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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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gitmoo are still being worked ot to thisday.y. as y you've just witnessed ther aretrong reasonsns to look baca and continunue the investigatio into the secrets of 9/11.. r fox news a great week, we hav go.ox news a great week, we hav as hot spopots arise around e rld, our military is powering down. most of you in the army know is that the army is rereducing s size. >> i worry about the capapabili and capacicity to win in a majo fight. >> with the armrmed forces gettg new marcrching orders -- >> male rotc cadets werere essured by the militaryo walk ad in wom's high heels. >> i found that entirencncident just kind ofof bizarre. >> is the new u.s.s. military ready to facace new threats? >> you'r're sending the messageo the e st of the worlyou're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising threats, shrhrinking
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military." here's breret ier. >> t the iwo jima memorial remes usus of many things. first of course, of the uncommon valorf the trtroops but it alsoo reminds us t that caca be a dangerous w world out there and d our military ner knows when it will be called upon to travel overseaeas and accomplish a a mission. and it c can rememind us, as we ththat as much as we may desire peace, there's no replacemement for a militaryry that istrong anand ready. >> l let us pray. ♪ eterernal father, strong to sav as we bid fair winds and following seas to the fighting 56 -- >>eptember 2015 we're witnessing a mility funeral. not of a pson but a navy iday inaugurate, the uss >> there's a feeling osadness
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toay good-bye to a ship as important to the professn as all the rest that ve gone before her. >> t simpson was thehe last u.s. warship toto engage in ship to ship combat in 1988 dung "operation pying man tis." three vesss and at least two small boats sunk or ve sevelyly damaged. ey m must know that we'll protect our ships and they threaten u they'll pay a ice. >> not thalong ago, navy had many of thislass of frigate. now theyey're all decommissione. it's not just the navy that's sayiying good-bybye to all frie. in march 2014, thehe army bid farewellll to the warrior helicopter, a workhorse of t thr air cavalry inin iraq and afghisistan. >> allll the pilots will be gon all the aircraft will l be gone. 's only y going to be in the story books that people are even know the role it pled. >> in e air forc the
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president hacapped the number of-2stealth fighters. far short ofhe number iginally envisioned. >> our budget is a zero sum gage and if more money go t to f-s it is our trpsps and citizen who is los >> t these actions reflect a trend. numerous militarprogograms have been scrappe i including the combat seaearcand rescue hecocopter, the army's fure combat vehicle program, the e navy's next generation cruer and seral missile defens systs such as the ird site missile defensplanan for poland and the czh republic. along th this down sizin i a major rereduction in the troo themselves. for r instance, the army's acti foforce is expected to drop p te smallest sce befefore world war ii. 450,000 sosoldiers. >> we have cut the milititary t its lowestst levels, yet we are facing a world that is the m mo complex enviroronment we have faced since at least t t end of
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world wawar ii. >> retired three statar general michael l flynn ran the defens intelligence agency duriri the obama admiminiration. >> frankly, ththe united statesf america a is in a less strong position today because of the e readiness and the size o of our armed forces. . >> i spoke t trobert gates, secretary of defense in n e last years of the busush administratn and the early y years of the oba administraration. heolold me president obama promised him there wouldn't beb any significant changes in t th military budget for a whwhile. overall,l, did he keep to his wo?? >>ell, i think that began to fray, fray may be o gentle a word >> before too long, gatefound himself cutting hureds of billioions from e defense budget and th was only the start. gas was informed the preredent wanted to anunce even more ts. >> over the lastwo years,
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secretary bob gates s courageously takak on wasteful spspending, saving $400 billionn current and futurere spending. i believeve we can do that agai. >> what was your reactioion? >> well, i guess i'd have e to y i felt doublble crossed. after all the e years in >> to many, the cuts wen't about economicic efficiency so much as a ststrategic change in the rolele of the military. you told president oma staffers thathe defense cuts send a big sategic message road. e united states is going hom cut a deal with irannd china while u can. >> think overall it has had that impact. u're sending the messageo the re of the world that yore basically retreing. >> later you meewith president obama and u tell him the way toompee for force cuts in the next war is withod. more american kids will e because ofurisions. what w his response to that? >> i think he knowledged it. what i pitching at a minimum was the world doesn't seembe getting bett.
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before you hdown a path of deep cuts in defense, why do you it kind of slow? it was one of ththings where i st the argument. >> i think that he sees th military actually as shing that is more dgerous to the world and ththink that he looks at us ---- i actually do. i i think he looks at the unite states military and sees it asaa threatening applicatation aroun the wod than a actually as a usefeful tool. >> how much more d dangegerous you think k the world is now th it was seven, eight years s ago? >> i think more dangerouous. far more doingng rus. >> the obama admintration hahas been tightening the beltlt of t military. is this being dodone to match a slimmed downwn veron of american foreigpolicy? we'll l look at that when we return.
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our diminisheded military didn c come about simply due to cost cutting measure some see it as part and parcele of this administration's particular vieofof america's place e in the world. >> the nexext first family of t united states of america.. >> on the night he was electcte barack oba p promised a differenent sort of foreign policy. >> the n d dawn of american leaderership is at hand. >> i it didndn't take long to s this new leadersrsp in action. on march 6th, 2009, secretary yf statate hillary clinton pressed reset button with russia. promising new era of betette relations. and on j jun4th, 2009, president obamgave a speech in cairo promising a new begiginng with the mumuslim world. >> tension h beeeen fed by colonialalisthat denied rights and opportunities to manany muslims. >> he had a confidencece cing in as president 200009 at he could
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alter fundndamentatally our relalatiship with the muslim worlrld. >> joe lieberman was chahairmanf the senate committeeee on homeld security from m 2007 to 2013. >> unfnfortunately, i think the memesse he sent was that the united states was no lononger going to exercrcisits leadership of the world which incidentalll ththroh democratic and republican presidential administrations fromom the end the war riright upup until thise had bebeenhe great guarantor of security and prosperity y and freeeedom in the world. >> jeffrey goldberg, n nional correspondent fofor the atlanti who intervieiewed barack obama his s foreign policy tried to explain the president's approach. >> he refers to o the washingto play book, t the washington playbookok is something happensn coununtry "x" and therefore we have to send 50 cruise missisil to deal with that problelem and what he wants to do, he says, is break washingtonon of the habit every proboblem overseas comes with a potentialal military
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solutionon. >> it wawas clear he had a new takeke. but the question remained, w wt would presidenent obama actuall do? he was againstst the war in ira. but his s military people warne aiainst a hasty withdrawal. >> it was really importatant th we try to maintainin ailitary presesence there in order to ma sure that the gas s that had been achieved d with a lot of blood byby the united states, a well as iraqis, that those g gas could be maintntained. >> leon panetttta was president obama's sesecretary of defense frfrom 2011 until 2013. >> that's why the pentagonon supported maintainining a presee there. >> the k key to preserving an american military presence i in iraq was to negotiate a stay behind force. the president wowould have to te ththe lead. >> t thenly chance we would have had for a agreement would have enen his i intensive involvemen
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personally, and at didn'n't happen. >> and so, on december 18th,h, 2011, the st cononvoy of u.s. troo p pulled out of iraq. while all that was happeni, , the arab spring was spadading througho therab world. demonstratns and rts and civil wawars of f pele challengg their leaders. on january 2h, 2011, egyptns quaer g gathered in cairo's tahr square to protest the policies of egyptian p president whose kw mubarak, the u.s. ally. >> i've always considedered ege to be critical to o our abilityo ovovide stability in the middle east. >> when it b became apparent mumubarak had to go, the mility urd d caution. but the presidenpushed f h his immediate removal. >> litererally, the entire
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national security team remmended unanimimouy handling mubak k differently than we did. anththe president took the adadvice of three junioracack benchers in terms of how t treat mubarak. one of them saying, mr. . president, youotot to be on the right side of hiorory. and i would be sititng there at the table and d i say, yeah, ife could jujust figure that out we uld be a long way ahead.d. >> i don't thi he belilieves that gererals should be trying to influence policy mangng. >> on february 1h, mararak resigned. >> the wheel of f history turne atat a blinding pace. t the happiest day in the white housuse as it relates to the middle east probably thehe day that mubarak left. >> in june 2012, egygypt electea new president, mohohammed morsif the e muim brotherhood. in februy y of 2011, egypt's nextxt door neighbor libya also went up in flames. the country's didictator moamma gadhafi was cocooperating with e u.s. since the invasion of irara
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in 2 2003. many voices araround the world were dananding he be removed fromowower. oncece again, the president's to mimilitary advisers counseled caution. when he sided with tsese that urged him to supportrt the overthrow of ghahafi his secretary of d defense resortedo extraordinarary measures. didid you actuallyell your subordinates to limit the amouot of information they ga t to tht white house on military options available in libya? >> allll i said was, i i don't anany litary plans or options gog to the white house i haven't en. >> i mean, you write i it re bluntly. you say don't give t thehite house staff too o mu information onon the m military options. they don't understand it. >> pretttty ch. >> a litittle more blunt. u had concern out that. >> absolutely. >> about running milary operations of the white hoe. >> yeah, yea the e experience that we had ha wiwith that in vietnam didt work so well.
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>> on march 19th, 201111, president obama cititing humanitarian concerns dered the american militto lead a coalition to cfront gadhafi. october 20th, 2011, the libyan ader has captured and lled by a mob. eliciting this response frhe secretof state. >>e came, we saw, he died. >> then there's syri august 20th, 2012, after th syrian regime led by br al assad threatened to chemical weapons agt its enemies in the cotry's civil war, president obama put him on notice. >> a red line fous is s we start seng a whole bunch of chemical weapons movinground or being ilized. >> the psident ordered the military to prepare to stre if assad di indeed, cross that red line. on aust 21st, 2013, the as
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regime used the chemicaleapons to kill hundreds of me wom and chilen. how would amamica respond? presidenobama ordered his military to stand down. >> they used chemical weons against theiown people and we did nothing. we demonstrated wess instead of sength. >> we'll he more on the relts s of president obama's foreign policy later buwhen we return, we look at how he's transforming our miliry from the grnd up.
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ifur mitary is going through a ansformation ihow it relat to the rest of the wo it's going through a revolution in how w it dls with itlf.
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>> when you're standside by side ilife or death situations next to other waiors, you have to know from t bottom of your soul thaose warriors are going tond with you. >> mike waltz a for speci forces commanders well as spspecial advis to vice president cheney is refng to what is somometimes called the warrior culture. >>atchh other's back. >> you have to have th bon hing that interferes with that bond needs totreated very, very, very carefully >> which is why so critics of barack obama oe and fear the way the prest utilizes the armed forc th feel he's more comfortable with social changehan military mmand. >> this president s imposed a polil agenda on the >> elaine donnelly is esident for the center of tary readines >> don it by redening the military as a civ rights institution rather than t institution th defends its
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cotry. >> you wrotehat presidt oba showed real passion on one issue concerning t military. his determinatioto overturn don'ask,on't tell. what did y mean by that? >> thiwas one area where i saw him become angry when things weren't moving as quicklas he wanted them to mov i didn't see tt anger at the lack oprogress on really any other issue that i dealt with, certainly. >> ending don't ask, don tell was one of the firstocial changes on theilitary by the obama adminiration. it was hdly the last. recently at ftgordon, georgia, hdreds of soldiers summonedo a werpoint presention about whiteale heterosexual privige and the need to discuss essi and th patriarchy, a and then an exerercise required of some rot cadets just lasteaear. > we have heard some interesting things. the fact t thamale rotc cadets
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were pressur by the military to walk arod in women's hig heels in order to done in stlat theirisapproval of therape" culture. >> i found that indent kind of bizae. when i was aotc cadet, i was doing sh-ups and running until i rew upup if my boo weren't shined to the levethey needed to b >> even moreonontroversially on decemb 3rd, 2015, the obama adnistration removed all restrictions on women servg in ground combaunits. >> will be able to sve as rangers and bets, s.e.a.l.s, marine corps infantry, air force parampers and everything else evioiously open only to men. >> by opening thatat door you'r simply saying g if that's somethining you're interested i doining, here's the standards. >> congreressman tulsi gabbbber member o of the h hawaiii army national guard serveved two tou in iraraq. >> if you meet those statandard then you should be allowed to serve there, whetherer a man or woman.n.
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>> critics say i it's not t tha simpmple. >> the ideaa that menen and wom are intercrchangeable, especia in that mucuch higher level of e combat arms it'ss utterly absur. >> the sergeant eaeaton served with t the second marine expeditionary force in fallujaj. >> the standardsds lowered formallyly or informally. there is n no sucuch thing as gr neutral.l. the sexes are not t neutral. >> coresswowoman gabbert contends that by lifting the combat restricon the mitary is simplrecognizing reality. >> women serng incrediblin our military for very long time. we'vseen over a decade ago a man who's actually in the national guard was awardedhe silver star for her bravery in close quarters comt. >> a lotf the advocates for women in combat say women ve been fhting in combat r decadeenit's just notot true. was out there with the infantry on thoutskis of fallujah a we would frisk men for explosives.
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we were in danger all daevery day weerdoing that. that's not theame hunting the enemy where heives, house tose. cave to cave mostly on fo. >>ritics also point out that under the new law women wille ordered into combat. whether they want to bor not. >> i'm sorryut america needs to thinkbout their daughter in a hando hand fight in a ge noules against an isis figter. >> when the ay didid an official survey, the results came back that 92.5% of the army won surveyed wanted nothing to doith combat assignments. >> what concerns me with thihis administration in dealing g wit this warrior cultuture, so critical to ththe success of ou military, ththey don't understa it and oftentimes ththey mistru it. if you turn thmimilitary into kind o of a sosocial experiment rather than a a fighting force that h t to et certain ststandardrds and have a certain lel l of readiness to defend isisation, that's incredibly
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dadangerous for the united stat and frankly as t leadeofof the free world it's dangouous for ththe worl >> some fear sociaial changes required oththe litary may caususe trououble e some day. otrsrs fear they already have. thatat's next.
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>>so far, we have e seen how the obama adminiraration at least according toto its critics view the militatary in a different w. and d those critics maintain th nenew attitude has already cost us one thing we know the obama administration has changedut the u.s. military he words theyse to describe ctain acvities. what did you make of t fact under the administraon the pentagonuired to refer to military actio against islamic terrorism asverseas contingencoperations? >> yea
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and that the actual acts of islamic terrorism were to be referred to as man caused d disasters. >> it t completely exemplifies e approach of thisdministration th we' not even going to call the enemies whathey are. which e islamic terrorists. >> critics sayuch language is part o of the litical correctns this administration n requires of the military some thi it's harmless. hers wonder. >> a at fthood in texas, on a clr day in 2009, major nadal hassan, a doctor in the u.s. military, stood up oa tabl shoud allu akbar" and then began to fire. he killed 13 a wounded many otr. it was a scking event. >> sta sergeant alonzo lunsfordrd, one of the 32 american soldierss hassan woundd that day. > i blinked. he discharged the weapon.
12:31 am
the first round went in riright here. above my left eye ananspun me arou.. and i hit e e floooor. came up on me and shot me again. >> as the sergeaeant laytill in a pool of his owblood, he watched majohassan train the weapon on -year-old army prive francesca valence. she said "i'm p pregnan i'm er. pregnant." heired anynyway and her last words s was "oh moorks my baby,y bababy, my ba."." >> privatete valezz and h her b died that daday. a horrific e event and some lilieve a preventable one. h hasn, the ft. hood terrorist killer, was communatining aanwr awlaki, the radical cleric that was in yemen. in one of the 18 e-mails exchanged, hassato him, i can't wa to join you in the afterlife.
12:32 am
lieberman, whoedhe senate investigatioin the ft. hood massacre, spects the blame may residen the environmen evevailing in obama's milita >> political correctnessan't lead you to e ur eyes to a clear and prest danger to the u.s. and to your colleagueues i the u.s. armrmy. >> that air of pololitical correctness ononly thickened as the obama a administration ininsisted that what happened a ft. . hood was not an act of isislamic terrorisism, but rath an example of, quote, workplpla violence. >> how could you sayay a terrort rdering 13memericacans was workplacviviolence? that's just ridiculous. >> as for sergeant lsford, he stillurt by the government's lack of franknenes >> what hurts more t than the wound itself is a a sense of betrayal becauause a sense of betrayal i is when you wake up, it's thehere. whenen you sleep, it's there. it's somethinghat never leavaves
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me. it never leaves me. >> the divide between the e oba administration and many y in th military only widened d over th handndling of the case of army private bowe bergrgdahl. bergdada bergda, a man the obama administration leled a p.o.w., was released by the taliban in exange for five of their top leaders. release was supposed tbe a celebration. >> this morning, called bob and jenny berahl and told them after nearly fiveears in captivity their son bowe is coming home. >>hat was your r reaion en president obama hosted bergdahl's partst the rose gard ceremony? >> i was pissed, aolutely. in my viewbergrgdahl should have never been label a p.o.b. >> did theen you served with consider him a s soldier whoad be captured or a man who had deserted his platoon? >> we knew immediatelyhat day y the circstances of the disappearance.
12:34 am
he deserted thpost. we were mad hell about it but we didn'diminish the efforts to getim back. >>altz ordered to lead special forces teams to search for bergdahl. >> it was the number o priority in thentire theater of afghanistan. and the taban immediately knew it a they began feeding false formation into our informant neorks to try to bait usnto am bushes. one of my special rces teams went into anfghan compound and thought bergdahl might be an the enti thing rigged with explosives. byhe grace of god it didn't plodode but those are the situations we found oursves in night aftenight after night for ntnths. >> presidentba respoponded to the controvey by dispatching one of h top aides to praise bergdahl. >> hserved the united states honor and distinction. >> when president obama send out national security viser susan rice and sheays that, in fact, boweergdahl served the united states with honor a distinctn -- >> wl, i abobout threw my television out into the ya.
12:35 am
both me, his fellow platoo mates, my men, my feow green berets that nely died looking for him we outraged. it sho how tone deaf this itite house can be to how military members think andeel. they take words like tt, served with nor r and distinction, very seririously. >> frankly, the whwhite house probably shoululd have made no ststatement whatsoever. >> leon n panetta told us he wa dismsmayed by how the white hou handled the bergdahl case. >> i don't mind, obvbviously, t effort at negotiations, t you don't justalk in and say, oh yeah, we'll give you fe ba guys. these are inviduals who killed in many cases our own soldie. whssurance do we have that they're not goin wind up owing up american innocentnts?s? >> demoralizing?g? >> incredibly dedemoralizing an toto t men and women in uniform,
12:36 am
as well. when you're out there in harm way and your comommaer in chief releases the taliban's top five drafaft picks, itt sends a bad messssagto the trtroo and the afghan allies to be serving alongsisidend encouraging. >> how has this new vision of the u.s.s. mitary playing g out across the world? that's nex (burke) at farmewe've seen alst everying,
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earlier we saw the diplomaticvertures the o obama administratition made when itook office. today, we can n see how those polilicies played out. the prpresidenent had promised didiplomatic reset with russia. even scrapping a misle defense systemeurope as a coiliatory gesture. after his re-electio he pulled america's maintle tanks out of germany, tanks that had b be thersince woworlrld war ii. all eyes were on vladidimir put to see how he'd rerespond. and, in february 2014, putin sent in troops to iz ukraine's crimeapeninsula. >> in europepe, envisioned a different kind of relatitionshi than what t haactually emerged. we didn't anticipate that rurusa would illegally annex x crimea.
12:41 am
we didn't t see th k kind of destabilizg acactivity. >> next, p putin's forces began menacingngkrkraine itself. >> thehe fdamental point of dealing with a bully like e put is you cannotllow bullieso t away wi whahat they want to dodo. >> but the president rejecected calls for a mumuscular response instead announcing limited sanctions. >> i believe therere's a path t resolve the situtuation diplomaticically in a way that addresseses the issues of russi and the ukraine. >> i think the presidenthould have taken some verytrong steps to make ve clear t to putin that ts was unacceptable. he should have p proded arms to ththe ukrainians. >> but he e di't. and today,y, russia is embolden, rereatening to spread d its spse of influence e evewider. secretaries s panetttta d gates and others t tolus that you can let bullieies get away with
12:42 am
bullllyi or you pay a price. >> was talking about ukrainene. with the president. and he told me, very b bluntly, thatat ukraine as a non-n-nato country living in the shshadow ruia will also be subject toto russian meddlingng a domination and what he's dodoing there is basically y signalining this is wortrth the united states' ininvestment. >> thehen there were barack obama's overtures to the muslim world, w where h hoped to chang ththemages of america. he had pulled americ troops out of iq without a stay behind force thahad been recommded by his military vivisers. but t without a u.s. presence, violence immediately returned across the country. niall fergon, professor of history at harvard universy, remeerers talking to veterans of the war. >> they had turned it around to be toldld the mission was beg aborted must have been a shattering blow.
12:43 am
he iraqis, of cosese, couldn't leave. some found another c cau. >> many of thewound up eventually working with is. to create the forcthat ultimately camback and invaded at part of iq.q. that they held. and hold today. >> iegyp president obama had suppororted the overthrow of america leaning hosni mubarak and d his administration applaud when a new p president was elecected. the muslslim brotherhood's mohammed morsi. > i have come to alexandria rereaffirm the strong support o the united states for the egyp people and for your decratic future. w well, this was hilariousl wrong in the egyptian ca because the muslim brothererhoo turned out to behehe most treme group capable ofof winni
12:44 am
large numbers otes. >> oncnce in office, morsi grand himself unlited powers and imposed a nstitution based on sharia law. egypt, the aintration seemed toelco the ouster of mubarak. >> yeah. >> and morore morsi. >>gypt was a classic case of, you , hope, hope and change not actually coming fruitioion. >> egypt d desndnd into chaos. morsi, in n turn, was overthrow in a coup. libya had been the one natioion where president obama wawas willing to take e action. with an interventition supporte by t the u.n. soon, , dictator gadhafi was go which only lead d to the questi of what happppens next? what hapappened next was libya fellnto chaos, a fact ought home tragically by an attk in bengzi which killed four americans, including ambassado chris stevens. soon, warring factions iluding isis and al qaeda wereighting
12:45 am
for powe >> it was a colete mistake to in to libya. i was in keyob in the ministration and i can't sit here and tell you what was - what were our goals for th operation. i have -- i reallyon't know. to eliminateadadhafi? that was aeverely dumb desion. >> hsaid very bluntly to me abt the libya intervention, quote, it didn't work. >> wasn't he warned byby people like secretary gatates about libya'a's tribalistory and dangers of taking out gadhdhafi? > there was a huge fight in e administration. turns t the gates side was right but i think obama nonois on the side of, you knowhat? i should not he let myself be pressured this intervention and at iluenced the way he dealt with syria theext couple of yea. >> syria, yowill recl, where president obama dr a red line and then it was crsed. the president ans advisers aged on an attack plan but he
12:46 am
pulled bk athe last moment. >> isehe term stunned beusi was stunned by that. >> chuck hagel served as president obama's secrety defense from 2013 to 25. >> it revers a very compreheive, complete decision atad just been made a few hos prior to that and the president had made theinal decision and a few hours ler we're pulling that dow we're reversing that >> secretary hel told us the esident's cision damaged america's credily. >> it s all over the wor, our allies would ask me,e,ow can we have confidencecen whatatev else he says? >> it's an old principle that t the president should be vevery careful about drawining nes. but once he drew t thaline, then the united s stas is obligated to enfnfor that red line. >> for aot of people in waington, a bunch of other
12:47 am
places around the wod, this is a weak moment for the united states. a weak moment in h presidency. what he told me s not only was it not a weamome, it was a, quote, proud ment for him because it'she moment that he broke with the washington playbook. >> so doesn't see it as weakness at all? he sees it as a moment of great prudence. he sees it as ththe applation of smarts. he does not see its weakness. he sees it as rength. >> but if itas a proud moment, otherssk, what has it oduced? >> in the end, what doou he? you have a a middle eaeast thatl be devastated. rere suffering. morere killing. more distrust. more hatred. >> so the man who presesented himself as t p peace presided over much more violence in theh muslim world than what happened under his predecessor. >> when we return, w we talk to men in uniform andnd ask them i we'r're prepared.
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americas lucky that it's been separated from the resest the wld by t oceans. our world i getting smaller, tt is it a a good idea for the united stes to get smaller? >> last year, vladidimir putin sted his missiles ast nato.
12:52 am
>> it was of several such will such cidents, and it was ve much like t drill you're seei right now. >>ecause of the vasistaes here in alaska. >> this colel pilots this s-22 stealth raptor, fully armed a ready t got a moment's noce. >> we can get closer and identifyhatever is out there. >> what they hav seen o ere, russi c-2arrier bomber capable of carrying clear weons. these encounters have become common enough tetely, that error n norad placeces red plaques on t wall when thers an interct. >> rsia represe the
12:53 am
greate threat to our nationa security. >> russia is the e only countryn effortrt tha has the ability to destro the united ates. >> we're confrontingng aussia that has nowntered aew chapr in theold war. >> las summer rush tt seember five wships to alaskan waters. >> wead to prepare for any event that mightht happen understanding thahat the presidt would be here at that time. >> so w we moved forces arounun that we were able to track them withth the utmost confidence th we wouould know where ty were at that time >> when the russians were offshore, p president visitite alaska. >> thi threat is veryy much in the prest.t. >> it t wasn't talking abo a mililitary threat. >> capable ofisisrupting life as
12:54 am
wewe know it. >> ichina, builds up its ld and sea forces, t the pentagon reviewing it't'ss ability to cu backck up to 71% of an airbobor paratrooper brigade bed in alaska. >> every senior governmental official that comes up here knows that this is a vit partt of the army. . >> our senenior leaders are havg to makake tgh decisions in the vironment we're inight now. >> but such decisisis are all part of our newer smaller mimilitary, in it's newer,es intrusive role. to neil ferguson, there's a leon in all of this that wre all right starting toearn the hard way. >> the lesn is wn areat power withdraws the conflict is
12:55 am
most l likely to escacalate, a that's what's happened, and it is indeed a sobering one. >> the armyy has put off its decision to cut t the 425 by another year until another president takes off at kind of a wld will the next president, he orhe ce? >> the president president will face a world that is more challengin than any president that i he served. >> this is about wheer or not c can promote a wld that ultimately can sharen the values that the u united statess all abouout. if the united states doesn't ovide t that leadership, nobody else will.l. >> i think it's v very fair to y that president obabamas a retrenchmentnt president, he doesn't wantt the u.s. to overcommmmitment. if you're obama youargue, hey, ththe military is i in a lot be
12:56 am
shapee than when i got it, because i don't't he troops i i afghanistan and in iq fighting wars that are unwinnable and not that rtant. >> the readiness of ourur force to deal with g great powers of war, with one of three countries, w we're talking abou china, ruruian, iran and northt korea. >>e'e're talking about a war that will bebe far greater tn we have in the middle east. >> genen everything that the president of the united d state has been t told about the compmplexity and the dangerr th economists in n th world totoda stop t the bleeding that you ar causing t to our armed forces. >> the u.s. h has been involvedn nononstop military a action abr for more than a a dececade and hahalf. and americans are widely thought to be war weary, but we all know it is s still a very danangerou world. our first president, george wawashington famously warnedd h
12:57 am
yoyoung country agagainst forei entanglements, b but he did say the most effecective
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> these rules 0 "war on the ttle guy." incomprehensible to mis >> i havave no idea wh its i this boo and i'm a a constitutionawyer. >> the government dsds thousands of papayments ofewew rule >> tough reformrms to protect nserers. >> they say y we need me.e. >> there a certainimes we ould infringe on your freem. >> we have to depend on the federal government tprotect our cildren. but they keep passg more laws. now we'r're drorowning in red t. >> i can't eat the way i want, drink wer the way i want,


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