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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 22, 2016 9:00am-10:28am EDT

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extinct to one extent or the other. if a company does not adapt, they will disappear. stuart: not many hands went up, i've got to say. >> a will be selling things for penny on the dollar. just to get rid of inventory. stuart: i have some big names to report today. starting with mcdonald's. caterpillar. general electric. very big names. they are all down. is this a retreat on the part of the dust real america. >> look at caterpillar. caterpillar, for four years, has been called a proxy or for america. 28% equine. this company has consistently
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been in freefall. my argument has always been how can you make a case for this great recovery when caterpillar has suffered as it has. giving no indication of things turning around dramatically anytime soon. stuart: 40 straight quarters. >> 40 straight quarters. they have been on a consistent downturn. stuart: here is a story for you. regulators proposing new rules to limit pay of people on wall street. [laughter] >> one industry is making too much money. this is a very popular belief right now. people on wall street make too much money. i am not saying that they do not come but this is just the governments way of seizing control of pay. and initiating these socialist type controls to maintain more
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control. my thought is that if you do not like how much a ceo with making, then do not buy the stock or do not be a customer of that company. do not leave it up to the government to regulate how much. the government could very easily go into any industry. entertainers, that would scare the daylights out of them if all of a sudden they came in and said, brad pitt is getting paid too much for a movie. stuart: or if the movie bombs, we want your money back. you kind of build yourself foul. thank you very much, indeed. i have to move on to politics. donald trump says he will be more presidential now. so presidential, he says, that we will get a word with him. he said it. he may be right.
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if he called down and is more presidential, a.b. we will be bored with him. maybe he will lose some support. what say you? >> i think that trump is heading into the home stretch here. he needs to act presidential and be taken seriously. at the same time, you will still see the donald trump that we have grown accustomed to on the campaign trail. it is what has got him here. it is what has gotten this far. i do not hang that you will stop hearing him say crooked hillary anytime soon. if it is trump versus hillary in november, who wins? >> well, i t be a lot looser than a lot of people are saying.
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really, when you look at the polls now, asking voters about november, it is purely hypothetical. i think that it would be pretty close. i think that trump would have a shot and i think a lot of people are writing him off right now. stuart: suggesting to the prince that they stay in the european union. >> it is funny. he is happy to go over to the uk and tell them what is best for them and say that they should stay in the eu. the mayor of london is upset about it and i think rightfully so. obama would never suggest something for the u.s. in that way. he is only doing it because it
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fits his globalist idea of world order. it is hypocritical of him to go over and do that. stuart: i have for liberal lunacy on campus for you. the university of wisconsin lacrosse. micro- aggression. >> nothing better to do them this. there is freedom of speech. they are getting so much attention for doing this. eventually, it will become the relevant. we have free speech at this university. live with it. >> exactly. you either have free speech or
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you don't. it is absurd. we believe in free speech, but at the same time, we are getting this hate response team to go out and police. i am so sick of this. >> even has an acronym. let's call in hr team. students being encouraged to report any micro- aggressions. unbelievable. all right, everybody. thank you very much, indeed. crews speaking in williamsport, pennsylvania. we will monitor that for any news that may break. i want to go back to the new york stock exchange. you have to tell me about new american airlines.
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it is pretty great. overall, the unit revenue that they taken also declined about 7% worldwide. they talked about tough competition and weakness in latin america. also the currency. foreign currency. the outlook is not much better. they have to push that off. stock down 6%. stuart: that is a big drop. bathrooms taking center stage in the republican race. we should let transgender people use in a restroom they like. ted cruz disagrees. you will hear what they have to say about this issue in a moment. fox news special report. secrets of 9/11. answering some of the questions about who was involved in the attack.
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before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. stuart: all day we are remembering legendary musician prince. last hour we talked to lauren green. she knew prince personally. >> it was so sudden.
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i remember an article in the star tribune paper about this kid named prince. played all his own instruments and produced his own album. it is amazing. who knew. >> and must have been astonishing. >> we had interaction, it you know. i thought it was appropriate at the time. ♪
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♪ stuart: we are remembering legendary musician prince. found dead yesterday. he was 57. a rainbow appearing over his home in minnesota. i think we lost a legend. >> we certainly did. he was renowned for being an absolutely very tough master for his band. everyone had to get it exactly right.
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he was a brilliant musician. he was self-taught. a true legend. it was very interesting to maintain this kind of aura. stuart: in the next hour, musician taylor dane, she knew prince. you will hear from her at 11:45 a.m. this morning on this program. stuart: i will get to the transgender bathroom controversy. watch this. >> we have to take care of everybody, frankly. i love north carolina. they have a law. unfortunately, it is causing them some problems. >> i am the father of two little girls. here is basic common sense. grown adult man, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls.
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stuart: all right. judge alex is here. judge alex, welcome to the show. >> it is great to be with you again. stuart: why should everybody have two change? why should all public bathrooms have to change because of this issue? the transgender issue. >> if you go back in time, it you could make the same argument. people could have said the same thing. why do we have to change? the reality is, it will come down to an analysis of the rights of individuals. the law is catching up. you know every day we are trying to draft laws to deal with issues that we have never had to deal with before.
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social changes are happening at a tremendous pace right now. this issue is happening very fast. this law is not ready for it. there will be a lot of cases coming forward determining what their rights are for individuals. stuart: if i say -- >> what is the base theater? >> it is not a base beer so much as -- this is a very difficult subject to talk about. i know a lot of women that do not want to do their business in front of a man. do they have any rights? >> absolutely they do. this is a person who may be sexually attracted to them. assuming that a transgender person is bisexual. sexually attracted to women and
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men. stuart: i identify as a woman. therefore i am going into the woman's bathroom. you cannot check him out the door. similarly, there is no way to know. >> misusing this right given to transgender people. are you elect to me as something? >> here is a level of frustration. women use bathrooms with a women who are attracted to them. they may be uncomfortable at this woman is attracted to another woman and she is in the bathroom with me. little girls are going to be in the bathroom with a guy who is really a guy that is dressed up
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like a girl. i understand that. we are kind of assuming that transgender individuals are pedophiles. stuart: it is much more simple than that. >> sneaking into the bathroom anyway. >> having a right to be in that bathroom. >> man versus transgender man who is living as a woman. stuart: thanks for addressing it. >> the courts will be struggling with this in dealing with equal protection rights. schools will be dealing with that, too. so far the courts have sided with students. stuart: more information on the multiple shooting in ohio.
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>> seven family members killed at this home. about 80 miles east of cincinnati. we believe that the shooter is still on the loose. we have a manhunt going on in ohio. we will continue to follow this. we are down 65 at 17917. back in a moment. ♪ can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. parnell pharmaceuticals, spotparn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our
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stuart: game of thrones new season arrives and starts this sunday. mike ablow is here. game of thrones is popular. >> do me a favor. stuart: of sex and violence. a lot of it on that show. >> political intrigue. stuart: is it bigger than walking dead. you name it. you have the honor of being the most pirated show in the world.
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several times buying star wars. >> swords in games of their own. yes, generally. this is a replica crown from hbo. how much? >> a $300 replica of the crown. >> you are not going to go selling this, are you? >> no. this is not mine. hbo cannot sell enough of these. that is around the show. people just cannot get enough of it. >> they give very much indeed.
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stuart: this is happening now. breaking news now. more details about the news of prince. a concert in atlanta. prince took percocet. a very powerful painkiller for a problem with his hip. he had some surgery. apparently, he took too much percocet. they landed in illinois. apparently, he was given a safe shop right now that it is. the impact of the percocet. he was also seen going to walgreens at least four times. somewhat agitated outside walgreens.
9:28 am
percocet very, very strong. he is having problems with his hip. whether that was a contributing factor. >> think you very much. checked the bait board, please. we are down 64 points. a lot of big names. you look at microsoft. that is a dow stock. 7%. google. that is down bed. forty-eight lower. they have been hurt by spending on those new wild projects. here is another big name. facebook. right now it is at 109.
9:29 am
dragging down and technology. this is a non-technology stop. their profits nearly cut in half. down it goes 9%. lower jet fuel costs. revenue in latin america really down. really getting hurt there. the stock is down 5%. president obama meeting with prime minister david cameron and great britain. pushing the prints to stay in the european union. and a lot of people there do not like what they think of us. they want our president to stay
9:30 am
out of our business. the duke. as you can see, mr. obama thinks i will get into the land rover. he loves to drive. the first lady and michelle obama in the back. the duke who is 95 years old says i've got this and drives off. the only good thing is it is a very short drive from the lawn up to the castle. the president of the united states.
9:31 am
wanting to get into the u.s. their mexico. as always, ashley is right here. this report came out over arrests. they interview these people. one of the suspects revealed plans with isis in syria. carrying out attacks here. >> this is not good news for president obama. probably supportive of donald trump. >> we have seen that.
9:32 am
president obama's isis strategy has been a complete disaster. his message to his supporters. he gets stronger with these types of things happening. >> more information here. this is a hard one to stand. buying nuclear material from iran. specifically 30 new tons of heavy water. >> this is part of the nuclear terrorism that iran has to get rid of. the united states coming forward to buy it. using taxpayer dollars to subsidize its program. they just kind of get at you. stuart: it just kind of gets at you. >> heavywater is a key component
9:33 am
in the making of atomic weapons. under the deal that we did with iran, they are supposed to keep a certain level of heavy water. as a general pointed out, no one is buying the water from iran. the u.s. is stepping up to the plate saying we will buy some. at least a and a half million dollars. iran has to keep that level of this heavy water. stuart: it is not so much the price, it is the principle. we are buying stuff from them. all right. where are we going now? i have to dow down. the obama administration, let's see what we've got here. i want to move away from the heavy water. i have had enough of that. i want to stay on politics. donald trump says that he will start being more professional. here is ed rollins.
9:34 am
i should say more presidential. >> trump himself was saying this. i will be presidential. this is just an act i have been doing. really in my heart and soul, i will be a good leader. that test is coming. stuart: susan, he will be more presidential. he says he may be more boring. can he hold onto his supporters being boring? >> who are the good people that he will put up around him? he comes up with all these policies by watching the shows. he has a big brain so he knows how to work these things out. that is not very presidential. he will also have to deal with his critics. are you lying to us? are you really a different person? do you have different policies? >> he has to be more
9:35 am
professional. >> that is part of what they are saying. yes, he will learn how to read off of a teleprompter. he needs to start thinking through a policy before just guessing at it. >> that is what his wife said he had what would you like donald to stop doing and she immediately said tweets. [laughter] let's move on to the democrats. hillary clinton ambergris handers have tied, believe it or not, in campaign cash. >> the amount of money flowing into bernie sanders campaign has really picked up this year. he has outraised hillary by 50% every month this year. stuart: that is extraordinary. hillary will still be the nominee. >> there is very little doubt that she will be the parties nominee. you cannot take away what bernie sanders has been able to achieve.
9:36 am
he has over 1 million donors. people very interested in giving him $27 increments. bernie sanders will have to decide if he wants to be part of team hillary or if he wants to continue to be the movement. >> will he withdraw gracefully and graciously the way that hillary dead or will he go out in a ball of fire and say i am a socialist. >> hillary clinton wanted to be president eight years later. she had an agenda. stuart: thank you very much, indeed did that is therefore our rapid fire. back to president obama's trip to the united kingdom. i will quote for you. today, we face tests to this order. terrorism and aggression. challenges that can only be
9:37 am
matched with the united states and the united kingdom were lying on one another. reggie gabriel is with us now. that was a quote from an article in the newspaper written by president obama where he is urging the prints to stay in the european union. one of the reasons is the migrant crisis. he wants the prints to take migrants. i am not so sure that is going to go down very well. >> no, it is not going to go down very well. that is exactly why they want to get out of the au. watching what is happening around them. they are going why are we into this? we need to protect our borders. we need to protect our identity. we need to be in control of who is was going in and two is coming out. stuart: recent news out this week did possibly 500 migrants
9:38 am
grounding in the mediterranean. that makes the humanitarian side of the crisis much more important. right into the headlines. maybe the president is right. we have to do something about millions of people trying to get in. they are drowning by the hundreds in the mediterranean. >> the argument is now 24 hours. it is in the news. the europeans have seen that you can feel the passion and feel sorry for the immigrants. you realize that they are destroying your country. that is exactly what has happened to germany. compassion towards refugees. they realize they have made a mistake. that is what britain is trying to avoid. >> , then, christians. you are okay.
9:39 am
>> i wish you could get lesson. they are not the ones that we are worried about. isis has already infiltrated them. stuart: i am sorry to cut it though short. we appreciate you being on the show this morning. >> bank you. it was a pleasure. pat, utah politics. we will do that. specifically donald trump and the restroom controversy. first, music from pat boone's new album. ♪ they say that in life,
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b2 and up date on the developments surrounding the death of prince. ashley: tmz reporting that
9:43 am
prints old deed on percocet. the painkiller. he was forced to make an emergency landing in illinois. tmz said the medical personnel on the ground gave him a "save shot." this would come days before he was found dead just yesterday at his home in minnesota. a very powerful painkiller. donald trump also commenting. i met prints on numerous occasions. he was an amazing talent and wonderful guy. stuart: the religious right. should use whatever bathroom they want. he says there should be some exceptions. actor, singer and conservative
9:44 am
pat boone is with us. are you upset allowing exceptions. a legal abortion. he is very successful in business. this whole political thing is still new to him. of course, he is blindsided sometimes by questions that are not considered. this whole thing about restrooms. i knew bruce jenner long ago. to me, he is still bruce. you can add this if you want. that is his right. i do not think even he would want to go into, well, he may go
9:45 am
into a female restroom. i do not thank you would want other males who think their females to go into young girls, high school and other public places. there has to be some boundaries somewhere. stuart: i understand. i am thinking of trump support. now, he is off this abortion and bathroom issue. do you think that he has made a mistake here? >> yes. a lack of pulling a cool experience. although, you say i am a trump supporter. on fox i have said, i defended him as a newcomer. the kind of person that the founding fathers may have welcomed. not a politician. not anyone wanting to build a
9:46 am
career in washington. he did not have to be politically astute, in their view. he would just try to represent the people that elected him. i did say that i look forward to the convention where the majority of republicans will have the final say, as they did when abraham lincoln came to a contested convention with 20% of the vote and on the third alice was elected. that was a system that works pretty well now. whether it is trump. we want a real leader of the free world. you could be a diplomat as well. >> i am sure you have been as entertained as everyone else. he was entertaining. will you miss him if he tones it down and columns that down and becomes a more professional candidate?
9:47 am
>> no. if i could talk to him now, and i do not think he is listening, but he may here what i have said. get some film out and watch ronald reagan. he can disagree with you 180%. he can be friend them and he did not call them names. this idea of attaching degrading names to all of the opponents has got to go. it is not residential. >> may bring back crooked hillary. if he continues with that, it will work against him. i think his own wife is trying to convince them of that. >> tab wound. eighty-one years old. the -- drove the president of the united states of america. >> that is great.
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thank you very much for joining us, sir. they are quitting obamacare. we will tell you how much more in a moment. it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now,
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: we are off the lows of the day. 17943 for the dow. this is the story of the day. they are way, way, way down. all of them down more than 3%. a big drop. look at mcdonald's. they are up $0.24. they were covered a little there. sketchers posted stronger profit. they are up three and a half percent. boston beer. ouch. profits cut in half. they are down 9%. i have this for you.
9:53 am
a breaking story. the government of virginia is going to give convicted felons the right to vote. >> he says that there is no question we have had a horrible history and voting rights as it relates to african americans, we should remedy it. i have done my part. now it is up to these people. this could have big implications. it is presumed that this would be far more friendly for democratic. >> he is eight democratic governor. 200,000 people the right to vote. some of them will be african-americans. you could not exactly swing the election, but you will be a fact there. >> you have completed the role. you are now eligible to compete in virginia.
9:54 am
stuart: of next. an exception to the campus lunacy. university of florida bucking the trend. telling its students to grow up. don't you love it. that is next. ♪ [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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stuart: a very interesting political development moments ago.
9:58 am
i'm going to bring you more on it. here's the story. the governor of virginia is going to give convicted felons the right to vote. maybe more than 200,000 of them the right to vote, and that would be in november of this year. there are political implications for this. joining us now is the leader of the nonpartisan organization, all in together. >> thanks for having me. stuart: off the top of my held, i would say that's a democrat governor roping in more democrat voters for p and you say? >> well, look, the issue around the life that convicted felons face after they get out of prison has become, actually, a very important bipartisan issue. the conversations around criminal justice reform have had support on both sides of the aisle. i think for sure for the democrats it's a benefit when largely minority convicted felons have the right to vote. stuart: sure. but are you lumping this in with criminal justice reform? >> you know -- stuart: because that's about
9:59 am
sentencing policy. >> well, it is. but the banning the box, for instance, is about enabling convicted felons to go to work without being asked about their history once they've served their time. many foams feel your full -- folks feel your full rights should be restored, and i think this is something the democrats feel very strongly about. stuart: your organization is nonpartisan. >> right. stuart: you approve of this? >> i mean, look, in general i do think it's important that we maximize the opportunities for all americans to participate in our democracy. that is the essence of our nation. stuart: could it be that terry mcauliffe -- a very good friend of the clintons, i believe he gave them their first mortgage. >> he ran their campaign in 2008. stuart: yes, he did. help the clintons and do it before november so we can get maybe -- >> i don't know, i think it also helps him in the state of
10:00 am
virginia because, obviously, you know, he's -- it's an important voting bloc for, you know, minorities are an important voting bloc for democrats. i'd like to see republicans embrace this thing a little bit more. republicans need more support in the united stateses from minorities, and if they're going to win back the presidency, they need more minority votes, so i'd love to see in this become more of a bipartisan push. unfortunately, it is partisan today, but that's a choice. stuart: why would a republican governor give voting power to convicted felons if that republican governor knows that the voting power he or she is giving away would go against him in the election? >> well, if you believe in the principles of freedom and equality and the basics of our democracy, then you believe in -- stuart: that's why i say terry mcauliffe's moves have nothing to do with principle. it's political advantage. >> i mean, it doesn't hurt. look, i think this should be a nonpartisan issue.
10:01 am
we need a maximum of participation in our democracy k and anything that eliminates, you know, huge numbers of our citizens from participating, to me, is a disservice. stuart: terry mcauliffe was the co-chair of bill clinton's 1996 re-election campaign. >> he has very deep relationships with the clintons, no question about it. stuart: and something to do with hillary's 2008 presidential -- he was the chairman of her campaign, i believe. >> yes, he was. >> mere coincidence. >> i'm not saying it's not political undertones to a choice like this. you would have to be sort of deaf, dumb and blind not to see that. [laughter] i am saying, however, regardless of the political optics, i happen to think that it is important that we find ways to get more people involved in our political process. and i do believe and, frankly, this is a libertarian point of view, when people fill their debt to society, their rights as citizens should be fully restored. stuart: okay. we understand that. [laughter]
10:02 am
lauren charvet, that's a french last name. >> it is. stuart: i don't hold it against you. thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be here. stewart stuart i'm going to go back to the u.k. debate for a second. you're looking at the queen of england right now, there he is escorted by or leading in our president, president obama. i'm not -- i think that's windsor castle. yes, it is. that's where the queen lives for most of the year. that's her comfortable pad. must be cold. she's got a fire going there. >> yeah. they're talking about snow tomorrow in england. stuart: snow? >> yeah, for the london marathon. supposed to be freezing, so that's why the fire is roaring. stuart: now, that would be a nonpolitical meeting right there between the president and the queen, but the president is there to be very political -- >> help david cameron. stuart: who wants england to stay in europe. look at the big board, we're coming back a little bit.
10:03 am
we're only down 12 points, 17,969. going to quote norfolk southern, profits up 25%. it's a winner. one of the biggest winners of all the s&p 500 stocks as well. 8% up. american airlines, profits good because of lower fuel costs, but revenue hurt by their big operation in latin america, weakness there, down it goes 5%. how about caterpillar? issued a weak outlook, and now they are down 1%, $1, 1.25%. vw, they're going to take an $18 billion charge because of that emissions scandal. >> wow. stuart: that's more money than was expected, but volkswagen holding at $30 a share. now this: liberal lunacy on campus, that's what i'm calling it. first, cornell says it wants to hold student elections entirely based on race to give greater inclusion. that's -- was that cornell? >> yes. stuart: cornell.
10:04 am
second, university of wisconsin lacrosse, more pro-trump chalk called hostile, okay? they don't like that. third, an exception -- this is what we're waiting for here. florida atlantic university wants to make the entire campus a free speech zone. how about that? joining me now, steve haywood, professor at pepperdine, a man we like, a tenured professor, for heavens sake. look, i fully support what that university in florida is doing. it's basically telling its students, grow up. i love it, don't you? >> well, yes. but isn't it amazing, stuart, that it has come to this? i mean, if you go back two or three years here in california, there was an episode at a community college where a student was stopped from passing out pocket copies of the constitution because he wasn't doing it in a free speech zone. i mean, the idea that you would restrict speech on campus to little zones somewhere is repugnant to the idea of a university which is supposed to
10:05 am
stand for open inquiry and pretty much anything goes. and, i mean, this is completely preposterous but very much good news for florida atlantic for saying let's make the whole university a free speech zone. that's the way it should be. stuart: outside that florida situation, this nonsense continues all over the country whether it's chalk and trump or safety zones or sensitivity and all that kind of thing. i mean, i'm just flabbergasted, quite frankly, professor. i cannot imagine a university encouraging or even entertaining that kind of nonsense. and it's happening. >> yeah. well, here's what you need to understand about this. this isn't just timid administrators, this is deep ideological doctrine of the radical left that is so powerful on college campuses. look, the idea that's at the center of leftist ideology on campus is that it's all about power, and therefore, any ideas that get in the way of their drive for power such as, say,
10:06 am
republicans, should be suppressed. they actually don't believe in free speech anymore. they don't believe in open inquiry, and that's a real threat to the very idea of a university. that does need to be stopped or the university is finished. stuart: what are we doing about this? other than what's happening in florida, what about the rest of the country? >> well -- [laughter] you know, even some liberals on college campuses i know, because i've talked to them, say they think this is going too far. but look, i mean, i think that some people should fight back. for example, on these campuses where people object to chalkings about trump, i think college republicans should file formal complaints against every bernie sanders event on the straightforward theory that bernie sanders is a socialist, and his socialism creates misery, hate, persecution and guy -- gulags, right? maybe some of this nonsense will stop. stuart: do you think we can expect some college administrators to have a backbone and say this is a university, we encourage the free exchange of ideas and
10:07 am
opinion? will we ever see that on a grand with scale? >> well, you know, i think most -- the job description for most college administrators these days has a line that specifies you must be a p spineless invertebrate. [laughter] however, one thing that's happened recently is that the university of missouri, you remember that fuss at the university of missouri where you had the professor who was, i think rightly fired for calling for muscle to intimidate a journalist? well, their new student enrollments are down sharply. applications are down sharply. and they've had to close four dormitories, and they're going to be way in the red this year. that's the marketplace speaking. and i think if the marketplace continues to speak out hike this, even spineless college administrators are going to change their tune. stuart: yes, i like it. what was that expression? spineless invertebrate? what'd he saysome. >> spineless invertebrates, yeah. stuart: you're famous. steve hayward, everybody, a professor. we like you. thanks very much, we appreciate it.
10:08 am
>> thanks, stuart. stuart: look, general motors down about 28 credibilities, but we've -- cents, but we've got breaking news. >> gm announcing they're going to idle four plants because of supply chain issues from the recent earthquakes in japan, one in ontario, another in tennessee, ohio and kansas. they're going to be idle for a couple of weeks starting on monday, they say. it's not going to hurt finances or the production plans but, certainly, supply chain issues because of those earthquakes in southern japan. stuart: gm's 32 this morning. after the break we'll discuss the life of prince. next, someone who sang with him on stage back in the 1980s. yes. ♪ ♪ she walked in through the out door, out door. ♪ she wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store ♪
10:09 am
10:10 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow and the s&p are higher for the week, up about three-tenths of 1%. the nasdaq down, so two up, one down. the i dow's down 23 points, and the s&p down 6. rails are running hot, and that is after norfolk southern came out with its numbers, having its best day in five months.
10:11 am
and you can see the whole group here, csx, kansas city southern all gaining. visa lowering its revenue forecast, that's down about 3.5%. then there's valeant which is down over 80% over the last 52 weeks. the drugmaker seeking to awe point joseph papa at its new chief executive, and it could be as soon as next week, though they're not commenting. stocks soaring, up almost 8%. start your day at five a.m., we'll see you there.
10:12 am
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and its specific reversal treatment. stuart: we're remembering pop icon prince today. joining us on the phone, one of prince's contemporaries, '80s pop star taylor dayne. it's great to have you with us. >> oh, thank you. stuart: you knew him personally, please tell us the story of when you met him in hamburg in 1988. go. >> yeah. it was pretty much the beginning of my career. i had just played monotroh, and tell it to my heart was blowing up all throughout europe. i had just done the michael jackson bad tour, and i was continuing on with my promo and breaking my first record and, you know, i was the breakout artist there. i'll never forget we went to see prince was doing his stadium
10:14 am
term for the love sexty tour and sheila on drums. it was pretty phenomenal, and his brother came up to us at the concert, and he said, you know, please come to an after party and a concert he's doing after the show. we went, and i was with my record rep and the i was dating and my background singer, and we went to the concert. we were heading into the loo, and we see these pants coming down, and it says love and sexy, and he's standing in front of me on the way to the bathroom. he goes, what's your name? i said, taylor. and he said, taylor what? i said taylor dayne, he says, i've been wanting to meet you for a long time. you're blowing up, you're amazing. and said, okay, and he's chewing a piece of gum, and he'sing with very provocative as only he could be, fantastic suit. and i go, what is that coming out of your mouth? he goes, what are you talking about?
10:15 am
i go to grab it, and he goes, girl, it's a piece of gum. it was crazy. i want you to sing with me. i go, what? he says, come on stage, you're going to sing with me right now. i'm standing there flabbergasted. i said, okay, but i will be taking this girl, can she sing with me? he says, girl, you are crazy. i go, she's got to sing with me, she goes everywhere with me. and sure enough, he called me on stage. that's how it all began. two weeks later i was in paisley park, you know, the studio, having a party. stuart: that's a great story. >> he was amazing. the beginning of it all for me, yeah. stuart: step back a little for those of us who are not as musically oriented. could you assess his impact on music? tell us. >> i have to say, you know, as the young prodigy that he obviously was and his desire, i
10:16 am
mean, when you watch him on stage, the consummate entertainer. his borrowing of everything that inspired him from jimi hendrix to james brown to michael jackson to his ability. i mean, he was a complete -- i've never, over all these 30 years of me being an active artist and watching him time and time again, the late night shows, going to after hours clubs and happening with musicians and the way this man was continually pushing his boundaries. i mean, he was an unexhausted musician and inspiring and, of course, the music itself and the pop to the genres he's touched, i just, it just always blew my mind. you were always around the mystique of hi in maintaining that and his fashion -- everything. everything. i mean, it is what art is truly about. i just have to say yesterday --
10:17 am
stuart: let me ask you, after that first meeting with him in hamburg, 1988, did you keep in touch? did you know him later in your life? >> yes, yes, yes. i went on to, you know, his video director at the time was one that i ended up working with right after. yes, i went right from europe, i went right back to the states in a couple of weeks, and he invited me down to paisley park. then i was in minneapolis there with him and the concert there and a performance at his home. yeah, he was an incredible musician's musician too. a real, you know, he just adored new artists and the sharing and the amount of generosity on stage and just musicianship was just extraordinary. and he just never stopped, you know? he was endless. and, of course, i became friendly with mayte, and it went on. stuart: such a sad loss of talent and a sad loss for music in general. >> it's kind of shocking, because he's the type of artist you expected to see at 70 years
10:18 am
old just continually reshaping and redesigning the landscape of music. stuart: sad loss. taylor dayne, thanks very much for taking time out -- >> thank you. very hard to process a loss at such an age, and it's such a, somebody that has touched so much of us. stuart: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. stuart: thank you. now, we are waiting for president obama and prime minister cameron to emerge from that door. that is 10 downing street. that is the official residence of the prime minister of england. britain, i should say. and the two of them will be appearing, walking out of that door -- >> they will. stuart: -- shortly, we believe. >> they've had a bit of a bromance. i don't know if you remember when david cameron came to the states, and he went to a college basketball game with president obama, pictured courtside eating a hot dog, and mr. obama promising to teach him the rules of basketball if he would teach
10:19 am
mr. obama the rules of cricket. stuart: ah, the door is open. i see a lot of aides -- [laughter] >> it's like a clown car, they just keep coming. stuart: that's ap enormous number of people. the last ones out have to be the president and the prime minister. >> you would think. no, no. stuart: they're closing the door. the reason -- now, prime minister cameron wants britain to stay in europe. >> yes. stuart: and there's a vote on that on june the 23rd. >> yeah. stuart: he wants britain to stay in europe, so he has invited pram to come over to -- president obama to come over to england and back up -- >> lucky for him it just happens to be the queen's 90th birthday so he could look like it was a visit by the president and first lady, but no doubt he's called him in to help his cause. stuart: i wonder what president obama's going to say? how enthusiastic will he will -- >> i wonder if he's going to be asked about all the criticism he's received for hid -- his
10:20 am
op-ed that's ruffled some feathers, because people are saying you have no business telling us what we should and shouldn't be doing. stuart: yes. that's an important opinion piece in the telegraph which is a conservative newspaper. >> it is. a paper whose readers would probably prefer to get out of the e.u. stuart: but the president is saying, no, you really ought to stay in. specifically, he says stay in because group needs help with the migrant crisis. yes. it's one of the main reasons they don't want to be part of the e.u., so he's talking at -- stuart: he also says we need your help to stay in europe and help with climate change. >> that's not going to resonate, believe me. stuart: i think to address the issue of sovereignty would be better off. >> that's what it's all about. david cameron believes he won concessions from brussels that are good enough to enable britain to stay in, but they will have more autonomy, they
10:21 am
won't be put under rules and regulations dealing with law. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, you've got a couple of guys with british accents. both of us are americans, by the way -- >> yes, we are. stuart: but we're droning on about whether the brits should stay in europe or not, and we're saying this because our president, president obama, is there right now opening the door -- another posse. >> how many people are in there? [laughter] it's like the tardis in dr. who. it looks so tuneny on the outside. -- tiny on the outside. stuart: we keep droning on because our president is there trying to convince the brits to stay in europe, and you and i don't want it. >> we don't, no. younger people in the u.k. do. they believe the future is within the e.u., but those of us who experienced the european common market realize you put a lot of money in and get very little out. stuart: and there they are. now, whether they approach microphones immediately or whether they drive off, i'm not sure where they're heading at this moment. no, they're straight across the street.
10:22 am
>> see ya later. stuart: they may be going to a venue of some sort where they can address the media. i don't know whether -- >> oh, here we go. stuart: maybe they'll come through those doors. pretty soon we're going to hear from the president of the united states as to why he's there supporting the brits to stay in europe. no doubt we'll hear from prime minister cameron as well about why he's invited president obama. >> it's going to be a bit of a love fest, because the president is there to tout what david cameron has been telling the country. in fact, the government in the u.k. has put out a pamphlet saying why they should stay in the e.u. which has been controversial because taxpayers are paying for this, taxpayers who may not agree. stuart: again, you may ask why are we spending so much time -- >> it's important for the u.s. stuart: and for the world actually. because if the brits leave, if they walk away from europe -- and they've been in europe for 42 years -- they walk away at this moment in time, then others will walk away.
10:23 am
>> i think there's a very good chance of that. they're a key part of the e.u. even though they don't share the currency, they are a key part. and if they believe it could, as you say, lead to a domino effect. stuart: i see that door opening again. i'm always intrigued, i want to know who's coming out of it. that's not 10 downing street, it's london as you can see from the bug on the top of the screen. definitely -- >> i think it's a meeting hall across the street from 10 downing street. stuart: they walked straight across. i'm waiting just to see if our president walks out of that door. he's not coming yet. they're gesticulating, telling him where to go. >> they will always have been talking about the fight against isis, the situation in syria and, you know, the role that the u.k. and the u.s. are playing in that. stuart: now, on that note, you brought us the story earlier today of an isis guy in america who has been arrested, and he spilled the beans to authorities here saying that they had a plan to bring in more isis fighters
10:24 am
into america through the mexican border. >> yes. stuart: that is, seems to me, to be extremely bad news for president obama. >> something people have feared, and we're just having it basically verified that that, indeed, is part of the plans. he sent plans to -- this person was arrested in minnesota, sent the plans to isis leaders in syria and said, hey, look, here's the route you can take. just come up through mexico. get right across the border and launch attacks in the united states. stuart: there was another negative this morning for president obama, and that is we in america will spend $8 million of taxpayer money to buy 33 tons of heavy water from iran. getting rid of that heavy water which you can use to develop atomic weapons, getting rid of that water was part of the iran/america nuke deal. nobody else would buy it. >> right. stuart: so we, the taxpayers, now have to buy and spend $8 million on heavy water from iran. >> yeah. stuart: that's not a plus. >> purely on the hopes other
10:25 am
people will follow suit and buy that heavywater, enabling iran to bring down the supplies, if you like, of this heavywater. we're just doing it in the hopes other people will follow suit. stuart: so here you have two world leaders heavily involved in the migrant crisis and the iran nuke deal, and now they're meeting about whether britain should stay in europe. the two world leaders agree, a lot of people in britain do not agree. >> they don't. the latest poll out of the u.k. today basically split right down the middle. there's also quite a large number of undecided and, you know, it will be interesting to see who makes the best points in the coming, we've got about eight weeks before the vote. it's going to be close. stuart: yeah. i don't care what the president or prime minister cameron says when they do emerge and say something, it's not going to affect the stock market. >> not at all. stuart: period. no immediate financial impact on britain -- i'm sorry, on america or anywhere in the immediate future. what's happening on wall street at the moment is some big name technology stocks are way, way down.
10:26 am
that's hurting the whole market. it's hurting the dow industrials, because we've got apple as a dow stock, microsoft as a dow stock, we've got google -- >> alphabet, yep. stuart: alphabet, i should say. they are all down significantly. all right. what's next? i'm still -- okay. we've just had the two minute warning. >> they're getting realize. stuart: the two minute warning means this: the president will appear in two minutes. now, he's not always punctual and definitely on time -- >> no. stuart: d but we got the two minute warning. >> they're both very eloquent speakers, they're both very good. stuart: they are. >> for what it's worth. stuart: opening the door. somebody's going in this time. it's about time i hand it over to neil cavuto, and he can handle the opening of the doors. neil cavuto can handle what our president's going to say about the brits staying or leaving europe. are you there, neil cavuto? neil: i am. and i'm listening with great interest to you two brits -- [laughter] talking about this. because the doors kind of remind
10:27 am
me of the wizard of oz. [laughter] who's come to talk to the great oz. [laughter] are all your doors that tall in britain? i mean, my goodness. stuart: look, neil, it's now 12 noon almost exactly. it's your time, so get on with it. good bye. neil: all right, jeez. the attitude, all right. sorry about the war, right, stuart? [laughter] all right. here's where we stand. we are about a minute away from the president and prime minister of britain, apparently they're trying to patch over some differences, as stu and ashley pointed out, the brits are a little upset, probably very much upset that the president asserted himself in this great argument back and forth as to whether the brits should extract themselves from the european union. they think that that's not his place. never mind though that brits, of course, when they come to the united states have pontificated on internal policies that we've had. for example, raging debates on


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