't make sense. what we're actually trying to do is come up with this moral equivalency. if there are individuals part of the house of saud that provided financial resources to the 9/11 conspirators, they are part of an act of war. and we need to be able to prosecute them for that. that's something that everyone should be able to agree upon. now if we are conducting offensive operations or attacks against islamic terrorist groups, and in their sanctuaries, one of the things we need to clearly define in the war against islamic jihadism or islamic totalitarianism, wherever there are enemy sanctuaries, we need to be very specific we'll go after those sanctuaries and we'll attack them because we, it is a declared state of war. they're declaring war against us. what we continue to do try to appease and compromise.
5:28 pm
furthermore the fact that the saudis are threatening to sell off treasury securities, that lets you know something is there. deirdre: all right, colonel. thank you, come back. i want to talk about how you see u.s. relationship with saudi arabia, obviously more important than ever in the region especially with iran getting missiles from russia. retired colonel alan west with me there in the meantime. we want to let you know alphabet google closed lower. lowered the boom on alphabet google claiming they unfairly push their own apps based on android system. the end result, competition gets squeezed out. around the year 2000 e.u. brought same kind of charges against microsoft. microsoft spent a decade trying to rebound. google may face hurdles in the way it does business depending on the way this case goes. critics are accusing donald trump of belittling women but we have one who is a beauty queen. she happens to also have incurrable illness.
5:29 pm
she says donald trump saved her. she is going to be with me to explain. first a congressman warning there are more criminal illegal immigrants at large in u.s. than entire population of pittsburgh. sheriff and trump supporter joe arpaio is with me. >> the number of criminal ail yeps living in the united states, not in custody, not separated from society, is larger than the city of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. poor mouth breather.
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top gun graduate, aide to two u.s. presidents, commanding officer and harvard national security fellow. i'd say buying a car, uh, can make you as nervous as landing on an aircraft carrier. but usaa car buying service mitigates those fears. uh, they make it a very easy experience for you. find the right car, save money. it's that easy. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. exclusively for usaa members. >> the notion that i can just
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suspends deportation through executive order is not the case, there are laws on the books that congress has passed. i know some here wish i could just bypass conditioning and -- congress and change the law myself. but that is not how democracy works. >> that is not how democracy works. deirdre: chief justice roberts pushing obama administration to explain why it flip flopped on executive orders and immigration, two years ago. president granted tentative amnesty to at least 5 million illegal immigrants, miracopa county sheriff, joe patern jone -- sheriff joe arpaio is with me now.
5:34 pm
the crime rate among -- >> let me say the day he came out with that executive order, larry claman and i sued president in 2014. went to the supreme court, they kicked it back, now we're friends with the court. we'll see what they do with this case. as far as illegal immigrants coming in that are criminals, we have done research in jails that i run, 8600 employ we turn everyone to i.c.e.,3,000 have come back to the same jail, 67% are felons. how come they keep coming back? someone has to be letting them out on the street, or they are going to border they keep coming back. one guy came back 20 times, this did you not surprise me, i can't get my word out, with
5:35 pm
my statistics, i have been saying it for months, nobody wants to listen, i got the facts, someone boater start -- better start listening 9. deirdre: sheriff we do want you to be able to run through the facts, you just listed a clear list, you say they willing well immigrants -- illegal immigrants show up in the law enforcement system to a much higher rate than the average perjury understands. >> they keep showing up at the jails that i run, we turn them over to i.c.e., are they deporting them? i don't know, if they are, they are still coming back 3 thousand. to the same jails, for all different types of crimes, including felonies, they should be deported, not come back. i pg thethink they are being let out at the backdoor on the
5:36 pm
streets of my county. deirdre: are they not properly coordinated, or as you say, a deal done, what would participate in that, for what motive? it'-- it's up on i.c.e. they get their order from the white house, i don't blame i.c.e., it looks like there is amest inty buthe backdoor they keep coming back to the jails that i run. why are they coming back. they should be in the country they came from. deirdre: you you agree with what goudie said, i will play his comment. >> today there are over 350,000 known criminal alien in the united states, who are not detained by i.c.e. 350,000. that number may not get your attention. statistics rarely do.
5:37 pm
so think about it this way, the number of criminal aliens living in the united states, not in custody, not separated from society is larger than city of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. deirdre: everyone heard whe what you knew. >> okay, let me say this, this is worse, when they are detained, they are in jails, they are turned over, and they keep coming back there is no excuse, if they are turned over to be deported, they should be deported and not keep coming back to jail for various crimes, including felonies. >> sheriff we love having you here, sheriff joe arpaio. immigration and customs enforcement, i hear what you are say, maybe not to blame but it is not making your daily life easier, thank you in the mean time sheriff. >> thank you. deirdre: critics accuse donald trump of belittling women, my next guest is a beauty queen, she has an incurrable illness,
5:38 pm
she said that trump saved her, her story as former miss wisconsin and trump supporter, melissa young will join me next. >> in the hospital, i received from you, a handwritten le letter that said to the bravest woman i gl know. >> i remember that. yeah, i remember that. quickbooks self-employed helps me get ready for tax time. to separate expenses,i just swipe. it's one hat i don't mind wearing. [passenger] i work for me. and so does quickbooks. it estimates my taxes,so i know how much stays in my pocket. and that's how i own it. [announcer] stay in the flow with quickbooks self-employed. start your free thirty-day trial today at join-self-employed-dot-com. hi...i'm pamela yellen. you may have read my bestselling book "the bank on yourself revolution".
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>> right now all tubes have been renewed, i have a 7-year-old son, in those days in the hospital, i received from you a handwritten letter that said, to the bravest woman i know. i'm here to thank you in person, that was my biggest dream. deirdre: donald trump with former miss wisconsin, 2005. melissa young.
5:42 pm
at a rally in wisconsin in march, melissa pushed through a help treatment to thank trump personally for his welcome, as she struggled with an incurrable illness, donald trump owned the miss usa pageant, when she won miss congeniality, melissa thank you for coming in. deirdre: you unhooked yourself from this hospital treatment, you personally go to the rally in wisconsin, why were you so motivated to do that? >> yes, i did, i am hooked, and checked myself out, when i heard that he was going to be in wisconsin. it was so important to me, that i -- i had written him a letter months before, thanking him, for all of the beautiful things that he has done for me. and i was worried me never received it. it was so important to me, i
5:43 pm
have my one chance he was in wisconsin, thought if i could just get there and thank him, this would mean the world. and i was so grateful, my son 's teacher drove me the two and a half hour drive, it was just, it was such a wonderful moment, i was so grateful that i had a chance to do so. deirdre: melissa, he was clearly moved. to see you again. you just described receives that letter of support, from him. we're watching, seeing pictures of your son who is beautiful. as well. >> thank you. deirdre: but what did he do -- was it as a contestant, you had contact with him as part of the pageant. your life story in and of itself is amazing, had contact with him. were you just touched that he reached out and offered you his support?
5:44 pm
>> yes, i was more than touched, i was so moved. i have competed at miss usa in 2005, this is many years later, friend 20 -- 2014, i am in the help, really fighting for my life, i never spoken of this, but, the day he sent that note to me, hand delivered, he made sure it was there for some reason by eight 8:00 a.m. that was a rail dar really dark time for me, that afternoon i was read my last rites by the priest, i was fighting for my life, and i received that from him. deirdre: do you feel that moment it was a dark day, and you had so much to overcome, that gave you a bit of a wind in your sail? >> yes, it was like, god's perfect timing, just to receive that from him, i know in his busy life to take the time, so many years later and
5:45 pm
hearing i was ill, and taking the time to do that it -- started such a fight in me, when i really, the doctor said there was no medical explain nation to still be alive, it started something in me could i felt his strength, in those moments he was the there for me. it was so powerful. deirdre: in addition to being in awe of your courage and strength, this shows to many people, another side of donald trump who at times has been criticized for belittling women, but clearly, one-on-one. is rooting for every single person he knows male or female? >> yes. the experiences that i have had with him are nothing, but -- i have tremendous respect for him, i have only witnessed
5:46 pm
him have the most amazing respect for anyone around me, even compete in addition to, 005 -- 2005, on his stage he was so respectful to all states competing, he was there for us, just now it a way different left for me, it a more personal level. my respect for him is unbelievable. i justed meyer him -- admire him and respect him more than before. deirdre: melissa you wish you the best, we're sending you healing vibes, you look wonderful. reporter: >> thank you so much. deirdre: we'll check in with you soon. miss wisconsin trump supporter. >> trump speaking off. backing off his pledge to pay our our national debt in years. >> we will tell you how much
5:47 pm
en percentage of that vote she received in the empire state. >> what is something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. really? >> yeah. hot sauce? >> hot sauce. >> >> really. >> i want to see this and know they will say she is saying this to back people. >> is it working? you owned your car for four years,
5:48 pm
you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. ua ♪
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5:51 pm
of it depends how aggressive you want to be, i would rather not be that aggressive but not have debt but we're stuck with it, fox news contribute or jonas -- is with me now, a lot of economist say there was almost no way to do 19 trillion in 8 years but many applauded him for having a plan. what is your take? >> not a specific plan. he has got vague. i don't agree with all of the economists, it possible but difficult expu and unorthodox,. you would cause a mayor depression. -- major depression. you could conceive i conabily do it if you start selling off government assets, oil and
5:52 pm
energy assets are worth tens of trillions of dollars. you could also, we have 20 trillion in ira, pension type asats, that is untacked money we'll tax, you could have tax windfalls, corporate money abroad, the real way to get there fast, you monetize the debt, create money at federal reserve like qe but just buy the debt, say, you don't owe us any more any more, that would be inflationary, that would be another trick. deirdre: so jonas come back, there is a lot more to talk about. i want to ask you about that, you mentioned saudi arabia. we'll do that another day, jonas thank you, details from jonas on that debt.
5:53 pm
19 trillion over 8 years. not impossible. >> well, bernie sanders had huge crowds but hillary clinton took new york's primary with almost 60% of the vote. >> i just want you to know that people are going to say, okay she is saying it with black people. >> is it working? deirdre: with me next, author, kevin jackson, to talk about pandering and what it got her. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica.
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>> white americans need to do a much better job of listening when african-americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face of day. my life has been changed by strong black women leaders. >> what do you always carry with you. >> hot sauce. >> really. >> yeah. >> really?
5:57 pm
>> i want you to know people are going to see this, say she is pandering to black people. >> okay. is it working? deirdre: some of hillary clinton a pandering did work. in new york. a fox news exit poll shows 75% of black democrats voted for hillary, along with majority of hispanic vote. author of race tempting, kevin jackson with me now, hillary clinton went on that popular radio breakfast show, saying she carries hot sauce, it seems to have worked. >> hillary is making the chilly circuit, the old chit lynn circuit. as fa far as radio show, she talked about carrying hot sauce, i figured out she would bust a chicken out of her purse. this is the biggest pander
5:58 pm
known to man, democrats do it all of the time, started in national act network, when hillary said, white people need to pay more attention to black weaker had a lot of attention played to black folks with barack obama it has gotten us to a lot more trouble. we are still lacking in housing ownerships and business starts, we fill the prisons we have an education to prison program that has been established by the democrats. >> it feels like we're just talks about a lot, but you say, african-american community has been very poorly served in the past decade of 8 years? >> well, it -- the black community, i don't use term african-american, they have been poorly served in every aspect of politics and society, they don't treat blacks as human beings but a special interest group, blacks want the same thing everyone that el wants, with safe
5:59 pm
school, safe neighborhood, proper education. we can have cheating scandals at school and nobody cares, and black live movement, essentially protecting thugs like they did in minnesota, with michael brow brown and many others, and we have misplaced what used to be black values, and so, all because we have been a special interest group based to congressional black caucus, and people like hillary clinton, who say, let's put them together. so, you know, this -- if hillary clinton is really going to do something for blacks, she would stop talking to blacks about doing something for black ands just talk about jobs in general, the problem that blacks are experiencing are not black issues, this is something that everyone suffers from. >> kevin very clean point, an economic one, kevin jackson
6:00 pm
thank you for much for the time. >> thank you. deirdre: thank you for watching us here at "risk & reward." like us on facebook. "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: good evening. major stock market indices are near all-time high, blue chip -- looking pretty good. rnc they are holding their spring meeting today. president obama meeting with saudi arabia king salman. are they are friends or enemies? three officials in flint, michigan charged with the toxic water. more charges are to come, first candidates set their sight on pennsylvania, our very own connel mcshane is


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