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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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mamaking man are you * with charles payne is next with a n w poll from fox news. charles: we e have brand-new fox news polls in twoo key primaryry states. donald trump has a commandining lead in n california with 49% of the vovotes followed by ted cruz at 22% and john kasich with 20%. hillarclinton n lead over bebernie sanders 48% to 46%. and d trump, he's on top in the hoosier state followed by tedd cruz at 30, and john kasich 16%.
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van hip, , let me go to you fir. if dond trump wins indiana will be i think th whole t thihg is over. these polls show he's strongnger than people ouough >> that poll rest t in indiana is a bigig surpristoto me. inanana looks a lot like wisconn.n. we expect nenext week, done rsho n n the table with the five states. ted cruz, that's t l last best place the establishment s s to stop donald trump. if donald trumump wins indiana,i don't know how donalald trump gs up off that.t. charles: tre was o one poll where donald trump was up 10 points in wisconsin. things can change.
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>he unique element with wisconsin is theovernor with an infrastruure that was unique in dynami he doesn't have that. i was veryurprised with these polls. itit indicates there is me kind of tipping point you are seeing cruz tied wit evangelicals. you e mr. trump tied with he sector, the same wit cafornia. californ, mr. trump was ahead by single digs. now it's gone into doubldigit and he's winningng among womene. hehe's beyond the 3 points. indiana may beeyey, not even california at this point. charles: the s silr lining for ted cr, very cononservative. he hasas been losing evangelica.
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maybe he c can get some traction with some of the potion issusues that. >> i involved ththe last 24 hou. >> we e saw d d cruz campapaign highghlighting d donald trump's comments autut transgender people usingegegular bathrooms. he has been highlighting dona ump's position oababortion. and in i indiana tsese tng will be very important. you lolook at the governor, mi pence, he isised social issues to t f forefront. here is someone both donalald trump p and ted cruz met with in inana privately. term of policies he alignss with ted cruz. wowould not be surprised to see an endorsement from him for r td cruz. that could be a a big boost of momentum if it happened. charles: there is no qststion that cruz need something t ignite h.
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mike pence, could that bthe wildcard that gets over the >> it could be. mience is so respected. doforget. i thinthat the clulub for growth annoced they are goi to pu $1.5 millionnto diana for pro cruz ad davidacintosh, presidt of the club for growth web's a former cessman in indi ted cruz wilt a lot of outside help. they will w everything they can, becse the establishment realizes this is the best chance to stop donaltrump. there alk he's willing to write more checks. $1.5 mlion considering the $100 million plus doesn't sosous like a lotot to me. >> e effectively they gave
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oklahoma to cruz. it depend on messaging.. i don'n't thinink it will be abt social issue. i think it's about the largeger broad base of being a conservative, being consistentn, someone you cocod trust. at least that's wh i would argue. the boutique social issues havae not hurt mr. trump up until non. cruz's best openening is to highlight t his major strength a the fact you can trust himim too what he says he'ing to do. charles: ted cruz ybe overplay the bathroom thing yesterday. there is a local plhat came out in india, wthr has it 37-31. they say it's bacally going to be a dead at. and maybe withhe conservative nature of the stat it will go
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to tedruz. >> he need to be amplifying e messaghe has had for this entire campaign. that he's an osider and will change washingto highghting trade issues and jobs that haveone overseas. that's whyhy t a rally we saw sound hesitant to change h style, chang change his tone asl manart suggested he might. at trump has done so f has worked f him. dia is similar to wisconsi where cruzon, but it's not a perft analog. you look at thfirst congressional and the 8th congressional in indna. these are distcts that will be strong for donald ump. if he can exnd his base in at state he could run away with this thing. charles: mitt romney says if
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kasich andruz are in it, donald trump wins. do you think the with kasi at 16% in indiana and 20% i calirnrnia. he's plang the role of spoiler. but would het t all be willing to drop out, dyothink at soment bween now and california kwing he can't win but he can certainly havsoso of an inuence on the outcome? >> here is the pblem kasich anand cruzave. as this go on, how much gas in e tang to -- in the e tank do they he? this ibefore new york. and wt gingrich calls trump the presumptive nominee. and it gets tougr for these guys to raise money. i talked to a big uz dononor in lifornia yesterday and he to
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me it'getting tougher right now to raise money. look for thamoy toto begin dryingp as trump looks more and mo lik the presusumptive nominee. next wednesdayfter trump made a n to the table. donald trump wl give a major foreign policy address at the national press club. this i purpaul mananafort gettg trump to look esidti. charles:s: ithere a threat that some of the receipt t me folks who propopelled him wanthe oldld guy back. >> think a lot of people donon't like the current anne coulterrizeer. when jeb bush droppeped t a lot of those voters went to donald trump.
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i think mr. trump has s that tipping point. i think indianwillrove that these polls -- you have to go to thesare remarkable with they e showing in the internals. arles: no ubt donald trump has e wind in his sails. you don'want to miss fox business' covering of what w are calling super tuesday 3.0. we have a plethoraftates, pennsylvania, the big fi, connecticut, delaware, a 26, 7:00 p.m. on fox busins. we'ltalk me out ese pos, particularly in californiathe golden state. we'll dig into thohose (burke) at farmers, wewe've sen almost everythg,g, so we know how to covever almot anything. even a stag pool party.
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(pararty music) (splplashing/destruction) (splashing/desuction) (bkeke) and we covered it, octobeber twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to o farmers. we know a thg oror two because wewe've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are, bum-bum-bum-m-bum ♪
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that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. charles: delegate-rich california looking fririeny to donald trurump with almost 50% f the voters. chchristopher, i got to tell yo, it felt like two or r three wees ago, the scuttlebubuttas cruz was ststartingng to get momentun california, then internal p pols showed him ahead. >> donald trump was knocd d off balance after the lewaowowski affa.. but now he's talkiking about mao rubio and john kasich. i think meme people hyped too much on ted cruz. he g gotloped in new york an it looks like he will be
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walloped in lilifornia which will be a huge amount t of dedegates, as many as 172 coming into d donald trump's column. charleles: it doesn't feel good and next tuesday won't't feel gd for him either.. >> so much, much thihis is about the percrception of momentum as these conversations s are continuingng to happen with the rnc. who is becomoming this s presume nominee. ted cruz wilill come into california. june 7. therere is a lot of time before that. cruz won't't come in with the momentum h he needs. trump is aheadad in all demographics in evererregion of that s state. there is no way y cruz will cath up with him and hehe will probay gainin, trump is, most of those delelegates in california. >> w we are not lking about
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statates that look like lay-ups for ted crcruz. that chahanges the entire narrativ wouldn't it? here is the problem right now. look what happenedn calirnia e last few weeks. the polls d donald trump at 39%, kasich at 35:. cruz is tied with john n kach in californ. pos s show that by 2-1 margin or better that people who suppoed nold schwarzenegger for goveor of california like donald tru because they want some one strong and toh. the problem is schwarzenegr endorsed john kasich i think if kasics s numbers ar
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holding, cruz is the onene w has seen h p poll numbers go down the last couple weeks. ararles: kasich being the wildcard, does cruz get desperate and try to c a a deal wi kasich? w we heard talk about rumblings thee rnc meeting. >> it's difficicult for candidas to cut d deals w with each othe. they d don't have each otherer's cell phone numbers. in order t to t through a staffer yoyou have to tell them why y yoare calling. kasich showed he was unwilliling to play ball whehen marco rubio said if you are in ohio, v vot for kakasi, not me. kasich hn't reciprocated at all. would be good for the republican establishmement to gg togegether to take down donald trump.
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>> the numbers we hahaven our hands for donald trump, vevery closose to that magic 1,237. both democrat candates, a lot of newand wall strt. these guys love to wag the fingers at wall street do you know how much busins, how many speeches she s given? bernie sanders and that free tuition. wait until y hear what h wife did. talk aboutim critical. we'lbe rht back.
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82 corporations that paiaid llary clinton also sought toto sway t g government in some fashion. we are not just talkining about big g banks.s. bernie sandersrs wts to make college free.. hihis wife jacked up tuition by 58% whwhenhe was the heaofof burlington college. gerri: whehen you start at colleges l like thone mrs. s sanders ran and y you jap tuitition, double it, esseiall it's's hard to get out of that b it's a small, pratatschool. only a third of the gradtetes were paid more tn n people with hi school diplomas. charles: is that becse of the major? >> it's just not a g school antheyre not placing peoe well.
6:22 pm
to have them have od jobs the college has get behind that. that's one of the ings you should be checki as you look for places for yr kids to go to school. kids are facing ton debt, they are angry and bebernie sanders is on this. >> it's up from 1% when she cace up. burlrlingt college w was a financl l fiasco. you have verermont parishionones accusing h o of committing federal ba f fraud. she is not handling thisis situtuation well and it reflects badly y on her husband. charles: what t is going on with ththis? > i will take the clinton corruption over this any t time. charles:s: 82 corporations say w are going to g give you $250,000
6:23 pm
for a speech becauause you are o titivating and i if you see a contract come acacss your desk can n you stop -- can you stampt >> the clintons ha existed f 30 years in the gray there is no proof of a a smoking gun.n. buththis is why her honesty and trtwtworthiness numbers suffer beususe they are aays seeming mercky. w why doesn't she buy intnto te ea want to avoid the appearcece of impropriety? she sa y you will never find a smoking gun n or find me givinga contra d directly after one of ththese speeches. no of coururse you won't. you want to avoid the appearance. charles: part t the answer is $100 m million?
6:24 pm
if you don win the white house you and bill still walked away with -- >> she made a lot off these speeches. buthis story coming out -- chars: it's hypocritical. two cameut earern the year and ere was a question about government and rich people. the same amot said they do t. they do r too little for the miless, and that's what's driving is election. it's interesting because it't'a waington insider of sorts. that's absolutely true. a finding i alwayso back tus 85% of americans believe politicians rvof their own terest. gerri: incomes a below where they were when the psident
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took office. comes are down. we fnd out from pew, 20% of amererican have a negative net worth. their asset are smaller thanan thr liabilities. charles: peoplhave homes under water. ur book, relationship i not four-letter word how to avoid the worstf theo calendar debt. we are also talkg about investin you want to win, i have got to play, you have e got to bin e stock market. how yodo that anand how you survived retetirement when interest rates are zero. charle give jessica a copy o off e book. laladi, thank you very much. rereal appreciate it.
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charles: paul manafo saiyou will start tsee more depth of the person, thal person, the negatives will come downe imag going to change. but some are wondering it o little tooate? the super pacs, they walso at the reeting pitching to the res cmitt. inining me nowow, tammy bruce. stacy, you are a trump pson. you ke this new trump you are seeing? >> i have not endoranyone yet. i think he a good guy. i like what he's doing. i dot think he need to be changed the y he speaks because that's what'resonating with peoe. but i'm ppy he's becoming rious about this convention. he's hirinpeople, big, heavy hitters.
6:31 pm
manafort and wylie, they are good guys. sean steel is an old rnc g fromhe rean days. heays wylie is a w winner. i think it's a gooood thing for hihim to do. charles: i thought when sarahh palilin ve that speech,h, her prompterent down and she went off the cuff. i thought they overly handledd her. >> overconontrol by the system, and it was on when he decided to be himselflf, this should have been an argument mayaybe four or five months ago regardingg mr. trump. but ththey are realizing they he to whadthey have to woo o deleg. the dedegates in the system nt
6:32 pm
some see someone they y can rele to a little. 24 all hononesty i don't know if it's in hihis nature to dodo it. hehe can'tin trying to fake . he's got to win beg himself. >> that's wh i love about um he's a wish and he's somne who will not change. he's not going to change who he is. >> who will he be even debebted to. if he has to polish this up for the delegates. but the grassroots folksks like the ococcaonal four-letter word. thfirst titime he gives a speech and doesn't call ted cruz z lyi' ted, does that mean n the makeor is comomple? >> he delivered a spspeech where hehe cled him senator ted cruz,, which was a shock.k. but hehe said he'sot going there yet with this transformamati. it shows he's learningng with te nehires.
6:33 pm
but he hasn't t surrounded himsf with great people. hehe hired established political players. thesese e things the rnc wants to see in their ndndide. but i think you have got to o be careful. he h has got to keep the passisn in orderer to keep them engaged. hehe's got to pivovot to gain te votefofor the general election. chles: thehe new york exit polls, 91% say they voteted for the guy who speaks his minind. donald trump gotot 91% of those tetes. >> he's got to be able to n it. you can'fake it. >> he can own i arles: you don't want to mis our fox news report call the secrets of 9/11. it's hosted y friend bill hemmer. it's reporting is going to
6:34 pm
include catherine herridge. they take a rd look at who was involved ithe rror attacks at killed over 3,000 americans. here is a sneak peek. >> how likely isomee isis ing to have a chance meeting with two hijacke. >> we had a sta statician look t where e chances they would be inin the same place at t same me and it was 500 million to charles: a bromance main the offing. marco bio id some nice thing about trump,mp said some nice tngngs about marco rubio.
6:35 pm
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>> frankly, marco, i would l to have himnvolved. almost all of th. almost all of them. the parthas tonite. theunite ththis party will have a huge victorory and yoyoul have the house and you wilill he the senate. charles: that was donaldld trump talkg abouout being the uniter. he's talkiking about marco rubio doing a possible -- bebeing a possible cabinet member. marco rubio extended the o olive branch s saying he would support donald trump ovehihillary.
6:39 pm
atst he was hashtag never trump. joining meow van hipp, christopher bedford. you were rubio guy. it break your heart to seee him bend and break a a littltle? > this is marco rubio positioning g himself if he ever wants to run for o office. he will need the t trump voters. trump also said he wananted to bring in o other candidates fofr potential positions. i don't thinjejeb bush will be secretary ofnergy but it's's a smart strategegy, trurump-rubio. >> i wld say chris christie will p probably be the vp. charles: we arargettg to the stage where a t of political phase have to be promised.d.
6:40 pm
>> donald trump is p pivoting lookining for the general election. he has the same problem hillaryy clinton has got. 40% of the people e who susuppod his opopponents are telling the pollsterers they will stay homen the geneneral election. but he's's a class act setting s rego aside put -- his s ego asie putting the cocountry first. others would do wellll to learn fromhe marcoco rubioio rrm ample. trump is t trying to reach out d bring the party tother. every time thereas a commercial bakdonald trump was going over and talng t to rubio ankasich would join in. i ink generally gets along with him. charles: tho lite marco marks stung a lot d took marco off of his game. he was oiouslyery bitter at
6:41 pm
thend. end. it had t to sting a lot. >> rubio made e a t of mistakes in his career. but he thinks far ahahead and i don't see him attaching himself to t the donald trump train as e seeses hded towards ruin. what he is looking to do i is probably runun f governor ororida. he s staed to reach out, some of his s ais have been reach reaching out to different fifirm donald trurump won florida. he needs to make peaeace and brk greafor his polititical future. charles: it t felt like rubio ws done i in politics in general. the governor of flflorida certaiainly was s leaning enough toward donald d trump. pepeople knew of that's who was babacking.
6:42 pm
>> donald trumwould be indebt to rick scott and marco rubio d anybody. if dond trump says he's a consvative and he will support conservatives. regaless of whether heet nominationr wins the presidency, he needs tgo out to shohe c work for republan candidates in the rere. chars: rub said ted cruz is the tomorr true conservative left. do you think he chged his minds in >> no, he is the only conservativeeft. charle whave a new show, "wall streeteek." robert olstein. take a listen. >> we don't listen to th cacampaignhetoric of peoe who nt to get elected.
6:43 pm
we look athat's going to become law, the fr cash flow of industriewewe either own or ararare looking g at. we can't listen a allhis stuff from pitically active people who just want to be elected. charles: immediateollowing "wall street wee stay tuned for a new edition of "stosl." detas of prince's life are starting to emerge 367. we'll have more on thawhen we return.
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charleles: thousands of people have been gathering at p pririns home to pay their respects t to the music legend. reporterer: the sheriff jim olsn says t the death of prince roges nelson meritits investigation baits was s unattended. he was relelatively young, and because it wasas so sudden. last time anyone sawrince alive he was dropped o a at his paisley y compound. when they had trouble ttingg ahold of h him they suspected a problem. >> staff m members from paisley park had been unable toto contat prprince wednesday morning and went to check on himim. they found him unresponsivive ad called 911. the autopsy isomomplete, samples
6:48 pm
have been sentff to o the e labs for toxicology. particularly i in light of the z report that prince was using percococet, the toxicology repot could providide information on whether something wawas in his system but results couldld take wes. reremains of prince have been released too theamily. charles: dr. sealing, tmz is saying an overdo, or acntal overdose. we heard from nuke you, , it was sudden and he was considered t be relativelhealthy. the idea that heas bad hips, he's in a lot of pain, can't tell you how many paents i kn that end up usingain killerlike percocet without realizing th you need more and
6:49 pm
morend more. then when you get to theoint whyou lose track of it it casuppress your breathing. it can have a problem whenou are in a plane whe you can't breae, and they give a safe shot, call marcam. the problem is the pcocet stays in our system longer an the narcam doe reportedly prince didn't't wanto stay. a lot of thiisis not confirmed. but somebody in a lot of pain who need hip replacecement surgery. charles: that was four or r fi yearars ago. >> it doesn't get better. charles:s: the pain n doesn't gt better. wh you are talking about souound relatively s sopsticated. i have done too much p percocet and i'll o offt it with sothing else.
6:50 pm
do average people do that t to themselvlves or do they go to te doctor? >> they y goo a doctor. but the question i is at kind of doctctor is it a doctor just feeding your need? now, by the way,y, the autopsy repoporteems to have ruled out a lot t ofof things. accidental deaths. suicide. clearly if there w was pneumonia or heaea attack they m might not have released d th. but they know that's not the case. chararle it's the culture. >> i it's the culture, and thats what's heartbreaeaki. whether hehe w addicted to pain killers or n not's an important issue, butut the biggr issue e is why. why y do he need to numb himself if he did. charles: did you evever et prince? >> i met him once when i w was teenagerer.
6:51 pm
i snuck out and went to a a cl that i knew he wououlde at. he transcendnded space and time. it was amazing. charles: you h have been around ththe scene. you have been in a lf hit movies, and whats it? is there sti an emptiness? >> there is an emptiness. u have such a high. you gohrough such a hi becausyou get this praise and peop love you and appreciate yo and there is such a low because you e criticized or, you don't get what you nd or you home and you are one. you don't t ve that family that you ght need. anand he had a rough childhood. charles: i read reportedly americans overdose on pain killers every day. is that an epimic?
6:52 pm
pain killers like perc, how much is it ravagg our society? >> it's huge. it com from starting something and not knowing hoto get off . 44,000 deaths a ye from overdoses. that's morthan any other cause of injury. half of that is in killers. the number one ipercocet. so if this is the case, he not ale. charles: priiple dead, eight 57rest i peace. super tuesday 3.0 arnd t corner. [alarm beeps] ♪
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6:56 pm
hipp, christopher and d rebecca berg. pennsylvania, the big g prize. therere donald trump is make serious promises. i i just want to let the peoplp know. they lost over 3,000 manufafacturing jobs since 1994 35% of them, of workforcrce. of course coal was big there. . steel was big ththere. donald trump saying he'll brbrig it back. >> y yes, when you look at polling in pennsylvaninia, donad trump hahas a clear advantage i this state. in no small papart because of te problems in the state thatat yo mentioned in hisolicies s that he hasas laid out on those. but what we have to remember about pennsylvania, of coue,e, is most of the d delegates from the ststat that's what matters most at this stage are unbounun, so they're not tied to the results of the vote,e, that's wy we see ted cruz spspending a lo of time in pennsylnia a in spite of thehe fact he likely n'n't wiwin the popular vote. he's gd at ranang ling delegates to his cause, makikin sure delates are fririendly to
6:57 pm
him on a first or second ballot. in this case, first ballot vote crucial to s stoppining trump a forcing open convevention, thats the strategy we see right nonow. chararles: van, we talked about thisis bore, i'm not sure if you're in a camp that thinksks thisis should be a unified systm rather than each statate going n its own, i see a survey ted cruz masked donald t trump pledging delegates, , they haven't voted yet. >> pennsylvania a lot lilike colorado it't's a swing state. i wouldn't call it a swiwing state anymore. it's a statate, gee-whiz if republicanans carry it could mae a huge difference. if you've got a state like that, we want toto have an open prococess, we want to bring in people. you want to build the republican party a a let people knowhat the vote counts. that's h how you build a party and puput states like pennsylvania in play i in the general elececon. charles: chrisistopher, , do yo see e thatn play? 're hearg new york, i know a lot independents that ve
6:58 pm
in new york, massachchetts, new jersey, and pennsylvania, dodo yothinthose could be pl? >> in thgeneral? noso much. probably not really in the general. placesike new york, seems all right. upate new york is red, long island is captive, conservave democrats. of cours donald trump is from the island of manhatn, but it looks like it's real unlikely that they will turn t. all the t that people have en crunching, the smarguys with talculators have shown nald trump getting crushed i the general electi, but there is someone who c bring bk the moderate replicans, that isonald trump. charles: tammy, the same calclculator guys misjudged the entire e election. we'll take their handiworkrk wih a graiof salt. >> and hopium whaeveryone is calling inow. with the numbers in thprprimary season, the shifver of democrs becoming republicans
6:59 pm
to vote for donanald trump, the indedependents. there arare more independentnts the country thanan republicans r democrats, everyonone is hurtin. the dynac of t the destruction of the country does nonot didiscriminate, and let me tel you about pennsylvania and donald trump, one of the southetern republican party in pennsylvaa heard from the trump campaign me than anyone el. there is a concerted eort for delegates pennsylvania. clearly a different sttegy there. overall en it comes neral election strategand who can win, anyop nominee can win, butonald trump can actually puttates like michig, like pennsylvania, maybe even new yorin play, and that'shat people have to think about. thestablishment doesn't want to admit ibut they h he to deal with it and hopul we can inflfluence mr. trump to be morere conservative in the meantimemebut this is very excitingand people have to take himeriously a about what he c a accomplish. charles: rebecca, i dot t know after r the last couple of ds, fefeels like the gop platform going to be m moved more to the left. >> well,e e don't really know,
7:00 pm
and,d, if a lot depends on the party's nominee becacause the parts s nominee sets the t tone for the e party. but i woultatake issue with the idea thahat donald trump could lou dobbs.s. donald trump appears r ready to pivot to more presidential dememeanor and to fococus on t general election a and the demomocrat's presumptive nomine the republicann frontnt runner tellingg aown hall meeting today y he's going to act so presidential ththat, quote, you willll be t bod, end quote. and trump is so committed too making that pivot, that change, he's now practicingg delivering at least some of his speeches with the helpp of teleprompter a tool that presisident obama, course, relies on constantlyly, but a t tool that trurump has u as far as i know,, only once ovr the past ten


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