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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 21, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nations are more peaceful and more secure and more prosperous and it underscores the enduring friendship and partnership between the united states and the countries that are represented around this table. thank you for your hospitality. [applause] >> president obama making remarks in saudi arabia appeared sure that he will take questions from the media in a separate room. we will bring about in just a moment. right now, say goodbye to the old brash outrageous donald trump. the new presidential trump is about to appear. good morning, everyone. pressure of his huge win in new york and the drums as victory and is moving to steal the deal. teleprompters, speechwriter, policy speeches, hold the unsalted bring the unsalted bread and professional student out on the nomination. fox counters say is already very close. make way for the new look
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presidential donald trump. make way for new stock records as well. stock prices the dow 200-point from its all-time highest level of her. who would've thought that donald's will be leading the charge? health food? and besides, hashbrowns all day long. and then, joe walsh. great musician but he made a career out of trashing hotel rooms. he's counseled a concert at the republican convention. he said they are spiteful isolationists. i admire the talent that i don't like the politics and hypocrisy. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: what the top story that day? donald trump. how he handles himself in the speeches, how he plays the
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political game at the convention because he has something of a makeover going on. tried supporter of that sadness with us. do you think hard-core trump supporters are going to like the new look gal down mount mentor presidential trump? >> i don't think that's what we're going to get. it's not going to be a different person. it will be someone of a new version of the same person, the same candidate, the same businessman. stuart: he's going to be a professional politician. he's got a staff in place at the convention of the teleprompters. >> he's in the game. stuart: he's going to give his speech on april 27th on foreign policy. he will have a speech written stuart: now the spirit volkswagen with big deal diesel and it's on the teleprompters. emission from patient. would we have? ashley: it's interesting they are expected to give consumer choices. stuart: you are very defensive this morning. bacon is the the buyback offer >> i'm optimistic it better than
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last time. volkswagen which can be expensive for vw or they can have it back and have it fixed. stuart: i think donald trump also, some common nation abide smell success. he's very, very close and he knows is closed and as he has to with the amount not been disclosed via they are still up get over the hump in get in on the first ballot. he's got to make changes. into a clinical trial here this no more mexican insults. nomar back please. is clearly how do consumers are going to be compensated. >> when he was in the beginning the neck and is it then that is of the campaign has gotten a lot way. why the stock is. >> we have decent clarity. he is here because of his brash style because of his ability to speak directly to the people and not be another robot politician. train to hillary clinton having said that, romney and 12, campaign in connecticut this morning. she's just released a new ad featuring the daughter of a new town shooting victim. judge napolitano is here on this obama, you have to evolve as a candidate. one. that's what he's doing. she wants to make the gun makers liable for any injuries suffered in gun shooters. stuart: you are in arizona, the heir of the charm campaign. that's what she wants to be a have they notified you of a mac it's hard for me to believe that such liability with and the makeover and the new book donald trump? appellate court because it have they told you when it ends? violates basic and simple as a fan is commanded by the hey boris, some changes coming constitution which means it had down the pipe good that did not. to be followed in state and federal courts. the fairness of this.
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>> is not an e-mail blast going you cannot be held liable for an out so you'll get a new candidate because you're not. event that you didn't cause. you get the same candidate, for the product is lawful. you can be held liable because someone who's absolutely laser he gets in the hand of someone who will use it unlawfully. focused and pivoting towards and not a mobile is lawful. hillary. we've talked about this on the show since before the original the manufacture can be held liable because someone believes super tuesday. in a dwi crash. super tuesday 5.0 now. stuart: targeting some oil will twist that around? you've seen some of those one-on-one discussions and town halls since before super tuesday >> you know they'll try. now getting closer and closer in i must tell you because we inherited this system from our the general that i will beat friends across the pond long hillary clinton. before you were there that it stuart: juster entertainment purposes, what do you think would require major changes in donald trump -- president donald american jurisprudence to impose trump would say if he were to visit saudi arabia? vicarious liability, liability >> he'd be good. for the behavior when there is maybe he'd be a lot more direct than our president. no legal relationship between i'm sure we'll see in a couple of minutes when his answer amv. when there is no foreseeability. questions in saudi arabia. how could the manufacturer possibly have known? stuart: you are feeling good. it does look like he's got it. talking about newtown, thanks so much. connecticut. adam lance was his name, the
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now the folks delegate counters, murderer would steal his mother's lawfully purchased, very important people say that lawfully owned gun in a zipper trump is very, very close to one of the more horrific crimes of our era. getting the nomination, wait for how could you possibly impose it, on the first ballot between that knowledge of thursday ability and manufacture of all the last primary date june 7 and the first day of the convention people. >> could be said that imposition is not going to fly at the 41 days in between. appellate level in the court, i at that time trump has to convert only 68 of the 150 and got that. how about imposing a huge tax on then delegates to win. the purchase of all guns are a big tax on the purchase of that doesn't seem to me to be ammunition. that difficult. so big attacks that you're not going to buy that gun. ashley: especially with the team has put in place. it's very doable. say he's 37 short, all you have that's a possibility. to do is persuade her to send a >> at the possibility that mrs. clinton and her folks who delegate prior to the convention favor but it would fly in the and if they gave their written face of supreme court opinions holding that the right to keep deal of approval, he could be and bear arms in the home is a there before the convention. pre-political inherent stuart: look at current trends, fundamental right may mimic current polls, all the future comes from our tradition and history. does not come from the primaries and all the states concluded is going to win a lot government. can the government impaired this rate by making it too expensive to exercise? more delicate and all he needs his 68 of the unbound and it absolutely not. gets them to win.
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ashley: he's got ted cruz is in my cell taxi to the newspaper very, very good for the most can't be published. stuart: you can put the price of delegates. the gun up significantly, none exurban outlay. donald trump is catching up. stuart he could have attacks of $200 in every gun. the first ballot, but the fox guys say awfully good. >> i can imagine that would be constitutional. you are talking about the tax higher than the cost of the gun. it's obvious the purpose is not >> here's the situation. to raise revenue. everyone's been after this delegates. he doesn't have the days between it's to deter people from buying the convention -- the end of the the product that they have a constitutional right to buy in owning key. primary season and convention >> you would still the moment dilemmas that. everybody's been working that hillary clinton is. game for some time now. >> share barack obama talk about wishes on guns. for example, kasich announced it are disowned up the majority of indiana delegate for the second >> the best gun sellers in the though. world. they haven't even voted yet in indiana. >> you're right. this is a game going on. it's ironic to hit the product i think it's worrisome, because and yet they do so much good for the manufacturer. to look to me for the good of the republican party he should >> i'm glad we went through get it before cleveland because another factor without mentioning that her birth date. i think a brokered convention can only be a mess. >> the one many renowned. stuart: interesting stuff. he couldn't resist it. stayed there.
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a lot more for you today. i keep saying that come of that new developments from iran. market wants to keep going up. no other game in town. the supreme court -- our supreme where else do you put your money to give any kind of return. we are closing in on another court has all the victims of iran sponsored terror could get record high for the dow. up to $2 billion for the a couple hundred points away to compensation out of iranian freeze assets in america. open 20 points down this we are just going to take it. morning. come on man lieutenant colonel we don't show your charts very allen west bid tehran now caused often. i don't like them. this is mcdonald's over the past year. backlash. not a bad chart. look at that. i'm sure you don't agree with that. >> no. it's good to be with you, stuart. it is up 30% in a gear. happy birthday to the queen. it is not that. by the way, shareholders have a what did happen was murder. bridge, an englishman to thank it was a terrorist attack. each ceo steve easterbrook, a great. he's the guy who turned this thing around. hezbollah is responsible for the i'm picking on the donald's suicide bombing that killed 234 marines, sailors and some soldiers is direct the military because i'm so surprised. it is supposed to be the heir of wing, a proxy army of iran. all fresh fruits and vegetables as a matter of fact today, the and kale? iranian defense minister >> everybody loves breakfast. participated as part of the literally since the day they planning and execution of the made that decision going to 1983 attack. break his father, that looks so here we do have a safe answer good.
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people like that. terrorism that committed attacks and we have every right to be able to take away those funds. even more so, let's go to the stuart: i was one of those people that that america really reason in iraq with the wants veggies and kale. explosive force penetrators that not dense. they want a cheeseburger, fries, was uncivil for 20% of the hashbrowns all day long. casualties of our servicemen and >> but it's good management. they went from having things women in iraq came from iran. we would have something today that didn't work and now this that iran has been doing against our men and women. has worked. good for him. we need that. this is not back. a little influence. surprised they haven't gone to this is a proper thing we should fish and chips. be doing and should not be ashley: now don't tease me. releasing millions of dollars as part of this quote, unquote agreement. >> i've got another one for you. if i'm president obama's syria. stuart: do you may have heard they moved heavy artillery. that it's somebody's birthday today. they will try to retake the town roll tape. of a lot though. they've also been very caustic about the buzzing incidents of ♪ shifts in the baltic. happy birthday to you. what do you make of this? it looks like escalation from the russian point of view, the ♪ russian side of the rings, escalation in the military
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stuart: for the benefit of all dispute with america. those viewers who do not know who she is and that is queen >> vladimir putin is continuing elizabeth. to be the bully, tough guy until 90 years old and she received these messages from her family and the prime minister. he sees any pushback. roll that tape. as long as he sees the red >> in this modern elizabethan defense is going to continue on. era in which so much around us has changed, her majesty has everyone was cheering that russia would pull its forces. we did not know how many forces. been steadfast from the iraq of russia still maintains a strength for our nation, for commonwealth had many occasions credible military presence to for the whole world. support bush are all aside and >> she shall be to the hapner make sure he's propped up and said england and aged princess. stays in control, stays in many days shall see her and yet power. along with that the with that the rain with that deer ran increase sources bearing their designated terrorist organization from the state department. ahead of the current scores no do without a need to crown it. violated u.n. sanctions and also stuart: i'm appalled that my resolutions and he was just fellow americans around this recently in russia talking about table were laughing at the the acquisition of new tanks come in new fighter aircraft and future king charles. >> yes. asked 300 air missile system. stuart: explained this to me. all of this once again is you kicked out king george. against this quote, unquote agreement were supposed to have he became a republic and now we peered russia will continue to do what they did in
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international waters in the find that the royal family in baltic sea without destroying england is very, very popular over here. truly an act of war within >> of pageantry and tradition in all the beauty of england, plus 30 feet because they are not seen any response to the above they've given us a lot of drama administration. and excitement over the last 30 stuart: at 20 seconds flat. are you for donald trump? >> i'm for whoever the gop nominee is. years. stuart: key question. as the british royal family more i don't see how someone like hillary clinton who lied about popular or less popular than the kansas city royals? it can even think about being ashley: you're asking the wrong commander-in-chief. person. stuart: alum wesley david and 15 there are others that would say the kansas city royals. seconds to thank you very much. we will see you again soon. more liberal lunacy on college campuses. stuart: we are going to wrap up the reason why western this birthday celebration. civilization has read is not a more in the show later. look at this. pictures from nasa. requirement at stanford. this is a time months footage of that is next. ♪ the northern lights over borealis from the international space station. we are seeing mike in spectacular detail. look at that color. something totally different. there is this, the migrant
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crisis in europe taking a very sad turn. there are reports of hundreds of migrant. we brought this to yesterday, dying in a sea while trying to cross into europe. much more on that story coming up. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again.
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stuart: let's call this escalation. president obama rushing food and to maintain a cease-fire in syria. but russia has shifted all of heavy duty firepower to aleppo, the largest city in the area. a defense department says it will take back that city is about to happen. that is the elation. russia's ambassador nato accuses america of trying to intimidate moscow because of the navy ship sailed into the baltic. this is where the buzzing incidents occurred. ambassador said russia will respond to future and it is with all necessary measures. escalation. president obama in saudi arabia.
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he's about to hold a news conference there. i think we've got a pretty good idea of what the questions will stuart: tesla's chief, elon musk be. says pre-orders are soaring. judy miller as it does now. actually, you've got numbers. >> the model three said they are i think it's going to be about releasing the 28 secret pages of now standing close to 400,000 in the 9/11 report and allowing victims families to sue the saudi government. the ceo saying that could reach i don't think is going to be half a million before the end of read there. the year. >> i think you're right about the right call. he says they're so impressive one of the few when it comes to even i have been surprised if handling relations with saudi the prices on its begin at arabia appeared 35,000. stuart: i draw a distinction between the two. they could do 250 miles on a single charge. it is a good call not to allow there are those that say the pre-orders are so impressive they may struggle to get these pandora box of lawsuits against cars out in time. they're supposed to be available government. at the end of next year. there are concerns that could the mac absolutely. have pushed a 2018. sovereign immunity is important. definitely a lot of interest. stuart: i think a 28 secret pages should be revealed even though i know that would result in an avalanche of demand for stuart: another one for you. lost this. the university of southern >> i think philip zelikow california was than $100 million executive director of the 9/11 commission and is exactly what those pages contained said it on diversity initiatives. students demand today. would not be helpful at this at the same time, students also point to raise charges specifically rejected by the demand a tuition freeze. 9/11 commission which found that
9:16 am
there was no senior-level saudi ashley: u.s.a., university of involvement in 9/11. spoiled children. remember, stuart, saudi arabia that's an old one. the government will increase spending on diversity by 20 million. and the gulf countries are the that brings the total to countries we need to defeat texas right now. they've got to keep our eye 100 million. the student government demanded squarely on the ball defeating a fifth. stuart: president obama is about a tuition freeze, but the to start taking questions. just a brief opening before he provost, michael quek says you can't do that because we're takes those questions. spending this money on diversity you will hear the q&a session when it begins. funding. he is just kind of warming up. $100 million includes mandatory diversity classes. it creates a whole slew of we will take you there. positions including vice there's one other issue i want president of diversity, equity to get into with you. and inclusion. that is the migrant crisis in europe. dreadful news may be up to 500 also calls for the university to invest $10 million in migrant drowned in the mediterranean. scholarship funds for syrian and mexican immigrants. i say that there is a new humanitarian face coming in part of the diversity program. here. that is very worrying for a lot of people. >> absolutely. stuart: i bet you they will have this is the largest death at not diversity of public opinion. ashley: probably not, no. sea. stuart: judy, i'm sorry. the first question has been asked. stuart: here's another one. let's go to the press
9:17 am
stanford university continue conference. staying put. they will not require western civilization courses as part of [inaudible] their freshman curriculum. >> -- during the course of our at calvin is that this did stanford student and campus or administration extensively farm contributor. cooperating with us on what's going on here? i would've thought that a modern counterterrorism, the financing university education requires of terrorist act two days. some context of western they are part of the counter as civilization, some western has a real constitution, it better. what is going on? this coalition and has made progress both in syria and in >> i agree with you but not everyone does unfortunately. iraq. stuart: our apologies, ladies a student run publication launched a petition to bring and gentlemen did the sound western civilization courses quality makes it extremely difficult to hear what the back to stanford and then all president is saying. broke loose. we their riders didn't even we will try to improve that for you and will monitor of course realize how countercultural and what is going on. judy miller. how unpopular it would be on a college campus to think that all i don't want to go back to the students should have a basic migrant crisis. i'm off on saudi arabia because introduction to the western that's what the president is tradition.
9:18 am
talking about right now. but it is. >> it was actually her or should it has never wanted this reading. stuart: bernese integrates the western tradition, what do you the saudi's are extremely angry mean? western thinkers? at united days. they are angry at the iran >> exactly. plato, aristotle. critics because that's nuclear jail, over what they see important. as an inability to understand >> that's not part of the what they can be as a major curriculum as of now. threat to the region which is iranian aggressiveness. they don't understand by the >> correct. president goes on and does being a computer science focus things without consulting with them and others in the region school, many students go for who are directly affected by full years in graduate without what it does. ever even having to contemplate where our liberties come from and why we cherish them. and then, the president gives an i just think that's a really untenable and dangerous position interview to the atlantic magazine in which he basically for our democracy as a whole. says they are slacking off, not doing their share. and then he wants the meeting stuart: why is this such a bias but done. this is a kind of let's make against the ideas underpinning nice meeting. our freedom and our constitution? can you explain that? >> i think i can. ashley: he said saudi arabia and iran should march to share. basically many campus activists at a huge problem with making stuart: who is our ally in the any sort of value judgment gulf? is this saudi arabia or is it our new friend the iranians?
9:19 am
saying we should study western civilization and not assigned >> it is saudi arabia and the equal time to every single civilization in the world. gulf states. if we don't understand that, we they found that a deeply are not going to be able to offensive thing despite the defeat the jihad in the jihad in the event that directly obvious truth that our liberties threatens us. stuart: therefore a president cannot reveal those 28 pages yet he cannot allow a load of , our democratic institutions don't come equally from every civilization in the lawsuits because that would world, but primarily come from further inflame the saudi's and the western tradition. the other gulf arabs they then that is not what the president they found that offensive. wants to do. >> it sounds like there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. >> well, we tried. >> the saudi's are concerned their influence is waning as we launched a petition and dependence on saudi oil has gone unfortunately we were vilified for it, publicly denounced down. they view this political tidbit is perhaps stemming from the americans say we don't need racist, colonialist, saudi arabia anymore so let's ethnocentric and words i can have a more evenhanded policy. even say on tv. we heard this from a number of there is a real campaign of people including some candidates. i think the saudi's are public intimidation with activist threatening to ruin the concerned it's not just a show. it's a real change in our lives. stuart: by the lake on a headline in yesterday's "financial times." future careers of anyone who
9:20 am
even tried signing our petition. it was the headline on the front so it was a very difficult day. page. the saudi's are just had to borrow $10 billion. >> for the first time in a long stuart: i don't know how to time. follow this. i'm just astonished quite oil revenues are down because the prices down. frankly. fighting a war in yemen. just incredible. we thank you for being a brave >> that they control the price by their production models than guy and bring immature attention. we appreciate it. they would rather take the hit. thank you, mr. chairman. they would rather borrow right >> thanks so much. now to stick it to iran. stuart: can you believe that? >> now, ikea. a new treatment for diabetes related blindness. a tiny implaf >> there've been hurt by this oil price decline. a grain of rice that goes in but their social contract in your eyes. saudi arabia very much depends look at it. on them pay enough tens of it was just approved by the fda. thousands of people every day and every week and that will the man behind it joins us next. eventually drive them to the table. ♪ stuart: this is a very difficult (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? press conference. he is getting questions about protecting the saudi's that the expense of 9/11 victims in america. terrible position for the president to be in.
9:21 am
my heart goes out to the man. (patrick 2) pretty great. it is a no-win situation. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? so where do we go from here? (patrick 1) how about done? you are the pulitzer prize winner here. (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. the magazine's saudi's and g-golf these have already started to move on. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- they are thinking about who the next president is going to be without having to ask anyone. had with whom they can do this. who better to be the boss of you... stuart: i've got to ask you. (patrick 1)than me. i mean, i don't want to be entertaining here. what if there was president (vo) go national. go like a pro. trump? you are shaking your head and laughing. >> it could have been and i think after eight years of the obama, my saudi friends are saying what is happening in your country? first we have to put up with figures of obama and now you're threatening to give us president trump? they simply do not understand that americans are thinking. >> they probably would welcome hillary clinton. must be honest here. she's been an aggressor and places were saudis would've
9:22 am
liked to see the united states be more aggressive. they would probably think she would be a good follow-on. stuart: which gulf states contributed money to the hillary and bill clinton foundation? while she was secretary of state. >> i think it was united arab emirates from the uae. and in fact it is our staunchest ally on a great many areas from especially counter terrorist. stuart: how did they feel about americans? i know you said they are perturbed about the changes they see in foreign policy. do they like america? >> i really try distinction between saudi arabia and uae. the uae has been such a good ally of the united states and qatar has been a bad and contentious ally to the united states but for the life of me i
9:23 am
don't understand why we don't move our base in qatar to the uae. perhaps they don't want it. but they have come through for us time and time again. another great ally, the omanis have done a great deal. they were the interlocutor with iran on the nuke deal. saudi arabia has always been problematic in that they did their money field the jihad in the net. i think americans understand this and is a wonderful book that is just won the is just wonderful if they're caught black flags that goes into ss and it's got a gun in saudi arabia. saudi individual funding is very different from the saudi government funding. i can tell you as someone who visited their jihadist rehabilitation program a few years ago that it is one of the best in the world. they are trying very hard to undo the challenge of their own
9:24 am
country. i don't know whether they are mullahs. they are extremists and they have exported their brand of islam to mosques in america. we are told that they don't want american muslims to integrate into american society because that will be against the belief. know anything about that? >> extremists are problematic everywhere. they do find an amazing amount of back to the day. by and large, the problem and challenge of american mosques have been taken care of since 9/11. very slowly over the years and mostly been done by a lot of people in their own community say and what are they teaching our children. so a lot of places, it is show stuart: there that really millions of people who suffer from a type of diet on tram plan is called macular degeneration in new york they used to be one called the farouk mosque in brooklyn which was amazingly problematic. brought on by diabetes. those places have been cleaned fda has approved a new implant out. but it's been a battle in this that literally goes into the eye saudi arabia remains our and slowly releases the staunchest allies in the fight
9:25 am
against them. medication. dan myers is the ceo of allen and sciences, which actually had >> is confusing. the same plan. >> that's correct, sewer. but on the screen and the model right here. >> use in a tough spot. >> maybe that's why they turned it is literally the size of a the volume down. grain of rice. >> correct. stuart: we would love to bring but 32 implants into the grain it. of rice. >> it might be another slight. stuart: got the implant vehicle right there. >> correct that this is injected that goes into the eye. stuart: i can say this. you actually inject their bright we can't idea that well. below the blue part. so far the president has not said anything that would upset the market. but this little track in the device inside the needle slides into the back of the eye. we had 12, 15 points in the price of oil still around $44 a it stays there for three years barrel. with one injection and releases we will be back it will take you about .2 micrograms of steroid per day. to wall street review ballot getting a long-term consistent. >> that treat macular tomorrow. ♪ degeneration. stuart: the current treatment is you bitterly have been needle to inject into the eye. >> it has been persist there
9:26 am
with eric p. for patients getting drugs injected every month. some cases every two months, but a maximum of the quarter. so you get multiple injections. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le a disease for patients with diabetes the the rest of their then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. lives. stuart: a constant injection into your eye. this gap between when we should start saving i would rather have one implant and when we actually do is one of the reasons every three years the size of a grain of the rice. why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. are you a publicly traded company? just start as early as you can. >> we are. it's going to pay off in the future. my public in april 2010. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. europe has for% today. what happens later? prudential. bring your challenges. your competitors and you obviously have the treatment of ocular degeneration. they are all inject her guys. the implant for three years. >> correct. these injections, the dosing life is about a or two months. the drugs work well but you have to keep dosing them with the patient vision will begin to
9:27 am
erode. so you have this kind of pulsing problem for the patient versus we believe obviously one implant in the eye and say you get this low-dose long-term continuous. ... stuart: you can get enough of the medicine, the steroid into a grain of rice to last three years. >> smaller than a grain of rice. the plaintiffs in a close environment you really don't need a large amount of drug to treat the patient's retina. so this idea of a low dose is really going to be with it. stuart: this is a financial programs they've got to talk price. how does the price of a grain of phrase compared to monthly injections? >> if you take it over a three-year period, our device will cost between half to a third of what all these injections total of two. as you can imagine so far managed care has taken a very positive look at the long-term.
9:28 am
stuart: dan myers, al im is the symbol from atlanta, georgia. thanks to being with us. we will have more "varney & company" for you in just a moment ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems,
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hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. . . . . >> all right. we've got about 30 seconds till the actual beginning of trading. you can see them starting to applaud there on the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq, too. we're going to be opening in 20 seconds.
9:30 am
we'll be down not much at all, . . maybe 10, 15 points, that's about it. remember, we're just 261, or 214 from an all-time high. the bells are ringing. ♪ the bells are ringing, stuart: ashley, what is the most interesting story of the day? ding-dong ding ♪ e. is it mexican drug tunnel? eye implants. >> fascinating. >> joe walk much or what? stuar >> not surprised about the jo stuart: we're down not much of walsh. has to be the queen's 90th a falloff. birthday. >> sing it, stu. don't give me a grown in the audience night is america. >> let's see where we go today. stuart: okay, on that note, i think we should pitch to neil cavuto. i keep saying that the market best story of the day, neil. wants to go up. ashley webster is here and 90thbirthday for the queen. cheryl casone and dr barton. neil: i would go for the eye anytime the dow pulls back, you thing. buy. just me. that's your strategy now? mad dash for 1237. >> that's been the strategy for what if we told you the trump many, many weeks, stuart. people might not be overstating as you know, we've talked about this over and over. things that they will have it the problem is the dow went comfortably by the time they get pull back very much. convention. i really think larry and i
9:31 am
we've been crunching numbers talked last week that we're overdue for that little pullback. here, there is distinctly looking-- possible they could avoid whole he was looking for spikes above foods fight. deirdre bolton how that could 1800 and have a pullback and happen. that 18,350 number might be the >> 15 states, 41 days. we want to take you through it all. as everyone can see trump clearly has most delegates. magic to pull this up to all-time highs. mathematically his team is saying it. stuart: i'm hearing background news, i know it's from you, larry, the traders there are going bananas. let me ask you about the europeans, they've left in place negative interest rates. as i understand it, i give them 100 euros and they give me back 99.6 euros. i mean, they're not giving me back all i've put in. what do you make of that, larry? >> well, for one, don't do that, stuart. don't give them money, it's not a good deal. it's a bad situation for the economy to have to go there, but good for the markets, good for the stock markets, good for the stock indexes and s&p 500
9:32 am
futures. i agree that the market wants to go up and there haven't been many pull backs to buy and taking a break adds to that. stuart: and we've said all week the market feels like it wants to go up and it has gone up. a couple of individual stocks to bring to your attention. mcdonald's, we say it every day, it's up 30% in a year, that's a 12-month period. it keeps hitting record highs and by the way, it's a brit, easterbrook, that's turned this around. >> they're experimenting with new types of bigger big mac, the grand mac, a third pound of beef and two patties and making a mac, jr., the diet friendly, one layer. they're trying different things and they've done it in australia and done things with
9:33 am
their french fries in other countries. the analysts love this right n now. ashley: it's the top performing stock over the past year, 31.4. you know the second best performing on the dow? microsoft. stuart: microsoft. ashley: that put a smile on stuart's face. stuart: larry, i want to ask you. i know you're a trader of oil and all this stuff. how come mcdonald's which sells burgers, shakes, fries and hash browns, how come they're at the new highs all time and americans are supposed to like veggies and kale and salads? it's not happening for those guys. >> and one of the problems in this country, we don't do what we're supposed to do and unfortunately seeing fattening people. in california, thinner people, but in the midwest people are eating mcdonald's and in my office, never seen so many people eating breakfast at 2:00
9:34 am
in the afternoon from mcdonald's. so it's good if you're an investor in mcdonald's. stuart: an honest man right there. a couple of names we'll run through. they're at or near record highs. start with home depot up again this morning, johnson & johnson down, 38 cents, virtually nothing. verizon is down a buck this morning and united health care, a great run this week after announcing they're pulling out of obamacare. they're around $133 a share, close to the high. apple, they are delaying their earnings report by one day because of a memorial for a former executive, biand the stok is holding at 106. yum, their sales jump in china, and a 3% gain today and las vegas sands, the center of
9:35 am
gaming is macao, it's las vegas. and barbie sales, nobody wants them anymore? >> barbie's are iconic, but grandmothers giving them to granddaughters because they loved them when they br growing up. mattel was crushed the past 18 months. they've had a nice rebound, they're up 50% off the low and granted that was a low bar and i think this is not one to stick with. if you want to play in the toy space, i like hasbro better. stuart: we hear you. a headline for you, general motors sales jump, profit more than doubles? i didn't know that. nicole, come in and tell me what it's all about. nicole: we're seeing the stock above $33 the first time since january, that was the ipo price back in 2010.
9:36 am
better than expected quarterly earnings. the chief financial officer is talking about the outlook, saying they're confident of 10 plus percent in 2016. improvement in europe, but it basically broke even rather than losses. and north america was the story, suv's, pickups, 85% of of basically the numbers that they bring in and so that's the one. and sun edison, one we had put on death watch, now halted, filing for bankruptcy, so that's breaking news right now, too. >> you've got it. thanks, nicole. let me draw your attention to the big board. i'll go with tesla, why not? elon musk says that tesla was received orders for that model. >> he expected 500,000 by the
9:37 am
end of the year. this is the people's car or the car affordable for everyone, starts at 35,000, can go 250 miles on an i think is -- single charge. the more pre-orders they get the harder to meet that with the availability. they're supposed to be out the ends of next year and some saying 2018 because of the demand. stuart: look at that chart. up it goes on the right-hand side of the screen, that's not a bad run. how about facebook? now, arnold schwarzenegger is live streaming his workouts. now, what's so big about that? >> i guess it's giving legitimacy to facebook live, there is the governator, the ex-governator at gold's gym and he was also hawking t-shirts and taking questions. stuart: may i say eyou may. stuart: i think you missed this, i think that facebook is
9:38 am
turning into the all-purpose single source, all you need is facebook. >> they call it a walls garden. oprah, by the way, did a facebook live stream yesterday and she went to a weight watchers. and she actually showed up. stuart: oprah on facebook. am i right, facebook is going to beat out everybody? the amazons of the world getting competition from facebook, for heaven's sake. >> i believe so. i believe we're going to have an if you big winners, the ones that we're seeing, amazon, facebook, stuart, you and i have talked about this, i think that's going to be a double. is it going to be a double in the next three years, the five years, a legacy stock to owner. before arnold schwarzenegger was a governor and a movie star, he was not a worldclass, the best body builder in the world. multiple mr. universe, his workout should carry some
9:39 am
weight. stuart: this was supposed to be facebook not arnold schwarzenegger. and hillary going after guns, she's got a new ad. ashley: she does, it features the daughter of the shady hook principal, that hillary clinton is the best candidate equipped to reform the country's gun laws. there's a 60 second version of this the young lady described how painful was to lose her mother, who died trying to protect her students. stuart: there's breaking news about the sandy hook and the ashley-- >> ashley madison. ashley: that's a different story. stuart: what is ashley madison. >> a judge ruled, ashley madison is supposed to be a private hookup for members, and it got hacked and sued, this was supposed to be confidential.
9:40 am
en judge ruled that's fine, so norris god 24 can't bring a lawsuit against ashley madison, it has to be whatever. i'm making it up. stuart: please. [laughter] >> now, here is one, donald trump says he would ditch janet yellen as fed chair if he becomes the presidentments he says he would replace her. this is the same guy that's actually been a huge fan and profited, we should say, especially in the real estate business from zero interest rates, but he's now saying he would replace. stuart: coming in quick, larry, would you look at the replacement of of janet yellen by somebody else? >> i'd like to see the fed go away altogether. so i'm all for cleaning house there, you know, whether donald trump is actually going to do that, i'm not sure, yeah, the fed causes more trouble than it's worth in my opinion. stuart: wow, libertarian larry levin there getting rid of the fed. you've got some friends some places on this program. that's going to do it.
9:41 am
one and all, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the big board, 18,063 is where we've opened up after ten minutes worth of business. the nation's largest health insurer, united health care is going to bolt from obamacare, big losses. coming up, obamacare's architect, zeke emanuel is here, sparks will fly. next, the democrat party will protect hillary from being indicted. the judge is here and what he has to say about that. more after this. ♪ anything worth pursuing requires knowledge,
9:42 am
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breathe right.
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9:45 am
♪ e. stuart: yes, we put them on death watch and now it's happened. filed for chapter 11? >> filed for bankruptcy. the darling of renewable energy, lost 99% of market value since last summer and probably face litigation because of failed deals. stuart: it's the country's largest renewable energy company. ashley: correct. stuart: it's that big. ashley: it's huge. stuart: and that's bankrupt? what does it tell you about solar power. ashley: it's a blow for solar power and the clean energy companies that, you know, this is a company that $10 billion in arrears, it got a lot of cheap money from wall street and all sorts of grants and all sorts of things and it failed spectacularly. stuart: gone. all right. politics, donald trump on o'reilly last night, he says
9:46 am
the democrats will protect hillary from being indicted. roll tape. >> i think the democrat party is going to protect her. i don't think she's going to go indicted. i think that what she's done is very, very serious. i know for a fact that what general petraeus and others have done is much less and it's destroyed their lives. stuart: all eyes on judge napolitano, the judge is here. trump says that the democrats will protect hillary, will they? >> yes, yes, they can. the fbi is the impartial law enforce arm of the justice department, but william sapphire says the justice department should be renamed the department of political justice because whoever the president is, barring some weird use of independent counsel laws which we don't have anymore, is pretty much going to get his or her way and is not going to have someone
9:47 am
indicted that he doesn't want indicted. donald trump makes a good point. the second half of the story, if the fbi reveals and candidly, stuart, the public record has already revealed overwhelming evidence sufficient to indict and convict, if the fbi reveals this, this evidence and the justice department does not present it to a grand jury, i would think the ensuing scandal would be almost as treacherous and dangerous and fatal to mrs. clinton's political career as if she has been indicted. how can somebody run after this. the fbi says you're a crook, but the political buddies and justice department are preventing an indictment. she'll have to answer to the political stuff. ♪ e. stuart: what? let's roll the tape. you do. >> queen elizabeth ii.
9:48 am
>> didn't you renounce her when you became an american citizen. stuart: don't we realize we're giving you an opportunity. >> didn't you renounce that welfare system the monarchy? >> welfare to the top 1%. >> i'm glad that seceded in 1776 so you could find a happy please as an american citizen, renouncing the monarchy. stuart: look. [laughter] i'm not going to renounce that lovely lady right there. >> why did they play that music in my year as i was about to talk about hillary. stuart: it's my cue, and we wound you up a little bit. >> i think you're going to say it's an absolutely brilliant system for tourism. stuart: come on, it works. >> she has no power. she just has the taxpayer's assets.
9:49 am
stuart: look, it's a system that works. it's worked for a thousand years, and created more and more individual liberty and freedom for the people of england. >> now he's gone too far. stuart: did you hear that? play that again. >> order, order. stuart: that's the speaker of the house of commons demanding order. >> silencing me, get out. stuar stuart:. [laughter] can i explain? dennis skinner is the member of parliament who said that the prime minister cameron was dodgy dave. you're not allowed to use personal insults on the floor of commons, he was ordered out, rightly so. >> i love the way he shakes his fist in the tyrant's face. stuart: show the picture of the queen. don't you think that's a wonderful lady who heads a system that works and we should
9:50 am
acknowledge that the system works and she's a fine monarch. >> she's an actress. dodgy dave, dodgy dave. stuart: she's a fine lady. >> she's a fine senior citizen. [laughter] >> order. stuart: former major league baseball pitcher curt schilling is out of a job at espn because, i don't know how i go segue from the queen to this. he posted an inappropriate, shall we say, an offensive social media post. his employer didn't like it, he's fired. we'll have the story when we recover from the insults to the monarch. we'll be back. >> will i be back? [laughter] you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here. a few weeks ago,
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9:54 am
♪ don't say a prayer for me now ♪ >> oh, duran duran, why are we playing this? >> say a prayer. stuart: does that music duran duran match a 22 points on the dow? espn firing sports analyst and
9:55 am
former pitcher curt schilling because he posted an anti-transgender meme on-line. it's not the first time he's posted something. ashley: no. stuart: not good. ashley: with regard to that he says a man is a man whatever they call themselves. and last year he said that hillary clinton if she's found guilty in the e-mail scandal should be buried under a jail somewhere and in recently, he was suspended after posting a tweet comparing radical muslims to nazis. stuart: the question is, does curt schilling have freedom of speech in this particular environment. todd starrs is with us, i want to know what he says. it seems if you're speaking out and represent your employer you do not have the freedom to speak out in the way you want because you've got to conform to their employer. >> and who does curt schilling think he is?
9:56 am
sharing something on social media that's controversial. you're right to a point, stuart, espn has a right to look at what they post on-line. when you look at what he shared, not necessarily the photograph, but look at what he wrote. i'm not sure i understand what is controversial because it seems to back up with the meme, if you disagree letting men go into a ladies room you're some sort of a trans phobic bigot and what happened to that proves that meme to be correct. stuart: if you look at what he actually wrote, you don't think it's that offensive even though you have the right that the employer has the right to sen sense-- >> what espn is saying, we believe that a man has a right to share a bathroom with your 13-year-old daughter.
9:57 am
if you have male plumbing use the male's bathroom and if you have female plumbing, use the women's bathroom. >> does any public fitting have any freedom of speech to post anything on their own facebook posting. >> you have free speech, but these days it comes with a price and you're watching a demographic of people who believe in traditional values being silenced in the marketplace. >> i agree with you on that. and look what we have at 10:00, yet another drug tunnel, it leads from mexico to california, tons, repeat tons of marijuana and cocaine moved through this one. president obama is pushing for the brits to stay in the european union. that's what he wants. we're going to hear from a brit who says, that advice, we don't want it, goodbye.
9:58 am
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>> it is almost 10:00 on the east coast, that means it's 7:00 in california. good morning, california. the march to 18,000 stalled, i have to be honest here. we'd like to see it-- no, the march to the new record high has stalled, that's what's going on here. you get the feeling that the market wants to go up, even though at the moment it's down 45 points. speaking of record highs, look at mcdonald's, it's pulling back today, but it's up 30% in the past year. and it's-- it made a series of record highs closing in on 130 bucks a share. it's testing two new big mac's. forget that healthy food. ashley: the grand mac and mac, and they're going to a high. and you're nodding-- >> and mcdonald's is run by a
10:01 am
brit. >> crock is turn over in his grave. stuart: i don't think so. and more fallout from the emissions scandal, reports they'll buy back over a half million cars, diesel cars they sold in america and compensate the owners of the affected cars to a total value of a billion dollars. volkswagen holding at 30 bucks a share. another big name, you know it, mattel, sales are barbie are down and that stock is tumbling 7 1/2%. it's a big day for your money and we are on it. about you look at this, i mean, literally, look at it. a brand new drug tunnel found between california, between mexico and california, the longest one yet. some reports have it at nearly a half mile long. more than a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana have been seized. anybody charged? >> six i rests because of it, went from tijuana, 300 yards to the border and 500 yards into
10:02 am
california where it came out in an industrial area and the opening in the u.s. side was covered by a trash bin. so this was no ordinary tunnel, as you can see, it's got rails down there, ventilated, had an elevator. it was like-- >> el chapo tunnel. with the cycle that got him out. ashley: seven tons of marijuana, that's a lot of marijuana, a ton of cocaine. it turns out that the soil in this area, a tidbit. clay-like and easy to dig so there are tunnels everywhere e i suspect that the mexicans are beginning to get their expertise in tumbling ahead of the wall because if the wall is directed you'll need a good tunnel. don't roll your eyes at me. >> you keep waiting for that wall, president trump. stuart: wait a minute, look at this, this is fresh video just coming to us. this is the first b-52 strike against isis. what else have we got on that.
10:03 am
ashley: look at that, they have been threatening this. this was a call from the military leaders to bring in the b-52 because they can stay over a battle field for up to 12 hours. this is an old plane, a classic plane built some 60 years ago and they say it's effective and replaces the b-1 bomber that can't stay in the area as long and b-52 has a huge bomb payload and we're using it. ashley: we're using it. stuart: let's get to donald trump, we're saying he's acting more presidential, but he's not quite there yet. roll tape. >> and i call her crooked hillary, but i'll take on hillary clinton and i think we're going to win. i think we're going to win. in the case of lying ted cruz, lying, oh, he lies. you know ted, he brings the bible, holds it high, puts it down, lies. stuart: he's supposed to be turning a corner and getting away from insults. with us now lisa booth and
10:04 am
jul julie, there is a new look coming for donald trump. he's getting teleprompters and speech writers and layoff the insults. you're laughing. you don't think it will work? >> well, i mean, you know, a scorpion can't change-- what's the nature, your nature. >> leopard can't change his spots. stuart:'s he a fast lerner. >> the question for me, so much of his appeal to a lot of supporters to the fact that he's so impromptu, the fact that he's off the cuff, is the fact that he says what they're thinking. if he suddenly becomes-- does that lose what they love about him? >> i'm not sure he's going to be pole tested and scripted, i think he's going to control himself. what say you? >> i actually agree with julie here. what donald trump needs to do is stay authentic, and the labeling of other candidates is something he's been effective in driving. look at his comment about jeb
10:05 am
bush being low energy. that absolutely hurt him and his candidacy and look at hillary clinton, she's crooked. more a statement of fact than anything else. where donald trump does need improvement is his campaign has failed him on the ground. look at a state like iowa, he spent money more on the ground game than on hats, he'd be the presumptive nominee. stuart: this is no fun, a democrat and republican agree with each other. >> let's talk about trump and-- let's go now. stuart: this is a financial show so i'm going to stick with this sort of. the guys at fox, they do delegate counting, and they've done a big-- an in depth delegate count and they say, look, if current trends continue, by the end of the primary season, this 41 days to go until the actual convention, and in those 41 days, all donald trump has to
10:06 am
do is to convert 68 of the unbound delegates into trump delegates, and if he does that, he wins on the first ballot. that means, julie, he is very, very close. if fox is right, very close to getting that nomination, right off the bat. >> he's close, but keep an eye on pennsylvania which moves soon. pennsylvania has the largest number of unbound delegates and they're on the ballot without being affiliated with any kind of nominee. so, in other words, you could have ashley and you on the ballot of delegates and nobody will know to whom you will be pledged. the problem for trump making sure the people elected, over 50 of them, are his people. and ted cruz has been outworking him and outgunning them since day one. ted cruz has been on the ground game. and trump has hired someone to
10:07 am
try to wrangle them. stuart: and the fox guys say he's close. >> i think that donald trump needs to be focusing on pledged delegates. theres a-- there is no doubt he had a bat couple of weeks, ted cruz in wisconsin, wyoming, colorado, however, donald trump had a huge win in the state of new york. 50% of the vote and won almost all of the 95 delegates at the table and heading into tuesday of next week where there are multiple states that he is poised to do very well in, so right now his focus needs to be getting the pledge delegates and as close to 1,237 as he can get. there's anywhere from 150 to 180, 200 unpledged delegates and as long as he gets very close, that 1237 number there's a great possibility of him winning on the first ballot at a contested convention. >> i think you're missing the point. i mean, i think you're missing the point. i trust fox bean counters if
10:08 am
you want to call them that, on the projection i saw he's close to nailing this thing down and secondly,'s going to use teleprompters and speech writers and calm down and organize at the convention. i don't think you've wrapped your arms around it yet, but this guy is very probably the republican candidate, julie. >> well, he very well may be the republican candidate. the rest of us are now supposed to have amnesia about his behavior leading up to the reinvention thats' had and the challenge for him will be to suddenly explain to women, minorities and others, if he does become the republican candidate all the things he said that have historically offended them and why he suddenly had a come to jesus moment and takes it back. i don't think it's in his nature to do that. stuart: what do you say? >> i think that hillary clinton's unfavorables are very high and democrats are sort of dreaming here about donald trump's unfavorability. recording the pledged delegates or unbound delegates, rather, he still needs to get those
10:09 am
pledged delegates to get to 1,237. even if he got all the of the remaining unbound delegates that's not enough to get him to 1237. stuart: okay, i'm disappointed, ladies, i'm sorry, i'm disappointed. i wanted a fight. >> next time we'll duke it out. stuart: and fight each other, i don't care which way around. >> the fantasy-- >> i didn't say that. i just want a little friction and-- >>. [laughter] we're done. julie and lisa. >> thank you. stuart: this is a financial program so let's talk money. [laughter] what would happen if donald trump is the president and the tax plan in place? you see that market go up, maybe? >> maybe, maybe. stuart: all right. look at it now, we're down 38 points, but the dow is well above 18,000, how about individual stocks, tesla to start with, they've received almost 400,000 pre-orders for the model 3. that number supposedly
10:10 am
surprised elon musk. it's not done much for the stock, down a little bit. sad news from the wrestling world. former wwe star chyna has died. 45 years old. ashley: 45, her real name was joan laurer, found dead in california, no foul play suspected. she was a trail blazer in the wrestling world and huge in the '90s. rookie of the year in 1996. the only female wrestler to win an interconnell championship, but she will not, up to this point be put into the wrestling hall of fame because she went into the pornography business in 2004. she also battled addiction as well. stuart: yes, and she was on tv. ashley: celebrity rehab show. stuart: no cause of death revealed? >> no cause of death so far. stuart: next case coming up, a big cyber security summit. we've got that coming up for
10:11 am
you and michael strahan, he's announced he's leaving abc's live with kelly and michael. co-host kelly ripa allegedly livid. remember when strahan schooled me on football. here me out i think the winner of the super bowl this year will be the new york jets. am i on the ball or what? >> stuart, you absolutely know nothing about football. [laughter] they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever.
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10:14 am
>> i'd like to bring you individual stocks that are moving and this one is moving. it's legislation sands. the profit down and macao continues to be a challenge to him. that's the biggest one day drop since last august. jo ling kent is with us, at west point, the man who runs the cyber command with her. a four-star general. all right, jo, it's yours.
10:15 am
>> stuart, thank you so much. we have exclusive coverage of the west coast cyber security, and joining me is the former head of the nsa and former head of cyber command, keith alexander, general keith alexander, thank you for joining us. in the past you've said that some degree is important to be in place and yet, there has been this new see manned with apple and the fbi and command. >> it's what our nation needs. i look at what apple is going to really good people, they see the security of the private information as key and i see over here jim comey and the fbi trying to defend the country. how do you get the information you need to be secure. where i am, we need both. you know, we need to act as a team. i think something happened to the team, we've got to rebuild it and that's where our
10:16 am
government, our industry needs to come together and act as a team for the good of the nation because it's not either one, it's both. we need security and we need our civil liberties and privacy. that's going to be hard, it's harder to do both than one or the other, but the american people need both because if we just do security, then we don't have civil liberties and privacy. if we just do civil liberties and privacy, then our security is-- >> one of the solutions at the cyber security is slab collaborating between cyber, intel, the army, navy, cyber command and yet, we just heard inside from a top military official general that he believed there may be an attempt in the next five years what could be an absolutely devastating cyber attack on the united states. do you agree with that? what do you see as the next big threat.
10:17 am
>> i agree with him, i think that what the general put out is correct. the question is how long, when is that going to get. he pointed out correctly that if we are to blunt that attack, save our country, it requires government and industry to work together. and we can do this. and i think that's a great part of what you see in conferences like this, bringing government, bringing in industry, and let's talk about the ways of moving forward in the feature. you now set on president obama's advisory security panel. you had your first meeting. how effective do you think the president has been in thwarting cyber attacks. the chinese are not stopping their attempts at hacking into americans accounts and stealing intellectual property. >> well, i don't think it's just the president. it's how is the government and industry, what does the government and industry need to do to solve this problem. i think what the president has done and what others are doing is let's sit down and work
10:18 am
together for a solution, and the idea of putting together a commission is to help bridge that gap, just like what you're seeing here. and come up with the ideas that can help drive our nation forward in this area. so, i think it's the right thing to do and it's a tough area, and just by your questions, you've brought out some of the key things. there's distrust between government and industry, a whole series of reasons. >> the distrust, do you think it's reconcilable at this point? >> it has to be, i gave you offense and defense scrimmaging, if they fight they're going to lose. we're fighting, how do we bring it back. i think it's by being more transparent and help an industry see what the government roles and responsibilities are and government to see what industry are doing, so there are great opportunities. >> what about talent? because we have shrinking budget, tighter budget and a
10:19 am
lot cyber ready talented students moving to google, apple and places like that. how does the government attract the talent in a time when everybody seems to want to go to the private sector for not just the perks, but the innovation and the job experience? >> so you get innovation in government, too. you know, the nice part about the government is you can do things in the government to defend the country. you know, my experience working at nsa, these are freight people both in the cyber and countering terrorism, what keeps them in is not the salary, it's the knowledge that what they've done has stopped a terrorist attack or helped recover, or protected our nation in cyber and those are things you can't get elsewhere, so i think the synergy between both is what our nation needs. grow them up and then allow them to go out to industry and that will be good for our country. >> lieutenant keith alexander,
10:20 am
thank you for joining us on the fox business on cyber security. we thank you. >> stuart, we're sending it back to you. stuart: okay, jo. bernie sanders, some of the biggest donations to his campaign come from workers at google, apple, microsoft, they're supporting a socialist and joe walsh, a great guitarist with the eagles, he says he's not playing a show in cleveland and the reason why his reasoning is making some upset. myself included. more varney after this. ♪
10:21 am
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10:24 am
well, he can do the math. he knows he's very close to nailing down the republican nomination. he wants to make it a certainly, so he's shifting his campaign. first, he's hired political professionals to handle his convention strategy. he knows he needs delegates and he knows his early campaign staffers didn't have the right experience, so in comes in a political veteran. when the horse trading begins in cleveland, a professional will be in charge for donald trump. this is not just tinkering with the campaign, it's a major shift. trump is moving deep into the political game and he's playing to win. second, an equally important shift in the way he presents himself. speaking for the trump campaign on this show yesterday, katrina pierce told us the word rapist and mexican would no longer be used in the same sentence.
10:25 am
and he should use a teleprompter and cut down on off the cuff insults and considering a speech writer and he won't just go on any ole tv show that asks him. he'll calm down and try to look for presidential. there you have it. new leadership for the campaign and new presidential style starting now. of course, he's taking a risk and his supporters love the old brash, abusive plain talking trump. will they like a strained political guy who plays the game like any other politician? we don't know. but we do know that donald trump is close to clinching the deal. and fox counters say that present trends, 68 of the 150 unbound delegates on the first ballot. that means he's close. this guy learns fast and you're about to see yet another twist in an election that has surprised and intrigued the whole country. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
10:26 am
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♪ stuart: that is joel walch. we will deal with him in a moment. take a deep breath. the dow is down 25. look at mcdonald's, please. they are testing to new big macs. we have more on that in just a moment as well. risk and reward host deidre bolted and james freeman. i think the dow stocks generally just want to keep on going up.
10:30 am
>> you have loose monetary policy. now less than nine months away from obama presidency. i think that this is bullish for investors. the odds of the sanders presidency have receded even further. i have been saying for a while i think that this could be a pretty good year for stocks. the election results. the demise of bernie sanders. the stock market performance. you think that they are linked. especially fair about optimism. the long-term future of the country. we see the end of the obamacare up. we will not get a sanders era. you take hillary and the trump
10:31 am
possibility off you may see and even earlier run. stuart: speaking of records. look at mcdonald's. down $0.50 today. they have a newcomer to their menu. different sizes of the big mac. >> that is right. a whole family of big macs. you can get it on the go. just one layer. they are not supposed to be eating that stuff at the moment. >> you check out the kale salad. that is actually higher. you may explain why all these health food chains -- [laughter] mcdonald's burger shaken dave fried.
10:32 am
straight up. in the hallway. >> the french fries still are the best. those are from workers at google, microsoft and apple. >> these are the contradictions of silicon valley. you have these people working at these tech companies. doesn't mean they really want to redistribute their stock options? no. stuart: okay. that is a reasonable explanation.
10:33 am
>> they have to be supporting someone. he is out fundraising. libertarians. >> you sort of have to take him seriously. taking in over 40 million a month. incredible. >> $27. that is how obama beat hillary. >> tried this one. this one is for you. anybody suing ashley madison. having to use their real names. >> for anybody protecting his or her identity.
10:34 am
the so-called female participant. supposed to be boxed in a way. stuart: that is the bottom line. a few members of the class action. i am not saying that this is a great day in american history. >> a class-action lawsuit, if that is what it is. >> a need someone to put their name on it. >> somebody will. a lot of money. moving on. joe walsh. james gang, i think he played into. associated with the convention.
10:35 am
he thought that this eve at was for that. benefits, to an fact help families of veterans. this from a man that made it career of this. >> underline how much we miss merle haggard. i think maybe the two of them could put a show together. you think you get eight change from the music industry.
10:36 am
a tax rate with bernie. what is going on. giving him a nice life. >> 185. >> a somewhat similar name. live with kelly and michael. the host said she was blindsided by her host. leaving the show to host good morning america. she said she is obviously having some sort of break down or it can drum. the musicians. these morning shows are seeing business. more than 4 million viewers.
10:37 am
they should have told kelly rip up. more than three minutes before. that would have been nice. >> i would like to emphasize that while stray hands is known as a pass rusher, he is great as well. we should give him a pass on this. >> okay. here is another one for you. jeff flock is here. the diesel cars. harder to find a volkswagen. a court hearing within the hour in san francisco, stuart. determine what is going to come of these 500,000 diesel vehicles.
10:38 am
compensation for each of the owners of the vehicles. buying them back as well. that would cost companies billions. totals to meet. seven or $8 billion. it will cost him a pile of dough. jeff thank you very much. they include google, microsoft, starbucks, visa. all of them will report their numbers.
10:39 am
after the bell, david asman. melissa francis. they will break those numbers. medical breakthrough for people suffering from diabetes. the size of a grain of rice could help prevent linus. showing you how this thing works right here on "varney & company." president obama heads to great britain. lobbying to keep the uk. she does not want to hear it. she would rather be taking advice from donald trump. on the show next. ♪ [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are. so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
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poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. ♪ >> "varney & company" starts every day at nine. here is an example of what you may have seen. if you are speaking out but you are representing your employer, you do not have the freedom to speak out in the way you want. you have to conform to that employer. >> you are right. when you look at what he actually shared, not necessarily the photograph, i am not quite
10:42 am
sure i understand what is controversial. if you disagree with leading man go into a ladies room, some sort of a trans- phobic big it. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: show you some video. a dust bowl. and during a soccer game. it came out of nowhere. it lasted about 35 seconds. then it fell apart. we thought we would show it to you. that is kind of unusual. we got it on tape. you are looking at it. we will take you to london. katie hawkins. president obama in britain later on today. he will tell you to stay in the european union. how do you think that point of view -- >> i will have to stop you there. he was have to try. i do not know why you did that.
10:45 am
we do not need americans telling us what to do. the way most of us feel is let's get out of europe. we would rather have donald trump here. we need to protect our borders. as i understand it, though polls show in absolutes when it. get out or stay in. prime minister cameron who invited president obama. i have to ask the question, will president obama's viewpoint, will it go down well? >> i think that that is exactly right. i do not think that we feel that we invited him to have a view. staying in europe.
10:46 am
they have exhausted the presidency. asked to give up its sovereignty. it's borders. its legal system over to someone else. i am 41. i look about 52. i have never ever had to say. i will have a say this time. americans telling me what to vote. stuart: okay. obviously, you know, there is not a birthday today and printed. queen elizabeth 19 years old did that birthday event is so big in america. it headlines virtually every news broadcast in america today. the queen of england.
10:47 am
she is 90 years old. she is wildly popular here. >> that is fantastic. i love it. i love everything about it. at my house. my children. singing the national anthem. you know, i love it. i buy into it completely. she is our best export. probably coming off as far as i am concerned. brilliant. the next generation to come. stuart: what do you make of someone like me? i became an american citizen in november of last year. a sworn oath of the constitution of america. queen elizabeth is one. what do you make of me?
10:48 am
>> you are a traitor, clearly. i will have no more ties to you. talking about stocks and shares all you like. go away. stuart: are we paying you for this? >> i do not think that you are, actually. stuart: what are you doing today to commemorate the queen's birthday? is it kind of a national holiday? >> there are kind of parties. a big street party later on. for me, it is a time where people do get together and celebrate the fact that she has been around for so long. she dedicates her life and service to this country. she is still doing that. committing to anything anymore.
10:49 am
my first marriage lasted less than a year. [laughter] someone who can actually commit to something. speak to distract the fact that you called me a traitor. [laughter] thanks a lot. we will see you soon. hillary clinton. all but locking up the nomination after a very big win in new york. bernie sanders said he would go for trump over hillary. he is a democrat. how about that. exiting obamacare. president obama's legacy fading in my point of view. we will be talking to the architect of obamacare. ♪
10:50 am
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in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: if it was hillary versus trump, who would you vote for? >> i would vote for trump. >> would you really? stuart: all right.
10:54 am
that was farland hill and he is back. you are a bernie supporter. if it is hillary that is the candidate, you will vote for the other candidate. stick to your guns and vote for trump. >> bernie sanders is done. that was his firewall. that is his last stand. he could not make it. i am a trump supporter. why on earth is an intelligent man like you a socialist? >> that is a dirty word. my choices are just so desperate. a democratic socialist. >> you are one of those democrats. the party has left you.
10:55 am
hillary clinton and donald trump. wanting to raise taxes. he wants to cut it. the list goes on and on. he wants to expand obamacare. they do not have an advocate. we cannot elect her. we cannot afford we are headed in the wrong direction. we need to rally around a candidate. the d.c. cocktail party. >> a throwdown. >> a former castrol to that. >> you are not a socialist. you are a democrat.
10:56 am
parties left you behind. you have no one to turn to except for donald trump. stuart: there may well be a lot more democrats to do precisely the same name. >> the "wall street journal" posed this question in his column today. the answer and full story in the next hour.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: almost 11:00 o'clock. new at this hour. the obamacare exchange business. ezekiel emanuel sparks will fly.
11:00 am
later, more liberal campus lunacy. we will tell you why. it is not a requirement at stanford university. a medical breakthrough. it is an implant in your eyes the size of a grain of rice. the victims of iran sponsored terror could get as much as $2 billion from frozen iranian assets in america. the full story. >> state television. the u.s. supreme court. upholding the lower court ruling. the victims of the family
11:01 am
getting access to $2 billion. they can get it next week. >> that is six ackley right. >> this stems from a 2012 pill. allowing this lawsuit to go forward. a huge implications not just for the obama led relation with iran, but also saudi arabia. this is setting quite a precedent. stuart: victims. why don't victims of 9/11 get some compensation from the saudis? >> that is right. this is something that the obama administration is fighting.
11:02 am
the u.s. government sued. >> that is an argument which i can see and understand and agree with. >> including a terrorist regime. donald trump. wanting to change his tone. wanting to become more professional. >> the beginning of the campaign. not just another robot politician. you have to default as a candidate here it that is what he is doing. >> okay. he is going to get a teleprompter. he will be more presidential.
11:03 am
>> i do not think that they are going anywhere. they have a deep emotional investment. he does run a little bit of risk. he has already establishes brand. >> who knows after that. >> needing more disciplined. having a good shot of getting that nomination. donald trump says that hillary clinton will not be indicted. he says the democrats will protect her. i do believe that she is being protect it.
11:04 am
considering bringing charges against hillary clinton. if in fact he is right, the democratic party, that is the story. being politically independent. what we're hearing is that the investigation is much bigger. possibly foreign governments and other entities. that is why it is taking the fbi so much longer. especially if she is not the only one. >> i will leave it there. stuart: record news from overseas.
11:05 am
up to 500 migrants reported these ground in the mediterranean. >> the smugglers using a fishing boat. heading towards italy. transforming it on to a bigger boat. the big votes capsized. about 41 survivors. estimated at least 500 drowned. we see a lot of this this time of year. the greek macedonia border is blocked. goes through greece, through macedonia. more people heading to libya and making a longer journey. a dangerous journey. a new element in the
11:06 am
humanitarian side of the story. multiple humanitarian crisis. migrants clearly suffering and dying. a massive humanitarian. hundreds of thousands of people killed or not. i think responsible in need. shut the borders. the incentives to try to make this track in the first place. the bigger resolution, obviously, some sort of military resolution. stuart: i have one more for you this morning, monica. green energy to policy. >> the green energy bullied. the climate change folks from the un and around the world, the
11:07 am
green energy mandate having government coerce businesses. they claim that it is eradicating poverty. it functions as a regressive tax. as a function. stuart: fracking bernie. we like the reports. >> exactly. stuart: happening right now. ted cruz. she has said that it is going to a brokered convention. donald trump will take the nomination on the first outlet. by the way, that is therefore our rapid fire ground.
11:08 am
monica, you stay there. check the big board. down a mere 18 points. we keep checking mcdonald's. good reason for this. up 30% the past year. top-of-the-line in terms of restaurants. that is exactly what they have been doing. every thursday in the "wall street journal." today, he poses this question. eighty-seven months of obama. why are you liberals asking for change? why don't you answer your own question. >> i think that bernie is done. we have to figure out what is that all about. bernie sanders supporters, college students, young
11:09 am
professionals. they cannot all possibly be socialist, stuart. we want change. the system is broken. we want change. they elected a president named barack obama. hope and change. fast forward seven years. what happened over that seven year. the federal government annually spent all board for trojan dollars pushing it out to all of these programs for every imaginable concern, want and need in the united states. there must be something wrong with the delivery system. >> not so much that they want change, they are angry. the billionaire class. that inequality of income. they are angry jealous more than anything else.
11:10 am
>> the rejection of hillary clinton. she is the ultimate. she gets into those debates. public policy. she is being reject it. you have been out in the streets on washington square. get them involved in politics. if you were a young democrat, why don't you run for congress, they cannot because they will lose. charlie rangel has been representing new york since 1971. those journey supporters are on the outside of the democratic party banging on the doors to get in. stuart: do they want to drag the party even further to the left? is that what they want? >> i think some of them do want
11:11 am
to draw the party to the left. i think some of the young professionals, i know jill professionals in places like san francisco that have jobs and silicon valley and the rest. they want a system that actually functions. if it were, why would fall to more be in trouble? >> a lot of money from workers on apple, google and microsoft, their money, those three technology companies, coming to bernie sanders. >> they are idealists. barack obama. not really bringing any significant change. there is something wrong with the system. black lives matter.
11:12 am
they are very upset with the clintons. okay. if you have another idea, put it on the table. let's talk about it. they cannot hit inside to have anyone listen to their ideas. the democratic party is taxing people. shove it to the pipeline. a great society of 1965. bernie supporters are not going home. >> pound that table. you are right. united health. largest health insurer in america. getting out of the obamacare exchange business. we have the architect of obamacare. he joins us next. ♪ a great part of using the usaa car buying service
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stuart: the health insurer, united healthcare has announced it will leave the majority of the obama health care exchanges next year. ck emanuel is here. he helped design the original obamacare program. thank you for joining us here. how are you going to keep people like the united healthcare company, how are you going to keep them in the system? are you going to consider giving them money? >> first of all, you are absolutely right. second, they need to put united
11:17 am
in context. united was very tepid about joining the exchanges very early on. it has never been a very act their player. even at an absolute peak. it has never been a big player. we still do not know how many it is going to be. they have said five so far. it may well stay in most of the state it has been in. >> you are sounding a little defensive. >> i disagree with you. >> we acknowledge that we have a problem here. >> last year you guys highlighted. forty were joining. you did not advertise that.
11:18 am
we actually had an increase in the insurers. focusing on united. you are not focusing on others. i do agree with you on one important point. having more people at higher risk using more healthcare services than we anticipated. a lot of medical needs. stuart: you need to keep the united healthcare systems of this world in. what do you do? >> i think that there are three important things that need to be done. you have to attract more healthy people to get into the exchanges. that involves making sure that the website keeps improving. second of all, you have to continue to educate the public. so many of these people read the high increases.
11:19 am
premiums went out for them. not up. i think that there is still a big educational push that we need to make. i have always advocated this. the uncertainties of the market, it still has not settled down. i think that those are important things. i think that they are good business practices. an uncertain market where we still are not sure who is going to participate. >> you are not as chesty as you were a blast time you were on the show. listen to this. >> we were in the same studio. i could see it in the whites of your eyes. stuart: mid-level silver. the premium increase is 11% this year. more next year, probably. >> you are not telling the
11:20 am
truth. >> trying to throw out. >> it is not going well and you know it. >> stuart. the fact of the matter is that for 2016, the opinion level went down in 12 states. the average after the subsidy premium was actually down, not up across the country. your idea that it is falling apart is simply wrong. stuart: simply wrong. okay. we do need to attract insurers. we do need to keep them in. we need to provide reassurance. >> you have no idea how many people come to us and say these deductibles are killing me.
11:21 am
i am paying through the nose. you have no idea how many people come to me and complain. i am paying for them. it goes on and on and on. >> let me give you a suggestion. when you get your insurance through fox, all of your coworkers are paying a subsidy. insurance works by everyone pooling their resources. we do it for medicare. again, most people that paid into medicare did not pan the amount they are actually going to take out. health insurance is a way that we spread the risk across everyone did that is its purpose. that is what we want. obamacare is working very well. the second point i would make is that -- stuart: .there.
11:22 am
we have to do commercial. i will show you the whites of my eyes. >> i have been advocating to keep premiums down. that is the key. stuart: okay. thank you very much for joining us. my best to your brother. the supreme court ruled that iranian sponsored terror victims sponsored $2 million in seized funds from iran. iran call that theft. we will discuss it in a moment. ♪ you shouldn't have to go far
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. stuart: senator ted cruz coming off a blast place. ted cruz is doing a rally in maryland. >> he is, stuart. ted cruz is on stage behind me. he strongly opposes the north carolina after aum bill. north carolina is paying the price for it here at ted cruz brought that up at the very beginning. trying to separate himself from donald trump.
11:27 am
trying to play the political correctness card. trump should change its slogan to make america more politically correct again. we are in frederick maryland. about one hour northwest of the white house. this is not potentially politically friendly territory as cruisers heading out towards indiana. >> we can hear him cheering in the background. all right. thank you very much indeed. ashley madison. i guess that that is kind of a contradiction in terms. hacked last year. the users sued ashley madison. >> a little twist to the story. you have to use your real name.
11:28 am
cannot bring the lawsuit. >> okay. what do you make of this? >> this is a huge deterrent to go forward. you have to use your real name. >> you only need one person to use their real name. >> who is that one person going to be? >> hillary clinton continuing her war on the second amendment. this time using sandy hook victims in her political ads. ♪
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