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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we are under a lot of stress. deirdre: dr. lisa palmer with me there. making man are you * with charles payne is next with a new poll from fox news. charles: we have brand-new fox news polls in two key primary states. donald trump has a commanding lead in california with 49% of the votes followed by ted cruz at 22% and john kasich with 20%. hillary clinton leads over bernie sanders 48% to 46%. and trump, he's on top in the hoosier state followed by ted cruz at 30, and john kasich 16%.
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van hip, let me go to you first. if donald trump wins indiana will be i think this whole thing is over. these polls show he's stronger than people thought. >> that poll result in indiana is a big surprise to me. indiana looks a lot like wisconsin. we expect next week, done rsh to run the table with the five states. ted cruz, that's the last best place the establishment has to stop donald trump. if donald trump wins indiana, i don't know how donald trump gets up off that. charles: there was one poll where donald trump was up 10 points in wisconsin. things can change.
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>> the unique element with wisconsin is the governor with an infrastructure that was unique in dynamic. so he doesn't have that. i was very surprised with these polls. it indicates there is some kind of tipping point. you are seeing cruz tied with evangelicals. you see mr. trump tied with he sector, the same with california. california, mr. trump was ahead by single digits. now it's gone into double digit and he's winning among women. he's beyond the 37 points. indiana may be key, not even california at this point. charles: the silver lining for ted cruz, very conservative. he has been losing evangelicals.
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maybe he can get some traction with some of the potion issues that. >> i involved the last 24 hours. >> we saw ted cruz campaign highlighting donald trump's comments about transgender people using regular bathrooms. he has been highlighting donald trump's position on abortion. and in indiana these thing will be very important. you look at the governor, mike pence, he raised social issues to the forefront. here is someone both donald trump and ted cruz met with in indiana privately. in term of policies he aligns with ted cruz. i would not be surprised to see an endorsement from him for ted cruz. that could be a big boost of momentum if it happened. charles: there is no question that cruz need something to ignite him.
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mike pence, could that be the wildcard that gets him over the hump? >> it could be. mike pence is so respected. don't forget. i think that the club for growth announced they are going to put $1.5 million into indiana for pro cruz ad and david macintosh, president of the club for growth web's a former congressman in indiana. ted cruz will get a lot of outside help. they will throw everything they can, because the establishment realizes this is the best last chance to stop donald trump. there is talk he's willing to write more checks. $1.5 million considering the $100 million plus doesn't sounds like a lot to me. >> effectively they gave
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oklahoma to cruz. it depend on messaging. i don't think it will be about social issue. i think it's about the larger broad base of being a conservative, being consistent, someone you could trust. at least that's what i would argue. the boutique social issues have not hurt mr. trump up until now. cruz's best opening is to highlight his major strength and the fact you can trust him to do what he says he's going to do. charles: ted cruz maybe overplayed the bathroom thing yesterday. there is a local poll that came out in indiana, wthr has it 37-31. they say it's basically going to be a dead heat. and maybe with the conservative
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nature of the state, it will go to ted cruz. >> he need to be amplifying the message he has had for this entire campaign. that he's an outsider and will change washington. highlighting trade issues and jobs that have gone overseas. that's why the a rally we saw him sound hesitant to change his style, chang change his tone asl manafort suggested he might. what trump has done so far has worked for him. indiana is similar to wisconsin where cruz won, but it's not a perfect analog. you look at the first congressional and the 8th congressional in indiana. these are districts that will be strong for donald trump. if he can expand his base in that state he could run away with this thing.
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charles: mitt romney says if kasich and cruz are in it, donald trump wins. do you think the with kasich at 16% in indiana and 20% in california. he's playing the role of spoiler. but would he at all be willing to drop out, do you think at some point between now and california knowing he can't win but he can certainly have sort of an influence on the outcome? >> here is the problem kasich and cruz have. as this goes on, how much gas in the tang to -- in the tank do they have? this is before new york. and newt gingrich calls trump the presumptive nominee. and it gets tougher for these guys to raise money. i talked to a big cruz donor in california yesterday and he told
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me it's getting tougher right now to raise money. look for that money to begin drying up as trump looks more and more like the presumptive nominee. next wednesday after trump made a run to the table. donald trump will give a major foreign policy address at the national press club. this is pure paul manafort getting trump to look presidential. charles: is there a threat that some of the receipt meat folks who propelled him want the old guy back. >> i think a lot of people don't like the current anne coulterrizeer. when jeb bush dropped out a lot of those voters went to donald trump.
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i think mr. trump has hit that tipping point. i think indiana will prove that these polls -- you have got to go to these are remarkable with they are showing in the internals. charles: no doubt donald trump has the wind in his sails. you don't want to miss fox business' covering of what we are calling super tuesday 3.0. we have a plethora of states, pennsylvania, the big five, connecticut, delaware, april 26, 7:00 p.m. on fox business. we'll talk more about these polls, particularly in california, the golden state. we'll dig into those next.
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charles: delegate-rich california looking friendly to donald trump with almost 50% of the voters. christopher, i got to tell you, it felt like two or three weeks ago, the scuttlebutt was cruz was starting to get momentum in california, then internal polls showed him ahead. >> donald trump was knocked off balance after the lewandowski affair. but now he's talking about marco rubio and john kasich. i think some people hyped too much on ted cruz. he got walloped in new york and
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it looks like he will be walloped in california which will be a huge amount of delegates, as many as 172 coming into donald trump's column. charles: it doesn't feel good and next tuesday won't feel good for him either. >> so much, much this is about the perception of momentum as these conversations are continuing to happen with the rnc. who is becoming this presumptive nominee. ted cruz will come into california. june 7. there is a lot of time before that. cruz won't come in with the momentum he needs. trump is ahead in all demographics in every region of that state. there is no way cruz will catch up with him and he will probably gain, trump is, most of those delegates in california. >> we are not talking about
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states that look like lay-ups for ted cruz. that changes the entire narrative, wouldn't it? >> here is the problem right now. look what happened in california the last few weeks. the polls had donald trump at 39%, kasich at 35:00. cruz is tied with john kasich in california. polls show that by 2-1 margin or better that people who supported arnold schwarzenegger for governor of california like donald trump because they want some one strong and tough. the problem is schwarzenegger endorsed john kasich.
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i think if kasich's numbers are holding, cruz is the one who has seen his poll numbers go down the last couple weeks. charles: kasich being the wildcard, does cruz get desperate and try to cut a deal with kasich? >> we heard talk about rumblings the rnc meeting. >> it's difficult for candidates to cut deals with each other. they don't have each other's cell phone numbers. in order to get through a staffer you have to tell them why you are calling. kasich showed he was unwilling to play ball when marco rubio said if you are in ohio, vote for kasich, not me. kasich hasn't reciprocated at all. it would be good for the republican establishment to gang together to take down donald
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trump. >> the numbers we have on our hands for donald trump, very close to that magic 1,237. both democrat candidates, a lot of news and wall street. these guys love to wag the fingers at wall street. do you know how much business, how many speeches she has given? bernie sanders and that free tuition. wait until you hear what his wife did. talk about him critical. we'll be right back. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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charles: a fox news poll showing hillary clinton with a lead of 4 percentage points over bernie sanders.
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there is a new report that found 82 corporations that paid hillary clinton also sought to sway the government in some fashion. we are not just talking about big banks. bernie sanders wants to make college free. his wife jacked up tuition by 58% when she was the head of burlington college. gerri: when you start at colleges like the one mrs. sanders ran and you jack up tuition, double it, essentially, it's hard to get out of that box it's a small, private school. only a third of the graduates were paid more than people with high school diplomas. charles: is that because of the major? >> it's just not a great school and they are not placing people well.
6:22 pm
to have them have good jobs the college has to get behind that. that's one of the things you should be checking as you look for places for your kids to go to school. kids are facing a ton of debt, they are angry. and bernie sanders is on this. >> it's up from 1% when she came up. burlington college was a financial fiasco. you have vermont parishioners accusing her of committing federal bank fraud. she is not handling this situation well and it reflects badly on her husband. charles: what is going on with this? >> i will take the clinton corruption over this any time. charles: 82 corporations say we
6:23 pm
are going to give you $250,000 for a speech because you are so motivating and if you see a contract come across your desk can you stop -- can you stamp i? >> the clintons have existed for 30 years in the gray. there is no proof of a smoking gun. but this is why her honesty and trustworthiness numbers suffer because they are always seeming mercky. >> why doesn't she buy into the idea want to avoid the appearance of impropriety? she says you will never find a smoking gun or find me giving a contract directly after one of these speeches. no of course you won't. you want to avoid the appearance. charles: part of the answer is $100 million?
6:24 pm
if you don't win the white house you and bill still walked away with -- >> she made a lot off these speeches. but this story coming out -- charles: it's hypocritical. two came out earlier in the year and there was a question about government and rich people. the same amount said they do not. they do far too little for the middle class, and that's what's driving this election. it's interesting because it's a washington insider of sorts. that's absolutely true. a finding i always go back to us 85% of americans believe politicians serve of their own interest. gerri: incomes are below where
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they were when the president took office. incomes are down. we found out from pew, 20% of american have a negative net worth. their asset are smaller than their liabilities. charles: people have homes under water. your book, relationship i not a four-letter word. >> i'll give people advice on how to avoid the worst of the calendar debt. we are also talking about investing. if you want to win, i have got to play, you have got to be in the stock market. how you do that and how you survived retirement when interest rates are zero. charles: give jessica a copy of the book. ladies, thank you very much.
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really appreciate it. donald trump's revamp' is in full swing. paul manafort selling people we are going to be seeing the real donald trump real soon. the question is who have we been seeing in. some people like the old guy better.
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charles: paul manafort said you will start to see more depth of the person, the real person, the negatives will come down, the image is going to change. but some are wondering, is it too little too late? the super pacs, they were also at the rnc meeting pitching to the rules committee. joining me now, tammy bruce. stacy, you are a trump person. you like this new trump you are seeing? >> i have not endorsed anyone yet. i think he's a good guy. i like what he's doing. i don't think he need to be changed the way he speaks because that's what's resonating with people. but i'm happy he's becoming serious about this convention. he's hiring people, big, heavy hitters.
6:31 pm
manafort and wylie, they are good guys. sean steel is an old rnc guy from the reagan days. he says wylie is a winner. i think it's a good thing for him to do. charles: i thought when sarah palin gave that speech, her prompter went down and she went off the cuff. i thought they overly handled her. >> overcontrol by the system, and it was on when he decided to be himself, this should have been an argument maybe four or five months ago regarding mr. trump. but they are realizing they have to whadthey have to woo delegat. the delegates in the system want
6:32 pm
some see someone they can relate to a little. 24 all honesty i don't know if it's in his nature to do it. he can't win trying to fake it. he's got to win being himself. >> that's what i love about trump. he's a wish and he's someone who will not change. he's not going to change who he is. >> who will he be even debted to. if he has to polish this up for the delegates. but the grassroots folks like the occasional four-letter word. the first time he gives a speech and doesn't call ted cruz lyin' ted, does that mean the makeover is complete? >> he delivered a speech where he called him senator ted cruz, which was a shock. but he said he's not going there yet with this transformation. it shows he's learning with the new hires.
6:33 pm
but he hasn't surrounded himself with great people. he hired established political players. these are things the rnc wants to see in their candidate. but i think you have got to be careful. he has got to keep the passion in order to keep them engaged. he's got to pivot to gain those votes for the general election. charles: the new york exit polls, 91% say they voted for the guy who speaks his mind. donald trump got 91% of those votes. >> he's got to be able to own it. you can't fake it. >> he can own it. charles: you don't want to miss our fox news report called the secrets of 9/11. it's hosted by my friend bill hemmer. it's reporting is going to
6:34 pm
include catherine herridge. they take a hard look at who was involved in the terror attacks that killed over 3,000 americans. here is a sneak peek. >> how likely is it someone is going to have a chance meeting with two hijackers. >> we had a sta statician look t where the chances they would be in the same place at the same time and it was 500 million to 1. charles: a bromance may in the offing. marco rubio said some nice thing about trump, trump said some nice things about marco rubio.
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charles: the insults are ancient history. donald trump saying there could be a place for marco rubio in his campaign and marco rubio said he would back donald trump against hillary.
6:38 pm
>> frankly, marco, i would love to have him involved. almost all of them. almost all of them. the party has to unite. if thee unite this party will have a huge victory and you will have the house and you will have the senate. charles: that was donald trump talking about being the uniter. he's talking about marco rubio doing a possible -- being a possible cabinet member. marco rubio extended the olive branch saying he would support donald trump over hillary.
6:39 pm
at first he was hashtag never trump. joining me now van hipp, christopher bedford. you were a rubio guy. does it break your heart to see him bend and break a little bit? >> this is marco rubio positioning himself if he ever wants to run for office. he will need the trump voters. trump also said he wanted to bring in other candidates for potential positions. i don't think jeb bush will be secretary of energy but it's a smart strategy, trump-rubio. >> i would say chris christie will probably be the vp. charles: we are getting to the stage where a lot of political phase have to be promised.
6:40 pm
>> donald trump is pivoting looking for the general election. he has the same problem hillary clinton has got. 40% of the people who supported his opponents are telling the pollsters they will stay home in the general election. but he's a class act setting his rego aside put -- his ego aside putting the country first. others would do well to learn from the marco rubio rrm example. trump is trying to reach out and bring the party together. every time there was a commercial break, donald trump was going over and talking to rubio and kasich would join in. i think he generally gets along with him. charles: those little marco remarks stung a lot and took marco off of his game. he was obviously very bitter at
6:41 pm
the end. end. it had to sting a lot. >> rubio made a lot of mistakes in his career. but he thinks far ahead and i don't see him attaching himself to the donald trump train as he sees headed towards ruin. what he is looking to do is probably run for governor florida. he started to reach out, some of his aides have been reach reaching out to different firms. donald trump won florida. he needs to make peace and break great for his political future. charles: it felt like rubio was done in politics in general. the governor of florida certainly was leaning enough toward donald trump. people knew of that's who was backing.
6:42 pm
>> donald trump would be indebted to rick scott and marco rubio and anybody. if donald trump says he's a conservative and he will support conservatives. regardless of whether he gets nomination or wins the presidency, he needs to go out to show he can work for republican candidates in the future. charles: rubio said ted cruz is the tomorrow true conservative left. do you think he changed his minds in. >> no, he is the only conservative left. charles: we have a new show, "wall street week." robert olstein. take a listen. >> we don't listen to the campaign rhetoric of people who want to get elected.
6:43 pm
we look at what's going to become law, the free cash flow of industries we either own or arare looking at. we can't listen to all this stuff from politically active people who just want to be elected. charles: immediately following "wall street week" stay tuned for a new edition of "stossel." details of prince's life are starting to emerge 367. we'll have more on that when we return. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want-
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charles: thousands of people have been gathering at prince's home to pay their respects to the music legend. reporter: the sheriff jim olson says the death of prince rogers nelson merits investigation baits was unattended. he was relatively young, and because it was so sudden. last time anyone saw prince alive he was dropped off at his paisley compound. when they had trouble getting ahold of him they suspected a problem. >> staff members from paisley park had been unable to contact prince wednesday morning and went to check on him. they found him unresponsive and called 911. the autopsy is complete, samples
6:48 pm
have been sent off to the labs for toxicology. particularly in light of the tmz report that prince was using percocet, the toxicology report could provide information on whether something was in his system but results could take weeks. the remains of prince have been released to the family. charles: dr. sealing, tmz is saying an overdose, or accidental overdose. we heard from nuke young, it was sudden and he was considered to be relatively healthy. the idea that he has bad hips, he's in a lot of pain, i can'tyi know that end up using pain killers like percocet without realizing that you need more and
6:49 pm
more and more. then when you get to the point where you lose track of it it can suppress your breathing. it can have a problem when you are in a plane where you can't breathe, and they give a safe shot, called marcam. the problem is the percocet stays in our system longer than the narcam does. reportedly prince didn't want to stay. a lot of this is not confirmed. but somebody in a lot of pain who need hip replacement surgery. charles: that was four or five years ago. >> it doesn't get better. charles: the pain doesn't get better. what you are talking about sound relatively sophisticated. i have done too much percocet and i'll offset it with something else.
6:50 pm
do average people do that to themselves or do they go to the doctor? >> they go to a doctor. but the question is what kind of doctor? is it a doctor just feeding your need? now, by the way, the autopsy report seems to have ruled out a lot of things. accidental deaths. suicide. clearly if there was pneumonia or heart attack they might not have released that. but they know that's not the case. charles: it's the culture. >> it's the culture, and that's what's heartbreaking. whether he was addicted to pain killers or not, it's an important issue, but the bigger issue is why. why does he need to numb himself if he did. charles: did you ever meet prince? >> i met him once when i was a teenager.
6:51 pm
i snuck out and went to a club that i knew he would be at. he transcended space and time. it was amazing. charles: you have been around the scene. you have been in a lot of hit movies, and what is it? is there still an emptiness? >> there is an emptiness. you have such a high. you go through such a high because you get this praise and people love you and appreciate you, and there is such a low because you are criticized or, you don't get what you need or you go home and you are alone. you don't have that family that you might need. and he had a rough childhood. charles: i read reportedly americans overdose on pain killers every day. is that an epidemic?
6:52 pm
pain killers like percocet, how much is it ravaging our society? >> it's huge. it comes from starting something and not knowing how to get off it. 44,000 deaths a year from overdoses. that's more than any other cause of injury. half of that is pain killers. the number one is percocet. so if this is the case, he's not alone. charles: principle dead, eight 57, rest in peace. super tuesday 3.0 around the corner. ss
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from icy ocean your kitchen counter. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at . charles: super tuesday, three days away. it's next tuesday, more than three days away. what can we expect? it is absolutely huge.
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we brought in tammy bruce, van hipp, christopher and rebecca berg. pennsylvania, the big prize. there donald trump is make serious promises. i just want to let the people know. they lost over 3,000 manufacturing jobs since 1994, 35% of them, of workforce. of course coal was big there. steel was big there. donald trump saying he'll bring it back. >> yes, when you look at polling in pennsylvania, donald trump has a clear advantage in this state. in no small part because of the problems in the state that you mentioned in his policies that he has laid out on those. but what we have to remember about pennsylvania, of course, is most of the delegates from the state, that's what matters most at this stage are unbound, so they're not tied to the results of the vote, that's why we see ted cruz spending a lot of time in pennsylvania in spite of the fact he likely won't win the popular vote. he's good at rang ling delegates to his cause, making sure delegates are friendly to
6:57 pm
him on a first or second ballot. in this case, first ballot vote crucial to stopping trump and forcing open convention, that's the strategy we see right now. charles: van, we talked about this before, i'm not sure if you're in a camp that thinks this should be a unified system rather than each state going on its own, i see a survey ted cruz masked donald trump pledging delegates, they haven't voted yet. >> pennsylvania a lot like colorado it's a swing state. i wouldn't call it a swing state anymore. it's a state, gee-whiz if republicans carry it could make a huge difference. if you've got a state like that, we want to have an open process, we want to bring in people. you want to build the republican party and let people know that the vote counts. that's how you build a party and put states like pennsylvania in play in the general election. charles: christopher, do you see that in play? we're hearing new york, i know a lot of independents that vote
6:58 pm
in new york, massachusetts, new jersey, and pennsylvania, do you think those could be in play? >> in the general? not so much. probably not really in the general. places like new york, seems all right. upstate new york is red, long island is captive, conservative democrats. of course, donald trump is from the island of manhattan, but it looks like it's really unlikely that they will turn out. all the dat that people have been crunching, the smart guys with the calculators have shown donald trump getting crushed in the general election, but there is someone who can bring back the moderate republicans, that is donald trump. charles: tammy, the same calculator guys misjudged the entire election. we'll take their handiwork with a grain of salt. >> and hopium is what everyone is calling it now. with the numbers in the primary season, the shiftover of democrats becoming republicans
6:59 pm
to vote for donald trump, the independents. there are more independents in the country than republicans or democrats, everyone is hurting. the dynamic of the destruction of the country does not discriminate, and let me tell you about pennsylvania and donald trump, one of the southeastern republican party in pennsylvania heard from the trump campaign more than anyone else. there is a concerted effort for delegates in pennsylvania. clearly a different strategy there. overall when it comes to general election strategy and who can win, any gop nominee can win, but donald trump can actually put states like michigan, like pennsylvania, maybe even new york in play, and that's what people have to think about. the establishment doesn't want to admit it but they have to deal with it and hopefully we can influence mr. trump to be more conservative in the meantime, but this is very exciting, and people have to take him seriously about what he can accomplish. charles: rebecca, i don't know after the last couple of days, feels like the gop platform is going to be moved more to the left. >> well, we don't really know,
7:00 pm
and, if a lot depends on the party's nominee because the party's nominee sets the tone for the party. but i would take issue with the idea that donald trump could put states into play the past two elections have been democratic states. charles: we'll pick up on monday. >> good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan sitting in for lou dobbs tonight. donald trump is promising to moderate his brash approach and act more presidential. >> he's talk business and talking politics, it's a different persona. he's talking about the kinds of things, he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. the party is evolving --


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