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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  April 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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are strong reasons t look back and continuehe investigation to the secrets of 9/11. for fox news reportin i am bill hemmer. ank you for watching. great week . great week as hotpopots arise around the rld, our military is powering down. >> most of you in the army know is that the army is rerecing its size >> i worry about the capapabili and cacicity to win in a major fight. >> with thermrmed forces getting new rcrching orders -- >> male rotc cadets were pressured by the militaryo walk aund in wom's high heels. >> i found that entire incncide just kind ofof bizarre. >> is the new u.s.s. military ready to facace new threats? >> you'r're sending the messageo the e rest of the world you're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "risg threats, shrhrinkingng
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military." here's breret baier. >> t the iwo jima memorialememis usus of many things. first of course, of the uncommon valor of the trtros but it alsooreminds us t that i cacan be a dangerous w world out there and d our mimilitary r knows when i it will be called upon to travel overseaeas and acmplish a a mission. and d c can remind us, as well ththat as s much as we may desi peace, there's no replacemement for a miliryry that is strong anand ready. >> l let us pray. ♪ eterernal father, strong to sav as we bid fair winds and following seas to the fighting 56 -- >>eptember 2015 we're witnessing a mility funeral. not of a pson but a navy iday inaugurate, the uss simpson is decommissning.
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>> there's a feeling osadness toay good-bye to a ship as portant to the professn as all the rest that ve gone before her. >> t simpson was the last u.s. warship to engage in s ship to ip combat in 1988 dung "operation pying manan tis." three vesss and at least two small boats sunk or ry sevely damaged. ey must know that we'll protect our ships and they threaten u they'll pay a price. >> not thalong a, navy had many of thislass of frigate. now theyeyall decocommissioned. it's not just the navy thahat's saying good-bybye to all friend. in march 2014, thehe army y bid farewellll to the warrior helicopter, a workhorse of t thr air cavalry inin iraq and afghghanisistan. >> allll the pilots will be gon all the aircraft will l be gone. it's only y gog to be in the story books that people are even know the role it pled.
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>> in the air forc the president hacapped the number of f-2stealth fighters. far short ofhe number iginally envisioned. >> our budget is a zero sum gage and if morore money goes t to f it is our troopsps and citizen o is lose. >> t these actio reflect a trend. numerous military progograms ha been scrapd, i including the combat seaearch and rescue helicocopterer, the army's futu combat vehicle program, the e navy's next generation cru and several missile defens systems such as the ird site missile defensan for poland and the czh republic. along th this down sizing, is a major rereduction in the troo themselves. for r instance, the my's active foforce is expected to drop to e smallest since befefore world w ii. 450,000 sosoldiers. >> we have cut the milititary t its lowestst levels, yet we are facing a world that is the m mo complex enviroronment we have
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faced since at least t the end >> retired three statar neral michael l flynn ran the defensn intelligencegency duriringhe obama miministration. >> frankly, ththe ited states of america a isn a less strong potion today because othe e readiness and the size o of our armed forces. . >> i spo t to robert gates, secretary of defense in n the lt years of the busush administratn and the early y years of the oba administraration. he tolold me president obama promised him there wouldn't beb any significant chananges in t military budget t for a whwhile. overall,l, did he keep to his rd? >>ell, i think that began to fray, fray may be o gentle a word > before too longgateunund himself cutting hureds of billions from e defensnse budget and thas only the start. gates was informed the predent wanted to ance even more ts. >> over the lastwo years,
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secretary bob gas courageously takn wasteful spspending, saving $400 billionn current and futurere spending. i believeve can do that again. >> what was your reactioion? >> well, i guess i'd have e toay i felt doublble ossed. after all those e years in washington, i was naive. >> to many, the cuts wen't about economicic efficiency so much as a ststrategic change in the rolele of the military. you told president oma staffers thae defense cuts send a big sategic message road. e united states is going hom cut a deal with irannd china while u can. >> t think overall it has had that impact. re sending the message to the rest of the world that you're basically retreing. >> later you meeeewithresisident obama and u tell him theay to compeate for force cuts in the next war is withlood more american kids will e because of ourecisions. what wis response to that? >> i think he knowledged it. what ias pitching at a minimum was the world doesn't seemo be getting bett.
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before you hd down a path of deep cuts in defense, why dot you ke it kind of slow? it was one of the things where i st the argument. >> i think that he sees th military actually as sething that is more dangegerous to the world and i ththink that he loo at us ---- i actually do. i i think he looks at the unite stat military and sees it asas a threatening applicatation aroun the world than a actlly as a usefeful tool. >> how much more d dangerous do you think k the world is now th it was seven, eight years s ago? >> i think more dangerouous. far more doingng rus. >> the obama administration hah been thtening the beltlt of the military. is this being dodone to match a slimmed downwn veron of american foreign policy? we'll l look at that when we we'll l look at that when we return.
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our diminisheded military didn't c come about simply due cost cutting measures. some see it as part and parcele of this administration's particular view ofof america's ple e in the world. >> the nexext first family of t united states of america.. >> on the night he was electcte barack obama p promised a differenent sort of foreign policy. >> the new d dawn of american leaderership is at hand. >> i ididn't take long to see this new leadersp in action. on march 6th, 2009, secretary yf statate hillary clinton pressed reset button with russia. promising new era of betetter relationons. and on j june 4th, 2009, presidt obobama gave a speech in cairo promising a new begiginning wit the mumuslim world. >> tension haseeeen fed by colonialalism that denied right and opportunities to manany muslims. >> he had a confidencece comingn as president 2 200009 that he c
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alter fundndamentally our relalatiship with the muslim worlrld. >> joeoe lieberman was chahairmf thsenate committeeee on homeland securityty from m 2007 to 2013. >> unfnfortunately, i think the memessage he sent was that the united states was no lononger going to exercrcisits leadership of the world which incidentalll ththrough democratic and republican presidential administrations fromom the end the war riright up until this te had bebeen thehe great guaranto security and prosperity y and freeeedom in the world. >> jeffrey goldberg, n natnal correspondent fofor the atlanti who intervieiewebarack obama on his s foign policy tried to plain the president's approach. >> he refers to o the washingto play book, t theashington playbookok isomething happs in coununtr"x" and therefore we have to send 50 cruise missisile to deal with that problelem and whwhat he wantnts do, he says,s break washingtonon of the habit every probobleoverseas comes with a potentialal military
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solutionon. >> it wawas clear he had a new takeke. but the question remained, w wh would presidenent obama actuall dodo? he was againstst the war in ira. but his s military people warne agaiainst a hasty withdrawal. >> it was really importatant th we try to maintainin a military presesence there in order to ma sure that the gains s that had been achieved d with a lot of blood byby the united states, well as iraqis, that those g gas could bebe maintntained. >> ln panetttta was presiden obama's sesecretary of defense frfrom 2011 until 2013. >> that's why the pentagonon supported maintainining a presee there. >> the k key to preserving an american military presence i in iraq was to negotiate a stay behind force. the prident wowould have to take ththe lead. >> t the only chance we would he had for an a agreement would hav
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beenen his i intensive involvem personally, and that didn'n't happen. . >> and so, on december 18th,h, 2011, the last cononvoy of u.s. troo p pulled out of iraq. while all that w happening, , e arab sprg was spreadading througho the arab world. demonstrations and rts and civil wars of f people challengg their leaders. on january 2h, 2011, egyptians quaer g gathered in cairo's tahr square to protest the policies of egyptian p president whose kw mubarak, the u.s. ally. >> i've always consideded egypt to be critical to our ability to provovide stability in the midd east. when it b became apparent mumubarak had to go, the milita urged d caution. but the president pushed for h s immediate removal. >> litererally, the entire
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national security team recommended unanimimously handlg mubarak k differently than we d. and ththe president took the advice of three nior bacack benchers in terms of how to treat mubarak. one of them saying, mr. . president, you gotot to be on t right side of historory. and i would d be sting there at the tablble and i say, yeah, ife cocould just figure that out we woululd be a long way y ahead. >> i don't think h he believes that genererals should be tryin to influence policy makingng. >> on february 11th, mubararak resign. >> the wheel of f history turne atat a blinding pace. >> t the happiest day in the whe housusas it relates tohe middle east probably thehe day that mubarak left. >> in june 2012, egygyptlected a new president, mohohammed morsif the e muslim brotherhood. in february y of 2 2011, egypt' nextxt door neighbor libya also went up in flames. the country's didictator moamma gadhafi was cocooperating with e
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u.s. since the invasion of irar in 2003. many voices araround the world were demananding he be removed from powower. oncece again, the president's t mimilitary advisers counseled caution. when he sided with thosese that urged him to supportrt the overthrow of gadhahafi his secretary of d defefense resorto extraordinarary measures. didid you actually tell your subordinates to limit the amouot of information they gave t to t ite house on militarary options available in libyaya? >> allll i said was, i don't wa anany mililitary plans or optio going to the white house i haven't seen. >> i mean, you write i it more bluntly. you say don't t give t the whit house staff too o much informatn onon the m military options. they don't understand it. >> pretttty much. >> a litittle more blunt. you had concern about that. >> absolutely. >> about running milary operations o of the white hoe. >> yeah, yea the e experience that we had ha wiwith that in vietnam didn't wk so well.
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>> on march 19th, 201111, president obama cititing humanirian concerns dered the american mility to lead a coalition to cfront gadhafi. october 20th, 2011, the libyan ader has captud and killed by a mob. eliciting this responsnse fr the sesecrety ofof state. >>came, we saw, he died. >> then there's syri august 20th, 2012, after th syrian regime led by bhar al assad threatened to e chemical weapons agnst its enemies in the cotry's civil war, president obama put him on notice. >> a red line fous is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemal weapons movinground or being ilized. >> the psident ordered the military to prepare to stre if assad di indeed, cross that red line.
9:17 pm
on august 21st, 2013, the asd regime used the chemicalpons to kill hundreds of me women and chilen. how would amica respond? presidenobama ordered his military to stand down. >> they used chemicaweons s against theiown pele and we did nothing. we demonstrated weness instead sength. >> we'll he more on the relts of president obama's's foreign policy later buwhen we return, we look at how he's transforming our military from the grnd up.
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>> when you're sndining side by side in n life or death situatis next to other warrrriors, you he to know from thehe bottom of yo soul that t those warriors are going to s sta with you. >> mike waltz a formemer speala forces commander as ll as special adviserer to vice president cheney is refererringo what is sometimes called the warrior culture. >> wat e each other's back. >> you have to have that bond.d. ananything that interferes with that bond needs to b be treated ry, very, very carefully. . >> which is why someme criritic barack obama oppppose and fear e way the presidident utilizes th armed forceses. theyey feel he's more comfortab with social change t than mility command. >> this president hahas imposed polititical agenda on the military. >> elaine e donnelly is prpreset for the center of mimilitary readiness.s. >> h he's donee it by redefifin the mitary as a civilil rigight institution rather than thehe institution thatat defends its
9:22 pm
coununtr >> you wrote t thapresident obamama owed real passion on one issue concerning thehe mitary. his determination n toverturn don't t ask, don't tell. what did youou mean by that? >> this s was one area where i w him become angry when things weren't moving as quickly y ase wanted them to move.e. i didn't see thahat ger at the lack of f progress on really an other r issue that i dealt with certainly. >> ending n't ask, don't't tell was one of the first s socl changes on the m milary by the obama administstration. it was harardlthe last. recently at ft. . gordon, georgia, hunundreds of soldiers summoned t to a powerpoint presentatation about white m ma heterosexual privilelege and th need to discuss opoppression an thee patriarchy, and then an exercicise required of some rot cadets just lastst year.r. >> w whave heard some interesting things. the fact thahat male rotc cadet
9:23 pm
were pressureded by the militar to walk aunund in women's hhh heels in order to done in stlat their d disapproval of the " "r cuure. >> i found that incicide kind of bizarrrre. when i was a r rotc cadet, i wa doing pupush-ups and running unl i ththrew up if my bootsts were shined to the level l they need to be.e. >> even mo c controversially on decemberer 3rd, 2015, the obama admiminiration removed all strictions on women servining in ground combat t uns. >> will be able to sererve as rangerand bererets, s.e.a.l.s, rine corps infantry, air force parajujumps and everything elsprprusly open only to men. >> by ening at door you're simply sayinif that's someing you're interested in >> coressman tulsi bbert, a memb of the hawi army national guard sd two tours inraq. >> if you meet thosendards, then y should be allowed to serve there, wheer a man or a wowo >> critics s it's not that
9:24 pm
le. >> the iahat and women arininhaeable, especially in thatuch higher level of the combat arms i utterly absurd. >> the sergeanton served wi the second marine expeditionary force in faljah. >> thehe standds lowered formly or informally. there is noh thing as gender neutl. the sexes are neutral. >> congngresswoman gabbe contends that by lifting the combat restrictition the milili is simply y recognizing reality. >> women serviving incredibly i our military for a very long time. we've e seen over a decade ago wowoman who's actually in the national guard was awarded t th silver star for her brbravery i close quarters combabat. >> a lot o of the advocates for women in combat say women hahav been figighting in combat fofor decades s enit's just not true. i i waout ere with the infantry on the outskirtrts fallujah andnd we would frisk wowomefor explosiveses.
9:25 pm
we were in dananger all day y e day we were e dog that. that's not the s samas hunting the enemy where he les, house to hou. cave to cave. mostly on foot >> ctics also point out that r the new law women will b ordered into combat. whher they want to be not. >> i'm sorry b america needs to think aut their daughter in a hand thand fight in a cage no res against an isis figter. >> whenhe arm did an official survey, the results came back that 92.5% of the army womesurveyed wanted nothing to do wh combat assignments. >>hat concerns me withhis administration in dealg with this warrior cture, so critical tthe success of our militarythey don'tnderstand it and oftentimethey mistrust it. if you turn thmilitary into ki of a social experiment rath t thaa fighting force that h to meet certain standards and have a certain lel of readiness to defend is nation, that's incredibly
9:26 pm
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(splplashing/destruction) urke) and we covered it, tober twenty-seventh, 2014. talklk to farmers. we knknow ahg or two because we've seen a thing o or two. tober twenty-seventh, 2014. ♪ we are farmerers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-m-bum ♪ so far, we have en how the obama administraon at least according tots critics views the milita in a didifferent way. and ose critics maintain this neattitude haslready cost us one thing we know ththe obama administration has changedut the u.s. military heds theyse t to describe ctainin acvities. at did you make of t fact under the administraon the pentagon required to refer to military actio agast islamic terrorism asverseas contingencoperations? >> yea
9:30 pm
and that the actual acts of islamic terrorism were to be referred to as man caud d disasters. >> it t completely exemplifies e approaoach of thisdministration th we're not even going to call the enemies whathey are. which e islamic terrorists. >> critics sayucuch language is part of the litical correctnthis administration requires of the military some thi it's harmless. others wonder. >> at fthoodn texas, on a clday in 2009, major nadal hassan, a doctor in the u.s. military, stood up oa table, shoud allu akba and then began to fire. he killed 13 a w wounded many other. it was a scking event. >> sta sergeant alonzo lunsfordrd, one of the 32 american soldierss hassan woundd that day. > i blinked. he discharged the weapon.
9:31 pm
the first round went in riright here. above my left eye anand spun me arou.. and i hit e e floor. came on me and shot me again. >> as thsergeant laytill in a pool of hihis owblood, he watched majohassan train the weapon on ear-old army prive francesca valence. > hwas geari to shoot her. shshe said "i'm pregnan i'm pregnant." heired anyway and her last words s was "oh moorks my baby,y bababy, my ba."." >> privatete valezz and h her b died that day. a horrrrific e ent and some lilieve a preventable one. h hassan, the ft. hood terrorist killer, was communatining aanwr awlaki, the radical cleric that was in yemen. in one of the 18 e-mails exchanged, hassan to him, i can't wa to join you in the afterlife.
9:32 pm
lieberman, who ledhe senate investigation in the ft. hood massacre, spects the blame may residen the environment evailing in obama's military >> political correctnessan't't lead you to close eyes to a clear and prest danger to o the u.s. and to your colleagueuein thu.s. armrmy. >> that air of pololitical corrtness ononly thickened as the obama a administration ininsisted that what happened a . . hood was not an act of isislamic terrorism, but rather an example of, quote, workplpla violence. >> how could you sayay a terrort murdering 13 amemericans was workplace viviolence? that's just ridiculous. >> as for sergeant lord, he's still hurt by the government's lack of franknenes >> what hurts more t than the wound itself is a a sense of betrayal becauause a sense of betrayal i is when you wake up, it's thehere. whenen you sleep, it's there. itit's something that never leas
9:33 pm
me. it never leaves me. >> the divide between the e oba administration and many y in th military only widened d over th handndling of the case of army private bowe bergrgdahl. bergdada bergda, a man the obama administration leled a p.o.w., was releed by the taliban in exan for five of their top leaders. the ceremony announcing s release was supposed tbe a celebration. >> this morng, callebob and jennyerahl and told them after neay fiveears in captivity their son bowe is coming home. >> what was your reaction en president obama hosted bergdahl's parentst the rose gard ceremony? >> i was pissed, aolutely. in my viewbergdahl should have never been label a p.o.b. >> did theen you served with consider him a soldier whoad be captured or a man who had deserted his platoon? >> we knew immediatelyhat day the circrcstances of the disappearance.
9:34 pm
he deserted thpost. we were mad hell about it but we didn'diminish the efforts to getim back. >>altz ordered to lead special forces teams to search for bergdahl. >> it was the number o priorityty ithentireheater of afghanist. and the taban immediately knew a they began feeding false formation into our informant networks to try to bait usnto am bushes. one of my specl rces teams went into anfghan compound and ouought bergdahl might be an the enti thihing rigged with explosives. byhe grace of god it didn't plode but those are the situations we found oursves night aftenighght after night for months. >> president oba responded to the controvey by dispatching one of h top aides to praise bergdahl. >> hserved the united states wi honor and distinction. >> when president obama send out national security viser susan rice and sheays that, in fact, boweergdahl served the united states with hon a distinctn -- >> wl, i about threw my television out into the ya.
9:35 pm
both me, his fellow ploo mates, my men, mfellow green berets thanely died looking for him we outraged. itho how tone deaf this ite house can be to how military members thinkndeel. they take words like tt, served wh nor r and distinction, very seririously. >> frankly, the whwhite use probably shoululd have made no ststatement whatsoever. >> leon n panetta told us he wa dismsmayed by how the white hou handled the bergdahl case. >> i don't md, obvbviously, the efrt at negogotiations, t you don't justalk in and say, ohoh yeah, we'll give you fe bad guys. these are inviduals who killed in many cases our own soldie.. wh assurce do we have that they're not going wind up owing up american innocentnts? >> demoralizing?g? >> incredibly dedemoralizing an toto t men and women in uniform,
9:36 pm
as well. whenou're out there i harm's way and your comommaer in chief releases the taliban's top five drafaft picks, itt sends a bad messssagto the trtroo and the afghan allies to be serving alongsisidend encouraging. >> how has this new vision of the u.s.s.itary playing g out across the world? that's next. audi pilotless vehicles havecon,
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earlier we saw the diplomatic overtures thebama administraon made when it took office. today,y, we casee how those pocies played out. the esident had promised a plomatic reset with russia. even scrapping a missilele dense system in n europe as a concililiary gesture. after his re-electn, he pulled america's mainattle tanks out of germany, tanks that hadeen there since rld war ii. all eyes were on vlamir putin to see how he'd spond. anand, in february 2014, putin sent in troops to seize ukraine's crimean pepeninsula. >> in europe, we e envisioned a different kind of relalationshi th w whahat s actually emerged we dn't anticipate that ssia would illegally annecrimea.
9:41 pm
we didn't sethind d of destabilizing tivivity. >> next,utin's forces began menaci ukraine itself. >> the fundamental poioint of dealing th a bully likputin is you cannot allllow bullies t gett away with w whathey want t . >> but the president rejd calls for a sculular response, instead announcing limited sanctions. >> i believe the's a path to relve the siion diplomatally in a way that and the ukraine. s of russia >> i think the predent shohoul have taken some very strtron steps to make very c cle to putin that this s wa unacceptable. he should haverovided arms to e ukrainians. >> but hdidn't. and toda russia is emboldedened, thatening to spreaits sphere of influence even n wider. secretaries panetta and gatetes and others told us thahat u can let bullies get awayay with
9:42 pm
bullying or yoyou pay a price. >> i was t talking about ukrne. wi t the president. anand he told me, very bluntly, th ukraine as a nonon-nato country living in the adow of russia will also be subject russian meli and domination and what he's s doing there is basicalllly gnaling this is not woworth the united states' investment. >> tn there were barack obama's overtures to the muslim world, where he hoped to change e images of america. he had pulled american t troops out of iq q without a stay behind force thahahad been recommendeded by his military advisers. buwithout a u.s. presence, violencemmediately returned across the country. niall fergusonon, professor of history at harvard uversity,y, rememberers talking to veteransf the war. > thad turned it arnd. to btotold the mission was being aborted must have be a a shattering blow.
9:43 pm
the iraqis, of coururse, couldn't leave. someound anoerer cause. >> mananofof them wound up eventually working with isis.. to create the force ththat ultimately came baback and invad thatat pt of iraq. that they held. and hold today. >> in egegypt, president obama d suppted the overrow of america leaningng hosni mubarak anand his administration applaud when a newew president was elelected. the mumuslim brotherhood's mohammed morsi. >> i have come to alexandria t reaffirm the strong support ofo the united states for the e egyptianan people and for your democrcratic future. >> well, this was hilariously wrong in the egyptian case because the muslim brothhood turned out tbe the most extrtreme group capable of winng
9:44 pm
large numbers votes. >> o once in office, morsiranted himself unlimiteted powers and imposed a consnstitution based shsharia law. egypt, t the admistration emed welcome the ouster of mubarak. >> yeah. >> and more mors egypt was a classic case of you knowow, hope, hope and chan not actually coming to f fruiti. >> egypt desceed into chaos. morsi, irn, was overthrown in a coup. where president obama s atn willing to taktion. with an intervenon supported by u.n. sodictator gadhafi was gone which ononly lead to the quen of w what happens next? what happened nextas libya fell intnto chaos, a fact broug home t tgically by an attackk i benghazizi wch killed four americans, including ambassasad chris stevens.s. soon, warring factionsns includg isis and al qaeda wewere fhting
9:45 pm
for popowe >> it was a mplete mistake to go in to libya. i was a key job in the administration and i can't s here and tell you what was- what were our goals for at operation. i have -- i realon't know. to eliminaadhafi? that was severely dumb cision. >>said very bluntly toe t t the libya intervention, quote, it didn't work. >> wasn't he warned d byby peopl like secretary g gat about libybya'tribal history and dangers of taking out gagadhi? >> there was a huge fight in t e administration.. tuturns out the gates side was right but i think obama now isi on the side of, u know whahat? i should not have e let myself pressured toto this intervention and thatat influenced the way h dealt with syria the nexext coue of yea. . syria, you will recall,l, where president obama dr a a red line and then it was ossed. the president d his advisers agreed on attack plan but he
9:46 pm
pulledack at the last moment. >> i use thehe term stunned because i i was stunned by that. > chuck hagel served as prpresident obama's secretary o fense from 2013 to 2015.5. >> it reversed a a very mpmprehensivive, complete decisn that hadad just been made a few hours s prior to that and the president had ma theininal decision and a few hours lerer we're pulling that down. we're reversing that. >> secretary hagelel told us th presesident's decision damaged america's credibility.y. >> it was s all over the world, our allies would ask me, howow can we have confidence in n whever else he says? >> it's an old principle tha the president should be ry careful abouout drawg lines. but once he drewhat line, then the unitedtates is obligated eorce that red line. >> for a lotot of people in washinington, a bunch of other
9:47 pm
places around the world,d, thiss a a weak moment for the united states. a weak moment in his p presiden. what he told me was s not only s it not a weak momoment, , was quote, proud momenent for him because it's thehe moment that brbroke with the washington playbook. >> so he d doesn't see it as weness at all? >> h he es it as a momt of eat prudence. he sees it as the applicatatioof smarts. he does not see it as s weness. he sees it as strereng. >> but if it wasas a proud momo, others asksk, at has it prododuced? > in the end, what do you h ? you have middle east that will be devastated. momore suffering. momore killing. more distrust. more hatred. >> so the man who prpresented himself as thehe peace presided over much more violence in t under his predecsor. happened >> when we return,talk to men in uniform ask them if wee prepared.
9:48 pm
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9:52 pm
nato. >> it was onene of several such wi such incidents, and it was very much like therill you're seeing right now. >> b becse of the vastt d disncs here in alka. >> this colononel pilots this s2 stealth raptor, fully armed and ready too go i it a moment's tice. >> we can get closer and identify whatever is out there. >> what they havee seen outut there, rusanan c-2 b barrier bombers,apable of carrying nu weap theseencounters haveome common eugh tely, that error n norad pces red plaques on the wall whenthere'e's an intercepe. >> rusussi representnts the
9:53 pm
greatestst threat tour national security. >> russia is the on country on efrt that has t t ability to destroyy the united states. >> we're confronting a r russia that has now e entered a n new chapteter in the c cold war. >> lastt summer,, rush thahat septptember five wararship to alaskan waters. >> we h had to prepare f any event that mht happen understanding thatt the presidet wowould be here at that time. >> soee m moved forces aroundd that we were able t to track th thetmost confidencnce tha weld know whe they were at that time.. >> when the russians were offshohore, th president vited alaska. >> thi threat is vy much in the prt. >> it wawasn talking about a militatarythreat.
9:54 pm
>> capable ofisrupting fe as we know it. >> in china, builds up its lana and sea forces, thehe pentagon reviewing it'ss ality to c back u up to 71% of an airbornr ratrooper brigade b based in alaska. >> eryry senior governmental official that comes up heree knows that this is a vital pt of the ar. >> ourenior leaders a h having toe tgh decisions in the enenvironment we're in right no. >> but such decisionons are all part of our newer smaller military, in it's newer, l les intrusive role. to neil ferguson, there's a sssson in all of this that we'ee alriright starting to l learn t hard way. >> the lessoson i whehen a g gr power withdraws the conflict is
9:55 pm
most likelyo eslate, andnd that's what's happened, and it is indeed a a sobering one. >> the army has put off its dedecion to cut the 425 by other year until another present takes off whwh kind of a wororld will the next preside, he or s she faface? >> the president president will face a world that is more challengingg than any president that havave served. >> this is about whethther or n wewe can promote a wororld that ultimamately can share in the vavalues that the unitestates is all out. if the united states doesn't provid thatleadership, noby else wl. >> i think it' very fair to say that presidentbama is a retrenchnt president, he doesn't wt the u.s. to overmmitment if you're obama y argue, hey,
9:56 pm
the milititary i is in a lot bt she than when got it, because i d't have troops inn afghanistan and in i iraq f figg wars that are unwinnable and not that imrtant. >> the readiness of ourorces to deal with grereat powers of war, with one of three countries, we'e're talking abou chchina, russssia iran and nort korea. >> we'rere talking about war that will be far gater than w we have in the middle east. >> given e evething that the esident othe united ststates has been tololdbout the complelexi and the danger that economists in ththe world todad stop thehe bleeding that you ar causing too ormed forces. >>he u.s. hasas been involved in nonsnstop m milary actctio abro for more than a decadade and a halflf. andmericans are widely thought to be war ary, but we all kw it is stitill a very dangegero world. ouour first president, george washshington famouy warned his
9:57 pm
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>> these ruleses are 0 "war on e littlele guy." each a and every one of thisis incomprehensible to m >> i have no idea wh its i this boo and i'm a constitutionawyer. >> the governmenent addsds thous of papayments of newew rules. >> tough reformrms to protect consumerers. >> they say we need more.e. >> there a certaines we ould infringe on your freem. >> we have to depend on the federal government tprotect our cildren. but they keep passg more laws. >> i can't eat the way i want,t. drink wer the way i want,


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