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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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and,d, if a lot depends on the party's nominee becacause the parts s nominee sets the t tone for the e party. but i woultatake issue with the idea thahat donald trump could lou dobbs.s. donald trump appears r ready to pivot to more presidential dememeanor and to fococus on t general election a and the demomocrat's presumptive nomine the republicann frontnt runner tellingg aown hall meeting today y he's going to act so presidential ththat, quote, you willll be t bod, end quote. and trump is so committed too making that pivot, that change, he's now practicingg delivering at least some of his speeches with the helpp of teleprompter a tool that presisident obama, course, relies on constantlyly, but a t tool that trurump has u as far as i know,, only once ovr the past ten momonths.. the c change in trumpmp comes a
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builds out his campaign team brbringing on more experiencnce campaign l leaders and amongng trump cvention manager pauau manafo manafort. manafort will be guest tonight f fro hollywood florida. that's where r replilican natiol commmmite officials have been wrangling over whether t to chae rules that trurumpays a are rigd against him. >> politics is a a very didirt dirty dishonest business, folks, and i have never s seen anythin like it,, and w we' running now for office and it's a rigged deal. this whole thing with delegates is rigggged it's a a rig. wher i win louisiaiana and i dot get as many delegates as some guy thatlost? >> the nest frankn and marshall college pollhows trump on t 40% suppt, that's 14 points ahead of tedcruz, and
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ngressman from penylvania lieu barlrletta and marino -- well, the two congressm are leadin the effort to line up ump supporterso be eleed as delegates. 54 of the saf 71 delegates will be unbound, not pleed to supportt anyone that emerges fro this primary tuesday, it's quite a system and j part of what primary season.tu in this joining us now is the t trump campaign official, he isis the conventition managege strategis paul manafofort. paul a veteran repepublican strategi strategist, h he's worked with presidents ford, reagan, bushh and joining us from hollywood, floridida, i should say the sit of the rnc spring meeting. it i is great to have you on th showow. i k kno that youu and rick w wi talked t to the rnc members.s. do you f feel you were succeces
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in conveying the messasages tha you wanteded? >> well, d donald trump thoughtt was important becausese he coul not attend thihis week dueue to fact thahat he'sut t there cacampaigningn the primamaries that t the campaign have a presence here too answer any questions the rnc membe have and to also let them k know tha as far as donald trumpp is concerned, y you know, as hee becomemes the p presumpti nomin of the party h he'sooking to work with ththe rnrnc and workk the o other leaders of f the st parties to beginin to put togetr the framework foror what will ba united r republican effort in t fall. >> and, paul, the -- working with the rnc, so much publi what would we say acrimony bebetween the rnc, the man that will be leading the conventitio paulryan, andnd donald trumpf courseeieing extremely critical of the primary -- primary system, at leastanany of the primaries i thiscountry. is that being smoothed over?
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is that prorocess under way? isis there a comingg together, you will, between dononald trum an t the rnc? >> i believe theres a coming together, yes, and really a lot of the acrimonony you cal it eally a lot of misundstanding. naldmp always understood as the nominee of th republican party held be working with republican natiolcommittee, theenator y'a cign cotee,gressional coittee rgd other instions because as lder of the party his goal isot only to ee likt himself but ensure a republican majoritity the congresess and help elect governors and other downstream members as well. >> i want to turn to -- it soununde though -- as though tht there was a pledge of deeper coopoperation certainly than the hass been. thatat may not bee a a terrific amount, but a pledge of a a traditional relationshihip betwn thee nominee and the rnc
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including fundraising, organization,, campaigning for candididates. is thahat a faiair -- fairr statemenent? >> donald trumpp has been talkig to the cirman of th party over the course of the last few weeks a and has had v very good phone calls a recently as yeyesterdaday and he has made i clear that he's lookingorward to working withh him to pull th party gegethther. as far ass he's concerned as he becomemes the presumpveve nomin he undererstands that the chairn of the p party hasas an responsibility really to w worko help bring the unity a as well together w with trump. and so this s is -- it's a process, it'ss an ongogoing procesess, we're getting cloloso this point where he will bee th presumptive nominee and t then e nomin nominee. we belieieve that there will no be a conteststed conveventn in cleveleland and we don't want t wait until clevelandnd to start puingg together the apparatus necessary to run a uninited republican nomination in ththe fall. >> y you have two candidates ou
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there, governor kasich with very feww delegates, about 300 point behind - delegates behind your candndidate is of course ted c. ted cruz is -- if anything has raised t the intensity of his attacks on donald trtrump. yourur thoughtss about that ande appropriat r response as even t candidatate is talalking aboutug more presidential in n the facef such -- such attacks. >> well, he is raising t the lel of attacack becausese he's losi and he knows he's losing andnd he's trying t narrative but he's fafailing. we had a great day in newew y y on tuesday, we will h have anotr grgreat day on t tuesday in th northeast statess where we expet to do very well in pennsylvania, rhrhode island, delaware, marylaland, connecticut. so cruz i is t trying to d stra from what'soing ony making a
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lott of noise. the noise is not goioing to afft the incncreased difference in n vote count between trump and cruzuzoth on total votes received as wewell as on delegates. we will have another goo d day n tuesday and it't's going to gets closer to the magic number. . >> you are stitill condedent yo can hit somethingng -- 1,1,23 t numbers have beenen reported a little higher than that because of internal memorandnda, but th you can hit 1,237,say, by june 7thth? >> we think it't's critical f the republican party to come totogether borore july. if w we are f fighting in july, the cventioion is fractured i july, then our chanceses of winning in n novovember will be dramaticallyly impacted. frfrom our standpoint we e are only one who can n nominated on the first ballot a and we think that the voters in the republican party are indicating where they want to bebe you have 66% of republicans sayinghahat the leaeader in tot votes and delegatates should be the nomiminee. that's alreadydy finished..
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we knoww who is going to finish fifirst in both o of those categories. so n now is the time t to start healaling process with thehe leadership of the party, now is the time for thehe trump organization and mr. trump has totold us this, toegino rch out to republicann groups, to begigin with bring together allf the elements of the campaign structures so that we can merge the presisidentl campaign withh the committeeee campaigns. >> and those efforts are going to intntensify in the days ahea? >> absolutetely. >> all right.t. paul manafort, thanks for taking the time. i know you've had a busy, b bus day. thanks so much. >> thank youou very much. a huge hometown victory moves ump c closer to t the prpresidential nomination. . >> thank you, everybodody, and thank you, new york. we love new york. we love new york. thank you very mumuch, everybod. thanank you. >> ed rollins, tammy bruce and pat buchanan among our guests tonight. they're cocong up.
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19. the c connecticut primary t tak placace n next tuesday, 2 28 d s at state. >> joining us tonig r repubcan strategistd rollins, washington times columnist radio host tammy bruce, bh fox news contrito. great to ve you here. >> thank you. >> you i'vee got tota with you, ed, justive you allhe credit in the world. ed called the race in new york and didid so earl >> i misse -- iissed the 12th congressional distririct, upper east sidede, trump lost that by0 vos.s. >> isn't tha amazing. >> unlilievablele. he reallyy swept the s state no spending any money. >> it's stuining to look at. i mean, everyone was sort of playing expectations games --- y the way, bothtrump, cruz - -- well, not so muchhehe cruz, the cruz people just wteted out of the ststate. your reaeactnno it. >> lookok, i think that this is not necsasarily a susurprise.. weee sn that ts s is what every -- look, when he started winning evangelicalals thehe be should have been g going o off
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around the country,r.r. trump has aected every section. women, gays, black, white,e, diffenent economi frame works, the evangelicals, t atatheists, because we havenene thing this comm,, wee care about the future, we want t to have a job thatat we can be proud of, w wet our children t to have jobs, w wa t the n nonsense to stop, wee given them 15 years since september 11th to get securit done, it's not happppening. suddenly there is a man w who where there's maybe a 20 or 303% chance even ttt somethihing rigt mimight happen and he will be bt with the economy and thejobs, this is the wake-up call and i don'ththink you can denyy it anymore. tammy, i say that's -- you foundd affufusive. >> i'm t the partisan f for the ununited states, i have e had m favorites that have not included mr. trump but if this is wheher pelele are going i'm getting an education about the nature of whatat's important to him and,
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dammit, he is goingng to have t delive >> i applaud affusiveness i would much rather see affusiveness tha t the receipt sense ttt we seeee for whateve ason -- >> i'm alalian. >> - -- the rnc. as tammy lays out the panamama of possibitities for everyone in the countryry t there is reince priebus, paul rnn a the rnc gog,g, you know, we've got rules. >> dammit >> what are we goioing to doher, ed? >> we're gng to continuehe process here and trump certainly s momentum, had a a tremendous vivictory a he will have a b victory next tuesday, whate call theacella caucuses, marylandpennsylvania, delawareconnecticut,e's go to do well in all of thos i think there'swo spots he has to worry about in the futur here, one is indiana, there's not enough data o i iiana to know. >> t his it, though, he is ininiana and he has got mike
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pence -- he has his hand clasped saying i am donald p -- >> that's important because remembhat's the one s that swung back and forth. >> definitively bate ground state. >> it is a battlound state so it's anmportant ste. thenf course californihich at the end othe day her he either gs enough votes there getheomination ore doesn't that's -- no else has a chance, he is t on one that has a ance, everything at thisoint has std him. >> do you think this is a turning point. >> yes. >> there talki 1400 delegas by the time they get to convention and that one vote as paul mafort sasays, that's l they need isne ballot. >>t's whathey're going haveo do. if i goes tthe second ballot it meanshat they didn't work so they knowhey have to at t same time youou saw in the speechast night, sen and a half minutes lo talked abo senator cruz senat uz.alled t also a warning to senator cruz, they haveeen in califo for a year but donald
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trump's teamow is putting tens of milli of dollars and int levision ads for thestate. that is new wch means it will be a morecontroll more consistent message.e. that you can'tet when you get the free med from rallies. >> maybe a losing strategy since he has not had any media so far andas done any well. it will be a coination, i don'think he's going too ge up oneor theheth it's going to add into this messaging and think tt willork in california. >> what do you think, , you t to calling california. >> haets will errr it. >> conrvatives that are left in the replican party in california have pretty muceen r cruz, i goingo be a trench warfare. i'm notdicting in n any way, shape ororm cruz is going to n california but he may deny -- >> we have a lotf time. >> i i will getlose when we ge am saying next week addthebut i trumomentum after that i thin he'sotot -- >> fiv states next tuesday, it will beeresting to see. and by the way, trump favored in
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every one of them at point. >> remember pnsylvania has 52 that are not ped delegate >> 54. >> 54. that's going to game all the way to the convention. . >> that's atle bit of the private clubbishness of the gop. >> i can't't get o or that. ed rollins, again, great c calln new york lo f forward to yr n next one. tammy bruce, thanks for being here. > if youhought ring a hoveoard was dangerous on the street, watch this. is russianaredevil is as you can tell living on theedge, on the top of a skcraper. theoung man no stranger to danger or such exploits and institutes, ts is not something i can imagine anyone ever doing but there it is. upext speaker pau ryan loveso talkbout how he may or may not be -- areou kidding me? do i -- okay. destined f the white house. gi me a break. >> as a visitor. >> a you - everunning from
7:19 pm
presiden >> no, i don't think that far dow the road. i made a decision i in in cyc for 2016 not to run for president. >> you know, therere's presesumptuous and there's just out of your mind. i will hav a a few thoughts abot that in my commtary t tight. stay with h us
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a few thoughts now onn the games o at least somee of the games being played by republican leaders and the gop estatablisent. speaker pauaul ryan whoho i rea like, i think he isis aery likeable fellow, he justt happes to belong in both camamps and seems u unable these dayays to control himself.f. ry infuriatingng house repupublicans with his spendini bill thatt would raise the deficit, offending m many by reachingng deals with president obama before reachinin deals wih gop house members or even letting t them know what's goin on.. and then injecting himself into
7:24 pm
presidential politics, attttackg donald trump and then making his first latee night tv appeararan and playing cute with steven colbert. >>etet me say it in clear english. no. > okay. how about clear germrman? >> clear russian. [ speaking foforeign language ] > wow, you seem to know a lo of foreign languages, that kind of expererience will comenn hany if you decide to accep the repupublblican nomiminanation. >> hisatate sw appeaearance not a p particurly bright moveyy the speakerhoho is annoying just about everybody thehese days except of coursese mr. obama an thedemocrats. an's appeararance certainly didn help him offset his graph ss deficit. some might be forgiven thinking the s speaker appearina triefl silly n a the speer seems alwlways to be lacking a sense of proportio a as y yestey
7:25 pm
wh he rather transparent lie triedoo boost the beleaguered chairman of the rnc. anan's good pal reincnce priebu invited toapapitol hill to brief house republinsns on the delegate process. declaring that priebus has receeded, well, an extremely favorable warm r recepon by the house. ryan alsodddding he is soo pleae that had someone like priebususs in charge of thee rnc, making sure the rulules are fofollowed. you nn only imagine donald trtrump's delight a he listens o such triep. alall ryan accomplished was to avave everyone shakingng their heads at his naivefivete and soe might s say hisoldness a and th he wastt ready i in any way for ththat job he didn't skk but no holds.s. mitch m mcconnell trying meeklko walk back his anti-trump remarks saying he spoke, a as he put it
7:26 pm
ininartfully. theyalalk like that in the senate youknow, when he said he w was ireasinyy optimistic that there will be a second ballot at the convonon. he has deceded that was probably too much. with allhehese s so-called leads lacking an obvious tact, constraint, intellecect, convicti,, gphph t tas and chcharacter it is noononder dond trump unsettles them so profoundly. ifif the gop loseses seats in t house or senate it will clearly be the fault of their leade and it appears t the only way mn of those threatened seats will survive in fact w will be on t strong ctt tails of a true leader who has yet to o be welcomed by t the weak now ourur quotation of the evening, this one from pj o'rourke whosaid, there a are to parties, the silly party a and e stupidid pay.y. i'm t o old for the silly parar so i had to join the stupid
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paparty. in my opopinion, if i mayay saye two parties it seeeems t to me a lot in common with each other, don't you thk? follow mee on twitter @"lou dobs tonight," like menfacebook, follow me on facebook. we will get t to "lou dobbs tonighght, links for everything are there. >> hollywood stunt manan peperforming a m manver he calla leleap o faith. damian walters showi off -- oh, my goness. look at that. i don't care howow that t was d that's -- i mean, that's just crazy. you've got a lot of faiaith in e fellow or whoever he hasas yell jumpmp. it was going, by thehe way, 60 miles an hour. walters is no strange toes likethis, he serve a a stunt dolele to daniel craig's james bond in sky fall. u up next, p prieb says the
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system is n notot rigged. . >> the nominee has to have a majority of delegates supporting that pererson and when somomeon gets a a majorityy of delegates they are going to be the nominee of o our party, thehe same t th ththat abraham lincoln enjoyed, it's t same thing that'ss going to happen in 2016. >> repubcan campaign attorney charlie spies weighs in us with us collect. he does sakor the establishment. establishment has totay for itself he joins me next stay with us. myom...about my toothpastee. and mouthwash.
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spee, vetereranan pololitical mpaign attorney, former ection law counsel for the republican national committee acting ass cf and counsel foror mitt romney's 2008 presidentia campaign. charlie, g great to have you he. >> thank you.u. >> i know your heart has to be bursting with pride andnd great andood will that the rnc a and ulul manafort representingg mr. trumpp have seemed to have begu the coming together. i am correctly desibing your emotions, am i not? >> well, i don't buy the premise that because mr. manafort say evyonene should fall in lin what he's calling the presumive nominee that that won anybo over >> actually he wawa not calling him presumpti nominee. >> ay >> i am >> okay. >> because we took a pol and
7:33 pm
our audience belves that he shoulde called tha at this point and i hadade a bgain with maudience as i often do that wildo what they say. >> traditionally the nominee earns that. >> yes, ihink so, but these are not traditional times, are they? i me howrere we going to see the republican par nowecause they havee mad progres obviouyhat emanates from both t rnc itself, reince priebus, and p paul manort presentingngis candidate. thishould be aime of considerable confidence and good feelings. i don't get that sense from either senat cruz or governor kasichch o charlie speeeece. >> or donald d trump. i mean, if he was confident that he was going to winin this he wowouldn't be sayining the syst was rigggged. that's a setup t to thehen camp for when he doesn't n. >> to clarify, he did say that -- pl l nafort said that
7:34 pm
trump never intendedd to sugges thatat the individuals were corrupt only the stems itself chchaic, byzantinine, arcane dii mention and d sometimes to the representative of the will o of the people. u don't disagree with that. >> t that's a verery good atttto clean up for his candidate butu hisandidate spepent the lastt fw weeks attackingng the rnc andnd thinkk if you were -- >> i feelike i should p put my hand over myy heart ass you say the rnc.c. >> well, the rnc has 168 reblblican activisists and peop who have toioild in the fields trying tget canandidates elected. therere is reciprocacal bibilateral relationship here, that is, reince priebubus who w extraordinarily hosostile towar donald trump, the mananhole be running the conventntion speake ryan crititical and severely s f trump. theseeeree supposed to be neutral people. you can understand whyhehere might be a shared misapprehension on thehe part of both the rnc and the tru
7:35 pm
campaign. >> with due respect i think ththose might be trump t talkin points. >> yeah. >> r reince priebus -- >> the part about trump or the part abo ryan - >> tt priebus hasn't been- let's not fence. is there going t to be good blo an sensible coming together here on the part othe c because the rnc is suppod to o be the leader re, neutral in the -- in an absolute sense, raisingmoney, organizing the party a and going out and winni in november. >> the rnc has been neutral, th've faiairly apped the rules and today the rules committee, the standing rules committee met and they declinedo changehe rus mid course. >> goo going. so that it's fair a keeps everybody on the same playing field. >> right. >>ut now -- >> i hope that's a commitment for the next several mohs. we're goingo ha to go. very quickly. >> over the next couple of mont donald trump has to earn the support by winning t delegates and establishin hiel as --
7:36 pm
>> well, i think he has mmitted to doing that, he' spending more money do it, campaigning lik hell. what arere you doing to prepare for the neral? >> well, hillary clintons not who we want. >>amen, brother. an for being here. charlie speece, good to have you hehere. come back soon. love to. >> you gotot itit. j joining me tonigight formr u.s. ambassasador to the unitet natitions, american enterprise institute senio fellow john bolton, also a fox news contntributor. great to have you re. ambassador, t theoyal filyy deded to stitiff presidedentbama when he got to riyadh sending t t governorf riyad inn tell of king salmon. is there any insulult that isis much for this presididen >> well, maybe they're toppingn the cans who didn't bother to send out the castro brothers to greet him. i think it's a mark of obviously the disissatisfaction the saudi feel given what president obama hasone on iran, ththere are a lot of issssues between us and
7:37 pm
saudi ararab, but, you know, if he w went -- i if obama went to israelel who do you think bibi netanyahu would sendd to the rport. >> anybody. anybody. >> b but a twtwo-ur meeting and hehe's telling the preresint -- th presiside is telelling npr that the saudis now are on board with his iranian al. >> he hasas been saying t tha - >> that's stunning. >> -- for some time. of coursrse they are not on bo. they acknowledge thehe realilit that the deaeal is there and oba planans to eorce it obamaa sd just the other day in reonse to a queststion that th saudis, the other arabs needo haveve t share the rioionith iran. let's like tells thehe polls to sharare the region with nazi germany. i thinink it'sttest a naive viview but more likely pernicio. >> and suggesteded the french perhaps couldsese their strtree fo pararades. >> plantflflowers. you know, get used to . . >> is there a any -- i mean, ts
7:38 pm
man is -- he's gone b beyond strange, he'ss gee into absurdrdity itself a and people just shaking their heads, yeteto one wants to say anything. >> ahah. well, i think t they're a afrai the consesequences if t they do what ieaear from people,urur friends around the world,d, is th j just w want to g get to jay the 20th, 2017, and get past isis. from their perspective anything else would b be better bauause there w would be some dedemonstration of american strength they think whh almost any successo >> do you thinink anyone in ee white housee n notices that everyone eee is holdingheheir breath here?? >> i think thearare in a bubble of their own creation. they think they're building a legacy,eaeally they're just maki a a mockery. i ththink it's as if the presidt has retired already,y, which ha itss benefits, by t the way. >> i was going t say i thinknk you can get - -- you can get a t of support -- >> for that, absolutely. >> -- that particularar petitio. it's's always great to have you re. >> thank you, lou. >> thanks so much.
7:39 pm
a college softball game a stunning halt to it, a dust dedeviinterrupting a game between the lynchbuburg hornets and eagles. look at that. the dust up o onl momentaririly lted the action. may have even benefefit the home team, the hornets rallilied for five runs in ththe bottom of th inning. nothing like a little curveball from nanatu. p next, donald d trp, speaking o curve balls, heas decided to throwow a tradiditia campaign at them. why fix what's not brokenen? ebonwilliams, chris plalant join us next. stay witith us. (burke) at farmers, 've seen almost everythin so we know how to cor almost anything. even a stag pool party. (pty music) (sashing/destrucuction)rty. (splashing/desucuction) (bur) and we covered it, octotober twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thihg or two because we've seen a thingr two.
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joining us tonight host of the chris plante shown mlal, ris ante and attorney rio talk show hostelp knee williaiam williams. >>eboni, charliespeece, one of the most aomplisished election law attorneys in e country defendg strongly thern your retion? >> ll, look, ihink that serves toelp donald ump. ceainly the biggest thinghat i thinkrump has goi for him is theact that he is a political osider and gng into in generalspecially -- i certainly tnk it looks like 's going to begast hillary clinton, that's the n narrativee has to sck with the mine he statarts -- and i
7:44 pm
understand there is a necessily at some point to t some of these conessional insiders on his teamm for the delegate purposes and tngs that willappen at the convention, b look, when he makesit, she has been a part of the problem, iring the solutions, i'm an outsider at's the stronge narrative for trump. >> chris, your reaction >> you kn, the rncs in an imssible situation ts year, i don't think there is winning pathor the and if it continues to appear thatonald trump is at odds with the rnc i agre with eboni that actually helps donald trumpecause they represent of course the establishment and he doe not. so if they are at logger heads, go for him, bad for the rnc. i n't think there is aay out forthem. they should not cnge the rules, they were wise to not start changing the rulesnow, that wouldn' have passed the sml test, that wld have been very bad forfor them. they should ctinue to not change the rules. >> i agree with youf going into the wee before the convenon suddenly they are taking strong look at
7:45 pm
adjuing rule 40-b o some of the other the you are going to be a compoded effe, youre going to ha a stench not a smell result. >> you bet.t. >> is it too early, eboni, for donaldmp he says a we're listening to him i harrisburg tonight he say he's poting to presential, preparing to. do you think thiis the time? >> i think it's early. i think your tease -- lou, you talk about not fixing something that's not broken. regardle of his unfavorables, regardss othe chaenges th he faces and he does h many i think he is still t front runner for a reason we're not evenn in may yet, stil a ways o from julyo start becoming mor o a, quote, aditional candidate. tritional candidates are not doing w this year, ask marco rubio. >> paul manafort, hhad talked with the rnc, he a rickey
7:46 pm
were down there in hollywood, florida, where the rnc i meetg an you know sd they're going to shift more traditional mpaign, do fundraisingor the rnc. itoued warm, it snded good andaul manafort said they've done the process of coming gether. do you believe it? >> if it is happening it's vy reluctant. it reluctant on everybody' part. if donald trump does bece the nomineehen obviously that's going thave to happen. i don't see it hpening before he becomes t the nomineen earnest anyway. i thk they' going through e motions, it's kind of a first dance. that's fi, that's good news because if he does becomehe nominee then the partys going to have to adapt to thet that he ishe nominee. as for donald trump becing more presidential, i agree wh ebi again, it mig be a little too earar and as you said if it ain't broke don't fix it, but at some poi perhaps aft he becomes t nominf hee does he i think is going to have
7:47 pm
to change uphe routine a bit and become more aleast in some respects tditionally presesenti. >> and t chris' p poi that's where he has more leverage, nald trump. just finish strong, don't cow tail,inis strgndnd make them take the bitterill of donald ump. don't do i the other way around. i don't think any of us he the slightest concern in that rerd. i thinkt is -- withed cruz seem tgo step u his attacks on trump since he got walloped in new york, i think it is wel established is a little early yet. alwaysreat to haveou guys an, as here. >> thks, lou. > x games gold medalist cently setting a new world record. you have to see it. tom wallish completinghe longest rl slide onkis successfully going down a railor 424 feet, e previous recordas 5, at was a year oldld record.
7:48 pm
10,000 pounds of steel welded together to complete that custom il and he ud e everynch of it. u.s. officia have uncovered a a new drug tunnel connecting mexico to californin. the tunnel outfititted wit ventntilation, electririci and rail systetem is the third shh tunnnnelo be found in n the regn since march. x people have been arrrrested in san diego, they're chargedith crimimes involving drugs and, y, construcucti of that tunnel. the disiscover bolstetering thee r r th trurump claims which he says as presidedente would ststraighten out forthth with.. upnext, donald d trump says the delegegate game is rigged, e rnrnc is rigggged it's time to itit and hs just thehe f fw to dodo that. we take up t theookedd system ad the folks who are, we, pulling the levers. i will be talking with conservativeauthoror, besest selling author, pat buchanan.
7:49 pm
here next.t. stay with us.
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scaramci. test test test test test you both h have a perfect driving recocord.
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pepeect. no tickets. no accidents. at is ununtil one of you clips a foodod truck, ruining your perfefect rececd. yeah. now you would thinkk your insurance company would cut you someme slack, rig? nono. your i insurance rates go through t the roof... your perfect record dodoesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,s, liberty mutu won't raise your rates perfect. due to your first acdent. with accident forgiveness,s, see car insurance in whole new light. liberty tualnsnsurance. donald trump's campaign adviser saying trump is now the prohibit f favorite in the republican presintntial race. trump's conventntion manager p manafort talking to sean hannity last night about t therorospectf aonontested convtion.
7:53 pm
>> there'sot going to be a second ballot. there is not anissue. >> you're convinced? >> we have several ways to get to 1,237 by ely june and today was a giant step forward, we think we' goi to have another great week nex week, butore importantly whahat you saw -- you s saw record turnout day in new york and a rord turnout with a primary that everybody knew donaltrump was goin to win. >> a great point and leaked internal memoranda showing the trump campan is n predicting trump will secure 1,400 delegates to take the nomination on the first ballot in clevand. joining us now pat buchanan, he has been seniordviser to the presents twice candidate for the republican presidential nominatn himself, he's a nationall syncated lumnist and in betweenll of that one of th country's leading best sling authors. pat, great to have youith us. >> good to talk to u again,
7:54 pm
lou. >>et's start by the victory by donald trump in new york, paul manafo talking about 1,400 i theirprojection i wouldn'tuggest there's any marketin in at, but do u think that's a reastic numb? >> thatounds to me like little bit o sigh war, lou, it a signal to allhe delegates saying in effect, look, fellas, get aboard this train iseaving the station and make sure y're on it. but i do thk that the possibility exists that dald trump could take this thing prty handily on the fst ballot, but 1,400 snds a ttle bit out of the range for me. >> 1,400 or 1, youknow, these stillecome workae numbs. les turn if wcan to th party itlf. i haveev seen the pty -- andd i hav covedonventions fr '76 forward - i have never seen a party take on their front
7:55 pm
runner t way the elites o of the gop he taken on dond trump. have you? >> no, iavenot. d to a degreree some othe elites i 64 out at the palace did this when goldwat was taken and his agents were taking th party away from em. i ink the same thingbtains he, lou. ese elitesee in trump run for the nominion and a succesul r really tir eclipse. hickaking over the party. him moving o a newirection on trade deals, him securing the boers and no amnesty. and even in the intervention all overhe world, these military interventions which man of the neo con favor the may be no more. i think they allll s their agenda, they all see their rice bowls broken and the agenda nceded. >> whenou mentioned the neo cons, i mean,he strong -- the surprise here to me the stroest surprise of all has
7:56 pm
be the evangelical, the reliousonservatives in this couny who are embracing dond trump even a the neo cons react in fear and rejectiont the anticipation of a trump enda, others arembracing and a new lance is being, if you will, projected by the trump candid candidy. >> i think thevangelicals a showing a measure of sophisticationhe. look,veryone a aees the untry is in rl trouble, trump, whater you say, he's d the diana chl, energy aut him and he's going toeal with the things. i think what they're saying s look, we tst trump notot because we believe he is a social conserva or evangelical christian, bute think he will do what is inis interest and the partynterest and we believe himhene says hwill putscalia-type fellas on the supreme court. so i think it's a sophiicated responsesen the pt of e evgelicals. you talked in your mos rece cololumnbout the gop
7:57 pm
risking suicidehere. do you believe the elites are going to at ast at some point come to theirenses and say -- and acknoedge tront runner and begin aealing process and move toward unity? >> i thi the elites arelmost out of th game, lou. think the real challenge and the oy chaenge to trump comes from cruz. bu i will say this, if this party gathe in cleveland a ump has t most vicictories and the mt states and theost delegates and millions more votes tha anyone else and the biggtrowds ever and t part thenurns and says, n we present to america our winner ournominee, ted cruz, i think that is really not edible for the party to say at that point. but i think the elites reallyy they have been feebleere in washgton, d.c. they seem to have n control, we talk about the esblishment, it's been
7:58 pm
shoved aside in a battle ben trump and cruz and i don know at cz is saying, but he's never seed to m to have been ally a beloved figur upn capitol hi. >> that is what the call aind description for the senorn catol hill. let me turn, pat -- re. >> --o the agenda. you have paul ryan thespeaker, who will beunning the convention as i traditional, but i have never seen a speaker be both -- interjecthimself into the race, attack a candidate and simultaneously say he is gng to p forrd an agenda that wi compete wit thatf the nonee. this is unheard of, especially when that nominee is bringingn millions and millions of people into the ten tt has bee woefully, woefully attend over the crs of the two previous election cycles. >> but you are rig abobout what trumpas done in tms -- he s brought people into the
7:59 pm
republican primaries by the millns and millio, they have ha the largest turnout i think they hav ever had in any kind of pmaries in state aer state. >> correct. >> i wouldeally admonhed paul ryano take aook at one exple. back in 1964 when goldwater won the nomination, rockefellernd romney and scranton they all cut himood-bye and good luck. two people went outor goldwater a overhe country that year, richard nixon a ronald rean and the future belonged to themor standing by someone the knew was going down to defeat in a horribleefeat an being there beside him. if i we paul ryan and he's viously got a futur in the rty i would sa look, i'm goin t support the nomin for this pty and go out andork for himecause i'm the lder of the forces on capitol hill. >> pat, great to have you here. come back so. always good to talk with h you. >> gooood to talk to you,u, my friend. >> pat bubuchanan. thanknks foror joining us toninight. goodnight fromom new york.
8:00 pm
foxews rorting in jersey city, n jersey. rightver tre is lower manhattan wherehe twin tours of theorldld trade center once stood. 15 of the 19 hijackers liv or moved tthe state ofew jersey. a decade afterhe attacks the world tre center is rising ain. newldings will be finished in aboutwo years' time but t iconic skyline of manttan mains incompleteo this day. on tt fateful morning,000 people die in n york at the pentagon in


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