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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  April 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> these ruleses are 0 "war on e littlele guy." each a and every one of thisis incomprehensible to m >> i have no idea wh its i this boo and i'm a constitutionawyer. >> the governmenent addsds thous of papayments of newew rules. >> tough reformrms to protect consumerers. >> they say we need more.e. >> there a certaines we ould infringe on your freem. >> we have to depend on the federal government tprotect our cildren. but they keep passg more laws. >> i can't eat the way i want,t. drink wer the way i want, can't poop the wayay i want.
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like aisease. likeke a mole. >> getet out of my life. this magician must have a license for his rabbbbits? >> how is any normal human supposed too understandd this ad follow ththat. i don't't hav that answer. >> the constitution saysys i hae ririt to bear arms. but where i i live, i can't d o this legally.. >> can't we g rid of some of this? the good news is that some entrepreneurs cucut through the red tape.e. >> i chose to be a survivor,r, t a victim. >> so familieies have a better experience and i i can d drive a cab. >> welcome. >> all these people are combatants i in the "war o on th litt guy."." > a certain amount of regulalation is good. the problblem is they don't sto. >> i would be o out of business. >> with evevery phphone call the came more bureauctic d tape.
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>> our governmt adds ousands that's on top of the 1 100ar. pages ththey passed in ior years. >> this is just what you see , just the fderal pa statlocal gornments add mu more than th. f yo want to get state, county, and city laws, y need rent a bigger building. >> t this laer jeff rose helps littleuys deal with the red pe. >>his is an agendaf control for itits open sake. that's why r regulators do what they do. come on. control l for its open -- its on sake. they're not mveilan power frequents. >> i guess you haven't deal with very men bureaucrats they like rul and live to enforce rules. >> undpaid government function areas. i call them littlemperors. they jusfy their existencey creating regulation >> even marty the mosquito i is
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regular -- magician is regulated. >> thought how could be regulateted. >> he can't getut amore, too ba >>arty has entertained kids for 30 years and th like many ma. >> s he uses aabbit. >> yes! >> a birthday child will make the bbitit magic include --ly pear. >> i was signing autographs and taking pictureses. ddenly badge washrown into a mix and theinspector saying, let me e your license, license for a rabbit and she said fr now you cannot use yourr rabbit until you fil ou perwork, fi out theli phoex, inspect yo home. i'mubject to surprise inspections of momentum.m. >> is nonotmbarrassed. >> very serious.
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>> martytyas in violation of the animal welfare act. ten times regulateyrs h have shown up, unannounced at marty's house. >> cannot argue wi them. you can't even tallogically with them. >> s would love i if everybody said,h. >> i got aew inspector and i said, did my fst one retire? she said, no, goodnews, we increasesed our budget and we he more inspectors now. wewe c visit you more often. >> youot this letter. deere dear members ofof our regulation coommunity. sounds like a familyly. >> a c community i don't wantoo be a part of. >> thehey actualallyanted a cocomprehensive written didisasr plan detaililing every i wouldlo with m my rait in event of a fire flood, temperatures, ice storm. >> 20 0 possible disasters they list. intentional attack. animals escape. tornado, hurricane, blizzard. the gernment calls t these common emergrgencies. >> thehe plan came in at 30 pag. >> you say to thesee people, coe
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on, this is ridiculous and they laugh and say, it is, butt we have to do thihis? >> they don't laugh ever. >> there's more. you're not doing y your job if you're a regulatorrnless you add more off th stuff. >> that's why government grows new onee direction n and done shrirink. america wawas cop received as sa seaa of lisch with anan island f government power. we're now a sea of govovernment power with ever shrinkingng islands ofliberty. >> l let's go to the sea of government power. ite like to show y you around.. >> youou want a washington, dc tour? justst t doars. that's theapapitol behind me. this iss the irsrs b building. oh, i can'tt tell you that. ththat's illegal. >> segs i in the city, offers gued tours around washingt on segw. gs in theity in get it? one problem. >> this is illegal. >> it is illegal i you talk. >> bill manene had an idea. tours by segway. >> business grows tremendouslyl.
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>> going too be up to ourur last year.. >> but guys in d.c. must take a test andnd get a government license to give tours. >> the you have been giviving tours. >> yes. >> you don't have a license? are you a bad person? >> i am not. >> she triried to get a license but that's not easy. >> i hadad to get four personal rev reps, people i have nope over a year. a c criminal background check, paport photos. >> total cosos $200. >> two or threee weeks later thy sasaid i could signed up for test date, and i took it a week and a half ago and i i failed by five points.. >> after the interview she tried again, jumped through more hoops, paid another $115. retotook the te, d finalal did ss. >> i think trying to mak sure thatat peoplee get a proper to. >> we give them a proper tour. i mean i've passed a bar exa i kno how to give a proper
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tour. >> off to the right, washington, dc, and off to your le, rginia and the pentagon. >> the rules are n about safety on seays, it's aut what guides arellowed to say. many new rules are lits on speech, john was told he had to get a licensnse for hiss advicee column. >> if jo rosen is a criminal for giving addvice inn his coelm then deaear abbie was on a 50-yr crime spree. >> this year i received a letter from attorney forr the kentucky psycychology licensing board, telling me that i was practiticg psychology witithout a license.. >> cease and desist. you're engaged in unlawful prac of psychology. >> people all over the country are getting in trouble for giving advdvi without a licecen. i represent a a blogger from rth carolinaho wasas giving out die tier advice over the internenet. he got in troublele. i represent aa vet w whoho was helpingg people overseas whoho e no access to veterinarian. ththat guy got in trouble.
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>> it is often the litittle guy whwho is the biesest victim of abusive lwsws. > am i being arrested? >> you nee to -- >> wneneed check you for weapons. >> these men had the nerve to offer home irorovements. >> arere you kidding me? >> no, sir. this is not a sting operation. >> because these jobob seeke did not put up thousands of dollars and take sell tests, government cracked down. bureaucrcracs at a state licensing g bod offered jobs to people on craigslist w who saidi seek work. but when the workersshowed up, this happen. >> califora's proud of this. theyost this video online. at a time when unemploymt is high. our government attacksks people who want to work.k. andd stopseople from staing businesses. >> got now h here they co.. >> s she was told,yoyo n need a license to help people with taxes.
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>> free enterprise is at skeke. >> this manan, after selling shshirts here for 30 years, w told, you must st. this is just the rules from friday, december 16th. it's tiny fine print. >> yep. every daday is a another book, d youu have to know everything in here or you can go to jail? >>hat's right. and i'm a constitionanal lawyer, and i have ablutely no idea what is in these books. >> each and every o of this is incomprehendib to me. >> and unnecessary. i'm flipping open thi book. this is the department of energy regulaon on the forma for dermining the energy efficiency of a commeral icemaker. mebody whoho runs bar or a restaurant can just gd to t nufacter and sa gi me an it'sker. if it works the maret will figure out what is theest
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icemaker. >> d don't knee reviews -- >> don't need the federal government pinting inincomprehends able formulas and require erybodyy to conform toto this bizarre standard. i kekeep gettingore of this stuff. and it doesn't go away. it's like a d disease, likeke a mole. just eat through. slowly, and you dodon't exist anymore. >> the mexican gray wolf. the huback whale. the sea lion. the are endangered spees and need proten. >> so the endangerered species t seems le a go idealism want those animals procted. but theureaucrats always take a good ide and run far with >> it's ou job as ambassador of the law to protect our nation's speaks fofor ture
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generations. >> a so the governmement wants to use laland in lououisiana to protect one type of frog. >> we're hed by kper the frag. >> actuallthe mississippi gopherrog. he call hi kasphehost because none of these frogs live anywhere near ed's property. >> i looked it u on their web site, and found out tt by their own pubcations, the frog has not beenseen in the state of louiana because our land is not suitable for it. >> this frog doesn't exist in this are >> it doest right now. it has historically. >> why ills itfair t impose this on this pooruy? >> that's a go queson. right now the e lesshan 100 of these frogs in the wild. previously thoands. they ud to in louisiana, d this land owner has five great pondnds in his property.. >> the government went afterhe man's landd after bill snake's's group, the ceerer f for biologil
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diversity, sueued shand wildlife for not doing enough to protect kasperer here. >> the g government can justsay, oh, this is a g good spot?? >> technicically, yes, bubu that isisn't how i woould put it. they think t that wild amererics cool america. >> peoplee want to protect endangered. >> absolutely. >> i didn't know there were nine million specie and that s some arare going to -- do all 4 milln spececies of beatles need too be preserved? whwhy do we need to preserve evy one. >> economic reasons, , ecologicl rereass, spiritual rains and these are godod's creatures. there's a limit how far w we go and don't pretend to kw where the line is. i sure as heck am going t try to save a specieses. >> but some roofsad an unintended constanceence. land officers know itself government finds an edangered species their land they will -- >> they can this lan out of commerceo stop it fro being develo this leto a new response,
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called, shoooot,t, shovel, and t up. >> in her words, land owners at see a endangered spes s on eieir lan sometimes shoots the thing and then b bury it, and tn ut up about it. t tt way you can ke using your l.. >> their job is to preserve endanger specieshohouldn't they preser t these thing? >>hehey should but the frog can't live on our land. it needs the elelements. says you. >> says the fish and wildlife servic >> it's true. to make a nenew home for these frogs, the govevernment says hel have to change his land >> remove all the trees, replant nenew trees, dig ponds that have toto be maintaineded and drained every six months, putt the frogs back on, brn the forest every year >> he wantedo build huses on the land. i got rezone for that. no problem sis sh and wildlife, we wo with land owners. they wouldn't agreebe interviewed out the complaint.
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instd they postedhis video. >>e ar looking forward t woing with willing lan oers in louisian >> they tellou how to coopoperate. th hen't this handbook. >> it's an enormously complex, tetedious,, bureaucraticic road. >> 300 in pages,, unbelievably complelex. certainly cocouldn't have a l le and dealal with this. >> y you couldn't. >> this isan antonio. yes. -- this is san annio. >> y yes -- this is reasonable?? >> yes, if i can understand it, they can undetatand it. >> youou're an environmental lawyer. what about nmamal people trying to liv their lives. see why you lwys love this. >> i would probably write defendt live but it does make sure the goverentt commits itself to a pcess that is transparent a fast. >> ft? >> er. >> tellingomeo thehey can't do someing with their own property to protect an animal that doesn't e exist t there? everybody's definitionn of cra. >> the environmealal rules are
10:15 pm
suososed to preserve enngngered species. n nobody is going to disagree there isn't a cor of legitimate government regulationout there. but on top of that corwhich is sll, there is a giant mountain of usesess, life-crushing, time-waste, pap generating regulatn. >> h much mon are you out. >> $34 million. >> they that's inconsequenal can my land be takenor know reason atll, no a amal atll, anybody's lan anywhere can be taken. don't build a garage or a ing set on it. don't even cut your grass. >> sall around america land owners, shoot, shovel, and then shut up about it >> comin up,he supreme cot says i have a right to carry one of these, but will my city l me? you shouldn't have to go far
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say -- >> the majority of the people want sensle gun row distributions. >> sensible restctions. whatoes that mean? >> photocopies n accepted >> i tried t get a g linse. they me it very har first, you must fill out this 17-page form. the fm says i must promise i know the definition of other weapon like switchblade notify, gravity knife,etalnuckle knife, k kung fu star. i just want a gunor safety. >> peoeople tis threaten me bee theyey don't like what i >> i think they have too mh security n. >> after thi appearance, me said i shoulbe shotot in ththe face. so when travel aroundn, i'd like to he e optionof protecting myself. >> studies show americans use guns every daday to stoprime >> gunofoften stop crimes. >> turns the tables on a knife wielding intruder. >> today laws in every state
10:21 pm
lolow w adults to carry a concleled gun. many feared thi would leadoo siege in gun crime but the opposite happened.d. >>ioionce appears to be drpiping. >> yet some t towns likee chica, w w york city, l.a., make it near impossible for people to legally cay y a gun.. >> this is 50 pages. who underststanththis? >> it took hours and hours to fill out the forms we had to call thelice partment six tim to clarify what qutions meant. finally, it s done. >> go ahead d and sign here a ai wiwill fill in the rest. >> then you have to goodod in peperson to police headquarters. here t they fingerprinted me, asasked me to list reasons why i should b be allowed t to have a, and then they charge me a $430 applicatition fee. they said thehey'd get back to . at least theyy were politete. otrs t tell a different story. >> they're rude from the get-go.
10:22 pm
>> robermartinez s served in iraq and affghanistan. >> i have ten years of mimilitay experience. >> i think a military vet could keep a handgun in his home for protection. but -- >> it's not so e easy. >> why do you want a gun permit. >> to protect my family. >> m martine lives in new york city housing project. >> a coue months ago a man was beaten to deeath in frontt of y building. >> hear shs go off and i it's boom, boom, boom. >> the howth the would get a gun licens th t turned out to be an ordeal. >> have you theree at 9:00 when they open up at 10:00 and h have you siitting t there until almot 3:00 i in the afafternoon. > ty serviceded me within 90 minutes. it's john stossel c coming here to g a licenense -- > for you it was 9:00 in me morning until 2:00. >> yes. >> tide you get at the permit?? >> no. >> t their attitude is people don't need guns. wee the police. >>he police n't get there you have aetter sho a tting the lottery than geetting a cop on your street exactly th meime you get in oblem.
10:23 pm
>> therocess itself was set up to be an orde. >> glen run this web site which advis people on navigating the regulation. >> if you're ts expert, i woulthink it would be easy for you to get peopleuns. >> it's still an ordeal. it's being useas a weapon. to deter people from following through the process, which can take as long as year. >> for me it took eight and a lf months. first th told me i had to return to police headquarte for anothern-person interview. is time they demanded i pve an accusati against me had been trop. they said this headli was not enough. i was supposed to produce t iginal court documt. they ao toldld me i had the documents threats against me. fortately i could show them things like this.s. 52 dys teter they sent me a leletter rejecting my applicatin for a carry permit. they s sd i could get a license to keep a gunun in my apartment but i feel safe any a apartment. i wantnt a permimit to car whhei
10:24 pm
might feel threatened.d. but i was told, y you failed to demonstrate apecial need.. the license adviser told me i had applied for theermit the wrong way. >> fends of the ling class, that's who get itit. everyone else you're out of luck. >> donald trump got a per notice carry a gun. so did howard stern and robert denear roy. >> thehe ronnyism wayay. many you have done workor sosomeone who o knows a senator. that's t aroach. they'll get u in front of a mp and within two or tow days you'll have a permit. >> these individuals canfford toay for secuty. my family can't. thers no way inl i'm going to lets lie. >> when we return, the red tape keeps comi. ♪
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people expect the cityty toe regulated so let'seave here and move 600 miles away. he lives off the l in north
10:29 pm
carolina. pelele call him mouain man. >> wh my own hands,uilt everything. whwhen i moved her there wn't a cleari, wasn't't a building. >> over 20 years, his t turtle island e education cente became popopular. taught a tousand people how live like oneers. but last year,he c county told him to shut downwn > he hadn't gotten permitits. >> nathan miller heads the county boards thatoversees the ilding department. people said his campas unsafe. we don't necessarily know whether it's unsafe or not. >> the mountain n told the county inspectors, good away, so they came back with lotsf people. >> the broughtll these different dertments from the health department, tax peoe, the fire marshal, this whole teamlike cars- trucks asas far as you couould see showowed up, blocked our driveway, cameme in with armed guarards a tookok o r ouhome. d doesn't't it seem likike overkill. >> not really. they merely had their pistols on thee s side. >> he had the opportunity, . conwayid, to cperate.
10:30 pm
thaharaid ledo this page report on what the mountain man must change. >> just more government overkill. >> wereated this rtt in anticipationf litigation. >> a lot of just crazy. th got a picture of our doghouse in there for german shepherd, it's four feetlong. they said this is intern housing. don't know ifhey thout we had mgets. >> problems with his p proper. >> unsafe budings resting on a piece of rock. >> l like a rock solid foundati? we havave been working with the health department every y year r over 20 years. they're telling me i can't livie this way? th is thehe w way ily. i can't eat the way y i want, drkater, can't poop the way wan can't sleep in t building theay i want. a new bureaucratame in every year, they perermitted every ye, and all of a sudden it's lilike completetely unacceptable. every think there a are too
10:31 pm
many rules. >> oh, yeaeah, i think ththat al the time. but we don't invent the building codes, we're merely the enforcer. >> how is any humuman supposed o understand t that follow that? >> i don't havave the answer. theyey -- i don't have that answer. youou look behind me, wee have 24 statute b backs. i'm a lawyer. i'm supposed to knowall t ststatutes. builders obviously canan't possibly know w all this,, but y are taught how to look thisis stufuff up. >> why don'tou just do what they a? >> if do what they wnt, desty the reason that we'r there. we wanto teach about primitive natural living a they want us to ve momodern buildings. i'm not going to do what they want me to d >> so what wil happen to him? we'lget back to that. first, what will hapn if i try to be a cab driver? wh should thise illal?
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so we know how tcover almost alanything.ying, even a sg pool party (party music) (splplashing/destruction) (splashing/desuction) (burkeke) and we covered it, octobeber twenty-seventh, 2014.
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talk to o farmers. we know a thg or two because wewe've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmerers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-m-bum ♪ what if before i iould get my tv shshow i had to first get permission frorom the competeti? if dan rat or die door dia saer said no, wouldn't be re. that makes sin. >>. bruner of kentucky assuhe could start a movg company without havi to get his competitors permissn, he startede. >> putn ad on craigslist,t, pickup truck, and we were b busy alal summer long. >> people wanted your services. now in just a couple years,, you have 3 emmployees, six trucks. >> over 30 now, cleancut youngng guys. that sells. >> this comer is pleaseded. > it's beengreat.
10:37 pm
they show up exactly on time. >> but r.j. soon learned tt pleasing customersis not enough. he g a threateni letter from state regators. >> we need certificate of necessity sang tt there is room in e marketfor us to erate. >> cerficate of necessity. meanin >> the necessity withi the moving markin kucky for another ver. >> wha a business has to prove it's needed? get a license? >> you essentily have to get permission fm your own competitn first. >> tim's law firm took the cse fo ee. >> when starbucucks begant would have had to have gten permission fm all the other coffee shops. >> tt's right, if you had to prove that ameri needed a new naonal chain of coffee shops, you couldn't prove t that. >> no. >> turns out america did need a new ane of coffee shop.
10:38 pm
>> competitionon sts this out better. >> theonsumer is in the driver's seat. >> the competition has veto popowe >> we're wrriedabout consumer appreciation. healthy companies in kentucky. >> he has his own moving business, kentucky, like hf the state, allows exxisting companies torotest new cocompition, and overer the past five years, 19 compmpans were preventeted om entering the moviving business beecae comp pt -- competitito said the exisisting transportation servie is adequate. competetition would diminisish r revenue. >> affordable moving, all these her moving companies s, no. we don't wanan to alllow that. what gives them t the r right? we'r're t against new companiess comi in toto kentucky. >>es, you are. you don'ttwant aoving compan stealing y you busiss. >> we don't want thehe scenariof a licensed company going bankpt. >> but companies go bankrupt all the time. >> is e end of the line for circuit city.
10:39 pm
>> order borders wentt belly up. >>art of what mkes competition work.. >> a town of 20,00000 people. would it b be neficial to the consumumerto h have 15 moving compmpanies in that area? >> maybe. how do you k kn? >> you'davave companies that are not in the position torovide a good service the g genal public. the bureaucracy can't dececide whetethethere's a public needed for a new mving company,y, not even the movovin companies know that. they havave to try it a and fint by an expeperint. and thesee laws prrohit that kind o of experiment. >> wouldn't home d depot like to say, no, new hardwaretore in the neighborhood? you can't open.. wouldn't gm likeke to say thatoo toyota and honda? > i i'm not sure. i'm not ththe one that s the law.w. i'm just avoiding by the law. lso, he said, thelder moving companies want to prote consumerfrom shady opats.
10:40 pm
>> say i'm coming to pick up yoururniture. i tellou it's $80 a hour. then when i get toour new house iay, wel younow, willnly charge you 155 hahour. now we have te internet wh people can find -- onsumers go for the cheapest price, john. >> lisa checked theweb be she hired r.j. it's somebody they did compan poorly, didn take c of their items, thatat certainly ring bel for me. >> had you h complaints from people you moved? >> no, no complai in fact we are t top ranked moving company in thetate according toie's li. >> startups crea much of the job growth in ameri. >>ntrepreneurs are the wealth creators of r society, the enne of innovatio and progress and job coraction and >> i assume if i wt to srt a business a moving company would be a good way ter. simple, just need trucks,ome strength, good compete.
10:41 pm
>> it should be. you by a truck, , paint e word mor on the sidof itt and you're i business, and if customers like yr products a services they'll buy from you. i theve don' theyon't. >> the regulators are not just mean. shldn't there be some rule. >>e want a free market place. ife have an orderly market ace, who is doing the ordering? it should be consumers who e ordering and the law stops them from doing at. not protect the pubic but to protect established businesses ainst having to compete fairly. that violates liberties. these laws are outrageous and all oughghto go. all oughghto go. what's with thetupipid if youthen you'll know h m mout, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know ththat the lack of saliva can alsoso lead to tooth decay anbabad breath?
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10:46 pm
this ridiculous muache on our cacar. it's a marketing gimmick k but helps the person w who wts a pickup spot the car. i also have the passenger's phone number. >> your desestination is on the. >> and his name. >> tim?? >> unliknormrmal cabs, l lift drers invite customers to get in ththe front seat. > welcome. >> welcome, ththank you. >> is this your fstst lift ride? >> my first lift, yes. >> where are you headed? >> tim signed up for lift because it's keepehan taxis. maybe 20% cheaper. >> i have friends who used it and arrived about it. >> he lis it that lift passengers sit in ont. ft's founder says tat makes for a frndlilier ride. >> you see the pink muststac, the paassenger smiles, the drivr smiles, you get in the front seat, fistst bump and it's a new experirience of connececting wih people in your community. yomeet someone with different political police oicers or different music tastes. companies have been formedith
10:47 pm
drivers and papassengers. >> t tha you, sir. >> have a good day. >> no cacash changed hands. papayment t by crededitard onlyd ththe ice is up to the papager. ife e depend like me hee could tetell his app to pay m me less. thenen he'll have a t touer time getting the next l lif ride. give him five stars. >> that will make it easieror him to hirehe next l lift driver. >> on to the nexext on >> welcomeme. give you a fist bump. ha you used lift befefore? > i have. >> where are u going? >> why would shee feel safe getting into a a stranger'ss ca? >> every i've taken so far has been veryice.e. >> first ofll, n erybody can be a lift driver. my c had to pass inspection, and i had to p ps a background check. but teal reassurae comes from the passengers andrivers' rating each other. you canan see pictures ofthem and thehe c, they're their rating. >> you get bad rgs, can't ive anymore.
10:48 pm
>> what if thepassenger is obnoxious. >> goes both ways. rating the drives and tings on the passengers. >> people get res, i makeme money. eat deal. who would obje to that? >> taxi drivers,that's'shoho. >> cabbies lined up theirir cab, then let themit,, in protest o f car shaharing apps u used in the city. >> new ideas l like l lift make estatablished industry players angry. >> damamn right we are. itit's our family. >> we have to pay big momoney r licensnses. we have t to get f fingerprinte. we hve to haave commercrcial insurance, pink m mustache has nothing. sidede car has nothing. >> welell, not nothi. there is that backgroun check. d the rtitings. but lift driverss don't have to obey all the city's taxi rules. >> they just don't cplply with the l l. >> bill roush runs the biggest cab company ilos anles. >>ou want to ban the competition. >> we're not trying ban the competition. whate e would like is to competing th companies that
10:49 pm
follllow the rules. but the lift cars have to etafety standards. >> whose safet standas? >> the state's. >> ty're lensed as private vecles. there's noafety standards there. is is theon system. actlly it's something better than t hon system. >> ii'm checkiy app and this driver s beenredit seated by passengers, that's not honor system. that's the world policing him. >>hat's all after the fact. >> in washington, dc, bureaucrats got so upset with car sharing businesses th did sting operationons.s. daday, h however, d.c.ololerates services lik lift. they beca too popular fofor regulators to strangle. there's no evenence that regulate cabs are safer. >> in new york, licsecab driver jumped a curb,hit a woman anddmitted, i shoul't be driving. at doesn't cry out for less fety regulations,nd it actuallyries out for m more
10:50 pm
vigorous enforcement of the safety regulations. >> of course at relation makes it hard for outsiders to compete. >> most of the res thatxist in the transportation industry aredesigned to prote existing transportaon protect existin transportation cpanies from competition. >> in many cities no novative xi company dars ope in nashll tennesse bureaucrats demandedhat every car service must charge at least $45 a ride. >> i have to char them $45 for going frblocks. nobody's goining to ride for 45. >> it w all protecectionism, to prototect taxi industry. >>hen arted metro live, itas a great success, but the new $45 minimum ended that. we lost all o clientnd th went back taxis. he fought nashville's rules in court but bureaucrats n. whuld they wt to protect existi business? >> because existg businesses
10:51 pm
e polititicallyconnected. >> right. and in this town the hotel industry lobbied for a billthat makes itillegal for me to rent my own apartnt i'm biy, and i quit smong wit chantix. i had a t of doubts going . i was a smoker hands down, itit was, that's who i was. after onone week of chantix, i knew i cou quit. along wiwith support, chantix (varenicline) isis provn toto help people quit sming. chantix definitely helpeds provn reduce my urge to smokoke. some p people had changes in behahavior, thinking or moodhostility, agitation, depressed mo and suicidal thoughtsr action
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10:54 pm
got some exa space in your house? wawant to makeke some money ren it? now you can. here's our roooom. ththink it's pretty nice. here's the stas. ththeyere going to sand them, butt i thihink it actctually l cool. >> they? who's ey?
10:55 pm
>> i think t this is t their of. >> victoria dooesn't know much about this apartment because it belos toto strangers and she and her mom just arrived. they're from floririda but they wantnted to visit n new york ci for a few days. and ththey prefer t to stay in home >> a lot betetter than being in hoteby far. bebeing in the city with a chil is muuch more convenient becaua not only arere his breakfaststs amazing -- >> alisistair long renovated hi apartment then d decided to tryo make some extra momoney renting hiexextra space to tourists. >> i just love meeting new people a and from all dferent parts s of the world. >> that's whyhy he makes his breakfast part of thee dedeal. he advertises on airbnb whichch stands foror air bed and breakfasast, trendy loft, steps from times square, $1$149. inin this neighborhood thatat's cheaper than a hotel. plplus julie liked the picturesn the website and comments from previoious guests like "the apartment is cozy.
10:56 pm
felt like a home away frromom home." >> not only are we able to use the friridge, we h have a micro, fresh hot cocoffee. >> i'll makeke it. >> julie likes staying in homes because this way her karr gets to learn a litittle about how differenent people live. >> messyy comfortable. >> the room-a-a-rama website th run by geo and tao. she e and her husband created i because e they travel a lot. >> there must be thousandsds of apartments able vovow inspect. >> how might they rent their home when they travel? why not just go to craigslist. >> because on craigigslist, you don't know who you'r're dealing with. we dealt withth people w who ju nenever showed up, p people who refused to pay in advancnce bebecause they didn't know who were. >> how do i know i'm not going to getet some guest who is goi to trash t the place? >> there are reviews onon the sisite. everythihing is very transparen for both sides. >> the reviews,s, the internet feedback, th k krout o sourcing is what makes ththese i ideas w. theyey knew that alistair is a
10:57 pm
good host. alalistair knew less abobout he >> most gueuests don't hve as many rereviews. once i getet t their name, i''l to do a facebook searchch on th, but generally i'vee had really good luck. . >> he's hahappy, they're happy.. and this wonderful new business where strangers with complementary needs fifind each other keeps growing. so, of course, politicians crack down. is politician got a l pass that bans aone from renting eir own apartment to anyon for a timeeriod of less than a full nth. if you do, youe an iegal hotel anou can befined up to $25,000. the hotel industry suppos the law, to pro tourists, they say. >> they wa into asituation th inot safe, not clean. >> really? en we asked for names of mplainantsts, her office didn't provide any. >> there are peopl begging legislslators for the laws toee
10:58 pm
overerturned. >> despitete all the laws metimes entrepepreneurs a their customers still win. room for rentnt website listing arup since new york's law pass ed. liam like alistair make some money, people likeke the hockt save some moneney and they haven experience they wouldn't have. >> it's's amazining, great, eas fun. > the cheaper taxi services survive. thee regulatotors pounce and th business grows. >> yeahah, the business s is g g incredibly fast. we've h people say multiple titimes that lift has rrestored their faith in humanity >> lift and sicar are now in more than a d cities. e mountain manefused to then his ssionate supporters got north carola' legislature to changeheaw to exempt primitive camps. soundsike the billwas written just for him.
10:59 pm
>> iwas s written just for him.. a and they fixed it so that he was pretty mch exempt. >>he mountain man teacache kids agaiain,nd the guay toururs continue. rj keeps moving peop while he fights in court. >> looktt that, eeverybody.. > matter can keep his micic show alive. ththere's a lae ending here. >> yes. >> aft h his story m made headlines the gornrnment backed off. marty no longer must have a disaster plan f his rabbit. >> with a little magic and a rabbit, if att least for now hae a stay in t the rule. >> but you had to h have such a dramicic story on the front papage. most vicmsms of big govnmnment suffer in silence, but these people fought bback. >> he's regulators reallydodo bebelieve that they're mining t world aetetter place when i if u listen too all thes stories, we are making thee world a better ple.e. >> some may nevever win, but it greathat they fight. >> good to be in a room with this a amount of people. good t to b be here together, w not the ononly ones. >> they are the g good news.
11:00 pm
but th bad news is inin there d state capitols everywhere they ep addingg more r red tappe. they should stop, but they fox news reporting in jerery city, new jersey. right over there is lower manhattan whehere the t twin tr of the world trade center o onc stood.d. 15 of the 19 hijackers l livedr movedd to the state off new jejersey. a decade after the a attacks th world trade center is risising again. neww buildings will be finished in aboutut two years' time but e iconicic skylinene of manhattan remains incncomplete to this da. on that fateful morning 3,000 pepeople died in new york. at the pentagon in was


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