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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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information you need. some key developments that are happening tomorrow. other networks don't know what they are doing. we care. we are there. >> i want you to be outside. william and kate welcome the obama's. we will go to the video. it is feeding into us live as soon as we have it here at i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. have we gone nuts? grown adult men. stranger should not be alone in the bathroom with little girls.
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trish: a different person in private then he is in public. projecting an image. the party has been playing is now if all thing. exactly what was said and what it means. isis is looking to open across our border with mexico. a drug tunnel under the border recently. isis hopes to blame terrorists here. a group of somali men plotting to use border tunnel to recruit. paid for and assisting anyone that is traumatized.
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trump is not trying to establish the republican party. trying to soothe skyhigh tension. trump railed against their brake system. the committee today saying it favors a front runner who does not reach that magic number of 1237. democratic strategist. welcome to you guys. first, to you. do you think that donald trump has the discipline to move to the center at this point in time? the mac that is such a great question. in position right now. he has to become disciplined. he has seen multiple opportunities to be able to gain the trust of many of these delegates in key states and really garner the support of
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other gop voters. he will have to tighten up. become the disciplined candidate. a campaign structure that will support that, and hopefully it would calm the nerves of the establishment. part of the reason why so many people like tim is because he was the guy that was willing to say anything at any time and catch people off guard. will you still receive the support? >> i agree with mercedes. maybe two months ago. i mean, i think, a strict locking attack.
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doing the right thing right now. voting off delegates. >> let me ask you about this. this is being talked about because trans- genders want to be able to use women's bathrooms. ted cruz's saying, why do i want a grown man in a women's bathroom. remember that show was somebody's. you are dressed as a woman. you go when and use the bathroom. no one is really going to go in and look at you funny because you are dressed as a woman. do we really need the federal government involved in bathrooms? you are a man and you walk in dressed as a man. if you are looking like a woman thinking you are a woman, i think you may have more of a problem going into the men's room dressed like that.
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>> this is a redmeat issue for conservatives. important dates for ted cruz. something that he obviously wants to push forward in terms of garnering that support. donald trump is putting his economic hat on. really talking about the states making these positions. as opposed to a federal government, for example. setting up a mandate of sorts. we will leave the law as it is. >> who cares. does it really matter? >> it actually appears to more of the party. the whole thing took a very different set of supporters. steve, 1237. you have to have it. brokering the details to finally
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quench this nomination. they probably win. they will support whoever wins their state. those 150 or so on plates delegates coming over and giving them the number. >> they will have to do that. if they do not give it to the guys who have the majority and support, the people will be really angry. >> he is just getting the plurality. the majority is key. short about 75 delegates.
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a time in the convention where donald trump becomes this disciplined candidate. he actually could win over hillary clinton. trish: when you say that, disciplined politician, is part of that backing off? bringing the ronc members in. you will need the are a wednesday. you will need the grassroots. it is those individuals that have been actively participating in a party for years. for decades. >> you are supposed to put a deal together. >> thank you so much, guys. a president is visiting big uk. the european union.
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they have folks furious. including the leader of the uk's independent party. >> washington, frankly. you would not expect the british prime minister to intervene. trish: with this flyer here at home? the independent leader may be making a point. john bolton joins the onset right now. william and kate entertaining the obama's. telling the uk, look, you should stay, as part of the eu. >> what is illegitimate about this is he is not a citizen.
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he is a president of the united states. i think that this is interference. let's not forget, obama brought david cameron into our congressional debate. had been actively lobbying on capitol hill. i think both were wrong, honestly. trish: what do you think that the uk could do? to terror attacks. they continue to allow more in. >> i would vote to leave. i think that it was a value subtract her. simply a free-trade zone.
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there is no doubt what that you supporters are trying to do. trish: you mentioned today that he is effectively returning the favor. >> if he loses this, i find it very difficult. trish: i have to tell you, including some hedge fund managers that are very worried about the possibility. they think that it could be a systemic problem for markets what is your reaction to that? do you think they can handle it? >> of course they can. the systemic market is at european union itself.
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you cannot do what they have done. you cannot impose the economic regulation. britain will be well out of there. i am with you on that. what are they thinking. it sounds great. you cannot have a united economy without having a united government. we are going to get alexander hamilton over here. how does that work. let's have a united states and europe. we started and grew. they are trying to do it top down. we see it in paul after paul. it is a big drop on. trish: different languages. different food. it will be a real challenge. perhaps, a breakup call. maybe this is an example of
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europe eventually splitting up. i think that it has to happen. i think it would give them a chance to put the european union back on a better direction. this has never been about business and economics. it has always been about power. >> all right. thank you so much. good to have you here, sir. >> glad to be here. tunnels into the united states. tunnels much like this newly discovered one that i showed to you the other day. sending our border debates to new levels. the investigation into the mysterious death of prince. an autopsy today taking place. we will bring you all the details on that autopsy. back in two. ♪
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>> breaking today. a group of somali men living in minnesota were planning to smuggle terrorists into our country. u.s. officials discovering the longest drug trafficking, ever seen right now southern california. the tymel crossing our borders stretches nearly half a mile long. it is outfitted with a ventilation system, a series of stairwells and even a elevator, if you can imagine. concealed by nothing more than a dumpster. carrying out attacks here. kt mcfarland joins me now. good to see you. what is stopping them?
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>> nothing. it really is a matter of time. we are looking more closely at people coming into the united states. they have to find another route. a wide-open southern border. seeing individuals that are sneaking across the open border. >> here you have these immigrants that are living in minnesota. living in minnesota. they are plotting an attack. trying to find a way to use these. what do we need to do in terms of effectively soul-searching here in the u.s. to keep us safe? >> look at what is happening. you are seeing a migrant stream that is coming into europe. on the other hand, we know isis has put terrorists in those
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streams. we saw it in the brussels attack. that should be a wake-up call to us. an open border is an opportunity that they will exploit. we should get control of that southern border. we should make sure that at the same time -- is that a metaphor. we had the same debate. here is the deal that reagan cut out. he said we will build a wall. we will get amnesty. we gave him amnesty and we never built the wall. we do not know how many. it could even be a magnitude of five-10 times as much today. it is not just economic. you can have terrorists. you can put a suitcase of drugs.
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trish: looking at this video. these guys trying to cross the wall by scaling that fence. you saw the video on the backpacks. what could be in those backpacks? they are drug smugglers. we know that. white is to stop you from smuggling a weapon? >> what is to stop you from smuggling it materials. resumable he doing the same thing across the border. we have also seen in israel, and israeli border. there are tunnels they are. this is a way bad guys penetrate civil society. >> in some ways, it is remarkable that we have been as safe as we have since 9/11. it has not been perfect and we have had recent events like san bernardino, but when you think about how bone trouble we are --
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>> we should look at european fadeout is a wake-up call. let's do something about it. it is the future. trish: kt, thank you very much. it is scary. they need that wake-up call. >> we need to fix it. trish: what killed popstar prince. new developments into the investigation. a tribute to the superstar. we will have the very latest for you. keep it here. ♪ everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served
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trish: and autopsy. what caused the death of pop superstar prince. his plane making him a emergency landing last week and i'll
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annoy. joining me right now with more intel. fox news mike tobin. mike, what do we know? >> we know that that autopsy should be concluded. it started at 9:00 o'clock this morning. usually takes two-three hours. doctor a quinn strobl. the results on toxicology which could provide some answers as to whether drugs were in the system. the results on that could take weeks. the website tmz, the celebrity gossip website dropped a few bombshells. prince was using percocet and had been using percocet since 2010 when he had hip surgery. a bombshell of a scoop that proves to be accurate. the emergency landing that his
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flight made. it was not for the flu. was in fact for a drug overdose. the emergency drug narcan was administrated on the tarmac. it blocks the effects of them all. which would depress the breathing. they have lost an icon. last night they came out to the first avenue club. that was made famous in the movie purple rain. a spillover crowd that went out into the street. turn the whole thing into a block party. they sang along and danced into the wee small hours of the morning. the sun is out. people have been streaming here all morning long. they are putting up purple balloons. laying down flowers. she came here just to try to make it all real. >> all right.
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thank you so much, mike tobin. joining me right now with more on the legacy of prince is michael. good to see you. >> oh, my gosh. what a creative icon. his imprint will be felt throughout pop culture. 1000 tracks. also, fashion. sports. movies. there is a prince musical that he produce. you know, that was also something like 2000 tracks that he had blocked off in paisley park that had never been heard. he will be influencing music. >> music at the time. he was considered revolutionary. >> pushing boundaries. whether it be gender or sexual. you look at some of the younger generation. whether it be justin timberlake
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come up lady gaga. bruno mars. it left so many contemporary artists. >> a regular kid from minnesota. >> that was one of the things i really loved about them. despite his huge success and all the women he dated, he never went high. he was born in minneapolis. he passed away in minneapolis. he was very grounded to his hometown. >> we will get more and more information in the coming days. it looked ikea have a difficulty with drug dependency. that may have been wise he died. any thoughts on that and how he developed the addiction? >> he did reportedly have hip problems. from high heels and thatort of thing. that could be the cause of it. never really heard a lot about is about prince.
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what struck me is how controlled, how tightknit the group around him really kind of covered for him in a lot of ways. >> he had to stop because he had the flu. they would not give him a private room. >> i think that that was part of them covering up for him. think about who we have lost recently. whitney houston thon. prince. michael jackson. >> david bowie. >> a lot of real major influences on modern music that are no longer around. >> it is like the songs are there. the legacy lives on. >> 2005 getting a bolt. we may have the chance to hear it.
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thank you so much. coming up, the latest in political correctness. it was confident college. a hate response team. supporting anyone that was traumatized. they are actually traumatized by this image. what is the world coming to? a former baath had their turns activist. we will have more coming up.caru ♪
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>> messages sparking fear. fear at the university of wisconsin in la crosse. deploy a "hate response team." like building the wall. all lives matter. trump 2016. they are discriminatory and hostile. how about this one. this is a state-funded school. taxpayer money used to condemn free speech. former black panther. he once white people and is now a defender of conservative values and our constitution. why our colleges calling free speech hate?
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>> because they want to control what you think about your self. they are training them and develop things then that they have to be safe. they cannot be frightened. they must be protected. when they graduate in debt, they will be democratic ponds. >> all of these messages said things like held a wall. 2016. what is wrong with that? you could have a sign right outside of your front lawn. trump 2016. these kids would freak out. >> they want total control of these children. they want indoctrination. they are not going to train because they are training their children to harm your children. >> it is amazing to me. college campuses are supposed to encourage ideas.
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they are doing anything but that. >> anything but slavery. they will take your money. take your pressed each. they will train your children to be failures. public schools now are child abuse. you are crazy if you send your kids to college and pay all this money. [laughter] trish: they really are not equipping you to deal with the real world. they are not teaching you to think and act as those do in the real world. harriet tubman. who now is going to greet the $20 bill. it is long overdue. we need an african-american and we need a woman. what are your thoughts on it? >> i am a capitalist.
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i do not really care who's picture is on the 20 as long as i get some of it. if you are going to take andrew jackson, the founder of the democratic party and replace him with a black female, i can live with that. >> what about the point that people have made? you need a woman. you need an african-american. >> let me be as totally politically incorrect as i can. they do not have to be on the money. they spend the money. what good does it do me? how does it run a fit me? having a black woman on the $20 bill. what has it done for me? what does it to for me? i am here to compete.
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this is real life. who is it hurting in this election? >> i support donald trump because i want to build a wall. a lot of people would say that he is not going to help your community. what you say? >> what community. what donald trump would do for taxes would have lack taxpayers and white taxpayers. black workers and white workers. black folks and white folks. what he will do, he will do for america. what he is going to do for america. >> the democrats and liberals have made an entire cause platform out of saying, you know, people like you because of the color of your skin have been victimized. is this just politics? are they being disingenuous?
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>> democrats would starve to death if they did not do this. white people and lack people. they have rich people and poor people. they used to have slaves. they managed groups. republicans. pro-life or pro-choice. we do not care about your color or your gender. we care about your issues. they have to have this. they must never have victory. victory is negative it has nothing to do with this man's history. trish: you have really calm. oh. you were a black anther. you said to yourself that you hated white people. now, the way you are talking in the way i hear it that color is not an issue in today's society.
2:39 pm
we need to think about how we can all get ahead. how did you make that transformation? >> i paid attention. i went to berkeley for years. i went to vietnam first. i got to recognize communists in vietnam. communists that wanted to teach me their good comings. the reason we do not get along is because you are a communist. i will tell you what a communist is. i read about communism in vietnam. vietnam, we got to shoot them. trish: all right. we will leave it there. clarence, thank you. good to see you. [laughter] trish: politically incorrect, as always. i want to let you all know about a very important fox news special airing right here on fox
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business this weekend. how the hijackers were able to move freely across the u.s. take a look. >> another secret of 9/11. this fbi document written just weeks after the attacks repelled the name of a man who in october 1992 hosted a party. however, names the party host. oh somma. a saudi national who eight years later would be in san diego. a closer associate. yes, the very same man who signed a lease for the hijackers and are them a party. trish: it airs this saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. the backlash against the liberal elite happening not just here. overseas as well.
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my intel on what our leaders need to do to get our economy and migration policy back on track. stay with me. [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
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territory. they are both down. you can see more than 5%. all day breakfast. fast food giant. they are slightly higher. oil prices. cannot leave the day without talking about oil. crude closing out just moments ago. $43 a barrel. we will be right back with more on the dow 18,000. the local
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trish: the britons protesting president obama's comments today. you know, it is clear. there is a backlash going on right now. it is happening not just here in america, but all around the world. the liberal migration policies. resulting in terrorists. and elite that made a whole bunch of false promises about an economically united union. it has not helped the working class they are. think about what we're going through here at home.
2:46 pm
they have resulted in a kind of economic stagnation. and increasing economic inequality. they have not budged in 20 years. the unemployment rate, though powered by thedministration, it is only low because millions of americans have dropped out of the workforce altogether. barely getting by on disability or social security. thanks to the inability of lawmakers. the only game in town. consequently, it had to be overly -- rewarding the wealthy. the one that can afford to take on risks in a market environment. maybe this is how president obama wants it. turning to voters and say, look, you need help.
2:47 pm
otherwise, the rich will keep on taking from you. it is victimized nation politics. people are seeing through it. they want real change. they want real accountability. they need real results. start acting responsibly. realistically. in the interest of all americans. sending them there to do a job. that is today's intel for you. massive flooding in houston. all of that water. look at it. a breeding ground for mosquitoes. that is the scarce here. we will talk about the concern and fear for zika in the u.s. next. ♪ ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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trish: yet another confirmed case of the zika virus. a pregnant woman in texas. it is unclear how she contract did the virus. a historic flood ravaged the state of texas last week. many are worried about these floodwaters. how -- the director of national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. welcome. >> good to be with you. how hospitable his taxes right now to breeding mosquitoes? >> certainly, when you have flooded waters, you will have a difficulty with robust activ mosquitoes.
2:52 pm
it will be a real challenge to the authorities. in this case, a mosquito vector. a major way that you prevent us getting into difficulty there. >> how much faster could floodwaters like what we have seen in texas influence the breeding of mosquitoes. >> well, certainly, it can influence. making mosquito breeding easier. the issue of having standing free water is always that. the larva a calm. floodwaters do not even have to be a flood. are we doing enough to try to
2:53 pm
get this done? do we have the sophisticated -- now, they can be infected. >> it cannot speak for the state there. i can just tell you that right now with regard to its relationship, the state and health for their local authorities. it may be vector mosquito control. there was another case. there are about 388 imported cases of people that got infected and south america.
2:54 pm
they come back to the united states, the continental united states and wound up getting ill. those are called travel related cases. the mosquito bites that person. and then transmits it to that person. trish: we are pushing to get more funding to try and find a cure to this or some way to combat this. how close are you to some sort of vaccine? >> there are multiple ways to address it. mosquito control. you do it by education. people can protect themselves. insect repellent.
2:55 pm
certain type of insect repellent. here at the mih, we are working on the research aspect. a vaccine that we made against other related infections that have transmitted by the same mosquito, we have been successful. we hope to be able to get a vaccine. we will not get a vaccine immediately. it takes time. just a trial. not necessarily have it available for everyone. that will be in september of 2016. trish: in the meantime, we know that people must be pretty worried. doctor, thank you for joining us today. we hope to see you on this story again soon. let's take a quick look on these markets. not really buzzing from the last time we showed you this board. can it stay above 18,000 to close out the week?
2:56 pm
if so, that would be a pretty optimistic sign. be sure to watch wall street tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. chairman and chief investment officer. taking a quick break and then we are back with more on these markets. after this. ♪
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. trish: all right, this tuesday, voters from five northeast states head to the polls for super tuesday 3. our special coverage kicks off at 7:00 p.m. eastern, do you not want to miss it. i want to tell you all thank you for watching, we love having you watch the show and love communicating with you on facebook. i have gotten many, many, many requests for a signed photograph. so i'd like to honor as many of these as i can. you can head over to my show
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page, facebook page at trish intel, and "like" it, and send us your address, and i will make sure, i will certainly do my best to get those photos out to all of you. thank you, again for all those requests. and now i'm sending it over to liz. see if we can do 18,000 as we head out the week. liz: we're kind of right there. that's why everybody has to stay for the next hour. dinner with the prince at this very moment. president obama and the first lady are dining at kensington palace with the future king, prince william and his wife kate as well as prince harry, my fellow ginger. earlier the obamas dined with queen elizabeth. the president calling the 90-year-old monarch a jewel to the world. president's real business was with prime minister david cameron to discuss the fight against isis, terrorism, migrants and much more. and wrote an op-ed in a british newspaper that encra


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